Release groups of mainly studio albums (status Official and type Album and no secondary types) that contains no releases with any acoustids submitted for any of the tracks in any of the releases within the release group

Report created based on data in Acoustid as of 30/04/2024

Found 688779 release groups of Official status and primary type album and no secondary types with no linked acoustids for any tracks in the releases that belong to the release group, we show 1000 release groups per page.

The report is not continually updated so may not reflect the current data within Acoustid databases.

This shows release groups of studio albums where none of the releases have any acoustids for the recordings within the release, useful if you are working on ensuring your favourite artist has full coverage of their releases. The report is ordered by release group artist, release group name.

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Artist Release Group
Genaro Mojíca Ávila The New Kingdom
Genaro Salinas, Orquesta de Juan S. Garrido Adiós para siempre
Genco Puro & Co. Area di servizio
Gender Roles PRANG
Gender Sabotage / Dead Body Collection Untitled
Gender Wayang Bali: Music for the Shadow Play
Genderbüebu Dankbarkeit
Genderbüebu Freundschaft
Genderbüebu Hüeru Güet!
Gendered Dekonstruktion Kapitulation
Gending2 Kebogiro Bonangan Esuk Sore Vol. 2
Gendo Ikari Rokubungi
Gendolf Q Various Flasks
Gene "Mighty Flea" Conners Coming Home: The Definitive Black & Blue Sessions
Gene & Joe and Highland Grass Most requested
Gene Ammons For Beautiful People
Gene Ammons Heavy Sax
Gene Ammons In Sweden
Gene Ammons Swinging the Jugg
Gene Ammons With Or Without
Gene Ammons / Sonny Stitt Together Again for the Last Time
Gene Ammons, Sonny Stitt Jug & Sonny
Gene Autry Christmastime With Gene Autry
Gene Bertoncini Body and Soul
Gene Bertoncini Someone To Light Up My Life
Gene Bertoncini & Frank Vignola This Is The Way We Play
Gene Bertoncini & Jack Wilkins Just The Two Of Us
Gene Bertoncini & Kenny Poole East Meets Midwest
Gene Bertoncini & Michael Moore Bridges
Gene Bertoncini & Michael Moore The Art of the Duo
Gene Bertoncini & Roni Ben-Hur Smile
Gene Bertoncini Meets Frank Vignola Meeting Of The Grooves
Gene Bertoncini with Akira Tana and Rufus Reid Acoustic Romance
Gene Bertoncini, Bill Charlap, Sean Smith Gene Bertoncini With Bill Charlap And Sean Smith
Gene Bertoncini, Michael Moore Close Ties
Gene Bertoncini, Michael Moore Strollin'
Gene Bertoncini, Michael Moore Two In Time
Gene Bertoncini, Michael Moore Special Guest Edison Machado O Grande Amor
Gene Boggs X
Gene Caberra Patchwork
Gene Chandler Here's to Love
Gene Chandler The Two Sides of Gene Chandler
Gene Chandler There Was A Time!
Gene Coleman & Raed Yassin The Adventures of Nabil Fawzi
Gene Corman Gene Corman
Gene Cotton The Edgehill File
Gene Deer & The Blues Band Livin' With the Blues
Gene Deer & The Blues Band Soul Tender
Gene DiNovi meets Spike Robinson At the Stables
Gene Douglas I Believe in Dreams
Gene Dunlap Party In Me
Gene Ess Absurdist Theater
Gene Ess Sandbox and Sanctum
Gene Estribou / Jean-Paul Pickens Intensifications
Gene Eugene, Michael Knott & Terry Taylor Alternative Worship: Prayer, Petitions and Praise
Gene Evaro Jr. Like It's 1965
Gene Evaro Jr. Soul (How I Keep Movin' On)
Gene Evaro Jr. Too Good To Believe
Gene Farris In The Screen
Gene Hadley A World Full Of Comedians
Gene Hadley Alone In My Gallantry (Remaster 2019)
Gene Hadley Retrospect
Gene Hardy Blow! Blow! Blow!
Gene Hardy Gene Hardy & The Pip Squeek Orchestra
Gene Harris Yesterday, Today & Tomorrow
Gene Hunt Welcome Home
Gene Kasidit Blonde
Gene Koshinski Layers
Gene Krupa Krupa Rocks
Gene Krupa Quartet The Gene Krupa Quartet
Gene Krupa and His Orchestra What’s This?
Gene Krupa/Lionel Hampton/Teddy Wilson Playing Some Of The Selections They Played In The Benny Goodman Movie
Gene Lake Cycles
Gene Lake The Kingdom Within
Gene Louis Volume 1
Gene Loves Jezebel & Jay Aston X - Love Death Sorrow
Gene Ludwig Trio Organ Out Loud
Gene McDaniels 100 Lbs. of Clay
Gene Meldrum So Much More
Gene Micofsky Amusia
Gene Moore The Future
Gene Moore Tunnel Vision
Gene October Life and Struggle
Gene Owens Beautifully Strange
Gene Page Love Starts After Dark
Gene Page Lovelock!
Gene Parsons Melodies
Gene Parsons & Meridian Green Birds Of A Feather
Gene Parsons, Joe Craven & Bill Douglass Bluegrass Season's Greetings
Gene Paul McCahill Stirring
Gene Paul McCahill Talk to Me
Gene Pick Lacing the Air
Gene Pitney Golden Greats
Gene Pitney Meets the Fair Young Ladies of Folkland
Gene Pitney Pitney '75
Gene Pitney & Melba Montgomery Being Together
Gene Pokorny Tuba Tracks
Gene Pritsker Trio Gene Pritsker Trio
Gene Pritsker's Sound Liberation Varieties of Religious Experience Suite: VRE Suite
Gene Pritsker, Erik T. Johnson Stray-In-Place (Song Cycle)
Gene Rice G3
Gene Rice Gene Rice
Gene Rockwell & Joanna Field You & I
Gene Rodgers Jazz Comes to The Astor
Gene Shaw Carnival Sketches
Gene Shaw Debut in Blues
Gene Simmons Jumpin' Gene Simmons
Gene Summers Gene Summers In Nashville
Gene Summers Reminisce Cafe
Gene Taylor Handmade
Gene The Southern Child A Ride With The Southern Child
Gene The Southern Child Southern Meridian
Gene The Werewolf The Loner
Gene Thomas Ontvlambaar
Gene Tracy Rhinestone Truck Driver
Gene Tracy Truckstop #13 I Like Drunks
Gene Vincent Gene Vincent
Gene Vincent Gene Vincent Rocks! and the Blue Caps Roll
Gene Vincent Memorial Album
Gene Vincent Rhythm In Blue
Gene Watson ...Sings
Gene Watson 22 Golden Country Greats
Gene Watson A Taste of the Truth
Gene Watson At His Best
Gene Watson Between This Time & the Next Time
Gene Watson Gene Watson
Gene Watson Gene Watson's Beautiful Country
Gene Watson Heartaches, Love & Stuff
Gene Watson Honky Tonk Crazy
Gene Watson In a Perfect World
Gene Watson Love in the Hot Afternoon
Gene Watson Love in the Hot Afternoon (Gustro)
Gene Watson No One Will Ever Know
Gene Watson Old Loves Never Die
Gene Watson Paper Rosie
Gene Watson Real. Country. Music.
