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Link17194The Dukes of Dixieland The Dukes of Dixieland United StatesThe Dukes Of Dixieland <<< For albums recorded after 1974, use [a=Dukes Of Dixieland] >>> The original Dukes Of Dixieland formed in 1948 by the Assunto Brothers, Frank & Fred. This band played until the death of Frank Assunto in early 1974. June 15, 2000, the Estate of Frank Assunto brought legal action preventing the unauthorized use of the Assunto Brothers' musical legacy and accomplishments by various individuals and/or entities. (Civil District Court for the Parish of Orleans, Division "E," Case # 2000-9440). According to the Assunto's Real Dukes of Dixieland website: "...after Frank Assunto's death in 1974, no one using the Assunto legacy or the name Dukes of Dixieland has ever had any connection to the Assunto Brothers or their Dukes of Dixieland (even though in the past it had been advertised otherwise)"
Link3181Los Melódicos Los Melódicos Los Melódicos Venezuelan band created in 1958 by [a2337955] About 50 different singers (female or male) contributed to this band.
Link3177Marisol Marisol Marisol Josefa Flores González Spanish singer and actress, born 4 February 1948 in Málaga, Andalusia, Spain. She was married to [a=Antonio Gades], mother of [a=María Esteve]. Also known as Pepa Flores.
Link1163Al Morgan Al Morgan United StatesAl Morgan (3) This is for the American singer, not to be confused with the bassist [a=Al Morgan]
Link25110Parchís Parchís SpainParchis Constantino Fernández Fernández (Barcelona 25 de marzo de 1967) Yolanda Ventura Román (Barcelona 21 de octubre de 1968) Gemma Prat Termens (Barcelona 22 de octubre de 1969) Oscar Ferrer Cañadas (Barcelona 20 de noviembre de 1971) David Muñoz Forcada (Barcelona 23 de marzo de 1970) Francisco Díaz Terez (Barcelona 6 de agosto de 1971) Jesús Gómez Cambronero (Madrid 14 de mayo de 1969) Miguel Ángel Gómez Cambronero (Hamburgo (Alemania) 8 de septiembre de 1966)
Link4131The Latin Brothers The Latin Brothers ColombiaColombian salsa groupThe Latin Brothers Salsa band from Colombia, established in the early 1970s. The Latin Brothers is Colombian salsa group. It is currently led by Rafael Benitez, who is the group's timbales. The Latin Brothers were created in 1974, as a sister act to Fruko y sus Tesos on the Discos Fuentes label. Among their most famous songs is "Las Caleñas son como las flores," which has become an anthem of sorts for the city of Cali, Colombia. The song was featured on the soundtrack of the video game Scarface: The World Is Yours and has been cited by British-born, Colombia-based funk artist Quantic as an inspiration.
Link8124The Swan Silvertones The Swan Silvertones The Swan Silvertones Originally a quartet called the Four Harmony Kings but changed the name to The Silvertones due to the existence of another group with a similar name. The group were given a daily 15-minute radio slot on a programme sponsored by the Swan bakery and renamed the group The Swan Silvertones at the bakery's behest.
Link5121The Blue Sky Boys The Blue Sky Boys United StatesBlue Sky Boys The Blue Sky Boys were an American country music duo consisting of the brothers Earl Bolick (November 16, 1919 – April 19, 1998) and Bill Bolick (October 28, 1917 – March 13, 2008), whose careers spanned over forty years.
Link12108The Barry Sisters The Barry Sisters United StatesThe Barry Sisters Claire Barry (née Clara Bagelman, born 1920, died 2014) and Merna Barry (née Minnie Bagelman, born 1923, died 1976) were Jewish sisters from the Bronx, New York. Their career as Yiddish jazz singers stretched from the late 1930s until the early 1970s. When [a=The Andrews Sisters]' version of the Yiddish song, "Bei Mir Bist Du Schön," became a hit, musician and composer [a2696985] started his [i]Yiddish Melodies in Swing[/i] radio program on New York's WHN. The Barry Sisters performed on the program from 1937 until the mid-1950s. On television they appeared on The Ed Sullivan Show, The Jack Parr Show and Tonight. The sisters were one of the few American acts to tour the Soviet Union in 1959 and they also entertained Israeli troops during the Yom Kippur War in 1973. Signed to RCA in the 1930s as [a3967383], they changed their stage name to The Barry Sisters for radio. They recorded numerous 78s and 45s as well as 11 LPs by 1973.
Link4109Greenhorns Greenhorns Czech RepublicGreenhorns Czech bluegrass and country group. Formed in 1965 by [a=Jan Vyčítal] , [a=Josef Šimek], [a=Marko Čermák], [a=Jiří Fallada] and [a=Petr Bryndač]. In the 1970s and 1980s involuntarily renamed to “Zelenáči” (literal Czech translation of “Greenhorns”) due to communist censorship. Still actively performing as of 2017, led by Vyčítal.
Link0109Κώστας Χατζής Κώστας Χατζής GreeceΚώστας Χατζής Father of '[a=Αλέξανδρος Χατζής]'.
Link2105Vivian Jones Vivian Jones Vivian Jones
Link896Enrique Guzmán Enrique Guzmán Enrique Guzmán Enrique Alejandro Guzmán Vargas Born February 1, 1943 in Caracas, Venezuela from Mexican parents, he went to live to Mexico very soon. Original member of [a2157325] from 1959 to 1962; although he released his first solo record in 1961. Once married to Mexican actress Silvia Pinal (from 1967 to 1974). Father of singer/actress [a1372952]
Link796Lee Towers Lee Towers NetherlandsLee Towers Leendert Huijzer Singer, born 23 March 1946 in Ridderkerk, Netherlands. He started his career as [i]Len Hauser[/i] in the early 1970s but is known as Lee Towers since 1975. Since then, he has enjoyed many successes with his recordings and Las-Vegas-like shows.
Link498Miguel Gallardo Miguel Gallardo Miguel Gallardo José Miguel Gallardo Vera Spanish composer, singer and producer, born in Granada (1950-2005). He started as [a=Eddy Gallardo] in the first 70s.
Link1088Mary O'Hara Mary O'Hara IrelandMary O'Hara Mary O'Hara (born May 12, 1935) is an Irish soprano and harpist from County Sligo, Ireland. She achieved fame on both sides of the Atlantic in the late 1950's and early 1960's.
Link295Up With People Up With People Up With People Up With People is the international educational and cultural organization wich aims to encourage understanding among people of all nations.
Link391Rudy Vallée and His Connecticut Yankees Rudy Vallée and His Connecticut Yankees Rudy Vallee And His Connecticut Yankees Sensationally popular Depression-era singer and bandleader, born Herbert Pryor Vallee 7/28/01 in Island Pond, Vt. A Yale graduate known for singing into a megaphone and his regular greeting "High-ho, everybody!" Rudy played alto sax & clarinet in the early period with his band, starred in several movie musicals & Broadway's "George White's Scandals of 1931". Later he was in the 1961 Broadway hit "How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying".
Link1776Eddie Santiago Eddie Santiago Puerto RicoEddie Santiago Santiago's career took off in 1984 in Puerto Rico and Latin America as a soloist, formimg his own band, and recording songs including: "Tú me quemas" (You Burn Me), "Qué Locura Enamorarme de Ti" (What Madness To Fall in Love With You), "Me Fallaste" (You Failed Me), Antidoto y Veneno (Antidote and Venom), "Tu Me Haces Falta" (I Need You), his best known hit "Lluvia" (Rain, not to be confused with Menudo's hit of the same name), and many others. His fame eventually spread to Europe and the United States, making him one of the most popular Salsa singer in the late 80's and early 90's. He was one of the main singers of "Salsa romántica" ("romantic salsa"). His first major recording on an international label was with Sony Music in 1999. He also recorded for the TH, EMI Latin, and Polygram labels, including the well regarded production inspired by the music of Rafael Hernández, entitled "Enamorado". In 1999 he released Celebration: Epic Duets. He was joined on that album by other stars in the Latin music scene, Víctor Manuelle, Huey Dunbar and Elvis Crespo. The album was named one of the best recordings of 1999 by the National Foundation for Popular Culture. Santiago has earned both gold and platinum records, along with other awards
Link489Miroslav Ilić Miroslav Ilić SerbiaMiroslav Ilić Miroslav Ilić Born on December 10, 1950 in Mrčajevci, Serbia. Folk singer popular throughout 70s and 80s.
Link1477Raúl di Blasio Raúl di Blasio ArgentinaRaúl Di Blasio
Link089Hugh Griffiths Hugh Griffiths Hugh Griffiths (3) Jamaican reggae singer. Began his singing career in the 70's and was most active in the 80's.
Link285Betty Johnson Betty Johnson Betty Johnson
Link184Empire Falls Empire Falls Empire Falls Empire Falls is a far-right Hardcore band from North Carolina, USA, formed around 1996, with the end of a project called [a=Scorch (2)].
Link479Fórmula V Fórmula V SpainFormula V (2) Spanish pop band from the late 60's-70's. Founder members in 1967: Francisco de Asís Pastor del Pueyo (vocals) Antonio Sevilla (Drums) Mariano Sanz (Bass) Amador Flores "Chapete" (Organ) Joaquín de la Peña "Kino" (Lead guitar)
Link776Los Diplomáticos Los Diplomáticos ColombiaColombiaLos Diplomáticos Colombian studio band that recorded easy listening & boleros, as well as cumbia and salsa. The same group as [a=Los Millonarios (2)], which was an alias for US pressings by [l=Miami Records (2)].
Link1072Legs Diamond Legs Diamond United StatesLegs Diamond (2) US AOR Rock outfit formed in 1975. Their debut album 'Legs Diamond' came out in 1977 and they may still be going today! Original Lineup: Jeff Poole (drums), Michael Gargano (bass), Michael Prince (keyboards, guitar), Rick Sanford (vocals) and Roger Romeo (guitar).
Link180Basilio Basilio Basilio (2) Basilio Ferguz Alexandre Singer Born Oct. 13, 1947 in Panama. Died Oct. 11, 2009 in Miami, FL, U.S.A. He is the winner of the [i]Canción 71[/i] song contest with the song [i]Tierras lejanas[/i].
Link1169Alberto Vázquez Alberto Vázquez MexicoMexican singer and actorAlberto Vazquez
Link278Bana Bana Cape VerdeCape Verdean balladeerBana Adriano Gonçalves Cape Verdean singer, born 1932 in Mindelo, Sao Vicente, Cape Verde. Adriano Gonçalves (5 March 1932 - 13 July 2013), known by his stage name Bana and king of Morna, was a Cape Verdean balladeer and an interpreter of the morna style, the plaintive, melodic lament which is a staple musical style of the country. Bana, who is over seven feet tall, began his musical career during Portuguese colonial rule, when he worked as a handyman and bodyguard for the legendary Cabo Verdean composer and performer, B. Leza. Suffering from poor health during the last years of his life, Bana died on 13 July 2013 in Loures hospital, Portugal, after a cardiac arrest.
Link376Hal Kemp and His Orchestra Hal Kemp and His Orchestra Hal Kemp And His Orchestra
Link178Johnny Carver Johnny Carver United StatesJohnny Carver John David Carver American country singer, born November 24, 1940 in Jackson, Mississippi.
Link474The Rip Chords The Rip Chords The Rip Chords The Rip Chords were an American singing duo originally called The Opposites, composed of Phil Stewart and Ernie Bringas. This original twosome (Phil and Ernie) eventually expanded into four primary voices, adding Columbia producer, Terry Melcher and co-producer, Bruce Johnston. The group came to be associated with the hot rod/surf genre of the day, although their first single release, "Here I Stand," did not reflect that style. They recorded at Columbia Records in Hollywood from 1962-1965. The group placed five singles on The Billboard Hot 100. They are best known for their #4 single, ″Hey Little Cobra,″ one of the highest ranking hot rod songs of all time.
Link273Johnny Crawford Johnny Crawford United StatesJohnny Crawford John Ernest Crawford American actor, singer and musician, born March 26, 1946 in Los Angeles, California. Crawford is known for his role as Mark McCain in the 1959-62 television series "The Rifleman". In 1955 his singing impersonation of [a=Johnnie Ray] led to a contract with Walt Disney Productions, where he became one of the original Mickey Mouse Club's Mouseketeers. Signed by [l=Del-Fi Records] in 1961, Johnny had five top 40 hits in the early 1960s: "Cindy's Birthday", "Rumors", "Your Nose Is Gonna Grow", "Proud", and "Patti Ann". Since 1992, Crawford has led the California-based [a=Johnny Crawford Dance Orchestra], which specializes in vintage dance music. The orchestra's first album, "Sweepin' the Clouds Away", was released August 5, 2008.
Link470The Light Crust Doughboys The Light Crust Doughboys United StatesThe Light Crust Doughboys The Light Crust Doughboys, founded in 1931, have had the greatest and longest success of all the western swing bands in the Fort Worth-Dallas area. They have won numersous awards including; Texas Cowboy Hall Of Fame Texas Radion Hall Of Fame Texas Western Swing Hall Of Fame Rockabilly Hall Of Fame International Country Gospel Hall Of Fame Cowtown Society Of Wester Music-Western Swing Hero-Award Texas Internation Music Assoication Hall Of Fame 8 Time Grammy Award Nominee
Link568Cat Mother and the All Night Newsboys Cat Mother and the All Night Newsboys United StatesCat Mother And The All-Night Newsboys [b]Cat Mother and The All Night Newsboys[/b] was an American musical group, originally formed in New York and later based in Mendocino, California. Formed: 1967, Greenwich Village, New York, NY Disbanded: 1977, New York City, NY [b]Personnel:[/b] *William David "Charlie" Chin (guitar), *Roy "Bones" Michaels (vocals, bass), *Bob Smith (vocals, keyboards, drums), *Michael Equine (drums, guitar), *Larry Israel Packer (guitar, violin) (Later added Paul Johnson (guitar), Jan Ungar (bass, violin)).
Link469La Revolución de Emiliano Zapata La Revolución de Emiliano Zapata MexicoLa Revolución De Emiliano Zapata Mexican Psychedelic Rock band, formed late 1960s.
Link270Klique Klique United StatesKlique Los Angeles based soul trio. Howard Huntsberry (vocals, drums and percussions), Deborah Hunter (vocals and percussions), Isaac Suthers (vocals, synthesizers and keyboards)
Link1062Jo Ann Campbell Jo Ann Campbell United StatesJo Ann Campbell Jo Ann Campbell (born July 20, 1938 in Jacksonville, Florida) is an American pop singer.
Link864Expire Expire Expire (2) American hardcore band from Milwaukee, WI. Formed in 2009.
Link665The Melachrino Strings and Orchestra The Melachrino Strings and Orchestra The Melachrino Strings And Orchestra
Link170The Movers The Movers The Movers (2) The Movers South African band - According to Max Mojapelo, the group included Sankie Chounyane, Oupa Hlongwane, Norman Hlongwane and Sam Thabo, though the lineup would shift throughout the seventies. Others that performed with the group included Dinah Mbata, Blondie Makhene, Philip Malela, Jabu Khanyile, Vusi Shange, Rammy McKenzie, Jabu Sibumbe and Lloyd Lelosa. Finding a chronology and discography of The Movers is proving to be quite difficult. The earliest single in the flat international archive, Danny's Corner (City Special, CYB 67) dates from 1969 and is also featured on this LP, which was issued on Teal's budget series "Music for Leisure" in 1970. Teal Holdings introduced budget LP´s to South Africa in 1970 through their newly formed subsidiary—Music for Leisure, Ltd.
Link170Tuxedo Junction Tuxedo Junction Tuxedo Junction Studio project conceived in 1977 as one of the first productions from [a=A.J. Cervantes]' newborn [url=]Butterfly Records[/url], and produced by the talented duo [a=Rinder & Lewis]. Tuxedo Junction - whose hallmark was a blend of retro-flavored big band sound and modern disco - eclipsed prematurely in 1979, after just two full-length albums and a handful of singles.
Link1357Yordano Yordano VenezuelaYordano Giordano Di Marzo Migani Venezuelan Singer, Musician and composer
Link267John Littleton John Littleton TallulahJohn Littleton
Link958Renée Claude Renée Claude QuebecRenée Claude Canadian singer and actress, born 3 July 1939 in Montreal, Canada.
Link1354The Blank Tapes The Blank Tapes CaliforniaThe Blank Tapes
Link363The Lewis Family The Lewis Family United StatesThe Lewis Family Family of gospel and bluegrass musicians from Lincolnton, Georgia. They are known as the "First Family of Bluegrass Gospel". The group was inducted into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame in 1992 and the International Bluegrass Music Hall of Honor in 2006. They have also won a number of Dove awards.
Link264The Buffoons The Buffoons NetherlandsThe Buffoons Members: Ely van Tongeren, Don Biesbroek, Jack van Rossum, Boy Brostowski, Fokke Openty
Link1055Fonográf Fonográf HungaryFonográf Fonográf Levente Szörényi - Guitar, Vocals János Bródy - Steelguitar, Vocals László Tolcsvay - Keyboards, Vocals Szabolcs Szörényi - Bass, Vocals Mihály Móricz - Guitar Oszkár Németh - Drums
Link163Las Cuatro Monedas Las Cuatro Monedas VenezuelaLas Cuatro Monedas Venezuelan Pop band formed in mid 60s. The band original name was "Los Hermanos O'Brien" In 1968 they recorded their first album with Hugo Blanco as Producer under the new name "Las Cuatro Monedas". In 1973 for their 4th album their younger brother Gregory O'Brien join band as vocalist. In 1980 they recorded theirt last album in the Venezuelan folklore vein
Link262Bruno Lomas Bruno Lomas Bruno Lomas Emilio Baldoví Menéndez Emilio Baldoví (Játiva, June 14, 1940 - Puebla de Farnals, August 17, 1990), better known as Bruno Lomas, was a Spanish rock singer. He started his career with Los Milos in the first 60s. In 1962 he left the band and his real name to be known as Bruno Lomas.
Link657The Teddy Bears The Teddy Bears United StatesThe Teddy Bears The only group in which [a=Phil Spector] performed in before he became involved behind the scenes as a producer. They had a major hit with the Spector-written track "To Know Him Is To Love Him" (inspired by the epitaph on Spector's father's tombstone). Released on [l=Era Records] subsidiary label, [l=Dore], it went to #1 on Billboard's Hot 100 singles chart, selling over a million copies by the end of 1958. Their next track, after they had signed with [l=Imperial], "I Don't Need You Anymore", stalled at position #91. Several singles and their album "[r=1013995]" failed to do as sucessfully, and the band broke up in 1959.
Link161Mike Douglas Mike Douglas United StatesMike Douglas Michael Delaney Dowd, Jr. Mike Douglas (August 11, 1920 – August 11, 2006) was an American "Big Band" era singer, entertainer, and television talk show host.
Link359John Charles Thomas John Charles Thomas John Charles Thomas John Charles Thomas A popular American opera, operetta and concert baritone in the first half of the 20th century. Born September 6, 1891, died December 13, 1960.
Link2339Kungens Män Kungens Män Kungens Män Psychedelic rock band from Stockholm (Sweden). Years active: 2012-present. Current Line-up: Hans Hjelm: Guitar Mattias Indy Pettersson: Drums (ex-Massgrav) Mikael Tuominen: Guitar, Vocals (ex-Switch-Opens) Magnus Öhrn: Bass Peter Erikson: Synthesizer
Link458Pedro Marín Pedro Marín SpainPedro Marin Pedro Martínez Marín Spanish synthpop singer born in 1961 in Barcelona.
Link259The Whites The Whites United StatesThe Whites American country music vocal group
Link160Los Puntos Los Puntos Los Puntos Spanish pop-folk (flamenco) band founded at the end of the 60's by Pepe Grano de Oro, (vocals, guitar and composer) and Agustín Flores (Tato), drums, with Alfonso Grano de Oro (vocals, later replaced by guitarist José Perez), Gaspar Flores (bass, soon replaced by José Belmonte), and José Antonio Martínez (keyboards, later replaced by Eduardo Sánchez-Manzanera). Their biggest hits were "Cuando salga la luna" (1973) and "Llorando por Granada" (1974). They split-up in 1978. Pepe Grano de Oro, Belmonte, Tato Flores & Eduardo Sánchez would found [a1956203], in the prog-rock andaluz wave.
Link357Every Mother's Son Every Mother's Son United StatesEvery Mothers' Son Formed in New York City in 1967, group members included brothers Dennis Larden and Lary Larden who began their careers as a folk duo. They were joined by pianist Bruce Milner, drummer Christopher Augustine, and bassist Schuyler Larsen. The group had a Top 10 pop hit with "Come On Down To My Boat" in 1967, but was unable to follow up on its success and eventually folded in 1969.
Link1050Los Titanes Los Titanes ColombiaLos Titanes Colombian salsa band formed in 1981, led by [a=Alberto Barros].
Link357Suncatcher Suncatcher Suncatcher Bogdan Marian Cupcea Trance/Progressive producer from Târgu Lăpuş, Maramureş County, Romania.
Link555Danny Red Danny Red Danny Red Daniel Clarke UK Reggae Musician and Singer. Born Daniel Clarke (c. 1962) in London, he spent time as a child in Jamaica where he developed a love of Reggae. In 1980 he began working on the London-based City Dread Sound System as a Deejay, and went on to join the Fine Style Crew. He originally worked under the name Danny Dread, and released his first records and toured Europe with General Kelly under that name, but changed to Danny Red to avoid confusion with two other deejays who used that name. He began to concentrate on singing and by the early 1990s had established himself as a popular Roots Reggae singer.
Link357The Viscounts The Viscounts United KingdomThe Viscounts The Viscounts were an American pop/garage group from New Jersey, formed in 1958. In 1959, their only hit, an instrumental called "Harlem Nocturne" reached #52 in the Billboard top 100 chart. In 1966 it was re-released and made it to #39 in the US pop charts. [i]Not to be confused with [a=The Viscounts (2)], the British band around [a=Gordon Mills (2)] of the same era.[/i] American Viscounts line-up:- * Harry Haller - saxophone * Bobby Spievak - guitar * Joe Spievak - bass guitar * Larry Vecchio - electric organ * Clark Smith - drums
Link2238The Jet Black's The Jet Black's The Jet Blacks Brazilian instrumental rock group formed in São Paulo, 1961. Formerly "The Vampires", the group changed its name to "The Jet Black's", a reference to the song "Jet Black", by The Shadows. During its career, the band had various formations and achieved relative success in the 1960s performing with well-known Brazilian artists from the "Jovem Guarda" movement such as Celly Campelo, Ronnie Cord (with whom the group recorded "Rua Augusta"), Roberto Carlos, Sérgio Reis among others. The core members were Orestes Júnior (base guitar), José Provetti, aka Gato (solo guitar), Ernesto Neto (tenor saxophone), Zé Paulo (José Paulo Matrangulo (bass) and Jurandi Trindade (drums).
Link554Jorge Ferreira Jorge Ferreira PortugalJorge Ferreira
Link158Bjøro Håland Bjøro Håland Bjøro Håland Bjøro Håland Norwegian country singer, born in 1943.
Link354Antônio Marcos Antônio Marcos BrazilAntonio Marcos Antonio Marcos Pensamento da Silva Antonio Marcos Pensamento da Silva (São Paulo, November 8, 1945 - São Paulo, April 5, 1992) was an actor, composer, humorist and Brazilian singer..
Link255Geno Washington Geno Washington United StatesGeno Washington William Francis Washington (B. December 1943, Evansville, Indiana) Geno Washington is an American R&B singer, who released five albums with The Ram Jam Band between 1966 and 1969, and eight solo albums beginning in 1976.
Link156Trevor Sparks Trevor Sparks Trevor Sparks Trevor Chambers Reggae artist within the lovers rock genre.
Link155The Virtues The Virtues United StatesThe Virtues
Link2233sukekiyo sukekiyo Japansukekiyo (2) sukekiyo is 京 solo project band. sukekiyo are 京 (Kyo), UTA, 匠 (Takumi), YUCHI & 未架 (Mika).
Link253The Johnstons The Johnstons The Johnstons Irish close-harmony folk band, originally founded in Slane, County Meath, Ireland, in 1960, broke up in 1973.
Link154Wild Angels Wild Angels United StatesWild Angels UK Rock'n'Roll revival group from the early 70s.
Link3025Trevor Morris Trevor Morris CanadaTrevor Morris Composer
Link351Paul Petersen Paul Petersen United StatesPaul Petersen William Paul Petersen Date of Birth: 23rd September 1945, in Glendale, California. Paul Petersen isn't the kind of artist who needs a very comprehensive retrospective collection, as in his brief career he scored one hit and only recorded a couple of albums. During his career, he recorded for Colpix Records, and Motown. He is is an American movie actor, singer, novelist, and activist. Primarily known for his character-type roles in the 1960s and 1970s, as an adult Petersen established the organization A Minor Consideration to support child stars and other child laborers through legislation, family education, and personal intervention and counseling for those in crisis. Petersen achieved fame in the 1960s, at an early age, by playing Donna Reed's son, Jeff Stone, on The Donna Reed Show. In the early 1980s, he also had a recurring role as a police officer on Matt Houston, and in the late 1990s, he played the author Paul Conway in the film Mommy's Day. Petersen's fame brought recording offers and although his singing voice was limited, he had hit record singles with songs "She Can't Find Her Keys", "Amy", and "Lollipops and Roses", as well as "My Dad" that made #6 on the Billboard Hot 100. He also recorded during the 1960s for Motown, including the singles "Chained" (later a hit for Marvin Gaye) and "A Little Bit For Sandy."
Link450The New American Orchestra The New American Orchestra The New American Orchestra
Link1737Carlos Baute Carlos Baute VenezuelaCarlos Baute
Link153Antonio Prieto Antonio Prieto Antonio Prieto Juan Antonio Espinoza Prieto Chilean singer and actor. Born: 26 May 1926, dead: 14 July 2011.
Link153Ed Robinson Ed Robinson reggae singerEd Robinson
Link153Gerard Kenny Gerard Kenny Gerard Kenny Gerard William Kenny
Link449Dick Contino Dick Contino United StatesDick Contino Dick Contino (born January 17, 1930, Fresno, California, USA – died April 19, 2017) was an American accordionist and singer.
Link251Brian Spence Brian Spence Brian Spence Brian Spence Born in February 7, 1953 in Edinburgh, Scotland, Brian Spence is a Scottish musician.
Link152Willie Hightower Willie Hightower Willie Hightower American rhythm and blues, soul and funk singer. Not to be confused with the jazz trumpeter and leader, [a=Willie Hightower (2)]. Born : 1940 in Gasden, Alabama.
Link548The Florida Boys The Florida Boys The Florida Boys [b]The Florida Boys Quartet[/b] is a Southern Gospel vocal quartet founded in about 1946 by [a=J. G. Whitfield]. Originally named The Gospel Melody Quartet, the group was renamed in 1954. [a=J. G. Whitfield] left the group a couple of years later, turning over the management of the group to [a=Les Beasley]. Under the leadership of [a=J. G. Whitfield] and [a=Les Beasley], [b]The Florida Boys Quartet[/b] became involved in television first on the Gospel Song Shop and later on the popular Gospel Singing Jubilee. They were also the first group signed to the [l=Canaan Records] label. On radio, [b]The Florida Boys Quartet[/b] are most remembered for their 1985 release "When He Was On The Cross." It held the top position on the Singing News chart for five months from August through December. In 2007 [a=Glen Allred], [a=Les Beasley], and [a=Derrell Stewart] decided to retire [b]The Florida Boys Quartet[/b]. They sold the rights to the group name to Charlie Waller who began a brand new group called [b]The Florida Boys Quartet[/b] in 2008.
Link647The Brady Bunch The Brady Bunch United StatesThe Brady Bunch
Link646Fludd Fludd Fludd Fludd was a Canadian rock band in the 1970s, best known for their 1973 hit "Cousin Mary".
Link250Cruzados Cruzados United StatesCruzados
Link1834SKY-HI SKY-HI JapanSKY-HI (3) Mitsuhiro HIDAKA (日高 光啓)
Link250Aybee Aybee breakbeatAybee Armon Bazile
Link475Almark Almark Almark
Link250Chris Read Chris Read A collector of hip hop, funk, soul, boogie and related beats and jazz based music since the late 80s...Chris Read Chris Read
Link348Shannon Curtis Shannon Curtis United StatesShannon Curtis Pop musician fron Los Angeles, CA, USA. Curtis has previously released 3 EPs, one acoustic LP, two 10-track maxi-singles and a live album over the last 6 years, all on her own small independent label Saint Cloud Records. Saint Cloud has sold over 15,000 of those records to date, and several of Curtis's songs have been featured in TV and film, including ABC Family's Pretty Little Liars, ABC's Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, and MTV's The Hills, as well as on various reality shows.
Link744Hemant Kumar Hemant Kumar IndiaHemant Kumar Hemanta Kumar Mukhopadhyay [a=Hemant Kumar] is an alias for [a=Hemanta Mukherjee] (1920 – 1989) who was an Indian playback singer, music director and film producer, who sang in Bengali, Hindi and other Indian languages.
Link1041Marisela Marisela MexicoMarisela Marisela Hernandez Marisela Hernandez (born 1966 as Marisela Esqueda), known as Marisela, is a Mexican singer. In 1984, she recorded her first album at the age of 18, and continued to release albums into the 1990s.[1] Her cover version of Barbara George's single "I Know (You Don't Love Me No More)", titled "Ya No", peaked at number-one in the Billboard Latin Songs chart in 1990. As a child she starred in Villa Alegre.
Link249Bobby Nunn Bobby Nunn United StatesBobby Nunn Robert Wayne Nunn Funk/groove, soul and R&B singer, producer and songwriter from the mid 1970s to the mid 1980s (Motown Records). Brother of [a=Billy Nunn]. Worked with the likes of [a=Rick James], [a=Philip Bailey] among others. Not to be confused with [a=Bobby Nunn (2)], the singer with the 1950s and 1960s vocal groups The Robins and The Coasters.
Link249The Wallace Brothers The Wallace Brothers The Wallace Brothers
Link150Lost Trail Lost Trail Lost Trail Lost Trail (Burlington, NC) is the ambient/drone/noise/shoegaze project of husband and wife duo Zachary Corsa and Denny Wilkerson Corsa. Utilizing lo-fi and obsolete recording technology, they aim to capture a sense of atmosphere and landscape in both man-made and natural, wild environments.
Link545Victor Young & His Orchestra Victor Young & His Orchestra Victor Young And His Orchestra
Link346Los Satelites Los Satelites Los Satelites Venezuelan salsa and cumbia band active in the 1970s. For the Colombian cumbia band of the 1960s use [a=Los Satelites (3)]. For the Latin orchestra from Spain use [a=Orquesta Los Satelites].
Link346W.C. Fields W.C. Fields W.C. Fields William Claude Dukenfield Born: January 29, 1880, Darby, Pennsylvania Died: December 25, 1946, Pasadena, California Famed film actor and comic.
