Release groups of mainly studio albums (status Official and type Album and no secondary types) that contains no releases with any acoustids submitted for any of the tracks in any of the releases within the release group

Report created based on data in Acoustid as of 14/01/2024

Found 655702 release groups of Official status and primary type album and no secondary types with no linked acoustids for any tracks in the releases that belong to the release group, we show 1000 release groups per page.

The report is not continually updated so may not reflect the current data within Acoustid databases.

This shows release groups of studio albums where none of the releases have any acoustids for the recordings within the release, useful if you are working on ensuring your favourite artist has full coverage of their releases. The report is ordered by release group artist, release group name.

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Artist Release Group
Barbara Lemon Telecsan Quiet Waters II
Barbara Lewis Snap Your Fingers
Barbara London Natural Progression
Barbara London Northern Portrait
Barbara Long Soul: The Voice of Barbara Long
Barbara Lusch Barbara Lusch
Barbara Lusch Rock Me Sweet
Barbara Lusch Surprisingly Good For You
Barbara Lynn Movin' on a Groove
Barbara Lynn So Good
Barbara Lynn The Barbara Lynn Story
Barbara MacArthur Sing, Dance, Laugh, and Eat Tacos
Barbara Mandrell After All These Years: The Collection
Barbara Mandrell Barbara Mandrell Live
Barbara Mandrell I'll Be Your Jukebox Tonight
Barbara Mandrell It Works For Me
Barbara Mandrell Just For The Record
Barbara Mandrell Love's Ups And Downs
Barbara Mandrell Midnight Angel
Barbara Mandrell Moments
Barbara Mandrell Morning Sun
Barbara Mandrell Precious Memories
Barbara Mandrell Spun Gold
Barbara Mandrell Sure Feels Good
Barbara Mandrell This Time I Almost Made It
Barbara Manning Alone In A Room
Barbara Manning Lately I Keep Scissors
Barbara Manning Sings With the Original Artists
Barbara Manning & The San Francisco Seals NowHere
Barbara Markay Heart Like a Song
Barbara Markay Hot Box
Barbara Mason If You Knew Him Like I Do
Barbara Mason & Bunny Sigler Locked In This Position
Barbara Means Fraser Family
Barbara Mendes Cinesamba
Barbara Mendes Live in Greece
Barbara Mendes So Many Stars
Barbara Moleko Bapsz
Barbara Moore A Little Moore Barbara
Barbara Moore Bright & Shining
Barbara Morrison Barbara Morrison & John Harkins Trio
Barbara Nesbitt Right as Rain
Barbara Nielsen Barbara Nielsen
Barbara Paige Hear Me Now
Barbara Panther Barbara Panther
Barbara Paul and Joe Bull Sight for Seeking
Barbara Payton Walk on Water
Barbara Pennington Midnight Ride
Barbara Perry Show Me Your Heart
Barbara Pires Do You Know Who You Are?
Barbara Pittman Texas Boogie
Barbara Pravi Barbara Pravi
Barbara Pravi On n’enferme pas les oiseaux
Barbara Raimondi Accoppiamenti giudiziosi
Barbara Raimondi Singin' Ornette!!! (A Celebration Of Mr. Coleman's Music)
Barbara Rosene Deep Night
Barbara Rubin The Shadows Playground
Barbara Rubin Under The Ice
Barbara Saint John Emily
Barbara Schöneberger & Rundfunk‐Sinfonieorchester Berlin Peter und der Wolf - Karneval der Tiere
Barbara Stant My Mind Holds On To Yesterday
Barbara Stromberger Kalt in mir
Barbara Strozzi, Cavalli, Cesti, Marini, Merula; Emőke Baráth, Il Pomo d’Oro, Francesco Corti Voglio cantar
Barbara Strozzi; Ensemble Incantato Arie, cantate & lamenti
Barbara Strozzi; Ensemble Poïésis Barbara Strozzi
Barbara Strozzi; Fons Musicae Lagrime mie
Barbara Strozzi; Glenda Simpson, The Camerata of London Glenda Simpson Sings Barbara Strozzi
Barbara Strozzi; La Venexiana Primo libro de' madrigali (1644)
Barbara Strozzi; Musica Secreta La virtuosissima cantatrice: The Vocal Music of Barbara Strozzi
Barbara Stępniak-Wilk O obrotach
Barbara Stępniak-Wilk Przewidzenia
Barbara Sukowa and The X-Patsys Devouring Time
Barbara Thalheim Deutsch zu sein...
Barbara Thalheim Die Frau vom Mann
Barbara Thalheim Die Kinder der Nacht
Barbara Thalheim Insel sein
Barbara Thalheim Neue Reiche
Barbara Thalheim Ohne Vorschrift leben
Barbara Thalheim So laßt uns scheinen bis wir werden
Barbara Thalheim Und keiner sagt: Ich liebe Dich...
Barbara Thalheim Zwischenspiel
Barbara Thalheim herzverloren
Barbara Thalheim & Jean Pacalet Fremdegehen
Barbara Thalheim & Pankow Ende der Märchen
Barbara Thalheim & Streichquartett Lebenslauf
Barbara Thalheim & Streichquartett Was fang ich mit mir an
Barbara Thalheim et Jean Pacalet Fière de ma grande gueule
Barbara Thalheim und Band AltTag - Lieder zu Filmen
Barbara Thalheim und Band Von der Westlichkeit der Welt
Barbara Thompson Barbara Thompson's Jubiaba
Barbara Thompson Sundance
Barbara Thompson & Paraphernalia Thompson’s Tangos and Other Soft Dances
Barbara Thompson / Rod Argent Ghosts
Barbara Thompson's Paraphernalia Lady Saxophone
Barbara Thompson’s Paraphernalia Mother Earth
Barbara Tucker & Tuccillo One Desire (2010 Remixes & Original Remixes)
Barbara W. Lepke-Sims Music for the Heart...from the Heart: Soothing Melodies to Comfort your Soul
Barbara Weathers Barbara Weathers
Barbara Weldens Le Grand H de l’homme
Barbara Windsor You’ve Got a Friend
Barbara Wrońska Dom z ognia
Barbara, the Gray Witch Barbara, the Gray Witch.
