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Link1016矢沢永吉 矢沢永吉 JapanEikichi Yazawa King of Japanese Rock. Born September 14, 1949 in Hiroshima. Made his debut in 1972 as the leader of the rock band [a=Carol (20)]. His daughter [a=Yoko Yazawa] is also a singer.
Link1001浜田省吾 浜田省吾 JapanShōgo Hamada Japanese Pop Rock Singer Songwriter From Hiroshima. Heartland Rock Style.
Link983ハロー!プロジェクト ハロー!プロジェクト JapanHello! Project ハロー!プロジェクト Hello! Project (ハロー!プロジェクト) is the umbrella name for the all-female idol Japanese pop recording artists that are under contract with UP-FRONT GROUP Co., Ltd. and managed by UP-FRONT PROMOTION. Since its creation in 1998, the main producer and songwriter of Hello! Project was Tsunku, the lead singer of Sharam Q, until he resigned from his position as the general producer in October 2014.
Link933エレファントカシマシ エレファントカシマシ JapanElephant Kashimashi エレファントカシマシ(Elephant Kashimashi) are an Japanese rock band formed in 1981.
Link931三浦大知 三浦大知 JapanDaichi Miura
Link789ももいろクローバーZ ももいろクローバーZ JapanMomoiro Clover Z Japanese pop group known for their incorporation of alternative music styles and anime/manga/sci-fi inspired costumes. Originally formed under the name "Momoiro Clover", the group changed their name to "Momoiro Clover Z" (a reference to the anime Dragon Ball Z) by the time they released their debut album.
Link736瀬川瑛子 瀬川瑛子 JapanEiko Segawa 清水 瑛子 (Shimizu Eiko) Stage Name: 瀬川瑛子 (Segawa Eiko) [i]Enka[/i] singer from Tokyo, Japan.
Link771秦基博 秦基博 JapanMotohiro Hata
Link741前川清 前川清 JapanKiyoshi Maekawa
Link5817さくら学院 さくら学院 JapanSakura Gakuin さくら学院 Japanese idol group. See also [a=Babymetal] - subset of the Sakura Gakuin, formed in 2010 and fusing heavy metal styles and J-Pop idol styles together.
Link696山下久美子 山下久美子 JapanKumiko Yamashita
Link741堀江由衣 堀江由衣 JapanYui Horie 堀江由衣 (Yui Horie) Japanese singer and voice actress. She is sometimes affectionately nicknamed "Hocchan" (ほっちゃん) by her Japanese fans.
Link658角川博 角川博 Hiroshi Kadokawa 角川 博 / Hiroshi Kadokawa Japanese Enka singer born in Hiroshima city, Hiroshima Prefecture on December 25, 1953.
Link712二葉百合子 二葉百合子 JapanYuriko Futaba 大村百合子 Japanese enka and rōkyoku singer, now retired. Born in Tokyo on June 23, 1931. Her father was a rōkyoku performer so she made her first appearance on stage at the age of three. Released her debut single in 1957. She retired from performance in March 2011.
Link648今井美樹 今井美樹 JapanMiki Imai 布袋美樹 (Hotei Miki) Japanese singer and actress. Born April 14, 1963 in Miyazaki.
Link4030人間椅子 人間椅子 JapanNingen Isu Ningen Isu (人間椅子) is a heavy metal band from Aomori (Japan), which was formed in 1987. The name Ningen Isu which translated to english means The Human Chair is taken from a short story by the japanese author Ranpo Edogawa.
Link681スキマスイッチ スキマスイッチ JapanSukima Switch Japanese jazz-fusion duo formed in 1999.
Link671田中公平 田中公平 JapanKohei Tanaka
Link605アンティック-珈琲店- アンティック-珈琲店- JapanAn Cafe Antic Cafe
Link602長山洋子 長山洋子 JapanYoko Nagayama 長山 洋子 / Youko Nagayama Japanese female singer, Tsugaru-jamisen player, actress. Born January 13, 1968 in Tokyo. Made her debut as an idol pop singer in 1984, before switching to enka in 1993. She was a member of ビクター少年民謡会 of the 1980s when she was a child. She participated in recording "ホームラン音頭" "ヤットデタマンブギウギ音頭" that as ビクター少年民謡会. ビクター少年民謡会 are clubs with a long history and a group of children dedicated to Victor Records. It is made up of boys and girls and the members are not fixed. They are active from early 60's to the present. On 6th April 2009 she married an American businessman, Mark Smith, who lives in Japan.
Link611杉良太郎 杉良太郎 JapanRyotaro Sugi 山田 勝啓 / Katsuhiro Yamada Japanese actor and Enka / Kayokyoku singer born in Kobe on August 14, 1944. fame as samurai drama and cops drama. (Sang Enka for his samurai drama and Funk / Kayokyoku for his cops drama) And he is the president of Japan-Vietnam Culture and Friendship Association. He is a foster parent of over 100 Vietnamese children. His current wife 伍代夏子 Natsuko Godai is female enka singer. His son 's actor 山田純大 Jundai Yamada is a child with his ex - wife.
Link601石川ひとみ 石川ひとみ JapanHitomi Ishikawa
Link5010奥田民生 奥田民生 JapanTamio Okuda 奥田民生 (Okuda Tamio) Born 12 May 1965; originally from Hiroshima, Japan. Mr. Okuda started his career in 1986 as vocalist / rhythm guitarist for the band [url=]Unicorn[/url]. Since they split in 1993, he has enjoyed a successful solo career.
Link581豊崎愛生 豊崎愛生 JapanAki Toyosaki Aki Toyosaki = 豊崎愛生 Japanese actress, singer & voice actress. Born October 28, 1986.
Link581森口博子 森口博子 JapanHiroko Moriguchi This is a duplicate artist entry of [a547900] (Hiroko Moriguchi) registered to Discogs database.
Link543栗林みな実 栗林みな実 JapanMinami Kuribayashi 栗林みな実 (Minami Kuribayashi) Japanese singer-songwriter and seiyu from Shizuoka prefecture.
Link561渡辺美奈代 渡辺美奈代 JapanMinayo Watanabe
Link3819楊千嬅 楊千嬅 Miriam Yeung
Link533鏡五郎 鏡五郎 JapanGoro Kagami
Link4114華原朋美 華原朋美 JapanTomomi Kahala 華原朋美 (Kahara Tomomi) Japanese J-pop singer. Born August 17, 1974 in Tokyo. She was especially successful in the late 1990's while collaborating with [a=Tetsuya Komuro].
Link541田村ゆかり 田村ゆかり JapanYukari Tamura Yukari Tamura = 田村ゆかり Japanese singer-songwriter & voice actress.
Link541ダウト ダウト JapanD=OUT
Link531高垣彩陽 高垣彩陽 JapanAyahi Takagaki Ayahi Takagaki = 高垣彩陽 Japanese singer & voice actress. Born October 25, 1985.
Link531真心ブラザーズ 真心ブラザーズ JapanThe Magokoro Brothers
Link468加藤ミリヤ 加藤ミリヤ JapanMiliyah Kato 加藤ミリヤ (Kato Miliyah)
Link511原田悠里 原田悠里 JapanYuri Harada 原田 よしみ (Harada Yoshimi) Stage Name: 原田 悠里 (Harada Yuuri) [i]Enka[/i] singer originally from Kumamoto Prefecture in southern Japan. Ms. Harada is affiliated with the 北島音楽事務所 (Kitajima Music Office) run by [url=]Saburo Kitajima[/url].
Link501川嶋あい 川嶋あい JapanAi Kawashima
Link501FANATIC◇CRISIS FANATIC◇CRISIS AichiFanatic Crisis Japanese visual rock band, active 1992 - 2005
Link501立花理佐 立花理佐 JapanRisa Tachibana
Link492飯島真理 飯島真理 JapanMari Iijima
Link491中村由真 中村由真 JapanYuma Nakamura
Link491レミオロメン レミオロメン JapanRemioromen
Link437蔡依林 蔡依林 TaiwanJolin Tsai 蔡依林 Jolin Tsai (born 15 September 1980) is a Taiwanese singer and dancer. She's dubbed as Asia's Dancing Queen due to her diversity of dancing styles, such as pole dancing, ribbon dancing, and gymnastic movements, and she is regarded as a pop diva in Asian music market. She has also won the Best Mandarin Female Singer at the 18th Golden Melody Awards and won Best Song of the Year at the 24th Golden Melody Awards.
Link2129Πυξ Λαξ Πυξ Λαξ GreecePyx-Lax Éntekhno band formed in 1989 in Athens, Greece. On 9/7/1997, they performed at 'Rockwave Festival' in Rizoupoli (Athens), along with '[a=Χάρης & Πάνος Κατσιμίχας]', '[a=Σωτηρία Λεονάρδου]', '[a=Υπόγεια Ρεύματα]', & '[a=Μανώλης Φάμελλος Και Οι Ποδηλάτες]'. On 13/7/1998 they performed at 'Rockwave Festival' (Piraeus), along with '[a=Natacha Atlas]', '[a=Υπόγεια Ρεύματα]', '[a=Θεοδοσία Τσάτσου]', '[a=Γιώργος Δημητριάδης & Οι Μικροί Ήρωες]', '[a=Πέτρος Θεοτοκάτος]' & '[a=Βάλια Κάλντα]'. On 23/7/1999 they supported '[a=R.E.M.]' at their concert in Athens. On 11/7/2001 they performed live at 'Rockwave Festival' (Athens) along with '[a=Sting]', '[a=Robert Plant And The Strange Sensation]' & '[a=Όναρ]'.
Link3020蘇慧倫 蘇慧倫 TaiwanTarcy Su 蘇慧倫 One of the most successful Taiwanese pop artists of the 90s with 850,000+ record sales in Asia. Her most popular songs include: 《Lemon Tree》《鴨子》《追得過一切》《就要愛了嗎》《滿足》
Link491黒田倫弘 黒田倫弘 JapanMichihiro Kuroda 黒田倫弘
Link3911小田和正 小田和正 JapanKazumasa Oda 小田 和正 (Oda Kazumasa) Kazumasa Oda was born 20 September 1947 in Yokohama, Japan. He is a graduate of the Engineering Department at Tohoku University in Sendai, Japan, and he holds a Master's Degree in Architecture from Waseda University in Tokyo. Mr. Oda started his musical career in 1969 with the forming of the group Off Course. For twenty years he was the lead singer and major force behind the group; then, as Off Course disbanded Mr. Oda went out on his own as a solo artist and producer. He is still active musically as of this writing (2006).
Link481熊木杏里 熊木杏里 JapanAnri Kumaki
Link481光GENJI 光GENJI JapanHikaru Genji
Link481馬場俊英 馬場俊英 JapanToshihide Baba
Link481山川豊 山川豊 JapanYutaka Yamakawa 木村 春次 (Kimura Harutsugu) Stage Name: 山川豊 (Yamakawa Yutaka) [i]Enka[/i] singer originally from Mie Prefecture, Japan. Born 15 October 1958.
Link481小柳ゆき 小柳ゆき JapanYuki Koyanagi Yuki Konayagi NAME:: Yuki Konayagi BIRTHDAY:: January 26 1982 BIRTHPLACE:: Saitama
Link471蘇永康 蘇永康 Hong KongWilliam So
Link471松たか子 松たか子 JapanTakako Matsu 松 たか子 (Matsu Takako) Japanese actress and pop singer/songwriter. Born June 10th, 1977 in Tokyo, Japan.
Link3116חוה אלברשטיין חוה אלברשטיין IsraelChava Alberstein Israeli singer, lyricist, composer, and musical arranger, born December 8, 1947, in Szczecin, Poland.
Link461彭羚 彭羚 Hong KongCass Phang
Link461渡り廊下走り隊 渡り廊下走り隊 JapanWatarirouka Hashiritai
Link3611元ちとせ 元ちとせ JapanChitose Hajime
Link424海援隊 海援隊 JapanJapanese folk bandKaientai 海援隊 Folk group from Fukuoka, Japan formed in 1972.
Link442葉蒨文 葉蒨文 Hong KongSally Yeh Sally Yeh (30 September 1961) is a Cantopop singer and actress.
Link451莫文蔚 莫文蔚 Hong KongKaren Mok Karen Joy Morris
Link451花澤香菜 花澤香菜 JapanKana Hanazawa Kana Hanazawa = 花澤香菜 Japanese voice actress & singer. Born February 25, 1989.
Link3015אריק איינשטיין אריק איינשטיין IsraelArik Einstein Arieh Einstein Arik Einstein (born 3 January 1939 in Tel Aviv. died 26 November 2013 in Tel Aviv) was an Israeli singer, songwriter, actor and screenwriter. In a career than spanned more than half a century he released 34 albums and sang for a number of successful groups including [a=Churchill's], [a=The High Windows]. [a=Yarkon Bridge Trio] and Green Onion. His many collaborations included successful albums with [a=Shalom Hanoch], [a=Shem Tov Levi], [a=Yitzhak Klepter], [a=Yoni Rechter] and [a=Peter Roth (4)]. He wrote the lyrics for many of his popular songs. In 2010 Einstein was the most played artist on radio stations in Israel, according to Israeli musical artist organization ACUM. At the time of his death the Israeli media referred to him as "Israel's most popular singer" and he was eulogized by the country's leaders from across the political spectrum.
Link441王心凌 王心凌 TaiwanCyndi Wang
Link441笠原弘子 笠原弘子 JapanHiroko Kasahara 笠原弘子 (Kasahara Hiroko) Japanese voice actress and J-pop singer. Born February 19, 1970 in Tokyo, Japan.
Link404榊原ゆい 榊原ゆい JapanYui Sakakibara Sakakibara Yui (榊原 ゆい) Yui Sakakibara, born 13th October 1980, is a female Japanese voice actress, singer and songwriter from Hyōgo, Japan.
Link404タッキー&翼 タッキー&翼 JapanTackey & Tsubasa Japanese idol duo from the Johnny & Associates talent agency. They started in 1995 as backing dancers for [a3369296] and performed together in several "Johnny's Juniors" concerts before being officially launched as a duo in 2002.
Link412服部隆之 服部隆之 JapanTakayuki Hattori
Link339ดอนผีบิน ดอนผีบิน Donpheebin ดอนผีบิน Metal band from Thailand. Started out as Thrash/Speed Metal and developed into Progressive Metal later on.
Link393신화 신화 South KoreaShinhwa 신화 That Artist Group's Since Year Is 1998.They Team Is Legendly Korean IDOL Group.
Link411吉井和哉 吉井和哉 JapanKazuya Yoshii Japanese rock singer. He used the stage name, Yoshii Lovinson for his first couple of solo releases, but then switched back to using his real name.
Link401佐香智久 佐香智久 JapanTomohisa Sako
Link401渡辺麻友 渡辺麻友 JapanMayu Watanabe 渡辺麻友
Link391奥華子 奥華子 JapanHanako Oku
Link391古内東子 古内東子 JapanToko Furuuchi
Link381七瀬光 七瀬光 Hikaru Nanase Pseudonym used by Japanese artist [a1479678].
Link381寿美菜子 寿美菜子 JapanMinako Kotobuki Minako Kotobuki = 寿美菜子 Japanese actress, singer & voice actress. Born September 17, 1991.
Link381飯田里穂 飯田里穂 JapanRiho Iida Riho Iida = 飯田里穂 Japanese actress, model, singer & voice actress. Born October 26, 1991.
Link381國府田マリ子 國府田マリ子 JapanMariko Kouda
Link381小松未歩 小松未歩 JapanMiho Komatsu
Link308謝霆鋒 謝霆鋒 Nicholas Tse 謝霆鋒 Nicholas Tse (aka Tse Ting-fung, Chinese: 謝霆鋒, born 29 August 1980) is a Hong Kong singer-songwriter, actor and musician, and son of actor Patrick Tse. He is a member of the Emperor Entertainment Group. Throughout his career, he has been a singer, an actor, a director, a producer, and a composer.
Link371米倉千尋 米倉千尋 JapanChihiro Yonekura Chihiro Yonekura is a japanese singer, under the Starchild label. She is well-known for her songs using various anime series and video games.
Link353青山テルマ 青山テルマ JapanThelma Aoyama Aoyama Teruma (青山 テルマ) Thelma Aoyama (青山 テルマ - Aoyama Teruma), born October 27, 1987, is a Japanese pop and R&B singer. She is part Afro-Trinidadian and Japanese.
Link371ステレオポニー ステレオポニー JapanStereopony
Link361井口裕香 井口裕香 JapanYuka Iguchi Yuka Iguchi = 井口裕香 Japanese voice actress & singer. Born July 11, 1988.
Link334夏木マリ 夏木マリ JapanMari Natsuki Mari Natsuki Vocalist from Japan.
Link361岩男潤子 岩男潤子 JapanJunko Iwao 岩男潤子 Japanese seiyū, singer
Link352東京パフォーマンスドール 東京パフォーマンスドール JapanTokyo Performance Doll Satomi Kihara, Miho Yonemitsu, Ryoko Shinohara, Chisa Kawamura, Yuri Ichii, Yuko Anai, Mai Yagita
Link361鈴木このみ 鈴木このみ JapanKonomi Suzuki Konomi Suzuki = 鈴木このみ Japanese singer. Born November 5, 1996. She entered the music industry after winning the Animax All-Japan Anisong Grand Prix in 2011.
Link352關淑怡 關淑怡 Hong KongShirley Kwan
Link288石川智晶 石川智晶 JapanChiaki Ishikawa 石川智晶 (Chiaki Ishikawa) Japanese singer & songwriter. She is also the lead vocalist of Japanese musical duo See-Saw. Many of her songs, both solo and with See-Saw, have been used as theme songs in various anime series. Since 2003, her popularity abroad as part of See-Saw and as a solo artist has risen significantly. She made an appearance at Anime Expo 2007 as a Guest of Honor.
Link279宮野真守 宮野真守 JapanMamoru Miyano Mamoru Miyano = 宮野真守 Japanese voice actor, actor, and singer. Born June 8, 1983.
Link351星村麻衣 星村麻衣 JapanMai Hoshimura
Link351福山雅治 福山雅治 JapanMasaharu Fukuyama
Link2510森田童子 森田童子 JapanDoji Morita 森田童子 Japanese female singer-songwriter. Born January 15, 1952 in Tokyo. Released six albums, one live album and four singles between 1975 and 1983, when she retired. Since then one newly recorded track has appeared on a compilation, but she has not returned to live performance.
Link1817משינה משינה IsraelMashina Original hebrew name is [b]משינה[/b]. Israeli rock band, founded in 1984, split up 1995, reformed 2003.
Link341加藤達也 加藤達也 JapanTatsuya Kato Born July 28, 1980 in Funabashi, Chiba, Japan, he is a composer and arranger known for his soundtracks to many anime, and has been active since 2003. He is a graduate of the Tokyo College of Music and studied under composers such as Shigeaki Saegusa, Katsuhisa Hattori, Reijiro Koroku and Kentaro Haneda. He is currently based in Tokyo, Japan.
Link341サンボマスター サンボマスター JapanSambomaster
Link331小松未可子 小松未可子 JapanMikako Komatsu Mikako Komatsu = 小松未可子 Japanese voice actress. Born November 11th, 1988.
Link331孫燕姿 孫燕姿 SingaporeStefanie Sun
Link1519Ευρυδίκη Ευρυδίκη CyprusEvridiki Ευρυδίκη Θεοκλέους Cypriot rock, pop, and electro pop singer, born 25 February 1968 in Limassol, Cyprus.
