Release groups of mainly studio albums (status Official and type Album and no secondary types) that contains no releases with any acoustids submitted for any of the tracks in any of the releases within the release group

Report created based on data in Acoustid as of 12/05/2022

Found 496879 release groups of Official status and primary type album and no secondary types with no linked acoustids for any tracks in the releases that belong to the release group, we show 1000 release groups per page.

The report is not continually updated so may not reflect the current data within Acoustid databases.

This shows release groups of studio albums where none of the releases have any acoustids for the recordings within the release, useful if you are working on ensuring your favourite artist has full coverage of their releases. The report is ordered by release group artist, release group name.

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Artist Release Group
The Resignators Offbeat Time
The Resignators See You in Hell
The Resignators Time Decays
The Resistance Revenge on the Riverside
The Resonance Association Heliopause
The Resonance Association Impossible Aeons
The Resonance Association No Secrets Only Codes
The Resonance Association Northern Coastline Soundtrack
The Resonance Association Return From Dreaming
The Resonance Association The Distance
The Resonance Association Volume Four
The Resonance Association Volume One
The Resonance Association Volume Three
The Resonance Association Volume Two
The Resonance Association We Still Have the Stars
The Resonance Association You Will Know When the Time Is Right
The Resonance Ensemble Head Above Water, Feet Out Of The Fire
The Resonant Rogues Autumn of the World
The Resonant Rogues Hands in the Dirt
The Resonant Rogues Here & Gone Again
The Resonant Rogues The Magnolia Sessions
The Resonars Disappear
The Resophonics The Resophonics
The Resort 1989
The Resound Allow Me to Introduce
The Resound Welcome To Love
The Resounding Project The Resounding Project, Vol. 1: Music of the High Medieval Era Performed on Period Stringed Instruments
The Respect Sextet Respect in You
The Respect Sextet Respect in Yule
The Respectables Full Regalia!
The Respectables No Dogs, No Bands
The Response Familiar Ache
The Response North of Nowhere
The Response The Response
The Rest of Me Golem
The Restarts A Sickness of the Mind
The Restarts Uprising
The Restless Coast The Restless Coast
The Restless Dead / Bird People The Restless Dead and Bird People Meet the Dervishes of Khartoum in a Confluence-of-the-Nile
The Resurrectionists Resurrectionists
The Retail Sectors Life’s Ironies
The Retarded Rats Screams From The 10th Planet
The Reticent Amor Mortem Mei Erit
The Reticent Amor Mortem Mei Erit
The Reticent Le Temps Detruit Tout
The Reticent On The Eve of a Goodbye
The Reticent On the Eve of a Goodbye
The Reticent The Oubliette
The Reticent The Oubliette
The Retreads Dumb Kids
The Retreads Highway to Helsinki
The Retreads Uranus Is Mine
The Retreat Providence Street
The Retreat The Retreat
The Retro Spectres Jazz, Swing and All That Thing - The Backing Track Series
The Retrofits Away From Here
The Retros Inner City Rockers - The Retros 1979
The Returnables "So When Can I See You Again?" ...PLUS!
The Returnables Unrequited Hits
The Returners Nowa Stara Szkoła
The Reunion Jazz Band Reunion 3
The Reunion Legacy Band The Legacy
The Rev. P. Dread & Ms Something‐Else Beat the Rich
The Revelations The Bleeding Edge
The Revelations Featuring Tré Williams Concrete Blues
The Revelations Featuring Tré Williams Deep Soul
The Revelators The Adventures of the Amazing
The Revelators The Revelators
The Revelers At the End of the River
The Revelers Better Get Hit In Your Soul!
The Revelers Blue Shadows 1927 - 1929
The Revelers Hard Times, Sunday Spirits
The Revelers No Foolin' : 24 Originalaufnahmen 1925 - 1926
The Revelers The Revelers
The Revellaires Pop of Ages
The Revenants Better Angel
The Revenants Horse Of A Different Colour
The Revenants Little Bastards
The Revenge Project The Dawn of Nothingness
The Revenge Project Through Blood and Ashes
The Reverbs The Happy Forest
The Reverend James Bishop Sings the Hymns of Charles Wesley
The Reverend Peyton’s Big Damn Band Dance Songs For Hard Times
The Reverend Shawn Amos & The Brotherhood Blue Sky
The Reverse Kind Words for Cruel Times
The Reversionist Sublimity
The Revolt Graves of Wasted Days
The Revolutionaries Dial M For Murder In Dub Style
The Revolutionaries Musical Dub Attack
The Revolutionaries Top Ranking Dub Vol. 1
The Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus Nocturnes
The Revolutionary Army of the Infant Jesus Songs of Yearning
The Revolutionary Hydra Hiss Inclusive
The Revolutionary Hydra Knockout to Dispense
The Revolutionary Hydra Ratcheting Down the Melancholic Afterbeat; A Novel
The Revolutionary Hydra Tidbits of Etcetera
The Revolving Paint Dream Off to Heaven
The Revox In Mono
The Revox Lazy Sunshine
The Revs Suck
The Reynettes The Reynettes
The Reytons Kids off the Estate
The Rezidudes Welcome to the Suck
The Rezonator Of Unknown Origin
The Rheingans Sisters Receiver
The Rhinestones The Rhinestones
The Rhinos Year of the Rhinos
The Rhoda Scott Trio Hey! Hey! Hey! and Live at The Key Club
The Rhymes Slang!
