Release groups of mainly studio albums (status Official and type Album and no secondary types) that contains no releases with any acoustids submitted for any of the tracks in any of the releases within the release group

Report created based on data in Acoustid as of 14/01/2024

Found 655702 release groups of Official status and primary type album and no secondary types with no linked acoustids for any tracks in the releases that belong to the release group, we show 1000 release groups per page.

The report is not continually updated so may not reflect the current data within Acoustid databases.

This shows release groups of studio albums where none of the releases have any acoustids for the recordings within the release, useful if you are working on ensuring your favourite artist has full coverage of their releases. The report is ordered by release group artist, release group name.

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Artist Release Group
The Penguins Band Herois de cartró
The Penguins Band Reggae per Xics
The Penguins Band Reggae per Xics - Ballant damunt la Lluna
The Penguins Band Reggae per Xics - Pugem al Tren
The Penguins Band Reggae per Xics - Quadern de Bitàcola
The Penguins Band Reggae per Xics 5
The Penguins Band Shuffle, Cut & Deal
The Penguins Band The Penguins X
The Penitent All Shall Fail Us
The Penitent Before It All
The Penitent Man Legends of the Desert: Volume 2
The Penitent Man The Penitent Man
The Penitential Station The Universal
The Penitentials Excessive Celebration
The Penman Family Penman's Homemade Jam
The Pennies Come, We Go
The Pennock Bridge Collective Pooping Like Dogs
The Pennsylvania Gospel Group - The Pearls of Joy Gospels & Spirituals
The Penny Black Remedy No One's Fault But Your Own
The Penny Drops Good Fortunes (Day Play)
The Penny Licks The Penny Licks
The Penny Merchants Mobility
The Penny Regime Mint
The Pennyroyals The Pennyroyals
The Penske File Half Glow
The Pentangle Pentangling
The Pentti Puntti Band Puntit tasan
The People Now One by One
The People vs Hugh Deneal Gas Station Sandwiches
The People's Choir of Operation Push The People's Choir Of Operation Push
The People's International Silver String Macedonian Band The People's International Silver String Macedonian Band
The People's Liberation Big Band of Greater Kansas City The Nutcracker & the Mouse King
The People's String Foundation Res Publica
The People's Thieves Tunnels
The People's Thieves Voices
The People's Victory Orchestra and Chorus Victory Gardens
The Peoples Republic of Europe Course Oblivion
The Peoples Republic of Europe Feel The Power
The Peoples Republic of Europe Gravity Machine
The Peoples Republic of Europe In The Grimm Darkness Of The Far Future There Is Only Woke
The Peoples Republic of Europe Insurgency
The Peoples Republic of Europe Juche
The Peoples Republic of Europe Machine District
The Peoples Republic of Europe OK Doomer
The Peoples Republic of Europe Purge The Unbelievers
The Peoples Republic of Europe The Wall Of Fire
The Peoples Republic of Europe Thirst
The Peoples Republic of Europe Your Children Will Be Next
The Pepper Porter Band Invasion
The Peppermint Kandy Kids Frosty the Snowman
The Peppermint Kandy Kids Santa Claus Is Coming to Town
The Peppermints Jesüs Chryst
The Peppi Morreale Trio The More U Drink The Better I Sound
The Perc Jack of All Trades
The Perc meets the Hidden Gentleman Ages
The Perc meets the Hidden Gentleman Praha
The Perc meets the Hidden Gentleman The Fruits of Sin & Labor
The Perch Creek Family Jugband Doin' the Perch Creek Rag
The Perch Creek Family Jugband Jumping on the Highwire
The Perch Creek Family Jugband Tall Tales
The Percy Faith Orchestra Songs From Award Winning Movies
The Perfect Cry Touching Stars
The Perfect Me The Very Best Of… The Perfect Me
The Perfect Name Belső oldalakon
The Perfect Name Isis
The Perfect Name Könnyek és virágok
The Perfect Name Ragyogás
The Perfect Name Száz év magány
The Perfects Many Nights
The Perineum Sun House Band Use By: Jan 2021
The Perishers Teepee
The Perks Tyrantula
The Permanent Cure Country Archives
The Permanent Cure Four to the Bar!
