MB artist matches Discogs artist and both have a release with same name (MB artist not unique)

Report created based on data in MusicBrainz as of 21/09/2021

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The report is not continually updated so may not reflect the current data within MusicBrainz and or Discogs databases.

These matches are likely to be correct because a match has been found based on the artist name, there are multiple artists within MusicBrainz with the same name however with this artist pairing both have at least one release with the same name (and releases named after the artist have been excluded).

If the same Discogs artist is listed twice linked to multiple MusicBrainz artists this is because a match has been found between the Discogs artist release and each of the MusicBrainz artists releases, this may indicate that either the MusicBrainz artists should be merged or the Discogs artist should be split.

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Link Artists MB Release Count Discogs Release Count View in Albunack MB Artist Country Comment Discogs Artist Comment
Link 2 9 wawawa wawawa Germany WAWAWA
Link 4 7 あざらし あざらし Female-fronted Punk/HC band from Hokkaido, Japan あざらし あざらし (Azarashi)
Link 8 2 舞花 舞花 Japan J-POP singer/songwriter 舞花 Maika
Link 7 2 youra youra South Korea Korean YOURA
Link 4 4 elba elba from Seattle Elba
Link 1 5 two4one two4one Two4One
Link 1 4 skulld skulld Black/death metal Skulld
Link 3 1 Сияние Сияние Sankt-Peterburg shoegaze Сияние
Link 3 1 오소영 오소영 South Korea Korean singer-songwriter 오소영
Link 2 1 한상원 한상원 South Korea GIGS 한상원
Link 1 1 5:05 5:05 release "Stay Awake" 5:05