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Link18513Julio Jaramillo Julio Jaramillo EcuadorJulio Jaramillo Julio Alfredo Jaramillo Laurido Also known as J. J. (Jota Jota), El Ruiseñor de América (The Nightingale of America). Ecuadorian singer (October 1, 1935 – February 9, 1978) focused in boleros, valses, pasillos, tangos, and rancheras. Having recorded more than 4,000 songs throughout his career, his most famous song was perhaps "Nuestro Juramento" written by Puerto Rican composer, Benito de Jesús. His level of popularity in Ecuador could be compared to Frank Sinatra's in the United States, Pedro Infante in Mexico, or Carlos Gardel in Argentina.
Link3242Lawrence Welk and His Champagne Music Lawrence Welk and His Champagne Music Lawrence Welk And His Champagne Music In 1938 the orchestra garnered performance exposure for a concert at the St. Paul Hotel in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, where the group's music earned the descriptive "Champagne Music" from a listener who pronounced that the orchestra's music was "effervescent, like champagne." From that time forward, the band was billed as The Champagne Music of Lawrence Welk. During the 1940s, Welk and his band performed as the house orchestra at the Trianon Ballroom in Chicago, Illinois. After a successful decade in Chicago, Welk moved what he called his "musical family" to Southern California, where a 1951 late-night appearance on television station KTLA became the springboard for his later national fame
Link37178La Sonora Ponceña La Sonora Ponceña Puerto RicoLa Sonora Ponceña La Sonora Ponceña is a Puerto Rican salsa band founded in 1954 by [url=]Enrique "Quique" Caraballo[/url]. Quique's son, [a413852] now leads the band.
Link3205The Wilburn Brothers The Wilburn Brothers United StatesThe Wilburn Brothers
Link58148Los Cadetes de Linares Los Cadetes de Linares MexicooriginalesLos Cadetes De Linares Los Cadetes De Linares were a norteño group led by [a=Homero Guerrero] and [a=Lupe Tijerina]. When the group was first founded in the early 60's, it mainly played at weddings and parties. The group name was actually named by the locals of Linares, knowing that Homero had a passion for the military (Cadetes in English translates to Cadet, which is a trainee in the military). After a few years, the original accordianist left the group due to personal problems. Next stepped in Samuel, who with Homero, recorded an album with the famous Texas label, [l=Del Valle]. under the name "Los Cadetes de Homero y Samuel. That album is rare in any case. Samuel then left the group a few years later. Then finally, in 1974, [a=Lupe Tijerina] joined Los Cadetes de Linares. WIth the help of [a=Emilio Garza] and his newborn record label [l=Ramex], he helped them kickstart one of the most prolific careers for the norteña music. In 1982, [a=Homero Guerrero] tragically past away in a car accident. The following year, [a=Rosendo Cantu] stepped in to replace Homero. Rosendu already had experience with the norteña music and had released music years before hand. The is famous all across Mexico and the Southern United States with their Corridos and Rancheras. Some of these famous songs include "Los Dos Amigos", "Vuelve Prenda Querida", "El Asesino" and "El Palomito"
Link3202Eddy Howard & His Orchestra Eddy Howard & His Orchestra United StatesEddy Howard And His Orchestra Eddy Howard (September 12, 1914, Woodland, California - May 23, 1963, Palm Desert, California) was a vocalist and bandleader who was popular during the 1940s and 1950s. In 1939 Howard started his own band, and he was the regular vocalist on It Can Be Done, Edgar A. Guest's 1941 radio program on the Blue Network Wednesdays through Fridays. The first #1 single for Eddy Howard and his Orchestra, "To Each His Own", stayed at the top of the charts in the mid-1940s. The song was a tie-in with the 1946 Paramount film, To Each His Own, which brought Academy Awards for Olivia de Havilland and screenwriter Charles Brackett. The recording by Howard was released by Majestic Records as catalog number 7188 and 1070. It first reached the Billboard charts on July 11, 1946 and lasted 19 weeks on the chart, peaking at #1
Link19181Pedro Infante Pedro Infante MexicoPedro Infante José Pedro Infante Cruz Pedro Infante (born November 18th, 1917, in Mazatlán, Sinaloa, México - died April 15th, 1957, in Mérida, Yucatán), was a Mexican actor and singer. Infante was considered one of the greatest actors during the Golden Age of Mexican Cinema, starring in over sixty films. He was also known as the "King Of Mexican Bolero" due to the popularity of his recordings. Pedro died in a plane crash at the height of his popularity at the age of 39. He was piloting a converted B-24 Bomber which crashed moments after takeoff on the morning of April 15, 1957. He is the brother of Mexican actor and vocalist Angel Infante. Father of [a=Pedro Infante, Jr.].
Link2196Los Corraleros de Majagual Los Corraleros de Majagual ColombiaLos Corraleros de Majagual Colombian all star combo from the Caribbean coast, founded 1962. Still active. In over fifty years of existance, they recevied 30 "Golden records", selling millions all over Latin America.
Link8189Cowboy Copas Cowboy Copas United StatesCowboy Copas Lloyd Estel Copas Cowboy Copas (July 15, 1913 – March 5, 1963) was an American country music singer and guitarist. He often had his daughter, [a2991743], accompany him on his recordings and tours. He died in the 1963 plane crash that also killed country musicians [a=Patsy Cline], [a=Hawkshaw Hawkins], and [a695538].
Link4179Rusty Draper Rusty Draper United StatesRusty Draper Farrell H. Draper American country and pop singer, born 25 January 1923 in Kirksville, Missouri, USA, died 28 March 2003 in Bellevue, Washington, USA.
Link1180Lawrence Welk & His Orchestra Lawrence Welk & His Orchestra United StatesLawrence Welk And His Orchestra
Link5175Tito Rodriguez & His Orchestra Tito Rodriguez & His Orchestra Tito Rodriguez & His Orchestra
Link4169Elizeth Cardoso Elizeth Cardoso BrazilElizeth Cardoso Elizeth Moreira Cardoso Elizeth Cardoso (16 July, 1920, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil - 7 May 1990, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil) was a Brazilian singer.
Link2168Noir for Rachel Noir for Rachel SurgutNoir For Rachel Noir For Rachel is a shoegaze, darkgaze, post-punk revival band from Surgut, Russia, formed in 2010 as a single-artist band project. In 2013 another musician joined the project who wrote the lyrics and specified the atmosphere of the debut album, [m=888169].
Link3166Jean-Claude Borelly Jean-Claude Borelly FranceJean-Claude Borelly French trumpet player, born 2 July 1953.
Link4164Leroy Van Dyke Leroy Van Dyke United StatesLeroy Van Dyke
Link3164Ronnie Dove Ronnie Dove United StatesRonnie Dove Ronald Eugene Dove
Link10157Les Baxter and His Orchestra Les Baxter and His Orchestra United StatesLes Baxter & His Orchestra
Link17149Ronnie McDowell Ronnie McDowell United StatesRonnie McDowell Ronnie McDowell American country singer songwriter born March 26, 1950 in Fountain Head, Tennessee.
Link2162sanmi sanmi ShiraoiSanmi Kyo Yanagi Japanese experimentalist.
Link20136Narvel Felts Narvel Felts United StatesNarvel Felts Albert Narvel Felts Narvel Felts (born November 11, 1938, Keiser, Arkansas, USA) is an American country music, rockabilly singer. Known for his soaring tenor and high falsetto, Felts enjoyed his greatest success during the 1970's.
Link3150The Roger Wagner Chorale The Roger Wagner Chorale The Roger Wagner Chorale American chorus founded in 1947 by [a=Roger Wagner] under the name of the Los Angeles Concert Chorale.
Link10142Gloria Lasso Gloria Lasso Gloria Lasso Rosa María Coscolin Figueras Spanish singer, long based in France and later Mexico (born on October 25, 1922 in Vilafranca del Penedès, Catalonia - died December 4, 2005 in Cuernavaca, Mexico).
Link14132Fruko y sus Tesos Fruko y sus Tesos ColombiaFruko y sus Tesos Fruko & Sus Tesos Fruko y sus Tesos is a salsa group from Colombia which enjoys immense popularity throughout Latin America and the United States. Julio Ernesto Estrada ‒ or "Fruko" as he is artistically known ‒ formed the group in 1970 and modeled it after the New York City salsa sound of the Fania All-Stars, one of the leading salsa groups at the time. A favorite of salsa and Latin soul deejays around the globe, many refer to Fruko y sus Tesos as one of Colombia's most important exports. Among the group's best-known hits are "Barranquillero Arrebatao", "Cachondea", "Cali De Rumba", "Charanga Campesina", "El Patillero", "Los Charcos", "Pura Candela", "Tania", and "El Preso" ‒ the latter being one of Colombia's most popular songs. Prominent former members have included [a=Joe Arroyo] who joined [a=Fruko y sus Tesos] in 1973 and performed lead vocals for the group for several years before embarking upon a solo career, and Wilson "Saoko" Manyoma who provided lead vocals on some of the group's most important tracks such as "El Preso" before also leaving to pursue a solo career.
Link33112Franco de Vita Franco de Vita VenezuelaFranco De Vita Franco Atilio de Vita de Vito (Caracas, Venezuela, 23 de enero de 1954), conocido artísticamente como Franco de Vita, es un cantante, multiinstrumentista, compositor y productor musical de origen venezolano. Es considerado como un artista insignia de Venezuela, que forma parte de la generación de músicos pop desarrollados en Caracas durante los años 1980 y que dominaron la escena local durante las siguientes décadas, logrando vender más de 25 millones de discos en el mundo. Además de su trabajo en solitario, De Vita también ha compuesto temas para Chayanne (Contra vientos y mareas, Y tú te vas, Un siglo sin ti), Ana Belén, Ricky Martin (A medio vivir, Vuelve, Tal vez) y Luis Fonsi. Es poseedor de múltiples premios Grammy Latino y Performer. Ganador de un premio MTV Video Music Awards y el galardón de ASCAP (Asociación de Compositores, Autores y Editores de Estados Unidos), como compositor del año. Adicionalmente un Premio Latino de Honor de la Academia de las Artes y Ciencias de la Música de España, premios Lo Nuestro a la Música Latina, premio Periodista Latino, entre muchos otros.
Link8134Эдуард Хиль Эдуард Хиль Soviet UnionЭдуард Хиль Хиль Эдуард Анатольевич (Romanised: Eduard Anatolyevich Khil) Soviet / Russian baritone vocalist (born 4th September 1934, died 4th June 2012). He was a very popular performer in the USSR. After his singing career faded in the early 1990s, Khil re-entered private life and worked in a cafe in Paris, singing cabaret. Starting in 1997, Khil was involved with his son in a joint project with the rock group Prepinaki. Khil became known to international audiences in 2010 when a 1976 recording of him singing a non-lexical vocable version of the song "I Am Glad, 'Cause I'm Finally Returning Back Home" (Я очень рад, ведь я, наконец, возвращаюсь домой) became an Internet meme, often referred to as "Trololol" or the "Russian Rickroll". The video, uploaded to YouTube, quickly "went viral' and Khil became known as "Mr. Trololo" or "Trololo Man". The song is now commonly associated with Internet trolling. According to Khil, the Trololo song originally featured lyrics which described a narrative about a cowboy riding a horse to his farm:
Link6134Lecuona Cuban Boys Lecuona Cuban Boys Lecuona Cuban Boys The Lecuona Cuban Boys was a Cuban popular band during the 30's and 40's. The founder was Ernesto Lecuona. One of the most successful Cuban composers of all time. He did not actually play with the band. The core of the band was put together in 1931 as Orquesta Encanto. In 1934, during being on tour in Europe, Lecuona returned to Cuba and Armando Oréfiche took charge of the band in Europe. Ernesto gave them the gift of his name and the band became known as the Lecuona Cuban Boys. The band mostly had eleven members. Members: Armando Oréfiche (composer, arranger, pianist) Ernesto 'Jaruco' Vázquez (trumpeter, guitarist, composer, arranger) Adalberto 'Chiquito' Oréfiche (tenor sax and bongo) Agustin Bruguera (timbales, conga, voice) Gerardo Bruguera (tenor sax and clarinet) Jesús Bertomeu (trombone) Jorge Domínguez (alto sax, clarinet, violin) Daniel González (alto sax, clarinet, violin) Guillermo Hernández (guitar, tumba, guiro, maracas) Enrique López Rivero (trumpet) Alberto Rabagliatti (voice) Fernando Díaz (trumpet) Luis Escalante (trumpet) The band toured throughout the world. During World War II the band went to Latin America and continued their touring there. After WWII there was a dispute within the band, which ended in a split. Armando Oréfiche left with a few members, and started the Havana Cuban Boys, whilst the rest stayed under the old name, based in New York until 1960. The Lecuona Cuban Boys continued to tour and finally retired in 1975.
Link19121サイケアウツ サイケアウツ Osakaサイケアウツ サイケアウツ (also known as Cycheouts, Psycheouts, etc) was a Japanese Jungle/Drum'n'Bass unit from Osaka that was active from 1994-2004. The group was formed initially by [a=Hitoshi Akii] (then of [a=Off Mask 00], donning the alias [a=MCロックンロール]) and noise musician Oohashi Akira, calling himself [a=Mr. ディラック]. In addition, [a=DJ Lucky (2)] (acting as both a producer and VJ), [a=カッタ-HELL] (on turntables), [a=DJ Hal (3)] and [a=MC Die-Suck] (both as MCs), and two theatrical performers known as Hater-E made up the rest of the unit's lineup. They released numerous albums over the years, on both [l=Red Alert Records] and their own label [l=A-10 Records], as well as many non-label releases. These non-label releases were notable as their content had a tendency to vary somewhat between each individual copy, despite being presented as the same release. Their works contained samples from a very wide variety of sources, such as industrial pioneers [a=Throbbing Gristle], anime such as Urusei Yatsura, many 8-bit arcade games, [a=Deutsch Amerikanische Freundschaft], and [a=Meat Beat Manifesto]. サイケアウツ performed live alongside such acts as [a=Boredoms]; one of their most prolific live venues being Japan's Fuji Rock Festival in 1999. Their live act was very different from most of their recorded music, in that most songs featured full live vocals from MCロックンロール along with MC support from Die-Suck and Hal, scratching by カッタ-HELL, and intimidating on-stage antics from the Hater-Es. The military dress code, live MCing, and turntable spinning was influenced by early [a=Public Enemy] appearences. In early 2004, the group disbanded, Akii leaving to focus on his new project Love Beach, Hal having his side-project [a=ゴッドOD], Die-Suck acting as vocalist for a number of grindcore acts, one of the Hater-Es continuing to DJ as [a=DJ Indra], and Lucky continuing to run [l=beauty:burst]. (The current activities of the other Hater-E are unknown.) Mr. ディラック and カッタ-HELL (now using the alias [a=赤城エンタープライズ]) then continued the group under the new name [a=サイケアウツG] (Cycheouts Ghost).
Link3134Jimmy Wakely Jimmy Wakely United StatesJimmy Wakely James Clarence Wakely February 16, 1914 - September 23, 1982
Link5681Waterfront Dining Waterfront Dining Waterfront Dining [a4407026] is an experimental electronic vaporwave/hypnagogic pop artist who has been producing music with R&B, Soul, Funk and Pop influences since 2014.
Link2134George Feyer George Feyer George Feyer György Fejér b. Hungary, 27 October 1908; d. New York, 21 October 2001) was a classically trained pianist who turned to 'light' music upon graduating, and released a series of top-selling "Echoes of..." records.
Link7128Flamingokvintetten Flamingokvintetten SwedenFlamingokvintetten Flamingokvintetten Flamingokvintetten is out on the roads, during the autumn of 2015, with its final tour. Performing on the tour are: Hasse Carlsson - vocals, guitar; Dennis Janebrink - bass, vocals; Stefan Kardebratt - keyboards, guitar, accordion, vocals; Douglas Möller - guitar, vocals; Ulf Georgsson - drums, vocals. Earlier members from 1960 to 2004: Hasse Carlsson - Vocals 1960-2004; Dennis Janebrink - Bass 1960-2004; Bjarne Lundqvist - Drums 1960-1963, 1993-2004; Boris Estulf - Drums 1963-1993; Gunnar Karlsson - Guitar 1960-1984; Henrik Uhlin - Guitar 1984-2004; Carl-Mårten (Calle) Nilsson - Keyboards 1960-1966; Åke Andersson - Keyboards 1966-1978; Askin Arsunan - Keyboards 1978-1980; Hans Otterberg - Keyboards 1980-2001; Fredrik Strelvik - Keyboards 2001-2004.
Link17117Dimensión Latina Dimensión Latina VenezuelaDimension Latina Salsa music and Latin band from Venezuela, founded on March 15 1972 in Caracas, Venezuela.
Link7125Микаэл Таривердиев Микаэл Таривердиев Soviet UnionМикаэл Таривердиев Микаэл Леонович Таривердиев (Միքայել Լեոնի Թարիվերդիև) Mikael Tariverdiyev is prominent Soviet composer of Armenian descent. He headed the Composers' Guild of the Soviet Cinematographers' Union from its inception. Born: August 15, 1931, Tiflis (now Tbilisi), Georgia Died: July 25, 1996, Sochi, Russia
Link8123孟庭葦 孟庭葦 Taiwan孟庭葦 陳秀玫 Transliterated name Ting-Wei Meng / Tingwei Meng / Mai Meng. Taiwanese [url=]Mandopop[/url] artist. One of the highest selling Madopop artists of all-time. "其實我還是有些在乎" (1990) has sold over 200 thousand copies in Taiwan (2x Platinum); "成長" (1990) has sold over 150 thousand copies in Taiwan (Platinum); "你看你看月亮的臉" (1991) has sold over 500 thousand copies in Taiwan, 5 million copies in Asia; "冬季到台北來看雨" (1992) has sold over 400 thousand copies in Taiwan, 10 million copies worldwide; "誰的眼淚在飛" (1993) has sold over 500 thousand copies in Taiwan, 3.5 million copies in Asia; "風中有朵雨做的雲" (1993) has sold over 400 thousand copies in Taiwan, 3 million copies in Asia; "純真年代" (1994) has sold over 500 thousand copies in Taiwan, 3.5 million copies in Asia; "真的還是假的" (1995) has sold over 3 million copies in mainland China.
Link4126E. Power Biggs E. Power Biggs United StatesE. Power Biggs Edward George Power Biggs English organist and harpsichordist. *29 March 1906 in Westcliff-on-Sea, England, UK †10 March 1977 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA Biggs was born in Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex, England; a year later, the family moved to the Isle of Wight. Biggs was trained in London at the Royal Academy of Music, where he studied with G.D. Cunningham. Biggs emigrated to the United States in 1930. In 1932, he took up a post at Christ Church in Cambridge, Massachusetts, where he lived for the rest of his life. Biggs did much to bring the classical pipe organ back to prominence, and was in the forefront of the mid-20th-century resurgence of interest in the organ music of pre-Romantic composers. On his first concert tour of Europe, in 1954, Biggs performed and recorded works of Johann Sebastian Bach, Sweelinck, Dieterich Buxtehude, and Pachelbel on historic organs associated with those composers. Thereafter, he believed that such music should ideally be performed on instruments representative of that period and that organ music of that epoch should be played by using (as closely as possible) the styles and registrations of that era. Thus, he sparked the American revival of organ building in the style of European Baroque instruments, seen especially in the increasing popularity of tracker organs — analogous to Europe's Orgelbewegung. Among other instruments, Biggs championed G. Donald Harrison's Baroque-style unenclosed, unencased instrument with 24 stops and electric action (produced by Aeolian-Skinner in 1937 and installed in Harvard's Busch-Reisinger Museum, Cambridge, Massachusetts) and the three-manual Flentrop tracker organ subsequently installed there in 1958. Many of his CBS radio broadcasts and Columbia recordings were made in the museum. Another remarkable instrument used by Biggs was the Challis pedal harpsichord; Biggs made recordings of the music of J.S. Bach and Scott Joplin on this instrument. His critics of the time included rival concert organist Virgil Fox, who was known for a more flamboyant, colorful style of performance. Fox decried Biggs' insistence on historical accuracy, claiming it was "relegating the organ to a museum piece." However, most observers agree that Biggs "should be given great credit for his innovative ideas as far as the musical material he recorded, and for making the organs he recorded even more famous."[2] Despite different approaches, both artists enjoyed hugely successful careers and Biggs rose to the top of his profession. In addition to concertizing and recording, Biggs taught at the Longy School of Music in Cambridge, Massachusetts, at various times in his career and edited a large body of organ music. For his contribution to the recording industry, E. Power Biggs has a star on California's Hollywood Walk of Fame, at 6522 Hollywood Blvd.
Link9120Mel McDaniel Mel McDaniel United StatesMel McDaniel Mel Houston Mc Daniel American country singer and songwriter, born September 6, 1942 in Checotah, Oklahoma.
Link3890Michel Banabila Michel Banabila NetherlandsMichel Banabila Dutch sound artist, composer and producer, active since 1983 (b. 1961 in Amsterdam). Banabila uses found objects, electronica, field recordings, and snippets from shortwave/tv/film recordings. His work has been published by Steamin' Soundworks, Bureau B, Staalplaat, Pork Recordings, Tone Casualties, Challenge Records/JJ Tracks, Séance Centre and his own Tapu Records.
Link1127Вячеслав Добрынин Вячеслав Добрынин RussiaВячеслав Добрынин Вячеслав Галустович Антонов Вячеслав Григорьевич Добрынин Popular Russian composer and singer also known as Doctor Shlyager for his superhits, People's Artist of Russia (1996). Born: January 25, 1946, Moscow, USSR
Link8120Violet Cold Violet Cold BakıViolet Cold Emin Guliyev “[a=Violet Cold]” is an experimental music project formed in the beginning of 2013 by Emin Guliyev in Baku, Azerbaijan. What makes "Violet Cold" unique is the fact that every piece of the puzzle is totally “DIY,” from artwork, instruments, lyrics, and vocals to recording, mixing and mastering. This is all done by Emin Guliyev, who doesn't have any formal musical training. The result is a disregard for the rules and a totally fresh sound. Addicted to freedom and inspired by space and nature, Violet Cold released one of the most interesting metalgaze albums of 2015, called "Desperate Dreams." It's a unique blend of black metal, shoegaze and 80's style electro-pop - creating an album which is raw and intense yet, at the same time, beautiful and uplifting. Violet Cold doesn’t adhere to a particular genre, and tries to convey many feelings in many different ways. You can find a huge variety of genres in Violet Cold's discography: from post-rock to black metal, from ambient to sludge, from witch-house to neo-classical, from electronic to jazzcore.
Link21106Nikhil Banerjee Nikhil Banerjee Nikhil Banerjee Nikhil Ranjan Banerjee Prominent master of sitar, Hindustani tradition. Student of Baba [a=Allauddin Khan] and Ustad [a319702]. Born October 14, 1931; died January 27, 1986.
Link4123Lester Lanin & His Orchestra Lester Lanin & His Orchestra Lester Lanin And His Orchestra
Link4122Ângela Maria Ângela Maria BrazilÂngela Maria Abelim Maria da Cunha Angela Maria (Macae, May 13, 1928, Conceição de Macabu, Brazil) is a Brazilian singer and actress, from humble beginnings. Her Mother was a stay-at-home wife and her Father, Pastor of the Evangelical Church. Because of this, as a child she sang in the choir of a Baptist church near her home. Thus, She learned to love music and melodies of the universe. During her childhood and adolescence, she lived in the cities of Niterói, São Gonçalo and São João de Meriti. During her youth she worked as a lamp factory worker and was a weaver in the textile industry, but always wanted to be a singer. She dreamed of going into radio and hoped to be successful, but her Father was against it. As he was religious, he wanted his daughter to be faithful to the church and marry early, but she had no desire to live that life and went after her dream. It was singing. In 1947, aged 19, she worked day and night, trying every means to get job in any program of music, ranging from radio to radio for sweepstakes entries, until she could be awarded and presented to the jury in a radio , and passed the test. With that, she began performing as a singer in Pescando Estrelas, a talent show. She adopted the name of Angela Maria not to be identified by the family, who knew not to leave or to leave the house. Her interpretation was considered beautiful, always took top marks and won all competitions. Everyone wanted to singer and so was singing the famous Dancing Avenue and then on the Mayrink Veiga radio station. In 1951, the family already knows everything and even unwillingly, accepting the will of his daughter, Angela recorded the first album. Came so successful that always followed. With great success in Brazil, She began to travel the world with beautiful songs. Her voice is considered very harmonic. Besides singing, she took courses in theater and acted in film, feature film in Portugal, Minha Saudade in 1973. Angela Maria established herself as one of the great interpreters of samba-song (emerged in the 1930s), along with Maysa, Nora Ney and Dolores Duran. She recorded dozens of hits such as Não Tenho Você, Babalu, Cinderela, Moça Bonita, Vá, Mas Volte, Garota Solitária, Falhaste Coração, Canto Paraguaio, A Nnoite E A Despedida, Gente Humilde, Lábios de Mel, etc.. In 1994 she was Honored by the Escola de Samba Paulistana Rosas de Ouro, which with the storyline "Sapoti," the Rosas de Ouro was devoted champion of the Carnival of Sao Paulo this year. In 1996 she was hired by Sony Music label and released the CD Amigos, with the participation of various artists such as Roberto Carlos, Gal Costa, Caetano Veloso, Alcyone, Fafá de Belém among others. The work was a success, celebrated in a show at the Metropolitan (Rio de Janeiro), and a special on TV Globo. The album sold over 500,000 copies. It was a very happy career of the singer who, in the following year, presented the album Pela Saudade Que Me Invade, with successes Dalva de Oliveira, and a year later recorded with Agnaldo Timóteo CD "Só Sucessos", also on the list of one hundred national best-selling albums. After the departure of Sony, Angela returned to recording in 2003, this time by Moon Records, Disco de Ouro, with a bias eclectic, covering composers ranging from Djavan up Dolores Duran. In 2011, 45 years after the appearance of the series for Depoimentos Para a Posteridade do Museu da Imagem e do Som do Rio de Janeiro, she was invited on 23 August to put on record its history. Important passages in the interview she told of her artistic career, claiming to have recorded 114 albums and sold 60 million copies.
Link12113Nesrin Sipahi Nesrin Sipahi TurkeyNesrin Sipahi Nesrin Akçan Sipahi (born on 29 November 1934) is a female Turkish singer.
Link1124Александр Зацепин Александр Зацепин Александр Зацепин Александр Сергеевич Зацепин Александр Зацепин (in English: Aleksandr Zatsepin, also Zacepin) is a Russian composer, most famous for his soundtracks to many popular movies, including comedies by Leonid Gaidai. Born in Novosibirsk in 1926.
Link9113Thore Skogman Thore Skogman SwedenThore Skogman Elof Lars Thore Skogman Born 9 Mars 1931, died 9 December 2007. Swedish singer, composer, writer, actor and musician. There are 1243 songs registered in his name. For the publishing company with the same name, please use [l724259].
Link4117Duo Ouro Negro Duo Ouro Negro Duo Ouro Negro Music band from Angola, founded in 1959. Personnel: Raul Indipwo and Milo MacMahon. In the first 60s they were joined for a short time by José Alves Monteiro.
Link4675仮想夢プラザ 仮想夢プラザ 仮想夢プラザ Luke Laurila
Link2397Fernand Gignac Fernand Gignac QuebecFernand Gignac Singer / Actor from Montreal, Quebec.
Link12108Earthborn Visions Earthborn Visions EnglandElectronic Ambient ArtistEarthborn Visions Michael Sweeney Ambient project from Liverpool, UK.
Link7113René Simard René Simard QuebecRené Simard Brother of [a=Nathalie Simard], [a=Régis Simard]
Link5762SHOW-YA SHOW-YA JapanShow-Ya Japanese female hard rock band formed in 1982. Name in Japanese: ショーヤ. Current Members: Satomi Senba - Bass (1982-present) Miki Tsunoda - Drums (1982-present) Miki "sun-go" Igarashi - Guitars (1982-present) Miki Nakamura - Keyboards (1982-present) Keiko Terada - Vocals (1982-1991, 2005-present) Past Members: Steffanie Borges - Vocals (1991-1997) Yoshino - Vocals (1997-1998)
Link3116Razzy Bailey Razzy Bailey United StatesRazzy Bailey Raisie Michael Bailey American country singer and songwriter, born February 14, 1939 in Five Points, Alabama.
Link1118Arthur Pryor's Band Arthur Pryor's Band Arthur Pryor's Band
Link2115Inez & Charlie Foxx Inez & Charlie Foxx United StatesInez And Charlie Foxx Inez Foxx b. 09/09/1942, Greensboro, North Carolina, U.S.A. Charlie Foxx b. 23/10/1939, Greensboro, North Carolina, U.S.A., d. 18/10/1998 Charlie and Inez Foxx were brother and sister.
Link6110Perlita de Huelva Perlita de Huelva SpainPerlita De Huelva Antonia Hernandéz Peralta Spanish singer, born Febrary 27, 1939 in Huelva. She won a Gold Disc Award with the song "Amigo conductor" in 1975.
Link13103Johnny O'Keefe Johnny O'Keefe AustraliaJohnny O'Keefe John Michael O'Keefe Johnny O'Keefe (born January 19 1935, Bondi Junction, New South Wales, Australia - died October 6 1978, Sydney, Australia) was an Australian Rock'n'Roll singer. Began his career in the mid to late 1950's when, together with American born entrepreneur [a3695131], he pioneered rock'n'roll in Australia. He earned the title of "The Wild One" from his frantic stage antics and his 1959 recording of "Shout" became an Australian rock'n'roll' national anthem. Johnny O'Keefe almost single handedly established the Australian recording industry. He won over a very cynical recording company, radio stations and the Australian record buying public. During his carrer he scored 29 Top 40 hits. He fought long and hard to promote Australian talent and to ensure that Australian artists were afforded the opportunity to record. He was the first Australian artist to ever make the Australian Top 40 charts, with "Wild One". He was the first Australian artist to be signed by and record for a major international label - the US Liberty based label. This gave him US sales in excess of 100,000 for "She's My Baby" and two No.1 hits and a No. 2 hit in Australia. He released over 50 singles, 50 EP's and 100 albums. He wrote and produced hits for other Australian artists; managed the careers of others; compered 4 highly successful tv programs; performed to millions around Australia; toured America, performing in 36 major cities and appeared on "American Bandstand" and "The Ed Sullivan Show" - all firsts for an Australian entertainer; entertained troops in Vietnam; was a major attraction at the 3 day Sunbury Outdoor Music Festival in 1973; and played a key role in the introduction of Australia's "Mo" entertainment awards.
Link2113Mom and Dads Mom and Dads The Mom And Dads The Mom and Dads were a Western-styled folk music group from Spokane, Washington that specialized in waltzes, polkas, and general easy listening. The quartet, made up of one elderly woman and three middle-aged men, featured [a=Doris Crow] (June 17, 1905 – September 28, 1998) on piano, [a=Quentin Ratliff] (August 13, 1933 - January 25, 2013) on saxophone, [a=Leslie Welch] (February 2, 1912 – February 1, 1983) on accordion, and [a=Harold Hendren] (July 12, 1919 - September 9, 2008) on drums. The band, which formed in the early 1950s, named itself after its main repertoire; "Music for Mom and Dad". In the early years of its history, the band was strictly a part-time endeavor with its members holding down more typical jobs during the week. Most of the band's fame was in Canada, where they first gained fame when a disc jockey at a high-powered radio station in Great Falls, Montana played their first recording, The Ranger's Waltz, a song composed by [a=Quentin Ratliff], the group's saxophonist. This broadcast carried into the Canadian province of Alberta, and they also gained a following in Australia.
Link0115Roman Stewart Roman Stewart Roman Stewart Born in 1957, Roman Stewart was the younger brother of [a=Tinga Stewart]. Singing on the streets for money as a kid already, he made his first recording in 1968, being only 11 years old. His first breakthrough came 1974 with the hit "Hooray Festival", followed by "Hit Song" in 1976. Roman recorded for some of the biggest Jamaican producers, like [a=Phil Pratt], [a=Everton Da Silva] and [a=Linval Thompson], for whom he recorded his famous "Rice And Peas" in 1979. Roman Stewart emigrated to New York in 1976, where he stayed for the rest of his life, recording some tunes occasionally, until he passed away in January 2004 after a heart attack. As his musical legacy he left over 70 singles, yet only two albums.
Link2113Warner Mack Warner Mack United StatesWarner Mack Warner H. McPherson American country and pop singer / songwriter, born April 2, 1935 in Nashville, Tennessee, but from age 9 raised in Vicksburg, Miss. Disc jockey on WVIM (Vicksburg, Miss.) in 1957.
Link0115Robert Ffrench Robert Ffrench Robert Ffrench Robert Ffrench (born c.1962) is a Jamaican reggae singer and record producer behind labels [l=France] and [l=Ffrench].
Link3777Sam Tsui Sam Tsui United StatesSam Tsui Samuel Tsui American singer-songwriter and video producer.
Link14100Evanton Evanton AthensEvanton Greek Italo Disco project. Evanton stands for [b]Evan[/b]gelos An[b]ton[/b].
Link1113The 3 Jacksons The 3 Jacksons NetherlandsDutch accordion trioThe 3 Jacksons Piet Koopmans, Harry van de Velde & Piet van Gorp, three accordion players met in 1940 and started this trio. Their first recording dates 1946. They did release 48 shellac 78rpm records, a hard to count amount of singles, EP's, 10"s and LP's. Not surprising with 65 medleys in their repertoire. Very succesfull in the Netherlands and many gigs abroad. In the mid 60's [a756004] became a part-time member, often replacing the ill-healthed Piet Koopmans. After Piet died in 1971, he became full time member. This outfit stopped in 1977. (Also the year Harry van de Velde died.)
Link2110Steve Alaimo Steve Alaimo United StatesSteve Alaimo Steve Alaimo Alaimo was born in Omaha, Nebraska on 6 December 1939, and moved to Rochester, New York at the age of five. Alaimo was an American teen idol pop singer in the early 1960s who later became record producer and label owner, but he is perhaps best known for hosting and co-producing [a=Dick Clark]'s 'Where the Action Is' in the late 1960s. He entered music by joining his cousin's instrumental rock band The Redcoats, becoming the guitarist, and eventually, the singer. The Redcoats consisted of [a=Jim Alaimo] on rhythm guitar, [a=Brad Shapiro] on bass, and Jim "Chris" Christy on drums
Link10102The Art Blakey Quintet The Art Blakey Quintet United StatesArt Blakey Quintet
Link4107Al Caiola & His Orchestra Al Caiola & His Orchestra United StatesAl Caiola And His Orchestra
Link2487Los Chunguitos Los Chunguitos SpainLos Chunguitos Spanish rumba group from Vallecas, Madrid, formed in 1973.
Link1109Jimmy Makulis Jimmy Makulis Jimmy Makulis Τζίμης Μακούλης Greek singer born on April 12, 1935 in Athens/ Greece and died October 28, 2007 in Athens / Greece.
Link3107Horace Martin Horace Martin Horace Martin
Link2108Juanito Valderrama Juanito Valderrama Juanito Valderrama Juan Manuel Valderrama Blanca Juanito Valderrama (born May 24, 1916, Torredelcampo, Jaén, Spain - died April 12, 2004, Espartinas, Seville, Spain) was a Spanish copla and flamenco singer, songwriter and actor. Active from 1935 to 2004. Couple of [a897325] since 1954 and husband in 1981 until his dead in 2004. His most famous songs are "El Emigrante", "La Primera Comunión" y "De Polizón".
Link1108Melba Montgomery Melba Montgomery United StatesMelba Montgomery Melba Joyce Montgomery American country singer and sister of [a=Earl Montgomery] and [a=Carl Montgomery], born October 10, 1938 in Iron City, Tennessee.
Link7101Olga Guillot Olga Guillot CubaOlga Guillot Cuban singer, who was known to be the "queen of bolero". She was born October 9, 1922 in Santiago, Cuba and died July 12, 2010 in Miami, FL, USA.
Link2284Los Teen Tops Los Teen Tops MexicoLos Teen Tops Mexican Rock 'N Roll band formed in Mexico City in 1959. One of the front-runners of the first wave of Rock sung in Spanish where the translation to Spanish of current rock 'n roll songs was the norm. Their first single (a 78 rpm) was released in May 1960, which included the songs La plaga (spanish adaptation of Little Richard's "Good Golly Miss Molly") & El rock de la cárcel (spanish adaptation of Elvis Presley's "Jailhouse Rock"). Original Line-up [a1067861] (vocals & rhythm guitar) Armando Martínez "El Manny" (drums) Sergio Martell (piano) Jesus Martínez "El Tutti" (guitar) Rogelio Tenorio (bass)
Link1194Robert Shaw Chorale Robert Shaw Chorale United StatesThe Robert Shaw Chorale Chorus group from New York City founded by [a=Robert Shaw] in 1948.
Link797Evie Sands Evie Sands United StatesEvie Sands
Link2102Ansambel bratov Avsenik Ansambel bratov Avsenik SloveniaAnsambel Bratov Avsenik Slovenian for "The Avsenik Brothers Ensemble" and formed by [a1203415] and [a1234656] in 1953 (see also writing partnership "[a843377]"), this folk band with its increasing membership would later find fame and a degree of success under the German name of [a959307].
Link2101Nat Stuckey Nat Stuckey United StatesNat Stuckey Nathan Wright Stuckey Birth: December 17, 1933, Atlanta, Texas, USA Death: August 24, 1988, Nashville, Tennessee, USA American country singer and songwriter.
Link1291Anna Jantar Anna Jantar PolandAnna Jantar Anna Maria Szmeterling Anna Jantar (b. 10 June 1950, Poznań – d. 14 March 1980, Warsaw) - popular Polish singer and mother of [a=Natalia Kukulska]. Born as Anna Maria Szmeterling, she graduated from Adam Mickiewicz High School in Poznań. She began her career in 1968 with the song "Po ten kwiat czerwony". A year later she became lead vocalist of the band [a=Waganci]. [a=Jarosław Kukulski], whom she married 11 April 1971, was also a member of the group. In 1972 Anna began her solo career as Anna Jantar. In 1973 she took part in the National Festival of Polish Song in Opole with the song Najtrudniejszy pierwszy krok ("The first step is the hardest"). Her husband Jarosław Kukulski composed many of her hit songs.
Link2100The String-A-Longs The String-A-Longs United StatesThe String-A-Longs American instrumental band comprised of Keith McCormack, Aubrey Lee DeCordova, Richard Stephens, Jimmy Torres, and Don Allen. All members played guitar except for Allen who played the drums.
Link2775Александр Малинин Александр Малинин RussiaАлександр Малинин Александр Николаевич Малинин Aleksandr Malinin (b. 1958) is Russian pop singer, father of [a912622].
Link696Gaz Brookfield Gaz Brookfield Gaz Brookfield Gaz Brookfield is a solo acoustic musician based in Bristol. Since winning Acoustic magazine's 2010 Singer Songwriter of the year, he has spent his time on the road, touring the UK and Europe. In this time he has shared the stage with the likes of The Levellers, Frank Turner, New Model Army, Nick Harper, Newton Faulkner, Miles Hunt, Seth Lakeman and many more, racking up over 1000 gigs to date. Gaz remains the only unsigned solo artist to sell out The Fleece, Bristol. A feat he has now achieved four times, the last two selling out over six months in advance. Often playing as many as 200 gigs a year, Gaz's relentless and never-ending tour schedule takes him to every corner of the country and beyond. The last few years saw Brookfield play at over 100 UK festivals, including Glastonbury, Beautiful Days, Bearded Theory and many more, firmly cementing him as a festival favourite for the future.