The Perms Better Days
The Perms Clark Drive
The Perms Tight Perm
The Permutation The Exit Demo
The Perotic Theatre Dryve
The Perpetrators Stick ’em Up
The Perpetrators The Gas and the Clutch
The Perpetrators Tow Truck
The Perris Universi piccolissimi
The Perry Robinson 4 Funk Dumpling
The Persian Leaps Electrical Living
The Person & The People Big Whoop
The Person & The People Dark & Low
The Persuaders It's All About Love
The Persuaders Made to Be Loved
The Persuaders Stayed Away Too Long
The Persuasions Good News
The Persuasions I Just Want To Sing With My Friends
The Persuasions Live in the Whispering Gallery of Grand Central Terminal
The Persuasions More Than Before
The Persuasions Right Around The Corner
The Persuasions Spread the Word
The Perumanta Historia de piedra
The Perverts In Heaven
The Pessimist Chamber Assassins of Death
The Pet Goats Operetta
The Petalstones Stung
The Pete Best Band “…Once a Beatle, Always…”
The Pete Cater Big Band Upswing
The Pete Flesh Deathtrip Svartnad
The Pete Jacques Orchestra And Singers Round Trip to Rio
The Pete Jolly Trio Gems: The 25th Anniversary Gem Collection
The Pete Jolly Trio The Pete Jolly Trio
The Pete Jolly Trio and Friends Sweet September
The Pete King Chorale Christmas Time
The Pete Rugolo Orchestra Rugolo Plays Kenton
The Peter Brötzmann Chicago Tentet featuring Mike Pearson Be Music, Night
The Peter Loland Orchester Trumpet Sound No. 2
The Peter Loland Orchestra Ballroom Sound
The Peter Loland Orchestra Clarinet Sound No. 2
The Peter Loland Orchestra Clarinet Sound No.1
The Peter Loland Orchestra Clarinette En Super Stereo 3
The Peter Loland Orchestra Danse Succes Stereo No.2
The Peter Loland Orchestra Hit Sound No. 1
The Peter Loland Orchestra Latin-American Sound
The Peter Loland Orchestra Orgue En Super Stereo 2
The Peter Loland Orchestra Rumbas Chas-Chas Boleros En Super Stereo
The Peter Loland Orchestra Sax Sound N° 1
The Peter Loland Orchestra String Sound No. 2
The Peter Loland Orchestra The Hammond² Sound
The Peter Loland Orchestra Wurlitzer Meets Hammond
The Peter Moon Band Harbor Lights
The Peter Moon Band Malie
The Peter Pan Players and Orchestra Happy Birthday Party Time
The Peter Stuyvesant Band your international passport to musical pleasure
The Peter Ulrich Collaboration Final Reflections
The Peter Ulrich Collaboration Tempus Fugitives
The Peter Ulrich Collaboration The Painted Caravan
The Petersens Christmas With
The Petersens Finally Going Home
The Petersens Homesick for a Country
The Petersens My Ozark Mountain Home
The Petersens Shenandoah
The Petersens We Don’t Need Anything This Year
The Peterson Brothers The Peterson Brothers
The Petrojvic Blasting Company A Gift To Remember
The Pettit Project 6 Week Summer Vacation in Hell
The Petulant Dictum
The Phanky OKstra PAINTING DAY
The Phanky OKstra organiZe
The Phantom LP 1
The Phantom LP 2
The Phantom Carriage 7-Year Epilogue
The Phantom Carriage Falls
The Phantom Carriage Late Comers
The Phantom Carriage New Thing...
The Phantom Dragsters … At Tiki Horror Island
The Phantom Family Halo When I Fall Out
The Phantom Four Mandira
The Phantom Limbs Phantom Limbs
The Phantom Payn Trouble With Ghosts (Revised Version)
The Phantom Payn Act Bad Vibes, Anyone??
The Phantom Ships The Phantom Ships
The Phantom Surfers A Decade of Quality Control
The Phantoms Different Drum
The Phantoms Phantom Physics
The Phantoms The Fight
The Phantoms The Phantoms
The Phantoms Wheels and Other Guitar Hits
The Phantoms World Gone Mad
The Phantom’s Revenge Commercial Breaks pt II
The Pharaohs The Black Throne
The Pharmacy B.F.F.
The Pharmacy Choose Yr. Own Adventure
The Pharmacy Stoned & Alone
The Phase Reviews
The Phasers Now Open
The Phenomenal Handclap Band PHB
The Pheromoans I, Mustard Mitt
The Pheromoans It Still Rankles
The Pheromones Collateral Damage
The Phil Keaggy Trio With Jack Giering & John Sferra Inter-Dimensional Traveler
The Phil Norman Tentet Yesterday's Gardenias
The Phil Salazar Band The Phil Salazar Band
The Phil Wilson Sextet With Vic Dickenson And Butch Miles Boston-New York Axis: Phil & Vic
The Phil Woods Quartet Birds Of A Feather
The Phil Woods Quintet Live 1996
The Phil Woods Quintet Plays the Music of Jim McNeely
The Phil Woods Quintet Summer Afternoon Jazz
The Phil Woods Quintet You and the Night and Music
The Philadelphia Orchestra Sibelius - Grieg
The Philadelphia Orchestra Stokowski Transcriptions
The Philadelphia Orchestra / Temple University Concert Choir / St. Francis de Sales Boychoir (Philadelphia) A Christmas Festival
The Philadelphia Orchestra with Eugene Ormandy Waltzes and Songs by Waldteufel and Lehar
The Philadelphia Orchestra, Eugene Ormandy World's Favorite Waltzes
The Philadelphia Orchestra, Peter Richard Conte, Rossen Milanov A Grand Celebration
The Philharmonia Orchestra Valses Viennoises
The Philharmonics Oblivion
The Philistines The Backbone of Night
The Philistines Jr. Help!
The Philistines Jr. The Continuing Struggle of...
