Release groups of mainly studio albums (status Official and type Album and no secondary types) that contains no releases with any acoustids submitted for any of the tracks in any of the releases within the release group

Report created based on data in Acoustid as of 31/10/2022

Found 535042 release groups of Official status and primary type album and no secondary types with no linked acoustids for any tracks in the releases that belong to the release group, we show 1000 release groups per page.

The report is not continually updated so may not reflect the current data within Acoustid databases.

This shows release groups of studio albums where none of the releases have any acoustids for the recordings within the release, useful if you are working on ensuring your favourite artist has full coverage of their releases. The report is ordered by release group artist, release group name.

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Artist Release Group
The Lighthouse Choir The Lighthouse Choir
The Lighthouse Movement B.C./A.D.
The Lighthouse and the Whaler Talk
The Lightmen Free As You Wanna Be
The Lightnin 3 Morning, Noon & Night
The Lightning Seeds See You in the Stars
The Lightning Strikes The Lightning Strikes
The Lights Beautiful Bird
The Lights Diamonds and Dirt
The Lights From Here Like Ghosts with Steel Shoes
The Lights Out Douglass Sessions '05
The Lightyears Explode The Revenge of Kalicharan
The Lil People Coke Raps
The Lil Smokies Changing Shades
The Lil Smokies Tornillo
The Lil' Fighters Freedom School
The Lil' Hospital Meet the Lil' Hospital
The Lilac Time Return to Us
The Lilacs The Lilacs Rise Above the Filth
The Lilly Brothers Bluegrass Breakdown
The Lilly Brothers & Don Stover What Will I Leave Behind
The Lim Family Launa'ole: Unequalled
The Limba Мы едем домой…
The Limba Я дома.
The Limboos Limbootica!
The Limboos Space Mambo
The Limbs Drunk Tooth and the Bedroom Eye
The Limeliters The Limeliters London Corncert
The Limeybirds All We Want for Christmas
The Limeybirds Live at the Limey Lounge
The Limit Caveman Logic
The Limit Club This is Cutthroat Business
The Limiñanas The World We Knew (OST)
The Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra with Wynton Marsalis Plays the Music of Duke Ellington
The Lincolns Four Boys From Illinois
The Lincolns Take One
The Lincolns Together Again
The Lincolns Tribute to Elvis Presley
The Lincolns Two Parts Whiskey
The Linda Lindas Growing Up
The Lindbergh Baby Hoodwinked
The Lindsays From the Green to the Blue
The Line Auricle
The Line Band Two Hearts Two Flames
The Linemen Close the Place Down
The Lines The Lines
The Lines Therapy
The Lingering Doubts The Lingering Doubts
The Link Quartet Evolution Vol. 1
The Link Quartet & Miss Modus Hotel Constellation
The Linkers Ashes on the Ground
The Linkers Still Waters
The Linus Pauling Quartet Ampalanche
The Linus Pauling Quartet Bag Of Hammers
The Linus Pauling Quartet The Linus Pauling Quartet
The Linus Pauling Quartet Vs Colt38 Psychedelic Battles - Volume Three
The Lion and the Wolf Symptoms
The Lion and the Wolf The Cardiac Hotel
The Lion's Daughter Skin Show
The Lions Rock N Roll Lounge (Sessions EP)
The Lions Sounds Familiar
The Lions World Pirate
The Lionyls The Lionyls II
The Lip Servicers Down Like This
The Lips The Lips
The Liptones Sidospår
The Lique Democracy Manifest
The Lique Times Like These
The Liquid Crystal Project LCP 3
The Liquid Hotplates Barring Inclement Weather
The Liquid Noise Orchestra Below and Beyond
The Liquid Noise Orchestra Loosey
The Liquor Store Colossus
The Liquor Store NightDrive
The Listening The Listening LP
The Listening Planet Dawn in the Sierra Nevadas
The Listies The Listies Drive U Crazy
The Lithium Project Many Worlds Theory
The Little Band from Gingerland Sir Prise
The Little Band from Gingerland Time Out Time
The Little Big Band Members Only
The Little Big Band Truth and Consequence
The Little Black Bottles Let Them Eat Red Velvet Cake
The Little Deaths Destination: Sexy
The Little Elmore Reed Blues Band The Little Elmore Reed Blues Band
The Little Explorer Siderali
The Little Explorer The Little Explorer
The Little Hands of Asphalt Half Empty
The Little Heroes Watch the World
The Little Kicks People Need Love
The Little Lunchies Sing and Dance With the Little Lunchies
The Little Miss Best Self
The Little Penguins Shapes and Shadows
The Little Penguins Taman Shud
The Little Penguins Welcome to the Celebration
The Little Rabbits Grand public
The Little Series Adore A Little
The Little Series Give A Little
The Little Series Play A Little
The Little Series Rejoice A Little
The Little Stevies Attention Shoppers
The Little Stevies Love Your Band
The Little Sunshine Kids I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas
The Little Unsaid December Songs
The Little Unsaid Imagined Hymns & Chaingang Mantras
The Little Unsaid Lick The Future's Lips
The Littlest Birds Live & Lucky
The Littlest Birds Migrations
The Littlest Birds The Littlest Birds
The Littlest Viking Feelings & Stuff
The Lively Ones The Lively Ones
The Liverbirds More Of
The Liverbirds Star-Club Show 4
The Liverpool Judies Pleasant & Delightful
The Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral Choir and Brass Ensemble, Terence Duffy, Richard Lea Music from Midnight Mass at Liverpool Metropolitan Cathedral
The Living The Living
