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Link1982Benjamin Blümchen Benjamin Blümchen Fictitious ArtistBenjamin Blümchen
Link0157Drohnwerks Drohnwerks Drohnwerks
Link1551Óscar Chávez Óscar Chávez MexicoMexican folk and trova singer-songwriterÓscar Chávez
Link1491私立恵比寿中学 私立恵比寿中学 Japan私立恵比寿中学
Link0125Jimmy Shand and His Band Jimmy Shand and His Band Jimmy Shand And His Band First line-up (1941): George McKelvey (Piano Accordian) Dave Ireland (Fiddle) Owney McCabe (Drums) Jimmy Shand (Button Key Accordian) Johnny Knight (Piano) Later members included: Syd Chalmers (Violin) John Whyte (Bass) Norman Whitelaw (Piano)
Link3113Dani Sbert Dani Sbert Palmaspanish house musicDani Sbert Daniel Sbert Verdu Spanish Minimal Techno/Tech House DJ and producer from Palma De Mallorca. He is the founder of [l=UFO Recordings (3)], [l1018253] & [l994052] and co-founder of [l=Bully Beatz].
Link0106The Westway Studio Orchestra The Westway Studio Orchestra The Westway Studio Orchestra British instrumental orchestra, consisting of 6 wood-wind (saxes), 6 brass, 2 percussion, guitar, harp, celeste and 20 strings. Recorded for [l139249].
Link1011矢沢永吉 矢沢永吉 Japan矢沢永吉
Link099DJ Brad Smith DJ Brad Smith DJ Brad Smith Brad Smith Brad Smith has been playing electronic music since 1990 and is the owner of the underground label, Crescent Records. Brad started his career in the underground Acid House and hardcore scene at WBUL in Tampa. In 1992, Brad began his club DJing career at the infamous "Rave-O-Ween" in Tampa, Florida. In 1998, Brad, under his moniker, DJ Praying Mantis alongside with DJ Dread started the Stateside collective Drum N Bass crew. In 2000, Brad started his mash-up/remix label, Mr. Smith's DJ Tools, with partner DJ Spice (from Friction and Spice). In 2006, Brad returned to producing house music and started releasing tracks under the aliases Mantis, Osiris and R. Gonzalez.
Link941三遊亭圓生 三遊亭圓生 Japanthe 6th三遊亭圓生 山﨑 松尾 / Matsuo Yamasaki Stage name 6代目三遊亭 圓生 (Six generation Sanyuutei Enshou) Japanese 落語家 Rakugoka, Rakugo storyteller master born in Osaka. (September 3, 1900 - September 3, 1979)
Link088mhz_ mhz_ lo-fi electronic artistmhz_ Michał Szewczyński Music and graphic artist from Walbrzych (Poland), working since 2009 in the field of noise, ambient, lo-bit, experimental, trip-hop, spontaneous recordings, sound art and conceptual pieces. Other pseudonyms: [b]â§CAT[/b] [i](ashcat)[/i], used for images.
Link087Burak Harsitlioglu Burak Harsitlioglu Burak Harsitlioglu Burak Harşitlioğlu DJ and producer from İstanbul, Turkey, Born 07/02/1981. Genres: Hard House / Techno / Trance
Link283Joe Stampley Joe Stampley United StatesJoe Stampley Joe Ronald Stampley American country singer/songwriter, born June 6, 1943 in Springhill, Louisiana.
Link182DJ Nonsdrome DJ Nonsdrome DJ Nonsdrome Stephan Schär Swiss trance DJ and producer.
Link083Flourgon Flourgon Flourgon Michael May Jamaican dancehall DJ, brother of [a=Red Dragon]. Their single "Sit Dung Pon It" was the first ever DJ clash between brothers
Link178Cobla Barcelona Cobla Barcelona Cobla Barcelona
Link078Hoodzie Hoodzie Hoodzie Allan Bell
Link741古今亭志ん生 古今亭志ん生 Japanthe 5th古今亭志ん生
Link731瀬川瑛子 瀬川瑛子 Japan瀬川瑛子
Link711Tom Fahy Tom Fahy Tom Fahy
Link072New Concert Orchestra New Concert Orchestra The New Concert Orchestra
Link071Pad Anthony Pad Anthony JamaicaPad Anthony Hartley Anthony Wallace
Link069Ralph Flanagan and His Orchestra Ralph Flanagan and His Orchestra Ralph Flanagan And His Orchestra
Link068Delly Ranks Delly Ranks Delly Ranks Delroy Foster
Link068Richard Jon Smith Richard Jon Smith Richard Jon Smith Richard Jon Smith Singer, songwriter and producer, born in Cape Town, South Africa.
Link661μ's μ's Japanラブライブ!/ Love Live! School Idol Projectμ's
Link651角川博 角川博 角川博
Link065Horace Martin Horace Martin Horace Martin
Link064Floating Mind Floating Mind Floating Mind Electronic producer based in Geneva, Switzerland Founder of [l64479]
Link631Diverse System Diverse System Diverse System
Link162Victor Silvester & His Ballroom Orchestra Victor Silvester & His Ballroom Orchestra Victor Silvester and His Ballroom Orchestra
Link261Reginald Dixon Reginald Dixon United KingdomReginald Dixon Reginald Herbert Dixon, MBE, ARCM Legendary Blackpool [l=Tower Ballroom] resident organist. 16 October 1904 – 9 May 1985. Active 1930s-1970s.
Link611Vexento Vexento OsloVexento Alexander Hansen Norwegian electronic music producer.
Link611DuelJewel DuelJewel JapanDuelJewel
Link161Peppino Gagliardi Peppino Gagliardi Peppino Gagliardi Giuseppe Gagliardi Italian singer, writer and musician. Born May 25, 1940 in Naples, Italy.
Link061Ricky General Ricky General Ricky General Ricard Anderson
Link061Lee Perry & The Upsetters Lee Perry & The Upsetters Lee Perry & The Upsetters
Link061Angy Kore Angy Kore Angy Kore Angelo Del Core DJ and producer from Casalbore City, Italy.
Link060Clinton Ford Clinton Ford Clinton Ford Ian George Stopford Harrison Singer (Jazz/Country/Pop) and entertainer. Born Nov. 4, 1931 in Salford, Lancashire, England. Died Oct. 21, 2009 in Douglas, Isle of Man.
Link581森口博子 森口博子 Japan森口博子 花村博美 (Hiromi Hanamura) Hiroko Moriguchi. Japanese female pop singer. Born June 13, 1968 in Fukuoka.
Link257Miki Jevremovic Miki Jevremovic Miki Jevremović Miodrag Jevremović
Link059Vziel Projet Vziel Projet Vziel Projet
Link057Radmila Karaklajić Radmila Karaklajić Radmila Karaklajić Radmila Karaklajić Serbian pop singer. Daughter of [a=Đorđe Karaklajić]. Used to be married to [a=Dragan Tomljanović].
Link561Mi-Ke Mi-Ke JapanMi Ke Mike Morales
Link561Vidyasagar Vidyasagar IndiaIndian composer, musician and singerVidyasagar
Link155Azucena Maizani Azucena Maizani ArgentinaAzucena Maizani Azucena Josefa Maizani Argentinian tango singer and composer. Also actress in several movies. (Buenos Aires, 17 Nov.1902 - 15 Jan.1970) Also known as La Ñata Gaucha 1923-1928: recordings and releases for [l832200] (first recordings ever by the end of 1923: "Yo tuve un cariño" and "Padre Nuestro") - until 1926 with acomp. [a2978983], then with acomp. piano ([a1296674]) and guitar ([a4401206]) 1929-1931: recordings and releases for [l14624] (contract signed end of 1928) 1932-1933: recordings for [l61808] 1934-1939: recordings and releases for [l33930]
Link551EastNewSound EastNewSound JapanEastNewSound
Link541栗林みな実 栗林みな実 Japan栗林みな実
Link055Hal Hutchinson Hal Hutchinson Hal Hutchinson Hal Hutchinson Prolific British harsh noise artist, operating under his own name as well as several projects. Ran the label [l208756].
Link352Marco Paulo Marco Paulo Marco Paulo João Simão da Silva Born 21 January 1945 in Mourão, Portugal. He is one of the most popular singers in Portugal.
Link541王力宏 王力宏 Taiwan王力宏
Link054Group-Forty Orchestra Group-Forty Orchestra Group-Forty Orchestra
Link054Вячеслав Добрынин Вячеслав Добрынин RussiaВячеслав Добрынин Вячеслав Галустович Антонов Вячеслав Григорьевич Добрынин Popular Russian composer and singer also known as Doctor Shlyager for his superhits, People's Artist of Russia (1996). Born: January 25, 1946, Moscow, USSR
Link521D. Imman D. Imman ChennaiA. Imman
Link521Edison Symphony Orchestra Edison Symphony Orchestra Edison Symphony Orchestra
Link521Yuvan Shankar Raja Yuvan Shankar Raja IndiaIndian composer / singerYuvan Shankar Raja
Link052Davide Cali Davide Cali Davide Cali Davide Calì Italian electronic music producer since the early 90s. He is the founder of [l=Reiz Musik] and [l=Animus (2)].
Link151X-Ray Dog X-Ray Dog X-Ray Dog X-Ray Dog is an American musical library which is located in Burbank, California. They compose music for Hollywood movie trailers and soundtracks.
Link052Malando and His Tango Orchestra Malando and His Tango Orchestra Malando And His Tango Orchestra
Link052Miki & Griff Miki & Griff Miki & Griff Barbara and Emyr Griffith Married singing duo in the 50's and 60's.
Link511Harris Jayaraj Harris Jayaraj ChennaiHarris Jayaraj
Link150Doble R Doble R Doble R
Link481Gabriel Burns Gabriel Burns GermanyGabriel Burns
Link049Knox Mitchell Knox Mitchell Knox Mitchell Musician who runs [url=]Green Records and Tapes[/url] .
Link481山川豊 山川豊 Japan山川豊
Link049Đorđe Marjanović Đorđe Marjanović Đorđe Marjanović Đorđe Marjanović Serbian pop singer, considered to be the most popular singer in ex-Yugoslavia. Đorđe was also very popular in ex-USSR.
Link246The Dovells The Dovells United StatesThe Dovells The Dovells were an American music group, formed at Overbrook High School in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania in 1957, under the name 'The Brooktones'.
Link147Luciftias Luciftias MeadvilleLuciftias Luciftias is an experimental ambient/drone project from Meadville, Pennsylvania. Conceptually launched with a handful of noise recordings in 1993 but formed in name in the year 2000. Early inspiration was taken from the sonic artistry of Boyd Rice/NON and various sound related concepts presented in select writings by the late Anton Szandor LaVey. Early material (2000-2006) was usually noise and ambient oriented with elements of drone doom and industrial being introduced into middle period works (2006-2008). Since 2008, material has focused on dark/deep ambient and drone, often with heavy usage of brainwave entrainment/synchronization.
Link048Keith Poppin Keith Poppin Keith Poppin Keith Smith At the age of 17 Keith headed to Kingston to find a vehicle for his talents. In 1968, he formed his own band, The Rocking Horse, and began playing at local clubs and festivals. After a string of singles with The Rocking Horse, Keith's wide vocal range and dynamic studio presence soon earned him the nickname "poppin". He worked with Lloyd Parks in the early seventies, and in 1973 released his first solo single "Same Thing For Breakfas". This roots classic marked the beginning of a long and successful recording career, topping the charts in England and Jamaica and selling over 50,000 records.
Link461彭羚 彭羚 Hong Kong彭羚 Cass Phang (Chinese: 彭羚, born 2 February 1969) is a retired Cantopop singer from Hong Kong, affiliated with EMI in 1993–1998 and since then with Sony Music Entertainment.
Link461Empathica Empathica United StatesEmpathica
Link047Tingis Tingis Tingis Tingis Italian Psychedelic-Industrial noise maker born in Tangier Morocco.
Link146Roberto Leal Roberto Leal Roberto Leal António Joaquim Fernandes Roberto Leal, stage name of António Joaquim Fernandes, is a Portuguese-Brazilian singer, born in Macedo de Cavaleiros municipality, Braganza district, in northeast Portugal. He has sold more than 17 million albums, and has received 30 golden records and 5 platinum records. In 1962 his family moved to Brazil. Roberto Leal writes and produces most of his songs. Leal has a dynamic vocal range and is a great dancer. In an opinion poll conducted by Datafolha in Rio de Janeiro, asking what was the first famous Portuguese person people could think of, Roberto Leal came in first, with 15%, ahead of Pedro Álvares Cabral (9%) and Luís de Camões (4%). Some of Leal best known songs are: "Bate o Pé", "Clareou","O Vinho de Meu Amor", and "Marrabenta". Recently recorded a CD in Portuguese and Mirandese languages. His son, Rodrigo Leal, is also a musician.
Link047Eric Lunde Eric Lunde Eric Lunde Eric Lunde American musician and artist. Besides his musical releases and his artwork, he also published a book of poetry and wood-block prints entitled "LLND" ([l=Alamut Records], 1991).
Link146Александр Дольский Александр Дольский Александр Дольский Александр Александрович Дольский Born on July 7, 1938 in Sverdlovsk. Soviet and Russian poet, writer, artist, and most famously known for being a bard.
Link047Kashief Lindo Kashief Lindo JamaicaKashief Lindo Kashief Lindo Son of Jamaican guitarist, producer and engineer [a=Willie Lindo].
Link047Inside Agitator Inside Agitator Inside Agitator Inside Agitator is the biggest project of Olaf Krautwurst which produces mainly electronic body music and synth pop. On some releases the style changes to ambient and experimental soundtrack music. Inside Agitator released lots of CD-Rs and digital downloads and played some live gigs between 2000 and 2007 with well-known artists like Psyche, Proceed and Mystery of Dawn. Because of the project Blinky Blinky Computerband, Inside Agitator is not active at the moment, but it is possible that there will be new releases in the future.
Link047Duško Lokin Duško Lokin Duško Lokin Croatian schlager singer. Born June 13, 1943 in Zadar.
Link046D-Unity D-Unity D-Unity DJ and producer duo based in Toronto, Canada. They are the founders of [l=Beat Therapy Records].
Link046Les Dupont Les Dupont Les Dupont Louis-Frédéric Apostoly & Didier Blasco
Link451梁靜茹 梁靜茹 Malaysia梁靜茹
Link145Владимир Шаинский Владимир Шаинский RussiaВладимир Шаинский Владимир Яковлевич Шаинский Vladimir Yakovlevich Shainsky is a Russian, Soviet and Ukrainian composer. Born: December 12, 1925, Kiev, Ukrainian SSR In 1936, he became a student at the musical school in Kiev, where he learned to play the violin. However, his studies were interrupted by the Great Patriotic War (World War II), when his family was evacuated to Tashkent, Uzbek SSR. He continued to study at the Tashkent conservatory until he was recruited by the Red Army in 1943. After the war he entered Moscow conservatory, Orchestra Faculty, and graduated in 1949 as a violinist soloist. In the 1950s Shainsky played in Leonid Utyosov's orchestra, taught young people, and worked as a composer and musical leader at different dance orchestras. In the 1960s he studied in Baku conservatory, the composers faculty. His first composing works were a string quartet, created in 1963 during his studies in Baku conservatory and a symphony, written in 1965. During his 40-year career as a composer, Shainsky wrote a great number of works for children. He created music and songs for popular cartoons such as Cheburashka, Katerok and Kroshka Enot; for films, including "Breakfast on the Grass", "Aniskin and Fantomas", "Aniskin Again", "School Waltz", "Finist, the Brave Falcon"; for musicals, and even an opera. He wrote many popular songs, like "A Soldier is Walking in the Town", "Russia's Little Corner", "White Birch", "Smile", "Clouds", "A Dog is Lost", "Crocodile Gena's Song". Shainsky has also authored numerous songs in the Yiddish language, still popular with the klezmer orchestras (cf here). Vladimir Shainsky has been awarded numerous awards, some of the major ones are the USSR State Prize (1981), People's Artist of the Russian SFSR title (1986), Order of Friendship (1996), multiple laureate of the Russian (formerly Soviet) "Song of the Year" festival (since 1971).
Link144Tommy Overstreet Tommy Overstreet United StatesTommy Overstreet American country singer and songwriter, born 10 September 1937 in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, USA. Died November 2, 2015 in Oregon.
Link441葉蒨文 葉蒨文 Hong Kong葉蒨文
Link045Rob Cain Rob Cain Rob Cain Liverpool (UK) based Bouncy House DJ and producer. One half of Total Control, the band behind massive Wigan Pier anthem 'Static Bounce'.
Link1035Jorge Negrete Jorge Negrete MexicoJorge Negrete Jorge Alberto Negrete Moreno Mexican singer and actor (30 November 1911 – 5 December 1953). Sometimes accompanied by [a2995963]
Link441Shiryu Shiryu PortugalShiryu
Link045Aimable Aimable FranceFrench accordionistAimable Aimable Pluchard Born: May 10th, 1922 at Trith-Saint-Léger, Nord, France. Died: October 31th, 1997 at Villemoisson-sur-Orge, Essonne, France.
Link044Rotten Piece Rotten Piece Rotten Piece Shaun Kelly & Carol Kelly Experimental noise project from Texas.
Link422森若里子 森若里子 森若里子
Link044Eastbound Expressway Eastbound Expressway Eastbound Expressway
Link043Ronnie McNeir Ronnie McNeir Ronnie McNeir Lewis Ronald McNeir Born: December 14, 1951, Camden, Alabama. US R&B songwriter & vocalist. As well as an extensive solo career he also served as musical director for [a=Four Tops] & stood in short term for [a=Levi Stubbs, Jr.] in 2002.
Link043Tanto Metro Tanto Metro JamaicaTanto Metro
Link142Elisha La'Verne Elisha La'Verne Elisha La'Verne Elizabeth Yvonne Martin
Link043Damian Wasse Damian Wasse Damian Wasse Дмитрий Кулагин (Dmitry Kulagin) DJ & music producer from Nizhnii Novgorod, Russia. Born in 1991.
Link538Brendan Shine Brendan Shine IrelandBrendan Shine Irish folk/country singer. Born in 1947.
Link042Lola Novaković Lola Novaković YugoslaviaESC 1962 for YugoslaviaLola Novaković Zorana Novaković-Antić Zorana "Lola" Novaković (b.April 25, 1935 in Belgrade, Kingdom of Yugoslavia – 3 April 2016) was a Serbian chanson/schlager singer popular in the 1960's and 70's in the former Yugoslavia.
Link411Betharia Sonatha Betharia Sonatha IndonesiaBetharia Sonatha
Link042Tigran Oganezov Tigran Oganezov Tigran Oganezov Тигран Оганезов (Tigran Oganezov) DJ and electronic music producer from Lviv, Ukraine Styles: Trance Tech Trance
Link042Amelita Galli-Curci Amelita Galli-Curci United StatesAmelita Galli-Curci Amelita Galli-Curci (18 November 1882 – 26 November 1963) was an Italian operatic coloratura soprano.
Link438Jimmy Swaggart Jimmy Swaggart Jimmy Swaggart American pastor, teacher, musician, television host, and televangelist, born March 15, 1935.
Link141George Feyer George Feyer George Feyer György Fejér b. Hungary, 27 October 1908; d. New York, 21 October 2001) was a classically trained pianist who turned to 'light' music upon graduating, and released a series of top-selling "Echoes of..." records.
Link042Rikki Henderson Rikki Henderson United StatesRikki Henderson
Link411安田レイ 安田レイ Japan安田レイ
Link401魂音泉 魂音泉 Japan魂音泉 Tamaonsen Touhou-focus doujin circle. Main genre: Hip-Hop / Trip-Hop
Link140Zorica Brunclik Zorica Brunclik Zorica Brunclik Zorica Brunclik Serbian folk singer. Born Jun. 29, 1955 in Belgrade. In 1974 released her first single. Since then she released more than 25 albums. Married to folk composer [a=Miroljub Aranđelović].
Link401The Soap Company The Soap Company LondonThe Soap Company
Link041G.C. Cameron G.C. Cameron G.C. Cameron George Curtis Cameron [b]Soul - funk singer - songwriter[/b] Born on 21.09.1945, in Jackson, Mississippi. After serving in the Vietnam War with the Marines, Cameron joined Motown act The [a=Spinners] as lead singer. He sang both lead parts on their first big hit, 1970's "It's a Shame", co-written and produced by [a=Stevie Wonder], and remained with Motown as a solo artist when The [a=Spinners] left Motown in 1971. Although Cameron was not a major-seller for the label, he did have a hit with "It's So Hard to Say Goodbye to Yesterday", the theme song of the 1975 film Cooley High, which was later covered by [a=Boyz II Men]. Cameron left Motown after the 1970s, and toured as an independent artist. He recorded a critically-acclaimed album for Malaco Records in 1983 and his career was revived in 1989 by recordings for British record companies Ardent (owned at the time by Paul Mooney) and Motorcity (owned by Ian Levine). He returned to The [a=Spinners] from 2000 to 2002, and also recorded another solo album. He replaced Barrington "Bo" Henderson in 2003 as one of the lead singers of [url=]The Temptations[/url]. He was one of the voices on their album, "Reflections". Cameron sang lead on the album track "How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)" which was nominated for a Grammy in 2007. Cameron left [url=]The Temptations[/url] in June 2007 to focus on his group, The G.C. Cameron Review. On Saturday May 17, 2008 Cameron made a special guest appearance at a benefit concert for Hold on to Education Foundation Inc. in South Jersey. [1] He received proclamations from New Jersey State Senator Diane Allen; and Mayor Jacqueline Jennings, with Councilman Eddie Campbell, Jr. of Willingboro NJ. Cherry Hill High School West A Cappella vocal group Men of Note paid tribute to Cameron in honor of his contribution to American Popular Music and his dedication to youth education. In late 2008, he appeared on the PBS special, "Love Train: The Sound of Philadelphia," singing The [a=Spinners]' hit: The Rubberband Man.
Link041Gabriel Marchisio Gabriel Marchisio Gabriel Marchisio Gabriel Marchisio Deejay and Producer from Montevideo, Uruguay.
Link041Dragana Mirković Dragana Mirković Dragana Mirković Dragana Mirković Serbian folk singer born on 18th of January 1968 in Kasidol close to Požarevac, Serbia. She started her singing career in 1984 and by now released 21 albums.
Link041The Fabulous Five Inc. The Fabulous Five Inc. Fabulous Five Inc.
Link040Mama Bär Mama Bär Mama Bär A. K. I. Hjuler Wife of [a=Kommissar Hjuler]
Link139Πάνος Γαβαλάς Πάνος Γαβαλάς GreeceΠάνος Γαβαλάς Panagiotis (Panos) Gavalas (1926 - 1988) was a Greek singer. Father of [a=Ιωάννης Γαβαλάς].
Link040Lee Lynch Lee Lynch Lee Lynch Liam Lynch Born in Ballinasloe, Co. Galway, Ireland, Liam Lynch came to London in May 1956 and has lived in England ever since. In 1960 he was discovered performing in Chiswick by Vince Hill, who introduced him to The James Tate Agency. Having signed up for James Tate, he was soon performing under his new stage name 'Lee Lynch', at The Winter Gardens, Morecambe, as the support act for Emile Ford & The Checkmates. In 1961 Lee landed a two year contract to appear at The Nuffield Centre, Trafalgar Square and in 1963 he joined The Tropical Showband, who were resident at The 32 Club in Harlesden, appearing with, amoungst others, Tom Jones, Van Morrison and Jim Reeves. In 1965 Lee formed his own band 'The Blue Angels' and their debut single was released in 1966 on the Decca label, the Lennon & McCartney song 'You Won't See Me'. In 1969, Lee represented Great Britain in an international song contest in Belgium with a song called 'Stay Awhile', which soon went to the top of the Belgian charts and was a huge success in various countries. There were several hit singles from the subsequent LP 'Stay Awhile With Lee Lynch'. In 1971, Lee replaced Brendan Bowyer as lead singer in The Royal Showband, returning to London after an eight month stint. In 1973, he represented Ireland in a song contest in Bulgaria with his own composition, 'The Love In My Woman's Eyes'. In September 1974, Lee made his first of two appearances at The Royal Albert Hall on a bill packed with Irish talent. 1976 was a bad year for Lee as he collapsed with meningitis and nearly died and it was a full year before he recovered. In 1980 he was voted London's favourite Irish vocalist, appeared on another star studded bill at The Royal Albert Hall and released one of his best known singles 'Paddy's On The Move Again', followed up in 1982 by 'Famous Shamus'. Lee Lynch continued to write, record and perform throughout the eighties and early nineties and in all, recorded over 100 songs throughout a career spanning 35 years. Open heart surgery brought an end to his career in 1994 and he now lives a peaceful retirement in the English countryside.
Link040Li-Polymer Li-Polymer Li-Polymer Fábio Pereira DJ & electronic music producer from Funchal, Portugal Born: 13-12-1984
Link039Arthur Smith & His Cracker-Jacks Arthur Smith & His Cracker-Jacks Arthur Smith And His Cracker-Jacks
Link138Sil Austin Sil Austin United StatesSil Austin Sylvester Austin American jazz saxophonist and band leader. Born : September 17, 1929 in Dunnellon, Florida. Died : September 01, 2001 in Riverdale, Georgia. (Prostate cancer). He has recorded over 30 albums for [l39357] His signature tune is "Danny Boy"
Link039Apache Scratchy Apache Scratchy Jamaicareggae singerApache Scratchy Raymond Hudson Jamaican DJ vocalist popular in the 90's.
Link039Vivian Reed Vivian Reed United StatesVivian Reed American singer, dancer and actress.
Link237The Natural Four The Natural Four United StatesThe Natural Four Darryl Canady, Steve 'Strip' Striplin, Ollan Christopher James, Delmos Whitney The original members, from Oakland, California, U.S.A., were: Chris James Allen Richardson John January AI Bowden
Link039Neda Ukraden Neda Ukraden Neda Ukraden Bosnian pop music & pop-folk singer, born August 16, 1950 in Imotski, Croatia. Since 1964 Sarajevo-based, she released her debut album in 1975. Her performance of song ''Zora je'', (premiere aired on April 18, 1985), has become The Best Selling Song of the former Yugoslavia. Best known songs she produced in collaboration with croatian composer Djordje Novković (1982-1990). She has recorded 13 albums of pop music on yugoslavian market and later 12 more albums of pop-folk music on serbian and regionwide market. Since 1992 Belgrade-based. Famous Yugoslavian pop singer whose music career lasting since 1967 - Neda was born in Croatia, grew up in Bosnia and now living in Serbia.
Link039Gabriel Batz Gabriel Batz Gabriel Batz Gabriel Ernesto Batz Hernandez DJ and producer based in Montreal, Canada.
Link038Rocha & Lewinger Rocha & Lewinger Rocha & Lewinger Uruguayan DJ duo.
Link371六弦アリス 六弦アリス 六弦アリス Rokugen Alice
Link038Omega Drive Omega Drive Omega Drive Ivan Vrlika Croatian Techno DJ and producer, born in Šibenik in 1985.
Link137The Beverley Sisters The Beverley Sisters United KingdomThe Beverley Sisters
Link038Matt Eray Matt Eray tranceMatt Eray Mateusz Szadziun Trance DJ and producer from Poland. Supported by DJs like Above & Beyond, Dash Berlin, Mike Koglin, Max Graham, Mike Shiver, Alex MORPH, M.I.K.E, Roger Shah, Ruben de Ronde, Lemon & Einar K, Bobina, Andy Duguid, Dj Feel, Aurosonic, Sneijder, Sebastian Brandt, Tritonal, Corderoy, Darren Tate and many more.
Link236Margareta Pâslaru Margareta Pâslaru Margareta Pâslaru Margareta Pâslaru Romanian pop music and folklore singer, songwriter, lyricist, film and theater actress, television and radio host, writer; born on 9th July 1943 in Bucharest.
Link353Epic Rap Battles of History Epic Rap Battles of History United StatesEpic Rap Battles Of History
Link335Михаил Боярский Михаил Боярский RussiaМихаил Боярский Михаил Сергеевич Боярский Mikhail Sergeevich Boyarsky (Russian: Михаил Сергеевич Боярский; b. December 26, 1949 in Leningrad) is a Soviet/Russian actor and singer, currently living in the city of Saint Petersburg. He is best known and loved for the role of d'Artagnan in a Russian version of The Three Musketeers (1978) and its sequels (1992, 1993). He was also a popular singer of the 1980s and completed several tours. He is an Honored Artist of the RSFSR (1984) and a People's Artist of Russia (1990).
Link632Диалог Диалог Диалог
Link038Alexey Kotlyar Alexey Kotlyar Techno?Alexey Kotlyar Alexey Kotlyar DJ and producer from Kiev (Ukraine) in year 1984. He is the founder of [l=AK Recordings].
Link038Gary Toms Empire Gary Toms Empire Gary Toms Empire
Link037Minicoolboyz Minicoolboyz MiniCoolBoyz Italian DJ and producer duo based in Milan. They are the founders of [l=Amazing Records (3)].
Link235Diana Trask Diana Trask Diana Trask Australian singer and songwriter, born 23 June 1940.
Link037B Phreak B Phreak B-Phreak Bernhard Ott
Link037Concrete DJz Concrete DJz Concrete DJz The DJ's behind Concrete Djz became involved with electronic music around the year 2000. One thing led to another and in 2003, as residents of Club Akademija, the idea came to create a group now known as the Concrete Djz. Next to performing and producing they are also running a record label Armatura Records and are hosts to Beton Radioshow.
Link316Комба БАКХ Комба БАКХ Комба БАКХ Подземная Студия Н.О.Г.А.
Link361Anthony Robbins Anthony Robbins United StatesAnthony Robbins
Link361大泉逸郎 大泉逸郎 Japan大泉逸郎 大泉逸郎 Itsurō Ōizumi (or Itsuro Ohizumi, Itsuro Ooizumi). Japanese enka pop singer. Born April 17, 1942 in Yamagata Prefecture.
Link037Del Wood Del Wood United StatesDel Wood Polly Adelaide Hendricks Hazelwood Born: February 22, 1920, Nashville, Tennessee, USA Died: October 3, 1989, Nashville, Tennessee, USA American ragtime piano player. She took up piano at age five, and played ragtime, gospel, and country music. Despite her parent's best efforts to encourage a direction towards classical music, the environment in Nashville, plus the early local programming on radio, convinced her that she wanted to play piano in the honky-tonk style. Her dream goal was the Grand Ole Opry, something she would realize in her early 30s.