Link2722The Disco Biscuits The Disco Biscuits United StatesThe Disco Biscuits Allen Aucoin - Drums Marc Brownstein - Bass, Vocals Jon Gutwillig - Guitar, Vocals Aron Magner - Keyboards, Vocals
Link544Khayyam Khayyam Indiaborn Sa'aadat HussainKhayyam Mohammed Zahur Hashmi Born 18th February 1927 in Rahon, Nawanshahr District, Punjab - India Active 1953 to 2010
Link247Johan Ekman Johan Ekman Johan Ekman Johan Ekman Trance / Energy Trance / Tech / Techno DJ & producer from Örebro, Sweden.
Link544Frankie Randall Frankie Randall United StatesFrankie Randall Frank Joseph Lisbona Born: January 11, 1938 in Passaic, New Jersey Died in December 28, 2014 in Palm Springs, California of lung cancer at age 76.
Link147Charlie Parker All-Stars Charlie Parker All-Stars The Charlie Parker All-Stars
Link345Pistones Pistones Pistones Spanish pop band founded in 1980 by Agustín Jiménez (vocals), Ricardo Chirinos (guitar, vocals), José López (keyboards, vocals), Juan Luis Ambite (bass) & Ramón López (drums, later replaced by Fabian Jolivet); Eugenia Jiménez, Agustín's sister, also helped them writing songs. Their first album was produced by [a=Ariel Rot]. Agustín would split and found "Opera Pop" with Fabian Jolivet. 2016 brief comeback members: Ricardo Chirinos (vocals & guitar), Ambite (bass & backing vocals), Javier Arpa (guitar) & Cesar Araque (drums).
Link443Steve Thomson Steve Thomson Steve Thomson
Link443Stamps Quartet Stamps Quartet The Stamps Quartet "The Stamps Quartet" artist credit on releases of the [l=Columbia] 15000-D series are listed under [a=The Stamps Quartet (2)], which is a pseudonym for [a=Owens Brothers & Ellis].
Link1532Sean Rowe Sean Rowe United StatesSean Rowe Sean Rowe Born 1975 and raised in Troy, New York. Alternative folk singer-songwriter and musician.
Link739Chuck Girard Chuck Girard United StatesChuck Girard Chuck Girard Born in Santa Rosa, California - USA. Father of [a181975]'s [a177947].
Link2224Sergio Vargas Sergio Vargas Dominican RepublicSergio Vargas Sergio Pablo Vargas Rubio Sergio Vargas is a Dominican merengue singer and composer. He was a member of the bands [a4896520] and [a1205075].
Link145Freebee Freebee Freebee Dance act from Sweden.
Link442Aztec Two-Step Aztec Two-Step United StatesAztec Two-Step
Link243Janusz Laskowski Janusz Laskowski PolandJanusz Laskowski (2) Jan Adam Laskowski Polish singer, musician, composer and songwriter born January 5, 1946 in Pożarki.
Link738Lô Borges Lô Borges BrazilLo Borges Salomão Borges Filho Brazilian songwriter, singer and guitarist. Born on January 10, 1952, Belo Horizonte, MG. He was one of the founders of Clube da Esquina, a music collective originating in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais. He co-authored with Milton Nascimento the album Clube da Esquina in 1972, which was a milestone in Brazilian popular music. Among his best known compositions are Paisagem da Janela, Para Lennon e McCartney, Clube da Esquina No. 2, Trem de Doido and O Trem Azul.
Link837Adam Bomb Adam Bomb United StatesAdam Bomb Adam Brenner
Link144The Mastersounds The Mastersounds The Mastersounds American jazz quartet, formed in 1957.
Link1628Hämatom Hämatom GermanyHämatom
Link638The California Raisins The California Raisins United StatesThe California Raisins Fictional R&B-group for an advertising campaign by the California Raisin Advisory Board, using claymation characters in form of anthropomorphized raisins. The lead vocalist was Buddy Miles.
Link242Leslie Phillips Leslie Phillips Leslie Phillips
Link736Mark Ashley Mark Ashley Mark Ashley (2) Karsten Born in born in 1973 in Apolda, Thuringia, Germany. Now lives in Bad Salzungen, Germany. He was discovered in 1986 by [a1162123].
Link142The Continental Singers The Continental Singers Continental Singers [b]The Continental Singers[/b], otherwise known as [b]The Continentals[/b] is an international musical ministry who have recorded over 60 albums, the first of which coming out in 1962. The creative mastermind behind the whole [b]Continental Singers[/b] ministry phenomenon is a composer, musician and choir director based in California called [a=Cam Floria]. [b]The Continental Singers[/b] are less a group than a brand with dozens of aggregations using the brand name touring simultaneously and sometimes recording in different parts of the world. They have diversified into a myriad of splinter groups [i]([b]The Continental Voices And Brass, The Young Continentals, The Encore Continentals, Continental Kids[/b], etc, etc)[/i], and under the watchful eye of [b]Continental Worldwide Ministries[/b] they play over 1,500 concerts a year. [b]The Continental Singers P.O. Box 6972 Ventura, CA 93006-6972[/b] (805) 289-3450 (805) 289-1527 FAX
Link439The Marx Brothers The Marx Brothers The Marx Brothers
Link439Georges Dor Georges Dor CanadaGeorges Dor Georges-Henri Doré Born March 10, 1931 in Drummondville, Québec. Died July 24, 2001. Québécois author, composer, playwright, singer, poet, translator, and theatrical producer and director.
Link142Francisco José Francisco José Francisco José Francisco José Galopim de Carvalho Évora, August 16, 1924 - Lisbon, July 31, 1988. Portuguese singer.
Link241Family Four Family Four SwedenFamily Four (2)
Link934Bad Habit Bad Habit SwedenSwedish hard rock bandBad Habit Swedish hard rock / AOR band from Lund, Skåne. Active from 1986 until 2012.
Link340Ingemar Olsson Ingemar Olsson Ingemar Olsson Ingemar Herbert Paul Olsson Swedish Gospel singer and songwriter, born on 24 February 1947.
Link412CLC CLC South KoreaCLC (2) CLC (Hangul: 씨엘씨) is a seven-member South Korean girl group formed by Cube Entertainment in 2015.
Link366Jay Park Jay Park South KoreaJay Park Jay Park (Korean: 박재범; born April 25, 1987) is an American singer, dancer, rapper, music producer, songwriter, model, choreographer, entrepreneur, and actor.
Link2121APO Hiking Society APO Hiking Society PhilippinesApo Hiking Society The Apolinario Mabini Hiking Society, later popularly known as APO Hiking Society, or simply APO, was a Filipino musical group. The group had its fledgling beginnings in 1969 at the Ateneo de Manila high school, with fourteen members: Lito de Joya, Sonny Santiago, Gus Cosio, Renato Garcia, Chito Kintanar, Kenny Barton, Bruce Brown, Butch Dans, Kinjo Sawada, Ric Segreto, Goff Macaraeg, Doden Besa, Jim Paredes, and Boboy Garovillo. The group's name was created from the acronym AMHS representing their school with a witty twist having an irreverent reference to the paralyzed Philippine revolutionary intellectual and hero, Apolinario Mabini, and later shortened to "Apo", an Ilocano term for a wise man or a Tagalog term of grandchildren, and later re-branded to "APO" (all caps).
Link1428Marshall Law Marshall Law United KingdomMarshall Law (4) Heavy - Power Metal band from Birmingham, West Midlands, England. Formed in 1987.
Link339Lena Andersson Lena Andersson SwedenSwedish artistLena Andersson Lena Marianne Andersson Swedish singer, born 11 April 1955 in Fritsla, Gothenburg, Sweden.
Link240Joyce Grenfell Joyce Grenfell Joyce Grenfell Joyce Irene Grenfell née Phipps British actress, born 10 February 1910 in Knightsbridge, London, England, died 30 November 1979 in London, England.
Link933Fat White Family Fat White Family The Fat White Family Members: Lias Saudi (vocals) Saul Adamczewski (vocals, guitar) Adam J Harmer (guitar) Nathan Saudi (organ) Taishi Nagasaka (bass guitar) Severin Black (drums)
Link1923Marianas Trench Marianas Trench CanadaMarianas Trench Marianas Trench is a Canadian rock band from Vancouver, British Columbia, formed in 2001. The band consists of members Josh Ramsay (lead vocalist, rhythm guitarist, pianist, occasional drummer and song writer) Matt Webb (lead guitarist and backing vocals), Mike Ayley (bass guitar and backing vocals) and Ian Casselman (drums, percussion, and backing vocals). The band has released three full length studio albums, the most recent titled Ever After, released on November 21, 2011, along with 2009's Masterpiece Theatre and 2006's Fix Me. Their third and latest album Ever After was nominated for a Juno Award.
Link339Birtha Birtha United StatesBirtha Birtha was one of the leading female rock bands performing during the early 1970's. The band consisted of four women: Shele Pinizzotto ( guitar), Rosemary Butler (bass), Sherry Hagler (keyboards) and Liver Favela (drums). All four members of the group performed lead vocals and harmonies. Liver was the last member to join Birtha in 1968. The group immediately started playing the club circuit and toured from California to Alaska. From 1968 to 1971 Birtha worked to tighten and refine their rock sound and in 1971 they started writing their own material. Most of the material was written by Birtha, but there were a few songs which were written in partnership with other parties including, Mark Wickman and Gabriel Mckler. Birtha signed a record contract with Dunhill Records in 1972 and recorded their first album, "Birtha" with record producer Gabriel Mckler and Engineers, David Hassinger and Val Caray. After the release of their first album, Birtha began playing rock concerts and clubs throughout the U.S., Canada and Europe. While taking breaks in their home town, Los Angeles, they would often play The Whiskey and The Troubadour and frequently played a club in Glendale, CA called The Sopwith Camel. In 1973 Birtha recorded their second album, "Can't Stop The Madness" with producer and engineer Christopher Huston. The band was on the road for more than 250 days a year and played with groups like, Fleetwood Mac, Alice Cooper, Poco, Black Oak Arkansas, Cheech and Chong, The Kinks, B.B. King, Three Dog Night, James Gang and many more. The band broke up in 1975 and all the members went their seperate ways
Link537New Fast New Fast New Fast Miles Jenkins From Mesa, Arizona. Relocated to San Francisco, California in 2013.
Link438Fatal Flowers Fatal Flowers NetherlandsThe Fatal Flowers Dutch rockband, existing from 1984 to 1990. [b]Fatal Flowers were:[/b] Richard Janssen - Lead vocals / Guitars (1984-1990) Henk Jonkers - Drums / Vocals (1984-1990) Dirk Heuff - Guitars (1984-1988) Robin Berlijn - Guitars (1988-1990) Marco Braam - Bass / Vocals (1984-1987) Geert de Groot - Bass / Vocals (1987-1990) René van Barneveld - Live Guitars (1988) Cor Willemse - Additional Keyboards (1985-1990) Great biography:
Link239Beau Williams Beau Williams Beau Williams
Link1229Pablo Guerrero Pablo Guerrero SpainPablo Guerrero José Pablo Guerrero Cabanillas Spanish songwriter, born on Extremadura in 1946. He began his career in 1969 at the Festival de Benidorm contest, wining best lyrics award. Their first albums combine folk with styles like jazz or flamenco. Under the influence of [a26955], he experimented from 1988 with [a997024] and the producer [a266156] and records discs such as "El Hombre Que Vendió El Desierto", ruled by random music, African sounds, etc.
Link041Neil Campbell Neil Campbell United KingdomNeil Campbell Neil Campbell Long-running experimental artist, working solo and in groups on the UK underground consistently since the eighties. Known latterly for works based around drones, although he has worked in any number of styles over the years. Principally interested in improv & 'free' music. Runs [l=Music Mundane]. Father of [a5603456].
Link535Marching Orders Marching Orders AustraliaMarching Orders Streetpunk band from Melbourne, Australia.
Link040Benny Martin Benny Martin United StatesBenny Martin Benjamin Edward Martin American bluegrass fiddler who invented the 8-string fiddle. He was born May 8, 1928 in Sparta, Tennessee and died March 13, 2001 in Nashville, Tennessee.
Link1624Красные Звёзды Красные Звёзды Красные Звёзды Красные Звёзды (in English: Red Stars, usually transliterated as Krasnye Zvezdy) was a punk/rock band founded in Minsk, Belarus in 1993 by Владимир Селиванов and Евгений Белов. Split in 1998, reformed in 2009, and split again in 2015.
Link238Royal Jesters Royal Jesters The Royal Jesters
Link337Skorpió Skorpió HungaryRockSkorpió Hungarian rock group.
Link337Carl Butler Carl Butler Carl Butler Carl Robert Butler Carl Butler (b. June 2, 1924 in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA; d. September 4, 1992) was an American singer, guitarist and songwriter. Spouse: [a=Pearl Butler]
Link436Amuk Amuk Amuk (3)
Link436Powerplay Powerplay Powerplay (4)
Link436Richard Digance Richard Digance United KingdomRichard Digance English folk singer and comedian. Born in Plaistow, Essex on 24 February 1949.
Link336Orlando Silva Orlando Silva BrazilOrlando Silva Orlando Garcia da Silva Orlando Garcia da Silva (Rio de Janeiro, October 3, 1915 - Rio de Janeiro, August 7, 1978) was one of the most important Brazilian singers of the first half of the twentieth century.
Link138The Montclairs The Montclairs The Montclairs Phil Perry, David Frye, George McLellan, Kevin Sanlin, Clifford Williams R & B vocal group from East St. Louis, Illinois, U.S.A.
Link1326Asin Asin PhilippinesAsin Asin (sometimes spelled ASIN, in all capital letters) is a Pinoy folk rock band from the Philippines. They started as a trio in the late 1970s, and was originally known as the Salt of the Earth. They later changed their name to "ASIN", which means salt in Filipino language.
Link336Juan Serrano Juan Serrano SpainJuan Serrano Flamenco guitarist often credited as Juanito Serrano in his debut (born in Córdoba, Spain in 1935)
Link435Pete Atkin Pete Atkin United KingdomPete Atkin Pete Atkin Born: 22 August 1945. British singer-songwriter and radio producer.
Link1425September Girls September Girls IrelandSeptember Girls
Link1128Fernando Cabrera Fernando Cabrera UruguayFernando Cabrera Fernando Cabrera (Montevideo, December 8, 1956) is a guitarist, singer and composer of Uruguayan popular music. He also writes poetry, teaches and produces music.
Link237The Candymen The Candymen The Candymen
Link1622Cabas Cabas ColombiaCabas Andrés Cabas Pop artist from Barranquilla, Colombia.
Link632All Hell All Hell AshevilleAll Hell Black Metal / Thrash Metal / Punk from Asheville, North Carolina
Link1424Tyler Ward Tyler Ward United StatesTyler Ward Tyler Ray Ward American singer-songwriter and producer.
Link236The Thanes The Thanes The Thanes Garage rock beat band from Edinburgh, UK formed in the mid 80's.
Link137Luis Cilia Luis Cilia Luis Cilia Luís Fernando Castelo Branco Cília Born in Angola, 1943. Portuguese composer and musical performer.
Link137Catherine McKinnon Catherine McKinnon CanadaCatherine McKinnon
Link2117Bird People Bird People Bird People Bird People is a project formed in 2010 by mult-instrumentalist Uli Rois. Over the years and in many different line-ups, the project has explored a variety of musical styles. As of 2015, Bird People work as a collective with a varying cast of players, focussing on acoustic drone music.
Link235César Costa César Costa MexicoCesar Costa César Roel Schreurs Born: August 13, 1941 in Mexico City, Mx. One of the pioneer Mexican Rock 'n Roll singers. Original member of [a2574481] formed in 1958 changing their name to Los Camisas Negras the following year. By 1961 he became a solo artist and made his acting debut a year later in the movie “Juventud Rebelde”. Has combined his acting & singing career ever since. Commonly referred to as “El chico del sweater” (The Sweater Kid) due to his constant use of said garment.
Link532Point Break Point Break United KingdomPoint Break David Alan Oliver, Brett Adams & David Charles Holmes
Link361R指定 R指定 JapanR指定 (2) Visual kei group that formed in 2009. Members: Mamo (Vocals) Z (Guitar) Kaede (Guitar) Nanahoshi (Bass) Hirotaka (Drums) Former member: Kaoru (Drums / 2006-2008)
Link1720David Bustamante David Bustamante SpainDavid Bustamante David Bustamante Hoyos David Bustamante (born 25 March 1982 in San Vicente de la Barquera, Cantabria) is a Spanish pop singer and songwriter. He gained his initial fame in 2001 as a third place winner on Operación Triunfo, the interactive musical reality television show that went on to achieve the highest audience ratings in the history of Spanish TV. Bustamante has sold more than 2 million records -albums and singles combined- in Spain and Latin America, getting 22 Platinum in albums, digital downloads and mobile ringtones. By 2014, seven of his eight albums had reached number one in Spain.
Link1225Reidar Larsen Reidar Larsen Reidar Larsen Reidar Larsen Born March 12, 1955 // Norwegian blues artist. Former member of [A=Stavangerensemblet] and [a=Smalhans].
Link235Niteflyte Niteflyte 70s disco groupNiteflyte American disco soul funk band. Niteflyte´s core members were Sandy Torrano (who also wrote alot of the lyrics for the band) and Howard Johnson, other members came and went depending on the type of project, for instance Phyllis Hyman did some of backing vocals on their album. In 1979 Niteflyte relased their LP "Niteflyte", which came out on the New York based Ariola label (a subsidary of Arista records) and had some success with it, particulary the track "If You Want It" which made it to number 37 on the Billboard Top 100 chart as a single.
Link532Alaíde Costa Alaíde Costa BrazilAlaide Costa Alaíde Costa Silveira Mondin Gomide Brazilian singer, born 8 December 1938 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
Link235Disco Circus Disco Circus Disco Circus
Link730Dan Thompson Dan Thompson tranceDan Thompson (3) Daniel Thompson Trance, Tech Trance & Progressive House DJ & producer from Portsmouth, UK.
Link1126Vaperror Vaperror AtlantaVaperror Jeff Cardinal Artist from Athens, Georgia. Owner of [l=PLUS100 Records]
Link631Rings of Saturn Rings of Saturn United StatesRings Of Saturn Rings of Saturn is an American deathcore band from the Bay Area, California. The band was formed in 2009 and was originally just a studio project, however, after gaining a wide popularity and signing to Unique Leader Records, the band formed a full line-up and became a full-time touring band. Rings of Saturn's music features a highly technical style, heavily influenced by themes of alien life and outer space. They have released three full-length albums, with their latest, Lugal Ki En, released in 2014 and peaking at 126 on the American Billboard 200 chart.
Link532Literature Literature PhiladelphiaLiterature
Link532Roy Gaines Roy Gaines United StatesRoy Gaines Roy Gaines (born August 12, 1937, Waskom, Texas, USA) is an American Texas blues and electric blues guitarist, singer and songwriter. He has played an recorded with many artists including: [a307262], [a294687], [a368541], [a283284], [a322285], [a434233], [a30552]' band, [a145071], [a48822], [a18956] and others. He co-composed the song "No Use Crying" which has been recorded by [a357982] and Ray Charles. Brother of the saxophone player [a553624].
Link235Wilkins Wilkins Puerto RicoWilkins German Wilkins Vélez Ramírez German Wilkins Vélez Ramírez, commonly known as Wilkins (born March 10, 1953), is a Puerto Rican pop music singer and composer.
Link136The Cooper Brothers The Cooper Brothers CanadaCooper Brothers The Cooper Brothers are a Canadian southern rock band founded in Ottawa, Ontario, by brothers Brian Cooper and Dick Cooper and their long-time friend Terry King.
Link729Johnny Colón Johnny Colón Johnny Colón Latin band leader, singer, percussionist, pianist, composer, arranger and trombone player. Born in 'El Barrio' New York City to parents of Puerto Rican heritage. One of the major instigators of the 1960s Boogaloo sound. He founded the East Harlem Music School.
Link135Leroy Brown Leroy Brown Leroy Brown (2) Leroy Brown was born in Kingston, Jamaica. After singing in church at an early age, as so many other artists did, he was discovered by the great [a=Alton Ellis]. In the 60's Leroy started singing with [a=The Emotions (2)] and [a=The Hippy Boys]. In 1971 Leroy moved to Canada where he started The Roys. After that Leroy continued to visit extensively his home country. In Jamaica he recorded "Color Barrier" and four or five other songs in 1975, which saw release on his debut lp [r3327245]. These recording sessions were held at [a=Arthur "Duke" Reid]'s [l=Treasure Isle Recording Studio], [l=Channel One Recording Studio] and [l=King Tubby's Studio].
Link1323Light Years Light Years United StatesOhio Pop PunkLight Years
Link234Jim & Jean Jim & Jean United StatesJim & Jean American folk music duo
Link231319 19 Japan19 (2) Japanese folk duo. Split up in March 2002.
Link531Piotr Szczepanik Piotr Szczepanik PolandPiotr Szczepanik Piotr Szczepanik Piotr Szczepanik (February 14, 1942 in Lublin, Poland) - Polish singer, actor and guitarist. He debuted in 1963, the Student Song Festival in Cracow. A member of [a=Ricercar 64]
Link2313Gloc-9 Gloc-9 PhilippinesGloc-9 Aristotle Pollisco Gloc-9 is an Awit Award-winning Filipino rapper. His fast-flowing vocal style has made him one of the most successful hip-hop artists in the Philippines.
Link234Jerry O Jerry O Jerry O Jerry Jerome Murray
Link234Cannibal & The Headhunters Cannibal & The Headhunters United StatesCannibal & The Headhunters
Link432Stone Foundation Stone Foundation United KingdomStone Foundation
Link135Alfredito & His Orchestra Alfredito & His Orchestra Alfredito & His Orchestra
Link135The Shuffles The Shuffles The Shuffles Dutch band from Rosmalen. Members are: [a=Henk Van Den Heuvel] (backing vocals and guitar), Janus Toethuis (backing vocals and bass guitar), Albert Westelaken aka [a=Albert West] (vocals), Jos Jansen (guitar), Hans Sleutjes (keyboards), Jan van Crey (backing vocals and drums), Rob Verstegen [a=Rob Verstegen] (vocals and keyboards), Hans van Liempt (backing vocals and bass guitar). The had their first hitsingle in 1969. The band fell apart in 1973, after the departure of Albert West who pursuit a solo career.
Link432Vytas Brenner Vytas Brenner Vytas Brenner Vytas Brenner (born 19 September 1946, Tübingen, Germany – died 18 March 2004, Salzburg, Austria) was a Venezuelan guitar and keyboard player. His family migrated to Venezuela in 1949. His mother, Margarita Brenner, was an opera singer. In 1959, his family went to Italy and later to Spain where he founded a folk band: "Vytas Brenner Quartet", with his brother Haakon Brenner (bass), [a265023] (drums) and [a468963] (rhythm guitar). Later [a798484] joined them and they re-named as "Brenner's Folk". They released and EP but soon after the Brenner brothers returned to Venezuela, where Vytas started a solo career. At 21 years old, Vytas moved to Tennessee, USA to study at the University of Tennessee's Music Conservatory, where he was a pupil of David Van Vactor. Later, at college in Nashville, Vytas took post-graduate courses in Electronic music with Professor Gilbert Trythall, and graduated with honors in 1972. In 1971 he started a duo named "Vitas & Mafe" with Venezuelan singer María Fernanda Márquez. In 1972 Brenner formed his own band, "La Ofrenda" (The Offering) and recorded 5 very successful LP's until 1979. With "Ofrenda" he started his pioneer work with compositions for combinations of electric and electronic instruments (synthesizers) with acoustic instruments and piano; and blending Progressive-Symphonic Rock, Latin rhythms, and Venezuelan traditional themes, with astounding results. In 1982 a somewhat reunited "Ofrenda" performed at the "Teatro de Bellas Artes de Maracaibo", but was coldly received by the public. In 1989 the Venezuela Symphony Orchestra performed his work "Oro Negro" ("Black Gold") at the Caracas' famed Teatro Teresa Carreño. In 1989 he released the CD album entitled "Amazonia". He was commissioned to compose works for "Viajando con Polar", a series of short documentaries about Venezuela's regions. He created music for various films, such as "Adiós Alicia", "Se llamaba SN", and Román Chalbaud's "Carmen la que contaba 16 años". All the while, Brenner was a very successful studio musician, composing and performing in countless radio jingles, TV commercials and presidential campaigns. Brenner died 18 March 2004 of a heart attack in Salzburg, Austria at the age of 57, while recording music for an upcoming CD.
Link531The Deep River Quartet The Deep River Quartet Deep River Quartet
Link1224Gene Summers Gene Summers United StatesGene Summers Gene Summers (born January 3, 1939, Dallas, Texas, USA) is an American rock/rockabilly singer and music publisher. Owner of [l474417] Publishing Co. Married to [a2716697] from 1961 until her death in February 2017.
Link1817Thomas Berge Thomas Berge NetherlandsThomas Berge Chiel Ottink
Link134Berkant Berkant TurkeyBerkant Berkant Akgürgen Turkish composer, musician, singer and actor. born 31st of December 1938, London.
Link035Lois Johnson Lois Johnson Lois Johnson (2) Singer Born 15-May-1942 Died 07-Jul-2014
Link1025Theme Park Theme Park LondonTheme Park (2) Indie pop band from London, England.
Link629Tranzas Tranzas Tranzas (2) Tranzas es una banda de música pop rock ecuatoriana formada en Guayaquil a mediados de la década de los 80's, cuando la fiebre del rock latino invadió el Ecuador. Su formación ha fluctuado en sus más de 20 años de trayectoria pero la formación original Bastidas/Alvarado nunca ha variado, sin embargo la formación clásica del grupo y que más años ha durado, 9 años (1992-2001) es la formada por Douglas Bastidas, Troi Alvarado, Alfonso Vélez y Alberto Vicuña. Es famoso por temas como Dime Si Recuerdas, Dile, Un Nuevo Amor, El Juego, Morí, estas son sus canciones más sobresalientes. Con más de 20 años de exitosa trayectoria, Tranzas se ubica como el grupo ecuatoriano con mejor trayectoria y fama a escala internacional.
Link233Un Festin Sagital Un Festin Sagital Un Festín Sagital Chilean experimental music collective formed by [a=Michel Leroy] (aka [a=Thanatoloop]).
Link134Magic Marmalade Magic Marmalade Magic Marmalade Italian project.
Link332Chouchou Chouchou JapanTokyo-based electronica groupChouchou (3)
Link1322Michael Knott Michael Knott United StatesMichael Knott Michael Gerard Knott Solo artist and founder of bands LSU/Lifesavers Underground/L.S. Underground and the Aunt Bettys. Founded labels [l=Blonde Vinyl Records] and [l=Siren Music].
Link827New York Trio New York Trio New York Trio
Link134The Jamaica Boys The Jamaica Boys The Jamaica Boys
Link827The Clevers The Clevers BrazilOs IncríveisThe Clevers
Link332Desolated Desolated UK HardcoreDesolated (2) UK Hardcore / Beatdown band, formed in 2007.
Link1322Pedro Guerra Pedro Guerra SpainPedro Guerra Pedro Manuel Guerra Mansito Singer-songwriter from the Spanish Canary Islands, born 2nd. June, 1966 in Güímar, Tenerife. He started on "Taller de Música Canaria", later known just as "Taller", in the middle 80s, renewing the songwriter panomara, in its bad days since the 70s boom. In 1993 he left the band and started his solo career.
Link629The Ramrods The Ramrods United StatesUS instrumental popThe Ramrods From Billboard: The instrumental group known as "The Ramrods" first took form in 1956 as a sort of family affair. Brother and sister, Richard and Claire Lane teamed up with cousin Eugene Mooro and Vincent B. Lee to form the group. They played around their local area in Connecticut at record hops and club dates until one of their disks came to the attention of Amy Records. They were immediately signed by the diskery, and their waxing of "Ghost Riders In The Sky" is advancing on the "Hot 100." Richard Lane is tenor sax; Claire Lane, drums; Mooro and Lee play guitar. Claire Lane also writes all their arrangements.
Link925Luzbel Luzbel MexicoLuzbel Mexican heavy metal band. Formed in 1983 by [a=Raúl Greñas], split up in 1995 and reformed in 2012.
Link529Barbara Carr Barbara Carr United StatesBarbara Carr Barbara Carr, born St. Louis Missouri, January 9, 1941
Link232Sérgio Ricardo Sérgio Ricardo Sérgio Ricardo João Lutfi Sérgio Ricardo, stage name of João Lutfi (born in Marília, São Paulo, June 18, 1932), is a Brazilian singer, composer and award-winning film director. In 1957 he recorded his first 78 rpm through RGE, soon followed by another. It was then, when Maysa ([a947504]) heard one of his compositions and recorded "Buquê de Isabel" on one of her first albums. Accompanying the singer on a TV show, he was invited to join the station as a soap opera actor. He continued to work both in music and on TV. In the late 50s he became part of the first group of composers of the Bossa nova movement and released one of the first Bossa Nova albums ("Não Gosto Mais de Mim/ A Bossa romãntica" in 1960). Soon after he began to take notice of political and social problems, which led him to compose songs portraying these themes. Also his film making started to reflect this interest. At that time he made his first short film "O Menino da Calça Branca" (22 min., 1961), which won several awards on film festivals in 1962. Longer award winning films followed during the next years: "Esse Mundo É Meu" (1964), "Juliana Do Amor Perdido" (1968) and "A Noite Do Espantalho" (1973). During his film projects he always found time to record more albums. He recorded successfully many soundtracks for movies and TV-plays, again well received by the different film festivals. In 1991, he released his book "Quem Quebrou meu Violão". He is also active as a painter.
Link232The Pips The Pips The Pips US American Soul vocal trio, 1960s to 1970s.
Link1915Greymatter Greymatter Greymatter (2) Graham Luckhurst
Link529All Star Trio All Star Trio United StatesAll Star Trio
Link2014Liberación Liberación MexicoLiberación Mexican group formed by Virgilio Canales Vela in Monterrey in 1976.
