Release groups of mainly studio albums (status Official and type Album and no secondary types) that contains no releases with any acoustids submitted for any of the tracks in any of the releases within the release group

Report created based on data in Acoustid as of 12/05/2022

Found 496879 release groups of Official status and primary type album and no secondary types with no linked acoustids for any tracks in the releases that belong to the release group, we show 1000 release groups per page.

The report is not continually updated so may not reflect the current data within Acoustid databases.

This shows release groups of studio albums where none of the releases have any acoustids for the recordings within the release, useful if you are working on ensuring your favourite artist has full coverage of their releases. The report is ordered by release group artist, release group name.

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Artist Release Group
The Connie Capri Organ Chamber Orchestra Emotion/Repetition
The Conservatives This Album Is a Sovereign Nation
The Consolers Lord, Bring Me Down
The Consort Of Musicke, Anthony Rooley Le Chansonnier Cordiforme
The Consouls Super Monthly Jam
The Conspiracy Sword of Damocles
The Conspiracy The Finishing Touch
The Conspiracy Too Far Gone
The Conspirators What’s Going On
The Constant VII
The Constant Sound The Constant Sound
The Constellations Do It for Free
The Constellations King of the Gutter
The Construct Titan
The Contagious Falling in Circles
The Contemporary Jazz Quintet Actions 1966-67
The Continental Blues Party On the Soul Side
The Continental Singers Hold Up the Light
The Continentals David a Man After God's Own Heart
The Continentals On the Frontline: Faith in Motion
The Continentals Praise & Worship -Classics-
The Continuous Metanoia
The Contrast A Sinister Flick
The Control Glasseye
The Control Sidearm
The Controversy Real
The Convalescence Monument of Misery
The Convalescence Poison Words
The Convalescence This is Hell
The Convenience Accelerator
The Convent About Kings and Queens and Stolen Bicycles...
The Convent Counting the Stars
The Convent Red Light Melancholy
The Convent Tales From the Frozen Forest
The Conversation Last in Line
The Conway Brothers Turn It Up!
The Conway Brothers Hiccups Orchestra Fossil Rock and Other Prehistoric Hits
The Cookers Believe
The Cookers Cast the First Stone
The Cookers Look Out!
The Cookers Warriors
The Cookie Crumbles From the Sublime to the Ridiculous
The Cool Grand Do It Up
The Cool Grand Queen of Hearts
The Cool Greenhouse The Cool Greenhouse
The Cool Kids Volumes
The Cool Notes Spend the Night: The Mixes
The Cool Waters Band A Rose Petal To The Metal
The Cool Waters Band Been Here Before
The Coolest Band in America Air Conditioned
The Coolies Uh Oh! It’s… The Coolies
The Cooltrane Quartet Cool Jazz Blends
The Coon Creek Girls Early Radio Favorites
The Coon Creek Girls The Coon Creek Girls
The Coon Elder Band Featuring Brenda Patterson The Coon Elder Band Featuring Brenda Patterson
The Cooper Brothers Learning to Live With It
The Cooper Brothers Pitfalls of the Ballroom
The Cooters Chaos or Bust
The Cop Killers The Cop Killers
The Copa Kings The Copa Kings
The Cope Street Parade Australian Ragtime Music
The Cope Street Parade Volume Three
The Copeland Davis Group "Smouldering Secrets"
The Copley Singers I Wonder as I Wander Out Under the Sky: Christmas with the Copley Singers
The Copper Family A Song for Every Season
The Copper Family Coppers at Christmas The Carol Collection of the Copper Family of Rottingdean Sussex
The Copper Street Brass Quintet Evolution of the Brass Quintet, Vol. 2
The Copper Tones The Copper Tones
The Cops First Offense
The Cops Get Good or Stay Bad
The Copyrights Alone in a Dome
The Coquette Jazz Band feat. Frank Roberscheuten When Lights Are Low
The Coral Coral Island
The Coral Lockdown Sessions
The Corbans When the Godhead Speaks
The Cordova Academy Glee Club Be Mine or There Will Be War
The Core Blue Sky
The Core-Tet Project Core-Tet Project
The Corella House Party
The Corleones Inferno Mafia
The Corn Dollies The Corn Dollies
The Corn Dollies Wrecked
The Cornell Hurd Band A Bad Year for Love
The Cornell Hurd Band Cen-Tex Serenade
The Cornell Hurd Band Cool and Unusual Punishment
The Cornell Hurd Band Doing That Unholy Roll
The Cornell Hurd Band Honky Tonk Mayhem
The Cornell Hurd Band Live At The Broken Spoke
The Cornell Hurd Band Song of South Austin
The Cornell Hurd Band Texas Fruit Shack
The Cornell Lab of Ornithology Voices of North American Owls
The Cornell University Glee Club Echos from the Walls
The Cornell University Glee Club Last Letter Home
The Cornell University Glee Club Pacem
The Cornell University Glee Club Songs of Cornell
The Cornell University Glee Club & Cornell University Chorus Songs of Cornell
The Corner The Corner
The Corner Laughers Tomb of Leopards
The Corner Laughers Ultraviolet Garden
The Corona Lantern Certa Omnibus Hora
The Coronados The Incomparable Coronados
The Coronas True Love Waits
The Corporation Hassels in My Mind
The Corpus Christi Male Chorale A Christmas Collection of Music & Miracles
The Corrections Repeat After Me
The Corries Barrett's Privateers
The Corrupting Sea Ontology
The Corrupting Sea Reflections
The Corrupting Sea Samatta
The Corrupting Sea Symphony of a Radical
The Corrupting Sea Tears
The Corrupting Sea The Healing House Of Light
The Corrymeela Singers One Small Candle
The Corsairs Hard Eight
The Corsairs The Blue One
The Corsairs The Corsairs
The Corsairs The Gold One
The Corsairs The Red One
The Corvidae Cabal Betwixt & Between
The Corvidae Cabal Call of the Absurd
The Corvidae Cabal In Peculiar Air
The Corvidae Cabal Seeing Time
The Corvidae Cabal The Gossamer Bridge
The Corvidae Cabal The Ineffable Nighttide
The Corvus Experiment Transcendence
The Cory Band A Tale As Yet Untold
The Cosmetics Final Album
The Cosmic Array Islands
The Cosmic Banditos The Cosmic Banditos
The Cosmic Carnival Change the World or Go Home
The Cosmic Carnival First Flowers
The Cosmic Carnival Mon Cher Amour
The Cosmic Dead JAM: Eccie Bam. Yas, E?