Link321萩原健一 萩原健一 JapanKenichi Hagiwara 萩原 敬三 (Hagiwara Keizo) Japanese vocalist and actor. Born July 26, 1950 in Saitama.
Link321シャ乱Q シャ乱Q JapanSharam Q
Link294石野真子 石野真子 JapanMako Ishino
Link321鈴木彩子 鈴木彩子 JapanSaiko Suzuki 鈴木彩子
Link311うしろゆびさされ組 うしろゆびさされ組 JapanUshiroyubi Sasaregumi
Link032Емил Димитров Емил Димитров BulgariaEmil Dimitrov Емил Димитров Popular Bulgarian singer. He made his debut in 1960 and recorded about 30 albums. Born on December the 23rd, 1940 in Pleven. Died on March the 30th 2005 in Sofia)
Link311板野友美 板野友美 JapanTomomi Itano
Link311村治佳織 村治佳織 JapanKaori Muraji 村治佳織 Japanese classical guitarist. Born April 14, 1978.
Link275横浜銀蝿 横浜銀蝿 JapanYokohama Ginbae Japanese Rock & Roll band active from 1980 to 1983 and 1998 to nowadays.
Link248サカナクション サカナクション JapanSakanaction
Link311今井麻美 今井麻美 JapanAsami Imai Asami Imai = 今井麻美 Japanese singer & voice actress. Born May 16, 1977.
Link301阿保剛 阿保剛 JapanTakeshi Abo
Link301河口恭吾 河口恭吾 JapanKyogo Kawaguchi
Link301夏川りみ 夏川りみ JapanRimi Natsukawa 兼久りみ (Kaneku Rimi) Stage Name: 夏川りみ (Natsukawa Rimi) [i]Enka[/i] singer originally from Okinawa, Japan; born 9 October 1973.
Link301飛蘭 飛蘭 JapanFaylan
Link301松本伊代 松本伊代 JapanIyo Matsumoto 小園伊代 Japanese singer, talent and actress, active in the 1980s. Born on June 21, 1965 in Ota-ku, Tokyo. Her married name is Kozono Iyo - Matsumoto is her maiden name.
Link292永井真理子 永井真理子 JapanMariko Nagai
Link291阿部真央 阿部真央 JapanMao Abe
Link291中村一義 中村一義 JapanKazuyoshi Nakamura
Link1812坂本美雨 坂本美雨 JapanMiu Sakamoto Daughter of Ryuichi Sakamoto & Akiko Yano.
Link237שלום חנוך שלום חנוך IsraelShalom Hanoch Shalom Hanoch (Hebrew: שלום חנוך) Shalom Hanoch (born 1 September 1946 in Kibbutz Mishmarot) is probably Israel's most influential and one of the country's most successful rock stars. During his military service he was a member of The Nahal Troupe. Shortly after his discharge he began collaborating with [a=Arik Einstein], writing music for the Hagar EP, which was released in 1967. His collaborations with Einstein over the next three years included two albums, a feature film (Shablool) and a TV variety series (Lool). During this time he was also a member of the successful pop trio [a=Shlosharim]. Hanoch relocated to the UK hoping to launch an international career but his debut solo album, Shalom, was not well received. He returned to Israel in 1973, forming a five piece rock band, [a=Tamouz]. Hanoch successfully launched a Hebrew solo career in 1977 with the album Adam Betoch Atzmo (A Man Within Himself). His album Mehakim LeMashiach (Waiting for Messiah), released in 1984, is his most successful. He continued to release a string of successful solo albums through the 1990s and renewed his partnership with Arik Einstein on Muskat (1999). Hanoch has remained active in the 2000s and 2010s, releasing both solo albums and collaborations including an album with [a=Monica Sex] and a live double album/DVD with [a=Shlomo Artzi]. His quadruple album "Four Stations" (2011), recorded during a concert tour, features guest appearances by some of Israel's biggest stars.
Link291ミルキィホームズ ミルキィホームズ JapanMilky Holmes
Link281藤澤ノリマサ 藤澤ノリマサ JapanNorimasa Fujisawa
Link281三重野瞳 三重野瞳 JapanHitomi Mieno
Link281植村花菜 植村花菜 JapanKana Uemura Kana Shimizu = 清水花菜 Kana Uemura = 植村花菜 is a Japanese singer-songwriter. Born January 4, 1983.
Link254タイナカ彩智 タイナカ彩智 JapanSachi Tainaka
Link227河村隆一 河村隆一 JapanRyuichi Kawamura 河村隆一 He was the singer of rock band Luna Sea, until they broke up in 2000. Started his solo career in 1997 and later, in 2005 he formed a new band, Tourbillon, but kept on releasing solo material as well.
Link245アンダーグラフ アンダーグラフ JapanUnder Graph Japanese group formed in 1999. Released their debut single in 2004. The members are Kazuma Nakahara (bass), Naoto Matohara (vocals), Naoko Taniguchi (drums).
Link227מתי כספי מתי כספי IsraelMatti Caspi
Link244小野由紀子 小野由紀子 Yukiko Ono 斉田 由起子 Japanese Female Enka Singer From Takarazuka Hyougo
Link271張韶涵 張韶涵 TaiwanAngela Chang
Link271黒木メイサ 黒木メイサ JapanMeisa Kuroki
Link262羅志祥 羅志祥 TaiwanShow Luo
Link234王傑 王傑 TaiwanDave Wong Dave Wong 王杰, 왕걸,王傑,Wang Chieh
Link261梅沢富美男 梅沢富美男 JapanTomio Umezawa
Link242田村直美 田村直美 JapanNaomi Tamura 田村 直美 (Tamura Naomi)
Link251三森すずこ 三森すずこ JapanSuzuko Mimori 三森すずこ Suzuko Mimori (三森 すずこ, born June 28, 1986) is a Japanese voice actress and singer who is best known as the voice of Sherlock Shellingford in the Tantei Opera Milky Holmes series, Umi Sonoda from the Love Live! franchise, Kourin Tatsunagi from Cardfight!! Vanguard series, and Nanami Momozono from the Kamisama Kiss series. She is represented by Hibiki Cast.
Link251南條愛乃 南條愛乃 JapanYoshino Nanjo Nanjou Yoshino (南條愛乃) Japanese Pop singer and seiyuu. She is currently the vocalist of the duo group fripSide.
Link251劉若英 劉若英 TaiwanRené Liu
Link251梁邦彦 梁邦彦 JapanKunihiko Ryo Yang Bang Ean / 梁 邦彦 / 양방언
Link251小島麻由美 小島麻由美 Mayumi Kojima
Link233山嵐 山嵐 JapanYamaarashi Shonan based Japanese rap-metal/nu-metal band formed in 1996.
Link242センチメンタル・シティ・ロマンス センチメンタル・シティ・ロマンス Sentimental City Romance
Link233上々颱風 上々颱風 JapanShang Shang Typhoon 上々颱風 Japanese pop-folk music group, formed in Yokosuka in 1986. As of February 2013 the group are on hiatus. They were best known for their use of unusual folk instrumentation and their use of Okinawan and Asian scales.
Link251松下優也 松下優也 JapanYuya Matsushita
Link251周華健 周華健 TaiwanEmil Chow
Link241中山忍 中山忍 JapanShinobu Nakayama
Link187福田考代 福田考代 JapanChikayo Fukuda
Link241瀧川ありさ 瀧川ありさ JapanAlisa Takigawa
Link196יהודית רביץ יהודית רביץ Yehudit Ravitz Yehudit Ravitz (Hebrew: יהודית רביץ‎) Yehudit Ravitz (born December 29, 1956 in Be'er Sheva, Israel) is a rock and pop singer-songwriter, composer, arranger and music producer. She is one of the most successful Israeli rock musicians with a career spanning over thirty years. She performed the song "Forgiveness", with lyrics by Israeli poet [a=Leah Goldberg], at the 1977 pre-Eurovision contest. Ravitz finished 6th place at the festival, but the song became Israel's "Song of The Year". She has released more than a dozen solo albums, most of which have gone gold or platinum in Israel.
Link241横道坊主 横道坊主 JapanOdd-Bowz
Link241守谷香 守谷香 JapanKaori Moritani 守谷香 (Moritani Kaori) Kaori Moritani, TOSHI's ex-wife
Link232恵比寿マスカッツ 恵比寿マスカッツ JapanEbisu Muscats
Link241土岐麻子 土岐麻子 JapanAsako Toki
Link241여자친구 여자친구 South KoreaGFriend GFriend (Korean: 여자친구) is a six-member South Korean girl group formed by Source Music in 2015.
Link420甄妮 甄妮 Jenny Tseng Born in the former Portuguese colony of Macau to an expatriate Austrian civil engineer father and Chinese mother from Hong Kong, Jenny Tseng was a child of a divorced marriage who was put under parental custody of her estranged father with her Chinese stepmother and step-siblings. Feeling alienated with her newfound situation, she finally left Macau to rejoin her birth-mother back in Hong Kong. Facing difficulties being raised Eurasian and to a single parent in egalitarian conservative Hong Kong, Jenny attributed her perseverance and street smarts to an extended familial support system and the many guardian angels in the business along the way. Known then to the public simply as 'Jenny', Tseng first established herself in Taiwan as a Mando-pop recording artist before launching into fame back in Hong Kong eventually as crossover Canto-pop royalty that allowed her to extend her versatility and international star appeal as a TV/film celebrity. Life's difficulties continued to follow her as she braved through new challenges including a media onslaught by the tabloids that fanned the flames of public criticism as a result of her much publicized fairy-tale courtship and marriage under the spotlight to late Shaw Brothers Kung Fu film idol Alexander Fu Sheng. With a magnitude of sensationalism not unlike that of Bruce Lee's demise 7 years prior, Tseng bore the brunt of harsh public scrutiny being portrayed as a controlling and pressuring wife that precipitated his exploits and untimely death behind the dash of his Porsche 911 even though she was neither present at the scene nor responsible. Yet the media spin was that it was her behavior as his wife that indirectly pressured her superstar husband leading to his reckless and fateful night 'out with the lads'. After this tragedy, the young widow Jenny was once again challenged to pick herself up by her bootstraps, move on and persevere through the next chapter of life's ongoing sojourn, private and public...
Link231新山詩織 新山詩織 JapanShiori Niiyama 新山詩織
Link213東京佼成ウインドオーケストラ 東京佼成ウインドオーケストラ JapanTokyo Kosei Wind Orchestra established in 1960 under the aegis of the Japan-based lay-Buddhist organization Rissho Kosei-kai. Originally known as the Tokyo Kosei Symphonic Band, it was renamed in 1973 to reflect its growing professionalism and scale of activities.
Link231佐咲紗花 佐咲紗花 JapanSayaka Sasaki Sayaka Sasaki = 佐咲紗花 Japanese singer. Born June 19, 1982.
Link231フラワーカンパニーズ フラワーカンパニーズ JapanFlower Companyz Flower Companyz(フラワーカンパニーズ) are an Japanese rock band formed in Nagoya in 1989.
Link231堂本剛 堂本剛 JapanTsuyoshi Domoto 堂本 剛 Tsuyoshi Domoto (堂本 剛 Dōmoto Tsuyoshi, born April 10, 1979) is a Japanese idol, singer, songwriter, actor, and television personality. Along with Koichi Domoto (with whom he has no blood-relation), he is a member of KinKi Kids, which is a Japanese duo under the management of Johnny & Associates and the record holder of Guinness World Records for having the record of the most number of consecutive number-one singles since their debut single.
Link231つちやかおり つちやかおり JapanKaori Tsuchiya
Link231時東ぁみ 時東ぁみ JapanAmi Tokito 時東ぁみ (Tokitou Ami) Japanese idol and singer. Born September 25, 1987. Her target audience are mainly those with a fetish for glasses.
Link231内藤やす子 内藤やす子 JapanYasuko Naito
Link159フランク永井 フランク永井 JapanFrank Nagai 永井清人 Japanese popular singer. Born March 18, 1932 in Miyagi; died October 27, 2008.
Link231篠原美也子 篠原美也子 JapanMiyako Shinohara
Link231楊丞琳 楊丞琳 TaiwanRainie Yang
Link168穐吉敏子 穐吉敏子 United StatesToshiko AkiyoshiToshiko Akiyoshi 秋吉敏子 or 穐吉敏子 (Akiyoshi Toshiko) Japanese-American jazz pianist, composer/arranger, and bandleader. Born: 12 December 1929 in Liaoyang, Manchuria (now part of China). One of the most famous jazz musicians from Japan. Among a very few successful female instrumentalists of her generation in jazz, she is also recognized as a major figure in jazz composition. She has received 14 Grammy nominations, and she was the first woman to win the Best Arranger and Composer awards in Down Beat magazine's Readers Poll. In 2007 she was named an NEA Jazz Master by the US National Endowment For The Arts. Lives in New York City, with her husband. Mother of [a=Monday Michiru] through an ex-marriage with saxophonist [a=Charlie Mariano].
Link231竹達彩奈 竹達彩奈 JapanAyana Taketatsu
Link123嶋野百恵 嶋野百恵 JapanMomoe Shimano Momoe Shimano (aka Moét) or 嶋野百恵 (in Japanese), as she likes to refer to herself most of the time on releases, is a lesser known artist from the land of the rising sun. In Japan a single "Hot Glamour" was quite a big hit, with Bluey from Incognito doing a lovely version which featured support from several international DJ's. Most of her output however falls mostly in the mainstream R&B vein, much like the better known Japanese artist, Misia.
Link231ゆいかおり ゆいかおり JapanYuiKaori Japanese voice acting unit. YuiKaori was formed from "HAPPY!STYLE Rookies" under the Style Cube talent agency on September, 2009. Their major debut was "Our Steady Boy" on March 12, 2010 with Star Child, a subsidiary of King Records. On November 17, 2010 with their 3rd release, 「HEARTBEATが止まらないっ!」, the unit was transferred to the parent company King Records.
Link221スキップカウズ スキップカウズ TokyoSkip Cows
Link212שרית חדד שרית חדד IsraelSarit Hadad Sara Hodedatov (שרה חודדטוב) Sarit Hadad (Hebrew: שרית חדד, b. September 20, 1978, Hadera, Israel) is a popular Israeli singer. She comes from a musical family. Since she was 8 years old she started giving performances at a local club as a child prodigy playing classical music on the piano. She didn’t tell her parents, and when they found out two years later the performances were over. In that period she taught herself to play the organ, guitar, accordion and darbuka among others. When she was 15 she joined the Hadera Youth Band. This was the first step to her solo career, during which many of her songs topped the Israeli charts. Israeli Television selected her to represent her country in the Eurovision Song Contest 2002 with the song 'Light a candle'. There were some requests to disqualify this song because of the political situation in Israel, but Eurovision has no rules requiring such disqualification. Her final result was the 12th place. Sarit Hadad has been a student at the Democratic School of Hadera.
Link221雨宮天 雨宮天 JapanSora Amamiya Sora Amamiya = 雨宮天 Japanese voice actress & singer. Born August 28, 1993.
Link815ロットングラフティー ロットングラフティー JapanRottengraffty
Link221小坂明子 小坂明子 JapanAkiko Kosaka
Link221Dal★Shabet Dal★Shabet South KoreaDal Shabet Dal Shabet (Koreanl: 달샤벳, stylized as Dal★Shabet or Dalshabet) is a South Korean girl group created by E-Tribe through their label Happy Face Entertainment.
Link221長谷川智樹 長谷川智樹 JapanTomoki Hasegawa
Link221日高のり子 日高のり子 JapanNoriko Hidaka
Link913中谷美紀 中谷美紀 JapanMiki Nakatani Miki Nakatani Miki Nakatani who is also an character actress is felt to be her desire to be an artist, not just an idol singer, under Ryuichi Sakamoto's production. "Suna No Kajitsu" became her smash hit. But, she debuted with Keiko Azuma as Key West Club, an Idol unit from Sakurakko Club Sakura Gumi members in '95. It was pretty good as Latin Euro Kayo, but no hits at all. That may be a good thing now.
Link202東野純直 東野純直 JapanSumitada Azumano 東野純直 (Azumano Sumitada) Japanese singer born 25-Aug-71
Link202森繁久彌 森繁久彌 JapanHisaya Morishige 菅沼 久彌 / Hisaya Suganuma Stage name 森繁 久彌 / 森繁 久弥 (Hisaya Morishige) Japanese actor, singer, comedian, former NHK announcer born in Osaka. (May 4, 1913 - November 10, 2009) He is a national actor representing the Showa entertainment world, and he was active in a wide range of fields including movies, TV, stage, radio, singer, essayist.
Link166אהוד בנאי אהוד בנאי IsraelEhud Banai
Link211井内舞子 井内舞子 JapanMaiko Iuchi Maiko Iuchi = 井内舞子 Japanese composer / arranger & songwriter.
Link211伊藤かな恵 伊藤かな恵 JapanKanae Itō
Link211陳小春 陳小春 Hong KongJordan Chan
Link211蕭亞軒 蕭亞軒 TaiwanElva Hsiao
Link211七森中☆ごらく部 七森中☆ごらく部 JapanNanamorichu Gorakubu
Link211岡村孝子 岡村孝子 JapanTakako Okamura
Link211神谷浩史 神谷浩史 JapanHiroshi Kamiya
Link148רמי פורטיס רמי פורטיס IsraelRami Fortis Rami Fortis
Link211ねごと ねごと JapanNegoto
Link814あがた森魚 あがた森魚 JapanMorio Agata
Link211坂本サトル 坂本サトル JapanSatoru Sakamoto 坂本覚 (Sakamoto Jue) Japanese musician and actor born 03-Apr-67.
Link166מאיר אריאל מאיר אריאל IsraelMeir Ariel
Link516郷ひろみ 郷ひろみ JapanHiromi Go 原武裕美 (Haratake Hiromi) Japanese singer and actor. Born October 18, 1955 in Fukuoka. Released his debut single in 1972.
Link147יהודה פוליקר יהודה פוליקר IsraelYehuda Poliker Leonidas Polikari (Hebrew: ליאונידס פּוליקארי, Greek: Λεωνίδας Πολικάρη) Yehuda Poliker (Hebrew: יהודה פוליקר, born December 25, 1950, Kiryat Chaim, Israel) is a singer-songwriter best known for combining traditional Greek, Israeli and other Mediterranean music with rock. He is from a Greek Jewish family, the son of Holocaust survivors deported to Auschwitz from Salonika, Greece. He plays guitar, bouzouki, and bağlama. After playing with the group [a=Benzeen] Poliker launched a very successful solo career in 1984. He is the son of [a=Jako Poliker] and [a=Sarah Poliker] and collaborated with his father on an album in 2012.
Link201より子 より子 Japanより子。 before 2004 then より子 afterYoriko
Link120三橋美智也 三橋美智也 JapanMichiya Mihashi 三橋美智也 Japanese enka and minyo singer and shamisen player. Born in Hokkaido on November 10, 1930. Died January 8, 1996. Made his professional recording debut in 1954. Said to have been the biggest selling Japanese recording artist, selling over 160 million records during his career.
Link156Κρίστη Στασινοπούλου Κρίστη Στασινοπούλου GreeceKristi Stassinopoulou
Link201西脇唯 西脇唯 JapanYui Nishiwaki 西脇淳子 (Nishiwaki Junko) Stage Name: 西脇唯 (Nishiwaki Yui) Singer / songwriter from Japan.
Link201普天間かおり 普天間かおり Kaori Futenma
Link201新田恵海 新田恵海 JapanEmi Nitta Emi Nitta = 新田恵海 Japanese voice actress & singer. Born December 10, 1985.
