Complete Albums constructed from Acoustid data that do not have a corresponding album in MusicBrainz

Relatively obscure artists with one or zero releases

Report created based on data in Acoustid as of 22/08/2023

Found 53661 acoustid albums that do not have a corresponding match in MusicBrainz 500 Acoustid Albums per page.

The report is not continually updated so may not reflect the current data within Acoustid databases.

This shows complete albums constructed from the metadata submitted to Acoustid, but only the majority of the Acoustids are not already linked to MusicBrainz recordings. We filter to only show albums that we have all the tracks for and that have real metadata, and only include albums where we can find a case insensitive match between the album artist and a MusicBrainz artist, to simplify things and filter out some nonsense data. Limitations:Acoustid Data is not of high enough quality to properly handle multi releases and some releases may be listed multiple times due to slight differences in metadata. Acoustid only provides basic metadata, at best this is Album Artist, Album, Track No, Track Title, Track Artist, Year of release, Track Duration (taken directly from linked fingerprint(s)). The data is good for identifying albums by smaller artists, and rare bootleg/live albums by well known artists

#ZWASTAlaAmaAngArcAzuBasBibBobBriCafCecChrCleCriDJ DanDe DiaDocDroEdgEmbEttFauFraFruGenGodGuiHanHelHorInbIváJamJefJobJonJulKarKidKumLanLeoLinLouMELManMarMatMetMikMooMünNelNinOjoOttPatPetPieProRadRe_RicRomSCDSanSecShoSmeSpiSteSutTOBTerTheTheTheThrTonkTurVAVAVAVAVAVaVivWerWonYveed sugИгоさーくルシュカ刘亮鹭奚秀兰張立基李翊君汪東城立川清登謝采妘餓鬼レ사랑과