The Philistines Jr. The Sinking Of The S.S. Danehower
The Phillip Walker Big Band Live At Biscuits & Blues
The Philly Specials A Philly Special Christmas
The Philly Specials A Philly Special Christmas Special
The Philosopher Kings Return of the Kings
The Philosophers After Sundown Getting Down
The Philosophers Out in the Open
The Philosophers Ramblings of a Hermit
The Phlegms PhlegmTV Superstar
The Phlegms Phlegmaside
The Phlegms Smile
The Phobes Fine Tune
The Phoenix Foundation Friend Ship
The Phoenix Project ICI
The Phoenix Rose The Phoenix Rose
The Phoenix Singers The Phoenix Singers
The Phoenix Trap The Phoenix Trap
The Phoeron Blutgeist: Symphony No. 2
The Phoeron Subjective Variables
The Phoeron The Absu Meditations
The Phoeron Universal Equation
The Phoids The Phoids
The Phones Blind Impulse
The Phones Changing Minds
The Phones Voices
The Phonies Gran Tourettes
The Phonies Instant Elation
The Phonometrician Cóiste Bodhar
The Phonometrician Mnemosyne
The Phoolish Phweesome It's Not A Pretty Song... Anymore
The Phormula Sound Proof
The Phrenetics Reggaematic
The Phronetic Re:
The Physics Digital Wildlife
The Physics Tomorrow People
The Physics House Band Incident on 3rd
The Piano Guys 10
The Piano Guys As It Was
The Piano Guys Chill
The Piano Guys Lullaby
The Piano Guys Unstoppable
The Piano Men A Tribute to Billy Joel
The Piano Tribute Players Gwen Stefani Piano Tribute
The Piano Tribute Players Newsboys Piano Tribute
The Piano Tribute Players Piano Tribute To Dragonforce
The Piano Tribute Players Piano Tribute To Within Temptation
The Piano Tribute Players Piano Tribute to Colbie Caillat
The Piano Tribute Players Piano Tribute to Disclosure
The Piano Tribute Players Piano Tribute to Kanye West
The Piano Tribute Players Piano Tribute to Lorde
The Piano Tribute Players Piano Tribute to No Doubt
The Piano Tribute Players Piano Tribute to P!nk
The Piano Tribute Players Taylor Swift Piano Tribute, Vol. 3
The Piano Tribute Players The Ting Tings Piano Tribute
The Piano Tribute Players Worldwide Piano Hits
The Piano of Horst Jankowski & The Rias Rhythm Section Relax and Enjoy
The Piano of Roland Hanna Easy to Love
The Pica Beats All Mysteries Solve Themselves
The Pica Beats All The Wives Are Demon Spies
The Pica Beats Better In Color
The Pica Beats Cold Suspension
The Pica Beats Imaginal Disc
The Picadors Praise & Blame
The Piccadilly Pipers Toy Piano Man / Toy Piano Boogie
The Piccadilly Six Apple Blossom Time
The Piccadilly Six + Dave Lee The Pearls
The Piccadilly-Six Jazzband Golden Dixies - Original Mississippi Riverboat Shuffle
The Pickle Factory Our Anthems
The Pickups The Pickups
The Pictish Trail Hot Trail
The Pictish Trail In Rooms
The Pictish Trail Pick @ Pictish
The Pictish Trail Thumb World
The Picturebooks The Major Minor Collective
The Pictures Kicking Indifference
The Picturesque Episodes Dreams
The Picturesque Episodes Dreams II
The Picturesque Episodes Dreams III
The Picturesque Episodes Lonesome Sky in H Minor
The Picturesque Episodes Silk Spaceport
The Picturesque Episodes Singularity
The Picturesque Episodes Strange Lights and Ornaments
The Pieces of Shit! Tingle Singles
The Pied Pipers A Tribute to Tommy Dorsey
The Pied Pipers And Jerry Gray And His Orchestra Singin' & Swingin'
The Piedmont Brothers Band A Piedmont Christmas
The Pieots The Very Bust of Pink The Pieots
The Pig Family Piggies on the Train
The Pig Must Die Die Zeit Ist Gekommen! (Lieder Für Die Neue Revolution)
The Pig Must Die Es War Einmal Am Niederrhein - Ein Märchen Über Sex, Bier Und Gewalt!
The Pigeon Detectives TV Show
The Piggies Something To Chew On
The Pighounds Hilleboom
The Pighounds Phat Pig Phace
The Pigram Brothers Jiir
The Pigs Horses
The Pigs The Great Bluegrass Swindle
The Pike Brothers and The Pine Hill Ranchers The Pike Brothers and The Pine Hill Ranchers
The Pike Family and The Pine Hill Ranchers To Warm and Comfort You
The Pilgrim ... From the Earth to the Sky and Back
The Pilgrim Travelers Look Up!
The Pilgrims 6IX
The Pilgrims Once to Everything
The Pillars of Creation Moon Holiday
The Pillbugs 3-Dimensional In-Popcycle Dream
The Pillbugs Everybody Wants a Way Out
The Pillbugs Happy Birthday
The Pillbugs Marigold Something
The Pillbugs The Pillbugs
The Pillocks No Good for Nothing
The Pilot Mountain Bobcats Dance by the Light of the Moon
The Pilots of Plight The Pilots of Plight
The Pilotwings Les Charismatiques
The Pilotwings Les portes du Brionnais
The Pimps Fuck This Shit We're Outta Here
The Pin-Ups Backseat Memoirs
The Pinballs Be Your Faith
The Pinder Brothers Melancholy Sea
The Pindolls The Morning After
The Pindrop Band Sloe Gin
The Pine Box Boys Tales From The Emancipated Head
The Pine Hearts Lost Love Songs
The Pine Hill Haints God, the Devil, and the Two by the Gate
The Pine Hill Haints The Magik Sounds of the Pine Hill Haints
The Pine Hill Ramblers Further Up the River
The Pine Hill Ramblers Red And Rusty
The Pine Hill Ramblers Two chairs for Ray and Alice
The Pine River Boys Hoedown Time
The Pine River Boys with Maybelle Out Back
The Pine River Boys with Maybelle Wild Hog in the Woods
The Pine River Valley Boys Bluegrass From the North
The Pineapple Thief Give It Back