Barbarella Barbarella
Barbarella Don’t Stop the Dance
Barbarella Quid Pro Quo
Barbarella's Bang Bang Barbarella's Bang Bang
Barbarian Barbarian
Barbarian Power & Pain
Barbarian To No God Shall I Kneel
Barbarian Viperface
Barbarian Hermit Barbarian Hermit 01
Barbarian Hermit One
Barbarian Legendry Forests in the Shadow of Iron Mountain
Barbarian On The Groove BOG versus Marie - Arcana Integral -
Barbarian On The Groove Barbarian On The Groove Works Collection 4th
Barbarian On The Groove Barbarian On The Groove Works Collection 5th
Barbarian On The Groove Barbarossa
Barbarian On The Groove Devils Devel Concept Original Sound Tracks
Barbarian On The Groove apriori
Barbarian On The Groove 深淵 Music from AKATSUKI WORKS 黒
Barbarian Pipe Band Rota
Barbarian Prophecies Horizon
Barbarian Prophecies Origin
Barbarian Prophecies XIII
Barbarian Swords Anti-Dogma Megaforce
Barbarian Swords Hunting Rats
Barbarian Swords Totemic Anal Turbofucker
Barbarian Swords Worms
Barbarian Swords / Sönambula / Moribundo / Judaswiege Tetrarchia Ex Bestia
Barbarian on the Groove Ars Combinatoria - アルス・コンビナトリア -
Barbarian on the Groove Classics Plus - 01
Barbarian on the Groove Classics Plus - 02
Barbarian on the Groove Dragon Valley Misterio
Barbarian on the Groove Dragon Valley ~Arco-Iris~
Barbarian on the Groove El Fin De La Infancia ~終焉と覚醒~
Barbarian on the Groove POROROCK
Barbarian on the Groove Petroglyph
Barbaric Horde Axe of Superior Savagery
Barbaric Horde Barbaric Hammer Fist
Barbarisms Barbarism
Barbarisms Zugzwang
Barbarita Palacios Criolla
Barbarita Palacios Si va
Barbarito Torres Bailando Bonito
Barbarity Crush of Hypocritical Morality
Barbarity Enough Graves For Everybody
Barbarity Grotesque Contradiction
Barbarity Hell Is Here
Barbarity Keeper of Oblivion
Barbarity The Wish To Bleed
Barbarity The Zymosis
Barbarity / Katalepsy / Smersh / Posthumous Blasphemer Barbarity / Katalepsy / Smersh / Posthumous Blasphemer
Barbariz Auh!
Barbariz / Pastacas Dehemardik datis
Barbaro Fines y su Mayimbe Me da la gana
Barbaros Amalu N' Zik
Barbaros Godoff
Barbarossa Love Here Listen
Barbarossa The Weight of Void
Barbarossa Umtrunk Vestiges et brumes des anciens cycles
Barbarroja Barbarroja
Barbarroja Rompiendo Cadenas
Barbatos War! Speed and Power
Barbatuques Ayú
Barbe-Q-Barbies Driven
Barbecue Bob and the Spareribs After School Special
Barbed Wire / The Abnormal Skins 'n' Punks, Volume 4
Barbee Killed Kenn Barbee Killed Kenn
Barbelith Mirror Unveiled
Barbepeste Official Orchestra Bootleggers
Barber Shop Group A cappella - à la carte
Barber, Bauer; Stephen Beus Excursions: Piano Music From Barber and Bauer
Barber, Berlioz, Britten, Ravel; Jennifer Larmore, Grant Park Orchestra, Carlos Kalmar Royal Mezzo
Barber, Bernstein, Copland, Foster, Gershwin, Ives, Previn; Patrick Messina, Fabrizio Chiovetta Songs
Barber, Bernstein, Copland, Thompson; Polyphony, Stephen Layton American Polyphony
Barber, Bizet, Delage, Delibes, Granados, Lavallée, Massenet, Paladilhe; Marianne Lambert, Julien LeBlanc Mélodies passagères
Barber, Britten, Elgar, Ravel, Roussel; Orchestre à cordes de la Garde républicaine, Sébastien Billard Barber / Britten / Elgar / Ravel / Roussel
Barber, Bruch; Esther Yoo, Василий Петренко, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Barber, Bruch
Barber, Copland, Hanson; MIT Symphony Orchestra, David Epstein, Abbott Ruskin, Eugene List Piano Concertos
Barber, Elgar, Delius; Yoko Hasegawa, Tatsuya Shimono, Czech National Symphony Orchestra Barber: Cello Concerto, op. 22 / Elgar: Cello Concerto in E minor op. 85 / Delius: Intermezzo & Serenade From "Hassan"
Barber, Grieg, Ravel, Borodine; Duo Jatekok Danses
Barber, Hartmann, Berg, Stravinsky, Britten; Gil Shaham 1930s Violin Concertos, Vol. 1
Barber, Hindemith, Jolivet, Sæverud; The Bergen Wind Quintet Barber: Summer Music / Hindemith: Kleine Kammermusk / Jolivet: Sérénade / Sæverud: Slåtter og stev fra „Siljustøl”
Barber, Hindemith, Schönberg; Borodin Quartet Chamber Music of XX Century
Barber, Ives; Escher String Quartet Barber / Ives
Barber, Persichetti, Diamond, Fennimore; Georgia Mangos, Louise Mangos American Works for Piano Duo