The Cosmic Dead / Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs The Cosmic Dead / Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs Pigs
The Cosmic Gardeners Brainpool of Tongues
The Cosmic Gardeners Calling Joy-Sele
The Cosmic Range New Latitudes
The Cosmic Remedy The Cosmic Remedy
The Cosmic Surf Club Cal Massey Songbook
The Cosmic Trigger The New Order of the Cosmos
The Cosmic Trip Advisors Same, Same…but Different
The Cosmic Trip Advisors What Are You Sinking About?
The Cosmic Trip Advisors Wrong Again, Albert…
The Cosmic Twins The Waterbearers
The Cosmosamatics The Cosmosamatics
The Cosmosamatics Zetrons
The Cospishow Cos 2 the P
The Cospishow The Cospishow
The Coterie A Swing to Folk
The Coterie Aesthete
The Cotton Mafia The Cotton Mafia
The Cottontown Chorus VI
The Council Your Haircut
The Council Flats of Kingsbury The Council Flats of Kingsbury
The Count Can't Sleep
The Count More Is More
The Count Music for the Slaved New World
The Count New Changes
The Count Romance in Reverb
The Count Basie Orchestra High Voltage
The Count Basie Orchestra Mustermesse Basel 1956 Part 1
The Count Bishops Good Gear
The Countdown Dance Masters Dance Mixdown
The Countdown Dance Masters Macarena Tropical Disco
The Countdown Dance Masters Macarena: A Worldwide Dance Craze!
The Countdown Kids 30 Happy Playground Songs
The Countdown Kids 30 Toddler Songs (for ages 2+)
The Countdown Kids 50 Fun Songs For Kids
The Countdown Kids 50 Fun Songs for Kids
The Countdown Kids ABCs & 123s
The Countdown Kids Baby’s Best Toddler Songs (40 sing‐along favorites!)
The Countdown Kids Fun Songs for Kids
The Countdown Kids Kinder Lieblingslieder: Weihnachten
The Countdown Kids Mommy and Me: Humpty Dumpty
The Countdown Kids My Favorite Kindergarten Songs
The Countdown Mixmasters Best of Disco
The Countdown Mixmasters Best of Disco 2
The Countdown Mixmasters Best of Disco 3
The Countdown Mixmasters Best of Disco 4
The Countdown Singers 20 Best of Love at the Movies
The Countdown Singers Caribbean Dance Mix
The Countdown Singers Mambo No.5
The Counterfeit Junkies Leaning from a Steep Slope
The Counterparts The CounterParts LP
The Country Black/Blue Hearts
The Country The Country
The Country All Stars Jazz From The Hills
The Country Gentlemen Good As Gold
The Country Gentlemen Hootenanny: A Blue Grass Special
The Country Gentlemen Joe’s Last Train
The Country Gentlemen Johnny Reb / Buffalo Girls
The Country Gentlemen Nashville Jail
The Country Gentlemen Remembrances & Forecasts
The Country Gentlemen Return Engagement
The Country Gentlemen Sit Down Young Stranger
The Country Gentlemen The Country Gentlemen
The Country Gentlemen The Country Gentlemen
The Country Side of Harmonica Sam A Drink After Midnight
The Country Side of Harmonica Sam Broken Bottle, Broken Heart
The Country Side of Harmonica Sam Open Letter to the Blues
The Counts Love Sign
The Coup De Grace The Coup De Grace
The Coup de Grace The Art Of Survival
The Courettes Back In Mono
The Courettes Here Are The Courettes
The Courettes Here Are The Courettes
The Couriers Statue of Liberty
The Court Musicians At the Court of the Chera King
The Courtyard Kings Douces Wild
The Courtyard Kings The Courtyard Kings
The Cousin Brothers The Stuck n' Gunner Sessions
The Coventry Unspoken
The Coventry Sacrifice ...Abomination
The Coventry Sacrifice Creation...
The Covers Duo AniCovers 4
The Covers Duo AniCovers 5
The Covers Duo Anime Openings / Endings 7
The Covers Duo Anime Openings 1
The Covers Duo Anime Openings 2
The Covers Duo Anime Openings 6
The Covers Duo J-Rock & Anicovers
The Covers Duo TCD 1
The Cow Goes Moo Super Spongiform People
The Coward The Coward
The Cowboy Riddles From the Universe
The Cowboy The Cowboy Album
The Cowboy WiFi on the Prairie
The Cowboys Room of Clons
The Cowls Certain Calculations
The Cowls Should It Feel Like This?