Link201三沢あけみ 三沢あけみ JapanAkemi Misawa 宮下 登志子 / Toshiko Miyashita Stage name : 三沢あけみ (Akemi Misawa) Japanese female Enka / Kayōkyoku singer, actress, born in Nagano Prefecture on June 2, 1945.
Link813信近エリ 信近エリ JapanEri Nobuchika 信近エリ (Nobuchika Eri) Eri Nobuchika is a Japanese singer from Fukuoka who at 17, sent a demo tape to Sony Music SD's "Gonna be a Star" Audition and was subsequently selected and produced by Shinichi Osawa of Mondo Gross fame. She debuted with the maxi single Lights in 2004, which had a tie in with the video game Lumines and the movie Shinku.
Link147牧村三枝子 牧村三枝子 Mieko Makimura
Link191内田真礼 内田真礼 JapanMaaya Uchida Maaya Uchida = 内田真礼 Japanese actress, singer & voice actress. Born December 27, 1989.
Link191喜多村英梨 喜多村英梨 JapanEri Kitamura Eri Kitamura = 喜多村英梨 Japanese voice actress & singer. Born August 16, 1987.
Link191戴佩妮 戴佩妮 Penny Tai
Link191麻生夏子 麻生夏子 JapanNatsuko Aso Natsuko Aso = 麻生夏子 Japanese actress & singer. Born August 6, 1990.
Link191潘瑋柏 潘瑋柏 TaiwanWilber Pan
Link191深澤秀行 深澤秀行 JapanHideyuki Fukasawa Hideyuki Fukasawa = 深澤秀行 Japanese composer, producer & engineer. Born November 30, 1970. Artist name variations: Hide Fukasawa, Hideyuki Fukazawa.
Link191野川さくら 野川さくら Sakura Nogawa
Link191三枝成章 三枝成章 JapanShigeaki Saegusa
Link191斉藤恒芳 斉藤恒芳 JapanTsuneyoshi Saito
Link164米良美一 米良美一 JapanYoshikazu Mera 米良美一 Japanese classical countertenor. Born in Miyazaki on May 21, 1971.
Link191소나무 소나무 South KoreaSonamoo Sonamoo (Korean: 소나무, which translates as Pine Tree) is a seven-member South Korean K-pop girl group under TS Entertainment. On December 29, 2014, Sonamoo made their official debut with the single "Deja Vu". Members are: Su Min, Min Jae, D.ana, Na Hyun, Eui Jin, High.D, New Sun.
Link181蔡健雅 蔡健雅 SingaporeTanya Chua Tanya Chua (蔡健雅) 3-time Best Female Vocalist Golden Melody Award-winning Singaporean singer-songwriter (born 28 January 1975). She released her debut album, Bored, in December 1997. Chua then moved to Taiwan in 2006 to focus on the Chinese music industry. She is a judge on Sing My Song.
Link181小谷美紗子 小谷美紗子 Misako Odani
Link181原由実 原由実 JapanYumi Hara (2) Yumi Hara = 原由実 Japanese voice actress & singer. Born January 21, 1985.
Link181加納ひろし 加納ひろし Hiroshi Kanoh 加納ひろし [i]Enka[/i] singer originally from Hiroshima, Japan Up until the year 2000, Mr. Kanou wrote his name 嘉納ひろし
Link118秘密結社コドモA 秘密結社コドモA Himitsu Kessha Codomo A
Link136上原あずみ 上原あずみ JapanAzumi Uehara
Link181水田かおり 水田かおり Kaori Mita
Link127徐懷鈺 徐懷鈺 TaiwanYuki Hsu 徐懷鈺
Link217北島三郎 北島三郎 JapanSaburo Kitajima 大野 穣 (Oono Minoru) Stage Name: 北島三郎 (Kitajima Saburou) Nickname: サブちゃん (Sabu-chan) [i]Enka[/i] singer born 4 October 1936; originally from Hokkaido, Japan's northernmost island. Besides his musical activities, which have often taken him outside of Japan, Mr. Kitajima has appeared on Japanese television in traditional dance performances and drama shows. Mr Kitajima runs his own artist-management office, 北島音楽事務所 (Kitajima Music Office), representing himself and various other [i]Enka[/i] artists such as [a=Seiji Wada] and [a=Yuri Harada].
Link181上坂すみれ 上坂すみれ JapanSumire Uesaka Sumire Uesaka = 上坂すみれ Japanese voice actress & singer. Born December 19, 1991.
Link181张靓颖 张靓颖 Hong KongJane Zhang Jane Zhang also known as Zhang Liangying (simplified Chinese: 张靓颖; traditional Chinese: 張靚穎; pinyin: Zhāng Liàngyǐng; born October 11, 1984 in Chengdu, Sichuan) is a Mainland Chinese pop singer.
Link181高橋優 高橋優 Yuu Takahashi
Link181平山みき 平山みき JapanMiki Hirayama A Japanese female singer born in Tokyo on August 22, 1949. Her unique husky voice which like a pronounce with a nasal twang It matched funky rhythm and became a big demand at the time. Her sister became an actress of Shochiku after passing the Miss Ale French contest, and 平山洋子 Yoko Hirayama (園江梨子→園えり子→平山洋子) who was active as a singer later.
Link181うしろ髪ひかれ隊 うしろ髪ひかれ隊 JapanUshirogami Hikaretai
Link117金沢明子 金沢明子 Akiko Kanazawa 金沢 明子(Kanazawa Akiko) Japanese folk "min-yō" & enka singer born 25 October 1954 in Ichikawa Chiba Japan. The winner of a min-yō contest hosted by Nippon Min-yō Kyōkai in 1970 and her career was started. Her debut album is "若い民謡" (translated into "Young Folk Songs") released in March 1976.
Link144西島三重子 西島三重子 JapanMieko Nishijima
Link126やくしまるえつこ やくしまるえつこ JapanEtsuko Yakushimaru Etsuko Maruno = 丸野悦子 Etsuko Yakushimaru = やくしまるえつこ is a Japanese singer, composer & producer. She also works as an illustrator & narrator. Born June 3rd, 1987. Also performs as "Tutu Helvetica".
Link171宮本笑里 宮本笑里 Emiri Miyamoto
Link171門あさ美 門あさ美 JapanAsami Kado Japanese singer-songwriter. Born in Nagoya on October 17, 1955. Released her debut single in 1979.
Link162湯原昌幸 湯原昌幸 JapanMasayuki Yuhara
Link810森岡賢 森岡賢 Ken Morioka Ken Morioka Morioka Ken (森岡賢) is an ex-member of the japanese band Soft Ballet. Ken has also worked as a session musician and producer for Issay, Tomayasu Hotei, Mell, and Demon Kogure among others, and produced the soundtrack for the anime “KAIKAN Phrase” He passed away from heart failure on June 3rd, 2016. Son of [a=Ken-Ichiro Morioka], brother of [a=Kei Morioka]
Link117野口五郎 野口五郎 JapanGoro Noguchi Japanese singer, guitarist and actor (b. 1956). He got his first number one hit with Amai seikatsu in 1974, and his second one with his next single, Shitetsu Ensen in 1975.
Link171이효리 이효리 South KoreaLee Hyori 이효리 Lee Hyori (Hangul: 이효리; Hanja: 李孝利; born May 10, 1979), is a South Korean singer, actress, record producer, activist, and television presenter. Dubbed as the "Nation's Fairy" during her Family Outing days, she debuted as a member of the successful K-pop girl group Fin.K.L, but has since become a solo artist. In 2003, she released her debut solo album Stylish which won several "Artist of the Year" awards. In 2006, Lee was the highest-paid female singer in her native country when she signed a contract with Mnet Media.
Link171山下智久 山下智久 JapanTomohisa Yamashita
Link171ボ・ガンボス ボ・ガンボス Bo Gumbos ボ・ガンボス Japanese rock band
Link171結城アイラ 結城アイラ JapanAira Yuuki Aira Yuuki = 結城アイラ Japanese singer-songwriter / lyricist. Born August 28, 1981. [b]Name variation[/b]: Aira Yuhki.
Link171松本梨香 松本梨香 JapanRica Matsumoto 松本 梨香 (Matsumoto Rika) Japanese seiyu and j-pop singer who was born in Yokohama, Japan.
Link171麻田華子 麻田華子 JapanHanako Asada
Link171東京プリン 東京プリン Tokyo Purin
Link171クリープハイプ クリープハイプ JapanCreephyp Creephyp(クリープハイプ) are an Japanese rock band formed in 2001.
Link117中山ラビ 中山ラビ Rabi Nakayama Japanese singer, "the female Bob Dylan" debuted in the early seventies as a folk-rock singer / songwriter, but later turned towards a more pop sound.
Link810三宅純 三宅純 JapanJun Miyake Jun Miyake Japanese artist, composer and songwriter born 7 January 1958 in Kyoto, Japan. (Trumpet, Flugelhorn, Piano, Pianica, Programming)
Link144氷川きよし 氷川きよし JapanKiyoshi Hikawa 山田 清志 (Yamada Kiyoshi) Stage name: 氷川きよし (Hikawa Kiyoshi) [i]Enka[/i] singer, born 6 September 1977 and originally from Fukuoka in southern Japan. Kiyoshi Hikawa's great talent and notoriety belie his age; he is unusually young for [i]Enka[/i], a genre in which successful artists and fans alike traditionally fall into a more advanced age group. Thanks to his youth and friendly demeanor, Mr. Hikawa has been at the forefront of a recent increase in popularity of [i]Enka[/i] among Japan's younger generations.
Link171横山智佐 横山智佐 JapanChisa Yokoyama
Link171梁漢文 梁漢文 Hong KongEdmond Leung
Link171徐若瑄 徐若瑄 TaiwanVivian Hsu Vivian Hsu (Chinese: 徐若瑄; pinyin: Xú Ruòxuān; Wade–Giles: Hsu Jo-hsüan; Pe̍h-ōe-jī: Chhî Jio̍k-soan; Japanese: ビビアン・スー Bibian Sū), born March 19, 1975 in Taichung, is a Taiwanese singer, actress, and model who has gained remarkable popularity in East Asia, mainly in Taiwan and Japan.
Link171鄭中基 鄭中基 Hong KongRonald Cheng
Link161小沢健二 小沢健二 JapanKenji Ozawa
Link107トランザム トランザム Tranzam Japanese rock/pop band, formed in 1974. The group split up in 1981, and reformed in 2003.
Link161奥井亜紀 奥井亜紀 JapanAki Okui
Link161吳克群 吳克群 TaiwanKenji Wu
Link152遊佐未森 遊佐未森 JapanMimori Yusa
Link161城南海 城南海 Minami Kizuki
Link143奥慶一 奥慶一 JapanKeiichi Oku
Link161竹井詩織里 竹井詩織里 JapanShiori Takei
Link161花田裕之 花田裕之 JapanHiroyuki Hanada
Link161川本真琴 川本真琴 JapanMakoto Kawamoto
Link143緒方恵美 緒方恵美 JapanMegumi Ogata 緒方恵美 (Ogata Megumi) Japanese vocalist actually know under alias [b]em:óu[/b] Born June 6, 1965 in Tokyo.
Link161刀根麻理子 刀根麻理子 JapanMariko Tone
Link161악동뮤지션 악동뮤지션 South KoreaAkdong Musician Akdong Musician (Korean: 악동뮤지션, also known as AKMU) is a South Korean music duo under YG Entertainment, consisting of siblings Lee Chanhyuk and Lee Suhyun. They won the second installment of the K-pop Star series.
Link161虹のコンキスタドール 虹のコンキスタドール JapanNiji No Conquistador
Link161畠田理恵 畠田理恵 JapanRie Hatada
Link161吉沢秋絵 吉沢秋絵 JapanAkie Yoshizawa
Link152宇都宮隆 宇都宮隆 Takashi Utsunomiya
Link161大橋彩香 大橋彩香 JapanAyaka Ohashi Ayaka Ohashi = 大橋彩香 Japanese voice actress & singer. Born September 13, 1994.
Link151北原愛子 北原愛子 JapanAiko Kitahara 北原愛子 (Aiko Kitahara)
Link016すぺらんかー すぺらんかー Spelunker
Link151西田ひかる 西田ひかる JapanHikaru Nishida
Link15196猫 96猫 Japan96Neko
Link151森重樹一 森重樹一 JapanJuichi Morishige
Link151高橋克典 高橋克典 JapanKatsunori Takahashi
Link151飯塚雅弓 飯塚雅弓 Mayumi Iizuka
Link151都留教博 都留教博 JapanNorihiro Tsuru
Link151サイキックラバー サイキックラバー JapanPsychic Lover
Link151陳淑樺 陳淑樺 Sarah Chen 陳淑樺 Sarah (Chen Shu Hua - 陳淑樺 ) was born on May 14, 1958 in Taiwan, although I have been told that 1959 might be the correct year. She was hailed as a 'genius child star' at the age of 8, winning first prize in the Broadcasting Ballad Competition. By 1967, she was recording singles for Angel Records, releasing her debut album in 1973 with Seamount Records. Several of Sarah's recordings are included on the Campus Folk 8 volume set. Her music won her many accolades during the 1970s, 80s and 90s ... touching the hearts of many people in a unique way. There is a maturity and depth in her music that sets her apart from most. Her disappearance from public life in 1998 remains somewhat of a mystery, although the death of her mother affected her very deeply. Life can be very complex, and particularly for those in the public eye. It often amazes me how musicians and actors keep going as long as they do. There is much more to life than being on stage, as Greta Garbo and others have shown. Having started so young, retiring at 40 is maybe not so strange. Listening to Sarah is a very special experience, and one soon realises that she is much more than a singer and musician ...
Link151吉森信 吉森信 JapanMakoto Yoshimori
Link151サンタラ サンタラ JapanSantara
Link151柿原徹也 柿原徹也 JapanTetsuya Kakihara Tetsuya Kakihara = 柿原徹也 German-Japanese voice actor & singer. Born December 24, 1982.
Link151青山陽一 青山陽一 Yoichi Aoyama 青山陽一 Japanese guitarist and singer-songwriter. Born in Nagano on August 26, 1963.
Link151猿岩石 猿岩石 Japancomedy duoSaruganseki
Link511ライムベリー ライムベリー Rhymeberry Japanese Hip Hop IDOL Unit. Tokyo,Japan.
Link151王馨平 王馨平 Hong KongLinda Wong
Link151又紀仁美 又紀仁美 JapanHitomi Yūki
Link214かまいたち かまいたち JapanKamaitachi かまいたち
Link151豊田道倫 豊田道倫 JapanMichinori Toyota 豊田道倫
Link106高崎晃 高崎晃 JapanAkira Takasaki 高崎晃 (Akira Takasaki) Japanese guitarist. Born in Higashisumiyoshi, Osaka-shi, Osaka, Japan in February 22, 1961.
Link151松岡英明 松岡英明 JapanHideaki Matsuoka
Link151たむらぱん たむらぱん JapanTamurapan 田村歩美(Ayumi Tamura) A Japanese singer, songwriter, composer and arranger born in 1980.
Link412成龍 成龍 Hong KongJackie Chan 陳港生 (Chan Kong-sang / Chan Kong San) Born: April 7, 1954, Hong Kong Jackie Chan is a martial arts film star, often billed as an action star who does his own stunts.
Link141横関敦 横関敦 JapanAtsushi Yokozeki 横関敦 Japanese guitarist. Played in Bronx (The Bronx), 筋肉少女帯 (Kinniku-Shōjotai a.k.a. King-Show), Blood Circus (with Loudness members), Lance Of Thrill, The Slat Banks, etc.
Link141Ήβη Αδάμου Ήβη Αδάμου CyprusIvi Adamou Ήβη Αδάμου Greek Cypriot singer. Born: 24 November 1993 (Paralimni, Famagusta, Cyprus). She represented Cyprus in the Eurovision Song Contest 2012 with the song La La Love.
Link141椎名豪 椎名豪 JapanGo Shiina
Link69大島麻衣 大島麻衣 JapanMai Oshima
Link141佐藤聡美 佐藤聡美 JapanSatomi Sato Satomi Sato = 佐藤聡美 Japanese voice actress & singer. Born May 8, 1986.
Link141小林建樹 小林建樹 JapanTateki Kobayashi
Link141길미 길미 South KoreaGilme
Link141ボンジュール鈴木 ボンジュール鈴木 JapanBonjour Suzuki Japanese producer of mostly electro-pop themes. She's also a lyricist & a singer.
Link96難波弘之 難波弘之 JapanHiroyuki Namba
Link312ירדנה ארזי ירדנה ארזי IsraelYardena Arazi Born 1951, Israel
Link132新川二朗 新川二朗 Jiro Shinkawa Japanese Enka / Kyoukyoku singer born in Ishikawa Prefecture on November 2, 1939. He was scouted by 村田英雄 Hideo Murata and In 1962 he released his debut 45s "君を慕いて" on King records.
Link78毒殺テロリスト 毒殺テロリスト Dokusatsu Terrorist
Link141中原麻衣 中原麻衣 JapanMai Nakahara 中原麻衣 (Mai Nakahara) Seiyū, employed by I'm Enterprise.
Link141吉永小百合 吉永小百合 JapanSayuri Yoshinaga 岡田小百合 (Okada Sayuri) Japanese actress and singer. Born March 13, 1945 in Tokyo. Made her film debut in 1959
Link141吉田直樹 吉田直樹 Naoki Yoshida
Link96方大同 方大同 Hong KongKhalil Fong
Link141芳本美代子 芳本美代子 JapanMiyoko Yoshimoto
Link141日笠陽子 日笠陽子 JapanYoko Hikasa Yoko Hikasa = 日笠陽子 Japanese voice actress & singer. Born July 16th, 1985.
Link141シュノーケル シュノーケル JapanSnowkel Snowkel(シュノーケル) are an Japanese power trio formed in Fukuoka in 2004.
Link141久松史奈 久松史奈 JapanFumina Hisamatsu Fumina Hisamatsu
Link141高浪慶太郎 高浪慶太郎 JapanKeitaro Takanami Keitaro Takanami
Link141石井明美 石井明美 JapanAkemi Ishii 石井明美 (Ishii Akemi) Japanese Singer active in the late 80's. Born September 8, 1965 in Chiba.
Link141徳山秀典 徳山秀典 Hidenori Tokuyama Hidenori Koyanagi
Link77نصير شمه نصير شمه IraqNaseer Shamma Iraqi oud player and composer, born in Al-Kut in 1963. Studied at the Baghdad Institute of Music where he received a diploma in musical art in 1987. He has developed his own unique 8-string oud. Currently director of the Beit Al-Oud Al-Arabi at Al-Harawi Cairo, which was founded in 1998.
Link95山本恭司 山本恭司 JapanKyoji Yamamoto Kyōji Yamamoto Japanese guitarist, singer-songwriter and record producer, born 23 March 1956 in Matsue, Shimane, Japan.
Link131田中律子 田中律子 JapanRitsuko Tanaka Ritsuko Tanaka Ritsuko Tanaka, Chief Priestess of Inagahachiman jinja, is the daughter of [a5177191].
Link014Александр Ларичев Александр Ларичев MoskvaAlexander Larichev Александр Ларичев (Alexander Larichev) Progressive Trance / Progressive House DJ & music producer from Moscow, Russia. Born: 13-07-1992.