Link037The Softones The Softones The Softones Soul group
Link037Los del Suquía Los del Suquía ArgentinaLos Del Suquia
Link037Hanka Paldum Hanka Paldum Hanka Paldum Bosnian pop-folk and sevdah music singer, born April 28, 1956 in Čajniče, Bosnia-Herzegovina. She is known as one of the best selling pop-folk artist as well as one of the most prominent sevdah music singers. Since 1973 she has promoted 20 studio albums.
Link361みみめめMIMI みみめめMIMI JapanみみめめMIMI
Link351真木柚布子 真木柚布子 真木柚布子
Link036Honey Boy Honey Boy Honey Boy Keith Williams Born ca 1955. Jamaican reggae singer. Keith moved to the UK in the late 1960ies. Mostly famous of his lovers rock recordings. Singer, composer, televison actor, playwright. He began his recording career in 1972 with participation on [a=Laurel Aitken] production > [m682426]. He worked as a salesman for [a=Junior Lincoln] before recording "Homeward Bound" ( [l55249]).
Link036The Overlanders The Overlanders United KingdomThe Overlanders Laurie Mason, Paul Arnold, Pete Bartholomew, Terry Widlake, David Walsh
Link036Trim Silence Trim Silence Trim Silence Electronic musician from Russia. Styles - techno and synth-pop (early works), industrial and ambient (late works)
Link036Zlatko Pejaković Zlatko Pejaković Zlatko Pejaković Zlatko Pejaković Croatian pop singer from Osijek. Zlatko was a member of 'Zlatni Akordi', 'Had' and 'Korni Grupa' / 'Kornelyans' before turning solo.
Link432Анжелика Варум Анжелика Варум Анжелика Варум Мария Юрьевна Варум / Марія Юріївна Варум Soviet and Russian pop singer, actress, Honored Artist of the Russian Federation (2011) Wife of [a990340]. Daughter of [a1360417]. Born: May 26, 1969, Lviv, Ukrainian SSR
Link036Nundata Nundata BeogradNundata Srdjan Eftimovski
Link351エンジェル隊 エンジェル隊 エンジェル隊
Link036Carl Story & His Rambling Mountaineers Carl Story & His Rambling Mountaineers Carl Story & His Rambling Mountaineers
Link036Orchestre Bella Bella Orchestre Bella Bella Democratic Republic of the CongoOrchestre Bella Bella The brothers Soki and Orchestre Bella Bella is the well-established group which started from 1969. The band leader was the older brother - Soki Vangu (Maxim Soki) and the younger - Soki Dianzenza (Emile Soki)
Link135Sergio y Estíbaliz Sergio y Estíbaliz SpainSergio Y Estibaliz Sergio Y Estibaliz was a Spanish duo formed in 1972 by husband and wife [a2187809] and [a2904295] after they left [a308596]. They were also known for their participation in the 1975 Eurovision Song Contest.
Link035Carl Kruger Carl Kruger Carl Kruger (b. 1975) American abstract sound artist influenced by micro and macro sound.
Link035Gastón Cespedes Gastón Cespedes Chilean electro-pop artistGastón Céspedes
Link035John Wesley Ryles John Wesley Ryles United StatesJohn Wesley Ryles John Wesley Ryles American singer / songwriter and session musician, born December 2, 1950 in Bastrop, Louisiana.
Link323Girl's Day Girl's Day South KoreaGirl's Day South Korean girl group. Members: Park So-jin Kim Ah-young Bang Min-ah Lee Hye-ri Former members: Woo Ji-hae Hwang Ji-sun Lee Ji-in
Link233Somethin' Smith & The Redheads Somethin' Smith & The Redheads Somethin' Smith & The Redheads
Link035Madd Anju Madd Anju Madd Anju Lucien Dixon
Link134Σοφία Βέμπο Σοφία Βέμπο GreeceΣοφία Βέμπο Sofia Vebo (b. 1910, Kallipolis - d. March 1978, Athens) was a famous Greek singer and stage actress. Her first recording was released in 1934.
Link341Sticky Icky Sticky Icky Sticky Icky
Link035Autumna Autumna Autumna EJCW Broken music for happy people.
Link035Bobby Crystal Bobby Crystal Reggae ArtistBobby Crystal O. Ellis
Link035Hopeton James Hopeton James Hopeton James
Link331古今亭志ん朝 古今亭志ん朝 Japanthe 3rd古今亭志ん朝
Link034Psiko Psiko Franck SebillaudPsiko Franck Sebillaud French artist and deejay from West of France since 1997. Founder of Radiation Sound System since 1998, he want to promote Frenchcore sounds worldwide. He played in few free parties and teknivals and began to create sound in 2004. In 2008 he became an artist from the most famous french hardcore label: Audiogenic.
Link034Fausto Cigliano Fausto Cigliano Fausto Cigliano Born in Naples, Italy
Link034Super Black Super Black Super Black Howard Black
Link331Milionário & José Rico Milionário & José Rico BrazilMilionário & José Rico Milionário & José Rico It was one of the most famous country duo singers from Brazil. They have been active for 42 years, since 1973, releasing 29 albums and selling over 35 million copies. The duo ends in 2015 after the death of [a3300994].
Link529Leo Dan Leo Dan Leo Dan Leopoldo Dante Tévez Argentinean composer and singer, born in 1945 in Santiago del Estero.
Link133Vice Vukov Vice Vukov Vice Vukov Vice Vukov Croatian pop singer (born July 3, 1936 in Šibenik) Vice Vukov used to be one of the most popular singers in Yugoslavia during the 1960's. He appeared at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1963 and 1965. Because of his support to the "Croatian Spring" movement he was politically persecuted. In 1970 his songs and his performing were banned in the Republic of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Invitations to festival appearances were becoming scarce, he was banned from TV shows, and the shows already recorded were bunkered. Fearing arrest he decided not to return to Yugoslavia after his Australian tour in January 1972. He settled in Paris, France instead. In the meantime, in Yugoslavia, playing of his recordings publicly in any means was banned, and it was illegal to sell his records and/or to reissue his recordings. This ban was in force until 1988. He returned to Yugoslavia in 1976, but was forbidden from public performing and traveling. Improved political situation allowed him an attempt with a self-released compilation cassette release in 1986. After the introduction of democracy to Croatia, Vice Vukov became a prominent supporter of the Social Democratic Party of Croatia. He held a seat in the Croatian Parliament from 2003. In November, 2005 Vice Vukov had an accident and head injury, and since that moment on he was in a persistent vegetative state. He died September 24, 2008 in Zagreb, Croatia.
Link034Κωνσταντίνα Κωνσταντίνα GreeceΚωνσταντίνα Κωνσταντίνα Κωνσταντίνου Cypriot singer.
Link232Twennynine with Lenny White Twennynine with Lenny White Twennynine With Lenny White
Link034Colin Roach Colin Roach Colin Roach
Link331Stephan Sechi Stephan Sechi Stephan Sechi
Link034Mel Street Mel Street United StatesMel Street King Malachi Street King Malachi Street (October 21, 1935 – October 21, 1978), commonly known as Mel Street, was an American country music singer. Street was born in Grundy, Virginia to a coal mining family. Publications cite his year of birth as 1933, although his family maintains that he was born in 1935. He began performing on western Virginia and West Virginia radio shows at the age of sixteen. Street subsequently worked as a radio tower electrician in Ohio and as a nightclub performer in the Niagara Falls area. He moved back to West Virginia in 1963 to open up an auto body shop. From 1968 to 1972, Street hosted his own show on a Bluefield, West Virginia television station. He recorded his first single, "Borrowed Angel," in 1970 for a small regional record label. A larger label, Royal American Records, picked it up in 1972, and it became a top-10 Billboard hit. He recorded the biggest hit of his career, "Lovin' on Back Streets", in 1973. Street continued to flourish throughout the mid-1970s, recording several hits such as "You Make Me Feel More Like a Man," "Forbidden Angel," "I Met a Friend of Yours Today," "If I Had a Cheatin' Heart," and "Smokey Mountain Memories". He signed with Mercury Records in 1978. But, suffering from clinical depression and alcoholism, he committed suicide by a self-inflicted gunshot wound, on October 21, 1978, his 43rd birthday. He had a record debut on the country charts on October 21 as well, called "Just Hangin' On". Street later charted four posthumous songs.
Link133The Blue Ridge Quartet The Blue Ridge Quartet The Blue Ridge Quartet The Blue Ridge Quartet (1946 – 1985) was organized by Frank Stamps's Stamps Quartet Music Company of Texas. They started in Raleigh, North Carolina, but ultimately settled in Spartanburg, South Carolina. When they began in Raleigh at the beginning of 1946 they operated out of radio station WRAL. Among the original members of the group in 1946 were Leonard "Red" Mathis, tenor; James Smith, lead; Wayne Roseberry, baritone; Shaw Eiland, bass; and Mike Cunningham, pianist. Eiland and Roseberry were former members of the Stamps-Baxter Lone Star Quartet, also headquartered in Raleigh. After a short time Elmo Fagg and Jack Taylor, both from the Lone Star Quartet, joined them. It wasn't long before Wayne Roseberry left and Everett Payne became the baritone singer.
Link331Grey Storm Grey Storm Etten-LeurGrey Storm
Link321UP10TION UP10TION South KoreaUp10tion
Link132Joe Bourne Joe Bourne Joe Bourne
Link033General Kane General Kane General Kane American group, led by [a=Mitch McDowell]. Known as [a=General Caine] before 1986. With a slightly new name to reflect the changes in the band's lineup and sound, they debuted for the new Motown Records label with the album “In Full Chill”. “Crack Killed Applejack” was an reflection of drug addiction on the inner city streets and reached number 12 in the black music charts despite being barred from airplay. Subsequent releases mellowed General Kane’s approach without losing their commitment to the basic rap sound of the late 1980s. The group’s album “Wide Open” did include a romantic ballad, “Close Your Eyes”, which featured vocals from Cheryl McDowell and Danny Macon. Mitch McDowell was murdered in January 1992. General Kane’s catalogue remained in print through the efforts of their former producer, Grover Wimberly III, who runs his own label, Groove Time Records.
Link321TEEN TOP TEEN TOP South KoreaTeen Top Teen Top (틴탑) is a South Korean group.
Link231The Serendipity Singers The Serendipity Singers The Serendipity Singers 1960s American folk group (similar to [a=The New Christy Minstrels]). Their debut single "Don't Let the Rain Come Down (Crooked Little Man)" was a Top Ten hit and received the group's only Grammy nomination in 1965. The majority of the group's recording sales took place in a two year period of 1964 and 1965. The group's name was sold in the 1970s resulting in entirely new lineups of group members performing under the name The Serendipity Singers into the early 21st Century.
Link033Blue Feather Blue Feather Blue Feather Dutch soul funk band.
Link033Carla Boni Carla Boni ItalyCarla Boni Carla Gaiano Italian singer. Born in Ferrara, Italy on 17-Aug-1925. Died 17-Oct-2009 in Rome, Italy.
Link132Sława Przybylska Sława Przybylska PolandSława Przybylska Sława Przybylska Sława Przybylska (born November 2, 1932 in Międzyrzec Podlaski) - Polish singer.
Link321シャ乱Q シャ乱Q Japanシャ乱Q
Link231Ral Donner Ral Donner United StatesRal Donner Ralph Stuart Donner American early rock and roll musician. b. February 10, 1943 (Chicago, IL, USA) d. April 6, 1984 (Chicago, IL, USA)
Link033Gene Latter Gene Latter United KingdomGene Latter Arthur Ford Latter was an ex-boxer born in Cardiff, Wales, to Arabic parents. His real name was Arthur Ford, and he came from South William Street, Butetown (Tiger Bay). He had been a member of a local band called "The Alley Cats" before leaving to seek out his fortune in London. There he met the group "The Shake Spears", who were quite popular in Belgium at the time, and became their vocalist. He stayed with the band from early 1965 to Feb. 1966, and in 1968 recorded a 45 with an outfit called "Gene Latter & the Detours". He then started a solo career and released a number of 45s until the early 1980s. His whereabouts are unknown.
Link033Evave Evave Evave Андрей Стадниченко (Andrey Stadnichenko) Progressive-House/-Trance DJ & producer from Chelyabinsk, Russia. Born: 01-07-1988 Contact info: e-mail:
Link1122Александр Городницкий Александр Городницкий Александр Городницкий Александр Моисеевич Городницкий (Alexander Moiseevich Gorodnitsky) Alexander Gorodnitsky (born 1933) is a Soviet and Russian bard and poet.
Link033Donn Reynolds Donn Reynolds Donn Reynolds Donn Reynolds, also known as Canada's "King of the Yodelers", (June 26, 1921 in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada - August 16, 1997 in Brampton, Ontario, Canada) was a Canadian country music singer, songwriter, and yodeler.
Link033Disco Darlings Disco Darlings Disco Darlings Gary Dedman & Kevin Andrews
Link033Fernanda Maria Fernanda Maria PortugalFernanda Maria
Link032Dee Edwards Dee Edwards Dee Edwards Doris Jean Harrell, Doris Jean Jones Soul, disco singer Born: June 1945, Birmingham, Alabama. Died: 25th January 2006, Detroit, Michigan, apparently due to heart attack. Brought up on Lawton, Dee Edwards was the member of a group called The Paragons, along with her brother Albert Harrell. The group's only 45 was called 'My Time Is Important To Me'. When The Paragons split up Dee became a solo artist. As as solo act she released a number of singles in the 60s that later gained popularity on the northern soul scene. In the early 70's after she married the arranger, producer, songwriter [a=Floyd Jones] her last name was changed to Jones. She released two albums, one in 1979 and another in 1980, both for the [l=Cotillion] label.
Link032Neşe Karaböcek Neşe Karaböcek TurkeyNeşe Karaböcek
Link032Andrew Stets Andrew Stets Andrew StetS Андрій Стеценко (Andriy Stetsenko) Trance / House / EDM DJ, producer & vocalist from Kirovograd, Ukraine. Born: April 16, 1985
Link131Los Pakines Los Pakines PeruLos Pakines
Link032Murray the Cop Murray the Cop Murray The Cop
Link032Krazy Sandi Krazy Sandi Krazy Sandi
Link311Die drei !!! Die drei !!! GermanyFictitious ArtistDie Drei !!! German video producer(s).
Link032Skullman Skullman Skullman Paul Bartley
Link032Clement Irie Clement Irie Clement Irie Clement Barnes
Link131Aage Samuelsen Aage Samuelsen NorwayAage Samuelsen Aage Kristian Samuelsen b. January 23, 1915 d. November 20, 1987 Norwegian evangelist, singer and composer. Founder of the religious movement Maran-Ata in 1958/1959.
Link131Ion Dolănescu Ion Dolănescu RomaniaIon Dolănescu Romanian folk singer
Link032Hypnotic Duo Hypnotic Duo LithuaniaHypnotic Duo Progressive House duo from Lithuania.
Link032Carlitos Bala Carlitos Bala Carlitos Balá Carlos Salim Balaá
Link131All These Fingers All These Fingers All These Fingers Eff Aye All These Fingers (ATF) is an electric wizard / cave dweller
Link311Nihilore Nihilore AustraliaNihilore Progressive Rock band from New South Wales, Australia
Link032Cosmo Stars Cosmo Stars Cosmo Stars
Link311板野友美 板野友美 Japan板野友美
Link032Elay Lazutkin Elay Lazutkin Elay Lazutkin Russian DJ & Producer. 1st Techno Minimal DJ - Russia, Moscow ( version) Elay continues to work on new original music, and regularly plays clubs and festivals all around the world. He launched his own electronic music label, [l=Sync Fx]. The release schedule for his new label is already full with singles and EPs by an assortment of new and established artists.
Link032Junior Brammer Junior Brammer Junior Brammer
Link031Sunny Gale Sunny Gale Sunny Gale Selma Sega American pop singer, active in the 1950's.
Link031Tony de Matos Tony de Matos PortugalTony De Matos Tony de Matos (1924 - 1989) was a Portuguese fado singer.
Link031Johnny Chingas Johnny Chingas Johnny Chingas Raul Medina Garcia
Link328Александр Маршал Александр Маршал RussiaАлександр Маршал Александр Миньков
Link031Nerious Joseph Nerious Joseph Nerious Joseph Nerious Joseph Nereus Joseph first emerged on the Reggae scene in 1979 as lead singer with roots band Coptic Roots with whom his debut single "Roots & Culture" was released. After a few years of touring with the band he signed to London based record label FASHION RECORDS, this liaison resulted with his first number one hit "Sensi Crisis" quickly followed by "Special Lady/ "Danger Man" firmly establishing him on a sound footing. His debut album "Loves Gotta Take Its Time" included "Sensi Crisis" and "Move On Up" singles. He subsequently recorded two more albums for fashion," Yours To Keep" and "Guidance" from which the title track has become a classic U.K. eighties release. In the latter part of the 80’s he toured extensively in Europe and the Caribbean and supported names such as Bunny Wailer, Dennis Brown and Chakademus & pliers as well as headlining tours in Turkey and other places. After taking some time out, the early 90’s saw Nereus recording with Saxon Records who released his three hit singles "Shouldn’t Touch It"," Wonderful Feeling" and "Giving All My Time". Then came the collaboration with Reggae Super Group ‘"Passion" in 1996 with the National Chart hit "Share Your Love" on Charm Records who Nereus was then signed to. In March 1997, Nereus Joseph Unleashed his highly acclaimed album "REJOICE" for Charm Records from which came the hit singles" Rejoice" produced by Gussie P, "Keep Loving You" and "Keep up the Vibes" both produced by the Ruff Cutt band. Moving into the new millenium the collaboration with Ruff Cutt continued the result being his current highly acclaimed album "Hope, Faith & Love" from which the singles "Jah Never Fail" and "African Resistance" were released by Ruff Cutt Records. With support from the Ruff Cutt Band Nereus has been appearing live all over the U.K. and Europe more recently in Spain, France, and Italy his electrifying stage performances have been witnessed.
Link301夏川りみ 夏川りみ Japan夏川りみ
Link130Dick Jurgens and His Orchestra Dick Jurgens and His Orchestra United StatesDick Jurgens And His Orchestra
Link301飛蘭 飛蘭 Japan飛蘭
Link031The Council of Days The Council of Days United StatesThe Council of Days One-man goth rock band from Huntsville, AL, USA
Link283Alfredo De Angelis Alfredo De Angelis ArgentinaAlfredo de Angelis Argentinian pianist, composer and orchestra director (2 Nov. 1910 - 31 Mar. 1992)
Link130California Ramblers California Ramblers California Ramblers The California Ramblers were a popular and prolific jazz group from the 1920's, that recorded hundreds of songs under many different record labels throughout the 1920's. Three of the members of the band, [a269598], [a299282], and [a229639], would go on to front big bands in later decades.
Link291Aqours Aqours JapanAqours Fictional anime school idol group, from the anime TV series "Love Live! Sunshine!!".
Link129Five Special Five Special Five Special Disco - soul band Formed 1978 in Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A. Disbanded 1981. They got off to a promising start in 1979, as their [l=Elektra ]single "Why Leave Us Alone" made it to No.9 on the R&B charts. It was their lone big hit, though they recorded three albums.
Link426Dick Sutphen Dick Sutphen Dick Sutphen
Link030Seid Memić Vajta Seid Memić Vajta Seid Memić Vajta Bosnian pop music singer, born March 08, 1950 in Travnik, Bosnia-Herzegovina. Before start making solo albums in 1978, he was known as vocalist of rock band ''Teška Industrija'' (1973-1976). He represented Yugoslavia on ESC 1981 in Dublin, Ireland / ''Lejla'' - placing 11th. He is known for his collaboration with composer and songwriter Ranko Boban. Since 1992 Hamburg-based. In the period 1978-1992, he made collection of 9 studio solo albums and later managed to released 2 albums of cover versions of his most famous songs.
Link291The Wilds The Wilds The Wilds
Link030Koós János Koós János HungaryKoós János Kupsa János Born: November 20, 1937, Lăzarea, Romania Hungarian singer, humorist, actor, he was on the top in the 60s by singing schlagers. After finishing his studies at the music high school in 1958, he continued his music education at the oboe faculty of the Franz Liszt Academy of Music. As a singer, he reaped the first successes bay participating in song contests, he won in 1968 and in 1969. In parallel with his singing career he performeed as an actor as well, he got roles in a few films. He released six albums, numerous singles, often appeared on TV shows, he was even the host of some of them. His wife, [a1905617], is also a singer. Their daughter, [a2694493], continues the profession of her parents both as singer and actress.
Link030Morlack Morlack Morlack
Link030Benjaminas Gorbulskis Benjaminas Gorbulskis Benjaminas Gorbulskis Benjaminas Gorbulskis Lithuanian composer September 14, 1925, Kaunas - July 14, 1986, Vilnius
Link030Mexicali Brass Mexicali Brass The Mexicali Brass
Link030Hugo Montenegro, His Orchestra and Chorus Hugo Montenegro, His Orchestra and Chorus Hugo Montenegro, His Orchestra And Chorus
Link291Music Together Music Together Music Together
Link291Andreas Waldetoft Andreas Waldetoft SwedenAndreas Waldetoft
Link030Conrad Crystal Conrad Crystal Conrad Crystal Conrad Constantine Hunter Conrod Crystal - real name Conrad Constantine Hunter was born on 2nd of May 1966 in Kingston, Jamaica. He started singing in school aged 10, at 13 he was singing with the Romantic Hi-Fi Sound System. At 20 he teamed up with [a5882570] who wrote his first single "True Love". In April 1986 he went into the studio with producer [a497493] and recorded "True Love" which was a massive hit.
Link030Latimore Brown Latimore Brown Latimore Brown Southern soul singer Born in Memphis, 1931 Died in 2011
Link291Barbarian On The Groove Barbarian On The Groove Barbarian On The Groove Japanese group, mostly producing BGM and theme songs for games and anime. [b]Current members[/b]: [a=wight] & [a=syow] [b]Former members[/b]: ~[a=bassy (2)] (left in April 10, 2010) ~[a=mo2] (left in April 19, 2014)
Link291C-CLAYS C-CLAYS C-Clays
Link291PolyphonicBranch PolyphonicBranch JapanPolyphonicBranch
Link228Νίκος Γούναρης Νίκος Γούναρης GreeceΝίκος Γούναρης
Link030Toby Beau Toby Beau United StatesToby Beau
Link129Roger Roger and his Orchestra Roger Roger and his Orchestra Roger Roger And His Orchestra
Link1119Lucha Villa Lucha Villa Lucha Villa Luz Elena Ruiz Bejarano Mexican singer and actress.
Link291豚乙女 豚乙女 豚乙女 Buta Otome
Link291Frostie Frostie DenverFROSTIE
Link030Nkondi Nkondi Nkondi Erik Arteaga Harsh pedal noise-maker who resides in Portland, OR. Runs the noise label [l=dollfullofrivets].
Link228Vatreni poljubac Vatreni poljubac Vatreni Poljubac Bosnian HM / hard rock band formed in Sarajevo, active in period 1977-1986 in former Yugoslavia. Members were: Milić Vukašinović (ex Indexi, Bijelo Dugme) - guitar, vocals Šefćet Hodža (ex Rezonansa, Divlje Jagode) - bass (1977-1980) Perica Stojanović (ex Ambasadori, Indexi) - drums Nedžib Neno Jeleč - bass guitar (1985) Velibor Rajačić (ex Carski Rez) - drums (1985) Sanin Karić (ex Teška Industrija, Bijelo Dugme) - bass (1980-1982, 1986) Mladen Vojičić Tifa (ex Bijelo Dugme) - vocals (1986)
Link281Devi Sri Prasad Devi Sri Prasad Devi Sri Prasad
Link029Santorini Santorini Santorini Andrea Santoro DJing since 2001, producing house music since 2003 and co-owner of the record labels Out-ER and Recycle Record. His natural bent for music started in 1996 when he begin DJing house music with and for his friends. 
During these years he discovered the various flavors of music: from techno to deep house, expanding his knowledge day by day... He felt suddenly for clubbing and therefore started playing in several parties. During the following years he approached music production and released several house and techno 12". In 2007 he created the “Recycle Records” and in 2011 he teamed up with a bunch of friends and he founded Out-ER that now he runs with Simone Gatto. After spending several years producing in studios and playing in clubs, Santorini succeed in releasing on many of the important record labels like Upon You, Little Helpers, Luna Records, District Raw and of course on Recycle Records and Out-ER. His tracks have been played worldwide and have been supported by Blawan, Delta Funktionen, Truss / MPIA3, Bleak, Surgeon, Luke Slater, Tom Trago, Jonas Kopp, Pär Grindvik, AnD, DJ Deep, Echologist, Rivet, Albert Van Abbe, Truncate, Limo, Tommy Four Seven, Submerge, GERD, Paul Woolford, Luciano Esse, Flug, Pfirter, KR!Z, Ame, Dubfire, Buck, Motorcity Soul, Raresh, SLAM, Simone Gatto, Arnaud Le Texier, Jorge Savoretti, Unbalance, Regen, Mary Velo, P.E.A.R.L., NX1, Exium, Buck, Ben Sims, Simone Gatto, Marco Zenker, Thomas Schumacher and many others. Andrea played in many clubs around the world like: Bar 25 (Berlin), Watergate (Berlin), Weekend (Berlin), Kater Holzig (Berlin), Dachstock (Bern), Supermarket (Zurich), Arena Club (Berlin), D! Club (Lausanne), La Ruche (Lausanne), Sheik’n’Beik (New York), MELT (London).. Santorini is know to perform vinyl/cd DJ sets as well as lives using machines combined with Ableton Live.
Link029Pop Culture Rape Victim Pop Culture Rape Victim Pop Culture Rape Victim Matt Taggart
Link281三代目 J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE 三代目 J Soul Brothers from EXILE TRIBE Japan三代目 J Soul Brothers from Exile Tribe Sandaime J Soul Brothers is the third and by far the most popular incarnation of LDH agency's boy group, following [a687600] and Nidaime J Soul Brothers.
Link029DJ Earmack DJ Earmack DJ Earmack Anton Ermakov Hardcore/Gabber DJ & producer from Moscow, Russia. Contact:
Link029DJ Clarkee DJ Clarkee DJ Clarkee Richard Clark Clarkee has scaled down operation since Area 51 and his other labels went to the wall because of issues or distribution and payment with the now-defunct Alphamagic. Clarkee mainly plays out hard techno and acid techno with the occasional set of classic old skool [88-92] or mid 90s gabber. He continues to update his website with mixes and other snippets of rave history. He has since moved to Spain but he still comes over once or twice a year to play in the UK. He played three sets in all three arenas at HTID at Air, Birmingham in 2006 which was his farewell do. After a renewed enthusiasm for the music, clarkee now has new tracks and digital downloads available from his website.
Link029Goldie Alexander Goldie Alexander Goldie Alexander Born in Canada Soul - Boogie Singer
Link029Dana Valery Dana Valery Dana Valery Dana Catalano
Link128Jerzy Połomski Jerzy Połomski PolandJerzy Połomski Jerzy Pająk Born 18 September 1933 in Radom, Poland. Polish singer and actor.
Link029Sexteto Juventud Sexteto Juventud Sexteto Juventud Band Founded in 1962 in Caracas Venezuela
Link029Mattias Fridell Mattias Fridell Mattias Fridell Mattias Fridell Swedish Techno producer Mattias Fridell born in the early 80's, known for his mechanically & synthetic driven sound structures, is a man involved in many projects. With 10 years in the scene Mattias music is highly sought after and he is constantly taking requests for music from all over the world on many different record labels. Mattias is also working together with legendary Techno producer Glenn Wilson. This project takes on all the elements of electronic music with no boundaries regarding tempo and genre. With many years of experience between them we are positive you will enjoy their outputs. A no nonsense approach to deep pounding Techno.
Link281Toomas Anni Toomas Anni EstoniaToomas Anni
Link524Los Iracundos Los Iracundos UruguayLos Iracundos Uruguayan rock band that started in the 60's. Members: [a948724] (lead vocals) [a5677956] (drums) [a4779944] (lead guitar) [a5819886] (rhythm guitar) [a5819885] (bass, backing vocals) [a5819884] (keyboards)
Link128Learning Music Learning Music Learning Music
Link029Δάκης Δάκης GreeceΔάκης Βρασίδας Χαραλαμπίδης (Vrasidas Charalambidis) Greek Pop singer born in 1943 in Egypt.
Link029Non Toxique Lost Non Toxique Lost Non Toxique Lost Non Toxique Lost "If I were psychoanalist I'd say these people have finally arrived to meet their own "self" or well, maybe it all is nothing but a trip that has gone bad ..." Andrea Ferraris (Chain D.L.K.)
Link425Natalino Otto Natalino Otto ItalyNatalino Otto Natale Codognotto Natalino Otto was the stage name of [a4862075] (born 6 February 1912, Cogoleto, Italy - died 4 October 1969, Milan, Italy) an Italian singer. He started the swing genre in Italy. His career as a singer and musician started in the clubs of his native region, Liguria. During the 1930's, he worked as an entertainer on board transatlantic liners on the routes between Europe and North America, which gave him the opportunity to get to know American music genres, especially jazz and swing.
Link128Мария Лукач Мария Лукач Soviet UnionМария Лукач
Link029Giorgio Consolini Giorgio Consolini ItalyGiorgio Consolini Giorgio Consolini Giorgio Consolini (Bologna, August 28, 1920 - † Bologna, April 28, 2012) was an Italian singer.
Link227Pablo Abraira Pablo Abraira Pablo Abraira Spanish singer (b. 1949), active since the late 60s. His first recording was [r=5006039], with Los Grimm.
Link029Γιώργος Γερολυμάτος Γιώργος Γερολυμάτος GreeceΓιώργος Γερολυμάτος
Link281Mark Brandis Mark Brandis GermanyMark Brandis Nikolai von Michalewsky
Link128Vazteria X Vazteria X Dos HermanasPecha Vázquez; Spanish breakbeat producerVazteria X
Link281北山たけし 北山たけし Japan北山たけし
Link128Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt, born in Chicago (USA), now living in Berlin, is a performance artist, musician, free improvisator and composer of experimental music. The compositions from Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt are performed and recorded live using the accidental guitar method.
Link029Fretman Fretman Fretman Craig Fretman Multi Function Artist, Easy Records
Link029Substak Substak Substak Kostas Staikos Greek electronic music producer born in Athens.