Barber; Eleanor Steber, Nicolai Gedda, Rosalind Elias, Giorgio Tozzi, Regina Resnik, Dimitri Mitropoulos, Metropolitan Opera Orchestra & Chorus Vanessa
Barber; Robert McDuffie, Jon Kimura Parker, Yoel Levi, Atlanta Symphony Orchestra Violin Concerto, op. 14 / Piano Concerto, op. 38
Barberos Barberos
Barbershop Sixpack So ein Kuss kommt von allein
Barbi Benton Ain't That Just the Way
Barbi Benton Barbi Doll
Barbi Recanati El final de las cosas
Barbi Recanati Ubicación en tiempo real
Barbican Estate Way Down East
Barbicide Songs About Heartbreak & Nazis
Barbie Barbie & The Diamond Castle
Barbie Barbie in: Ene Weihnachtsgeschichte - Das Liederalbum zum Film
Barbie Almalbis Goodbye My Shadow
Barbie Almalbis My New Heart
Barbie Bertisch Prelude
Barbie Forteza Barbie Forteza
Barbie Sailers Sea of Light
Barbie la Vie Go Big or Go Home
Barbie's Cradle Hungry Young Poets
Barbiero - Manera - Sartoris Woland (Omaggio a "Il Maestro E Margherita")
Barbie’s Dead Enough Space to Dream
Barbino il Menestrello Apocalittico Barbino il Menestrello Apocalittico
Barbiturate Too Deep
Barbiturate Too Deep II
Barbora Balúchová Uletená
Barbora Polyxena Nowak Arborio
Barbora Xu Olin Ennen
Barbouze de chez Fior La Poule au Pot Moléculaire
Barbra & Bas Barbara & Bas
Barbra & Bas Terug van de reis
Barbra Lica Christmas Present
Barbra Lica Kissing You
Barbra Streisand Yentl - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Barbwalters FunkLord
Barbwire Bluegrass You Ain’t Seen Nothing Yet
Barby Holder Haunt Me Forever
Barby-Pop Toffees
Barbés.D Green Walk Dub
Barbés.D & Friends 10 Rarities
Barca do Inferno 1984
Barcadia Versus The World
Barcarole akut akustisch
Barcarole eighteen strings
Barcella Mariposa
Barcella Soleil
Barcelona Basic Man
Barcelona Residuos Del Ultrasonido
Barcelona Un Último Ultrasonido, Nació y Murió en Barcelona
Barcelona Art Orchestra Ragtime Stories
Barcelona Gipsy balKan Orchestra Nova Era
Barcelona Sax Quartet SaxBach
Barcelona Series Berolina Suite
Barcelona Traction Barcelona Traction
Barcelona Traction Nano
Barche A Torsio Barche A Torsio
Barche A Torsio Cà do Segnô
Barche A Torsio E Duì
Barche A Torsio Quattro
Barche A Torsio Trei
Barchet Quartet & Emil Kessinger Mozart: Complete String Quartets and Quintets (The VoxBox Edition)
Barclay Christmas Orchestra Family Christmas
Barclay James Harvest featuring Les Holroyd Retrospective
Barclay Martin Ensemble Dawn
Barco Antes del desmayo
Barco El viaje de la canción
Barco Era es será
Bard Bard
Bard Brann Nachtharzen
Bardane Trio Le Jardin de Theix
Bardcore Ain’t No Party Like a Bardcore Party
Bardcore Bardcore of the Ages
Bardcore Bardcores Popular Renditions
Bardcore Devilishly Good Bardcore
Bardcore Modern Pop Music but Its Turned Medieval
Bardcore Ye Olde Pop Gone Bardcore
Barden Matteus Visor från Njurunda
Bardero$, C.R.O, Franky Style MDB
Bardic The High and the Low
Bardic Compass Songs of the Caravan
Bardiet As The Light Fails - EP
Bardiya Ehsase To Raste
Bardo Bardo
Bardo Bardo
Bardo Vamo los pibes
Bardo José Bardo José, Vol. 1
Bardo Pond Peel Sessions
Bardo Pond / Carlton Melton Bardo Pond / Carlton Melton
Bardo Thödöl Dead In Lithang
Bardo Todol & Robert Millis A Magnetic Road to Hell
BardoMagno Li bardi son tornati in locanda
BardoMagno Vol. I
Bardoefada #Lovebox
Bardoscia • Alborada • Marcotulli Trigono
Bardoseneticcube KachaREX
Bardot Menina Boazona
Bards Beyond Time Spirit of the Land
Bards of Skaði Glysisvallur: Musick From The Frozen Atlantis
Bards of a Feather Homeward Way
Bare Bones Boogie Band Tattered & Torn
Bare Egil Band Heia Norge! Bare Egils fotballsanger volum 1
Bare Egil Band Norge på kryss og tvers volum 4
Bare Egil Band Norge på kryss og tvers, Vol. 5
Bare Egil Band Null
Bare Feet Deep Conversations with the Ice Cream Man
Bare Grillz Friends
Bare Knees Pump Up the Lump
Bare Knuckle Conflict Bare Knuckle Conflict
Bare Knuckle Messiahs That Which Preys On The Dead
Bare Mountain my voice is the second cheapest instrument i own (and it sounds like it too)
Bare Necessities English Country Dances
Bare Necessities Nightcap
Bare Necessities Simple Pleasures, The English Country Dance Collection Volume 3
Bare Necessities Take a Dance
Bare Skin Rugs Feel Free
Bare Wire Son Gently
Barebones Back in Your Black
Barebones For the Mind, Body, and Soul....