Link794Chantal Pary Chantal Pary CanadaChantal Pary Lucie Bernier Canadian Pop / Disco singer born in Longueuil, Quebec, in 1950. Once married to [a=André Sylvain].
Link1100Peter Metro Peter Metro Peter Metro Peter Clarke born Kingston, Jamaica, 1960) Initially performing under the name Peter Ranking, he changed his name when he discovered that another deejay was using that name, and since he was resident deejay on the Metromedia sound system, he chose the name Peter Metro.His use of Spanish gained him many fans in South America, and he is acknowledged as the first multilingual reggae toaster.His work with Yellowman and Fathead on the albums Yellowman, Fathead, and the one Peter Metro (1982) and Live With Yellowman and Sassafrass (1984) kept his profile high through to the mid-1980s. He appeared at the Reggae Sunsplash festival in 1987 with English deejay Dominic, captured on the Reggae Sunsplash Dancehall X '87. In 1989, he appeared as a guest on the CD Bora Bora by the Brazilian rock band Os Paralamas do Sucesso. He performed the song "The Can" and "Don't Give Me That", the latter one being an anti-cocaine statement which made reference to Richard Pryor's mishap with crack in 1980.
Link199She Pleasures Herself She Pleasures Herself PortugalgothShe Pleasures Herself She Pleasures HerSelf She Pleasures HerSelf is a Darkwave / Post-Punk band from Lisbon, Portugal, formed in 2016. The band consists of David Francisco (synths/guitars), Nuno Francisco (drums/programming), and Nuno Varudo (vocals/bass).
Link397Sil Austin Sil Austin United StatesSil Austin Sylvester Austin American jazz saxophonist and band leader. Born : September 17, 1929 in Dunnellon, Florida. Died : September 01, 2001 in Riverdale, Georgia. (Prostate cancer). He has recorded over 30 albums for [l39357] His signature tune is "Danny Boy"
Link397Larry Clinton & His Orchestra Larry Clinton & His Orchestra United StatesLarry Clinton And His Orchestra Larry Clinton and His Orchestra was a great, though short-lived, dance band that thrived from 1938-1942. The band recorded 214 sides for RCA Victor and Bluebird.
Link1287Gail Davies Gail Davies United StatesGail Davies Patricia Gail Dickerson American country singer, songwriter and producer born June 5, 1948 in Broken Bow, Oklahoma. She is married with [a=Gary Scruggs] and her son [a=Chris Scruggs] is also a successful musician.
Link989Forest Management Forest Management Forest Management John Daniel Forest Management is the solo ambient project of John Daniel, an American artist currently based in Chicago, IL.
Link494The Voices of Walter Schumann The Voices of Walter Schumann The Voices Of Walter Schumann
Link890Los Tamara Los Tamara Los Tamara Spanish band founded in La Coruña in 1958 by Prudencio Romo (1927 - 2007), his brother Alberto Romo, Manolo Pau, Xosé Sarmiento (guitar and clarinet) , Germán Olariaga (violin and vocals), and Enrique Paisal. In 1961 singer Pucho Boedo joined them, becoming their leader. They mostly played covers, active in the 60s-70s.
Link1186The Rezillos The Rezillos United KingdomThe Rezillos Scottish band active between 1976-1979 (though they split in December 1978), and sporadically since 2001 to the present. See also [url=]The Revillos[/url], a follow-up band, established in 1979 by Eugene Reynolds and Fay Fife. The Rezillos was formed in Edinburgh, in March 1976 by Alan Forbes (later Eugene Reynolds) with him taking responsibility for drums and vocals, Dave Smythe (later Dr. D.K. Smythe) playing the bass, Jo Callis (later Luke Warm) on lead guitar and vocals, and Mark Harris (later 'Hi-Fi' Harris) on rhythm guitar and vocals. They rehearsed for months before adopting their image and aliases as well as several other members, so that by August 1976 they were an eight-piece with the line-up now including Fay Fife (Sheilagh Hynde) and Gail Warning (Gail Jamieson) on backing vocals, Angel Paterson (Alistair Patterson) on drums, and William Mysterious (Alastair Donaldson) on saxophone. After several more months of rehearsals, they eventually performed their first gig on Friday, 5th November 1976 at Teviot Row Student Union, in Edinburgh. Reformed in the early 2000's The Rezillos have had several releases since and now tour regularly with the current line up of originals, Eugene Reynolds, Fay Fife and Angel Paterson with Chris Agnew on bass and Jim Brady on guitar.
Link1384Fábio Jr. Fábio Jr. BrazilFábio Jr. Flávio Ayrosa Correia Galvão Being famous actor and singer Fábio Jr. was born in São Paulo on November 21, 1953 ... In the early '70s, before adopting the name of Fabio Jr., followed the market trend of the time, who preferred that Brazilian singers to record in English with foreign names and began using the pseudonym of Mark Davis and Uncle Jack. As Mark Davis, the artist came to launch album in 1974 and spawned a song, Don't Let Me Cry, made for a girl killed in fire in the building Joelma, held in São Paulo last year. After that it was only successful to date
Link691Orquesta Broadway Orquesta Broadway Orquesta Broadway Cuban charanga, a Latin band of flute, violins, rhythm section and voices, founded in 1962, now based in New York.
Link1285Lars Berghagen Lars Berghagen SwedenLars Berghagen Lars (Lasse) Nils Berghagen Swedish singer, songwriter, composer and actor, born 13 May 1945 in Enskede, Stockholm, Sweden.
Link196Alto Stratus Alto Stratus Alto Stratus The duo of Alan and Steve Freeman (owners of [l=Ultima Thule]), experimenting with synthesizers, industrial-noise-ambient sound collage. Since 1981 they recorded more than 30 releases as [b]Alto Stratus[/b] (and under other guises: as Vrije, Q.S.O., Electric Junk), also as soloists, and the trio with Nigel Harris in ZBB.
Link492Fred Locks Fred Locks Fred Locks Stafford Elliot
Link1977Ricet Barrier Ricet Barrier FranceRicet Barrier Maurice-Pierre Barrier French singer, songwriter and actor, born 25 August 1932 in Romilly-sur-Seine, France, died 20 May 2011 in Sainte-Christine, France. Plays guitar, banjo & ukulele.
Link195Oscar Toney Jr. Oscar Toney Jr. United StatesOscar Toney Jr. Born 26 May 1939, Selma, Alabama
Link888The Maddox Brothers & Rose The Maddox Brothers & Rose Maddox Brothers and Rose The Maddox Brothers and Rose, known as America’s Most Colorful Hillbilly Band from the 1930s to the 1950s, consisted of four brothers, Fred, Cal, Cliff and Don Maddox, along with their sister Rose. Cliff died in 1949 and was replaced by brother Henry. The group disbanded in 1956.
Link789Angélica María Angélica María MexicoAngelica Maria Angélica María Hartman Ortiz Angélica María (born Angélica María Hartman Ortiz on September 27, 1944 in New Orleans, Louisiana, U.S.) is an American-born Mexican actress and a Latin Grammy Award-winning singer-songwriter.
Link293Die 3 Spitzbuben Die 3 Spitzbuben WienDie 3 Spitzbuben Helmut Reinberger - Helmut Schicketanz - Toni Strobl -> until 1973 Walter Hojsa - Helmut Schicketanz - Toni Strobl -> 1974
Link1580Kenny Drew Trio Kenny Drew Trio United StatesThe Kenny Drew Trio Jazz group led by pianist [a=Kenny Drew].
Link491Reparata & The Delrons Reparata & The Delrons United StatesReparata And The Delrons
Link193La Playa Sextet La Playa Sextet La Playa Sextet
Link2074Leonard Rosenman Leonard Rosenman United StatesLeonard Rosenman Leonard Rosenman American film, television and concert composer (born September 7, 1924 in Brooklyn, New York - died March 4, 2008 in Woodland Hills, Los Angeles). Oscar-winner for his adapted score on 1975's 'Barry Lyndon' and only one year later again for adapting the Woody Guthrie songs of 'Bound for Glory'. He wrote the music for numerous Hollywood films, TV movies & series. Throughout his Hollywood career, he continued to write music for the concert stage, including numerous chamber works, two violin concertos and a symphony.
Link589Вилли Токарев Вилли Токарев Вилли Токарев Виле́н Ива́нович То́карев (Vilén Ivánovich Tokarév) [b]Vilen "Willi" Tokarev[/b] (born 11 November 1934) is a Russian-American singer-songwriter. In the 1980s, he became famous all over the Soviet Union for his songs about life as a Russian émigré in New York in Brighton Beach.
Link292Dick Jurgens and His Orchestra Dick Jurgens and His Orchestra United StatesDick Jurgens And His Orchestra
Link192Merrilee Rush Merrilee Rush United StatesMerrilee Rush
Link687The Jimmy Giuffre Trio The Jimmy Giuffre Trio The Jimmy Giuffre Trio
Link192Πάνος Γαβαλάς Πάνος Γαβαλάς GreeceΠάνος Γαβαλάς Panagiotis (Panos) Gavalas (1926 - 1988) was a Greek singer. Father of [a=Ιωάννης Γαβαλάς].
Link389Daniel Sahuleka Daniel Sahuleka Daniel Sahuleka Dutch singer, guitar player born on December 6, 1950.
Link1775Emel Sayın Emel Sayın TurkeyEmel Sayın [a=Emel Sayın] (born 1945 in Sivas, Turkey) is a Turkish singer of Turkish classical music.
Link1577Gossos Gossos CatalunyaGossos 1993, Manresa, Catalunya, Spain Pop-Rock [a233778] (Vocals, Guitar), [a4638145] (Vocals, Guitar), [a5523356] (Vocals, Guitar), [a4638151] (Vocals, Bass), [a1153438] (Drums, 2002-Present)
Link389The Harmonizing Four The Harmonizing Four The Harmonizing Four American black gospel quartet founded in 1927.
Link189Hugo Montenegro, His Orchestra and Chorus Hugo Montenegro, His Orchestra and Chorus Hugo Montenegro, His Orchestra And Chorus
Link387Marco Paulo Marco Paulo Marco Paulo João Simão da Silva Born 21 January 1945 in Mourão, Portugal. He is one of the most popular singers in Portugal.
Link1079Los Javaloyas Los Javaloyas Los Javaloyas
Link881Sorority Noise Sorority Noise Sorority Noise Sorority Noise are a four-piece indie/punk/emo band from Hartford, Connecticut that formed in 2013. The band was formed by members of Old Gray and Two Humans, though Sorority Noise certainly hold their own and stand out from their other projects. They've kept busy in the two years they've been active, and their sole full-length Forgettable is anything but that. Sorority Noise play an energetic but emotionally disenchanted brand of punk, with a lot of heavily distorted parts mixed in with more subtle melodies. Their choruses are super catchy, with very personal lyrics that never get too melodramatic or corny, but still incredibly relatable. As far as musical comparisons, you could say bands like The Front Bottoms, Modern Baseball, Brand New, You Blew It!, and Tigers Jaw might work, though the minute you hear Sorority Noise you'll hear the distinction from the aforementioned bands. These guys have put out some incredible material that has pushed them past being just a "side-project", and they continue to garner more and more attention.
Link881Reginaldo Rossi Reginaldo Rossi BrazilReginaldo Rossi Reginaldo Rodrigues dos Santos (14 February 1944 – 20 December 2013), better known by his stage name Reginaldo Rossi, was a Brazilian musician and singer-songwriter. He was known as the "King of Brega". On November 09, 2013, he went through a surgical procedure called Thoracentesis removing liters of accumulated fluids between the pleura and the lung. The biopsy revealed on the 11th of the same month the confirmation of Lung Cancer. Reginaldo Rossi died on 20 December 2013, aged 69, in his hometown of Recife, Pernambuco.
Link3653Chrisye Chrisye IndonesiaChrisye Christian Rahadi Chrisye (16 september 1949 - 30 march 2007) was one of the most popular Indonesian pop singers of the 80s. He started his music career in 1969.
Link484Henson Cargill Henson Cargill United StatesHenson Cargill Country singer/songwriter. Best known for the song "Skip A Rope" which dealt with child abuse and was released in 1967.
Link385Ben Colder Ben Colder Ben Colder
Link1078Dalibor Janda Dalibor Janda Czech RepublicDalibor Janda Václav Janda Czech vocalist, guitarist, musiciant, songwriter and lyricist. Born March 3, 1953 in Drahotuše u Hranic (former Czechoslovakia). Father of [a=Jiřina Jandová]. Was member of 'Dinosaurus'. Won Nightingale awards 3 time 1986 - 1988
Link385Reverend Cleophus Robinson Reverend Cleophus Robinson Reverend Cleophus Robinson
Link187David Alexandre Winter David Alexandre Winter David Alexandre Winter Lion Kleerekoper
Link484The Natural Four The Natural Four United StatesThe Natural Four American soul group from Oakland, California. The group began in the mid-'60s, landing their first deal with local label [l93533]. The group consisted of lead singer Chris James, Allen Richardson, John January, and Al Bowden. In 1971, they did a one-off single for Chess Records ("Give a Little Love"), after which Chris James completely overhauled the group. By 1972, Richardson, January, and Bowden were out, replaced by Darryl Cannady, Steve Striplin, and Delmos Whitney. The group then signed with [a17589]'s [l12223] label.
Link2958SEAMO SEAMO JapanSeamo
Link483Dave & Sugar Dave & Sugar Dave And Sugar Dave & Sugar were one of the most popular vocal groups in country music from the mid-'70s through the early '80s. Lead singer Dave Rowland was the group's one constant, while the two females comprising Sugar were subject to frequent change.
Link186Rose Maddox Rose Maddox United StatesRose Maddox Roselea Arbana Maddox Roselea Arbana "Rose" Maddox,[note 1] (August 15, 1925 – April 15, 1998), was an American country singer-songwriter and fiddle player, who was the lead singer with the Maddox Brothers and Rose before a successful solo career. Her musical styles straddled hillbilly music, rockabilly and gospel. She was noted for her "reputation as a lusty firebrand", and her "colorful Western costumes"; she was one of the earliest clients of the Hollywood tailor, Nudie Cohn.[1][2]
Link285Gene Cotton Gene Cotton United StatesGene Cotton Pop rock singer songwriter Born on 30 of June 1944, in Columbus, Ohio, U.S.
Link2957Amado Batista Amado Batista Amado Batista
Link2363Amjad Ali Khan Amjad Ali Khan IndiaIndian classical musicianAmjad Ali Khan Indian sarod maestro, born 9 October 1945 in Gwalior as son of the Gwalior court musician [a2804465]. He is an exponent of the Senia-Barash gharana in the sixth generation. Amjad Ali Khan has performed internationally since the 1960s. He was awarded India's second highest civilian honor, the Padma Vibhushan, in 2001. He has two sons who both play sarod: [a1593116] and [a819942]. In 2012 he published his first book, a personal memoir named ‘My Father, Our Fraternity’.
Link086Ted Lewis and His Band Ted Lewis and His Band United StatesTed Lewis And His Band
Link284Bo Donaldson and The Heywoods Bo Donaldson and The Heywoods United StatesBo Donaldson & The Heywoods
Link185Lisandro Meza y su Conjunto Lisandro Meza y su Conjunto Lisandro Meza Y Su Conjunto
Link383Jane Froman Jane Froman United StatesJane Froman Ellen Jane Froman Born: November 10, 1907, University City, Missouri, USA Died: April 22, 1980, Columbia, Missouri, USA Was an American singer and actress. During her thirty-year career, Froman performed on stage, radio and television despite chronic injuries that she sustained from a 1943 plane crash. The 1952 film, With a Song in My Heart, is based on her life.
Link383The Sensational Nightingales The Sensational Nightingales The Sensational Nightingales American gospel quartet
Link1075Ethel Merman Ethel Merman United StatesEthel Merman Ethel Zimmermann American singer and actress, born 16 January 1908 in Astoria, Queens, New York, USA and died 15 February 1984 in New York City, New York, USA. She was married 32 days to [a=Ernest Borgnine] in 1964.
Link679Korla Pandit Korla Pandit United StatesKorla Pandit John Roland Redd Korla Pandit (September 16, 1921 – October 2, 1998), born John Roland Redd in St. Louis, Missouri, was a musician, composer, pianist, organist, and television pioneer.
Link6817Sharon Cuneta Sharon Cuneta PhilippinesSharon Cuneta Sharon Gamboa Cuneta-Pangilinan Sharon Gamboa Cuneta-Pangilinan (born January 6, 1966), is a Filipino singer, actress and TV host. She has starred in 53 films, 10 television shows, recorded 40 albums and worked as a celebrity endorser for many products.
Link778Machito & his Afro Cubans Machito & his Afro Cubans CubaMachito & His Afro-Cubans
Link3550José Larralde José Larralde ArgentinaJosé Larralde Argentinian songwriter of folk music He was born October 22, 1938 in Huangelén, Coronel Suárez, Buenos Aires Province. At the early age of 7 years Larralde had already written songs with social content. Throughout the years he would write various songs about crafts, situations and people he had stumbled upon in his life. A descendant of Arabians and basques, José Larralde has been a bricklayer, a rural worker, a solderer, a mechanic, and a guitarist and songwriter.
Link381Odair José Odair José BrazilOdair José Odair José de Araújo Born: August/08/1948, Morrinhos, Goiás, Brazil It is a Brazilian singer and composer of popular-romantic-tacky style. Period activity in: 1970 - present Odair José was one of the most successful artists in the '70s and the most successful one in the brega segment. Odair José started as a self-taught musician, learning to play the violão (acoustic guitar), the piano, and the harmonica at ten. He formed a Brazilian country duo with a friend and moved to Rio de Janeiro RJ at the age 18. There he worked at circuses and bars in working-class boroughs. Soon he was producing songs that described the sad atmosphere of the night in that environment. His first composition, "Eu Vou Tirar Você Deste Lugar" (I'll Take You Outta Here), told a story about a man in love with a prostitute. Becoming one of his hits, Odair José performed it with Caetano Veloso at the Phono 73 show, along with "Pare de Tomar a Pílula," another creation by José. In 1970 had one of his compositions recorded for the first time, "Chato e Atrevido," by vocalist Denise Barreto. It was the beginning of success, Odair José sold millions of copies of his albums, from the first one, recorded that year, through the ten others until 1994. In 1977 he wrote the rock opera "O Filho de José e Maria", coming to be labeled as the "Bob Dylan Brazilian." He was excommunicated by the Catholic Church in 1978 because of disc "O Filho de José e Maria" . About this he said: "Nothing has changed in my life"
Link579Trio Eugster Trio Eugster SwitzerlandTrio Eugster
Link183Roscoe Shelton Roscoe Shelton United StatesRoscoe Shelton Roscoe Shelton American electric blues and R&B singer. Born: August 22, 1931, Lynchburg, Tennessee, U.S.A. Died: July 27, 2002, Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.A.
Link579Brendan Shine Brendan Shine IrelandBrendan Shine Irish folk/country singer. Born in 1947.
Link2559Anand-Milind Anand-Milind IndiaAnand Milind Anand & Milind Shrivastav
Link084Santiago Salazar Santiago Salazar Santiago Salazar Santiago Salazar Santiago Salazar aka DJ S2 is a second wave artist emerging out of Los Angeles in the 1990′s then moving to Detroit to join the highly respected Underground Resistance. After releasing material under the UR label, Santiago began to tour around the world headlining sold out venues in Europe & Japan such as Liquid Room(Tokyo), Berghain(Berlin), Rex Club(Paris) and Fabric(London). In addition, Santiago also played large festivals such as DEMF(Detroit) and Metamorphos(Japan). By 2006 Santiago relocated back to L.A. leaving UR & launching I can Productions with partner Esteban Adame which releases have been charted by Jeff Mills and Laurent Garnier to name a few. Santiago has solo releases on Rush Hour, Historia y Violencia and Berlin’s Macro Recordings. In 2013 Santiago started his new label Major People.
Link1470Holograf Holograf romanian rock bandHolograf Romanian band, founded 1978.
Link183Under Break Under Break BarakaldoOscar Ronchas Lopez; Spanish breakbeat producerUnder Break
Link2063Els Pets Els Pets SpainEls Pets
Link821June 1974 June 1974 ItalyJune 1974 Federico Romano Italian solo music project, created by Federico Romano in 2009. Artist dabbles and mixes dance, electro, alternative, rock, hip hop and other classic sounds.
Link875Manolo Caracol Manolo Caracol SpainManolo Caracol Manuel Ortega Juárez Born July 9, 1909, Sevilla, Spain. Died February 24, 1977, Madrid, Spain. Spanish Flamenco singer (cantaor).
Link479Usha Khanna Usha Khanna IndiaUsha Khanna Usha Khanna (Hindi: उषा खन्ना; born 7 October 1941) is an Indian music director in Hindi cinema. She is the third female music director to enter the Indian film industry, after Jaddan Bai and Saraswati Devi and is one of the most commercially successful music directors in the male dominated music industry of India.
Link380Irena Jarocka Irena Jarocka PolandIrena Jarocka (18 August 1946 - 21 January 2012), Polish singer and actress.
Link479Jeannie Seely Jeannie Seely United StatesJeannie Seely Marilyn Jeanne Seely Born July 6, 1940 in Titusville, Pennsylvania. She is an American country music singer and Grand Ole Opry star. She is best-known for her 1966 Grammy award-winning Country hit, "Don't Touch Me", which peaked at No. 2 on the country charts. Seely has produced numerous country hits, from the 60s into the mid-70s, including duets with [a=Jack Greene] like 1969's "I Wish I Didn't Have to Miss You". Fans can write to Jeannie Seely in care of the Grand Ole Opry, 2804 Opryland Drive, Nashville, TN 37214.
Link478Miles Jaye Miles Jaye United StatesMiles Jaye Miles Jaye Davis American vocalist, violinist and guitarist named after jazz legend [a=Miles Davis], born 12 November 1957 in Yonkers, New York, USA.
Link280Collins & Harlan Collins & Harlan Collins And Harlan Popular comedy duo of [url=]Arthur Collins[/url] and [url=]Byron G. Harlan[/url] from the early 1900s.
Link2557Roberta Miranda Roberta Miranda BrazilRoberta Miranda Maria Albuquerque Miranda Born, September 28, 1956 in João Pessoa-PB Is a Brazilian singer. It is the third Brazilian singer who has sold more albums, with 14.2 million copies, second only to Xuxa, who has more discs aimed at children and teenagers (33 million) and Maria Bethânia (24.3 million)
Link757Apink Apink South KoreaAPink A Pink (Korean: 에이핑크, Japanese: エーピンク; stylized as Apink) is a South Korean girl group under A Cube Entertainment formed in 2011.
Link279Terri Gibbs Terri Gibbs United StatesCountry singerTerri Gibbs Teresa Fay Gibbs Born: June 15, 1954
Link1269Gönül Yazar Gönül Yazar TurkeyGönül Yazar
Link4140Taizé Taizé FranceTaizé The "Communauté de Taizé" (English: Community of Taizé) is an interdenominational monastic order in the village of Taizé, Saône-et-Loire, Burgundy, France which was founded in 1940 by Frère Roger (Brother Roger, born in Switzerland as Roger Schutz). In the Discogs sense, Taizé as an artist refers to the generally unnamed members, choruses and even visitors of the community. Their own first compositions in the sixties were created by [a=Jacques Berthier]. [a=Joseph Gelineau] later became a major contributor to the music while recent songs have been composed by brothers of the community.
Link279Валентина Толкунова Валентина Толкунова RussiaВалентина Толкунова Валентина Васильевна Толкунова Valentina Tolkunova (Russian: Валенти́на Васи́льевна Толкуно́ва, 12 July 1946 – 22 March 2010) was a Soviet and Russian singer and was bestowed the title of Honored Artist of RSFSR (1979) and People's Artist of RSFSR (1987). Her performances exhibited a kindhearted mood and sincerity, and her voice was noted for its clarity.
Link378The Rooftop Singers The Rooftop Singers United StatesThe Rooftop Singers American folk band. The Rooftop Singers was an American progressive folk singing trio in the early 1960s, best known for the hit "Walk Right In". Darling put the group together in June 1962 specifically to record an updated and uptempo version of a 1920s Gus Cannon folk blues song, "Walk Right In". The trio recorded the song for Vanguard Records, with updated lyrics and an arrangement featuring paired 12-string acoustic guitars. The record became the most successful in Vanguard's history. The album containing this song was also called "Walk Right In" and was nominated for a Grammy Award in the category Best Folk Recording. The group differed markedly from The Weavers and most of the popular folk trios of the era, being far more influenced by blues and jazz, as well as less profoundly earnest in its political sensibilities. In being more musically complex than most folk groups, the trio favoured understated melodies sometimes and emphasised their blues roots at others, particularly in the sly and lyrically suggestive "Tom Cat". Indeed, it was their musical eclecticism and willingness to be suggestive that got "Tom Cat", their second single, banned from conservative radio stations and prevented them from capitalizing on their breakthrough hit. The group played at the Newport Folk Festival in 1963. Yielding to pressure from her husband (Skip Weshner), Taylor left the trio shortly after Vanguard released its second album, "Good Time!". Darling and Svanoe recruited Mindy Stuart to replace her. This line-up recorded one final album, "Rainy River". But the Rooftop Singers suffered without Taylor's jazz phrasing and harmonic ideas, and the group never regained its footing musically, critically or commercially. Patricia Street replaced Stuart shortly before the Rooftop Singers formally disbanded in 1967. Darling and Street continued working as a duo into the early seventies, recording the album "The Possible Dream" for Vanguard. There was even an abortive attempt to turn the latter-day incarnation of The Rooftop Singers into something more relevant to 1965 as Project X, that is, electric folk or folk rock. Erik Darling was a member of two other successful groups: The Tarriers and The Weavers, prior to forming The Rooftop Singers.
Link1466Гарик Сукачёв Гарик Сукачёв Гарик Сукачёв Игорь Иванович Сукачёв Born 1 December 1959 in village Makinino, Moscow Region, USSR. Leader of the bands [b]Бригада С[/b] (1986-1994) and [b]Неприкасаемые[/b].
Link179Coleman Hawkins and His Orchestra Coleman Hawkins and His Orchestra Coleman Hawkins And His Orchestra
Link5228Gary Valenciano Gary Valenciano PhilippinesGary Valenciano Edgardo Jose Santiago Valenciano Edgardo Jose "Gary" Santiago Valenciano (born August 6, 1964), also known Gary V. and Mr. Pure Energy, is a Filipino musician. Valenciano has released 26 albums, and won the Awit Awards for "Best Male Performer" eleven times. In 1998, he became UNICEF Philippines first National Ambassador.
Link674Östen Warnerbring Östen Warnerbring SwedenÖsten Warnerbring Swedish singer Born November 22, 1934 in Malmö, Sweden — died January 18, 2006 in San Agustin, Gran Canaria, Spain
Link3446أصالة أصالة SyriaAssalah Nasri Female Arabic vocalistأصالة أصالة مصطفى حاتم نصري Asala or Asala Nasri (born 1969) is a Syrian singer
Link674Кристина Орбакайте Кристина Орбакайте RussiaКристина Орбакайте Кристина Эдмундовна Орбакайте (Kristina Edmundovna Orbakaite) Kristina Orbakaite (Кристина Орбакайте) is a Russian singer and actress. Daughter of [a=Алла Пугачева] (Alla Pugacheva). Was married to [a598983].
Link1367Šimek & Grossmann Šimek & Grossmann Czech RepublicŠimek & Grossmann Czech comedy duo. They performed in 1960s and early 1970s at [l=Divadlo Semafor] ([url=]Semafor Theatre[/url]) in Prague. [i]Note: This is a main/track artist credit only. For writing credits please consider individual artist names, with the exception of credits like “Š+G” or “Š&G” which are usually intentional variations of this artist name.[/i]
Link872Rockmelons Rockmelons AustraliaThe Rockmelons
Link2356Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters Ronnie Earl & The Broadcasters United StatesRonnie Earl And The Broadcasters US American Blues group, formed by [a=Ronnie Earl].
Link178Joe & Eddie Joe & Eddie United StatesJoe & Eddie Joe and Eddie was an American gospel folk group, whose vocal career peaked in 1964. Composed of two African Americans, Joe Gilbert and Eddie Brown, in their career, they toured the United States and Canada, appeared on over 20 major television shows and recorded eight albums.
Link1762German Army German Army German Army
Link3346Iwan Fals Iwan Fals IndonesiaIwan Fals Virgiawan Listanto Biography Iwan Fals (born 3 September 1961 in Jakarta as Virgiawan Listanto) is an Indonesian singer and songwriter. He has released more than 35 albums of mostly solo guitar-based material in a style said to be influenced by Bob Dylan. He is considered a popular singer in the country. He is known as a social observer and protest singer, although he has sung many songs about love and romance. He is married (his wife's name is Rosana) with three children: [a=Galang Rambu Anarki], Annisa Cikal Rambu Bassae and Raya Rambu Rabbani. His eldest son, Galang Rambu Anarki, died in April 1997 of asthma. Iwan Fals had previously written an eponymously titled song for him on his birth in 1982.
Link1267Shelley Berman Shelley Berman United StatesShelley Berman Sheldon Berman Shelley Berman (born February 3, 1925, Chicago, Illinois, USA, died September 1, 2017. Bell Canyon, California, USA.) was an American comedian, actor, writer, teacher, lecturer, philanthropist, and poet.
Link673Jorge Cafrune Jorge Cafrune Jorge Cafrune Jorge Antonio Cafrune Argentinian folk singer, local culture researcher and collector, also called "El Turco", born 8th August 1937 in Jujuy, died 1st February 1978 in Tigre (Argentina). He started playing and singing with local folks founding "Las Voces de Huayra" with Luis Alberto Valdéz, Tomás Alberto Campos, Gilberto Vaca, and later "Los Cantores del Alba" (Tomás Campos, Gilberto Vaca, Javier Pantaleón y Jorge Cafrune). In 1960 he started his solo career
Link376Ronnie Von Ronnie Von BrazilRonnie Von Ronaldo Lindenberg Von Schilgem Cintra Nogueira Born in Niteroi, July 17, 1944 He is a singer and television presenter in Brazil. He began his musical career in the 60s, then the Young Guard!
Link276Гелена Великанова Гелена Великанова Гелена Великанова Гелена Марцельевна Великанова Gelena Martselievna Velikanova (February 27, 1922 — November 10, 1998) Soviet singer.
Link1761Sérgio Reis Sérgio Reis BrazilSérgio Reis Sérgio Bavini Brazilian singer and actor, born 23 June 1940 in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Link2949Lucky Millinder & His Orchestra Lucky Millinder & His Orchestra United StatesLucky Millinder And His Orchestra
Link177Tex Beneke and His Orchestra Tex Beneke and His Orchestra United StatesTex Beneke And His Orchestra
Link1860Koffi Olomidé Koffi Olomidé Democratic Republic of the CongoKoffi Olomide Antoine Christophe Agbepa Mumba Koffi Olomidé (born Antoine Christophe Agbepa Mumba, on August 13, 1956 in Kisangani) is a Congolese soukous singer, musician, composer, writer, arranger and producer. After more than 35 years of career, Koffi is one of the most popular Congolese and African singers and a much present personality in the Congolese media landscape. At the beginning, Antoine was only a songwriter, he sold his composition to the stars of this time as [a=Papa Wemba] who will integrate him to this band [a=Viva La Musica] in 1977. He will begin his recording career in this band, with some artists like [a=Kester Emeneya], [a=Dindo Yogo], [a=Djuna Djanana]. He started his solo recording career in 1983 and he founded his own band, [a=Quartier Latin], in 1986. The career of Koffi expands from 1990 when the record company [l=Sonodisc] signs a contract with him until 2003 when Sonodisc will go bankrupt. They will publish together a total of thirteen albums (6 solo album, 5 album with his band, 1 album in collaboration with Papa Wemba and 1 live). On February 19th, 2000, Olomidé become the first African artist to fill the 17 000 places of [l=Palais Omnisports Paris-Bercy], without promotion. Koffi Olomidé has earned 7 gold records and 5 Kora Awards (the African equivalent to the Grammy) including 4 in the edition of 2002 for his album [r=8051018]. He become an African and one of the world's best-selling african artists.
Link2157Los Kjarkas Los Kjarkas BoliviaLos Kjarkas Bolivian band from Capinota, formed in 1965
Link1167The Charlie Byrd Trio The Charlie Byrd Trio United StatesCharlie Byrd Trio
Link473Violeta Päivänkakkara Violeta Päivänkakkara FinlandVioleta Päivänkakkara Violeta Päivänkakkara Finnish experimental musician.
Link1463Megan Nicole Megan Nicole Megan Nicole American singer-songwriter and musician.
Link275Normie Rowe Normie Rowe AustraliaNormie Rowe Norman John Rowe Normie Rowe, AM (born 1 February 1947, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia) is an Australian singer and actor. Between 1965 and 1967 Rowe was Australia's most popular male star but his career was cut short when he was drafted for compulsory military service (called National Service in Australia) in late 1967. His subsequent tour of duty in Vietnam effectively ended his pop career and he was never able to recapture the success in music he enjoyed at his peak, and instead carving out a career in theatre.
Link374Behiye Aksoy Behiye Aksoy TurkeyBehiye Aksoy Behiye Tetiker Turkish classical singer and actress (b. 19 September 1933, Istanbul, Turkey)
Link176Stephen Schlaks Stephen Schlaks Stephen Schlaks Stephen Schlaks Stephen Schlaks (New York, May 13, 1948) is an American pianist, composer and record producer.
Link1562The Poll Winners The Poll Winners The Poll Winners [a=Barney Kessel] (guitar), [a=Ray Brown] (Bass), and [a=Shelly Manne] (drums) won the reader polls in Down Beat, Playboy, and Metronome magazines first in 1956 and then again in 1957, which is precisely what brought the players together. As a group, they released four studio albums between 1956 and 1960, with a reunion album in 1975 The "Poll-Winners" in the Adderley recording are the 2 multiple Poll-Winners" in the Down Beat Jazz Polls (Ray Brown and Wes Montgomery) and not a group. They should not be filed in this profile
Link176The Ennio Morricone Orchestra The Ennio Morricone Orchestra The Ennio Morricone Orchestra
Link671Agnaldo Timóteo Agnaldo Timóteo BrazilAgnaldo Timóteo Agnaldo Timóteo Pereira Agnaldo Timóteo Pereira (born in Caratinga - Minas Gerais, October 16, 1936) is a Brazilian singer and politician. He began his career singing on radio programs in Caratinga, Governador Valadares and Belo Horizonte, where he became known as the "Miner Cauby. " He moved to Rio de Janeiro and started working as a driver of the singer Ângela Maria. Meanwhile, he continued his career and gradually became known nationally for his voice. He became famous by recording the song "Meu Grito", by Roberto Carlos. After that came several romantic hits like "Ave Maria", "Mamãe" and "Os Verdes Campos de Minha Terra". Recorded over 50 albums.
Link374Blue Barron and His Orchestra Blue Barron and His Orchestra United StatesBlue Barron And His Orchestra
Link274Enos McLeod Enos McLeod Enos McLeod Jamaican reggae singer born in 1946 in Trechtown, Kingston.
Link1363Negicco Negicco JapanNegicco J-pop Girl's Group. Niigata, Japan.
Link769Joe Perry Project Joe Perry Project United StatesThe Joe Perry Project
Link2947Tito Nieves Tito Nieves United StatesTito Nieves Singer and salsa musician, born 4 June 1958 in Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico.
Link174Danny English Danny English Danny English Donald Cox Jamaican dancehall singer. Danny English started his singing career in 1995.
Link3540Víctor Manuelle Víctor Manuelle Puerto RicoPuerto Rican salsa singerVictor Manuelle Víctor Manuel Ruiz Velázquez Victor Manuelle is a salsa singer from Puerto Rico (b. 1968)
Link2055Luan Santana Luan Santana BrazilLuan Santana Luan Rafael Domingos Santana Luan Santana, is a Brazilian singer of college country (Sertanejo Universitário).
Link273Ernie Ashworth Ernie Ashworth Ernie Ashworth Ernest Bert Ashworth Ernie Ashworth (born 15th December, 1928, in Huntsville/Alabama - died 2nd March, 2009) was an American country musician.
Link174Korda György Korda György Korda György
Link372Ancient Boreal Forest Ancient Boreal Forest Ancient Boreal Forest Dungeon Synth / Black Metal project from Canada.
Link570Edsilia Rombley Edsilia Rombley NetherlandsEdsilia Rombley Edsilia Francisca Rombley Dutch female singer, born 13 February 1978, Amsterdam. Started with the all female group [a=Dignity (2)] in 1995. Won the first prize performing as [a=Oleta Adams] at both the Dutch and European Soundmix Show in 1996 / 1997. In 1998 she won the Dutch National Song Contest, ending fourth at the Eurovision Song Contest with the song "Hemel En Aarde", a [a=Fluitsma & Van Tijn] production. Married [a=Tjeerd P. Oosterhuis] on 1 September, 2006. She represented The Netherlands again at the Eurovision Song Contest in 2007 with "On Top Of The World", but did not qualify for the finals in Helsinki.
Link471Rusty Warren Rusty Warren United StatesRusty Warren Unspeakable in her time as she was probably the first female "blue" comedian and offering comedy about sex from a female perspective. She was doing her bar act at the same time Lenny Bruce was getting busted. She is currently most famous for her "Bounce Your Boobies" song that appears on Air America's Randi Rhodes Show.
Link4629Regine Velasquez Regine Velasquez PhilippinesRegine Velasquez
Link471Red Steagall Red Steagall United StatesRed Steagall Russell Steagall American country music singer and songwriter, born 22 December 1938 in Gainesville, Texas, USA.
Link174Bob McGilpin Bob McGilpin Bob McGilpin Bob McGilpin's first release was 1978's "Superstar." The album was released promotionally on colored (grey) vinyl, as were all Butterfly Records albums. The title track was the only 12" single released from the album and it became a Top Ten hit for him. The song, "Superstar" was so popular that it was remixed and re-released a second time during it's peak. His second album was 1979's "Get Up." The A-side was "Sexy Thing" but the hit, at least in Chicago, was the B-side "Get Loose." In 1980, following the demise of Butterfly Records, he moved to Casablanca Records where he had one release the self-titled "Bob McGilpin." Only one 12" was released, "Down To The Wire" backed with "Chain Reaction." His last known musical appearance of Bob was on March 5, 1998. He was part of the entertainment at "Higher Ground" in Hollywood on their "Western Beat" night. He is currently working as a Producer, Songwriter, Engineer and Designer/Builder of MVAmps.
Link1955Moğollar Moğollar TurkeyMoğollar Moğollar Four young Turks from different Anatolian villages met and became friends during the 1960s, discovering in common their taste both for the traditional music of their land and for the new kind of music that Europe called "pop". Their names were Murat Ses, Cahit Berkay, Taner Ongur, and Engin Yorukoglu, all of them skilled musicians playing traditional Turkish instruments, to which they had added guitar, piano and organ by the time they launched themselves as a group in 1967. The Mogol (Mogollar in their own language) immediately leapt to the top place in the Turkish Hit Parade, an honour that had normally been reserved to British and American successes. Their kind of music, based on the exotic folklore heritage of Anatolia, enriched by modern rhythms merged with the impassioned strains of the Turkish national idioms, stimulated the formation of numerous other new groups. Even to the limits of the remotest Turkish villages, Anadolu (Anatolian) "pop" has achieved an immense public following.