Link028António Mourão António Mourão António Mourão António Manuel Dias Pequerrucho António Mourão, born António Manuel Dias Pequerrucho in Montijo, 3 June 1936, was a Portuguese fado singer. Died October 19th, 2013.
Link028Macka Diamond Macka Diamond Macka Diamond Charmaine Munroe Macka Diamond also known as Lady Cham, Lady Mackerel, and the Money Goddess, the brash dancehall queen Macka Diamond is the daughter of reggae producer Phillip Munroe. Born in Kingston, Jamaica, but raised near her father's studio in the town of Portmore, Macka was surrounded by music from an early age. Gregory Isaacs and Sly & Robbie were familiar faces to the teenage Macka, but it was hearing Sister Nancy that convinced her she too could be a singer.
Link028André Marx André Marx BerlinAndré Marx André Marx German author. He was born on January 1, 1973 in Georgsmarienhütte, Federal Republic of Germany.
Link028Gordana Lazarevic Gordana Lazarevic Gordana Lazarević Gordana Lazarević-Zahar
Link028Clara Ward Clara Ward United StatesClara Ward b : 1924 in Philadelphia d : 1973 Alto gospel singer, pianist and arranger. Member of the popular Ward Singers gospel group (1943-1966), directed by her mother, Gertrude Ward. Aretha Franklin said that she was her first inspirator.
Link028Βαγγέλης Περπινιάδης Βαγγέλης Περπινιάδης GreeceΒαγγέλης Περπινιάδης Βαγγέλης Περπινιάδης [Vangelis Perpiniadis] Vangelis Perpiniadis (born on September 1, 1927, died on May 11, 2003) was a Greek singer and composer of "Rebetiko" music. Perpiniadis was usually accompanied in his songs by Ria Norma [[a=Ρία Νόρμα]] Son of [a=Στελλάκης Περπινιάδης].
Link325Ângela Maria Ângela Maria BrazilÂngela Maria Abelim Maria da Cunha Angela Maria (Macae, May 13, 1928, Conceição de Macabu, Brazil) is a Brazilian singer and actress, from humble beginnings. Her Mother was a stay-at-home wife and her Father, Pastor of the Evangelical Church. Because of this, as a child she sang in the choir of a Baptist church near her home. Thus, She learned to love music and melodies of the universe. During her childhood and adolescence, she lived in the cities of Niterói, São Gonçalo and São João de Meriti. During her youth she worked as a lamp factory worker and was a weaver in the textile industry, but always wanted to be a singer. She dreamed of going into radio and hoped to be successful, but her Father was against it. As he was religious, he wanted his daughter to be faithful to the church and marry early, but she had no desire to live that life and went after her dream. It was singing. In 1947, aged 19, she worked day and night, trying every means to get job in any program of music, ranging from radio to radio for sweepstakes entries, until she could be awarded and presented to the jury in a radio , and passed the test. With that, she began performing as a singer in Pescando Estrelas, a talent show. She adopted the name of Angela Maria not to be identified by the family, who knew not to leave or to leave the house. Her interpretation was considered beautiful, always took top marks and won all competitions. Everyone wanted to singer and so was singing the famous Dancing Avenue and then on the Mayrink Veiga radio station. In 1951, the family already knows everything and even unwillingly, accepting the will of his daughter, Angela recorded the first album. Came so successful that always followed. With great success in Brazil, She began to travel the world with beautiful songs. Her voice is considered very harmonic. Besides singing, she took courses in theater and acted in film, feature film in Portugal, Minha Saudade in 1973. Angela Maria established herself as one of the great interpreters of samba-song (emerged in the 1930s), along with Maysa, Nora Ney and Dolores Duran. She recorded dozens of hits such as Não Tenho Você, Babalu, Cinderela, Moça Bonita, Vá, Mas Volte, Garota Solitária, Falhaste Coração, Canto Paraguaio, A Nnoite E A Despedida, Gente Humilde, Lábios de Mel, etc.. In 1994 she was Honored by the Escola de Samba Paulistana Rosas de Ouro, which with the storyline "Sapoti," the Rosas de Ouro was devoted champion of the Carnival of Sao Paulo this year. In 1996 she was hired by Sony Music label and released the CD Amigos, with the participation of various artists such as Roberto Carlos, Gal Costa, Caetano Veloso, Alcyone, Fafá de Belém among others. The work was a success, celebrated in a show at the Metropolitan (Rio de Janeiro), and a special on TV Globo. The album sold over 500,000 copies. It was a very happy career of the singer who, in the following year, presented the album Pela Saudade Que Me Invade, with successes Dalva de Oliveira, and a year later recorded with Agnaldo Timóteo CD "Só Sucessos", also on the list of one hundred national best-selling albums. After the departure of Sony, Angela returned to recording in 2003, this time by Moon Records, Disco de Ouro, with a bias eclectic, covering composers ranging from Djavan up Dolores Duran. In 2011, 45 years after the appearance of the series for Depoimentos Para a Posteridade do Museu da Imagem e do Som do Rio de Janeiro, she was invited on 23 August to put on record its history. Important passages in the interview she told of her artistic career, claiming to have recorded 114 albums and sold 60 million copies.
Link028Lisandro Meza y su Conjunto Lisandro Meza y su Conjunto Lisandro Meza Y Su Conjunto
Link028Jewel Kid Jewel Kid Jewel Kid J.J. Mejlak DJ and producer, born 7 September 1986 in Malta. He is the founder of [l=Alleanza].
Link271鹿乃 鹿乃 Japan鹿乃
Link028Shirley Lewis Shirley Lewis Shirley Lewis Shirley Fredericks Shirley Lewis is the younger sister of [a=Linda Lewis] and older sister of [a=Dee Lewis]. She is married to [a=Luke Goss] of late eighties boyband [a=Bros]
Link271Bhai Harjinder Singh Ji Bhai Harjinder Singh Ji Bhai Harjinder Singh Ji
Link226Enrico Musiani Enrico Musiani Enrico Musiani Enrico Musiani (Livorno, August 31, 1937) is an Italian singer.
Link127Halid Bešlić Halid Bešlić Halid Bešlić Bosnian pop-folk music singer, born November 20, 1953 in Sokolac, Bosnia-Herzegovina. He was born in small village Vrapci, near place Knežina, in Sokolac region. He managed to released more of 200 compositions on 18 pop-folk oriented albums (1981-2013) as one of the most regionwide recognise bosnian pop-folk musician.
Link028Son Caribe Son Caribe Son Caribe European based Salsa band.
Link028Cloverfield Cloverfield Cloverfield Thomas Rummel Electronic music producer from Nürnberg, Germany. Releases his musical productions on his own digital label [l=Ultrasonic]. Born: 1966
Link325Stonebolt Stonebolt Stonebolt Ray Roper - guitars, vocals David Jay Wills - vocals Dan Atchison - Bass John Webster - keyboards Brian Lousley - drums, percussion, vocals
Link127Ray Griff Ray Griff CanadaRay Griff Raymond John Griff Raymond "Ray" Griff (April 22, 1940 – March 9, 2016) was a Canadian country music singer/songwriter and pianist from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
Link028SandSpace SandSpace UkraineSandSpace
Link028Erphun Erphun Erphun Ali Zaree Progressive- & Tech-House DJ, producer & remixer based in Los Angeles, USA.
Link271横浜銀蝿 横浜銀蝿 Japan横浜銀蝿
Link325Lill-Babs Lill-Babs SwedenLill-Babs Barbro Margareta Svensson Swedish singer and actress, born 9 March 1938 in Järvsö, Sweden.
Link127Aairria Aairria Aairria Marcin Drabot A polish ambient artist devoted to minimal and longform music. Formerly known as Martin Dot and Ananta. The founder of Rain netlabel and 1485kHz records.
Link027Richard Hewson Orchestra Richard Hewson Orchestra The Richard Hewson Orchestra
Link027Gabriel D'Or & Bordoy Gabriel D'Or & Bordoy Gabriel D'Or & Bordoy Techno duo from Madrid.
Link027Sugar Black Sugar Black JamaicaSugar Black Patrick Hall
Link027Ian Sweetness Ian Sweetness reggaeIan Sweetness
Link027Blue Sabbath Black Fiji Blue Sabbath Black Fiji Blue Sabbath Black Fiji Noise guitar duo of Charles Lavenac & Janin Benecke from Glasgow, Scotland.
Link027Junie Ranks Junie Ranks Junie Ranks June Evans Born in Kingston, Jamaica, she became famous for recording the first female DJ clash LP in reggae history together with [a=Sister Charmaine].
Link027Halina Kunicka Halina Kunicka PolandHalina Kunicka Halina Kunicka Born 18 February 1938. Polish singer. Wife of [a=Lucjan Kydryński] and mother of [a=Marcin Kydryński].
Link423The Hollywood Bowl Symphony Orchestra The Hollywood Bowl Symphony Orchestra United States50s-60s incarnation of the orchestraThe Hollywood Bowl Symphony Orchestra [b]Do not confuse with the [a=Hollywood Bowl Orchestra] (est. 1990).[/b] The Hollywood Bowl Symphony Orchestra was founded in 1945 by Leopold Stokowski. Only after two seasons the orchestra was disbanded and and all the summer orchestral concerts at the Hollywood Bowl were subsequently performed by the Los Angeles Philharmonic until 1990. On October 17, 1990, the management of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Association (LAPA) led by Ernest Fleischmann (LAPA Executive VP and Managing Director at the time) held a press conference announcing the formation of a second orchestra under its auspices, this time titled "[a=Hollywood Bowl Orchestra]".
Link027Otello Profazio Otello Profazio ItalyOtello Profazio Otello Ermanno Profazio Otello Ermanno Profazio (Rende, Cosenza) is an Italian singer-songwriter and storyteller of the folk genre.
Link027Menthe De Menthe Menthe De Menthe Menthe De Menthe Lo-Fi industrial, techno & speedcore producer from Italy.
Link027Natalino Nunes Natalino Nunes Electronic MusicianNatalino Nunes Natalino Nunes DJ and producer, born 10 April 1977 and based in Paris, France.
Link261Kriss Stress Kriss Stress Kriss Stress
Link324Swanee Quintet Swanee Quintet The Swanee Quintet
Link027Quench Aid Quench Aid Quench Aid
Link126Radha Krsna Temple Radha Krsna Temple The Radha Krsna Temple
Link027Milo Hrnić Milo Hrnić Milo Hrnić Croatian pop music singer, born February 03, 1950 in Dubrovnik, Croatia.
Link027Jason Dark Jason Dark Jason Dark Helmut Rellergerd German author, born 25 January 1945 in Dahle, Germany.
Link027Dooley Silverspoon Dooley Silverspoon United StatesAmerican singerDooley Silverspoon Dooley Silverspoon American singer, born on October 31, 1946 in Lancaster (South Carolina). Already as a young child (aged 6) he became musically active as a gospel singer. His first R&B/Soul releases came out using the name "Little Dooley".
Link027LetKolben LetKolben technoLetkolben Russian Techno/Minimal producer from based in Berlin, Germany. Runs his own digital label [l=Kommunikation Records]. Name written as [b]LetKolben[/b]. Also known as Denis Dandy. Born: November 18, 1983
Link027Slavko Perović Slavko Perović Slavko Perović
Link027Schizma Schizma BydgoszczSchizma
Link027Dalibor Brun Dalibor Brun Dalibor Brun Dalibor Brun Croatian pop singer from Rijeka. Brun was member of 'Uragani' and 'Korni Grupa' before turning to solo career.
Link126Netjajev Society System Netjajev Society System Netjajev Society System Magnus Lundberg One-man project active from 2003 -2008, 2012-2013. Now defunct.
Link027Hauptkampflinie Hauptkampflinie Kasselgerman rock bandHauptkampflinie Oliver Podjaski, Tobias Nuhn, Mike Weilmann RAC Band from Kassel (Germany), formed in 1996. Disbanded 2009.
Link261Blue Dot Sessions Blue Dot Sessions Blue Dot Sessions
Link026Pavesi Sound Pavesi Sound Pavesi Sound Maurizio Pavesi Italian DJ and producer.
Link026Dorothy Morrison Dorothy Morrison Dorothy Morrison
Link026Garnica Garnica Garnica Rafael López Garnica Rafael Garnica has been involved with music from an early age since the late 90s. Starting out as a drummer and touring with bands, he eventually lost his soul to electronic music. DJing and studio work, together with 7 years of running his own radio show, has lead Garnica to develop a very distinct sound, taking influences from Venezuelan and South American music, old funk, disco vinyl and early 4-to-floor from the UK and neighbouring regions.
Link026Sister Charmaine Sister Charmaine Sister Charmaine
Link026Kenny Everett Kenny Everett Kenny Everett Maurice James Christopher Cole Born: 25 December 1944, Seaforth, Liverpool, UK Died: 4 April 1995, Chelsea and Westminster Hospital, London, UK British comedian, radio DJ and television entertainer.
Link026Tomorrows Edition Tomorrows Edition Tomorrow's Edition
Link224The Kaye Sisters The Kaye Sisters The Kaye Sisters The Kaye Sisters were were formed in 1954 and got their name from their manager, Carmen Kaye. They were first billed as "The Three Kayes" or just "The Kayes". The three members dressed in matching dress outfits and wore the same blonde haircuts, and became a popular vocal group in UK with various UK and US TV appearances. The members were:
  • Carol Lindsey Young (born 12 April 1930, Oldham, Lancashire - died 20 August 2006, Brighton, East Sussex)
  • Shirley 'Shan' Palmer (born 15 August 1938, Hull, Yorkshire)
  • Sheila Jones (born 21 October 1936, Lewisham, London) - who left the group in the late 1960's
  • Gilly, replacing Sheila
Link026DJ Fist DJ Fist DJ Fist Carlos Tejada
Link125Niña De Antequera Niña De Antequera SpainNiña De Antequera
Link026Shy Brothers Shy Brothers Shy Brothers Mike Shir & Benjamin Shir
Link521Максим Дунаевский Максим Дунаевский Soviet UnionМаксим Дунаевский Максим Исаакович Дунаевский Maksim Isaakovich Dunayevsky (Russian: Максим Исаакович Дунаевский, born 15 January 1945) is a popular Soviet/Russian film composer. Son of [a=Исаак Дунаевский].
Link026Boba Stefanović Boba Stefanović Boba Stefanović Slobodan Stefanović Serbian pop singer. He started his music career with 'Zlatni Dečaci' and 'One i Oni' bands.
Link620Μπάμπης Γκολές Μπάμπης Γκολές GreeceΜπάμπης Γκολές
Link125Los Wawanco Los Wawanco Los Wawanco
Link125Нэнси Нэнси UkraineНэнси Russian pop-group founded in the year 1992 by Anatoly Bondarenko (Анатолий Бондаренко) and Andrey Kostenko (Андрей Костенко).
Link251Nidji Nidji IndonesiaNidji
Link125Аркадий Райкин Аркадий Райкин Soviet UnionАркадий Райкин Аркадий Исаакович Райкин [b]Arkadiy Isaakovich Raikin[/b] (Russian: Аркадий Исаакович Райкин) (October 24 [O.S. October 10] 1911, Riga, Latvia, – December 17, 1987, Moscow) was a Soviet stand up comedian. He led the school of Soviet and Russian humorists for about half a century.
Link026Charles M. Schulz Charles M. Schulz United StatesCharles M. Schulz Charles Monroe Schulz Charles Monroe Schulz (born November 26, 1922, Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA – died February 12, 2000, Santa Rosa, California, USA) was an American cartoonist, who created the comic strip Peanuts.
Link026Advanced Human Advanced Human Advanced Human Inspired by the early electronic sounds of Detroit and Chicago, along with German techno and the underground sounds of Belgian New Beat, Advanced Human struck out on his own DJing career in early 90′s as DJ Hi-Shock, playing at every major rave party through out Sydney in the 90′s, then later on moving to producing and releasing. In 2005 years he has developed and runs the successful Elektrax Music label group (which includes Elektrax Recordings, Gynoid Audio, Android Muziq, Darknet, Translucent, Achromatiq, Counter Pulse, AcidWorx, and Hypnotic Room). DJ Hi-Shock / Advanced Human has released his own productions through other labels like Planet Rhythm, Gynoid Audio, Synewave, Dynamic Reflection, Elektrax Recordings, Darknet, Nachtstrom Schallplatten, Naked Lunch, Impact Mechanics, Slap Jaxx, Brood Audio, Affin, and many others, along the way being charted and played by the likes of Tommy Four Seven, Luke Slater, Chris Liebing, Damon Wild and Dave Clarke amongst others. On top of these inroads, he has remixed the likes of Mark Broom, Truncate, Ken Ishii, Kai Randy Michel, Mattias Fridell, or Ade Fenton, and furthermore performed alongside a wad of ultimate DJ/producers like Sven Väth, Kevin Saunderson, Audio Injection, Oliver Lieb, Thomas P. Heckmann, Marcel Fengler, Mary Velo, Jammin’ Unit, Jonas Kopp, and many more over the years. Currently the DJ Hi-Shock trademark sound is driving/underground Techno, with a fusion of pounding drums, stunning percussion riffs, darker vibes and hypnotizing rhythms. He also plays and produces deep techno, under the new Advanced Human alias.
Link251周華健 周華健 Taiwan周華健
Link026The Universal-International Orchestra The Universal-International Orchestra The Universal-International Orchestra Orchestra from the [l271378], Hollywood CA (USA) for film scores and original movie soundtracks Conductor: [a276431]
Link026Brandi Wells Brandi Wells Brandi Wells Marguerite J. Pinder Bannister b. 13/05/1955 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. d. 24/03/2003 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A. Born Marguerite J. Pinder in Chester, Pennsylvania, one of five daughters. Brandi sang with Fat Larry's Band, Breeze, and Slick before starting a solo career. Her debut album, "Watch Out", appeared in 1981 on Fantasy Records and reached #37 on the US Billboard R&B chart. The title track also peaked at #74 in the UK Singles Chart in February 1982. "Watch Out" proved to be her only hit, although she released a follow-up LP in 1985. Brandi sadly passed away from breast cancer in her native Chester, Pennsylvania in March 2003, aged 47 years.
Link125Beatsole Beatsole Beatsole Алексей Абросимов (Alexey Abrosimov) Electronic music DJ & producer from Chelyabinsk, Russia. Created label [l=Magic Trance] in 2013 and created sub label [l=Magic Progressive] in 2014. Contact info: E-mail:
Link026FJ Project FJ Project FJ Project Luca Cominato For someone who is not even 30 years old, Luca Cominato (also known as FJ Project) has created a name for himself in the hard trance world! Founder of the genre of music known as 'Darkstyle', you are guarenteed a mixture of ferocious beats, thumpin' acid and dark synth work with this Italian wonder! With numerous worldwide bookings, managing three very succesful labels 'Darksquad' 'Trance National' and 'Acid Records', releases on some of the worlds finest imprints such as German Trance, Compulzion, Trance NRG, and running a radio show are just some of the many talents of this producer. After starting to use Technics decks at the age of 13, it took until the age of 16 for Luca to enter the world by discovering sampling. After four years of this, the decision was made to cooperate with his brother Massimiliano Cominato alias MAX ONE and ULTRAPHONIC Studio was formed. This opened up a whole new dimension for Luca as he was allowed to explore his sound and release many records under different guises, using the following aliases for productions: Hypersonic, The Projector, Dj Tom 809 and as he is most famously known FJ Project. Under this guise he has revived the power of the 303 and produced countless hard trance tracks that feature distorted acid lines that rock the place, and DJs from Mark EG, Kutski,M-Zone, ASYS, Alex Kidd and Fausto right the way through to Scot Project and Bas & Ram are supporting his productions, with many DJs accross the world praising him highly! Not just known for his excellent productions, Luca has DJ'd accross the globe and has received bookings from Q-Dance to play the Orange Arena at Defqon 1 2009 (Holland), Nature One 2010 (Germany), HardNation and Programm 2 (Germany), Coast Club (DanimarK)in the UK he has been booked for the likes of FANTASY ISLAND, Atmosphere, Hindsight, Dekadance, Resonate, Premonition and Re-Beat to name just a few. Hardtrance and hardstyle producer Luca Cominato was born in 1980. He started using Technics Turntable at only 9 years old and when he was 16 he start to learn about the world of sampling. After 4 years in cooperation with [a=Maxjay] he decides to create the Suntracker Techno Studio and they started producing together. Now FJ Project is one of the most successful producers of the Italian label [l=Kickin' Tunes]. His records are played by top DJs all over Europe.
Link026Arturo Testa Arturo Testa ItalyArturo Testa Arturo Testa (Milano, August 15, 1932) is an Italian baritone, famous in the fifties.
Link026Cynthia Schloss Cynthia Schloss Cynthia Schloss Veteran alto female singer, Cynthia Schloss, is generally referred to as Jamaica's songbird. She was the third of six children and attended the Trench Town Elementary and Ardenne High School. Schloss got her big break at the Merritone Amateur Talent Exposure in 1971, where she won the finals singing First Time Ever I Saw Your Face. She then became a regular at shows and on the hotel circuit. Later, she ventured into recordings and made a memorable impact with songs such as Surround Me with Love, As If I Didn't Know, You Look like Love and Love Me Forever which sold over 100,000 copies. Schloss is well known to the newer generation for her regular performances at oldies shows such as the Heineken Startime series. Schloss died in the arms of her husband and veteran musician, Winston 'Merritone' Blake, on February 25, 1999.
Link125Johnny Ventura y Su Combo Johnny Ventura y Su Combo Johnny Ventura Y Su Combo
Link026Olivera Katarina Olivera Katarina SerbiaOlivera Katarina Olivera Petrović Serbian actress and singer.
Link026Надежда Обухова Надежда Обухова Надежда Обухова Надежда Андреевна Обухова Nadezhda Andreyevna Obukhova Russian / Soviet operatic singer (mezzo-soprano), People’s Artist of the USSR (1937). Niece of [a1885498], cousin of [a1138270]. Born: March 6 (February 22 O.S.), 1886, Moscow, Russia Died: August 14, 1961, Feodosiya, Krymea
Link251Marcel et son orchestre Marcel et son orchestre FranceMarcel Et Son Orchestre
Link026Patof Patof Patof Jacques Desrosiers Gregor Patof (or just Patof) is a character in the highly successful Canadian children's television series 'Patofville'. He also appeared in the series 'Le Cirque Du Capitaine', 'Patof Raconte' & 'Patof Voyage'. He was portrayed by actor-comedian [a=Jacques Desrosiers] and had a successful recording career during the seventies.
Link251Foden's Band Foden's Band SandbachFoden's Band
Link026Sashash Ulz Sashash Ulz PetrozavodskSashash Ulz From Petrozavodsk, Karelia.
Link026Nico Gomez & His Orchestra Nico Gomez & His Orchestra BelgiumNico Gomez And His Orchestra Joseph Van het Groenewoud Born Netherlands 1925, died in Belgium 1992. Father of [a145940].
Link026Bobby G. Rice Bobby G. Rice United StatesBobby G. Rice From the heartland of America, Bobby G. Rice first burst forth onto the music scene with a 1970 revival of the popular Jimmy Gilmore pop classic “Sugar Shack” and then Bruce Channel’s “Hey Baby”. Born into a musical family with its own radio show, Bobby began performing publicly at an early age. Later he decided to test his wings as a solo artist in his native Wisconsin. He succeeded, however, beyond expectations: scoring nationally. As a stylist, he proved especially adept in adding country flavor to spicy standards like “Lover Please”, “Mountain of Love” and “Suspicion” Still, it was in introducing his own song “You Lay So Easy On My Mind” in late 1972, that he found a lasting niche in country music. “You Lay so Easy On My Mind” went on to be his first number one national chart record and was later recorded by such artists as Conway Twitty and Loretta Lynn, Roy Orbison, Pat Boone, Andy Williams, David Houston, Jerry Springer and others. Proving he was no “one-hit wonder”, he scored the next spring with another Top 10 tune “You Give Me You”. He is that rare breed who shows us that, talent will win, by recording his initial hits on independent labels. With his career in high gear, he followed through with more Top 10 singles, among them, “Write Me A Letter” and “Freda Comes Freda Goes”. Country classics he has breathed new life into include, “Pick Me Up On Your Way Down”, “My Special Angel” and “Oh Baby Mine”.
Link323Mercedes Simone Mercedes Simone ArgentinaMercedes Simone La Dama del Tango, argentinean tango singer, lyricist and composer (Buenos Aires, 21 Apr.1904 - 2 Oct.1990) Wife of [a2418609]
Link026Victor Light Opera Company Victor Light Opera Company Victor Light Opera Company This name was applied to a constantly changing lineup of performers, mostly studio singers. This included [a1534354], [a3247552], [a847631], [a852713], [a1534265], [a1534252], [a490385], [a1341333] and many others. These artists received no label credit for their work.
Link026Joe Sun Joe Sun Joe Sun James Joseph Paulsen American country music singer and songwriter of Danish descent, born September 25, 1943 in Rochester, Minnesota.
Link224Volta Cab Volta Cab Volta Cab Konstantyn Isaev Producer based in Russia (Saint Petersburg).
Link026Juan Erasmo Mochi Juan Erasmo Mochi Juan Erasmo Mochi Juan Enrique Erasmo Pamies Juan Erasmo, known as "Mochi" (born 1943) is a Spanish composer and singer, active in the late 60's-70's. Known as TV host on the most important Spanish television musical program in the late 60's, "Escala en Hi-Fi".
Link026Crawford Light Orchestra Crawford Light Orchestra The Crawford Light Orchestra
Link251Mustafa Oruç Mustafa Oruç TurkeyMustafa Oruç
Link125Fritz Schulz-Reichel Fritz Schulz-Reichel GermanyFritz Schulz-Reichel b. July 04, 1912, Meiningen d. February 14, 1980, Berlin nick-name: "Crazy Otto" In the 1940s and 50s he played the piano in various Jazz Formations. He also was a member of the German All-Star Orchestra from 1948 the [a=Amiga Star Band II]. Since 1960s Schulz-Reichel got several releases on Polydor with the spotlight on styles such as Easy Listening, Bar-Music and Ragtime. He was an artist of international regard and his very special personal style made him one of the leading artists for Entertainment-Music.
Link026DJ Square DJ Square DJ Square Adrian Colston
Link025MatricK MatricK tranceMatricK Олег Корольков (Oleg Korolkov) Electronic DJ and producer from Chita, Russia. Born: 25-07-1990
Link223Rareform Rareform Rareform Gary J Robinson ( Previously Gary J Robinson & David May ) Long time friends and collaborators Gary J Robinson and David May (AKA Manikular) launched RareForm in 1997 as a platform for their Drum & Bass productions.
Link025Glasgow Gangster Funk Glasgow Gangster Funk Glasgow Gangster Funk Gary Gilroy
Link025Guido Nemola Guido Nemola Guido Nemola Guido Nemola Italian DJ and producer.
Link124Tommy McLain Tommy McLain United StatesTommy McLain Tommy McLain (born March 15, 1940 in Jonesville, Louisiana, USA) is an American swamp pop musician, best known as a singer but who also plays keyboards, drums, bass guitar, fiddle and bagpipe. In 1966, McLain recorded the song "Sweet Dreams", which hit #15 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart. His other known recordings include "Try To Find Another Man" (with [a=Clint West]). He also wrote [a=Freddy Fender (2)]'s single "If You Don't Love Me Alone (Leave Me Alone)".
Link025The Routers The Routers United StatesThe Routers
Link124General Crook General Crook United States60s/70s Funk musician General Columbus Crook Jr., "Main Squeeze"General Crook General Columbus Crook Soul songwriter - producer Born on 28 February 1945 in Mound Bayou, Mississippi, U.S.A.
Link025Phillipo Blake Phillipo Blake DJ, ProducerPhillipo Blake Юрий Пехтелев (Yuri Pekhtelev) Progressive-/Tech- House/Trance DJ & music producer from Volgograd, Russia. Now living in Ottaviano, Italy. Owner of [l=Arrant Records]. Born: 25-01-1985.
Link025Gilbert Le Funk Gilbert Le Funk SpainGilbert Le Funk A. Gilbert
Link241Die Maus Die Maus GermanyGerman TV characterDie Maus
Link025The Ambient Visitor The Ambient Visitor The Ambient Visitor
Link187蘇打綠 蘇打綠 Taiwan蘇打綠 蘇打綠 (Sodagreen, Sūdá lǜ) Taiwanese indie band formed in 2001. Sodagreen emerged in the Taiwanese indie music scene after receiving the Grand Jury Award in the Hohaiyan Gongliau Rock Festival in 2004, after which it signed a contract with Willlin Music. The band is well known for its main vocalist and songwriter Wu Tsing-Fong, who is prominent for his poetic lyrics, unique performing style and wide vocal range.
Link025Victor Military Band Victor Military Band Victor Military Band
Link241Sovereign Grace Music Sovereign Grace Music Sovereign Grace Music
Link025Chris Cargo Chris Cargo Chris Cargo Chris Cargo Irish DJ and producer.
Link241Michel Onfray Michel Onfray FranceMichel Onfray
Link025Perseus Traxx Perseus Traxx Perseus Traxx Nigel Rogers
Link025Tonto Irie Tonto Irie Tonto Irie Errol Coley Jamaican dancehall toaster. Originally named Tonto Ranking he formed a great partnership with [a=Danny Dread] and the two of them spearheaded the rise of the Black Star Soundsystem. He would later move onto the King Jammy’s set helping them reach to the top
Link025Ikerya Project Ikerya Project Ikerya Project Erik Iker DJ & Producer from Belgrade, Serbia. Born 1988
Link025Maureen Evans Maureen Evans United KingdomMaureen Evans Welsh pop singer (b. 23-Mar-1940), most active in 1960s. Later on, she ran a stage school in her native Cardiff.
Link124Meri Cetinić Meri Cetinić Meri Cetinić Meri Cetinić Croatian chanson singer, musician and composer. Her brother is [a=Ante Cetinić].
Link025DJ Qu DJ Qu DJ Qu Ramon Lisandro Quezada DJ and Producer, who also runs [l89177].
Link025Engage Blue Engage Blue JapanEngage Blue Yosuke Hamada Engage Blue is the japanese hard sound project by Yosuke Hamada. His production career started at 15 years old. he obtained a KORG synthsizer and made the first track; it was based on hard trance. Afterwards through some genre production, he arrived at hardcore/gabber scene in 2008. In 2009, he self-released first ep. and following year his tracks was received attention from foreign DJs and began to appear in their mix. The turning point of his career happend in winter 2012. He decided to send a demo for sign with overseas label. Within 1 hour he received a good response that lead to contract with Noisj (NL), has debuted on Red Fever Recordings in march 2013.