The Cowpokes Hey Judy
The Cowsills Captain Sad and His Ship of Fools
The Cowsills Global
The Cowsills II X II
The Cox Family I Shall Not Be Moved
The Cox's Heartaches Along the Horizon
The Cox's It's the Gospel
The Coyote Choir Cold Hands and Cold Hearts
The Coyote Men Headin’ for Trouble
The Coyote Men Maskarado K.O.
The Crabb Family Living Out the Dream
The Cracked Mirror Damage
The Crackers Funky State of Mind
The Crackers Guaranteed
The Crackers The Crackers
The Crackers Zama
The Craftmen Club Colores
The Craftmen Club Eternal Life
The Craftmen Club I Gave You Orders Never to Play That Record Again
The Crags The Universal Part of Love
The Craic Pipes & Drums Since 1541
The Craig Ruhnke Band The Craig Ruhnke Band
The Craig Russo Latin Jazz Project Delilah
The Craig Russo Latin Jazz Project In the Middle
The Craig Russo Latin Jazz Project Mambo influenciado
The Craig Russo Latin Jazz Project Soul Eyes
The Craigellachie Band Take Your Seats and listen to the sound of Craigellachie
The Craigellachie Trio Oxford Connections
The Craigowl Band 4050
The Craigowl Scottish Dance Band RSCDS Book 40 and Children's Book - Scottish Country Dances for young people and new dancers
The Cramps Black Leather
The Crane Wives A Very Crane Wives Christmas
The Crane Wives A Very, Very Crane Wives Christmas
The Crane Wives Foxlore
The Crank-Tones Vibrate With the Crank-Tones!
The Crash Mats NOW Thats what I call Crash Mats 69
The Crash Moderns Good Night Glamour Good Morning Disaster
The Crash That Took Me Chlorine Colored Eyes
The Crash That Took Me Orchestrated Kaleidoscopes
The Crashtones Colorful of the Stereo
The Crashtones Revenge of the Crashtones
The Cratez NONSTOP
The Cravats Dustbin of Sound
The Cravats Hoorahland
The Crave Anywhere to Everywhere
The Craw The Craw
The Crawdaddys Still Steamin...
The Crawling Wolves and the Hideous White
The Cray Twins The Pier
The Crayon Fields Simon's Birthday Crayons
The Crayonettes Playing Out (Songs For Children And Robots)
The Craze One Man, Two Guvnors
The Crazed Mugs With Haole Kats My Mug Collection
The Crazies Will Destroy You Megafauna
The Crazy Bones Better Days
The Crazy Left Experience Bill's 108th Space Odyssey
The Crazy Left Experience Garage Sessions
The Crazy Left Experience Maya's Magic Pill
The Crazy Left Experience The Big Bang Sessions (In the Beginning)
The Crazy Left Experience Uranus Sessions
The Crazy Left Experience Welcome to the AI
The Crazy Mad Professor & King Jammy Meet at King Jammy's Studio
The Crazymen All Rabbits Must Hide
The Crazymen Beard Restrictions (For Rabbits, Not For Goats)
The Creak Here's To Feeling Good All The Time
The Creak Here, Hold This
The Creak You Got Eyes
The Creaking Chair Mainframe
The Creaking Tree String Quartet Pickin' on Keane
The Creaking Tree String Quartet The Creaking Tree String Quartet
The Creamers Hurry Up & Wait
The Creamers Stick It in Your Ear
The Creams Are You Real or Just Some Sort of Disgusting Fridge Magnet?
The Creams Malcolm
The Creams Pluto
The Creams The All Night Bookman
The Creams The Creams and Nico
The Creams ie
The Creature Comfort The Creature Comfort
The Creatures Illusion
The Creatures L'Altro Mondo Studios
The Creatures White Flame
The Credentials Routines
The Creed Taylor Orchestra Lonelyville "The Nervous Beat"
The Creed Taylor Orchestra Ping Pang Pong The Swinging Ball
The Creek Storm The Gate
The Creek Rocks Wolf Hunter
The Creekdippers Political Manifest
The Creepers The Creepers
The Creepers The Rockin Horror Creep Show
The Creepers (With Chainsaw Curtis) Too Much Like Work
The Creeping Nobodies Stop Movement Stop Loss
The Creeping Terrors Evil Witch Bitch
The Creeping Terrors Medusa Complex
The Creeptones The Creep Is Born
The Creepy Crawlies Get Buried!
The Creepy Creeps Fink About It
The Creepy Creeps Last to Leave
The Creepy Creeps The Creepy Creeps
The Creesyvegins The Creesyvegins
The Creole Zydeco Farmers …On the Road
The Crescent Risti
The Crescents Neo Metalnesque
The Crests The Crests Sing All Biggies
The Cretins The Cretins
The Crevices Below Below the Crevices
The Crew Cuts Crew Cut Capers
The Crew Cuts High School Favorites
The Crew Cuts Sing Out
The Crew Cuts The Crew Cuts
The Crew Cuts The Crew Cuts on the Campus
The Crew Cuts The Crewcuts Go Long Hair
The Crew Cuts The Crewcuts Swing the Masters
The Crew Cuts The Great New Sound of the Crew-Cuts
The Crew Cuts / Junior Powell & Charlotte Grubic The Crew Cuts Have a Ball / Bowling Tips
The Crew-Cuts The Crew-Cuts Sing
The Crew-Cuts You Must Have Been a Beautiful Baby!
The Cribs Night Network
The Crickets T‐Shirt
The Criminals, Paul Severs Paul Severs Hits
The Crimson Brigade Blood Battalion
The Crimson Curse Both Feet in the Grave LP
The Crimson Ghosts 13 Creepy Songs by the Crimson Ghosts
The Crimson Pirates Come 'n Be a Pirate
The Crimson Pirates Jack of All Trades
The Crimson Pirates Putrid and Disgusting
The Crimson Pirates Sail On
The Crimson Pirates That's So Sad...