Gene Watson Reflections / Should I Come Home
Gene Watson Should I Come Home
Gene Watson Starting New Memories
Gene Watson This Dream's On Me
Gene and Joe & The Valley Troubadours Sing Favorite Songs
Gene on Earth Local Fuzz
Gene on Earth Time on the Vine
Genepool Sendung Signale
Genepool Spalter!
Gener Cante el cos elèctric
Gener El temps del llop
Gener Oh, germanes!
Generace Rock Už jsem z toho blbej
Generacion 12 Despierta mi corazón
Generación 12 El castillo de la verdad
Generación 12 El guerrero David
Generación 12 El soñador José
Generación 12 Emanuel
Generación 12 Encontro glorioso
Generación 12 Eres Santo
Generación 12 La creación
Generación 12 Mientras viva
Generación 12 Pequeños héroes
Generación 12 Seguro estoy
Generación 12 Somos um
Generación 12 Somos uno
Generación 12 Todo lo haces nuevo
Generación 12 Tú nos salvarás
Generación Perú Música de viento y tumbre
Generación Suicida Con la muerte a tu lado
Generación Suicida Regeneración
Generación Suicida Sombras
Generación Suicida Todo termina
General General Midnight
General Bizarre Do It On The Floor
General Blues Band In the Pocket
General Braguette General Braguette
General Chaos Calamity Circus
General D Kanimambo
General D La mafia del funk
General Dynamics Weaponize Your Dreams
General Elektriks Party Like a Human
General Franco Lee Ezute And His Harmony International Band Onye Kata-Obia
General Grant Mr. Energizer
General Humbert II
General Jah Mikey Jah Mission Is Timeless
General Joe & Dub Master Dan A Brief Moment
General Johnson Generally Speaking
General Kanene Mwai Wa Galu
General Kanene Police
General Knas Charmörerna presenterar General Knas med vänner
General Knas Reggaestrerad
General Lafayette King of the Hearts
General Lafayette Pierrot
General Lee Rough, Rugged & Raw
General Levy meets Bonnot 4ward
General Magic Nein Aber Ja
General Magic Softbop
General Malice Champion Sound Jungle
General Marcus Remember Me
General Men The Drier Months
General Midnight Remixes
General Mindy Delusions of Grandeur
General Mumble General Mumble
General Mumble PWR ON. 2k15
General Mumble Songs About The Green One (and others)
General Mumble ~ Interrobang Pie ~ Glaze ~ JackTHerbert And So It Came to Pass
General Musician Themamen
General Ozzy 5 Star
General Panic Nation of Elation
General Plough Midnight Rock
General Prince Adekunle and His Supersonic Sounds General Prince Adekunle and His Supersonic Sounds
General Purpose First Show
General Roots Walk Tall
General Sherman 4 Matches Left
General Smiley meets McPullish General Smiley meets McPullish at Dub Cove
General Steele Welcome to Bucktown
General Steele & Es‐K AmeriKKKa's Nightmare III - City Under Siege
General Steele & Es‐K Building Bridges
General Stratocuster & The Marshals Dirty Boulevard
General Stratocuster & The Marshals Double Trouble
General Stratocuster & The Marshals General Stratocuster and the Marshals
General Stratocuster & The Marshals Get a Lawyer
General T.K. I Spy
General T.K. I'm Wicked
General Tso's Fury General Tso's Fury
General Tso's Fury Where Has the Music Gone?
General Woo Krv nije voda
General Woo Takozvani
General the Pimp Give It to Me
Generasion Ciudad de luz
Generasion Yo soy Generasion
Generation Brutal Reality
Generation Aldi Fat Is Action!
Generation Dead The Truth Has All Been Said...
Generation Decline Battle Anthems
Generation Empty Synthetic Smiles
Generation Empty The Art of Dehumanization
Generation Fuck Snapshots
Generation Gap License to Skank
Generation Gap No Matter of Age
Generation J Secret Place
Generation Kill MKUltra
Generation Loss Generation Loss
Generation Lossless Advertising Films
Generation Lossless Portrait in Circuit
Generation Radio Generation Radio
Generation Recovery A Different State of Mind
Generation Simulation Fluorescent
Generation Simulation Routines
Generation Steel Lionheart
Generation Steel The Eagle Will Rise
Generation Y Welcome to Youtopia
Generation next Dominion city
Generationals Heatherhead
Generations Field Emerging Music Entertainment, LLC
Generator Open Eyes
Generator M Generator M
Generator! Rock This World
Generators Fake
Generators Shiny Mama
Generdyn Chronicles
Generic COSM
Generic Coax
Generic Crux
Generic Gay Nerd
Generic Torture
Generic Voices - A Phenomenological Study
Generic Blondes Mean American Dream
Generic Doom Band Name Acoustic Covers
Generic Doom Band Name Staff of Fire
Generichrist House of Ill Repute
Generichrist Insomniac Death Parade
Generichrist Taste of Death
Generifus 2006-2007
Generifus Free Ways
Generifus a meeting
Generifus soft climb
Generous Men More Than Meets the Eye
Generous Men Through the Eyes of a Child
Generál Generál II.