Barebones & Wildflowers Days Will Go By
Barebones Orchestra Exposition
Bareda Wrong as Hale
Barefood Milkbox
Barefoot Barefoot
Barefoot Dance of Life
Barefoot & Andy Barefoot & Andy
Barefoot Contessa You Can't Go Home Again
Barefoot Dance of the Sea Beneath Closed Eyes
Barefoot Jerry Barefoot Jerry
Barefoot Jerry Southern Delight
Barefoot Jerry Watchin' TV
Barefoot Jerry You Can't Get Off With Your Shoes On
Barefoot Man Hot Hot Hot Collection
Barefoot Man In the Bahamas
Barefoot Man Just Another Sunset
Barefoot Man Margarita Daze
Barefoot Man Three Coconuts
Barefoot McCoy Back to Virginia
Barefoot McCoy Ballyhoo
Barefoot Natives Slack Key Circus
Barefoot Revelation Never Again
Barefoot Surrender Barefoot Surrender
Barefoot and the Shoes Exit Out of Dreamland
Barefoot on Bumblebees Ants for Abraham
Barefoot on Bumblebees Everything Shiny Is New
Barefoot on Bumblebees Let it Feel Like Something
Barefuzz BareFuzz
Barefuzz Fuzzoween 10/30/2020
Bareil, Lépine Works for Violin & Cello, Based on Old Folk Melodies
Bareil, Lépine Works for Violin and Cello
Barel Rock Rock na vsi
Bareld Lunsche, Aly Lunsche De toverlanteern
Barely Autumn Barely Autumn
Barely Autumn Day Trip to the Petting Zoo
Barely Breathing Playig with the Big Dogs
Barely Brujas Todo Suena Igual
Barely Civil We Can Live Here Forever
Barely Pink Starduster
Barely Trev Rumtlove
Barely-Free Partial Prisoners A Poem, a Gun
Barenaked Ladies Detour de Force
Barenaked Ladies In Flight
Barend Middelhoff, Massimo Morganti, Nico Menci The Cause of the Sequence
Barend Tromp Six Against Four
Bareto El amor no es para los débiles
Bareto Sodoma y Gamarra
Barflies Short Stories
Barfly I've Been Worse
Barfly & Mr. Hill Nite Owls
Barfly Jazz Band Five Minutes More
Barfota Jazzmen I Want to Be a Birdman
Bargain Hunters Special Occasion
Bargain Music American Born
Bargainatt C'est pas banane!
Bargainatt Omic
Bargainatt if
Bargeldschallplatten Drei
Barghest Altars of Rot
Barghest [untitled]
Bari F*@k It... Burn It All Down
Bari Layer Cake
Bari Neva Look Back
Bari Koral Little Box of Happy
Bari Koral Family Rock Band Anna and the Cupcakes
Barienses Jazz Collective Sofia
Barigozzi, Rocchi, Milano, Pillot Quartetto Jazz
Barikad Crew Goumen Pou Sa W Kwè
Barikat Güneşin Çocukları
Barike Band Nimum
Barike Band Santa Ikam
Barike Band Tingim Live, Volume 3
Barike Band Tingim Live, Volume 3
Barike Band Yumi Yet
Barilari Canciones Doradas (2022)
Barilari Infierock
Barilari Tango de mi país
Barilium Growth in Pain
Barimar & Capricorn College LP Di Primavera
Baring Teeth Ghost Chorus Among Old Ruins
Baring Teeth The Path Narrows
Baring Teeth Transitive Savagery
Barion Unpleasant
Barishi Barishi
Barishi Old Smoke
Baritone Κερασμένα ψέματα
Barium Education by Error
Barjo We Are Barjo EP
Bark Home
Bark Music From the Centre of Australia
Bark & Blik Vildskud
Bark Bark Colors, Chemistry and Computers
Bark Bark 死霊の夜明け
Bark Haze One For Merz
Bark Prelude Start of Something Minor
Bark! Barkeology! Vol 1: Harmfulodics and More Celibacy
Bark! Barkeology! Vol 2: Our Traditional Values and Unicorn
Bark! Barkeology! Vol 3: Tubarkulosis!
Bark! Swing
Bark! That Irregular Galvanic Twitch
Barka Vall Skogsflot
Barkasth Hear My Void
Barker & Baumecker Strung Remixes LP
Barking Chains of Suspicion
Barking Dogs Skinhead Rock
Barking Tribe Serpent Go Home
Barkmarket 1-800-Godhouse
Barkosina Fasting Culture
Barkuna Mix
Barkóczi Noémi Nem Vagyok Itt
Barlast Ihantola
Barley Bouffler Rock the Boat
Barley Bouffler Who's the Captain
Barley Station After All
Barley Station Damaged Goods
Barley Wik Beyond the Down
Barleyjuice Bonny Prince Barley
Barleyjuice This Is Why We Can't Have Nice Things
Barloventos Contra viento y marea
Barlow Barlow
Barlow Four Castles
Barlow In a Stranger's Car
Barlow Walls of Future
Barlow Pass Shadowman
Barluath At Dawn of Day
Barn Barn
Barn Habitat
Barn Burning Weatheredbound
Barn Owl / Tom Carter Barn Owl / Tom Carter
Barn Sour Drinkers Mass
Barn Sour One Trick Pony
Barn Sour Soap & Glue
Barn Vilain Sommeil Léthargique
Barnabas Approaching Light Speed
Barnabas Hear the Light
Barnabas Samuel Sambara
Barnabas Sky Inspirations
Barnabas Sky What Comes to Light
Barnabus Beginning to Unwind
Barnaby Bright Barnaby Bright
Barnaby Bright Bleak Midwinter
Barnaby Brown, Bill Taylor & Clare Salaman Spellweaving: Ancient Music From the Highlands of Scotland
Barnaby Bye Room to Grow
Barnaby Bye Touch
Barnaby Finch Digital Madness
Barnaby Jones Barnaby Jones
Barnacle Maniac
Barnacle Beak Songs for the Workin' Man
Barnacled 6
Barnacled Charles
Barnacles Air Skin Digger
Barnacles One Single Sound
Barnacles The Evening News
Barnatchok La traversée
Barnbrack A Slice of Home
Barnes & Barnes Spazchow
Barnes / O’Higgins and the Sax Section Oh Gee!
Barnet Tänk på döden
Barnett + Coloccia Weld
Barney A Land of Make Believe
Barney El Barney Boogie
Barney Let's Go to the Farm
Barney The Barney Boogie
Barney The Freestyle Sessions II
Barney Artist Home Is Where the Art Is
Barney Artist Lofi Lockdown: The Re-Issue
Barney Barnett Small Stones
Barney Bentall Cosmic Dreamer
Barney James With Warhorse Köneg 'The Second Coming'
Barney Kessel Blue Guitar
Barney Kessel Reflections in Rome
Barney Kessel Swinging Easy!
Barney Kessel What's New... Barney Kessel?