Link826EeL EeL JapanEel EeL is a female artist from Japan. She creates electric punk music composed with a cute, funky, pop sound. In 1999, her first work was released, which is a blend French pop and Bossa nova style. From January 2000, her style evolved to incorporate a combination of "high-speed programmed beats" and "whispering vocal" electropop sounds. This was followed by the release of her three works,[Kung-Fu Master](Apr, 2001),[EeL EarlyWorks](Sep, 2001) and [People People](Dec, 2001). In April 2002, "Milch of Source"(ROMZ record) joined as track maker for the release of her 4th album,[Little Prince], which is a blend of reconstructed Electric & Pop sounds, utilizing a variety of genres like old scool, break-core, funk and reggae. In December 2010, the compilation album,[Kung-Fu People Etcetera], was released. The title includes the best selections of past works from [Kung-Fu Master],[People People], remixes of old songs, as well as brand new songs. In January 2011,[For Common People] was released. This was the first original full album that she had released in five years. *********************************** Collaboration: Plastic girl/capsule (EeL:Guest Vocal) keep making fun of me (music by Hidenobu Ito,lyric by EeL)
Link1024Fingertips Fingertips Fingertips (3) Pop/Rock band from Portugal formed in 2002. They launched their debut album "[m=685694]" in 2003 and achieved #1 on radio airplay with the first single “[r=7207696]” where it also included “Picture Of My Own” as the soundtrack of a major TV commercial and "How Do You Know Me". "[m=724131]", is the second album released in 2006. Singles are "You're Gone", "[r=9461617]" (#1 radio airplay) and "[r=8328900]". In 2009, Fingertips released "[r=8358354]" and single "[r=8346122]" achieved #1 radio airplay and a #1 on iTunes. They’ve performed in Rock in Rio Lisbon, Vilar Mouros Festival and shared the stage with [a=Queen + Paul Rodgers], [a=The Corrs], [a=George Michael], [a=Nelly Furtado] and [a=The Cure]. By the end of 2009 the vocalist [url=]Zé Manuel[/url] had departured from the band. In 2010, Fingertips set a new course and choose [a=Joana Gomes] to be the new voice of the band. They released two albums “[r=3335801]" and “[r=4172477]". In 2015, Fingertips traveled to Los Angeles and the city had become the epicentre of the band’s inspiration when they were recording at The Ballroom Studios and East West Studios with [a=Mark Needham]. In 2018, Fingertips announced the return of [url=]Zé Manuel[/url] to the band to celebrate the 15th anniversary release of their debut album.
Link232Lew White Lew White Lew White Lew White was born in Philadelphia and studied violin with his father, Herman White, a prominent Philadelphia music teacher. Mr. White graduated from the Philadelphia Conservatory of Music and also studied composition with Ernest Schelling. He served as accompanist to Hans Kindler, the cellist, and came to New York in that capacity. Later he turned to the pipe organ, studying with H. Alexander Matthews at the University of Pennsylvania. As an organist, he played on the Stanley Theatre circuit and appeared as guest organist in theatres throughout the country. White was hired by Samuel Rothafel to play the Kimball organ in the lobby of the new Roxy Theatre in New York. "The Cathedral of Motion Pcitures," as the Roxy was known, had a large Kimball organ in the main theatre, controlled by three consoles in the orchestra pit. White, as chief organist, played the five-manual console in the center, flanked by two three-manual consoles played by Emil Velazco and Dr. C.A.J. Parmentier. When Mr. White was not playing at the Roxy Theatre, he was busy with other musical endeavors. On Saturday mornings at 8:30, he broadcast an organ program from his studio, played another program on NBC every Sunday morning, and on Sunday evenings played the Paramount Studio Wurlitzer on CBS. He made recordings for RCA-Victor and Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, provided background music for Columbia film shorts, and composed popular and semi-classical music. For the Aeolian Company, Lew White produced ten organ rolls of popular music with jazz. After the decline of the organ in theatres, he was active in radio and television, providing mood music for such programs as "Inner Sanctum," "The Web," "Grand Central Station," and "Portia Faces Life." Throughout his career, Mr. White taught organ and established the Lew White Institute for Organ for theatre organists. He later operated the School of Hammond Organ at 3 East 43rd Street in New York. Lew White died after an illness of several months on March 3, 1955, at the age of 52.
Link727Paulo Mendonça Paulo Mendonça SwedenPaulo Mendonça
Link331Luke Terry Luke Terry Luke Terry Luke Terry Trance DJ & Producer from Newcastle, UK.
Link133Jon Thomas Jon Thomas Jon Thomas (3) John C. Thomas Rhythm & Blues and rock 'n' roll organist and pianist
Link628Demon Fuzz Demon Fuzz United KingdomDemon Fuzz
Link1024Dum Dums Dum Dums United KingdomDum Dums
Link1122Criolo Criolo BrazilCriolo Kleber Cavalcante Gomes
Link132Test of Time Test of Time BostonTest Of Time (3) Straight Edge hardcore punk band from Boston, MA. 2012-2014
Link1419Jaime López Jaime López MexicoJaime Lopez Nació, según lo escrito por él mismo, "en un cuartel (...) Yo vengo de los viejos barracones del Ejército Mexicano", en donde aprendió a tocar la guitarra con "el sargento Chanona, allá por los corrales". A los 16 años viajó a la Ciudad de México donde estudió la preparatoria e ingresó a la Facultad de Filosofía y Letras de la UNAM, para sólo estudiar medio semestre y dedicarse a la interpretación de canciones que él mismo componía. "Venía a hacer la prepa como buen campeón/y sí la hice pero fuera del salón", dice su versión autobiográfica, a la clásica de Chuck Berry: Johnny B. Goode, titulada Nunca me he llevado con el pizarrón. Como compositor las propuestas de sus letras son inteligentes y desinhibidas fuera del ámbito comercial de la radio y la televisión, en las que se describen y denuncian las cotidianidades de la sociedad de la Ciudad de México, así como el amor y el desamor narrado de una manera graciosa utilizando juegos de palabras con el lenguaje popular y callejero, pero sin dejar de lado la seriedad de la poesía. Es considerado un pilar muy importante del rock mexicano, aunque también ha creado canciones de corte tropical, ranchero, blues y bolero. El 16 de agosto de 1985 participó en el Festival OTI con la canción Blue demon blues -una de las primeras composiciones mexicanas dedicada a la lucha libre-, obteniendo de los jueces el último lugar en el festival por la interpretación de dicha pieza homenaje al luchador Blue Demon, a quien López invitó personalmente pero la entrada le fue negada. Según el cantante, el atleta le agradecería posteriormente el gesto y la composición. Fue fundamental para la obtención del último lugar la referencia de Jaime a dos de los íconos de la televisión de entonces, al hacer una mención a Mario Moreno 'Cantinflas' y rematar la rola con la frase: 'Ánimo Blue, Vamos 'aí, que no hay peor lucha, que Lucha Villa'. Durante los años próximos tendrá tratos con la industria discográfica, lo que le valió ser críticado por sus seguidores por considerarlo inadecuado. Al punto llegó el enojo de un fan que fuera del bar El Hijo del Cuervo en Coyoacán apareció por esos años una pinta que rezaba: "Jaime López y Pepsi son lo de hoy". Lo cierto es que dicho contacto dio como fruto un disco magnífico: Jaime López (1989), el cual fue grabado en la ciudad de New York. Entre sus canciones más populares se encuentran Primera calle de la soledad, Corazón de cacto, Sácalo, Muriéndome de sed, Chilanga banda, En toda la extensión de la palabra amor, Me siento bien pero me siento mal, Desde mi motocicleta, ¡Ay, que dolor vivir!, A la orilla de la carretera,, Vagón de vagabundos, Ella empacó su bistec, Tu maldición y El mequetrefe Cecilia Toussaint ha interpretado y popularizado los temas "Sácalo", "Corazón de cacto" y "Me siento bien, pero me siento mal". Entre sus trabajos poco conocidos con otros músicos destacan 'Navegabas' con Eblen Macari para el disco Glaciares/4 Canciones de Eblen Macari y 'Piel de Hielo' incluida en el disco Caricia Digital de Chac Mool.
Link924Kurt Baker Kurt Baker PortlandKurt Baker (2) Kurt Milton Baker (born January 31, 1987 in Portland, Maine) is an American musician, songwriter, music producer, and multi-instrumentalist. He is best known for his work in the Pop-Punk group [a1346470] and his own band The Kurt Baker Band which later went on to be called The [a4784735].
Link726The Bennies The Bennies The Bennies (2)
Link330De Damrakkertjes De Damrakkertjes De Damrakkertjes (2) Dutch children's choir founded in 1957 by [a=Hans de Jong] as the choir "Zingende Jeugd" and after a few months, the name was changed to "De Damrakkertjes". They performed in concert halls, and on radio and television. They are best known for the song "Dikkertje Dap".
Link267DJ Epic DJ Epic DJ Epic (3)
Link627Laura Wilde Laura Wilde Laura Wilde Laura Milde German schlager singer, born 4 January 1989 in Heppenheim, Germany.
Link825Kenia Kenia BrazilKenia Kenia Acioly NY-based Brazilian singer. Worked with [a=Claudio Roditi], [a=Justo Almario], [a=James Taylor].
Link627Bagarre Bagarre FranceBagarre (3) Bagarre est un groupe formé par Emmaï Dee, La Bête, Majnoun, Mus, et Maître Clap. Ni rock band à l’ancienne, ni crew, ni collectif, ils fonctionnent de manière horizontale et inventent leur propre modèle : tout le monde chante, tout le monde danse, tout le monde compose, tout le monde existe. C’est l’envie d’entendre une musique nouvelle qui les pousse à composer la leur, “issue du chaos musical d’internet” : ils sortent un premier EP Bonsoir Nous Sommes Bagarre en 2014 et Musique de club l’année suivante. Ces deux EP posent les bases de leur univers musical qui tient autant des musiques club, des gymnastiques vocales du rap que d’une poésie sombre et exaltée.
Link1221Monophonics Monophonics San FranciscoMonophonics “One of the best live soul bands I have ever seen!” – Al Bell (Record producer, songwriter, executive, and co-owner of legendary Stax Records) Raised amid the rich musical culture and history of the San Francisco Bay Area, Monophonics proudly carry the torch through the generations into today’s musical landscape. Holding on to tradition, but by no means purists of any kind, they play their own brand of music known as “Psychedelic Soul.” The 2012 release of Monophonics last album In Your Brain saw the band pulling influences from such acts as early Funkadelic, Sly and The Family Stone and the The Temptation's Norman Whitfield produced records. With the new album, Sound of Sinning (April 1, 2015 on Transistor Sound Records), the band has grown in all areas of record making and felt a need to explore other important influences. While the group has come to cherish these inspirations, With Sound of Sinning they started venturing beyond, to the groups that were inspiring those soul acts to embrace the psychedelic sound of the 60's and 70's. Bands such as The Zombies, The Beatles, Beach Boys and Pink Floyd. Even with the experimentation of new musical territory, they display the sound that people know and love about Monophonics. Touching on Northern soul, doo-wop, rock and roll, Psych pop, and cinematic music, Monophonics show off their diversity while remaining true to their roots. Overall it's heartfelt music and old school vibes, without losing sight of the present. This is is music steeped in that timeless feeling when people could write and produce songs that you could listen to over and over again. Sound of Sinning was produced by Kelly Finnigan & Ian McDonald and recorded on an old Tascam eight-track 1/4” tape machine at Transistor Sound Studios in San Rafael, CA. Monophonics is Austin Bohlman (Drums), Myles O’Mahony (Bass/Background Vocals), Ian McDonald (Guitar/Background Vocals), Ryan Scott (Trumpet/Background Vocals/Percussion) & Kelly Finnigan (Keys/Lead Vocals) along with a rotating 2nd horn usually filled by Nadav Nirenberg (Trombone) from Ikebe Shakedown and Breakdown Brass.
Link330The Viscounts The Viscounts United KingdomThe Viscounts (2) UK group. Its members had formerly been part of a TV ensemble called Morton Fraser's Harmonica Gang. They quit the group and formed The Viscounts in Late April 1958, playing local shows and eventually attracting the attention of manager Larry Parnes. He got them billed to better venues and signed them to Pye Records in 1960. Their cover version of Ray Smith's hit single "Rockin' Little Angel" became a hit in Australia, and their cover of "Shortnin' Bread" hit number 16 in November that year in the UK Singles Chart. In addition to recording rock/pop numbers, they also did some trad jazz, covering Paul Whiteman for a compilation album. In 1961 their single cover version of "Who Put the Bomp (In the Bomp, Bomp, Bomp)" reached number 21 in the UK chart, spending ten weeks in the listings.[2] The group toured with Gene Vincent and Eddie Cochran, as well as sharing a stage with The Beatles in 1963 opening for Chris Montez. In 1964, they moved to Columbia Records, but none of their three following singles charted. Members: Gordon Mills, Don Paul, Ronnie Wells
Link132Faith Brothers Faith Brothers United KingdomFaith Brothers
Link330The Applejacks The Applejacks United KingdomThe Applejacks British mid 1960s beat group from Solihull, England. Al Jackson (Vocals), Martin Baggott (Lead Guitar), Phil Cash (Rhythm Guitar), Don Gould (Organ), Megan Davies (Bass), Gerry Freeman (drums).
Link132Holzkopf Holzkopf CanadaHolzkopf Jacob Taves Owner and operator of [l=Non-Capable] Recordings.
Link1419The Allniters The Allniters Australia1980's Australian ska bandAllniters The Allniters were an Australian ska pop band based in Sydney during 1980–1987. Original line-up was Ted Ayers on sax, Dave Bebb on drums, Stuart Crysell on guitar, Martin Fabok on guitar, Peter Hill-Travis on vocals, Graham Hood on bass guitar, Brett Pattinson on vocals and Mark Taylor on keyboards. Numerous changes occurred in band members with Fabok, Hill-Travis and Pattinson common to almost all line-ups. In 1983, The Allniters performed a ska-style cover of Bobby Bloom's hit "Montego Bay", which peaked at #16 on the Australian singles charts. They followed with an album D-D-D-Dance, which contained the slower and more mainstream "Love and Affection" single, both album and single received wide airplay on radio stations around Australia and were top 40 hits. More singles followed but Allniters separated for six months during 1985 and then continued on until July 1987 before disbanding more permanently. They briefly reformed in 1999 to tour and then record, Another Fine Mess was released before they disbanded once more, they reformed yet again during 2004 but no new material was released.
Link1716Mark Schultz Mark Schultz United StatesMark Schultz
Link032Tony Roots Tony Roots United KingdomTony Roots Anthony Stultz British reggae singer.
Link131This Way Up This Way Up This Way Up
Link527Javier Colon Javier Colon United StatesJavier Colon Javier Colon American singer-songwriter and musician, born 29 April 1978.
Link131Ernie Johnson Ernie Johnson Ernie Johnson (2) Soul blues man Ernie Johnson was born in Winnsboro, Louisiana. He didn't begin singing professionally until after moving to Dallas where he formed the band, The Soul Blenders. He recorded his first single, "Lovin You" b/w "Cold Cold Heart," for Movin' Records in 1968. Johnson has played the blues festivals in San Francisco and Monterey, California and has released numerous albums.
Link1022Emrah Emrah TurkeyEmrah Emrah Erdoğan İpek Turkish pop singer and actor. He was born 1 January 1971 in Ergani, Turkey.
Link230Milton Bradley Milton Bradley Milton Bradley Patrick Radomski Born and raised in Berlin, Milton Bradley has been influenced by this versatile and ever changing city. The late 80's brought acid house into his world and along with early Belgian techno, kick started his love affair with all things electronic. Milton’s dj sets vary from dark experimental techno to the deepest industrial sounds and the most iridescent textures, fully encompassing the last 20 years of musical history. In 2008 Milton gave birth to the 'Do Not Resist the Beat' label. It displays an honest, open account of Milton’s musical preferences; everything is there for a reason, no surplus or padding. Dark experimental drones with unnerving atmospheric sparseness, industrial sounds fused with the early minimalistic theologies to create one of techno’s most defined and original styles. Not resting on his laurels, 2010 brought the experimental and dark sub label 'The End of All Existence'. One listen requires no explanation for the nom de plume, atmospheric, earth shuddering, cinematic techno at its finest. Alongside Henning Baer he then created 'K209' as an outlet to release more raw and industrial techno cuts. More recently in 2012 and inspired by the mid 90’s acid sound, Milton set up the label ‘Alien Rain’. A true enigmatic insurgent, Milton’s heavy and atmospheric productions aid in the construction of complex promenades and have been hosted on not just his own imprints, but with other well respected labels. Bradley made his first release on Perc Trax in 2010. His mixes of ‘BCG’ EP were prime examples of what has become an enigmatic sound - deep, dubby rhythms coupled with chugging techno, reminiscent of an old school Detroit aesthetic. Critically acclaimed releases on Prologue, Zooloft, and Ann Aimee, as well as the tracks on his own labels, have pushed Milton to the forefront of the techno underground and made him one of the most exciting up and coming producers in the genre. It’s this ability to stand out from the crowd that has seen his talent recognised and rewarded, prompting Grounded Theory to make Milton Bradley their resident dj. Not a lot is known about Milton Bradley’s personal identity, but his work is far from secluded. He has gone from being a consumer to actually writing Berlin’s Techno history as a producer, remixer and international
Link329Blops Blops Blops Los Blops Chilean rock, psychedelic & pop band founded in 1964. Influended by [a=The Beatles], [a=The Doors], [a=Eric Clapton]... they decided to play that kind of music but also with influences from the Nueva Canción Chilena: they backed [a=Victor Jara] on some tracks from his 1971' album [m268053]. They splited in 1973 and brief reunited in 1978 and 2001. Members were/are: Andrés Orrego (vocals 1964-1969), Eduardo Gatti (guitars, keyboards, vocals 1970-1973), Juan Pablo Orrego (bass, xilophone, vocals), Julio Villalobos (guitar, accordion, vocals 1964-1972), Pedro Greene (drums 1964-1969), Sergio Bezard (drums 1969-1973), Juan Contreras (keyboards, flute 1974-1972), Juan Carlos Villegas (keyboards, 1973). Discography: * "Blops" (1970) * "Del Volar de las Palomas" (1971) * "Locomotora" (1973) * "Blops" (2001, boxset compilation)
Link230Roberto Ledesma Roberto Ledesma Roberto Ledesma Roberto José Ledesma Gayton Cuban singer Moved to the USA in 1960 (born 24 Jun 1924, La Habana)
Link923Адо Адо Адо Russian folk-rock group. Since: 1988, Kolomna
Link329Pinduca Pinduca BrazilPinduca
Link230Lee Morse Lee Morse United StatesLee Morse Lena Corinne Taylor Lee Morse was a popular singer of the 1920s and early 1930s, born 30 November 1897 in Cove, Oregon, USA and died 16 December 1954 in Rochester, New York, USA. She is best remembered today for the backing bands that were assembled for her recording sessions under the name of the Bluegrass Boys. The bands featured many of the best White jazz musicians of the 1920s. Presumably the band was called the Bluegrass Boys to make it sound like they were from the South (Kentucky is called the Bluegrass state). Lee Morse's family had Southern roots but she grew up in Oregon and Idaho, but few if any of the excellent Jazz musicians who played on these records were from the South. The band's music had nothing to do with the string band style of music that arose in the 1940s called Bluegrass.
Link329Guitars Unlimited Guitars Unlimited Guitars Unlimited (3)
Link329Us and Them Us and Them Us & Them
Link824SFA SFA United StatesSFA Stands For Anything Hardcore/punk band from New York City. Formed in 1984. Eric Britto - Guitar Raeph Glicken - Drums Bill Arbizu - Bass Brendan Rafferty - Vocals
Link527Night Stalkers Night Stalkers The Night Stalkers French hardcore punk band from Brest.
Link1319Grupo Galé Grupo Galé ColombiaGrupo Galé Grupo Gale is a self-described "Colombian Orchestra," that currently includes up to nine members (directed by Diego Gale, and spotlights a total of three lead singers -- Diego Javier Gonzales, Carlos Llamosa, and Charly Towers). Their music features a strong emphasis on up-tempo, danceable, salsa-like rhythms, while the band has found great success back home, and has played to enthusiastic audiences the world over -- especially in Europe. Prior to leading Grupo Gale, Diego was a percussionist with Grupo Niche, one of the most respected and renowned salsa dance bands in all of Columbia, and also played along such notables as la Sonora Dinamita, la Inmensidad, the late Frankie Ruiz, El Cantante de los Cantantes, Hector Lavoe, Alex Leon, Marvin Santiago, and Luis Enrique. The group has issued several albums since the mid-'90s (1995's Afirmando, 1996's Dominando la Salsa), and in 2001 Con el Mismo Swing.
Link230Jay West Jay West Jay West Pablo Sabetta DJ and producer from Argentina.
Link131The UK Mixmasters The UK Mixmasters The UK Mixmasters Nigel Wright The artist name 'The Mixmaster' was used for the first release 'The Night Fever Megamix' before being changed to the 'UK Mixmasters, The'.
Link130Yogie Yogie Yogie Courtney Morrison
Link256Brian Crain Brian Crain United StatesBrian Crain (2)
Link229Higher Power Higher Power LeedsHardcore punk band from Leeds, UKHigher Power (3) NY style hardcore band from Leeds, UK.
Link724Matt Finish Matt Finish AustraliaMatt Finish
Link1714The Dukes of Dixieland The Dukes of Dixieland United StatesDukes Of Dixieland [b]<<< For albums recorded before 1974, use the Assuntos original [a=The Dukes Of DIxieland] >>>[/b] Years active: 1974 - Present In the spring of 1974, television producer John Shoup relaunched the DUKES of Dixieland to keep Dixieland Music alive and relevant. The DUKES did their first symphony concert with the Grant Park Pops in Chicago that summer, and later that year they opened their first jazz club, Dukes Place, atop the Monteleone Hotel, the site of Louis Prima's old club. There, the DUKES hosted the winner of the first Superdome Superbowl, Arthur Rooney and the Pittsburgh Steelers. Over the next 25 years1975-2000 the DUKES recorded 18 albums, appeared with hundreds of orchestras, celebrated five birthdays with Bob Hope, and operated nightly at either their jazz clubs - DUKES Place (1974-1986), Mahogany HAll (!981-1992), or the Steamboat Natchez (1993-Present), promoting New Orleans Jazz. They still perform nightly on the Natchez, and this year will be their 20th anniversary on the boat.
Link130Bubblerock Bubblerock United KingdomBubblerock Jonathan King
Link130Giovanni Damico Giovanni Damico Giovanni Damico Giovanni Damico Musician, DJ and producer based in south Italy. He is the founder of [l=White Rabbit Recordings].
Link265FIELD OF VIEW FIELD OF VIEW JapanField Of View (2) Japanese rock band active 1994-2002. Originally consisting of vocalist U-ya Asaoka, guitarist Takashi Oda, keyboard player Jun Abe and drummer Takuto Kohashi they released 2 singles under the name "View". Jun Abe left the group in 1995 to be replaced by bass player Kenji Niitsu. In 2001 they started being credited as "The Field Of View".
Link1120The DT's The DT's The DT's US-American garage rock band from Bellingham formed in 2001.
Link229Jana Kratochvílová Jana Kratochvílová Czech RepublicJana Kratochvílová Jana Kratochvílová Czech vocalist. Born January 14, 1953 in Zlín (former Czechoslovakia, then known as Gottwaldov). Also known under various aliases as like: Jana Uriel, Jana Pope, Z Goddess, Heretyka, Zuru, Aria, Andromeda or Jasmína.
Link229White Fang White Fang White Fang Rock band formed in Portland, Oregon in 2005. After numerous lineup changes and album releases, the band is now based in Los Angeles and operates the label Gnar Tapes and its storefront GnarBurger (a joint venture with the label Burger Records).
Link130Rose Rose Rose Rose JapanRose Rose Hardcore / Skate Rock / Crossover / Deathrash band from Tokyo, Japan formed in 1983.
Link229The Larks The Larks United StatesThe Larks US group from Los Angeles. Only use when credited without [a=Don Julian]. Otherwise please use [a=Don Julian & The Larks] In 1963, the Meadowlarks were a trio: Don Julian, Ted Walters, and Charles Morrison. Just to do something different, Don switched names with the band. Now the singers were called [a=The Larks] and the band was [a=The Meadowlarks]. However, the first record as the Larks, on the Electra label in March 1963, ("Mashin' Time"/"Margo"), were both instrumentals. In the summer of 1964, the Larks hooked up with [l=Money Records (2)] (run by Ruth Dolphin, the widow of John Dolphin, who'd had his own Money records in the 50s, before being murdered by someone he'd stiffed out of a payment). In September, "The Jerk"/"Forget Me" was released and immediately started climbing the charts. By the time it peaked, it had reached #9 on the R&B charts and #7 on Pop.
Link130The Love Bite The Love Bite The Love Bite Italian House project.
Link292Da-iCE Da-iCE JapanDa-iCE
Link130João Braga João Braga PortugalJoão Braga João Braga (born in Lisboa, 1945) is a Portuguese fado singer.
Link426The Getaway People The Getaway People The Getaway People
Link426Little Bob Little Bob FranceLittle Bob Roberto Piazza
Link4264 Deep 4 Deep 4 Deep Rap group from Houston, Texas.
Link282Salim-Sulaiman Salim-Sulaiman IndiaSalim and Sulaiman Merchant, duoSalim-Sulaiman Indian composer duo formed by siblings [a307999] and [a743118] who compose music predominantly for Hindi films
Link1020The Fire Engines The Fire Engines United KingdomFire Engines Fire Engines were a post-punk band from Edinburgh, Scotland. Russell Burn: drums David Henderson: guitar & vocals Graham Main: bass Murray Slade: guitar
Link624Rádio Taxi Rádio Taxi Rádio Taxi Radio Taxi is a Pop/Rock band from São Paulo, Brazil, who had a string of hit singles in the early/mid 80s. The band was formed in 1981 by guitarist Wander Taffo, drummer Gel Fernandes, bassist Lee Marcucci and singer/keyboardist Willie de Oliveira, all ex-members of Rita Lee's backing band, Tutti Frutti. Their self-titled first album, released in 1982 featured the hits "Coisas de Casal" (written by Rita Lee with her husband Roberto de Carvalho as a gift to the band), "Dentro do Coração (Põe Devagar)" and "Garota Dourada". The band's popularity skyrocketed with the release of their second album, "Radio Taxi" (1983), and the first single out of the album, "Eva", a Portuguese version of a song by Italian singer Umberto Tozzi. Willie de Oliveira left the band shortly after recording the second album and was replaced by Maurício Gasperini. With Gasperini now handling vocals and keyboards, they released the albums "6:56" (1985) and "Matriz" (1986), featuring the hits "Um Amor de Verão" and "Você se Esconde". The band split up in 1987, and all members went back to their successful careers as session musicians. Wander Taffo released 3 solo albums and opened a music school in São Paulo, following the successful format of the American Musicians Institute. In 1993, drummer Gel Fernandes and bassist Lee Marcucci revived the band, with Marcinho Eiras on guitars. Despite extensive touring and positive feedback from fans, the new Radio Taxi soon disbanded without releasing any new material. The reunion of the successful mid-80s lineup happened in 2000, when Brazilian singer and pianist Guilherme Arantes invited Taffo, Marcucci and Fernandes to play with him on a live album. After touring with Arantes, they began working on new Radio Taxi material with Gasperini and released a live album and DVD, featuring all the old hits alongside the new material. Guitarist Wander Taffo died in Brazil on May 14, 2008, of a cardiorespiratory arrest.
Link228Eric Robertson Eric Robertson United KingdomEric Robertson Eric Nathan Robertson Scottish composer, organist, pianist and record producer, born 6 April 1948 in Edinburgh, Scotland, UK.
Link1812The Katinas The Katinas American SamoaThe Katinas
Link129The Rhythm Slaves The Rhythm Slaves The Rhythm Slaves Richard Gow
Link426Holocausto Holocausto Holocausto (3)
Link2010Burg Burg SwedenoLLiLaboratoriesBURG Jouni Ollila
Link327Ednardo Ednardo BrazilEdnardo
Link228Craig Duncan Craig Duncan Craig Duncan Craig Duncan has been the featured instrumentalist on over ninety record albums with sales in excess of five million copies. He has produced numerous recordings for the gift shop market in a variety of musical styles.
Link327The Modern The Modern United KingdomBritish Electropop band, now known as Matinée ClubThe Modern
Link1218Alina Eremia Alina Eremia RomaniaAlina Eremia (2) Alina Eremia Alina Eremia (born 15 December 1993 in Buftea), is a Romanian singer, TV personality, actress, and member of the LaLa band, who represented Romania in the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2005 with the song Ţurai. She plays Ioana in the teenage sitcom series Pariu cu viața. From 2014 she participated at the Romanian version of Dancing with the stars on Antena 1, judges Vocea Romaniei. She has a brother [a=Mircea Eremia], who is also a singer/song writer. She also worked for Disney Romania as a Voice actress, dubbing the singing voice of Pocahontas in Pocahontas (Romanian dubbing from 2008) and Pocahontas II: Journey to a New World (Romanian dubbing from 2009), and both speaking and singing voices of Belle in Beauty and the Beast, Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas and Belle's Magical World (Romanian dubbing from 2010). Alina was a member of Miracol for over six years. During that time, she also studied piano at the School of Music and Fine Arts, Bucharest. After she won the hearts of millions of fans across the country, along with colleagues from LaLa Band, Alina launched in music as a solo artist, in autumn 2012 with the song "With or Without You", a collaboration with Mister Z. In April 2013, Alina has released the second solo single, "Tu esti vara mea", that enjoys extraordinary popularity: a tight over 5,500,000 views on YouTube. In November 2013 Alina made her career first collaboration with a rap singer named Vescan, releasing the song "In Dreapta Ta," the song that made over 1,000,000 views in just 4 days after launch. She signed with Romanian records label [l=Mediapro Music] in 2012 and released lots of hit-singles like : Deep in love (2010) - first single , Tu ești vara mea (2013), Cum se face (2014), Cand luminile se sting (2014), Played You (2015), A fost o nebunie (2015), De ce ne indragostim (2016), Vorbe pe dos (2016). In 2016 Alina parodied her own song "A fost o nebunie" together with Andrei Ciobanu and Sergiu Floroaia.
Link1812The Starlite Orchestra & Singers The Starlite Orchestra & Singers CanadaMadacy artistsStarlite Orchestra & Singers
Link264Pesado Pesado MexicoPesado
Link426Flipp Flipp Flipp Flipp was a Minneapolis, Minnesota-based band, which formed in 1995 and attempted to revive the Glam-rock era of the early 1970s. The band initially signed to Hollywood Records and produced three albums. In 2002, the band was signed to Artemis Records, and released an album. Flipp reunited on July 1, 2016 to a near capacity crowd at the legendary First Avenue Club in Minneapolis, MN.
Link1218Kárpátia Kárpátia Kárpátia (2)
Link426Paulo Flores Paulo Flores Paulo Flores Vocalist and musician from Angola, born 1972.
Link1614Osho Osho Osho Chandra Mohan Jain
Link228Woody Woodbury Woody Woodbury Woody Woodbury Capt. Robert D. "Woody" Woodbury, USMC(ret) American comedian - actor.
Link030Cabbie Cabbie Cabbie Peter Pires UK based Drum & Bass artist.
Link920Joop Visser Joop Visser Joop Visser (2) Jacob Herman Frederik Fischer Recorded till 1964 under the name Jaap Fischer. Since 1976 active as Joop Visser.
Link326Down in Flames Down in Flames Down In Flames Hardcore Punk band from Fair Haven, New Jersey. Now defunct.
Link623King Charles King Charles United KingdomKing Charles (2) Charles Costa
Link227Август Август Август Russian (formerly Soviet) Power Metal (and until 1988 - Hard Rock / Glam Metal) group from St. Petersburg (former Leningrad). Active 1982 - 1991 (then reactivated in 2003).