The Living Arrows Breaking The Spell
The Living Arrows Roots and Wings
The Living Daylights Any Way You Want
The Living End Wunderbar
The Living Eyes Living Large
The Living Gods of Haiti Bone Dry
The Living Room Armchair Education
The Living Souls Living Souls Demo
The Living Souls The First Demo
The Living Tombstone zero_one
The Living Tombstone zero_one:reloaded
The Liza Colby Sound High Yellow
The Lizard Queen The Lizard Queen
The Lizard Train Slippery
The Lizards Cold Blooded Kings
The Lizards Reptilicus Maximus
The Lloyd Pack At Home With The Lloyd Pack
The Lloyd Pack I Bet You’ve Got Some Good Stories
The Lloyd Rodgers Group 13
The Lo Yo Yo Extra Weapons
The Lo-F(b)I Lo-f(b)i
The Lo-Fi Art School Crap
The Lo-Fi Conspiracy The Lo-Fi Conspiracy
The Load Load Have Mercy
The Load Levelers The Load Levelers
The Loading Zone One For All
The Loading Zone The Loading Zone
The Loafers City Skanking
The Lobotomites Public Medication
The Local Art Kotodama
The Local Art Neiro
The Local Art ROCKS
The Local Art 人間失格
The Local Band Locals Only (Dark Edition)
The Local Blue Project Blue Beam
The Local Celebrities Almost Famous
The Local Honeys Little Girls Actin’ Like Men
The Local Honeys The Gospel
The Local Honeys The Local Honeys
The Local Strangers Left for Better
The Local Strangers Take What You Can Carry
The Local Train Aalas Ka Pedh
The Local Train Vaaqif
The Loch Ness Mouse New Graffiti
The Loch Ness Mouse The Loch Ness Mouse
The Loch Ness Mouse The Loch Ness Mouse II
The Locomotives Bourgeois Voodoo
The Locust Honey String Band Never Let Me Cross Your Mind
The Lodger Cul-de-sac Of Love
The Loft Club Dreaming the Impossible
The Lofty Pillars When We Were Lost
The Log Cabin Boys Blue Grass Favorites
The Loire Valley Calypsos Chalonnes Island
The Loire Valley Calypsos The Loire Valley Calypsos vs The Great Pink Flamingo
The Lolas Doctor Apache
The Lollipops Pop Narcotics
The Lomg Earth Theory Better Than Yesterday...
The London Ambrosian Singers, Les Menestrels, John McCarthy La Messe Nostre-Dame
The London Apartments Signals & Cities Are Forever
The London Bulgarian Choir Alyana Galyana
The London Bulgarian Choir Goro Le Goro
The London Bulgarian Choir Songs of Forbidden Love
The London Classical Orchestra The History Channel Club Classical Music Collection
The London Diehards / Tattooed Mother Fuckers Looking For Trouble Volume 1
The London Festival Orchestra conducted by Stanley Black Bolero / Polovtsian Dances
The London Film Orchestra Theme Music from T.V.'s Best A.O. Animated Series
The London Fox Players Christmas Jazz
The London Jazz Four The London Jazz Four Take a New Look at the Beatles
The London Jazz Orchestra Dance for Human Folk
The London Mozart Players Alice Mary Smith: Symphony in A Minor; Symphony in C Minor; Andante for Clarinet
The London Oratory Schola Cantorum, Charles Cole Sacred Treasures of Christmas
The London Oratory Schola Cantorum, Charles Cole Sacred Treasures of Spain
The London Oratory School Schola Sacred Treasures of England
The London Philharmonic Orchestra Songs of Christmas
The London Pops Orchestra Award Winning Movie Classics
The London Pops Orchestra Tribute to James Last
The London Ragtime Orchestra Bouncing Around
The London Ragtime Orchestra Easy Winners
The London Ragtime Orchestra Grace and Beauty
The London Rock Symphony Moses and the Impossible Ten
The London Sound Survey Thames
The London Starlight Orchestra and Singers Fresh! Movie Hits
The London Studio Orchestra and The London Big Sound Mini-Skirt
The London Symphony Orchestra, Antal Dorati & Ludwig van Beethoven Antal Dorati conducts Ludwig Van Beethoven, Symphony No. 7 in A Major, OP. 92
The London Theatre Orchestra National Anthems of the World
The London Theatre Orchestra The James Bond Themes
The London Theatre Orchestra and Singers The Best of Charleston
The London West End Singers James Bond - The Movie Themes
The London Wind Quintet Wind Quintets
The Lone Bellow Half Moon Light
The Lone Canary A Lone Winter's Night
The Lone Canary Leave the Gray
The Lone Canary The Lone Canary
The Lone Madman Let the Night Come
The Lone Sharks The Lone Sharks
The Lone Tree In The Woods That Killed Us All APEX
The Lone Tree In The Woods That Killed Us All APEX II
The Lone Tree In The Woods That Killed Us All The Offering
The Lone Tree In The Woods That Killed Us All Transparencies
The Lone Tree In The Woods That Killed Us All Untethered
The Lone Tree In The Woods That Killed Us All Where It All Begins And Where It All Will End
The LoneTones Nature Hatin' Blues
The LoneTones Useful
The Loneliest Monk The Loneliest Monk
The Lonely Denial Ain’t Such a Bad Place to Be
The Lonely Our City
The Lonely Biscuits The Universe In You
The Lonely Heart Show Hope In Shadows
The Lonely Heart Show What Lies Around the Bend
The Lonely Hearts Paper Tapes
The Lonely Heartstring Band Smoke & Ashes
The Lonely Mountains Black Ice
The Lonely Now Captive
The Lonely Now Honest Tear
The Lonely Now Original Intentions
The Lonely Wild Chasing White Light
The Lonely's At The Hop Mit Den Lonely's
The Lonelyhearts Age of Man
The Lonesome Ace Stringband Modern Old-Time Sounds for the Bluegrass & Folksong Jamboree
The Lonesome Ace Stringband Old Time
The Lonesome Architects 15 Songs of Loss, Love, and Longing
The Lonesome Billies Right On time
The Lonesome Heroes Can't Stand Still
The Lonesome Pine Fiddlers Bluegrass!