Barney Kessel with The Jazz Millers Barney Kessel: Live at the Jazz Mill 1954
Barney McAll Mooroolbark
Barney McAll Precious Energy
Barney McAll nourriture de l’amour
Barney Wilen Auto Jazz - Tragic Destiny Of Lorenzo Bandini
Barney Wilen Dream time
Barney Wilen Quartet feat. Tete Montoliu Barney and Tete: Grenoble ’88
Barney Wilen Quintet Barney Wilen Quintet
Barney Wilen With Caroline De Bendern Moshi Too - Unreleased Tapes Recorded In Africa 1969-70
Barney Wilen, Alain Jean-Marie Dream Time
Barni Guerrero
Barnicle Bill Trio Barnicle Bill
Barnicle Bill Trio No Black Tie
Barnill Brothers A Better Place
Barns Undastandably Son
Barnsley Brass A Christmas Collection
Barnsley Brass A Collier's Way
Barnstar! Sit Down! Get Up! Get Out!
Barnstormer 1649 Restoration Tragedy
Barnt What Is a Number, That a Man May Know It?
Barnums Circumstances
Barny & The Rhythm All Stars Young 'n' Wild
Barnyard Drama I'm A Navvy
Barnyard Masturbator Badger Orgy Fatality
Barnyard Slut Force Field
Baro Criminel Music
Baro Prog-Jets Lucillo & Giada / Topic Würlenio
Baro Prog-Jets Utopie
Baro Sura Just Problems You Need To Know
Barobax Wag
Barock Rain Getting There
Barodarho Triumvirāts
Barok Fest noz !
Barok Collegium Barokni Zrcaldo
Barok ensemble - The Great Charm The Great Charm
Barokkanerne, Ingeborg Christophersen Recordare Venezia
Barokksolistene London Calling!
Baron Breakdown Time
Baron Torpor
Baron / De Looze / Verheyen MiXMONK
Baron Automatic Wayfunner
Baron Bane III
Baron Black Tradisyon Mwen
Baron Browne & Joel Rosenblatt Double B Double V
Baron Collins-Hill Old Time Mandolin
Baron Crâne Electric Shades
Baron Crâne Les Beaux Jours
Baron Grand Remote Presence
Baron Knoxburry Itawel Melggin
Baron Longfellow Baron Longfellow
Baron Longfellow Prisoner By Design
Baron Mordant Mark of the Mould
Baron Oufo Dar Al-Hikma
Baron Paakkunainen & Karelia Group The Sound Of Birchbark Flute
Baron Praxis Ecocidal
Baron Rétif & Concepción Perez Funk
Baron Rétif & Concepción Perez Navettes
Baron Samadhi On the S.S. Anytime
Baron Samadhi Soul Sangha
Baron Samedi Percussions / Robert Amyot / Jean-François Baëz Marabout Cadillac
Baron Von Luxxury The Last Seduction (Instrumentals)
Baron Zero Follow the Eye
Baroness Stone
Baroness the risky rush
Barong Lepas Kendali
Barons Court A Descent Into Madness
Barons du Bayou Alligator Men
Barons du Bayou De la Loire au Mississippi
Baronski Trails
Barooga Bandit Come Softly
Baroque Overexposed
Baroque R.I.P. Rock In Peace
Baroque Rocq
Baroque Boquet Plant Music
Baroque Bordello Cosmic Pigs vs Invisible Ameba Men 宇宙豚 vs 透明アメーバ人間
Baroque Bordello Tenjo Tenge Yuiga Dokuson 天上天下唯我独尊
Baroque Ensemble of the Trondheim Symphony Orchestra The Trondheim Concertos
Baroque N' Fiddle String Quartet Buttermilk Mary
Baroque Orchestra of Madrid Madrid 1752: Sacred Music From the Royal Chapel of Spain
Barque of Dante Alchemist
Barque of Dante Legend of the Great Wall I
Barquitos Edward Lo que el destino te depare
Barra Moving Mountains
Barra West Wind
Barra Brava Mala Racha y La working Class
Barra Brown Dreaming Awake
Barra Brown LFT:RT
Barra Brown Poem Project
Barra Brown Songs for a Young Heart
Barracks Ghosts
Barrage High Strung
Barrage Soundtrack of the World
Barrage Vagabond Tales: Every Traveller Has a Story
Barrage Am Ring Barrage Am Ring 4 Arrange/Side
Barramundi The Didgeridoo: The Complete Course
Barrdo Jour inouï
Barrdo Équivoques vol. 1
Barrdo Équivoques vol. 2
Barre Phillips Basse Barre
Barre Phillips Camouflage
Barre Phillips For All It Is
Barre Phillips Journal Violone
Barre Phillips Lest By Barre
Barre Phillips Live in Vienna
Barre Phillips Naxos
Barre Phillips No Pieces
Barre Phillips Portraits
Barre Phillips Racines
Barre Phillips & György Kurtág Face a Face
Barre Phillips & Joëlle Léandre A L'Improviste
Barre Phillips & Kazuo Imai Play 'em as They Fall
Barre Phillips / Yoshizawa Motoharu Uzu
Barre Phillips avec Emilie Lesbros No Man's Zone
Barre Phillips, Bertram Turetzky, Vinny Golia Trignition
Barre Phillips, Catherine Jauniaux, Malcolm Goldstein Birds Abide
Barre Phillips, John Butcher & Ståle Liavik Solberg We met - and then
Barre Phillips, Marc Pichelin, Kristof Guez New York CIty
Barre Phillips, Motoharu Yoshizawa = 吉沢元治 Oh My, Those Boys!