The Pineapple Thief Versions of the Truth
The Pinecones Sage
The Pines The Pines
The Pines at Night A Year of Novembers
The Pines of Nowhere Pines of Nowhere
The Pines of Rome On All Fours
The Pines of Rome The Everlasting Arms
The Pines of Rome The Unstruck Bell
The Piney Ridge Boys Flat Land Bluegrass
The Pinheads Is This Real
The Pinheads The Mirror
The Pinheads The Pinheads
The Pinholes Bring Back The Vibe
The Pink Crows Strange Me
The Pink Dust Ming
The Pink Frosts Faux Pas
The Pink Grapefruit 119 Elements (... And Other Experiments)
The Pink Grapefruit Plasticfactory
The Pink Grapefruit TDJROOT
The Pink Moon Let The Devil Take Tomorrow
The Pink Noise Alpha
The Pink Noise Birdland
The Pink Noise Dream Code
The Pink Noise Economy of Love
The Pink Noise Graffiti Youth
The Pink Noise Greedy Heart
The Pink Spiders Freakazoid
The Pink Spiders Mutations
The Pink Stones Introducing… The Pink Stones
The Pink Stones You Know Who
The Pink Teens Good Luck, Pink Teens
The Pink Tiles The Pink Tiles
The Pinkerton Raid The Highway Moves the World
The Pinkerton Raid Where the Wildest Spirits Fly
The Pinklets Head Above Water
The Pinklets The Pinklets
The Pinkos The Pinkos
The Pinnacle Boys High Lonesome Bluegrass
The Pinnacle Boys I See a Bridge
The Pinnacle Boys Take a Look and Listen To
The Pinnacle Boys The Pinnacle Boys
The Pinnacle Boys Westbound and Down
The Pinstripes Road From Hell
The Pioneers Long Shot
The Piper Downs Varying Degrees of Failure and Tunelessness
The Pipes & Drums / The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards Tunes of Glory
The Pipes And Drums Of The 1st Bn. Irish Guards The Pipes And Drums Of Ireland
The Pipes and Drums of The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards Highland Gathering
The Pipes and Drums of the Royal Scots Dragoon Guards Second to None
The Pipes, Drums and Highland Dancers of The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards and The Band of the Coldstream Guards A Royal Celebration
The Piqnic ZyouK
The Piranhas Piscis Clangor
The Pirates From Calypso To Colapso
The Pirates Shakin' At The Beeb Bbc Sessions 1976-1978
The Pirates The Pirates
The Pirates Charles Rise
The Pirouettes Carrément carrément
The Pirouettes Equilibre
The Pirouettes L’Importance des autres
The Pirouettes Monopolis
The Piscean Creed Achilles XXI
The Piss Superstition Fires For Progress
The Pissed Ones Don’t Need You
The Pissed Ones Piss In Your Pocket
The Pist Is Risen
The Pistol Gang & The Preacher Live & Leftover
The Pistons Flight 581
The Pit Master BBQ Picken
The Pitch Frozen Orchestra (Amsterdam)
The Pitch The Back of My Burning Hand
The Pitch Transposition Zero
The Pitch Xenon/Argon
The Pitch Invasion Live to Regret
The Pitcher Shock and Awe
The Pitiful The Deptford Sessions 1978
The Pitiful Few Songs For Sinners
The Pitmen Poets The Pitmen Poets
The Pits Go Home
The Pits It's Not a Race
The Pits It's The Pits
The Pits Pits for Premiers
The Pits Rational - Order
The Pits Sending You a Rainbow
The Pits With You to the Sticky End
The Pittsburgh Camerata, Gayle Clark Kirkwood Of Modern Invention: American Choral Music
The Pixel Door Spring
The Pizza Collection The Pizza Collection
The Pizza Crushers Pizzazz
The Place of Dead Roads All Beams Lead to Depot
The Place of Dead Roads Translucence
The Plagiarists Literal Scene
The Plagiarists Veto!
The Plague Hope for the F.U.T.U.R.E
The Plague Hope for the F.U.T.U.R.E. (2.0)
The Plague Within Death
The Plague Doctors On the Moon
The Plague Mass Union of Egoists
The Plague Monkeys Surface Tension
The Plague Physicians In Arkham's Shadow
The Plaid Tongued Devils Monsteroma
The Plain Truth We Are the Shining Ones
The Plains On Earth As It Is In Heaven
The Plan Only These Movements Remain
The Planet Sweet Knights of the Occasional Table
The Planet Wilson In the Best of All Possible Worlds
The Planet Wilson Not Drowning but Waving
The Planet You I Too (Me Also)
The Planet You Techxture
The Planet You The Planet You
The Planetary Commission Meet the Planetary Commission
The Planets The Opening
The Plankerdown Band The Jig is Up
The Plaster Caster Blues Band The Plaster Caster Blues Band
The Plaster Cramp IIX: Soma
The Plaster Cramp V: Nightjar
The Plaster Cramp VI: Sunchoke
The Plaster Cramp VII: Wax-Eater
The Plastic Cherries Sunshine
The Plastic Eulogy Hollow
The Plastic People of the Universe Maska za maskou
The Plastic People of the Universe & Agon Orchestra Obešel já polí pět - koncert na počest ladislava klímy
The Plastic Waste Band Crushed
The Plastics In Threes
The Plastics Pyramid
The Plastics Shark
The Plastics The Bright Blue Orchids
The Plastics Revolution King Bono vs. Los Flight Simulators
The Plastics Revolution Super Seres de Mundos Extraordinarios
The Plastics Revolution The Plastics Revolution
The Plastik Beatniks All Those Streets I Must Find Cities For
The Plath Family Give the World a Smile
The Plath Family What Life’s All About
The Plath Family Band The Plath Family Band
The Plattermen Old Devil Wine
The Platters 16 Greatest Hits
The Platters All Time Movie Hits
The Platters Christmas Celebration
The Platters Encore Of Broadway Golden Hits
The Platters Encores!