The Lonesome Pine Fiddlers Kentucky Bluegrass
The Lonesome Pine Fiddlers More Bluegrass!
The Lonesome River Boys Raise a Ruckus
The Lonesome Sisters with Riley Baugus Going Home Shoes
The Lonesome Southern Comfort Company Charles The Bold
The Lonesome Southern Comfort Company Lonesome Southern Comfort Company
The Lonesome Southern Comfort Company The Big Hunt
The Lonesome Strangers Land Of Opportunity
The Lonesomes This Is cow-fi
The Long Champs Straight To Audio
The Long Cold Dark The Long Cold Dark
The Long Decline Wisdomism
The Long Distance Runners Elements
The Long Distance Runners Tracks
The Long Escape The Triptych
The Long Escape The Warning Signal
The Long Hunt All Paths Lead to Here
The Long Hunt Threshold Wanderer
The Long Lost Band One More Mile
The Long Notes In the Shadow of Stromboli
The Long Ocean The Long Ocean
The Long Shots Les' Go
The Long Shots The Long Shots
The Long Tall Texans Los Me Boleros
The Long Tall Texans The Devil Made Us Do It
The Longest Day Night Falls
The Longest Day of the Year Turn Into the Ground
The Longest Johns Between Wind and Water
The Longest Johns Cures What Ails Ya
The Longest Johns Land Shanties
The Longest Johns Smoke & Oakum
The Longest Johns Smoke & Oakum
The Longest Johns Written in Salt
The Longines Symphonette Society Moon River …The Romantic Themes of Henry Mancini
The Longing Bleed
The Longing Tales of Torment
The Longing The Longing
The Lonnie Plaxico Group So Alive
The Loods Stop Fuckin’ Around!
The Look Everybody's Acting
The Look Machine Above This Clouded Mind
The Lookers In Clover
The Lookouts Spy Rock Road
The Loom of Time Grand False Karass
The Loom of Time NihilReich
The Loomers Reeling Down a Road
The Looney Tunes Modern Sounds of the Looney Tunes Band
The Loops Raw & Raked
The Loose Hearts How We Are Now
The Loose Rails Red Turns to Green
The Loosie Man Lsmn
The Loranes Trust
The Lorax Slouching in Your Chair
The Lord Forest Nocturne
The Lord † Petra Haden Devotional
The Lords Birthday-Album 15 Years
The Lords Inside Out
The Lords Now More Than Ever!
The Lords Shakin' All Over '70
The Lords Some Folks By The Lords
The Lords Spitfire Lace
The Lords Stormy
The Lords Ulleogamaxbe
The Lords of Algol Disciple of the Mysteries
The Lords of Altamont Lords Take Altamont
The Lords of Altamont The Wild Sounds of the Lords of Altamont
The Lords of Altamont Tune In, Turn On, Electrify!
The Lords of Sin Nine Levels of Hell
The Lords of Thyme Pellets
The Lordz Family Reunion
The Lord’s The Lord’s
The Lori Mechem Quartet Christmas Is Coming: A Tribute To "A Charlie Brown Christmas"
The Loros Singers Fields of Gold
The Lorrainas Fast Kitties
The Lorrainas Party 'Til It's Dark
The Los Angeles Guitar Quartet New Renaissance
The Los Angeles Guitar Quartet Opalescent
The Losers Not the Dentist
The Losing Hope The Town Without Me
The Lost Early Recordings: Demos, Acoustic And Live 1965-1966
The Lost Wearing Masks
The Lost & Found Alternate Ending
The Lost & Found The Lost & Found
The Lost Bot Binary Life
The Lost Boy Walking Nowhere
The Lost Boys Rogues in a Nation
The Lost Brothers After the Fire After the Rain
The Lost Children of Babylon Words from the Duat: The Book of Anubis
The Lost Chord The Lost Chord
The Lost Domain Palace
The Lost Domain White Man at the Door
The Lost Fingers Coconut Christmas
The Lost Fingers VS.
The Lost Fingers Worldwide Christmas
The Lost Jockey The Lost Jockey
The Lost Jockey The Lost Jockey
The Lost Kentuckians Body And Soul
The Lost Kentuckians with Joe Meadows No One To Welcome Me Home
The Lost Kentuckians with Joe Meadows The Lost Kentuckians with Joe Meadows
The Lost Levels Byebyeland
The Lost Lovers Brigade Little Skeletons
The Lost Melody New Songs for Old Souls
The Lost Minds Express Jerky Motions
The Lost Notes Run Free Right Now, album by The Lost Notes
The Lost Patrol Chasing Shadows
The Lost Patrol Creepy Cool
The Lost Patrol Dark Matter
The Lost Patrol Driven
The Lost Patrol High Noon
The Lost Patrol Midnight Matinée
The Lost Patrol Rocket Surgery
The Lost Revival American Heir
The Lost Revival Homemade Confetti
The Lost Revival The Greatest Scam Ever Pulled
The Lost Revival To Hell With Them All
The Lost River Cavemen Taste of Life
The Lost Shores Music for Highways and Bedrooms
The Lost Soul Band Friday the 13th and Everything's Rosie
The Lost Soul Band The Land of Do as You Please
The Lost Souls Songs from The Lost Souls
The Lost Stoned Pandas Dark Side of the Noom
The Lost Stoned Pandas Dark Side of the Noom II
The Lost Stoned Pandas Live at Mynci
The Lost Stoned Pandas Panda 2 Tune In... Turn On... Get Panda'd...