Link025Ken Lazarus Ken Lazarus JamaicaKen Lazarus Jamaican ska and reggae singer. Probably best known for his work as a lead singer in Byron Lee's Dragonaires band. In the early 60s the band toured extensively in the Caribbean which made Ken Lazarus a popular singer on the island. He also became famous as a highly commercial cover artist. Later on he changed his style, recording roots and culture sides.
Link025Vasilija Radojcic Vasilija Radojcic Vasilija Radojčić Vasilija Radojčić (Kragujevac, 21st of April 1936 - Beograd, 25th of Septembar 2011). Serbian singer of folk and traditional music. She studied the French language and literature at the University of Belgrade. Since 1958 she works as a solist-singer for the Yugoslav Radio Belgrade. Her active cooperation with the Belgrade record production company PGP RTB starts in 1961, which also formally markes the beginning of her career as a singer. In her very beginnings she mostly sang schlager-songs. Many of those became a sort of "Evergreen hit" for different generations of folk- and schlager-music listeners.
Link322Roger Hargreaves Roger Hargreaves Roger Hargreaves Charles Roger Hargreaves British author of the 'Mr Men' series. Died in 1988 from a heart attack, aged just 53.
Link241三遊亭金馬 三遊亭金馬 Japanthe 3rd三遊亭金馬
Link025DJ Aphreme DJ Aphreme DJ Aphreme Martin Mamzer
Link241Đàm Vĩnh Hưng Đàm Vĩnh Hưng VietnamĐàm Vĩnh Hưng Đàm Vĩnh Hưng (born October 2, 1971), often referred to by his nickname, Mr. Dam (also spelled Mr. Đàm), is a Vietnamese pop star.
Link241Meral Uğurlu Meral Uğurlu TurkeyMeral Uğurlu
Link241鈴村健一 鈴村健一 Japan鈴村健一 [b]DO NOT USE.[/b]
Link025Miro Ungar Miro Ungar Miro Ungar Croatian pop singer born on the 2nd of May 1937. His ex-wife is [a815146]. And their son is [a1286393].
Link025N.Strahl.N N.Strahl.N GermanyN.Strahl.N Mario Löhr
Link025Luigi Lusini Luigi Lusini Luigi Lusini Luigi Lusini Electronic dance music DJ, producer and sound engineer from Viterbo, Italy Styles: Progressive House Trance
Link025Gravitonas Gravitonas Gravitonas
Link025Stu Hirst Stu Hirst Stu Hirst Stuart Hirst UK-based DJ, producer and remixer originally from Edinburgh, now based in London. Owner of [l=Strawberry Blonde Records].
Link025CJA CJA CJA Clayton Noone
Link025Chanter Sisters Chanter Sisters Chanter Sisters The Chanter Sisters consisted of [a=Irene Chanter] and [a=Doreen Chanter] were two sisters who both sang together as a duet as well as backing other singers. They released a number of singles from the mid to late 1970's as well as three albums.
Link025Mołr Drammaz Mołr Drammaz Mołr Drammaz
Link025Bisera Veletanlić Bisera Veletanlić Bisera Veletanlić Bisera Veletanlić Serbian jazz/chanson/schlager singer popular throughout 70s in former Yugoslavia. Her sister is [a=Senka Veletanlić]. Born in Sisak 15.9.1942.
Link025Сергей Наговицын Сергей Наговицын RussiaСергей Наговицын (July 22, 1968, Perm (Zakamsk), USSR - December 20, 1999, Kurgan) - Russian poet, songwriter in the genre of Russian chanson and urban romance.
Link025La Mancha del Pecado La Mancha del Pecado La Mancha Del Pecado La Mancha Del Pecado Drone noise project from [a=Miguel Perez] who also runs [l=Agorafobia Tapes] based in Ciudad Juarez, México
Link817グルグル映畫館 グルグル映畫館 Japanグルグル映畫館
Link231GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE GENERATIONS from EXILE TRIBE JapanGenerations From Exile Tribe
Link024Major Christie Major Christie Major Christie Oneil Major
Link231制服向上委員会 制服向上委員会 Japan制服向上委員会
Link024Andrzej i Eliza Andrzej i Eliza PolandPolish defunct folk-rock band, active in the 70'Andrzej I Eliza Polish music band, vocal and instrumental, performing the music of folk-rock. He was active in 1971-1981.
Link123The Speer Family The Speer Family United StatesThe Speer Family The Speer Family, (also The Speers) were a Southern gospel family group, founded in 1921 by [url=]George Thomas ("Dad") Speer[/url], his wife [url=]Lena ("Mom") Speer[/url], and his sister and brother-in-law Pearl and Logan Claborn. Pearl and Logan left the group in 1925 and were replaced by two of George and Lena's children. Over the years, further siblings were added to the line-up and eventually non-family members were added to the group. In 1998, the group was officially retired.
Link024Alla Baianova Alla Baianova Alla Baianova Алла Николаевна Левицкая Алла Николаевна Баянова / Alla Nikolayevna Bayanova Romanian, Soviet and Russian singer, performer of Russian songs and romances, the author of music to many romances from their extensive repertoire. Honored Artist of Russia (1993). People's Artist of Russia (1999) Born: May 18 (5 O.S.), 1914, Chisinau, Bessarabia Governorate, Russian Empire (now Moldova) Died: August 30, 2011, Moscow, Russia Her father was the famous singer Nikolai Leviţki (Baianov stage pseudonym), mother - Yevgenia Skorodinskaia ballet artist. In 1918 Bessarabia became part of Romania. Family, making a detour of several countries, he settled in Paris. Alla graduated from a private school next to a Catholic monastery. In 1934 her family returned to Bucharest. Alla At age 13 he began to evolve one. Singer's repertory includes in particular Russian and Gypsy romances. She sang with Pyotr and Aleksandr Leşcenko Vertinski, recorded discs, gave concerts in many countries. The Soviet Union arrived for the first time in 1976. In 1989 he obtained Russian citizenship, and in 1999 the title of People's Artist of Russia. In recent years Baianova Alla lives in Moscow and sometimes gives concerts. In 2009 she sang her jubilee concert dedicated to 95 years.
Link024Allison Durbin Allison Durbin New ZealandAllison Durbin Born in 1950 in Auckland, New Zealand, she started recording for [url=]Zodiac[/url] at age 13. Five years later she had a massive crossover hit in NZ with [r=965357] which sold 30,000 copies (triple platinum in NZ terms). Moving to Australia at the end of the 60s she was named "Queen of Pop" in 1969, 70 & 71. In the mid 70s she became one of the biggest country stars in Australia, although was largely forgotten in NZ. Sadly her career later declined and she was in the news in 2007 after being jailed in a drug case in Melbourne.
Link024Jerry Gray and His Orchestra Jerry Gray and His Orchestra Jerry Gray And His Orchestra
Link024Sammy Levi Sammy Levi Reggae artistSammy Levi Carl Douglas Reggae singer.
Link024Jim MacLeod and His Band Jim MacLeod and His Band Jim MacLeod & His Band Scottish traditional music band. Jim MacLeod - Piano, Vocals Tommy Ford - Accordion Jim Cleland - Accordion John Sinton - Double Bass Hebbie Gray - Fiddle Alex Doig - Drums
Link222Osvaldo Fresedo Osvaldo Fresedo ArgentinaOsvaldo Fresedo "El pibe de La Paternal" (May 5, 1897 - November 18, 1984) Argentinian tango songwriter and orchestra director. Brother of [a1296789]
Link024do Piano do Piano Do Piano Daphné Hendrickx
Link024Johnny Sax Johnny Sax ItalyJohnny Sax Gianni Bedori Italian saxophonist and composer (Mantova, November 25, 1930 - Milan, Jan. 22, 2005). In addition to the saxophone he played clarinet and flute. World famous as Johnny Sax was opposed to another famous international saxophonist [a=Fausto Papetti]. He has had a distinguished and long jazz career.
Link231Audio Highs Audio Highs JapanAudio Highs
Link024Wilma Burgess Wilma Burgess United StatesWilma Burgess Wilma Charlene Burgess American country singer Born : June 11, 1939 in Orlando, Florida Died : August 26, 2003 in Nashville, Tennessee.
Link123The Arbors The Arbors The Arbors American pop group formed in 1964 in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Group members included 2 sets of brothers, Tom and Scott Herrick and Ed and Fred Farran. The group started off playing local shows in Michigan before moving to New York. They recorded a single for Mercury Records which garnered little attention, but their next single, "A Symphony for Susan" (recorded for Carney Records), was reissued nationally on Columbia Records subsidiary, Date Records and hit #51 on the US chart; they followed with the singles "Just Let it Happen" and "Graduation Day" (US #59). In 1968, they recorded the song "Valley of the Dolls", which was not used in the movie of the same name, but which was released at the same time; it was overshadowed by the title song from the movie. They bounced back with a 1969 version of "The Letter", which had been a hit two years before for The Box Tops. Afterward, they began writing and playing music for commercials, and continued to do so for some thirty years thereafter.
Link123Vincent Lopez and his Orchestra Vincent Lopez and his Orchestra Vincent Lopez And His Orchestra
Link123Αντώνης Βαρδής Αντώνης Βαρδής GreeceΑντώνης Βαρδής Αντώνης Βαρδής [Antonis Vardis] Antonis Vardis (1948 - 2014) was a Greek singer, composer, lyricist, producer and guitarist from Athens. He is the father of [a=Γιάννης Βαρδής] (Giannis Vardis). In 1965 he founded [a=The Vikings (9)]. He collaborated with several legendary Greek musicians. In 1981, Vardis was diagnosed with cancer. He left us on 2 Sept. 2014 at Hygeia Hospital in Athens.
Link123Invisible Sounds Invisible Sounds Igor ButskhrikidzeInvisible Sounds Игорь Буцхрикидзе (Igor Butskhrikidze) Igor Butskhrikidze was born in 1985 in Pskov, Russia. His interest in electronic music grew as he listened to ATB. After a short while, he started experimenting with the sound. He began to write music in 2004. His first solo work titled "La Brise" got included in a mix-compilation CD of "Digidance" titled "Zillion 15", which also included works of top World trance producers like Armin van Buuren and Tiesto
Link123Александр Шапиро Александр Шапиро Александр Шапиро Singer in "russian chanson" genre.
Link024Лили Иванова Лили Иванова BulgariaЛили Иванова Liliana Ivanova Petrova Born on April 24, 1939 in Kubrat, Bulgaria. Bulgarian pop singer with deep and powerful voice. With career spanning for over 5 decades, she is often refereed to as "The queen of Bulgarian pop music". She represented Bulgaria in the [i]V Festival Internacional da Canção[/i] in Rio with the song [i]Реквием (Rekviem)[/i] in 1970.
Link024Άγγελος Διονυσίου Άγγελος Διονυσίου GreeceΆγγελος Διονυσίου
Link231KEYTALK KEYTALK JapanKeytalk
Link024Mosahar Mosahar Mosahar Mosahar Sayadnejad Persian Trance music producer and remixer born 25 July 1989, from Semnan, Iran
Link123Benone Sinulescu Benone Sinulescu Benone Sinulescu Benone Sinulescu Benone Sinulescu, born May 24, 1937, Siriu, Buzău, România, is a Romanian folk music singer Buzau region. In his works has adopted elements of the space defining the mythical ancient Romanian. Throughout his career he has collaborated with various popular music artists including [a1002004]. After 1989, he approached the etno-dance, house style, collaborated with [a1039766] .
Link024Vaska Ilieva Vaska Ilieva MacedoniaMacedoniaVaska Ilieva Васка Илиева Macedonian folk singer. Started as a dancer and singer in the State Ensemble 'Tanec'.
Link024Linda Fields & The Funky Boys Linda Fields & The Funky Boys Linda Fields & The Funky Boys
Link231The Hunt for Yoshi The Hunt for Yoshi The Hunt For Yoshi
Link024Carl Malcolm Carl Malcolm Carl Malcolm
Link024Joost Belinfante Joost Belinfante NetherlandsJoost Belinfante Joost Belinfante Dutch musician. best known for his work with Doe Maar
Link123Flavium Flavium Flavium
Link024Nikita Ukoloff Nikita Ukoloff Nikita Ukoloff DJ & electronic music producer from Zlatoust, Chelyabinsk obl., Russia. Owner of Setka Records and Hypnotica Records Born: 04-08-1988
Link231Amrinder Gill Amrinder Gill Amrinder Gill
Link123Johnny Farago Johnny Farago CanadaJohnny Farago Jean-Yves Béland Johnny Farago was a Canadian Rock 'N Roll singer who in 1964 became a member of [a=Les Mercedes]. By 1967 he left the band to pursue a solo career. [b]Born: June 15, 1944 in Quebec City, Canada / Died: July 31, 1997[/b] He became quite popular in the second half of 1960s, mainly through French versions of American hits. He began his artistic career after winning an Elvis Presley look-alike contest in 1960. He spent much of his career imitating him both visually as well as recording cover versions of his songs as a tribute to "The King".
Link231押尾コータロー 押尾コータロー Japan押尾コータロー
Link231back number back number Japanback number
Link024It's Always Last Tuesday Somewhere It's Always Last Tuesday Somewhere New ZealandIt's Always Last Tuesday Somewhere IALTS is a the main musical vehicle of Males Kort. He has been recording under that name since 2000.
Link024Yovanna Yovanna ESC 1965 for SwitzerlandYovanna Ιωάννα Φάσσου-Καλπαξή (Ioanna Fassou Kalpaxi) Greek singer (b. 1940, Amaliada, Greece).
Link231新谷良子 新谷良子 Japan新谷良子
Link024Michael Lovesmith Michael Lovesmith Michael Lovesmith Michael Larry Smith [b]Soul - funk - disco singer - songwriter - producer[/b] Born in St. Louis, Missouri. In the 60's he wrote for [a=The Isley Brothers] and worked with [a=Isaac Hayes]. In the 70's he and his two brothers signed at [a=Holland-Dozier-Holland]'s [l34533] label. He started producing [a=Honey Cone], [a=Jermaine Jackson], [a=Ozone (5)], [a=G.C. Cameron], [a=Syreeta]. In the 80's he started recording with the group [a=Lovesmith] before he went on to release three solo albums at Motown He has also written for [a=Aretha Franklin], [a=Gladys Knight] and [a=Bobby Brown].
Link024Myk Bee Myk Bee Myk Bee Miroslav Beška Trance producer from Vukovar, Croatia. Collaborated with Dario Jularic aka [a=TechTrek] as [a=Myk Bee & TechTrek].
Link024William Clauson William Clauson William Clauson William Clauson (born May 2, 1930) is a Swedish-American singer of folk songs
Link024Danell Dixon Danell Dixon Danell Dixon House music producer from Chicago. When he was 14 his older cousins were singing for Roy Davis Jnr. They put together a demo and Danell went to the studio to meet Roy and DJ Pierre who wanted him to play keyboards for them. They were impressed with his skill and Pierre flew him to New York to make some tracks with him. He was still in school however, so he spend 3 years flying back and forth. He eventually moved to New York aged 17 where he moved in with Pierre and his wife Lavette.
Link231王傑 王傑 Taiwan王傑
Link221Halozy Halozy Halozy
Link023Liaz Liaz Liaz
Link023Krzho Krzho Krzho Jure Kržišnik Born in 1986. From Slovenia, started to produce music in 2004. First produced pure techno, but when the scene turned more minimal and electro he followed it, mainly inspired by Umek (one of the best producers and DJ's of the the world-also from Slovenia).
Link023DJ Choose DJ Choose DJ Choose Lasse Steen Hessel Danish DJ and producer who started his music career with releasing hardcore and acid, but nowadays is known from his techtrance productions. He was also the first Danish act on the Q-Dance events (In Qontrol 2006). Owner of [l=Chew The Club].
Link023Living Brass Living Brass United StatesLiving Brass
Link023Mic Jack Production Mic Jack Production JapanMic Jack Production
Link023Balthazar & Jackrock Balthazar & Jackrock Balthazar & JackRock Bulgarian DJ and producer duo based in Sofia. They are the founders of [l=Renesanz Records].
Link023Laera Laera Laera Giuseppe Laera Italian Electro/House producer. Owner of [l=Stranamente Music] s.a.s., a House music publishing company from South of Italy.
Link023Eddie Peabody Eddie Peabody Eddie Peabody Edwin Ellsworth Peabody Born: February 19, 1902, Reading, Massachusetts Died: November 7, 1970, Covington, Kentucky
Link221Log S. Log S. Log S.
Link023Mike Love 666 Mike Love 666 Mike Love 666 Jimmy C. Mulligan Noise [i]band[/i] with a large knowingly sprawling and self-duplicating back catalogue.
Link221Les Bel Canto Les Bel Canto Les Bel Canto Claude Falardeau, Pierre Paquet, René d'Antoine Letarte, André Fortin, Aurèle Bolduc. Les Bel Canto. Cet ensemble de Québec a vu le jour au début des années soixante. Les membres fondateurs en ont été Claude Falardeau, Aurèle et son frère Guy Bolduc : trois guitaristes. Ils ont fait leurs débuts avec Marcel Lebel, batteur. René Letarte joignait le groupe un an plus tard. Lors de leur démission, Marcel et Guy ont été remplacés par André Fortin de Jonquière et Pierre " Moustique ou Mousse " Paquet de Québec. Leur premier quarante-cinq tours est paru en 1964 sur étiquette Première. Ils connaîtront leurs premiers grand succès avec leur composition Découragé et la chanson Feuille de gui de Jean-Pierre Ferland ; deux côtés d'un même disque à la tête des palmarès. Surnommés les " Seigneurs Nouvelle Vague ", en plus d'obtenir le prix qualité sur disques, en 1969, ils sont élus Groupe de l'année. Ils se sont produits sur les plus grandes scènes du Québec d'alors : Comédie canadienne, Place des Arts et les cabarets les plus en vogue. En 1970, ils étaient invités pour deux semaines à l'Exposition universelle d'Osaka, au Japon. Les Bel Canto produisirent quatre albums authentiques dont la plupart des chansons sont des créations originales ainsi qu'une vingtaine de quarante-cinq tours dont la majorité occupèrent les premières positions des palmarès de l'époque. Une Croix sur mon Nom, Quand Reviendras-tu?, Bonsoir à Demain, Seul, Coui-coui, ne sont que quelques titres à succès dont René Letarte (d'Antoine), bassiste et parolier du groupe, a signé tous les textes. Diverses compilations ont été réalisées depuis la dissolution du groupe survenue en 1971, mais un nouvel album est récemment paru sur le marché sous le titre : Les Bel Canto, Nos préférées (Mérite 22-947). Une sélection de leurs meilleures réalisations selon un choix unanime des cinq membres du groupe. Une biographie est actuellement en cours de rédaction. Les Bel Canto n'ont effectué qu'un seul retour sur scène, à l'aréna de Saint-Jérôme, en 1985. Le groupe change de nom à la fin de leur carrière pour celui des Kanto.
Link023Ansambel Lojzeta Slaka Ansambel Lojzeta Slaka Ansambel Lojzeta Slaka
Link122Andraé Crouch & the Disciples Andraé Crouch & the Disciples Andraé Crouch & The Disciples
Link221Guilherme & Santiago Guilherme & Santiago Guilherme & Santiago
Link122Chapels Chapels Chapels Adam Richards
Link122Fernando Farinha Fernando Farinha PortugalFernando Farinha Fernando Farinha (1929 - 12 February 1988) was a Portuguese fado singer.
Link023The Oliverwho Factory The Oliverwho Factory The Oliverwho Factory Detroit based duo. Producers of deep, melodic techno and house.
Link122Markus Homm Markus Homm Markus Homm Markus Homm House/Techno DJ and producer born in Romania, now based in Germany.
Link023Brody's Militia Brody's Militia Brody's Militia Hardcore/Punk/Thrash band from Kentucky.
Link023Tristão da Silva Tristão da Silva PortugalTristão Da Silva Tristão Da Silva (1927 - 1978) was a Portuguese fado singer.
Link122Claude Thornhill & His Orchestra Claude Thornhill & His Orchestra Claude Thornhill And His Orchestra
Link023Aerotek Aerotek SantiagoAerotek Stefano Giangrandi Aerotek is Chilean-born electronic music producer, sound designer and DJ Stefano Giangrandi. He is known for being one of Chile's most imponent electronic musicians of the present day. Founder of [l=Transtechnia] Records.
Link617Varetta Dillard Varetta Dillard Varetta Dillard Varetta Dillard Mack Varetta Dillard (February 3, 1933 – October 4, 1993) was an American rhythm and blues singer in the 1950s whose biggest hit was "Mercy, Mr. Percy". Married Ronald Mack.
Link122The Band of the Grenadier Guards The Band of the Grenadier Guards The Band Of The Grenadier Guards
Link023Dubrovački trubaduri Dubrovački trubaduri Dubrovački Trubaduri Croatian pop band from Dubrovnik formed in 1962. They were very popular in former Yugoslavia for their mixture of pop-music and medieval traditions of their native ancient city on the Adriatic. The group, in different line-ups, existed well into the 70's. ***Original line-up: Ðelo Jusić – guitar, mandolin, piano, organ, vocals Luciano Capurso (Lući) – clarinet, saxophone, vocals Marko Brešković – bass, vocals Slobodan Berdović (Bobo) – piano, organ, vocals Ladislav Padjen (Laci) – drums, vocals Hamo Hajdarhodžić – vocals, guitar ***Other members: Milo Hrnić - vocals Oliver Dragojević - keyboards Zoran Vlaović - guitar Srećko Kljunak - guitar Mujica Jusić - drums Mime Šime Restović - drums Mladen Vučić - drums Mladen Špilj Papan - drums Braco Tepšić - keyboards Nevio Končić - keyboards
Link023Philly Devotions Philly Devotions Philly Devotions [b]Philly-soul - disco vocal quartet[/b] Formed in Philadelphia. Known for the strong male vocal harmonies perfectly matched with the proto-disco combined sound of their producer [a=John Davis (5)] and mix master [a=Tom Moulton]. They were the first group in pop history that released a 12" single ("I Just Can't Make It", on Columbia, in October 1975). One of the few singles they recorded in mid-7o's period was their cover of [a=Little Anthony & The Imperials] standard classic "Hurt So Bad".
Link023Luigi Madonna Luigi Madonna ItalyItalian DJ and producerLuigi Madonna Luigi Madonna Italian DJ and producer.
Link023Alter Form Alter Form Tunguska Electronic Music SocietyAlter Form
Link023Federal Hill Federal Hill Federal Hill Gary Tutalo
Link023Numarx Numarx Numarx
Link617The Sound Diggers The Sound Diggers The Sound Diggers Justin Critchlow
Link023Tony Cucchiara Tony Cucchiara ItalyTony Cucchiara Salvatore Cucchiara Tony Cucchiara, aka Salvatore Cucchiara (Agrigento, October 30, 1937) is an Italian singer and actor.
Link518Los Tres Diamantes Los Tres Diamantes Los Tres Diamantes Considered to be the longest-running group amongst traditional trios, los Tres Diamantes were formed in October of 1948 in Mexico City. They also were among very few trios to achieve fame outside of Mexico. Guitarists Enrique Quezada Reyes (b. July 15, 1920) and Gustavo Prado Gutierrez (b. March 25, 1923), along with lead singer Saulo Sedano Chavira (b. July 25, 1925) were signed by RCA in 1949 and earned their first hits soon after, including "Cuando Me Vaya" and "Te Quiero, Dijiste." By the 1950s the group was an international hit, aided by their worldwide tours which included stops in Europe and Japan. The band continued to perform and record well into the '90s
Link1211Юлий Ким Юлий Ким Юлий Ким Юлий Черсанович Ким Soviet/Russian poet, songwriter
Link221Crack6 Crack6 JapanCrack6
Link122Dhar Braxton Dhar Braxton Dhar Braxton
Link221Shankar Mahadevan Shankar Mahadevan IndiaShankar Mahadevan Shankar Mahadevan Indian and a multiple National Film Award-winning music composer and singer, born in Chembur, Mumbai.
Link122Bobby McClure Bobby McClure Bobby McClure Bobby McClure Born: April 21, 1942, Chicago, Illinois. Died: November 13, 1992, Los Angeles, California.
Link221赤い公園 赤い公園 Japan赤い公園
Link221LUV and SOUL LUV and SOUL Luv & Soul
Link221מתי כספי מתי כספי Israelמתי כספי
Link023Николай Сличенко Николай Сличенко RussiaRussian artistНиколай Сличенко Николай Алексеевич Сличенко Nikolai Slichenko (born 7 December 1934) is the leader of the [a1950308] (Moscow "Romen" Music and Drama Gypsy Theater). His awards include People's Artist of the USSR (1981), State Prize of the USSR (1987), Order for the Service to Fatherland of the 3d Degree (27 December, 2004). One of the stars in the Taurus constellation has been named for Nikolai Slichenko.
Link023Manolo Otero Manolo Otero SpainManolo Otero Manuel Otero Aparicio Spanish pop and ballads singer and actor. Born in Madrid (Spain) in 1942, he died in San Pablo (Brazil) in 2011.
Link221Grupo Montéz de Durango Grupo Montéz de Durango Grupo Montez De Durango
Link211Avraham Fried Avraham Fried United StatesAvraham Fried
Link022Only Paradise Only Paradise Only Paradise
Link022Les Jérolas Les Jérolas Les Jérolas
Link022António Calvário António Calvário António Calvário António Calvário da Paz Portuguese singer/artist from the late 1950s and 1960s. He represented Portugal in the 1964 Eurovision Song Contest, in Denmark. He was born 17 October 1938, in Mozambique.
Link022Menny Fasano Menny Fasano ItalyMenny Fasano Menny Fasano Techno / Tech House / Deep House Dj / Producer Label Owner ________________________ MENNYFASANORECORDS Dark Side Records Drum Therapy Italy
Link121Enrico Mantini Enrico Mantini Italyhouse musicEnrico Mantini Enrico Mantini Italian DJ and producer.
Link022Bill Vega & New Decade Bill Vega & New Decade Bill Vega & New Decade D. Billington, Paul Smailes Bill Vega & New Decade have both been DJ'ing since 1990. They have produced an array of different material covering styles from early Hardcore,DnB,House,Trance and most recently Breakbeat. Their knowledge and experience into different genres of dance music has been,and will continue to be reflected into their current projects which are dedicated purely to Breakbeat. Their early productions started at the height of the rave scene in 1991 and lead to their Essex based label Out Of Romford being set up. Out Of Romford quickly made its mark on the scene by signing early tracks from Andy C and Ant Miles as Desired State.
Link022Hardcore Masterz Vienna Hardcore Masterz Vienna Hardcore Masterz Vienna Robert Moispointner, Roman Malcsik, Andreas Malcsik 3 gabberproducers from Vienna, Austria.
Link121Mladen Grdović Mladen Grdović Mladen Grdović Mladen Grdović Croatian pop singer. Married to [a=Brankica Grdović].
Link022Garavi Sokak Garavi Sokak Garavi Sokak Serbian pop/folk-rock band from Novi Sad formed in 1982 in former Yugoslavia. Members: Bane Krstić - lead vocals, acoustic guitar, tambourine Milan Trifunović - percussion (previously drums) Miroslav Ilić - accordion, prim Đorđe Urban - bass Boban Dževerdanović - guitars Miroslav Papić - drums Srba Mladenović - keyboards Senad Jašarević - keyboards Former members: Petar Alvirović - bass, lead vocals Zoran Alvirović - guitar Šeri Toplica - acoustic guitar Slobodan Trkulja - pipe, bagpipes, clarinet, sax Zoran Brajović - drums Nikola Oršoš - bass
Link022Frankie Masters & His Orchestra Frankie Masters & His Orchestra Frankie Masters And His Orchestra
Link022Λευτέρης Μυτιληναίος Λευτέρης Μυτιληναίος GreeceΛευτέρης Μυτιληναίος
Link319Jacques Herb Jacques Herb NetherlandsJacques Herb Jacques van Herp Dutch pop singer born on May 28, 1946.
Link022Oscar Harris & The Twinkle Stars Oscar Harris & The Twinkle Stars Oscar Harris And The Twinkle Stars
Link022Niels William Niels William BelgiumNiels William William Vaesen Belgian artist (singer/songwriter/producer), who was born on November 20, 1974. He got into singing at an early age but without any success. His lucky break happened in 1991 while attending the Showbizz School in Ostend, where he was noticed by [a=Frank Dingenen] (who was one of the teachers at that time). Together they recorded the duet "Dat Goed Gevoel", which went straight into the Flemish hit charts. Afterwards the artist released 3 full albums and several singles during the 1990's. He changed his focus towards songwriting and producing in 1997 and has been doing the same ever since.
Link121Fire Island, AK Fire Island, AK Fire Island, AK Thomas Boettner "Somewhere in between the homemade industrial gristle of Wolf Eyes, damaged basement black metal ambience and the mysterious blackened textures of Prurient's recent output, you'll find the strange midnight noise rituals of Fire Island, AK [...] [A]ll of this stuff is pretty rad, fans of disquieting graveyard drift and occult basement industro-buzz should check this guy out." CRUCIAL BLAST
Link1210Gebroeders Brouwer Gebroeders Brouwer Gebroeders Brouwer Henk & Rende Brouwer
Link022Banda 20 De Julio De Repelón Banda 20 De Julio De Repelón ColombiaBanda 20 De Julio De Repelon
Link022Evgeny Bardyuzha Evgeny Bardyuzha Evgeny Bardyuzha Евгений Бардюжа (Evgeny Bardyuzha) Electro/Progressive/Trance DJ & producer from Chelyabinsk, Russia. Born: 1987
Link220Porrina de Badajoz Porrina de Badajoz Porrina De Badajoz José Salazar Molina Spanish Flamenco singer (cantaor). Born January 13, 1924, Zalamea de la Serena (Badajoz), Spain. Died February 18, 1977, Madrid, Spain.
Link022Beverly Bremers Beverly Bremers Beverly Bremers American singer from the early '70s. Now works as a voice actor and vocal coach.
Link022Τέρης Χρυσός Τέρης Χρυσός GreeceΤέρης Χρυσός
Link022Татьяна Овсиенко Татьяна Овсиенко RussiaТатьяна Овсиенко Татьяна Николаевна Овсиенко / Тетяна Миколаївна Овсієнко Tatiana Ovsienko - Russian singer, Meritorious Artist of Russia (2001). Known as one of the vocalists of the group [a663768]. Was married to [a1353491] (1993-2007) Born: October 22, 1966, Kiev, Ukrainian SSR
Link418Mediha Şen Sancakoğlu Mediha Şen Sancakoğlu TurkeyMediha Şen Sancakoğlu
Link12110konekt 10konekt 10konekt French duo of sonic manipulators and circuit benders Jean Christophe Cochard and Cyril Alexandre.