The Crimson Pirates The Crimson Pirates
The Crimson Pirates To the Lifeboats
The Crimson Trip Order Of The Occult
The Cringe Everywhere You’ve Never Been
The Cringe Hiding in Plain Sight
The Cringeful Dread Are You Fulfilled?
The Crinn Shadowbreather
The Cripples Culture
The Cripples Dirty Head
The Crispies Fake Leather
The Crisps Tring
The Critical Failure Unconventional Breakfast ... a story of characters
The Critics Group A Merry Progress to London
The Critics Group Sweet Thames Flow Softly
The Critics Group Waterloo—Peterloo
The Crocodiles Bitter Island
The Crocodiles Horrible Orange
The Crocodiles Looking at Ourselves
The Crocodiles Tears
The Crook and the Dylan's Home at Last
The Crook and the Dylan's Not For Me
The Crooked Fiddle Band Another Subtle Atom Bomb
The Crooked Fiddle Band Moving Pieces of the Sea
The Crooked Jades Going to The Races
The Crooked Whispers Satanic Melodies
The Crooked Yet Fabulous Onion Chief
The Crooked Yet Fabulous Onion Medicine Tree
The Crooks Just Released
The Crooners Medley Memories, Volume 3
The Croonettes Swing It!
The Cropdusters If the Sober Go to Heaven
The Croppies Pad
The Crossed Beautiful
The Crossed Six-Fold God
The Crossing Baile (Home)
The Crossing Look Both Ways / Rise and Go
The Crossing, Donald Nally It Is Time
The Crossing, Donald Nally The Tower and the Garden
The Crossing, International Contemporary Ensemble, Donald Nally Seven Responses
The Crotals Horde
The Crotches Ein Ahot La Mifsaot
The Crow Analogic Dreams
The Crow Combat Folk Songs
The Crowd A World Apart
The Crowd Big Fish Stories
The Crowd Landmark
The Crowd Punk Off
The Crowe Brothers The Winds Are Blowing in the Maggie Valley
The Crown Royals Funky-Do!
The Crown of Yamhad Epilogues for the Fallen
The Crownsmen I’m Gonna Take a Trip
The Crows One Flew Over the Cornfield
The Crows The Crows
The Crows of Albion Here There Be Demons
The Crows of Albion Poetic License
The Crows of Albion Screaming Blue Murder
The Crows of Albion Still in the War, Boys!
The Crucifier Voices in My Head
The Crucifier / Wanton Decay The Hate Anthems / Cursed Cross
The Crudes Graveled Guts
The Cruel Knives Side Two
The Cruiseliner Orchestra & Singers Themes from Titanic
The Crumble Factory Betsy Cha Cha
The Crumble Factory Darling Limonade
The Crumble Factory The Crumble Factory
The Crumbs Last Exit
The Crusaders Make A Joyful Noise With Drums And Guitars
The Crush Here Is Where I Cross My Fingers
The Crustaceans I'm Happy If You're Happy
The Crustaceans The Early Crustaceous Period
The Crux Now, Ferment
The Crux The Ratcatcher
The Cruz Trio The Essence of Mexico
The Cruzeros The Cruzeros
The Cry Quick Quick Slow
The Cry feat. John Watts Quick Quick Slow
The Crybabies Csillagidő
The Crybabys Where Have All the Good Girls Gone
The Crying Shame In a Field
The Crying Shame New Rock
The Crying Shame Old Disguise
The Crying Shame The Crying Shame
The Crying Spell Disgraceland
The Crying Spell Spectrums of Light
The Crying Spell Through Hell to Heaven
The Crypt .V.V.V.V.V.
The Crypt Odal
The Crypt Club The Crypt Club
The Crypt of Memories At War With Reason
The Crypt of Memories Athmonon
The Crypt of Memories Between Scylla and Charybdis
The Crypt of Memories Draconis Extinctor
The Cryptics Continuous New Behavior
The Cryptics Continuous New Behavior
The Cryptics Make Me Digital
The Cryptics The Cryptics
The Cryptkeeper Five Darker Days
The Cryptkeeper Five The Rise of Palace Depression
The Cryptkeeper Five The Stronghold
The Cryptkeeper Five The Unbeatable Cry
The Cryptographers The Cryptographers
The Crypts! Discover Science
The Crypts! It's a Gosh Darn Crypts Party!
The Crypts! No Life After Crypts
The Crystal Furs Beautiful and True
The Crystal Mansion The Crystal Mansion
The Crystal Method The Trip Out
The Crystal Set From Now On
The Crépitos The Crépitos
The Cuban Brothers Yo Bonita
The Cuban Cowboy Cuban Candles
The Cuban Heels Work Our Way To Heaven
The Cube of Unknowing The Lives of the Saints
The Cube with Tom Harrell The Cube
The Cubical Arise Conglomerate
The Cuckoo Clocks The Madness of Order
The Cuckoos I Hate Love
The Cucumbers All Things to You
The Cucumbers The Cucumbers
The Cucumbers Where We Sleep Tonight
The Cucumbers Who Betrays Me... And Other Happier Songs
The Cult of Dom Keller Ascend!
The Cultivators Mama's Kitchen
The Cultural Studies Recycled Press
The Cum Experience The Cum Experience
The Cumberland Boys I Owe It All To Jesus
The Cumberland Clan A Bouquet of Blue Grass Hits
The Cumberland Three Civil War Almanac Vol. 1
The Cumberlands Bridging the Gap
The Cumberlands Civil War Tribute Collection
The Cumbieros Cumbiamericana
The Cundeez Lend Wiz Yir Lugz
The Cunning Reaper A Fearful Warning...