The Rhythm Doctors Malpractice
The Rhythm Future Quartet Play Along With Rhythm Future Quartet
The Rhythm Gamblers The Rhythm Gamblers
The Rhythm King's Tinggal Kenangan
The Rhythm Kings Kiss My Blues Away
The Rhythm Kings Pujaanku
The Rhythm Odyssey Metaphysical Translation (Chicken Lips Presents The Rhythm Odyssey)
The Rhythm Orchestra Cos Nowego/Something New
The Rhythm Sisters Willerby
The Rhythm-ites Can You Feel It
The Rhythm-ites Free Assembly for the Pe-ee-ple. Chant Down Babylon Nation
The Rhythm-ites Stand Strong
The Rhythmaires Losin' Out
The Rhythmic State State Crew Jam
The Ribeye Brothers Call of the Scrapheap
The Ric Sanders Trio Standin' On The Corner
The Rice Brothers Gang You Are My Sunshine
The Rich and Famous Like A Superstar
The Richard Adams Quartet The Richard Adams Quartet
The Richard Evans Trio Richard's Almanac
The Richardz The Richardz
The Richie Gilbert Ensemble The Richie Gilbert Ensemble
The Richies Forever and Today
The Rick Hollander Quartet On the Up and Up
The Rick Hollander Quartet Featuring Brian Levy The Best Is Yet to Come
The Rick Johnson Rock and Roll Machine Emotional Facism
The Rick Johnson Rock and Roll Machine s.t. tape
The Rick Webb Trio As For Me And My House
The Rick Webb Trio God Will Provide
The Rick Webb Trio Hymns for Meditation
The Rick Webb Trio Once... For All
The Rickey Grundy Chorale The Rickey Grundy Chorale
The RidgeRunners I Remember Sunday Mornings
The RidgeRunners Take Just a Minute for Him
The RidgeRunners That'll Preach!
The Ridgeland Dutchmen and Wisconsin's Concertina Kid Plays Those Songs That Have Been Forgotten!!!
The Ridgeways Soma Nation
The Riff Some Bones
The RiffTones RiffTrax Sings! More Songs from the Guys of Mystery Science Theater 3000
The Riffbrokers Every Pilot's Blinded By The Sun
The Riffbrokers Facing Away From It
The Riffbrokers Weight of Line and Intersection
The Riffbrokers Your Superhero In That Bar
The Riffburglars Swag
The Riffs Dead End Dream
The Riffs Death or Glory
The Rifle Anabasis
The Rifle Honeyden
The Rift Tri-Polar
The Rigans Саванарыло
The Rigbees AM Radio Companion
The Right Brothers Right Brothers II
The Right Now Starlight
The Right Nows The Right Nows
The Right Offs Bardo
The Right Offs Quiet Down
The Right of Little Rest The Right of Little Rest
The Righteous 9 Days We Hung
The Righteous Brothers Some Blue Eyed Soul
The Righteous Corn Farmers Shush
The Righteous Kind Some are of Love
The Righteous Men Schwarzes Gold
The Rightovers Blue Blood
The Rigs Black
The Rigs White
The Rigs World on Fire
The Rileys Way Out Yonder
The Rimshots Down To Earth
The Rimshots Sentimental Fools
The Rimshots Soul Train
The Ringing Emptiness Glorification of Outcasts
The Ringing Emptiness Light Shining Darkly
The Ringlets Trio Big Apple Jive
The Ringlets Trio Brand New Beat
The Ringlets Trio For Daily Use
The Ringlets Trio Rockabilly Favourites
The Ringlets Trio Rocks
The Rings The Rings
The Rinn Stories of the Green Fairy
The Rio Carnival Orchestra Caribbean Cruise
The Riot Ensemble Approaching Dutilleux
The Riot Ensemble Chest of Toys
The Riots of Boredom Hypnosis - Anniversary Edition
The Rip Chords Hot Rod USA
The Rip Off Artists Esque
The Rip-Off Artist Three Of A Perfect Pair
The Ripcords (Blues) Earl Slick and the West Side Social Club
The Ripcords (Blues) The Last Dance
The Ripcords (Blues) Unmasked
The Ripe Into Your Ears
The Rippingtons Open Road
The Riptides Appetite For Rejection
The Riptides Canadian Graffiti
The Riptides Tombs of Gold
The Riptides Wave Rock
The Riptones Stash
The Rise Getting Back To Where We Are
The Risen Dread Night Hag
The Rising Few Sinners on St-Laurent
The Rising Rocket Colours of Stockholm
The Rising Sun Experience Beyond the Oblivious Abyss
The Rising Tide Drive Home Dreaming
The Risktakers The Risktakers
The Rita Bodies Bear Traces of Carnal Violence
The Rita Flapper Influence From French Prostitutes
The Rita Goneril And Regan
The Rita Lake Depths Lurker
The Rita Magazine
The Rita Maillart Extended
The Rita Martine Grimaud
The Rita Possessed Nun Sleaze
The Rita Raymonda (Stage Arrangement of Women)
The Rita Revealing Leopard Skin
The Rita The Katherines (W.I.S.P.)