Link272Magic Organ Magic Organ The Magic Organ
Link2351Tião Carreiro e Pardinho Tião Carreiro e Pardinho Brazilsertanejo duoTião Carreiro E Pardinho José Dias Nunes (Tião Carreiro) / Antonio Henrique de Lima (Pardinho)
Link1361Sau Sau Catalunyasau Sau
Link371Louise Mandrell Louise Mandrell United StatesLouise Mandrell Thelma Louise Mandrell American country singer and entertainer born July 13, 1954, Corpus Christi, Texas. She is the younger sister of country singer [a693420] and older sister of musician, model and actress Irlene Mandrell. 1978 she married [a693428]. Louise Mandrell is a multiinstrumentalist and plays guitar, bass, violin, clarinet, drums, accordion and keyboards.
Link2251Ednita Nazario Ednita Nazario Puerto RicoEdnita Nazario April 11, 1955. Puerto Rican musician, singer, songwriter and actress
Link2746M.S. Subbulakshmi M.S. Subbulakshmi M.S. Subbulakshmi Madurai Shanmukhavadivu Subbulakshmi Madurai Shanmukhavadivu Subbulakshmi (born September 16, 1916, Madurai Temple City, Tamil Nadu, India – died December 11, 2004, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India) also known as M.S., was a Carnatic vocalist and she often performed with her daughter, [a1320109]. She was the first musician ever to be awarded the Bharat Ratna, India's highest civilian honor.
Link172Heirdrain Heirdrain Heirdrain Heirdrain is the solo project of A.O.S Heirdrain which is (has been) in a lot of other projects of black metal. Heirdrain makes a lot of different style like Experimental, Drone, Dark ambient, Harsh Noise, Doom, Death, Raw, True, Old School, Viking, Pagan, Orchestral and always mixed with Black Metal but sometimes, he can make some Experimental, Dark ambient, Harsh Noise when he feels it. Heirdrain makes everything by himself Instrument, Artwork, mixing and lyric. What are used in this project are ideas which can't be used in the others. Heirdrain has a really large vision of ideals. He is a philosophical author and producer of lyrics (made almost all the lyric in all his other project). His existence is kept as a mystery, little information about himself is revealed to the public. Certain logos were designed by The Bernhardt Morgue.
Link1558Моральный Кодекс Моральный Кодекс RussiaМоральный Кодекс
Link271The Hudson Brothers The Hudson Brothers United StatesHudson Brothers American pop/rock band founded in the mid sixties in Portland, Oregon as [a=The New Yorkers (3)] and disbanded in 1981.
Link766The Neatbeats The Neatbeats JapanThe Neatbeats
Link964Off Land Off Land Off Land Tim Dwyer
Link172Junior English Junior English Junior English Lindel 'Junior' English
Link964Cor Steyn Cor Steyn Cor Steyn Cornelis Gerardus Hendricus Steijn Dutch composer and musician. Born: December 22th, 1906 in Leiden, The Netherlands. Died: November 17th, 1965 in Hilversum, The Netherlands. Best known for his co-operation with [a=Dorus].
Link172The Universal-International Orchestra The Universal-International Orchestra The Universal-International Orchestra Orchestra from the [l271378], Hollywood CA (USA) for film scores and original movie soundtracks Conductor: [a276431]
Link3043Carlos Di Sarli Carlos Di Sarli ArgentinaCarlos Di Sarli Argentine tango musician, orchestra leader, composer and pianist. Born: January 7, 1903 Died: January 12, 1960
Link1656M-Clan M-Clan SpainM-Clan M-Clan Is a Spanish rock music band. The group was created in Murcia (Spain) in 1993. M-Clan is the abbreviation of "Murciélagos Clan", name that started this band. Ex-members: Santiago Campillo (guitar), Iñigo Uribe (keyboards), Juan Antonio Otero 'Oti' (drums), Carlos Raya (guitar), Pascual Saura (bass) and Alexander Climent 'Boli' (keyboard)
Link369Duke of Burlington Duke of Burlington The Duke Of Burlington
Link1854Edip Akbayram Edip Akbayram TurkeyEdip Akbayram Composer and Singer, born 29. December 1950 in Gaziantep, Turkey.
Link468The Violinaires The Violinaires United StatesThe Violinaires An American gospel group founded in 1952 in Detroit, Michigan.
Link270Chucho Avellanet Chucho Avellanet Puerto RicoChucho Avellanet
Link665Himesh Reshammiya Himesh Reshammiya IndiaHimesh Reshammiya Himesh Reshammiya (Hindi: हिमेश रेशम्मिया) Himesh Reshammiya an Indian music director, composer, singer and actor. He was born on 23 July 1973 in Bhavnagar, India.
Link170Mindy Carson Mindy Carson Mindy Carson Mindy Carson (born July 16, 1927), was an American traditional pop vocalist, who was heard often on radio during the 1940s and 1950s. She was an occasional duet partner with [a=Guy Mitchell] and a solo artist in her own right. In August 1955, she scored a hit when her recording of "Wake the Town and Tell the People" reached #13, despite the fact that the trends in popular music were moving to rock & roll and she was not a rock singer. She had only one more hit, Ivory Joe Hunter's "Since I Met You Baby" in 1957, and by 1960 she had finished her recording career.
Link1655Neil Zaza Neil Zaza United StatesNeil Zaza
Link4724Oliviaway Oliviaway Cambridgeoliviaway
Link764Alfredo Sadel Alfredo Sadel Alfredo Sadel Manuel Alfredo Sánchez Luna Venezuelan Tenor Singer. Born February 22, 1930 in Caracas Venezuela. Died June 28, 1989 in Caracas Venezuela
Link565Buddy Ace Buddy Ace United StatesBuddy Ace James Lee Land. American blues singer and guitarist. Raised in Houston, Texas. Died of a heart attack in 1994 at 58 y/o. Born : November 11, 1936 in Jasper, Texas. Died : December 26, 1994 in Waco, Texas.
Link169Jacky Ward Jacky Ward Jacky Ward Born November 18, 1946 in Groveton, Texas
Link268Tonbe Tonbe Tonbe Milos Djordjevic Serbian Disco House/House DJ and producer, born 24 May 1986 and based in Smederevo, Serbia. He is the founder of [l=Disco Fruit].
Link268Larry Finnegan Larry Finnegan Larry Finnegan John Lawrence Finneran Born: August 10, 1938, New York City, NY Died: July 22, 1973, South Bend, Indiana Rock vocalist best known for the 1961 hit single, "Dear One". His songwriting credits often appear under his real name, John L. Finneran.
Link367Shelley Fabares Shelley Fabares United StatesShelley Fabares Michele Ann Marie Fabares American actress and singer, born January 19, 1944 in Santa Monica, California, United States She was married to [a=Lou Adler] from 1964 to 1980 (divorced).
Link466Los Relámpagos del Norte Los Relámpagos del Norte MexicoLos Relampagos Del Norte Los Relámpagos del Norte was a norteño band formed in the early 1960s by Cornelio Reyna and Ramón Ayala. The group later broke up due to Cornelio Reyna wanting to start a Mariachi singing career. Ramon Ayala went on to start the successful group, Los Bravos Del Norte.
Link961Típica 73 Típica 73 Tipica 73 Adventurous salsa band formed late '72, its history epitomises the fragmentation of bands that occurred during '70s salsa boom. Five of original lineup split from Ray Barretto band at height of its popularity: Adalberto Santiago, lead singer; Orestes Vilató (b c '45, Camagüey, Cuba) on timbales, doubling on bongo; bongo player Johnny 'Dandy' Rodríguez, now moving to congas (he'd previously done stints with Tito Puente and Tito Rodríguez, and co-led a late '60s band with conguero Angel René, who later became a promoter; Dandy acted as president of the Típica 73 co-operative); trumpeter René López, bassist Dave Pérez, joined by pianist/arranger Sonny Bravo (b 7 Oct. '36, NYC of Cuban parentage; previously with José Fajardo, Tito Puente, Vicentico Valdés, Willie Bobo, Raúl Marrero, Rafael Cortijo, Angel René & Johnny Rodríguez Orchestra and Louie Ramírez/Pete Bonet Orchestra, amongst others; Bravo held the post of Típica's musical director), trombonist Leopoldo Pineda (from Larry Harlow), trumpeter/pianist/arranger Joe Mannozzi (from Orquesta Flamboyán). They began as a two trumpet/trombone-led conjunto playing típico (typical) Latin music in contemporary style on Típica 73 '73 on Fania sister label Inca, prod. by Johnny Pacheco; joined by Puerto Rican tres player Nelson González (from Ismael Miranda's Orquesta Revelación) for self-prod. Típica 73 '74, La Candela '75 (title track cover of Cuban hit by its composer Juan Formell with his band Los Van Van). Vilató started his pro career at age twelve with Belisario López's charanga, followed by stints with José Fajardo ('62-5), Johnny Pacheco (eight months) and Ray Barretto ('65-72); he also performed with Machito, Tito Puente, Fania All Stars, Mike Martínez's Latin Dimensions and others. Musical differences about 'stretching out' or staying típico split the band: Vilató, Santiago, Mannozzi, González left '76 to form Los Kimbos; Vilató later revealed that he and the other defectors had became dissatisfied with Dandy's financial management and Típica's failure to match the highly paid incomes of other mid-'70s salsa acts. Los Kimbos was a gutsy club band on eponymous LP '76 on Fania sister label Cotique, Mannozzi switching to piano and with trumpeter, mus. dir. Roberto Rodríguez (d '88) from Barretto's band; on second LP they were The Big Kimbos with Adalberto Santiago '77, whereupon Santiago went solo and the band split into Nelson González And His Band (debuting on eponymous LP '77 on TR) and Vilató y Los Kimbos, which released two further albums: Hoy y Mañana '78 and Aquacero Ne Me Moja '79. Disenchanted with Cotique, Vilató relocated to San Francisco '80 to work with Carlos Santana for eight years, thereafter he organised a gigging band called Los Kimbos 90 in '90. Típica 73 continued with Rumba Caliente '76, joined by young Cuban violinist Alfredo de la Fé (from Eddie Palmieri's band), lead vocalist Tito Allen (from Barretto's band), Don Gonzalo Fernández (flute/tenor sax), José Grajales (timbales/conga) and Lionel Sánchez (trumpet); the LP ushered in a "new sound" utilising their reformed lineup to alternate between and fuse horns-led conjunto and flute/violin-led charanga elements. The Two Sides Of Típica '73 '77 referred to dance and concert sides, with its experimentation and fusion one of salsa's most interesting LPs, with Camilo Azuquita (b Camilo Luis Argumédez, '45, Colón, Panamá; an alumnus of Roberto Roena, Cortijo, Kako and others) replacing Allen, Mexican Dick "Taco" Meza replacing Fernández, plus addition of timbalero Nicky Marrero (b 17 June '50, Bronx, NYC); Azuquita departed to continue his solo career after singing lead on half of Salsa Encendida '78, young Dominican José Alberto sang on the rest. Most of the band appeared on Dandy's Dandy, a Latin Affair '79 on Latin Percussion Ventures Inc. label (maker of Latin percussion instruments; LP's title based on Johnny Rodríguez's nickname). They switched to Fania; Típica 73 en Cuba: Intercambio Cultural '79 was made in Havana, adding Mario Rivera on soprano and baritone sax; Charangueando con la Típica 73 '80 was followed by Into The 80's '81 with guests Mario Bauzá (on alto sax), Rafael Cortijo on congas and Yomo Toro on cuatro. Work dwindled, allegedly because Típica appeared in Cuba, and they disbanded: de la Fé emigrated to Colombia after doing a brief stint with Tito Puente's Latin Ensemble; after recording the notable El Encuentro '82 on Lo Mejor, Dandy joined Puente's Ensemble '82; Rivera and Bravo joined Puente in '82 and '84 respectively; Alberto began a successful solo career '84; Marrero freelanced, then moved to Europe for 10 years (where he taught at the Rotterdam Conservatory and performed on Nueva Manteca's Afrodisia '91 on Timeless and Conexión Latina's Mambo 2000 '93 on Enja); Pineda freelances; Pérez, Sánchez, López, Grajales and Meza retired from salsa's forefront. Reunion at the Convention Centre, San Juan, P.R. Sept. '95 featured Santiago, Allen, Bravo, Dandy, Marrero, Pineda, González, Sánchez, Angel 'Cachete' Maldonado (percussion), Johnny Torres (bass), Mitch Frohman (reeds), Ite Jerez (trumpet). Series of 25th anniversary reunion gigs during '99 featured Santiago, Allen and Azuquita at NYC dates (Bronx's Lehman College and Manhattan's S.O.B.'s; latter had sonero Nestor Sánchez also joining in); Alberto completed the line-up of original lead vocalists for their concert at P.R.'s Luis Muñoz Marín Amphitheatre on 16 April. Típica's other '99 personnel incl. Bravo, Dandy, Marrero, Pineda, González, George Delgado (conga), Cachete (bata, quinto, bongo), Jerry Madera (bass), Ricardo Pons (flute, tenor sax), Pete Miranda (baritone sax), Héctor 'Bomberito' Zarzuela, Jorge Luis 'Ito' Torres (trumpets). Charanga! '94 on Charly is a recommended UK compilation of Típica's '79 to '80 work.
Link169Virtual Audio Project Virtual Audio Project Virtual Audio Project Virtual Audio Project is the name given to the Cybertracks Team made up of various composers, musicians and technical experts from the computer technology and musical sectors. Artists and technicians with proven experience who have been chosen to develop and create sounds and previously unpublished tracks of a highly stimulating content. A passion for music and technological skills come together to create one of the most important projects ever undertaken in the history of electronic music: an adventure which involves over 25 'sound artists' from all over the world as well as more than 15 technical experts in the fields of digital audio and computer technology.
Link3930lynch. lynch. JapanLynch. lynch.
Link564Jo Ann Castle Jo Ann Castle United StatesJo Ann Castle Jo Ann Zering Jo Ann Castle (born Jo Ann Zering on September 3, 1939, in Bakersfield, California, United States) is a noted ragtime pianist. She adopted the stage name "Castle" from a type of accordion, another instrument she played with great proficiency. She was often referred to as "Queen of the Ragtime Pianists," and was seen as the younger version of star ragtime pianist Del Wood. Castle has released sixteen albums throughout her career. She is most known for being the central ragtime performer on The Lawrence Welk Show, on which she performed from 1959 to 1969. Originally discovered for Welk by Joe Feeney, Castle became a permanent member of the "Welk Family" just prior to her twentieth birthday, replacing the departing Big Tiny Little. Welk wished to announce her age on the air, when she informed him that revealing her actual age publicly would jeopardize her budding career as a Las Vegas entertainer. At first nonplussed, he then surprised her on air a week later with a piano-decorated cake and announcing her hiring as one of his "champagne music-makers". On the show, she was known for playing the "Red Hot Piano". In the 1990s, Castle performed for fans at the Lawrence Welk-owned Champagne Theater in Branson, Missouri, as well as making a guest appearance for a show with Jimmy Sturr and His Orchestra on RFD TV. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Link564Arsenio Rodríguez y su conjunto Arsenio Rodríguez y su conjunto CubaArsenio Rodriguez Y Su Conjunto
Link564Anny Schilder Anny Schilder NetherlandsAnny Schilder Anny Schilder Female singer from Volendam (the Netherlands) born the 14th of February 1959. She sings Dutch folk music. She was a member of BZN from 1 August 1976 till 25 March 1984 when she left the band because she want to spend time to her just born daughter. Later she started a solo career which turned out quiet succesful.
Link1356GASTUNK GASTUNK JapanGastunk Infamous Japanese hardcore punk/metal band ガスタンク who formed in the mid '80s by ex- The Execute, The Comes and Dead Cops. They released many singles, EP's, and the successful full-lengths, "Dead Song" and "Under The Sun," which showed the band's own vision of blending obscure Japanese crooning, hardcore punk, with thrash metal and even classic rock hooks. Unfortunately, shortly after their 3rd album "Mother" was released in 1988, the band's popularity waned not only in the U.S., where interest died as fast as it was gained, but in Japan as well. Instead of forging ahead with their own unique genre twisting style, pressures to fit in with the hugely popular Glam Rock / Visual Kei scene at the time in Japan (with bands like X Japan) or trying to compete in the U.S. with the likes of Poison, Guns'n'Roses, etc..., they completely alienated their original fan base, and soon broke up. During those 'disbanded' years, there were limited reunion shows, commemorative albums, and plenty of great DVD releases of the old days.
Link168Empire Bakuba Empire Bakuba Democratic Republic of the CongoEmpire Bakuba Empire Bakuba was founded in 1972 by Pepe Kalle, Papy Tex and Dilu Dilumona,
Link168Eric Lunde Eric Lunde Eric Lunde Eric Lunde American musician and artist. Besides his musical releases and his artwork, he also published a book of poetry and wood-block prints entitled "LLND" ([l=Alamut Records], 1991).
Link168Conchita Bautista Conchita Bautista Conchita Bautista María Concepción Bautista Fernández Conchita Bautista is a Spanish singer and actress born in Seville on October 27, 1936. She was the first Spanish entrant in Eurovision Song Contest, in 1961, and again in 1965.
Link366Maria Lătărețu Maria Lătărețu Maria Lătărețu Romani folk singer from Romania, born 7th November 1911 in Bălcești (Gorj), died 27th September 1972 in Românești (Botoșani), during a concert.
Link366Mario Battaini Mario Battaini Mario Battaini Mario Battaini (Milano, October 6, 1931 - April 26, 2000) was a multi-instrumentalist, arranger and italian conductor
Link663Marc Carroll Marc Carroll Marc Carroll
Link662Docetism Docetism Docetism
Link563Ben Selvin and His Orchestra Ben Selvin and His Orchestra United StatesBen Selvin & His Orchestra The extremely prolific [a=Ben Selvin] fronted thousands of recordings made for almost every label of the 1920s, holding Guinness' World Record as the most-recorded artist in history (his estimated output being somewhere between 13,000 and 20,000 songs). Music legends that played under his baton included [a=The Dorsey Brothers], [a=Benny Goodman] and [a=Eddie Lang], among others.
Link3434tricot tricot Japantricot Tricot is a Japanese alternative rock band formed in Kyoto on September 1, 2010. The name is transliterated in Japanese asトリコ, "toriko." It is pronounced "tree-ko" after a French word for a type of knitting. The band founding members are Ikkyu Nakajima (vocals / guitar), Motoko “Motifour” Kida (guitar / backing vocals) and Hiromi “Hirohiro” Sagane (bass / backing vocals). Drummer Kazutaka Komaki joined in May 2011, when they established their own label, Bakuretsu Records. Their music is a blend of indie pop melodies and harmonies with math rock dynamics and time changes.
Link365Les Troubadours du Roi Baudouin Les Troubadours du Roi Baudouin Democratic Republic of the CongoCongolese choirLes Troubadours Du Roi Baudouin Congolese children's choir from Kamina, Katanga Province, Democratic Republic of the Congo. Formed by [a=Père Guido Haazen] in 1954.
Link662The Tete Montoliu Trio The Tete Montoliu Trio Tete Montoliu Trio
Link464Srebrna krila Srebrna krila YugoslaviaSrebrna Krila Croatian pop-rock band formed in 1978. They represented Yugoslavia on 1988 Eurovision Song Contest in Dublin, reaching 6th place. In 2011. they reunited few original members and recorded album in 2012. Members: Vlado Kalember - vocals, bass (1978-1986, 2011-) Davor Jelavić Dado - guitar (1978-1981, 2011-) Duško Mandić - guitar (1978-1985) Adi Karaselimović - drums (1978-1981) Mustafa Ismailovski Muc - keyboards (from 1980 - died in 2000) Slavko Pintarić Pišta - drums (from 1981) Lidija Asanović - vocals (1988-1989) Vlatka Pokos - vocals (1989-1994) Minea - vocals only on one song in 1993 Vanessa - yocals only on EP released in 1994 Vlatka Grakalić - vocals (from 1994 - left in 2000, when Vlado Kalember reclaimed band name)
Link167Tomislav Ivčić Tomislav Ivčić Tomislav Ivčić Tomislav Ivčić (1953-1993) Croatian pop singer, songwriter and politician.
Link860Mal Waldron Trio Mal Waldron Trio Mal Waldron Trio
Link266Rabito Rabito Rabito Juan Carlos Fernández Argentine musician and singer from the 70s to today.
Link760Dan Spătaru Dan Spătaru RomaniaDan Spătaru Dan Spătaru Romanian singer born October 2, 1939 in Aliman, Constanţa County – died September 8, 2004 in Bucharest. Dan Spataru was a student when he began playing to "House of Students" in 1962. It began with the Italian music that was fashionable in 60's. He debuted in 1966 with [a1174474] at the televised show at “Students House of Culture Grigore Preoteasa”. They sang “Amour, mon Amour My love” and “The young ones” and other 60's songs. Dan Spataru beat in Cuba, the applause record: 16 minutes and 19 seconds: "by 1967 I was at an international festival in Cuba in Varadero, where the Book of Records for the last applause: 16 minutes and 19 seconds!".
Link463Vernon Garrett Vernon Garrett Vernon Garrett Born in Arkansas on January 18, 1933.
Link1156Justo Betancourt Justo Betancourt CubaJusto Betancourt Justo Betancourt (b. December 6, 1940) is a Cuban singer famous for his interpretation of Pa' bravo yo. He was born in Matanzas, but has lived a significant amount of time in the United States and Puerto Rico. His music shows Cuban influence but developed in the direction of Puerto Rican Salsa. Betancourt led a group called Borincuba (Conjunto Borincuba), a combination of the names Cuba and Borinquen, a name for Puerto Rico of Taíno origin. In addition to recording a number of solo albums, he has played with the Fania All Stars and Sonora Matancera, as well as performing with musicians and singers such as Celia Cruz, Mongo Santamaría, Eddie Palmieri and Ray Barretto, among others.
Link265Leon Everette Leon Everette Leon Everette Leon Everette Baughman Leon Everette Baughman (born June 21, 1948 in Aiken, South Carolina) is an American country music artist. While in the Navy during the Vietnam War, Everette won a singing contest and decided to pursue a career in country music. Between 1977 and 1985, Everette recorded eight studio albums, including five for the RCA Nashville label. He charted several singles on the Hot Country Songs charts in the same timespan. Everette reached top 10 on the Hot Country Songs charts with the singles "[r=4151322]", "[r=3567100]", "[r=4519827]", "[r=2700763]", "[r=4510635]", "[r=3910994]'", "[r=4741624]" and "[r=3669610]".
Link265McKinley Mitchell McKinley Mitchell United StatesMcKinley Mitchell Soul - blues singer Born on December 25, 1934 in Jackson, Mississippi, Died on January 18, 1986 in Chicago Heights, Illinois, of a heart attack
Link958Любовь Успенская Любовь Успенская RussiaЛюбовь Успенская Успенская Любовь Залмановна Was born 24.02.1954. She is russian-american singer in "russian chanson" genre.
Link2344ザ・クロマニヨンズ ザ・クロマニヨンズ Japanザ・クロマニヨンズ ザ・クロマニヨンズ (The Cro-Magnons) are a four-piece punk rock band from Tokyo, Japan. Following the breakup of their previous band [a1367041] in 2005, frontman [a5821559] (Hiroto Komoto) and guitarist [a5821561] (Masatoshi Mashima) quickly reconvened to form The Cro-Magnons with bassist [a2041314] (Masaru Kobayashi) and drummer [a5821560] (Katsuji Kirita), whom Komoto and Mashima had met through their longtime recording engineer [a6085774] ([a484920]). In contrast to the eclectic, more classic rock and pop inspired sound of [a1367041], The Cro-Magnons recall Komoto and Mashima's most famous band [a2147997] with their straightforward approach to hard-hitting punk rock songwriting, though the band also incorporates influences from many other rock styles.
Link166Νίκος Καρβέλας Νίκος Καρβέλας GreeceΝίκος Καρβέλας Nicos Karvelas is a Greek singer & songwriter. Ex-husband of [a=Anna Vissi] & father of [a=Σοφία Καρβέλα].
Link1651Gabrielle Roth and the Mirrors Gabrielle Roth and the Mirrors Gabrielle Roth & The Mirrors
Link562Martine Bijl Martine Bijl NetherlandsMartine Bijl Martine Catharina Maria Bijl Dutch actress, singer and writer. Born: March 19th, 1948 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Link1551Ferdi Tayfur Ferdi Tayfur TurkeyFerdi Tayfur Ferdi Tayfur Turanbayburt Ferdi Tayfur (born 1945) is a Turkish arabesque singer, actor and composer.
Link2937Fernando Velázquez Fernando Velázquez SpainFernando Velázquez Spanish film composer, born November 22, 1976 in Bilbao, Spain.
Link462Sonny Okosun Sonny Okosun Sonny Okosun Sonny Okosuns Born: 1st January 1947 Enugu, in the Niger Delta region of Nigeria Died: 24th May 2008 Washington DC, USA Nigerian singer, guitarist and composer. A self-taught guitar player, in 1964, at the age of 17, Sonny formed the Postmen, a covers band also known as the "Local Beatles". He visited London with a theatre group for the 1965 1st Commonwealth Arts Festival, but in 1967 the Biafran war prompted both the dissolution of the Postmen and a move by Okosun and his family to Lagos. There, he worked briefly in television before moving to Benin, where in 1969 he joined Victor Uwaifo's Melody Maestros as a second guitarist. He formed his first professional band in 1971 called Paperback Ltd., which he disbanded in 1974 and went on to form Ozziddi in 1976. Widely popular in the West African region during the late 1970's and early 1980's, he enjoyed some international attention, most notably for his cooperation with Eddy Grant in several releases. Of these, the album "Fire In Soweto" with its hit title tune was to enjoy the largest success. By the late Eighties, Okosun's star was fading, but he reinvented himself as "Evangelist Sonny Okosuns" and with the 1994 comeback album "Songs of Praise", which sold nearly a million copies, rode a wave of Christian evangelism in Nigeria to become that country's foremost gospel musician. In 1998, he founded the House of Prayer Ministry, converting part of his expansive building to a church.
Link462David Frizzell David Frizzell United StatesDavid Frizzell
Link363Moacyr Franco Moacyr Franco BrazilMoacyr Franco Moacir de Oliveira Franco Brazilian actor, singer, composer, author (born in Ituiutaba, MG, Brazil, October 5, 1936), is also a TV presenter and humoristicand politician.
Link2145Marco Antonio Solís Marco Antonio Solís MexicoMarco Antonio Solís
Link1254Alux Nahual Alux Nahual GuatemalaAlux Nahual Alux Nahual es un grupo de rock, formado en Guatemala. Su trascendencia en la región centroamericana le ha permitido darse a conocer como una propuesta musical, referente cultural en todo el istmo. La banda se formó en año 1979. Fue fundada por Álvaro Aguilar (guitarra acústica), quien acompañado de su hermano Plubio (bajo) y de su primo Ranferí (guitarra eléctrica y acústica) se empiezan a presentar en un pequeño café bar de la ciudad de Guatemala. Se integraron a la banda Javier Flores (batería), Paulo Alvarado (chelo) y Jack Schuster (violín). En sus inicios tocaban composiciones de otras bandas de la época, como Kansas, Led Zeppelin y Toto, además de propuestas originales con una base de rock sinfónico y progresivo, con influencia del grupo de rock progresivo neerlandés Focus en la melodía BarRocko Intro Passacaglia Maestosa. Luego de un par de años se retira Flores y contactan al baterísta Pablo Mayorga al tiempo que el hermano de Ranferí, Orlando, quien también toca batería, se integra a Alux. Durante algunos años tocaron con dos bateristas, algo poco común en una banda de rock. El prestigio de la banda subió rápidamente, y en 1981 logran grabar su primera producción discográfica bajo el sello discográfico de DIDECA. Esta primera producción fue la que abrió las puertas al rock nacional en las radios. En aquellos momentos no existía conocimiento acerca del movimiento de rock en español que se daba en Argentina y otros lugares de América, por lo que Alux Nahual se convirtió en la primera banda reconocida comercialmente, de rock en español en Centroamérica.
Link164Pedro Laza y Sus Pelayeros Pedro Laza y Sus Pelayeros Pedro Laza y sus Pelayeros
Link362Jore Marjaranta Jore Marjaranta FinlandJore Marjaranta Jore Marjaranta
Link758Геннадий Гладков Геннадий Гладков Геннадий Гладков Геннадий Игоревич Гладков Gennady Gladkov (Russian: Генна́дий И́горевич Гладко́в, b. February 18, 1935) is a prominent Soviet/Russian music composer, known mainly as a composer for films, TV series and animated films. Don't confuse with [a1568364]
Link263Frei Hermano da Câmara Frei Hermano da Câmara PortugalFrei Hermano Da Câmara Hermano Vasco Villar Cabral da Câmara Frei Hermano da Câmara (born in Lisboa, 12 July 1933) is a Portuguese fado singer.
Link956คาราวาน คาราวาน คาราวาน ฅาราวาน (Caravan) Caravan, is a Thai folk-rock band that formed out of the 1973 democracy movement. It launched the Phleng pheua chiwit (เพลงเพื่อชีวิต) (songs for life) genre that has since been popularized by Carabao.
Link362Андрей Климковский Андрей Климковский RussiaАндрей Климковский Андрей Климковский Andrey Klimkovsky is one of leading russian composers working in the electronic musical space. Images creating by him - "Music of Celestial Spheres", "Starry Sky", "ALEALA" and "DreamOcean" - stayed the classics of the genre, received popularity as in Russia, and abroad. The musician plays enchanting concerts regular and collaborates with more others composers, more writes about electronic keyboards and synthesizers, takes part in astro-observations and sometimes runs the marathons.
Link263Nedžad Salković Nedžad Salković Bosnia and HerzegovinaNedžad Salković Nedžad Salković Bosnian folk and Sevdalinka singer. Born 1.6.1940. in Tuzla, Bosnia And Hercegovina
Link263Lucien Hétu Lucien Hétu Lucien Hétu Organist, songwriter, singer, b Ancienne-Lorette, near Quebec City, 8 Apr 1926, d Montreal 10 Jan 1990. He first studied organ 1949-51 with Georges Lindsay. In 1952 as a singer he won the grand prize of the CBC radio competition 'Les Talents de chez-nous.
Link2243General Mumble General Mumble United KingdomGeneral Mumble Lewis Cooper Electronic music producer from United Kingdom. [a=General Mumble] is the main alias Lewis Cooper. He currently makes a wide variety of styles of electronic music. All his music is in his label [l=Mumble Etc.]
Link2243German Brass German Brass GermanyGerman Brass German brass ensemble originally founded in 1974 as "Deutsches Blechbläserquintett".
Link560Nicole & Hugo Nicole & Hugo BelgiumBelgian showbizz duoNicole & Hugo Nicole Van Palm & Hugo Verbraeken
Link164Meho Meho Meho Meho
Link263Ta Mara and The Seen Ta Mara and The Seen United StatesTa Mara & The Seen
Link613DuelJewel DuelJewel JapanDuelJewel
Link262Mark Wonder Mark Wonder Mark Wonder Mark Andrew Thompson
Link262Cry Before Dawn Cry Before Dawn Cry Before Dawn 4-piece Guitar-based Rock Group hailing from Wexford, Ireland.
Link955Dino Kartsonakis Dino Kartsonakis Dino Kartsonakis Constantine "Dino" Kartsonakis A King's College and Juilliard School of Music pianist, who describes his style as combining the classical and the sacred. Husband to [url=]Cheryl Kartsonakis[/url]. Father to [url=]Christina Kartsonakis[/url] and brother-in-law to [url=]Gary McSpadden[/url] through his marriage to Cheryl. Formerly married to [url=]Debby Kartsonakis[/url].
Link163Halo James Halo James Halo James British pop group active from 1988 to 1991. They formed in London, England.
Link1648Вика Цыганова Вика Цыганова RussiaВика Цыганова Жукова Виктория Юрьевна Was born 28.10.1963 in Habarovsk, USSR. She is russian pop-singer in "russian chanson" style.
Link1252Patrick Zabé Patrick Zabé QuebecPatrick Zabé Jean-Marie Rusk Canadian pop singer Popular in the 1960s / 70s
Link1054Chet Baker Quintet Chet Baker Quintet The Chet Baker Quintet 1965 Version: Trumpet - Chet Baker Tenor Saxophone - George Coleman Piano - Kirk Lightsey Bass - Herman Wright Drums - Roy Brooks
Link460Roland Cedermark Roland Cedermark SwedenRoland Cedermark Roland Cedermark b. April 23, 1938 Swedish schlager artist.
Link757Gori Ussi Winnetou Gori Ussi Winnetou CroatiaGori Ussi Winnetou Croatian Romantic-Noise-Contemporary-Space Rock-Parody group led by the vocalist and songwriter Franci Blašković, based in Pula, Istra.
Link261Pee Wee King & His Golden West Cowboys Pee Wee King & His Golden West Cowboys United StatesPee Wee King And His Golden West Cowboys
Link162Patrick Andy Patrick Andy Patrick Andy
Link162Roberto Inglez & his Orchestra Roberto Inglez & his Orchestra Roberto Inglez And His Orchestra
Link855Wes Montgomery Trio Wes Montgomery Trio United StatesThe Wes Montgomery Trio
Link459George Wallington Quintet George Wallington Quintet George Wallington Quintet
Link063Ljupka Dimitrovska Ljupka Dimitrovska Ljupka Dimitrovska Љупка Димитровска Ljupka Dimitrovska (born 25 July 1946, Skopje, SFR Yugoslavia - died 3 October 2016, Zagreb, Croatia) was a Macedonian-born Croatian Schlager singer. She was particularly popular in the Western Balkans and in the former countries of Czechoslovakia and East Germany. Her popularity reached its peak in the 1970's and 1980's when she often performed as a duet with the Croatian singer [a457278], referred to as [a463394]. She was married to the composer [a457277] from 1968 until his death in 2006.
Link162Betty Missiego Betty Missiego Betty Missiego Beatriz Teresa Missiego Campos b. January 1, 1945 in Lima, Peru. Singer.
Link261The Royalettes The Royalettes United StatesThe Royalettes
Link657Che & Ray Che & Ray SwitzerlandChe & Ray Swiss Boogie-Woogie duo from Zurich with Jean-Marc "Che" Peyer and Raymond "Ray" Fein.
Link657Humphrey Lyttelton Humphrey Lyttelton Humphrey Lyttelton Humphrey Richard Adeane Lyttelton British jazz trumpeter, clarinetist, and bandleader. Later, writer, journalist, broadcaster, and calligrapher. Born: 23 May 1921 in Eton, Berkshire, England, UK. Died: 25 April 2008 in Barnet, Hertfordshire, England, UK (aged 86). Lyttelton (known affectionately as simply "Humph") worked with the British jazz pianist [a=George Webb] (March 1947–January 1948) and with his own bands (January 1948–1970s), along with many others. He later continued his career as a journalist and broadcaster, writing extensively on music and other topics.
Link549黃慧音 黃慧音 Malaysia黃慧音 黃慧音 / Huáng Huìyīn Imee Ooi is a Malaysian singer, composer and arranger. she composes buddhist music.
Link360De Selvera's De Selvera's De Selvera's Mieke Jansen & Selma Jansen, Jenny Donker, Greetje Mona Duo startet with sisters Mieke Jansen & Selma Jansen. In 1963 Mieke began a solo career (known as Mieke Bos). Greetje Mona and Jenny Donker replaced her afterwards.
Link1548Tha Blue Herb Tha Blue Herb JapanTha Blue Herb
Link1746Λουκιανός Κηλαηδόνης Λουκιανός Κηλαηδόνης GreeceΛουκιανός Κηλαηδόνης Λουκιανός Κηλαηδόνης (English: Loukianos Kilaidonis) Λουκιανός Κηλαηδόνης (English: Loukianos Kilaidonis) was a Greek composer, lyricist and singer. Born on July 15th 1943 in Kipseli, Athens, Greece and passed away on February 7th 2017 in Marousi, Athens, Greece.
Link756Los Toreros Muertos Los Toreros Muertos SpainLos Toreros Muertos Pablo Carbonell founded "Los Toreros Muertos" in 1985. The multifaceted artist -who had achieved some popularity for his appearances in the TVE children's program called "La Bola de Cristal"- brought together his friends Many Mouré (bass) and Guillermo Piccolini (keyboards) to launch his musical project. They only released four albums, and they split-up to rejoin again in 2007 after a greatest hits release to do some gigs.
Link621fhána fhána JapanFhána
Link261The Kiki Dee Band The Kiki Dee Band The Kiki Dee Band
Link558Rão Kyao Rão Kyao Rão Kyao João Maria Centeno Gorjão Jorge Portuguese musician, saxophone and bamboo flute player. He mixes fado with oriental music from India, where he lived for some time. He started in the Lisbon jazz circuit in the late 60s, traveling then to Denmark, Netherlands, Spain and France. His first solo albums were more jazz-oriented: "Malpertuis" (1976), "Bambu" (1977), "Goa" (1979), "Ritual" (1982) and "Macau O Amanhecer" (1984). In the 80s he achieved some success with numerous gold and platinum albums: "Fado Bailado" (1983), "Estrada da Luz" (1984) and "Oásis" (1986). Gradually he entered Indian music and blended it with his traditional Portuguese roots. He also mixed fado, Indian music and flamenco with [a191165] on "Delirios Ibéricos" (1992). Discography: - Malpertuis (1976) - Bambu (1977) - Goa (1979) - Live At Cascais (1980) - Ritual (1982) - Fado Bailado (1983) - Macau O Amanhecer (1984) - Estrada da Luz (1984) - SaX (1985) - Oásis (1985) - Danças de Rua (1987) - O Som Mágico Da Flauta (1987) - Viagens na Minha Terra (1989) - Delírios Ibéricos (1992) (with "Ketama") - Águas Livres (1994) - Viva o Fado (1996, Live) - O Melhor De Rão Kyao (1997, Compilation) - Navegantes (1997) - Junção (1999) - Fado Virado a Nascente (2001) - Porto Alto (2004) - Rão Kyao Tour: Sete Sóis Sete Luas (2006, Live) - Mondego (Rão Kyao & Orquestra Clássica de Coimbra) (2007) - Antologia 83/2001 (2 CD, Compilation) (2007) - Porto Interior (Rão Kyao & Yanan) (2008) - Em Cantado (2009)
Link621関ジャニ∞ 関ジャニ∞ Japan関ジャニ∞ 関ジャニ∞ (Kanjani Eito) are Japanese boy band managed by Johnny & Associates, and signed to Imperial Records. The group consists of the following seven members from the Kansai region: You Yokoyama (横山 裕), Subaru Shibutani (渋谷 すばる), Shingo Murakami (村上 信五 Murakami Shingo), Ryuhei Maruyama (丸山 隆平), Shota Yasuda (安田 章大), Ryo Nishikido (錦戸 亮), Tadayoshi Okura (大倉 忠義) (Former member: Hiroki Uchi 内 博貴). Originally formed as an enka group with a twist in 2002, the group now leans towards a mix of pop and rock.