The Cunning Reaper From On High
The Curf Among Others
The Curf Death and Love
The Curf I
The Curious Few Hard Road
The Curious Mystery Rotting Slowly
The Curious Mystery We Creeling
The Curiously Strong Peppermints Translucent Dreams in the Orange Crematorium
The Currency The Currency
The Curst Sons A Day Late and a Dollar Short
The Curst Sons Hell Awaits You
The Curst Sons Hey Moon
The Curst Sons The Jumping Flea
The Curst Sons The Original and Genuine
The Curst Sons The Snake and the Money Jar
The Curtain Society Every Corner of the Room
The Curtains Hit Car Tunes
The Curtains Vehicles of Travel
The Curtis Counce Group The Curtis Counce Group
The Curtis Mayflower Everything Beautiful Is Under Attack
The Cusacks More Songs from Vagabondia
The Cusacks Waxing the Scene
The Cut Shadow Talks
The Cut Off Polarity
The Cut Ups Paris Street in Ruins
The Cutaways Wax Woman
The Cuts From Here On Out
The Cuts The Cuts
The Cutthroat Brothers & Mike Watt Devil in Berlin
The Cutthroat Brothers & Mike Watt The King Is Dead
The Cyan Velvet Project The Essence of Disposal
The Cyanide Syndicate, Nacho Picasso&Key Nyata The Cyanide Syndicate
The Cyberiam Connected
The Cybermen Needle's Eye
The Cyborgs The Cyborgs
The Cycle The Cycle
The Cyclists Etiudy miejskie
The Cygnet Ring Hopeful Monsters
The Cynic Project Pixelsphere Soundtrack 1
The Cynic Project Pixelsphere Soundtrack II
The Cynics Here We Are
The Cynphetic Collective Autonomic Technologie
The Cynphetic Collective Holiday Season 2021
The Cynthia Kaplan Ordeal Fangry
The Cynz The Original Cynz
The Cyon Project Tales of Pain
The Cyrus Clarke Band Sunrise on the Radio
The Czars Moodswing
The Czech Philharmonic Orchestra Famous Overtures, Vol. 1
The D Project Big Face
The D-Day Darlings I'll Remember You (VE Day Celebration Edition)
The D-Rays The D-Rays
The D.E.E.P. Parlayin'
The D.R. Hooker Band Armageddon
The DARARS Maple
The DARARS medaca
The DFenders The DFenders
The DIVA Jazz Orchestra Diva + The Boys
The DJ Producer Dedicat3d
The DJ Producer Doomsday Expanded Redux
The DJ Producer Future Incognito
The DSA Working Negation / Horned & Golden
The DSA Working Twilight Mind
The DT's Nice 'n' Ruff
The DTEASE Shake
The Dacios Beyond The Bottom Hour
The Dad Horse Experience At the Limbo
The Dad Horse Experience Eating Meatballs on a Blood-Stained Mattress in a Huggy Bear Motel
The Dad Horse Experience I am a Stranger Here Below
The Dada Weatherman Birthnight
The Dada Weatherman Itchy Hitchhiker
The Dada Weatherman Mind Of Blue
The Dada Weatherman The Green Waltz
The Dada Weatherman Two
The Dada Weatherman folK.itUp
The Dadacomputer The Dadacomputer
The Dado Sa Band Jenipapo Mood
The Daedalus Spirit Orchestra Tabula Rasa
The Daffodils Evergreen
The Daggers Tear It to Pieces
The Dagoes Oh No
The Dagoes Oh Yeah
The Dagons Upon the dull earth
The Dagons Witches' animals
The Dahman Beck Band Ride the Night
The Dahman Beck Band Show a Little Soul
The Daigle-Frey Affair The Daigle-Frey Affair
The Daikiki and His Music of The Isle & Caruana and His Magic Hawaii Guitar Hawaii Träume
The Daisies Mom Burns Big Bucks
The Daisy Dillman Band The Daisy Dillman Band
The Daisycutters Awake Among the Sleepers
The Dalai Lamas Return to Funk-Fu Alley
The Dale / Milverton Quartet Bring Back the Burch!
The Dale / Milverton Quartet From Hand to Mouth
The Dale Bruning Trio with Bill Frisell & Michael Moore Just Between Us
The Dale Thomas Band Rural Route #1
The Dales Marie
The Dali Gaggers The Rig Demos
The Dali Thundering Concept All Mighty Men
The Dali Thundering Concept Eyes Wide Opium
The Dali Thundering Concept Savages
The Dallas Boys Doing Their Own Thing
The Dallas Boys Five Alive-O
The Dallas Explosion Girlfriends & Excess
The Dallas Guild Hello Darkness
The Dallas Jazz Orchestra Romeo & Juliet
The Dallas Jazz Orchestra The Dallas Jazz Orchestra Plays Dee Barton
The Dalom Kids Bazolunga
The Dalom Kids Izindunduma
The Dalom Kids Mbalembale
The Dalom Kids Ncedani
The Damage Done Nothing Is Over...