Generál Heart of Rock
Generál Staféta
Generál Zenegép / Piros bicikli
Genesis Brass Choralfantasien
Genesis Brass Choralfantasien II
Genesis Brass Jericho
Genesis Brass Niemals war die Nacht so klar
Genesis Brass Niemals war die Nacht so klar II
Genesis Breyer P-Orridge & Bryin Dall She Loves
Genesis Elijah Blurred
Genesis Elijah Private Moments In Public
Genesis Elijah Vision
Genesis Owusu Missing Molars
Genesis Owusu STRUGGLER
Genesis Owusu Smiling with No Teeth
Genesis P-Orridge Painful 7 Inches
Genesis P-Orridge + Thee Majesty Mary Never Wanted Jesus
Genesis P-Orridge / Z’EV Direction Ov Travel
Genesis Was Fake No Humans No Mistakes
Genesis da God Ain Sufi the Oarsman
Genessier Graces the Bone
Genetic Memory Orchestra allourheartstogether / allourheartsasone
Genetic Mutation Toxic Force
Genetic Soul People Like Wolves
Genetic Transmission Lullabies
Genetic Transmission Spójrzcie Пожалуйста, Jakie Piękne Macie Gęby
Genetic Transmission Strychnina (Music for Acoustic Installations)
Genetic Variation Fortress of Solitude
Genetic Wisdom Humanity on Parole
Genetic Wisdom The Fear Dimension
Genetic druGs Contagious
Genetic druGs Contagious Remixes & South Indian Paraphernalia
Genetic druGs Karma Pharma
Genetikk Foetus (10 Years Anniversary Edition)
Genetikk MDNA
Genetiks De Bello Genetiko
Genetiks Schwarzbuch Deutscher Postpunk
Genetix Genetix
Geneva Baroque Duo For Lute & Bass Viol... A Recital of 16th Century Music from Italy, France & England
Geneva Drive Soft Like Fire
Geneva Skeen Dark Speech
Geneva Skeen Double Bind
Geneva Skeen Turning of the Day
Genevieve Regressionism
Genevieve Artadi Forever Forever
Genevieve Chadwick Playing For Change Presents
Genevieve Chadwick Riding The Wind Forgetting Time
Genevieve Dawson Letters I Won’t Send
Genevieve Elmes Bare
Genevieve Goings & Rob Cantor Disney Junior Music: Ready for Preschool Vol. 2
Genevieve Goings & Rob Cantor Disney Junior Music: Ready for Preschool Vol. 5
Genevieve Goings & Rob Cantor Disney Junior Music: Ready for Preschool Vol. 7
Genevieve Jaide For Him
Genevieve Jaide I’m Not Who You Think I Am
Genevieve Lacey & Poul Høxbro Upon a Time
Genevieve Marentette Gigi
Genevieve Maynard Enter
Genevieve Maynard The Hollow Way
Genevieve Stokes Swimming Lessons
Geneviève Bilodeau Youpelaille!
Geneviève Binette Sous Notre Peau
Geneviève Jodoin Amis Chemin
Geneviève Jodoin G
Geneviève Jodoin Tableaux
Geneviève Laloy Allumettes
Geneviève Laloy Bleue
Geneviève Laloy Si la Terre ...
Geneviève Laurenceau, David Bismuth Paris 1900
Geneviève Leclerc Big Band
Geneviève Leclerc Celle que Je suis
Geneviève Leclerc Les duos de Gen
Geneviève Leclerc Portfolio
Geneviève Letarte Chansons d'un jour
Geneviève Morissette Me V'Là
Geneviève Paris Geneviève Paris
Geneviève Paris Sixième Sens
Geneviève Racette Les aurores boréales
Geneviève Racette No Water, No Flowers
Geneviève Racette Satellite
Geneviève Schneider Accompagner à la guitare les chansons enfantines
Geneviève Schneider Pirouettes
Geneviève Schneider Pomme d'amour
Geneviève Toupin Geneviève Toupin
Genfukei Astral Basis
Genfukei Determined Times
Genfukei Genfukei
Genfukei Golden Hopes
Genfukei Kirameki
Genfukei Leave No Trace
Genfukei Metanoia
Genfukei Saikai
Genfukei Toumei
Genfukei & Yurikago Sonic Tapestry
Genfærd Blodhævn
Geng Screwing Yourself To Live: A Chopped & Slowed Tribute To Black Sabbath
Gengahr Red Sun Titans
Gengahr Sanctuary
Genghis Angus 12 Days
Genghis Barbie Genghis Barbie
Genghis Tron Dream Weapon
Gengis Khan Colder Than Heaven
Gengis Khan Gengis Khan Was a Rocker
Gengis Khan Possessed by the Moon
Genia Tobin - Els Valldemossa Erzherzog Ludwig Salvador in Mallorca
Genic Process
Genic Rough Nights
Genie Brown A Woman Alone
Genie Cries The Limits of Deviation
Genie Nilsson and Troy Nilsson Sacred Sky
Genio Astros
Genio Musa
Genios de la Cachimba Soberbia
Genital Deformities / Subcaos Who Did This To My Sister?
Genital Grinder Genital Grinder
Genital Hercules A Trouserful Of Wantonness
Genital Torture Aesthetic Apholestery of Molested Dead Flesh
Genital Warts Parappaio
Genital-A-Tech Hardcore User
Genitalism Deklarasi Bebas
Genius 2000
Genius Genius
Genius Genius
Genius TNT
Genius Hired Guns Dutch Mafia
Genius Minds Your Life - Your Show
Genius Products Connect with Mind, Body & Spirit
Geniuser I Am
Geniuser Mud Black
Genival Lacerda 60 Anos de Forró Com Muita Alegria!
Genival Lacerda Aqui Só Tem Forró
Genival Lacerda Aqui Tem Catimberê
Genival Lacerda As riquezas do Brasil
Genival Lacerda Cabeça Chata
Genival Lacerda Caldinho de Mocotó
Genival Lacerda Este é o cobra do Norte
Genival Lacerda Eu sou Assim
Genival Lacerda Galeguim do Zoi Azu
Genival Lacerda Genival Lacerda
Genival Lacerda Genival Lacerda
Genival Lacerda Genival Lacerda
Genival Lacerda Hot Dog Baiano
Genival Lacerda Maristela
Genival Lacerda Me Dê O Gravador
Genival Lacerda Meu Nordeste
Genival Lacerda Mungangueiro Aloprado
Genival Lacerda Mungangueiro pra Daná, vol.2
Genival Lacerda Negocio da China, Com Aquilo!