Link954Daniel Robert Lahey Daniel Robert Lahey Daniel Robert Lahey
Link162Snagga Puss Snagga Puss Snagga Puss Norman Suppria Jamaican DJ who's speciality is vocally imitating and toasting in the style of the cartoon character Snagglepuss (who himself is based on the Cowardly Lion from the Wizard of Oz). He also toasts in the style of Woody Woodpecker and Popeye. Now known as Mr Balance
Link162Александр Серов Александр Серов UkraineRussian pop singerАлександр Серов Александр Николаевич Серов Alexander Serov - Soviet/Russian singer, arranger, instrumentalist and composer. Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1991). People's Artist of the Russian Federation (2004) Born: March 24, 1954 in Kovalyovka, Nikolaev region, Ukrainian SSR
Link261Iron City Houserockers Iron City Houserockers United StatesIron City Houserockers American rock band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, active from 1976 to 1984.
Link261Raffaele Serra Raffaele Serra ItalyRaffaele Serra Raffaele Serra was born in 1948 and he lives in Milan. Composer and sound researcher, he released more than 40 albums. He composed music for theatre, dance and multimedia works. In the late 60's he went to the Castello Sforzesco High School of Applied Art. In the early 70’s he started to experiment with Electronic Music based on analog synthesizers, tapes and other devices; he worked as sound and light technician and assistant director with many avantgarde theatre companies. In the 80's he attended the Electronic Music's Class of CEDME; he studied and worked with Christina Kubisch and takes part to some Brian Eno’s stages. Also he collaborated with the Russolo-Pratella Foundation and he takes part to "De Natura Sonorum" Festival with music addictions. His continuing studies and musical research took him to Amsterdam, where he met the researcher Walter Maioli at "Het einde van de wereld", a multimedia center directed by the electronic musician and anthropologist Fred Gales (also member of Utrecht Institute of Sonology). He released additions of sound for the danish painter/sculptor Nes Lerpa's environmental exhibitions. He composed soundtracks for several cult's silent films. Since October 2000 he's patronised, supported and represented by ISISUF Foundation (International Institute of Futurist Studies) in MIlan. In March 2017 his electronic "Stabat Mater" joined the index of the Stabat Mater's compositions ever, curated by Stabat Mater Foundation.
Link1845Empire Cast Empire Cast United Statesensemble from the musical drama television seriesEmpire Cast Empire is an musical drama television series, which premiered on Fox in January 2015. It centers on a hip hop music and entertainment company, Empire Entertainment, and the drama among the members of the founders' family as they fight for control of the company. Each episode featured original music produced by [a35125] with rapping and singing provided by the actors. After each episode aired, Columbia released digital download packages of the songs that premiered. Many of the tracks hit Billboard's R&B/Hip-Hop Digital Songs chart, including "Drip Drop", "Keep Your Money" and "Money for Nothing." A compilation of the songs, Empire: Original Soundtrack from Season 1, was released in March 2015. The CD edition consisted of 11 tracks, while the digital download version included 18.
Link953The Al Di Meola Project The Al Di Meola Project Al Di Meola Project
Link161Suzzies orkester Suzzies orkester Suzzies Orkester
Link458Cool Candys Cool Candys Cool Candys Swedish "dansband" formed 1950 by the drummer [a=Einar Svensson]. The band was dissolved 2004 but reformed in November 2014. Former members: [b]Vocals[/b] [a=Sven-Eric Carlsson] a.k.a. [a=Sven-Erik Gissbol] (1968-1977) [b]Guitar[/b] Sixten Svensson (19??-19??) [a=Arne Nathansohn] (1964-1976) [b]Keyboards/Organ[/b] [a=Karl Arne Andersson] [b]Drums[/b] [a=Einar Svensson] (1950-1972) [a=Arne Hallin] (1972-19??) [a=Stephan Möller] (19??-????) [b]Bass[/b] Sigge Hjelte (19??-1953) [a=Göte Johansson (3)] (1953-1967) [b]Saxophone[/b] [a=Carl-Ivar Ivarsson] [a=Gunnar Wahlgren] [a=Håkan Ljungkvist]
Link161The Ebonys The Ebonys The Ebonys Vocal soul quartet Formed in 1968, Camden, New Jersey, USA Discovered by [a=Leon Huff]. They were famous for the big gripping, dramatic soul ballads and their [a=The Dells]-styled approach of baritone lead with answering falsetto second lead. They had two hits, "You’re The Reason Why" (1971) and "It’s Forever" (1973). After [l=Philadelphia International Records] they signed at [l=Buddah Records] where they released one album and their final hit "Making Love Ain’t No Fun (Without The One You Love)".
Link2438John Valby John Valby United StatesJohn Valby John Valby, AKA Dr. Dirty, is a pianist and comedian, and has continued making audiences laugh for years with his unique brand of parodies and original songs that cross all lines of good taste, proudly.
Link161Roman Messer Roman Messer trance artistRoman Messer Роман Евгеньевич Мессер (Roman Evgenievich Messer) Electronic music producer from Russia. Owner of [l=Suanda Music].
Link1250Greg X. Volz Greg X. Volz United StatesGreg X. Volz Gregory Xavier Volz Born: January 12, 1950 in Peoria, Illinois, USA A Christian singer. He is most noted for being the former lead singer of Christian rock band Petra from 1979 to 1985 and is currently the lead vocalist of [a6168388].
Link1250Hylo Brown Hylo Brown Hylo Brown Frank Brown Jr. American bluegrass and country music singer, guitarist and bassist, born April 20, 1922 in River, Kentucky and died January 17, 2003 in Mechanicsburg, Ohio.
Link656Rosa León Rosa León Rosa León Spanish songwriter and singer (b. Madrid, 1951). She started his career in the first 70's as "Rosa Y Jorge", with [a1916289] ([a656294]'s brother). His first single was "Las cuatro y diez (from [a672512]), in 1972. She has also composed and sang in some TV child series ("Cuentopos", "La cometa Blanca"...) Discography: * De alguna manera (1973) * Cuentopos (1974) * Al alba (1975) * Oído por ahí (1976) * Tiempo al tiempo (1978) * Rosa se está buscando en el espejo (1983) * Canciones para niños (1983) * Cuenta conmigo (1984) * Amigas mías (1986) * Y si partimos todo a la mitad (1986) * Rosa León (1988) * Canciones para niños 2 (1988) * Paloma desesperada (1989) * Mujeres (1992) * ¡Ay amor! (1992) * Los cochinitos (1995) * Canciones infantiles (2001) * Érase una vez (2006)
Link161Mathé Altéry Mathé Altéry FranceMathé Altéry Marie-Thérèse Renée Micheline Altare French soprano singer, born September 12, 1927 in Paris.
Link1151Bedia Akartürk Bedia Akartürk TurkeyBedia Akartürk
Link575DD Company DD Company NetherlandsDD Company Dutch production group specialized in children's music.
Link358Ralfi Pagán Ralfi Pagán Ralfi Pagan Latin soul - disco - salsa singer Born in 1947 Bronx, New York of Puerto Rican parentage Died on 1978, murdered while on tour in Colombia with [a=Joe Bataan]. Active from the mid-1960s until his untimely death in 1978. He specialized in soul ballads sung both in Spanish and English and released five albums during the 1970s. He is well known for the duet with [a=Sylvia Robinson] "Soul Je T'aime" and for his solo reworking of "Make It With You" previously recorded by [a=David Gates] and [a=Bread]. The case of his murder remains unsolved to this day.
Link358Eliana Pittman Eliana Pittman BrazilEliana Pittman Brazilian singer, born 14 August 1945.
Link556Old Gray Old Gray United StatesOld Gray Old Gray is an American screamo band from Hooksett and Auburn, New Hampshire. Since forming in April 2011, the band has seen numerous changes, both in terms of their members and their musical style. Their lyrics are introspective and personal, often dealing with the ideas of love, loss, and isolation, while their music draws elements from a wide array of genres, most notably post-rock and post-hardcore. As of April 2014, they have released an LP, two EPs, six splits, a b-side, a single, and a demo. They have toured with bands such as William Bonney, Lovechild, and I Kill Giants and release music through Broken World Media.
Link952Claude Gauthier Claude Gauthier CanadaClaude Gauthier
Link061Δάκης Δάκης GreeceΔάκης Βρασίδας Χαραλαμπίδης (Vrasidas Charalambidis) Greek Pop singer born in 1943 in Egypt.
Link556The Hollywood Bowl Symphony Orchestra The Hollywood Bowl Symphony Orchestra United States50s-60s incarnation of the orchestraThe Hollywood Bowl Symphony Orchestra [b]Do not confuse with the [a=Hollywood Bowl Orchestra] (est. 1990).[/b] The Hollywood Bowl Symphony Orchestra was founded in 1945 by Leopold Stokowski. Only after two seasons the orchestra was disbanded and and all the summer orchestral concerts at the Hollywood Bowl were subsequently performed by the Los Angeles Philharmonic until 1990. On October 17, 1990, the management of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Association (LAPA) led by Ernest Fleischmann (LAPA Executive VP and Managing Director at the time) held a press conference announcing the formation of a second orchestra under its auspices, this time titled "[a=Hollywood Bowl Orchestra]".
Link3328Susan Wong Susan Wong Hong KongSusan Wong Susan Wong was born in Hong Kong and immigrated to Sydney, Australia with her family at the age of seven. Musically inclined from a young age, she learned to play the piano at age five and later she also learned the violin. At Kambala in Sydney, she sang alto in the choir and appeared in the school dramas (Gilbert & Sullivan & the like) and entered a number of piano competitions. She received an associate diploma (ATCL) in piano from Trinity College London. Her first break in the music world was at the age of sixteen when her parents entered her for a singing contest in Sydney. It was organized by TVB with the winner to be offered a recording contract with one of the big music companies in Hong Kong. She won the competition and went to Hong Kong, where she met with the TVB producers who wanted her to sign with one of the music labels. After much deliberation she decided that a music career wasn’t right for her at that time and instead returned to Australia to study at University. After graduating from university, she returned to Hong Kong in 1997 to help run her family’s accounting business; at this time, she gained her CPA certification. One of her students, who she was teaching piano, was working for a Hong Kong independent label, and Wong asked the boss if they wanted a singer. Wong started recording her favourite English songs and made the album Close To You (2002). In early 2007, Susan Wong signed a new recording agreement with Hong Kong-based Evolution Limited and released her first album under Evolution in August 2007. The first release under this agreement, Someone Like You,[2] was recorded in Nashville, USA and won critical and commercial success throughout South East Asia. Wong recorded her second album, 511, for the evosound label in Geneva Switzerland with producer Adrien Zerbini.[3] It contained bossa nova influenced versions of songs such as Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean and Everytime You Go Away by Hall & Oates. Billie Jean received extensive airplay throughout South East Asia and a version on YouTube received over 450,000 views. Returning to Geneva in 2010, Wong started work again with producer Adrien Zerbini along with guitarist Ignacio Lamas. The recordings mostly concentrated on sparse acoustic new interpretations of classic pop songs from the late 1960s and early 1970s including California Dreamin', The Sound of Silence and Have You Ever Seen the Rain?. The ‘studio master’ download of the album peaked at No.1 on the Linn Records ‘studio master’ download chart and spent over six months in the Top 10. Five years on from her first visit Susan Wong returned to Nashville to record at Ocean Way Studio. The live in the studio project My Live Stories was released on CD, SACD, and HQCD in December 2012 with the live DVD/Blu-ray released in 2013. In 2014, Wong released her fifth studio album, Woman in Love which is a tribute to great female ballad singers. Susan Wong is currently recording a new album, set for release in 2018.
Link259Оскар Фельцман Оскар Фельцман Soviet UnionОскар Фельцман Оскар Борисович Фельцман Oscar Borisovich Feltsman is a Soviet and Russian composer. People's Artist of the RSFSR (1989). Father of pianist [a=Vladimir Feltsman]. Born: February 18, 1921, Odessa, Ukrainian SSR Died: February 3, 2013, Moscow, Russia
Link853Minor Rain Minor Rain SlovakiaMinor Rain Jakub Šenšel Electronic and electro-acoustic music producer from Martin, Slovakia.
Link1348The Derek Trucks Band The Derek Trucks Band United StatesThe Derek Trucks Band
Link556Moe Bandy & Joe Stampley Moe Bandy & Joe Stampley Moe Bandy & Joe Stampley
Link1051Spider Kitten Spider Kitten Spider Kitten
Link258Jerry Jaye Jerry Jaye United StatesJerry Jaye Jerry Jaye (born October 19, 1937 in Manila, Arkansas) is an American country/rockabilly singer.
Link1248Miss B. Haven Miss B. Haven DenmarkMiss B. Haven Danish all-female pop/rock band centered around vocalist and lyricist [a=Lise Cabble], active from 1986 to 1997. Started out as a quartet with Cabble, [a=Anne Vig Skoven] (guitar), [a=Lene Eriksen] (bass) and [a=Mette Mathiesen] (drums) and expanded to a quintet when [a=Minna Grooss] (keyboards) joined for 3rd album, [m=254429]. Most of the songs were originally released in Danish, with a good part of them translated into English and re-released on alternate album versions with international exposure in mind. The band's 4th album [r=943805] was released internationally under the alias [a=Marta Marta] in 1996.
Link1446Paco Peña Paco Peña SpainPaco Peña Francisco Peña Pérez Spanish Guitar Player, born 1942 in Córdoba
Link258Greetje Kauffeld Greetje Kauffeld NetherlandsGreetje Kauffeld Dutch jazz singer born on November 26, 1939 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands.
Link456Jamelão Jamelão Jamelão José Bispo Clementino dos Santos Brazilian samba vocalist, born May 12, 1913, died June 14, 2008
Link1545Boris Novković Boris Novković Boris Novković Boris Novković Croatian pop singer. Son of composer [a=Đorđe Novković].
Link258Tommy Ridgley Tommy Ridgley United StatesTommy Ridgley Thomas Herman Ridgley American R&B singer and bandleader based in New Orleans, Louisiana. Older brother of [a=Sammy Ridgley]. b. 23/10/1925 d. 11/08/1999
Link357Two Tons o' Fun Two Tons o' Fun Two Tons O' Fun
Link1347Doctor Explosión Doctor Explosión SpainDoctor Explosion Spanish garage rock band from Gijón formed in summer 1989 by Jorge Muñoz-Cobo, Félix Domínguez and Álvaro Coalla.
Link158The Kid Stuff Repertory Company The Kid Stuff Repertory Company The Kid Stuff Repertory Company
Link158Татьяна Овсиенко Татьяна Овсиенко RussiaТатьяна Овсиенко Татьяна Николаевна Овсиенко / Тетяна Миколаївна Овсієнко Tatiana Ovsienko - Russian singer, Meritorious Artist of Russia (2001). Known as one of the vocalists of the group [a663768]. Was married to [a1353491] (1993-2007) Born: October 22, 1966, Kiev, Ukrainian SSR
Link158Turley Richards Turley Richards United StatesTurley Richards Turley Curtis Richards American singer / songwriter, guitarist, president and owner of Amari Music, Inc. born June 12, 1941 in Charleston, West Virginia. Richards was blinded in the left eye at the age of four in an archery accident, and lost sight in the right eye as well some years later. He first began playing in a group called The Five Pearls while still a teen in the 1950s. His first appearance on record was a single titled "All About Ann", released on Cincinnati, Ohio label Fraternity Records. He moved to Los Angeles with an ensemble in the early 1960s, but his band failed and he returned to West Virginia. Later in the 1960s he moved to New York City. He played the uptown East Side local Bar's (Malachy's II) (72nd & Lexington) and eventually found success in New York. He released his debut album on Warner Bros. Records in 1970. He scored two minor hit singles in the US in the early 1970s. Further releases followed later in the decade, as did a third hit in 1980. Richards made the first recording of Tom Snow and Nan O'Byrne's "You Might Need Somebody", which was subsequently a UK hit twice, reaching number 11 hit for Randy Crawford in 1981 and number 4 for Shola Ama in 1997. On September 1, 2011 Turley Richards said "My! the world is crazy. I just found out this week that Richard Turley (my given name before changing it) on Fraternity Records in 1959 song 'Making Love With My Baby' has put me in the Rockabilly Hall of fame. I'm so flattered."
Link950Paulo Gonzo Paulo Gonzo PortugalPaulo Gonzo Alberto Ferreira Paulo
Link653Moraes Moreira Moraes Moreira BrazilMoraes Moreira Singer, composer and musician from Brazil, born 8 July 1947.
Link158Danielle Licari Danielle Licari FranceDanielle Licari Danielle Licari French singer, born 30 November 1936 in Boulogne-sur-mer, France.
Link1445The Limiñanas The Limiñanas PerpignanThe Limiñanas Perpignan-based Lionel & Marie Limiñana are since 2009, the core of French garage-pop outfit The Limiñanas.
Link356Ambelion Ambelion Aleksandr KovalenkoAmbelion Aleksandr Kovalenko
Link1346Barrence Whitfield & The Savages Barrence Whitfield & The Savages BostonBarrence Whitfield And The Savages
Link2237The Brothers Cazimero The Brothers Cazimero The Brothers Cazimero The Brothers Cazimero were a Hawaiian musical duo comprising brothers [a2665936] and [a572214] formed in 1975. As the Brothers Cazimero, the duo was inducted into the Hawaiian Music Hall of Fame in 2006. Roland passed away on July 16, 2017.
Link257The Mike Theodore Orchestra The Mike Theodore Orchestra The Mike Theodore Orchestra
Link526Mario Cavallero Mario Cavallero Mario Cavallero Mario Teresio Cavallero
Link355Beatrix Potter Beatrix Potter Beatrix Potter Helen Beatrix Potter English author, illustrator, natural scientist and conservationist, born July 28, 1866 in London, England; died December 22, 1943 in Near Sawrey, Lancashire (now Cumbria), England.
Link949Nicole Dollanganger Nicole Dollanganger Nicole Dollanganger Nicole Bell Nicole Dollanganger (born September 8, 1991) is a Canadian singer, songwriter, and artist.
Link256Webley Edwards Webley Edwards Webley Edwards American radio show host, born in Corvallis, Oregon on November 11, 1902 and deceased in Honolulu, Hawaii on October 5, 1977. He was most famous for his live performance broadcasts from Hawaii. These started in the mid 1930s, but had their highest popularity in the 1950s and 1960s. From 1937 on he was assisted by [a=Al Kealoha Perry], who primarily functioned as his musical director.
Link850Gary Bartz NTU Troop Gary Bartz NTU Troop Gary Bartz NTU Troop
Link751Teddy Wilson Trio Teddy Wilson Trio Teddy Wilson Trio
Link1840Lax'n'Busto Lax'n'Busto SpainLax'N'Busto
Link157Aairria Aairria Aairria Marcin Drabot A polish ambient artist devoted to minimal and longform music. Formerly known as Martin Dot and Ananta. The founder of Rain netlabel and 1485kHz records.
Link1939Almir Sater Almir Sater BrazilAlmir Sater Almir Eduardo Melke Sater Brazilian guitarist, singer and songwriter, born 14 November 1956 in Campo Grande, Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil.
Link3523鄺美雲 鄺美雲 Hong Kong鄺美雲 鄺美雲 (in English: Cally Kwong) is a singer and actress. Born in Hong Kong.
Link157Mowree Mowree Mowree Maurizio Filograsso Italian Techno DJ & producer. Founded digital label [l=Doot Records] in late 2007. Part of [a=M.I.D.I. & Mowree] alongside [a=M.I.D.I.] (aka [a=Vito Laforge]). Born: August 13, 1973 in Bari (Italy)
Link355Lainie Kazan Lainie Kazan United StatesLainie Kazan Lanie Levine American actress and singer, born 15 May 1940 in Brooklyn, New York, USA.
Link850The Lucy Show The Lucy Show The Lucy Show The Lucy Show was formed in London in 1983 by Canadians Mark Bandola (vocals, guitar, keyboards) and Rob Vandeven (vocals, bass), originally called Midnite Movie, with Paul Rigby on drums. Bryan Hudspeth later replaced Rigby with Peter Barraclough coming in on guitar, which is when they changed their name to The Lucy Show.
Link157Şükran Ay Şükran Ay Şükran Ay Turkish singer. born 25th February 1931. Died November 23rd 2011.
Link1345Pepeu Gomes Pepeu Gomes Pepeu Gomes Pedro Anibal de Oliveira Gomes Guitarist and composer from Brazil, born 7 February 1952 in Salvador. He was married to [a=Baby Consuelo] and they had three daughters ([a=SNZ]).
Link058Orquesta Riverside Orquesta Riverside CubaOrquesta Riverside Cuban musical group that became one of the most acclaimed Cuban orchestras of the 1940s and 50s. Created in 1938, and initially known as Orquesta Havana Riverside. Directors: [a3229786] (1938-1945), Antonio Sosa (1945-47), [a3139877] (1947-57), [a922136] (1957-62), [a5151356], [a2436619]
Link057Mezzrow-Bechet Quintet Mezzrow-Bechet Quintet The Mezzrow-Bechet Quintet
Link552The Greatest Show on Earth The Greatest Show on Earth The Greatest Show On Earth The band had been conceived by Harvest Records in an attempt to create a horn-based rock combo, such as Blood Sweat & Tears or Chicago.[1] The band was also notable for its album covers, being designed by the artist group [a=Hipgnosis (2)].
Link156Sean Mathews Sean Mathews tranceSean Mathews Sean Dakin UK electronic dance music DJ / producer from Oxford, England
Link2433Gary Jess Gary Jess United StatesGary Jess Steinway Artist
Link849Abandoned Places Abandoned Places Abandoned Places
Link453Carolyn Hester Carolyn Hester United StatesCarolyn Hester American folk singer and songwriter, born January 28, 1937 in Waco, Texas, USA. She was married to [a=Richard Farina] (divorced).
Link1344Adriano Correia de Oliveira Adriano Correia de Oliveira Adriano Correia De Oliveira Adriano Maria Correia Gomes de Oliveira Portuguese musician, born to a conservative Roman Catholic family in Porto. Later he was a member of the Portuguese Communist Party. He was born 9 April 1942 and died 16 October 1982.
Link2928Gaither Vocal Band Gaither Vocal Band United StatesThe Gaither Vocal Band
Link552Аида Ведищева Аида Ведищева Soviet UnionАида Ведищева Aida Semёnovna Vedishcheva - Аида Семёновна Ведищева Aida Semёnovna Vedishcheva (Russian: Аида Семёновна Ведищева, born Ida Solomonovna Wаis, Russian: Ида Соломоновна Вайс, born 10 June 1941 in Kazan) is a Soviet and Russian singer of Jewish descent. In the 1960s she contributed songs to several film soundtracks. Her most famous film songs are «Песенка о медведях» ("The song about bears"), «Помоги мне» ("Help me"), «Лесной олень» ("Forest deer"). The hit songs from cartoons include «Колыбельная медведицы» ("Bear-mama lullaby"), and «Чунга-Чанга» ("Chunga-changa"). Aida Vedishcheva began her singing performance career in the early 1960s, in Kharkiv philharmony. Vedishcheva sang in [a1587525]'s and later in [a807822]'s orchestras. From 1966 on, she was performing along with the "Meloton" ensemble as well as the Vocal-instrumental ensemble (VIE) [a806488] ("Blue Guitars") led by [a806487] (Igor Granov). The same year (1966) Vedishcheva became a laureate of the First "All-Union Competition of Soviet Song". She achieved national fame and recognition after singing «Колыбельная медведицы» in 1967 for the hit movie «Кавказская пленница» (seven million records were released). In 1968, for the song «Гуси, гуси» ("Geese, geese" -> "Gusi, gusi") she received a diploma at the Sopot International song festival (the Polish Baltic Sea coast). That was followed by such songs/movie soundtracks as «Вулкан страстей» («Помоги мне») ("Volcano of desires" ("Help me")) for the movie «Бриллиантовая рука» (The Diamond Arm) (1968), «Лесной олень» ("Forest deer") for the movie «Ох уж эта Настя!» (1972), and others. In 1980 she has immigrated to the USA.
Link2235Chemars Chemars Chemars Muntean Eugen-Manuel He was born Eugen-Manuel Muntean a.k.a. Chemars, in Romania. Since he was just a little kid he had a special interest in music, but he really started his affair with it in 1997 when he went to his first open air rave and discovered underground electronic music. Years later he found his true vocation sound and started addressing it to a more house music connoisseur public, including different amounts and influences of jazzy, jackin', funky, disco, deep, tech underground house music from worldwide.He really got into music production in 2007, then signed his first house music release with 'Dustpan Recordings' in 2008, furthermore, this revealed for him a window of opportunity, later signing with other well known labels from the underground house music scene including Mark Farina's 'Great Lakes Audio', 'The Factory', ‘Viva Recordings’, 'Blockhead Recordings, 'Funkfield', 'Juiced Music', to name a few, putting out remixes for artists like 'Fries & Bridges (Hector Moralez & Phil Weeks)', ‘Inland Knights’, 'Joey Youngman', 'Tommy Largo', 'Kinky Movement', 'Demarkus Lewis', 'Doc Link', 'Angelo Ferreri' and many more.A few years later, in 2010, he decided to leave his mark and started his own label named 'Ginkgo Music'. With over 200 releases on more than 50 labels totaling over 350 tracks, we shall see from now on what the future brings.
Link255Bob Moore & His Orchestra Bob Moore & His Orchestra Bob Moore And His Orchestra
Link354Eileen Barton Eileen Barton United StatesEileen Barton Eileen Barton (November 24, 1924 in Brooklyn, New York, USA – June 27, 2006 in West Hollywood, California, USA) was an American singer. Best known for her apostrophic 1950 hit song, "If I Knew You Were Comin' I'd've Baked a Cake."
Link255Milt Jackson Quartet Milt Jackson Quartet The Milt Jackson Quartet
Link1938Michał Bajor Michał Bajor PolandMichał Bajor Michał Bajor Born June 13, 1957 in Głuchołazy, Poland. Polish actor and musician.
Link156Cheryl Ladd Cheryl Ladd United StatesCheryl Ladd Cheryl Jean Ladd née Stoppelmoor Born the 12th of July 1951 in Huron, South Dakota. Initially started singing in the animated tv series "Josie And The Pussycats" (under the name Cherie Moor). Later married actor David Ladd, taking his name and keeping it after their divorce and after marrying music producer Brian Russell, who worked with her on her musical projects. She started recording as a solo artist while working on the tv show "Charlie's Angels".
Link552Raam Laxman Raam Laxman Raam Laxman Vijay Patil Indian composer, pianist and musician.
Link1938Halász Judit Halász Judit HungaryHalász Judit Hungarian actress and singer Born: 7 October 1942 in Budapest, Hungary Awards: Jászai Mari award (1971) A Magyar Köztársasági Érdemrend kiskeresztje (1996) / Small cross of the Order of Merit of the Hungarian Republic (it's the predecessor merit of the today's Knight of the Order of Merit of the Hungarian Republic) Kossuth award (2001)
Link2928Ogre You Asshole Ogre You Asshole JapanOgre You Asshole Japanese alternative rock band from Nagano, formed in 2001.
Link2829asukrai asukrai JapanAsukrai Independent ambient / drone artist. Often poses as a young Japanese girl named Erica.
Link156Dizzie Tunes Dizzie Tunes Dizzie Tunes Tor Erik Gunstrøm, Svein Helge Høgberg, Einar Idland, Øyvind Klingberg, Yngvar Numme, Grethe Kausland Norwegian show group, founded in 1959. Disbanded in 2001.
Link3126BugLug BugLug JapanBugLug
Link255Yasuko Agawa Yasuko Agawa JapanYasuko Agawa Yasuko Agawa
Link4413女子十二乐坊 女子十二乐坊 China女子十二乐坊 12 Girls Band (simplified Chinese: 女子十二乐坊; traditional Chinese: 女子十二樂坊; pinyin: Nǚzǐ shí'èr Yùefǎng, sometimes abbreviated to 女樂 or 女乐) are an all female Chinese musical group that initially consisted of twelve members before the addition of a thirteenth. Twelve Girls Band use traditional Chinese instruments to play both traditional Chinese and Western music. Formed on June 18, 2001, the women were selected by audition from more than 4,000 contestants. Each woman is classically trained, and the band members come from various conservatories in the People's Republic of China (PRC), including the China Academy of Music, the Chinese National Orchestra, and the Central Conservatory of Music.
Link155Bovea y sus Vallenatos Bovea y sus Vallenatos Bovea Y Sus Vallenatos Colombian group, in the Vallenato style, with: Julio Bovea (guitarra puntera), Ángel Fontanilla (guitarra marcante & guacharaca), Alberto Fernández (lead vocals)
Link1442Ψαραντώνης Ψαραντώνης GreeceΨαραντώνης Αντώνης Ξυλούρης Also listed as: Antonis Xylouris I Psarantonis Cretan artist [Singer, Cretan Lyre, Composer, Lyricist, Actor] Born at Anogeia, Mylopotamos, Crete, Greece in 1942 Brother to [a=Νίκος Ξυλούρης] and [a=Γιάννης Ξυλούρης]. Father to [a=Γιώργος Ξυλούρης], [a=Χαράλαμπος Ξυλούρης] and [a=Νίκη Ξυλούρη] and husband to Κατερίνα Δουλγεράκη / Κατίνα Ξυλούρη. Grandson to Kαραμουζαντώνης. He started playing Cretan Lyre self-taught he started to learn at the age of 9, along with his brother [a=Νίκος Ξυλούρης] and played his first event (a wedding reception at the age of 13). His first recording was in 1964 He has given live performances all over the world gainings critics and awards. Known for the special timbre of his unique voice and playing style he has made many collaborations expanding Cretan Music outside the boarders of Crete and Greece with artists such as: [a=Δημήτρης Σταυρακάκης], [a=Γιώργης Καράτζης], [a=Ιωάννης Μαρκογιαννάκης], [a=Χαΐνηδες], [a=Γιάννης Αγγελάκας], [a=Alex Kavvadias], [a=Nick Cave], [a=Ash], [a=Vinicio Capossela], he has been characterized as the most "Rock traditional artist" In 2013 he participated in a documentary about his family & Cretan Music. titled [r=7217060]
Link848Dikembe Dikembe Dikembe
Link254Александр Барыкин Александр Барыкин RussiaАлександр Барыкин Александр Александрович Барыкин (birth name Бырыкин) February 18, 1952 † March 26, 2011 Russian singer.
Link353Jan Boezeroen Jan Boezeroen Jan Boezeroen Johnny Goverde Born 2 October 1933. Singer, performing artist, composer, producer and owner of recording Studio Johnny Goverde, also credited as [l1237914]
Link155Coke Bust Coke Bust Coke Bust American straight-edge hardcore band from Washington D.C. Lineup: Nicktape - vocals James - guitar Jubert - bass Chris - drums
Link542張信哲 張信哲 Taiwan張信哲
Link749XPDC XPDC XPDC A rock group from Malaysia.Current members are Mael (vocalist), Izo( Lead Guitarist), Zuar(Bassist) and Amy (Drummer)
Link1244Mile Kitic Mile Kitic Mile Kitić Milojko Kitić Serbian folk singer born in 1952 in Derventa (Bosnia & Hercegovina). In 1974 he recorded his first single "O, gitaro". Since 1982 he released more than 20 albums. Married to [a=Marta Savić], father of [a=Elena Kitić].
Link3620Knxwledge Knxwledge United StatesUS hip-hop producer from Philadelphiaknxwledge Glen Boothe Knxwledge (pronounced “knowledge”) is a producer raised in central New Jersey and Philadelphia, now in Los Angeles. He has produced for hip-hop powerhouse [a1778977] on [m=810214], for [a3057476] on [r=4113273], and has released dozens of remix and beat tape collections on his Bandcamp, compiled on [m=865177] (2013, [l165903]). Knx has found a home on [l1217]' roster, working closely with [a1548484], and with [a4003501] in an R&B/hip-hop collaboration as [a4865216].
Link155ACID.rar ACID.rar ACID.rar Vaporwave artist. Often rendered as "ΔCID.rar".
Link848Жасмин Жасмин Жасмин Сара Львовна Семендуева (Sara L'vovna Semendueva) Russian pop artist Born October 12. 1977, in the town of Derbent (Дербент) in the Republic of Dagestan (Дагестан).
Link155Barahater Barahater Barahater Ethan Dunford Producer from Massachusetts
Link155Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan Jack Blanchard & Misty Morgan
Link4313Planetshakers Planetshakers AustraliaPlanetshakers world-renowned Australian praise and worship band, Planetshakers,
Link155NX1 NX1 Spainfirst project of Nexe Records, coposed by Samot and SuritNX1 NX1 is the first project of Nexe Records that was born as an artist and label at the end of 2011. Composed by Samot and Surit, is the result of many years of experiences in the electronic music scene where techno was the main soundtrack. Interpreting the deeper and more serious side, merging the classic sound with a clear evolution without losing the essence and strongly marked with their concept.
Link353Taiguara Taiguara Taiguara Taiguara Chalar da Silva Taiguara Chalar da Silva (Montevideo, October 9, 1945 – São Paulo, February 14, 1996), whose stage name was Taiguara, was a Brazilian singer and songwriter. Taiguara was born in Montevideo, Uruguay as his father toured the country as a musician, but grew up in Rio and later moved to São Paulo. While attending Law School at Mackenzie University, he became increasingly involved with student organized recitals and performances, eventually abandoning the course altogether to pursue a musical career full time. In 1964, he joined the Sambalanço Trio and started receiving media attention, which yielded his first offer from a record label. In 1965, Taiguara recorded his first of several albums, and in the following years won many awards. Due to a series of disagreements with the military dictators in power, his career in Brazil was interrupted in the mid-1970s and he was forced to move abroad, settling in London, where he studied at Guildhall School of Music and Drama and recorded the album Let the Children Hear the Music, the first foreign recording by a Brazilian musician censored in Brazil (the same record was never released in England either, having been deemed "misplaced" by the studios). He also lived in a few African countries while in exile, mainly Tanzania, where he studied Journalism for a year. Always troubled by the harsh reality of the less fortunate, he increasingly leaned towards leftist views, later becoming involved with militant activities which rallied for a fairer future and social and economical equality for all. Although he was never officially affiliated with any political parties, communist leader Luis Carlos Prestes became a great friend and mentor in his later years. Taiguara composed the song "O Calaveiro da Esperança" {The Cavalier of Hope} in his honor. Thirteen years after performing in Brazil for the last time, Taiguara returned with the concert "Thirteen Octobers" and released two more albums: "Cançoes de Amor e Liberdade" {Songs of love and Freedom} (1984) and "Brazil Afri" {Afro Brasil} (1994) in the following years. On February 14, 1996, he died from bladder cancer. His last project, an album of songs that celebrated and examined the joys and hardships of the poor living on the slums of Rio de Janeiro, never came to completion. Taiguara was one of the most censored Brazilian artists to date, having close to 100 songs vetoed throughout his career. Some of his biggest hits were "Universo No Teu Corpo" -- which contained a veiled celebration of atheism -- "Teu Sonho Não Acabou", "Viagem", "Berço de Marcela", "Que as Crianças Cantem Livres", "Hoje", "Amanda", "Carne e Osso", "Geração 70" and "Mudou". Not unlike many MPB artists, Taiguara composed his own music.
Link2927ネガ ネガ Japanネガ Also known under the romaji version of their name, as "Nega". Line-up Vomiter: [a=儿] Guitar: [a=San (9)] Bass & Shout Chorus: [a=Ray (27)] Drum & Piano: [a=優] They formed an alter-ego band with more electronic in the music call [a=Perestroïka].
Link155Roland Burrell Roland Burrell Roland Burrell
Link155Low Orbit Satellite Low Orbit Satellite RussiaLow Orbit Satellite Russian DJ, sound engineer and producer.
Link254Αλέκα Κανελλίδου Αλέκα Κανελλίδου GreeceΑλέκα Κανελλίδου
Link551Jan Malmsjö Jan Malmsjö SwedenJan Malmsjö Jan Wilhelm Malmsjö Swedish singer born May 29 1932 in Lund, Sweden. He is a highly acclaimed stage actor and Musical star.
Link479Los Rieleros del Norte Los Rieleros del Norte MexicoLos Rieleros Del Norte
Link551Paulinho Nogueira Paulinho Nogueira BrazilPaulinho Nogueira
Link254Urszula Sipińska Urszula Sipińska PolandUrszula Sipińska Polish singer, songwriter, pianist and interior designer.
Link551Wolves of Isle Royale Wolves of Isle Royale Wolves Of Isle Royale
Link253Ricardo Santos & His Orchestra Ricardo Santos & His Orchestra Ricardo Santos And His Orchestra
Link748Johnny Meijer Johnny Meijer Johnny Meijer Jan Cornelis Meijer Dutch accordionist. Born October 1, 1912 in Amsterdam. Died January 8, 1992 also in Amsterdam. Twice he was accordion world champion in 1953 and 1954 He is the grandfather of pop singer Eva Simons
Link451Кобыла и Трупоглазые Жабы Искали Цезию, Нашли Поздно Утром Свистящего Хна Кобыла и Трупоглазые Жабы Искали Цезию, Нашли Поздно Утром Свистящего Хна Кобыла и Трупоглазые Жабы Искали Цезию, Нашли Поздно Утром Свистящего Хна «Кобыла и Трупоглазые Жабы Искали Цезию, Нашли Поздно Утром Свистящего Хна» – московский авангардный проект, основанный в 2007 году Антоном «Кобылой» Вагиным. За время своего существования группа пробовала себя в разных жанрах – от нойза до джаза. Однако наиболее известная и популярная среди слушателей инкарнация проекта – это палеонтологический синти-поп. В своих песнях группа поёт о взаимотношениях представителей фауны мелового периода и вождей СССР, а также о перспективах возрождения популяции мамонтов-киборгов в условиях Октябрьской революции. «Жабы» активно гастролируют и уже успели успешно посетить Литву, Голландию, Финляндию, Эстонию, а также рыбхоз «Гжелка» под Раменским. В концертном составе «Кобыле» помогают такие выдающиеся деятели московского андеграунда, как Шура «Пизан» Чернокрылов» и Кирилл «Сэр Мюллих» Фролов.
Link16393 Busserulls 3 Busserulls Rogaland3 Busserulls
Link1936Omar Souleyman Omar Souleyman SyriaOmar Souleyman Syrian vocalist playing dabke.
Link154Thee-O Thee-O United StatesAmerican house DJThee-O Jacob A. Ofilas Thee-O started DJing at the young age of 13 and by the time he was 18 in 1992, he started DJing in the thriving underground rave scene of Southern California. He has created a name for himself while changing genres and staying true to his integrity, committing to what he feels is the best in underground dance music. His consistency of skillful mixing and lively scratching has cemented “his sound” regardless of what genres co-mingle in his style. In addition to his DJing, Thee-O is also an accomplished producer and remixer that have landed tracks on Bedrock, Suara, Perfecto, Looq, Drops and System Recordings to name just a few. His approach to music production mimics his DJing artistry in the aspect that genre comes second over the feeling of the music. Genres and styles are split, shattered and then reformed into songs that work on multiple dance floors. Recently, he was DJing and producing with Robert Pointer (AKA Robtronik) under the name Stylus. Stylus is also responsible for some of the most engaging events to occur in Los Angeles . Their events have occurred in amazing venues such as King King in the heart of Hollywood, The Standard Rooftop in downtown LA and Los Globos in the trendy Silverlake area, while attracting international talent of both House and Techno to join in on the fun. Currently, Thee-O is relaunching Viva La Tech with his partners to create underground events, radio shows and perhaps even a label with a strong Techno focus. On the House music front he continues to work with the LA Based "re:love" crew to continue to throw the legendary park parties as well as pushing the brand to extend itself into new venues and opportunities. While a lot can be talked about when it comes to “Old School,” Thee-O walks the walk. He has accomplished a lot in his 24 years of being a DJ, producer and promoter and he is just getting started. He remains wildly popular while staying firmly planted into the underground scene and not falling into the hype that can surround the current EDM culture. With new ventures, new branding, new tracks, and new ideas, the future is going to be one for the books with lots more to come from this music innovator.