The Damage Done Scream All of Our Cliches
The Damage Done Special Sitcom
The Damaged Pies Hometown Sweethearts
The Dambuilders Geek Lust
The Dameans Beginning Today
The Dameans Glory Land
The Dameans Morning to Night Prayers Through the Day
The Dameans Reflections Vol. II
The Dames The Dames
The Damn Choir Faithful Fools
The Damn Jammage Buzzard Left the Bones
The Damn Millionaires Be Sure Your Sins Will Find You Out
The Damn Quails Down the Hatch
The Damn Quails Out of the Birdcage
The Damn Tracks On Tap
The Damn Truth Dear in the Headlights
The Damn Truth Now or Nowhere
The Damnation Evilution
The Damned Humans The Damned Humans
The Damned and Dirty Hoodoo Down
The Damned and Dirty Revelation
The Damned and Dirty Rolling Into Town
The Damned and Dirty Sell Your Soul
The Damp Magic Eight Track Entropy
The Damp Magic Yes! M'Luddite
The Damrockers The Damrockers
The Dan Tepfer Trio Before the Storm
The Dana Fuchs Band Lonely For A Lifetime
The Dana Legg Stage Band Boneheads
The Dance Exponents Expectations
The Dance Imperative Empty Tracks
The Dance Inc. This Fighting
The Dancelife Studio Orchestra & Singers Dancelife's Best: Dance Italy, Dance
The Dancing and Drinking Society Raumati Rag
The Dancing and Drinking Society Red Delicious
The Dancing and Drinking Society Remember The Days
The Dandelion Old Habits & New Ways of The Dandelion
The Dandelion Council Yesterday, Today and Forever
The Dandy Warhols Tafelmuzik Means More When You're Alone
The Dandylions Less Is More (Leave Them Wanting Less)
The Danger Confession Sessions
The Danger Bees Wyatt
The Dangerfields Born to Rock
The Dangerfields Hellride
The Danglers Faux Käck
The Danglers The Danglers
The Danish Radio Big Band Live at Montmartre
The Danish Radio Big Band Spirituals
The Danish Radio Jazz Orchestra & Jim McNeely Play Bill Evans
The Danish Radio Jazz Orchestra & Jim McNeely Feat. Leroy Jones The Power And The Glory
The Danish Sharks Ready, Steady, Go!
The Danish-German Slide Combination Fugue for Tinhorns
The Danks Gank
The Danny Cannon Show Monster
The Danny Says The Danny Says
The Danse Society Sailling Mirrors
The Danse Society VI
The Dappled Grays Doin My Job
The Darcys Fear & Loneliness
The Daredevils Heavy Weight
The Darien Venture A Kite, A Key and A Storm
The Darius Brubeck Quartet feat. Dave O’Higgins, Matt Ridley & Wesley Gibbens Cathy’s Summer
The Darius Brubeck Quartet feat. Dave O’Higgins, Matt Ridley & Wesley Gibbens Years Ago
The Darjeeling Feeling The Darjeeling Feeling
The Dark Clear
The Dark Hostile Gospel
The Dark Live. Create. Destroy.
The Dark Alamorte Lunacrium Thepsis
The Dark Atom Voyager
The Dark Clan Fade / Dance Magic Dance
The Dark Clan Hall of Fame
The Dark Clan Oh, but the Stars Still Shine...
The Dark Horses Come Along
The Dark Jokes Ekco Transmissions
The Dark Monarchy The Dark Monarchy
The Dark Orchestra Beauty and the Beast
The Dark Outside Incidental Music from The Dark Outside
The Dark Outside, TDO Cassettes & Bibliotapes Tension Wire Fence Vol 1
The Dark Prison Massacre A Blood Clot Ejaculation
The Dark Prison Massacre Deformity of Human Consciousness
The Dark Raver Let It Roll
The Dark Room Robber Barons
The Dark Shadows Autumn Still…
The Dark Side of Venus Power to the Victims
The Dark Side of the Moon May It Be
The Dark Soul Project, Diego Poblets & Sun H In Deep We Trust
The Dark Tenor Christmas
The Dark Tenor Johann
The Dark Violence of Beauty At the Sign of the Pink Flamingo
The Darkening Scale Sonic Archaeology
The Darkening Scale Sonic Archaeology
The Darker the Shadow, the Brighter the Light The Streets
The Darkest Moment The Darkest Moment
The Darkest of the Hillside Thickets The Dukes of Alhazred
The Darkness Motorheart
The Darksend Unsunned
The Darktown House Band Peanuts
The Darling DeMaes A User's Guide to Raising the Dead (Songs of Spring)
The Darling Fire Dark Celebration
The Darlings Made of Phantoms
The Darlings The New Escape
The Darlow Show Be With You
The Darol Rice Silver Saxophones Play the Golden Hymns
The Dartmouth Aires Aireborne
The Dartmouth Aires Aires To The Throne
The Dartmouth Aires Dartmouth Undying (A Tribute To Our Alma Mater)
The Dartmouth Aires Fresh Aire
The Dartmouth Aires Legendaire
The Dartmouth Aires On Aire
The Darts Eventual Happenstance
The Darts I Like You but Not Like That
The Darts Kneaded Chearts
The Darts Me. Ow.
The Darts Pedestal Rising
The Darts Plunge
The Dartts Pointless but Pithy
The Dartz Trevlig Resa
The Dartz Небывалое путешествие
The Darvon Complex Spit on Rockstars
The Daryl Smith Band Ten Thirty Train
The Daryls Beer Fueled Mayhem
The Daryls Punks!
The Dashboard Saviors Spinnin On Down
The Databats Chiropteratronic
The Datsuns Eye to Eye
The Datura One Night Dream
The Daughters Golden Shore
The Daughters of American Bluegrass Daughters of American Bluegrass
The Daughters of Bluegrass Bluegrass Bouquet
The Daughters of Bluegrass Pickin’ Like a Girl
The Daughters of Bristol The Ave
The Daughters of Mary Rejoice
The Daughters of Mary Spirit of the Daughters of Mary
The Dave Gravity
The Dave Bailey Quintet Two Feet In The Gutter
The Dave Bailey Sextet Bash!