Link113Виталий Куприй Виталий Куприй United StatesVitalij Kuprij Віталій Купрій Ukrainian-American pianist, composer, music teacher, and keyboardis Born 1974
Link131許慧欣 許慧欣 United StatesEvonne Hsu
Link131滴草由実 滴草由実 Yumi Shizukusa
Link014笹みどり 笹みどり Midori Sasa Yukiko Murakami 村上 勇喜子 Japanese Kayo singer, Enka singer. Born in Kanagawa on October 3, 1947.
Link410黃鶯鶯 黃鶯鶯 TaiwanTracy Huang 黃鶯鶯
Link131グリーヴァ グリーヴァ Japanvisual keiGrieva
Link131大石昌良 大石昌良 JapanMasayoshi Oishi
Link131岩瀬敬吾 岩瀬敬吾 Keigo Iwase
Link131高木麻早 高木麻早 JapanMasa Takagi
Link131田辺マモル 田辺マモル JapanMamoru Tanabe
Link131田所あずさ 田所あずさ JapanAzusa Tadokoro Azusa Tadokoro = 田所あずさ Japanese voice actress & singer. Born November 10, 1993.
Link113寺嶋民哉 寺嶋民哉 JapanTamiya Terashima
Link131諫山実生 諫山実生 JapanMio Isayama
Link131ぐるたみん ぐるたみん Glutamine
Link131楠田亜衣奈 楠田亜衣奈 JapanAina Kusuda
Link122持田香織 持田香織 Kaori Mochida 持田香織 (Mochida Kaori) Born March 24th, 1978 in Tokyo, Japan. Vocalist of Japanese band Every Little Thing.
Link131稲葉喜美子 稲葉喜美子 JapanKimiko Inaba
Link131池田綾子 池田綾子 Ayako Ikeda
Link131広沢タダシ 広沢タダシ JapanTadashi Hirosawa
Link131長澤知之 長澤知之 JapanTomoyuki Nagasawa
Link131般若 般若 JapanHannya Yoshiho Takeda
Link410長谷川健一 長谷川健一 Kenichi Hasegawa 長谷川健一 Japanese folk singer-songwriter
Link131酒井俊 酒井俊 JapanShun Sakai
Link131今井絵理子 今井絵理子 JapanEriko Imai 今井絵理子 (Imai Eriko) Japanese Singer and Songwriter. Born 1983, September 22 in Okinawa, Japan She was one of the main vocalists of incredibly popular idol group SPEED, began her solo career in 2000 and uses the alias "elly" since 2005.
Link131岸千恵子 岸千恵子 Chieko Kishi
Link131優月 優月 JapanYuduki
Link131孫耀威 孫耀威 Hong KongEric Suen
Link131林曉培 林曉培 TaiwanShino Lin
Link95新裤子 新裤子 BeijingChinese pop-punkNew Pants
Link131堀ちえみ 堀ちえみ JapanChiemi Hori
Link131리쌍 리쌍 South KoreaLeessang 리쌍 Leessang is a South Korean hip hop duo, composed of Kang Hee-gun ("Gary" or "Garie") and Gil Seong-joon ("Gil"). Formed in 2002, the duo has released eight albums to date: two self-titled records in 2002 and 2003, Library of Soul in 2005, Black Sun in 2007, Baekajeolhyeon (백아절현) in 2009, Hexagonal in late 2009, Asura Balbalta in 2011 and Unplugged in 2012. Their last three albums broke numerous records and guided their entry to the mainstream Korean music industry.
Link212湯浅譲二 湯浅譲二 JapanJoji Yuasa 湯浅譲二 / Yuasa Jōji Joji Yuasa (born August 12, 1929) is a Japanese composer. In the 1950s he co-founded Jikken Kobo (Experimental Workshop), an organization dedicated to the exploration of interdisciplinary art cooperations. He also was a music researcher and professor at the University of California in San Diego, where he lives today.
Link131中村善郎 中村善郎 Yoshiro Nakamura
Link131東山奈央 東山奈央 JapanNao Toyama Nao Toyama = 東山奈央 Japanese voice actress & singer. Her name is sometimes mistransliterated as Nao Higashiyama. Born March 11, 1992.
Link013Nίκος Σκαλκώτας Nίκος Σκαλκώτας GreeceNikos Skalkottas Νικόλαος Σκαλκώτας Greek classical composer (b. 1904, d. 1949). The earliest remaining works of his date from 1922-24 and are piano compositions as well as the orchestration of "Cretan Feast" by [a=Dimitri Mitropoulos]. He wrote symphonic works (Greek Dances, the symphonic overture Return of Ulysses, the fairy drama Mayday Spell, the second symphonic suite, the ballet The Maiden and Death, the Classical Symphony for winds, a Sinfonietta and several concertos), chamber music works, as well as vocal works. Although he came to know Schönberg's dodecaphonic system, Skalkottas shaped his own dodecaphonic idioms.
Link112ガーディアンズ4 ガーディアンズ4 JapanGuardians 4
Link112טיפקס טיפקס IsraelTeapacks Israeli rock and pop band, formed in 1990 as Tipex. Renamed in 1994. Kobi Oz - vocals (1990-present) Ram Yosifov - rhythm guitar (1990-present) Gal Peremen - bass (1990-present) Tamir Yemini - drums (1993-1997, 2001-2002, 2014-present) Shachar Yampolsky - keyboards (2014-present) Adam Mader - mandolin (2014-present) Danielle Krief - vocals (2014-present) Sefi Hirsch - violin (2014-present) Noam Chen - percussion (2014-present) Past members: Moti Yosef - drums (1998-2000, 2002-2009, 2016) Danny Aberjel - lead guitar (1998-2009) Noam Yankelevich - keyboards (1998-2009) Meir "Big M" Amar - DJ (1998-2009) Einav Cohen - guitar (1990-1991) Yoav Nagar - drums (1990-1991) Avinoam Marton - drums (1991-1994)
Link121樹海 樹海 JapanJyukai
Link121浜田朱里 浜田朱里 JapanJuri Hamada
Link121יוני רכטר יוני רכטר IsraelYoni Rechter Yonatan Rechter Yoni Rechter (Hebrew: יוני רכטר), born November 18, 1951 in Tel Aviv, is an Israeli pianist, singer, producer, and arranger. He became famous in his native country as a member of the seminal 1970s Israeli rock group [a=Kaveret]. He also played in the short-lived '70s progressive rock band [a=Fourteen Octaves]. During the '70s he collaborated successfully with [a=Arik Einstein]. Rechter produced the first solo album by [a=Gidi Gov] in 1978. In 1979 Rechter and [a=Yehudit Ravitz] performed together on a television special called "Once and Forever". An album of their performances, recorded live in the studio, was released that same year. His solo career also began in 1979 with the album "Intentions". During the 1980s he continued to release solo albums as well as collaborations with [a=Eli Mohar], [a=Yitzhak Klepter] and [a=Matti Caspi]. He also actively worked as a producers and in various stage shows. In 1991 the Israel Broadcast Authority produced a TV program of Rechter's songs called "Romance Os What Counts", which was also released as an album. In 1998 Kaveret reunited and released the album "Live In the Park". Rechter also continued his collaborations with Arik Einstein and Eli Mohar. During the 2000s and 2010s Rechter has continued to be an active producer, composer and recording artist. in 2009 he received an honorary doctorate from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. Rechter won the Israeli Theater Award in 2013 for original music composed for the play " Private Investigator." He also was part of the 40th anniversary reunion of Kaveret, appearing on the album "The Final Concert".
Link94乱魔堂 乱魔堂 JapanRanmadou
Link121川江美奈子 川江美奈子 JapanMinako Kawae
Link121白井貴子 白井貴子 JapanTakako Shirai
Link76Δημήτρης Παπαδημητρίου Δημήτρης Παπαδημητρίου GreeceDimitris Papadimitriou
Link121狩人 狩人 JapanKaryudo
Link85須山公美子 須山公美子 JapanKumiko Suyama
Link121中西圭三 中西圭三 JapanKeizo Nakanishi Japanese singer, songwriter and composer, born November 11, 1964 in Minami-ku, Okayama, Prefecture Okayama, Japan.
Link103ピロカルピン ピロカルピン JapanPirokalpin
Link121丁当 丁当 ChinaChinese pop artistDing Dang
Link121小野大輔 小野大輔 JapanDaisuke Ono Daisuke Ono = 小野大輔 Japanese voice actor. Born May 4, 1978.
Link49宮城道雄 宮城道雄 JapanMichio Miyagi 宮城道雄 Michio Miyagi (April 7, 1894, Kobe, Japan - June 25, 1956, Osaka) was a Japanese composer and a koto performer. Miyagi revolutionized koto music with new playing and compostional techniques, and is now considered as the father of modern koto music. Miyagi composed more than 350 works, the majority of them for the koto, including compositions for children, large-scale works including koto concerti with Western orchestras. Miyagi invented the jushichigen [17 string bass koto], an 80-string koto, the dai-kokyu [large bowed spiked fiddle] and tan-goto [short koto].
Link112千葉紗子 千葉紗子 JapanSaeko Chiba 千葉紗子 (Saeko Chiba) Japanese singer and seiyu.
Link121邰正宵 邰正宵 Hong KongSamuel Tai
Link013カナブン カナブン Japanvisual keiKanabun
Link121住岡梨奈 住岡梨奈 JapanRina Sumioka
Link121千聖 千聖 Chisato
Link85栗山千明 栗山千明 JapanChiaki Kuriyama
Link103ארקדי דוכין ארקדי דוכין Arkadi Duchin
Link121神園さやか 神園さやか JapanSayaka Kamizono 神薗 清華 (Kamizono Sayaka) Stage Name: 神園さやか (Kamizono Sayaka) [i]Enka[/i] singer born 28 July 1986. Originally from Hiroshima Prefecture, Japan.
Link58Борис Христов Борис Христов Bulgarian bass opera singerBoris Christoff Boris Christoff (Bulgarian: Борис Христов) (May 18, 1914, Plovdiv, Bulgaria – June 28, 1993, Rome, Italy) was a Bulgarian basso opera singer. As a young man Boris commenced to study law. Music being his chief hobby, he spent much of his leisure as a member of an amateur male voice choir. His fine voice attracted the attention of a patron of the Arts who sent him to Italy in 1942, were he studied in Rome under the famous baritone Riccardo Stracchiari. Later he went to Salzburg to study the German repertoire and at the end of the war he found himself in a displaced persons' camp. He was successful in returning to Italy and in 1946 he made his first public appearance there as a concert singer. In the autumn of the same year, the chance hearing of a broadcast led to the offer of a contract to record exclusively for "His Master's Voice". Professional operatic engagements soon followed, and by the time he was 30 years of age he had an International reputation as a worthy successor to the great Fedor Chaliapine (see [a852710]), whom he resembles closely both in the superb quality of his voice and in the vividness of his characterisation of the rôles he takes. He is now one of the principal singers at La Scala, Milan, the Metropolitan Opera House, New York, and the Royal Opera, Covent Garden. He also sung at the Edinburgh and other International Music Festivals.
Link121及川光博 及川光博 JapanMitsuhiro Oikawa
Link121岡部啓一 岡部啓一 JapanKeiichi Okabe Keiichi Okabe = 岡部啓一 Japanese composer / arranger. Born May 26, 1969.
Link121早見沙織 早見沙織 JapanSaori Hayami Saori Hayami = 早見 沙織 Japanese voice actress & singer. Born May 29, 1991
Link112吉沢梨絵 吉沢梨絵 JapanRie Yoshizawa
Link121高杉さと美 高杉さと美 Satomi Takasugi
Link121方力申 方力申 Alex Fong
Link121許美靜 許美靜 SingaporeMavis Hee Beloved Singaporean songstress famous for her clear vocals and intimate delivery style. Her best known songs include: 《遗憾》, 《明知道》, 《鐵窗》, 《明知故犯》, 《城里的月光》, 《都是夜歸人》、《蔓延》、《快樂無罪》
Link121千葉紘子 千葉紘子 JapanHiroko Chiba 千葉 紘子 / Hiroko Chiba Japanese female singer, education official, born on 19th November 1944. In 1965, she graduated from Yamawaki Gakuen Junior College. "National Canzone Competition" held at the Expo Memorial Park, she won the victory. In 1971 she debuted as a singer with "恋する女に悔いはない". In 1983 she became an interview committee of the Ministry of Justice, In 1990 she took office as a probationer. And she is consulting juvenile training schools etc. across the country and counseling graduate students. In 2002 she received the Minister of Justice award six times. In 2003 she was appointed Vice Chairman of Japan Correctional Association and Tokyo Family Court House Chair Mediation Committee.
Link39Βαγγέλης Κατσούλης Βαγγέλης Κατσούλης Vangelis Katsoulis Βαγγέλης Κατσούλης
Link111生稲晃子 生稲晃子 JapanAkiko Ikuina
Link111詩月カオリ 詩月カオリ JapanKaori Utatsuki 詩月カオリ (Kaori Utatsuki) J-pop singer and a member of [a=I've] Sound based on Sapporo, Hokkaido, Japan.
Link111태민 태민 South KoreaTaemin Lee Tae-Min (July 18th,1993) is a South Korean singer and actor. He debuted as a vocalist and main dancer of the group Shinee in May 2008.
Link111岸本早未 岸本早未 Hayami Kishimoto 岸本早未 (Kishimoto Hayami) Japanese Singer and Idol. Born June 25, 1987 in Kyoto. Major debut in 2003.
Link111정용화 정용화 South KoreaJung Yong Hwa
Link012Симон Барер Симон Барер RussiaSimon Barere Russian-born, Jewish-American classical pianist (1896-1951).
Link111עמיר בניון עמיר בניון Amir Benayun
Link84はるな愛 はるな愛 JapanAi Haruna
Link66井手麻理子 井手麻理子 Mariko Ide 井手 麻理子 (IDE Mariko) Date Of Birth: [b]1975.12.08[/b]. Place Of Birth: [b]Fukuoka (Japan)[/b]. Blood Type: [b]B[/b].
Link75ニューエスト・モデル ニューエスト・モデル JapanThe Newest Model
Link111藤木直人 藤木直人 JapanNaohito Fujiki 藤木直人 (Fujiki Naohito) Japanese actor and singer, born 19-Jul-72 in Chiba, Japan.
Link111アルカラ アルカラ JapanArukara
Link111上田現 上田現 JapanGen Ueda
Link111中川勝彦 中川勝彦 JapanKatsuhiko Nakagawa Father of [a=Shoko Nakagawa]
Link111林伊佐緒 林伊佐緒 JapanIsao Hayashi 林 勲 / Isao Hayashi A Japanese singer / composer born in Yamaguchi Prefecture. The fourth society president of the Japan Singer Association. (May 11, 1912 - September 29, 1995) He is called Japan's first singer-songwriter.
Link48葉麗儀 葉麗儀 Hong KongFrances Yip 葉麗儀 Frances Yip Lai-yee is a Hong Kong Cantopop singer. She is best known for performing many of the theme songs for television series produced by TVB in the 1980s and early 1990s. Born on 22 Oct 1947, Frances is of Hakka ancestry, Yip hit international fame with her signature tune, The Bund from the TVB drama of the same title. Before her success, she tributed songs in her earlier albums originally performed by singers such as Adam Cheng, Roman Tam and Jenny Tseng. In her 41-year career, Yip has released more than 80 albums, mostly of songs in American English, Indonesian, Thai, Malay, Mexican Spanish, Japanese, Tagalog, Cantonese and Mandarin. She has performed on television, and in films, concerts and cabarets in more than 30 countries on five continents. Her linguistic skills, with unique interpretations of lyrics in English, Cantonese and Mandarin, as well as several other Asian languages, have led to a fan base across a wide range of cultures and countries. She has worked with the Hong Kong Philharmonic Orchestra, the Vancouver Symphony Orchestra, the Hong Kong Chinese Orchestra, the Macau Chinese Orchestra, the Singapore Chinese Orchestra, the Youth Orchestra from the Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore Symphony Orchestra and Thammasat University Philharmonic Orchestra in Bangkok as well as large orchestras in Kuala Lumpur. Frances achieved worldwide recognition when she was selected by the Hong Kong Government to be a co-presenter at the British Farewell Ceremony to mark the transfer of sovereignty in Hong Kong. The event on June 30th 1997 was watched by a television audience estimated at 120 million, in more than 80 countries around the globe.
Link111サタンです サタンです Satandesu
Link111こまどり姉妹 こまどり姉妹 JapanKomadori Shimai 長内栄子, 長内敏子 / Eiko Osanai, Toshiko Osanai Japanese twin singers born in Hokkaido on February 16, 1938
Link111倉本裕基 倉本裕基 JapanYuhki Kuramoto
Link111和島あみ 和島あみ JapanAmi Wajima
Link111陳珊妮 陳珊妮 Sandee Chan
Link84שירי מימון שירי מימון IsraelShiri Maimon שירי מימון‎ Israeli pop singer, TV show host and actress, born 17 May 1981 in Haifa, Israel.
Link111少年カミカゼ 少年カミカゼ Shonen Kamikaze
Link210渡哲也 渡哲也 JapanTetsuya Watari
Link111友部正人 友部正人 JapanMasato Tomobe
Link111吉岡忍 吉岡忍 JapanShinobu Yoshioka
Link111许巍 许巍 Chinarock musicianWei Xu Violinist
Link75吳建豪 吳建豪 United StatesVanness Wu Vanness Wu (吳建豪, 吴建豪, Wú Jiànháo) Taiwanese American actor, singer, director, and producer (7 August 1978 in Santa Monica, United States).
Link210長屋和哉 長屋和哉 Kazuya Nagaya Japanese experimental music artist.
Link111野崎沙穂 野崎沙穂 JapanSaho Nozaki
Link111Борис Рубашкин Борис Рубашкин Boris Rubaschkin Bulgarian musician and composer, born 17 June 1932 in Sofia, Bulgaria.
Link111南里侑香 南里侑香 JapanYuuka Nanri 南里侑香 (Yuuka Nanri) Japanese seiyu & pop singer.
Link012水樂 水樂 Japanvisual keiByakura
Link111七尾旅人 七尾旅人 JapanTavito Nanao
Link111劉小慧 劉小慧 Hong KongWinnie Lau
Link111Сергей Калугин Сергей Калугин RussiaSergey Kalugin
Link111齊豫 齊豫 TaiwanChyi Yu 齊豫 Award winning Taiwanese vocalist. Her most well know hits include: <橄欖樹>, <夢田>, <歡顏>, ,
Link111Андрей Петров Андрей Петров RussiaSoviet and Russian composerAndrei Petrov Guitarist.
Link101アツミサオリ アツミサオリ JapanSaori Atsumi
Link101上原れな 上原れな JapanRena Uehara
Link101אסף אמדורסקי אסף אמדורסקי Assaf Amdursky
Link101大江慎也 大江慎也 Shinya Ohe
Link101渡辺宙明 渡辺宙明 JapanMichiaki Watanabe
Link83山口冨士夫 山口冨士夫 JapanFujio Yamaguchi 山口富士夫 Japanese rock/psychedelic guitarist. Born August 10, 1949; died August 14, 2013. Member of the Group Sounds group The Dynamites, glam rockers Murahachibu and many others.
Link65八田ケンヂ 八田ケンヂ JapanKenzi Hatta ケンヂ (Kenzi) Japanese punk vocalist.
Link101岡平健治 岡平健治 Kenji Okahira
Link011本田竹広 本田竹広 Takehiro Honda 本田昂 (Honda Takashi) Japanese jazz pianist & keyboard player. Born August 21, 1945 in Miyako-shi, Iwate. Died January 12, 2006. He first came to notice when he joined [a=Sadao Watanabe]'s quartet in 1973. He formed [a=Native Son] in 1978. He was married to the jazz singer Chico Honda.