The Lost Sun Spectral Voice From Newborn Star
The Lost Trades The Bird, The Book & The Barrel
The Lost Trio Remembrance Of Songs Past
The Losts Mystery of Depths
The Losts … Of Shades & Deadlands
The Lot Drunk, Depressed, and Desperate
The Lottery Empires
The Lottery Winners Lottery Winners
The Lottery Winners Sounds of Isolation
The Lottery Winners The Art of Communication
The Lotus Eaters Desatura
The Lotus Eaters Differance
The Lou Bennett Quartet Amen
The Lou Mecca Trio Bridging the Gap
The Loud Residents The Last Teenage Party
The Loudest Silence Aesthetic Illusion
The Loudmouths The Loudmouths
The Louis Bellson Quintet Louis Bellson
The Louis Hayes Quintet Light and Lively
The Louis Hayes Quintet The Candyman
The Louk Caso omiso
The Louk Vuelven
The Lounge Bar Orchestra Pilot Episodes
The Lounge Flounders Imaginary Saints
The Lounge Society Tired of Liberty
The Lounge-O-Leers Christmas Party Album
The Lounge-O-Leers Experiment in Terror
The Lounge-O-Leers House Party
The Lounge-O-Leers Meet the Lounge-O-Leers
The Lounge-O-Leers The Lounge-O-Leers '68
The Lounge-O-Leers Thru the Years
The Loungs Big Wow
The Loungs Short Cuts
The Louvin Brothers A Happy Christmas
The Louvin Brothers Christmas Carols For You
The Louvin Brothers Country Love Ballads
The Louvin Brothers Ira and Charlie
The Louvin Brothers Merry Christmas With Louvin Brothers
The Louvin Brothers Nearer My God to Thee
The Louvin Brothers The Louvin Brothers (Ira and Charles)
The Louvin Brothers The Louvin Brothers Collection 1942-62 Disc 1
The Louvin Brothers The Louvin Brothers Collection 1942-62 Disc 2
The Louvin Brothers Weapon Of Prayer
The Love Bus Going With the Flow
The Love Coffin Cloudlands
The Love Coffin Second Skin
The Love Compartment Coconut & Crab
The Love Connection The Love Connection
The Love Doctor At His Best
The Love Doctor Moaning & Groaning
The Love Dogs I'm Yo Dog
The Love Dolls Love One Another
The Love Family Out of Reach
The Love Family Tracks
The Love Gods Hujja Hujja Fishla
The Love Grocer Across The Valley
The Love Junkies Blowing on the Devil's Strumpet
The Love Junkies Maybelene
The Love Language Black Mt. Demos
The Love Letter Band Ugly Town Pretty Girl
The Love Light Orchestra Leave The Light On
The Love Lights Problems and Solutions
The Love Lights Team Honey
The Love Lights Young Lions
The Love Machine The Love Machine
The Love Markets Beauty Factory
The Love Markets World of Your Dreams
The Love Songs Oh, the Places You’ll Go Wrong
The Love Songs The Loneliest Whale
The Love Team Dirtbag Metal
The Love Team Eye of the Storm
The Love Team Hopeless
The Love Team Lookin' Good, Feelin' Gooder
The Love Unlimited Orchestra Presents Mr. Webster Lewis Welcome Aboard
The Love of Everything Green
The Lovebanks Rock'n' Roll Girls
The Lovebullies When I Get Through With You
The Lovecraft Sextet Nights of Lust
The Loved Everything, Anything, Nothing
The Loved Drones Good Luck Universe!
The Loved Drones The Tangible Effect of Love
The Loved One "...... Further Observations"
The Loved One The Radio Fantazias
The Loved One Unstrung
The Loved Ones Better Do Right
The Loved and Lost Into a Dream
The Lovejoys And You Don't Stop
The Loveless and Goodnight Trail The Loveless and Goodnight Trail
The Lovelies Hot One
The Lovelies The Tuff of the Tracks
The Lovely Bad Things Teenage Grown Ups
The Lovely Eggs I Am Moron
The Lovely Lost The Lovely Lost
The Lovely Moon Journeys to Peace & Happiness
The Lovely Moon Moonlight Drift
The Lovely Moon Mostly Ambient Radio Sessions
The Lovely Moon Music for Dreams, Volume One
The Lovely Moon Relaxing Moods: Eastern Dreams
The Lovely Public Burning Tape at the Mystery Dinner
The Lovers Black Orchid
The Lovetones Myriad
The Loving Paupers Lines
The Loving Sisters The Sisters and Their Sons
The Low Country Boys Gran Time Comin
The Low Country Boys Sangs o Bairns an Hame (an a Wheen aboot Drink forbye)
The Low Drift The Low Drift
The Low Frequency in Stereo Live at Moldejazz
The Low Grades Will You Eat?