The Dave Bailey Sextet Modern Mainstream
The Dave Brubeck Quartet Time OutTakes
The Dave Carey Jazz Band Jazz in the Original Spirit
The Dave Foster Band Nocebo
The Dave Glasser / Clark Terry / Barry Harris Project Uh! Oh!
The Dave Hoffman Sextet Bebop Jazz
The Dave Howard Singers It's About Time
The Dave Howard Singers What your girlfriend threw out, or your friend never returned.
The Dave Kusworth Group The Brink
The Dave Liebman Group Songs For My Daughter
The Dave McKenna Trio Plays The Music Of Harry Warren
The Dave Morrison Band Someone’s in My Kitchen
The Dave Myers Effect Greatest Racing Themes
The Dave Pell Octet The Dave Pell Octet Plays Again
The Dave Rave Group Naked Pirates
The Dave Rave Group Valentino's Pirates
The Dave Scott Jazz Ensemble In a Fog
The Dave Williamson Singers and Orchestra Sing We Now of Christmas
The Davenports Why the Great Gallop?
The Davey Brothers Best of Ireland
The David Benoit Trio Believe
The David Bowie Knives Weapons of Mass Seduction
The David Finck Quartet Future Day
The David Friesen Trio 1 ・ 2 ・ 3
The David Grisman Bluegrass Experience Muddy Roads
The David Grisman Quintet David Grisman Quintet at Jazz Alley
The David Grisman Quintet First Recordings: Live in Dawg's Living Room
The David Hazeltine Trio Close to You
The David Hazeltine Trio Perambulation
The David Latto Band The David Latto Band
The David Newton Trio In Good Company
The David Nzomo Trio The Sweet Soul Of Kenya
The David Rutland Band Man Behind the Wheel
The David Scott Cadieux Center for Field and Room Recording Dakota Smokeless
The David Scott Cadieux Center for Field and Room Recording Declivities
The David Snell Trio Pure Genius
The David Whitaker Orchestra Latin in the Night
The Dawn Ascendant
The Dawn Harapin
The Dawn Puno’t Dulo
The Dawn Drapes Let's Be Strangers
The Day I Snapped Hooked on Disaster
The Day of the Antler A Call to Greatness
The Day of the Beast Indisputably Carnivorous
The Daybreaks Find Me at the End of the World
The Daybreaks The Idea of You
The Daydream Club All Our Born Days
The Daydream Club Piano Project // With You In Mind
The Daylight Complex Stumble
The Daylight Curse While I Breathe I Hope
The Daylight Savings and Loan Tragically Magical
The Daylight Titans The Daylight Titans
The Daylights Vehicle
The Days Great Big World
The Days Herz Aus Stahl
The Days Mellon
The Days You Can't Fool Me
The Days The Nights Radical Sabbatical
The Days of the Moon The Prince
The Days of the Trumpet Call A Prussian Revolutionary
The Dayton Family Back On Dayton Ave.
The Dayton Family Return To Dayton Ave
The De-Fenders The De-Fenders Play the Big Ones
The Deacons Maiden America
The Dead Deathsteps to Oblivion
The Dead Ritual Executions
The Dead The Dead
The Dead Beats Die Screaming, Marianne!
The Dead Bees The Dead Bees
The Dead Bees The Dead Bees 2
The Dead Beetles Little Monsters
The Dead Beetles Sending You A Postcard From The Dead Beetles
The Dead Beetles The Dead Beetles
The Dead Betties Fuck You Avril, You're in the Army Now
The Dead Betties Nightmare Sequence
The Dead Betties Summer of '93
The Dead Betties This Is My Brain on Drugs
The Dead Body Men The Art of Resistance
The Dead C Runway
The Dead C The Twelfth Spectacle
The Dead Coats Big Wish
The Dead Coats NICE
The Dead Daisies Holy Ground
The Dead Deads For Your Obliteration...
The Dead Deads Tell Your Girls It's Alright
The Dead Elvi Pretty Dead
The Dead End Boys Six Year Hangover
The Dead End Dropouts No Purpose or Direction
The Dead End Kids In deiner Stadt
The Dead End Kids Kommando Glitzer
The Dead Goats All of Them Witches
The Dead Goats Path of the Goat
The Dead Kenny G's Bewildered Herd
The Dead Krazukies Icarus
The Dead Leaves Vultures
The Dead Livers Greatest Misses
The Dead Livers Reaching to the Western Sky
The Dead Love So Whatever
The Dead Love The Extinction of Unicorns
The Dead Mantra Saudade Forever
The Dead Mauriacs Éléments d’une diplomatie fantôme
The Dead Milkmen "Depends On the Horse..."
The Dead Milkmen Music for the Mindless
The Dead President Burning Down Like А Candle
The Dead President Religions of World Supremacy
The Dead Rabbitts This Emptiness
The Dead Ritons Force & Horner
The Dead Salesmen Amen
The Dead Salesmen Bluestoned
The Dead Sea Dead Sea
The Dead Sea The Ceremony of Marrying a Mummy
The Dead Ships The Dead Ships (7")
The Dead Souls Chasing the Shadows
The Dead South Easy Listening for Jerks, Pt. 1
The Dead South Easy Listening for Jerks, Pt. 2
The Dead South Sugar & Joy
The Dead Space Faker
The Dead Suns New Days for a Better Man
The Dead Tones Deader Than You
The Dead Tongues Desert
The Dead Tongues Transmigration Blues
The Dead Tree The Tolnex Archives Vol. 1: The Metal Years (1992)
The Dead Victorians The Dead Victorians
The Dead XIII Catacombs
The Dead XIII Creatures of the Night Reborn
The Dead XIII Dark Days
The Dead-End Alley Band Odd Stories
The Dead-End Alley Band Whispers of the Night
The Deadbeat Club Communing With...