Link101斉藤哲夫 斉藤哲夫 JapanTetsuo Saito
Link101中ノ森BAND 中ノ森BAND JapanNakanomori Band Formed in 2004, consisting of [a5824321] (real name 中ノ森文子 [a3732823]) on vocals, guitar, [a4025357] (real name 三島亜紀子 Akiko Mishima) keyboards, [a3732829] (real name 田口裕美子 Yumiko Taguchi) bass and [a5824322] (real name 浦本絵美 Emi Uramoto) drums. Second guitarist Tomoe (real name 手島友恵 Tomoe Teshima) left the band at the end of September 2005.
Link101張棟樑 張棟樑 MalaysiaNicholas Teo
Link92横山輝一 横山輝一 JapanKiichi Yokoyama Kiichi Yokoyama
Link101真弓倫子 真弓倫子 JapanTomoko Mayumi 真弓 倫子 (Mayumi Tomoko) Japanese TV talent and actress. One-off singer. Born as Ichiki Tomoko (市来 倫子) on June 27, 1971 in Tokyo.
Link101松田彬人 松田彬人 JapanAkito Matsuda
Link101原由子 原由子 YokohamaYuko Hara 原由子 (Hara Yuuko) Keyboard player and backing vocalist for the Japanese rock group Southern All Stars. Born 11 December 1956; originally from Yokohama, Japan.
Link56大野えり 大野えり JapanEri Ohno
Link101上妻宏光 上妻宏光 JapanHiromitsu Agatsuma Japanese shamisen player and composer, born July 27, 1973 in Ibaraki.
Link101パナシェ! パナシェ! JapanPanache!
Link101清水愛 清水愛 Ai Shimizu 清水愛 (Ai Shimizu) Ai Shimizu (born March 26, 1981) is a Japanese seiyū (voice actress) and singer. She is currently employed by Haikyou. She released seven singles and one album since 2003. She covered Yumi Matsutoya’s Toki o Kakeru Shōjo as the B-side of her first single “Angel Fish” in 2003. Shimizu has voiced for characters such as Mikoto from Mai-HiME and Mai-Otome, Road Kamelot from D.Gray-man, and Ellis from El Cazador de la Bruja.
Link29יהורם גאון יהורם גאון IsraelYehoram Gaon יהורם גאון Popsinger and Actor from Israel.
Link101片桐麻美 片桐麻美 JapanAsami Katagiri
Link101コーニッシュ コーニッシュ JapanConisch
Link65早坂文雄 早坂文雄 JapanFumio Hayasaka 早坂文雄 (Hayasaka Fumio) Fumio Hayasaka (1914–1955) was a Japanese classical and film composer. In 1933, he organized the New Music League with [a=Akira Ifukube]. Hayasaka received a number of prizes for his chamber works, such as [i]Kodai no bukyoku[/i] (won the Weingartner Prize in 1938). Other early compositions included [i]Nocturne[/i] (1936) for piano and the orchestral [i]Ancient Dance[/i] (1938). In 1939, Hayasaka moved to Tokyo to begin career as film composer. He soon became one of the major figures in Japanese cinematographic music and scored many [a=Akira Kurosawa] films.
Link101鄭伊健 鄭伊健 Hong KongEkin Cheng
Link101笹川美和 笹川美和 Miwa Sasagawa
Link74~-(_DΔZED MΔRROW_)-~ ~-(_DΔZED MΔRROW_)-~ Dazed Marrow
Link101東京カランコロン 東京カランコロン JapanTokyo Karankoron
Link29YOU THE ROCK★ YOU THE ROCK★ You The Rock You Takemae
Link29殿さまキングス 殿さまキングス JapanTonosama Kings
Link101キャナァーリ倶楽部 キャナァーリ倶楽部 JapanCanary Club
Link101松ヶ下宏之 松ヶ下宏之 JapanHiroyuki Matsugashita 松ヶ下宏之 (Matsugashita Hiroyuki) Japanese singer, pianist and guitarist born 13-Dec-73. Rose to fame as member of pop duo "Bluem Of Youth" who featured in a reality TV show.
Link101斎藤工 斎藤工 JapanTakumi Saito
Link101דויד פרץ דויד פרץ IsraelDavid Peretz
Link011鈴木佐江子 鈴木佐江子 Japanbackground vocalsSaeko Suzuki
Link101小川知子 小川知子 JapanTomoko Ogawa
Link101河内家菊水丸 河内家菊水丸 JapanKikusuimaru Kawachiya
Link101高山厳 高山厳 JapanGen TaKayama 高山 弘 (Takayama Hiroshi) Japanese singer. Born October 19, 1951.
Link74전효성 전효성 South KoreaJun Hyo Seong 전효성 Jun Hyoseong born October 13, 1989 often simply known as Hyoseong or Hyosung, is a South Korean idol singer and dancer. She is best known as being the leader, main dancer and lead vocalist of South Korean girl group, Secret.
Link83秋吉敏子ジャズ・オーケストラ 秋吉敏子ジャズ・オーケストラ Toshiko Akiyoshi Jazz Orchestra
Link83יוסי בנאי יוסי בנאי IsraelYossi Banai יוסי בנאי Yossi Banai (born on November 5, 1932; died on May 11, 2006) was an Israeli singer, actor, and dramatist. Father of [a2749909].
Link101加藤いづみ 加藤いづみ JapanIzumi Kato
Link101ジョニー吉長 ジョニー吉長 JapanJohnny Yoshinaga
Link101タニザワトモフミ タニザワトモフミ JapanTomofumi Tanizawa
Link101大塚利恵 大塚利恵 Rie Otsuka
Link101宮崎羽衣 宮崎羽衣 JapanUi Miyazaki 宮崎羽衣 (Ui Miyazaki) Voice actress and singer from Tokyo, Japan.
Link83盧廣仲 盧廣仲 Crowd Lu
Link101アース・スタードリーム アース・スタードリーム JapanEarth Star Dream
Link101長澤奈央 長澤奈央 Japanvoice actress born in 1984Nao Nagasawa
Link101松田優作 松田優作 JapanYusaku Matsuda
Link101甲斐智枝美 甲斐智枝美 JapanChiemi Kai
Link101川口博史 川口博史 JapanComposer, formerly known as 宮内博史 / Hiroshi MiyauchiHiroshi Kawaguchi Hiroshi Kawaguchi - 川口 博史 Japanese video game music composer and keyboardist, born April 12, 1965 in Chiba Prefecture, Japan.
Link101岡本信彦 岡本信彦 JapanNobuhiko Okamoto
Link101松島詩子 松島詩子 JapanUtako Matsushima 内海 シマ / Shima Utsumi Japanese female singer (May 12, 1905 - November 19, 1996) She was born in Yamaguchi. Her husband Ichiro Utsumi who was active as a singer before the war.
Link101朴葵姫 朴葵姫 JapanKyuhee Park Classical guitarist from South Korea. b.1985
Link101福耳 福耳 JapanFukumimi
Link101茶木みやこ 茶木みやこ JapanMiyako Chaki
Link101世良公則 世良公則 Masanori Sera Masanori Sera 世良公則 Japanese rock musician, vocalist, actor. Born inFukuyama Hiroshima on December 14, 1955. A lead singer of his band Masanori Sera & Twist. He also a member of Takenoya Central Heating that Japanese musician's unit with Keisuke Kuwata, Tatsuro Yamashita, Mariya Takeuchi and Daddy Takechiyo.
Link92森園勝敏 森園勝敏 JapanKatsutoshi Morizono Japanese jazz guitarist
Link91中川俊郎 中川俊郎 Toshio Nakagawa
Link91游鴻明 游鴻明 TaiwanChris Yu
Link91上田まり 上田まり JapanMari Ueda
Link91シスター・ポール シスター・ポール Sister Paul Japanese bass, drums and vocals rock duo. Formed in 1992.
Link73山下和仁 山下和仁 JapanKazuhito Yamashita 山下和仁 Japanese classical guitarist.
Link91阿部義晴 阿部義晴 JapanYoshiharu Abe 阿部義晴 (Abe Yoshiharu) Born 30 July 1966; originally from Yamagata, Japan. Mr. Abe took over as the keyboardist for [url=]Unicorn[/url] in 1988 after their first keyboardist, Midori Mukai, had to bow out due to health concerns. Since the disbanding of Unicorn in 1993, Mr. Abe. has enjoyed a successful solo career as a producer and musician.
Link91西田敏行 西田敏行 JapanToshiyuki Nishida
Link91矢野まき 矢野まき JapanMaki Yano 矢野真紀 (Yano Maki) Born 29-Apr-1977.
Link91音速ライン 音速ライン JapanOnsoku Line Takeshi Ookubo & Yoshiyuki Fujii
Link64大嘴巴 大嘴巴 TaiwanTaiwanese hip-hop bandDa Mouth
Link64樋口宗孝 樋口宗孝 JapanMunetaka Higuchi 樋口宗孝 (Munetaka Higuchi) Japanese drummer. Born in Nara, Japan in December 24, 1958. Died of hepatocellular carcinoma on November 30, 2008.
Link55佐藤聰明 佐藤聰明 JapanSomei SatohSomei Satoh Somei Satoh (佐藤聰明) was born in 1947 in Sendai (northern Honshu), Japan. He began his career in 1969 with "Tone Field," an experimental, mixed media group based in Tokyo. In 1972 he produced "Global Vision," a multimedia arts festival, that encompassed musical events, works by visual artists and improvisational performance groups. In one of his most interesting projects held at a hot springs resort in Tochigi Prefecture in 1981, Satoh places eight speakers approximately one kilometer apart on mountain tops overlooking a huge valley. As a man-made fog rose from below, the music from the speakers combined with laser beams and moved the clouds into various formations. Satoh has collaborated twice since 1985 with theater designer, Manuel Luetgenhorst in dramatic stagings of his music at The Arts at St. Ann's in Brooklyn, New York. Satoh was awarded the Japan Arts Festival prize in 1980 and received a visiting artist grant from the Asian Cultural Council in 1983, enabling him to spend one year in the United States. He has written more than thirty compositions, including works for piano, orchestra, chamber music, choral and electronic music, theater pieces and music for traditional Japanese instruments.
Link91林志美 林志美 Hong KongSamantha Lam
Link91阿久のぶひろ 阿久のぶひろ JapanNobuhiro Aku
Link91星野源 星野源 JapanGen Hoshino 星野源
Link91桑島法子 桑島法子 JapanHouko Kuwashima 桑島法子
Link64堂本光一 堂本光一 Koichi Domoto 堂本 光一 Koichi Domoto (born January 1, 1979) is a Japanese idol, singer, singer-songwriter, composer, lyricist, television personality, voice actor and actor.
Link91三船浩 三船浩 JapanHiroshi Mifune 森田 肖三 / Shouzou Morita Stage name 三船 浩 (Hiroshi Mifune) Japanese moody vocal singer born in Niigata Prefecture. (September 28, 1929 - July 8, 2005) He also sang the theme song of the television hero program "月光仮面" and "豹の眼" and gained support from the children. From 1991 to 1995 he served as Chairman of the Japan Singer Association.
Link010片桐姫子 片桐姫子 JapanHimeko Katagiri American lolicore, breakcore, speedcore musician from California. He owns and runs the web label [l=Tsundere Violence].
Link91川口千里 川口千里 JapanSenri Kawaguchi A college student drummer born in Aichi Prefecture in 1997. She started playing drums at age 5 and has been studying at Kozo Suganuma since the age of eight. "YouTube" drum playing video is attracting attention from all over the world, the total number of views is now about 3,900 million times. It is also one of the two Japanese people selected as the world's top drummer 500 in the world drum-related sites "drummer World". In 2013, the long-awaited 1st album "a la Mode" released at the age of sixteen. In June 2014, we released the 2nd album "Buena Vista" recorded in LA. Live alone in LA in January 2014 was a great success. In April, he played with Lee Ritenour, a global musician in blue notebook Tokyo. In summer, E Girls will support the arena tour. In March 2015, we released live DVD "One Kawaguchi Live Tour 2014" Buena Vista. At the end of the year, he participated in the support of the British Transcendence guitarist Bang Japan tour, the soundtrack of the movie "Farewell Dangerous Criminal", Momoiro Clover z album "Amaranthu" in 2016. In December, Philip Seth greeted the sound production and released the long-awaited major debut album "Cider-Hard Andsweet ~" From King Records. In 2017, the release tour was held in seven places nationwide, gaining a good reputation. In September, he decided to perform in the biggest jazz festival in Asia and Tokyo Jazz.
Link91江蕙 江蕙 Jody Chiang 江淑惠 One of the most important and well respected Taiwanese artists. 江蕙 has won countless awards and holds the record for having 3 albums sell more than a million copies. Her most well known songs include: <酒後的心聲>, <感情放一邊>, <家後>, <傷心酒店>, <苦酒的探戈>.
Link91川崎洋子 川崎洋子 JapanYoko Kawasaki
Link91志賀真理子 志賀真理子 JapanMariko Shiga
Link73손담비 손담비 South KoreaSon Dam Bi 손담비
Link91石黒ケイ 石黒ケイ JapanKei Ishiguro (2)
Link91赤西仁 赤西仁 JapanJin Akanishi 赤西仁
Link91Песни нашего века Песни нашего века Pesni Nashego Veka
Link010八瀬 八瀬 Japan京騒戯画Yase Afro\Cosmic project By DJ Yano and DJ Stefan Egger. Name in fact cames from Yano-S.Egger: Ya-SE.
Link91石井里佳 石井里佳 JapanRika Ishii 石井里佳 Rika Ishii is a Japanese singer and actress. She started her career under the management of Kaori Okui in 2000 as J-Pop idol singer Peachy, before joining idol agency Hello! Project as a soloist in 2001 as 石井リカ (RIka Ishii, different reading). In 2003 she re-debuted as a singer using her real name (石井里佳).
Link91北川裕二 北川裕二 Yuji Kitagawa 増子 裕幸 (Mashiko Hiroyuki) Stage Name: 北川 裕二 (Kitagawa Yuuji) [i]Enka[/i] singer originally from Koriyama City, Fukushima Prefecture, northern Japan. Born 16 August 1953.
Link91林奕匡 林奕匡 Hong KongPhil Lam
Link91五味美保 五味美保 Miho Gomi 五味美保 Japanese Female Singer Songwriter From Saitama. 五味美保, 五味千賀庫
Link91乙三. 乙三. JapanOssan
Link55なあ坊豆腐@那奈 なあ坊豆腐@那奈 JapanNaaboudoufu@Nana
Link82水月陵 水月陵 Ryo Mizutsuki Kiyoko Yamada = 山田企予子 Ryo Mizutsuki = 水月陵, is an alias of Kiyoko Yamada = 山田企予子, a Japanese songwriter, arranger and an occasional vocalist.
Link55露雲娜 露雲娜 Hong KongRowena Cortes
Link91LAKE R▲DIO LAKE R▲DIO United StatesLake Radio Caden Moore
Link91河井英里 河井英里 JapanEri Kawai 河井英里 (Eri Kawai) Japanese female artist, singing and writing lyrics and music.
Link91周防義和 周防義和 JapanYoshikazu Suo
Link91紙ふうせん 紙ふうせん JapanKamifusen 紙ふうせん
Link91辻詩音 辻詩音 JapanShion Tsuji
Link91遠藤浩二 遠藤浩二 JapanKoji Endo
Link91林寛子 林寛子 JapanHiroko Hayashi
Link91木村亜希子 木村亜希子 JapanAkiko Kimura
Link91水瀬いのり 水瀬いのり JapanInori Minase Inori Minase = 水瀬いのり Japanese voice actress & singer. Born December 2, 1995.
Link91野猿 野猿 JapanYaen
Link91多和田吏 多和田吏 JapanTsukasa Tawada
Link91湯川潮音 湯川潮音 JapanShione Yukawa
Link82天方直実 天方直実 Naomi Amagata Naomi AMAGATA (天方直実) Born on 23 March 1968 in Tokyo
Link82陳冠希 陳冠希 Hong KongEdison Chen
Link91崎谷健次郎 崎谷健次郎 JapanKenjiro Sakiya
Link91浜崎貴司 浜崎貴司 JapanTakashi Hamazaki
Link64汪峰 汪峰 ChinaWang Feng
Link81佐藤允彦 佐藤允彦 Japancomposer, arranger, musician, teacherMasahiko Satoh 佐藤允彦 (Masahiko Sato) Japanese jazz pianist and composer, born in 1941.
Link81大友康平 大友康平 Kohei Otomo Japanese actor and rock musician born 01-Jan-56.
Link09神代悠奈 神代悠奈 Yuuna Kamishiro
Link72パーキッツ パーキッツ JapanParquets
Link81藤崎賢一 藤崎賢一 JapanKenichi Fujisaki 藤崎賢一 / Keinchi "Rod" Fujisaki
Link81鈴木結女 鈴木結女 Yume Suzuki
Link81蝉時雨 蝉時雨 JapanSemishigure
Link81石原江里子 石原江里子 JapanEriko Ishihara
Link81松岡由貴 松岡由貴 Japanvoice actressYuki Matsuoka
Link63林峯 林峯 Hong KongRaymond Lam
Link81ピコ太郎 ピコ太郎 JapanPikotaro Kazuhito Kosaka Fictional singer-songwriter created and portrayed by Japanese comedian Daimaou Kosaka. The music video for his 2016 single "PPAP (Pen-Pineapple-Apple-Pen)" went viral, it has been viewed over 130 million times on Youtube, and has spawned several parody videos. The track debuted at number 77 in the Billboard Hot 100, and became the shortest song in its charting history, leading to a Guinness World Record.
Link81藤重政孝 藤重政孝 Masataka Fujishige
Link81川澄綾子 川澄綾子 JapanAyako Kawasumi Ayako Kawasumi = 川澄綾子 Japanese singer, voice actress & pianist. Born March 30, 1976. Possible nickname variations: Ayachii (あやちー), Ayasumi (あやすみ), Aya-nee (あやねえ).
Link81桑江知子 桑江知子 Tomoko Kuwae
Link81末光篤 末光篤 JapanAtsushi Suemitsu
Link63清木場俊介 清木場俊介 JapanShunsuke Kiyokiba 清木場 俊介 (Kiyokiba Shunsuke) Japanese Pop singer. Left dance group Exile in March 2006. Born: January 11, 1980 in Ube, Yamaguchi
Link81佐々木恵梨 佐々木恵梨 JapanEri Sasaki Eri Sasaki = 佐々木恵梨 Japanese singer-songwriter. Born June 13, 1989. Part of the group Lattice.
Link81アナム&マキ アナム&マキ JapanAnam & Maki
Link81間宮芳生 間宮芳生 JapanMichio Mamiya Japanese composer, born 29 June 1929 in Asahikawa, Japan.
Link81村治奏一 村治奏一 JapanSoichi Muraji
Link81新島弥生 新島弥生 JapanYayoi Niijima
Link81折笠愛 折笠愛 JapanAi Orikasa
Link81村川梨衣 村川梨衣 JapanRie Murakawa Rie Murakawa = 村川梨衣 Japanese voice actress & singer. Born June 1, 1990.