Link211The Enigma TNG The Enigma TNG United StatesThe Enigma TNG
Link022Christian Peak Christian Peak Techno DJ and producer; founder of CP Series and Disturbulence RecordsChristian Peak Christian Peak Christian Peak has born in Yukatan. After many years of producing and deejaying he moves to his village of dreams "Fucking", located in in the Innviertel region of western Upper Austria.
Link211瀬口侑希 瀬口侑希 瀬口侑希
Link022Ronny Morris Ronny Morris Ronny Morris Ronny Morris
Link022Def La Desh and The Fresh Witness Def La Desh and The Fresh Witness Def La Desh & The Fresh Witness Cooly D & Quincy Lizer Def La Desh Female Rap and singing group from Enschede Holland comprised of Esther Munster, Natasha Van Der Weerd and American singer Wendy Wright. Top 40 hits include "Check Out The Ska," and "Feel The Rhythm" produced by Quincy Lizer and Cooly D (AKA Stef Bruinsma). Later on they went further as [a1353780].
Link022Darko Domijan Darko Domijan Darko Domijan Darko Domijan A Croatian pop singer, most popular in the 1970s. Born 5 February 1952 in Karlovac.
Link022Loverde Loverde Loverde
Link022Γιώργος Κοινούσης Γιώργος Κοινούσης GreeceΓιώργος Κοινούσης
Link022Roberto Inglez & his Orchestra Roberto Inglez & his Orchestra Roberto Inglez And His Orchestra
Link022Владимир Ильич Ленин Владимир Ильич Ленин RussiaВладимир Ильич Ленин Владимир Ильич Ульянов Vladimir Ilyich Lenin (Russian: Владимир Ильич Ленин) (22 April 1870 - 21 January 1924), born Vladimir Ilyich Ulyanov (Russian: Владимир Ильич Ульянов) and commonly known by the names V.I. Lenin or simply Lenin, was a Russian revolutionary, Bolshevik communist politician, principal leader of the October Revolution and the first head of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, better known as the Soviet Union.
Link211cinema staff cinema staff JapanCinema Staff
Link220Marco Antonio Muñiz Marco Antonio Muñiz Marco Antonio Muñiz Marco Antonio Muñiz (born March 3, 1933) is a singer from Jalisco, Mexico. He represented Mexico in the [i]V Festival Internacional da Canção[/i] in Rio with the song [i]Volveremos[/i] in 1970.
Link211ALvino ALvino Alvino Andrea Alvino Italian DJ and producer based in Bergamo.
Link022Dragan Stojnić Dragan Stojnić Serbia and MontenegroDragan Stojnić Dragan Stojnić (1937-2003) Serbian chanson singer.
Link121Fussy Cussy Fussy Cussy Fussy Cussy
Link022DS455 DS455 JapanJapense RapDS455 Hip-hop group from Yokohama, Japan.
Link022Juan V. Juan V. Juan V. Juan Valdez Brother of [a=Victor V.].
Link121Adam Derry Adam Derry United StatesAdam Derry
Link121Ed Townsend Ed Townsend United StatesEd Townsend Edward Benjamin Townsend Born: 16th April 1929, Fayetteville, Tennessee, U.S.A. Died: 13th August 2003, San Bernardino, California, U.S.A. Graduated from Arkansas state college and taught briefly before joining the Marine Corps and serving two years in Korea. Toured the Far East with bandleader Horace Heidt and moved to Los Angeles in the mid-1950s. Singer/songwriter renowned for his 1958 hit "For Your Love" and a string of hits which he also wrote. Also co-wrote and and co-produced the 1973 hit "Let's Get It On" (along with three other songs on [a=Marvin Gaye]'s [i]Let's Get It On[/i] album). Worked with Gaye again on 1978's [i]Here, My Dear[/i]. Endured a life long battle with alcoholism and in 2001 he set up his own charity, EBT New Life Inc, and the associated 12 Step Records to assist others in recovery from addiction. His son David Townsend (1955-2005) was a member of soul trio [a=Surface]. Father of [a1924629], [a1261811], [a193527].
Link022Alvin Cash Alvin Cash United StatesAlvin Cash Alvin Welch [b]Soul - funk - disco singer - songwriter - producer - actor[/b] Born on 15.02.1939 in St.Louis, Missouri. Died on 21.11.1999 in Chicago of ulcer compilcations Most known for his hit in 1963 "It's Twine Time" with his band The Crawlers, lated called The Registers. But he did some other well known tracks as well like "The Ali Shuffle" and "The Philly Freeze". In the 70's, his sole album was a tribute to [a=Muhammad Ali (2)]. He played in the blaxpolitation films "Petey Wheatstraw", "Black Jack"
Link022b°tong b°tong Switzerlandb°tong Chris Sigdell B°TONG is Chris Sigdell, former member of German experimental industrial group NID (1995 - 2005). With B°TONG he reaches for the nether regions of experimental ambient sound and established himself as an acknowledged professional soundscape artist. His music is a choice of dark, brooding layers of sound, high-pitched tones and weird electronic sounds that give birth to images of darkness and tranquillity, the solitude of an icy polar night or the equivalent of an underwater journey in a bottomless pit. To create these imaginary soundtracks to the inner eye, he uses samples and field-recordings, which he processes in his computer-programs together with recordings of his own voice and/or other vocal samples. There are no hand-played instruments involved. In a live-situation the computer is taboo - Chris Sigdell uses microphone, metal, electric gadgets and various kitchen utensils. The sounds thus generated are put through various effect-pedals giving him that trademark B°TONG sound, which has earned him the nick-name “dronelord” by Aquarius Records. B°TONG has appeared on such renown experimental festivals such as: Norberg Festivalen (S 2014), Temple Of Silence (PL 2014), PNEM Sound Art Festival (NL 2013), Kildemose Festival (DK 2012, 2013 & 2014), Støy På Landet (N 2010 & 2014), Zeit Für Lärm (DE 2012), Lab30 (DE 2009), Ausklang Festival (DE 2006),
Link022Bit Max Bit Max Maurizio PavesiBit-Max Maurizio Pavesi Italian DJ and producer.
Link418Estela Núñez Estela Núñez MexicoEstela Nuñez Blanca Estela Núñez Rodríguez Mexican singer, born 29 March 1949.
Link121Воровайки Воровайки RussiaВоровайки
Link211蕭亞軒 蕭亞軒 Taiwan蕭亞軒
Link211박효신 박효신 South Korea박효신
Link211Forgotten Times Forgotten Times Forgotten Times
Link211暁Records 暁Records 暁Records Akatsuki Records Doujin circle. The artist credit (band).
Link220Blood Groove & Kikis Blood Groove & Kikis Blood Groove & Kikis Progressive-/Deep-/Tech- House DJ & producer duo composed of Edmunds Kasperovics and Kristaps Kārklins from Aizkraukle, residing in Riga, Latvia. Contact info: For bookings, promo's, remixes:
Link121Eve Boswell Eve Boswell Eve Boswell Eva Keleti Singer, born 11 May 1922 in Budapest, Hungary, died 14 August 1998 in Durban, South Africa.
Link022Radojka Šverko Radojka Šverko Radojka Šverko Radojka Šverko Mrs Radoyka is a musical icon of the Croatian popular nusic scene and the only one who -in time- writtingly and deliberantely gave up to the gltter of the world career, prefering the love and the warmth of her family. Fortunately, time will not spoil the real music : just like a good wine she gets the specific bouquet. She represented Yugoslavia in the [i]V Festival Internacional da Canção[/i] in Rio with the song [i]The world is mine[/i] in 1970.
Link201Steezy Ant Steezy Ant United StatesSteezy Ant
Link021True Mathematics True Mathematics True Mathematics Kenny Houston True Mathematics is a rapper from Hempstead who started making records after teaming up with Chuck D, Eric Sadler and the Shocklee brothers. The music on the records was done by Hank Shocklee and Eric Sadler.
Link201Cheeky Parade Cheeky Parade JapanCheeky Parade
Link021 Santiago Salazar
Link120DJ Juanito DJ Juanito DJ Juanito Juanito C. Lopez
Link021Maggie MacNeal Maggie MacNeal NetherlandsMaggie MacNeal Sjoukje van 't Spijker Dutch singer born 5 May 1950 in Tilburg, The Netherlands as Sjoukje Lucie van ’t Spijker. Married to [a=Frans Smit] for 33 years until his death in June 2005.
Link021Claudia Chin Claudia Chin Claudia Chin
Link120Jorge Fontes Jorge Fontes Jorge Fontes
Link021Angela Clemmons Angela Clemmons Angela Clemmons [b]Soul - disco - gospel singer[/b] Born in Connecticut. She had an early 80's disco hit with "Give Me Just A Little More Time". She released two solo albums. She did backing vocals for [a=Vanessa Williams], [a=Cyndi Lauper], [a=OC Smith], [a=Jewel], [a=Donald Fagen], [a=George Benson], [a=Roberta Flack] and [a=Celine Dion].
Link318Trigo Limpio Trigo Limpio Trigo Limpio
Link021Tymes 4 Tymes 4 Tymes 4
Link201普天間かおり 普天間かおり 普天間かおり
Link021Peroxide Mocha Peroxide Mocha Peroxide Mocha
Link201Koray Safkan Koray Safkan TurkeyKoray Safkan
Link021The Beatkillers The Beatkillers The Beatkillers
Link021Heso Heso Heso
Link021Taciturne Taciturne Taciturne Jörg Buchholz Experimental hardcore-techno project originally between 1989–1999. Based in Hamburg, Germany. The artist faked his suicide on 4 July 1999, only to rejuvenate the project in 2008 under the names of Taciturne Redux and Abilgaard Re-Activ8 for old-school techno. For some time, Taciturne Redux/Abilgaard Re-Activ8 was a resident DJ and live-act at the Brainstorm party series in Hamburg, Germany.
Link201Elements Garden Elements Garden Elements Garden Elements Garden is a Japanese collective of music artists who produce music for various anime, games and other media. The group was formed in 2004 by Noriyasu Agematsu, Junpei Fujita, Hitoshi Fujima and Daisuke Kikuta. Since then, they have worked with a variety of artists such as [a=Lia], [a=Nana Mizuki], [a=Haruka Shimotsuki], [a=Rekka Katakiri] and others. They have also released several compilation albums collecting their compositions. [a=Noriyasu Agematsu] serves as the lead representative and defacto leader of the group.
Link021Joan Orleans Joan Orleans Joan Orleans
Link021Edward Woodward Edward Woodward Edward Woodward Edward Albert Arthur Woodward Edward Albert Arthur Woodward OBE (1 June 1930 – 16 November 2009), English stage and screen actor and singer. Probably best-known for his role in the 1973 film "The Wicker Man" and the American TV series "The Equalizer". Recorded a number of crooning easy-listening LP's as well as poetry and audio book spoken-word recordings.
Link021Glenn Barber Glenn Barber Glenn Barber Martin Glenn Barber Glenn Barber (February 2, 1935, in Hollis, Oklahoma, USA - March 28, 2008 in Gallatin, Tennessee, USA) was an American country and rockabilly singer and songwriter.
Link021Richard Dyer-Bennet Richard Dyer-Bennet Richard Dyer-Bennet Richard Dyer-Bennet (October 6, 1913, Leicester, England - December 14, 1991, Monterey, Massachusetts, USA) was an English-born American folk singer, recording artist, and voice teacher.
Link120Dimitri Dourakine Dimitri Dourakine Dimitri Dourakine
Link021Глория Глория Глория Галина Иванова Пенева Galina Peneva Ivanova (Bulgarian: Галина Иванова Пенева) (born June 28, 1973 in Ruse, Bulgaria), better known on stage name as Gloria (Bulgarian: Глория), is a famous Bulgarian Pop, Dance, Rock, and Pop folk singer. Arguably the most popular of her generation, she is known as the Mother of pop-folk. Gloria has been a performer since 1990. Her second studio album Za dobro ili zlo sold over 600,000 copies making it the biggest selling album in Bulgaria. Her studio album Blagodarya was released in Bulgaria in March 2007 and it sold over 16,000 original copies within the first week of release.
Link120Danjel Esperanza Danjel Esperanza Danjel Esperanza Daniel Becker German producer and remixer, born 1981 in Hanau. Since 2008 he runs his digital label [l107278].
Link021Qualkommando Qualkommando Qualkommando T. Matulla & M. Lippert
Link021Gene Rondo Gene Rondo Gene Rondo Winston Lara Winston Lara (28 May 1943 – 12 June 1994), better known by his stage name Gene Rondo, was a Jamaican reggae singer. After first recording as part of the duo Gene & Roy in Jamaica, he relocated to London where he continued to record until the 1980s, including several album releases in the 1970s, both solo and as a member of The Undivided. He was sometimes credited as Gene Laro or Winston Laro. Born in Greenwich Farm, Kingston, Jamaica in 1943, Rondo entered the music business in the late 1950s, successfully competing in the Vere Johns Opportunity Hour talent content with his partner Satch. He recorded a single in Jamaica as part of the duo Gene & Roy ("Little Queenie"/"Squeeze Me"), before relocating to London in 1962, where he studied as a classical singer in Hammersmith. In 1965 he formed the band Abashack, with whom he toured the UK, and went on to record singles on the Giant and Jolly labels of Stamford Hill-based R&B Records in 1968. He then recorded for Dandy Livingstone's Trojan Records sub-label Downtown, releasing several singles in 1969 and 1970. In 1970 he recorded his debut album, On My Way, for Trojan. He went on to record for Magnet Records, including contributing four tracks to the Reggae Desire album in 1974. In 1972 he formed the pop-reggae band The Undivided (which later evolved into Undivided Roots), who released an album (Listen to the World) for Decca. He also recorded as a solo reggae vocalist for several UK-based producers including Clement Bushay, Dennis Harris (for whom he recorded duets with T.T. Ross), and Count Shelly. Rondo accompanied Susan Cadogan for her performance of "Hurt So Good" on Top of the Pops. In the mid-1970s, Rondo adopted the Rastafari faith, and recorded more roots-oriented tracks such as "A Land Far Away" and "Give All the Parise to Jah". Rondo co-produced (with Bunny Lee) Delroy Wilson's Nice Times album in 1983 and contributed backing vocals to Alton Ellis's 25th Silver Jubilee album in 1984. He continued to record into the 1980s, and also set up the Roots Pool community centre and studio in North London. He was a major contributor to the British Reggae Artists Famine Appeal (BRAFA) and the charity single "Let's Make Africa Green Again", which raised funds for the Save the Children Fund. He continued to concentrate on community work in the latter half of the 1980s and early 1990s. Rondo died from cancer in St Josephs Hospice, Hackney in June 1994. A memorial concert was held featuring artists such as Alton Ellis, Prince Lincoln, Justin Hinds, Dennis Alcapone, Owen Gray, and Carroll Thompson.
Link021Scott Wozniak Scott Wozniak Scott Wozniak Scott Wozniak A session keyboard player since 1986. Scott also scores television commercials and has taught music production at Dubspot in New York City. Scott is also Senior Sound Designer for a major software company.
Link021Snake Sedrick Snake Sedrick Snake Sedrick Zoltán Hedrick DJ and producer from Hungary.
Link021Patty Devick Patty Devick Patty Devick Daniëlla De Cock Born: November 24, 1962 in Belgium
Link183しゃるろっと しゃるろっと JapanJapanese visual kei bandしゃるろっと
Link021Matteo Marini Matteo Marini Matteo Marini Matteo Marini Italian sound engineer and producer based in Cagliari.
Link021Joey Chicago Joey Chicago MemphisJoey Chicago Disco/House DJ & producer from Gütersloh, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. Born: 1987 Founder of Believe in Disco ; Co-Founder of the Label 4Disco Records Contact: Booking:
Link021Use of Ashes Use of Ashes The Use Of Ashes The Use Of Ashes, based in Nijmegen, Holland, have a long history. The band evolves from Mekanik Kommando, born on the waves of the early 80s 'Ultra Movement' in Holland. Mekanik Kommando record no less than six albums and some film scores. The band also performs hundreds of shows. Over the years Mekanik Kommando adapts a more spheric, organic and psychedelic style. Most of the electric instruments are replaced by acoustic instruments. The music changes, the name changes. Mekanik Kommando becomes The Use Of Ashes, named after a Pearls Before Swine album. A reissue of the final Mekanik Kommando album The Castle Of Fair Welcome marks the start of The Use Of Ashes in 1988.
Link120Tommy Leonetti Tommy Leonetti Tommy Leonetti Nicola Tomaso Lionetti Tommy Leonetti (10 September 1929 – 15 September 1979) was an American pop singer-songwriter and actor of the 1950s, 1960s and 1970s.
Link021Porousher Porousher Porousher
Link021Mike Mikhjian Mike Mikhjian Mike Mikhjian Michael Mikhjian
Link021Otis Leavill Otis Leavill Otis Leavill Otis Leavill Cobb Born: February 8, 1937, Dewey Rose, Georgia. Died: July 17, 2002, Chicago. His first record "Ride Sally Ride," dropped on Mercury's Limelight subsidiary, though Otis says he waxed it for St. Lawrence Records who evidently leased the master. His next release, "Gotta Right to Cry," a Mayfield song, came out on Lucky Records; Lance had already waxed and released the tune in 1963 for Okeh Records. His third release, "Let Her Love Me," in 1966, gave his career the boost it needed reaching number 31 on Billboard's R&B chart; the lilting Mayfield ballad, with the Impressions singing in the background became Blue Rock Records' first national hit. Dick Clark's Caravan of Stars provided Leavill his first touring opportunity. Initially, he went along to accompany Major Lance, but with disk jockeys spinning "Let Her Love Me," Clark gave Leavill a paid slot on the Caravan to sing two songs. Prior to that first hit, he befriended record producer Carl Davis who worked at Okeh Records. At Okeh he was Davis' right-hand man, helping to schedule artists, getting musicians and backing singers to the studio, etc. Leavill could spot talent, he discovered the Chi-lites, Tyrone Davis, Bohannon, and Manchild from Indianapolis, IN, whose members included Kenneth "Baby Face" Edmonds. Leavill and Davis passed on Yvette Stevens, a fast, hot-blooded 16-year-old singer, and her younger sister, Yvonne, they thought Yvette in particular would be a major distraction; in spite of her young age, older men hovered around the vivacious, full-throated, curvy teen like flies. Yvette became Chaka Khan, and Yvonne, Taka Boom. He raves about the Vibrations' ability to sing the "money songs" as he called standards, the tunes that got you cushy gigs in Las Vegas. Yet, it never really happened for the Californian natives like everyone predicted, their Okeh recordings' "Pick Me," "Misty," "Love in Them There Hills," and others were only modest sellers. Blue Rock Records was Leavill's next stop. There he cut some memorable sides, including Billy Butler's "To Be or Not to Be," and "Let Me Live." When Davis formed the Dakar label, he appointed Otis as Vice-President and gave him shares in the company. Leavill also recorded for Dakar where he enjoyed his biggest hit: Eugene Record's "I Love You," a song that sounded like Leavill imitating Record, the Chi-lites' lead singer; it climbed to number ten R&B but never threatened the Pop Top 40, stalling number 64. Another Record composition "Love Uprising" nearly repeated the success of "I Love You," checking in at number 19 R&B and number72 Pop. Another single, "There's Nothing Better Than Loving You," scraped into the lower rungs of the R&B chart. Despite some success, Dakar never released an album by Leavill. Willie Henderson produced Leavill's recordings at Dakar; and Record and Barbara Acklin did the backing vocals. After Dakar's demise Carl Davis went to Brunswick Records, Leavill followed and had a few releases including "Can't Stop Loving You" (which sells for $40.00 to collectors), but never again realized the success he had at Dakar. His releases after that were sporadic. "Right Back in Love" came out on Columbia Records, but after a few more droppings, Leavill's recording career ended. A songwriter also, BMI lists 41 songs by Leavill. He wrote "There's Goes the Lover" (Gene Chandler) and "Sweet Music" for Major Lance; he produced sides for Tyrone Davis, and supervised Major Lance's Motown album Now Arriving. More prominent behind the scenes than out front, his memories of music are all good. Divorced (from Minnie Cobb), his daughter Misti graduated from Miliken University in Decatur, IL. In 1999, he toured the European clubs with the Dells. Unknown to many, he and Carl Davis coached football at Hyde Park High for seven years. Never one to sit back and wait, Leavill also owned the '76 Car Wash and Gas Station at Washington and Pulaski, and moonlighted as a policeman in a west Chicago 'burb. He formed OK Records in 2000 after a long hiatus from the record business. Sadly, Otis Leavill passed July 17, 2002 of a heart attack; he was 65. Til the end , he had lost none of the drive, hustle, or energy that first won him respect as an amateur boxer at St. Albees.
Link201Nilla Nielsen Nilla Nielsen SwedenNilla Nielsen
Link021Josef Laufer Josef Laufer Josef Laufer Don José Pedro Rodriguez de Montagnes de Laufer Czech vocalist, lyricist, writer, actor, band leader. Born August 11, 1939 in Sables d'Ollone (France).
Link021BluSkay BluSkay BluSkay Serghei Cocimirca Uplifting trance / progressive producer from the UK
Link021Papa Michigan Papa Michigan JamaicaJM deejay Anthony Fairclough, half of "Michigan & Smiley"Papa Michigan Anthony Fairclough
Link021General Pecos General Pecos General Pecos Lloyd George Anderson Jamaican reggae deejay.
Link021Addex Addex Addex Deep house producer from Bucharest, Romania.
Link021Harangozó Teréz Harangozó Teréz Harangozó Teréz Harangozó Terézia Mária Rózsa Hungarian singer. Born: 8 August 1943 in Bátya, Hungary Died; 8 September 2015 in Budapest, Hungary
Link417Трофим Трофим RussiaТрофим
Link201Nashenas Nashenas AfghanistanAfghani singer, 1935-Nashenas
Link201Vincent T. Vincent T. United StatesVincent T.
Link021Gospel Fish Gospel Fish Gospel Fish Everald Thomas
Link021Turbo Belly Turbo Belly Turbo Belly shot & killed in Spanish Town January 2004
Link021Sidney Joe Qualls Sidney Joe Qualls Sidney Joe Qualls
Link201光良 光良 Malaysia光良 Wangguang Liang Michael Wong Born August 30, 1970 in Perak Ipoh - Malaysia
Link201Drewsif Stalin's Musical Endeavors Drewsif Stalin's Musical Endeavors United StatesDrewsif Stalin's Musical Endeavors
Link021Big Will Rosario Big Will Rosario Big Will Rosario
Link021BBBlood BBBlood BBBlood Paul Watson
Link021Tonkproject Tonkproject tONKPROJECT
Link021Kristine Sparkle Kristine Sparkle UK artist and songwriterKristine Sparkle
Link120Earl Hines Trio Earl Hines Trio The Earl Hines Trio
Link120Con Hunley Con Hunley United StatesCon Hunley Conrad Logan Hunley American country and gospel singer, born April 9, 1945 in Knoxville, Tennessee.
Link021Barbara Ruskin Barbara Ruskin United KingdomBarbara Ruskin
Link191じん じん Japanvocaloid producerじん
Link020Jeremias Santiago Jeremias Santiago Jeremias Santiago
Link317Mario Battaini Mario Battaini Mario Battaini Mario Battaini (Milano, October 6, 1931 - April 26, 2000) was a multi-instrumentalist, arranger and italian conductor
Link020Lethal MG Lethal MG Lethal MG Maarten Gregoire
Link020Poór Péter Poór Péter Poór Péter Hungarian singer. Born: 20 September 1944, Budapest, Hungary Award: A Magyar Köztársasági Arany Érdemkereszt - Golden Merit cross of the Hungarian Republic (1998)
Link128Ghulam Ali Ghulam Ali PakistanGhulam Ali Ustad Ghulam Ali Ustad Ghulam Ali (Urdu: غلام علی, Hindi: ग़ुलाम अली (born 1940) is a Pakistani ghazal singer of the Patiala gharana. He is not to be confused with the Indian singer Bade Ghulam Ali Khan (of whom he was a disciple) or Chhote Ghulam Ali, who is another Pakistani singer in the Qual Bachon Gharana. Ghulam Ali is considered as one of the best ghazal singers of his era. His style and variations in singing Ghazals has been noted as unique, as he blended Hindustani classical music with ghazals, unlike any other Ghazal singer. Highly popular in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, as well as amongst South Asian Diaspora in the USA, the UK and the Middle Eastern Countries. Many of his hit ghazals have been used in Bollywood movies.
Link191Brāļi Laivinieki Brāļi Laivinieki LatviaBrāļi Laivinieki
Link191DJ River DJ River DJ River
Link020Ty Tek Ty Tek Ty Tek Ty Tekavec Producer, DJ and Phrunky Recordings label boss Ty Tek keeps the dance floor moving. Historic residencies in Colorado and traveling abroad have helped Ty continue the music mission and DJing along the side of electronic music legend’s has kept Tek’s sense of underground. Part of the legendary Casa Del Soul crew and Phrunky Recordings, Ty Tek’s dj sets regularly take the crowd on a journey through sonic soundscapes, dark and moody tribal house to funky techno and peak time progressive madness. In the early 90’s and at a young age, Ty immersed his self into electronic music. Starting to play at his first club residency “Evolution Night Club” in Pueblo, CO and then moving to Denver, Colorado, Tek found nightlife as his second home. Ty met DJ Keoki’s brother Koa and teamed up to start a historic residency at Tracks 2000 Nightclub. This propelled Tek’s DJ career into what it is today. Ty has found long term residencies in Colorado’s nightlife. Places such as Vinyl Night Club, The Church, Club Synergy, Tracks 2000 and Beta Nightclub to after-hours spots like 2AM and Enigma After-hours, all hold many stories of Ty Tek’s music. Ty got his start with record label Casa Del Soul [founded by DJ Sense'] which was and still is a collective of friends, producers, record label and [then] record shop leading the way in Colorado’s dance scene and abroad. Sense', Darrell Foxx, Ty Tek, Little Mike, Wyatt Earp and DJ Catt are Casa Del Soul. Tek has received critical acclaim from DJ’s and producers all over the world with releases such as “Ty Tek & Little Mike-Casafied Modern Music 2" featured on Lee Burridge's Global Underground Nu-breed mix compilation to Lexicon Avenue, Doc Martin (Fabric 10) and Clive Henry of Peace Division’s Ibiza DC10 Circo Loco Mix Compilation. Ty was on Muzik magazine's list of top tech-house producers and Casa Del Soul was featured as recommended label of 2002. Many write up’s over the years can be found in magazines such as MixMag, MusicTech, URB, BPM Magazine and many more. Alongside label partner Little Mike (Beatport/Berlin), Ty runs record label Phrunky Recordings. Being both Mike and Ty have decades of experience managing record shops and djing, they decided it was time to pro-create [ in a music sense ] and Phrunky Recordings was founded in 2002. Phrunky Recordings found imediate success with tunes such as "The Party Ride" picked up by label boss Erick Morillo [Subliminal Winter Sessions V.2]. “Party Ride” was remixed by the likes of Mazi [Gourmet] and David Duriez [Brique Rouge]. Many others big tunes with vocalist Cat Conger have had huge success thanks to Dirty Blue Records and Piliavin & Zimbardo. Ty’s intuitive sense on the dance floor and always learning by playing along side of the greats such as Carl Cox, Sven Vath, Adam Beyer, Frankie Bones, Derrick May, Fat Boy Slim, Pete Tong, Oakey, Josh Wink, BT, Sasha and John Digweed to Richie Hawtin, Hardfloor and Deep Dish all keep Ty Tek humble and always evolving. With set’s that go deep and dark to peak time energy only experienced in person, Ty Tek looks to the future with one foot firmly placed on the dance floor.
Link020Denis Sender Denis Sender progressive trance & house producerDenis Sender Денис Николаев (Denis Nikolaev) Progressive Trance / Progressive House DJ & music producer from Volgograd, Russia. Born: 31-12-1983
Link020I: Wound I: Wound I: Wound Sascha Karminski
Link191ave;new ave;new Japanave;new
Link020Kulcha Knox Kulcha Knox Kulcha Knox Knox Dixon born on the April 15 on the high tropical mountains of Manchester Jamaica
Link119Крестовый Туз Крестовый Туз Крестовый Туз
Link020Miguel Picasso Miguel Picasso Miguel Picasso Miguel Moreno Enriquez Spanish DJ and producer.
Link191Costas Zorbas Costas Zorbas Costas Zorbas
Link020Omkara Techichi Omkara Techichi Omkara Techichi Willem Warry
Link020Sharon Benson Sharon Benson Sharon Benson Sharon Benson
Link020Niki B & Christian E.F.F.E. Niki B & Christian E.F.F.E. Niki B & Christian E.F.F.E. Italian DJs and producers duo, Niki & Christian were respectively born in 1975 and 1977. They are currently based in Genoa, Italy.
Link119Slow Bongo Floyd Slow Bongo Floyd Slow Bongo Floyd Michael Patrick Jones
Link020The Scottmen The Scottmen The Scottmen British instrumental ensemble consisting of trumpet, trombone, sax, flute, vibraphone, guitar, piano, harpsichord, bass and drums.
Link218The College Boyz The College Boyz College Boyz The College Boyz were an American hip hop group composed of R.O.M., Squeak, Humphry and DJ Cue. They were signed to both Virgin Records and Capitol Records. Originally calling themselves RMG, the group changed their name to College Boyz upon moving to Los Angeles. They released their debut , Radio Fusion Radio, on April 7, 1992 through Virgin Records. The album wasn't a huge success, but it managed to make it to three different charts, peaking at #118 on the Billboard 200, #25 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums and #2 on the Top Heatseekers. Radio Fusion Radio also featured the hit single "Victim of the Ghetto", which peaked at #68 on the Billboard Hot 100 and #1 on the Hot Rap Singles. On October 4, 1994 the group released their second and final album Nuttin' Less Nuttin' Mo'. It wasn't a success, only making it to #80 on the Top R&B/Hip-Hop Albums, and producing a single "Rollin" that only made it to #49 on the Hot Rap Singles. The College Boyz disbanded in 1994 with Romany "R.O.M." Malco eventually becoming a successful actor.