Barre Phillips, Nobuyoshi Ino, Tetsu Saitoh October Bass Tri-Logue
Barre Phillips, Serge Pesce, Jean Luc Danna Jazzd'aià
Barrel Aged Barrel Aged
Barrel Bones Shake Rattle Roll
Barrel Cacti Mountains
Barrel Cacti The Battle of the Cactus and the Lobster
Barrel Cacti The Cycle
Barrel Cacti Voyage of Existence
Barrel House Mob Tickled Pink
Barrel Smoke Locked 'n Loaded
Barrel of Blues Double Barrel Blues
Barrelhouse Almost There
Barrelhouse Hard to Cover
Barrelhouse How About That
Barrelhouse Soul Pimps’ n’ Blues Pushers
Barrelhouse Straight From the Shoulder
Barrelhouse Who’s Missing
Barrelhouse Buck McFarland Alton Blues
Barrelhouse Jazz Band 1966 Talking Hot
Barrelhouse Jazzband 100 Years Louis Armstrong
Barrelhouse Jazzband Barrelhouse Jazzband Plays: The New Orleans Renaissance
Barrelhouse Jazzband New Harlem Shout
Barrelhouse Jazzband Plays Early Swing
Barrelhouse Jazzband Plays Jelly Roll Morton
Barrelhouse Jazzband Plays King Oliver
Barrelhouse Jazzband Showboat
Barrelhouse Jazzband You Are Driving Me Crazy
Barrelhouse Jazzband & Angi Domdey Barrelhouse Jazzband & Angi Domdey
Barrelhouse Jazzband & Angi Domdey Rebecca, Rebecca, Take Your Fat Legs Offa Me
Barrelhouse Jazzband & Angi Domdey Travelling Blues
Barrelhouse Jazzband, Michael Sell Trio, Heinz Sauer Hot and Free
Barren Cursed to Walk the Earth
Barren I
Barren Altar Entrenched in the Faults of the Earth
Barren Canyon Close the Circle
Barren Canyon World of Wounds
Barren Harvest Subtle Cruelties
Barren Heir Died Down
Barren Womb Lizard Lounge
Barren Womb Nique Everything
Barren? Distracted To Death... Diverted From Reality
Barrence Whitfield & The Savages Savage Tracks
Barrence Whitfield Eta Petti Barrence Whitfield Eta Petti & The Bloodyhotsak
Barrens Penumbra
Barrera Visiones Nocturnas
Barret Beatz Todessymphonie
Barrett Anderson All the Way Down
Barrett Baber Battlefield Us
Barrett Martin Earthspeaker
Barrett Martin The Painted Desert
Barrett Martin Group Artifact
Barrett Martin Group Atlas
Barrett Martin Group Indwell
Barrett Martin Group Songs of the Firebird
Barrett Martin Group Stillpoint
Barrett Martin Group The Painted Desert
Barrett Martin Group Transcendence
Barrett Martin Group Zenga
Barrett's Dottled Beauty Living for the Moment
Barrett's Dottled Beauty Owls in Her Eyes
Barrett's Dottled Beauty Temple of Fiddes
Barri Baix Pork-No
Barri McPherson & Mark Schoenfeld Brooklyn, the Musical
Barricada Volumen I
Barricada Volumen II
Barricade Le Rire Des Camisoles
Barricade Valentine's Day
Barricade Weakness Dreams
Barricade Mentale Ce Soir On Crève, Demain On Verra
Barricades Blood Combines
Barricades When It Hits You
Barricades With Perfect Aim
Barricane The Sky and Us
Barrie Barbara
Barrier Eventide
Barrier Brothers Golden Bluegrass Hits
Barrier Brothers Gospel Songs, Bluegrass Style
Barrier Down Love Unknown
Barrier of Dark Leaves Barrier of Dark Leaves
Barriers Now Bridges Here Goes Everything
Barrie‐James Cold Coffee
Barrie‐James Psychedelic Soup
Barrie‐James Strange Desire
Barrington Best Kept Secret....
Barrington Levy Love The Life You Live
Barrington Pheloung Days of Majesty
Barrington Spence Star In The Ghetto
Barrington Spence Tears of my pillow
Barrio Chino Mediterra Nostra
Barrio Colette Rouge rose
Barrio Populo Géographie du hasard
Barrio Santo Ciudadanos del mundo
Barrio Sud El Viaje
Barrio Tomillo A porrazos con los molinos
Barrios Bajos Ahora mas que nunca
Barrios Bajos Atrevidos
Barrios Bajos Maldito rocanroll
Barrios Bajos Sigue tu maldición
Barrios Guitar Quartet Four Suites
Barrios, Granados, Llobet, Rachmaninov, Rameau, Ramírez, Scriabin, Villa‐Lobos; Raphaël Feuillâtre Guitar Recital
Barritz The Cadillac Man
Barro Canciones como flores
Barro Miocardio
Barro Somos
Barrock Barrock
Barrock La Strega
Barron Brady England Needs Her Hedgerows
Barron Brady Jenny's Mermaid
Barron Brady Somewhen
Barron Peeler Journey of Life
Barron Ryan Classical with Attitude
Barron Steffen Dreams of Christmas
Barrow Poets Outpatients
Barrow Wight In League with Sauron
Barrowlands Thane
Barrowlands Tyndir
Barrows Swine Race
Barrule Barrule
Barrule Manannan's Cloak
Barry Sleeping System
Barry & Batya Segal Go Through the Gates
Barry Adamson The Taming of the Shrewd
Barry Allen Barry Allen
Barry Allen Goin' Places
Barry Allen Lovedrops
Barry Altschul For Stu
Barry Altschul Tales Of The Unforseen
Barry Altschul The 3dom Factor
Barry Altschul You Can't Name Your Own Tune
Barry Andrews Haunted Box of Switches
Barry Andrews Stic Basin
Barry Andrewsin Disko Kuka siellä?
Barry Berrier First Time With Feeling
Barry Biggs Coming Down With Love
Barry Biggs Mr. Biggs
Barry Biggs Sincerely!
Barry Biggs So in Love
Barry Biggs What’s Your Sign?
Barry Biggs Wide Awake
Barry Boom The Living Boom
Barry Boom Trust in Me
Barry Brinson Trio Pick Yourself Up
Barry Brown I'm Not So Lucky (Showcase)
Barry Brown Praises
Barry Brown Right Now
Barry Brown Showcase
Barry Brown / Willie Williams Roots & Culture
Barry BrownMeetsScientistWithRoots Radics Barry Brown Meets The Scientist At King Tubby's With The Roots Radics
Barry Can't Swim When Will We Land?