Genival Lacerda No Balanço do Forró - Genival Lacerda Canta Luiz Gonzaga
Genival Lacerda Não Despreze Seu Coroa
Genival Lacerda O Brinquedo da Menina
Genival Lacerda O Pensador
Genival Lacerda O Photógrafo
Genival Lacerda O Rambo do Sertão
Genival Lacerda O Rei da Munganga
Genival Lacerda O senador do rojão
Genival Lacerda O “Senador” do Rojão
Genival Lacerda Presente De Nordestino
Genival Lacerda Ralador de Côco
Genival Lacerda Ripa na Chulipa
Genival Lacerda Tributo a Jackson do Pandeiro
Genival Lacerda Troque As Pilhas, Só Não Mate O Véio
Genival Lacerda Vamos Mariquinha
Genival Lacerda & João Lacerda Pai & Filho
Genival Lacerda & Lucio Mauro As trapalhadas de Cazuza e seu Barbalho
Genix 199X
Genji Siraisi CENSORSH!T
Genka & Dew8 Doom
Genka & Dew8 Oleg
Genki Genki Panic Ghoulie High Harmony
Genlog Rosa Lauschen
Gennady Rozhdestvensky, Orchestre de Paris A Russian Festival Gala
Gennaro Cosmo Parlato Remainders
Gennem Tågen Koldt betragtes verden
Genning Evening Space
Geno K The Human Geno Project
Geno Samuel And Vienna
Geno Samuel Cabbage
Geno Samuel Distemper
Geno Samuel June
Geno Samuel Morgana
Geno Samuel Octagon
Geno Samuel Pythagor
Geno Samuel Shadow People
Geno Samuel Shadowplay
Geno Samuel Stigma
Geno Samuel Terra
Geno Samuel The Proselyte's Flux
Geno Samuel Tokyo Computer Music
Geno Washington Put Out the Cat
Geno Washington That's Why Hollywood Loves Me
Geno Washington & The Ram Jam Band Hipsters, Flipsters, Finger-Poppin' Daddies
Geno Washington & The Ram Jam Band Shake A Tail Feather
Genoa Keawe Hula Hou
Genoa Keawe Party Hulas
Genoasejlet Hvordan Mennesket Betvang Havet
Genoasejlet Seksten stjerner, en for hvert et minde
Genoasejlet Ved Linjerne Om Hans Skuldre Navigerede Vi Gennem Mørket
Genobia Jeter Heaven
Genobia Jeter Things “Have” Got to Get Better
Genocide All Must Die
Genocide Apocalyptic Visions
Genocide Blood Spilled
Genocide Celestial Seduction
Genocide Demonic Rituals in the Shadow of Endless Hellfire
Genocide Eerie Evocations
Genocide For Your Mind
Genocide Genocide
Genocide Showtime
Genocide Stranded
Genocide Tears of Agony
Genocide The Art of Lust
Genocide The Vaults of Grief
Genocide Too Long
Genocide / MIA Last Rites for Genocide and MIA
Genocide Generator I
Genocide Kommando Anthems of Mass Massacre
Genocide Lolita Fuck Equality
Genocide Lolita & TSIDMZ Pain Is Everywhere
Genocide Organ Hinrichtung
Genocide Organ Obituary of the Americas
Genocide Organ Save Our Slaves
Genocide Organ 虐殺機関
Genocide Pact Genocide Pact
Genocídio Depression
Genocídio In Love with Hatred
Genocídio One of Them
Genocídio Posthumous
Genocídio Rebellion
Genocídio The Clan
Genocídio Under Heaven None
Genod Droog Ni Oedd Y Genod Droog
Genogeist Genogeist
Genoma Genoma
GenomeTV ゲノムテレビネットワーク
Genophobic Perversion 162 Tracks of Anti-Fascist Noisecore
Genophobic Perversion Acephalous Rituals
Genophobic Perversion Amalgam of Death
Genophobic Perversion Christian Nursery Rhymes for Children
Genophobic Perversion Disembodied
Genophobic Perversion Fun in the Sun
Genophobic Perversion Malodorous Emanations
Genophobic Perversion Noises to Listen to During the Process of Rigor Mortis, Volume One
Genophobic Perversion Rusted Flesh
Genophobic Perversion Suffer the Deceased
Genophobic Perversion Vomit Inducing Sonic Torment
Genosha Our Consequence
Genosha So Far
Genotype Lessons in Depth
Genoveva Ramírez Ochoa Una Voz, Un Sentimiento II
Genoveva Ramírez de Cebrián Una Voz, Un Sentimiento
Genre Peak Preternatural
Genre Peak Your Sleekest Engine
Genreal Mymbloe OFF Trax Vol. 69
Genreal Mymbloe & sc.DURRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111111111111 David Cameron
Genreal Mymbloe ~ Dave! ~ JackTHerbert ~ The Weeaboo Yiff Queen Welcome To My Bumhole
Gens de Lorraine Les petits s'endorment
Gens de la Lune Alors Joue!
Gens de la Lune Gens de la Lune
Gens de la Lune Épitaphe
Gens de la lune Pentacle de lune
Genseric Explosively Formed Penetrator
Genseric / Warlocks Voice To All the Fuckin' Scum / Herus Malus
Gent Kanun
Gente Guasta Qvinto potere
Gente Guasta Sintonizzati
Gente Jodida A por el sobre
Gente Joven I, II, III y IV
Gente Negra Historias de barrio
Gente de Barrio Derribando infiernos
Gente de Zona De menor a mayor
GenteStranaPosse La storia si ripete
Gentiane Musique d'Auvergne
Genticorum Au coeur de l'aube
Genticorum Avant l'orage
Genticorum Enregistré Live
Gentil Solitons 11910s
Gentle Beast Gentle Beast
Gentle Ben and His Sensitive Side Magnetic Island
Gentle Forest Jazz Band GFJB
Gentle Friendly Kaua'i O'o A'a
Gentle Heat Dissolve
Gentle Ivanhoe Death Skulls Beaches
Gentle Knife Clock Unwound
Gentle Leader XIV Channels
Gentle Persuasion Gentle Persuasion
Gentle Readers HiHoney
Gentle Ropes Control
Gentle Ropes Rose Wine & Gallows
Gentle Savage Midnight Waylay
Gentle Sinners These Actions Cannot Be Undone
Gentle Songs and Slow Ayres West over the Sea
Gentle Stranger Inner Winter
Gentle Stranger Love and Unlearn
Gentle Tuesday A Gentlemans Laundry
Gentle Veincut Concrete Landing
Gentle Veincut Cupid Mount Etna
Gentle Veincut Gentle Veincut
Gentle Veincut The Last Of The Atomic Angels
Gentle Veincut The Return Of Mrs.Brain
GentleBeatz Away from Home
GentleBeatz Bedroom Concert
GentleBeatz Floating
GentleBeatz Lost Skies
GentleBeatz Moon Tears
GentleBeatz Soul City
Gentlefolk Into the Greenwood
Gentlehood Gentlehood
Gentleman Blaue Stunde
Gentleman MAD WORLD
Gentleman Jesse Lose Everything
Gentleman June Gardner Bustin' Out
Gentleman Junkie From The Moment That I Saw You
Gentleman Lounge Dining Cult REAL CONNECTION™
Gentleman Lounge Dining Cult Satisfy Your Thirst™
Gentleman Reg Leisure Life
Gentleman Reg Make Me Pretty
Gentleman Reg The Theoretical Girl
Gentleman Speaker Gentleman Speaker
Gentleman Speaker The Well Between Continents
Gentleman! Opowiem Ci Kilka Historii
Gentleman’s Dub Club Down to Earth
Gentleman’s Dub Club On a Mission
Gentlemen 12 Endings
Gentlemen & Gangsters Sleepy Time
Gentlemen Afterdark Gentlemen Afterdark
Gentlemen Hall Lost Levels
Gentlemen Of Verona Soundtrack to a Movie That Never Was
Gentlemen and Scholars Revelry
Gentlemen and Scholars The Fault
Gentlemen and Scholars The Record, the Keepsake, and the Thief
Gentlemen and Scholars Thick As Mud
Gentlemen and Their Ladies Party Time
Gentlemen of Blue Grass Lester's Flatt
Gentlemen of Leisure Gentlemen of Leisure
Gentlemen of the Court One
Gentlemen's Blues Club Red White and Blue!