The Low Miffs and Malcolm Ross Malcolm Ross and The Low Miffs
The Low Road Fidelity
The Low Road The Devil's Pocket
The Low-Fi Drifters High Fidelity Recordings
The Low-Fi Drifters Instrumental Takeover
The Lowdown Revolver II
The Lowdown Drifters Last Call for Dreamers
The Lower 48 Ranchero
The Lower 48 The Lower 48
The Lower Animals The Lower Animals
The Lower Lights A Hymn Revival
The Lower Lights A Hymn Revival: Volume 2 B Sides
The Lower Lights A Hymn Revival: Volume 3
The Lower Lights Come Let Us Adore Him
The Lower Lights Old Time Religion
The Lowercase Mountains
The Lowest Note On The Organ The Lowest Note On The Organ
The Lowest Pair I Reckon I'm Fixin' on Kickin' Round to Pick a Little
The Lowest Pair The Perfect Plan
The Lowest Pair The Sacred Heart Sessions
The Lowland & Border Pipers' Society Reclaimed: Pipe Music and Song From the Scottish Borders
The Lowlifes Rise Again
The Lowlifes TV Addiction
The Lowlifes The Lowlifes
The Loyal Seas Strange Mornings in the Garden
The Loyalists Moodswing
The Loyalties So Much for Soho
The Loyd Love and Revolution
The Loyola College Belles Blue Talk and Love
The Lu Silver String Band Lu… Voices, Harmony, Silver Strings
The Lu Silver String Band Rock’n’Roll Is Here to Stay
The Lu Silver String Band The Soul Comes Back to Boogie
The Lucan Spas Poissin D'avril
The Lucas Cates Band The Lucas Cates Band
The Lucas Sader Project Apollo: Tribute to the Miles Davis Quintet
The Luchagors The Luchagors
The Lucid The Lucid
The Lucid Dream Actualisation
The Lucid Dream The Deep End
The Lucid Furs Damn! That Was Easy
The Lucid Furs No God? No Problem
The Lucid Furs This Ain’t No Mating Dance
The Luck Ready to Run
The Luck Of Eden Hall Belladonna Marmalade
The Luck Of Eden Hall Par Crone
The Luck Of Eden Hall Subterrene
The Luck Of Eden Hall Victoria Moon
The Luck of Eden Hall Alligators Eat Gumdrops
The Luck of Eden Hall Butterfly Revolutions Vol. 1
The Luck of Eden Hall Butterfly Revolutions Vol. 2
The Luck of Eden Hall The Acceleration of Time
The Luck of Eden Hall When The Clock Starts To Wake Up We Go To Sleep
The Lucky Bullets Dead Man's Shoes
The Lucky Devils Black With Flames
The Lucky Devils Goin' Mad
The Lucky Devils Time Passes By
The Lucky Devils To Hell
The Lucky Eejits Do It Again
The Lucky Face A I
The Lucky Face Follow, Unfollow
The Lucky Face The Lucky Face
The Lucky Few The Betterside
The Lucky Jukebox Brigade Pretty Well Damned
The Lucky Ones Better Late Than Never!
The Lucky Ones Fruitcake
The Lucky Ones Heartbreak, Hangovers & Punk Rock
The Lucky Ones Magnolia
The Lucky Ones The Booze Sessions
The Lucky Punch Still Shakin
The Lucky Stiffs Gold in Peace Iron in War
The Luddites Cafe Believe
The Luddites There'll Be Trouble, All Right!
The Luddites Twisted In
The Ludvico Treatment Romanticism
The Luka State Fall In Fall Out
The Luka State The Price of Education
The Lullaby Ensemble Faith, Hope & Lullabies:Songs of Worship - Peaceful Music for Quiet Moments
The Lum and Abner of Morocco The Lum & Abner of Morocco
The Lumberjack Feedback Blackened Visions
The Lumberjack Feedback Mere Mortals
The Lumbrosos The Lumbrosos
The Lumineers BRIGHTSIDE
The Luna Moth Another Drowning
The Luna Moth Speak Destination
The Lunacy Board Difficult Second
The Lunacy Board Eponymous Debut
The Lunacy Board Stockholm
The Lunar Laugh Apollo
The Lunarium Tribal Child
The Lunatics Beware!
The Lunatics Święci i Grzesznicy
The Lunatunes Moon Tension
The Lunch Table Articles of Confuckeration
The Lunch Table Belarytone
The Lunch Table Celeritas
The Lunch Table Cunk of the Cave
The Lunch Table Cunk of the Cave: Saga
The Lunchtime Sardine Club Icecapades
The Lundstroms Comfortable Country
The Lundstroms Great Gospel Classics
The Lundstroms Livin' Happy
The Lundstroms Movin' Ahead
The Lundstroms Sing Me a Gospel Song
The Lundstroms Travelin' With the Lundstroms
The Lundstroms Wilderness Christmas
The Lune On the Cutting Room Floor
The Lures Dolores
The Lures When I Was Broken
The Lurid Yellow Mist feat. Dave Graney & Clare Moore We Wuz Curious
The Lurkers King of the Mountain
The Lurkers Sex Crazy
The Lurkers This Dirty Town
The Lurkers Wild Times Again / Non Stop Nitro Pop
The Lurking Fear Death, Madness, Horror, Decay
The Lust Decomposition Deluxe
The Lust Ethereal Euphonies
The Lust Honest
The Lust Karmalove
The Lust Membrane
The Lust One Life Ago
The Lust Out of the Flesh
The Lust The Black Dahlia Poem
The Lust Syndicate Capitalism Is Cannibalism
The Lustre Kings Mark Gamsjager Rocks & The Lustre Kings Roll
The Lustre Kings Once a King, Always a King
The Luxembourg Signal The Long Now
The Luxembourg Signal The Luxembourg Signal
The Luxury Flats Wrong Side of the Cap Stand
The Luxury Liners Overbored
The Luyas Faker Death
The Luyas Human Voicing
The Lydia Warren Band Pass My Way
The Lykes The Pale
The Lykes Viral Flash
The Lylat Continuum Ephemeral
The Lyman Woodard Organization Dedicacion
The Lynguistic Civilians Gratified Existence
The Lynnfield Pioneers Emerge
The Lynns II
The Lynnwoods Sin on Wheels
The Lyricists L3
The M's and TV Pow The Personal Touch
The M-80's M-80's
The M-Zee Band Doctor Rhythm
The MACKSHOW ホーリー・マカレル!~狂騒聖夜~クリスマス・アルバム
The MC Type Amateur Hour
The MPS Rhythm Combination & Brass Power Play
The MUH Trio Prague After Dark
The MUH Trio Step Into Light
The Maaya Volta 光の中で
The Mabels The Closest People
The MacEwan Big Band First Time Out
The Machine Sound Wars
The Machine Substantial Machinery
The Machine Gun TV Touch
The Machine in the Garden Miscellany
The Machines A World of Machines
The Machines Dots and Dashes
The Machines Jungle!