Link81芦田愛菜 芦田愛菜 JapanMana Ashida
Link81八反安未果 八反安未果 JapanAmika Hattan
Link81木村大 木村大 JapanDai Kimura
Link81野田幹子 野田幹子 Mikiko Noda
Link81東京60WATTS 東京60WATTS Tokyo60Watts
Link81ミッキー吉野 ミッキー吉野 JapanMickie Yoshino 吉野光義 (Yoshino Mitsuyoshi) Japanese popular songwriter, arranger and keyboards player. Born December 13, 1951 in Yokohama. Started playing at US bases in Japan in 1966 with a band called Midnight Express Blues Band. Joined [a=The Golden Cups] in 1968 and was a member until 1970 (and also participated in their 2004 reunion). Studied at Berklee College of Music, graduating in 1974. Following his return to Japan that same year, he formed the Mickie Yoshino Group, which changed its name to [a=Godiego] in 1975. He has also composed music for film, animation, and the stage.
Link81羽·泉 羽·泉 ChinaYu Quan
Link81あいあい あいあい JapanAiai
Link63ミサルカ ミサルカ Misaruka
Link81河野マリナ 河野マリナ JapanMarina Kawano
Link45Μαρία Βουμβάκη Μαρία Βουμβάκη GreeceMaria Voumvaki
Link63בועז שרעבי בועז שרעבי IsraelBoaz Sharabi
Link81相曽晴日 相曽晴日 JapanHaruhi Aiso
Link81湯寶如 湯寶如 Hong KongKaren Tong
Link81藍坊主 藍坊主 JapanAobozu
Link81岩崎文紀 岩崎文紀 JapanYasunori Iwasaki
Link81蔡卓妍 蔡卓妍 Hong KongCharlene Choi Charlene Choi (born 22 November 1982) is a Canadian-Hong Kong actress and singer.
Link81ハルメンズ ハルメンズ JapanHalmens
Link72浅田美代子 浅田美代子 JapanMiyoko Asada Asada Miyoko was first scouted by a scout on the streets of Tokyo in the summer of 1972. At first, her parents were opposed of her entering the world of show business but let her after she was selected out of 25,000 applicants for dorama audition "Jikan Desu yo". She debuted as an actress on the show a year later in February 1973. In agreement of entering the world of show business, Asada left school to pursue a career. She later debuted as a singer a couple months later with the single "Akai Fuusen (赤い風船)". The single was so successful that it sold over five million copies and become one of Oricon's Top 10 hits of that year. She would later win the Rookie of the Year award at the 15th Annual Japan Record Taishou. In 1975, she appeared in the dorama Natsu Kashiki Umi no Uta with folk singer Yoshida Takurou, whom she later married in 1977. After marrying Yoshida, she retired from show business to become a housewife until 1983, when she divorced Yoshida. She returned to show business and become an movie and television actress. As of 2009, she is currently a regular on the variety show Sanma no SUPER Karakuri TV.
Link81雨のパレード 雨のパレード JapanAme No Parade
Link72西村由紀江 西村由紀江 JapanYukie Nishimura Japanese pianist, born 1967 in Osaka.
Link63楊采妮 楊采妮 Hong KongCharlie Yeung 楊采妮 Chinese actress and singer
Link81村井秀清 村井秀清 JapanShusei Murai
Link81近藤夏子 近藤夏子 JapanNatsuko Kondo
Link81安西マリア 安西マリア JapanMaria Anzai Japanese actress and singer, born 16 December 1953 in Tokyo, Japan, died 15 March 2014 in Tokyo, Japan.
Link72横山勝也 横山勝也 Katsuya Yokoyama Shakuhachi player born in Kohnuki Numazu, Shizuoka Prefecture. He was a student of Watazumi, and the son of [a958765].
Link09しばたはつみ しばたはつみ JapanHatsumi Shibata Japanese Female Jazz Vacalist しばたはつみHatsumi Shibata. She also Beat Kayo singles before Jazz singer as はつみかんな, 麻まにか
Link81沼倉愛美 沼倉愛美 JapanManami Numakura Manami Numakura = 沼倉愛美 Japanese voice actress. Born April 15, 1988.
Link81区麗情 区麗情 JapanReijo Ku
Link81小倉優子 小倉優子 JapanYuko Ogura 小倉悠加 Japanese music journalist, liner notes author, translator, and music promoter.
Link09畠山みどり 畠山みどり JapanMidori Hatakeyama 畠山みどり / Midori Hatakeyama Japanese female Enka singer born in Wakkanai city Hokkaido on April 5, 1939. Before she debuted, she was studying at Koga Masao guitar school. She signed up with Columbia records in 1960 and became Toru Funamura 's disciple.
Link81仲間由紀恵 仲間由紀恵 JapanYukie Nakama
Link81ゆくえしれずつれづれ ゆくえしれずつれづれ JapanYukueshirezutsurezure "Yami Kawaii" Idol group from Japan
Link81南波志帆 南波志帆 JapanShiho Nanba
Link81三浦和人 三浦和人 JapanKazuto Miura
Link81清浦夏実 清浦夏実 JapanNatsumi Kiyoura
Link54김진희 김진희 South KoreaJin Hi Kim Jin Hi Kim Ji Hi Kim is highly acclaimed as both a komungo (a fourth century fretted board zither) virtuoso and for her cross-cultural compositions. Born in Korea in 1957, Kim earned a BA degree in Korean traditional music at Seoul national university before coming to the US, and received an MFA in electronic music/composition at Mills College, California. Kim has studied traditional music for ten years at the National center for Korean traditional performing arts and with a noted ethnomusicologist at Seoul national university.
Link81福山芳樹 福山芳樹 JapanYoshiki Fukuyama 福山芳樹 (Yoshiki Fukuyama) Japanese guitarist, singer and songwriter born September 14, 1963. He became known to a wider audience through his work on the Japanese anime Macross 7, where he is the singing voice and guitar of the show’s main character, Basara Nekki.
Link81山田タマル 山田タマル JapanTamaru Yamada
Link45ジャパハリネット ジャパハリネット Japaharinet
Link81佐々木秀実 佐々木秀実 JapanHidemi Sasaki
Link81渡辺学 渡辺学 JapanManabu Watanabe
Link72星野奏子 星野奏子 JapanKanako Hoshino Kanako Watanabe (渡辺奏子) Female Japanese singer who features regularly in Konami's Beatmania IIDX games, after suceeding in a singing audition for Konami in 2004.
Link81예지 예지 South KoreaYezi Lee Ye Ji (이예지)
Link81ヒャダイン ヒャダイン JapanHyadain Kenichi Maeyamada = 前山田健一 [b]Hyadain[/b] = ヒャダイン is an alias of the Japanese musician / producer [b]Kenichi Maeyamada[/b] = 前山田健一.
Link81水谷豊 水谷豊 JapanYutaka Mizutani
Link81久野かおり 久野かおり JapanKaori Kuno
Link81星井七瀬 星井七瀬 JapanNanase Hoshii
Link63葛城哲哉 葛城哲哉 JapanTetsuya Katsuragi
Link71永作博美 永作博美 JapanHiromi Nagasaku Nagasaku Hiromi (永作博美) Hiromi Nagasaku (born October 14, 1970 in Namegata, Ibaraki Prefecture, Japan) is an actress and pop singer. She was a member of the J-pop group Ribbon and launched a solo career in 1994. She is married to filmmaker Naito Maro.
Link71蔡淳佳 蔡淳佳 SingaporeJoi Chua
Link62在日ファンク 在日ファンク JapanZainichi Funk
Link71張艾嘉 張艾嘉 TaiwanSylvia Chang
Link71ジャンク フジヤマ ジャンク フジヤマ JapanJunk Fujiyama
Link71松下里美 松下里美 Satomi Matsushita
Link44安西ひろこ 安西ひろこ JapanHiroko Anzai 安西ひろこ (Anzai Hiroko) Japanese Idol. One-Off Singer and Actress. Born February 9, 1980, in Kanagawa, Japan.
Link62宗次郎 宗次郎 JapanSojiro 野村 宗次郎 (Sohjiroh Nomura) Ocarina player. Born in Tatebayashi, Gunma in October 10, 1954. Ocarina you are using is all handmade by itself.
Link71森若香織 森若香織 JapanKaori Moriwaka
Link53タカツキ タカツキ bassist, MCTakatsuki A Japanese rapper from Kyoto
Link71末廣健一郎 末廣健一郎 JapanKenichiro Suehiro Kenichiro Suehiro = 末廣健一郎 Japanese composer / arranger. Born December 27, 1980.
Link71デキシータンタス デキシータンタス JapanDixie Tantas
Link44ヒルビリー・パップス ヒルビリー・パップス Hillbilly Bops
Link71遠藤正明 遠藤正明 JapanMasaaki Endoh
Link08ジョー山中 ジョー山中 JapanJoe Yamanaka ジョー山中 Japanese vocalist born September 2, 1946 in Yokohama; died August 7, 2011 in Yokosuka.
Link71内田あかり 内田あかり JapanAkari Uchida 大形久仁子 Kuniko Ohgata Japanese Female Singer, Actress From Osaka. Early Realease As Kuniko Ohgata. Later Changed Her Name Akari Uchida.
Link53高田渡 高田渡 JapanWataru Takada 高田渡 (Takada Wataru) Japanese folk singer. Born January 1, 1949; died April 16, 2005. Son of the poet and Communist activist Takada Yutaka.
Link71小林直 小林直 Nao Kobayashi
Link71井内啓二 井内啓二 JapanKeiji Inai
Link71ソフトクリーム ソフトクリーム JapanSoft Cream
Link71荘野ジュリ 荘野ジュリ Juli Shono
Link26שושנה דמארי שושנה דמארי Shoshana Damari
Link71河辺千恵子 河辺千恵子 JapanChieco Kawabe 河辺千恵子 Japanese singer, model and actress. She played Sailor Mercury in the Sailor Moon musicals and was Naru Osaka in the live-action Sailor Moon series.
Link08박미경 박미경 South KoreaMi Kyung Park
Link71柏木由紀 柏木由紀 JapanYuki Kashiwagi 柏木由紀 On February 6, 2013, Kashiwagi made a solo debut on her personal label YukiRing.
Link71ハナレグミ ハナレグミ Hanaregumi Japanese guitarist born 27 November 1974
Link71榊原大 榊原大 JapanDai Sakakibara
Link08金田たつえ 金田たつえ Tatsue Kaneda 金田 たつえ (Kaneda Tatsue) [i]Enka[/i] and [i]Minyo[/i] singer originally from Hokkaido, Japan's northernmost island. Born 1948.
Link71山口紗弥加 山口紗弥加 JapanSayaka Yamaguchi
Link71能登麻美子 能登麻美子 JapanMamiko Noto 能登麻美子 (Mamiko Noto) Japanese seiyu working under Office Osawa.
Link62מאיר בנאי מאיר בנאי IsraelMeir Banai מֵאִיר בַּנַאי Meir Banai (born 5 July 1961, Beersheba, Israel – died 12 January 2017, Ganot, Israel) was an Israeli musician, singer and songwriter.
Link71カミカゼ少年團 カミカゼ少年團 Kamikaze Boyz
Link71下田健二 下田健二 Kenji Shimoda
Link71市川由衣 市川由衣 JapanYui Ichikawa
Link71一葉 一葉 Kazuha
Link71九州男 九州男 JapanKusuo
Link17√R2DM √R2DM R2DM Italian Trance/Euro House project.
Link71久木田薫 久木田薫 Kaoru Kukita
Link71승리 승리 South KoreaSeungri 이승현 Lee Seung-hyun (Korean: 이승현; born December 12, 1990), known by his stage name Seungri (Hangul: 승리; lit. victory), is a South Korean hip hop singer, dancer, actor, record producer and composer. Best known as a member of Korean group Big Bang. Before joining the group, he was a member of a dance team in Gwangju. He first appeared on television on the reality television series Let's Cokeplay: M.Net Battle Shinhwa, a show in which Shinhwa attempted to create a boy band that could be a "second Shinhwa". Although he was noticed for his dance skills, his lack of vocal skills led to him being eliminated. He was later scouted by the record label YG Entertainment and joined the group Big Bang. Although he was initially cut on the ninth episode of the group's documentary series, he was given another chance to impress YG Entertainment CEO Yang Hyun Suk and succeeded in becoming a part of BIGBANG.
Link62שלומי שבן שלומי שבן IsraelShlomi Shaban
Link71山本リンダ 山本リンダ JapanLinda Yamamoto Atsuko Yamamoto Japanese singer and media personality. Born March 4, 1951.
Link53Ռահվիրա Ռահվիրա Rahvira The band's name (Rahvira), which is written in Armenian script, means "Pioneer" was formed in Yerevan.
Link71谷本貴義 谷本貴義 JapanTakayoshi Tanimoto
Link62近藤房之助 近藤房之助 JapanFusanosuke Kondo
Link71עמיר לב עמיר לב Amir Lev
Link71佐土原かおり 佐土原かおり JapanKaori Sadohara
Link71菅野光亮 菅野光亮 JapanMitsuaki Kanno Japanese jazz pianist and composer. Born July 10, 1939. Died August 15, 1983.
Link26濱田金吾 濱田金吾 JapanKingo Hamada Japanese AOR Singer Songwriter
Link71椎名恵 椎名恵 JapanMegumi Shiina
Link71中村隆道 中村隆道 Takamichi Nakamura
Link71大島保克 大島保克 Yasukatsu Oshima
Link71辻隼人 辻隼人 JapanHayato Tsuji
Link71シシド・カフカ シシド・カフカ JapanKavka Shishido
Link71しゅごキャラエッグ! しゅごキャラエッグ! JapanShugo Chara Egg!
Link44死んだ僕の彼女 死んだ僕の彼女 My Dead Girlfriend 死んだ僕の彼女
Link71麒麟 麒麟 JapanKilin
Link71기리보이 기리보이 South KoreaGIRIBOY 홍시영 (Hong Si Yeong) South Korean rapper and songwriter (24 January 1991 in Seoul), under the label Just Music Entertainment.
Link25ホフディラン ホフディラン Hoff Dylan
Link61北宇治カルテット 北宇治カルテット Japan響け!ユーフォニアムKitauji Quartet Fictional anime band from the anime TV series "Sound! Euphonium".
Link61川中美幸 川中美幸 JapanMiyuki Kawanaka
Link43べスパ☆くまメロ べスパ☆くまメロ BESPA KUMAMERO
Link61宮本文昭 宮本文昭 JapanFumiaki Miyamoto Classical oboist.
Link43青山ミチル 青山ミチル JapanMichiru Aoyama
Link61電撃ネットワーク 電撃ネットワーク Dengeki Network
Link34松平健 松平健 Ken Matsudaira 松平 健 (Matsudaira Ken) Samurai dramas actor. Born 28th November 1953 in Aichi-ken, Toyohashi-shi.
Link61西村達也 西村達也 Tatsuya Nishimura
Link61惑星アブノーマル 惑星アブノーマル JapanWakusei Abnormal
Link52朝崎郁恵 朝崎郁恵 JapanIkue Asazaki
Link61彭佳慧 彭佳慧 TaiwanJulia Peng 彭佳慧, 屏東六堆之客家人,台灣金曲獎最佳國語女歌手、作曲人及舞台劇演員。
Link61扇愛奈 扇愛奈 Aina Ougi
Link34五つの赤い風船 五つの赤い風船 JapanItsutsu No Akai Fusen Japanese folk group, formed in 1967. They split up in 1972, but reformed in 1979 and 2000. The original members were [a=Takashi Nishioka], [a=Hideko Fujiwara], [a=Junji Ariyama], and [a=Isato Nakagawa].
Link61保志総一朗 保志総一朗 Souichirou Hoshi
Link61羽田裕美 羽田裕美 JapanHiromi Haneda
Link61虹音 虹音 Nijine Osaka-born composer & arranger, known for his anime and game music works.
Link61中村由利子 中村由利子 Yuriko Nakamura
Link61風のオーケストラ 風のオーケストラ Kaze No Orchestra
Link61片倉三起也 片倉三起也 JapanMikiya Katakura
Link61羽岡佳 羽岡佳 JapanKei Haneoka
Link61大地真央 大地真央 JapanMao Daichi Japanese Musical Actress From Hyougo
Link61白石涼子 白石涼子 JapanRyoko Shiraishi
Link16伊東篤宏 伊東篤宏 Atsuhiro Ito 伊東篤宏 (Itō Atsuhiro)
Link16松原のぶえ 松原のぶえ JapanNobue Matsubara 廣原 伸恵 (Hirohara Nobue) Stage Name: 松原のぶえ (Matsubara Nobue) [i]Enka[/i] singer originally from Oita Prefecture in southwest Japan. Born 18 July 1961.
Link34山田千里 山田千里 Chisato Yamada 山田千里 (Yamada Chisato) Japanese tsugaru-jamisen player. Born in 1931 in Ajigasawa, died in April 12, 2004. Married to the Tsugaru minyo singer [a=Ritsu Fukushi]. Yamada did much to increase the popularity of tsugaru-jamisen as a genre, playing internationally many times, founding the All-Japanese Tsugaru-Jamisen competition in 1982, and acting as chairman of the national association. He taught many younger players including [a=Michihiro Satoh] and [a=Kazuo Shibutani]. In his later years Yamada ran the Yamauta shamisen pub in Hirosaki.
Link61酒井ミキオ 酒井ミキオ JapanMikio Sakai
Link61岸田智史 岸田智史 JapanSatoshi Kishida
Link61伍思凱 伍思凱 TaiwanSky Wu
Link61安田成美 安田成美 JapanNarumi Yasuda Japanese actress.
Link43ピエール・マイゼロイ ピエール・マイゼロイ Pierre Maizeroi Pierre Alphonse Maizeroi (PAM)
Link61円広志 円広志 Hiroshi Madoka
Link52五十嵐久勝 五十嵐久勝 Hisakatsu Igarashi
Link61선미 선미 South KoreaSunmi Lee Sun Mi b : May 2, 1992 in Iksan, North Jeolla, South Korea Left the group Wonder Girls in 2010 then came back in 2015
Link61多田慎也 多田慎也 Shinya Tada
Link52ריקי גל ריקי גל RIKI GAL
Link61五月みどり 五月みどり JapanMidori Satsuki Fusako Omodaka 面高フサ子 Japanese actress, singer. born in Tokyo on October 21, 1939.
Link61宮田和弥 宮田和弥 JapanKazuya Miyata 宮田和弥 Japanese rock vocalist, born 01-Feb-1966.
Link61ערן צור ערן צור Eran Zur ערן צור
Link61森尾由美 森尾由美 Yumi Morio
Link61神森徹也 神森徹也 Tetsuya Kamimori
Link61冬馬由美 冬馬由美 JapanYumi Touma
Link07鄭少秋 鄭少秋 Hong KongAdam Cheng
Link61伊藤ゴロー 伊藤ゴロー JapanGoro Ito
Link61Νίκος Οικονόμοπουλος Νίκος Οικονόμοπουλος GreeceNikos Economopoulos Νίκος Οικονομόπουλος Greek photographer and journalist, born in 1953 in Kalamata, Greece.
Link61Φώτης Δήμας Φώτης Δήμας GreeceFotis Dimas
Link61東京ピンサロックス 東京ピンサロックス Tokyo Pinsalocks
Link61テゴマス テゴマス JapanTegomass
Link61伊賀拓郎 伊賀拓郎 JapanTakuro Iga
Link61つボイノリオ つボイノリオ JapanNorio Tsuboi
Link52高橋直純 高橋直純 JapanNaozumi Takahashi
Link61三戸なつめ 三戸なつめ NaraNatsume Mito 三戸なつめ Natsume Mito (三戸なつめ) is a Japanese model. She released her debut single "Maegami Kirisugita", produced by Nakata Yasutaka, in 2015.