Link020Spooky & Sue Spooky & Sue NetherlandsSpooky & Sue [a2310166] and [a65076] formed the duo Spooky & Sue. The duo was active from 1970 to 1977.
Link020Angel Ace Angel Ace Angel Ace Ángel Acebrón de Torres Trance DJ & producer from Madrid. Founded his own label [l=Only One Records] in 2008 and co-founded [l=Entrance Music] in spring 2013 alongside Victor Prada. Born: July 16, 1981
Link020Earl Cunningham Earl Cunningham Earl Cunningham
Link020Magic Lady Magic Lady United StatesMagic Lady From Detroit, Magic Lady started as a female trio & later became a duo. The group formed by Linda Stokes and her husband [a118496]. They served as background vocalists for [a=Enchantment], [a=Bob Seger], [a=Keith Barrow] and [a=Soul Searchers]. In 1982 Linda Stokes, Jackie Steele and Kimberly Ball released 'Hot 'n'Sassy' on A&M. The single 'Red hot Stuff' was an R&B hit in the USA and 'Hold Tight' became a cult UK soul track.
Link020Ulla Norden Ulla Norden Ulla Norden Ulla Kleiner German schlager-singer, born 4 December 1940 in Mannheim, Germany.
Link020Federico Romanzi Federico Romanzi Federico Romanzi Federico Romanzi
Link020Alejandro Román Alejandro Román Spaincomposer, pianistAlejandro Roman Alejandro Roman a.k.a. S.O.N. began his dj career in 1994, his first gig was in a small club in his hometown “Mexico City”, with a crowd of approximately 400 people. That day he showed the people, in spite of his young age, he could rock people with beats overloaded with energy. This party was the springboard that impulsed him strongly into his career, allowing him to share the stage with artists of great stature, such as: A.J. Mora, Andreas Kremer, Frank Kvitta, Miss Yetti, Robert Natus, Pacou, T-1000, Gunjack, Greg Goldsack, Latin Players, between many others. At 2000 he began his international career as a “dj-producer-remixer” obtaining an incredible acceptance from the crowd putting some of his themes in the first places at some important popularity lists in countries like Canada, United Kingdom, Russia, Spain, Italy and Slovenia. From that date on, some of his tracks are continuously supported by very important international dj/producers around the globe like Raoul Zerna, DJ Preach, DJ Veztax, DP6, Greg Kobe, Bando, Dj Gray, Chris Zimmer, Mark Ankh, Umek, Rob Stow, Gunjack, Ryo Shimizu, Submerge, Aitor Ronda, Darkrow, Ben Long, Iago de la Vega, K.E.N.Y.U., DJ Nojs, etc. His experience reached in all this years of hard work has made of this artist one of the most important Latin American ambassadors in the international electronic music scene, beside the music production and the “djing”, Alejandro participates in an active way writing charts, articles and reviews for diverse publications related with the electronic music business like; DJ Concept Magazine in Mexico, Dance LA in Argentina, Top of the floor in Italy, etc. At 2008, S.O.N. (a.k.a. Alejandro Roman) it’s named as one of the 100 preferred djs in Mexico by the DJ Concept Magazine, his music is recognized and played by thousands of djs around the world, his gigs are heard in the most remote places in the globe, and the list goes on…
Link119Moira Anderson Moira Anderson United KingdomMoira Anderson Scottish singer, born 5 June 1938 in Kirkintilloch, East Dunbartonshire, Scotland.
Link020Freddie Waters Freddie Waters Freddie Waters Fred Waters Jr. born: 18/12/1942 died: 23/08/2000 Lebanon, Tennessee, USA
Link020Рашид Бейбутов Рашид Бейбутов Рашид Бейбутов Rəşid Məcid oğlu Behbudov Rashid Behbudov (1915, Tbilisi – 1989, Moscow) was an Azerbaijani singer and actor. He sang in Azeri, Russian, Persian, Turkish, Georgian, Hindi, Armenian, Urdu, and Bengali among other languages. He was active in the years 1933 - 1988.
Link119Wanderley Cardoso Wanderley Cardoso Wanderley Cardoso Wanderley Conti Cardoso Brazilian singer, born in São Paulo on March 10th, 1945. Icon of the "Jovem Guarda" musical television show.
Link218Маша Распутина Маша Распутина Маша Распутина А́лла Никола́евна Аге́ева Russian female pop-singer. Born: May 13, 1964, Inskoy, Kemerovo Region, USSR. Married to [a5221067]
Link020Anica Zubović Anica Zubović Anica Zubović Croatian singer. Born March 28, 1932, in Zagreb. Classically trained singer. Started her career as an operetta mezzosoprano. After finishing additional singing studies in Belgrade, she received a scholarship offer from the Vienna Conservatory. However, she declined the offer in order to stay in Zagreb with her future first husband whom she married in 1954 (divorced in 1959). This way her classical music career ended and she turned to pop music. She started in 1954 with adaptations of Croatian folk music, until [a=Nikica Kalogjera] persuaded her to record several pop music songs for Radio Zagreb. Soon she became a first league Yugoslav singer. She successfully appeared at the first Opatija Festival held in 1958, and continued to regularly participate at most of the Yugoslav music festivals in the 1950's and 1960's: Opatija, Split, Zagreb, Belgrade, Krapina and other. In 1959 she moved to Belgrade with her second husband and started singing in Serbian, however after the move her career started to slow down gradually and by the end of 1960's she was practically out of the eye of the general public. After the death of her second husband in 1981, she moved back to Zagreb where she sang in the [a=Zbor Hrvatske Radiotelevizije] until her retirement.
Link020Narciso Parigi Narciso Parigi Narciso Parigi Narciso Parigi (Campi Bisenzio, Firenze, November 29, 1927) is an Italian singer and actor.
Link020Jason Cortez Jason Cortez Jason Cortez Jason Cormack Scottish Hard Dance Producer, DJ, Remixer & head honcho at [l=Nuklearpuppy Records].
Link020Kučerovci Kučerovci Kučerovci Czech pop and folk group, specialized on interpreting world music from all continents. Founded in 1946 as the “Phillippines Hawaiians” by [a=Václav Kučera (2)] with his wife [a=Marta Kučerová]. Renamed to “Skupina Václava Kučery” (Václav Kučera’s Group) in 1952, but since then mostly credited as “Kučerovci”. Marta Kučerová was replaced in 1968 by Kučera’s second wife [a=Olga Kučerová]. Since Kučera’s death in 1983 the group is led by [a=Jan Hromas]. Still actively performing as of 2010.
Link020Chuck Bernard Chuck Bernard Chuck Bernard Soul singer from St. Louis In the early 60's he relocated to Chicago where he recorded in various labels.
Link020Trio Bel Canto Trio Bel Canto GreeceGreek bandTrio Bel Canto Trio Bel Canto
Link218The Ian Campbell Folk Group The Ian Campbell Folk Group United KingdomThe Ian Campbell Folk Group The Ian Campbell Folk Group were one of the most popular and respected folk groups of the British folk revival of the 1960s. Founded in 1956 in Birmingham as as the Clarion Skiffle Group, the band renamed the Ian Campbell Folk Group in 1958 and performed a mixture of British traditional folk music and new material, including compositions by Campbell (also singer and guitarist).
Link020Marvin Zeyss Marvin Zeyss NurembergHouse DJ/RemixerMarvin Zeyss Techno / house producer from Nürnberg, Germany.
Link020Grady Harrell Grady Harrell Grady Harrell Grady Harrell II Los Angeles R&B vocalist Grady Harrell has been a professional since the age of nine. His mother was a member of [a=The Friends Of Distinction]. He became friends with [a=Jeffrey Daniels] and [a=Jody Watley] and almost became a member of [a=Shalamar]. [a=Fred Wesley] produced his debut LP "Mwana" in 1984. Grady spent the 90s touring with the [a=Dazz Band] and playing [a=Jackie Wilson] in stage plays. Grady is currently touring with his band Groove City. His sons Anthony and Grady Harrell III made up the group Nade, later becoming members of the group Brutha with other siblings, J.R., Papa & Jake.
Link020George Hall & The Hotel Taft Orchestra George Hall & The Hotel Taft Orchestra United StatesGeorge Hall And The Hotel Taft Orchestra
Link191UI-70 UI-70 UI-70
Link191戴佩妮 戴佩妮 戴佩妮
Link020Ada De Castro Ada De Castro PortugalAda De Castro Ada Antunes Pereira Portuguese actress and Fado singer, born 13 August 1937 in Lisbon.
Link020Malcolm J. Hill Malcolm J. Hill Malcolm J. Hill Italo Disco / Eurobeat Project at Flea Records 1988 to 1989 - Gino Caria 1990 to 1992 - Gianni Coraini
Link020Los 5 del Este Los 5 del Este Los 5 Del Este Spanish beat group from Majorca. Active from 1962 until 1987. Members over the years included Joan Fons, Tomeu Oliver, Toni Fons, Martí Gomila, Jose Alba and Toni Garcia.
Link020Pete Drake Pete Drake United StatesPete Drake Roddis Franklin Drake Nashville-based steel guitar player, record producer, and record-label owner. Owner and operator of [l288251]. He worked with [a=Bob Dylan], [a=George Harrison], [a=Ringo Starr], [a=Tammy Wynette], [a=Joan Baez], [a=Lynn Anderson], [a=Elvis Presley] and many other country and rock stars. Born Oct. 8, 1932 in Augusta, Georgia, USA. Died July 29, 1988 in Nashville, Tennessee, USA.
Link020Detroits Most Wanted Detroits Most Wanted Detroit's Most Wanted Detroit's Most Wanted formerly called "Def Drive" was a rap hip hop group from Detroit, Michigan. The group "Def Drive" was formed early in 1988 by founding members DJ Duncan Hines (b. Duncan Hines 1968) and Motsi Ski (b. Reginald Abrams 1970, the grandson of late R&B singer Jackie Wilson), MC Lee (b. Robert Lee Jr 1969) joined the group later that same year. Andre Hines the brother of Duncan Hines played an instrumental role in developing the groups early image and sound.
Link020DJ Scratchin' DJ Scratchin' DJ Scratchin' Mike DeBisco DJ Scratchin' is the moniker of New Jersey based musician Mike DeBisco. He has produced various styles of electronic music since 2005. Near the end of 2010, the net-label Breakbit Music signed him on as a production artist. Since then, DeBisco has gained recognition across the globe for his unique sound and the ability to adapt to a wide range of genres. He has also released sounds on Placenta Recordings, TRASHFUCK, Sirona Records, Thought Render, Cherry Blossom Dog Records, Radiokid Records and his own netlabel, PARTY2012.
Link218Balius Balius LithuaniaBalius
Link020Mikalogic Mikalogic Mikalogic Miguel Fernandes DJ and producer based in Lisbon, Portugal. He is one of the founders of [l=Hush Recordz].
Link020Menschliche Energie Menschliche Energie Menschliche Energie Michael Stalzer (MeCha) Menschliche Energie is the Solo-Project of REIZSTROM Singer Menschliche Energie is a dark electro project from southern Germany and find a proper balance between aggression and melody. The synthetic sound is reminiscent of the good old days of new wave without being antiquated. With expressive vocals, fat beats and critical lyrics, MENSCHLICHE ENERGIE are diverse and have their very own style
Link119The Fifth Estate The Fifth Estate United StatesThe Fifth Estate Originally known as the D-Men, the Fifth Estate was formed in Stamford, CT and was originally comprised of Rick Engler, Ken 'Fervus' Evans, Doug 'Duke' Ferrara, Wayne 'Wads' Wadhams, and Bill Shute. Later additions to the group included Chuck LeGros and Bob 'Bobby Lee' Klein. They are almost singularly remembered for their Top 20 hit, "Ding Dong! The Witch Is Dead"
Link020Gönül Akkor Gönül Akkor TurkeyGönül Akkor Turkish singer. Sister of [a=Kamuran Akkor], sister-in-law of Vasfi Uçaroglu.
Link191Gippy Grewal Gippy Grewal IndiaIndian Punjabi Singer & ActorGippy Grewal
Link020Elevatorman Elevatorman Elevatorman
Link020Simone de Oliveira Simone de Oliveira PortugalESC 1965 for PortugalSimone de Oliveira Simone de Macedo e Oliveira (married surname: Varela Silva) Born in Lisbon, Portugal, on the 11th February 1938. Accomplished performer with ten music albums and dozens of singles, she represented Portugal in the Eurovision Song Contest twice, in 1965 and 1969. Also has decades of acting experience in films, theatre and television soap operas.
Link119Nancy Holloway Nancy Holloway FranceNancy Holloway Nancy Brown American vocalist and actress who moved to France in the 1950s. Born 11 December 1932 in Cleveland, Ohio, U.S.A. At the age of 16 she married a man by the name of Holloway. Though the marriage would last just three months, she has kept her new surname ever since. She came to Paris in 1954 where she performed in jazz clubs, often with drummer [a228917]. In 1960 her repertoire has began to incorporate rock’n’roll and rhythm’n’blues music. In March 1961 Nancy with her “Rock’n’Rollers” under the direction of [a961340] released “Be Bop A Lula” (originally by [a282997]) on PBM label. On 31 May 1961 she had first appearance on French TV show “Age tendre et tête de bois” with [a282608], [a560865] and [a1837936]. At the end of 1962 she signed with the record company [l96510]. Eventually Ricordi went bankrupt and so she negotiated a contract with [l5320].
Link020This Years Blonde This Years Blonde This Year's Blonde
Link020Worl-A-Girl Worl-A-Girl United StatesWorl-A-Girl
Link020Arlene Harden Arlene Harden Arlene Harden Arlene Harden (b. March 11, 1945 in England, Arkansas, USA) is an American country singer. Together with her siblings [url=]Bobby[/url] and [a=Robbie Harden] they founded [url=]The Harden Trio[/url].
Link020DJ Bruce DJ Bruce DJ Bruce
Link020Clubzound Clubzound Clubzound Alejandro Almeida Electro/House/Progressive DJ & producer based in province of Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Link218Claude Valade Claude Valade Claude Valade
Link191SMTOWN SMTOWN South KoreaSMTown
Link191H. G. Francis H. G. Francis GermanyP. G. Francis
Link191Alkilados Alkilados ColombiaAlkilados
Link191麻生夏子 麻生夏子 Japan麻生夏子 [b]DO NOT USE.[/b]
Link020Shafunkers Shafunkers Shafunkers Alex McCullogh and Austin Moore The pair, both students at Salford University in 1997, met through being randomly placed next door to each other in student halls. Having quickly realised they both shared a passion for making music they began their musical partnership by creating drum and bass and breakbeat tracks under the guise of Sinewave. Both classically trained musicians with influences ranging from Jazz to The Beatles, the duos mutual love of dance music eventually led to them to begin producing house together.
Link191バニラビーンズ バニラビーンズ Japanバニラビーンズ
Link020Baymont Bross Baymont Bross Baymont Bross
Link191 Japanvisual kei
Link191Aaron Shanley Aaron Shanley United KingdomNI singer-songwriterAaron Shanley
Link020María Teresa Chacín María Teresa Chacín Maria Teresa Chacin Venezuelan Singer in the traditional and popular genre. Born in Caracas, January 22, 1945
Link119Shuky & Aviva Shuky & Aviva Shuky & Aviva
Link020Eddy Smets Eddy Smets BelgiumEddy Smets Belgian singer/presenter.
Link020Ken Hayakawa Ken Hayakawa Ken Hayakawa Producer from Austria.
Link020Kaball Kaball Kaball Electro/Techno/EBM producer born 27 March 1987 in Minsk (Belarus).
Link020Don Rondo Don Rondo Don Rondo Donald T. Rondeau Singer Born 1930 in Ware, MA, U.S.A, died Jan. 27, 2011 in Contoocook, NH, U.S.A.. Singer of popular music ballads during the mid-1950s, known for his distinctive baritone voice.
Link020Sweet Thunder Sweet Thunder Sweet Thunder Disco - soul - funk band Formed in 1975 in Philadelphia, by [a=Booker Newberry III] (keyboards, lead vocals). The other members were [a=Charles Allen Buie] ((lead guitar, keyboards, lead vocals), [a=Rudell Alexander] (bass, vocals), [a=John Aaron] (drums, vocals), [a=David Thomas (16)] (keyboards, vocals). They released three albums in the second half of the 70's, before disbanding.
Link118Luciano Virgili Luciano Virgili ItalyLuciano Virgili Luciano Virgili (Livorno, January 25, 1922 - † Prato, March 18, 1986) was an Italian singer.
Link019Kraymon Kraymon Kraymon Pete Horsham Pete Horsham (aka Kraymon) is currently lauded as one of the most promising talents to emerge from the breakbeat scene. He is stirring up interest in a variety of labels, with outings on Freakaboom, Boombox, Sub_Atomic, and en:vision. He has recently remixed the almighty Koma + Bones "Fade In" on Freakaboom and is receiving welcome support from Orbital with his "Got to Get Busy" record on Freakaboom. In October 2000 he won the prestigious "Getoutthere Live" Best overall producer award with a promotional white label distribution deal as the prize. These white labels can be purchased for a limited time - see for details. He is currently available for worldwide DJ bookings having played in various locations including Spain, Finland, Ireland and of course many UK clubs.
Link811Μπλε Μπλε GreeceΜπλε Pop Rock band formed in December 1995 in Thessaloniki, Grecee.
Link019Love & Sas Love & Sas Love & Sas
Link181Mikey Mason Mikey Mason IndianapolisMikey Mason
Link019Supreme.ja Supreme.ja Supreme.ja Gotthard Ortner Producer from Germany devoted to Electro.
Link217Bordon 4 Bordon 4 Bordon-4
Link019C.L. Blast C.L. Blast C.L. Blast Clarence Lewis Jr. Vocalist C. L. Blast was originally from Birmingham, Alabama, where he came into the world as Clarence Lewis, Jr. By 1954, he was in New York recording for [a=Bobby Robinson]'s Red Robin label as Clarence 'Junior' Lewis, with one single issued in 1955. He died February 26, 2016 in Birmingham, Alabama, USA. He was 81 years old. In 1960, he cut at least three more singles for Robinson's Fury label, using his given name on one and Little Junior Lewis for the other two. He also did some songwriting and possibly production/engineering work for Robinson's operations in that period. And therein lies the New Orleans link. He shares co-writer credit with [a=Lee Dorsey] and Robinson on Lee's first giant Fury hit, "Ya Ya" from 1961. I do not know the extent of their collaboration or exactly why Lewis' name is on the record, as Robinson claims that when he came to town to record Dorsey, they got together and wrote the song in a New Orleans bar. Interestingly, Lewis also has writing credits on some other major Fury/Fire tunes of the era, including [a=Elmore James]' blues classic, "The Sky Is Crying", [a=Buster Brown]'s "Fannie Mae", and the Don Gardner/Dee Dee Ford raver, "I Need Your Lovin'". Once he separated from Robinson, Lewis recorded for Columbia, Scepter, and MGM in the first half of the decade. But his recording career did not make much noise, even though he was blessed with a strong, soulful voice. Lewis reappeared in 1967 as C. L. Blast on a single released both on [l24936] and, for some reason, on its subsidiary, Hip, too; but his association with either of the Memphis, TN labels went no further. Those sides appeared on the Stax CD box set reissue series some years back and were my first introduction to the singer. Around 1970, Blast made a few records under the direction of [a=Wardell Quezergue]. As well as the sides I'm featuring, they were "Everybody Just Don't Know What Love Is" b/w "Got To Find Someone" * on Pelican and "What Can I Do" b/w "I'm In A Daze" ** for United Artists. Though all good soul records, none of them hit pay-dirt; and Blast kept moving through the rest of the Seventies and early Eighties, recording for the Clintone, Juana, Cotillion and Park Place labels, never getting the attention that his rich vocal talents deserved. From looking at his BMI songwriting credits, I believe that later in life he took up gospel music. I first heard "Two Time One Is Two" and "Love Is Good" on the Funky Delicacies compilation, Wardell Quezergue's Funky Funky New Orleans and put them on my list. It took some searching, but I finally found this near mint siingle, which sounds a bit better than the vinyl source used on that CD. The Crestown imprint seems to have been a one-shot deal, as I can find no other listings for it. At the time, Quezergue was calling his operation Pelican Productions, which put out this 45 and had an associated label, Pelican Records, as well. Pelican released a few more singles, including the one by Blast mentioned earlier; but no commercial rewards were forthcoming from any of them. The producer began to do a lot of work at and with the fledgling Malaco Studios in Jackson, MS in 1970, most notably bringing [a=Jean Knight] and [a=King Floyd] there to record and producing their first smash hits. I would guess that his main impetus for the change of venue out of New Orleans was the demise of Cosimo Matassa's Jazz City studio, which severely impacted sessions in the city for several years. I bring this up because I am not sure where Quezergue recorded C. L. Blast. From the general date of the recordings, l'd guess they are Malaco sessions. Although the arrangements are not as stripped down and genuinely funky as the early Floyd and Knight sessions, they are good examples of Quezergue going for a more uptown, orchestrated soul arrangement and Blast delivering the goods vocally. While you can hear some tinges of funk within these tracks, there is nothing about them that would overtly tip you to an HOTG connection; and this was likely Quezergue's goal, attempting to appeal to a wider, more mainstream soul audience. The fact that this single has languished for over 30 years in relative obscurity goes to show that he failed to achieve that objective. Still, he helped to make a damn fine record. The music business is littered with talented artists, good intentions, and great records that went absolutely nowhere. Luck of the draw. Let's just be glad some of them still turn up now and again for our time-shifted enjoyment. Dan Phillips
Link019Celena Duncan Celena Duncan Celena Duncan
Link019Arne Bendiksen Arne Bendiksen NorwayArne Bendiksen Arne Joachim Bendiksen Arne Bendiksen (born 19th October, 1926, in Bergen, Norway - died 26th March, 2009) was a Norwegian singer, composer and producer. He ran [l=Arne Bendiksen Studio] in Oslo.
Link019Cristiano Balducci Cristiano Balducci Cristiano Balducci Cristiano Balducci Italian DJ and producer. In 1997 he has created, with Mauro Tannino, [l=Killer Clown Records]. More recently he has founded [l=Fruit Of The Loop Records], [l=Black Catcher Records] and [l=Cheat Music].
Link019Random Soul Random Soul AustraliaRandom Soul Johann Willenberg , Lawrence Huskinson
Link118Colette Deréal Colette Deréal FranceESC 1961 for MonacoColette Deréal Colette Denise de Glarélial
Link019Philogresz Philogresz Philogresz Ilker Soylu Electronic music musician and producer. He is the founder of [l=Team Records (5)] and [l=Phil]. Runs Zwart Goud Record Store & curates label focused nights in Amsterdam, Istanbul & Antwerp bookings:
Link118Vernon Oxford Vernon Oxford Vernon Oxford American country music singer and guitarist. Born June 8, 1941 in Rogers, Arkansas. Released one LP and a handful of singles in the US before being dropped by RCA in the late 60s. His career had a resurgence in Britain, where he was first rediscovered in the middle of the 1970s. A best-of was issued there in 1974, and RCA signed him again to tour there.
Link181Rodolfo Biagi Rodolfo Biagi ArgentinaRodolfo Biagi Argentinian tango pianist, band leader and composer, nicknamed "Manos brujas" (magic hands), born March 14, 1906 in Buenos Aires; died September 24, 1969 in Buenos Aires.
Link019Alan Pillay Alan Pillay Alan Pillay Alan "Al" Pillay also known as "Al Pillay" (born 22 August 1959), the star of Eat the Rich is a person of many names and two genders, starring in The Comic Strip Presents as Alan Pellay playing Himself in Gino (Episode 10) as Alana Pellay playing Herself in "The Bullshitters" (Episode 13) and, finally, as Lana Pellay playing Mary in the feature movie, The Supergrass, and as a solo disco singing artist She metamorphosed into a disco diva as the hormone-popping transsexual Lana Pellay, dressed in costumes by her close friend Leigh Bowery and with a top 40 single in Australia and New Zealand with "Pistol In My Pocket". She also accompanied Gary Clail on his 1991 hit "Human Nature", singing the couplet "Let the carnival begin... Every pleasure, every sin!" PWL Produced Singles "Pistol in My Pocket" (1986) – UK #96,[8] AUS #17,[2] NZ #40[3] "I Can Make a Man Out of You" (1986)
Link019Anthony Armstrong Jones Anthony Armstrong Jones United StatesAnthony Armstrong Jones Ronnie Jones Ronnie Jones (born June 2, 1949 in Ada, Oklahoma; died June 16, 1996) was an American country music singer known professionally as Anthony Armstrong Jones, a stage name that he took from the name of the British photographer who married Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon. A former professional golfer, Jones recorded four albums for Chart Records in that timespan, in addition to charting six times in the Top 40 on the Billboard country singles charts. His debut single was a No. 22-peaking cover of "Proud Mary," originally by Creedence Clearwater Revival, which served as the title track of his first album. Its second single was "New Orleans," originally recorded by Gary U. S. Bonds. Jones' second album, Take a Letter Maria, produced his biggest hit in its No. 8 title track, a cover of the pop hit for R. B. Greaves. Later that year, he released Sugar in the Flowers, which produced singles in "Lead Me Not into Temptation" and its title track. Finishing off his single releases that year was a rendition of Neil Diamond's "Sweet Caroline," which Jones recorded on Take a Letter Maria. Jones later moved to Epic Records, where he charted three singles in 1973, including a No. 33 cover of Jim Croce's "Bad, Bad Leroy Brown". He recorded for Homa Records in the 1970s but did not have any chart success, and charted for the last time in 1986 with the No. 74 "Those Eyes" on the Air label. After retiring from the music business, Jones founded a club called Proud Mary in Shreveport, Louisiana. He died on June 16, 1996. Above per Wikipedia.
Link019Jon 7 Jon 7 Jon 7 John Myers Hailing originally from Asheville, NC, prolific and diverse DJ, musician, graphic artist and music collector Jon 7 has since moved to Eugene, OR. Here he started his own domain to showcase his works which eventually evolved into the appropriately-named netlabel [ microlabel] that showcased similar-minded genre-bending artists in addition to his own works. Soon after, he formed a second netlabel [l=Timetheory] specifically for his peers and kept the former one to himself and his own works so as to eliminate confusion. Jon has done house, disco, techno, noise, ambient, experimental, and often a combination of the above. He's as much inspired by the Madchester and rave scenes as he is conceptual and experimental art of all formats, even citing the Stuckism movement as a major inspiration. His works often appeal to the DIY aesthetic (being a bit of a "bedroom artist") and illustrate collaborative and thematic approaches.
Link019Bill Gentles Bill Gentles Bill Gentles Reggae singer and impersonator that could take off [a=Desmond Dekker], [a=Max Romeo], [a=Derrick Morgan] and probably a few others.
Link019Lucia Altieri Lucia Altieri ItalyLucia Altieri Lucia Altieri Nasillo Italian singer, born 14 April 1938in Foggia, Italy.
Link019Himzo Polovina Himzo Polovina Bosnia and HerzegovinaHimzo Polovina
Link019Jim Nesbitt Jim Nesbitt United StatesJim Nesbitt James Nesbitt
Link118Joelma Joelma BrazilEx CalypsoJoelma Brazilian singer, born September 19, 1944.
Link217Stevie Salas Colorcode Stevie Salas Colorcode Stevie Salas Colorcode
Link217Behiye Aksoy Behiye Aksoy TurkeyBehiye Aksoy Behiye Tetiker Turkish classical singer and actress (b. 19 September 1933, Istanbul, Turkey)
Link019Eriq Johnson Eriq Johnson Eriq Johnson
Link316Garzón y Collazos Garzón y Collazos Garzón Y Collazos Colombian duet comprised of Darío Garzón Charry (Jan. 9, 1915 - March 21, 1986) and Eduardo Collazos Varón (Oct. 13, 1916 - Nov. 23, 1977). On all of the current (Jan. 12, 2014) pictures but the last, Collazos is on the left and Garzón is on the right.
Link019PJ Makina PJ Makina PJ Makina Steven McClintock Makina producer at [l=Makina World Music].
Link019Black Bizarre Black Bizarre Black Bizarre Mike Fast, John Hurry
Link019London FM London FM London FM Italian duo. They are the founders of [l=Urbansound Records].
Link019Lazzero Lazzero Lazzero
Link019Lilly Melody Lilly Melody Lilly Melody
Link118Marinada Marinada Marinada A band from Rijeka, Croatia.
Link109سميرة سعيد سميرة سعيد سميرة سعيد سميرة عبد الرزاق بن سعيد (Samira Abd al-Razzaq Ben Said) Samira Said (born in Rabat, Morocco in 1959) is a Moroccan pop singer. She lives and works in Egypt since 1978. Was married to the Egyptian composer [a=هاني مهنى] (Hani Mehanna) from 1988 to 1994.
Link118Hakkı Bulut Hakkı Bulut TurkeyHakkı Bulut
Link181石上久美子 石上久美子 Japan石上久美子
Link019Incognet Incognet Incognet Денис Зинченко (Denis Zynchenko) House/Electro/Progressive DJ & producer based in Yalta, Ukraine. Born: June 8th 1987 in Moscow, Russia In 2009 co-founded digital label [l=Digital Motion Records] alongside [a=Jeysound].
Link019Calum Kennedy Calum Kennedy Calum Kennedy Scottish singer.
Link217Adna Adna Adna
Link181DiGiTAL WiNG DiGiTAL WiNG JapanDigital Wing
Link019nicron nicron Hungarynicron Zsolt Olejnik Zsolt Olejnik is a composer and electronic musician from Budapest, Hungary. He studied architecture at University of Pécs, and software engineering at University of Győr in addition to self-studies in graphic and sound design, sound synthesis and programming. Since 1996 he has been actively working on sound compositions, live performances, radio shows and graphic designs. Zsolt aims to create such sound compositions that are unique in structural setting up and phonation using the digital domain only. He assembles computer-generated tones into complex sound fabrics. His work is known for precise sound placement, clear sound shapes, abstract stuctures and beats. He performed under the pseudonym Nicron on major festivals and well known places like OFFF in Barcelona, PhonoTaktik in Vienna, Morning Line, Ultrasound, X-Peripheria and Rhiz Bar-Modern. In 1998 he founded Porousher, which was influenced by minimal and conceptual art besides experimental electronic music. After numerous live-acts and releases, Porousher disbaned in 2002 and formed into a netlabel to deal with limited edition CDR releases. Zsolt has since curated its content and designated the object of developing sound installations, internet based sound applications, furthermore preparing sound competitions for visitors. This project has been closed in 2006, and he is focusing on his sounds, live sets and radio shows now.