Link227The Modulations The Modulations The Modulations The Modulations were formed in and hail from Durham, North Carolina U.S.A. (Not to be confused with the Jacksonville, Florida based [a618241], which were a Gospel group led by Glenn Jones). Originally know as the Pimps, The Modulations were singing together by 1970 and consisted of Nick Allen, Jr., Larry Duncan, Henry Channelle, and Hoyal Saunders. After cutting a debut record for the Mozel label out of New York, the Modulations came under the management of local entrepreneur Henry Bates and landed a deal with national concern Buddah Records. The results were a string of singles and an album that achieved national success. The Modulations recorded extensively with [a3452], the house band of the famed record label Philadelphia International. These sessions yielded an album in 1975 entitled It’s Rough Out Here, and several singles such as “Worth Your Weight in Gold.” Further recordings intended for a follow-up album were never commercially released. The group reached the pinnacle of its career with an appearance on Don Cornelius’ popular TV show, Soul Train, in early 1976.
Link128Dany Aubé Dany Aubé Dany Aube Réjeanne Aubé Née en 1947 à Lasarre (en Abitibi) de son vrai nom Réjeanne Aubé, elle participe à plusieurs concours amateurs, et remporte le titre de "Reine du Nord-Ouest Québécois". Arrivée à Monréal en 1965 à l'âge de 18 ans, elle s'est surtout fait connaître à titre d'interprète des chansons "Ma Casquette" et "Il m'appelait Goguette" en 1966. Reconnue pour ses chansons légères et fantaisistes, elle sera de la tournée Musicorama en 1967, avant de se tourner vers le cabaret dans les années 1970. Aujourd'hui, de retour dans sa région d'origine, elle est enseignante à l'école maternelle et utilise ses moments libres pour s'adonner à la peinture.
Link128Blue Sense Blue Sense Blue Sense Spanish electronic music DJ & producer lives in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Contact info: e-mail:
Link722María Isabel María Isabel SpainMaria Isabel María Isabel López Rodríguez Born in Ayamonte, Huelva, Spain, January 4, 1995. Is a Spanish actress and soloist singer. She rose to fame in the 2004 Children's Eurovision Song Contest with the song "Antes muerta que sencilla" where she was proclaimed winner of the festival. Her songs have a flamenco rhythm but with a touch of pop. She has sold more than 1,000,000 copies of her records only in Spain.
Link128Denis Champoux Denis Champoux Denis Champoux Lead Guitarist from Cap Rouge, Québec. He has his own Studio. Played with [a2480192] and [a2212015] in the 60s, then went on a solo career.
Link326Los Muchachos Los Muchachos Los Muchachos
Link128Dave Dee Dave Dee United KingdomDave Dee (2) David Harman Dave Harman AKA Dave Dee (born 17th December, 1943, in Salisbury, UK - died 9th January, 2009) was a British singer. Owner of short-lived [l=Double D Records] (UK).
Link128Vic Taylor Vic Taylor Vic Taylor Died on june 25th 2003, Uniondale, New York. Cardiac arrest.
Link128Henning Christiansen Henning Christiansen DenmarkHenning Christiansen Danish composer and Fluxus artist, born May 28, 1932 in Copenhagen. He passed away December 10, 2008 in Møn.
Link326Esso Steel Band Esso Steel Band Esso Steel Band The Esso Steel Band is a steelpan band, originally from Trinidad. They moved to Bermuda in the 1950s. [B]For the Esso sponsored Trinidad Steel band use [a1360987].[/B]
Link821Fyfe Fyfe United KingdomFyfe Paul Dixon Pop singer - songwriter - producer - multi-instrumentalist Born on 8 August 1989 in London, U.K.
Link425Gram Parsons and the Fallen Angels Gram Parsons and the Fallen Angels Gram Parsons & The Fallen Angels
Link227Biafra Biafra BrazilBiafra Maurício Pinheiro Reis Maurício Pinheiro Reis (born October 16, 1957), better known by his stage name Byafra (until 1998 he used the name Biafra, but changed to avoid name relations with the Nigerian civil war) is an Brazilian singer and composer. Byafra was born in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro.
Link128John Valenti John Valenti John Valenti John R. LiVigni American singer / songwriter born and raised in Chicago, Illinois.
Link1712Jonathan Larson Jonathan Larson Jonathan Larson Award winning composer (Rock Opera, Musicals) and playwright, was born on February 4, 1960 in White Plains, N.Y., USA, died January 26, 1996 in New York, N.Y., USA. Larson died on the night of the first preview of his musical 'Rent', which became the 9th longest running musical in the history of Broadway.
Link1415Cinemon Cinemon KrakówPolish rock band.Cinemon (2) cinemon: Michał Wójcik - guitar, voc Jakub Pałka - drums, voc Basik / Łukasz Wierzbicki (live) - bass, voc Arek Szost - sound engineer ex-members / guest bass players: Filip Jurczyszyn - bass Małgorzata Tekiel - bass Mateusz Samolong - bass Kuba Tracz - bass Michał Braszak - bass Paweł Harańczyk - keys Mariusz Sitko - bass Lechu - guitar, keys Paweł Gajda - bass Bart - bass Karolina Czerska - bass BIO: Cinemon was founded in 2005 in Kraków, Poland. They were a traditional power trio (guitar-bass-drums), formed by Michał Wójcik, Karolina Czerska and Kuba Pałka. The ambition was to create something "different and unique". From the very beginning there were lots of energy, freedom, sometimes absurd or avantgarde, and also a more complicated form - lots of rhythm and tonal shifts. Cinemon was, not surprisingly, an outcome of all inspirations of musicians that form it - starting with Led Zeppelin, through Pink Floyd, a Polish band Scianka, Dream Theater (sic!), King Crimson, ending with god knows what. After a few personal changes (Bart, Lechu) in may 2007 Cinemon, with Mariusz Sitko on bass, started working on recording of the first album. It was subsequently self-released in February 2009. The self-titled album contains 10 tracks which are the result of a few years' work and development. The music spans from rock'n'roll (Don't You Remember, Little Babe), narcotic avantgarde (Barbiturany, Świńskie Wycie Judasza), a classics' rip-off (Shall I...) or even progessive rock (Nobody Knows). The album was well acclaimed and the band gained a few fans... Right after the release of the album, Mariusz left the band with Michał Braszak replacing him. Some new songs were made (RSPCP) and later, Paweł Harańczyk joins the band on keyboards. Band goes on like that for some time, but no new songs were officially released and after a year it can't hold up anymore. Some serious rethinking later, Cinemon reforms to a classic rock'n'roll trio, with no keyboards and Kuba Tracz on the bass. They return to the roots, coming up with as much new rock'n'roll material as possible. The old songs, too pompous and too complicated are lost on the way as not suitable for the new Cinemon. It's simplier, more energetic and free. The beginning of 2012 brought the Three Days. It contains 5 songs spontaneously recorded in the rehearsal space (mix/master by Mateusz Kuraczyk from Magazine Studios in Knurow). Simplier music allowed the band to take part in a few contests: Hard Rock Rising (2nd in Krakow), Antyfest (1st prize - support for Metallica), Żywiec Browar Rock (1st prize), KozzAll Festival (the finals), Slot Art Festival (1st prize), Rock In Minsk (1st prize). In 2012 they also started touring Poland on a more regular basis. 2013 brought a new LP - Perfect Ocean - which was released on 11th December. Shortly afterwards, Kuba Tracz left the band. Cinemon, with various guest bass players, continued to tour Poland, playing over 150 shows in subsequent years. The bass players included Mateusz Samolong, Małgorzata Tekiel, Łukasz Wierzbicki, Basik and Filip Jurczyszyn. Oficially, Basik joined the band in 2015 to record a new LP entitled Masters of Second-guessing, which was released in October 2016, but couldn't hold up the touring obligations and was replaced live by Łukasz Wierzbicki for the most of the shows.
Link227The Sherrys The Sherrys United StatesThe Sherrys
Link227Jacques C Jacques C Jacques C (2) Jacques P-E Carlsson Jacques C is a producer/artist from Stockholm, Sweden.
Link326Roko Roko GermanyRoko German Hard Rock band created in 1989 in Schöneck.
Link128Kim Borg Kim Borg FinlandKim Borg Kim Borg Finnish bass vocalist, teacher and composer, born 7 August 1919 in Helsinki, Finland, died 28 April 2000 in Fredensborg-Humlebæk, Denmark.
Link1019Willie & Lobo Willie & Lobo United StatesWillie & Lobo
Link425Varga Varga CanadaVarga
Link821JPL JPL FranceFrench musicianJPL Joni Peter Ljungqvist
Link1018Mark Hummel Mark Hummel United StatesMark Hummel Harmonica player, vocalist and songwriter born in New Haven, CT. Mark Hummel started playing harmonica in 1970. During his career he was Grammy nominated for his "Remembering Little Walter" CD, also won Best Blues CD and Blues Traditional Blues CD at Blues Music Awards in Memphis. He was nominated for best Independent Book release for his 'Big Road Blues" book.
Link523Forced Entry Forced Entry Forced Entry Formed: 1984 // Seattle, WA, United States Disbanded: 1995 Members: Tony Benjamins (vocals, bass), Brad Hull (guitars), Colin Mattson (drums)
Link1414Catedral Catedral Catedral (2) Catedral is a Brazilian pop rock band, formed in Rio de Janeiro in 1988. Their lyrics have positive and popular Christian message, coupled with themes of love and politics.
Link226The Davis Sisters The Davis Sisters The Davis Sisters Country duet comprised of Betty Jack (B.J.) Davis (1932-1953) and [a=Skeeter Davis], (1931-2004). The [i]sisters[/i] were not actually related. Betty died as the result of an auto accident in early August, 1953 that occurred just outside of Cincinnati, Ohio when the duo was returning home from a radio appearance in Wheel­ing, West Virginia. [b] See [a2203163] for the gospel group that recorded for Gotham, Savoy, and RCA Victor.[/b]
Link1018Nalan Nalan TurkeyNâlân
Link424Witch Cross Witch Cross Witch Cross Danish heavy metal band formed in Copenhagen, 1979.
Link1513Fred Hammond Fred Hammond United StatesFred Hammond Gospel singer, producer, and bass player born in Detroit, MI (USA).
Link226Back II Black Back II Black Back II Black Hungarian band, founded in November 1996 in Budapest. Consisting of members: Dániel Abebe (Bebe), Tamás Csejtei, András Erdélyi, Gábor Glatz, Zoltán Kató, Zoltán Bubenyák & Lajos Havas.
Link028Enrique Montoya Enrique Montoya Enrique Montoya Enrique Montoya Fernández Spanish Flamenco guitarist and singer. Father of [a5167802] Born September 21, 1928, Utrera (Sevilla), Spain. Died July, 28, 1993, Utrera (Sevilla), Spain.
Link226Jan Gorissen Jan Gorissen Jan Gorissen
Link127Torrential Downpour Torrential Downpour Torrential Downpour Line-up: PrKr - Vocals/Sound Fx/Samples/Loops Jason Volpe - Guitar/Piano/Samples/Loops Matt Cece - 6 String Bass Guitar Pete Costa - Drums/Percussion You - The Listener Torrential Downpour, an entity unto itself, dreams and reshapes its own existence to live vicariously through the musicians it harnesses. Structured by the imagery of man, Torrential creates its arms, legs and body through the percussive force of Peter Costa. Using guitar and piano, Jason Volpe transforms his energy of pure love manifesting the heart and stomach of this holographic being. The lungs and throat, sustained only by vocal manipulator Prkr, naturally regulates breathing and filters unwanted toxins and energy resonance. All of this falling apart without the apt sense and control of bass player Matt Cece as the brain and eyes. Together, using a battery of harsh and hauntingly beautiful soundscapes, a voice and language are given to Torrential Downpour. A voice that struggles for its place in the collective unconscious. But through all of this, the soul always remains the same. A beauty that is unthinkable and unstoppable. A version of love you have yet to discover. Torrential is everything you've heard or haven't. Everything that is or isn't. Torrential Downpour is a reflection of you...because in truth, you are everything.
Link127Rose Banks Rose Banks Rose Banks Rosemary Stewart American singer and keyboardist. Born 21/03/1945 in Dallas, Texas, U.S.A. Some sources list birthplace as: Vallejo, Calif. Sister of popular funk artist [a=Sly Stone].
Link127Philip-Michael Thomas Philip-Michael Thomas Philip-Michael Thomas Actor / singer; most famous for his starring role on the TV series Miami Vice alongside [a=Don Johnson] in the 1980s. Born on 26 May 1949, in Columbus, Ohio, U.S.
Link226Los Gatos Negros Los Gatos Negros Los Gatos Negros Spanish rock band founded in Barcelona in 1958 by Ernesto Rodríguez and Manuel San Feliu. Later joined by Francis Rabassa (drums), Carlos Maleras (piano) and José María Mesa (trumpet, guitar). Rabassa left the band, replaced by Piero Carando. There were other musicians in the band: Quique Tudela, Frank Andrada (from [a=Los Albas]), singer and actress Mone... After their split-up in 1970 some of them formed [a1859778], but they reappeared in late 70s in live gigs, recording another LP in 1987: 'Borrón y cuenta nueva'.
Link1414Dave Barnes Dave Barnes United StatesDave Barnes
Link127Somnoroase Păsărele Somnoroase Păsărele Somnoroase Păsărele
Link127Wreckin' Crew Wreckin' Crew Wreckin' Crew Nine piece US funk band. Formed in Chicago in 1977. They released their first single 'Found The Groove' in 1981.
Link1216Brian Houston Brian Houston Brian Houston Singer-songwriter from Belfast, Northern Ireland. His style varies from gospel to blues/roots.
Link721Liquids Liquids Indianahc punkLiquids (2) American hardcore / punk band from Northwest Indiana.
Link424The New Barbarians The New Barbarians The New Barbarians
Link127Jeannie Reynolds Jeannie Reynolds Jeannie Reynolds Shirley Jean Reynolds American soul singer. She committed suicide in 1980. Sister of [a=LJ Reynolds].
Link226The Duals The Duals The Duals
Link820Philip Chapman Philip Chapman Philip Chapman
Link127Quo Quo United StatesQuo
Link226Liquid Light Liquid Light GreeceLiquid Light Sotiris Riniou Liquid Light is a dj,musician and producer from Greece,and the founder/manager of Blue Bass records, a dance and electronica record label.
Link918ゾロ ゾロ ゾロ
Link720Matthias Zimmermann Matthias Zimmermann GermanyMatthias Zimmermann (3)
Link423Lemming Lemming NetherlandsLemming Dutch glam rock band from Rockanje. Members included: Wally Slot, Tony Gloudie, Harry Bruintjes, Tinny Durrell and Martin van Wijk.
Link423Los Darts Los Darts CaracasLos Darts Venezuelan Pop Rock band
Link1710Go Fish Go Fish Go Fish
Link423Dollhouse Dollhouse Dollhouse (3)
Link126The Weatherford Quartet The Weatherford Quartet Weatherford Quartet
Link126Leana Leana Manuel Benito & Vincent BureauLeana (2) Leana Greene Swedish vocalist now living in Los Angeles.
Link522Solar Project Solar Project Solar Project (3) German operaratic rock and prog-metal combo, who have released several elaborate concept albums. After their third self-released album they were signed-up by Musea Records in France.
Link324Pure Disgust Pure Disgust Washington, D.C.Pure Disgust (2) American hardcore / punk band from Washington D.C.
Link324Jah Lion Jah Lion JamaicaJah Lion Patrick Francis Jamaica's Pat Francis recorded under a lot of names during the 1970s, including Jah Lion, Jah Lloyd and Black Lion of Judah, and given that his musical creations frequently centered on herb-related themes, he was sort of an early character blueprint for the flamboyant urban rappers of the late 1990s. In the mid-1960s he was a member of the Mediators, and he later scored hits with topical material like "Soldier Round the Corner," "Know Yourself Blackman" and "Killer Flour" for producer Rupie Edwards. Never afraid to reinvent himself, Francis turned toaster and DJ for tracks like "Black Snowfall" and "World Class." He tasted critical success as Jah Lion when he recorded the marvelous Columbia Colly album with producer Lee "Scratch" Perry at Perry's legendary Black Ark studio, including a striking version of the Little Willie John classic, "Fever." He became Jah Lloyd in 1978, signing a record deal with Front Line, and although songs like "Jah Lion" and "Cocaine" tried hard, they stirred up little public interest. Francis turned to production work as the 1970s ended, becoming Jah Lion again as the 1980s beckoned, and although he stayed active behind the scenes, his major recording work was behind him. Pat Francis was only 52 when he died in Kingston on June 12, 1999. "He died from poverty basically. He was a little tiny guy and had severe asthma, I doubt he had access to proper medicine much less the money to pay for it. He lived rough, no fixed place to live, no money for food. His body was found in some park where he'd been living." Though elsewhere it states: Francis was tragically shot dead in Kingston on 2nd June 1999.
Link324Roy Roberts Roy Roberts Roy Roberts
Link720James Byrd James Byrd James Byrd American guitarist.
Link225S.S.S.P. S.S.S.P. S.S.S.P. Skinheads Still Scare People Hardcore/Oi! project by Mike De Lorenzo and Vinnie Value of [a=Kill Your Idols], from New York, NY.
Link225Johnny Devlin Johnny Devlin New ZealandJohnny Devlin John Lockett Devlin Johnny Devlin was New Zealand's first Rock'n'Roll star. He grew up in Wanganui but moved to Auckland where he was discovered by promoter Dave Dunningham, who passed him on to Phil Warren, who signed him to his Prestige label in 1958. Over the next two years he was reputed to have sold over 200,000 singles (although this may be somewhat inflated by Warren's hype) and he was mobbed all over the nation. He moved to Australia in the early sixties where he established himself as a rock'n'roll star again although he never reached the heights he'd reached in NZ as a teenager again. In 2007 he is still performing in Australia and New Zealand.
Link126Les Loups Noirs Les Loups Noirs Les Loups Noirs (2)
Link126Johnwaynes Johnwaynes The Johnwaynes Jepe and MrBeat From the north of Portugal, Johnwaynes are Jepe and MrBeat. Jepe, is a music collector and a DJ since 1995. Actually he is book manager of one of the best Portuguese house clubs called “ Estacao da luz” and its Saturday nights famous nights DJ. MrBeat (Antonio Bastos) , musician since he was born, with several masters in jazz formation, percussion and new musical technologies, is the real live stage man! Owner of his own studio he produces several rock bands , Portuguese traditional music and chorals, uses to play around the country invited by the all kinds off musicians from soul, funky, new jazz to fado and celtic. Johnwaynes released for several know labels such as Compost, mulemusiq, and groovement records!
Link126Leon B Leon B Leon BaldryLeon B Leon Baldry Hard Dance DJ & producer from Exeter, UK. Contact:
Link720Andrea Guerra Andrea Guerra ItalyAndrea Guerra Andrea Guerra is an Italian composer. He is noted for his film scores of Facing Windows (2003), Hotel Rwanda (2004), and The Pursuit of Happyness (2006).
Link224Andromedha Andromedha Polish producer, Patryk SoleckiAndromedha Patryk Solecki International DJ, electronic dance musician and host of Progressions Radio show. Listen live to Progressions Radio featuring the best and the latest in progressive EDM and beyond every 1st Tuesday of the month on DI.FM (Progressive Channel) at 2PM EST/7PM UK/20:00CET: Contact: Promos: Bookings:
Link233Bocuma Bocuma Irelandelectronic artist from Ireland "Martin Millar"Bocuma Martin Millar Bocuma’s (Martin Millar) music is reminiscent of the warm, analogue sounds of 1970s media and contains themes of childhood, nostalgia and the natural world.
Link224Sweet F.A. Sweet F.A. Sweet F.A. (2) In 1988, the musicians Steven David De Leong (vocals), Jon Huffman (guitar), James Thunder (guitar), Jim Quick (bass) and Tricky Lane (drums) joined forces to form the American hard rock band SWEET F.A. In 1990, the MCA label was awarded the SWEET F.A. Debut album "Stick To Your Guns" released. 12 songs with a partly bluish sleaze impact are offered, which offers a very varied guitar work, great compositions and extremely powerful singing. The album rocks! After a few months the second guitarist James THUNDER left the band. On 27 February 1992, SWEET F.A. recorded and later released on DVD the concert in St. Louis.
Link422Hygiene Hygiene Hygiene (2)
Link422The Grandmothers The Grandmothers The Grandmothers An American band, oriented to the works of [a=Frank Zappa], consisting of former MOI ([a=Mothers]) members: [a=Don Preston]; [a=Jimmy Carl Black]; [a=Bunk Gardner]; [a=Ray Collins]; [a=Chris Garcia (2)] and others. Effectively, the group was born of the frustrations of the artists needing some control over their talents, outside of the directions of their mentor Zappa. They did, however, do covers of FZ work and the inclusion of a version of "Deseri" on their album "Looking Up Granny's Dress" became a sensitive subject in the Zappa domain. The track includes guitars by FZ, his pal Ronnie Williams and [a=Paul Buff] (who also feature on [r417998]). The potential rift healed and Grandmothers members later reappeared on Zappa works.
Link125Ellis-D Ellis-D Ellis-D Donald Mattern Junior Vasquez's alias created in the late 80's. Unlike Junior's style, Ellis-D has a unique style of music production, sampling vocals and sounds from classics of yesteryear. NOTE: Not to be confused with the UK Drum n Bass/Breaks DJ and producer [a=Ellis Dee].
Link818Eduardo Paniagua Eduardo Paniagua SpainEduardo Paniagua Spanish architect and musician, born in 1952 in Madrid, specialized in medieval Spanish music. Founder of [a=Grupo de Música Antigua], and later also founder of [l175158] label.
Link125Junkster Junkster Junkster
Link125Magoria Magoria Magoria Magoria Edler
Link620Fonzie Fonzie Fonzie (3) Fonzie is a Punk Rock band from Portugal (Lisbon). They surf and skate since 90 and they got into the PunkRock scene from skate & surf videos soundtracks, so in 1996 they started Fonzie. In 1998 they got a record deal from a local label "DeadKing Records" that released their first recorded stuff, however it was a very limited edition and it was only released in a couple of countries. They are the 1st winner of the Millencolin cover contest started in 2001. David - Guitar Joao - Drums Hugo - Vocals/Guitar Miguel - Bass
Link422Raihan Raihan Raihan Raihan (meaning "Fragrance of Heaven" in Arabic) is a Malaysian Islamic nasheed Group. Active since 1996.
Link521C.C. Productions C.C. Productions C.C. Productions
Link323Vales Vales United KingdomVales Dave Doyen
Link224The Neighborhood The Neighborhood The Neighborhood
Link1214Famous Last Words Famous Last Words Petoskeymetalcore/post-hardcoreFamous Last Words (4) Post-Hardcore band from Petoskey, MI, USA.
Link620Tyler Hilton Tyler Hilton United StatesTyler Hilton Tyler James Hilton Born: November 22, 1983, Palm Springs, California
Link1313Záviš Záviš Czech RepublicZáviš Milan Smrčka Czech porn-folk singer Born 1956 in Citonice, near Znojmo (former Czechoslovakia). Often titled the Prince of Porn-Folk. "Porn" due to common usage of rude words and sexual content in his lyrics, "Folk" due to him usually performing solo with his acoustic guitar.
Link323The Hometown Band The Hometown Band CanadaHometown Band
Link125Karlheinz Böhm Karlheinz Böhm GermanyKarlheinz Böhm German-austrian actor and voice actor. He was born on March 16, 1928 in Darmstadt, Germany as only child of the famous conductor [a283127] and the soprano vocalist Thea Linhard. He died on May 29, 2014 in Grödig, Austria.
Link323Gerard de Vries Gerard de Vries NetherlandsGerard De Vries Gerard de Vries Dutch singer, radio DJ, born on August 19, 1933. Specialized in Dutch remakes of American country songs. That's why he's also known as 'Cowboy Gerard'. Passed away on June 11, 2015.
Link125Gene Ammons All-Stars Gene Ammons All-Stars Gene Ammons' All Stars
Link1412Andrew E. Andrew E. PhilippinesAndrew E. (2) Andrew Espiritu Andrew Espiritu (born July 30, 1967), better known as Andrew E., is a Filipino rapper, record producer and actor. He is best known throughout the Philippines for his 1990 debut hit single "Humanap Ka Ng Panget" (Look For Someone Ugly). Espiritu won a 'Rap Album of the Year' award for his latest album Clubzilla at the 2010 PMPC Star Awards for Music.
Link818Volebeats Volebeats Volebeats American alternative country band from Detroit, Michigan.
Link620The Sherlocks The Sherlocks SheffieldThe Sherlocks (3) British indie/alternative band from Bolton upon Dearne, Barnsley, South Yorkshire. The band consists of two sets of brothers, Kiaran and Brandon Crook, Andy and Josh Davidson.
Link521Lee Holman Lee Holman County WexfordTechno and house producer and DJ.Lee Holman
Link242Fonseca Fonseca ColombiaFonseca (2) Juan Fernando Fonseca Colombian singer, songwriter, record producer, and activist. Born and raised in Bogotá, he primarily studied at the Colegio Los Nogales, then studied music at the Berklee College of Music in Boston before withdrawing to focus on his musical career. He began recording some demos and performing in the rock music scene of Bogotá with a rock band "Baroja" and was signed with Líderes Entertainment Group, an EMI label to produce his first three studio albums. He debuted in 2002 with his first album, Fonseca, which was popular in his home country. His follow-up album, was "Corazón" (2005) and included hits such as "Te Mando Flores" and "Hace Tiempo". Fonseca's third album, Gratitud (2008) included the singles "Enrédame" and "Arroyito". After breaking with the label EMI Capitol he decided release his fourth album Ilusión (2011) under the label Sony Music Latin with the hit Eres Mi Sueño.
Link224The Underground Railroad to Candyland The Underground Railroad to Candyland The Underground Railroad to Candyland
Link818Phil & John Phil & John Phil & John (2) Phil and John were [a4024691] and [a710118], childhood friends who first started playing together at the age of 13. Their performances, which included an appearance at Greenbelt in 1989, typically incorporated music and comedy. Although no longer performing and recording as a group, both remained within the music business: Baggaley went on to establish Christian record label Gold Records, while Hartley moved to Nashville, Tennessee and became director of A&R for Worship Together Records.
Link224KeyWest KeyWest Keywest
Link224Buddy Hackett Buddy Hackett United StatesBuddy Hackett Leonard Hacker Buddy Hackett (born August 31, 1924, Brooklyn, New York, USA – died June 30, 2003, Malibu, California, USA) was an American comedian and actor.
Link179Adult Only Adult Only Adult Only (2) Oneak Roller Groove and bass oriented chillout musics.
Link124Imajin Imajin Imajin Imajin is an American R&B boy band that is known for their hit "Shorty (You Keep Playing With My Mind)" featuring Keith Murray. The group also made a version of this song with (rapper) Mr. Cheeks of the rap group The Lost Boyz. This single peaked at number 25 on the Billboard Hot 100, number 20 on Billboard's Hot R&B/Hip-Hop Songs chart and number 22 in the UK Singles Chart in 1998.[1] The band was originally put together by record producer Bert Price and inspired by past boy bands such as Jackson 5, New Edition, Hi-Five, Immature, and Mint Condition. Original credited band members included Jamal Hampton (who was later replaced by Tony Royster, Jr.), Talib Kareem, Olamide Faison, and John Fitch. Faison is the younger brother of Donald Faison of the television series Scrubs. Imajin credited themselves to being a true boy band and are different because each member played an instrument. Jamal Hampton and Tony Royster played the drums, Talib Kareem the keyboard, and Olamide Faison played the guitar while John Fitch played the bass guitar. After the first album, the group split and John and Olamide made a duo called JizLams. During the hiatus, Talib continued to produce songs for various artists such as Solange Knowles. Jamal Hampton changed his name to J Star while pursuing a solo career. The group continues to produce and sing music together as "Imajin".
Link322Rixe Rixe ParisOï band from ParisRixe Oi band from Paris, France.
Link1411Fresno Fresno Fresno Brazilian melodic hardcore band from Porto Alegre, Rio Grande do Sul.
Link1015Kartellen Kartellen Kartellen Gangsta Hip-Hop based in Sweden.
Link520Los Imposibles Los Imposibles MexicoLos Imposibles Spanish Garage rock band from Madrid formed at the end of the 80's.
Link1411Луна Луна UkraineUkrain singerЛуна Kristina Bardash Kyiv based pop-singer.
Link322Joey V Joey V Joey V Joey Marshall Techno/Trance DJ & producer from Milton Keynes, UK. Founded his own digital label [l=V Breed] in 2010.
Link223Two People Two People Two People
Link223Marty Gold Marty Gold United StatesMarty Gold American composer, pianist and bandleader (b. New York City, December 26, 1915 - d. Agoura Hills, January 14, 2011)
Link124Nailed Down Nailed Down Nailed Down Nailed Down is a D-beat Hardcore Punk / Crust/Thrash band from Perth, Australia. The original lineup features members from [a=Rupture].
Link124Armenia Armenia Armenia Leonardo Sabatto
Link421Soundsation Soundsation Soundsation
Link223Roxus Roxus AustraliaRoxus Australian rock band formed 1987 in the Victorian suburb of Springvale. Band members Juno Roxas (vocals), Darren Danielson (drums), John 'Stones' Nixon (bass), Joe Cool (guitars) (1987-1989), Dragan Stanić (guitar) (1989-1992) and Andy Shanahan (keyboards)
Link124TETSURO TETSURO TETSURO (3) Experimental electronics / lolicore project from Ukraine.
Link520Γιώργος Σαμπάνης Γιώργος Σαμπάνης GreeceΓιώργος Σαμπάνης
Link223Ю.Г. Ю.Г. RussiaЮ.Г.
Link124New Orleans Syncopators New Orleans Syncopators The New Orleans Syncopators
Link322Carol Hahn Carol Hahn Carol Hahn Vocalist from Springfield, Massachusetts, USA.
Link322Unity 2 Unity 2 Unity 2 Old school reggae hip-hop crew from New York consisting of Sean "Cavo" Dinsmore and Lionel "Nene" Bernard.
Link124Hot Ice Hot Ice Hot Ice
Link916Calcutta Calcutta ItalyItalian bandCalcutta (3) Edoardo D'Erme Edoardo Calcutta is a young man from Latina, Italy. Since 2007 he has founded and participated in hundreds of bankruptcy and noisy bands in his city. In 2009 he founded Calcutta with Marco Crypta, duo chimp pop (italian mood), an indie mix between [a=Beat Happening] and [a=Lucio Battisti]. The band performed for the first time at the "Sottoscala 9" as a shoulder group of [a=Timber Rattle], immediately conquering the hearts of those present. The general enthusiasm will lead to fill any possible hole in the planning of the Arci circle. In 2011 Marco leaves the band and with him also the rhythm section disappears, consequently Edoardo will find himself alone and songwriter. Members: [a=Edoardo Calcutta] (2009-, vocals, guitar, piano) [a=Luca (71)] (2009-2011, drums) Live touring members: [a=Francesco Sarsano] (2015-2016, bass) Aron Carlocchia (2015-2016, keyboards) Alberto Paone (2015-2016, drums) Paolo Carlini (2016, guitar)
Link124Dread Flimstone & The Modern Tone Age Family Dread Flimstone & The Modern Tone Age Family Dread Flimstone And The Modern Tone Age Family
Link1510The Chenille Sisters The Chenille Sisters United StatesThe Chenille Sisters
Link520Stefan Nicolaï Stefan Nicolaï Stefan Nicolai (2) Panflute player
Link817Seventh Wonder Seventh Wonder SwedenSeventh Wonder Progressive metal band from Stockholm, Sweden. Formed in 2000.