Link253Tony Osborne & His Orchestra Tony Osborne & His Orchestra Tony Osborne And His Orchestra
Link451Objetivo Birmania Objetivo Birmania SpainObjetivo Birmania Spanish 80s pop outfit. Founded in 1982 by Francisco Ruiz Musulén (keyboards), Luis Elices (guitar), Javier Escauriaza (drums) and Carlos de France (bass), leaded on stage by a singer (Mari Paz Alvarez) with two dancers-singers (Las Birmettes): Mónica Gabriel y Galán and Ana Fernández. The singer soon was replaced by Yolanda Hens. They released their first LP on 1985, "Tormenta a las diez" with "Desidia" as their biggest hit, produced by Julian Ruiz. After their second album most members of the group left, with Francisco R. Musulén and Luis Elices joining [a973076]. Carlos de France decided to revamp the band as a girl group in the vein of [a=Bananarama], with Mónica Gabriel from the previous line-up joined by Lola Baldrich and Marisa Pino, and De France acting as producer and songwriter but not an official member. With this line-up, they had another big hit with "Los amigos de mis amigas son mis amigos" in 1989. In 1990, Baldrich left the formation and was replaced by Sol Abad, with whom they released the group's last album in 1991, which went mostly unnoticed. The group disbanded on December 31, 1991. Discography: - 1982: Single "Shiwips"/"Exposición fotográfica" (Rara Avis) - 1983: Single "Coco funk"/"Telegrama: ¿cómo se va?" (Rara Avis) - 1984: Tormenta a las 10 (WEA) - 1985: Todos los hombres son iguales (WEA) - 1989: Los amigos de mis amigas son mis amigos (Epic) - 1991: Los hombres no ligan (Epic)
Link3817Martin Nievera Martin Nievera PhilippinesMartin Nievera Martin Ramon Razon Nievera Martin Ramon Razon Nievera (born February 5, 1962, Manila, Philippines) is a Filipino singer, songwriter, and actor. He is one of the main hosts of musical variety show ASAP on ABS-CBN. Inspired by his father, Nievera returned to the Philippines in 1982 to begin his own singing career and by June 1982 he released his first LP, Martin...Take One. Nievera began co-hosting the TV variety show Penthouse Live! with Pops Fernandez, who would later become his wife. Nievera's second LP was 1984's The Best Gift. In 1987, Penthouse Live! was changed to Martin and Pops Twogether, in celebration of their marriage. His recording Forever led to two sequels, Forever Forever and Return to Forever. As an actor, Nievera has appeared in eleven movies and seven television series and specials. Nievera's film credits include dramas, romance, science fiction, comedy and action. He appeared with Hawaii's Society of Seven and Lani Misalucha at the Flamingo Las Vegas from February 13 through April 13, 2008. He performed a pre-Valentine/post-birthday concert with Pops Fernandez titled "Missing You" on February 6, 2009, at the Smart Araneta Coliseum. He co-hosts the weekly music show called ASAP XV.
Link055Виктор Королёв Виктор Королёв RussiaВиктор Королёв Виктор Иванович Королёв
Link2827DEATHGAZE DEATHGAZE JapanDeathgaze
Link253Earl Gaines Earl Gaines United StatesEarl Gaines Born: 19/08/1935, in Decatur, AL, USA Died: 31/09/2009, in Nashville, TN, USA
Link549Paul Janz Paul Janz Paul Janz Son of [url=]Leo Janz[/url], brother of [url=]Ken Janz[/url] and cousin of [url=]Daniel Janz[/url]. Canadian theologian and former singer/songwriter.
Link2430Тимур Шаов Тимур Шаов Тимур Шаов
Link1143Ștefan Hrușcă Ștefan Hrușcă Ștefan Hrușcă Ștefan Hrușcă
Link846As Amigas de Plástico As Amigas de Plástico As Amigas De Plástico Rock & Electronic brazilian band formed 1999 in Rio de Janeiro. Current lineup: Raf Guimarães (1999 - present): guitar, synths, programming, vocals Former member: Diego Mode (2010 - 2014): synths, programming, vocals
Link153Lorenzo Santamaría Lorenzo Santamaría SpainLorenzo Santamaría Llorenç Rosselló Horrach Spanish ballad singer (b. 1946). He leaded Z-66 in the late 60s and later followed a solo career, with a big hit in 1975 with "Para que no me olvides".
Link252Franke & The Knockouts Franke & The Knockouts Franke & The Knockouts A.O.R. band from New Jersey, USA Formed in 1980 and disbanded in 1986. Led by [a=Franke Previte], they released three albums, the first two at [l=Millennium] and their final at [l=MCA Records]. Their biggest hit is [url=]"Sweetheart"[/url] (No.10 in U.S. pop chart in 1981). They had recorded first "Hungry Eyes" (a hit in 1987 for [a=Eric Carmen]) and [a=Bill Medley] and [a=Jennifer Warnes]' "(I've Had) The Time Of My Life" -both included in the soundtrack of [url=]"Dirty Dancing"[/url]- that earned [a=Franke Previte] an Academy Award for Best Original Song.
Link153Karol Duchoň Karol Duchoň SlovakiaKarol Duchoň Karol Duchoň Slovak vocalist. Born April 21, 1950 in Galanta, died November 5, 1985 in Bratislava (former Czechoslovakia, presently Slovakia).
Link1539Éric Lapointe Éric Lapointe QuebecÉric Lapointe Éric Lapointe Singer born 28 september 1969 at Pointe-aux-Trembles, Québec, Canada.
Link450Dizzy Gillespie Big Band Dizzy Gillespie Big Band Dizzy Gillespie Big Band
Link252Gorduw Gorduw Gorduw The project is based dr.Feitnothoroth ' th in 1996 year. dr.Feitnothoroth is the ancestor of Power Electronics style in Russia. First albums '96 were executed in the style of dark ambient / new age.In the '97 draft implements album with the addition of songs in the style industrial / black metal.At 98-99 , the doctor realizes albums project style industrial / black metal.Already in 2000 the dock eliminates the sound palette of black metal and sells music in pure dark industrial style.In 2001, the project is implemented by a truly unique in style album "Vosmaya Chastt Istorii Feitnathorotha. Dialectics Tar Diokihtis. ", Is inscribed in the history of the world GORDUW industrial.In 2002 , keeping their course , GORDUW implements album "Deviyataya Chastt Istorii Feitnathorotha. Toxin (Udjeveyd Monologues). ".In 2003, tightening design style power electronics / power noise elements implemented "Desyataya Chastt Istorii Feitnathorotha. Gan Sensory. ".From 2003 to the end of 2004 Doc writes for the project has 3 albums , tightening and developing their " brand " musical direction : "XI CIF. Pulsar 44 (Gultu Euphoria). "," XII CIF. Rouna Control! Millions vs Millions. "," XIII. CIF. New Systems Macronihilism Logic Constructions. ", Implemented in the future.In late 2004, for the development and implementation of bioenergy attempt weapons docking flagged for 4 years in a penal colony . There since the end of 2004 and 2007 ( release on parole ) doctor writes another 5 albums, one related concept (G. W. T. - Terrorism State University ): "XIV CIF. G.U.T. Number 1 (Antinomia). "," XIV CIF. G.U.T. Number 2 (Ress Veriints). "," XIV CIF. G.U.T. Number 3 (Crossfire Center). "," XIV CIF. G.U.T. Number 4 (Electron). "," XIV CIF. G.U.T. Number 5 (Numblab). ", The implementation of which started back in prison . From 2006 to 2007 there 's a doctor creates two video clips GORDUW on track with "XIV CIF. G.U.T. Number 4 (Electron). ":" Judgement Day? " and "Personal Inferno."To liberate Feitnathoroth the end of 2007 records double (2CD) "XV CIF. Revenge! ", Returning to the development of ( musical and ideological ) concept selected to imprisonment .By 2009, at GODRUW appears to continue the course predecessor ( in power industrial), the album "XVI CIF. Implantant. ".In 2010, parallel to the physical formation SpaseSatan Army doctor realized GORDUW "XVII CIF. SS Army. "Published in 2012 (recorded during 2010 ) Disc GORDUW "XVIII CIF. SS Medicine.", Dedicated to the creation and development activities SpaceSatan Medicine.In 2011, the project GORDUW 15 years old , these things mentioned on the album "XIX CIF. 30/15 . " And in the mass of new clips of the project.In 2012, recorded and released a double (2CD) GORDUW & OBOZDUR "XX CIF. SP for NIoF." and video on the songs from approaching.In 2013, recorded and implemented new and unique for GORDUW albums "XXI CIF. Global Analysis.", GORDUW & Abnormavoc "XXII CIF. Har Tar Hev." and "XXIII CIF. SS Jugend."!!! ...Furthermore dr.Feitnathoroth was ( and is involved or completely leads ) in such projects as TCHORT, HILDEREND, UNIT + ASS, LILLY, CORPUS COLLOSUM, MOSSAD , etc. ...
Link1143Tahúres Zurdos Tahúres Zurdos SpainTahúres Zurdos Tahúres Zurdos (Left-handed Gamblers) was a Spanish band active from 1987 to 2004. Its members were Aurora Beltrán Gila (voice, composition and guitar), Manuel Beltrán Gila (Lolo Beltrán, Aurora's brother, guitarist), Luis Salcedo (until 1990, bass), Juan Manuel Ugarte (from 1990 on, bass), Javier Lizarazu (alias Punxes, drummer). They were influenced by The Who, Led Zeppelin, David Bowie, and Lou Reed. The members of the band started with performances in the Basque Country, Navarre and others places in the north of Spain. With 40,000 pesetas, they recorded a demo which would became their first, self-entitled album. After the relative success of their two first albums, they signed with record companies like EMI or Sony. They split up in 2004 after 17 years in active. Discography - Tahúres Zurdos, 1988 Ohiuka - Tahuría, 1990 Ohiuka - Nieve negra, 1991 EMI - Árido, 1992 EMI - La caza, 1994 EMI - Azul, BMG-ARIOLA - Tak, 1998 ARCADE - Acústico de la Cadena Ser - El tiempo de la luz, 2000 SONY - 17 Años, 2004 Do It Records
Link351Trio Nordestino Trio Nordestino BrazilTrio Nordestino
Link450Marcel Fengler Marcel Fengler Marcel Fengler Techno is music of excess and people want to experience that.
Link054Vitaly Maklakov Vitaly Maklakov Vitaly Maklakov Виталий Маклаков
Link549Brooklyn Allstars Brooklyn Allstars The Brooklyn Allstars Male gospel group performing since 1950 and later known as the [a=The New Brooklyn All Stars].
Link1836Dead Fish Dead Fish BrazilDead Fish Band founded in January 1st, 1991
Link251Ялла Ялла Ялла
Link251Фристайл Фристайл RussiaФристайл Very popular russian group in 1980-90's (in Russia). Date of foundation: November, 1988.
Link1538Buitres Después de la Una Buitres Después de la Una Buitres Después De La Una
Link1835ДиДюЛя ДиДюЛя ДиДюЛя Валерий Михайлович Дидюля / Валерый Міхайлавіч Дзiдзюля Valery Mikhailovich Didyulya (Belorussian Валерый Міхайлавіч Дзiдзюля = Valery Mihaillavich Dzidzyulya) Belarusian composer, virtuoso guitarist, leader of the Didula group. Born January 24, 1969 in Grodno, Byelorussian SSR, USSR (now Grodno or Hrodna, Belarus). Performs folk music and music in the fusion genre with the influence of the New Age style.
Link251The Stonemans The Stonemans United StatesThe Stonemans The most recent version of the [i]Stoneman[/i] family bands that began with [a=Scotty Stoneman]'s [a=The Blue Grass Champs].
Link1142Havana Brown Havana Brown Havana Brown Angelique Meunier Dance/R&B female DJ, singer and dancer from Australia. Claimed to be the only female DJ signed to Universal Music Australia, which she has been since 2008.
Link152Patrick O'Hagan Patrick O'Hagan Patrick O'Hagan Charles Alphonsus Sherrard Irish tenor who spent considerable time in Australia and starred in the Australian television series 'Patrick O'Hagan Sings' in the late 1950s to mid 1960s; Born 1924, died in 1993. Father of Australian-born Irish singer and composer [a=Johnny Logan].
Link2033Aldious Aldious JapanAldious Aldious (Japanese: アルディアス) is a Japanese all-female heavy metal band from Osaka, formed in 2008 by guitarist Yoshi and vocalist Rami.
Link548Ζιγκ Ζαγκ Ζιγκ Ζαγκ GreeceGreek band Zig ZagΖιγκ-Ζαγκ Zig Zag is Greek group, formed in 1985.
Link1835Juan Carlos Baglietto Juan Carlos Baglietto ArgentinaJuan Carlos Baglietto
Link350Boogie Box High Boogie Box High Boogie Box High One-album pop - dance collective Centered around [a=George Michael]'s cousin [a=Andros Georgiou] with guest musicians, like [a=Haircut One Hundred]'s guitarist [a=Nick Heyward], [a=Style Council]'s [a=Mick Talbot] and [a=Wham!]'s bassist [a=Deon Estus] and [a=David Austin]. They had a hit with the cover of [a=Bee Gees]' "Jive Talkin'" [a=Robert Ahwai] (guitar) [a=David Austin] (backing & lead vocals, guitar) [a=Chris Cameron] (keyboards) [a=Ray Carlos] (saxophone) [a=Danny Cummins] (percussion) [a=Andy Duncan] (drums, percussion) [a=Deon Estus] (bass) [a=Andros Georgiou] (backing & lead vocals, executive producer) [a=Nick Heyward] (guitar) [a=George Michael] (backing & lead vocals) [a=Terence Morris] (keyboards, vocals) [a=Paul Phillips] (guitar, producer, vocals) [a=Mick Talbot] (keyboards) [a=T. Roy Morris] (vocals)
Link1934King Oliver and His Dixie Syncopators King Oliver and His Dixie Syncopators King Oliver & His Dixie Syncopators
Link1142El Cabrero El Cabrero SpainEl Cabrero José Domínguez Spanish flamenco singer
Link548Florian Zabach Florian Zabach United StatesFlorian Zabach (August 15, 1918 – February 25, 2006) was an American musician and TV personality. His recording of "The Hot Canary" sold a million copies and reached the top 15 on the Pop charts in 1951. "Believe It or Not" timed his violin performance of "The Flight of the Bumblebee" and wrote, "he plays 12.8 notes per second ... faster than any known violinist in history". He hosted a television show in 1954 that was aired in cities around the world. For his work on television, ZaBach has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame at 6505 Hollywood Blvd.
Link152Bob Chester & His Orchestra Bob Chester & His Orchestra Bob Chester And His Orchestra
Link449De Twee Pinten De Twee Pinten De Twee Pinten Dutch duo : Wim Kersten and Joep Peeters. In 1974 Kersten was replaced by Rein Matrona. Kersten died on October 16, 2001. Matrona died on January 13, 2010.
Link944Curt & Roland Curt & Roland SwedenCurt & Roland Curt & Roland stands for 2 men, Curt Petersen och Roland Lundgren. Been active in the TV show "Minns Du Sången", Swedish Television. They have been recording almost all their records at Nashville, USA. They started a label [L=Curol Music AB] the same www adress as there homepage.
Link251João Villaret João Villaret João Villaret João Henrique Pereira Villaret Portuguese actor, theatre director and declaimer. Born May 10, 1913 in Lisboa, Portugal. Died January 21, 1961 on the same town.
Link547Baby Consuelo Baby Consuelo BrazilBaby Consuelo Bernadete Dinorah de Carvalho Cidade Baby Consuelo (July 18, 1952) (also known as Baby do Brasil) is a Brazilian performer, singer and composer. Although she is known for her energetic performances and compositions in rock, Baby has also composed for the samba and MPB scene. Early in her career she was a member of Novos Baianos, and was at once married to Brazilian guitarist and bandmate [a=Pepeu Gomes]. Her 1985 album, "Sem Pecado e Sem Juízo" sold more than 1 million copies. From her marriage to [a=Pepeu Gomes], she has three daughters, two of whom make up the Brazilian pop group [a=SNZ].
Link1735Grimethorpe Colliery Band Grimethorpe Colliery Band The Grimethorpe Colliery Band UK brass band, based in Grimethorpe, South Yorkshire, England. Formed in 1917 by colliery workers.
Link547Eddie Noack Eddie Noack late 50th Rock & Roll/Rockabilly artistEddie Noack De Armand "Eddie" Noack, Jr De Armand "Eddie" Noack, Jr (b. April 29, 1930 in Houston, Harris County, Texas USA, d. February 5, 1978 in Nashville, Davidson County, Tennessee USA), was an American country and western singer, songwriter and music industry executive best known for his 1968 recording of [a=Leon Payne]'s serial killer song [r=5737409], on [l=K-Ark Records] label and Produced by [a=John Capps]. Noack attended Baylor University, where he earned a bachelor of arts degree in English and journalism.
Link2329Gacharic Spin Gacharic Spin JapanGacharic Spin Gacharic Spin is all-female Electronic rock band from Tokyo, Japan formed in 2009.
Link1636The Pete Jolly Trio The Pete Jolly Trio The Pete Jolly Trio
Link2230Alí Primera Alí Primera VenezuelaAli Primera Alí Rafael Primera Rosell Musician, composer, poet, and Venezuelan political activist. Born: Coro, Venezuela on October 31, 1942 Died: Caracas, Venezuela on February 16, 1985
Link349Hilario Camacho Hilario Camacho SpainHilario Camacho Hilario Camacho Velilla Spanish songwriter (Madrid, 1948 - 2006). His first album was "A Pesar De Todo" (1972), with "Los Cuatro Luceros" as more known song. He later composed "Cuerpo De Ola" (1975), "Madrid Amanece" (1981, with [a516080])... He also helped [a1318867] with his band [a1235643]. In 1986 he had a little hit with "Tristeza De Amor", music from a TV series.
Link151Allen Watts Allen Watts Allen Watts Alle Wagt Trance DJ & producer from Roden, The Netherlands. Contact:
Link349The J.J. Johnson Quintet The J.J. Johnson Quintet The J.J. Johnson Quintet
Link349De Leidse Sleuteltjes De Leidse Sleuteltjes De Leidse Sleuteltjes
Link2507th Wonder 7th Wonder 7th Wonder Funk octet from Tuskegee, Alabama, U.S. They released three albums between 1978 - 1980 (the first two at [l=Parachute Records] and the third at [l=Chocolate City]), although they debuted in 1973 with a cover of [a=Kris Kristofferson]'s [url=]"For The Good Times"[/url], at Nashville's label [l=Abet]. Their biggest hit was 1980's [url=]"I Enjoy Ya"[/url] (No.33 in Billboard R'n'B chart).
Link2230Chrystian & Ralf Chrystian & Ralf Brazilsertanejo duoChrystian & Ralf
Link151Carl Dobkins Jr. Carl Dobkins Jr. United StatesCarl Dobkins Jr. Rockabilly-style singer born in Cincinnati, Ohio on 1/13/41. Best known for "My Heart Is An Open Book", which peaked at #3 on the Billboard charts in 1959.
Link2230hy4_4yh hy4_4yh JapanKnown as YO_OY until late 2005~early 2006hy4_4yh
Link151Lily Pons Lily Pons FranceLily Pons Alice Joséphine Pons Lily Pons (April 12, 1898 – February 13, 1976) was a French-American coloratura soprano.
Link250Luis Bordón Luis Bordón ParaguayLuis Bordón Luis Bordón Musician and composer from Paraguay and interpreter of the Paraguayan harp (Arpa).
Link151Hal McIntyre & His Orchestra Hal McIntyre & His Orchestra Hal McIntyre And His Orchestra
Link3616이달의 소녀 이달의 소녀 South Korea이달의 소녀
Link1339Spag Heddy Spag Heddy SpainSpag Heddy Mischa Reining
Link3319Michel Pépé Michel Pépé Michel Pépé
Link3220Banda Calypso Banda Calypso BrazilBanda Calypso
Link250Nguyen Hong Giang Nguyen Hong Giang Nguyen Hong Giang Nguyen Hong Giang ( born August 1 , 1991 ) is a Vietnamese musician , composer , experimental multi-genre music producer , living in Saigon . Studied 11 years classical piano in Ho Chi Minh Conversatory of music at the age of 10 ( 2000 ) . He primarily work in the field of experimental / noise music and also work in other area such as rock , soundtrack , hip hop , electronic music . Giang has produced a lot of recordings , performed live performances with his original music . Giang developed his music in many different ways , experiment with sound and noise . He making a sound with computer , software , synthesizer, tape loop , cassette , microphone , musical instrument , analog effect . He record sound from real life , sound from everywhere , use his custom software for control , manipulate and arrange all sample into a special structure , put them into a new space. Giang became interested in making music when he heard the distortion guitar sound , screaming vocal sounds from black metal . And the world in RPG video game , a noisy life in Vietnam is a big influence of his music . 2006 : Producing music , experiment with sound . 2009 : Create first noise project in Vietnam called " Writher" . 2012 : Create first post-rock project in Vietnam called " Time Keeper " . Live performance : Hanoi New Music Meeting ( Hanoi ) Hanoi Soundstuff ( Hanoi ) Wasted youth of nation ( Saigon ) Cau am thanh ( Hanoi ) Come To Daddy ( Saigon ) Asian meeting festival ( Japan )
Link249The Beau-Marks The Beau-Marks CanadaBeau Marks Canadian rock'n'roll/rockabilly group from Montreal initially formed as The Del-Tones in 1958 and disbanded in 1965. Line up: Joey Fréchette (piano, lead vocals), Ray Hutchinson (lead guitar, vocals), Michel Robitaille (bass) and Gilles Tailleur (drums)
Link348The United States Air Force Band The United States Air Force Band United StatesUnited States Air Force Band
Link348Oral VS Anal VS Murder Oral VS Anal VS Murder Oral VS Anal VS Murder
Link1536Vico C Vico C Puerto RicoVico C
Link447Mister Rogers Mister Rogers United StatesMister Rogers
Link744Gigi & Die Braunen Stadtmusikanten Gigi & Die Braunen Stadtmusikanten Gigi & Die Braunen Stadtmusikanten
Link249Alex Celler Alex Celler Alex Celler Αλέξανδρος Μπέρδος (Alexandros Berdos) Greek House/Techno Producer & DJ, based in London, UK.
Link1833Diego Verdaguer Diego Verdaguer ArgentinaDiego Verdaguer
Link744Jimmy Martin & The Sunny Mountain Boys Jimmy Martin & The Sunny Mountain Boys Jimmy Martin And The Sunny Mountain Boys
Link1140Samuel Locke Ward Samuel Locke Ward Iowa CitySamuel Locke Ward Self-made song writer, singer, multi instrumentalist, producer & performance artist from Iowa, US.
Link348Störkraft Störkraft Störkraft Störkraft was formed in 1987 or 1988, and became one of the most famous German Nazi/RAC bands in the early '90s. Some of the band members later tried to distance themselves from the far-right scene. Störkraft disbanded in the mid-'90's. Volker Grüner - guitar Jörg Petritsch - vocals Ralf - drums Michael - guitar Stefan Rasche - bass The band was managed by Torsten Lemmer
Link249Chitragupta Chitragupta Chitragupta Indian film music director in Bollywood.
Link843Sangam Sangam United KingdomSangam Manchester-based producer, and co-owner of [l=Endless Plains Records].
Link474The Animal in Me The Animal in Me The Animal In Me
Link1536Ilona Csáková Ilona Csáková Czech RepublicIlona Csáková Ilona Csáková Czech vocalist. Born October 1, 1970 in Děčín (former Czechoslovakia), of Romanian and Hungarian descent. Member of [a=Laura A Její Tygři] 1985–1992.
Link3417IRON ATTACK! IRON ATTACK! JapanIRON ATTACK! Progressive/power metal band from Japan, Tokyo (2007-present).
Link483Ailee Ailee South KoreaAilee Amy Lee Amy Lee (Korean name: Lee Yejin; Korean: 이예진; born May 30, 1989), better known by her stage name Ailee (Korean: 에일리), is an American singer under South Korean record label YMC Entertainment.
Link843Многоточие Многоточие MoskvaМноготочие Russian rap group from Moscow, which existed from 1998 to 2007
Link150Pepe Marchena Pepe Marchena Pepe Marchena José Tejada Martín Spanish singer (1903 - 1976). In younger years known as Niño de Marchena.
Link249Static/Voice/Static Static/Voice/Static Static/Voice/Static
Link249Orrin Tucker & His Orchestra Orrin Tucker & His Orchestra United StatesOrrin Tucker And His Orchestra
Link645Sweet Comfort Band Sweet Comfort Band United StatesThe Sweet Comfort Band
Link842Hi-Fi Set Hi-Fi Set Hi-fi Set Japanese chorus group active from 1974 to 1994.
Link545Drive, She Said Drive, She Said United StatesDrive, She Said
Link941Ausmuteants Ausmuteants VictoriaAusmuteants Punk group from Melbourne, Australia.
Link446Le Park Le Park Le Park Van Garsse - Marissal - Meurisse - De San Antonio
Link941The Hotelier The Hotelier MassachusettsThe Hotelier Emo band based in Worcester, MA.
Link1040Joey Pastrana & His Orchestra Joey Pastrana & His Orchestra Joey Pastrana And His Orchestra
Link545Sílvio Caldas Sílvio Caldas BrazilSilvio Caldas Sílvio Antônio Narciso de Figueiredo Caldas Silvio Caldas (Rio de Janeiro, May 23, 1908 - Atibaia, February 3, 1998) was a Brazilian singer and composer. His first success was the Ari Barroso's samba called "Faceira" (1931). Since then, established itself as one of the greatest Brazilian singers. "Chão de Estrelas" (1937), in partnership with Orestes Barbosa was one of his greatest successes. Owner of unmistakable timbre, which earned him the reputation as the serenade, is also known for affectionate nicknames such as "Caboclinho Querido", "A Voz Morena da Cidade" or "Titio".
Link1436Duo Onbekend Duo Onbekend Duo Onbekend
Link149Bukshot Bukshot Bukshot Tim Kalbfleisch Louisville, Kentucky hip-hop artist. Bukshot's Dirty South vibe has showcased his menacing, aggressive rap style. His effort also includes guest spots by Haystak, Static, Kevin Richardson of the Backstreet Boys and T-Bo of the 504 Boyz. After going to the Gathering Of The Juggalos and releasing the Underground Avengers EP he switched his main approach of delivering music from Mobstyle rap to Underground Horrorcore rap. Since his change in rap styles he has featured artists such as Krizz Kaliko, Tech N9ne, Demi Demaree, Crucifix, Jelly Roll, Madchild, Violent J, Stevie Stone, Twiztid, Hurra Season and Twisted Insane. "Up until this point, you have been greeted by The Butcher, The Hunter, & The Weirdo. Darker days are coming. When anger and evil collide, there’s only one inevitable outcome. The Hellion has arrived."
Link1436Alexz Johnson Alexz Johnson CanadaCanadian singer-songwriter & actress.Alexz Johnson Alexzandra Spencer Johnson Canadian singer, songwriter, and actress. Sister of [a2748307].
Link1832Jim Chappell Jim Chappell Jim Chappell
Link644Беломорканал Беломорканал Беломорканал Студия "Беломорканал" основана в 1995 году Степой Арутюняном и Станиславом Марченко. Базируется в г. Оренбурге (Россия). Часть оборудования была завезена из США и Германии. Модернизация оборудования производится практически каждый год. Инженерно-техническим направлением студии руководит Станислав Марченко. Руководство и практически всю работу в музыкальном направлении ведет Михаил Павлов. Ранее эту работу в разные периоды выполняли Владимир Нелюбин и Валерий Лизнер. Первый альбом группы «Беломорканал» вышел в 1996 году. При записи его, который писали С.Арутюнян, В.Лизнер, С.Марченко и ныне покойный Юрий Фисун, никто из них не мог серьезно предположить, что через много лет студия станет известной для достаточно большой аудитории. Начиная свою деятельность в самом натуральном подвале, студия перебазировалась в сарай. Самой "крутой" обстановкой в сарае был арабский кондиционер, который и грел и охлаждал. А так же диван, обшитый велюром. Сегодня студия располагается в двухэтажном особняке на окраине Оренбурга. Идеальные условия для творчества, отдыха и работы созданы усилиями С.Арутюняна. Многие музыканты и артисты приезжают на студию работать, иногда просто отдохнуть в кругу коллег. Молодые таланты приносят свои творческие замыслы и многим оказывается творческая поддержка. Слава Богу, опыт профессионалов, работающих на студии, позволяет это делать. Творчество группы Беломорканал – яркий штрих на музыкальном полотне русского шансона, в истории которого остались «Разведенные мосты» не только как символ красоты Петербурга, но и как музыкальная «петербургская история» о любви и разлуке.
Link149Ruth Welcome Ruth Welcome Ruth Welcome Ruth Anneliese Welcome Ruth Anneliese Welcome was a German-born American zither player, born April 24, 1919 – March 6, 2005.
Link149Núria Feliu Núria Feliu SpainNuria Feliu Núria Feliu i Mestres Spanish singer and actress, born in Barcelona in 1941. She sang american standards, jazz or country in Catalan in the first 60's. She collaborated with [a338201].
Link149Sonora Palacios Sonora Palacios ChileSonora Palacios La Sonora Palacios One of the most important, pioneer and influential chilean bands in the music bussines of the tropical, cumbia and caribic dance sounds. Formed 1961 in Santiago. Members: - Marti Palacios: Third trumpet, musical arranger and found member - Marty Palacios: musical director, timbales - Nelson Palacios: congas - Marvyn Palacios: piano, percussions - Gerardo Segura: bass - Mario Suazo: guitar - Carlos Valdevenito: piano - Michael Brínguez: first trompeta - Cristián Infanta: second trumpet - Wilson García: third trumpet - Pablo Jara: huiro - Franco Fuentes: backing vocals - Rodrigo Cárdenas: backing vocals - Camilo Sepúlveda: lead vocals - María de los Ángeles: drums Past Members (lead vocalist): - Nelson Lerrua, "Tomasito": (1960-1962) - Orlando Ramirez: (1963), (1983-1988), (1994) - "Tito" Morales: (1964) - Patricio Zuñiga , alias "Tommy Rey" (1965-1982) - Luis "Caluga" Eyzaguirre: (1986-1993) - "Pilo" Méndez: (1989-1991) - Manuel Rojas: (1991-1993) - Manuel Palacios: (1994-2000), (2009 - 2010) - Julio Palacios: (2001-2008) - José Mendoza (2009-2014)
Link149Archie Campbell Archie Campbell United StatesArchie Campbell Archie Campbell (November 7, 1914 in Bulls Gap, Greene County, Tennessee, USA – August 29, 1987) was a writer, actor and singer.
Link149Harold Betters Harold Betters Harold Betters American jazz trombonist. Born : March 21, 1928 in Connellsville, Pennsylvania.
Link248Niños del Brasil Niños del Brasil Niños Del Brasil
Link248Hampton Hawes Trio Hampton Hawes Trio Hampton Hawes Trio
Link842The Shakin' Pyramids The Shakin' Pyramids The Shakin' Pyramids
Link1139Antiquus Scriptum Antiquus Scriptum PortugalAntiquus Scriptum Black/viking metal band from Portugal.
Link248Rice & Beans Orchestra Rice & Beans Orchestra Rice And Beans Orchestra Latin disco band Led by [a=Pepe Luis Soto]
Link941Tomeu Penya Tomeu Penya SpainTomeu Penya Bartomeu Nicolau i Morlà Artist from Vilafranca de Bonany in Mallorca.
Link1733Julian Sas Julian Sas NetherlandsJulian Sas
Link148The Carlisles The Carlisles The Carlisles Bill Carlisle headed up the group. Bill organized his own group, which he eventually named the Carlisles. Signed to Mercury Records, the Carlisles recorded a string of what Bill called his “crazy songs,” beginning with the #6 novelty hit “Too Old to Cut the Mustard” in 1951. This was followed in 1953 by the #1 smash “No Help Wanted,” on which Bill heightened the rhythmic impact of his guitar by putting paper in the strings, thereby providing a solid foundation for Chet Atkins’s jazzy electric guitar accompaniment. Other Carlisles hits of 1953 included “Knothole” (#3), “Is Zat You, Myrtle” (#2), and “Tain’t Nice (to Talk Like That)” (#5). These recordings took Bill and the group first to Shreveport, Louisiana’s KWKH Louisiana Hayride, and then, in November 1953, to WSM’s Grand Ole Opry Read more: Bill Carlisle Follow us: @countrymusichof on Twitter countrymusichof on Facebook His children became members of The Carlisles group in the 1960s. In 1953, Carlisle, his wife, and children, Bill, Jr. (born 1942), and Sheila, moved to Minden in Webster Parish, Louisiana, to be near the Louisiana Hayride in Shreveport. At the time Tillman Franks of Shreveport was his manager.
Link1336Edmundo Rivero Edmundo Rivero ArgentinaEdmundo Rivero Leonel Edmundo Rivero Argentinian guitarist, singer, lyricist and composer (8 June 1911 - 18 January 1986)
Link1930El Último Ke Zierre El Último Ke Zierre SpainEl Último Ke Zierre Punk band formed in 1987 in Burriana, Castellon (Spain).
Link841Trus'Me Trus'Me Trusme David James Wolstencroft British Techno/House DJ and producer based in Manchester. He is the founder of [l=Prime Numbers].
Link148Darkroom Familia Darkroom Familia Darkroom Familia US-American HipHop group.
Link1633Einar Ekberg Einar Ekberg SwedenEinar Ekberg Einar Efraim Ekberg Swedish baritone vocalist, born 29 Juli 1905 in Malmö, died 5 August 1961 in Södertälje.
Link1435ventla ventla Ventla Shuji Suzuki Ventla is the current recording project of Shuji Suzuki, a Japanese clay modeller. He aims to record 100 albums.
Link247Noite Ilustrada Noite Ilustrada BrazilNoite Ilustrada
Link1930Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3 Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3 Steve Wynn & The Miracle 3
Link2821凛として時雨 凛として時雨 Japan凛として時雨 Japanese rock band. Name is romanized as "Ling Tosite Sigure". The band's style resembles post-hardcore and progressive rock, often incorporating rapid changes of tempo and mood framed in complex guitar melodies and technical drumming. They utilize both male and female vocals ranging from soft singing to loud wails and screams.
Link643The Montgomery Brothers The Montgomery Brothers The Montgomery Brothers
Link1633Florrie Florrie United KingdomFlorence ArnoldFlorrie Florence Ellen Arnold English singer-songwriter, drummer and model, born 28 December 1988 in Bristol, England. Daughter of [a2192263].
Link148Roosevelt Grier Roosevelt Grier Roosevelt Grier Roosevelt "Rosey" Grier Roosevelt "Rosey" Grier (born July 14, 1932 in Cuthbert, Georgia) is an American actor, singer, Christian minister, and former professional American football player. He was a notable college football player for The Pennsylvania State University who earned a retrospective place in the National Collegiate Athletic Association 100th anniversary list of 100 most influential student athletes. As a professional player, Grier was a member of the New York Giants, and the original Fearsome Foursome of the Los Angeles Rams and played in the Pro Bowl twice. After Grier's professional sports career he worked as a bodyguard for Robert Kennedy during the 1968 presidential campaign and was guarding the senator's wife, Ethel Kennedy, during the Robert F. Kennedy assassination. Although unable to prevent that killing, Grier took control of the gun and subdued the shooter, Sirhan Sirhan. Grier's other activities have been colorful and varied. He hosted his own Los Angeles television show and made approximately 70 guest appearances on various shows during the 1960s and 1970s. As a singer, Grier first released singles on the A label in 1960, and over the following twenty-five years he continued to record on various labels including Liberty, Ric, MGM and A&M.[1] His recording of a tribute to Robert Kennedy, "People Make The World" (written by Bobby Womack) was his only chart single, peaking at #128 in 1968. Grier is known for his serious pursuit of hobbies not traditionally associated with men such as macrame and needlepoint. He has authored several books, including Rosey Grier's Needlepoint for Men in 1973. Grier became an ordained Christian minister in 1983 and travels as an inspirational speaker. He founded American Neighborhood Enterprises, a nonprofit organization that serves inner city youth.
Link445Bienvenido Granda Bienvenido Granda CubaBienvenido Granda Rosendo Bienvenido Granda Aguilera Cuban singer (usually lead singer) and maracas player, member of "classical" line-up of "La Sonora Matancera" in the 50s. Nicknamed "El Bigote Que Canta" ("The Singing Moustache"). (30 Aug. 1915, La Havana - 9 Jul. 1983, Mexico City)
Link742Ambersmoke Ambersmoke United StatesAmbersmoke Anza, California.
Link445Wout Steenhuis Wout Steenhuis Wout Steenhuis Wouter Jan Jelmer Steenhuis Dutch jazz multi-instrumentalist. Started as guitarist in [a=The Dutch Swing College Band] before moving to England. Born 23 February 1923 in The Hague. Died 9 July 1985 in Broadstairs, Kent. For his songwriting, he often used the alias [a=Jon Jelmer].
Link1930Ara Ketu Ara Ketu BrazilAra Ketu Brazilian samba and reggae band, formed 1980 in Salvador da Bahia, Brazil.
Link049Ray Pillow Ray Pillow Ray Pillow US American country music singer who has also worked as a music publisher and A&R representative. Born on July 4, 1937.
Link742Astor Piazzolla y su Quinteto Tango Nuevo Astor Piazzolla y su Quinteto Tango Nuevo Astor Piazzolla Y Su Quinteto Tango Nuevo
Link148Bobby Crush Bobby Crush United KingdomBobby Crush Robert Nicholas Crush Robert Nicholas "Bobby" Crush (born 23 March 1954) is an English pianist, songwriter, actor and television presenter, originally from Leyton in East London. Bobby Crush first came to public attention after six winning appearances on Hughie Green's British ITV talent show, Opportunity Knocks, in 1972. He received the Variety Club of Great Britain award for 'Best New Artist' of 1972. He recorded for the Philips label in the UK and his recordings were produced by Norman Newell, who had previously worked with Shirley Bassey, Judy Garland, Johnny Mathis and Bobby's role model, Russ Conway. At the age of 18, Crush starred at the London Palladium already having achieved an album in the top 20 and a single "Borsalino" (from the 1970 film Borsalino) in the top 40.