The Machinist ALL IS NOT WELL
The Machinist I Am Void
The Mackrosoft 1st Mack to the Moon
The Mackrosoft Antonio's Giraffe
The Mackrosoft The Dawning Of The Aja Aquarius
The Macrodots Two
The Macrotones Wayne Manor
The Mad Caps The Mad Caps
The Mad Conductor Renegade Space Rock
The Mad Gear Mad Gear 64
The Mad Gear Super Mad Gear: Symphony of the Fight
The Mad Gear The Mad Gear Must Pay TURBO EDITION
The Mad Goats Rising of the Goat
The Mad Hat Hucksters Swing and Jazz Music for Dancing
The Mad Lads Love Songs for Lovers
The Mad Lads Madder Than Ever
The Mad Lighters Freedom Call
The Mad Machinist The Mad Machinist Experiments
The Mad Ripple Sink And/Or Swim
The Mad Ripple Sink and/or Swim
The Mad Scene A Trip Thru Monsterland
The Madame Cats No Control
The Madcaps Slow Down
The Madcaps The Madcaps
The Maddox Brothers & Rose A Collection of Standard Sacred Songs
The Maddox Brothers & Rose Maddox Bros and Rose
The Madeleines The Old Man the Boat
The Madeline Rust Truth or Consequences
The Madison Square Gardeners Don't Name the Pig
The Madpolecats Rastabilly
The Madpolecats Rastabilly 2.0
The Madrigal Singers Scarborough Fair
The Mae Trio September
The Mae Trio Take Care Take Cover
The Maes The Maes
The Mag Seven Cotton Needle Sessions
The Mag Seven Knife To A Gunfight
The Magazines Band Muche Marinda
The Maggie Darlings Wishing Well
The Maggie Drennon Band Maggie Drennon
The Maggie Valley Country Singers Smokey Mt. Special
The Maggies Cryptic Valentine
The Maggies Homesick
The Magi of Eire Quantum Quattro
The Magi of Eire The Moon & The Loon Duck
The Magic Accordions of Adriano The Last Time I Saw Paris
The Magic Beam Sisters & Robert The Magic Beam Sisters & Robert !
The Magic Beans Casino Cabaret
The Magic Beans Off Leash
The Magic Beans Slice of Life
The Magic Carpathians Project Biotop
The Magic City Trio 'Amerkana Arkana'
The Magic Disco Machine Disc-O-Tech
The Magic Disco Machine Motown Magic Disco Machine Vol. II
The Magic Fingers Of Merlin More Organ Moods - Vol. II
The Magic Fingers Of Merlin Organ Moods At Midnight
The Magic Gang Death of the Party
The Magic Hat Ensemble This Conversation Is Over
The Magic I.D. Till My Breath Gives Out
The Magic Lantern A Reckoning Bell
The Magic Lantern A World In A Grain Of Sand
The Magic Lantern Love of Too Much Living
The Magic Lanterns Shame Shame
The Magic Mirrors Lonely Mile
The Magic Mirrors The Magic Mirrors
The Magic Organ Plays Your Favorite Waltzes
The Magic Pacer Dig This Dig That
The Magic Pacer White Room
The Magic Sponge Soaking Up the Waves of Life
The Magic Square Traditional Irish Music From Boston
The Magic Whispers Yin Yang
The Magic Words Junk Train
The Magic Words The Magic Words
The Magic of Christmas Christmas Carols
The Magical Pianos of Michael and David The Mood is Misty
The Magick Otters Escape from the Problem Attic
The Magick Otters Hello Satan
The Magickal Folk of the Faraway Tree The Cat's Melodeon
The Magickal Folk of the Faraway Tree The Mildew Leaf
The Magik Way Curve Sternum
The Magik Way Dracula (1797-1997)
The Magik Way Il Rinato
The Maginot Line Paris Burning
The Magnetic Fields Quickies
The Magnetic Mind ...Is Thinking About It
The Magnetix Flash
The Magnets All This time
The Magnets Gobsmacked
The Magnettes Ugly Youth
The Magnificent Hit and Run
The Magnificent 7's Dirty Roads
The Magnificent Brotherhood Dope Idiots
The Magnificent Men Better Than a Ten Cent Movie
The Magnificent Men The Magnificent Men
The Magnificent Sevenths featuring “Big Al” Carson Best of Bourbon Street Blues
The Magnificent TMD This Is Me!