Gently Scar'd No Pink Flowers
Gently Tender Take Hold of Your Promise!
Gentoo The City Came To Me In A Dream
Gentoo The Dragon
Gentra Pasundan Degung Group Degung - Bulan Dagoan
Gentry & Mr. Kane Gangstarock
Gentry Fox Rare Demo Shit, Vol. 2
Gentry Fox The View From Nowhere
Gentry Morris Awake O Sleeper
Gents Madrigaalkoor, Johan Duijck Wolcum Yole!
Genuflexión Animal Religioso
Genuflexión Padre de todos los abismos
Genuim Ambivalence
Genuine Give Up
Genuine The Pessimist Project
Genuine Childs Genuine Childs
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Geof Bradfield, Noel Kupersmith & Ted Sirota Rule of Three
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Geof Bradfield, Victor Garcia, Joel Adams, Jeff Parker, Ryan Cohan, Clark Sommers, George Fludas & Maggie Burrell Melba!
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Geoff Goodman Quintet Tall Tales and Dreams
Geoff Goodman, Fjoralba Turku At the Middle
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Geoff Kaufman Fair Stood the Wind
Geoff Kaufman Folk Songs of the Catskills: A Celebration of Camp Woodland
Geoff Kaufman Huzza Old Ironsides!: Her Life and Times in Song
Geoff Kaufman Restless Waters
Geoff Kaufman Sea Song Sampler: Ballads, Chanteys & More
Geoff Kaufman Tree of Life: Geoff Kaufman Live in Concert
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Geoff Stelling's Hard Times Bluegrass Band Hard Driving!
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Geoff Stradling & the StradBand Nimble Digits
Geoff Towner The Tolnex Archives Vol. 2: The Home Alone Years Part 1 (1994)
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Geography of Hell Beijing 1989
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Geometry Combat Tanz der Schatten
Geomystery Ancient Dreams
Geordie Rock U Gently
Geordie Little A Journey into Seahorse Valley
Georg Bauernfeind Hurra!
Georg Baum Bardic Chill Out
Georg Benda; Howard Shelley, London Mozart Players Piano Concerto in F minor / Piano Concerto in G minor / Piano Concerto in G major / Piano Concerto in B minor
Georg Berhausen-Land Saitenblicke
Georg Boeßner Vier The ClimaX Changes
Georg Bossert + Die Bläck Fööss 21 Wagen mit Musik und Spielen
Georg Breinschmid Wien bleibt Krk
Georg Böhm, Johann Gottfried Walther, Dietrich Buxtehude, Heinrich Scheidemann, Georg Muffat & Vincent Lübeck Schnitgerorgel der AA-kerk Groningen / Christiaan Teeuwsen
Georg Böhm; Capella Sancti Georgi, Musica Alta Ripa, Ralf Popken Mein Freund ist mein - Cantatas
Georg Christoph Wagenseil; Echo du Danube, Alexander Weimann Concerts choisis
Georg Christoph Wagenseil; Ensemble Klingekunst Trio Sonatas
Georg Clementi Anno Clementi
Georg Demel Quartett Pale Blue Dot
Georg Deuter Princess of Dawn / Soundtrack
Georg Friedrich Haas Einklang freier Wesen
Georg Friedrich Haas; Dimitrios Polisoidis, Lukas Schiske, Georg Schulz, Klangforum Wien, Sylvain Cambreling Wer, wenn ich schriee, hörte mich ... / "... Einklang freier Wesen ..." / Nacht-Schatten / "..."