Link1633Alexandre Pires Alexandre Pires BrazilAlexandre Pires Alexandre Pires do Nascimento Is a Brazilian singer and composer. Born in Uberlândia - MG, January 8, 1976 He began his musical career in 1989 with the samba group "Só Pra Contrariar" Where in 1993 they recorded their 1st album. In 2001 Alexandre Pires part for solo career. Alexandre Pires is brother of [a4591326] Albums with Só Pra Contrariar 1993: SPC 1994: Só Pra Contrariar 1995: Só Pra Contrariar: O Samba Não Tem Fronteiras 1996: Só Pra Contrariar: Futebol Clube 1997: O Melhor Só Pra Contrariar 1997: Só Pra Contrariar 1998: Só Pra Contrariar (latino) 1999: Só Pra Contrariar: Juegos de Amor (latino) 1999: Focus - O Essencial Só Pra Contrariar 1999: Só Pra Contrariar 2000: Só Pra Contrariar: Bom Astral 2000: Só pra Contrariar: Santo Santo 2002: Acústico Só Pra Contrariar Solo 2001: Alexandre Pires (latino)/É Por Amor (vrs. Brasil) 2002: Minha Vida Minha Música 2003: Estrella Guia (latino)/Estrela Guia (vrs. Brasil) 2004: Alto falante 2004: Alma Brasileira (latino) 2005: Meu Samba 2007: A Un Idolo(latino) 2008: Em Casa 2010: Alexandre Pires e Amigos 2010: Mais Além 2011: Delírios de Amor
Link345Lori Spee Lori Spee NetherlandsLori Spee American pop singer, born on September 1, 1946.
Link444Larry Elgart & His Manhattan Swing Orchestra Larry Elgart & His Manhattan Swing Orchestra Larry Elgart And His Manhattan Swing Orchestra
Link444Roy Smeck Roy Smeck United StatesRoy Smeck Leroy Smeck Banjo, uke and (hawaiian) lap steel guitar player. Born: 6 February 1900 Died: 5 April 1994 Roy was born in 1900 in Reading, PA. In 1926 he appeared in one of the first sound films ever made by Warner Bros./Vitaphone. Roy invented the Vita-Uke marketed by the Harmony Company. He also put his name to several other uke, guitar, Hawaiian guitar, steel guitar, and banjo models made by Harmony, and made over 500 recordings for Edison, Victor, Columbia, Decca, Crown, RCA and others. He wrote instruction/method books for guitar, Hawaiian guitar, uke and banjo by the dozens; arranged innumerable(?) tunes for the uke; and made the first multiple-soundtrack movie for Paramount Pictures. Roy played at FDR's presidential inaugural ball in 1932; George VI's coronation review in 1939; and toured and played in Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Japan, Iceland, Greenland, Alaska, Canada, Puerto Rico, Korea and, of course, Hawaii. Roy recorded hundreds of songs, on his own and with other groups. Many are on 78rpm records, and a good number can be found on LPs.
Link345Grad_U Grad_U Grad_U Aleksandr Martinkevič Dub Techno producer and DJ from Vilnius, Lithuania.
Link147Maureen Walsh Maureen Walsh Maureen Walsh Maureen Walsh
Link246Harris Chalkitis Harris Chalkitis Harris Chalkitis
Link444The Red Norvo Trio The Red Norvo Trio United StatesThe Red Norvo Trio
Link1038Stuðmenn Stuðmenn IcelandStuðmenn
Link345Carmel Quinn Carmel Quinn Carmel Quinn Carmel Quinn (born July 31, 1925) is an Irish entertainer who has appeared on Broadway, television and radio since coming to America in 1954.
Link147Doniki Doniki Doniki
Link642Agustín Magaldi Agustín Magaldi ArgentinaAgustín Magaldi Argentinian tango singer and composer Also named " La voz sentimental de Buenos Aires ". (1 Dec.1898 - 8 Sep.1938) Brother of [a3000900] For about 10 years (1925-1935) Agustín Magaldi and [a1160046] formed a highly popular dúo.
Link345USA-European Connection USA-European Connection USA-European connection [b]Disco studio project[/b] A [a=Boris Midney] project with plenty of session musicians. They released two albums.
Link543Maceo and All the King's Men Maceo and All the King's Men United StatesMaceo & All The King's Men Funk band formed of ex [a=James Brown] backing band members, who left Brown en masse in 1970. Over the years, many of them, including band leader [a=Maceo Parker] would return to playing with Brown and [a=J.B.'s]. Released two albums on [l=House Of The Fox] before splitting circa May 1972.
Link1038МГК МГК МГК Was formed in January, 1992 by [a=Владимир Кызылов].
Link444Nazaré Pereira Nazaré Pereira Nazaré Pereira Singer and songwriter from Brazil, sings the music of the North and North-East of Brazil (forró, baião, carimbó), now based in France.
Link246The George Benson Quartet The George Benson Quartet The George Benson Quartet The George Benson Quartet (1965-1967) - hard bop/soul-jazz quartet that includes George Benson on guitar, Ronnie Cuber on baritone saxophone, Lonnie Smith on organ and Jimmy Lovelace on drums. George Benson was the leader of this band.
Link543Claude Williamson Trio Claude Williamson Trio United StatesThe Claude Williamson Trio
Link543Statesmen Quartet Statesmen Quartet The Statesmen Quartet The Statesmen Quartet were an American Southern Gospel group started by [a1420639]. They began performing as a group in 1948 in Atlanta, Georgia. The group retired in 2002.
Link2325Ghostemane Ghostemane United StatesGhosteMane Eric Ghoste Rapper and producer known for fusing together hip hop and metal genres for hit songs such as "John Dee," "Venom," and "Kybalion." He's also a member of Schemaposse, Seven Serpents and Nemesis. Born: April 15, 1991 - Lake Worth, FL
Link147The Shelton Brothers The Shelton Brothers United StatesThe Shelton Brothers Well known hillybilly country band formed by brothers Bob and Joe Attlesey using their mother's name Shelton, they recorded their first 7 tracks in 1933. In 1946 the band members were Joe, Bob and their brother Merle Shelton, Preacher Harkness, Joe Molina and Bernie Harkness.
Link3216أنغام أنغام Egyptأنغام أنغام محمد علی سليمان (Angham Mohamed Ali Sulayman) Angham (born 1972) is an Egyptian singer well known for her vocal range. Her debut (fi al-rukn al-ba'id al-hadi) was in 1987 under the guidance of her father, [a=محمد علي سليمان] (Mohamed Ali Sulayman). Angham was named the best selling female pop artist in Middle East for the year 2003.
Link444James Cotton Blues Band James Cotton Blues Band United StatesThe James Cotton Blues Band
Link2127The Band Whose Name Is a Symbol The Band Whose Name Is a Symbol OttawaThe Band Whose Name Is A Symbol The idea for TBWNIS was born in the spring of 2008 by Mark McIntyre(Red Hots/Weapons Of Mass Seduction) & John Westhaver( Exploding Meet/Resin Scraper),bass and drums respectively. The two were fresh off 4 years as the rhythm section of Four ‘N’ Giv’r; who released 2 full length albums and played many shows, sharing stages with Lost Sounds, King Khan & BBQ, the Dirtbombs, Bellrays and many others. Finding 2 guitarists, William Guerrero(Weapons Of Mass Seduction/Expatriates) and Nathaniel Hurlow(Dead City Rebels/Glads/Fortunate Sons), the four set about creating the ultimate marriage of improvisation and hard rock edged psychedelic music. Current members: John Westhaver, Bill Guerrero, Nathaniel Hurlow, Jason Vaughan, Dave Reford and Scott Thompson. Miche Jette, Jan Lis, Mark McIntyre, Hesham Attya, Eric Larock are featured on various recordings and are not active in the group.
Link2424Rick & Renner Rick & Renner Rick & Renner
Link2028Oblivion Dust Oblivion Dust JapanOblivion Dust
Link246Second Family Band Second Family Band WisconsinSecond Family Band The Second Family Band is a musical collective from Madison, Wisconsin. They came together in 2007, rising from the ashes of the very prolific free-folk outfit [a319431]. Their musical style, difficult to categorize, owes more to freeform jazz, psychedelic rock, and experimental avant-garde music than to traditional folk music, and may be loosely attributed to such genres as free folk, psych folk, freak-folk, acid folk, wyrd folk or New Weird America. The recordings and performances usually include varying combinations of drums and other percussion, guitars, vocals, synthesizers, piano, organs, violins, flutes, electronics, sound sculpture, field recordings, more synths, sitar, sticks, rocks, stones and really anything imaginable. Ranging from mildly sedative to tribal and bombastic. Their music is almost always improvised, with a rare exception of overdubbing and other studio composed manipulations. The group is noted for usually shunning the recording studio, preferring field recording in locations such as barns, caves, or pastures. Consequently, environmental sounds such as dogs barking, birds singing, and other ambient noise may be heard on record. One noticeable difference between Davenport and Second Family Band is the line-up. Where Clay Ruby is present on every Davenport release, since reforming under the name Second Family Band, the band is operating regardless of line-up. No single member's presence is required for any Second Family jam session and in fact there are numerous Second Family Band releases where Ruby is not involved. Over the years Second Family has counted among it's members: Billy Lee (Lliam Ian, [a=Crystal Dragon], [a=Wormsblood]), Tony Ennis ([a502340], [a=Pan to Scratch], [a=Drunjus], [a=Craig Microcassette System]), Nico Kain ([a=Apaculus], [a=Wormsblood]), Clay Ruby ([a=Jex Thoth], [a=Burial Hex], [a=Wormsblood], [a=Hintergedanken]), Dan Woodman ([a=Drunjus]), Clay Kolbinger ([a=Maths Balance Volumes]), Elizabeth Was ([a=Lyx Ish]), Dave Mansfield (DMS, [a=Craig Microcassette System]), Nic Stage ([a=Wormsblood]), [a=Karen Eliot] ([a=Mumber Toes],[a=Hintergedanken], Dragon Faggot), Justin May, Jon Stage, Beau Devereaux ([a=Anvil Dome]), Jessica Non Popa, Aaron Laurant ([a=Cult of Hypnos]), Azrael Zanon-Stage, David Libert, Smith Baker, Ivan Calderon, Richard Remington, Cyrus Andreas, Jacob Tibbs, Nick Johnson, Max Elliott ([a=Absinthe Minds]), Mike Schultz, John Danielson ([a=Jex Thoth]), as well as collaborations with friendly outsiders such as: Peaking Lights, Spiral Joy Band, the Skaters, Tomutonttu, Jooklo Duo, Glenn Donaldson, Lau Nau, Maths Balance Volumes, Hush Arbors, Absinthe Minds, Relentless Corpse, Islaja, Wooden Wand and the Vanishing Voice, Mumber Toes, Nautical Almanac, Anla Courtis, Cult of Hypnos and Takuri Tali.
Link444Hey! Say! JUMP Hey! Say! JUMP JapanHey! Say! Jump
Link147The Original Caste The Original Caste The Original Caste
Link2424Al Tall Al Tall ValenciaAl Tall
Link245Георгий Свиридов Георгий Свиридов RussiaГеоргий Свиридов Георгий Васильевич Свиридов Born: December 16, 1915, Fatezh, Kursk Governorate, Russian Empire Died: January 5, 1998, Moscow, Russia Soviet Russian neoromantic composer and pianist. Student of [a=Dmitri Shostakovich].
Link641From Indian Lakes From Indian Lakes Grand RapidsFrom Indian Lakes
Link2522Los Toros Band Los Toros Band Dominican RepublicDominican merengue groupLos Toros Band
Link047Don Angelo Don Angelo Don Angelo Donovan Smith Jamaican singer.
Link443NMB48 NMB48 JapanNMB48
Link1631Jorge Aragão Jorge Aragão BrazilJorge Aragão Jorge Aragão da Cruz Brazilian musician, singer/songwriter, working in the genres of samba and pagode (born 1 March 1949).
Link641Ganelin Trio Ganelin Trio LithuaniaGanelin Trio
Link443Tijeritas Tijeritas Tijeritas José Soto Cortés Spanish flamenco-pop singer (b. 1964).
Link443Rita Streich Rita Streich GermanyRita Streich Rita Streich Coloratura and soubrette soprano, born 18 December 1920 in Barnaul, Russia, died 20 March 1987 in Vienna, Austria.
Link146Věra Martinová Věra Martinová Czech RepublicVěra Martinová Věra Martinová née Šolínová Czech vocalist and guitarist. Born February 2, 1960 in Opočno (former Czechoslovakia). Featured vocalist with the [a=Gustav Brom Orchestra] in 1982, member of [a=Schovanky] 1982–1986.
Link740Government Flu Government Flu WarsawGovernment Flu Hardcore Punk band from Warsaw, Poland.
Link641Dando Shaft Dando Shaft Dando Shaft Folk Psych Prog group, formed in Coventry, England, in 1968.
Link2918Orange Caramel Orange Caramel South KoreaOrange Caramel Orange Caramel (Hangul: 오렌지 캬라멜; Katakana: オレンジカラメル), is the first unit group formed from the South Korean pop group After School. This unit was formed with the third generation members: Nana, Raina and Lizzy. Orange Caramel’s concept is the Candy Culture (which involves a cute and colorful style).
Link2027William Ryan Fritch William Ryan Fritch CaliforniaWilliam Ryan Fritch See also [l850307]
Link443Georges Thill Georges Thill FranceGeorges Thill French lyric-dramatic opera singer, born 14 December 1897 in Paris, France, died 17 October 1984 in Draguignan, France. His career lasted from 1924 to 1953.
Link146Игорь Крутой Игорь Крутой RussiaИгорь Крутой Игорь Яковлевич Крутой / Ігор Якович Крутой Igor Krutoi is Russian composer, singer and producer. People's Artist of Russia (1996), People's Artist of Ukraine (2011). Owner of company [l905]. Born: July 29, 1954, Haivoron, Kirovohrad Oblast, Ukrainian SSR
Link146John Ozila John Ozila Jazz, Blues & FunkJohn Ozila Jean Tamegnon
Link740Gap Mangione Gap Mangione Gap Mangione Gaspare Mangione American jazz pianist and songwriter. Born: 31 July 1938 in Rochester, New York, USA. Brother of Grammy award winning flugelhorn player [a=Chuck Mangione].
Link542Earthen Earthen Earthen North American folk metal band based in Chicago (formerly Brookfield), Illinois.
Link146Sam & Bill Sam & Bill Sam And Bill Sam Gary, Bill Johnson
Link443CTI All-Stars CTI All-Stars CTI All-Stars
Link2027Сергей Пенкин Сергей Пенкин Сергей Пенкин Сергей Михайлович Пенкин Sergey Penkin (b. 10.02.61, Penza, USSR) is Russian singer with an unique vocal range of four octaves.
Link146Babla & Kanchan Babla & Kanchan Babla & Kanchan
Link146Elliot Lawrence & His Orchestra Elliot Lawrence & His Orchestra Elliot Lawrence And His Orchestra
Link344Alice & Ellen Kessler Alice & Ellen Kessler GermanyGerman duoAlice & Ellen Kessler Alice Kaessler, Ellen Kaessler German twins, actresses, singers, dancers and showgirls. Born 20 August 1936 in Nerchau. Often called “The Kessler Twins” (German: “Die Kessler-Zwillinge”, Italian: “Le gemelle Kessler”). Active mainly from the mid-1950s until the 1970s, primarily in Italy, Germany and France.
Link344Muazzez Abacı Muazzez Abacı TurkeyMuazzez Abacı Muazzez Abacı (born 1947 in Ankara, Turkey) is a Turkish female singer of Turkish classical music.
Link740ClearVisionDream Productions ClearVisionDream Productions ClearVisionDream Productions
Link442M. Nasir M. Nasir MalaysiaM. Nasir Mohamad Nasir Mohamad Mohamad Nasir Mohamad or M. Nasir (born 4 July 1957 in Singapore), is a Singaporean-Malaysian poet, singer-songwriter, composer, producer, actor and film director.
Link1828La Renga La Renga ArgentinaLa Renga [a4624485] is a rock band formed on December 31, 1988, in the neighborhood of Mataderos, south of the city of Buenos Aires. Have refused to media exposure for more than twenty years of experience and now have a completely independent production, after spending a few years in the label [l169692] and [l208471]. Members: 1989 to present: Gustavo Nápoli: Lead vocal, Lead guitar Gabriel "Tete" Iglesias: Bass Jorge "Tanque" Iglesias: Drums 1989 to 1991: Raúl "Locura" Dilelio: Guitar 1989 to 2008: Gabriel Sánchez: Saxophone, harmonica 1994 to 2008: Manuel Varela: Harmonica, Backing vocals
Link83825/17 25/17 Russia25/17
Link640Николай Басков Николай Басков RussiaНиколай Басков Басков Николай Викторович Russian pop and opera singer (tenor). b. October 15, 1976, Moscow region
Link244Bayer Full Bayer Full PolandPolish disco poloBayer Full Bayer Full is one of the most popular disco polo bands from Poland. It was founded in 1984 by Sławomir Świerzyński. During their 24-year career they sold roughly 16 million records.
Link2125Phillips, Craig & Dean Phillips, Craig & Dean Phillips, Craig & Dean American vocal trio in the Christian market.
Link145Eric and the Good Good Feeling Eric and the Good Good Feeling Eric And The Good Good Feeling Eric Robinson
Link937Rick Treviño Rick Treviño United StatesRick Trevino Ricardo Treviño, Jr. Born: May 16, 1971 in Houston, Texas
Link1531La'Mule La'Mule La'Mule
Link244Oscar Peterson Quartet Oscar Peterson Quartet The Oscar Peterson Quartet
Link640Комиссар Комиссар RussiaRussian groupКомиссар Band members: Алексей Щукин Владислав Меньщиков Антон Сергеев Сергей Казаковцев
Link244Bonnie Koloc Bonnie Koloc Bonnie Koloc Bonnie Lou Koloc American folk music singer / songwriter, actress and visual artist, born February 6, 1946 in Waterloo, Iowa.
Link145Charlie Ventura & His Orchestra Charlie Ventura & His Orchestra United StatesCharlie Ventura And His Orchestra
Link3511La'cryma Christi La'cryma Christi JapanLa'Cryma Christi
Link244Nellie Lutcher & Her Rhythm Nellie Lutcher & Her Rhythm Nellie Lutcher And Her Rhythm
Link145Times Two Times Two Times Two
Link1333Marika Hackman Marika Hackman United KingdomBrighton based singer / songwriterMarika Hackman Marika Louise Hackman English vocalist, multi-instrumentalist and songwriter (born 17 February 1992). Sister of [a=Ben Hackman].
Link442Grove of Whispers Grove of Whispers Grove Of Whispers
Link244Phantom, Rocker and Slick Phantom, Rocker and Slick Phantom, Rocker & Slick
Link2917The Smooth Jazz All Stars The Smooth Jazz All Stars Smooth Jazz Tribute series performersThe Smooth Jazz All Stars
Link2521Section 1 Section 1 RussiaSection 1 EDM band was founded by D.D. Flash (Jan Flachs), Dave-8 (Vladimir Volkov), Aimoon (Alexander Golyshev) and Steve-X (Sergej Metelkin) in 2010. Genres: Hardstyle, Jumpstyle, Hardcore, Hard Trance, Bigroom, Progressive House, Disco House, Electro House, Dubstep
Link244Raul Solnado Raul Solnado Raul Solnado Raul Augusto de Almeida Solnado Portuguese actor and comedian. He was born in Lisbon's Madragoa neighborhood, and first appeared on stage there. In his long career, he developed many comic pieces that have become classics.His humour was, at the time (especially considering Portugal was still under the dictatorial Salazar regime), both unexpected and fresh. It included a lot of nonsense, and stories making fun of daily life. He often played an ingenuous poor man, whose life was neither good or bad. He portrayed characters with conviction and humor. His best material included pieces written by him, such as "Ida ao médico" ("At the doctor"), and others based on Spanish comedian Miguel Gila’s material: (“A guerra de 1908” / “The war of 1908” and “História da minha vida” / “The story of my life”).
Link1531Hundred Waters Hundred Waters United StatesHundred Waters
Link1333Ball Park Music Ball Park Music AustraliaBall Park Music
Link640Fatal Nostalgia Fatal Nostalgia Fatal Nostalgia American post-rock, ambient, and metal project.
Link442Wall Street Crash Wall Street Crash Wall Street Crash English 6-piece vocal harmony group, formed in March 1980.
Link2719Kehlani Kehlani United StatesKehlani Kehlani Parrish Kehlani Ashley Parrish (born April 24, 1995) is an American singer-songwriter and a dancer, signed to Atlantic Records. Kehlani was originally from Oakland, California, where she achieved initial fame as a member of the teen pop group Poplyfe. In 2014, she released her first commercial mixtape, Cloud 19. The mixtape was listed as one of the among of Complex's "50 Best Albums of 2014." In 2015, Kehlani released her second commercial mixtape, You Should Be Here. The mixtape debuted at number 5 on the national R&B/Hip-Hop chart, preceded from her sold-out North American promotional tour. In 2016, she was nominated for the Best Urban Contemporary Album Grammy Award for You Should Be Here. Kehlani released her first major-label debut album, SweetSexySavage on January 27, 2017.
Link838Miki González Miki González PeruMiki González Juan Manuel González Mascías Peruvian Musician, Composer, and Producer born in Madrid, Spain (April 14, 1952). Became famous for being the pioneer in mixing Rock with Traditional Afro-Peruvian and Andean Music. Founded in 1997 [l148714] (with [a2415230]) and many peruvian bands recorded in [l1325875] (His Recording Studio)
Link1234Drago Mlinarec Drago Mlinarec Drago Mlinarec Dragutin Mlinarec Croatian rock singer/songwriter/musician, leader of legendary 'Grupa 220'. After leaving 'Grupa 220' he turned solo recording 6 long-plays. In 1997 Mlinarec won Croatian music honorary award "Porin" for life accomplishment in music.
Link442Donato & Estéfano Donato & Estéfano Donato & Estefano Latin Pop Duo formed by Fabio Alfonso Salgado aka [a306882] native of Cali, Colombia and Havana, Cuban born [a888927] aka [a1724498].
Link1927Holdaar Holdaar RussiaHoldaar Black / Pagan Metal Metal band “Holdaar” (“Thunderer”) is formed in April 2004 on the ruins of Fear Of Sanity band by Skilar Velesson and until 2007 exists as a one-man band. The main theme of the lyrics – World War II & Paganism.During 2004 – 2006 the four demos are recorded: “Repulsive By The Light”, “Opposition”, “The Sunset of Europe” and “Russia is coming!”. In 2007 the first full-length album “Resistance” is released by independent label Armour Get Dawn Productions. The album is a compilation of the early works of the band. The second album “The Way to the Sun” is released in the Internet only. The same year Dmitry from Koenigsberg band Nar Mattaru joins Holdaar -first as a guitarist, later as a vocalist. In the end of 2008 the third full-length album “Birth of the Hero” is jointly released by Armour Get Dawn Productions and CyberboreaRecords. The next work of the band – a concept album “120th Year” (2009) is released in the beginning of 2010 by Moscow independent label Nymphaea Records. In June 2010 due to the difference in views vocalist and guitarist Dmitry quits the band in order to focus on his own project Kolohorth. Later in autumn 2010, Holdaar release a mini-album “Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum”, consisting of previously unreleased material, recorded between 2006 – 2009. The album includes “Man Of Iron” song (Bathory cover), recorded for “Wolves Of Nordland” tribute released by Nymphaea Records in the end of 2010. The same year Sandra (Thunderstorm, Autumn Tales, Kein Zuruck, Therion) joins the project. In June 2011 a new member, Alexey, joins the band. He performes vocals on the “Children of the Twilight of the Gods” album. The musical part of the album has been already finished by this time. In May 2012 Nymfaea Records release a tribute dedicated to Holdaar, entitled “Confrontation”, with the participation of musicians from Russia, Belarus and Croatia. In December 2012 “The Sunset Of Europe” album is released by Italian label Frozen Darkness. The material of the album was recorded in 2006 and earlier, but has not been released on CD before. The CD includes two videos – “King of the Forest” and “Koenigsberg” as a bonus. In November 2013 Nymphaea Records releases an acoustic album by Holdaar titled “Where Is No Place To Slave.” In early 2014 Holdaar begins the collaboration with the independent label More Hate Prod that releases a new full-length album – “Times are stretching into the sky.” In 2015 label Black Metal Cult Records (USA) has re-released three Holdaar albums — “Resistance”(re-recorded), “Birth of the Hero” and “Way To the Sun” with bonus EP’s (Fuckin Metal Thunder & Morituri Te Salutant). The eights full-length album “Aegishjalmur”, was realised at the end of 2015 by Morehate Prod. label. In 2016, the band remains active and joins the “Terror Cult Division” and release another album with Black Metal Cult Records titled “Army Of Winter”. Later in 2016 label Barbatos Prod. (Russia) has released album “The Secrets of the Black Arts – A Tribute to Black Metal Scene”, which contains cover versions of world black metal classics. In the beginning of 2017 label More Hate Prod. (Russia) has released new full-length album “Your War”.
Link046The Original Gospel Harmonettes The Original Gospel Harmonettes The Original Gospel Harmonettes
Link145Homer Rodeheaver Homer Rodeheaver United StatesHomer Rodeheaver Dr. Homer Alvan Rodeheaver American evangelist, music director, music publisher, composer of gospel songs, and pioneer in the recording of sacred music (October 4, 1880 – December 18, 1955). Born in Cinco Hollow in Hocking County, Ohio, he was taken as a child to Jellico in eastern Tennessee and there worked with his father in the lumber mill business. Although he learned the mountain ballads, he preferred Negro spirituals because they emphasized harmony and rhythm and had a "definite religious purpose." Rodeheaver early learned to play the cornet but switched to trombone while attending Ohio Wesleyan College, where he also served as a cheerleader. In 1898 he left college to serve in the Fourth Tennessee Band during the Spanish-American War. Around 1904 he joined evangelist William E. Biederwolf as music director and then served, from 1910 to 1930, in the same role for Billy Sunday, the most popular evangelist of the period. (Shortly after Billy Sunday's death in 1935, Rodeheaver wrote a memoir of his relationship with the evangelist.) [b] Music Director for Billy Sunday [/b] When Lowell Thomas presented Rodeheaver to the New York Advertising Club, Rodeheaver succeeded in getting the advertising agents to sing "Pray the Clouds Away." Will Rogers said, "Rody is the fellow that can make you sing whether you want to or not. I think he has more terrible voices in what was supposed to be unison than any man in the world. Everyone sings for Rody!" When Rodeheaver was introduced to John D. Rockefeller, Sr., on a golf course, Rockefeller delayed his golf game long enough to sing with Rodeheaver, "I'll Go Where You Want Me to Go, Dear Lord." In 1940, Rodeheaver led the singing for 250,000 people who attended the Wendell Willkie homecoming in Elwood, Indiana. In the days before electronic amplification, Rodeheaver quickly discovered that his trombone could be heard when his voice or the piano could not. He often led congregational singing with his trombone, switching from playing to directing half way through the song and then allowing the trombone to hang on his arm at the elbow. During a Sunday tent campaign in Kansas, a heavy storm with near-hurricane winds caused the top and sides to sag, and a quarter pole fell, striking a woman on the head. When the crowd panicked and rose to flee, Rodeheaver began playing his trombone and the crowd quieted. In his prime, Rodeheaver also used his baritone voice to good effect as a soloist and as a participant in ensembles composed of other members of Sunday’s evangelistic team—especially duets with contralto Virginia Asher. During the heyday of the Sunday evangelistic campaigns, Rodeheaver directed the nation’s largest choruses: from a few hundred to as many as two thousand volunteers in Sunday’s various campaigns. To him there was nothing incongruous about having his choirs sing the gospel song "Master, the Tempest is Raging", followed by the Hallelujah Chorus from Handel's Messiah. [b] Recording Career [/b] In 1913 Rodeheaver began recording for the Victor Talking Machine Company, a relationship that lasted for twenty years. He also recorded for Gennett, Columbia and for his own Rainbow Records label. Some of his records, such as "The Unclouded Day" and "The Great Judgement Morning," were so popular that they had to be rerecorded to keep up with demand. Other records featured Rodeheaver's recitations of sentimental poetry, such as Paul Laurence Dunbar's "When Malindy Sings" (1916). Rodeheaver appeared on at least eighteen record labels and five hundred sides during his recording career. His most recorded piece was Sunday’s theme song "Brighten The Corner Where You Are," a bouncy number of extremely limited theological depth. Rodeheaver recorded it for at least 17 different labels. Rodeheaver’s other most recorded titles were "Mother's Prayers Have Followed Me", "If Your Heart Keeps Right", "The Old Rugged Cross", "Since Jesus Came Into My Heart", "In The Garden", and "My Wonderful Dream". [b] Music Publisher [/b] In 1910, Rodeheaver started his own publishing business, the Rodeheaver Company, compiling gospel songs to sell at revivals. In 1936 Rodeheaver purchased the Hall-Mack Company and merged it with his own publishing house, headquartered in Winona Lake, Indiana. Rodeheaver employed songwriters such as B. D. Ackley and Charles H. Gabriel to write songs for his company, but he also composed a number of tunes himself, including most notably, “When Jesus Came.” Around 1922, his company began issuing 78-rpm records on its own Rainbow label, the nation's first record company devoted solely to gospel music. Billy Sunday perhaps paid Rodeheaver $80,000–90,000 over the course of their twenty-year partnership, but Rodeheaver admitted that he made more than four times that amount from other sources, especially music publishing, during those same years
Link3115K-391 K-391 Norwayelectro houseK-391 Kenneth Nilsen Norwegian music producer born 2nd November 1994.
Link145View From the Hill View From the Hill View From The Hill Soul - jazz - funk act Formed in the U.K. mid 80's
Link837Freddie Joachim Freddie Joachim Freddie Joachim Freddie Joachim (JO-AH-KIM) Always an avid listener and collector of hip hop, jazz, and soul music, Freddie finally began djing in the mid 90's, which slowly progressed into recording and production. Since then, he has continued to produce music featuring such artists as, Aloe Blacc, Blu, Grap Luva, LMNO, Kev Brown, Joey Bada$$, Carlitta Durand, and has had his music mentioned by Erykah Badu,Phonte, Slum Village, and more, and his music has been praised by such publications as Wax Poetics, Okayplayer, and more. His production has been featured on major television networks such as MTV and NBC, as well as licensed songs with many popular brands and companies, including DC Shoes, Nike, Adidas, Monster Energy, K-Swiss, and more. Freddie has also performed around the world, headlining shows in countries such as Japan, South Africa, Europe, and the U.S., sharing the stage with aritsts such as,Ohmega Watts, Joss Stone, Jimmy Cliff, Ali Shaheed Muhammad (ATCQ), Teeko, DJ Babu, Rakaa Iriscience, Bobbito, Scoop Deville, Blu, Choice37, and more. Freddie released his first full-length, In With Time, in the Spring of 2008, exclusive to Japan label, Subcontact. The album featured such artists as, Aloe Blacc (Stones Throw), Blu, Othello, Profile (Sound Providers), Choice37,Surreal, and more. (In With Time is available on CDBaby, Amazon, Tower Records Japan, HMV Japan, and more) In 2009, Freddie, along with good friend, Question, released their instrumental album, Study Guide, with Japan’s renowned DJ Tonk on his label Milkdipper. (Study Guide is available on iTunes, Amazon, CDBaby, and more // 10″ vinyl EP is available at Access Hip Hop, HHV, Fresh Crate, Amoeba SF, and more) In Summer of 2010, Freddie continued his instrumental album series with the release of Midway. The album was the first featured artist’s album on the San Francisco based label, Mellow Orange. (Midway is available on iTunes, Amazon, Mellow Orange Store, and more stores // 2xCD is available at Mellow Orange Store, Access Hip Hop, HHV, Fresh Crate, Amoeba SF, and more). In the Fall of 2012, he released his 4th full-length album,Fiberglass Kisses, featuring such artists as, Miles Bonny, Mar, L. Santiago, Carlitta Durand, J. Mitchell, and Eric Lau. (Fiberglass Kisses is available worldwide. digital, CD, & vinyl) Freddie, along with friends, Yusai, and Question, now run Mellow Orange, which has releases worldwide.
Link243Zadig the Jasp Zadig the Jasp Zadig The Jasp French Vaporwave and Mallsoft artist.
Link1431Padre Marcelo Rossi Padre Marcelo Rossi Padre Marcelo Rossi Marcelo Mendonça Rossi Marcelo Mendonça Rossi (São Paulo, May 20, 1967) is a Brazilian Catholic priest. He is also a singer and writer of great public success. Known for his media role in spreading the Catholic faith, Father Marcelo Rossi became nationally known for spreading the religious music of the practices of the Catholic Charismatic Renewal (CCR) movement.
Link243Tetrack Tetrack Tetrack
Link2223Gert 3000 Gert 3000 Gert 3000 Mathias Aeschlimann Sound artist from Zürich (Switzerland). Founder of [l=20kbps Records]. Born in 1981.
Link441Paul Bley Trio Paul Bley Trio Paul Bley Trio Jazz trio led by pianist [a=Paul Bley].
Link144Ferko String Band Ferko String Band The Ferko String Band Joseph A. Ferko String Band Since 1922, the Joseph A. Ferko String Band has been entertaining audiences the world over. A participant in Philadelphia’s annual Mummers Parade, The Ferko String Band boasts the most successful record in the history of the parade. With more First prize finishes than any other band, and placing in the top 5 a remarkable 82 out of 88 parades, The Ferko String Band is a model of consistency and professionalism.
Link243Anton Zap Anton Zap Anton Zap Антон Барбашов (Anton Barbashev) DJ and producer from Moscow (Russia). He is the founder of [l=Ethereal Sound] and [l=Volking Music].
Link738New Swing Sextet New Swing Sextet United StatesThe New Swing Sextet A product of New York City and the excitement and turbulence of the sixties, the New Swing Sextet made its professional debut performing in the Singer Bowl at the last New York Worlds Fair in 1965. The band has been a popular and innovative exponent of Latin jazz, salsa and pop music for nearly four decades.
Link405美勇伝 美勇伝 Japan美勇伝
Link342Julie Budd Julie Budd United StatesFemale Jazz SingerJulie Budd Julie Budd is one of those enduring talents who has outlived her almost premature early success. Discovered at age 12 in the late 1960s, she played her first engagement in the Catskills that same year, and was appearing on the [a=Merv Griffin] Show six months later; she subsequently became a fixture on the talk show and supper club circuits. From her precocious beginnings, co-starring with the likes of [a=Frank Sinatra], [a=Liberace], [a=George Burns], and [a=Bob Hope], Budd developed into a sophisticated interpreter of popular songs, comparable to Sinatra or [a=Mel Torme], playing all of the best venues from Las Vegas to the Catskills. Budd has also done some acting, principally in association with the Circle Repertory Theater and Playwright's Horizons in New York, as well as occasional film appearances, but her main activity in recent years has been her one-woman show, which also yielded her album Pure Imagination, issued in 1997. If You Could See Me Now followed in the spring of 2000
Link342The O'Kanes The O'Kanes The O'Kanes
Link1035Gülden Karaböcek Gülden Karaböcek TurkeyGülden Karaböcek
Link1035Zámbó Jimmy Zámbó Jimmy HungaryZámbó Jimmy Zámbó Imre Hungarian pop singer. Born: January 20, 1958, Budapest, Hungary Died: January 2, 2001, Budapest, Hungary
Link540Vesterinen Yhtyeineen Vesterinen Yhtyeineen FinlandVesterinen Yhtyeineen
Link243Los Payos Los Payos SpainLos Payos Spanish pop band, formed in 1968 in Seville, disbanded in 1976.
Link144DJ DBC DJ DBC Russian-born producerDJ DBC Dimitri Bruev Cianca Bumping music producer born in the city of Moscow, currently resides in the province of Vizcaya, specifically in the town of Bilbao, Spain. He has been resident in The Image X-Trem Dance Club (old Columbus). And he has played as monthly resident in [a297747], [a839549], Anaconda... He runs his own label named [l156177].
Link396ゴールデンボンバー ゴールデンボンバー Japanゴールデンボンバー
Link342Александр Кальянов Александр Кальянов Александр Кальянов Александр Кальянов Russian singer, composer, engineer, producer.
Link243Los Mitos Los Mitos Los Mitos Spanish band founded in Bilbao in 1966 by José Antonio Santiesteban, Tony Landa (vocals, songwriter) with José Ignacio Millán (lead guitar), Carlos Zubiaga (rhythm guitar, keyboards), Francisco (Paco) García (drums), & Oscar Matía Sorozabal (bass). In 1969 they released their first hit: “Es Muy Fácil” / “Si Te Acuerdas De Mi”. In 1970 Tony left the band to follow a solo career. They still released some albums with little success and they split upin 1975. In 2009 they re-appeared with: Fernando Brosed - Lead vocals Iñaki Egaña (ex-[a=Imán, Califato Independiente], ex-[a=Barrabas]) - Guitar, vocals Federico Artigas - Keyboards, vocals Paco García - Drums, vocals Oscar Matía - Bass, vocals
Link243Cristian Vasile Cristian Vasile Cristian Vasile Cristian Vasile Romanian singer born May 8th, 1908, Brăila - passed away June 15, 1974, Sibiu of lung disease - TBC. Was a highly known romanian vocalist in the interbelic period. His best known song is "Zaraza" composed by [a1152873].
Link243DJ L'Embrouille DJ L'Embrouille DJ L'Embrouille Who is DJ L'embrouille ? A priori somebody not very advisable. His history is rather fuzzy. Do some say that he was born in Tibet and that his spiritual search brought him to a rather atypical musical course : crooner in Memphis, biniou's player in the Loperhet's bagad and then disc-jockey in the Melenick, mythical bar of the Daoulas area. Finally, today he does not seem too badly In spite of frequent vexations, his liver and his head, he's alright. The discovery of digital techniques for the mix changed his approach of things. Eager to acquire legal mp3 (hunting for witches being launched to France), he discovered the netlabel scene. How is it that he mixes? At the beginning anyhow. Initially, he puts the disc and then fixes it. It's the school of Plougastel which tried to get some djs out but in vain. His meeting with the Sotony brothers made his style mature: it's still anyhow but a little less. Then he used Virtual DJ + DJ Hercules'console to control all that. For this reason, he's seeking effects and samples (not too weak if possible) to feed his mixes. Therefore, if you can help him, go ahead.
