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MB artist matches Discogs artist and both have a release with same name (MB artist not unique)

Report created based on data in MusicBrainz as of 01/09/2017

Found 15 artists, we show 1000 artists per page.

The report is not continually updated so may not reflect the current data within MusicBrainz and or Discogs databases.

These matches are likely to be correct because a match has been found based on the artist name, there are multiple artists within MusicBrainz with the same name however with this artist pairing both have at least one release with the same name (and releases named after the artist have been excluded).

If the same Discogs artist is listed twice linked to multiple MusicBrainz artists this is because a match has been found between the Discogs artist release and each of the MusicBrainz artists releases, this may indicate that either the MusicBrainz artists should be merged or the Discogs artist should be split.

Select Link to create a link in the Musicbrainz db from the MusicBrainz artist to the Discogs artist.


Link ArtistsMB Release CountDiscogs Release CountView in AlbunackMB ArtistCountryCommentDiscogs ArtistComment
Link71ばんだいく ばんだいく JapanJapanese dojin circleばんだいく
Link35Геннадий Белов Геннадий Белов RussiasingerГеннадий Белов
Link71oh my god oh my god Oh My God The eclectic Chicago-based trio Oh My God has garnered musical comparisons to such classic cutting-edge art-rockers as Devo, Pere Ubu, Suicide, and Frank Zappa, but their lyrics bear more than a passing resemblance to the witty prose of Steely Dan. Comprised of members Bill O'Neill (vocals, bass), Zach Nold (drums), and a gentleman who goes by the singular name of Iguana (organ), the group was hatched during 1998, shortly after Iguana spotted O'Neill performing at the renowned Chicago club the Double Door. Iguana was really the only member of the group to have previous experience in a band, as he played with renowned blues harmonica player Junior Wells during the mid- to late '90s. Appearing on Wells' final album, the 1997 Grammy-nominated Junior Wells: Live at Buddy Guy's Legends, in addition to the 2002 Wells release The Best of Junior Wells: Live Around the World, Iguana had either recorded or toured alongside Carey Bell, Koko Taylor, Otis Rush, Van Morrison, Buddy Guy, and Jeff Healey, among others. The trio issued their debut release, The Action Album!, on the Novo label in February of 2002. But upon its release, Nold exited the band, replaced by another member going by a one-word name, Bish. ~ Greg Prato
Link41lostage lostage Lostage Japanese rock band. Formed in 2001 in Nara, Japan. Members: Takahisa Gomi - 五味 岳久 (Bass, Vocals) Takuto Gomi - 五味 拓人 (Guitar) Tomokazu Iwaki - 岩城 智和 (Drums) Masaya Shimizu - 清水 雅也 (Guitar, 2001-2008) Hiromichi Nakano - 中野 博教 (Guitar, 2008-2009) From 2010, the band has turned into a trio, changing the notation of the band from "lostage" to "LOSTAGE".
Link32오지은 오지은 South Korea오지은
Link32ジギタリス ジギタリス ジギタリス
Link14feverdreams feverdreams United StatesSan Francisco sound collage bandFeverdreams Jerry Lloyd One-man project from Anaheim, California, U.S.A.
Link41iacon iacon Vaporwave artistIacon Alexander Graham 24 years old vaporwave / retrowave artist
Link41夜叉 夜叉 JapanJapanese metal band夜叉 (2) Yasha
Link21Карна Карна UkraineUkrainian alternativeКарна
Link21Камелия Камелия Камелия Камелия Владимирова Вескова Kamelia Vladimirova Veskova (born 10 January 1971), better known as Kamelia, is one of the biggest Chalga stars in Bulgaria. She started her career in the mid 1990s and released her first album in 1998. Kamelia was born in Chiprovtsi, Bulgaria. She was discovered by Payner Music in 1997, the same year she signed a deal with Payner Studio. She was one of the first performers of the Chalga genre. Some of her most famous songs are: "Fire Girl", "Ti si", "Ti si vinoven", "Where Are You", "Zaleza i zorata" and "Luda po tebe". Kamelia posed for Playboy in 2006, and again in 2008.
Link11지은 지은 South Korea지은
Link11Слюни Слюни VolgogradСлюни Vlad Jihad
Link11渡辺徹 渡辺徹 JapanJapanese singer渡辺徹 渡辺徹 Japanese actor and singer. Born May 12, 1961 in Tochigi.
Link11rei clone rei clone Dentonotakus shoegazers from Denton, Texas.Rei Clone