Georg Friedrich Haas; Kairos Quartett Streichquartette 1 und 2
Georg Friedrich Haas; Sophie-Mayuko Vetter, Arditti Quartet, SWR Experimentalstudio Ein Schattenspiel / String Quartets no. 4 & no. 7
Georg Friedrich Haendel; L’Assemblée des honnestes curieux, Amandine Beyer, Antoine Torunczyk, Alba Roca, Baldomero Barciela, Chia-pin Kuo Sonatas in Several Parts
Georg Friedrich Haendel; Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra Concerti Grossi Op. 6, Nr. 5-8
Georg Friedrich Handel; The Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra, Ton Koopman 6 Organ Concertos
Georg Friedrich Händel 7 Trio Sonatas, Op. 5 (La Stravaganza Salzburg)
Georg Friedrich Händel Alceste (soprano: Lucy Crowe; tenor: Benjamin Hulett; bass-baritone: Andrew Foster-Williams; Early Opera Company; conductor: Christian Curnyn)
Georg Friedrich Händel Der Messias (Chorsingen - leicht gemacht)
Georg Friedrich Händel Himmlischer Händel
Georg Friedrich Händel Israel in Egypt
Georg Friedrich Händel Judas Maccabaeus (The Vienna State Opera Orchestra & Academy Chorus feat. conductor: Thomas Scherman)
Georg Friedrich Händel La Resurrezione (The Amsterdam Baroque Orchestra, feat. conductor: Ton Koopman, singers: Argenta, Schlick, Laurens, De Mey, Mertens)
Georg Friedrich Händel Learn Handel's Messiah - Bass Enhanced
Georg Friedrich Händel Messiah (Sutherland / Bumbry / McKellar / Ward / Sir Adrian Boult)
Georg Friedrich Händel Messiah (Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra and Chamber Choir feat. conductor: Ivars Taurins)
Georg Friedrich Händel Messiah: Highlights
Georg Friedrich Händel Music for the Royal Fireworks
Georg Friedrich Händel Music for the Royal Fireworks, Watermusic Suite (Slovak Chamber Orchestra feat. Oliver Dohnanyi)
Georg Friedrich Händel Orgelkonzerte
Georg Friedrich Händel Orgelkonzerte Volume 1 (Karl Richter)
Georg Friedrich Händel Samson (Lodon Voices & English Chamber Orchestra feat. conductor: Raymond Leppard)
Georg Friedrich Händel The Best of Händel
Georg Friedrich Händel The Gift of Messiah
Georg Friedrich Händel The Messiah (Collegium Cantorum Uppsala Cathedral. conductor: Lars Angerdal)
Georg Friedrich Händel Tolomeo (Händelfestspielorchester Halle, feat. conductor: Howard Arman, singers: Köhler, Perillo, Lichtenstein, Bannatyne-Scott, Lane)
Georg Friedrich Händel Tra le Fiamme: Cantatas of George Frideric Handel (Seattle Baroque Orchestra feat. Ellen Hargis: soprano, Ingrid Matthews: violin, Byron Schenkman: harpsichord)
Georg Friedrich Händel Water Music Suite; The Royal Fireworks Music; Music for Ancient Instruments
Georg Friedrich Händel Üben mit Spaß
Georg Friedrich Händel - Nicholas McGegan, Philharmonia Baroque Orchestra, Drew Minter Opera Arias Volume 1 - Arias For Senesino
Georg Friedrich Händel – Kammerchor Stuttgart, Barockorchester Stuttgart, Frieder Bernius Messiah
Georg Friedrich Händel, Antonio Vivaldi, Frank Martin; Sofia Chamber Orchestra, Vassil Kazandjiev Händel: Overtures and Dances from Alcina, HWV 34 / Vivaldi: Symphony in G major / Martin: 5 Etudes for String Orchestra
Georg Friedrich Händel, Johann Sigismund Weiss; Concert Royal Köln Verschlungene Pfade: Sämtliche Oboensonaten
Georg Friedrich Händel, Karina Gauvin, Russell Braun, Les Violons du Roy, Bernard Labadie Apollo E Dafne & Silete Venti
Georg Friedrich Händel, Sir Charles Mackerras Judas Maccabaeus Oratorio
Georg Friedrich Händel, Sir Colin Davis The Messiah (highlights)
Georg Friedrich Händel; Adele Stolte Neun deutsche Arien & Pastorelle vagha bella
Georg Friedrich Händel; Anthony Newman The Eight Great Suites for the Harpsichord
Georg Friedrich Händel; Berliner Singakademie, Kammerorchester Berlin Friedensode & Utechter Te Deum
Georg Friedrich Händel; Byron Schenkman Harpsichord Variations
Georg Friedrich Händel; Camerata Köln Sämtliche Bläsersonaten für Blockflöte, Traversflöte/Oboe
Georg Friedrich Händel; Carolyn Sampson & Robin Blaze, Orchestra of the Age of Enlightenment, Nicholas Kraemer Great Oratorio Duets
Georg Friedrich Händel; Carolyn Watkinson, Nigel Robson, Donna Brown, Ashley Stafford, Stephen Varcoe, English Baroque Soloists, Monteverdi Choir, Sir John Eliot Gardiner Alexander's Feast, HWV 75
Georg Friedrich Händel; Cristiano Holtz Suites de pièces pour le clavecin
Georg Friedrich Händel; Eduard Müller; Hans J. Zingel; Schola Cantorum Basiliensis; August Wenzinger Quattro Concerti Per L'organo Ed Altri Stromenti
Georg Friedrich Händel; Eduard Müller; Schola Cantorum Basiliensis; August Wenzinger Quattro Concerti Per L'Organo
Georg Friedrich Händel; Elisabeth Speiser, Jaap Schröder, Johann Sonnleitner, Käthi Gohl Neun Deutsche Arien (Nine German Arias)
Georg Friedrich Händel; Hamburg Soloists, Emil Klein Concerti Grossi Op. 6, Volume 1: Nos. 1, 2, 5, 6
Georg Friedrich Händel; Hamburg Soloists, Emil Klein Concerti Grossi Op. 6, Volume 3: Nos. 9-12
Georg Friedrich Händel; I Barocchisti, Diego Fasolis Ode For St. Cecilia's Day HWV 76 / Concerto For Organ HWV 295 / Coronation Anthems HWV 258
Georg Friedrich Händel; Isolde Ahlgrimm Keyboard Suites Nos. 1-4 / Prelude And Chaconne in G Major
Georg Friedrich Händel; Karlheinz Böhm Georg Friedrich Händel: Sein Leben – seine Musik
Georg Friedrich Händel; L'Arte Dell'Arco, Federico Guglielmo Water Music / Music For The Royal Fireworks
Georg Friedrich Händel; László Czidra, Harsányi Zsolt, Zsuzsa Pertis, Pál Kelemen Recorder Sonatas, op. 1 nos. 1, 2, 4, 7 and 11