Link1431Andi Meriem Matalatta Andi Meriem Matalatta IndonesiaAndi Meriem Matalatta Andi Sitti Meriem Nurul Kusumawardhani Matalatta She was Indonesian pop singer, was born in Makassar on 31 August 1957, died in Zoetermeer, The Netherlands on 04 June 2010
Link144Willie Lamothe Willie Lamothe QuebecWillie Lamothe Willie Lamothe was the stage name of Joachim Guillaume Lamothe CM (January 27, 1920 - October 19, 1992), a Canadian musician and actor from Quebec.[1] One of the pioneers of French language country music,[2] he recorded over 500 songs, both originals and translated renditions of English language country music hits, over the course of his career.[1] Born and raised in Saint-Hyacinthe,[1] Lamothe served in the Canadian Army during World War II, beginning his career in music by performing as "The Singing Sergeant" for his fellow soldiers. Following the end of the war, he recorded his first mini-album, Je suis un cowboy canadien, in 1946.[3] He recorded a number of albums and singles over the next thirty years and frequently performed on tour, most frequently within Quebec but also from time to time in English Canada and at least one performance in Nashville.[1] His performances included shows opening for Gene Autry at the Montreal Forum in 1952 and 1954.[1] Through the 1970s he performed as an actor in a number of films, most notably The True Nature of Bernadette (La Vraie nature de Bernadette) and The Death of a Lumberjack (Le Mort d'un bûcheron), and won the Canadian Film Award for Best Supporting Actor in 1973 for the latter role.[4] During the same era, he was host of a television variety show, Le Ranch à Willie, for Télé-Métropole, and the subject of a documentary film, Je chante à cheval... avec Willie Lamothe, for the National Film Board.[1] He suffered a stroke while performing in Rimouski in 1978,[5] and made only irregular appearances afterward, most notably in a CBC Television series about the history of Canadian country music in the 1990s.[1] He was inducted as a Member of the Order of Canada in 1979.[6] His son [a=Michel Lamothe], also sometimes credited as "Willie Lamothe, Jr.", is a former rock musician who was associated with the bands Offenbach and Corbeau.[1] Lamothe died on October 19, 1992 at age 72.[1]
Link540Sebastião Tapajós Sebastião Tapajós Sebastiao Tapajos Sebastião Tapajós Pena Marcião Brazlian jazz/samba guitarist and composer (b. Santarem, 1943). He studied in Portuigal and Spain, and has played backing artist as Hermeto Pascoal, Waldir Azevedo, Paulo Moura, Sivuca, Maurício Einhorn, Gerry Mulligan, Astor Piazzolla, Oscar Peterson or Paquito D'Rivera.
Link396呂方 呂方 Hong Kong呂方 David Lui 呂方於1962年出生;他早年畢業於庇護十二學校,其後於1983年參加無綫電視及華星唱片合辦的「第二屆新秀歌唱比賽」而入行。當時他憑《我是中國人》一曲奪得冠軍。1984年再於「香港新人歌唱大賽第二屆」獲得冠軍。
Link540Lacksley Castell Lacksley Castell JamaicaLacksley Castell Jamaican Reggae Singer (10 April 1959 - 02 November 1983) Brother of [a=Trevor Castell]
Link2520ロフト tapes ロフト tapes ロフト tapes
Link2124Terra Rosa Terra Rosa JapanTerra Rosa Japanese heavy metal band
Link144Lionel Long Lionel Long AustraliaLionel Long Lionel Joaquin Paul Long, OAM (1939 – 1 January 1998) was an Australian country and Western and folk singer, songwriter, guitarist, television and film actor, and artist. Long became one of Australia's most successful and popular country/western/folk artists in the 1960s, releasing over a dozen LPs for EMI. He was also well known for his appearances on television programs such as Homicide. Wikipedia - ""
Link144Eric Mercury Eric Mercury CanadaEric Mercury Eric Alexander Mercury Canadian singer/songwriter and musician, born in Toronto, Ontario.
Link936Tonico & Tinoco Tonico & Tinoco BrazilTonico & Tinoco João Salvador Perez (Tonico) / José Perez (Tinoco)
Link2321Pankaj Udhas Pankaj Udhas IndiaPankaj Udhas Pankaj Udhasis Indian singer, born May 17, 1951 in Jetpur, Gujarat, India.
Link413Betharia Sonatha Betharia Sonatha IndonesiaBetharia Sonatha
Link341Los Hermanos Rigual Los Hermanos Rigual MexicoLos Hermanos Rigual
Link359DEPAPEPE DEPAPEPE JapanDepapepe
Link341Earl Nightingale Earl Nightingale Earl Nightingale Born: March 12, 1921. Died: March 25, 1989 American motivational speaker and author, known as the "Dean of Personal Development." He was the voice in the early 1950s of Sky King, the hero of a radio adventure series, and was a WGN radio show host from 1950 to 1956.
Link341Dalto Dalto BrazilDalto Dalto Roberto Medeiros Born on June 22, 1949 in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro - Brazil, Dalto is a brazilian composer and singer.
Link242Ernst Rolf Ernst Rolf SwedenErnst Rolf Ernst Ragnar Johansson Swedish singer, actor and entertainer. Rolf is acknowledged as one of the greatest entertainers in Sweden's history and is perhaps most well remembered for his extravagant revues during the mid-'20s. He was an industrious artist, recording over 800 songs from 1910 until his death. Born January 20, 1891 in Falun. Died December 25, 1932 in Danderyd, Stockholm.
Link044Derrick Lara Derrick Lara Derrick Lara
Link440Wolfmen of Mars Wolfmen of Mars BostonWolfmen Of Mars Founded in 2010, Wolfmen of Mars is a heavy Psychedelic Rock band from Boston, MA. "Making music that combines the electronic analog sounds of the 70s-80s and mixing them with heavy grooves. A soundtrack for late night driving or space travel." Band members: L Liberty J Clapp N Merryweather
Link440Corporación Latina Corporación Latina Corporacion Latina
Link341Cliff Adams Singers Cliff Adams Singers United KingdomThe Cliff Adams Singers
Link242Johnny Otis & His Orchestra Johnny Otis & His Orchestra United StatesJohnny Otis And His Orchestra
Link368Theo Karle Theo Karle Theo Karle Theo Karle Johnston b.: July 30, 1895 or 1893 (Perry, Iowa, U.S.) d.: May 07, 1972 (Seattle, Washington, U.S.) Tenor operatic and light music singer. He studied singing in Paris and made his debut at the Opéra-Comique. In the 1927-1930 seasons he was active in France and sang at the Opéra-Comique and at the Opéra de Monte-Carlo. In 1930 he returned to his native country and till 1934 was the big star of the Columbia Broadcasting Radio System.
Link539Katy Moffatt Katy Moffatt Katy Moffatt Katherine Louella Moffatt American musician, songwriter and vocalist, born 19 November 1950 in Fort Worth, Texas. She is the sister of country singer-songwriter [a=Hugh Moffatt].
Link242Dubbyman Dubbyman Dubbyman José Manuel Alvarez
Link242Col Joye Col Joye AustraliaCol Joye Colin Frederick Jacobsen Born: 13 April 1936 in Sydney Australian rock 'n' roll singer. Established, with his brother, an Australian publishing company, [l296348], and set up their own record label [l123933] due to their falling regard for [l=Festival Records] (with which he had had a long working relationship - he believed that the label was falling behind the times). Worked in the Big Shows ran by Lee Gordon (of the label [l=Lee Gordon]). Turned his business into one of the biggest promoters in the world of entertainment, handling acts like [a=Bruce Springsteen], [a=Barbra Streisand], [a=Michael Jackson], & the [a=Bee Gees].
Link737Seaway Seaway OakvilleSeaway Seaway is a Canadian pop punk band from Oakville, Ontario, formed in 2011.
Link143Floyd Robinson Floyd Robinson United StatesFloyd Robinson Floyd Robinson (b.1932 – d.May 28, 2016, Hendersonville, Tennessee, USA) was an American country singer.
Link143Macht & Ehre Macht & Ehre Macht & Ehre Macht und Ehre is a German neonazi Rockband. Formed in the Berlin prison JVA Plötzensee in 1991.
Link440Krystyna Prońko Krystyna Prońko PolandKrystyna Prońko Krystyna Prońko Born 14 January 1947 in Gorzów Wielkopolski, Poland. Polish singer, composer and musical pedagogue.
Link404Epic Rap Battles of History Epic Rap Battles of History United StatesEpic Rap Battles Of History
Link143Lavine Hudson Lavine Hudson Lavine Hudson
Link143Robin Luke Robin Luke United StatesRobin Luke
Link143Augustine Ramirez Augustine Ramirez Augustine Ramirez
Link341Nike Ardilla Nike Ardilla IndonesiaNike Ardilla Raden Rara Nike Ratnadilla Indonesian rock singer, born 27 December 1975 (Bandung) - 19 March 1995 (Bandung). Ardilla died in a car accident in Bandung at the age of 19, at the zenith of her musical career. She has sold 30 million albums to date, and has the distinction of having the best-selling album all of time in Indonesia. Her 1995 album Sandiwara Cinta has sold five million copies, while her second album Bintang Kehidupan has sold four million copies.
Link1430Krishna Das Krishna Das United StatesKrishna Das American vocalist performing the Hindu devotional music known as kirtan (chanting the names of God), layering traditional kirtan with accessible melodies and modern instrumentation. Krishna Das has been called yoga's "rock star."
Link836Cserháti Zsuzsa Cserháti Zsuzsa Cserháti Zsuzsa Cserháti Zsuzsa Born: 22 June, 1948. (Budapest, Hungary) Died: 23 July, 2003. (Budapest, Hungary) Unique voiced, most versatile Hungarian pop-soul-jazz singer, lived 1948-2003. Her breakthrough started in 1972, she was popular singer of the 70's. Later during an overshadowed period, she had mental and overweight problems evolving. Returned on main stages in the mid 90's and had big successes again until her death.
Link935Mem Pamal Mem Pamal Saint-ÉtienneMem Pamal Bruno Raffin Mem Pamal is coming from St Etienne and has begun as Dj in a techno bar oriented in Tekno, Hardtek, Drum'nBass and Hardcore. 1994, his first technival. 1998, That's his firsts live with public. Started to realese records in 1999 like Fantomatik 01 and Ideal Chimik 03. 2002 he says goodbye to sampler and works only with synthetics, with his melodies, accords and voccode.
Link242Trea Dobbs Trea Dobbs Trea Dobbs Trea van der Schoot
Link143Don and the Goodtimes Don and the Goodtimes Don & The Goodtimes Garage band from Portland, Oregon, USA, active from 1964 to 1968. Members: Dave Child : Bass Charlie Coe : Guitar Jack Ely : Vocals Don Gallucci : Keyboards Jeff Hawks : Vocals Bob Holden : Drums Don McKinney : Saxophone, Vocals Joey Newmann : Guitar Pierre Ouellette : Guitar Ron Overman : Bass Jim Valley : Guitar The very first Don and The Goodtimes included Don Gallucci, Don McKinney, Bob Holden, Dave Childs, Pete Ouellet and [a=Kingsmen]'s Jack Ely
Link143Benson Orchestra of Chicago Benson Orchestra of Chicago The Benson Orchestra Of Chicago Established by Cellist, Impresario and Band Manager, Edgar A. Benson in 1920, the band became one of the most popular dance bands of the early 1920s. Based at the Marigold Gardens (a location frequented by Chicago's mob members) the band was initially directed by pianist and arranger [a301351]. Other members were: [a3319390] - clarinet, alto saxophone, soprano saxophone [a3319392] - trumpet [a3319388] - trombone [a3319391] - tenor saxophone [a3319389] - violin [a3172889] - banjo [a3319393] - bass saxophone, tuba Albert Walthall - violin [a1790356] - drums The tune "Na Jo", recorded in 1921, has been cited as the first recording of "stop-time" playing; other early successes included "Ain't We Got Fun?" and "Wabash Blues", which reportedly sold some 750,000 copies. [a301351] left the band in 1922 after an argument with Benson, and many of the musicians left with him. He was replaced as bandleader and pianist by [a2901405], and new band members included saxophonist [a301376] and, in the mid 1920s, drummer [a258689]. The band continued to record successfully, with hits including one of the first recordings of "Tea for Two" in 1925. That year, [a2901405] left, and trumpeter [a736969] took over as leader. Thereafter the band continued to disintegrate, although its name continued to be used on records until the end of the 1920s.
Link440Kirsten Flagstad Kirsten Flagstad NorwayKirsten Flagstad Kirsten Malfrid Flagstad (12 July 1895 - 7 December 1962) was a Norwegian opera singer and a highly regarded dramatic soprano, ranked among the greatest singers of the 20th century.
Link440The John Renbourn Group The John Renbourn Group United KingdomThe John Renbourn Group
Link2024Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers Buddy Wasisname and the Other Fellers CanadaBuddy Wasisname & The Other Fellers
Link638Strawberry Shortcake Strawberry Shortcake Strawberry Shortcake
Link3311ゲスの極み乙女。 ゲスの極み乙女。 Japanゲスの極み乙女。 Gesu no Kiwami Otome Gesu no Kiwami Otome. is Japanese Alternative Rock, Prog Rock Band formed in 2012 by Indigo la End front-man Enon Kawatani. Gesu no Kiwami Otome means "Girl at the Height of Rudeness"
Link440Tangarine Tangarine Tangarine Tangarine is a Dutch folkduo, consisting of twin brothers Sander Brinks (vocals, guitar) and Arnout Brinks (vocals, guitar). The Duo released one more album with the help of their friends. For that album see [a=Tangarine & Friends]
Link1331Mastruz Com Leite Mastruz Com Leite Mastruz Com Leite
Link143Gene & Eunice Gene & Eunice United StatesGene And Eunice
Link637Roberto Ribeiro Roberto Ribeiro BrazilRoberto Ribeiro Dermeval Miranda Maciel Roberto Ribeiro (Campos dos Goytacazes, July 20, 1940 - Rio de Janeiro, January 8, 1996) was a Brazilian samba singer. Member of samba crew of Império Serrano, Roberto Ribeiro built a respectable career as a performer and composer since the mid-1960s. Well-modulated voice and lean phrasing, his repertoire included all kinds of sambas, as afoxés, Ijexá, Maracatu and other African rhythms. He has over 20 albums recorded with popular hits like the songs "Acreditar", "Estrela de Madureira" "Todo Menino É Um Rei", "Malandros Maneiros", "Fala Brasil" and "Amor De Verdade".
Link2221ديانا حداد ديانا حداد LebanonDiana Haddadديانا حداد ديانا جوزيف فؤاد حداد‎ (Diyānā Jōzēf Fu'ād Ḥaddād) Diana Haddad (born 1976) is a Lebanese female pop singer with Emirati citizenship. She is married to the Emirati TV director [a=سهيل العبدول] (Suhail Al Abdoul).
Link1924Wolfgun Wolfgun Wolfgun Cory Hale
Link367Marcos Witt Marcos Witt Marcos Witt
Link637The Collins Kids The Collins Kids United StatesThe Collins Kids The Collins Kids were a teenage rockabilly duo, featuring sister [a=Lorrie Collins] (born May 7, 1942, in Tahlequah, Oklahoma) and younger brother [a=Larry Collins] (born October 4, 1944, in Tulsa, Oklahoma). They had several hits in the late 1950s, including "Hop, Skip and Jump", "Beetle Bug Bop" and "Hoy Hoy", particularly appealing to the younger generation. They made regular TV appears in the late 1950s and early 60s, before Lorrie "retired" at age 19 in 1961. The Collins Kids reunited for a rockabilly revival concert in England in 1993 and continue to perform together.
Link736Twitching Tongues Twitching Tongues Los AngelesUS hardcore bandTwitching Tongues Los Angeles based Alternative/Metal/Hardcore band. Named themselves after a song from mid 90s band Only Living Witness. Founded by the Young brothers Taylor and Colin.
Link1429Ömür Göksel Ömür Göksel TurkeyÖmür Göksel
Link2716Hemenway Hemenway JapanHemenway
Link736Morbid Saint Morbid Saint United StatesMorbid Saint Morbid Saint was formed in 1982 in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, USA. In 1988 they release their first demo "Lock Up Your Children". It was a limited edition of only 400 copies and it was distributed in shows by the band only. This demo was later released by the mexican label Avanzada Metálica as "Spectrum Of Death" LP, with only a slight difference in the sound (pitch and tempo). The producer was Eric Greif, the owner of Edge Entertainment and the manager of [a=Chuck Schuldiner]. In 1992 they released "Destruction System" demo. They split up in 1994 and reunited in 2010. Current line-up: Pat Lind - vocals (1988-1994 & 2010-present) Jay Visser - guitar (1982-1994 & 2010-present) Kevin Koski - guitars (2011-present) Bob Zabel - bass (2010-present) Randy Wall - drums (2010-present) Past members: Bob Sinjakovic - vocals (1987-1988) Jim Fergades - guitars (1982-1994, 2010-?) Mike Chappa - bass (1982-1987) Tony Paletti - bass (1987-1990) Gary Beimel - bass (1990-1994) Lance Wolf - drums (1984) Lee Reynolds - drums (1984-1994) Chris Jacobs - drums (2010)
Link241Clint Holmes Clint Holmes United StatesClint Holmes
Link340Jan & Zwaan Jan & Zwaan Jan & Zwaan Zwaantje Pieters, Jan van de Beld
Link2518The Echelon Effect The Echelon Effect post-rock/ambient artist from London, UKThe Echelon Effect David Walters
Link538Claudia de Colombia Claudia de Colombia Claudia De Colombia Blanca Gladys Caldas Méndez Colombian singer/vocalist, born on January 21, 1950 in Bogotá, Colombia.
Link736Jean Guillou Jean Guillou FranceFrench composer and organistJean Guillou French composer, organist, pianist, and pedagogue, born 18 April 1930 in Angers, France.
Link1231Kleiton & Kledir Kleiton & Kledir BrazilKleiton & Kledir Kleiton Alves Ramil e Kledir Alves Ramil Kleiton & Kledir is a pair of Brazilian musicians. They are brothers and were born in Pelotas, Rio Grande do Sul. Are singers and composers of Brazilian popular music. They are also brothers of the musician Vitor Ramil. Kleiton and Kledir Alves Ramil started studying music very early and in 70 years, with three friends launched the band Almôndegas. Four albums, countless gigs and move to Rio de Janeiro. When the group broke up, the brothers decided to pursue a dual career. In 1980 came the first disc of the double. Success was immediate and attracted many shows throughout Brazil. They released five albums (plus one in Spanish), which earned them a gold album and shows in the USA, Europe and Latin America. They recorded in Los Angeles, New York, Lisbon, Paris, Miami and Buenos Aires. His compositions were recorded by Simone, Nara Leão, MPB4, Caetano Veloso, Xuxa, Fafa de Belém, Nenhum de Nós, Zizi Possi, Ivan Lins, Chitãozinho & Xororó, Zeze di Camargo and Luciano, Leonardo, Belchior, Emilio Santiago, Claudia Leitte and many others. Also worldwide versions of their songs have gained great artists like Mercedes Sosa and Fito Paez, a Portuguese singer Eugenia Melo e Castro and Japanese Chile. Kleiton & Kledir definitely brought to the Brazilian culture to the new music Gaucho. Eternalized a different accent, its own way of speaking and singing, with hitherto unknown terms as "deu pra ti" ("given to you") and "tri legal" ("tri cool"). According to one critic of the time, seemed "a British duo, singing in a language reminiscent of the Portuguese." Eventually became symbols of the gaucho contemporary of modern humans in southern Brazil, which made them the state government conferred the title of "Cultural Ambassadors of Rio Grande do Sul." In 1987, despite such success, the duo decided to separate. After seven years, resumed his career. They released CDs "Dois" (Som Livre), Clássicos do Sul (Universal) and compilations that have sold over half a million copies. They were in Paris presenting a series of shows at the Louvre Museum and traveled twice on tour in the USA. In the carnival of 2002 were honored by the School of Samba Caprichosos de Pilares of which paraded with a storyline inspired by the song gave to you. In 2008, preparing to record a new album of new material that should come out in 2009. Meanwhile, here are traveling throughout Brazil to show the CD / DVD & Kleiton Kledir - Live, where they make a remake of his career so successful. The album is a release Som Livre / RBS - with Britain's Paul Ralphes production - and TIM was awarded the Best Album of the Year in the category of popular song. The CD and DVD Autoretrato, released in 2009 is a project of new songs. The DVD format documentary film brings together previously unreleased songs and stories that permeate their creations, telling about the life of the gaucho double. Autoretrato, the title track, is a conversation between two friends, where everyone comes clean and reveals its secrets.
Link142李翊君 李翊君 李翊君 Taiwanese singer. English name: Lee E-jun
Link241Jud Strunk Jud Strunk United StatesJud Strunk Justin Roderick Strunk, Jr. American Country singer (11 June 1936-15 October 1981). Worked as an actor on Broadway and Television before recording three albums between 1970 and 1977. Died when the plane he was piloting crashed following a sudden heart attack.
Link142Willy Stamati Willy Stamati Willy Stamati Post-industrial / noise / ambient one-man project from Donetsk, Ukraine. Active since 2007.
Link934Петлюра Петлюра RussiaЮрий Владиславович БарабашПетлюра Юрий Барабаш (14.04.1974 - 28.09.1996)
Link340Agnaldo Rayol Agnaldo Rayol Agnaldo Rayol Agnaldo Coniglio Rayol Brazilian singer (Rio de Janeiro - May 3, 1938).
Link439Roberto Pulido y los Clásicos Roberto Pulido y los Clásicos Roberto Pulido Y Los Clasicos
Link439Thelonious Monk Quintet Thelonious Monk Quintet The Thelonious Monk Quintet
Link142Just Luis Just Luis SpainJust Luis Just Luis
Link736Leize Leize Leize
Link142Tony Mottola and His Orchestra Tony Mottola and His Orchestra United StatesTony Mottola And His Orchestra
Link241Exoplanet Exoplanet Exoplanet Oscar Thomas van der Knaap Electronic music producer from Groningen, Netherlands Born:05-04-1988
Link637Wrinkle Neck Mules Wrinkle Neck Mules Wrinkle Neck Mules American alternative country rock band from Richmond, Virginia. The band was founded in 1999 and keeps only a limited touring schedule because the members are split between Virginia and Texas.
Link2122Morphinist Morphinist Morphinist
Link241Susan Jacks Susan Jacks CanadaSusan Jacks Susan Pesklevits
Link2815Lord and Master Lord and Master Lord And Master Daniel Bailey-Graham Prolific British electronic pop and dance music producer, writer and vocalist, inspired by synthpop, new wave and other electronic groups such as Pet Shop Boys, Royksopp, Faithless and The Knife.
Link1330Vile Electrodes Vile Electrodes Vile Electrodes Biography We initially formed through a mutual affection for early synthpop, delta blues, horror film soundtracks, rock n roll and miserable indie bands, but our sound has probably been equally influenced by fetish porn, crap dead-end jobs and an unhealthy obsession with analogue synthesizers.
Link142Georgie Shaw Georgie Shaw Georgie Shaw
Link538The Sunstreams The Sunstreams The Sunstreams Wim Liebers, Johnny Meijers, Theo Vissers, Freek Wijers Dutch band, formed in 1965 in Nijmegen.
Link241Raul Marrero Raul Marrero Raul Marrero
Link637Nai Harvest Nai Harvest Nai Harvest
Link142Akoustik Timbre Frekuency Akoustik Timbre Frekuency Akoustik Timbre Frekuency Priapus23 Akoustik Timbre Frekuency utilises a variety of Ritual Instruments inkluding singing bowls, rain sticks, Tibetan horns, aura chimes, shamanik rattles as well as synthesised sounds to kreate trance-augmenting bakground atmospheriks for Ritual usage, no matter what path thee praktitioner may follow. Kompositions have been kreated using field rekordings from lokations ranging from treetops to sewers, from nature parks to pubs on a Friday night. ATF have been kreating and evolving their own style of Ritual Muziks for 11 years with over 35 releases and re-releases and many kompilation appearances for a variety of labels. You kan download many of thee kompositions, find information etc, from thee websites below.
Link934Power Metal Power Metal IndonesiaPower Metal
Link2122Cedarmont Kids Cedarmont Kids Cedarmont Kids
Link637The Satelliters The Satelliters The Satelliters [b]Members:[/b] Alex - Drums Thomas - Bass Steve - Vocals, Organ Zahni - Guitar [b]Past Members:[/b] Ace - Drums Christoph Geißler - Guitar Diego - Bass Eff - Guitar Hanes - Drums Marko Klapp - Guitar Simba Silverball - Guitar
Link340Coupé Cloué Coupé Cloué HaitiCoupé Cloué Haitian musician.(1925-1998)
Link340Queen Ida and The Bon Temps Zydeco Band Queen Ida and The Bon Temps Zydeco Band Queen Ida And The Bon Temps Zydeco Band
Link835Abated Mass of Flesh Abated Mass of Flesh Abated Mass Of Flesh Death metal band from Murfreesboro, TN, US.
Link240Yan Cook Yan Cook Yan Cook DJ and producer from Kiev (Ukraine).
Link141Los Chacos Los Chacos Los Chacos
Link1923Pop Design Pop Design Pop Design Slovenian pop rock band formed in 1985.
Link735Игорь Корнелюк Игорь Корнелюк RussiaИгорь Корнелюк Игорь Евгеньевич Корнелюк Igor Yevgenyevich Kornelyuk (b. 16 November 1962, Brest, Belorussia) — Soviet/Russian composer, singer, producer.
Link141DJ Aakmael DJ Aakmael DJ Aakmael Greg Stewart Being a true music head, DJ Aakmael is not your average DJ/Producer. The development of his style is the result of a lifetime of musical influence. Growing up in a talented musical family meant that he was always surrounded by different forms of music. His mother sang day and night, his father played in a local band and both had vast amounts of records. There were other members that held different positions in colleges and universities under the music teaching staff. It was Aakmael’s goal as a child to have as much music as his parents and eventually surpassed their record collection at a very early age. A multi talented musician; Dj Aakmael started djing at the age of 16 and has played in clubs across the USA & did a 20 year radio stint WDCE 90.1fm. in Virginia. He has since released fantastic house jams on labels such as Bumping City Records, Earthrumental, Kolour, Unxpozd, People of Earth, Church, Unified Records, Cyberjamz, Uzuri and the list goes on and on!.
Link933Anna-Lotta Larsson Anna-Lotta Larsson SwedenAnna-Lotta Larsson Anna-Lotta Larsson Swedish singer is born 05.04.1954 in Karlstad/Sweden.
Link438Los Huasos Quincheros Los Huasos Quincheros ChileLos Huasos Quincheros Chilean folk band founded in the 30s as [a=Los Quincheros]. After a legal dispute they renamed as Los Huasos Quincheros in 1958, and still active, leaded by Benjamín Mackenna since 1965. Actually they are Benjamín Mackenna, Ricardo Videla, Antonio Antoncich and Rodrigo Zegers.
Link1131Darrell Mansfield Darrell Mansfield United StatesDarrell Mansfield Vocalist and harmonica player. He is to be found on albums by Loverboy, Bon Jovi & Van Halen among others.
Link339L'hereu escampa L'hereu escampa SpainL'hereu Escampa
Link240Joe Maphis Joe Maphis United StatesJoe Maphis Otis W. Maphis American country music guitarist. Born : May 12, 1921 in Suffolk, Virginia. Died : June 27, 1986 in Nashville, Tennessee.
Link2517وائل كفوري وائل كفوري وائل كفوري ميشال ايميل كفوري (Michele Emile Kfouri) Wa'il Kfouri (born 1974 in Zahle) is a Lebanese singer and songwriter.
Link2220Unlucky Morpheus Unlucky Morpheus JapanUnlucky Morpheus
Link240頭脳警察 頭脳警察 Japan頭脳警察 頭脳警察 Japanese ur-punk/rock band formed in 1970 by [a=Panta] and [a=Toshiaki Ishizuka]. The group's name means "Brain Police" (Zuno Keisatsu in Japanese) and was taken from a Frank Zappa song. They rapidly became known for the extreme left-wing opinions expressed in their lyrics. The group released six studio albums before splitting up in 1975. They later reformed in 1991 and again in 2001.
Link240Horace Ferguson Horace Ferguson Horace Ferguson
Link636Sunny Day Service Sunny Day Service Sunny Day Service
Link141The Happy Goodman Family The Happy Goodman Family The Happy Goodman Family The Happy Goodman Family was a Southern gospel group that was founded in the 1940's by [url=]Howard "Happy" Goodman[/url] and performed together for several decades. The Happy Goodman Family achieved significant popularity in the 1960's.
Link2517欅坂46 欅坂46 JapanNogizaka46's first sister group欅坂46 Keyakizaka46. Japanese girl idol group, formed in August 2015. Sister group to [a=乃木坂46].
Link141Dallas Frazier Dallas Frazier United StatesDallas Frazier Dallas June Frazier American songwriter and musician born October 27, 1939 in Spiro, Oklahoma.
Link636Jakub Smolík Jakub Smolík Czech RepublicJakub Smolík Jaroslav Smolík Czech vocalist He was born September 18, 1959 in Domažlice (former Czechoslovakia)
Link636Introvoys Introvoys PhilippinesIntrovoys INTRoVOYS is a Filipino pop rock band formed in 1986 by 3rd-G Cristobal, Paco Arespacochaga and [a=Jonathan Buencamino]. The band is now based in Los Angeles, California.
Link1428SOHN SOHN United KingdomLondon-born and Vienna-based musicianSOHN Christopher Michael Taylor English singer-songwriter and record producer.
Link339Tom Wopat Tom Wopat United StatesTom Wopat While Tom Wopat is best known for being Luke Duke on the Dukes Of Hazzard television show, he also is a recording artist and stage actor.
Link240Pianoman Pianoman Pianoman James Sammon James Sammon established his name and Pianoman brand during the early nineties House Music boom, where he self released a series of white labels under the alias of PCP. One of the tracks called "Whitney Tune" taken from Volume Two became and instant club anthem, due to its hands in the air piano breaks and big lush strings sound. Several other EP's followed as Sammon began to run his own label called Piano Choons via legendary UK/Italian House label Disco Magic UK. Over a period of two years tracks were produced and released, which are now anthems on what is called these days the Old School scene. This included tracks such as Tribute To Asha, Cast A Spell, Revelation, Rock And Move, Pump This Party, Together and Day Dreaming. In 1994 James produced and pressed up 300 copies of a bootleg track he made that he called "Blurred", on account of it containing a sample of Damon Albarn from the indie group Blur, by this time using the name Pianoman. The track "Blurred" was an overnight success and sold the first 300 units in less than twenty minutes after it was played on Kiss FM by Graham Gold and BBC 1 by John Peel and Pete Tong. Two years later the track was released on 3 Beat records via London/FFRR and went straight into the UK chart top ten at number 6, staying in the chart for a full four weeks. Appearances on Top Of The Pops and MTV followed, as well as featuring on the Radio One roadshow and the Smash Hits roadshow tour. In all Blurred sold 480,000 copies in the UK alone. Recently, with the revival of the 90's sound the track has seen new life and appealed to the next generation by appearing on compilation albums by Ministry Of Sound, EMI Music, AATW Records and Sony Europe. Because of his love for the Piano House sound, James has recently started making the style of tracks that made his name again, and been DJing and doing live performances at events and venues in the UK. (Bowlers, Life, Entourage, This Is Old School, Goodtimes, State Club, 051 Reunion and many more) Teaming up with Shaun "Boy Raver" Lever and Nathan Shaw to produce a whole new set of Old School Anthems for the scene. Between 2006-2008, Sammon concentrated on song writing and producing various forms of House Music from Bassline House to Electro. This saw him write several club smashes, such as So In Love, which was vocalled by up and coming singer Malisha Bleau. The track became a club smash, and several remixes saw it obtain a massive Youtube following, which ended up with the track being licenced to a Ministry Of Sound compilation album. Other tracks such as Missing You and Ain't Your Sweet Thing which featured the then unknown Birmingham based singer Jenny Jones also interested Ministry, and Missing You was signed as a single which lead to Sammon and his then co writing partner Hinto each getting publishing deals with 23rd Precinct Music publishing on account of a Euro Dance track called Eternity under the name of BPM being signed to AATW Records. Always moving with the times, James now writes and produces Electro and EDM house tracks under the name of Low Pass. In similar geres to artists such as Zedd, Deadmau5 and Calvin Harris. A DJ all the time he has produced, James can DJ across many dance genres with his DJ and producing partner Nathan Shaw.
Link1230Baja Mali Knindža Baja Mali Knindža Bosnian Serb Folk SingerBaja Mali Knindža
Link438The Dizzy Gillespie Quintet The Dizzy Gillespie Quintet United StatesDizzy Gillespie Quintet
Link1230Lujuria Lujuria SpainLujuria
Link141Dickie Rock Dickie Rock IrelandDickie Rock Richard Rock Irish singer, born 10 October 1936 in Cabra, Dublin. In 1966, he sung for Ireland in the 1966 Eurovision Song Contest with the song, "Come Back to Stay". He finished fourth in the Contest. Between 1963 and 1972 he was one of the frontmen of the Miami Showband (who were later in the headlines due to the Miami Showband killings incident).
Link1824khoven khoven Khoven Valyri Slavin
Link240Big Ben Hawaiian Band Big Ben Hawaiian Band Big Ben Hawaiian Band
Link042Электрон Электрон Электрон Surf band from the USSR. Transcribes as "Elektron"
Link1230Jimmy Thackery and The Drivers Jimmy Thackery and The Drivers United StatesJimmy Thackery & The Drivers Trio formed by Jimmy Thackery in 1992 following the breakup of his previous group, the Assassins. Debut album "Empty Arms Motel" was released the same year.
Link240Vånna Inget Vånna Inget SwedenVånna Inget
Link240Delton Screechie Delton Screechie Reggae singerDelton Screechie
Link537Metalinda Metalinda SlovakiaMetalinda Hard rock band from Slovakia. Formed in 1983 in Bratislava (former Czechoslovakia). Members : 1983 – 1985 Peter Sámel - Leader, Guitar Ján Lapoš - Drums Vlado Suchán - Bass Gitar Dušan Horecký - Vocals Michal Kovalčík - Guitar 1986 – 1998 Peter Sámel - Leader, Guitar Ján Lapoš - Drums Vlado Suchán - Bass Guitar Paľo Drapák - Vocals Michal Kovalčík - Guitar 1998 – 2000 Peter Sámel - Leader, Guitar Vlado Suchán - Bass Guitar Paľo Drapák - Vocals 2000 – 2003 Peter Sámel - Leader, Guitar Vlado Suchán - Bass Guitar Peter Kertvel - Drums Roman Čief - Vocals 2003 – 2006 Peter Sámel - Leader, Guitar Vlado Suchán - Bass Guitar Peter Kertvel - Drums Dušan Horecký - Vocals 2006 – 2006 Peter Sámel - Leader, Guitar Ľubo Šimkovič - Bass Guitar Peter Kertvel - Drums Paťo Imre - Vocals 2006 – 2007 Peter Sámel - Leader, Guitar Ľubo Šimkovič - Bass Guitar Peter Kertvel - Drums Paťo Imre - Vocals Jožo Szelle - Guitar 2007 - 2008 Peter Sámel - Leader, Guitar Ľubo Šimkovič - Bass Guitar Peter Kertvel - Drums Paťo Imre - Vocals 2008 - 2009 Peter Sámel - Leader, Guitar Roman Pecha - Bass Guitar Peter Kollar - Drums Paťo Imre - Vocals 2009 - Peter Sámel - Leader, Guitar Fero Gašparík - Bass Guitar Peter Kollar - Drums Roman Čief - Vocals
Link141José Malhoa José Malhoa PortugalJosé Malhoa Portuguese singer, born in Lisbon in Belém neighborhood, and it was here, on the dances of the community Alves Rente, were he started singing. Began to sing fado after Spanish music. His favorite artist was Tony de Matos, because of his romantic songs. After leaving the army does a version of "Cara de Cigana"[Gypsy Face], original Daniel Magal, which becomes a great success. Edit other discs under Orpheus and Radio Triunfo labels. Sang in calls mini-shows across Portugal. Launches the singles "Amor de Verão" [Summer Love] and others and signs contract with CBS (later Sony Music). With his ​​daughter [a1300408] recorded the album "Pai Amigo" [Father Friend]. In Discossete released a single "24 Rosas" [24 Roses], Juan Sebastian, who becomes another great success. It is a founding editor of Espacial label. Collaborates on many themes with the composer Ricardo Landum. Gets great attention with songs like "Baile de Verão" [Summer Ball]. In 2011, it released the album "[r4523835]", which became also a great success. He is the father of singer [a1300408].
Link339Władysław Komendarek Władysław Komendarek PolandWładysław Komendarek
Link1923THE BAWDIES THE BAWDIES JapanThe Bawdies
Link240Jon Butcher Axis Jon Butcher Axis United StatesThe Jon Butcher Axis
Link141MC Brains MC Brains MC Brains James, DeShannon Davis His name stands for "Bringing Raps And Instrumentals Non Stop".
Link2121Mellow Jeremy Mellow Jeremy United StatesMellow Jeremy
Link636Feel So Bad Feel So Bad JapanFeel So Bad
Link2418大森靖子 大森靖子 Japan大森靖子 大森靖子 = Seiko Oomori Japanese singer-songwriter. Born September 18, 1987 in Matsuyama, Ehime Prefecture.
Link834Day Wave Day Wave CaliforniaDay Wave Jackson Phillips Essentially the solo vehicle for singer/songwriter Jackson Phillips, Oakland, California's Day Wave make atmospheric, '80s-influenced synth and guitar-based pop. One half of the similarly inclined electronic duo Carousel, Phillips is known for his yearning, often melancholic songs that combine the immediacy of lo-fi bedroom productions with the sonically blurred colorations of ambient and noise pop. twitter: @daywavemusic instagram: @daywavemusic
Link438Cobra Copter Cobra Copter CanadaCobra Copter Kitt Cobra Synthwave producer based in San Bernardino, US.
Link339Verne Meisner Verne Meisner United StatesVerne Meisner LaVerne Donald Meisner American polka musician, born 4 December 1938, died 10 June 2005. Family members: [a5607216] [a5607215] [a4576761]
Link1923Adrian von Ziegler Adrian von Ziegler SwitzerlandAdrian von Ziegler Adrian von Ziegler is a Swiss composer of various styles, book author and philologist by passion (not by official degree) and was born on the 25th December 1989. After his first musical experience of being the drummer in a local Rock Band at age 15/16 he started to develop the urge to compose his own music. Because that wasn't possible for him in the current band and in the position of a drummer he left and bought his first guitar. Throughout the years 2007-2009 he recorded countless demo songs under the artist name "Indigo" in which the guitar would get replaced more and more by the keyboard and orchestral arrangements. In 2008 his music got out into the world for the first time as he set up a Myspace account; the total clicks of his uploaded songs never passed 10'000 though and he got fed up with the account soon. In summer 2009 he came into contact with Magix Music Maker for the first time as he was asked by friends whether he could compose the music for their amateur movie. This eventually turned out to be a breaking point in his music career because the reason why his official YouTube channel got created on 1st August 2009 was only because he wanted to upload those movie scores in order to be able to show them to his friends. It also was the point where he buried his first and only pseudonym "Indigo" and decided to use his real name thenceforth. Through his work with Magix the orchestral elements within his songs became more and more powerful which eventually would be an important aspect of how his own style of Neoclassical Gothic Music and the orchestral Celtic Music came to life in the year 2009. In early 2010 his level of recognition rose within a short time after the songs "A Celtic Tale" and "Your dying Heart" got uploaded and the idea of releasing an own album took form for the first time. The release of his debut album "Requiem" in June 2010 would become the start of an exceptional discography in which a new full-length album would be released in a period of each a few months. Due to the fact that his self made album covers were looking rather unprofessional he decided to search for a visual artist to take the job instead. As it turned out he didn't even have to search because the very first artist that crossed his path was Carina Grimm in August 2010 who would also become his significant other. Carina Grimm since then creates all album artworks plus several other things for him like background pictures, posters, video artworks etc. While he released 2 albums in 2010 (namely Requiem and Lifeclock) the next year he would release 3 (Across Acheron, Wanderer and Mirror of the Night). And in 2012 he released 4 full-length albums: Mortualia, Spellbound, Starchaser and Odyssey. His 10th album was released in May 2013 and according to him he "only just began". Adrian von Ziegler is also an author: He mentioned that he had always been writing fantasy stories and even had the interest of a major German label for one of his writings back in 2007 when he was 17 years young. Since then he focused more on music as a form of creativity but "always knew that I will write a book someday". In 2011 the first idea took form of what would become a vast fictional, and completely self-created world. This development continued steadily and by 2012 he began his work on a fantasy epic planned out as a trilogy but "more likely to become a pentalogy". He is also writing his own soundtrack to the fictional story, much like the soundtrack of the Lord of the Rings and is inventing several own languages from scratch, being a hobby philologist and etymologist as stated.