The Platters Have the Magic Touch
The Platters I Love You 1,000 Times
The Platters Life Is Just A Bowl Of Cherries
The Platters Only You
The Platters Platters 10th Anniversary Album
The Platters Sing of Your Moonlight Memories
The Platters The Flying Platters
The Platters The New Soul Of The Platters - Campus Style
The Platters The Platters
The Platters The Platters Sing Latino
The Playbook All I Am Is What You Left Behind
The Player Piano The Player Piano
The Players Christmas
The Players He’ll Be Back
The Players Instrumental
The Players Live & Direct
The Players Space Travel
The Players Association We Got The Groove!
The Players Band Halftime
The Players Band Hate the Game
The Players Band Instrumental
The Players Featuring Hiromasa "Colgen" Suzuki Galaxy
The Playfords Dark Cloud
The Playfords Garlic & Onions
The Playing Fields Hungry Ghosts
The Playn Jayn Five Good Evils
The Plea The Dreamers Stadium
The Pleasant Hill High School Concert Jazz Band Handel With Care
The Pleasant Hill High School Concert Jazz Band The Pleasant Hill High School Concert Jazz Band
The Pleasants Forest and Fields
The Pleasants Revolt
The Pleasers Thamesbeat
The Pleasure Dome Equinox
The Pleasure Elite Bad Juju
The Pleasure Fuckers Supper Star
The Pleasure Principle Trip to my Soul
The Pleasures The Beginning of the End
The Plebeians The Plebeians
The Plight Winds of Osiris
The Plimptons Pomp
The Plimptons The Songs of Ignorance and of Inexperience
The Ploctones Ploc
The Plod Neo City
The Plot The Plot
The Plot in You Swan Song
The Plums Friendly Murder Tips
The Plurals A Very Good Thing
The Plurals An Onion Tied to My Belt
The Plurals Swish
The Plurals The Plurals Today, The Plurals Tomorrow: A Futurospective
The Plurals Whatevers Forever
The Plus Ones Oh Me of Little Faith
The Plymouth Players Davy Crockett in Congress
The Plymouth Trio, Robert Perry The Plymouth Trio
The Pneurotics Forty
The Pneurotics Second Skin
The Po' Ramblin' Boys Back to the Mountains
The Po' Ramblin' Boys God's Love Is So Divine
The Po' Ramblin' Boys Never Slow Down
The Po' Ramblin' Boys Toil, Tears & Trouble
The Pocket The Pocket
The Pocket Gods sandringtonsput
The Pocket Symphony Orchestra Cautionary Tales
The Pocket Symphony Orchestra Kiss Chase
The Poetics The Poetics
The Poets Four Days in Florence
The Poets Geting Hyped
The Poets The Poets
The Poets of Caterwaul Short Fiction
The Poets of Caterwaul To the Ones My Ears Love
The Poets of Rhythm Panoramic Vision of Rhythm
The Poggs The Poggs
The Poindexter Band The Poindexter Band
The Point Fingernoid Slink
The Points The Points
The Poise Rite The Poise Rite
The Poison Arrows Crime and Soda
The Poison Arrows Newfound Resolutions
The Poison Arrows No Known Note
The Poison Control Center Did They Live Happily Ever After
The Poison Control Center The Go-Go Music Show
The Poison Sisters Tarantula Rising
The Poison Tree The Poison Tree
The Polar Boys World Domination
The Polar Dream Kiev
The Polar Dream Viva México
The Polarity Gutterball
The Polarity Hurts So Good
The Polish Ambassador Secrets of a Psychedelic Homestead
The Polish Ambassador Super Chill Goats: Volume 1
The Polish Ambassador Time's Running In (The Remixes)
The Polish Ambassador Time’s Running In
The Political Blockheads Rhymes Against Humanity
The Politicians Test Pattern
The Polka Dots Polka Time
The Polkaholics Polka Can't Die
The Polkaholics Polka über Alles
The Pollen Colours and make believe
The Pollen Contrasts
The Pollies From the Guest Bedroom
The Pollies Not Here
The Pollies Transmissions
The Pollies Where the Lies Begin
The Polly Johnson Set The Polly Johnson Set
The Polperro Fishermen's Choir Polperro Sails
The Polvos! Darkness Emotion
The Polvos! Floating
The Polyjesters Fiddlestix
The Polymusicon Azaran Forecast
The Polyphonic Choir Of Immaculate Conception Seminary, Rev. Edmund Kestel, OSB Christmas Favorites Far and Near
The Polyphonic Spree Afflatus
The Polyphonic Spree Salvage Enterprise
The Polyphonics The Fishing LP
The Polyphonics The Horse LP
The Polyphonics Zounds! What Sounds
The Polytones You And I Were Made Of Dynamite
The Pom Pom Girls Blood and Lace
The Pom Pom Girls CO-ED FEVER!* * (Or: Find What You Love and Let It Kill You)
The Pom Pom Girls Love Empire
The Pom Pom Girls Pink House
The Pom Pom Girls Sexy Singles in Your Area!