The Rita The Lilac Fairy
The Rita The Nylons of Laura Antonelli
The Rita The Rack
The Rita The Voyage of the Decima MAS
The Rita Womankind 2: Cleopatra, Sacred Servants
The Rita Women’s Vocals
The Rita + Wilt Werewolf in the Black Space
The Rita - Alo Girl Collaboration
The Rita / Black Leather Jesus / Vomir / J S H U.S. Tour
The Rita / Body Collector The Rita / Body Collector
The Rita / Dog Holocaust The Rita / Dog Holocaust
The Rita / Filthy Turd Kill the Women Rape the Men
The Rita / Goat HNRA
The Rita / Lap Dancer Darkness Off the Coast of Vancouver, Off the Coast of Japan
The Rita / Naughty The Rita / Naughty
The Rita / Oscillating Innards The Rita / Oscillating Innards
The Rita / Suction Melena Roman Facesitting
The Ritary Gaguenetti Quartet Le QuecumBar Live in London
The Ritchey Brothers A Tribute to the Delmore Brothers
The Ritchie Family American Generation
The Ritchie Family Bad Reputation
The Rite Liturgy of the Black
The Rite / Coven of Impurity The Rite / Coven of Impurity
The Rite of Spring Strangers to Comrades
The Rite of Trio Free Development of Delirium
The Ritz Movin' Up
The Ritz featuring Clark Terry Almost Blue
The Rival Bid Hail to Thee
The Rival Boys Mutual Feelings of Love
The Riven The Riven
The River Vessels Into White Tides
The River Boys The River Boys
The River Boys Twilight Moon
The River Boys Urinal St. Station
The River Card Momentum
The River Card No Prize Just Pride
The River Card Serious Titles
The River Cats The River Cats
The River Cry The River Cry
The River Detectives Elvis Has Left The Building
The River Monks Home Is the House
The River Monks Jovials
The River Versus Movement I: In Search of the MiSinG
The River and The Road The River and The Road
The Riverside Ceilidh Band First Footing
The Rivieras Let's Have a Party
The Roach Bros Big Load
The Roach Bros Take Flight
The Road 1986 & Ykkösuutinen 1988
The Road Reverence Redacted
The Road Rock Kannel
The Road Sinun käskystäsi
The Road Tuhansia polkuja
The Road Chief Still In A Dream
The Road Miles Gold and Shadows
The Road to Milestone Everything Ends
The Road to Milestone Motion Sickness
The Roadhouse Rockers Feel Like Rockin'
The Roadmasters The Sixties
The Roads The Roads
The Roads The Witness
The Roadside Band Storms About to Brew
The Roadside Bandits Project The Roadside Bandits Project
The Roaring 420s The Roaring 420s - What Is Psych?
The Roaring 420s You Can't Get Out Alive
The Rob Hoeke R & B Group Celsius 232,8
The Rob Wright Dixieland Showband Live
The Robbery Liar
The Robbery Put Up Your Dukes
The Robbs The Robbs
The Robert E. Lee Brigade Far Enough
The Robert Shumy Band First
The Robert Stigwood Orchestra Plays Bee Gees' Hits
The Roberta Martin Singers Prayer Meeting
The Robin Jones Seven El Maja
The Robin Nolan Swing Quartet Amsterdam
The Robocop Kraus Fake Boys CDM
The Robots Music You Will Listen to Over and Over Again
The Robots We Are Everywhere
The Roc Project Never
The RocKandys The Breaking Dawn Will Crown the One Who Let the Morning Glint to Come
The Rochdale Band The Rochdale Band
The Rochester Boys Choir Cold, Clear & Blue
The Rochesters Counting the Cost
The Rochesters Heaven's Gift
The Rochesters Heritage
The Rochesters Thoughts of Heaven
The Rock Band Születtem, szerettem
The Rock Band アナーキー
The Rock Band 四月の海賊たち
The Rock Band Revival Rock'N Roll Story
The Rock Coaches Our Freshman Year at Rock Coach High
The Rock Heroes Night Moves - The Ultimate Salute To Bob Seger
The Rock Hit Machine Absolute Best of AC/DC Tribute
The Rock of Travolta Uluru
The Rock'n'Roll HiFives Re-Introducing The RocknRoll HiFives
The Rock'n'roll Kamikazes All Kinds of People
The Rock'n'roll Kamikazes Campari & Toothpaste
The Rock*A*Teens Cry
The Rock-A-Silly Band Let's Get Silly
The Rock-afire Explosion Gee, Our 1st Album
The Rock-it Dogs Chills, Thrills and Blood Spills
The RockTigers Come On Let’s Go
The RockTigers Rock 'n' Roll Licence
The Rockaroos Our Own Band
The Rockats Wild Love
The Rocker Blood Strength & Soul
The Rocket Another Reason Not to Fear the Sky
The Rocket In Emergency Breakdown
The Rocket The Rocket
The Rocket Men Instrumental Elton John
The Rocket Summer Bee Sides: Select Rarities 2015-2020
The Rocket Summer Sweet Shivers
The Rockets Nail Polish, Lies and Gasoline
The Rockets Rockets
The Rockets Turn It On
The Rockets Twistin the Rockets: Rautalankaa
The Rocketz Rise of the Undead
The Rockhouse Ramblers Torch This Town
The Rockin' Dead Here Comes The Darkness
The Rocking Dildos On Speed
The Rocking Horse Players And Orchestra Doctor Dolittle Talk To The Animals And Other Favorites
The RocknRoll Hi-Fives Re-Introducing the RocknRoll Hi-Fives
The Rockridge Brothers Rocket to Rockridge
The Rockridge Brothers Rockridge Hollerin'
The Rockridge Synthesizer Orchestra The Rockridge Synthesizer Orchestra Plays Classic Trax Of Prince
The Rockridge Synthesizer Orchestra The Rockridge Synthesizer Orchestra Plays Michael Jackson, Tina Turner, David Bowie, Prince Classic Trax
The Rocky Creek Ramblers The Rocky Creek Ramblers
The Rocky Fortune Sway
The Rocky Mountains Ol' Time Stompers Vol. 1
The Rocky Mountains Ol' Time Stompers Vol. 2
The Rocky Mountains Ol' Time Stompers Vol. 3
The Rockyts Come on and Dance
The Rod Mason Quartet Return of the Roomdarkener
The Rod Mason Quartet Who Turned the Lights Out?