Link61永井真人 永井真人 JapanMasato Nagai
Link61尾関美穂 尾関美穂 Miho Ozeki
Link34ダウン・タウン・ブギウギ・バンド ダウン・タウン・ブギウギ・バンド JapanDown Town Boogie-Woogie Band
Link61レキシ レキシ JapanRekishi
Link61マーガレットズロース マーガレットズロース JapanMargaret Drawers
Link52張栢芝 張栢芝 Cecilia Cheung
Link61שלומי שבת שלומי שבת IsraelShlomi Shabat
Link61来夢緑 来夢緑 Lime Green
Link61日之内エミ 日之内エミ JapanEmi Hinouchi 日之内絵美 (Hinouchi Emi) Emi Hinouchi was born on September 7th, 1982. At the age of 15, Emi entered auditions held by Taku Takahashi of m-flo fame. Taku then signed Emi under his Tachytelic label on November 20th, 2002. Emi has realeased one solo album in 2003 (Dramatiques) and has since become a backing vocalist for Heartsdales. Emi's vocal talents have also been featured for various other mucial acts including SOUL'dOUT and m-flo.
Link61清家千晶 清家千晶 Chiaki Seike
Link61言承旭 言承旭 TaiwanTaiwanese actor, model & singer, member of F4Jerry Yan Jerry Yan (言承旭, Yán Chéngxù) Taiwanese actor, model and singer (1 January 1977). He became famous for being a member of [a=F4 (3)]. He is also known for his notable role as Dao Ming Si in Taiwanese dramas Meteor Garden and Meteor Garden II, an adaptation of Japanese shōjō manga Hana Yori Dango.
Link61馬原美穂 馬原美穂 JapanMiho Mahara
Link61柴草玲 柴草玲 JapanRei Shibakusa
Link61山瀬まみ 山瀬まみ JapanMami Yamase 中上真巳子 (Nakagami Mamiko) Japanese pop singer and TV personality. Born October 2, 1969 in Urawa, Saitama.
Link61羽多野渉 羽多野渉 JapanWataru Hatano
Link52うめ吉 うめ吉 Umekichi 林知恵 (Hayashi Chie) Japanese vocalist and shamisen player, who specializes in the traditional zokkyoku repertoire. Born in Kurashiki, Okayama on December 8 (year unknown). She first studied traditional variety music at the National Theatre and then worked as a percussionist in traditional variety (yose) theatres, while studying hauta with Hiyama Sakura. She made her debut as a singer in 2000 under the name Hiyama Umekichi.
Link61加奈崎芳太郎 加奈崎芳太郎 JapanYoshitaro Kanazaki 金崎芳樹 Japanese singer-songwrtier. Born in Sapporo on February 9, 1949.
Link61花江夏樹 花江夏樹 JapanNatsuki Hanae
Link61橘麻美 橘麻美 JapanAsami Tachibana
Link52けちゃっぷmania けちゃっぷmania Ketchup Mania
Link52大象體操 大象體操 Elephant Gym 大象體操 大象體操 (Elephant Gym) is a math rock band from Kaohsiung, Taiwan. It was formed in February 2012.
Link61二宮ゆき子 二宮ゆき子 JapanYukiko Ninomiya 小宮山 幸子 / Sachiko Komiyama Stage name 二宮ゆき子 (Yukiko Ninomiya) A Japanese female singer, actress born in Tokyo on February 7, 1945. She was a nursery singer in girlhood.
Link61ミッキー・カーチス ミッキー・カーチス JapanMickey Curtis
Link61林明日香 林明日香 JapanAsuca Hayashi 林 明日香 (Hayashi Asuka) Japanese Singer, born on May 28, 1989 in Osaka, Japan.
Link61世武裕子 世武裕子 Hiroko Sebu
Link43ファニー・カンパニー ファニー・カンパニー JapanFunny Company
Link61吉野裕行 吉野裕行 JapanHiroyuki Yoshino
Link61鍾嘉欣 鍾嘉欣 CanadaLinda Chung
Link61塩生康範 塩生康範 JapanYasunori Shiono
Link61本田理沙 本田理沙 JapanRisa Honda
Link61יאפים עם ג'יפים יאפים עם ג'יפים Yuppies With Jeeps
Link52芳川よしの 芳川よしの JapanYoshino Yoshikawa Yoshino Yoshikawa (芳川よしの)
Link61竹本孝之 竹本孝之 JapanTakayuki Takemoto
Link07Леонид Аркадьевич Чижик Леонид Аркадьевич Чижик Leonid Chizhik Леонид Чижик
Link61彩恵津子 彩恵津子 JapanJapanese female signerETSUKO SAI 彩恵津子 (Etsuko Sai)
Link61小林太郎 小林太郎 JapanTaro Kobayashi
Link43レトロ本舗 レトロ本舗 Retro Honpo
Link61コミネリサ コミネリサ JapanlisaLisa Komine 小峰理紗 (コミネリサ)
Link61馬渡松子 馬渡松子 JapanMatsuko Mawatari
Link61가희 가희 South KoreaKahi
Link61トミタ栞 トミタ栞 JapanShiori Tomita
Link61岡本舞子 岡本舞子 JapanMaiko Okamoto
Link52Μαρίκα Παπαγκίκα Μαρίκα Παπαγκίκα GreeceMarika Papagika Μαρίκα Παπαγκίκα
Link16江利チエミ 江利チエミ JapanChiemi Eri 久保智惠美 (Kubo Chiemi) Japanese popular singer and actress. Born January 11, 1937 in Taitō, Tokyo; died February 13, 1982 in Tokyo. She started her singing career at the age of 14 with her version of "Tennessee Waltz." Married to the actor [a=Ken Takakura] between 1959 and 1971.
Link61水谷紹 水谷紹 JapanAkira Mizutani
Link61中島ちあき 中島ちあき JapanChiaki Nakajima
Link61具島直子 具島直子 JapanNaoko Gushima
Link61קטב מרירי קטב מרירי IsraelQuetev Meriri
Link61范文芳 范文芳 Fann Wong Fann Woon Fong (范雯芳, 范文芳) Singaporean actress, singer and model (27 January 1971).
Link61戴愛玲 戴愛玲 TaiwanAiling Tai
Link61山弦 山弦 JapanYamagen
Link25Τάσος Στάμου Τάσος Στάμου GreeceTasos Stamou Τάσος Στάμου
Link61沢田聖子 沢田聖子 JapanShoko Sawada Japanese Female Singer Songwriter From Tokyo
Link52川上ジュリア 川上ジュリア JapanJuria Kawakami
Link34滝沢秀明 滝沢秀明 Hideaki Takizawa 滝沢秀明 (Takizawa Hideaki) Japanese "Johnny" idol, born 29 March 1982.
Link43山谷初男 山谷初男 JapanHatsuo Yamaya 山谷八男 (Yamaya Hachio) Japanese actor and singer. Born December 19, 1933 in Akita-ken.
Link61住友紀人 住友紀人 JapanNorihito Sumitomo
Link61光収容 光収容 Hikarisyuyo Takaaki Oita Japanese composer & multi-instrumentalist.
Link15板橋文夫 板橋文夫 JapanFumio Itabashi Japanese jazz pianist. Born in Ashikaga, Tochigi in 1949.
Link51西邑理香 西邑理香 JapanRika Nishimura
Link51船越由佳 船越由佳 Yuka Funakoshi
Link51野呂一生 野呂一生 JapanIssei Noro Born January 1, 1957 in Japan. He is mainly known for his guitar works with his band "Casiopea", which was formed in 1976 and is still active, but now as "Casiopea 3rd".
Link51ニャンギラス ニャンギラス JapanNyangilas
Link51時空海賊SEVEN SEAS 時空海賊SEVEN SEAS Jikuu Kaizoku Seven Seas 時空海賊SEVEN SEAS Jikuu Kaizoku SEVEN SEAS was a Visual Kei Power Metal band formed in 2003. They disbanded in 2009. 2003/2004: The band was formed by EITA on guitar, Marshal K on vocals, Prince YO- on guitar, TAKAO on bass and YOHSUKEon drums. They released their first self-titled mini album, Seven Seas in June 2004. 2006/2007: In 2006 the band changed their name to Jikuu Kaizoku SEVEN SEAS (The Space-Time Pirates SEVEN SEAS) The mission they were given was to come to the present day to save the future of the people on earth. They released the album DREAMS on August 8th 2006 and shortly after that TAKAO left the band and Tatsuhowa sho-gun filled in on bass in 2007. On April 25th 2007, they released the mini-album Confusion. Then in May, the band played at KINGDOM ROCK SHOW IN HIBIYA. 2008/2009: At the end of 2007, they released Parallel World. In celebration of this mini-album, the CD shop Disk Union released J.SEVEN SEAS, a story book the size of a small paperback. It was only distributed at 18 locations for a limited time. Shortly after, the drummer YOHSUKE left the band and was replaced by YAMATO (ex - Kyosatan) The song Parallel World became so popular that in February 2008, it was turned into a karaoke song for the karaoke chain Premier DAM. Later in the year, the band released the album Imagination in November 5th, and in December 2008 the band created their official Myspace page. In early 2009, the band toured throughout Japan. However, in April, drummer YAMATO left the band and joined Uchusentai NOIZ. Soon after, the band announced its disbandment.
Link51デトロイト・メタル・シティ デトロイト・メタル・シティ Detroit Metal City
Link42森永真由美 森永真由美 JapanMayumi Morinaga Mayumi Morinaga Japanese singer, born 19 September 1981 in Saga prefecture, Japan.
Link51山崎貴生 山崎貴生 JapanTakao Yamazaki
Link51長妻樹里 長妻樹里 JapanJuri Nagatsuma
Link51樋井明日香 樋井明日香 JapanAsuka Hinoi 樋井明日香 (Asuka Hinoi) Japanese singer and leader of the J-Pop group Hinoi Team.
Link51Амет Амет BulgariaAmet
Link42歌莉雅 歌莉雅 Hong KongGloria Tang
Link51ジーザス・ビリーヴ・ミィ ジーザス・ビリーヴ・ミィ Jesus Believe Me
Link51藤井尚之 藤井尚之 Naoyuki Fujii Japanese musician, born 11 July 1962 in Kurume, Japan. Brother of [a=Fumiya Fujii].
Link42תומר יוסף תומר יוסף IsraelTomer YosefTomer Yosef Israeli singer and songwriter, born 8 September 1975.
Link24鳴瀬喜博 鳴瀬喜博 JapanYoshihiro Naruse
Link51反町隆史 反町隆史 Takashi Sorimachi Takashi Noguchi (野口 隆史) Japanese actor and singer, born 19-Dec-73.
Link51鳴海杏子 鳴海杏子 Japanvoice actorKyoko Narumi
Link51未映子 未映子 JapanMieko
Link42壱岐尾彩花 壱岐尾彩花 Ayaka Ikio 壱岐尾彩花 Ayaka Ikio is a fashion model and singer. She has an excellent sense for music and fashion. Her debut album “RE:ACID QUEEN” was released in January 2009. She is active as a fashion model for fashion magazine “S Cawaii!” and “Shibuya Girls Collection”. Upon her debut, she has received numerous collaboration request from worldwide through MySpace and drew huge reaction from various media. With her debut album still sizzling on charts, her 2nd mini album “GOSSIP” was released in July 2009. This album reached No.1 on the iTunes dance music chart!.
Link51タモリ タモリ JapanTamori
Link24原マスミ 原マスミ JapanMasumi Hara
Link51沢たまき 沢たまき Tamaki Sawa
Link51後ろから這いより隊 後ろから這いより隊 Japan這いよれ!ニャル子さんUshirokara Haiyoritai
Link51倉橋ルイ子 倉橋ルイ子 Ruiko Kurahashi
Link42티라미스 티라미스 South KoreaTiramisu
Link51軍鶏 軍鶏 JapanJapanese pop duoShamo
Link51武蔵野タンポポ団 武蔵野タンポポ団 Musashino Tanpopodan
Link51Сергей Хмелевский Сергей Хмелевский Sergey Khmelevsky
Link51清水香織 清水香織 Japan1980s idolKaori Shimizu
Link51藤原理恵 藤原理恵 JapanRie Fujiwara
Link51רם אוריון רם אוריון Ram Orion
Link33李祥霆 李祥霆 Chinaguqin playerLi Xiangting
Link51磯崎健史 磯崎健史 Takeshi Isozaki
Link51Алла Павлова Алла Павлова RussiaAlla Pavlova Алла Павлова Russian composer of Ukrainian origin. She is now living in Brooklyn, New York. Born: July 13, 1952, Vinnytsia, Ukrainian SSR.
Link42知念里奈 知念里奈 Rina Chinen Japanese pop singer and actress. Born February 9, 1981 in Nago, Okinawa. Released her debut single in October 1996.
Link51磯野テルオ 磯野テルオ Teruo Isono
Link51原田芳雄 原田芳雄 JapanYoshio Harada 原田芳雄 (Harada Yoshio) Japanese actor and singer. Born 29-Feb-1940, Tokyo, died 19-Jul-2011, Tokyo. .
Link51松崎ナオ 松崎ナオ Nao Matsuzaki 松崎ナオ (Matsuzaki Nao) Japanese Singer. Born 1976 January 8.
Link51宮原学 宮原学 JapanManabu Miyahara
Link51ハイスイノナサ ハイスイノナサ JapanHaisuinonasa ハイスイノナサ Haisuinonasa (ハイスイノナサ) was originally formed by Yoshimasa Terui (guitar), Atsumasa Terui (bass), Tomoyuki Tamura (key), and Keisuke Nakamura (drum) in 2004 with the addition of Ai Kamano (vocal) in 2005. After actively performing many shows in the Tokyo area, the band remained as the finalist in the “SUMMER SONIC 2007” rookie audition, hosted by EMI [Great Hunting]. haisuinonasa’s music is simply unclassifiable -- there are hints of post rock, minimal music, prog-rock, electronica, and all sorts of styles and influences. They weave a dreamy, narrative tapestry of piano-driven breakbeat (as some may call it) by filtering through pop music with innovative uses of tones and timbres. One thing for certain, if you are into polyrhythms and ostinatos, you’re in for a treat. The band has toured with Do Make Say Think and shared stages with Clammbon, Masakatsu Takagi, Midori, This Town Needs Guns and Contemporary Noise Sextet. Recommended to listeners of Cornelius, Steve Reich, Spangle Call Lilli Line, ASA-CHANG & JUNRAY.
Link51ג'ירפות ג'ירפות Girafot Girafot (Hebrew for Giraffes) is an Israeli folk-rock and alternative rock band formed in 1992. [a=Gilad Kahana] and [a=Yair Kez] met in the Israeli army in 1989 and they were the original core of the band. While working on the song Rami Moo'asham Be'Hachzakat Samim Kalim (Rami Is Accused of Posession Of Soft Drugs) they brought in [a=Rotem Dror], who has served in the IDF with Kahana and Kez, to sing backing vocals on that one track. Instead she became a full member of the band, serving as a second keyboardist and vocalist. After deciding they needed a real drummer rather than just drum machines [a=Didi Erez], a childhood friend of Kez, was invited to join the group. Guitarist [a=Erez Russo] completed the lineup for the first album, Mesoche'ach Im Kisseh (Conversing With A Chair), released in 1999. While the group toured during the next several years a second album, Gag (Roof) didn't emerge until 2006, with [a=Asi Sasson] replacing Erez on drums. It was Girafot's most successful album to date and is a certified gold record in Israel. Ein Knisa LePilim (No Elephants Allowed), the third album, was inspired by the band's 2008 tour of India.
Link51沢城みゆき 沢城みゆき JapanMiyuki Sawashiro Miyuki Sawashiro = 沢城みゆき Japanese voice actress and singer. Born June 2, 1985. Possible nicknames: みゆきち (Miyukichi), シロロン (Shiroron). She is the elder sister of the voice actor Chiharu Sawashiro.
Link51소규모 아카시아 밴드 소규모 아카시아 밴드 Sogyumo Acacia Band
Link51공민지 공민지 South KoreaMinzy Gong Minji Gong Minji (born January 18, 1994), more commonly known as Minzy (Korean: 민지; Japanese: ミンジ), is a South Korean idol singer, rapper and dancer. She was born in Seoul. She debuted in 2009 as a member of the Korean girl group 2NE1 and stayed with the group until April 2016. In November 2016, 2NE1 officially disbanded. She signed a solo deal with Music Works in May 2016. Her duet song with CL, "Please Don't Go," peaked at number 6 on the monthly Gaon Chart in November, 2009.
Link06Konsorten™ Konsorten™ Konsorten
Link06李玉璽 李玉璽 TaiwanDino Lee
Link51真崎ゆか 真崎ゆか JapanYuka Masaki
Link15Мария Юдина Мария Юдина Soviet UnionSoviet pianistMaria Yudina Maria (Mariya) Veniaminovna Yudina Russian pianist, born 1899 and died 19 November 1970.
Link42黒木憲 黒木憲 Ken Kuroki 唐木 克彦 / Katsuhiko Karaki 黒木憲 Ken Kuroki is a Japanese singer from Tokyo. (March 12, 1942 - November 21, 2006) Moody Kayou (Moody Kayōkyoku) singer. Now his son is calling for the 二代目黒木憲 (Ken Kuroki 2nd)
Link51野崎美波 野崎美波 Minami Nozaki
Link51岩佐美咲 岩佐美咲 JapanMisaki Iwasa 岩佐美咲
Link51酒井良 酒井良 Ryo Sakai
Link51藤島桓夫 藤島桓夫 JapanTakeo Fujishima 坂本 義明 / Yoshiaki Sakamoto Stage name 藤島 桓夫 (Takeo Fujishima) Japanese singer born in Osaka. (October 6, 1927 - February 1, 1994) He sang Kayōkyoku and Enka.
Link51村田亮 村田亮 JapanRyo Murata
Link24加川良 加川良 JapanRyo Kagawa 小斉喜弘 (English: Yoshihiro Oshi) Ryo Kagawa (加川良; born November 21, 1947, Hikone, Japan - died April 5, 2017, Tokyo, Japan) was a Japanese folk singer.
Link51ダイアナ・ガーネット ダイアナ・ガーネット JapanDiana Garnett
Link51やまだ豊 やまだ豊 JapanYutaka Yamada
Link51岩崎愛 岩崎愛 JapanAi Iwasaki
Link51遠藤ゆりか 遠藤ゆりか JapanYurika Endo
Link51イノトモ イノトモ Inotomo イノトモ(Inotomo) is a Japanese Singer-songwriter from Fukuoka.
Link51湯川トーベン 湯川トーベン Tohben Yukawa
Link51のみこ のみこ JapanNomico Japanese musician and seiyu. She is well known for doing vocals for Loopcube. Sister of [a=Kaya (6)].
Link33パードン木村 パードン木村 JapanPardon Kimura
Link42矢口博康 矢口博康 JapanHiroyasu Yaguchi 矢口博康
Link24木村好夫 木村好夫 JapanYoshio Kimura Japanese jazz and enka guitarist and composer. Born 1934 in Tokyo, died July 5, 1996.
Link24אלונה דניאל אלונה דניאל Alona Daniel Alona Daniel (Hebrew: אלונה דניאל) Israeli singer-songwriter and guitarist
Link51池間アカネ 池間アカネ JapanAkane Ikema
Link51トレモノ トレモノ Toremono
Link51浅田信一 浅田信一 JapanShinichi Asada
Link33黒沢年男 黒沢年男 Toshio Kurosawa 黒沢 年男 / Toshio Kurosawa Japanese actor and singer born in Yokohama, Kanagawa Prefecture on February 4, 1944. Detective, Samurai, Yakuza, Ninja, he played anything. He appeared even "Battles Without Honor and Humanity: Police Tactics" He was listed as a candidate for the role of Hayata, the protagonist of "Ultraman", but the movie producer canceled "Ultraman" in order to make him appear in the movie. However, he first appeared on television was "Ultraman". He released debut single in 1966 and constantly released records. His best seller record was "時には娼婦のように" (Sometimes like a whore). Although it is lyrics that portrays sex, it became a big hit and rised to the chart No.2 in May 1978. (No.1 was Pink Lady 'South Paw'.)
