Release groups of mainly studio albums (status Official and type Album and no secondary types) that contains no releases with any acoustids submitted for any of the tracks in any of the releases within the release group

Report created based on data in Acoustid as of 16/05/2023

Found 587631 release groups of Official status and primary type album and no secondary types with no linked acoustids for any tracks in the releases that belong to the release group, we show 1000 release groups per page.

The report is not continually updated so may not reflect the current data within Acoustid databases.

This shows release groups of studio albums where none of the releases have any acoustids for the recordings within the release, useful if you are working on ensuring your favourite artist has full coverage of their releases. The report is ordered by release group artist, release group name.

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Artist Release Group
Barro Miocardio
Barro Somos
Barrock Barrock
Barrock La Strega
Barron No Escape
Barron Brady England Needs Her Hedgerows
Barron Brady Jenny's Mermaid
Barron Brady Somewhen
Barron Peeler Journey of Life
Barron Ryan Classical with Attitude
Barron Steffen Dreams of Christmas
Barrow Poets Outpatients
Barrow Wight In League with Sauron
Barrowlands Thane
Barrowlands Tyndir
Barrows Swine Race
Barrule Barrule
Barrule Manannan's Cloak
Barry Sleeping System
Barry & Batya Segal Go Through the Gates
Barry Adamson The Taming of the Shrewd
Barry Allen Barry Allen
Barry Allen Goin' Places
Barry Allen Lovedrops
Barry Altschul For Stu
Barry Altschul Tales Of The Unforseen
Barry Altschul The 3dom Factor
Barry Altschul You Can't Name Your Own Tune
Barry Andrews Haunted Box of Switches
Barry Andrews Stic Basin
Barry Andrewsin Disko Kuka siellä?
Barry Berrier First Time With Feeling
Barry Biggs Coming Down With Love
Barry Biggs Mr. Biggs
Barry Biggs Sincerely!
Barry Biggs So in Love
Barry Biggs What’s Your Sign?
Barry Biggs Wide Awake
Barry Boom The Living Boom
Barry Boom Trust in Me
Barry Brinson Trio Pick Yourself Up
Barry Brown I'm Not So Lucky (Showcase)
Barry Brown Praises
Barry Brown Right Now
Barry Brown / Willie Williams Roots & Culture
Barry Childs-Helton The Summers Behind You
Barry Cleveland Voluntary Dreaming
Barry Creyton and Noeline Brown The Front Side of Barry Creyton and Noeline Brown
Barry Creyton and Noeline Brown The Not So Wet and Dry Side of Barry Creyton and Noeline Brown
Barry Deister East-West Dialogue
Barry Dransfield Be Your Own Man
Barry Dransfield Unruly
Barry Edwards Al Jolson a Tribute
Barry Elmes Climbing
Barry Elmes Redshift
Barry Elmes Quintet East West
Barry Finnerty New York City
Barry Finnerty Nothing´s Gonna Be All Right
Barry Finnerty Space Age Blues
Barry Finnerty Straight Ahead
Barry Finnerty & Superfriends 2B Named Later
Barry Galbraith Guitar Comping
Barry Gibb Greenfields: The Gibb Brothers Songbook, Vol. 1
Barry Goldberg In The Groove
Barry Goldstein Ignite the Heart
Barry Goudreau's Engine Room Full Steam Ahead
Barry Goudreau's Engine Room The Road
Barry Gray Footsteps
Barry Gray Stand By for Adverts
Barry Green Introducing Barry Green
Barry Green Trio Great News
Barry Green, Dave Green Turn Left at Monday
Barry Guy Symmetries
Barry Guy The Blue Shroud
Barry Guy & Barre Phillips Arcus
Barry Guy & London Jazz Composers' Orchestra Harmos
Barry Guy & The London Jazz Composers' Orchestra Double Trouble
Barry Guy - Maya Homburger J. S. Bach - Sonata in A-Minor • BWV1003, Partita in D-Minor • BWV1004 / Aglais
Barry Guy - Maya Homburger J. S. Bach - Sonata in C-Dur • BWV1005, Partita in E-Dur • BWV1006 / Lysandra