Georg Friedrich Händel; Matthias Kirschnereit, Deutsche Kammerakademie Neuss, Lavard Skou Larsen Six Piano Concertos, op. 7
Georg Friedrich Händel; Musici di San Marco, Francesco Macci Music for the Royal Fireworks / Water Music
Georg Friedrich Händel; Münchener Bach‐Orchester, English Chamber Orchestra, Karl Richter 3 Concerti Grossi - Feuerwerksmusik
Georg Friedrich Händel; Rundfunk‐Sinfonieorchester Berlin, Helmut Koch Wassermusik / Feuerwerksmusik
Georg Friedrich Händel; Russell Oberlin Russell Oberlin Sings Handel Arias
Georg Friedrich Händel; Stuttgarter Kantorei, Ensemble 94, Kay Johannsen Solomon
Georg Friedrich Händel; Stéphanie Houtzeel, The Bouts Ensemble Italienische Liebeskantaten und Kammermusik
Georg Friedrich Händel; Susan Gritton, Lisa Milne, James Bowman, John Mark Ainsley, Michael George, Choirs of New College, Oxford and the King's Consort, The King’s Consort, Robert King The Occasional Oratorio
Georg Friedrich Händel; Tafelmusik Baroque Orchestra, Jeanne Lamon Music for the Royal Fireworks | Concerti a due cori
Georg Friedrich Händel; Tafelmusik Chamber Choir & Orchestra, Ivars Taurins Messiah: The Complete Choruses
Georg Friedrich Händel; Vesselina Kasarova, Il Complesso Barocco, Alan Curtis Sento brillar: Arias for Carestini
Georg Gabler After Midnight
Georg Gabler The Mystical Powers Of Shaolin Kung Fu
Georg Gebel Christmas Oratorio / New Year's Oratorio
Georg Goltermann; Jamal Aliyev, ORF Vienna Radio Symphony Orchestra, Howard Griffiths Cello Concerto no. 1, op. 14 / Symphony, op. 20
Georg Graewe Concert San Francisco - Gedächtnisspuren: 7 Klavierstücke
Georg Graewe Fantasiestücke I-XIII
Georg Graewe Stills and Stories
Georg Graewe & Sonic Fiction Orchestra Fortschritt und Vergnügen
Georg Graewe GrubenKlangOrchester Flavours, Fragments
Georg Graewe With Marcio Mattos And Michael Vatcher Impressions of Monk
Georg Graewe | Frank Gratkowski | Fred Lonberg-Holm Trilinear Polarity
Georg Graewe, Barre Phillips, Peter van Bergen Other Songs
Georg Graewe, Damon Smith, Michael Vatcher Unhesitating
Georg Graewe, Kent Kessler, Hamid Drake For Trio (16 Fantasiestücke)
Georg Grisloff, Reiner Winterschladen, Ralph Hintzen, Andreas Fragel, Rudi Weiss Weiss Gallery
Georg Gräwe Passing Scopes
Georg Gräwe Six Studies for Piano Solo
Georg Gräwe & GrubenKlangOrchester Songs and Variations
Georg Gräwe Quintet Pink Pong
Georg Gräwe Quintett New Movements
Georg Handel; Philharmonia Slavonica, Henry Adolph Georg Handel; Philharmonica Slavonica, Henry Adolph
Georg Hofmann & Brian Allen El Sur
Georg Hofmann, Lucas Niggli Mute Songs & Drumscapes
Georg Joseph Vogler Musik am Hofe Carl Theodors Vol. 3
Georg Joseph Vogler, London Mozart Players & Matthias Bamert Vogler: Symphonies, Overtures and Ballets
Georg Kallweit, Björn Colell Passaggio – Eine barocke Alpenüberquerung
Georg Katzer Imaginäre Dialoge
Georg Kreisler Seltsame Gesänge von und mit Georg Kreisler
Georg Kreisler & Barbara Peters Wenn die schwarzen Lieder wieder blüh'n
Georg Kreisler / Barbara Peters Mit dem Rücken gegen die Wand
Georg Kreisler und Barbara Peters Gruselkabinett
Georg Kröll; Udo Falkner Tagebuch für Klavier
Georg Laube Sonnenmondhorizont
Georg Muffat Propitia Sydera
Georg Muffat, Antonio Bertali, Heinrich Ignaz Franz Biber von Bibern, Johann Heinrich Schmelzer;Cappella Murensis & Les Cornets Noirs Missa In Labore Requies
Georg Muffat; Concerto Copenhagen, Lars Ulrik Mortensen Armonico Tributo
Georg Muffat; Holland Baroque Society, Matthew Halls Concertos I - VII
Georg Muffat; Jaroslav Tůma Apparatus Musico-Organisticus
Georg Muffat; Joseph Kelemen Apparatus musico-organisticus
Georg Neureiter Deepest Blue
Georg Philipp Telemann CD Georg Philipp Telemann - Suites For Orchestra: Philharmoic Virtuoso Richard Kapp (conductor)
Georg Philipp Telemann Christmas Cantatas II
Georg Philipp Telemann Concerti y cuarteto para instrumentos de madera
Georg Philipp Telemann Don Quichotte auf der Hochzeit des Comacho
Georg Philipp Telemann Musique de Table/Tafelmusik
Georg Philipp Telemann Musique de Table/Tafelmusik (Third Production)
Georg Philipp Telemann Musique de table: Suite No. 3
Georg Philipp Telemann Opera Arias
Georg Philipp Telemann St Matthew Passion 1746
Georg Philipp Telemann Telemann Chamber Music
Georg Philipp Telemann Telemann Tafelmusik
Georg Philipp Telemann Telemann: Sonaten, Trios, Concerti
Georg Philipp Telemann & Apollo Chamber Ensemble Telemann: Chamber Music
Georg Philipp Telemann & Claudio Colombo Telemann: 36 Fantasias for Keyboard, Vol. 1: Nos. 1 - 12
Georg Philipp Telemann & Epoca Barocca Telemann: Trios & Quartets
Georg Philipp Telemann & Florilegium Telemann: Concertos & Cantata Ihr Völker Hört / Florilegium
Georg Philipp Telemann & Paolo Pandolfo Fantasias for Viola da gamba
Georg Philipp Telemann & Seiya Ueno 12 Fantasias for Flute Solo, TWV 40:2-13
Georg Philipp Telemann , Ludger Rémy Kapitänsmusik 1724 (TVWV 15:2)
Georg Philipp Telemann / La Rêveuse Trios & quatuors avec viole de gambe
Georg Philipp Telemann, Christoph Bernhard Telemann: Christmas cantatas / Berhard: Weihnachtskonzert
Georg Philipp Telemann, Christoph Förster, Anonymus, Joseph Haydn, Johann Beer; Peter Damm, Kammerorchester der Deutschen Staatsoper Berlin, Hartmut Haenchen Hornkonzerte der Vorklassik