The Pom Pom Girls So Help Me God
The Pom Pom Girls The Death of Cool
The Pom Pom Girls Tomboy
The Pom Poms The Pom Poms
The Pomps Bottom of the Pomps
The Pond Turchesi Miracolosi
The PondHawks The PondHawks Have Landed
The Pontiac Brothers Johnson
The Pony Collaboration Everything Was Ages Ago
The Pony Collaboration If These Are the Good Times
The Pony Collaboration The Pony Collaboration
The Pony Express Pony Express
The Pony Picture The Pony Picture
The Poo Poo Platters Breakdown
The Poo Poo Platters Midwest
The Poo Poo Platters The Acoustics Suck
The Pooches The Pooches
The Pooh Sticks Think Bubble
The Pookies Stunts, Fights And Mariachies
The Pool 333
The Pool The Pool
The Pool Boys Moving to Summerville
The Poonanies Heartcore
The Poor High Price Deed
The Poor Round 1
The Poor Round 2
The Poor Choices Girl Crimes
The Poor Clares Resurrected Lover
The Poor Decisions Title Track of Your Choosing
The Poor Janus Man Keimpf
The Pop Cycle Where The Action Is
The Pop Group Y in Dub
The Pop Ups Appetite for Construction
The Pop Ups Great Pretenders Club
The Popgun Seven The Popgun Seven
The Poplin Family Gwine Back To Sumter
The Poppadoms Now Playing
The Poppees Hot Dogs and Wine
The Popper & They Call Me Sauce Kansas City Lights
The Poppermost Hits To Spare
The Poppers Fire at Will
The Popshoppers At the Discotheque
The Popsters All of You
The Popsters vs Carbona Exciting Punkrock Bowling Competition...
The Popular Front A Heartbeat of Laughing
The Popular Orchestra Roots of Greek Music, Volume 2: Syrtaki Dance
The Population It’s Time To…
The Porch Rockers The Porch Rockers
The Pork Torta Butchie-Pac
The Portalis The Portalis
The Porter Draw More Trouble
The Porter Draw The Porter Draw
The Porter Draw Trouble
The Porter Project The Porter Project
The Porter Twin Disc Music Box Music Box Sound of Christmas
The Porter's Gate Worship Project Worship for Workers
The Porter's Gate, Matt Maher & DOE Sanctuary Songs
The Portermen The Portermen
The Porters Almost Heaven West Virginia
The Portersharks Wicked Thirst
The Portland Authority Still Life
The Portland Megaband A Beneficial Tradition: March 14, 2009
The Portland String Quartet Fritz Kreisler: String Quartet in A minor / Richard Strauss: String Quartet in A major, Op. 2
The Portnoy Brothers Learn to Love
The Portraits Counterbalance
The Portraits Global Heartbeat
The Portraits Life in Sepia
The Posers Anti-Christian Animosity
The Posers The Posers
The Poseurs / Kung Fu Devils Dancehell Music
The Positive Downside As Liberators
The Positive Light African Mission
The Positively Testcard Gas Up My Hotrod Stoker, The Kwela Groove Frenzy's Hit Town
The Possibilities The Possibilities
The Possibilities Way Out
The Postage Stamps This Ugly Arrangement
The Postage Stamps When Day Becomes Night
The Poster Boy Bonjour, c'est Pop deux
The Poster Boy Melody
The Poster Boy On the Count of Three
The Poster Boy Things We Had Time For
The Posterz Starships & Dark Tints
The Postponers The Concept
The Potash Twins Hornography
The Potatoes Tapiola Hagalund
The Potatomen Now
The Potboilers Just Keep Rowing
The Potes Ametsak Dira Egi Erabat Bete Aurretik
The Potion Kings Legion
The Potomac Valley Boys Bluegrass Airborne
The Potomac Valley Boys Bluegrass From Virginia
The Poverty Plainsmen There's No Lookin Back
The Powder Room Curtains
The Powder Room Lucky
The Powdered Rhino Horns Blow Job (Doorway to a Rhino's World)
The Power Quintet High Art
The Power Star Giving Up the Ghost
The Power Triplets Ta-Da!!
The Power of Movement Dynamic Dancing
The Power-Chords Unattached Strings
The Powers Life Of We
The Pows Neoon Winteeer
The Pows The Pows
The Poynt This is American Royalty
The Poznan Nightingales The Poznan Nightingales on Tour
The Pragmatics Theory of Practicality
The Prairie Champions / Someone Is Tired My Ass Hurts From Wiping
The Praise Baby Collection Forever Reign
The Praise Baby Collection God of Wonders: The Praise Baby Collection
The Praise Baby Collection I Will Praise You
The Praise Baby Collection My Father's World
The Praise Baby Collection Sleepytime Lullabies
The Praise Band I Walk By Faith
The Prayer Dead Next Door
The Prayer Enlightment
The Prayer Gimme Shelter
The Prayer Judgement Day
The Prayer Last Dance
The Prayer Liars
The Prayer Magic Moments
The Prayer Only Three Days
The Prayer Scars
The Prayer Walk Alone
The Pre New Music For People Who Hate Themselves
The Pre-Teens Why Don't You Marry It?