Link141Lea Roberts Lea Roberts Lea Roberts Leatha Roberta Hicks Soul singer. Born on 15 April 1946 in Dayton, Ohio, USA.
Link141Tripmastaz Tripmastaz Andrew GuyvoronskyTripmastaz Andrew Guyvoronsky Russian producer based in St. Petersburg. He is the founder of [l=Plant 74 Records].
Link141Broery Marantika Broery Marantika IndonesiaBroery Marantika Simon Dominggus Pesulima Indonesian singer (25 June 1948, Ambon, Maluku - 7 April 2000, Jakarta).
Link239Darrell McCall Darrell McCall Darrell McCall Darrell Jay McCall American country musician and songwriter, born April 30, 1940 in New Jasper, Ohio, USA. Uncle of [a2881597].
Link833Лариса Черникова Лариса Черникова Лариса Черникова Черникова Лариса Владимировна Was born 17.08.1974 in Kursk, USSR. Started solo-career in 1994.
Link140Sydney Fresh Sydney Fresh Sydney Fresh
Link338Al Donahue and His Orchestra Al Donahue and His Orchestra United StatesAl Donahue And His Orchestra 1938-c1960 American swing band formed by [a=Al Donahue]. Personnel over the years included [a=Stan Getz]; [a=Ray Anthony] and wife [a=Dee Keating].
Link833Hadda Brooks Hadda Brooks United StatesHadda Brooks Hattie L. Hapgood Born: 29th October 1916 Los Angeles, California, USA Died: 21st November 2002 Los Angeles, California, USA American pianist, vocalist and composer.
Link437Margriet Eshuijs Margriet Eshuijs NetherlandsMargriet Eshuijs Dutch singer, born on October 14th 1952 in Zaandam. During the 1970s Eshuijs was married to [a=Dick Buysman] for a few years.
Link536Drug Church Drug Church AlbanyDrug Church Drug Church is a Hardcore Punk Band from Albany, New York.
Link140Vigrass & Osborne Vigrass & Osborne Vigrass & Osborne
Link239Rhyze Rhyze Rhyze Disco - soul group from Jersey City, New Jersey.
Link1526Tokyo Kid Brothers Tokyo Kid Brothers JapanTokyo Kid Brothers Japan musical theatre group. Formed in 1968 by [a=Yutaka Higashi]. Other founder members included [a=Itsuroh Shimoda], Noriyoshi Saito, Noboru Mine, Yoko Kaji, and Yukiko Kobayashi. The group disbanded following Higashi's death in 2000.
Link2120Азис Азис BulgariaАзис Васил Трaянов Боянов Azis, born Vasil Trayanov Boyanov ON 7 March 1978 is a Bulgarian Chalga (pop-folk) singer, of Bulgarian Roma (Gypsy) descent. He is known for his unusual gender expression[5] and his flamboyant persona. Azis has collaborated with other Bulgarian pop-folk (Chalga) singers.
Link833Коловрат Коловрат Коловрат RAC group from Москва́ (Moscow], Russia, formed in 1997. Formerly known as [a=Русское Гетто] (Russian Ghetto), 1994-1997
Link635Roy Haynes Quartet Roy Haynes Quartet United StatesRoy Haynes Quartet
Link833Ary Lobo Ary Lobo Ary Lobo Gabriel Eusébio dos Santos Lobo Gabriel Eusébio dos Santos Lobo (Belém, 14 de agosto de 1930 - Fortaleza , 22 de agosto de 1980), more commonly known as Ary Lobo, was a Brazilian singer composer who had great success in the 40s and 50s Ary Lobo had more that 700 interpretations of his songs recorded by a variety of artists. He was a staunch defender of roots Northeastern music. Similar in style to Jackson do Pandeiro, singing baião, cocos & rojões,
Link1031Totální nasazení Totální nasazení Czech RepublicTotální Nasazení Punk rock band from Slaný, Czech Republic. Formed in 1990.
Link635Dream Wife Dream Wife Dream Wife Dream Wife are London based musicians Alice Go, Bella Podpadec and Icelandic singer Rakel Mjöll. They formed at art school in Brighton where the project began as a performance art piece. Dream Wife make music embracing their love for edgy pop. Oozing girl power the music juxtaposes simple pop hooks, cutting riffs and screamy, dreamy vocals.
Link140ЖЫ ЖЫ ЖЫ Producer from Russia.
Link437Erol Evgin Erol Evgin TurkeyErol Evgin
Link734Sherrié Austin Sherrié Austin AustraliaSherrié Austin Sherrie Veronica Krenn Australian actor and singer / songwriter, born August 28, 1970 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia.
Link239Karol XVII & MB Valence Karol XVII & MB Valence Karol XVII and MB Valence duo projectKarol XVII & MB Valence Polish House/Soulful/Deep-House DJ & producer duo, composed of [a=Karol XVII] (aka Karol Samocki) & [a=MB Valence] (aka Marek Bigajski). Co-founded digital label [l=Loco Records (2)] in 2007.
Link1328Trademarks & Copyrights Trademarks & Copyrights ArgentinaTrademarks & Copyrights Welcome to Trademarks & Copyrights! We can provide you the best management in ® and ©. Just like that. No questions, no answers. You need something? We'll give it to you. And thank you for trust us.
Link2021Occams Laser Occams Laser Isle of WightOccams Laser Tom Stuart
Link140Luis Gardey Luis Gardey Luis Gardey José Luis García Moris
Link239DJ Koco DJ Koco DJ Koco
Link437Brickman Brickman Brickman Elizar Pirogov Brickman was born in 1992 in St.Petersburg, Russia. Started to create music at the age of 15. Dipping his toes in various genres Elizar eventually settled with dub techno, techno and ambient music.
Link338Angel Du$t Angel Du$t Angel Du$t Hardcore punk band from Baltimore, US. Members of [a1256042], [a2878319], [a1874369], [a1881858], [a2935588] and [a2921052].
Link1328Pavel Dobeš Pavel Dobeš Czech RepublicPavel Dobeš Czech singer/songwriter. Born: March 22, 1949 in Frydek-Mistek, Czech Republic.
Link536Рома Жуков Рома Жуков Рома Жуков Роман Жуков Born 19.04.1967 in Orel, Russia
Link140Agitation Phi Agitation Phi WolfsbergAgitation Phi Sanja Steflitsch Agitation Phi started as an experimental project focusing on the possibilities of transforming bass guitar into various tonal ranges in 2011. During the past years her musick evolved into various fields of sonic mayhem outside the borders of genre-boredom. From the beginning on, these recording sessions were seen as a form of ritual, done in a free-improvisation style with little to none post procession. Phi experimented with effects pedals and amplifier feedback and started to include hardware synthesizers and drum machines in 2015, which resulted in recordings, much reminiscent of the 90’s acid house scene but always with an subconscious drive to just touch these genres without getting soaked into them. The psychedelic artist is someone who strives to create his own magickal reality apart from society’s standards, and therefore is a heretic, only devoted to his very own imagination and realization.
Link401SILENT SIREN SILENT SIREN JapanSilent Siren Silent Siren is an all-female band from Japan that was established in 2010. Their current four members are Sumire "Suu" Yoshida, Hinako "Hinanchu" Umemura, Aina "Ainyan" Yamauchi and Yukako "Yukarun" Kurosaka. Suu does the vocals and plays the guitar, Hinanchu the drums, Ainyan the bass and Yukarun the keyboard.
Link338The Jazz Jousters The Jazz Jousters [Worldwide]The Jazz Jousters The Jazz Jousters An international Jazzhop and fusion collective put together by [url=]Gadget[/url] of [url=]Millennium Jazz Music[/url] Bandcamd members and features have so far included, Gadget, Skinnista, DJ Mentos, Jaze Baqti, Bones The Beat Head, Awakening Dawn, SmokedBeat, Es-K, B3NBi, Mr. Moods, Stay Classy, RickMal, Oldy Clap Recordz, Diligent Fingers, FloFilz, Blue Buttonz, Wriggly Scott, Pawcut, The Specialists, DJ B-One, DJ AGee (Rapshack/Itch FM), DJ Mr Lob, Ja:Kova, DJ Jimmy Mac, £ENA, Carminelitta, OJB, Elyon Beats, Carys Matic, DJ Hellblazer, Koncise, Slim The Chemist, Pigeondust, KNYT, Erik Jackson, Dyversity Beats, DRTY DRDZ, Joe Davies, Beatzspeaks Loud, Slugga T, LeeN, DJ Jonny Jazz, Emma Louise (Seeking Shaler), DJ Bamboo, Organiq Creator, Cheese, Vicky Flint, Nomad, Lady Paradox, Gyspy Eyes, MarLikNun, Scaley WaleZ Aleksander Koziel, Jazz Kat, DJ Freud, DJ Vinyldigger, DJ Walla Pee, Combine Vibes, Dr Dundiff, Adnana Sun, Dr MaD, Téhu, Ana Brearu, Fred 2KN, Baylum, dL of Decades, Benito Turntable, Lou Mistrau,, Vinkate, Slone, DJ Ducky Touch, Says Who?, DJ Vindictiv, B-Side, Devaloop, ILL Treats, Charlie Mac and more...
Link140Tot Taylor Tot Taylor Tot Taylor Tot Taylor Singer-songwriter, composer, record producer, art curator. Born Cambridge, lives London, UK.
Link437Benny Hester Benny Hester United StatesBenny Hester Benny Ray Hester American singer, songwriter and producer, born May 3, 1948 in Waco, Texas. Best known for writing and recording "When God Ran", the longest running number one song in Contemporary Christian Music history and "Nobody Knows Me Like You", the first CCM song to break the Billboard Top 50 Adult Contemporary Chart. He also produced the television series Roundhouse.
Link437Midnight String Quartet Midnight String Quartet United StatesMidnight String Quartet American easy listening chamber music quartet made up of students from the University of Southern California. Active from 1966 to the mid 1970's.
Link1427Issac Delgado Issac Delgado CubaCuban founder of NG La BandaIssac Delgado Issac Felipe Delgado-Ramirez Salsa and timba singer, born on September 11, 1962 in Marianao, Habana, Cuba. Also known as "El Chévere de la Salsa Cubana". In 1983 he joined Pachito Alonso y Sus Kini Kini as main singer, in 1988 he leaded NG La Banda with whom he won the best band award (1990/1991). In 1991 he founded his own band.
Link140Chuy Reyes & His Orchestra Chuy Reyes & His Orchestra Chuy Reyes & His Orchestra
Link140Anne Vanderlove Anne Vanderlove Anne Vanderlove born: dec 11 1943, Den Haag
Link1822Rionegro & Solimões Rionegro & Solimões Rionegro & Solimões
Link139Ρόζα Εσκενάζυ Ρόζα Εσκενάζυ GreeceΡόζα Εσκενάζυ Roza Eskenazi (mid-1890s – 2 December 1980) was a famous Jewish-Greek singer of rebetiko and Greek folk music born in Constantinople, whose recording and stage career extended from the late 1920s into the 1970s.
Link337Engage Blue Engage Blue JapanEngage Blue Yosuke Hamada Engage Blue is the japanese hard sound project by Yosuke Hamada. His production career started at 15 years old. he obtained a KORG synthsizer and made the first track; it was based on hard trance. Afterwards through some genre production, he arrived at hardcore/gabber scene in 2008. In 2009, he self-released first ep. and following year his tracks was received attention from foreign DJs and began to appear in their mix. The turning point of his career happend in winter 2012. He decided to send a demo for sign with overseas label. Within 1 hour he received a good response that lead to contract with Noisj (NL), has debuted on Red Fever Recordings in march 2013.
Link733Stockton's Wing Stockton's Wing IrelandStockton's Wing Irish band formed in 1977 by four All-Ireland champion musicians.
Link139Black Britain Black Britain Black Britain Synth funk - brit house british quintet assisted by [a=Paul Weller]
Link1327MASTER BOOT RECORD MASTER BOOT RECORD ItalyMaster Boot Record Avantgarde electronic project from Rome, Italy.
Link139Choc Stars Choc Stars Democratic Republic of the Congosoukous band from Congo, founded 1983Choc Stars The Choc Stars are a soukous band from the Democratic Republic of the Congo. The band was founded in 1983 by Ben Nyamabo, and has since published over 50 albums. The apex of their success was in the 1980s, when guitarist and vocalist Bozi Boziana wrote some of their most appreciated hits, such as Sandu Kotti, Alena, Mbuta-Mutu, and Retrouvailles a Paris.
Link337Reynaldo Meza y Los Paraguayos Reynaldo Meza y Los Paraguayos ParaguayReynaldo Meza Y Los Paraguayos [b]"Los Paraguayos", Chapter 3 (1974 to 2002)[/b] Paraguayan folk/Latin music group, active in and around Europe. After [a=Luis Alberto Del Parana] died in September 1974, his brother [a=Reynaldo Meza] continued the legacy of the Paraguayos and took over leadership of the band under the new name of [a=Reynaldo Meza Y Los Paraguayos]. The tradition of fluctuating and rotating group personell continued, as did recording and touring for another three decades until Reynaldo passed away in 2002 after a long illness.
Link733Gelugugu Gelugugu SKAGelugugu The GELUGUGU is a Japanese ska-core band formed in 1996 in Osaka.
Link3010Kelly Howell Kelly Howell Kelly Howell
Link337King Biscuit Boy King Biscuit Boy CanadaKing Biscuit Boy Richard Alfred Newell Born: March 9, 1944, Hamilton, Ontario Died: January 5, 2003, Hamilton, Ontario Stage name of Richard Alfred Newell, the Canadian blues musician noted for his harmonica playing. The name was taken from the 'King Biscuit Time' radio program, and was given to him by rock 'n' roll musician Ronald "Ronnie" Hawkins whilst he was playing as part of his backing band.
Link1030The Dualers The Dualers The Dualers The Dualers are a 9 piece ska / reggae band from South East London. They first hit the headlines when the single Kiss on the Lips stormed in to the UK top 30 despite no industry backing. With a number of album releases, several top 40 chart singles and an ever increasing large worldwide fan base behind them their success has continued. The Dualers unique Jamaican style rhythm & blues sound teamed with their lively vibrant performances has seen the band consistently perform to sell-out crowds all over the UK, Europe & Asia.
Link733M. Geddes Gengras M. Geddes Gengras United StatesM. Geddes Gengras M. Geddes Gengras
Link139Tony Sherman Tony Sherman Tony Sherman Tony Shearman Born in Curaçao, but lived in Amsterdam, The Netherlands and Helmond, The Netherlands afterwards. Brother of [a=Kenneth Sherman].
Link1030Pod Budą Pod Budą PolandPod Budą Polish folk band from Kraków, Poland. Formed in 1977. First line-up: Andrzej Sikorowski (voc, g) Anna Treter (voc) Chariklia Motsiou (voc) Jan Hnatowicz (g) Andrzej Żurek (bg) Krzysztof Gawlik (viol) Current line-up: Andrzej Sikorowski (voc, g) Anna Treter (voc, keyb) Maja Sikorowska (voc) Marek Tomczyk (g) Andrzej Żurek (bg)
Link2119Antony Santos Antony Santos Dominican RepublicAntony Santos Not to be confused with [url=]Anthony "Romeo" Santos[/url], lead singer of [a187506], another bachata artist. Also known as [i]El Mayimbe "El Bachatú"[/i]. Born on May 5, 1967 in Las Clavellinas, Las Matas De Santa Cruz, Montecristi, Dominican Republic.
Link1723J. Lawrence Cook J. Lawrence Cook United StatesJ. Lawrence Cook Jean Lawrence Cook American pianist who recorded thousands of "piano rolls" (ragtime, jazz, showtunes and standards) for "player pianos" from the 1920's to the 1970's. Born in Athens, Tennessee on 14th July 1899.
Link436The Wynton Kelly Trio The Wynton Kelly Trio United StatesWynton Kelly Trio Wynton Kelly, Paul Chambers and Jimmy Cobb formed the Wynton Kelly Trio at the end of 1962. The trio reached the height of their popularity after they joined up with guitarist Wes Montgomery, resulting in three albums, a live set in New York's Half Note, a September 1965 studio album for Verve, and a live set at the Half Note for the Xanadu Label. Kelly's trio, now with Cecil McBee and Ron McClure kept working during the late 1960s until Kelly's death in 1971.
Link337Rita Corita Rita Corita Rita Corita Hendrika Sturm Dutch singer Born 24 November 1917, Amsterdam, Netherlands Deceased: 24 December 1998, Beekbergen, Netherlands
Link1822Д.И.В. Д.И.В. RussiaRussian thrash metalД.И.В.
Link1228Geoff Moore & The Distance Geoff Moore & The Distance Geoff Moore and The Distance American christian rock and pop group Members: Geoff Moore, Dale Oliver, Arlin Troyer, Lang Bliss, Geoff Barkley, Greg Harrington, Roscoe Meek, Gary Mullett, Chuck Conner, Joel McCreight, Tom Reynolds.
Link2416Kyle Fosburgh Kyle Fosburgh United StatesProgressive Acoustic and Solo GuitarKyle Fosburgh Kyle is a gifted, passionate young musician with a large repertoire of original composition & versatile genre development. He has acquired advanced guitar skill, vocal ability and old-soul persona uncommon for his young age. His refined yet seemingly effortless performances delight, inspire and connect with audiences of all ages and backgrounds.
Link139Louie Rankin Louie Rankin Louie Rankin Leonard Ford
Link139Keita Sano Keita Sano OkayamaKeita Sano Keita Sano Keita Sano is part of Japan’s new wave of music producers. The Okayama resident has been weaving his way through house, techno and electronica releases displaying an affinity to old school processes and vintage gear. With releases clocked up on Mister Saturday Night, 1080p, Lower Parts, Row, Strictly Groove Recordings, Enother Blessing, Holic Trax and Spring Theory he has shown his eclectic tastes and zany approach to music. For Sano making music is like keeping a diary, this year will see many more releases and his new live show.
Link238Walter Rossi Walter Rossi Walter Rossi Guitarist - songwriter - producer
Link337Micky y Los Tonys Micky y Los Tonys Micky Y Los Tonys Micky and the Tonys was a Spanish pop-rock from the 1960s and with the initial line-up of: Micky (Miguel Angel Carreño) (vocals), Tony del Corral (lead guitar), Fernando Argenta (rhythm guitar), Juan Fuster (bass) and Enrique Moddell (drums). In 1963 they recorded their first songs in "Zafiro" with covers from Billy J. Kramer & The Dakotas hits as "The Rhythm of the Rain", "Loop the Loop", "You're the Devil in Disguise" or "Bad To Me". In 1965 Fernando Argenta was replaced by Francisco Ruiz, from [a2194592].
Link337Nagły Atak Spawacza Nagły Atak Spawacza PolandNagły Atak Spawacza
Link373X-Patriate: Alan J. Lipman X-Patriate: Alan J. Lipman United StatesX-Patriate: Alan J. Lipman
Link436Blues 'n' Trouble Blues 'n' Trouble Blues 'N' Trouble Led by top UK Blues singer and harmonica player Tim Elliott, award winning British Blues band Blues 'n' Trouble have forged an international reputation over almost 30 years as a hard driving, good time Blues and Boogie outfit. Now sporting a retooled and rejuvenated line-up incorporating Tim Elliott (vocals/harmonica), Sandy Tweeddale (guitar/vocals), Angus Rose (keyboards/guitar), Rod Kennard (bass) and Andrew Samson (drums), Blues 'n’ Trouble recently celebrated the 30th anniversary of the release of the first album with the fire and swagger for which this top British blues band has always been renowned. Rising from the depths of Livingston in the central belt of Scotland in the early 1980s, Tim Elliott and Blues ‘n’ Trouble journeyed from their Edinburgh roots to secure an international audience and fan base, touring incessantly, working with blues greats such as Robert Cray, Pinetop Perkins, Charlie Musselwhite, Buddy Guy and Junior Wells.
Link238Leo Fuld Leo Fuld NetherlandsLeo Fuld Lazarus Fuld Dutch singer, born 29 October 1912 in Rotterdam, The Netherlands, died 10 June 1997 in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Link436Criminal Vibes Criminal Vibes Criminal Vibes Italian DJs and producers duo.
Link391家入レオ 家入レオ Japan家入レオ
Link1525Roy Smeck's Trio Roy Smeck's Trio Roy Smeck's Trio Roy was born in 1900 in Reading, PA. In 1926 he appeared in one of the first sound films ever made by Warner Bros./Vitaphone. Roy invented the Vita-Uke marketed by the Harmony Company. He also put his name to several other uke, guitar, Hawaiian guitar, steel guitar, and banjo models made by Harmony, and made over 500 recordings for Edison, Victor, Columbia, Decca, Crown, RCA and others. He wrote instructional books for guitar, Hawaiian guitar, uke and banjo by the dozens; arranged countless tunes for the uke; and made the first multiple-soundtrack movie for Paramount Pictures. Roy played at Franklin D. Roosevelt 's presidential inaugural ball in 1932; George VI's coronation review in 1939; and toured and played in Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Japan, Iceland, Greenland, Alaska, Canada, Puerto Rico, Korea & Hawaii. Roy recorded hundreds of songs, on his own and with other groups. Many are on 78rpm records, and a good number can be found on LPs.
Link139Francesco Zeta Francesco Zeta ItalyHardstyle DJ Fancesco ArgeseFrancesco Zeta Francesco Argese Italian hardstyle DJ and producer from Torino. He started DJ career in 1999 at club called Gallery.
Link373Homestuck Homestuck Homestuck
Link1723Zé Geraldo Zé Geraldo BrazilZé Geraldo
Link634Kenny Marks Kenny Marks United StatesKenny Marks Christian pop music singer - songwriter
Link238The River Detectives The River Detectives The River Detectives
Link1030Little Charlie & The Nightcats Little Charlie & The Nightcats United StatesLittle Charlie And The Nightcats American four-piece electric blues & swing combo. Formed by [a=Little Charlie Baty] & [a=Rick Estrin] in 1976, they were recording and actively touring until Baty's semi-retirement in 2008. The remaining members now operate as [a=Rick Estrin And The Nightcats].
Link238Barry Crocker Barry Crocker AustraliaBarry Crocker Barry Hugh Crocker A popular Australian actor and television personality, singer, and variety entertainer with a crooning vocal style known for his iconic Australian films Muriel's Wedding (1994) and The Adventures of Barry McKenzie (1972). Known for singing the theme tune to the popular Australian soap opera Neighbours. Born November 4, 1935 in Geelong, Victoria, he was awarded the A.M. (Member of the Order of Australia) in the 1987 Queen's Birthday Honours List for his services to the performing arts and to the community.
Link832Lisandro Meza Lisandro Meza ColombiaLisandro Meza Lisandro Meza (sometimes misspelled as Lisandro Mesa) played an important role in the evolution of Cumbia, the traditional big band dance music of Colombia. A master of vallenato sabanero, an accordion-driven style of music, he forged a sound that has been described as "a cross between rural Dominican merengue, Louisiana zydeco, and Tex-Mex norteño." Meza initially attracted attention as a founding member of Los Corraleros de Majagual, one of Colombia's most popular bands in the 1960s. Since then, Meza has continued to influence the music of Colombia and Latin America through his numerous solo releases.
Link436Aris San Aris San Aris San Aristides Saisanas Aris San (1940 - 1992) was a famous Greek singer who immigrated to Israel, he was one of the first to use an electric guitar in a Greek music as an amplified imitation of the sound of the traditional bouzuki.
Link732Gregory Esayan Gregory Esayan Gregory Esayan Григорий Есаян (Grigoriy Esayan) Progressive House / Progressive Trance producer from Saratov, Russia. Born: 31-05-1989
Link237Trio Irakitan Trio Irakitan Trio Irakitan The Irakitan Trio is a vocal and instrumental ensemble, created in 1950 by Edson Kings of France , the Edinho, Paulo Duarte Gilvan Bezerril (known in the art world as Paul Gilvan ), and João Manoel de Araújo Costa Netto, the Hansel . With the death of Edson Kings of France , the Edinho, in 1965, Antonio Santos Cunha , Tony, was invited to join the trio. Tony, born in Ceará in 1936, debuted in the trio with the album "The Return", released in 1967 by Odeon , where boleros interpreted as "Drunken Love" and "Malagueña". In 1968, they recorded an EP with the songs "When I left Cuba," "Lie Embolada", "nice life" and "Take the hairy vogue", the latter tropicalista composition Gilberto Gil ..
Link1326Renegades of Jazz Renegades of Jazz GermanyRenegades Of Jazz Raw and heavy produced music, fusing jazz with breakbeat elements, bringing the jazz back to the dancefloor. Started as an experiment in trying something new, Renegades Of Jazz were instantly signed by UK based producer [url=]Smoove[/url] to his new label [url=]Wass Records[/url]. After the huge success of the first 12" and great feedback from all over the globe, Renegades Of Jazz delivered their debut album summer 2011.
Link237Orquesta Inmensidad Orquesta Inmensidad Orquesta Inmensidad
Link930Lonesome Wyatt and the Holy Spooks Lonesome Wyatt and the Holy Spooks Lonesome Wyatt And The Holy Spooks
Link1722Sim Gretina Sim Gretina HelsinkiFinnish music producerSim Gretina Sami Gerasimoff He has been a consistent force in the brony music community, often being at the center of meme-related songs, shuffling back and forth between pony and non-pony songs, and having an incredibly fast and prolific output. His music of choice is progressive house (often with a sense of humor) but he has been able to dabble in other unrelated genres and styles.
Link138Chihiro Yamanaka Chihiro Yamanaka Chihiro Yamanaka Japanese jazz pianist
Link435Klaus Back & Tini Beier Klaus Back & Tini Beier Klaus Back & Tini Beier
Link336Elsa Baeza Elsa Baeza Cantante y actriz cubanaElsa Baeza
Link336Sidney Magal Sidney Magal BrazilSidney Magal Sidney Magalhães Brazilian vocalist, born in Rio de Janeiro, 19 July 1953.
Link831Đavoli Đavoli Đavoli Croatian pop band from Split active in period 1983-1992. Their music was mixture of 50's/60's rockabilly / r'n'r and Mediteranean pop sound. Members were: Nenad Neno Belan - vocals, guitar Dragiša Mandić - bass Željko Hajsok - drums (1983-1985) Igor Kmetić - saxophone Robert Čaleta - lyrics (1985-1986) Zlatko Volarević Dilajla - keyboards (1985-1988) Dean Radovniković Grizly - drums (1985-1988) Dragan Lukić - keyboards (from 1988) Matko Petrić - drums (from 1988)
Link732Pooh Man Pooh Man Pooh-Man Lawrence Tate
Link633Vitín Avilés Vitín Avilés Vitin Aviles Victor Manuel Aviles Rojas Salsa Singer / Songwriter Born: September 30, 1924 in Barrio San Silvestre, Mayagüez, Puerto Rico Died: January 2004 in Manhattan, New York (USA)
Link138The Band AKA The Band AKA United StatesBand AKA
Link831John Jacob Niles John Jacob Niles United StatesJohn Jacob Niles John Jacob Niles (April 28, 1892 - March 1, 1980) was an American composer, singer, and collector of traditional ballads, he was an important influence on the American folk music revival of the 1950s and 1960s.
Link633Susanne Alfvengren Susanne Alfvengren SwedenSusanne Alfvengren
Link237Dick Hyman & His Orchestra Dick Hyman & His Orchestra United StatesDick Hyman And His Orchestra
Link336Rio Padice Rio Padice Deep House and Techno producerRio Padice Dario di Pace Italian house producer. Artist used this alias between 2008 and 2015.
Link336Mégumi Satsu Mégumi Satsu Megumi Satsu Megumi Satsu (Japanese: 薩 めぐみ) Megumi Satsu (Japanese: 薩 めぐみ, 14 February 1948, Sapporo, Japan - 18 October 2010, Paris) was an eccentric French-Japanese singer. Megumi Satsu released a few singles in Japan early in her career and then moved to France at the end of the seventies and recorded several LP's and CD's until her passing in 2010.
Link1821Auditive Escape Auditive Escape Auditive Escape
Link1821Frédéric Talgorn Frédéric Talgorn FranceFrederic Talgorn French composer known for his work scoring film and television.
Link1029Jazz Spastiks Jazz Spastiks United KingdomUnderground Hip Hop group from ScotlandJazz Spastiks Underground hip hop beatmakers, producers and djs.
Link534The Resonance Association The Resonance Association The Resonance Association
Link237Roger Voudouris Roger Voudouris United StatesRoger Voudouris John Roger Voudouris Roger Voudouris (born December 29, 1954, Sacramento, California, USA - died August 3, 2003, Sacramento, California, USA) was an American singer-songwriter and guitarist.
Link2019Breakmaster Cylinder Breakmaster Cylinder United StatesBreakmaster Cylinder
Link138The Hoodoo Rhythm Devils The Hoodoo Rhythm Devils Hoodoo Rhythm Devils Blues, rock & funk band from San Francisco, California, USA. Formed in 1970 and still active till today.
Link435Alvaro Amici Alvaro Amici ItalyAlvaro Amici Alvaro Amici (Rome, February 21, 1936 - Rome, February 25, 2003) was an Italian singer, member of the singing tradition of 'Stornelli Romani'.
Link237Juke Boy Bonner Juke Boy Bonner United StatesJuke Boy Bonner Weldon H. Philip Bonner Juke Boy Bonner (born March 22, 1932, Bellville, Texas, USA - died June 29, 1978, Houston, Texas, USA) was an American blues musician and songwriter. He played guitar among the juke-joints and bars of Houston as a 'one man band' (using a harmonica rack in the manner of [a64678] or [a59792]). Much of his output was self-recorded in the Texas Blues style and has a distinct 'down home' flavor similar to that of [a=Lightnin' Hopkins].
Link237Lambert, Hendricks & Bavan Lambert, Hendricks & Bavan Lambert, Hendricks & Bavan
Link237Jacques Douai Jacques Douai Jacques Douai Gaston Tanchon Jacques Douai, was a French singer (born on December 11th, 1920 in Douai and died on August 7th, 2004 in Paris 15th). He was called “the troubadour of modern times”, because having made covers of many medieval songs and from the old French folklore
Link2118Макс Барских Макс Барских UkraineМакс Барских
Link2217Colin Kiddy Colin Kiddy Colin Kiddy Colin Neville Kiddy Composer
Link732Greta y los Garbo Greta y los Garbo Greta Y Los Garbo Spanish band founded in 1989 by sisters Beatriz González ("Greta", lead vocals), Sara and Belén and Ignacio Gómez (keyboards). They sang American soul and funky classics. They split-up in 2002. Discography: - Menuda fiesta (1990) - ¡Llamad a Mr. Brown! (1991) - Búscame (1993) - Deseo (1995) - Greta y los Garbo (1997) - Grandes éxitos (2001, compilation)
Link336Birgitte Grimstad Birgitte Grimstad Birgitte Grimstad Birgitte Grimstad Maiden Name: Birgitte Schiøtz Born Desember 15th 1935, Copenhagen (Denmark) // Danish singer, based in Oslo (Norway) Daughter of one of the most famous Danish vocalist [a=Aksel Schiøtz] Birgitte Grimstad moved to Norway (married a Norwegian man) in 1959. At this time NRK (Norwegian Television) started their work, and she got a job as a producer for NRK. She came in contact with many of the most important popular Norwegian musicians at that time and before very long she was active in the Norwegian music scene. Her value as inspiration and musician is still huge in Norway
Link1029I Am Waiting for You Last Summer I Am Waiting for You Last Summer RussiaI Am Waiting For You Last Summer
Link336Bola de Nieve Bola de Nieve CubaBola De Nieve Ignacio Villa Cuban singer, pianist and composer (11.11.1911 - 02.10.1971).
Link831Bio Ritmo Bio Ritmo United StatesBio Ritmo Bio Ritmo has invested over two decades in the study and performance of ‘salsa’ music – a genre that evolved during the 60’s and 70’s that fused traditional African, Latino and Caribbean rhythms and melodies with American Jazz sensibilities. The members of Bio Ritmo represent a new generation of ‘salseros’ and are recognized around the globe for their innovative song writing and for pioneering the ‘indie’ salsa movement. This movement aspires to not only preserve the roots of salsa but to contribute to the evolution of the music by incorporating new sounds, rhythms and influences from around the world. Based out of Richmond Virginia, since 1991, Bio Ritmo began as an experimental percussion ensemble. Founding members [a=Jorge Negron], [a=Rei Alvarez] and [a=Jim Thomson] shared a love for classic salsa and soon thereafter decided to expand the group’s instrumentation, thus creating a full-fledged salsa orchestra. Over the last 21 years, the ten-member, Bio Ritmo has performed throughout the US, Puerto Rico, Canada, Europe and The Republic of Georgia. They have independently released 10 albums and have been featured on numerous compilation albums including the 2012 'Rough Guide to Salsa' distributed by the UK’s World Music Network, which also featured a bonus compilation CD of exclusively Bio Ritmo music. Their albums have been featured in the iTunes top ten best Tropical albums of the year and recent publications such as Wax Poetics, Latin Beat Magazine and Spain’s EnLace Funk magazine have spotlighted Bio Ritmo, further strengthening the band’s reputation as one of the most original and forward thinking bands in the modern indie Salsa music movement.
Link138Conjunto António Mafra Conjunto António Mafra Conjunto António Mafra
Link1326Canta u Populu Corsu Canta u Populu Corsu FranceCanta U Populu Corsu
Link1524Johanne Blouin Johanne Blouin QuebecJohanne Blouin
Link1326Flávio Venturini Flávio Venturini Flávio Venturini Flávio Venturini Flávio Venturini (Belo Horizonte, July 23, 1949) is a Brazilian singer, musician and composer. It was revealed in the 1970's by the motion of the Clube da Esquina, which also revealed Milton Nascimento, Lo Borges, Beto Guedes, among others. Participated in the musical group O Terço, between 1974 and 1976, before creating in 1979 the group 14 Bis, in which a hit between 1980 and 1987, when he left the group to pursue a solo career, also with great success. Among his main achievements as a composer or performer, are "Todo Azul do Mar" "Linda Juventude", "Planeta Sonho", "Nascente" (the song has been covered over by Brazilian and foreign artists), "Nuvens" "Caçador de Mim" "Espanhola" (partnership with Guarabyra, of the double Sá & Guarabyra), which is his most popular song and was a big hit between 1986 and 1987, and "Mais Uma Vez" (partnership with Renato Russo, leader of Legião Urbana, which was originally recorded by 14 Bis in 1987 and win a new version in 2003, with only the voice of Renato and included on the soundtrack of the soap opera Mulheres Apaixonadas). From solo career, stand out among other songs, "Princesa", "Besame" and "Céu de santo Amaro".
Link138Abandoned by Light Abandoned by Light Abandoned By Light British Depressive Black Metal band from York.
Link633Agusa Agusa MalmöAgusa Swedish progressive/psychedelic rock and folk/cross-culture band, formed in 2013.
Link1128Prezident Prezident WuppertalPrezident Viktor Bertermann
Link732The Gary Tesca Orchestra The Gary Tesca Orchestra The Gary Tesca Orchestra
Link2910伍佰 & China Blue 伍佰 & China Blue Taiwan伍佰 & China Blue Wu Chun-lin, better known by his stage name Wu Bai is a Taiwanese rock singer and songwriter. He formed the band Wu Bai & China Blue with Dean "Dino" Zavolta on drums, Yu Ta-hao on keyboards, Chu Chien-hui on bass guitar and Wu himself on lead guitar and lead vocals. Labeled "the king of live music," Wu is considered to be "one of the biggest pop music stars in East and Southeast Asia". 本名吳俊霖,華語區最知名的搖滾歌手,詞曲創作人,音樂製作人,演員,攝影者,已成軍二十五年之搖滾樂團伍佰 & China Blue的主唱及吉他手。專輯『樹枝孤鳥』獲第十屆金曲獎最佳演唱專輯獎,個人以『雙面人』專輯獲得第十七屆金曲獎之最佳台語男演唱人獎,『釘子花』專輯獲第二十八屆金曲獎最佳台語演唱專輯獎,除個人專輯之演唱,製作,詞曲外,也為其他多位亞洲知名藝人製作及詞曲創作,如劉德華,張學友,王菲,那英,莫文蔚,萬芳,譚詠麟,謝霆鋒,蔡依林等。1990年出道至今,所有作品於華語圈獲獎無數,1997年並獲美國Billboard排行榜及【V】合頒之亞洲最佳創作藝人獎。共發行26張個人專輯,台灣區專輯總銷量已累計超過五百萬張。曾為電影『少年耶,安啦』 『只要為你活一天』 『聖石傳說』 『散打』等創作電影歌曲,並主演陳國富導演的『徵婚啟事』,徐克導演的『順流逆流』,袁和平導演的『奇門遁甲』,以及紐承澤導演的電視劇『求婚事務所之戀戀風塵』。由伍佰代言的『台灣啤酒』『黑松沙士』『風火之旅線上遊戲』『維士比』『華為徠卡雙鏡頭手機』等商品皆造成話題。伍佰並於2011年於台灣北中南三地及新加坡,馬來西亞等地舉辦個人攝影展“More Earth”。2013年舉辦第三次攝影個展“橋飛雪”。至今已出版四本個人攝影書。
Link1227Pariso Pariso Pariso UK hardcore band. Originally known as [a2061674].
Link732Dowsing Dowsing United StatesDowsing Indie/Emo punk band from Chicago, USA formed in 2010
Link335Jean-François Maurice Jean-François Maurice FranceJean-François Maurice
Link830Impacto Crea Impacto Crea Impacto Crea
Link137Keath Barrie Keath Barrie Keath Barrie
Link335Manoella Torres Manoella Torres MexicoManoella Torres
Link335Martial Solal Trio Martial Solal Trio FranceMartial Solal Trio
Link533Gary Karr Gary Karr United StatesGary Karr American classical double bass player and teacher. Born November 20, 1941 in Los Angeles, California.
Link1226Szekeres Tamás Szekeres Tamás Szekeres Tamás Hungarian guitarist born in 1964. Started his carreer as a rock guitarist with brilliant technique, later learned classic styles also, finally became one of the most recognised players internationally as well. Also a composer and teacher.
Link1919Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors Drew Holcomb & The Neighbors United StatesDrew Holcomb And The Neighbors
Link236C Bank C Bank United StatesC-Bank Freestyle/electro studio project helmed by various producers including [a=John Robie], [a=Larry Wu], [a=Elvin Molina], & [a=Mickey Garcia].
Link2612Fegefeuer Anilmathiel Fegefeuer Anilmathiel SpainFegefeuer Anilmathiel From Spain.
Link236Cyberwave Cyberwave Cyberwave
Link137Serge Laprade Serge Laprade Serge Laprade
Link731Dražen Zečić