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#ZWEIRAUMSILKE (1)#zweiraumsilke (1)'else (2)((the submariners)) (1)-真天地開闢集団-ジグザグ (1).Computer.. (1).Fen (1).hinge (2).paperman (1)0-psythe (1)001 (1)011 (2)08 (1)0db (2)1-900 (1)10 (9)10 Ton (1)100% MANMADE FIBRE (1)11월 (1)12 (3)12 stories (2)12singes (1)130cm (1)13hor (1)13th Step (1)16 Hz (5)16 Tambourines (1)16FLIP (2)1773 (2)1812 (1)1956 (1)1969 (1)1985 (1)1988 (1)1989 (1)1st Floor (1)1st Marine Division Band (2)2 Culture In A Room (1)2 Raverz (1)2 Tymz (2)2-BIT PALOMINO (1)200Mph (1)210 (3)21st Century Swing Band (1)23RD GRADE OF EVIL (1)24 Hours (1)24-7 Prayer (1)25 (1)25 HOURS (1)25 Hours (7)25 hours (1)27 Devils Joking (1)27B (1)28 North (1)2A (1)2Hoch4 (1)2Kool (2)2LSON (1)2ND FUNK-TION (2)2R (5)2SP+C'K (1)2V1G (17)2nd Bridge Blues Band (1)2nd Funk-Tion (1)2nd Generation (1)3 Minute Warning (1)3 Minutes sur Mer (1)3+ (1)31STYLE (1)33 DC (1)34A (1)35th Parallel (1)37 Targets (1)3S Cubic (1)3rd Coast (1)3rd Party (1)4 (9)4 ASA (1)4 Asa (1)4 Experimentelle Die Nur 2 Sind (2)4 Horsemen (1)4 Mandu (1)4 Voices (1)4. Elements (1)40% (1)404 Soldierz (1)420 (1)42nd Street (1)44 Max (1)47.5 (1)4D-JAM (2)4Ever (1)4F Club (1)4Given (1)4WD (1)4kids (1)5 Dòng Kẻ (1)5 For The Gospel (1)5. Element (1)53 (1)56 Hope Road (3)58 (1)5zizz (1)6 AM (1)6 Am (1)6 Days Of Justice (2)6 Feet Down (2)60 Minut Na Godzinę (1)60 Second Assassin (1)60 minut na godzinę (2)615 Music (1)63 Регион (1)64 Dollar Question (1)65dBA (1)6th Generation (2)6th Lane (1)7 DAYS (1)7 Days In Alaska (1)750 Rebels (1)7Years (1)7th Element (1)×こすもぽりたん (1)8 To The Bar (1)8 lat w Tybecie (1)8-BALL (1)80'S CHILD (1)805 Clicka (1)8fatfat8 (1)9 Electric (1)9 Fake Reasons (1)904 Click (1)963 (1)9mm (1)9mm SOLUTION (1)9mm Solution (1):wulgata: (1)<209> (1)=Y= (1)???? (50)A BU (1)A Beautiful Silence (1)A Bone of Contention (1)A Boy And His Tortoise (1)A Brief Smile (1)A Bu (2)A Cadence of Sorts (1)A Cappella (2)A Caustic Fate (1)A Clear Blurr (1)A Consommer De Préférence (1)A Corte Musical (2)A Craze (1)A Cub Bella (1)A Drum and an Open Window (1)A Espiral de Bukowski (1)A Família (1)A HISTORY (1)A June & J Beat (1)A MONUMENTAL BLACK STATUE (1)A Quenlla (4)A Sailor's Grave (2)A Shattered Dream (1)A Strength Within (1)A TALE OF GOLDEN KEYS (1)A Tale Of Golden Keys (1)A Tale of Golden Keys (1)A Thousand Years (1)A Very Sad Story (1)A-Line (1)A.B.C-Z (13)A.M.A (1)A.N.T. (1)A.O Sound Team (2)A.R.T. (2)A.SAKA (1)A.T.C. (1)A1426p (1)A7JK (1)AA Sound System (2)ABANDON HOPE (1)ABANDONER (1)ABBY AHMAD (1)ABDUCTUM (1)ABISMA (1)ABO (3)ABSOLU (1)ACCEM MYOMI (1)ACID LAB (1)ACOUSTIC (1)ACT Family Band (1)ADAMA YALOMBA (1)ADAN ROMERO (1)ADDI BLANCO (1)ADRIAN IZQUIERDO (1)ADRIANA LUA (1)AEED (1)AELEMENT (1)AETRANOK (1)AFRO BEGUE (2)AFTER IN PARIS (1)AFinalDate (4)AGA (13)AGENT 0 (4)AGHOST (1)AGONIZE (1)AGONY FACE (1)AGT Rave Cru (1)AHMEX (1)AINSEL (1)AINU (1)AIO (1)AJ Brown (1)AK the Savior (1)AKENTRA (1)AKOS GALANTAI (1)AKRA (1)AKRASIA (1)AL-KAMAR (2)ALAN HAMPTON (1)ALAN MARKS (1)ALCO (1)ALECKS (1)ALEKSIS KANAKI (1)ALEX BIANCHI (1)ALEX DIMOU (1)ALEX TWITCHY (2)ALEXANDER GHINDIN (1)ALEXANDER ODEN (1)ALEXANDER PALEY (1)ALEXANDRA ZERNER (1)ALISSID JAZZ (1)ALKOHOLIZER (2)ALL THAT (1)ALLIGATORS (1)ALLOVER (1)ALLSTAR (1)ALO (2)ALONG CAME A SPIDER (1)ALTURA (1)AM Magic (1)AMAZAN (1)AMBULAUNZ (1)AMERANOUCHE (1)AMONG GODS (1)AMOS SAINT JEAN (1)AMP TRIO (1)AMP Trio (1)AMPARO (1)AMoeC (1)ANA PAULA LOPES (1)ANA REVERTE (14)ANAKREON (1)ANAYA (2)ANDREAS BEUTLING (1)ANDREW ADKINS (2)ANDREW BELLING (1)ANDREW BOOKER (1)ANDREW MACTIRE (1)ANDREY EXX (1)ANDY BROS (1)ANGEDOZEN (1)ANI CORDERO (1)ANNALISE EMERICK (1)ANOMIA (1)ANSA (1)ANSELTALER PARTY EXPRESS (1)ANTHARES (2)ANTHONY BOLTON (1)ANTONIJA ŠOLA (1)ANTONIO BANDERAS (1)ANTONIO TORMO (1)ANWECH (1)AOK (3)AOS3 (1)APJ (1)APPLETREE (1)APT (1)AQUAMARINE (1)AQUARIA MUSICS (2)ARAKI (1)ARANYO (1)ARCHIS (1)ARGUMENT SOUL (1)ARIELWAVE (2)ARKADIA (1)ARLEN (1)ARLI (2)ARMAND & ANGELINA (2)ARNAUD ROYER (1)ARRHYTHMIA (1)ARSAFES (1)ART TRIP AND THE STATIC SOUND (1)ARTIST (2)ARTISTS OF WAR (1)ARTUR NIKOLAEV (1)ARYAN BROTHERHOOD (1)AS (1)ASAGAYA (1)ASAGI (1)ASAHINA Bros.+JULI (1)ASAP (2)ASB (1)ASCENDANCY (1)ASIAN2 (4)ASPHODELIA (1)ASSFORT (1)ASTARIA (1)ASTERION (1)
Import ReleaseAlbum ArtistView in AlbunackAlbumTrack TotalTracks with MB MatchYearTracks
#zweiraumsilkeView in AlbunackDetox140
'elseView in AlbunackCome Clean120
'elseView in Albunacknew machinegun etiquette130
((the submariners))View in Albunacktidepool60
-真天地開闢集団-ジグザグView in Albunackはじめてのじぐざぐ130
.Computer..View in Albunack2008 give me a frame (Pop-U-Loud PUL#12)100
.FenView in Albunack東京カフェスタイル #3 fantasies130
.hingeView in AlbunackGypsy60
.hingeView in AlbunackSomething to Adore100
.papermanView in Albunackneversolvesanything90
0-psytheView in AlbunackZerodious70
001View in Albunackリスニング660
Search 011Calcul Désintégral110
Search 011Nocturbulous Behavior - The Mix240
08View in AlbunackPohádkový měšec90
Search 0db一间杂货铺120
Search 0db原创合集160
Search 1-900One Nine Hiundred100
Search 10Billie Holiday121
Search 10Grosses Symphonieorchster and Hans Swarowsky100
Search 10Iron Maiden72
Search 10J.R.R. Tolkien180
Search 10Kitsch100
Search 10Mark Spiro91
Search 10Markus Heitz60
Search 10Red Hot Chili Peppers63
Search 10Wolfgang Hohlbein60
10 TonView in AlbunackCentury 2 Funk100
100% MANMADE FIBREView in AlbunackLP7: (Previously Unreleased) 1981-83 31602014
11월View in Albunack1집80
Search 12Grosses Symphonieorchster and Hans Swarowsky100
Search 12Iron Maiden72
Search 12Markus Heitz60
12 storiesView in Albunack12 Stories120
12 storiesView in Albunack©¤³¡¯u©ú120
12singesView in AlbunackYou Know What Im Singe Vol​.​1120
130cmView in Albunack鬼宴 -oniuta-280
13horView in AlbunackDes Comptes A Regler180
13th StepView in AlbunackFinal Step80
16 HzView in AlbunackAuto€strada120
16 HzView in AlbunackKolekcija 20'000. Geriausių Dainų Naujos Versijos120
16 HzView in AlbunackLyrika200
16 HzView in AlbunackMakrofonas160
16 HzView in AlbunackZodziai i sirdi160
16 TambourinesView in AlbunackHow Green Is Your Valley? (Japan)102
16FLIPView in Albunack180Atomosphere7200
16FLIPView in AlbunackSmokytown Callin : 2nd Edition200
1773View in AlbunackConstant Motion150
1773View in AlbunackWisdom O.N.E & Just J110
1812View in AlbunackBBC PROMS60
1956View in AlbunackSaboteur110
1969View in AlbunackAlbums of the Year102
Search 1985Rasmentalizm140
Search 1988Forever602011
Search 1989Gold State80
1st FloorView in Albunack1st Floor (Radioactive)120
1st Marine Division BandView in Albunack"The 1st"110
1st Marine Division BandView in AlbunackThe First110
2 Culture In A RoomView in AlbunackAndroid (Alabianca Records - AB 1691212)71
2 RaverzView in AlbunackWith The Crowd1412010
2 TymzView in AlbunackAnd Then There Two130
2 TymzView in AlbunackAnd Then There Were Two130