The Rodeo Boys Flex
The Rodeo Idiot Engine Malaise
The Rodfields Mental Bleeding
The Rodger Fox Band & Midge Marsden Let the Good Times Roll
The Rodger Fox Big Band Ain't That the Truth
The Rodger Fox Big Band Good News
The Rodger Fox Big Band X (The Rodger Fox Big Band Plays New Zealand)
The Rodger Fox Big Band Xtra Juicy
The Rodney Kendrick Trio We Don't Die We Multiply
The Rods Hollywood
The Roger James Orchestra featuring Susan Maro The Roger James Orchestra Featuring Susan Maro
The Roger Wagner Chorale Favorite Carols for Christmas
The Roger Webb Sound Vocal Patterns
The Rogers Finalmente! Arrivano the Rogers, discografia 1966-1970
The Rogers canta Franky …e poi l'amore
The Rogue Embers The Rogue Embers
The Rogue State Circus Songs From The Sea Of Storms
The Rogues of Scotland Off Kilter
The Rohan Theatre Band Love and Loss
The Roland Kirk Quartet Meets The Benny Golson Orchestra The Roland Kirk Quartet Meets The Benny Golson Orchestra
The Rolf & Joachim Kühn Quartet Lifeline
The Rolf Kühn Orchestra Symphonic Swampfire
The Rollstons Doing Time
The Roman Candles Bang! Bang! Bang!
The Roman Candles Keep Your Mouth Shut
The Roman Holiday The Demonization
The Romancers Do the Slauson
The Romancers Let’s Do the Swim
The Romans The Last Days At The Ranch
The Romantic Strings Romantic Strings - Vol. 1
The Romantic Strings Romantic Strings - Vol. 2
The Romantic Strings and Orchestra Magical Melodies of the '40s
The Rome Pro(G)ject Compendium of a Lifetime
The Rome Pro(G)ject IV - Beaten Paths Different Ways
The Rome Pro(G)ject The Rome Pro(G)ject
The Romeos Rookies of the Year
The Romulans 2001: All Rise Above
The Romulans Flight of the Romulans
The Romulans Too Hip for This Planet
The Ron Davis Trio & Shimmering Rhythm Shimmering Rhythm
The Ron Gonella Quartet & Bobby Crowe and his Scottish Dance Band A Fife Fairing
The Ron McCoy Band Waitin' on Change
The Ron Miles Quartet Laughing Barrel
The Ron Miles Trio Distance for Safety
The Rondelles Good Enough for Gravy
The Rondo Rigs The Rondo Rigs
The Rone County Boys The Rone County Boys
The Rongetz Foundation Alphabet City Music Club
The Rongetz Foundation Broken Doll Beat
The Ronnell Bright Trio The Ronnell Bright Trio
The Ronski Gang Night Attack
The Ronski Gang Sold Out
The Roof Beam Carpenters Golden Hill
The Roofer's Union By Degrees
The Rooibos Quartet Rooibos
The Rookies Stay Weird
The Rookies あの娘はアイドル+One Way Ticket
The Rookles Draw the Line
The Rooks A Wishing Well
The Rooks Encore Echoes
The Room Indoor Fireworks
The Room Colored Charlatan Between Mirrors: The Quantum Immortality
The Room Colored Charlatan The Mandate
The Room Colored Charlatan The Veil That Conceals
The Roomsounds Elm St.
The Roomsounds Good Company
The Roomsounds The Roomsounds
The Roosters Can't Change Yesterday
The Roosters DIS.
The Roosters FOUR PIECES
The Roosters GOOD DREAMS
The Roosters INSANE
The Roosters KAMINARI
The Roosters LIVE 1982
The Roosters NEON BOY
The Roosters PASSENGER
The Roosters SOS
The Roosters Virus Security
The Roosters ライヴ・アット・渋谷エッグマン 1981.7.14
The Roosters ルースターズ/アンリリースド
The Roosters ルースターズ/ザ・ヴェリー・ベスト・コレクション
The Roots Engine Home Made
The Roots Engine Perpetual Travel
The Roots of Orchis When the Mosquito Stung the Crocodile
The Roots of Tanuki The roots of Tanuki
The Rootsman Into The Light
The Rootsman Meets Celtarabia Union of Souls
The Roovers The Roovers
The Roper Dance Orchestra Latin Holiday - Award Winning Series Vol. 1
The Roper Dance Orchestra Nice 'n' Easy
The Roper Dance Orchestra featuring The Latin All Stars Cha Cha Cha
The Roper Show Son of John
The Ropes Always Nothing
The Ropes Post-Entertainment
The Ropes Vietnam II
The Ropesh The Ropesh
The Rorschach Garden A pleasant Day in Oblivion
The Rorschach Garden Enigma
The Rorschach Garden Grain Culture
The Rorschach Garden Tiny Plastic World
The Rorschach Garden We Are Vanishing
The Roscoe Mitchell Art Ensemble Congliptious
The Rose Ensemble Celebremos el Niño: Christmas Delights from the Mexican Baroque
The Rose Ensemble Fire of the Soul: Choral Virtuosity in 17th-Century Russia and Poland
The Rose Ensemble Il Poverello: Medieval and Renaissance Music for Saint Francis of Assisi
The Rose Ensemble Nā Mele Hawai'i: A Rediscovery of Hawaiian Vocal Music
The Rose Hill Will All That I Am
The Rose Line Consequences
The Rose Petals American Grenadine
The Rose Tattoo with Utah Phillips Trains, Tramps & Traditions Live
The Rose Will Decay A State of Emergency
The Rose of Avalanche At the BBC
The Rose of Avalanche I.C.E.
The Rose of Avalanche String 'a' Beads
The Rose of Avalanche The Rose of Avalanche
The Rose of Lilith Serenity
The Rosemaries The Rosemaries
The Rosen Corporation Alternate Dimensions
The Rosen Corporation Dream Journey
The Rosen Corporation Explorations
The Rosen Corporation Für immer und ewig
The Rosen Corporation Neon Lovers
The Rosen Corporation Shimmer
The Rosen Corporation Some Space To Reflect...