Link322Steve Grace Steve Grace AustraliaSteve Grace In 1984 he was driving trucks and singing in bars. Today, Steve Grace is an Australian Gospel artist with fourteen albums and a million miles of concert tours behind him. Communicating to thousands of people each year his tours literally go anywhere and everywhere, from remote villages on South Pacific islands, to major venues in big cities.
Link916The Expendables The Expendables The Expendables A reggae/rock band from Santa Cruz, California.
Link421Raffaëla Raffaëla Raffaëla Raffaëla Paton Dutch singer born June 1st, 1983 in Amsterdam. Her mother was a famous singer in Surinam and her uncle is [a=Humphrey Campbell], who was formally married to [a=Ruth Jacott]. Raffaëla won the third season of the Dutch version of 'Idols' in 2006. Taking a break after the birth of her daughter in August of that same year, she briefly formed the group [a2522346] in 2008 together with Rachel Meibergen and Germaine Ching-Yong, releasing [m=1010913] in 2009. She made her comeback in 2010 participating in [l899370]. In 2012, Raffaëla took part in the Dutch National Song Contest with the song [r=8562140], but did not make it through as candidate for the Eurovision Song Contest. Sang the official theme song [r=5169356] for the 2011 EuroGames held in Rotterdam, and was the ambassador for the 2013 Amsterdam Gay Pride, with the theme song [r=8562139].
Link178peterpan peterpan IndonesiaPeterpan Indonesian pop-rock band active from 1997 to 2012. Reformed as Noah in 2012. Lead singer Ariel became involved in a sextape scandal and was prosecuted under RUU Anti-Pornoaksi,
Link124Tané Cain Tané Cain Los Angelespop 80's singerTané Cain Tané McClure US singer/actress, born June 8, 1959, and the daughter of actor Doug McClure. After a brief stint as a singer during the 70's and 80's and a wife of [a=Jonathan Cain], her main claim to fame was an appearance in the original "Terminator" movie and its soundtrack under the name of [a=Tahnee Cain And Tryanglz]. She continued to tour locally into the 90's but has since moved onto an acting career (most famously as Reese Witherspoon's mother in "Legally Blonde") and hosts her own "The Tane McClure Show" on WebTV.
Link223Graz Graz chiptunesGraz Graz Rapid-Fire-Amen-Infused-Mashcore Federally Certified to Crush any Party, Graz is here to take you to Bootleg Babylon. His glitched out high-speed rave rendition of radio’s yesteryear are the perfect blend to get any crowd bobbing. Prepare for the true sounds of the plunderground. Anthony Graziano aka Graz is a Seattle local musician and graphic artist. He is an avid electronic music producer since early 2001. He has dabbled in many different dance music genres with the main focus of adding a plunderphonic spin to anything he touches. Over the years Graz has had the chance to share the stage and albums releases with such great artist as: Shitmat, Mochipet, Bong-Ra, FFF, Foxdye and many many more. His hard work and dedication over the past years have locked him in as one of North America’s leading breakcore/mashcore producers.
Link619Craig Hamilton Craig Hamilton Craig Hamilton Craig Hamilton Craig Hamilton is a Glasgow-based DJ, House music producer, and Managing Director for the highly successful independent label [l=Flatpack Traxx]. With over 15 years of contributions and support for underground music, he continues to introduce talented, up-and-coming artists while showcasing his own quality sound through solid production work and DJ sets across the globe. He has rocked many a dance floor in a variety of venues and parties in Belgium, London, Dubai, Los Angeles, Mexico, San Francisco, and Miami for the Winter Music Conference, along with several residencies at home in Scotland. A majority of his music represents deep Chicago house sounds, but he continues to pull influence from disco, funk, techno, jazz and soul. His strong affection for music far surpasses his talent behind the decks and beyond to the studio. With multiple releases of original tracks and remixes on widely respected house labels such as Tango, Robsoul Recordings, and many others, his exceptional skills and hard work have made him a favorite amongst international underground DJs including Mark Farina, DJ Sneak, Phil Weeks, and Natural Rhythm. The year 2010 was a particularly successful year for him, with the inclusion of two original tracks on the Fries & Bridges (Paris) Uprock 3000 compilation cd. And in 2012, a track from one of his several highly acclaimed 'Hotbox Sessions' EPs was featured in Hed Kandi's Nu Disco 2012 compilation. Other projects include a five-year running weekly radio show (Flatpack Traxx Radio) on Chicago House FM, broadcasting worldwide every Monday night, and a previous position hosting the weekly house music show, Static on Radio Magnetic. With a strong dedication to moving this genre forward, expect continued international gigs, along with many future releases from Craig on Flatpack Traxx and other labels as he continues to inspire and shape the future of underground house music.
Link1015Sandwich Sandwich PhilippinesFilipino rock bandSandwich (6) Sandwich (stylized as "< S >andwich" in earlier releases) is a Filipino alternative Rock band from Philippines. The band consisted of lead vocalist Raimund Marasigan, Guitarists Diego Castillo and Mong Alcaraz, bassist Myrene Academia and drummer Mike Dizon. The band released 7 albums Grip Stand Throw (1999), 4-Track Mind (2000), Thanks To The Moon's Gravitational Pull (2003), Five on the Floor (2006), Marks the Spot (2008), Contra Tiempo (2010) and Fat Salt & Flame (2013) The band formed in 1998 by Raimund Marasigan (former drummer of Eraserheads) and Diego Castillo (The Aga Mulach Experience) for the purpose of fulfilling their mutual desire to work together. When Raimund Marasigan saw The Aga Muhlach Experience in a gig, He told to diego that he want to form a band that sounds like Weezer and Whales recruiting Diego Castillo and his band mates from The Aga Muhlach Experience consist of Mike Dizon (Teeth & Pedicab) to play drums and Myrene Academia (Imago & Duster) to handle bass duties. Sandwich was searching for a vocalist when music video director Marie Jamora recommended her friend Marc Abaya (Kjwan). A few years earlier, Marasigan was a judge at a contest where Marc Abaya jammed to a Beastie Boys song with his high-school band, Shirley Beans. Abaya then joined Sandwich. When Abaya and Marasigan met each other, they jammed together performing Beastie Boys "Sabotage" for 8 hours. Although existing simultaneously with the Marasigan's foremost band at that time, Eraserheads, Sandwich provided a heavier, grittier sound, and built up their own fan base. Abaya was still in college at the time, and Marasigan would still tour occasionally with the Eraserheads, but these weren’t hindering factors for Sandwich, as there were many session musicians ready to take over in case of a member's absence.
Link124The Littlemen The Littlemen The Littlemen Steve Lee & Gavin Belton The Littlemen are a duo from Nottingham, England. Both have been DJing on the UK free party scene, clubs and festivals for the past ten years, Steve as a member of the legendary Smokescreen SoundSystem and Gav as part of the Giddy Fruit Collective. During this time they have played all over the world, in places such as Prague, Spain, Paris, Kuala Lumpur, Penang, Singapore, India, Budapest, Brataslava, Greece, Slovenia, etc. Whilst DJing at the same events they decided to put their heads together in the studio and formed The Littlemen. Aside from their production work together, they have also released material independently with members of [l=Tilted Records], [l=Viva!], [l=20:20 Vision], [l=DiY Discs], [l=Myna] and [l=Yoga Recordings].
Link223Oliver Francis Oliver Francis United StatesU.S. rapperOliver Francis (2) Oliver Francis is a rapper, producer and song-writer from Missouri, USA.
Link718THUMPERS THUMPERS United KingdomThumpers
Link718Baio Baio United StatesChris Baio from Vampire WeekendBaio (5) Chris Baio Alias used by Vampire Weekends' Chris Baio for his solo releases.
Link123Gene Rice Gene Rice Gene Rice Eugene James Rice R&B vocalist, songwriter
Link618Raymond Chandler Raymond Chandler United StatesAmerican novelist and screenwriterRaymond Chandler Raymond Thornton Chandler Anglo-American novelist and screenwriter, born 23 July 1888 in Chicago, Illinois, USA and died 26 March 1959 in San Diego, California, USA.
Link1113Incentive Incentive CantonIncentive Incentive is the founder of the Dystopiaq netlabel and producer of post-industrial electronic music.
Link816Folkstone Folkstone ItalyFolkstone
Link1113Gigione Gigione ItalyGigione Luigi Ciavarola
Link420Heiress Heiress Heiress Hardcore / Sludge Metal band from Seattle, Washington. Active: 2006 - Present.
Link222Tajči Tajči CroatiaTajči Tatjana Matejaš - Cameron Croatian pop music singer, born July 01, 1970 in Zagreb, Croatia. Since USA-based also a singer-songwriter, musical composer & inspirational speaker. She represented Yugoslavia at the ESC 1990 in Zagreb, Croatia (Yugoslavia). Since 1992 USA-based, where she has since taken up citizenship and residence. Tajči (TY-chi) Cameron is also a certified holistic coach and has been a creator-host of reality-internet-TV show ''Waking up in America''. Sister of [a=Sanja Matejaš].
Link123Ruf Dug Ruf Dug RüF Dug
Link1410Paulini Paulini Australiafinalist on Australian Idol 2003Paulini Paulini Curuenavuli Fijian Australian singer, songwriter and actress, born 15 October 1982 in Suva, Fiji.
Link222Roadmaster Roadmaster Roadmaster (2) Rock band from Indianapolis, US. Formed in mid ´70s.
Link519Richard Hartley Richard Hartley Richard Hartley British composer best known for his work with [a306994].
Link1311Appalachian Winter Appalachian Winter United StatesAppalachian Winter (2) Epic metal band (lots of keyboards) from Schellsburg, Pennsylvania who releases digital (and the occasional physical) music often on the solstice/equinox featuring songs with natural themes.
Link123Banana Man Banana Man Banana Man
Link123Jeffrey Novak Jeffrey Novak Jeffrey Novak
Link321Shazzy Shazzy Shazzy
Link123The Dodgers The Dodgers United KingdomThe Dodgers
Link123Enough Enough Enough (2)
Link024X-Sample X-Sample X-Sample Italian project.
Link519London Brass London Brass United KingdomLondon Brass Formed by members of the [a=Philip Jones Brass Ensemble] in 1986. [b]Current line-up:[/b] Andy Crowley - trumpet & piccolo trumpet John Barclay - trumpet Gareth Small - trumpet & piccolo trumpet Anne McAneney - trumpet & flugelhorn Richard Bissill - horn Lindsay Shilling - trombone Richard Edwards - trombone Byron Fulcher - trombone & euphonium David Stewart - bass trombone Oren Marshall - tuba
Link420VANT VANT United KingdomVant (2) Vant (stylised as VANT) are a British punk rock band formed in 2014 by frontman and songwriter [a=Mattie Vant]. Announced that they would go on an indefinite hiatus after the conclusion of their November 2017 tour. [b]Mattie Vant[/b] - Frontman, Guitar, Lead Vocals [b]David Green[/b] - Drummer [b]Billy Morris[/b] - Bass [b]Henry Eastham[/b] - Lead Guitar
Link123Augusto Algueró Augusto Algueró Spainjr.Augusto Algueró Augusto Algueró Dasca Spanish composer, arranger and orchestra leader. Born 23/02/1934 in Barcelona, Spain. Died 16/01/2011 in Torremolinos (Malaga), Spain. Son of [a=Augusto Algueró (2)], father of [a=Augusto J. Algueró] and ex-husband of [a=Carmen Sevilla].
Link915Blaspheme Blaspheme FranceBlaspheme French Heavy Metal band from Paris formed in 1981.
Link123Retarded Retarded ItalyRetarded Italian punk rock band from Voghera (Pavia), founded by Paolo, Mera and Paco in 1998 after the end of the [url=]Home Alone[/url].
Link618Judy Small Judy Small Judy Small Judy Small is a judge of the Federal Magistrates Court of Australia who was previously an Australian entertainer, folk singer, songwriter, and guitarist. Known for her feminist, often patriotic, and political songs, usually following a traditional theme, she has produced twelve albums, hundreds of songs and has been described as being among the most popular political singers in Australia, with many such songs, based on topical factual events like the Montreal Massacre, and she enjoys to sing about real people and issues, stating "If an audience comes away thinking about issues it is a worthwhile performance." She has toured the country and internationally, playing primarily in clubs and pubs, and at various conventions.
Link123Deep Feeling Deep Feeling Deep Feeling
Link222Jan Savitt & His Top Hatters Jan Savitt & His Top Hatters United StatesJan Savitt And His Top Hatters
Link420La Misma Gente La Misma Gente La Misma Gente Colombian Salsa Group
Link321DJ Scientist DJ Scientist DJ Scientist Günter Stöppel Founder and owner of [L=Equinox Records].
Link123Sunni Sunni Sunni Sonja Lynne Millsap
Link915The Travelling Band The Travelling Band United KingdomThe Travelling Band Members: Jo Dudderidge Adam P. Gorman Chris Spencer Steve Mullen and Nick Vaal
Link123David Roach David Roach United KingdomDavid Roach David Roach was born in Darlington, Co. Durham, UK in 1955. He is a British classical saxophonist who released a solo single Emotional Jungle in 1984. He has played soprano and alto saxophone for the Michael Nyman Band since 1985, making his debut on The Kiss and Other Movements and appearing on nearly every album since. Prior to that he was a founding member of the Myrha Saxophone Quartet. He also plays sax for the Philharmonia Orchestra.
Link321Dreamboy Dreamboy Dreamboy (3) Modern soul quintet Hailed from the Detroit area. Were signed at [a=Quincy Jones], [l=Qwest Records]. They released two albums.
Link123Ágata Ágata PortugalÁgata Maria Fernanda Pereira de Sousa “Ágata” é o nome artístico de Maria Fernanda Pereira de Sousa. Em 1975 foi lançado o disco "Heróis Trabalhadores". Em 1976 gravou o disco "Já não estou sozinha". Tinha apenas 17 anos quando integrou a formação das Cocktail com quem grava vários discos. Conjuntamente com Tozé Brito, empresta a sua voz ao tema da série "Abelha Maia" (1978). Participa na série "Espelho dos Acácios" de 1979. Nesse ano gravou o tema "Caso Meu" da telenovela brasileira "Dona Xepa" e interpretou o tema "L'amour à la Française" em dueto com Art Sullivan. Participou no Festival RTP da Canção em 1982, com o tema "Vai mas Vem". O grupo Cocktail termina em 1984. Fez espectáculos de Verão com as Doce, onde permaneceu até à extinção do grupo. Mudou de nome artístico para Ágata. Em 1986 é editado o single "Quentinha e boa" de Luís Filipe Aguiar, e cerca de um ano depois "Amor Latino", seguindo-se "Louca por ti" dirigido por Toy e Ricardo Landum. Muda de editora e, com a colaboração de Ricardo Landum, gravou o álbum “Perfume de Mulher”. Atingiu o seu primeiro disco de platina. Um êxito que se manteve por 52 semanas no Top do Made In Portugal.
Link816Ham Sandwich Ham Sandwich IrelandHam Sandwich Indie rock band from Kells, Ireland. Also known as HamsandwicH. Members: Niamh Farrell - vocals Podge McNamee - vocals and guitar Brian Darcy - guitar and piano David McEnroe - bass guitar Ollie Murphy - drums Former member: John Moore - bass guitar
Link321Eyelids Eyelids PortlandEyelids
Link1014The Weeks The Weeks The Weeks
Link618Puerto Rico All-Stars Puerto Rico All-Stars Puerto Rico All-Stars
Link159Iowa Iowa BelarusIOWA IOWA - Belarusian-Russian group, serving in the genres of pop rock and soul. Creativity of the group is designed for young people. IOWA (произносится Айова) — белорусско-российская группа, выступающая в жанрах поп-рок и соул. Творчество группы рассчитано на молодёжь.
Link321Exit 9 Exit 9 Exit 9 (2) One-album nine-piece funk band A group of young talented musicians that at the time in 1973-75 was only between age 16 and 20. The band started as a combo, but after several changes they recruited more members, most notably a horn-section. They built themself up as a funk/rock band named [b]Qualified Funk[/b]. But after [a=John Jenkins] and [a=Modeste Clarke] took over the managment, the name was changed to [b]Exit 9[/b]. After some hard work they managed to get an album deal with [l=Brunswick] and they recorded "Straight Up" in 1975.
Link618Kapena Kapena Kapena
Link123La Rue La Rue La Rue (5)
Link222Ben Saunders Ben Saunders NetherlandsBen Saunders (2) Singer, born in London, England and living in the Netherlands, who won the title of the Dutch singing competition The Voice of Holland in 2011. Brother of [a=Dean Saunders (2)].
Link1013Ballyhoo! Ballyhoo! Ballyhoo! Reggae Rock band from USA.
Link914BEST FRIENDS BEST FRIENDS Sheffieldgarage/surf/pop - Sheffield, UKBest Friends (2)
Link518Stavangerensemblet Stavangerensemblet Stavangerensemblet Norwegian rock group formed in 1976. It was disbanded in 1985 and reunited in 2001. They called themselves the same as [a3299870], as a tribute to the old school classical orchestra from the first half of the 1900s. Members: - Frode Rønli: Vocals - Anders Bru: Guitar - Knut Køningsberg: Drums - Øystein Eldøy: Bass Former members: - Åge Jensen: Bass - Gunnar Engen: Bass - Terje Munthe: Guitar - Reidar Larsen: Piano, keyboards - Asle K. Nilsen (aka Genius Jr.): Piano, keyboards
Link122Direct Current Direct Current Direct Current [b]Disco vocal trio[/b] The three Clement sisters, Dorothy plus twins Denise and Deborah, were from Philadelphia vocal trio. They made the US R&B charts in 1979 with the self-penned "Everybody Here Must Party" on [l=TEC Records]. They produced an album the same year and also featured on [a=Instant Funk]'s 1982 [l=Salsoul Records] LP "Looks So Fine".
Link023Sixes Sixes SIXES Ryan Jencks Nom de guerre of experimental aktivist R. Jencks. Since the late 80's has performed as/with AZOG, Physics, Crash Worship, Pure, Carrion, Serpents, Deathroes, Man Slaughter, Summons & PHT.
Link221DJ René DJ René DJ Rene René van Oosterwijk Dutch Club-house-DJ & -producer. Former resident-DJ of club "Scala" (Utrecht, The Netherlands).
Link122Lank Lank Lank Péter Golyán Though only 20, Lank has been dealing with music composition for 7 years now. Thanks to the impact made on him by folk, classical and electronic music, he has an eclectic style, his tracks range from chill-out to tech-house. With several compositions behind, he joined [l=Strictly!], one of Hungarys most ambitious party series in 2002. From that year on we can talk about him as both a DJ and a producer, who is now well-known throughout the country. He played in nearly all the prominent clubs of Budapest, and played with names like Quivver, Shiloh, Johnny Orange, Anthony Pappa, or Özgür Can. His tracks were published on several occasions since 2003 on compilation CDs (MB Project - [r=525547], Strictly! Collection, Quasar - [r=423858]), and mix CDs as well (Strictly! One mixed by Blueboy, Terra mixed by [a=Slam Jr.]). His work gets more and more recognized outside the Hungarian progressive scene too, and several of his musics appear on international DJ charts. In 2005 he becomes one of the official DJs of the starting internet radio where the Strictly! team has a weekly show, called Strict Thursday (Slam Jr., Stone, Lank, [a=SanFranciscoBeat]). In the same year he made a remix for Snake Sedrick's [r=774215] by [l=Pure Substance Records] with great feedbacks and playlists all over the world. His name appeared in Frisky radios show, Immersed, and in the Greek as well. 2006 brings new challenges an opportunities to our little hero. Several publishers are interested in Lanks new tracks all over the world. His song the [r=841060] lands at [a=Quivver] ([l=BozBoz]). While other tracks, Both Beauty, 2D Bird and Spider On My Speaker are published by the Turkish-based [l=No Smoking Recordings] name of the new release is [r=840623]. As a result of this cooperation, he will play in the South-American publishers radio show on ADN Radio Station.
Link122Eric Vincent Eric Vincent Eric Vincent
Link221Joe Carson Joe Carson 1960s Honky Tonk ArtistJoe Carson
Link122Léo Benoît Léo Benoît Léo Benoit
Link122Ron Holden Ron Holden Ron Holden Rolan Webster Holden American soul singer born on August 7, 1939 in Seattle, Washington. Died on January 22, 1997 in Mexico.
Link716SONANCE SONANCE BristolSonance Noise, Metal, Doom, Atmospheric, Drone band from Bristol Ben - guitar Chino - bass / vocals Jamie - drums Will - guitar / vocals
Link176Kylee Kylee JapanKylee (3) Kylee Saunders Singer/songwriter born to an American father and Japanese mother, performing in both languages. Born May 25, 1994.
Link122Carmen Costa Carmen Costa Carmen Costa Brazilian latin jazz percussionist and vocalist. Worked with : Lalo Schifrin, Bob Brookmeyer, Mongo Santamaria, Bola Sete, Dizzy Gillespie and others. Born : July 05, 1920 in Trajano De Morais, Brazil. Died : April 25, 2007 in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.
Link122Spence Spence Spence Henk Braaf Born in August 20, 1957. He is the youngest child of his siblings. Lives in Amsterdam, The Netherlands with wife, daughter and son. Started playing guitar at a very young age. Inspired by Jimi Hendrix and Herbie Hancock among other musicians, he used to play and tour around Europe with Dutch artists like Tony Sherman and The Sherman Brothers. He received positive remarks by Tony Sherman and people that heard him play, because he had the ability to play various styles of music. He worked with Jurre Haanstra in the late 70's. He played guitar on the Forest Eyes LP by Stan Getz, produced and conducted by Jurre Haanstra in 1979 and they composed a track for Katie Kissoon in 1981, named, If The Feeling Is Right, for a Dutch produced LP. In the early 80's, Henk had a few demo's on tapes that he wanted to release. He got to contact top Dutch producers Richard de Bois and Peter van Asten, thanks to Jurre Haanstra. Henk introduced Get It On to them and his Dutch TOP 40 hit and Euro floor filler was released in August of 1983. He played all the instruments on Get It On, except keys by Glenn Gaddum. A few other singles followed around 1984 and 1985 but they didn't get the attention of Get It On. He composed with Richard de Bois and Peter van Asten, the song, Bad Boy by Centerfold, released in early 1984. In summer of 1984, he performed in Sopot, Poland, at the Sopot Music Festival. In fall of 1985 he performed in Tokyo, Japan, at the World Popular Song Festival. Henk Braaf also played guitar and bass for other artists but also synthesiser on his own compositions and productions. He also composed for the Dolly Dots and other Dutch artists till the early 90's. He stopped with the music and finished his degree. He started a family and is again at his first love, the guitar, after more than 20 years put a side. He also plays guitar with his old musician friends and is also enjoying performing for and with freelance musicians on his free time.
Link122Nu Generation Nu Generation Nu Generation
Link1310Esbe Esbe Los AngelesEsbe
Link320The Steinways The Steinways The Steinways (2) US punk band.
Link320Morbius Morbius Death Metal band from United StatesMorbius (6) Death Metal band from Springfield, Virginia, USA. The band originally formed in 1990. They had disbanded before reuniting again in 2014.
Link419Tiny Fingers Tiny Fingers IsraelTiny Fingers
Link518The catholics The catholics AustraliaThe Catholics Australian jazz ensemble, formed by [a=Lloyd Swanton] in 1991.
Link122Too Much Trouble Too Much Trouble Too Much Trouble Also known as the Baby Geto Boys or TMT. Straight from the 5th Ward in Houston, Texas.
Link914Magnifico Magnifico SloveniaMagnifico Robert Pešut Singer from Slovenia of Yugoslavian ethnicity, born December 1, 1965 in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
Link1211Ann Reed Ann Reed United StatesAnn Reed Twelve-string guitar player, singer-songwriter from Minnesota.
Link203Young Doe Young Doe United StatesUS rapperYoung Doe
Link716René Schuurmans René Schuurmans NetherlandsRené Schuurmans
Link185Resgate Resgate Resgate (2)
Link617Porter Twin Disc Music Box Porter Twin Disc Music Box The Porter Twin Disc Music Box
Link122Funky Poets Funky Poets Funky Poets
Link221Cassius Clay Cassius Clay United StatesCassius Clay Cassius Marcellus Clay, Jr. American professional boxer, born 17 January 1942 in Louisville, Kentucky USA, died 3 June 2016 in Phoenix, Arizona, USA. An Olympic gold medalist in 1960, heavyweight World Champion from 1964-67, 1974-78, and 1978-79, he is nicknamed "The Greatest". Changed his name to [b]Muhammad Ali[/b] in the mid-1960's, when he converted to Islam. Since his retirement from boxing he has been active in humanitarian relief and the research into Parkinson's disease, which he was diagnosed with in the 1980's.
Link320The Windbreakers The Windbreakers Windbreakers
Link221Caravels Caravels Caravels Formed in 2006, Henderson, NV Disbanded in 2015
Link320Electronic System Electronic System Electronic System Dan Lacksman
Link122Mark Spoelstra Mark Spoelstra United StatesMark Spoelstra Mark Warren Spoelstra b. June 30, 1940 (Kansas City, Missouri) d. February 25, 2007 (Pioneer, California) American folk and blues singer, songwriter and guitarist.
Link1112Megson Megson United KingdomMegson (2) British Folk group.
Link617Mozzy Mozzy Mozzy
Link518Корни Корни Корни Russian boyband, the name translates into "Roots".
Link914KLB KLB BrazilKLB Kiko, Leandro & Bruno From São Paulo, Brazil
Link122Aiken Aiken Aiken Alfonso López Spanish producer
Link418Corn Flakes Corn Flakes Corn Flakes (2) Corn Flakes Melodic punk-Hardcore band Formed around 1989 in Barcelona.Catalonia (Spain). Members: [a2757406]: Vocals (in "[r3609244]" Demo) [a2757808], Alias [a1872867]: Vocals & Guitar [a2755748], Alias [a1870629], or Wats: Bass [a2757637], Alias [a1872869], Moncho: Drums Discography: “[r3609244]” (1989) DEMO “[r2826844]” ([l95200] (BC.001), 1990) “[r2346383]” ([l95200](BC.007), 1992) "[r2346418]" ([l95200](BC.016), 1993) "[r2344973]" ([l95200](BC.017), 1993) "[r2982472]" ([l95200](BC.025), 1995) “Mênage” ([l95200](BC.047) / RCA, 1997) “Windows” ([l95200](BC.048)/ RCA, 1997)
Link616Young Sam Young Sam United StatesYoung Sam
Link220Skinfull Skinfull Oi! band from EnglandSkinfull Oi! band from Coventry, UK.
Link319Airkraft Airkraft Airkraft (2) A.O.R. band Formed in 1982 in EauClaire, Wisconsin, U.S.
Link1012Laura Sullivan Laura Sullivan Laura Sullivan
Link418Steak Steak LondonSteak (4)
Link220Face Value Face Value United StatesFace Value (2) Cleveland posi-hardcore punk band formed in June 1989 from the Former 'the Bagmen," after singer Don Foose departed. Founding members Scott Doland (Drums), & Tony Hinton (Bass) recruited "Downtown" Brown (guitar), and added vocalist Tony Erba. In 1992 the Bassist left the band to serve a Three year prison sentence. In 1993 vocalist Erba quit over the state of the hardcore scene in Cleveland. in 1994 Face Value did a European tour with replacement front man Tommy Viets. Jeff Desterhaft joined as singer in 1995 with the release of 'Choices.'
Link220Barry and the Tamerlanes Barry and the Tamerlanes United StatesBarry And The Tamerlanes
Link517KaRRamBa KaRRamBa PolandKarramba Marcin Kitliński
Link121Timmo Timmo Timmo Valeri Ivanov DJ and producer from Bulgaria.
Link121DJ RPM DJ RPM DJ RPM Alexander Zemanek
Link517The Warren Brothers The Warren Brothers United StatesThe Warren Brothers American country music duo
Link418Metalian Metalian MontrealMetalian
Link1210European Jazz Trio European Jazz Trio European Jazz Trio (2)
Link121SchwaB SchwaB SchwaB Pop/Rock group.
Link616Navarone Navarone NetherlandsNavarone (2) Navarone is a Dutch rock band rooted in Nijmegen. The five-piece band was founded in 2008, but worked four years to sharpen their songs, sounds, vision and live show. In September 2012 Navarone self-released their debut album A Darker Shade Of White, which was recorded live in a former pig shed in Limburg, The Netherlands, and was mixed by Grammy Award winning engineer Vance Powell (Jack White, Beck, The Raconteurs). The album release show sold out in just 10 days and the press unanimously praised A Darker Shade Of White for its unique and innovatory interpretation of 70’s rock and the uncompromised way it has been released. During their live shows Navarone drags you from gloomy and hypnotizing soundscapes to high-energy rock ‘n roll, with the powerful high voice of frontman Merijn van Haren and the filthy, interwoven guitar licks of the band’s guitar-twins Roman Huijbreghs and Kees Lewiszong being the absolute ear catchers. Navarone has the soul of 70’s rock, with the urgent bite of the future.
Link121Fingerprints Fingerprints Fingerprints (2) Swedish Pop/Rock band.
Link418Morgenrot Morgenrot Morgenrot
Link220Gros Gros SwedenSwedish electronicGros Swedish duo Wilhelm Bohman & Henrik "Pusch" Johansson.
Link1111Debbie Friedman Debbie Friedman United StatesDebbie Friedman Deborah Lynn Friedman American Jewish composer, singer, and recording artist. Born on Feb. 23, 1951, in Utica, N.Y., USA, died Jan. 9, 2011 n in Mission Viejo, Ca., USA.
Link319State Property State Property State Property Rap group from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA led by rapper [a81206] with Philly rappers [a166190], [a199332], [a299305], [a181373], the [a181371].
Link319Leo García Leo García ArgentinaLeo Garcia Leonardo Damián García
Link121M.A.N.I.C. M.A.N.I.C. M.A.N.I.C. Kieron Jolliffe & Lee Hudson "Music.Audio.Noise.Inducement.Control"
Link220Jackie Mason Jackie Mason ComedianJackie Mason Yacov Moshe Moaza Born: June 9, 1934, Sheboygan, Wisconsin
Link913Kahlkopf Kahlkopf Kahlkopf German RAC/Metal group from Bad Homburg, founded in 1981 Not to be convused with [a=Kahlkopf (3)] from Meppen
Link121Keja Keja FranceKeja
Link319Christian Morin Christian Morin FranceChristian Morin Christian Morin Born March 2, 1945 in Bordeaux, is a television and radio French musician (clarinetist) converted in comedy.