Barry Childs-Helton The Summers Behind You
Barry Cleveland Voluntary Dreaming
Barry Collins 30 Years of Upland Express and More...
Barry Creyton and Noeline Brown The Front Side of Barry Creyton and Noeline Brown
Barry Creyton and Noeline Brown The Not So Wet and Dry Side of Barry Creyton and Noeline Brown
Barry Crocker On Broadway
Barry Deister East-West Dialogue
Barry Dransfield Be Your Own Man
Barry Dransfield Unruly
Barry Edwards Al Jolson a Tribute
Barry Elmes Climbing
Barry Elmes Redshift
Barry Elmes Quintet East West
Barry Finnerty New York City
Barry Finnerty Nothing´s Gonna Be All Right
Barry Finnerty Space Age Blues
Barry Finnerty Straight Ahead
Barry Finnerty & Superfriends 2B Named Later
Barry Galbraith Guitar Comping
Barry Gibb Greenfields: The Gibb Brothers Songbook, Vol. 1
Barry Goldberg In The Groove
Barry Goldstein Ignite the Heart
Barry Goudreau's Engine Room Full Steam Ahead
Barry Goudreau's Engine Room The Road
Barry Gray Footsteps
Barry Gray Stand By for Adverts
Barry Green Introducing Barry Green
Barry Green Trio Great News
Barry Green, Dave Green Turn Left at Monday
Barry Guy Symmetries
Barry Guy The Blue Shroud
Barry Guy & Barre Phillips Arcus
Barry Guy & London Jazz Composers' Orchestra Harmos
Barry Guy & The London Jazz Composers' Orchestra Double Trouble
Barry Guy - Maya Homburger J. S. Bach - Sonata in A-Minor • BWV1003, Partita in D-Minor • BWV1004 / Aglais
Barry Guy - Maya Homburger J. S. Bach - Sonata in C-Dur • BWV1005, Partita in E-Dur • BWV1006 / Lysandra
Barry Guy - Maya Homburger J. S. Bach - Sonata in G Minor BWV1001, Partita in B Minor BWV1002 / Inachis
Barry Guy / The London Jazz Composers' Orchestra Portraits
Barry Guy And The Now Orchestra Study - Witch Gong Game II/10
Barry Guy New Orchestra Inscape - Tableaux
Barry Guy New Orchestra Oort-Entropy
Barry Guy and the London Jazz Composer's Orchestra with Irène Schweizer Theoria
Barry Guy | Maya Homburger | Zlatko Kaučič Without Borders
Barry Guy, London Jazz Composers' Orchestra Study II / Stringer
Barry Guy, Marilyn Crispell, Paul Lytton Odyssey
Barry Guy, Mats Gustafsson & Raymond Strid You forget to answer
Barry Hansen My Soul Hungered
Barry Harris Live In New York
Barry Hawk 21st Century Bluez
Barry Hay & J.B. Meyers For You Baby
Barry Hay & JB Meijers Fiesta De La Vida
Barry Humphries Moonee Ponds Muse, Volume 1
Barry Hyde Malody
Barry Issac Forward Up
Barry Kerr Boy in a Boat
Barry Kingston and the Screaming Souls Shakin' From the Trees
Barry Kite & Captain Video Asher Sauce and Barry Pie
Barry Kooda Crossin' The Line
Barry Korcheski Christmas in Vancouver
Barry Levenson Heart to Hand
Barry Levenson The Visit
Barry Levenson & Johnny Dyer Hard Times Won
Barry London Barry London
Barry Lopez, David Darling River Notes: Dance of the Herons
Barry Louis Polisar A Little Different
Barry Louis Polisar Family Trip
Barry Louis Polisar Teacher's Favorites
Barry Luft Folksinger's Fire
Barry Luft Lean a Little
Barry Lynn '01 - '04 Tracks
Barry Lynn Compositions For Software Instruments
Barry Lynn Taurus Tapes Vol. I
Barry Lynn Taurus Tapes Vol. II
Barry Male Voice Choir A Feast of Music
Barry Manilow Night Songs II
Barry Mann Lay It All Out
Barry Mann Soul & Inspiration
Barry Mann Survivor
Barry Markwick Plays Lennon McCartney Song Book
Barry McCormack Last Night, as I Was Wandering
Barry McCormack We Drank Our Tears
Barry McGuire Lighten Up
Barry McGuire Pilgrim
Barry McGuire Seeds
Barry McGuire The Barry McGuire Album
Barry McGuire & Barry Kane Here And Now!