The Rosen Corporation Stargate Sequence
The Rosen Corporation Tales From Earth
The Rosenberg Trio La Familia
The Rosenberg’s III
The Rosenberg’s Second Opinion
The Rosenberg’s The Rosenberg’s
The Rosetti Sisters Back Home
The Rosetti Sisters Live & Unrasiert
The Rosewood Brothers Soul blossom
The Rosewood Praise Band & Singers Country Praise
The Rotations F@#k The Public
The Roto Rooter Good Time Christmas Band The Roto Rooter Good Time Christmas Band
The Rott Childs Riches Will Come Thy Way
The Rotten Leprechauns The Rotten Leprechauns
The Rough & Tumble We're Only Family If You Say So
The Rough Kutz A Bit O' Rough
The Rough Kutz Gangsters Playground
The Roughneck Riot Night Train with the Reaper
The Roughnecks Caliber .44
The Round Just Married
The Round Square Cattracks
The Round Square Development
The Rounder Girls Men
The Roustabouts 2001 a Bluegrass Odyssey
The Roustabouts Bluegrass Alive
The Roustabouts Bluegrass Christmas
The Roustabouts Bruce & Bagel
The Roustabouts Gone Ape!
The Roustabouts Hoss and Saddle
The Roustabouts Meet You in Church Sunday
The Roustabouts Rolling on the River
The Roustabouts Super-Sonic Bluegrass
The Route Less Traveled The Route Less Traveled
The Routes Alligator
The Routes Dirty Needles and Pins
The Routes In This Perfect Hell
The Routes Instrumentals
The Routes Skeletons
The Rova Saxophone Quartet Cinema Rovaté
The Roves All Those Freaks
The Roves The Roves
The Roving Crows Bacchanalia
The Roving Crows The Roving Crows
The Roving Magpie Seven Sad Songs
The Roving Magpie Seven Sad Songs
The Rowan Brothers Crazy People
The Rowan Brothers Rowan Brothers
The Rowan Tree The Rowan Tree
The Rowans Jubilation
The Rowans Sibling Rivalry
The Rowans The Rowans
The Rowboats Forty Years and Forty Five Minutes
The Roy Meriwether Trio Jesus Christ Superstar Goes Jazz
The Roy-Cliffs Dreamy Afternoon
The Roy-Cliffs Easy Listening No. 2: Dreamy Afternoon
The Royal Seven
The Royal Air Force Squadronaires In the Mood
The Royal Air Force Squadronaires Swing Squadron
The Royal Australian Navy Band 1918-2018 Centenary of Armistice
The Royal Australian Navy Band A Flagship Recital (Mark III)
The Royal Australian Navy Band Classic Marches
The Royal Australian Navy Band Spirit of Place
The Royal Australian Navy Band Straight Ahead
The Royal Australian Navy Band The Seafarer
The Royal Beat Conspiracy Gala Galore
The Royal Blasphemy Sanatorium:Freedom
The Royal Blasphemy WAR
The Royal Club 15 años de fuerza, corazón y resistencia
The Royal Club 2 de Octubre No Se Olvida (Fuerza, Corazón y Resistencia! En Vivo)
The Royal Club De la agonía al éxtasis
The Royal Club La reina de las bandas
The Royal Club Lúgubre 24 (Karnaval Horror)
The Royal Concept The Man Without Qualities
The Royal Dave Graney Show The Brother Who Lived
The Royal Dead Phantasmagoria
The Royal Doulton Band A Festive Celebration For Brass Band
The Royal Flares Blaze
The Royal Flares Tales of Sound and Fury
The Royal Flux Brothers Lenhart's Lounge
The Royal Foundry WAKEUP WAKEUP
The Royal Foundry Wherever We Go
The Royal Grand Orchestra Golden Brass
The Royal Guardsmen The Best of the Royal Guardsmen
The Royal Hangmen Hanged, Drawn and Quartered
The Royal High Jinx Gone Gone Gone
The Royal High Jinx Murder Motel
The Royal High Jinx Wheel Of Poor Choices
The Royal High Jinx Your Place or Mine?
The Royal Hounds Low Class Songs for High Class People
The Royal Landscaping Society The Royal Landscaping Society
The Royal Male Plastic Throne
The Royal Netherlands Air Force Orchestra Eternity
The Royal Noise Keep On Moving
The Royal Noise Unbreakable
The Royal Pendletons Nites Along The Mississippi
The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Classic Rock, Vol. 8: Pop Rock
The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra Love Classics
The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra & Chorus Academy Award Winners and Other Hits
The Royal Purple Instant Analysis
The Royal Royal The Return of the King
The Royal Scots Battalion Scotland the Brave
The Royal Scots Dragoon Guards Tunes of Glory
The Royal Scottish Country Dance Society Scottish Country Dancing: Volume 2: Country Dances (Music for Collins Pocket Reference)
The Royal They Foreign Being
The Royal Tinfoil Well Water Communion
The Royal Vincident Victoria
The Royal We The Royal We
The Royal Wind Music A Noble Noyse of Musicke
The Royal Wind Music Angeli, Zingare & Pastori
The Royal Wind Music Cosmography of Polyphony
The Royal Wind Music Del Canto Figurado
The Royal Wind Music En Er Mundo
The Royal Wind Music Sweete Musicke of Sundrie Kindes
The Royal Wind Music The Flute-Heaven of the Gods
The Royal Wind Music & Paul Leenhouts Alla Dolce Ombra
The Royale Dance Orchestra Modern Dance Arrangements of Classic Hits
The Royalties The Lost Royalties
The Royalties The Royalties
The Royalty Lovers
The Roys Bluegrass Kinda Christmas
The Roys Gypsy Runaway Train
The Roys Lonesome Whistle
The Roys New Day Dawning
The Roys The View
The Roz Bruce Infusion You Deserve To Be Here
The Rua The Rua
The Rub The Rub EP
The Rubber Band Beatles Songbook