Link019coldicus coldicus coldicus Ilya Mamochkin First music production trials started in 1997. Seven years of searching and changes in music preferences led to his first release on netlabel Otium in 2004. The album name is “Nord Splin” and it was released under moniker ColdCAt. In 2005 he had another two releases under the name coldicus his current artistic name. Ilya’s musical preferences are presented as vast array of styles but most favorite are ambient, downtempo and idm. His own productions author defines as “couch music” or “music for the ears”….
Link019Moritz Piske Moritz Piske Moritz Piske Moritz Piske
Link019Manuel Sahagún Manuel Sahagún Manuel Sahagun Manuel Sahagun DJ and producer from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Link019Dignitary Stylish Dignitary Stylish JamaicaDignitary Stylish Horace Samuels
Link019Peter Posa Peter Posa New ZealandPeter Posa “New Zealand’s greatest guitar player” had a major success in the 1960s with the guitar instrumental ‘The White Rabbit’, its success leading to US recordings and collaborations with many artists including Frank Sinatra and Chet Atkins. In 2012 a 'best of' compilation debuted atop the NZ album chart, and later became the year’s biggest selling release.
Link019DJ BK DJ BK DJ BK German Hip-Hop DJ from Hamburg.
Link019Damon Paul Damon Paul Damon Paul Andre Rohrmoser The DJ from Stuttgart started his career at the age of 14 with vocal and piano lessons. In 2003 Damon Paul (at that time known as Andre R.) recorded his first solo album in Rotterdamm (NL) with e.g. Roman Schönsee. Included was a cover version of the hit single “Nacotic“ from the German band “Liquido“.
Link019Tercet egzotyczny Tercet egzotyczny Tercet Egzotyczny
Link019Collective Machine Collective Machine Collective Machine Mario Domjan Deejay and Producer from Budapest, Hungary.
Link019noiseoftherose noiseoftherose Noiseoftherose Noise and experimental music project from Poland.
Link181Chava Flores Chava Flores MexicoChava Flores
Link181水田かおり 水田かおり 水田かおり
Link019Sandro Galli Sandro Galli Sandro Galli Italian DJ and producer. He is one of the founders of [l=Luminar].
Link019Kwass Kwass Kwass Ray Kwass
Link118Paul Blackout Paul Blackout Paul Blackout Paul Rayner Australian hardcore drum n bass & techno producer and DJ. Since 2003 he operates [l=Hardline Rekordingz].
Link019DJ Debbie D DJ Debbie D DJ Debbie D DJ Debbie D is a true female DJ & Producer Pioneer. She began her DJ career at Legendary Simons in Florida in 1990, where she opened for DJ Chris Gallagher on a weekly basis. She has been at the forefront of the Florida Breaks movment, paving the way for many of the female DJs you hear today. Collecting vinyl as a DJ since 1975. Spinning at the legendary Day One Rave, thrown by then cohort [a111160]. Also playing at other famous central florida hot spots such as, The Edge Nightclub, ran by the "godfather", DJ Icey and original resident at Simon's for the first five years. She produced her first track “Super Tweak” on [l29559] in 1996, and continued to put releases out on her co-owned label [l8614] until 2000, making her an EDM veteran. Influenced in many different genres of music, at a very young age, Debbie has a major passion for this music and plays anything from house music, Drum and Bass, "jump-up" jungle, and of course florida breakbeat. Though she prefers funky breaks and jungle. She has performed with some of the most reputable Dj’s in the world, and played at some of the largest events in the world, such as Ultra @ The Winter Music Conference and The Alachua Harvest Music Festival. She has now her own label [l630950].
Link019The Rivera Project The Rivera Project The Rivera Project Roberto Louis Rivera
Link019Howard Huntsberry Howard Huntsberry Howard Huntsberry Howard Stafford Huntsberry (born March 5, 1952) is an American R&B singer and actor from Pacoima, California. He was the lead singer of the group Klique from 1981 to 1985, and then had a solo career that produced two minor hits on the Billboard R&B chart.
Link019Detlef Engel Detlef Engel Detlef Engel German schlager singer. Born 13 January 1940 in Berlin, Germany.
Link019Ana Štefok Ana Štefok Ana Štefok Ana Štefok Ana Štefok (Zagreb, 1940-2011), famous Croatian schlager-singer from the 60s and 70s. Her frequent performances at former-Yugoslav music festivals of that time made her known throughout the region (Split, Opatija, Zagreb). During the 80s her public appearances started to diminish.
Link019Affective Affective RussiaReal Name Alexei KindikovAffective Alexei Kindikov (Алексей Киндиков)
Link118Tim Besamusca Tim Besamusca Tim Besamusca Tim Besamusca Electronic music producer, sound engineer from Utrecht, The Netherlands
Link415Jacques Yvart Jacques Yvart FranceEsperantoJacques Yvart The "French Troubadour" is a songwriter from Dunkerque
Link118Lana Cantrell Lana Cantrell Lana Cantrell
Link019Παναγιώτης Μιχαλόπουλος Παναγιώτης Μιχαλόπουλος Παναγιώτης Μιχαλόπουλος
Link118Los Naúfragos Los Naúfragos ArgentinaLos Naufragos Los Naufragos ([i]The Castaways[/i]) was am Argentine beat group, originally named [i]Los Hippies[/i] with [a=Gustavo Ernesto Alessio], [a=Carlos Guillermo Cimadevilla], Freddy Zorogastúa in drums, [a=Quique Villanueva] and [a=Claudio Gabis]. They used to hang out on [a=Billy Bond (2)]'s [i]La Cueva[/i] and play on many pubs and theaters. On 1968 they got a recording deal with [l=CBS] and changed their name on petition of the producer. The name was inspired by all the time they hanged out on La Cueva. The single [b]La Leyenda de Xanadu[/b] was released. The B side [i]Sutilmente, a Susana[/i] was originally composed by [a=Tanguito] when he was 16, making it the first Spanish rock song ever composed. The single was a failure, selling less than 650 copies. The group was at the point of disbanding when they remembered they had a second single arranged for the deal. CBS puts them in contact with [a=Francis Smith], a new producer, and they record [b]Eloise[/b]. The B-side, written by Smith, was called [i]Vuelvo a Náufragar[/i]. Quique Villanueva does not appear on the single, vocals being performed by Alejandro Arzoumanian because Francis didn't like his voice. When it hit the radio, the single sold more than 60000 copies and kick-started the band into popularity. On 1969, for their first LP, [b]Otra Vez en la Via[/b], Quique suffers a car crash has to temporally leave the band. Francis puts [a=Pajarito Zaguri] on his place, however he and the band didn't agree on many aspect and he left the group as soon as Quique was recovered. However they admit that the best songs on the LP were written by Quique. Los Naufragos is considered one of South America's most popular pop and beat bands, totaling over one million sold copies by the mid 70s. On 1976 the group disbands and Gustavo Alessio forms [i]Jazz y Pop[/i] on 1978.
Link181杉本善徳 杉本善徳 Japan杉本善徳
Link118Александр Дюмин Александр Дюмин RussiaАлександр Дюмин
Link136Calcinha Preta Calcinha Preta Calcinha Preta
Link181ケミカルピクチャーズ ケミカルピクチャーズ ケミカルピクチャーズ
Link181Sonar Pocket Sonar Pocket JapanSonar Pocket
Link181Fidel Funes Fidel Funes GuatemalaFidel Funes
Link181原大輔 原大輔 Japan原大輔 高梨雅樹 (Takanashi Masaki) Daisuke Hara. Japanese singer. Born October 12, 1954.
Link019FBD Project FBD Project FBD Project FBD Project stood for Funded By Drugs Project. Released tracks on Bang-in Tunes and came from Coventry. FBD Project created early Jungle and Drum and Bass as the styles progressed.
Link019Vicki Shepard Vicki Shepard United StatesVicki Shepard Victoria J. Shepard Vicki Shepard is one of America’s most talented performers. With her unique and gutsy powerhouse vocal she is one of those true divas of the 90’s who has stood the test of time - as popular now as she was when her debut releases “Somewhere”, “All I Ask Of You” and “Never In A Million Years” reached the US Top 10 and UK #1 in 1991 while "Love Has Changed My Mind," 'Let Me Take You Dancing," 'Hold On To My Love," "Bring On The Boys / Rofo's Theme" and a cover of "Disco Inferno" also topped the Top 5 of both the US & UK Club and Energy charts making Vicki Shepard one of the only dance artists in history to have Eight #1 or Top 10 clubs hits in a short Two year period. Vicki is an artist who really cuts it live! Constantly in demand for personal appearances the world over, Vicki may best be known for her sheer furor and raw energy poured into every performance. While extensively touring Europe, Asia, and The States, tour highlights found Vicki headlining such internationally renowned Mega-venues as Nottingham’s “MGM”, London’s “Hippodrome”, “Heaven”, “Limelight” and “The Palace.” Stateside, Vicki headlined America’s largest 3 day outdoor event “Hotlanta” and America’s largest Street & Pride Fairs, San Francisco’s “The Folsom Street Fair” and 1996 SF Pride Festival which annually attracts audiences of 500,000. Vicki’s reputation as a live performer is cast in stone. Her empowering attitude and commanding stage presence cannot be ignored. She brings a passion and warmth to each and every performance that makes Vicki Shepard a true Mega talent! As the featured vocalist for one of Britain’s wickedest and most sought after mid 90’s production teams The Sleaze Sisters (also known as WAND & The Candy Girls), Vicki and the Sleaze Sisters scored two #1 hits in 1995 & 1996 with “Let’s Whip It Up” and “Sex”, a Sylvester’s cover, which included impressive remixes by teams Red Jerry, Way Out West, and Wand. Later that year hit US dance team The Mighty Dub Kats also landed a Billboard Top Ten and UK #1 with “Ghetto Girl”, a track that heavily sampled Vicki’s “Let’s Whip It Up”. This success lead to a pairing of Shepard and The Ministry Of Sound for the single “Love Has Changed My Mind” which reached the US Top 40 on Ichiban Records and #2 throughout much Europe. In September ‘99, Redzone Records (Producer team Keith Haarmeyer and Matt Consola) released Vicki Shepard’s “All I Ask Of You” 2000, the Y2K remake of her #1 chart topping 1991 dance single of the Phantom Of The Opera classic. With an exciting double 12” vinyl remix package featuring top remix teams such as Haarmeyer, England’s Majic and Germany’s Premiere Circuit & Trance team Cyrus & The Joker (of Sash! “Mysterious Times” and Dario G “Sunmachine” fame), the remix package also includes a re-mastered version of Vicki’s original 1991 version just for her fans.In 2002, Redzone Records released The Essential Vicki Shepard, a 12 track Greatest Hits Remixes collection that featured nine of Shepard’s #1 or Top 10 Billboard and World Wide #1 club hits, as well as two remixes of a new Haarmeyer penned single, “I Got A Feeling,” and a 2002 updated remix of “Never In A Million Years” by original producer and now Almighty Records remixer Mike “Majic” Coppick. An instant club favorite, “I Got A Feelin’” shot to the Billboard Top 10 and Shepard toured extensively. But like so many smaller labels, Redzone Records was forced to close their doors due to Peer-to Peer-File Sharing. But in 2007, Redzone Records, intent on relaunching the label in Digital Form only, released a very limited set up updated 2007 remixes of ‘I Got A Feelin’” with new mixes by Tony Moran, Ralphi Rosario and the team of Blaine & Barona. The Redzone team split later that year to pursue separate projects. In 2010, Shepard signed on to the roster of Swishcraft Music, a new label helmed by longtime friend and producer Matt Consola. Debuting in early 2011, Swishcraft dedicated itself to releasing singles that “brings the fun vocals and melodies back to an industry that’s gone very dark,” says Consola. Shepard and Consola are collaborated on both a new dance single as well as a just released holiday single, a jazz version of the Christmas standard, “What Child is This?” produced and arranged by Matt Consola and Leo Frappier. Like all of Shepard’s singles, “What Child is This?” is available world wide on Itunes, Amazon and many other services. Shepard debuted the single at the three date, 18th annual Songs of The Season shows at the Razz Room in San Francisco November 29th – December 1st. Hosted by founder Donna Sachet, Songs of the Season features many contemporary dance and jazz artists performing Holiday classics, and benefiting local San Francisco charity The jazz holiday cover of What Child Is This? which shot into the top 10 of the iTunes Holiday charts. Later in 2012, Shepard went back into the studio to flush out the Cool Yule mini album of Holiday hits including "Baby, It's Cold Outside" ft Robby Young, "Santa's Blues," "Boogie Woogie Santa Claus," and updated version of "What Child is This?" and title track "Cool Yule." In the summer of 2014, Swishcraft Music released a new original club single "When Love Comes Calling" with a fantastic array of remixes by top remixers from around the globe. A track that had been kicking around in demo format since 1999, 'When Love Comes Calling" was finally recorded and released, having only ever being performed live once. But the new single is just one step in the fiery club comeback for Shepard. On October 21st, 2014 an EP called Vicki Shepard - Classic Hits Revisited hits stores. Featuring 13 updated remixes of a handful of her biggest club hits, this EP will feature remixes of "Somewhere" by Paul Goodyear, "Sex" by Liam Keegan, "All I Ask of You" and "Never In A Million Years" updated by Cristian Poow, and "I Got A Feelin' " updated by the team of Jose Spinnin' Cortes & Chris Stutz, as well as Liam Keegan, and the team of Big Kid & Brian Cua. All updated classics were updated from the original session vocals. But this all leads up to the grand release of Vicki Shepard - The Remix Anthology (#1's, Club remixes and more). Unlike the previous Redzone Records era greatest hits album, The Essential Vicki Shepard that was limited by a 80 minute CD format, Vicki Shepard - The Remix Anthology is an impressive Thirty-Six track digital release or 4 CD set of every official single release, labeled and offered in chronological order, kicking off with December 1989's "Somewhere" all the way through 2014 'When Love Comes Calling." Each classic 12" release has been digitally remastered and in most cases one or even two additionally popular or extremely rare club remixes, many only ever available on 12" vinyl, are also included as bonus offering. And as the compilation visits the current 2000's, you're also presented with a handful of Vicki's most popular holiday and jazz & blues singles, including Vicki's most requested live track, "Long John Blues (Dr. Long John). The only new production on the Anthology is track #1, the Paul Goodyear produced "Sunrise at The Saint Mix" of "Somewhere." As Vicki's debut at The Saint in New York was also the clubs last live performance before the club was retired, it seemed only fitting to kick off with a Saint inspired mix of 'Somewhere' for the club that kick-off Shepard's club career. The Anthology ends with a rare 1999 demo that became the 2014 club hit, "When Love Comes Calling." For any Vicki Shepard fan, this is the definitive collection.
Link181משינה משינה Israelמשינה
Link181코요태 코요태 South Korea코요태
Link181Perry Rhodan Perry Rhodan GermanyPerry Rhodan
Link217Les Sultans Les Sultans QuebecLes Sultans
Link019Marco Lessentin Marco Lessentin GermanyGerman Singer, Folk PopMarco Lessentin Marco Lessentin He started his career in 2008 and is produced by [a=Systems In Blue]. In the summer of 2013 he started with the help of his manager a second project with Ronny Jentzsch by Fresh Fox as a duo [a=Fresh Fox] & [a=Marco Lessentin]. At 7th February 2014 his own website goes online and November 2014 his own webshop.
Link118Das Hellberg Duo Das Hellberg Duo Das Hellberg-Duo German folk music couple Anne Leibersberger (10. August 1922 - 4. September 2006) und Kurt Eugen Leibersberger (born 11. February 1922).
Link514Monique Leyrac Monique Leyrac QuebecMonique Leyrac
Link019John Larry John Larry BelgiumBelgian SingerJohn Larry Johan Van Parys Belgian singer. Best known for his song [i]"Alleen"[/i]. Recently made a come-back, and recorded a new album called [i]"Hou Van Mij"[/i].
Link019Harry Steier Harry Steier Harry Steier b. 23/01/1878 in Frankfurt/Main, Germany d. 16/01/1936 in Berlin, Germany
Link019Oso El Roto Oso El Roto Oso El Roto David Loayza A pioneer in the lo-fi genre, David Loayza (aka Oso El Roto) has been releasing volumes of music with various band-mates since the mid 1990's. Loayza was the founder of Big Scotch Records and currently runs the Los Emes Del Oso, a net label that specializes producing mass amounts of lo-fi madnesss.
Link316Thaione Davis Thaione Davis Thaione Davis Thomas Martin As an accomplished producer/emcee born and raised on the south-side of Chicago, Davis has silently become a vessel in the ranks of hip hop domestic and abroad. With several releases on both sides of the water, Thaione has developed a niche for capturing the many moods and passions of life. Modest by nature, meticulous by trade, Davis thoroughly embodies the essence before an innocence lost.
Link181森久保祥太郎 森久保祥太郎 Japan森久保祥太郎
Link181Eckhart Tolle Eckhart Tolle Eckhart Tolle Ulrich Leonard Tölle Eckhart Tolle is a German-born spiritual author based in Canada.
Link018Slick Sluts Slick Sluts Slick Sluts
Link018Jesse Jender Jesse Jender Reggae ArtistJesse Jender
Link171Lost Garden Lost Garden Japanese doujin circle/groupLost Garden LOST GARDEN are a dark ambient (or pick your own genre) duo performing quasi-improvised instrumental pieces. They are Andy Peake on keyboards/FX (ex Comsat Angels with whom he released 13 albums, countless singles and toured the world many times) and Nick Robinson (ex Dig Vis Drill, Typhoon Saturday and 20 years of solo looping). The two musicians played together in the 80s when Nick joined the Comsat Angels (briefly) and intermittently since, but have finally found the time and the energy to create something new together. The two musicians mesh beautifully and compare the performance process to “painting with sound” where dynamics and timbre are key elements. Keyboards, guitars and loops are used to improvise pieces – these are captured as two stereo files, then exported back to the “studio” for re-arranging, mixing and post-treatment. They have already played in venues as diverse as a timber framed Tudor house and Sheffield Cathedral.
Link018First Patrol First Patrol First Patrol
Link171Edward Francis Edward Francis Edward Francis
Link018Action Fire Action Fire Action Fire Fitzgerald McKoy
Link171Foxtail-Grass Studio Foxtail-Grass Studio JapanFoxtail-Grass Studio
Link018Tapolsky Tapolsky Tapolsky Анатолий Тапольский Born, 26 September 1976 Live in Kiev Booking:
Link018Enzo Stuarti Enzo Stuarti Enzo Stuarti Lorenzo Scapone Italian American tenor and theater performer. Born: March 3, 1919 Died: December 16, 2005
Link018High School Musical Cast High School Musical Cast The High School Musical Cast
Link018Καίτη Γκρέυ Καίτη Γκρέυ GreeceΚαίτη Γκρέυ Αγγελική Καλαϊτζή (Αggeliki Kalaitzi) She was born in 1924, in the island of Samos. She had 3 siblings. Her idol was the singer [a543396]. She recorded her first track in 1952 entitled "Τo Marazi" by [a954019]. Furthermore, she also engaged to [a939410] for 5 years. Later, her engagement with the actor [a2098780] gained fame during that era. The same happened with the shipowner Nikos Lemos, and with the actor [a1879242]. Ιn the '60s she was one of the most overpaid singers who her day labour was 8.000 drachmas (!) She recorded up to 1.500 tracks, until 1996 when she retired. In 2006, she published her autobiography entitled "Etsi Opos Ta Ezisa", which included a CD with her greatest hits. ([r4050106]). Finally, he worked in 19 films as an actress and singer. She has two children, Vassilis and Philippos. [a1769275] is her granddaughter. She permanently lives in Nea Smirni, Athens until nowadays.
Link018Piatto Piatto Piatto Italian producer duo based in Cervia, formed by [a=Alessandro Piatto] and [a=Davide Piatto].
Link018Jo Ann Jones Jo Ann Jones Jo Ann Jones
Link018Doris Jones Doris Jones Doris Jones Doris Jones, an American-born soul singer, is better known in Europe than in the U.S.A. Born in South Carolina in 1948, she moved to New York 11 years later and started singing in the Merick Baptist Church Choir. At 20 she formed a group called Sex, Love & Life with her sister [a=Lumishia Jones] and a friend; the threesome played places like the Galaxy, the Jupiter, and the Boston Globe. In 1972, as the [a=Electric Ladies], Jones and two other girls recorded "King Kong" on Mainstream Records. The record stiffed in the States and Britain. Her next project was a band, Gallery, that toured the States. After that experience, Jones regrouped with her sister and a friend named Karen and formed [a=Black Stash]. They recorded "Mighty Love Man" for Opal Productions, produced by the Exciters' [a=Herb Rooney]. Her break arrived when [a=Ian Levine] came from the UK to the States searching for artists to record. He had already cut the Exciters, a group that featured Brenda Reid (L.A. Reid's mother), but was looking for more. Levine discovered Jones through Rooney and cut some tracks on her in a New Jersey studio that were released in England -- "He's So Irreplaceable," and "Stranded in the Wilderness." Levine recorded Jones often and the results can be heard on CD: The Best of Doris Jones: No Way Out, on Hot Productions.
Link018Terry Dene Terry Dene Terry Dene Terence Williams British vocalist, born 20 December 1938.
Link018Tony Borders Tony Borders Tony Borders Anthony Borders Southern soul singer
Link018Segeke Segeke Segeke Shigeki Tamura s e g e k e - ([a=Shigeki Tamura]) is a musician/producer living in Osaka/Japan. He began to play electric guitar as a teen and was acting afterwards as a guitarist/vocal singer in a rock band playing music of the 70's. After that his music changed into soul and funk music. At the same time he experienced abstract hip hop and drum 'n bass and liked it very much. At 18 he participated in the House music band called "A hundred birds". In this band he experienced the release of an original track from Wave Music called "Georgia" and from King Street Sounds called "Too Close" . Additionally, he knows a lot about the work of some Remix from "Irma Record" and "King Street Sounds". There was a big change for him at the beginning of the year 2000. Recently, he was strongly influenced from deep techno and minimal house and he began to act live and as a DJ with sound instruments and a laptop. His solo project "s e g e k e" has recently started.
Link018Paolo Faz Paolo Faz Paolo Faz Paolo Bonaconza Italian DJ and producer.
Link018The Rebel Pebbles The Rebel Pebbles The Rebel Pebbles
Link018Sanderson Dear Sanderson Dear Sanderson Dear musician, sometimes dj, label manager and owner of [l199064].
Link018Samuel Dan Samuel Dan Samuel Dan DJ and producer from Valencia, Spain.
Link018Manzanita Y Su Conjunto Manzanita Y Su Conjunto Manzanita Y Su Conjunto
Link216Donna Loren Donna Loren United StatesDonna Loren Donna Zukor American actress and singer, born 7 March 1947 in Boston, Massachusetts, USA. Mother of [a=Anna Waronker] and [a=Joey Waronker] together with her former husband [a=Lenny Waronker]. She is now married to [a=Jered Cargman].
Link117Σοφία Βόσσου Σοφία Βόσσου GreeceΣοφία Βόσσου
Link171Robin Spielberg Robin Spielberg United StatesRobin Spielberg
Link171San E San E South KoreaSan E 정산 Jung San (born on January 23, 1985), more commonly known by his stage name San E, is a South Korean hip hop rapper under Brand New Music. He was previously contracted under JYP Entertainment in September 2010 and terminated his contract with them in April 2013.
Link117Strobcore Strobcore Strobcore Igor Chevalier Hardcore project from Geneva, Switzerland
Link171Alex Retro Alex Retro United States2010s punk/pop musicianAlex Retro
Link171Leo Moracchioli Leo Moracchioli NorwayLeo Moracchioli
Link018ampstyle ampstyle Korean Music ComposerAmpstyle
Link018Venus Jones Venus Jones Venus Jones
Link171Spafford Spafford PrescottSpafford Spafford is an eclectic blend of driving rock, funk, dance and light. The result is something like Electro-Funk Therapy. Melting through genres while creating an illuminated mind-and mood altering experience night after night, Spafford is lighting up the southwest with their improvisational prowess. Phasing through varying vocal and instrumental melodies with enough groove to keep the dance floor jumping, Spafford is paving the way for something new yet familiar that beckons to be seen, heard and felt.
Link018Rino Salviati Rino Salviati ItalyRino Salviati Rino Salviati (Montelibretti, Roma, June 12, 1922) is an Italian singer.
Link171SPARKS GO GO SPARKS GO GO JapanSparks Go Go
Link018The Righteous Flames The Righteous Flames The Righteous Flames
Link171휘성 휘성 South Korea휘성
Link018einsauszwei einsauszwei LeipzigEinsauszwei
Link171Dragão Inkomodo Dragão Inkomodo LisbonDragao InkomodoDragão Inkomodo
Link018Lloyd Hemmings Lloyd Hemmings Lloyd Hemmings
Link018Lee Walls Lee Walls Lee Walls Lee Walls Hard Dance DJ/Producer based in Brighton, UK.
Link018Utan Green Utan Green Utan Green Jamaican Singer also called Uton Green
Link018Anna Sahlene Anna Sahlene Anna Sahlene Anna Cecilia Sahlin Began singing and playing instruments at a very early age. She has learned singing, piano, cello, guitar and oboe. As a nine year old, she starred as one of the main characters in the movies based on Astrid Lindgren's books about
Link018Jim & Jesse & The Virginia Boys Jim & Jesse & The Virginia Boys Jim & Jesse And The Virginia Boys
Link117Jan Brzechwa Jan Brzechwa Jan Brzechwa
Link018Raffaele Rizzi Raffaele Rizzi technoRaffaele Rizzi Raffaele Rizzi Italian DJ and producer, born 3 September 1988 in Naples.
Link216Johnny Răducanu Johnny Răducanu RomaniaJohnny Răducanu Răducanu Crețu Romanian jazz musician, born 1st December 1931 in Brăila, died 19th September 2011 in Bucharest. He was called "Mister Jazz of Romania". Born into a family of Roma (gypsy) ethnicity, who had a long musical tradition which can be traced back as far as the 17th century, and attending the conservatory in Cluj-Napoca, where he learned to swing the bass while also studying the piano at home for about ten years, Johnny Răducanu became a key contributor to Romanian jazz. At the age of ten he was into the music of Art Tatum and Fats Waller (who had a tremendous influence on his piano style) and Charles Mingus, Scott LaFaro, Oscar Pettiford or Jimmy Blanton (for acoustic double bass). He is probably the best represented Romanian jazz musician with four solo albums while he was playing on many of the other Electrecord jazz albums. He was a member of [a3178631], a group that never got to record their own album but were playing on all the major eastern European festivals.
Link117Julia and Company Julia and Company Julia And Company Mid-80s band led by Julia McGirt.
Link216Ozzie Nelson and His Orchestra Ozzie Nelson and His Orchestra Ozzie Nelson And His Orchestra
Link117Acoustic Sound Orchestra Acoustic Sound Orchestra Acoustic Sound Orchestra
Link018The Knightsbridge Strings The Knightsbridge Strings The Knightsbridge Strings England's answer to [a22041]. Actually, this name was used for releases on both the U.K. label Top Rank and Bob Moore's Nashville-based Monument.
Link018Proyal Proyal Proyal M. Ali Entezarian Trance music DJ & producer born in 1989 in Tehran, Iran. Founder of [l=Promind Recordings] & [l=Promind Dark Records].
Link171Rafael Canaro Rafael Canaro Rafael Canaro Rafael Canarozzo Uruguayan tango contrabassist, composer and music director. (born 22 Jun 1890 - died 28 Jan 1972) Played with [a392779] Brother of [a777499], [a1894593], [a4311538] and [a4304508].
Link018Olyam Olyam Olyam French multi-instrumentalist, relaxation, new age and chill-out music composer.
Link018Gelu Gelu Gelu María de los Ángeles Rodríguez Fernández Spanish pop singer, born in Granada, 1945. in 1968 she married singer [a2841784] and leave music careeer shorty after.
Link018Corrision Corrision Corrision
Link018Los Beta 5 Los Beta 5 Los Beta 5 Peruvian chicha and cumbia band, formed 1969 in Lima. The band consisted of five brothers. Nelsón Canevello Pardo on lead guitar, Fernando (aka Papi) Canevello Pardo on backup guitar and bass, Reynaldo Canevello Pardo on timbales, Germán on guiro and maracas and Juan Canevello Pardo on bongos. The only not related band member was tumba and quinto player Pancho Lema.
Link171勝手にしやがれ 勝手にしやがれ 勝手にしやがれ
Link117Clayfacer Clayfacer Clayfacer Clayton Yellowwings Hard dance producer based in Lethbridge, Canada.
Link018Croisette Croisette Croisette [b]One-album studio disco assemblage[/b] Led by [a=Ian Levine and Fiachra Trench]
Link171Vishal Bhardwaj Vishal Bhardwaj Vishal Bhardwaj Vishal Bhardwaj (born 4 August 1965) is an Indian film director, writer, screenwriter, producer, music composer and playback singer. Known for his works in modern Hindi cinema. He produces films under his banner VB Pictures. He has received six National Film Awards.
Link117Baculum Baculum Baculum Sam Stoxen
Link018Janina Miščiukaitė Janina Miščiukaitė Janina Miščiukaitė Janina Miščiukaitė Lithuanian pop schlager singer, born on 10 May, 1948 in Jonava, Lithuania, died on 20 February, 2008 in Vilnius, Lithuania. Janina Miščiukaitė was particulary famous in former USSR and Lithuania. She celebrated her greatest successes from the 70‘s til 2000‘s. In 1982 she won second place on „Golden Orpheus“ pop festival in Bulgaria. She was married to the famous Lithuanian saxophone player [a=Rimantas Brazaitis].
Link018Rouzbeh Delavari Rouzbeh Delavari Rouzbeh Delavari
Link414Ade Hodges Ade Hodges United KingdomAde Hodges
Link171규현 규현 South Korea규현 Jo Gyu Hyeon (조규현) Cho Kyu-hyun (born February 3, 1988) is a South Korean singer and actor. He is a member of the South Korean boy band Super Junior, its sub-groups, Super Junior-M and Super Junior-K.R.Y., and a former member of the South Korean ballad group S.M. The Ballad. Alternative names: Kyu Hyun (규현), Cho Kyuhyun, Jo Kyu Hyun, Cho Kyu Hyun, KyuHyun.