The Deadbeat Club It's Better Than Guitars
The Deadbeat Club Lavender
The Deadbeat Club Vital Earnings
The Deadbeats Do You
The Deadbeats Long Hard Nights
The Deadbeats On Tar Beach
The Deadbeats The Deadbeats
The Deadlines Fashion Over Function
The Deadly The Wolves Are Here Again
The Deadly Nightshade F & W
The Deadly Nightshade The Deadly Nightshade
The Deadly Winters Away Boys, Away
The Deadly Winters Ravynstoun
The Deadly Winters The Deadly Winters
The Deadnotes Orange Trumpet
The Deadstock 33’s Everything Is Turbulence
The Deadthings Dead Over Heels
The Deadutantes Fresh Meat
The Deadwalk! Full Energy Shock
The Deadwalk! Like Raging Wolves
The Deal is Haruhiko Ohshima Roller's Roller 0
The Dean Brothers Stuck On You
The Dean's List The Drive-In
The Deans Multiplication
The Dear Hunter, Brian Adam McCune & Awesöme Orchestra The Fox and the Hunt
The Dears Lovers Rock
The Death And Beauty Foundation The Death And Beauty Foundation
The Death Letter Let the Innocent Find Shelter in Our Grief
The Death Particle Atoms & Bone
The Death Particle Chapter I
The Death Particle O L D · B O N E S · I N · N E W · L I G H T
The Death Set How To Tune A Parrot
The Death Wheelers Divine Filth
The Death of Pop Seconds
The Death of Pop Tombola
The Death of Pop Two Thousand and Thirteen
The Deathray Davies Time Well Wasted
The Deathrays The Second Coming of Ahura Mazda
The Deathtrip A Foot in Each Hell - The Complete Demos
The Deaxville Trio On Campus
The Debonaires Darling / Whispering Blues
The Decayes Accidental Musik
The Decayes horNetZ
The December Question Stained Glass Eyes
The December Thirty Jazz Trio Free for 3
The Decency Lyfe Parc
The Decency Red Pill Music
The Decibelles The Measure of Music
The Decibels Big Hits! (plus twelve more!)
The Decibels Big Sounds Again (remixed and remastered)
The Decibels Scene, Not Herd
The Decibels The Big Sounds Of The Decibels
The Decline Can I Borrow a Feeling?
The Decline Flash Gordon Ramsay Street
The Decline Effect The Decline Effect
The Declining Winter / Isnaj Dui The Declining Winter / Isnaj Dui
The Decomposers Bearded Chicks Cost Cheaper
The Decomposers Double Penetration
The Decomposers Moans From the Cesspits
The Decorations Happy Life-Sparkling Bossa Cover
The Decorations Happy ever after?〜another story of "essence of life"
The Decorators Tablets
The Decoy Avalon
The Dedication Orchestra Spirits Rejoice
The Dedikation The Dedikation
The Deele Material Thangz
The Deen Livin La Vida Loca Naked
The Deep Premonition
The Deep Dark Woods Changing Faces
The Deep End Cop This
The Deep End The Deep End
The Deep Fix Adventures in Love
The Deep Hollow The Deep Hollow
The Deep North Sound & Light
The Deep River Quartet Merry Christmas to All of You
The Deep Six It's Happening
The Deepsea Goes Extraordinary Renditions
The Deepsea Goes Forcali
The Deepsea Goes Oraoneiroi
The Deepstate Mysinformation Highway Pt. 1
The Deepstate Mysinformation Highway Pt. 2
The Deer Do No Harm
The Dees 2004
The Defaced Charlatans
The Defibulators Debt'll Get'em
The Deflowers Shiny New Pony
The Deflowers fin.
The Degenerates A Simple Explanation Would Do
The Degrees Instant Gratification
The Degrees The Degrees
The Deighton Family Rolling Home
The Del McCoury Band Almost Proud
The Del McCoury Band Del McCoury Still Sings Bluegrass
The Del McCoury Band Old Memories: The Songs of Bill Monroe
The Del Moroccos Blue Black Hair
The Del Ray Rockets Strictly Not Fluffy
The Del-Lords Frontier Days
The Delaneys Bullfighter
The Delaneys On Tap
The Delaneys purpose. motive. intention
The Delano Orchestra Mvat mvct mlwy
The Delano Orchestra Now That You Are Free My Beloved One
The Delegates We All Taste the Same
The Delegators All Aboard
The Delevantes A Thousand Turns
The Delfonics Delfonics Return
The Delfonics Love Is
The Delfonics The Heart of the Delfonics
The Delgado Brothers Two Trains
The Deli Bumps Tape
The Deli Jazz Cat
The Deli Just the Remixes, Vol.1
The Deli Vibes
The Deli Vibes 3
The Deli Vibes Vol. 2
The Deli Zodiacs
The Deli, Es‐K, & Jansport J Amparo
The Delicious The Delicious The Delicious
The Delines The Sea Drift
The Delinquents It Is What It Ain't
The Delinquents The Delinquents
The Dell Griffiths I... I Like Me
The Della Grants Time For Change
The Delltones 20 Golden Greats
The Dell‐Vikings Cool Shake
The Delmarva Scheme The DelMarva Scheme