The PreC.I.S.E. MC PreC.I.S.E.-ly Done
The PreCambrian Rabbits Digging Deep
The Preacher and The Bear Suburban Island
The Preacher's Daughters Sweet Hymns of Joy
The Preachers Stay Out Of My World
The Preachers of Neverland Autoskopia
The Preachers of Neverland Incision
The Preachers of Neverland The Artificial Paradise
The Precious Essence Of People La Papesse
The Precious Essence Of People & venus anadyomene 一緒に保つ
The Precious Littles Sometimes You Win
The Precious Mings A Horse Runs Through It
The Precious Mings Every Time I Sell a Record a Kitten Dies
The Premier Basement Recordings
The Preons Starshine on the Devilwoods
The Prescriptions Time Apart
The Presence Advanced Bloodbath
The Present Moment Enough to Drive You Mad
The Present Moment Split
The Preservation Cosmic American Music
The President Muscles
The Press Press Here
The Press Club Truth & Lies
The Press Corps Urban Truth Rural Myth
The Press Gang The Happy Days of Youth
The Prestige Amer
The Prestige The Prestige
The Prestige All Stars All Night Long
The Prestige Blues-Swingers Featuring: Coleman Hawkins Stasch
The Prestige Jazz Quartet The Prestige Jazz Quartet
The Prestonwood Choir Power in the Name
The Prestonwood Choir Tell The Story
The Pretty Flowers Golden Beat Sessions
The Pretty Flowers Why Trains Crash
The Pretty Fragile Cold Skin
The Pretty Littles Gospel
The Pretty Littles I Am Not from a Small Town
The Pretty Littles Mash
The Pretty Littles Skeleton Run
The Pretty Littles Soft Rock For The Anxious
The Pretty Littles Weekend Away
The Pretty Reckless Death by Rock and Roll
The Pretty Things Bare as Bone, Bright as Blood
The Pretty Things 'n Mates with Matthew Fisher A Whiter Shade of Dirty Water
The Prettybads Meet the Prettybads
The Prevaricators Snubculture
The Prezident Chris Walker Everybody Hates Chris 2 - The Teenage Years
The Pribata Idaho Spain Is Pain
The Price Family feat. Lauren and Leanna Bluegrass Backroads: Roads Less Traveled
The Price Sisters The Price Sisters
The Price of Ink Lovesick
The Price of Progress The Price of Progress
The Priceduifkes Can't Lose
The Priceduifkes Complication
The Prickles Just Because
The Pricks Destroy High Society
The Pricks Faster, Faster
The Pricks Maximum S & M
The Pride Lipstick Traces
The Pride of Bedlam Refit
The Pride of Bedlam Under the Black
The Pride of Wildcat Land 120 Seasons
The Pride of Wildcat Land Championship Season
The Pride of Wildcat Land Earned It
The Pride of Wildcat Land Goin' Bowlin'.....Again!
The Pride of Wildcat Land New Era, Same Pride
The Pride of Wildcat Land Sudler Encore Season
The Pride of Wildcat Land The Family Tradition
The Pride of Wildcat Land Welcome Home
The Priest Code of Secrecy
The Priests Alleluia
The Priests Streetwalker
The Priests The Priests
The Primarys To Bob K.
The Primates We Are The Primates
The Prime Element Alborada
The Prime Movers Back in Line
The Prime Movers Exposure
The Prime Movers Sins of the Fourfathers
The Prime-Time Sublime Community Orchestra A Life in a Day of a Microorganism
The Primeridian & Rashid Hadee Prime Diesel
The Primes The Primes
The Primevals Dig
The Primevals Eternal Hotfire
The Primevals Sound Hole
The Primevals There Is No Other Life and This Is It
The Primidonnatives Go
The Primidonnatives In the Skanky Workshop
The Primitive Because He loved me
The Primitive Jesus Started It All
The Primitive The Only Fire I’ll Ever Feel
The Primitive Calculators Primitive Calculators
The Primitive Quartet 20th Anniversary / God of All Comfort
The Primitive Quartet 25th Anniversary
The Primitive Quartet 30th Anniversary
The Primitive Quartet 35th Anniversary
The Primitive Quartet By Request Acappella
The Primitive Quartet Christmas in the Mountains
The Primitive Quartet Everlasting Joy
The Primitive Quartet Fallen Leaves
The Primitive Quartet Family on Both Sides
The Primitive Quartet He Included Me
The Primitive Quartet He Is the Light
The Primitive Quartet He Lifted Me Out
The Primitive Quartet He's Still Able
The Primitive Quartet I Can't Hardly Wait
The Primitive Quartet I Have a Place
The Primitive Quartet I'll Have a Reward
The Primitive Quartet I'm Looking Through New Eyes
The Primitive Quartet I've Been Touched
The Primitive Quartet In the Morning
The Primitive Quartet It's Real
The Primitive Quartet It's Wonderful
The Primitive Quartet Just a Piligrim
The Primitive Quartet Laying Up Treasures
The Primitive Quartet Live in Hominy Valley II / By Request Acapella
The Primitive Quartet Lord, Give Me a Place
The Primitive Quartet Love Came Down
The Primitive Quartet Mountain Memories
The Primitive Quartet Music From Our Mountains
The Primitive Quartet Our Twelfth Anniversary
The Primitive Quartet Primitive Pickin' (Our Favorite Songs)
The Primitive Quartet Reason to Sing
The Primitive Quartet Safely Home
The Primitive Quartet Smoky Mountain Songs of Faith
The Primitive Quartet Still Singing the Old-Time Way
The Primitive Quartet Thank You for the Roses
The Primitive Quartet That’s Grace: 45th Anniversary
The Primitive Quartet The Blessings of a Friend
The Primitive Quartet The Model Church
The Primitive Quartet The Prince of My Peace
The Primitive Quartet When Crossing Time Shall Come
The Primitive Quartet When Jesus Brings Sweet Glory Down
The Primitive Quartet Who Do You Think
The Primitive Quartet Who Rolled the Stone Away
The Primrose Hill Set I Hated Them So Much I Bought the Company
The Primrose Hill Set Let's Have A Look At What You Could Have Won
The Prince Myshkins Shiny Round Object