2-BIT PALOMINOView in AlbunackThings I Dream About130
200MphView in Albunack200Mph80
Search 210Ni Shagu Nazad100
Search 210Ни Шагу Назад100
Search 210ни шагу назад1002011
21st Century Swing BandView in AlbunackPittsburgh Jazz Legacy150
23RD GRADE OF EVILView in AlbunackBad Men Do What Good Men Dream131
Search 24 HoursThe Sleepseller130
24-7 PrayerView in AlbunackThe Vision Mix122
Search 25MJO93
25 HOURSView in AlbunackMOM & POPSHOP100
25 HoursView in Albunack25 Hours100
25 HoursView in AlbunackColour in white110
25 HoursView in AlbunackFavorite Hour170
25 HoursView in AlbunackFavourite Hour170
25 HoursView in AlbunackMom & Popshop100
25 HoursView in AlbunackNight In Heaven110
25 HoursView in AlbunackNight in Heaven110
25 hoursView in AlbunackColour In White110
27 Devils JokingView in AlbunackSucking Effect140
27BView in AlbunackSTE20试音极品TESTCD150
28 NorthView in AlbunackA Long Walk Home100
Search 2ABook Of Rhymes And Rhythms Level 2A170
2Hoch4View in AlbunackWir 24 Stunden Von Uns1912005
2KoolView in AlbunackLove 2 Love70
2KoolView in AlbunackLove 2 Love Part II170
2LSONView in AlbunackThe First110
Search 2R2R ·sºq+ºë¿ï161
Search 2R2R 新歌+精選161
Search 2RRevolution110
Search 2RUNITED60
Search 2Rtwo of us60
2SP+C'KView in Albunack当方似非々々夢1402009
2V1GView in Albunack2V1G120
2V1GView in Albunack2V1G Tempting Heart 第三次心動100
2V1GView in Albunack2V1G-(第一 次心動)120
2V1GView in Albunack2VIG III 第三次心動100
2V1GView in AlbunackTempting Heart Malaysian Edition100
2V1GView in AlbunackTempting Heart 心動100
2V1GView in AlbunackTempting Kert120
2V1GView in Albunack回家120
2V1GView in Albunack心甘情愿120
2V1GView in Albunack心甘情願120
2V1GView in Albunack用心唤醒120
2V1GView in Albunack用心唤醒 2V1G120
2V1GView in Albunack用心喚醒120
2V1GView in Albunack第三次心動120
2V1GView in Albunack第三次心動 TEMPTING HEART120
2V1GView in Albunack第三次心動 Tempting Heart100
2V1GView in Albunack青心 celist110
2nd Bridge Blues BandView in AlbunackBleib im Bett!80
2nd Funk-TionView in AlbunackExceedingly110
Search 2nd GenerationI See A City100
3 Minute WarningView in AlbunackScooters Loose Change1102009
3 Minutes sur MerView in AlbunackL'endroit d'où l'on vient110
3+View in AlbunackYour Small Story100
31STYLEView in AlbunackDear Gretel60
33 DCView in AlbunackHonor Y Gloria80
34AView in AlbunackSTE20试音极品TESTCD150
35th ParallelView in AlbunackCrossing Painted Islands150
37 TargetsView in AlbunackAnother Day801986
3S CubicView in AlbunackThrough the Butterfly802011
3rd CoastView in AlbunackBreath of Seoul60
Search 3rd PartyCan U Feel It72
Search 4Grosses Symphonieorchster and Hans Swarowsky100
Search 4Iron Maiden72
Search 4J.R.R. Tolkien180
Search 4John Green90
Search 4Mark Spiro92
Search 4Markus Heitz60
Search 4Sergei Rachmaninov310
Search 4Uncle Sammy60
Search 4Wolfgang Hohlbein60
4 ASAView in AlbunackLive - Zagreb, 030303170
4 AsaView in AlbunackNakon Svih Ovih Godina220
4 Experimentelle Die Nur 2 SindView in AlbunackGartengesellschaft130
4 Experimentelle Die Nur 2 SindView in AlbunackMusik Für Schöne Menschen110
4 HorsemenView in AlbunackUnholy Ressurrection90
4 ManduView in AlbunackThis Is it60
4 VoicesView in Albunack4 Voices120
4. ElementsView in AlbunackKludu labojums110
40%View in AlbunackPrime Cuts90
404 SoldierzView in AlbunackWalk Like a Soldier1502001
Search 4202003-02-14 - Lt's~HR&42080
Search 42nd Street42nd Street200
44 MaxView in AlbunackTrauma From Within The Dark Dome150
47.5View in AlbunackWarm Sea1102010
4D-JAMView in AlbunackCOME JAM SPACE130