Link319Mordbrand Mordbrand SwedenMordbrand Death metal band from Sweden.
Link211Alex Roe Alex Roe United KingdomAlex Roe (2) Alex Roe also known as RoeTaKa is a prolific composer and remixer from Cambridgeshire, UK with soulful writing and a unique sense of sound. He has honed his skills as an electronic composer for almost nine years using FLStudio. As a gamer that has played games his entire life with a deep appreciation for its evolving music he strongly understands what is needed by composers from developers and hopes to continue to bring the best music the medium can offer. He also has a varied background of musical performance, studio production, art/photoshop, game design and programming in Java and MaxMSP. Alex has also been awarded for his work on his debut album "Strings of Time", his concept album "Praxis" and his soundtrack to the discontinued fan game "Chrono Ark" by the UK Songwriting Contest. Besides his solo work he has also composed music for independent games, apps, radio and other media such as promotional video and jingles. Music has been a passionate hobby and interest from an early age and Alex is an adept writer of many styles of music from classical to modern electronic, he vastly enjoys the challenges of demanding projects and sounds that keep you coming back.
Link121Curtis Gordon Curtis Gordon United StatesCurtis Gordon Curtis Gordon (Jul. 27, 1928 - May 2, 2004) was an American rockabilly singer. Gordon was heavily influenced by Ernest Tubb, Bob Wills, and Jimmie Rodgers as a child. He won a radio talent show as a teen and left high school to be the lead singer of his own band, which included fiddle player Jimmy Bryant. His parents demanded that he return to school and give up the band; he did so, though he moonlighted with a band called Pee Wee Mills & the Twilight Cowboys, who operated out of Gulfport, Mississippi. He formed a new Western swing band of his own at age 21 and began touring the Southeast United States. Gordon served in the Army briefly during the Korean War; while there he met Roger Miller, whom he later helped get signed. In June 1952, an employee of RCA Victor heard Gordon playing in a contest in Atlanta and told executive Steve Sholes about him. Gordon signed with RCA soon after and began recording for the label in the fall. He appeared on the Grand Ole Opry and supported Ernest Tubb, Elvis Presley, and Hank Snow on tour. His records sold modestly, though they never charted; he remained on RCA for two years, and when his contract expired he was snapped up by Mercury Records. Gordon's style changed while on Mercury, for a number of possible reasons. The label let him record much of his own material, he worked extensively with producer Pappy Daily, and the nascent rock & roll movement had changed tastes. His recordings of 1956-57 are a mix of Western swing, rock and roll, and straight country music. He played regularly in Mobile, Alabama and toured the South sporadically. He recorded with Dollie Records at the end of the 1950s, his last major contract; he continued performing locally for some time after that. He ran a dance club in Georgia in the 1970s, and returned to rockabilly performing in the 1980s as the Europeans revived it.
Link319Walter Hawkins Walter Hawkins United StatesWalter Hawkins Bishop Walter Lee Hawkins Award-winning American gospel music singer and ordained bishop. He was married to [a350145]. Born May 18, 1949. Died July 11, 2010.
Link814World of Leather World of Leather World Of Leather (2) World Of Leather
Link616Lee Scott Lee Scott Lee Scott Lee Scott MC/Producer from Runcorn, UK. Founder of Blah Records, member of Cult Mountain, Cult of The Damned & more.
Link121Wes Harrison Wes Harrison Wes Harrison Also known as "Mr. Sound Effects", is an American comedian and voice actor, notable for his ability to create realistic sound effects using only his voice and a Shure 530 Slendyne microphone. Wes Harrison makes all his sound effects without the help of tape recorders or other electronic devices. Harrison has a comic style reminiscent of Red Skelton, but uses noises instead of physical shtick.
Link814Michael Lington Michael Lington DenmarkMichael Lington American saxophonist
Link418Law and Order Law and Order New YorkAmerican Heavy/Hard Rock BandLaw And Order
Link184Septa Septa OdessaSepta (2)
Link517The fin. The fin. JapanThe Fin. The Fin. is a Japanese indie band from Kobe. Members: Yuto Uchino (vocals, synthesizer), Ryosuke Odagaki (guitar), Kaoru Nakazawa (drums) Ex-members: Takayasu Taguchi (bass)
Link121Ricky Grant Ricky Grant Ricky Grant Jamaican singer born circa 1950.
Link418Javier Bátiz Javier Bátiz MexicoJavier Batiz Javier Issac Medina Nuñez Born: June 3, 1944 in Tijuana, Mx. Mexican blues guitar legend who was one of the pioneers of the Mexican Rock 'N Roll scene in the 60's. In 1957 he formed his first band called "Los TJ's" Said to be a mentor of such artists as [a79340], [a1557582], [a280077] & [a397951]
Link121Headwound Headwound United StatesHeadwound Oi band from New Jersey, USA. Vocals: Choppie Sinclair Guitar: Harry Baggs Drums: Johnny Hate Bass: Quincy McGirk
Link319Ratboys Ratboys ChicagoRatboys
Link121Fickle Pickle Fickle Pickle United KingdomLondon, psych popFickle Pickle [b]Fickle Pickle[/b] were a North-West London-based studio band, made up of sundry producers, engineers and session-men, which was formed/active during the early 1970's. A bit of a English psych pop "Supergroup", [b]Fickle Pickle[/b] consisted of [a=Cliff Wade] and [a=Geoff Gill] (of [a=Smoke]), [a=Wil Malone] of ([a=Orange Bicycle] and [a=Bobak, Jons, Malone] (of "[r=2039941]" fame)), and ex-[b]Jude[/b] and [a=Red Dirt] member [a=Steve Howden (2)]. [a=Danny Beckerman] occasionally augmented their lineup, both as a musician and as a songwriter..
Link022Don Paulin Don Paulin Don Paulin Don Paulin Don Paulin was born in Philadelphia/ Pennsylvania in 1929, but after some psych and sociology at Temple and Columbia, went on the international road as an author, singer & songwriter. He settled down in Germany in the mid-60s and made a living by recording numerous so called folklore-LPs, a style that occupied everything from nursery rhymes via skiffle to fake protest. In 1967 he married a german girl and stayed in the local area of Munich, where he met the german jazz masters Ingfried Hoffmann and Siegfried Schwab to produce "Me And My Papagayo". Don Paulin returned to the US in the 70s and passed away far too early because of unknown circumdstances.
Link220Sancocho Sancocho Sancocho Norberto Cotto
Link418Carlos Ponce Carlos Ponce Carlos Ponce
Link418Andras Fox Andras Fox MelbourneAndras Fox Andras is the stage name of Andrew Wilson, an Australian musician living and working in Melbourne. In addition to his production work, Andrew co-hosts the radio show 'Strange Holiday' on 3RRR 102.7fm.
Link319Landscapes Landscapes Landscapes British modern hardcore band from Somerset, United Kingdom. Formed in 2010. Released the EP "Reminiscence" in May of 2010 on Broken Night Records. Released the Album "Life Gone Wrong" in 2012 on City Of Gold Records. Rereleased the Album "Life Gone Wrong" in 2013 through Pure Noise Records. Released the Album "Modern Earth" on 08 April 2016 on Pure Noise Records.
Link1110GiedRé GiedRé FranceLithuanian singer-songwriter comedian based in FranceGiedré Giedrė Barauskaitė
Link174Dave Days Dave Days Dave Days David Joseph Colditz American singer, musician and entertainer, born August 13, 1991 in Downingtown, Pennsylvania.
Link615D-Type D-Type D-Type Karl Francis
Link417Hot Lunch Hot Lunch San FranciscoHot Lunch (2)
Link318Dert Dert United StatesDert Don Baker Hip-hop producer from West Covina, CA.
Link219Sack Sack Sack (2) Martin McCann (vocals), John Brereton (guitar), Derek Lee (bass), Simon Quigley (keyboards) & Tony Brereton (drums).
Link219Hoodratz Hoodratz Hoodratz Early '90s hip-hop group composed of [a=Lamont Lake] and [a=Mark Eason]. They released one album.
Link318Medi Medi FranceMedi Mehdi Parisot
Link156John Darnall John Darnall John Darnall John Joel Darnall American musician, composer, arranger, conductor, producer and engineer, born November 22, 1943 in Murray, Kentucky. Based in Nashville.
Link219Xerión Xerión Xerión Black metal band from Spain. Formed in 2001.
Link219Noldor Noldor Noldor German Ambient/Noise Project. Inspired by J.R.R. Tolkien
Link120Donna Lynn Donna Lynn Donna Lynn Donna Lynn Albano Canadian teen pop singer, born in 1950.
Link417Kevin Pearce Kevin Pearce United KingdomKevin Pearce (4) Kevin Pearce Essex based folk singer-songwriter who works extensively with [a=Dean Honer] of [a=I Monster].
Link021Christer Björkman Christer Björkman SwedenChrister Björkman Swedish singer born in 1957. Is involved with the Swedish version of the "Eurovision Song Contest".
Link318Mon Amour Mon Amour NetherlandsDutch BandMon Amour (2)
Link615Mother's Children Mother's Children OttawaCanadian power pop/punk bandMother's Children
Link318Colinda Colinda Colinda (2)
Link147dustbox dustbox dustbox Dustbox is a fast pop punk band from Japan.
Link912Santiago Cruz Santiago Cruz ColombiaSantiago Cruz
Link813Albert Cummings Albert Cummings United StatesAlbert Cummings
Link516Sérgio Sampaio Sérgio Sampaio Sérgio Sampaio
Link120Pat Wilson Pat Wilson Australiafemale Australian singerPat Wilson (2) Patricia Mary Wilson Australian singer and journalist, formerly married to [a=Ross Wilson (2)]
Link318Coves Coves United KingdomCoves John Ridgard & Beck Wood Having released their debut EP ‘Cast A Shadow’ last year and recent single “Last Desire” to critical acclaim; Coves have already had the backing of BBC Radio 1’s Zane Lowe, Huw Stephens, Nick Grimshaw, 6Music’s Lauren Laverne, Don Letts and Radcliffe and Maconie and XFM’s John Kennedy. They have also had support from NME, The Fly, The Line of Best Fit, Loud & Quiet, as well as Dazed & Confused, Clash, Planet Notion and had a much-coveted Guardian ‘New Band of the Day.’ Their scuzzy cover of Chris Isaak’s ‘Wicked Game’ peaked at No. 1 on the Hype Machine last year and has since been used to advertise ‘The White Queen’ drama series across BBC’s networks. An impressive feat for a band who until recently had been unsigned.
Link219Edgewise Edgewise United StatesEdgewise (2) American hardcore band from West Chester, Pennsylvania. Formed 1989.
Link120Supertouch Supertouch United StatesSupertouch American hardcore band from New York City.
Link714Jim Weiss Jim Weiss Jim Weiss American children's storyteller, and founder of [l=Greathall Productions], born November 24, 1948.
Link1011La-33 La-33 ColombiaLa-33 Colombian Salsa band
Link813Julie Wilson Julie Wilson United StatesWhite Female Jazz Singer circa 1950s cabaret singerJulie Wilson Julie May Wilson Julie Wilson (born October 21, 1924, Omaha, Nebraska, USA – died April 5, 2015, New York City, New York, USA) was an American singer and actress.
Link318Angry Man Angry Man Angry Man Craig Purvis Hard/acid/tech-trance DJ & producer from UK. Contact:
Link138Tom Rosenthal Tom Rosenthal United KingdomTom Rosenthal (4) Songwriter from London, England
Link120Venkman Venkman Venkman Kieran Venkman UK electronic dance music DJ / producer, originally from Lancashire, England Style: Hard House
Link1011The Hot Rod Gang The Hot Rod Gang GermanyGerman rockabilly bandThe Hot Rod Gang (2) Rock'n'Roll Rockabilly trio from Langenzenn (near Fürth, Germany), formed 1985.
Link120Ralph Thamar Ralph Thamar Ralph Thamar Born in 1952 in Fort-de-France, the capital of Martinique.
Link615Andrew Forrest Andrew Forrest United KingdomUK born ambient musicianAndrew Forrest
Link1110Pamela Williams Pamela Williams United StatesPamela Williams (3) Dubbed "the Saxtress" after the title of her debut record, Pamela Williams is undoubtedly, one of the most popular performers on today's smooth jazz scene. However, we've long preferred to refer to Ms Williams affectionately as the first lady of sax!! Although she established her solo career in LA, Williams' molded her musical identity during her youth. Her talents were nurtured by the rich musical heritage of Philadelphia. One of her earliest influences was the late great Grover Washington Jr. whose cutting-edge blend of styles first inspired Williams with an interest in jazz. Pamela tours the world electrifying audiences with her dynamic sound and captivating stage presence. Pamela Williams has toured extensively with Patti LaBelle and Teena Marie. Williams has also worked with Babyface, Chante Moore, Sheila E.,the Ohio Players and has appeared in a variety of videos by artists ranging from soul veteran Barry White ("Come On") to rapper/actress Queen Latifah ("Hard Times"). She’s recently been on the same bill as a solo featured artist with John Legend, Toni Braxton, Eric Benet, George Benson, to name a few. A Pamela Williams is multi-talented recording artist, composer, and producer who plays flute and piano in addition to the saxophone. She has written and produced songs for the late Teena Marie. She has also produced a gospel project for an upcoming vocalist. Williams made her solo debut in 1996 with The Saxtress, an album that immediately brought her name into the limelight. The project peaked within the Billboard Contemporary Jazz Album top 10 and remained on the chart for full five months while also earning her the title of Best Female Contemporary Jazz Artist of the Year. On that release and on each of her subsequent projects, Williams has continued to exhibit a stylish blend of flavors, from Latin & jazz, Funk, to R&B, hip-hop and house. Pamela Williams has 10 Cds to her credit. She presently tours around the world.
Link417Skeletal Remains Skeletal Remains United StatesSkeletal Remains (3) Death metal band from California, US.
Link183The Starlite Orchestra & Singers The Starlite Orchestra & Singers CanadaMadacy artistsThe Starlite Orchestra And Singers
Link516Rational Anthem Rational Anthem SarasotaPunk rockRational Anthem US punk band from Sarasota, Florida.
Link120L.A. Star L.A. Star L.A. Star Lisa Ali
Link813Corey Stevens Corey Stevens United StatesCorey Stevens
Link219Swamp Rats Swamp Rats United StatesThe Swamp Rats Garage rock group from Pittsburgh, PA. They released a number of singles in 1967 & 68.
Link1011Wind Machine Wind Machine Wind Machine
Link417Butch Thompson Butch Thompson United StatesButch Thompson American jazz pianist, born in 1943 in Marine on St. Croix, Minnesota, USA.
Link318Pat Cooper Pat Cooper United StatesPat Cooper American actor and comedian.
Link021Charlie's Roots Charlie's Roots Charlies Roots
Link120Czarnobog Czarnobog GermanyCzarnobog One-man pagan/black metal act, originating from Russia currently residing in Germany. Formed in 2012.
Link219James Rivers James Rivers James Rivers Saxophonist, songwriter and producer from New Orleans.
Link714Lizzo Lizzo MinnesotaMinnesota rapper Melissa Viviane JeffersonLizzo
Link615The Fades The Fades United KingdomThe Fades The Fades
Link318The Harper Brothers The Harper Brothers The Harper Brothers American jazz band formed in 1985 in New York City, active into the 1990's.
Link912Sonic Death Sonic Death Sankt-PeterburgSonic Death (2)
Link218Ian North Ian North United StatesIan North Ian North Originally the songwriter/guitarist with Milk n' Cookies in New York, Ian moved to London to become a solo artist. That fell through and he decided to start a punk band - Ian North's Radio in April 1977 - which soon became Neo. The group continued until 1979, when Ian North released a solo album called "Neo" and continued as a solo artist.
Link317Alex Harvey and His Soul Band Alex Harvey and His Soul Band Alex Harvey & His Soul Band Although the original "Soul Band" was from Scotland on most of the existing Polydor recordings they were replaced by [a=King Size Taylor & The Dominoes] from Liverpool as Alex Harvey's backing band. Recordings of the original "Alex Harvey & His Soul Band" can be heard on the [url=]Teenage A Go Go[/url] CD release.
Link119Madura Madura Madura Wide-ranging rock, funk, soul, prog band.
Link119The Erotics The Erotics The Erotics (2)
Link515Jim Byrnes Jim Byrnes United StatesJim Byrnes James Thomas Kevin "Jim" Byrnes American Blues singer, Jim Byrnes was born September 22, 1948 in St. Louis, Missouri. Living in Vancouver, B.C., Canada.
Link812Michala Petri Michala Petri DenmarkMichala Petri Danish recorder player, born 7 July 1958, in Copenhagen.
Link416Ludes Ludes Ludes
Link119Pengo Pengo Pengo Pengo is a three-headed avant/drone/noise/psych hydra spawned in the toxic wasteland of Rochester New York. Many disparate strains of underground sounds mesh to form the perplexing and at times alienating music that Pengo performs. They seem to have tapped into the long standing outsider/freak vibe that has been a constant in Rochester since the late 60's (See: Armand Schaubroeck, Lydia Lunch, Coffee and Nod.) They have been described as sounding like the following, Sun Ra, AMM, Art Ensemble of Chicago, Throbbing Gristle, Couch(U.S.), Suicide, NNCK, Les Rallize De Nudes and even Rema Rema on couch syrup. While Pengo is flattered by these comparisons they feel that they simply sound like Pengo. The one constant in Pengo is change, you will never see two Pengo shows that are the same.
Link416Rusty Blade Rusty Blade Rusty Blade Heavy Metal act from Singapore. Formed in 1985.
Link713Walton Walton United KingdomWalton (2) Sam Walton
Link515The High Wire The High Wire The High Wire
Link164Aaron Watson Aaron Watson United StatesAaron Watson (2)
Link911Handsome Poets Handsome Poets NetherlandsHandsome Poets Dutch group from Gouda, founded in 2009. Currently consisting of: Tim van Esch - Leadsinger Daniel Smit - Drums Nils Davidse - Keyboard Eelke Mastebroek - Guitar
Link218Rapublic Rapublic Rapublic
Link119World Premiere World Premiere World Premiere (2) Douglas Pittman Studio assemblage created by Producer Douglas Pittman
Link119Dis 'N' Dat Dis 'N' Dat Dis 'N' Dat Tishea and Tenesia Bennett
Link218No Tolerance No Tolerance BostonNo Tolerance
Link128Mandisa Mandisa United StatesMandisa Mandisa Lynn Hundley American singer and songwriter born October 2, 1976.
Link218Samantha Cole Samantha Cole United StatesSamantha Cole
Link614Guaraná Guaraná SpainGuarana Guaraná Guaraná is the name of the Spanish music group currently composed of Juanra Arnaiz and David Navarro
Link119Isha D Isha D Isha-D Beverly Reppion
Link515The Blue Hawaiians The Blue Hawaiians United StatesThe Blue Hawaiians [a=Mark Fontana], [a=Erik Godal], [a=Mark Sproull] and [a=Gary Brandin] The Blue Hawaiians are a surf rock group from Los Angeles. They formed in 1994 to play at the opening of their friend Michelle's club, The Lava Lounge. They rose to fame soon thereafter due to the rise of one of their earliest fans, Quentin Tarantino, and an appearance on the soundtrack of the hit TV show Friends and the 1996 film Underworld. The group have since released several albums which have generally fared well with critics. The band also does music for the hit cartoon series SpongeBob SquarePants and their song A Cheat was featured in an advert for Guess Jeans. Current band members include: Mark Fontana, Erik Godal, Mark Sproull, Maxwellvision, Gary Brandin. The band are in a self-described “semi-hiatus” but continue to play infrequent live shows, including appearances at the annual Tiki Oasis music festival.
Link218Seven Stories Seven Stories AustraliaSeven Stories
Link911Sworn In Sworn In Sworn In Hardcore punk band based in Northampton, UK formed in early 2001. Delaney Jae - Vocals Matt Smith - Guitar Steve Meader - Guitar Buddy Hell - Bass Alex Smith - Drums
Link119Васил Найденов Васил Найденов Васил Найденов Bulgarian pop singer, composer and creator of song lyrics.
Link713Al Cook Al Cook Al Cook (2) Alois Koch Austrian Blues guitarist and singer He was born February 27, 1945 in Bad Ischl, Austria. After watching an Elvis Presley movie, he wanted to become a musician. He is still one of Austria's most prominent blues musicians.
Link119Ben Camp Ben Camp Ben Camp Ben Camp Producer and DJ based in Philadelphia, USA. His influences include deep and progressive house as well as breakbeat and electro. Producing and DJ'ing under the name Datajack until 2001, his first solo project was signed to Chris Fortier's Fade Recordings and was featured on his "Bedrock" double-disc mix. Since then he has released records on Dorigen, Stellar, Kubist, Erase, Silver Planet and other labels. Most of his recent work has been with Mat Leutwyler as [a=BCML]. He also works with the non-profit multimedia and education group Arts In Motion. In 2007 he started the netlabel HumanNature Music.
Link515Jack Rabbit Slim Jack Rabbit Slim Jack Rabbit Slim
Link119The West End Orchestra & Singers The West End Orchestra & Singers West End Orchestra & Singers
Link119Outlaw Posse Outlaw Posse Outlaw Posse Early 90s UK hip-hop group.
Link218EDH EDH Edh Emmanuelle De Hericourt
Link218Fugi Fugi Fugi Ellington Jordan Alias of Ellington Jordan. He recorded the psychedelic soul-funk classic "Mary, Don't Take Me On No Bad Trip" in 1968 with his backing band [a=Black Merda].
Link128Jana Kramer Jana Kramer United StatesJana Kramer Jana Rae Kramer American country music singer and actress, born 2 December 1983 in Detroit, Michigan, USA.
Link416Terry & The Pirates Terry & The Pirates Terry And The Pirates Late 1970's to early 1980's band.
Link119Saša Kovačević Saša Kovačević SerbiaSerbian singerSaša Kovačević Saša Kovačević Serbian pop singer.
Link218Hellchild Hellchild JapanHellchild Influential and long-lived Japanese metal/hardcore band. Formed in 1987, split in 2001. Its members, minus the guitar player, went on to form From Hell, which split in 2004 following bassist Yasuo's untimely death.
Link119The Handbaggers The Handbaggers The Handbaggers
Link119Life's Addiction Life's Addiction Life's Addiction Tim O'Riordan : Music Alisonshine : Vocals
Link218Arms Race Arms Race LondonUK punkArms Race (2) Hardcore Punk band from London, UK
Link119Steve Archer Steve Archer United StatesSteve Archer
Link218Clover Leaf Clover Leaf Clover Leaf
Link119Shane Morris Shane Morris Shane Morris (3) Shane Morris Multi-instrumentalist and composer of ambient, world and electronic music, Shane Morris has spent most of his life exploring and cultivating sounds and their relationships. Inspired by nature, patterns, systems, and science, Morris weaves tribal rhythms, ethereal atmospheres, and digital electronica into mystic soundscapes that are rooted in traditions of the past while embracing contemporary technology. Shane Morris is a BMI recording artist with music released at Spotted Peccary/Lotuspike, Relaxed Machinery, and independently, as well as many releases licensed in Creative Commons.
Link614Matt Davey Matt Davey Matt Davey Matthew Carl Davey DJ & producer from Nottingham, United Kingdom. Bookings: Promos:
Link119Junior Dan Junior Dan Junior Dan Sydney Gussine
Link911Speedwhore Speedwhore GermanymetalSpeedwhore German Thrash Metal band, formed in 2006.
Link515Shane Alexander Shane Alexander United StatesShane Alexander
Link218Saville Saville Saville Ken O'Duffy - Vocals / Acoustic Guitar / Electric Guitar / Backing Vocals. Tosh Flood - Electric Guitars / Acocustic Guitars / Keyboards / Backing Vocals / All other instruments. VIn Duffy - Bass Guitar / Backing Vocals. Joe Fitzgerald - Drums / Percussion. Past Members: Mick Innes - Keyboards [1996 to 1998]
Link119Kay Gardner Kay Gardner kay Gardner Kay Gardner American flautist, died August 28, 2002. Not to be confused with British studio singer [a=Kay Garner]. She is known for her work, as an original member, of the groundbreaking "Womyn's Music" group, [a=Lavender Jane], as well as her solo releases.
Link812Lach Lach Lach As a songwriter Lach founded the Antifolk art and music movement, which is cited as a main inspiration by hundreds of performers today from Beck and Jeffrey Lewis to Hamell on Trial, The Moldy Peaches and Regina Spektor in the US to the likes of Laura Marling in the UK. Lach has released six albums and a regular series on BBC Radio 4 called The Lach Chronicles.
Link119Chuck Wood Chuck Wood Chuck Wood
Link317Kapitan Nemo Kapitan Nemo PolandKapitan Nemo Bogdan Gajkowski
Link218Yeliz Yeliz TurkeyYeliz Yeliz Eker
Link713B-DASH B-DASH JapanB-Dash
Link416Anita Ellis Anita Ellis Anita Ellis Anita Kert Ellis Anita Kert Ellis (born Anita Kurt) is a Canadian-born American singer and actress. Was born: April 12, 1920, Montreal, Quebec, Canada
Link416The Mules The Mules United KingdomThe Mules Duncan Brown - guitar / Timothy Burke - piano & synthesisers / Jenny Lau - fiddle / Jim Lesslie - bass / Ed Seed - drums & singing / with sometime contributions from Adam Beach (bass), Nico Beedle (fiddle), Henry Brown (bass), Nick Gill (guitar), Tim Hancock (piano), Tom Hobden (fiddle) and Dominic McGuinness (guitar).
Link317Khan Jamal Khan Jamal United StatesKhan Jamal Warren Robert Cheeseboro American jazz vibraphone and marimba player (born 23 July, 1946 in Jacksonville, Florida).
Link614Chris Staples Chris Staples Chris Staples Chris Staples
Link515The Correspondents The Correspondents The Correspondents
Link119Formation Formation South London DuoFormation (3)
Link218Ηρώ Ηρώ GreeceΗρώ Ηρώ Λεχουρίτη
Link812Sungod Sungod Space Rock groupSungod (2)
Link218Midnight Flyer Midnight Flyer Midnight Flyer
Link515Gossling Gossling Gossling
Link514A.S.I.A. A.S.I.A. RomaniaRomania/popA.S.I.A.
Link118The Yobs The Yobs The Yobs AKA The Boys.
Link118Luis Pérez Meza Luis Pérez Meza MexicoLuis Perez Meza Ignacio Pérez Meza Mexican singer and songwriter of banda and ranchera music who also appeared in several films of the Golden Age of Mexican cinema. (22 May 1917 – 9 June 1981)
Link316Pete Morton Pete Morton United KingdomPete Morton (2) Songwriter, singer and 'folk rapper' with a wealth of great songs and stage presence.
Link109Kabanos Kabanos PolandKabanos Kabanos is polish rock-metal band formedin 1997 in Piaseczno by Zenon Danon (now Kupatasa) and Zbyszek Szajbner.
Link514Wendell Hall Wendell Hall United StatesWendell Hall Wendell Woods Hall (1869 - 1969) American country singer, vaudeville artist, songwriter, pioneer radio performer, Victor recording artist and ukulele player known popularly as "The Red Headed Music Maker."
Link217The Bureau The Bureau The Bureau (2) The Bureau were a New Wave soul group formed in late 1980 in Birmingham, England when the original lineup of [a=Dexys Midnight Runners] split-up. Ex-Dexy's members Pete Williams (bass), Geoff Blythe (tenor saxophone, previously of [a=Geno Washington & The Ram Jam Band], Steve Spooner (alto sax), Stoker (drums), and Mick Talbot (who, before Dexys, had been in [a=Merton Parkas] on keyboards, ) were joined by Paul Taylor (trombone), Rob Jones (guitar and trumpet), and Archie Brown (vocals) from a group called [a=The Upset] which had supported Dexy's on tour. The Bureau retained their Dexy's roots and played powerful brass driven sounds.
Link154Charlie Cruz Charlie Cruz Puerto RicoCharlie Cruz Charlie Cruz (born 3 April 1975 in Río Piedras, Puerto Rico) is one of the new stars of the salsa music genre. Signed up by Sir George Records, under this label he produced such hits as "Bombon de Azucar" and "Amarte es un problema".
Link118Nick Scotti Nick Scotti Nick Scotti Actor, singer and model originally from Queens, NY. In the late 1990s Nick starred in the film Kiss Me, Guido, as well as having a contract role as Tony on the CBS soap opera The Young & The Restless.
Link019DJ Kriss DJ Kriss DJ Kriss French Techno dj & producer. His career started 20 years ago when he played for his friends and in local Montpellier clubs (southern France).His first nickname was Kriss De Toulouse. Then his reputation grew rapidly as one of the first techno star DJs. He mixes techno, house and hip hop and even produced an acclaimed EP on Communiqué (USA), the label of Woody McBride.
Link316Pupae Pupae Pupae (2)
Link217Beth Patterson Beth Patterson Beth Patterson (2) Beth Patterson Beth Patterson is an American musician combining traditional Irish, Celtic and Folk ballads with Cajun, World-Beat and Progressive Rock influences.
Link118Ryuji Takeuchi Ryuji Takeuchi Ryuji Takeuchi Ryuji Takeuchi Ryuji Takeuchi was born in Osaka, then first contacted with Techno in the early 90s. In the late 90s, he moved to the US, where he started to spin at parties with his friends. At that time, Techno, Electro and House got his attention. As soon as he made home he obtained 2 turntables and a mixer, so that he check out a lot of records for inspirations. For the moment, he was interested in deep house, jazz and ambient as well as Techno, Electro and House. He soon got a sampler and sequencer to start his career as a producer, eventually learned about programming and editing. That was the moment when he unconsciously established his studio skills to transform plenty of idea to sound. There are more than a few tracks that caught an attention from everywhere. Then, he has recently established his own imprint, 'Local Sound Network' on which he intends to introduce undoubtfully talented producers to all over the world. Also, he founded 'LSN Booking' where he manages booking and promotion concerns for various artists. Through all the experiences, he’s been looking for the way to inspire the world...
Link217Hammer Bros. Hammer Bros. Hammer Bros.