Link24陳秋霞 陳秋霞 Hong KongChelsia Chan Hong Kong Singer
Link51牛尾憲輔 牛尾憲輔 JapanKensuke Ushio Kensuke Ushio
Link51原真祐美 原真祐美 Mayumi Hara
Link51窪田ミナ 窪田ミナ Mina Kubota
Link51水森かおり 水森かおり JapanKaori Mizumori
Link51幻覚アレルギー 幻覚アレルギー JapanGenkaku Allergy
Link42平山照継 平山照継 JapanTerutsugu Hirayama
Link51巫啟賢 巫啟賢 TaiwanEric Moo
Link51リーガルリリー リーガルリリー TachikawaJapanese rock bandRegal Lily
Link51יהוא ירון יהוא ירון IsraelYehu Yaron
Link51西田エリ 西田エリ JapanEri Nishida
Link51安田猛 安田猛 JapanTakeshi Yasuda
Link51老狼 老狼 Lao Lang
Link06林海峰 林海峰 Hong KongJan Lamb
Link51下村誠 下村誠 JapanMakoto Shimomura
Link51西司 西司 JapanTsukasa Nishi
Link51黃立行 黃立行 TaiwanStanley Huang
Link51引田香織 引田香織 Kaori Hikita
Link51イズミカワソラ イズミカワソラ Sora Izumikawa
Link51ドラマチックアラスカ ドラマチックアラスカ JapanDramatic Alaska
Link51寺田十三夫 寺田十三夫 JapanTomio Terada
Link42Даб конструктор Даб конструктор Dub Constructor Max Khobotov Russia, Sankt-Petersburg, Das Boot Studio,
Link51藤岡正明 藤岡正明 Masaaki Fujioka
Link51杉本誘里 杉本誘里 JapanYouri Sugimoto
Link51中河健 中河健 JapanKen Nakagawa
Link51アマドリ アマドリ JapanAmadori
Link51吉野裕司 吉野裕司 JapanYuji Yoshino
Link51安達祐実 安達祐実 JapanYumi Adachi Itoda Yumi (井戸田祐実; Maiden name is Hasegawa [長谷川]) Adachi Yumi is a Japanese actress, gravure idol, and former child star.
Link51上野茂都 上野茂都 JapanShigeto Ueno
Link42棉花糖 棉花糖 TaiwanTaiwanese groupkatncandix2
Link06Александар Сариевски Александар Сариевски YugoslaviaAleksandar Sarievski Александар Сариевски (1922-2002) Macedonian folk singer-songwriter, co-founder of the folklore musical ensemble 'Tanec'.
Link51キンモクセイ キンモクセイ Kinmokusei キンモクセイ
Link24אשכרה מתים אשכרה מתים Ashkara Metim אשכרה מתים Israeli punk band.
Link51金森幸介 金森幸介 JapanKosuke Kanamori
Link33| сИстра | | сИстра | Sistra Experimental psychedelic rock and cross-culture fusion project of Fabrizio Di Vicino and friends.
Link51出羽良彰 出羽良彰 JapanYoshiaki Dewa Japanese musician, composer, arranger and sound producer.
Link51朝日美穂 朝日美穂 JapanMiho Asahi
Link51千田えつこ 千田えつこ JapanEtsuko Chida
Link51木村竜蔵 木村竜蔵 JapanRyuzo Kimura 木村竜蔵 (kimura ryūzō)
Link51矢野雅士 矢野雅士 JapanMasashi Yano Masashi Yano
Link51宮内優里 宮内優里 Yuri Miyauchi
Link51木下直子 木下直子 JapanNaoko Kinoshita
Link51キマグレン キマグレン JapanKimaguren
Link51中川博之 中川博之 JapanHiroyuki Nakagawa 中川浩之 Promotion staff of [l32864]
Link15Борис Иванович Тищенко Борис Иванович Тищенко RussiaBoris Tishchenko Борис Иванович Тищенко (in English: Boris Ivanovich Tishchenko) Soviet / Russian composer and pianist. Born: March 23, 1939, Leningrad Died: December 9, 2010, Saint Petersburg His name can also be transliterated as Tiščenko, Tischtschenko and Tichtchenko, among others.
Link51ワタナベイビー ワタナベイビー Watanababy
Link06長谷川清志 長谷川清志 Kiyoshi Hasegawa Japanese Folk Singer From Tokyo. He is a blind singer.
Link42赤い鳥 赤い鳥 JapanAkai Tori
Link51高石友也 高石友也 Tomoya Takaishi 尻石友也 Japanese folk singer. Born December 9, 1941 in Kyoto.
Link51あらかじめ決められた恋人たちへ あらかじめ決められた恋人たちへ JapanArakajime Kimerareta Koibito Tachi E
Link51電気式華憐音楽集団 電気式華憐音楽集団 JapanDenkishiki Karen Ongaku Shuudan Denkishiki Karen Ongaku Shuudan = 電気式華憐音楽集団, are production group that provides music for mainly video games. [b]Name variations[/b]: 電気的華憐音楽集団 / 電気式可憐音楽集団 / 電気式華鱗音楽集団. [b]Members[/b]: - [a=Denki] = 電気 - Lyrics, composition, arrangement & guitar. - Shiki = 式 - Composition, arrangement & guitar. - [a=Karen (48)] = 華憐 - Lyrics, vocals & chorus. - On = 音 - Composition, lyrics & keyboards. - Gaku - Composition, arrangement & bass. - SYU - Drums. - Dang - Executive. - [a=Shiren (紫煉)] - Vocals, composition, arrangement & guitar.
Link51渡辺博也 渡辺博也 JapanHiroya Watanabe
Link51伊沢麻未 伊沢麻未 Asami Izawa
Link51黒木千波留 黒木千波留 Chiharu Kuroki Chiharu Kuroki = 黒木千波留 Japanese pianist. Born in 1966.
Link51黒色すみれ 黒色すみれ JapanKokusyoku Sumire
Link51小西寛子 小西寛子 JapanHiroko Konishi Born October 26th, 1975 in Saitama Prefecture. She made a popularity as a voice actress from around 1994~. Her voice was high-pitched and tongue-tied speaking way, and so she was good at playing adorable young females or little children. She is known as the Japanese voice actress of T.K. Takaishi from 1999 TV Animation Series "Digimon Adventure." Some of her major roles include Jiyuu Nanohana in Jubei-chan, Sae Sawanoguchi in Magic User's Club, Nene Romanova in Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040, Akane Kimidori in Dr. Slump, the title character Ojarumaru, and the original Takeru Takaishi in Digimon Adventure. In video games she voiced Shiori Misaka in the original Kanon visual novel, Lilith Aensland in Darkstalkers, Bridget in Guilty Gear X2, and Sophia Roberinge in Mitsumete Knight.
Link42麻丘めぐみ 麻丘めぐみ JapanMegumi Asaoka
Link51おかわりシスターズ おかわりシスターズ JapanOkawari Sisters
Link51紗羅の夊 紗羅の夊 Syaranosui
Link51寺尾聰 寺尾聰 JapanAkira Terao Japanese musician, singer and actor, born 18 May 1947 in Yokohama, Kanagawa, Japan.
Link51清水嶺 清水嶺 JapanRei Shimizu
Link51張德蘭 張德蘭 Hong KongTeresa Cheung Teresa Cheung Tak-lan is a Hong Kong singer and a former member of the Four Golden Flowers (四朵金花).
Link51河合美智子 河合美智子 Japansinger and actorMichiko Kawai
Link41李心潔 李心潔 MalaysiaAngelica Lee
Link41雷鼓 雷鼓 JapanRaico
Link41査~マルサ~ 査~マルサ~ Marusa
Link41나르샤 나르샤 South KoreaNarsha Park Hyojin (박효진) Vocalist and member of the South Korean girl group Brown Eyed Girls. Released her solo album "Narsha" in 2010.
Link41甄楚倩 甄楚倩 Hong KongYolinda Yan 俞瑞兒
Link32錦野旦 錦野旦 JapanAkira Nishikino
Link41キンヤ キンヤ Kinya
Link23ヤマジカズヒデ ヤマジカズヒデ JapanKazuhide Yamaji 山路一秀
Link41吉田由香里 吉田由香里 Yukari Yoshida
Link41土橋安騎夫 土橋安騎夫 JapanAkio Dobashi
Link41とろ美 とろ美 Toromi
Link41小柳ルミ子 小柳ルミ子 JapanRumiko Koyanagi 小柳留美子 Japanese singer and actress. Born July 2, 1952 in Fukuoka.
Link41北村早樹子 北村早樹子 JapanSakiko Kitamura 北村早樹子
Link41Александр Новиков Александр Новиков RussiaAleksandr Novikov
Link41채연 채연 South KoreaChae Yeon 채연 (Chae Yeon) Chae Yeon (채연) is a Korean pop singer. She made her singing debut in the Japanese pop unit Brand New Biscuits, but left Japan to start her solo Korean career with her debut album It's My Time. Chae Yeon gained fame with her 2004 hit "Duriseo", and is best known for her sexy image. Nowadays Chae Yeon is pursuing her career in China under the name of Cai Yan (蔡妍), she's very popular in China, participating in tv dramas and shows. CY has released two chinese albuns, My Love (China Special Edition) and Sweet Miracle (which is entirely in chinese), and her newest project is the chinese single You Don't Love Me Anymore.
Link41大野愛果 大野愛果 JapanAika Ohno 大野愛果
Link41井上ジョー 井上ジョー JapanJoe Inoue 井上ジョー (Joe Inoue) Born in Los Angeles, California, USA in August 30, 1985. Multi-Creator.
Link41中ノ森文子 中ノ森文子 JapanAyako Nakanomori
Link41吉野千代乃 吉野千代乃 JapanChiyono Yoshino
Link41チェキッ娘 チェキッ娘 Checkicco
Link41ボストン・クルージング・マニア ボストン・クルージング・マニア Bosston Cruising Mania
Link41松本明子 松本明子 JapanAkiko Matsumoto
Link14葛生千夏 葛生千夏 Chinatsu Kuzuu
Link32Олег Серков Олег Серков Oleg Serkov
Link41多和田えみ 多和田えみ JapanEmi Tawata
Link41前川守賢 前川守賢 JapanShuken Maekawa
Link41バルシェ バルシェ JapanVALSHEValshe
Link23森山加代子 森山加代子 JapanKayoko Moriyama 森山加代子 (Moriyama Kayoko)
Link41グループ魂 グループ魂 Group Tamashii Group Tamashii(グループ魂) are an Japanese comedy rock band formed in 1995.
Link41皆川純子 皆川純子 JapanJunko Minagawa Junko Minagawa = 皆川純子 Japanese voice actress. Born November 22, 1975.
Link41塩まさる 塩まさる Masaru Shio 塩 正吉 / Masakichi Shio Stage name 塩まさる (Masaru Shio) Japanese singer from Fukushima prefecture (February 12, 1908 - October 16, 2003) He is a very popular singer in Japan before the war. He was active until 2003 when he died at the age of 95.
Link41レーズン レーズン Raisin
Link41寺田恵子 寺田恵子 JapanKeiko Terada (寺田恵子 Japanese vocalist.
Link41מאור כהן מאור כהן Maor Cohen
Link41佐々木望 佐々木望 JapanNozomu Sasaki
Link05サディスティックス サディスティックス Sadistics
Link41坂本梨奈 坂本梨奈 JapanRina Sakamoto
Link32אד טרנר והדנילוף סנטר אד טרנר והדנילוף סנטר IsraelEd Turner & The Danilof Center
Link41松谷卓 松谷卓 Suguru Matsutani
Link41מיכה שטרית מיכה שטרית Micha Shitrit Micah Shitrit (Hebrew: מיכה שטרית)
Link41恵莉花 恵莉花 Eryka
Link41星野晃代 星野晃代 Akiyo Hoshino
Link23麻波25 麻波25 Mach25
Link41麻枝准 麻枝准 JapanJun Maeda Jun Maeda = 前田純 / 麻枝准 Japanese scenario writer, lyricist, and musical composer working for the software company Key.
Link41杉森雅和 杉森雅和 JapanMasakazu Sugimori
Link41犬式 犬式 JapanInushiki
Link41菊田俊介 菊田俊介 Shun Kikuta
Link41黒沢秀樹 黒沢秀樹 JapanHideki Kurosawa
Link41ヴィレッジ・シンガーズ ヴィレッジ・シンガーズ The Village Singers Japanese Group Sounds group, formed in June 1966 and active in the late 60s. They split up in 1971, before reforming in 2002.
Link41鈴木一平 鈴木一平 JapanIppei Suzuki
Link23杜麗莎 杜麗莎 Hong KongTeresa Carpio 杜麗莎 Teresa Carpio is a Hong Kong English pop and Cantopop singer, actor and singing teacher, born in Hong Kong. She is the mother of singer T. V. Carpio. For several years from 1975 onwards Carpio had her own TV variety show in Hong Kong, on which she performed both solo and with several of her siblings. She released many albums in Hong Kong from 1976 onwards; her early releases under EMI such as the EMI's "Sound Hit" series on vinyl record. Eventually six of her album under EMI went gold, in which she featured cover versions in English of western hits, including an album with George Lam. She made numerous television appearances in Hong Kong, in the late 1970s. Carpio was the first and the youngest Hong Kong singer ever to appear on national TV in Japan. She has performed in many other countries as far apart as Singapore, Malaysia, Tahiti, Australia, Japan, Thailand, Brunei, the USA and Canada With the growing popularity of Cantopop, Carpio started to record in Cantonese along with English
Link41わらべ わらべ JapanWarabe
Link41河島英五 河島英五 JapanEigo Kawashima Japanese singer-songwriter and actor, b. 1952.
Link41ひいらぎ ひいらぎ JapanHiiragi Formed in October 2000 as a three piece, with 立岡 千晶 / Tateoka Chiaki (credited as 千晶 - chiaki) on vocals and guitar, Erika (恵梨香) providing "chorus", guitar, harmonica, and Manami (愛美) providing chorus, harmonica and melodica. Manami left in 2009. They disbanded in 2013.
Link41井上芳雄 井上芳雄 JapanYoshio Inoue 井上 賀雄 (Inoue Yoshio) Japanese independent label owner, guitarist. Founder of Chaotic Noise Recordings label and the rock club Chaotic Noise in Kochi.
Link41高田みち子 高田みち子 Michiko Takada
Link23甜梅號 甜梅號 TaiwanTaiwanese post-rock groupSugar Plum Ferry
Link41STΛQQ ƟVERFLƟ STΛQQ ƟVERFLƟ Staqq Overflo Often stylized as "STΛQQ ƟVERFLƟ".
Link32תמוז תמוז Tamouz
Link23中川あゆみ 中川あゆみ Ayumi Nakagawa
Link32Вадим Репин Вадим Репин RussiaVadim Repin Vadim Viktorovitsch Repin Russian violinist, born 31 August 1971 in Novosibirsk.
Link41羅敏莊 羅敏莊 Hong KongMimi Lo
Link41島袋寛子 島袋寛子 JapanHiroko Shimabukuro SHIMABUKURO Hiroko (島袋 寛子) Born on April 7, 1984 in Okinawa, Japan She debuted as a member of the popular girl group [a=Speed (5)] in 1996 and made her official solo debut in 1999 with the single, "As Time Goes By", which sold 800,000 copies in Japan.
Link14草刈正雄 草刈正雄 JapanMasao Kusakari
Link41福山沙織 福山沙織 JapanSaori Fukuyama Saori Fukuyama = 福山沙織 Japanese singer-songwriter, composer & lyricist.
Link41高田みづえ 高田みづえ JapanMizue Takada
Link41מוניקה סקס מוניקה סקס Monica Sex
Link14فرقة ميامي فرقة ميامي Miami Band
Link41久嶋美さち 久嶋美さち JapanMisachi Kyushima
Link41寿 寿 JapanKotobuki
Link41きゃんきゃん きゃんきゃん CanCan
Link41葉振棠 葉振棠 MacaoJohnny Ip
Link41松本英子 松本英子 JapanEiko Matsumoto 松本英子 (Matsumoto Eiko) Japanese singer and songwriter. Born 1979, June 16th. Major debut in 1999.
Link41יובל בנאי יובל בנאי IsraelYuval Banai יובל בנאי‎ Born on June 9, 1962 in Tel-Aviv. Son of [a1558004].
Link41森田朋子 森田朋子 JapanTomoko Morita
Link41伊藤美来 伊藤美来 JapanMiku Ito
Link32אתי אנקרי אתי אנקרי IsraelEtti Ankri Esther Ankri (Hebrew: אסתר אנקרי) Etti Ankri (born January 4, 1963, Lod, Israel) is an Israeli singer-songwriter, guitarist and pianist. She is from a Tunisian Jewish family and is known for mixing Sephardic/Mizrahi sounds with pop music. Her 1990 debut album " I Can See It in Your Eyes" launched her career is certified double platinum. In 2001 she became [i]baalat teshuva[/i] (a Jew who becomes Orthodox) and her faith is reflected in her recent albums. In 2009 she released a collection of the poems of Rabbi Yehuda Halevi set to original music, which earned critical acclaim.
Link41あいみょん あいみょん JapanAimyon
Link41שמוליק קראוס שמוליק קראוס IsraelShmulik Kraus Shmuel Kraus (Hebrew: שמואל קראוס) Shmulik Kraus (born July 1, 1935 in Jerusalem; died February 17, 2013 in Tel Aviv) was an Israeli singer, composer, actor and poet. He was a pioneer of Israeli pop and rock, receiving a lifetime achievement awards from channel 10 in 2005 and from Israel's Ministry of Education in 2006. He started his singing career in the late 1950s working with [a=Abi Ofarim]. Kraus became famous in his native country in the 1960s as one third of [a=The High Windows] with [a=Arik Einstein] and his wife at the time, [a=Josie Katz], writing all the music for the trio. He frequently collaborated with lyricist [a=Yankale Rotblit] and wrote music for Einstein, [a=Arik Lavie] and [a=Shalom Hanoch]. Kraus' career was repeatedly interrupted by violent incidents and periods in mental hospitals, later attributed to bipolar disorder in a 2014 biopic. His first of seven solo albums, A Criminal Record (1977), was written while he served time on gun charges and recorded during a brief furlough in 1971. In 1975 he and Katz recorded a children's album based on poems by [a= Miriam Yalan-Shteklis] set to music by Kraus. Israeli astronaut Ilan Ramon chose his song “Hatishma Koli” to be played while he orbited earth on the Columbia space shuttle in 2003.
Link41효민 효민 South KoreaHyomin 박선영 Park Sun-Young (Korean: 박선영; born May 30, 1989), better known by her stage name Hyomin, is a South Korean idol, singer, dancer, actress, model, designer, and a member of K-Pop girl group T-ara.
Link41小山健太郎 小山健太郎 JapanKentaro Koyama
Link41黒石ひとみ 黒石ひとみ JapanHitomi Kuroishi
Link32柴山俊之 柴山俊之 JapanToshiyuki Shibayama