Link171渚ようこ 渚ようこ Japan渚ようこ
Link018West London Deep West London Deep West London Deep Dave Hedger & Dean Thatcher
Link018Margaret Reynolds Margaret Reynolds Margaret Reynolds Margaret Reynolds Disco singer Active in the Miami disco scene of the [a=KC & The Sunshine Band] family
Link018Dazzle Drums Dazzle Drums Dazzle Drums Nagi & Kei Sugano Dazzle Drums is the two of Nagi and Kei Sugano: a wife and husband who are the resident in Tokyo. Kei Sugano, born and grow up in ghetto of Tokyo. The Hip hop culture of '92 spurred him to be a DJ in the club and the disco in Tokyo. After a valuable experience from Tony Humphries and Timmy Regisford,he has mechanically changed his style to more Soulful Music based on House and Garage Classics, and led him to NYC for many times where he found his second roots in Loft, Zanzibar, Sound Factory Bar, The Shelter, Warehouse, Body & soul and the other party. Nagi, loves the dance music since she was 15, but never been to disco nor club then. Experienced her first club was picked up by her gay friend in '96. On the dance floor, she sensed that she can express the personality no matter what nationality, and she soon started her DJ. '97, Nagi met Kei Sugano and they started the party. Nagi joined "Smoker" which is DJ Nori's party he has been holding every Wednesday at club LOOP in '98 and still on up to date.
Link018Вячеслав Малежик Вячеслав Малежик RussiaВячеслав Малежик Вячеслав Малежик
Link018Ηλίας Κλωναρίδης Ηλίας Κλωναρίδης GreeceΗλίας Κλωναρίδης
Link171Northsound Northsound Northsound
Link171君の美術館 君の美術館 Japan君の美術館
Link513Susana Rinaldi Susana Rinaldi ArgentinaSusana Rinaldi Susana Natividad Rinaldi Known as 'La Tana", Susana Rinaldi is an Argentinian 'tango' singer. Born in 1935 in Buenos Aires, she is an actress and professional singer since 1969. She is married with bandoneon player [a2836634] and she's got a daughter and a son, also singers: Lidia Piro and [a=Alfredo Piro].
Link018Aof Pongsak Aof Pongsak Aof Pongsak
Link171Bart Graft Bart Graft TipperaryBart Graft
Link117Mark du Mosch Mark du Mosch NetherlandsMark Du Mosch Mark du Mosch Dj / Producer from the Netherlands
Link315The Sea Hags The Sea Hags Sea Hags Sea Hags' mercurial career redefined the art of self-destruction, and the band's short run was over almost before it began -- how rock & roll of them. Hailing from Seattle, Sea Hags were formed in 1985 by Ron Yocom (vocals, guitar), Frankie Wilsey (guitar), Chris Schlosshardt (bass), and Adam Maples (drums), who collectively decided to relocate to San Francisco in a bid to get closer to their Hollywood hair metal dreams. Metallica's Kirk Hammett lent a hand in the recording of their first demo, and such was its promise that after signing with Chrysalis Records, production on their eponymous 1989 debut was charged to Guns N' Roses engineer Mike Clink. Processing the sounds of '80s sleaze metal through the Pacific Northwest's distinctly darker and mysterious (and unsuspectingly pre-grunge) sonic aesthetic, the album met with much critical success, but was a commercial flop. Not that it mattered, since the inherently doomed outfit would soon live up to their decadent image by breaking up under acrimonious circumstances (substance abuse, canceled performances, etc.) in the middle of a European tour. To echo their manager's statement at the time: "There's only so far you can get with three junkies and one alcoholic." Tentative plans for a comeback remained just that, and when Schlosshardt suffered a lethal heroin overdose in 1991, Sea Hags were officially no more. Yokom has eluded the media eye ever since, and though Maples was briefly rumored to be Steven Adler's replacement in GNR, it was Wilsey who eventually found a short rock & roll afterlife of sorts, changing his name to Wilsex and joining Stephen Pearcy's Arcade.
Link117Людмила Гурченко Людмила Гурченко Людмила Гурченко Людми́ла Ма́рковна Гу́рченко (Lyudmila Markovna Gurchenko) Soviet/Russian actress of theater and movie, pop singer. Awardee of the State Prize of the Russian Federation (1994). People's Artist of the USSR (1983) Born: November 12, 1935 in Kharkiv, Ukrainian SSR Died: March 30, 2011 in Moscow, Russia
Link018Zjuul Krapuul Zjuul Krapuul Zjuul Krapuul Belgian artist/performer from Antwerp.
Link018Leon McAuliffe Leon McAuliffe United StatesLeon McAuliffe William Leon McAuliffe American western swing musician from Houston, January 3, 1917 – August 20, 1988.
Link117Γιάννης Φλωρινιώτης Γιάννης Φλωρινιώτης GreeceΓιάννης Φλωρινιώτης Giannis Floriniotis
Link018Kaseko Masters Kaseko Masters The Kaseko Masters
Link612Delko Delko Saint-ÉtienneFrench stoner rock bandDelko David Henriques Tech-House/Progressive DJ & producer from Rio Maior, Portugal. Contact:
Link117Low Orbit Satellite Low Orbit Satellite RussiaLow Orbit Satellite Russian DJ, sound engineer and producer.
Link171范瑋琪 范瑋琪 Taiwan范瑋琪
Link018Zanthrax Zanthrax Zanthrax Maurice Pinkster Zanthrax is best known from his releases on FIX records. He released his first E.P. as Dark Earth in 1998. From 2001-2006 he was the main producer for FIX records where he released under 3 aliases (Zanthrax, The Relic and Nightshade). In 2005 he released an E.P. at Underground Society Records. The industrial track "Children Of Hell" became very populair and ended up at compilations like Thunderdome. Zanthrax's style is dark and often has influences from industrial and techno.
Link018Santos & Sabino Santos & Sabino Santos & Sabino Santos Pucello & Sabino Contartese
Link117Dooley O Dooley O Dooley O American rapper, producer and DJ from New Haven, Connecticut.
Link018Jimmy Bravo Jimmy Bravo Jimmy Bravo Eurobeat project at LED Records. First singer: Gino Caria Second singer: Davide Di Marcantonio Third Singer: Real name unknown
Link171BeatKing BeatKing United StatesBeatking
Link171divaDanielle divaDanielle Los AngelesDJ/ProducerdivaDanielle
Link171Azureflux Azureflux PortugalAzureflux
Link171菅原洋一 菅原洋一 Japan菅原洋一
Link153Mordechai Ben David Mordechai Ben David United StatesMordechai Ben David
Link117Manuel Rocca Manuel Rocca Manuel Rocca José Manuel Roca Uplifting / Progressive / Tech Trance DJ & producer from Maturin, Venezuela. Born: 20-04-1988 Contact info: E-mail:
Link117The Dave Brubeck Octet The Dave Brubeck Octet The Dave Brubeck Octet
Link018Bob Scobey's Frisco Band Bob Scobey's Frisco Band United StatesBob Scobey's Frisco Band
Link117The O'Neal Twins The O'Neal Twins The O'Neal Twins
Link018Cashman & West Cashman & West Cashman & West American producer and singer songwriter who run the [l=Cashwest Productions, Inc.] and founded [l=Lifesong], a subsidiary label of their company [l=Lifesong Records, Inc.], at the tail end of 1975. Previously they teamed with [a=Eugene Pistilli] for several bands.
Link018Ramsey Kearney Ramsey Kearney Ramsey Kearney
Link171Stone McKnuckle Stone McKnuckle Stone McKnuckle
Link018Wha-Koo Wha-Koo United StatesWha-Koo First record came in 1977, but under the band name Big Wha-Koo
Link018She Destroys Hope She Destroys Hope Germanyharsh Noise GermanyShe Destroys Hope Noise-Project from Germany. Contact:
Link171ムラマサ☆ ムラマサ☆ ムラマサ☆
Link161FatNicK FatNicK United KingdomUk based electronic/chiptune musicianFatnick
Link017Mark The 909 King Mark The 909 King Mark The 909 King
Link116Rigo Tovar Rigo Tovar MexicoRigo Tovar Rigoberto Tovar Rigo (Rigoberto) Tovar was one of the successful popular singers in Mexico, a pillar of the cumbia.
Link017Louis Benedetti Louis Benedetti Louis Benedetti
Link017Dina Vass Dina Vass Dina Vass Dina Vass is UK dance act that also composes, writes and produces her own music and lyrics. She signed her first deal, with Honey Beat Records. Since then, she’s been picked up by Go Beat! Her recording styles include "soulful and funky-sounding house", as well as softer ballads, US garage and hard house. The ethnic melody of "The Love I Have For You", recorded with production team Full Intention, looks certain to catapult her into the hotly anticipated Eighties soul and dance revival of 2003.
Link017Kathy Barnes Kathy Barnes United KingdomKathy Barnes
Link017Shampale Cartier Shampale Cartier Shampale Cartier
Link017Carrie McDowell Carrie McDowell Carrie McDowell Carrie McDowell Hodge American singer, born May 11, 1963 in Des Moines, Iowa. Married to [a=Michael Hodge].
Link017Naggo Morris Naggo Morris Naggo Morris
Link017Rats with Wings Rats with Wings Rats With Wings
Link89Χρήστος Πάζης Χρήστος Πάζης GreeceΧρήστος Πάζης
Link116De Migra's De Migra's De Migra's
Link017Liquid Spill Liquid Spill Liquid Spill Ralf Zimmermann & Conny Freund German Hands Up producer. Often working together with [a=Tube Tonic & DJ Shandar].
Link116Carl and Pearl Butler Carl and Pearl Butler United StatesCarl & Pearl Butler
Link017Thomas & Schubert Thomas & Schubert Thomas & Schubert
Link116Joe South & The Believers Joe South & The Believers Joe South And The Believers
Link017Jackie Verdell Jackie Verdell Jackie Verdell Gospel/soul singer, originally second lead singer of the gospel group [a2203163], later recorded secular material for [l71637], [l96778], [l39155], and [l230755] (where she was known as Jacqui Verdell), also background sessions for [a38863], [a255411] and others. Final solo recording was a gospel album for [l14232] in 1983, released internationally by Sire/WEA.
Link017Noël Chiboust et son orchestre Noël Chiboust et son orchestre Noel Chiboust Et Son Orchestre
Link116Игорь Крутой Игорь Крутой RussiaИгорь Крутой Игорь Яковлевич Крутой / Ігор Якович Крутой Igor Krutoi is Russian composer, singer and producer. People's Artist of Russia (1996), People's Artist of Ukraine (2011). Owner of company [l905]. Born: July 29, 1954, Haivoron, Kirovohrad Oblast, Ukrainian SSR
Link017Михаил Пляцковский Михаил Пляцковский Михаил Пляцковский Михаил Спартакович Пляцковский / Михайло Спартакович Пляцковський Soviet poet and songwriter, playwright Born: November 2, 1935, Yenakiieve, Donets'ka Oblast', Ukraine Died: January 26, 1991, Moscow, Russia
Link017Freza & DJ Flash Freza & DJ Flash Freza & DJ Flash Anatoly Beckov, Sergey Maksimenko
Link017Stoney Edwards Stoney Edwards Stoney Edwards Frenchey Edwards Born: 24th December 1929 Seminole, Oklahoma, USA Died: 5th April 1997 (of stomach cancer) American country singer and member of the original line-up of The Virginians.
Link116Carmen Silva Carmen Silva Carmen Silva Carmen Sebastiana Silva de Jesus Carmen Sebastiana Silva de Jesus (Verissimo, March 22, 1945 - São Paulo, September 26, 2016) is the name of Brazilian singer Carmen Silva, also affectionately known by fans as The Black Pearl. Carmen was born in Verissimo, in the Minas Triangle. He began his career at a young age. Participated in several talent shows. Won the contest "A singer for a Million, One Million by a Song", Rede Record. His first success was "Adeus Solidão" in his first album by Philips label, a double compact. He has won several awards and trophies, as Roquette Pinto and Chico Viola. Early in his career suffered pressure from the music industry to record sambas, pace at which did not identify and for which not want to be stigmatized, since prefer romantic interpretations, which created controversy among many critics. His main achievements are: "Adeus Solidão", "fofurinha", "sapequinha", "Espinho na Cama", "Fotografia," "Amor Com Amor Se Paga" and "Ser Tua Namorada". Before the artistic success, was nanny and maid; currently, Carmen Silva is gospel singer and part of the casting of Graça Music label. Died victim of a cardiac arrest caused by thromboembolism.
Link017DJ Husband DJ Husband DJ Husband Jamie Brennan Hard dance DJ/producer based in Sydney, Australia.
Link116Boki Milošević Boki Milošević Boki Milošević Božidar Milošević Serbian clarinetist, performer and composer of folk music.
Link161Pauls Sakss Pauls Sakss LatviaPauls Sakss Latvian singer (tenor) (b. 1878 in Jaunpils, Latvia – d. 1966 in New York)
Link161Diggy-MO' Diggy-MO' JapanDiggy-MO'
Link161Michael Morse Michael Morse TexasMichael Morse
Link017Ricky Chaplin Ricky Chaplin Ricky Chaplin
Link161Banda XXI Banda XXI Banda XXI
Link017The Twinkle Stars The Twinkle Stars popThe Twinkle Stars Soul-pop group from Suriname formed in the 2nd half of the Sixties, made up of 8 plus soloist singer [a=Oscar Harris]. In the group, very famous and appreciated in Netherlands, stand out Alfred Ommen, bandleader, Edmond Oosthuizen, rhythm guitarist & singer, Ricardo Wouden, drums. In the 70's also vocals [a=Billy Jones (3)], Humphrey Campbell, Ruud Seedorf. Their music is a mix of [i]Funk, Rhythm & Blues and Kaseko[/i], the latter is a fusion of African, European and American styles, strongly influenced by [i]Dixieland, Calypso, Rock & Roll[/i] and other styles, whose instruments include the use of drums, saxophone, trumpet and, sometimes, a trombone. Disbanded in 1973 (Amsterdam).
Link017Benny Troy Benny Troy Benny Troy Soul disco singer He released one album that spawned the hit "I Wanna Give You Tomorrow".
Link116Hoagy Lands Hoagy Lands United StatesHoagy Lands Victor I. Hoagland Sr. American soul singer born May 4, 1936 and died January 12, 2002.
Link017Terry Winter Terry Winter Terry Winter Thomas William Standen Brazilian singer, born 8th may 1941, passed away 23 september 1998. Very popular in the early 1970's, specially in Latin America. More information on [url=]Spanish[/url] and [url=]Portuguese[/url] Wikipedias.
Link017Neil MacArthur Neil MacArthur Neil MacArthur Colin Blunstone
Link017Аркадий Северный Аркадий Северный Soviet UnionArkady SeverniyАркадий Северный Аркадий Дмитриевич Звездин 12 March 1939 (Ivanovo, USSR) - 12 April 1980 (Leningrad, USSR)
Link116Olekranon Olekranon Olekranon
Link017Burkhard Brozat Burkhard Brozat Burkhard Brozat German songwriter, born September 19, 1953 in Hamburg.
Link116Topher Jones Topher Jones Topher Jones Christopher Jones Trance/Electro/House DJ & producer based in Chicago, Illinois, USA.
Link017Lenn Hammond Lenn Hammond Lenn Hammond Constantine Hammond Constantine Hammond, commonly known as Lenn Hammond comes from a lineage of music makers, and his last name inspires instant recognition among reggae fans. Born around 1970 in Port Maria, St. Mary, Jamaica, Constantine "Lenn" Hammond was the son of a cabaret singer, Winston "Boyo" Hammond - [a2463810] a.k.a. [a279617], the nephew of a major reggae vocal star [a195106], and brother of [a2524257]. The Canadian reggae performer Yogie is his cousin. By the time he was in junior high school, Lenn Hammond was interested in music. Musical influences came from his father, uncle, and Jamaican superstar Dennis Brown, one of the early exponents of a smooth, romantic style in reggae.
Link413DJ Yano DJ Yano DJ Yano Italian DJ well known in the Afro/Cosmic scene since mid 80's. Produced Afro\Cosmic remixes as [a=YaSE], with [a=Stefan Egger] for [l=Sound Station Records]. Actually producing new-afro and dance with [a=Ottomix], fusing electro with ethno and latin influences, released by Saifam\KIK.
Link017Ben Light Ben Light Ben Light Benjamin Bertram Leight
Link017Pulse Code Modulation Pulse Code Modulation Pulse Code Modulation PCM/ Pulse Code Modulation is a one sided project created in 1993 in Marseille, France. After various compilation appearances during 90′s on labels such as Disturbance, Fairway…PCM moved to Paris and released its first full-length in 2001 on the French label Megaphone. Mostly influenced by Detroit chords & strings, industrial band Coil, Sheffield scene Warp/Autechre and Berlin Basic Channel/ Hardwax crew, the CD was highly acclaimed by French press and was considered as a French answer to UR and Basic Channel sounds. In 2002 PCM launched his own label Pong Music and released his 1st 12inch « Discodrome » (an influenced Italo Disco joke). During the same year and after several years working in music industry as A.D, PCM felt it was time to make a break from music, tired from so much boring clubbing music. In 2007 and after a comeback in Marseille, PCM was back and set up a new digital and analog studio. In August 2009, more than 13 tracks was mastered in Berlin at legendary Dubplates & Mastering…and the story continues !
Link017Christos Fourkis Christos Fourkis Christos Fourkis Christos Fourkis Electronic music DJ & producer from Aigio, Greece. Co-owner (with [a=Bobby Deep]) of [l=Know Thyself Recordings]. Born:12-01-1981 Contact info: e-mal:
Link116Ricardo Santos & His Orchestra Ricardo Santos & His Orchestra Ricardo Santos And His Orchestra
Link116Rena Rolska Rena Rolska PolandRena Rolska
Link017Борис Штоколов Борис Штоколов RussiaRussian artistБорис Штоколов Борис Штоколов (Eng: Boris Shtokolov) Bass Vocals, arranger, opera singing technique theorist A famous 20th century Soviet and Russian bass vocalist Born: March 19, 1930 Kuznetsk, Kemerovo Oblast (USSR). Died: January 6, 2005
Link017Constantin Drăghici Constantin Drăghici Constantin Drăghici Romanian singer and songwriter ✰ January 19, 1932, Bucharest † April 9, 2015, Bucharest During high school in Cluj-Napoca was is noted by Livia Pop, his singing teacher. 1953-1956 - employed for in [a2550132]. In 1956 he returned to Cluj-Napoca and engage in Cluj-Napoca Opera Choir where was noted by [a1175257] and comes to his invitation to Bucharest (1960). In 1957 was admitted to Conservatory. Since 1960 was part of the State Operetta Theatre in Bucharest (Ansamblul Teatrului de Stat de Operetă din București). His TV debut was marked in 1961 with ''Nu ești de vină tu'', Enrico Fanciotti's song. Continue his studies at the Conservatoire "Ciprian Porumbescu", he graduated in 1962. He lived a long period in New York, US and Germany.
Link017Eiton Eiton drum n bassEiton Martin Lainé French Techno Drum & Bass producer.
Link116Gualberto Ibarreto Gualberto Ibarreto Gualberto Ibarreto Venezuelian singer born in 1947.
Link017The Mary Kaye Trio The Mary Kaye Trio The Mary Kaye Trio
Link017Ethnomite Pux Ethnomite Pux Ethnomite Pux James Cleeland Experimental / Noise / Electro
Link017Grupo Nins Grupo Nins SpainSpanish child bandGrupo Nins
Link116Johnny Fuller Johnny Fuller United StatesJohnny Fuller Birth: Apr. 20, 1929 Edwards Hinds County Mississippi, USA Death: May 20, 1985 Oakland Alameda County California, USA
Link116Marion Zimmer Bradley Marion Zimmer Bradley Marion Zimmer Bradley Marion Eleanor Zimmer Bradley American author of fantasy novels, born 3 June 1930 Albany, New York, USA and died 25 September 1999 in Berkeley, California, USA. Sister of [a=Paul Zimmer (3)].
Link116EshOne EshOne United StatesEshOne Donnie Valdez DJ, Producer and co-owner with [a=Misk] of the recordlabel [l447041].
Link017De Fabeltjeskrant De Fabeltjeskrant De Fabeltjeskrant
Link116Marina Voica Marina Voica Marina Voica Marina Voica Romanian well known pop-vocal-schlager singer. Maiden name Marinka Nicolskaia, Born September 2, 1936, Ivanovo a little town 300 km north of Moscow. There she married with romanian Marcel Voica, college teammate . In 1959 she came and established in România wher she worked 2 year at ADAS Insurrance. After TVR (Romanian Television) debut, she became well known and apreciated singer until today. Now she living in Breaza, Pravova county.
Link017Ercos Blanka Ercos Blanka GenivoltaThierry VitiErcos Blanka Italian Techno/House producer.
Link017Никита Джигурда Никита Джигурда RussiaНикита Джигурда
Link017Gino Latilla Gino Latilla Gino Latilla Gennaro Latilla Italian singer, born 7 November 1924 in Bari and died 11 September 2011 in Florence.
Link017Trio Odemira Trio Odemira Trio Odemira Portuguese music group, formed in 1955.
Link215Bill McGuffie Bill McGuffie United KingdomBill McGuffie British composer and pianist. Born: 11 December 1927 Died: 22 March 1987
Link017Irma Serrano Irma Serrano Irma Serrano Irma Consuelo Cielo Serrano Castro Born 9 December 1933. Irma Serrano began her artistic career as a dancer in the choreographic group directed by the dancer Chelo La Rué. Later, Serrano began her career as singer when signing a contract with Columbia Records in 1962. In 1963, she won several awards such as the Folklore Revelation Trophy, the Macuilxóchitl as the Revelation Songwriter and the Musa Trophy of Radiolandia. Serrano became one of the most popular Mexican folk music artists of the 1960s. One of her most remembered songs is the corrido of La Martina, considered a classic of the Mexican folk genre. She is a Mexican singer, songwriter, actress, politician and vedette. Famous for her "tantalizing," "untamed spitfire" voice, she is one of the most noted performers of the ranchera and corrido genres; she was nicknamed La Tigresa de la Canción Ranchera and later known simply as "La Tigresa". At the same time, she developed a film career of more than a dozen films. In the 1970s and 1980s, Serrano achieved great success as an actress and producer in a series of controversial stage plays, highlighting the controversial play Naná (1973). In the decade of the 1990's, he also ventured into politics and occupied a seat in the Mexican Senate. In her later years, she was the center of multiple scandals and controversies.[6] She has appeared in celebrity gossip magazines and television shows because of her political career as senator of her home state of Chiapas from 1994 to 1997.
Link161Integrity Music Integrity Music Integrity Music
Link017Fulgora Fulgora St. LouisFulgora
Link161周傳雄 周傳雄 Taiwan周傳雄 Steve Chou Born June 7, 1969 in Taiwan
Link161Florida College Chorus Florida College Chorus United StatesFlorida College Chorus
Link017Jairus Miller Jairus Miller Jairus Miller Jairus Miller
Link017Tiberiu Ceia Tiberiu Ceia Tiberiu Ceia
Link413Corina Chiriac Corina Chiriac Corina Chiriac Corina Chiriac Romanian singer, actress, TV presenter, composer and lyricist, born on October 26, 1949. She is one of the most successful romanian singers from the 70s and 80s. Daughter of romanian composer and music professor [a=Mircea Chiriac]. She debuted in March 1970 on the popular TV contest show "The star without a name". In 1972 she graduated the Romanian Academy of Dramatic Arts.In the '70s and '80s she released dozens of hit songs and appeared frequently on Romanian National Television and Radio. She toured Romania and Eastern Europe extensively. She has also appeared in 3 motion pictures and 3 made for television films. Since 1994, she has often been invited to be a judge at various romanian music festivals and contests. Since september 2007 she is presenting a popular variety show on romanian television channel National TV.
Link161A-Lin A-Lin TaiwanA-Lin
Link017Blue Room Project Blue Room Project Blue Room Project Jeff Belfi and Shane Ehlers Progressive house production duo from New York City.
Link017Lobotomy.Inc Lobotomy.Inc Lobotomy.Inc Jean Patrick Deconinck Lobotomy.Inc was born in 2002 with his first release 'The Test'. In March 2005 he began his own label: [l=Lobotomy Records (2)], a subdivision of [l=Babaorum Records].
Link017Per Qx Per Qx Per Qx Per Lundqvist London-based Swedish House/Club/Electro DJ & producer.
Link116Ted Heath & His Orchestra Ted Heath & His Orchestra United KingdomTed Heath And His Orchestra
Link017D'Agostino Planet D'Agostino Planet ItalyD'Agostino Planet Luigino Celestino di Agostino Born: 1967 // Turin, Italy Under this alias Gigi D'Agostino released mediterranean progressive music.
Link116Steel Breeze Steel Breeze Steel Breeze Steel Breeze is an American rock band from Sacramento, California, who in 1982-1983 hit the American Top 40 Pop Singles charts with "You Don't Want Me Anymore" and "Dreamin' Is Easy," both from their album [i]Steel Breeze[/i], produced by [a=Kim Fowley].
Link017The Big Sound Authority The Big Sound Authority Big Sound Authority British pop band Formed in 1983 after the dibanding of the mod revival band [a=The Directions] by their guitarist and songwriter [a=Tony Burke], their bassist [a=Martin Wilson (3)] and their drummer [a=Steve Martinez (3)]. Singer [a=Julie Hawden] was added in the line up and [a=Mace Carnochan] on keyboards. Although they had written to [a=Paul Weller] who was looking for new artists for his [l=Respond Records] label, they signed at [l=MCA Records] and recorded one album and four singles.
Link116The Cal Tjader Quintet The Cal Tjader Quintet United StatesCal Tjader Quintet
Link017Slizzy Bob Slizzy Bob Slizzy Bob Robert Poerschke Singer from Hamburg
Link017Kurt Lauterbach Kurt Lauterbach Kurt Lauterbach German tenor buffo, comedian and actor, born 4 March 1920 in Leichlingen, Germany and died 5 May 1993.
Link017Patrice Scott Patrice Scott Patrice Scott Patrice Scott Detroiter Patrice Scott has been spinning records since the 80's. Influenced by pioneers such as Derrick May, Juan Atkins, Larry Heard, Ron Hardy and many others, Patrice Scott developed his own distinct taste and style of DJing, which later evolving into production. Evolving further as a producer, Patrice Scott been lately releasing music on his own label [l=Sistrum Recordings].
Link116Los Sirex Los Sirex Los Sirex Spanish rock band from the 60s. Founded in Barcelona by Guillermo Rodríguez Holgado (bass), Manolo Madruga (lead guitar) and José Fontseré (rhythm guitar), soon joined by Luis Gomis de Pruneda (drums) and Santi Carulla (vocals), replaced by Antonio Miquel Cerveró (Leslie). In 1965 they had a big hit with "La Escoba" and they were The Beatles' support band on their only gig in Barcelona in 1965. In 1971 they split-up, but in 1977 they re-joined and recorded 7 more albums. Discography: - Muchacha Bonita / Da Doo Ron Ron / Si de mí te Alejas / Twist and Shout (EP 1964) - Si Tuviera un Martillo / Quiero Ser Dichoso / Nobody but You / Please Please me (EP 1964) - Los Sirex Interpretan sus Propias Canciones (EP 1964) - La Escoba / ¡Qué Haces Aquí! / El Tren de la Costa / Cantemos (EP 1965) - Que se Mueran los Feos / Has de Ser mi Mujer / Culpable / El Tranvía (EP 1965) - Los Sirex (1965) - Lo Sabes / Siempre te Retrasas / Cuanto más Lejos Estoy / Todas las Mañanas (EP 1966) - Sirex (1978) - Ni Más ni Menos (1980) - 21 Años de Sirex (Compilation, 1981) - A tu Aire (1982) - Madrid, Madrid (1984) - 25 Años (1987) - 9 de Cada 10 Estrellas Bailan Rock (1994) - Todos sus EPs en Discos Vergara (Compilation 2002) - Todos sus Singles en Vergara y Ariola (Compilation 2002)
Link116Archie Campbell Archie Campbell United StatesArchie Campbell Archie Campbell (November 7, 1914 in Bulls Gap, Greene County, Tennessee, USA – August 29, 1987) was a writer, actor and singer.
Link017Facio Santillan Facio Santillan Facio Santillan
Link017Los Blanco Los Blanco Los Blanco
Link017Max Duke Max Duke Nord-Pas-de-CalaisMax Duke Etienne Lesaffre Max Duke is a producer coming from France and born in 1981. Influenced from the positive sounds of Reggae and the rhythm of House music. His productions jump between house and minimal techno, always with an emotional side. Now looking for new kind of sounds, he works in a different way using computer and real instruments (like bass guitar, old organ,...).
Link017Lessov Lessov Lessov Kevin MacInnis Progressive House producer from Ottawa, but living in London, Canada. Contact: E-mail:
Link017Flatlex Flatlex tranceFlatlex Артём Зиновкин (Artem Zinovkin) Trance / Hard Trance music producer from Moscow, Russia. Born: 27-06-1988.
Link161준호 준호 South Korea2PM준호
Link017Janice McClain Janice McClain Janice McClain
Link017DJ Spettro DJ Spettro DJ Spettro Edward Scott México City, México (Get Physical Music, ELEVATE) Diversely talented Edward Scott, aka Spettro, is a mosaic of vivid music.   Embracing the full spectrum of House and Techno, he responds to the moment — be it to feed the fire of a large club/festival or appeal to the deeper side of an intimate atmosphere.  With an energetic mixing style, 20 years experience and visible passion for moving with the crowd, his DJ performances are a heightened experience.   Spettro’s following is as loyal as it is extensive, and his productions are played around the globe by DJ’s such as John Digweed, Pig & Dan, Carl Cox, Sandy Rivera, Tiefschwarz, Jay Tripwire and many more.  Spettro has also performed around the globe, with shows in nearly every major US city and international destinations spanning 4 continents.  Notable achievements include his Fried Love E.P. released in September 2015 on Get Physical Music (Top 20 on Beatport Deep House charts), remixes for Crosstown Rebels & Bedrock (as Extended Play) + music licensed to Defected, OM, Renaissance, MTV, and the hit television show Breaking Bad.  His monthly radio show “Spettro Radio” is on DI.FM, Pioneer DJ Radio, and several more.  Although he’s been playing Techno DJ sets for over 5 years now, Spettro’s first Techno EP will be out on Pig & Dan’s ELEVATE imprint on September 8, 2017.