The Rubber Band Cream Songbook
The Rubber Knife Gang Broken Lines
The Rubber Knife Gang Drivin' On
The Rubber Memory Welcome
The Rubens 0202
The Rubinoos 45
The Rubinoos Automatic Toaster
The Rubinoos Biff Boff Boing
The Rubinoos The CBS Tapes
The Rubinoos Twist, Pop, Sin
The Rubs Impossible Dream
The Ruby Braff / George Barnes Quartet To Fred Astaire With Love
The Ruby Braff, George Barnes Quartet With John Giuffrida & Wayne Wright The Ruby Braff / George Barnes Quartet
The Ruby Doe Dream Engine Blue
The Ruby Doe The Flame and the Fury
The Ruby Set Opaque
The Rudds Get the Femuline Hang On
The Rude Pressures INTENSIFIED
The Rude Pressures LIVE
The Rudimentals The Best Days of Our Lives
The Rudiments Bitch Bitch Bitch
The Rudy Boy Experiment Duke City Nights
The Rudy Boy Experiment Places
The Rudy Boy Experiment Rock Star
The Rudy Boy Experiment Shade Tree Mechanic
The Rudy Boy Experiment Volume 2
The Rudy Boy Experiment Wolf's Blues
The Rudy Schwartz Project Gunther Packs a Stiffy
The Ruffians Do the Pidgin Style
The Ruffnecks The Ruffnecks
The Rugrats Rugrat Rock
The Ruined Frame The Weight of ALL Filth
The Ruins of Beverast The Thule Grimoires
The Rum And Shrub Shantymen Sea Shanties
The Rum Fits Have Another Round
The Rumba Madre Prisiones y Fugas
The Rumbajax How Come We Never Dance
The Rumbletones Royal Rumble
The Ruminaters Welcome To Flight: S.U.N 91
The Rumjacks Hestia
The Rumours That's Right You're Wrong
The Rump Shaking Rider Crew More Power
The Run Runs The Original, the Official
The Run-Up In Motion
The Run-Up The Run Up
The Runarounds Waiting for the Hurricane
The Runaway Five Five Years in the Chaos Theater
The Runaway Five Lunar Colony Revolt
The Runaway Five Primary Function
The Runaways Young and Fast
The Ruppes Answers
The Ruppes Something Old, Something New
The Ruppes Through the Fire
The Russell Brothers Magnify The Lord In Songs
The Russell Brothers Take Me Home Country Roads
The Russell Family The Russell Family
The Russian Balalaika Orchestra Russian Balalaika Orchestra
The Russian Doctors Auch die Ratte hat ein Herz
The Russian Doctors Der Angler von Tharandtskoje
The Russian Doctors Gefesselt
The Russian Doctors Halbgötter in Punk
The Russian Doctors Maenner die am Feldrand stehen
The Russian Doctors Manchmal wenn der Durst kommt
The Russian Doctors Tote Katzen im Wind
The Russian Doctors Wiege Deinen Rumpf!
The Russian Dragon Band When Kentucky Was Indiana
The Russian Jazz Quartet Happiness
The Russian Patriarchate Choir & Анатолий Гринденко Russian Orthodox Vespers-Vigil for the Feast of St. Joseph of Volokolamsk
The Russian Patriarchate Choir, Анатолий Гринденко Early Russian Plainchant
The Russian White The Haunted Beach
The Russian White The Russian White
The Rustic Gomers Lost Lake
The Rustling of Leaves Reverence and Meanness
The Rusty Nails Vestiges
The Rusty Pipes Casa de Boca
The Rusty Pipes Classic
The Rusty Pipes Pipes Dreams
The Rusty Pipes hypeR Pet suiTs
The Rutles Lunch
The Rutles The Wheat Album
The Ryan Cayabyab Singers Ryan Cayabyab RCS
The Ryan Cayabyab Singers Sa Panaginip Lang
The Ryszard Kramarski Project Kay & Gerda
The Ryszard Kramarski Project Music Inspired By The Little Prince
The Ryszard Kramarski Project Sounds From The Past
The Rövstjaerts Grefve Rövstjaerts Fasansfulla Terrorvälde
The Rövstjaerts Symfonier Från De Norrländska Skogarna
The Rövstjaerts Tillbaka Till Bajsåldern
The S Square Bleu
The S1nd1cate Reloaded
The SALOVERS C'mon Dresden.
The SALOVERS バンドを始めた頃
The SALOVERS 珍文完聞-Chin Bung Kan Bung-
The SB Band The SB Band
The SCLC Operation Breadbasket Orchestra and Choir feat. Ben Branch & Gene Barge On the Case
The SCND Rabbitface
The SDR Big Band With Frank Foster A Tribute to Thad Jones
The SIL2K Ensemble SIL2K Plays Games
The STEP Fiddlers Fiddling in the Fog
The STEP Fiddlers Galing for a Storm
The Sabre Rattlers Twixt Me and the Peaceful Rest
The Sabri Brothers Kawwali Musicians From Pakistan
The Sacred Shakers The Sacred Shakers
The Sacrifice The Sacrifice
The Sacrificed III
The Sad Bastard Book Club Another Family Dinner at the Saturn Residence Ends in Tears
The Sad Birthdays Space Race
The Sad Little Stars The Stars Below
The Sad Little Stars The Stop Motion Breakdown
The Sad Lives of the Hollywood Lovers Silencer
The Sad Riders In the End We Always Win
The Sad Song Co. Miseryguts
The Sad Song Co. Poignant Device
The Sad Song Co. in amber
The Saddle Club Friends Forever
The Saddletramps Well Gone Bad
The Sade II
The Sadies Colder Streams
The Sado Maso Guitar Club Sado Maso Guitar Club
The Safety Skirts We Wear the Pants
The Safety Word The Safety Word
The Sage Chapel Choir Christmas at Sage Chapel
The Sagecocks What a Short, Predictable Trip It's Been
The Sahotas Brotherhood
The Sahotas Greaterst Hits
The Sahotas Maa Da Pyar
The Sahotas Suniye
The Sailor The blu piano classic
The Sailor Band Sailor
The Saint James Society Bab(a/y)lon Rising
The Saint Paul Core
The Saint Thomas Choir of Men and Boys O God, My Heart is Ready
The Saints Geronimo
The Saints Hail Mary
The Saints King Of The Sun/King Of The Midnight Sun
The Saints King of the Sun