The Magnolia Jazz Band & Art Hodes The Magnolia Jazz Band and Art Hodes, Volume One
The Magnolias Dime Store Dream
The Magnolias For Rent
The Magnolias Street Date Tuesday
The Magpie Salute High Water II
The Magpies Tidings
The Maharajas H-Minor
The Maharajas Yesterday Always Knew
The Maharajas You Can’t Beat Youth
The Mahones Jameson Street
The Mahones Love + Death + Redemption
The Maier Quartet Rendezvous: Leipzig – String Quartets by Amanda Maier & Ethel Smyth
The Main Ingredient Music Maximus
The Main Ingredient featuring Cuba Gooding Ready for Love
The Main Offender Escape From Normalcy
The Main Squeeze 1 2 3 4 5
The Main Squeeze Mind Your Head
The Main Squeeze The Main Squeeze
The Main Squeeze Without a Sound
The Main Stem Electric Church
The Main Street Band The Main Street Band Play Kids Favourite Film Songs
The Main Street Band and Orchestra Mary Poppins: And 19 Other Children's Favourites
The Maine Less Noise: A Collection of Songs by a Band Called the Maine
The Maine XOXO: From Love & Anxiety in Real Time
The Maines Brothers Route 1, Acuff
The Mainstream The Beauty in the Mundane
The Mainstream X
The Majestic Twelve Searching for the Elvis Knob
The Majestics Tutti Frutti
The Majic Ship Songwaves Project
The Majik The Majik
The Major Dundee Band The Longer The Distance
The Make Believe Brass The Make Believe Brass
The Make Believes The Make Believes
The Make Peace Project Make Peace
The Make-Ups Faces
The Makem Brothers Who Fears to Speak: 1798-1998
The Makem Brothers & Brian Sullivan Out Standing in a Field
The Makems The Makems at Home
The Makeout Surrender
The Makers Devil's Nine Questions
The Makers Of The Dead Travel Fast Zoom < Man
The Maker’s Mile The Maker’s Mile
The Mal Waldron Trio For Singers 'n Swingers - Sing or Play With the Mal Waldron Trio
The Mal Waldron Trio Moonglow & Stardust: Backgrounds to Your Favorite Songs for Singing and Playing
The Mal Waldron Trio The Blues Minus You
The Mal Waldron Trion Blue Drums - Jazz Trio Minus a Drummer
The Maladies Give Me Something
The Maladies The Maladies
The Malcolm Effect Breaker Breaker
The Maldives Mad Lives
The Male Choir of St. Petersburg, Vadim Afanasiev The Male Choir of St. Petersburg
The Male Idiot Theory - MIT Lp
The Maledict Dread
The Maledict Remembrance
The Maledict Return to Gehenna
The Malefic Ascension
The Malibooz A Malibu Kind Of Christmas
The Malibooz A Malibu Kind Of Christmas
The Malibooz Beach Access
The Malibu Boyscouts Enlist Now
The Malice Legions of the Dawn
The Malinks I Can't Shake Last Night
The Malinks No One Gets Hurt
The Mall Time Vehicle Earth
The Mall Zone
The Mallett Brothers Band Gold Light
The Mallett Brothers Band Lights Along the River
The Mallorys The Mallorys.
The Mallrats Fall in Love All Over Again With
The Malone Brothers From South Dakota ...Are Back in Town...
The Malones The Malones
The Maloney Crew The Maloney Crew
The Malpractice Tectonic Repercussions
The Malpractice Tectonics
The Mammals Nonet
The Mammals Sunshiner
The Mammoths Lonely Roller
The Mammuthus Forever Tree
The Mamu Players Township Boy
The Man About Popmusic and Wildthings
The Man The Man
The Man Called Tea Sketchpad #1
The Man Downstairs Comedy Speedrun
The Man Downstairs Wall to Wall
The Man From Managra Half a Century Sun
The Man From RavCon Everything Is Golden
The Man From RavCon Rides Again!
The Man From RavCon Skyscraper
The Man From RavCon Zombie Pimp Cowboys From Outer Space
The Man From the Moon Rocket Attack
The Man They Call Ass Sings Until Everything Is Sold
The Manatees Snackin' with The Manatees
The Manchesters A Hard Days Night
The Mandala Octet The Last Elephant
The Mandarines Zest of Blues
The Mandate All for Jesus
The Mandate Men of Faith
The Mandolinquents Mandolinquents
The Mandrake The Burning Horizon at the End of Dawn
The Maness Brothers God Bless The Maness Brothers
The Maness Brothers Maness Brothers
The Manfreds 5-4-3-2-1
The Manges Book of Hate For Good People
The Mango Furs Inner Migrations
The Manhattan Jazz All-Stars Swinging Guys and Dolls
The Manhattan Love Suicides Dandelion Radio Session
The Manhattan Rhythm Kings Hooray for Spinach: The Music of Harry Warren
The Manhattan Transfer Four Brothers
The Manhattan Transfer Very Best Of
The Manhattan Transfer & WDR Funkhausorchester Fifty
The Manhattans Love Talk
The Manhattans Sing For You And Yours
The Manhattans That’s How Much I Love You
The Maniac Into Madness
The Manic So Much for Killing
The Manic Shine Let Go or Be Dragged
The Manikins Bad Times
The Manikins Epileptic
The Manikins Lie, Cheat & Steal
The Manila Machine The Manila Machine
The Manly Deeds Hard Times for the Animal Kingdom
The Manly Deeds The Manly Deeds
The Mannequin Republic Down the Rabbit Hole
The Mannheim Uroband Heile Welt
The Mannheim Uroband Trust Me, I'm a Doctor
The Mannheim Uroband Uromania
The Mannish Boys Double Dynamite
The Mannish Boys That Represent Man
The Mannish Boys Wrapped Up and Ready
The Manor Don’t Do What We Did
The Manor Free the Geezer
The Manor Walk With Jah
The Mansfields Sappy Songs for Summer Nights
The Mansions Charms for Love and Revenge
The Mansis The People
The Mantovani Orchestra An Evening With The Mantovani Orchestra
The Mantovani Orchestra Candlelight
The Mantovani Orchestra Charmaine
The Mantovani Orchestra Golden Hits
The Mantovani Orchestra Golden Hits
The Mantovani Orchestra Mantovani Continental Encores