The Prince Regent's Band The Celebrated Distin Family
The Prince of Wales Rattlers Still No Change
The Princes Stars
The Princes of Hollywood A Change of Venue
The Princeton University Band Going Back... Marching Forward
The Princeton University Band Going Back: The Songs of the Ivy League
The Princeton University Band Princeton University Band (With Vocal Refrain)
The Princeton University Band Rally Songs by the Princeton University Band
The Princeton University Band Series of 1939
The Princeton University Band Songs of Princeton: In Praise of Old Nassau
The Princeton University Band The Orange and the Black
The Princeton University Band The Plaid Album
The Princeton University Band The Princeton Bands ’73, ’74, ’75
The Prison Music Project Long Time Gone
The Prisondream Songs of Falling Apart
The Prisoner Life Of The Mind
The Prisoner Rats and Crows
The Prisoner of Mars A Night Out in the Wrong Shoes
The Privateer Kingdom of Exiles
The Privateer Monolith
The Privateer The Goldsteen Lay
The Privateers Red Sky At Night
The Prize The Prize
The Prize Fighter Inferno The City Introvert
The Prizefighters Follow My Sound
The Pro Arte Singers Traditional & Modern Carols
The Pro-Teens Tactile Living
The Pro-Teens Thanks Team
The Pro-Teens Tumultuous Times
The Probers The Probers
The Problems Powder Blue Bone
The Problems The Problems
The Probs Long Live the King
The Procedure Shift Pacific
The Procedure The Ancestor’s Tale
The Process Mystery Babylon
The Process Void Arcane Matter
The Process Void Staat des Zerfells
The Procession You Are Now Leaving the Future
The Proclaimers Dentures Out
The Proclivities Handguns and Dancing Shoes
The Proclivities Music From the Film Coney Island
The Proclivities Predispositions
The Procrastinators The Procrastinators
The Proctors Everlasting Light
The Proctors Pinstripes & Englishmen
The Prods Pocket Kings
The Producers Positive Influence
The Product Alive Again
The Product So Alive
The Product You Can't Fade Me
The Produkt Pitch Class
The Prof.Fuzz 63 Kirvin Streetman's Sugar Bride Blues
The Professional Seagulls Dance Band of Port Harcourt Peoples Club of Nigeria Odogwu
The Professionals The Professionals
The Professionals The Professionals on Tour
The Professor Skygazer
The Professor of Rap Celebrity
The Professor of Rap The Professor of Rap
The Prog Collective Seeking Peace
The Prog Collective Songs We Were Taught
The Prog Collective Worlds On Hold
The Progerians The Fabulous Progerians
The Prognosis Beneath Box Hill
The Progress Merit
The Progress The Complete Discography: 2000 - 2008
The Progressive Souls Collective Sonic Birth
The Progressive String Quartet Progressive String Quartet Tribute to Pantera
The Progressive Thinker Hail the Air
The Project Martyrs' Prayers
The Project Hate MCMXCIX Abominations of the Ageless
The Project Hate MCMXCIX Death Ritual Covenant
The Project Hate MCMXCIX Purgatory
The Project Hate MCMXCIX Spewing Venom Into the Eyes of Deities
The Project: Raspatory Thirst
The Projection Company Give Me Some Lovin'
The Projectionist Visits From The Nighthag Part 2
The Projectionist Visits From the Nighthag Part 1
The Projectionist / Albanach ar Dheis Frostbitten Northern Void
The Projector Mix Drift
The Projects Elektrichka's Favourite Party Record
The Projects The Projects
The Proles Good in Black and White
The Proles Index
The Proletariat Indifference
The Proletariat Move
The Prom I'll Send You The Stars: Songs of James Mendenhall
The Prom In This Way They Found Me
The Prometheus Ensemble Berlin Parades of Europa-Park
The Promise The Promise
The Promise Hero Wait for the Sun
The Promise and The Peril Guided by Touch Alone
The Proms Helpless Romantic
The Proms Second Base
The Proof 100% The Proof
The Propagumbhis The Rise And Fall Of Nothing Much At All
The Proper Ornaments Mission Bells
The PropheC Forever
The PropheC Futureproof
The PropheC Midnight Paradise
The PropheC The Season
The Prophecy Origins
The Prophecy Where We Belong
The Prophecy²³ ...To the Pit
The Prophecy²³ Fresh Metal
The Prophecy²³ Untrue Like a Boss
The Prophessor Burn It Down
The Prophet Dying
The Prophet Lou der
The Prophet Hens The Wonderful Shapes of Back Door Keys
The Prophet Motive Manifest Density
The Prophet's Whisper Touch of Death
The Prophets King Tubby's Prophecies Of Dub
The Prophets of Zarquon Autumn Fall
The Prophets of Zarquon Eternal Skies
The Proposition Edge of the Dancefloor
The Proposition King Snake Devil Shake
The Pros Match
The Prosecution At the Edge of the End
The Prosecution Droll Stories
The Protagonist No Exit Museum
The Proteens Hot Lava Treatment
The Proteens When It's All Said and Done
The Protest Legacy
The Protons Out of Phase
The Prototype Not Too Far To Go
The Prototypes Interaction
The Prototypes prototypes
The Proven Ones You Ain’t Done
The Providence Return To Morningside
The Providence The Bloody Horror Picture Show
The Provincial Archive Maybe We Could Be Holy
The Provocative Whites The Provocative Whites
The Prowler The Prowler
The Prowlers Closing Circle
The Prowlers Devil's Bridge
The Prowlers Hair Today, Gone Tomorrow...
The Prowlers Point of No Return
The Prowlers Re-Evolution
The Prozacs Ambivalence
The Prozacs Exist
The Prozacs Playing the Chords We Love
The Prozacs Questions, Answers and Things Never Found
The Prozacs Thanks for Nothing
The Prozacs & Super White Garlic Broken Smiles
The Prozacs & The Guts Sticking With It
The Prozacs / Johnie 3 We Should Split
The Prudes Designer Karma