The Saints & Sinners Saints and Sinners in Canada
The Saints & Sinners The Saints & Sinners
The Saints Jazz Band Les Oignons
The Saints Jazz Band Saints Go Marching
The Saints Jazzband The Saints Jubilee
The Sal Salvador Quintet In Our Own Sweet Way
The Salads Music Every Day
The Salamanders Hellbender
The Sally Mountain Gang The Sun’s Coming Up
The Sally Mountain Show Holdin’ Things Together
The Sally Mountain Show I Came on Business for the King
The Sally Mountain Show Joshua
The Sally Mountain Show Lavender Lullaby
The Salomon Quartet The String Quartet in 18th-Century England
The Salsoul Orchestra Christmas Jollies II
The Salsoul Orchestra Cuchi-Cuchi
The Saltbee Sugarbox
The Salts Brave
The Salts She Rises
The Saltspring Marimba Band Ruwadzano
The Salty Caramels Damn Good Woman
The Salty Caramels The Salty Caramels
The Salty Dogs of Purdue University Hot Jazz Classics
The Salty Suites The Salty Suites
The Salvage Retrograde Bringer of Light
The Salvation Army It’s a Wrap 2: Christmas Songs and Carols from The Salvation Army and Friends
The Salvation Army It’s a Wrap: Big Band Carols + Christmas Songs
The Salvation Army The Salvation Army
The Salvation Army Band Christmas in Brass
The Salvation Army Melbourne Veterans' Band Praise With Brass & Voice
The Salvation Army New York Staff Band God and Country
The Sam Chase Will Lead Us To Victory
The Sam Chase Will Never Die
The Sam Chase & the Untraditional Great White Noise
The Sam Chase & the Untraditional The Last Rites of Dallas Pistol
The Sam Coombes Rob Chapman Quartet The Sam Coombes/Rob Chapman Quartet
The Same Sync or Swim
The Same The Same
The Same Old Shoes Let’s Go Mess Around
The Same Old Shoes Real Gone Sessions
The Same Sun Downtown Graffiti
The Sames You Are the Sames
The Sami Sisters Happy Heartbreak!
The Sammus Theory Entitled Anonymous
The Sammus Theory Man Without Eyes
The Sammus Theory See (It) Through
The Sammus Theory Trusting the Liar
The Sammy Rimington Band feat Doc Cheatham & Peter Badie In New Orleans 1995
The Samuel Pepys Show The Samuel Pepys Show
The Samuel Pepys Show The Samuel Pepys Show - Series III Pepys in the Park
The Samuel Pepys Show featuring Kev Golsby, Robyn Moore, Ross Higgins The Samuel Pepys Show - Series II
The Samurai of Prog Beyond the Wardrobe
The Samurai of Prog Gulliver
The Samurai of Prog Secrets of Disguise
The Samurai of Prog The Demise of the Third King’s Empire
The Samurai of Prog The Lady and the Lion and Other Grimm Tales I
The Samurai of Prog The White Snake and Other Grimm Tales II
The Samurai of Prog Toki No Kaze
The San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus Brahms, Bernstein & the Boys!
The San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus California Freedom Tour 2010
The San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus Exile: The Journey Home
The San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus Home for the Holidays
The San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus SFGMC Does Queen
The San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus Words
The San Francisco Gay Men's Chorus & Nell Carter Misbehavin'!
The San Francisco Klezmer Experience Maximum Freilach
The San Francisco Neo-Futurists Thank goodness I'm here I think I'm losing my mind
The San Francisco Saxophone Quartet Straight From the Street
The San Jose State University Electro-Acoustic Ensemble Do What Do
The San Sebastian Strings The Sky
The San Sebastian Strings; Anita Kerr; Rod McKuen (…The Sun Shines Down for Everybody but Especially) For Lovers
The Sanco Loop Strangeays
The Sanctuary Sessions Irish Traditional Music from Cruises Pub Enis, Co. Clare
The Sand Collector Lord of the Sun
The Sand Is Our Throne amo ergo vivo
The Sand Is Our Throne night time is the right time
The Sand Is Our Throne the sand is our throne
The Sandcarvers Dealin' Craic
The Sanderlings Awesome Opossum
The Sanderlings Everything's Better in the South
The Sandfleas Four Songs Four Jerks
The Sandia Hots My Earthly Kiss
The Sandkings Welcome to England
The Sandmen Himmelstormer
The Sandpipers & Mitchell Miller and Orchestra Alice in Wonderland: Very Good Advice and The Caucus Race
The Sands ...And Other True Stories
The Sandsacks Far Away
The Sandwitches Our Toast
The Sandy Brechin Trio Polecats and Dead Cats
The Sangomas Giddyup & Destroy
The Sangomas Nowhere Ain’t Too Far from Here
The Santa Barbara Quire of Voyces The Latin Mass
The Santa Monica Peers Pier Pressure
The Sappers Sheffield
The Sapphics Camel Toes
The Sarcasm Ensemble Through All Windows I See Only Infinity
The Sarto Klyn V All Nerves
The Sarto Klyn V Disappeared
The Sassy Mofos Sassy Is the Night
The Sassy Swingers So Sassy
The Satanic Overlords of Rock N Roll The Satanic Overlords of Rock N Roll
The Satanic Togas X-Ray Vision
The Satellite 4 Call Your Girl
The Satellite 4 Street Food
The Satellite Year Brooklyn, I AM
The Satellite Year Mission: Polarlights
The Satelliters ...Shake, Shake, Shake!
The Satelliters Hi Karate!
The Satelliters More Of The Satelliters
The Satelliters What's Up With Timothy Dee?