Link415Cory Allen Cory Allen Cory Allen Cory Allen Cory Allen [b. 1982] is a composer and mastering engineer living in Austin, Texas. His work focuses on the manipulation of human perception with the intent of altering the listener's state of consciousness. Allen's music is deep, patient, meditative, highly-conceptual and often composed by implementing self-organizing structures, rule-based performances, set pitch classes and a wide variety of instruments. The Wire Magazine has called his work "elegant", while Was Ist Das says its "perfectly crafted" and an "artistic engineering achievement." Allen co-owns and operates the Quiet Design label on which he has curated and produced releases featuring artists such as Alvin Lucier, Steinbruchel, Tetuzi Akiyama, Jandek, Keith Rowe, Sebastien Roux, Erdem Helvacioglu, Duane Pitre, Yoshio Machida, Kim Myhr, and more. As of 2015, Quiet Design has released works by more than 35 artists in over 10 countries. Cory's work has been featured by the BBC, WDR Germany, Australia’s ABC Radio National, Wire Magazine, The American Music Center, Fluid Radio, Alarm Press, Tokafi, and many others. His work has been presented by the Austin Museum of Art, MTV, SXSW Film Festival, Houston Museum of Fine Arts, and more. For his work Exedra, Allen was awarded a residency at the Atlantic Center for the Arts.
Link415Johnny Lima Johnny Lima Johnny Lima
Link217Spellcaster Spellcaster United StatesSpellcaster (2) American modern speed metal band from Portland, Oregon. Founded in 2009. They actually started out under the name Leatherwitch. As of 2017, the band is searching for a permanent lead singer. Former guitarist/ vocalist Tyler Loney, is no longer an active member.
Link118Dirty Angels Dirty Angels Dirty Angels (2)
Link514The Felix Culpa The Felix Culpa The Felix Culpa
Link514Agent Attitude Agent Attitude Agent Attitude (2) Hardcore / punk band from Uppsala, Sweden.
Link118Limo Limo Limo (3) Giovanni Limongelli Italian DJ and producer. He is the founder of Transition Lab Recordings.
Link118Adrian Knight Adrian Knight SwedenAdrian Knight (2) Adrian Knight was born and raised in Uppsala, Sweden. He currently lives in New York.
Link415Shiv-Hari Shiv-Hari IndiaShiv Hari Shivkumar Sharma and Hariprasad Chaurasia Shiv-Hari is an Indian duo consisting of music directors [a65626] and [a193549].
Link514Creature Feature Creature Feature Creature Feature Band from Lost Angeles consisting of Curtis Rx and Erik X
Link118The Rondels The Rondels The Rondels Instrumental group from Boston, MA formed in 1959 and comprised of James Petze, guitar; his cousin Leonard Petze, bass; Raymond Pizzi, sax; and Lenny Collins, drums. The group had only one hit single, "Back Beat No. 1" which peaked at #66 in August, 1961.
Link415Eurynomos Eurynomos Black/Thrash Metal band from GermanyEurynomos (2) Black metal band from Germany. Active since 2014.
Link316Mikael Erlandsson Mikael Erlandsson Mikael Erlandsson Swedish vocalist, keyboard player and guitarist. Co-founder of [a=Last Autumn's Dream].
Link415Sludgefeast Sludgefeast Sludgefeast Band from Bournemouth, UK.
Link019Will Rees Will Rees DJ & producer from Carmarthenshire, Wales, UK.Will Rees (2) Trance/Tech-Trance DJ & producer from Carmarthenshire, Wales, UK. Contact:
Link217Oliver Wilde Oliver Wilde BristolBristol based recording artistOliver Wilde
Link217The Crystalairs The Crystalairs GermanyGerman Doo Wop vocal GroupThe Crystalairs German DooWop Band from Bielefeld and surrounding villages.
Link613Mausi Mausi United KingdomMausi (2)
Link811Spring Offensive Spring Offensive United KingdomSpring Offensive (2) Matt Cooper, Lucas Whitworth, Theo Whitworth, Pelham Groom & Chris Chadwick
Link217Bob Woodruff Bob Woodruff United StatesBob Woodruff
Link217Maths Maths Maths
Link217Bat House Bat House United StatesBat House (2) Bat House is a Neo-Punkedelica band from Boston, Massachusetts (USA).
Link316Holy Death Holy Death PolandPolish black metal bandHoly Death One of the oldest black metal acts from Poland, formed in 1989.
Link514The Toms The Toms The Toms
Link118Tully Tully AustraliaTully (2) Australian band formed in 1968.
Link316The Balancing Act The Balancing Act Balancing Act
Link217Undercut Undercut Undercut (2)
Link163Roger Jones Roger Jones Roger Jones (2) Conductor and pianist from Birmingham, UK.
Link514The Imposters The Imposters The Imposters (5) American surf-punk / hardcore band from Hermosa Beach, California.
Link514Pimeys Pimeys FinlandPimeys (2) A Finnish indie band. Pekka Nisu: Vocals, Guitars Joel Mäkinen: Vocals, Keyboards Jukkis Virtanen: Bass Tuomo Laakso: Drums
Link910Tennyson Tennyson EdmontonTennyson Luke Pretty & Tess Pretty
Link217Satanika Satanika Satanika (3) Italian thrash/black metal band from Rome, formed in 2009.
Link118Giovanni Nuti Giovanni Nuti ItalyGiovanni Nuti (2) Giovanni Nuti (born in Viareggio, August 21st, 1964) is an Italian musician, singer and songwriter.
Link217Custom Custom United StatesCustom
Link712Scott Blackwell Scott Blackwell United StatesScott Blackwell House producer and DJ. Founded [l=N*Soul] (which he left) and [l=Myx Records].
Link118Jerry Burns Jerry Burns GlasgowJerry Burns Scottish singer, and songwriter who has been active since the early-1990s. Burns has worked closely with [a=Craig Armstrong] since the late-1990s, but has also had her work performed by [a=Nick Warren], and [a=Sarah Brightman].
Link910Frank Reyes Frank Reyes Dominican RepublicDominican bachata artistFrank Reyes
Link109James Armstrong James Armstrong United StatesJames Armstrong
Link109Les Barker Les Barker United KingdomLes Barker English poet, born 30 January 1947 in Manchester, England, UK.
Link811The Hemphills The Hemphills The Hemphills The Hemphills Southern Gospel singing group. Started by husband-and-wife duo [a=Joel Hemphill] and [a=Labreeska Hemphill] in 1967. The first group consisted of [a=Joel Hemphill] singing lead, wife [a=Labreeska Hemphill] singing alto, Joel's nephew Tim McKeithen singing baritone and his wife, Dixie McKeithen, singing soprano. Joel and Labreeska's children joined their parents on stage as Dixie and Tim left to start their own family and, later, begin their own family group, The McKeithens. Joey Hemphill began playing drums, and later sang vocals. [a=Trent Hemphill] started playing bass, but eventually became the group's pianist. Finally, [a=Candy Hemphill] sang her first solo on a Hemphills album in 1975, and she soon became the group's soprano. They received six Dove Awards during their career. The Hemphills traveled and performed as a family until they disbanded in 1990.
Link118The Corps The Corps The Corps (3) A skinhead rock band from Sydney, Australia. Their music draws a heavy influence from the hard rock of bands such as Motörhead, AC/DC and Rose Tattoo, as much as it does from typical punk rock and oi!
Link109Signal Hill Signal Hill Signal Hill (2) Signal Hill the band was originally constructed as a writing project for both Brian and Rishi in the first months of 2003 . Members came and went making it difficult for the project to ever gain ground, however the music was never forgotten only left waiting for the perfect additions. Across town Elegant Elephant, a solo project of Dave was undergoing similar difficulties. Good fortune was met one night at an M83/Six Part Seven show as Dave ran into old friend Tim Cooper. The likes of both groups found grace in each others music formulating by the fall of 04. Influenced by bands such as : Tristeza, Owen, Cinematic Orchestra, The Bad Plus, Slowdive, My Bloody Valentine, Explosions in the Sky, The Mercury Program & The Six Parts Seven, etc. Signal Hill consists of: Drums - Tim Cooper Guitar - Dave Masters Guitar - Rishi Arora Bass / Keys - Brian Vasallo
Link316Iain Morrison Iain Morrison Iain Morrison Iain Morrison is a Scottish musician and singer/songwriter. He was born on the Isle of Lewis in the Outer Hebrides.
Link415Double Dealer Double Dealer Double Dealer Japanese heavy metal band.
Link019Sujo Sujo Sujo Ryan Huber Location: Dartmouth, Massachusetts - USA Drone / ambient wright & chieftain of [l=Inam Records].
Link118Flexy Flexy Flexy The typical Flexy sound is a mixture of Latino-Pop, Italo-House and oriental influences combined with sounds of the 80s and 90s. Flexy's music represents the variety of the different european cultures in a colourful way. Flexys first labor of love called "Paris Latino" was released in the summer 2003 as a cover version of Bandoleros 1983er track. Paris Latino was a massive hit in the German and European clubs and the beginning of Flexys track record. The second single "Mamasita" was licensed all across Europe including the United Kingdom. In the United States it reached peak position 5 in the important Billboard Dance Charts/Club play and is now going to be released in USA by Moda/Casablanca/Universal.
Link316Hucci Hucci United KingdomUK EDM/hip-hop producerHucci (2) Ollie O'Neill
Link514Hurry Hurry PhiladelphiaHurry
Link316Luis Perez Luis Perez MexicoLuis Perez (2) Luis Perez Ixoneztli Mexican artist born July 11, 1951 in Mexico City. Cross-culture, multi-instrumentalist specialising in pre-Columbian musical heritage. A member of the well-known folk ensemble Huayucaltia.
Link99Sworn In Sworn In Sworn In (2)
Link612Spaced Out Spaced Out Spaced Out Canadian jazz oriented progressive rock band formed by bassist & composer Antoine Fafard in 1998.
Link513Bootleg Bootleg Bootleg (4) Ira Dorsey Member of [a=The Dayton Family].
Link216The Insect Guide The Insect Guide The Insect Guide
Link513Placeholder Placeholder Placeholder (2) Placeholder Founded: 2011 Members: Marco Florey, Brandon Gepfer, Andrew Gelburd Hometown: Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
Link117The Four Mints The Four Mints The Four Mints Soul quartet [b]For the doo wop - rock 'n' roll quartet, please use [a=The Four Mints (2)][/b]
Link018Liquid Vision Liquid Vision Liquid Vision Martin Newstead Trance/Progressive-Trance DJ & producer from Dundee, Scotland, UK. Contact:
Link513Fórn Fórn BostonFórn Funeral Doom/Sludge band from Boston, Massachusetts Vocals: Chris Pinto Guitar: Joey Gonzalez Guitar: Brandon Terzakis Bass: Brian Barbaruolo Drums: Christian Donaldson
Link513The Cutler The Cutler The Cutler 'The Cutler' is an electronica collaboration from Kingston upon Hull, Yorkshire in North-East England. Formed by Steve Cobby (of Fila Brazillia) & David ‘Porky’ Brennand ( founder of Pork Recordings) - they play electronica and dub, and are sometimes described as being leftfield. Formed in 2006, their debut release came in 2007 on the electronica label Steel Tiger Records (based in Hull/Sheffield and established by Cobby with Sim Lister in 2006) with the single Stiletto. In progress
Link216The Washington Squares The Washington Squares The Washington Squares
Link117The Sunbeams The Sunbeams The Sunbeams
Link414The Funk Brothers The Funk Brothers United StatesThe Funk Brothers The Funk Brothers were Motown's in-house band and are featured on fairly all the Motown records from 1959 up to 1972. Joe Hunter was the bandleader from 1959 to 1962, Earl Van Dyke from 1963 to 1972. When Motown moved from Detroit to Los Angeles in 1972, The Funk Brothers were disbanded. In 2002 a music documentary was released about The Funk Brothers, called "Standing In The Shadows Of Motown". In the booklet of the 1994 4-CD compilation "Smokey Robinson & The Miracles: 35th Anniversary Collection" there is a survey of all of the members of The Funk Brothers. It is presented by Motown scholar [a=Harry Weinger]. Weinger divides the history of the group into three parts: [b]1959-1962[/b] Joe Hunter, Richard "Popcorn" Wylie, Earl Van Dyke (joining in 1962)- [i]keyboards[/i] Robert White, Eddie Willis, Joe Messina, Marv Tarplin- [i]guitars[/i] James Jamerson, Clarence Isabell, Joe Williams- [i]bass[/i] Benny Benjamin, Richard "Pistol" Allen- [i]drums[/i] Jack Ashford, James Gittens- [i]vibes[/i] Herbie Williams, John "Little John" Wilson, Marcus Belgrave, Russell Conway, Johnny Trudell- [i]trumpets[/i] Bob Cousar, George Bohanon, Paul Riser- [i]trombones[/i] Hank Cosby, Andrew "Mike" Terry, Kasuka Mafia (Norris Patterson), Thomas "Beans" Bowles, Teddy Buckner, Ronnie Wakefield, Lefty Edwards, Eli Fontaine, Ernie Rodgers- [i]saxophones[/i] Note: Dave Hamilton also played vibes. [b]1963-1967[/b] Earl Van Dyke, Johnny Griffith- [i]keyboards[/i] Robert White, Eddie Willis, Joe Messina, Marv Tarplin -[i]guitars[/i] James Jamerson, Bob Babbitt- [i]bass[/i] Benny Benjamin, Richard "Pistol" Allen, Uriel Jones- [i]drums[/i] Jack Ashford, Eddie "Bongo" Brown- [i]percussion[/i] Jack Ashford, Jack Brokensha- [i]vibes[/i] Johnny Trudell, Herbie Williams, Floyd Jones, Maurice Davis, Billy Horner, John "Little John" Wilson, Marcus Belgrave, Russell Conway, Don Slaughter- [i]trumpets[/i] George Bohanon, Bob Cousar, Jimmy Wilkins, Paul Riser, Don White, Carl Raetz, Patrick Lanier, Bill Johnson- [i]trombones[/i] Dayna Hartwick- [i]flute, piccolo[/i] Hank Cosby, Andrew "Mike" Terry, Kasuka Mafia, Thomas "Beans" Bowles, Teddy Buckner, Eugene Rodgers, Dan Turner, Bernie Peacock, Larry Nozero- [i]saxophones[/i] [b]1968-1972[/b] Earl Van Dyke, Johnny Griffith- [i]keyboards[/i] Robert White, Eddie Willis, Joe Messina, Marv Tarplin, Dennis Coffey, Melvin "Wah Wah" Watson- [i]guitars[/i] James Jamerson, Bob Babbitt- [i]bass[/i] Uriel Jones, Richard "Pistol" Allen, Andrew Smith- [i]drums[/i] Jack Ashford, Eddie "Bongo" Brown- [i]percussion[/i] Jack Ashford, Jack Brokensha- [i]vibes[/i] Johnny Trudell, Russell Conway, Herbie Williams, Floyd Jones, Maurice Davis, Billy Horner, John "Little John" Wilson, Marcus Belgrave, Don Slaughter, Eddie Jones- [i]trumpets[/i] Bob Cousar, Jimmy Wilkins, Paul Riser, Don White, Carl Raetz, Patric Lanier, Bill Johnson- [i]trombones[/i] Dayna Hartwick- [i]flute, piccolo[/i] Hank Cosby, Kasuka Mafia, Thomas "Beans" Bowles, Teddy Buckner, Lefty Edwards, Eugene "BeeMee" Moore, William "Wild Bill" Moore, Angelo Carlisi, Ernie Rodgers, Dan Turner, Bernie Peacock, Larry Nozero, Eli Fontaine, Lanny Austin- [i]saxophones[/i] Concertmaster Gordon Staples and the Detroit Symphony Strings handled the strings throughout the era.
Link711Golden Bats Golden Bats AustraliaGolden Bats Band from Brisbane, Australia.
Link117Battery Point Battery Point Battery Point (2) Indie pop band from Chula Vista, CA, USA
Link810Billy Golden Billy Golden Billy Golden William B. Shires Billy Golden (William B. Shires) (born June 9, 1858; died January 29, 1926) started his career in 1874 doing a black-face talking act in vaudeville. He originated the "cane pat" which became popular with buck dancers. Bill worked with many vaudeville partners including John Merritt, Frank Merritt, Billy Draiton, May Golden (his wife), Joe Hughes. He recorded as a solo artist and also with many partners including George Graham, Jim Marlowe, Billy Heins, and his vaudeville partner, Joe Hughes. Golden and Hughes was the first of a long line of two-man comedy teams that delivered jokes in a black dialect.
Link315Manic Depression Manic Depression RussiaManic Depression (2)
Link117Emphatic Emphatic United StatesEmphatic
Link414The Muffin Men The Muffin Men United KingdomThe Muffin Men
Link99Eddie Sierra Eddie Sierra Eddie Sierra (2) Eduardo Sierra conocido artísticamente como Eddie Sierra es un compositor, arreglador y cantante de pop y pop rock romántico nacido en Buenos Aires, Argentina, el 29 de noviembre de 1950. En 1990, graba su cuarto álbum "Está todo bien",e incluye la canción "El amor de mi vida" tema que al siguiente año se convertiría en uno de los primeros éxitos solistas de Ricky Martin. Desde su debut solista y hasta 1995 editó 9 álbumes. En 1995 deja de realizar discos como solista. Desde 1990, es el compositor de las cortinas musicales para los distintos noticieros de Canal 13 y Todo Noticias y para el canal Volver.
Link117InsideOut InsideOut Insideout (2) Dance Project from Israel.
Link117Latin Alliance Latin Alliance Latin Alliance
Link315Sérgio Mendes Trio Sérgio Mendes Trio The Sérgio Mendes Trio
Link810Will Kimbrough Will Kimbrough United StatesWill Kimbrough
Link810Trust Fund Trust Fund BristolTrust Fund
Link117Kaliya Kaliya Kaliya Italian Italodance/Techno project.
Link414Funny Money Funny Money United StatesFunny Money (2) US Hard Rock - Sleaze Metal band.
Link414The Moody Marsden Band The Moody Marsden Band Moody Marsden Band Band formed by the two founding members of [a=Whitesnake] who left when the band changed direction in 1982. Ten years later, guitarists Moody and Marsden reunited to play a mix of Whitesnake and other songs in the original Whitesnake blues rock style. They released two studio albums between 1992 and '94 and a live album. Moody and Marsden continued working together in the same vein as [a=The Snakes (2)], [a=The Company Of Snakes] and [a=M3 (5)]. A second live album, recorded in 1995, was released in 2000.
Link162Gundecha Brothers Gundecha Brothers Gundecha Brothers
Link216The Jazz Modes The Jazz Modes The Jazz Modes
Link414The Excitements The Excitements SpainThe Excitements Spanish R&B band based in Barcelona since 2010. Members: [a3636351] - Lead vocals; Albert Greenlight - Lead Guitar; [a3308932] - Rhythm Guitar; Daniel Segura - Bass Guitar; Jordi Blanch - Tenor sax; Nicolás Rodriguez-Jauregui - Baritone sax; Jose Luis Garrido - Drums.
Link810Caudal Caudal Caudal (2) Caudal is a trio featuring Aidan Baker (CA – Nadja, Whisper Room, ARC) on guitar, Gareth Sweeney (IE – Gout) on bass, and Felipe Salazar (CO – Muerte En Pereira) on drums, creating music equally influenced by krautrock, post-punk and spacerock.
Link315Myrna Loy Myrna Loy Myrna Loy
Link135Kim Kwang-seok Kim Kwang-seok South KoreasingerKim Kwang Seok 김광석
Link414Induce Induce Induce Ryan Smith Producer/Vocalist/Writer/DJ from Miami, FL. Co-Founder of Counterflow Recordings. Instrumental in bringing in artists such as Panda One and Plant Life to Counterflow Recordings. Served as Editor-In-Chief of Tablist Magazine, Issues 1 & 2. Currently independently owns and operates his own label, The Wonderful Sound.
Link117En Face En Face En Face En Face Croatian pop-rock band from Rijeka formed in 1988. Current members: Sandro Bastiančić - vocals, guitar Miroslav Vidović - guitar Samir Šverko - bass Alen Tibljaš - drums + Vedran Križan - keyboards
Link216De Chico's De Chico's NetherlandsDe Chico's Dutch cowboy trio. Formed in 1947, disbanded permanently in the 1970's. Members: [a=Simon Sint], [a=Betty Feldberg] and [a=Nico Feldberg]. Betty & Nico left the trio in 1960. Stimulated by the record company, Simon reformed the trio with [a=Conny Brand] and [a=Frans Doolaard] in 1967.
Link216Sinister Six Sinister Six Sinister Six
Link117Simone Hines Simone Hines Simone Hines
Link117Nancy Wood Nancy Wood Nancy Wood Renate Hildebrandt née Poggensee Nancy Wood was an alias of German Schlager singer Renate Kern, that she used for her Country recordings. Kern was born 23 January 1945 in Tann, Germany and died 18 February 1991 in Hoyerswege/Ganderkesee, Germany.
Link99Nano Stern Nano Stern ChileNano Stern Fernando Daniel Stern Britzmann, best known by his artistic name Nano Stern (born in Santiago de Chile, March 30, 1985) is a Chilean singer, multi-instrumentalist and composer of the “third generation of Chilean singer-songwriters” who appear after the 1990s.[1] His work is linked with popular song movements and his style encompasses trova, folk and rock. Stern was introduced to music at a young age, starting to play the violin at the age of 3.[2] As a teenager, he played with folk rock bands Matorral and Mecánica Popular.[3] Stern began studying musical composition at university, but at age 19 he abandoned his studies to go to Europe, settling in Cologne, Germany. Here he met the Latin American fusion group Ortiga, who had left Chile during the 1980s, and played with them for some months. After a year in Germany, Stern moved to the Netherlands to study at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam and began collaborating in various musical projects. His first solo album, Nano Stern, was released in 2006, composed of nine songs including two instrumental pieces.[4] The album was promoted on a tour through Europe and later in Chile in a concert with fellow singer-songwriter Manuel García. One year later, Stern released Voy y vuelvo (I leave then return) for which he received an Altazor Award and an APES award (Asociación de Periodistas de Espectáculos, Association for Arts Journalists in English) for best album of 2008. His third album, Los espejos (The mirrors), was nominated by the Chilean version of Rolling Stone as one of the ten best albums of 2009. A documentary, En Casa (At Home), was filmed at a concert held in Santiago for the album’s release. In 2011, Stern released the album Live in Concert, recorded while on tour in Australia. Las torres de sal (The pillars of salt) was released in 2011. It included collaborations with musicians Joe Vasconcellos, Francisco Sazo and Antonio Restucci, and was awarded an Altazor for best fusion album.[5] After seven years of travelling, Nano Stern settled in Santiago in 2012. In 2013 he edited an album titled La Cosecha (the harvest), a collection of Latin American songs which included three songs written by Stern. Stern has toured widely and played in a number of music festivals, including WOMAD in Australia,[6] Lollapalooza Chile, and the Buenos Aires International Folk Festival. “Being away has a lot to do with being here, being present in absence. Chile becomes very strong when you’re far away, and this is clear when I’m creating. I am inspired by my country very much when I am away… it’s a rich dialogue that keeps me well.”[7] Influences Nano Stern’s musical influences include jazz, rock, folk, fusion and the New Chilean Song styles. His work was also influenced by artists such as Inti-Illimani and Los Jaivas, as well as proponents of the Chilean New Song, Víctor Jara and Violeta Parra. Stern has also said of his creative process: “In some ways it’s a kind of therapy, in other ways it’s a meditation, it’s an exercise as well and in other ways it’s something I do because I don’t have a better way of communicating with the world. It’s the way I express things, and that’s why I do it…. I do it because there’s no other way.” Discography 2006: Nano Stern. 2007: Voy y vuelvo. 2009: Los espejos. 2011: Nano Stern live in concert. 2011: Las torres de sal. 2013: La Cosecha. 2014: San Diego 850 En Vivo (2 CDs + DVD).
Link117Afrodiziac Afrodiziac Afrodiziac Afrodiziac is a french RnB & UK Garage act composed by Shuga Shug and Le Smooth.
Link315JOYRYDE JOYRYDE Joyryde (3) Jonney Ford Bass house / garage house sideproject of psytrance DJ/producer [a=Eskimo (3)]. Established in early 2015.
Link315Derkéta Derkéta Derketa Doom influenced death metal band from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Formed in late 1988 by [a1782597] (vocals & guitars) and [a2185992] (drums). [a518691] assisted on bass in 1991 but nothing permanent to complete a full lineup. In 1991, Terri and Mary left to pursue other musical interests while Sharon continued Derkéta recordings with the help of friends, primarily [a1294075] from [a263134]. In 2006 it was decided to reform Derkéta with the original lineup, this time with [a3511091] on bass and Mary Bielich assisting on guitar.
Link216Kassidy Kassidy GlasgowKassidy Kassidy Kassidy were a Scottish alternative folk rock band. The band was formed in 2009 in Glasgow, under the name "Cassidy". On the 26th of September 2009 their first and only, CD-single was released, on the [l633026] label and was called "Night in a box": In 2010 they changed their name in "Kassidy". The band's name Kassidy is inspired by the 1969 American Western film Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. Kassidy began writing and recording their music in a shared house, which they later converted to a personal studio. They released three EP's, the second entitled The Rubbergum EP Volume 2 on the 16th of August, 2010. To follow their EPs, Kassidy released their debut album Hope St. on the 23rd of May 2011. Genres: Folk rock, indie rock, alternative rock Band members: Barrie-James O'Neill Hamish Fingland Lewis Andrew Chris Potter Update: In 2014 Barrie-James O'Neill left the band, going off to America. The band split up and together with 2 new musicians (Leo Condie and Kirstin Lynn) a new band was formed under a new name: [a4593502].
Link315Mafia Mafia PolandMafia (8)
Link315M9 M9 M9
Link117Urgent Urgent United StatesUrgent (2) US AOR / pop-rock band based round the Kehr brothers
Link810The Bluegrass Album Band The Bluegrass Album Band United StatesBluegrass Album Band Led by guitarist and vocalist Tony Rice, the Bluegrass Album Band was conceived as a tribute to the first-generation masters of bluegrass, such as Bill Monroe and Flatt and Scruggs. Their first album was released in 1981.
Link108Heavy Moon Heavy Moon Heavy Moon HEAVY MOON is the instrumental space fuzz rock solo jam of Jakob Rehlinger from MOONWOOD. Active since 2006.
Link711Mr Cool Mr Cool SwedenMr Cool Anton Magnusson Mr Cool is a controversial swedish hiphop artist, spread mainly via filesharing. Hes a member of the group Dubbel Trubbel, recently hes been active battle rapping in swedish battle-leagues like The Ozone & The Ring where he made himself a name.
Link018Vienna Festival Orchestra Vienna Festival Orchestra WienVienna Festival Orchestra This appears to be a kind of "virtual orchestra" which existed only for the purposes of recording, largely from the 1950s and 1960s, and often associated with smaller labels. Web searches for the name (in English and German variants) turn up sites listing recordings, and little else. Recordings feature conductors of some renown, but there is little to identify any established orchestras - presumably, there was advantage to orchestra members and record companies in some form of moonlighting. The exception is the orchestra whose webste appears below - formed in 1999, it does not, however appear to have released any recordings - if any turn up, it will have to be "Vienna Festival Orchestra (2)"...
Link315Marquee Moon Marquee Moon Marquee Moon Founded 1984 in Berlin, Marquee Moon soon developed into one of the driving forces behind German gothic. The band’s name goes back to the title of the classic debut album of the NY band Television, as well as a line from a song of The Damned. They disbanded in 1997. Last line-up: Skid Byers: vocals Hanzy Nischwitz: electric guitar Nigel Degray: electric bass Tom Petersen: drums
Link711Grimner Grimner SwedenGrimner (2) Folk/Viking metal band from Sweden. Active since 2008.
Link135Bankrupt Bankrupt BudapestBankrupt (2) Hungarian melodic punk-rock band.
Link117Emjae Emjae Emjae Matthew Johnson House music producer from Atlanta, Georgia, USA.
Link018Sugar Soul Sugar Soul JapanSugar Soul 町田愛子 (Machida Aiko) Commercially successful Japanese hip hop/ r'n'b project, started in 1997 as a collaboration between DJ Hasebe (programming), Aiko Machida (vocals) and Kawabe (composer). Nowadays Sugar Soul stands as an alias of Aiko Machida.
Link117Dennis Robbins Dennis Robbins United StatesDennis Robbins Dennis Anthony Robbins American guitarist and singer songwriter, born in Hazelwood, North Carolina.
Link117Tony Bird Tony Bird MalawiTony Bird (3)
Link612Ray Barretto & New World Spirit Ray Barretto & New World Spirit Ray Barretto & New World Spirit
Link117Sporty-O Sporty-O Sporty-O George Williams Rapper from Atlanta, GA/USA.
Link171Michael McLean Michael McLean United StatesMichael McLean (4) American composer, singer, author, and filmmaker, born 1952, based in Heber City, Utah.
Link117Dekapited Dekapited ChileChilean thrash metal bandDekapited Dekapited Chilean thrash metal band from Macul, Santiago, formed in 2006 by [a4287335]. Contact:
Link711Rollies Rollies IndonesiaThe Rollies The Rollies is a soul funk pop music group from Indonesia which was established in Bandung in 1967 and was popular in the era of the 60's to early 80's.
Link315OMFG OMFG OMFG Alex Savage OMFG (real name Alex Savage) is an EDM producer who rose to fame with his song "Hello"
Link117Christian Nielsen Christian Nielsen Danish house musicianChristian Nielsen
Link216The Tremblers The Tremblers The Tremblers
Link117Jamie Walker Jamie Walker ScarboroughTrance DJ & producer from Scarborough, UKJamie Walker Jamie Walker Trance DJ & producer from Scarborough, UK. Contact: /
Link612Hapa Hapa HAPA Hawaiian music group Hapa originally consisted of [a1786108] and [a4337894]. When this duet split, [a3544298] joined Barry Flanagan as the Hapa name continued. After Aweau left to pursue a successful solo career, [a6042875] joined Flanagan. The late [a4040971] also joined certain Hapa selections, adding the dimension of Hawaiian chant.
Link810Stubb Stubb LondonStubb
Link315Jan Nemecek Jan Nemecek Jan Nemeček Jan Nemeček Co-founder of Belgrade-based [l=Norbu] netlabel. Releases music under his own name and Kalope. Part of Brickwall Brigade and J-House.
Link314Lodestar Lodestar British progressive rock bandLodestar (3) Lodestar was an experimental progressive rock band formed in 1996 by Heitham Al-Sayed (Lead Vocalist), John Morgan (Drums) and "Haggis" (Sound Engineer) after they left [a35156] over disagreements in the Senser's musical direction. Their line-up completed with the addition of Jules Hodgson (Guitar), Lodestar were unequivocally a hard rock band. As Al-Sayed told the press, "... a lot of it’s a lot less accessible than the Senser stuff. I started to hear music for the melody much more. Our sound is influenced by a lot of old British rock bands and really old American blues stuff." The band was signed to Ultimate Records (same label as Senser at the time) where they released their debut album Lodestar at the end of 1996. The album came as a surprise to old Senser fans, though reviews, particularly in the metal press, were generally good. The one obvious continuity from the past was Al-Sayed’s distinctive vocals - whether rapping or singing, his approach remained one of absolute personal conviction. The band released two singles (Another Day and Down In The Mud), and gigged across the UK in 1997, including a support slot at the London Astoria with Tool. They split up in late 1997.