Barry Melton The Fish
Barry Miles Scatbird
Barry Miles And Barry Miles’ Silverlight Barry Miles And Silverlight
Barry Miles Featuring Terry Silverlight Zoot Suit Stomp
Barry Miles’ Silverlight Magic Theater
Barry Minniefield Give Me Love
Barry Moore Rat Race
Barry O'Dowd & The Highlanders Best Loved Christmas Songs
Barry Palmer Without An Aim
Barry Paquin Roberge Exordium to Extasy
Barry Paquin Roberge Voyage Massage
Barry Peterson Champ
Barry Pischner & Rich Scripps On a Broad Reach
Barry Prophet Elusive Moving Parts
Barry Prophet Sound As Instrument & Art - Volume 1
Barry Prophet Sound As Instrument & Art - Volume 2
Barry Prophet While You Were Sleeping
Barry Ries Solitude in a Crowd
Barry Romberg Group 2nd Floor Please
Barry Sames and Friends Celebrate
Barry Saunders Long Shadows
Barry Saunders Magnetic South
Barry Saunders Weatherman
Barry Saunders Zodiac
Barry Schrader The Barnum Museum
Barry Schwam / Schwump The Frog Opera
Barry Snyder & Oleh Krysa Schubert, Schumann Works for Violin, Viola and Piano
Barry Sparks Glimmer of Hope
Barry St. John According to St. John
Barry Stagg One Heart At A Time
Barry Stephenson The Iconoclast
Barry Stoller Formula
Barry Stoller Selling Sounds
Barry Stoller / Peter Reno Here and There
Barry Truax Androgyne : Electroacoustic And Computer Music By Barry Truax
Barry Truax Digital Soundscapes
Barry Truax Islands
Barry Truax Twin Souls
Barry Truter Traveller
Barry Walker Jr. Shoulda Zenith
Barry Wedgle, Steve Lacy The Rendezvous
Barry White Gone Wrong Tornado
Barry Wild Porto Rico
Barry Wild Simply the Best
Barry Youngblood All Access
Barry and Sally Childs-Helton Escape From Mundania
Barry and Sally Childs-Helton Paradox
Barry and Sally Childs-Helton Tempus Fugitives
Barry and the Beachcombers Hamster Not Included
Barry and the Beachcombers Men of Action
Barry and the Beachcombers Speed Rabbit Pizza
Bars Holy Shit
Bars T'ho diré mil vegades
Bars of Gold SHELTERS
Bars of Gold Wheels
Barsextet Tonny Eyk feat. Frans Poptie Cocktail Music In Stereo
Barshasketh / Void Ritual Barshasketh / Void Ritual
Barsoom Under the Moons of Mars
Barstool Astronaut We're All In Space
Barstool Mountain I (closing time)
Bart Bart zingt ze wéér beter: Oké, met het Goede Doel
Bart Esperanto of Cool
Bart Holomew
Bart Some Kind of Way
Bart & Baker Classic Top Hats
Bart Bascone Disco Island
Bart Bascone Makapuu
Bart Bonte Collage
Bart Brady Ciampa Another Smooth Operator
Bart Brady Ciampa Caution!! May Cause Drowsiness!
Bart Brady Ciampa Twilight Interlude
Bart Budwig Another Burn on the AstroTurf
Bart Budwig Jalapeño Business
Bart Budwig Paint by Number Jesus
Bart Budwig Whisky Girl
Bart Davenport Episodes
Bart Davenport Searching for Bart Davenport
Bart Dijkman Vampire: the Masquerade - A Beast I Am
Bart Graft A Sign of Life
Bart Graft Americana Vol. 2
Bart Graft Americana Vol. 3
Bart Graft Blue.
Bart Graft Cavallino
Bart Graft Crystalline
Bart Graft Empyrean
Bart Graft For the Record...
Bart Graft Go for Broke!
Bart Graft In Dreams
Bart Graft Japan
Bart Graft Kola
Bart Graft Light and Space
Bart Graft Miami
Bart Graft Monetary Gain
Bart Graft Pink Monochrome
Bart Graft Pink!
Bart Graft Self-Portrait I
Bart Graft Self-Portrait II
Bart Graft Synaesthesia
Bart Graft The Mall Scene
Bart Graft The Quiet Earth
Bart Graft Worldly Pleasures
Bart Graft / Bubble Keiki Emerald
Bart Hawkins 21 Pulse Eclipse
Bart Hawkins Bell's Theorem
Bart Hawkins Entering the Axis Mundi
Bart Hawkins Last Ride in Leonardo Da Vinci's Helicopter
Bart Hawkins Nonlinear Crossroads
Bart Hawkins Vision of Eden
Bart Herman Aquarius
Bart Herman Bartje zoekt het geluk
Bart Herman Bartstocht
Bart Herman De Weg
Bart Herman De slag van mijn hart
Bart Herman Drie akkoorden en de waarheid
Bart Herman Gele rozen
Bart Herman Hacienda
Bart Herman In mijn element
Bart Herman Schatterhand
Bart Herman Tuimelkruid
Bart Herman Tussen ons gezegd en gezongen
Bart Herman Uit de mist
Bart Herman Ver Gezicht
Bart Herman Vlinders, passie, stille tranen
Bart Herman Volwassen en gestreken
Bart Kaëll 30
Bart Kaëll Dag & nacht
Bart Kaëll Dicht bij jou
Bart Kaëll Hallo, Hier ben ik
Bart Kaëll Het beste van Bart Kaëll 25 jaar hits
Bart Kaëll In ’t nieuw
Bart Kaëll Noord & zuid
Bart Mendoza Paris Yesterday: Demos 1996-2007
Bart Moeyaert Broere
Bart Peeters Bart Peeters & Pop-Up Koor olv Hans Primusz
Bart Peeters De kat zat op de krant
Bart Peeters & De Vliegende Kinderen De vliegende doos
Bart Plugers Blossom And Blasphemy
Bart Pullens Merry Christmas
Bart Pullens and his Sea-Side Band Bart Pullens and his Sea-Side Band
Bart Quartier / Bart Van Caenegem Profiles
Bart Quartier Quintet Thank You
Bart Ramsey & Neti Vaan Little Red Wagon
Bart Schwertmann Theater of Grief
Bart Simpson Self Facial Ensayo 2067
Bart Simpson Self Facial Treehouse of Horror / Life's a glitch, then you die
Bart Simpson Self Facial ULTRV BRUTAL NÜ SLAM
Bart Theunissen Wees altijd hoopvol!
Bart Trotter It's About Time
Bart Tunney Table for One
Bart Van den Bossche Bouillon de charme
Bart Van den Bossche De zotte avond
Bart Van den Bossche Het houdt nooit op
Bart Van den Bossche Kermis in de hel
Bart Van den Bossche Wakker!
Bart Veerman Some O' Mine and Some I Like
Bart Verbeke Paradoxymoron
Bart Willoughby Pathways
Bart Wirtz Prologue
Bart and the Brats Assorted Cuts
Bart de Paepe Rhode
Bart de Paepe Solitary Moon
Bart de Paepe Stekene
Bart de Win Easy to See
Bart de Win Little World
Bart de Win The Simple Life
Bart&Baker Bart&Baker Remixed
Bart&Baker feat. Clémentine Clémentine Sings Bart&Baker : J'ai rendez-vous avec mon âme
Bart's 'Bones, Silvia Droste Invitation
Bartees Strange Farm to Table