The Mantovani Orchestra Mantovani Film Encores, Volume 2
The Mantovani Orchestra Mantovani Magic
The Mantovani Orchestra The Best of the Mantovani Orchestra Vol. 1
The Mantovani Orchestra The Love Songs
The Mantovani Orchestra The Mantovani Collection: Blue Bayou
The Mantovani Orchestra & Stanley Black Hello Columbus
The Mantovani Orchestra, The Clebanoff Strings & Orchestra, Pierre Porte & Billy Vaughn As Grandes Orquestras
The Manvils The Manvils
The Manx Malibu Slime
The Manx Voyage In Bad Taste
The Many Colored Death Okayest
The Many Few Sharkenfreude
The Mapgames Band The Mapgames Christmas Album
The Maple Mountain Sunburst Triolian Orchestra The Maple Mountain Sunburst Triolian Orchestra
The Maple State The Things I Heard at the Party
The Maple Trail Dirty Echo Spark
The Maple Trail Radio Twilight Lost
The Maples Nocturnal Play
The Mar-Tans Repurpose
The Marais Project Spinning Forth
The Maranatha! Singers Abba: 18 Songs to the Father
The Maranatha! Singers Hallelujah: 16 Songs of Joyful Boasting
The Maranatha! Singers Hosanna: 15 Songs of Freedom
The Maranatha! Singers Maranatha: 12 Songs of Hope
The Maranatha! Singers Praise 12: He Is Able
The Maranatha! Singers Praise 1: The Praise Album
The Maranatha! Singers Ultimate Praise: Breath of God
The Maranatha! Strings Praise Strings Eight
The Marathons Peanut Butter
The Marazene Heartbeat Clock Bigfoot and the Dog
The Marazene Heartbeat Clock The Hill
The Marble Man Haidhausen
The Marble Man Louisiana Leaf
The Marbles Jackson Notes to the Dust
The Marcels High School Memories
The March Divide Anticipation Pops
The March Divide Don't Let Me Die In Arizona
The March Divide merch video community Lost Causes
The March Violets Mortality
The March of Seasons My Winter
The Marches 4 A.M. Is the New Midnight
The Marcus Hedges Trend Orchestra The Wind Waker Orchestrated
The Marcy Brothers Missing You
The Marginal Prophets Dead Hippie Bootleg
The Mari On The Beach Get Out Of Making Music
The Mari On The Beach Play Music, Sing A Song
The Mariachi Brass Featuring Chet Baker Hats Off
The Mariachi Brass Featuring Chet Baker In The Mood
The Mariachis of Pancho Juarez Fiesta in Mexico
The Marian Consort, Rory McCleery In Sorrow's Footsteps
The Marian Consort, Rory McCleery Pater peccavi: Music of Lamentation from Renaissance Portugal
The Mariana Hollow Coma Heart
The Mariana Hollow The Abandoned Parade
The Marigolds That's The State I'm In
The Marigolds The Marigolds
The Marilyn Decade The Marilyn Decade
The Marina Swingers Sunken Treasures
The Marine Corps All-Star Jazz Band Play With Honor
The Marionettes Ave Dementia
The Maritime Crew Hurah For Our Captain
The Maritime Crew Live at the Auckland Folk Festival 2000
The Maritime Crew Under The Southern Cross
The Mark Bennett Band Sitting with the castaways
The Mark Bennett Band The Long Way Round
The Mark Bennett Band Tripping the light fantastic
The Mark Kramer Trio Evita En Jazz
The Mark Pender Band Mark Pender Band
The Marketts Rock Masters: Surfer's Stomp
The Marketts Sun Power
The Marksmen Grass Roots Gospel: New and Old Time Favorites
The Marksmen Licence to Thrill
The Marksmen Quartet Blue Ridge Mountain Memories: 20 Gospel Favorites
The Marla Singer Free Will
The Marlboro Chorus Good Luck
The Marlboro Men HOW THE WEST WAS LOST and other Vivid Hallucinations
The Marlboro Men It Ain't a Hunting Party Till Something Gets Broken
The Marlboro Men The Marlboro Men
The Marlboro Men Who Says You Can't Get High at 95mph
The Marlenes Crawl Out Your Window
The Marlon Winterbourne Movement Merry Go Round one the Moon
The Marmars Don't Hear This!
The Maroons I Am To Blame
The Maroons You're Gonna Ruin Everything
The Marples Another Body Murdered
The Married Monk Headgearalienpoo
The Marrow Ejdeha
The Marrying Type Until Death
The Mars Native I’ll Be The Villain
The Mars Volta The Mars Volta
The Marsadees The Marsadees
The Marsh Chapel Choir at Boston University Wondrous Light
The Marshall Pass Phantom Train
The Marshes Pox on the Tracts
The Marshes Recluse
The Marshmallow Ghosts The Old Witch's Cavern
The Marshmallow Ghosts The Witch Hat House
The Marshmallow Notebooks The Marshmallow Notebooks
The Martial Arts Your Sinclair
The Martian Way A Young Man's Love
The Martian Way Life on the Dole
The Martians Low Budget Stunt King
The Martians The Martians
The Martin Best Consort Amor De Lonh
The Martin Drew Band The Martin Drew Band
The Martin Harley Band Drumrolls for Somersaults
The Martinets Love! Hate!
The Martinez Brothers Space Jams Vol. 1
The Martingales Space & Sound
The Martingales The Martingales
The Martini Bros. Trans*Mission
The Martini Kings Cocktail for Two
The Martini Kings Let's Get Away From It All
The Martini Kings The Kings of Jing-a-Ling
The Martins Christmas
The Martins Cold Lonely Night
The Martins In Transition
The Marty Grosz | Dick Wellstood Quintet Take Me To The Land Of Jazz
The Martyrium Todesrunen
The Martyrium Verachtung
The Marvelettes In Full Bloom
The Marvelettes Smash Hits of '62
The Marvelous Midos Machine Episode 2: Shnooky To The Rescue
The Marxmallows Every one Hate...
The Marxmallows Who Cares?
The Mary Dream Beautiful World
The Mary Janes Flame
The Mary Janes Record No. 1
The Mary Kaye Trio Jackpot!
The Mary Kaye Trio Music On A Silver Platter
The Mary Kaye Trio The Mary Kaye Trio On The Sunset Strip
The Mary Kaye Trio Too Much!