The Satelliters Where Do We Go?
The Satelliters Wylde Knights Of Action
The Satelliters Zahstethomalex
The Satin Strings, Leroy Holmes Cuddle Up a Little Closer
The Satisfiers The Satisfiers
The Sattalites Sattalites 001
The Saturday People The Saturday People
The Saturn III Threedom
The Sauerkrauts The Best of, Volume 1
The Sausages Trailer Sauce
The Sauter-Finegan Orchestra Concert Jazz
The Savage Hearts Playing It Forward
The Savage Prunes Straight Line Talking
The Savanna Underground Petals of Yellow Fire
The Savants Mosquito Sunrise
The Savants One Million Suns
The Savants Razzmatazz
The Savants Zum Glück Zu Faul
The Savings & Loan Today I Need Light
The Savoy Family Band Cajun Album
The Sax Maniacs Real Downtown Deal
The Saxophones Eternity Bay
The Scabs For All The Wolf Calls
The Scabs Sno-burger Emergency Time
The Scabs The Singles
The Scaffold Fresh Liver
The Scalar Process Coagulative Matter
The Scams One Night of Mayhem
The Scams Rock and Roll Krematorium
The Scaners 2020 Proto Demos and Quarantine Remixes
The Scaners The Scaners II
The Scaners The Scaners LP
The Scapegoat Codeine & Whiskey
The Scapegoat It's All Your Fault
The Scaramanga Six Phantom Head
The Scaramanga Six The Dance of Death
The Scaramanga Six The Liar the Bitch and Her Wardrobe
The Scaramanga Six Worthless Music
The Scare Bears Zombies Are Everywhere
The Scarecrows Crowman
The Scarecrows Waiting for a Wonder
The Scaries Over You
The Scarlet Ending Ghosts
The Scarring Party A Concise Introduction
The Scarring Party End Times
The Scary Jokes April Fools
The Scary Jokes bad at math
The Scatologists Skank For Your Life
The Scattered Pages Meet the Americant
The Scattered Pages The Christmas Bonus 2004
The Scavengers The Scavengers
The Scene Arena
The Scene Is Now Magpie Alarm
The Scene Is Now Songbirds Lie
The Scene Is Now Total Jive
The Scene Is Now Trouble at the Crystal Palace
The Scenic Wonders The Scenic Wonders
The Scenics Dead Man Walks Down Bayview
The Scenics Underneath the Door
The Scharff Brothers Both Points of View
The Schematics Boot Factor Five
The Schizophonics People in the Sky
The Schizophrenics The Schizophrenics
The Schlomo Weintraub Syncopaters The Schlomo Weintraub Syncopaters
The Schoenberg Automaton Apus
The Schogettes Finally Do It
The Schola Cantorum of St. Peter's in the Loop This Is The Feast: Music Of Richard Hillert
The Schola of St. Mary's Seminary Forty Hours Adoration
The School of Worship Praise is Awaiting
The Schryer Triplets Triple Fiddle
The Schubert Ensemble A White Room
The Schubert Ensemble Bright Future
The Science Fair Welcome To The Science Fair
The Scientifics Green Wave
The Scientists Negativity
The Scientists Rubber Never Sleeps
The Scientists of Modern Music A Personal Universe
The Scientists of Modern Music Electronic Sunset
The Scills In Need of Time
The Scills Magic
The Scimitar Doomsayer
The Scissor Girls To: The Imaginary Layer on Skeletons
The Scivally / Sills Jazz Quintet Keys Found
The Sconek-T Acoustic project
The Scooters Blue Eyes
The Scooters Young Girls
The Score Carry On
The Score Metamorph
The Scorpions & Saif Abu Bakr Jazz, Jazz, Jazz
The Scorpios The Scorpios
The Scotch Bonnets Come on Over
The Scott 4 Free Rock Orchestra E.S.P.
The Scott County Boys Second Edition
The Scott County Boys Standing Room Only
The Scott County Boys The Scott County Boys
The Scott Garcia Band The Scott Garcia Band
The Scott Nolan Band No Bourbon & Bad Radio
The Scottmen The Good Word
The Scoundrels The Scoundrels
The Scourge Warrant for Execution
The Scrap Dealers After A Thousand Blows
The Scratch Couldn't Give a Rats
The Scream of the Guillotine The Scream of the Guillotine
The Screamin' Rays Attack of the Screamin' Rays
The Screaming Abdabs Brain Damage
The Screaming Blue Messiahs Bikini Red
The Screaming Brain Waiting For The Death
The Screaming Fly Trip to Venus
The Screaming Frogs the frogs at beautiful sunset
The Screaming Jets Gotcha Covered
The Screaming Meemees If this is Paradise, I'll Take the Bag
The Screaming Skulls ...Go to Hell!
The Screen Antitrust
The Screen The Screen
The Screenshots 2 Millionen Umsatz mit einer einfachen Idee
The Screenshots Europa
The Screwdrivers The Screwdrivers
The Scribblers The Scribblers
The Scrub Babies Essential Scrub Babies, Volume 1: The Nemo Collection
The Scrub Babies Essential Scrub Babies, Volume 2: The Heroes Collection
The Scrubs Return to the Basement
The Scruffs Wanna Meet The Scruffs?
The Scum The Hunger
The Scurvies Don't Let Me Go
The Scurvy Pirates The Scurvy Pirates
The Scutches Ten Songs, Ten Years
The Sea Say It With Kippers
The Sea Welcome
The Sea Beggars Farmers, Martyrs & Heroes
The Sea Change The Dream of the Undefeated
The Sea Change The Letter
The Sea Change feat. Lew Soloff Moby Dick - Songs & Paintings
The Sea Donkeys Volume 1
The Sea Monsters The Sea Monsters
The Sea Navy Breathing In the Old World
The Sea Navy Memory Matches
The Sea Navy Oh These Troubled Times