Georg Philipp Telemann, Chœur des jeunes de Lausanne, Kammerorchester Pro Arte München, Kurt Redel, Agnes Giebel, Ira Malaniuk, Theo Altmeyer, Horst Günter & Heinz Rehfuss Markus–Passion von 1759 / St. Mark Passion (1759) /Magnificat in C / Magnificat in G
Georg Philipp Telemann, Das Kleine Konzert, Rheinische Kantorei & Hermann Max Lukas Passion 1748
Georg Philipp Telemann, Giuseppe Baldassare Sammartini, George Frideric Handel, David Munrow, Academy of St Martin in the Fields & Sir Neville Marriner Telemann: Suite in A minor / Sammartini: Concerto in F / Handel: Concerto in B flat
Georg Philipp Telemann, Johann Heinrich Schmelzer, Francesco Onofrio Manfredini, Jan Dismas Zelenka, Johann Joachim Quantz; Virtuosi Saxoniae, Ludwig Güttler The Solists of the Virtuosi Saxoniae
Georg Philipp Telemann, Maurice André, Hedwig Bilgram & Orchestre de chambre Jean‐François Paillard Telemann in Hamburg
Georg Philipp Telemann, Paolo Beschi, Max van Egmond, Marco Facchin & Wondr'ous Machine Telemann: Cantatas & Chamber Music
Georg Philipp Telemann, Peter Kooij & L'Armonia Sonora Telemann: Die Stille Nacht
Georg Philipp Telemann, Simon Standage & Collegium Musicum 90 Overtures and Concertos
Georg Philipp Telemann, Sébastien Marq, Pierre Hantaï & Le Concert Français Telemann: Essercizii Musici, Trio, Solos & Fantaisies
Georg Philipp Telemann; Academy of St Martin in the Fields Wind Concertos
Georg Philipp Telemann; Altberg Ensemble, Peter Van Heyghen Suites & Concerto
Georg Philipp Telemann; American Baroque The Paris Quartets
Georg Philipp Telemann; Anca Vasile Caraman Zwölf Fantasien für Violine ohne Bass
Georg Philipp Telemann; Andrea Mogavero Twelve Fantasias for Flute Without Bass, TWV 40:2–13
Georg Philipp Telemann; Antoine Tamestit, Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin, Sabine Fehlandt, Bernhard Forck Viola Concertos / Overtures / Fantasias
Georg Philipp Telemann; Ashley Solomon Twelve Fantasias for Solo Flute
Georg Philipp Telemann; Baroque Orchestra Florilegium Musicum, Nikolaus Harnoncourt Pimpinone / Der Tag des Gerichts
Georg Philipp Telemann; Barthold Kuijken, Wieland Kuijken, Robert Kohnen "Sonate Metodiche" 1728 / 1732
Georg Philipp Telemann; Bergen Barokk Harmonischer Gottes-Dienst, Volume 1
Georg Philipp Telemann; Bergen Barokk Harmonischer Gottes-Dienst, Volume Seven
Georg Philipp Telemann; Camerata Köln Concerti da Camera, Vol. 2
Georg Philipp Telemann; Camerata Köln Sonates en Trio pour flûte à bec, hautbois et basse continue
Georg Philipp Telemann; Camerata Köln & Michael Schneider Orchestral Suites (Overtures)
Georg Philipp Telemann; Collegium Pro Musica, Stefano Bagliano Wassermusik
Georg Philipp Telemann; Concentus Musicus Wien, Nikolaus Harnoncourt Darmstadt Overtures
Georg Philipp Telemann; Concentus Musicus of Denmark, I. K. Mathiesen, A. H. Mathiesen Chamber Music With Recorder
Georg Philipp Telemann; Concerto Amsterdam, Frans Brüggen Musique de Table
Georg Philipp Telemann; Daniel Rothert, Elke Martha Umbach, Cologne Chamber Orchestra, Helmut Müller‐Brühl Recorder Suite / Recorder Concertos in C major / E minor / F major
Georg Philipp Telemann; Dorothee Mields, Britta Schwarz, Wilfried Jochens, Dirk Schmidt, Magdeburger Kammerchor, Telemann-Kammerorchester Michaelstein, Ludger Rémy Christmas Cantatas
Georg Philipp Telemann; Elisabeth Scholl, Matthias Rexroth, Henryk Böhm, Tobias Berndt, Dieter Bellmann, Sächsisches Barockorchester, Gotthold Schwarz Germanicus
Georg Philipp Telemann; Elizabeth Wallfisch, The Wallfisch Band Complete Violin Concertos, Vol. 7
Georg Philipp Telemann; Ensemble Vibrations 12 Fantasias
Georg Philipp Telemann; European Baroque Soloists Suite in B minor / Concerto in G major / Six Canonic Sonatas
Georg Philipp Telemann; Fabio Biondi 12 Fantasias for Solo Violin
Georg Philipp Telemann; Florilegium Telemann - Essercizii Musici
Georg Philipp Telemann; Frédéric de Roos, Ricercar Consort Kammermusik mit Blockflöte
Georg Philipp Telemann; Hanna Zumsande, Dominik Wörner, Barockwerk Hamburg, Ira Hochman Cantatas for the Hanoverian Kings of England
Georg Philipp Telemann; Herfurtner, Günther, Ludwig, Strotmann, Kooij, Die Kölner Akademie, Michael Alexander Willens Christmas Cantatas III
Georg Philipp Telemann; Humbert Lucarelli, Gerald Ranck, Alan Brown Telemann's Oboe
Georg Philipp Telemann; Il Fondamento, Paul Dombrecht Ouvertures
Georg Philipp Telemann; Iryna Gintova 12 Fantasias for Solo Violin
Georg Philipp Telemann; Johanna Winkel, Margot Oitzinger, Georg Poplutz, Peter Kooij, Die Kölner Akademie, Michael Alexander Willens Easter Cantatas
Georg Philipp Telemann; John Dornenburg Fantasias for Viola da gamba Solo
Georg Philipp Telemann; Julia Kirchner, Georg Poplutz, La Stagione Frankfurt, Michael Schneider Liebe, was ist schöner als die Liebe
Georg Philipp Telemann; József Gregor, Katalin Farkas, Éva Vámossy, Éva Bártfai-Barta, Julia Paszthy, Guy de Mey, Paul Esswood, Martin Klietmann, Gáti István, Savaria Vocal Ensemble, Capella Savaria, Nicholas McGegan Der Geduldige Socrates
Georg Philipp Telemann; Klaus Mertens, Il Gardellino Bass Cantatas
Georg Philipp Telemann; Kölner Akademie, Michael Alexander Willens Johannis-Oratorium
Georg Philipp Telemann; Kölner Akademie, Michael Alexander Willens Lukas Passion 1728
Georg Philipp Telemann; Les Boréades de Montréal, Manfredo Kraemer Suite & Concertos
Georg Philipp Telemann; L’Orfeo Barockorchester, Carin van Heerden 3 Overture Suites