Link215Joseph Curwen Joseph Curwen Newcastle upon TyneJoseph Curwen (2) Alexander Roberts Newcastle Upon Tyne, Uk based drone/experimental artist. HP Lovecraft inspired Post-Rave Hauntology Rituals and Radiophonic Occult Synth Horror Soundtracks. All digital noise intended.
Link314Busman's Holiday Busman's Holiday Busman's Holiday
Link512Hedone Hedone PolandPolish rock bandHedone Polish alternative electronic band.
Link161The Princeton University Band The Princeton University Band United StatesThe Princeton University Band
Link161Roger Jones Roger Jones Roger Jones Trumpet player.
Link116Jonathon Lee Jonathon Lee Jonathon Lee (3) John Richard Lee Pianist and composer born September 3rd, 1953 in Redwood City, California, USA. Died October 3rd, 2004.
Link710Velvet Jones Velvet Jones Velvet Jones (3) Mike Appleby - Vocals Dean Tidey - Guitars Giles Martin - Bass Bill Mowbray - Keyboards Jon Atkinson - Drums
Link89Robert Michaels Robert Michaels Robert Michaels (3) Roberto Michele Buttarazzi A Juno award winning recording artist, flamenco guitarist and vocalist from Toronto, Ontario, Canada, who's released both multi-gold and platinum albums.
Link314Exclaim Exclaim Exclaim Tokyo, Japan
Link710Night Club Night Club United StatesNight Club East Los Angeles, CA
Link413The Nation Blue The Nation Blue AustraliaThe Nation Blue
Link125Hotels Hotels Hotels Artist Biography by Michael G. Nastos The Hotels from Seattle, WA are not to be confused with the '70s-'80s Alabama based pop/rock band of similar name. This group was formed in the mid-2000s, claiming such diverse influences as Devo, Joy Division, the Cocteau Twins, Kraftwerk, the Pixies, Stereolab, This Mortal Coil, M83, Claude Debussy, and the Yellow Magic Orchestra. Taking these cues to create power pop mixed with garage hard rock, surf music, and electronics, the band also splits time with two different lineups based in the Pacific Northwest and New York City, both led by Blake Madden. Recordings include the 2005 issue Thank You for Choosing, and Where Hearts Go Broke from 2009. Their bi-coastal bandmembers include Madden, Max Wood, Brendan Malec, Kyle Frankiewich, Rich Bennett, and Rich Spitzer. Biography by Michael G. Nastos
Link314Race Horses Race Horses Formerly known as Radio LuxembourgRace Horses Alternative pop group based in Aberystwyth/Cardiff
Link116Ana Nikolić Ana Nikolić SerbiaAna Nikolić Ana Nikolić Serbian pop singer.
Link611Micon Micon Micon (2) German multi-instrumentalist Marcus Reichard working in the new-age and "healing music" fields.
Link215Michael Rabin Michael Rabin United StatesMichael Rabin American violinist, born 2 May 1936 in New York City, New York and died 19 January 1972 in New York City, New York.
Link116Rockhead Rockhead Rockhead Rockhead
Link710Sean Costello Sean Costello United StatesSean Costello Born: 16th April 1979 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA Died: 15th April 2008 Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Link134Jay Price Jay Price Jay Price
Link314Vales Vales United KingdomVales (2)
Link512Verra Cruz Verra Cruz United KingdomBritish rock bandVerra Cruz
Link215House Corporation House Corporation House Corporation Italian project.
Link314Stocks Stocks FranceFrench metalStocks (2)
Link512Philippe Ménard Philippe Ménard Philippe Ménard French
Link314Blue Tears Blue Tears United StatesBlue Tears Blue Tears was a hard rock band from Jackson, Tennessee that enjoyed some short-lived fame in the late-80s. However, the group failed to find significant commercial success, due to the wave of alternative/grunge music, and the group disbanded in 1993 as the members became involved in other projects. The band reformed in 2006 and released a new album but was permanently dissolved after lead singer [a=Gregg Fulkerson] died on April 14, 2009
Link116The Dead Girls The Dead Girls The Dead Girls Alternative/powerpop band from Lawrence, Kansas, founded by the frontmen of [a3141360] and the rhythm section of [a1756385]. The band is known to occasionally perform under the name Thik Lizzy (a Thin Lizzy cover band).
Link215Carl Sims Carl Sims Carl Sims
Link413Jafu'mega Jafu'mega PortugalJáfu'Mega Jafumega
Link116Risky Business Risky Business HalifaxRisky Business (3) RIsky Business were from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada. They started off in 2004 playing fast hardcore with lots of mosh parts and sing alongs. They did 2 full North American tours playing with bands such as Righteous Jams, Justice, Have Heart, Wake Up Call and many more. They then did 2 European tours in 2007 before breaking up. They released a demo, 7", CD and split 7" with Nervous Wreck from the UK.
Link611The Elves The Elves United StatesThe Elves (3) The Elves were a rock band from upstate New York. They formed in 1967 as The Electric Elves (which was really a continuation of an earlier act, Ronnie Dio and the Prophets, which featured 4 of the 5 original members of the Electric Elves), releasing one single under that name. By the end of 1968, they dumped the "Electric" part from their name and continued on as the Elves. At the beginning of 1972, guitarist Doug Thaler left the group and the remaining members continued on as ELF.
Link215Ressurection Ressurection Ressurection (2)
Link143Jazzy B Jazzy B Jazzy B (2) Jaswinder Singh Bains
Link116Vėjopatis Vėjopatis LithuaniaVėjopatis Nikolaj Polujanov Nikolaj Polujanov aka Vėjopatis is a dub techno/deep techno/ambient artist and a musician from Vilnius, Lithuania.
Link611Rytmus Rytmus SlovakiaSlovak rapperRytmus Patrik Vrbovský Slovak rapper, member of [a=Kontrafakt], [a=Mišo A Paťo], [a=Špinavý Hr Produkt].
Link314Birds of a Feather Birds of a Feather Birds Of A Feather Netherlands
Link314Sadogoat Sadogoat Sadogoat Danish black metal band. Founded in 1998, changed name to [a=Sadomator] in 2005.
Link116Geronimo Black Geronimo Black United StatesGeronimo Black
Link512Devilry Devilry Devilry Finnish death metal band. Early lyrics were Satanic, later the band's lyrical focus shifted towards National Socialism.
Link215Roche Roche San FranciscoRoche (3) Ben Winans SF based electronic musician and DJ. Roche's sound is the sound of improvisation and spontaneity, the distillation of innumerable live sets and studio jams. Always experimenting and innovating: crafting the sonic glue of synthesized psychedelia and warm drums that recall his past as a producer of hip-hop and breaks, Roche links the past with the future. In 2012, Roche dropped a pair of well-received 12"s, one for L.A.'s burgeoning 100% Silk imprint and the other for Hieroglyphic Being's wonderfully weird Mathematics Recordings out of Chicago. His works frequently show his love for exploratory, long-form composition paired with classic house and techno sounds. Since then, Roche has been busy in the studio exploring new sounds, playing shows and DJing all the while. In that time he released a 12" single on Icee Hot, an 12" EP on Jacktone Records, a second 12" and a cassette EP on 100% Silk, a second 12" on Mathematics, and most recently a 12" on the Hobo Camp label. He's also amassed a slow-but-surely growing number of online mixes and self-released tracks on SoundCloud and YouTube. As a DJ, Roche takes inspiration from his forebears like Ron Hardy, Hieroglyphic Being, and Theo Parrish — curating with fewer boundaries and wider selections. Most Roche sets include tracks from many genres, and are as unpredictable as they are inspiring. For the last year and a half, Roche has been hosting Run The Length Of Your Wildness, a weekly party every Monday night in San Francisco. The party was launched by Roche and Cherushii (who was lost in the Oakland Ghost Ship fire — rest in power) and is now a collaborative effort with many local artists working together to make every Monday special.
Link314Mel Waiters Mel Waiters Mel Waiters Blues and R&B singer. Born in 25th June 1956, San Antonio, Texas, U.S.A. Died in 28th May 2015, San Antonio, Texas, U.S.A.
Link710Tanglefoot Tanglefoot Tanglefoot Tanglefoot was a folk band from Ontario, Canada. Formed in the early 1980s by schoolteachers Joe Grant, Bob Wagar, and Tim Rowat to play traditional music, they became a five-piece band playing largely original music. They regularly toured Canada, the United States, and the United Kingdom. The band broke up amiably in 2009.
Link611The House Band The House Band The House Band
Link134Rafael Buendía Rafael Buendía MexicoRafael Buendía
Link611The Juke Joints The Juke Joints NetherlandsThe Juke Joints
Link314Discourse Discourse Discourse (2) Straight edge hardcore band from Columbia, SC, USA
Link116Bare Essentials Bare Essentials Bare Essentials
Link116Big Box Big Box IowaBig Box (2) American grunge / punk band from Iowa City, Iowa.
Link215DHAMM DHAMM Dhamm
Link98Starfield Starfield CanadaCanadian Christian music groupStarfield (2) Canadian Christian rock music group from Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Link413Lord Dying Lord Dying PortlandLord Dying (2) Lord Dying is an American Metal band from Portland, Oregon.
Link89Slank Slank IndonesiaSlank (2) Slank Slank is the biggest Indonesian rock band. It was founded in 1983 by teenagers in an alley street in Jakarta called Gang Potlot.
Link116Khemistry Khemistry Khemistry (2) Out of Washington D.C., this group were famous for just one album, which has become highly sought after on the rare groove scene, mainly for the Modern Soul dancer entitled "Can You Feel My Love."
Link116Kolpa Kolpa TurkeyKolpa Turkish rock band from Istanbul. Members: Bora Yeter, [a=Barış Yurtçu], Cenk Taner Dönmez, Samuray Gökçe. Past member: Dinçer Çetin.
Link89Carré Manchot Carré Manchot FranceCarré Manchot
Link413Corsair Corsair CharlottesvilleAmerican Progressive Rock BandCorsair (4) Progressive Heavy Rock / Heavy Metal Band from Charlottesville, Virginia. Formed in 2008 by [a=Marie Landragin] and [a=Paul Sebring].
Link611Nickels Nickels Nickels Jackson Johnson
Link116Deemah Deemah Deemah Dmitry Meshcheryakov Dmitry Meshcheryakov has been one of Canada's East Coast most creative and productive music producers . Over the last 15 years Dmitry 's had his work released world over under different aliases :( Soledrifter, Deemah (dj), D_mon,Karatuk,DSM Formation,Devil Stone Medicine) The russian-canadian multiinstrumentalist - turned-music producer's originals and remixes have been supported by DJ Heather,Onionz,Miguel Migs,Carl Cox, Chuck Love,DJ Dan,Terry Hunter, Steven Quarre and released on labels, such as OM Records,Salted Music,Hardplace,SoulHeat, Bug-Eyed,Slush Recordings,Stickman Records to name a few. With a determination to stick to his true self ,rather than follow a trend, Dmitry's music here to stay.
Link017La Fuente La Fuente La Fuente Dutch DJ / Producer
Link215Saoco Saoco Saoco
Link116Foxter Foxter Foxter Italian dance project from S.A.I.F.A.M. Group
Link413Face Dancer Face Dancer United StatesFace Dancer
Link710Saving Grace Saving Grace New ZealandNew Zealand hardcoreSaving Grace New Zealand based metalcore band. Active Years: 2005-present
Link143Russ Russ United StatesRuss (15) Russell Vitale
Link314Star 69 Star 69 United KingdomUK band active in the late ’90sStar 69
Link512Bev Kelly Bev Kelly United StatesBev Kelly Beverly Wolfe Kelly. American jazz vocalist and composer. Worked with : Herb Ellis, Jimmy Jones, Lou Levy, Hampton Hawes, Dwight Dickerson, Jack Wilson, Leroy Vinnegar, Ramsey Lewis, Kenny Burrell and many others. Born : June 18, 1934 in Rittman, Ohio.
Link116Gothick Gothick Gothick (2) Sean Woodward Gothick is a British industrial/experimental/rock band founded in 1999 by Sean Woodward. As the producer, singer, songwriter and instrumentalist he is able to ensure that it's creative direction and freedom is not compromised. Gothick is influenced by Thelema (hence the spelling with a K) and creates songs in a wide range of styles which include electronic, experimental, blues, rock, dark ambient and sound-scape formats.
Link512brass bed brass bed Brass Bed
Link413New Lows New Lows New Lows Hardcore band from Boston, USA.
Link413Heidi Pakarinen Heidi Pakarinen FinlandHeidi Pakarinen A Finnish schlager singer. Born February 25, 1976 in Siilinjärvi. In 2013 she was crowned the 24th "Tango Queen" by winning the women's series in the annual Finnish tango competition and festival "Tangomarkkinat". In 2015 she participated in the Finnish national selection for the Eurovision Song Contest, titled [l765206], with the song "Bon Voyage". She competed in the 3rd qualification, but didn't qualify for the final. Therefore she ended up to the bottom 9 in a field of 18 contestants.
Link215Arch Rival Arch Rival Arch Rival (3) American Heavy Metal band, founded by [a=Michael Harris (8)] in 1986.
Link017Technosis Technosis Technosis Vince Watson A producer from Glasgow, Scotland.
Link215The Magnificents The Magnificents The Magnificents
Link314Selwyn Selwyn Selwyn Selwyn Pretorius Australian R&B singer who first became known as a contestant on Popstars. Although he didn't make the final cut, he ended up signing a deal with Sony Epic.
Link413A.M.S.G. A.M.S.G. EdmontonA.M.S.G. Canadian black/death metal extremists. [b]A[/b]d [b]M[/b]aiorem [b]S[/b]athanas [b]G[/b]loriam
Link116Electrosexual Electrosexual FranceElectrosexual Electrosexual is a French electronic musician, remixer, performer and record producer. He has been a mainstay of Berlin's underground music scene since 2010 and has graced the decks of renowned clubs such as Berghain (Sound Installation), La Machine Du Moulin Rouge, Social Club and many more. In 2005 he founded [l=Rock Machine Records], which is named after Norman Spinrad's Sci-Fi novel.
Link107The Electrics The Electrics The Electrics Scottish/Irish folk-rock band formed in 1976.
Link215DJ Fou DJ Fou DJ Fou (2) Sébastien Santovito
Link116Saša Matić Saša Matić Saša Matić Saša Matić Serbian folk singer, twin brother of '[a=Dejan Matić]'.
Link116Benjamin Shaw Benjamin Shaw United KingdomBenjamin Shaw (2)
Link611Dr. Mastermind Dr. Mastermind Dr. Mastermind American speed metal band from Portland, Oregon formed in 1985.
Link215Eddie Hooper Eddie Hooper discoEddie Hooper
Link314Dexters Dexters Dexters Indie rock band from London, UK.
Link314L.E.J L.E.J FranceElijay, French TrioL.E.J L.E.J, short for Lucie, Élisa and Juliette, sometimes Elijay, are three female French students and vocalists who condensed numerous top songs from the summer of 2015 into a mashup performance. Their music is based on classical and world music. Their song mashup Summer 2015 had millions of plays on YouTube as of August 2015.
Link710Motochrist Motochrist Mötochrist
Link116Wizard's Convention Wizard's Convention Wizard's Convention The name given to the first gathering of musicians by Eddie Hardin. It included several members, ex-members, and associates of [a170355]. It was a one-off under this name, and subsequent gatherings (and line-ups) were called "Eddie Hardin's Wizard's Convention 2", and "Eddie Hardin's Wizard's Convention 3". Having worked on a similar project with Roger Glover in 1974, called '[url=]The Butterfly Ball And The Grasshopper's Feast[/url]', Hardin decided that instead of producing the standard solo album, he would write his songs, with the help of Ray Fenwick, and then invite a group of his friends to play them with him. It was initially released in December 1976, but has since been re-issued several times.
Link215His Boy Elroy His Boy Elroy His Boy Elroy (2)
Link116Sicknote Sicknote Sicknote (3) Members: Doghouse – Vocals / Screaming Flapsandwich – Bass n Bleeps The Filth – Drums Johnny No Cash – Visual Jockey Dr Conker – Dancing / Spiritual Guidance Sicknote are an explosion of post-punk, techno, breakbeat and thigh slapping hill billy acid punk, or something.
Link98Rough Bunnies Rough Bunnies The Rough Bunnies
Link89The Martins The Martins United StatesThe Martins American based gospel trio comprised of three siblings.
Link314The Ray-O-Vacs The Ray-O-Vacs The Ray-O-Vacs 40's and 50's American R&B group. Named after the brand of storage batteries.
Link512Lo! Lo! AustraliaLo! (2) Australian metal band, based in Sydney. Carl Whitbread: Guitars Sam Dillon: Vocals Adrian Griffin: Drums Adrian Shapiro: Bass, backing vocals
Link413The Vulgar Boatmen The Vulgar Boatmen United StatesThe Vulgar Boatmen
Link313One Horse Blue One Horse Blue One Horse Blue Canadian Country music group that existed from 1975 to 1981 and, as reconstituted, from 1988 to 1995, releasing five albums.
Link214Gurthang Gurthang PolandGurthang (2)
Link106Matt Stevens Matt Stevens LondonMatt Stevens (3)
Link313Sonny Fisher Sonny Fisher United StatesSonny Fisher Born 13 Nov. 1931 in Chandler, Texas. died October 8 2005, Houston Texas.
Link610Dragonheart Dragonheart BrazilBrazilian bandDragonheart (3) Brazilian power metal band from Curitiba, Paraná.
Link610Ruelle Ruelle NashvilleRuelle (2) Maggie Eckford
Link115Takla Makan Takla Makan Takla Makan Tony Allgood
Link511April Rain April Rain April Rain (3) Post-rock band from Saint-Petersburg, Russia. In 2012 started as a one-man band from Krasnodon, Ukraine. In 2014 joined by three more musicians. Due to the civil war in Ukraine, band moved to Russia. Signed to [l=Fluttery Records] in 2015.
Link511The Arrivals The Arrivals The Arrivals
Link214David Kane David Kane David Kane David Furst Electro/House DJ & producer from France. Contact:
Link142Kürten Kürten SwedenKürten Sedish group, formed in 1991 and active until 2003. AKA The Kürtens.
Link115Voces Amigas Voces Amigas Voces Amigas Spanish folk-ballad band from the late 60's. Vocal quartet comprised of Carlos Antonio Fernández Prida, Javier de Miguel, Diana Linklater and Isabel Roselló (replaced by Maria Antonia Palacios in 1969), produced by [a1016776] ("Relámpagos"). They disbanded in 1970, and in 1971 Carlos Antonio began a brief solo career as "Carlos Anton".
Link214Eye Eye Eye Eye Eye Eye Canadian rock band
Link610Sam Coffey and The Iron Lungs Sam Coffey and The Iron Lungs CanadaSam Coffey And The Iron Lungs Sam Coffey And The Iron Lungs
Link214Anthrophobia Anthrophobia Anthrophobia
Link412John Lindberg Trio John Lindberg Trio John Lindberg Trio
Link313The Static Age The Static Age United StatesThe Static Age Post-Punk band hailing from Burlington, Vermont, USA.
Link97The Nadas The Nadas United StatesThe Nadas American rock/folk quintet
Link412Imminence Imminence Trelleborg MunicipalitySwedish metalcoreImminence
Link115Mental Wreckage Mental Wreckage Mental Wreckage Lody Koehorst Mental Wreckage was one of the main producers and founders of [l=Symp.tom], a recordlabel mainly focused towards Industrial hardcore techno and experimental projects, and is a subdivision of Mid-Town Records. Together with his colleague "[a=Mute.]" he also ran the label. Besides his main releases for Symp.tom he also did some succesful remixes for artists like Neophyte, Meccano Twins, The Relic and Sarin Assault, the latter still being unreleased. His main style can be described as an alternative and sometimes experimental form of hardcore techno, maintained by an appetite for deep kicks and a pounding drive. Throughout the years, Mental Wreckage has worked on several collaborations with artists like Moleculez, The Relic, more recently Syndemic, and a collab with Sei2ure is currently in the making. Additionally, he also works under the name [a=Dual Mechanism], which is a collaboration project with his 'partner in crime' The Relic. With this project these two gentlemen allow themselves more freedom for experimenting with their sound and using a wider variety of influences. In august 2011, Lody announced he would be phasing out his 'Mental Wreckage' moniker and adopt a new one; Warchetype.
Link115James Dexter James Dexter James Dexter DJ and producer from London, UK.
Link97Kahlkopf Kahlkopf Kahlkopf (3) German RAC (Rock Against Communism) band Not to be confused with [a=Kahlkopf] from Bad Homburg
Link313Baïkonour Baïkonour Baikonour Jean-Emmanuel Krieger Producer and mastering engineer. Named after Baikonour Cosmodrome, top-secret space complex in the former Soviet Union.
Link115Ampütator Ampütator Ampütator
Link412The Kidnappers The Kidnappers HamburgThe Kidnappers Power pop punk band from Germany founded around 2003 by the twins brothers Philipp and Chris after the experience of their teen trash punk band, [url=]The Highschool Rockers[/url]. Philipp -vocals & guitar Chris -bass Steve -drums [2003] Timo -drums [2006-2010]
Link511Jelen Jelen Czech RepublicJelen Country-folk group from Czech republic Members: Jindra Polák - vocals, guitar Martin Kasal - violin, piano, vocals Ondřej Málek - bass, drum, vocals Ludvík Kulich - guitar Jan Rek - banjo Janek Kovářík - accordion Alexandr Smutný - trumpet
Link313Johnny Crash Johnny Crash Johnny Crash (2) Heavy metal band formed 1987. Members: Vocals: Vick Wright (AKA) Vicki James Wright Guitar, bacing vocals: August Worchell (1987–1990) Guitar, bacing vocals: Christopher Stewart Bass: Andy Rogers Drums: "Punkee" Stephen Adamo (1987–1990) Lead guitar: J.J. Bolt (1990) Drums: Matt Sorum (1990) Keyboards: Dizzy Reed (1990) Bass: Mark Binko
Link412Vatra Vatra Croatian rock bandVatra Croatian rock band from Virovitica.
Link610Renacer Renacer Renacer (2)
Link313Mondo Topless Mondo Topless United StatesMondo Topless (2) American garage rock band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, formed in 1992.
Link115Attaque Attaque Attaque Dominic Gentry
Link79DAIGO DAIGO JapanDAIGO Daigo Naito (内藤大湖) Japanese singer and guitarist. Member of the group [a=Breakerz]. Often uses the ANV "Daigo Stardust".
Link115Master Mood Master Mood Master Mood
Link214Toke Toke United StatesToke (6) Three dudes writting riffs. Rock,Stoner,Doom band from Wilmington, North Carolina Bass/Vocals - Bronco Drums - Jeremy Guitars - Tim
Link511Alex Lahey Alex Lahey MelbourneAlex Lahey Singer-songwriter from Melbourne, Australia.
Link214Gabriel Lee Gabriel Lee Gabriel Lee
Link214Atomicide Atomicide ChileAtomicide Atomicide Death/Thrash metal band from Iquique, Chile.
Link88Yashin Yashin Yashin
Link511The Regrettes The Regrettes Los AngelesThe Regrettes (3) Punk band based in Los Angeles.
Link115Caña Brava Caña Brava Caña Brava
Link106Joe Scruggs Joe Scruggs Texaschildren's entertainerJoe Scruggs (2)
Link412Paul Curreri Paul Curreri Paul Curreri American musician and songwriter who performs mainly in the folk and blues music styles, was born in Seattle, WA, on 28 January 1976, now based in Charlottesville, Virginia. He is married to [a962910].
Link313Lexi Lexi Lexi (4) Alexis Nucklos Allen
Link412KXM KXM KXM KXM is an American hard rock band consisting of Korn drummer Ray Luzier, King's X bassist/vocalist dUg Pinnick and Lynch Mob/ex-Dokken guitarist George Lynch. KXM stands for the bands that they are from. Formed at Luzier's son's birthday party in 2013.
Link412Zé Renato Zé Renato BrazilZé Renato José Renato Botelho Moschkovich Born April, 01, 1956 - Vitória, Espírito Santo - Brazil. At 9 years old, Zé Renato acted in a play directed by Ziembinski. In adolescence learned to play guitar, participated in music festivals and in 1977 joined the group Cantares. In 1982 released a solo album "Luz e Mistério" and in 1984 joined the group Boca Livre. In 1986 formed Banda Zil, with Claudio Nucci, Ricardo Silveira, Marcos Ariel, Zé Nogueira, Jurim Moreira and John Batista. In the following year joined the band Al di Meola. In the 90's once launched a solo career. Zé Renato was married to actress Patricia Pillar for 10 years (1985-1995).
Link313Gatherer Gatherer Gatherer Gatherer is Hardcore/Post Hardcore band from New Jersey. Matt Popowski - Bass Adam Cichocki - Drums Austin Lipinski - Guitar Gianmarco Felix Guerra-Coletti - Guitar/Vocals Rich Weinberger - Vocals
Link412Ray Cash Ray Cash United StatesRay Cash Wardell Raymond Cheeks American rapper originating from Cleveland, OH.
Link115The Grindmother The Grindmother The Grindmother Canadian mother/son grindcore band with punk and crust influences. Featuring 68 year-old (2017) [a=Grindmother] on vocals.
Link412THE PEPPERMINT JAM THE PEPPERMINT JAM JapanJapanese rock bandThe Peppermint Jam
Link313The Coltranes The Coltranes TemeculaThe Coltranes Band from Temecula, CA.
Link142A&D A&D Japanvisual keiA&D (2) A&D performs touching pop rock with the lead of a talented vocalist. Although the band was formed in the autumn of 2008, they present a combination of solid experience and a powerful chemistry between the members, as the whole line-up worked previously with the down-to-earth act RABBIT. The light and melodic sound is backed up by Yuki and Saki's guitars, which give the music a tint of a heavier edge. The home site address of this sympathetic four refers to the words 'air' and 'dignity', but in any case the name is always spelled as A&D.
Link511The Wishing Tree The Wishing Tree United KingdomThe Wishing Tree
Link115Marília Medalha Marília Medalha BrazilMarilia Medalha Brazilian singer and composer, born 25 July 1944 in Niterói, Brazil.
Link313Guitars Unlimited Guitars Unlimited The Guitars Unlimited
Link511The Honey Pot The Honey Pot The Honey Pot The Honey Pot are Icarus Peel, Jacqueline Bourne, Iain Crawford and Wayne Fraquet
Link106Jani Kovačič Jani Kovačič SloveniaJani Kovačič
Link610Roman Candle Roman Candle United StatesRoman Candle (2)
Link115Kool Skool Kool Skool Kool Skool
Link97Jill Phillips Jill Phillips United StatesJill Phillips
Link214The Jazzmasters The Jazzmasters The Jazzmasters
Link115Criminal Instinct Criminal Instinct Criminal Instinct
Link214Baby Strange Baby Strange Baby Strange (3)
Link115Diversion Diversion Diversion (3) Elias Barouche Electronic music producer from Montréal, Canada
Link115EPC EPC Ronan Le Roux (France) - HardcoreEPC Ronan Le Roux With DJs [a=A.N.T.I.] and [a=Attila (4)], representative of the "Harshkoc'h" sound from Brittany. Hardcore techno with noisy and psychedelic tunes, mostly made on Amiga 600 and other various custom noise machines between 1996 and 2000.
Link214PYG PYG JapanPyg (2) Japanese rock supergroup formed by members of The Tempters and The Spiders in 1971. The group released two albums and five singles before splitting up.
Link610Slaï Slaï FranceSlaï Patrice Sylvestre French singer (10 February 1973 in Val-d'Oise).
Link016Justin Meyers Justin Meyers Justin Meyers Justin Chris Meyers Electronic composer, visual artist and modular synth builder based out of Minneapolis (US). Founded and runs [l48673] Records & Tapes.
Link214Torn Apart Torn Apart United StatesTorn Apart American hardcore band from Baltimore, Maryland.
Link115Oxblood Oxblood Oxblood New York City - Oi!
Link313Little Fish Little Fish United KingdomLittle Fish (4) Alternative rock band from Oxford, UK, founded by Julia "Juju" Sophie Heslop (vocals, lead guitar) and Neil "Nez" Greenaway (drums, percussion). They were joined in 2010 by Ben Walker (backing vocals, hammond organ).
Link115The Campus Tramps The Campus Tramps United KingdomThe Campus Tramps Garage punk rock'n'roll band from Newcastle, England.
Link511DATAStream DATAStream United KingdomsynthwaveDATAStream (2) Martyn Stonehouse Sound Engineer / Designer / Composer in Derbyshire.
Link79Red Wine Red Wine Red Wine (2) Spanish Heavy Metal band formed in Logroño (La Rioja) in 1997. The band released four full-length album and a collection of cover tunes from 2001 to 2006.
Link610Kalax Kalax LiverpoolKalax Synthwave project based in Liverpool, UK.
Link115Detrimental Detrimental Detrimental
Link313Scour Scour Scour (2) American formed extreme metal supergroup. Featuring members; [a=Phil Anselmo] [Vocals/ Lyrics] (Ex-Pantera, Superjoint, Down, Arson Anthem), [a=John Jarvis (2)] [Bass/ Backing Vocals] (Fulgora, Pig Destroyer), [a=Chase Fraser] [Guitar] (Animosity, Continuum), [a=Derek Engemann] [Guitar/ Backing Vocals] (Cattle Decapitation, Unmerciful, Covenance) and [a=Adam Jarvis] (Misery Index, Pig Destroyer) on drums. The group's debut EP was released on July 15th, 2016. Jesse Schobel was later replaced by Adam Jarvis on the drums.
Link511Christian Williams Christian Williams Christian Williams Christian Williams is a self-taught musician, experimental composer, and visual artist. His passion for creative expression has led him to dabble in a wide variety of music styles, ranging from dark acoustic folk music inspired by the American prairie (his early work), to abstract sound art utilizing acoustic loops and field recordings (his most recent work).
Link214Necrofrost Necrofrost Necrofrost German black metal band.
Link313Wild Rover Wild Rover Wild Rover Swedish band from Hultsfred. The band plays Irish music but sings in Swedish.
Link115haraam haraam DenmarkReal Name: Martin SchackeHaraam Martin Schacke
Link115Petr Kolář Petr Kolář Czech RepublicPetr Kolář Petr Kolář Czech vocalist. Born June 20, 1967 in České Budějovice (former Czechoslovakia). Member of Boule (11.1989), Magma (1989), Sarah (1989-92), Whitelight, Paradox (1996-98), Precedens (9.1997-12.2001), Arakain (6.2002-12.2004).
Link610The Colourist The Colourist The Colourist Indie pop/rock band from Orange County, CA, formed in 2009. Members: Adam Castilla Justin Wagner Former members: Kollin Johannsen Maya Tuttle
Link313The Lennerockers The Lennerockers The Lennerockers Rock 'n' Roll / Rockabilly / Country band from Hagen-Hohenlimburg, Germany. Founded in 1984,disbanded December 2016
Link412Dark Emotions Dark Emotions FranceFrench dark ambient group.Dark Emotions (2)
Link115Onions Onions Onions (4)