Barry Guy - Maya Homburger J. S. Bach - Sonata in G Minor BWV1001, Partita in B Minor BWV1002 / Inachis
Barry Guy / The London Jazz Composers' Orchestra Portraits
Barry Guy And The Now Orchestra Study - Witch Gong Game II/10
Barry Guy New Orchestra Inscape - Tableaux
Barry Guy and the London Jazz Composer's Orchestra with Irène Schweizer Theoria
Barry Guy | Maya Homburger | Zlatko Kaučič Without Borders
Barry Guy, London Jazz Composers' Orchestra Study II / Stringer
Barry Guy, Marilyn Crispell, Paul Lytton Odyssey
Barry Guy, Mats Gustafsson & Raymond Strid You forget to answer
Barry Harris Live In New York
Barry Hawk 21st Century Bluez
Barry Hay & J.B. Meyers For You Baby
Barry Hay & JB Meijers Fiesta De La Vida
Barry Humphries Moonee Ponds Muse, Volume 1
Barry Hyde Malody
Barry Issac Forward Up
Barry Kerr Boy in a Boat
Barry Kingston and the Screaming Souls Shakin' From the Trees
Barry Kite & Captain Video Asher Sauce and Barry Pie
Barry Kooda Crossin' The Line
Barry Korcheski Christmas in Vancouver
Barry Levenson Heart to Hand
Barry Levenson The Visit
Barry Levenson & Johnny Dyer Hard Times Won
Barry London Barry London
Barry Lopez, David Darling River Notes: Dance of the Herons
Barry Louis Polisar A Little Different
Barry Louis Polisar Family Trip
Barry Louis Polisar Teacher's Favorites
Barry Luft Folksinger's Fire
Barry Luft Lean a Little
Barry Lynn '01 - '04 Tracks
Barry Lynn Compositions For Software Instruments
Barry Lynn Taurus Tapes Vol. I
Barry Lynn Taurus Tapes Vol. II
Barry Male Voice Choir A Feast of Music
Barry Manilow Night Songs II
Barry Mann Lay It All Out
Barry Mann Soul & Inspiration
Barry Mann Survivor
Barry Markwick Plays Lennon McCartney Song Book
Barry McGuire Lighten Up
Barry McGuire Seeds
Barry McGuire The Barry McGuire Album
Barry McGuire & Barry Kane Here And Now!
Barry Melton The Fish
Barry Miles Scatbird
Barry Miles And Barry Miles’ Silverlight Barry Miles And Silverlight
Barry Miles Featuring Terry Silverlight Zoot Suit Stomp
Barry Miles’ Silverlight Magic Theater
Barry Minniefield Give Me Love
Barry Moore Rat Race
Barry O'Dowd & The Highlanders Best Loved Christmas Songs
Barry Palmer Without An Aim
Barry Paquin Roberge Exordium to Extasy
Barry Paquin Roberge Voyage Massage
Barry Peterson Champ
Barry Pischner & Rich Scripps On a Broad Reach
Barry Prophet Elusive Moving Parts
Barry Prophet Sound As Instrument & Art - Volume 1
Barry Prophet Sound As Instrument & Art - Volume 2
Barry Prophet While You Were Sleeping
Barry Ries Solitude in a Crowd
Barry Romberg Group 2nd Floor Please
Barry Sames and Friends Celebrate
Barry Saunders Long Shadows
Barry Saunders Magnetic South
Barry Saunders Weatherman
Barry Saunders Zodiac
Barry Schwam / Schwump The Frog Opera
Barry Snyder & Oleh Krysa Schubert, Schumann Works for Violin, Viola and Piano
Barry Sparks Glimmer of Hope
Barry St. John According to St. John
Barry Stagg One Heart At A Time
Barry Stephenson The Iconoclast
Barry Stoller Formula
Barry Stoller Selling Sounds
Barry Stoller / Peter Reno Here and There
Barry Truax Androgyne : Electroacoustic And Computer Music By Barry Truax
Barry Truax Digital Soundscapes
Barry Truax Islands
Barry Truax Twin Souls
Barry Truter Traveller
Barry Walker Jr. Shoulda Zenith
Barry Wedgle, Steve Lacy The Rendezvous
Barry White Gone Wrong Tornado
Barry Wild Porto Rico
Barry Wild Simply the Best
Barry Youngblood All Access
Barry and Sally Childs-Helton Escape From Mundania
Barry and Sally Childs-Helton Paradox
Barry and Sally Childs-Helton Tempus Fugitives
Barry and the Beachcombers Hamster Not Included
Barry and the Beachcombers Men of Action
Barry and the Beachcombers Speed Rabbit Pizza
Bars Holy Shit
Bars T'ho diré mil vegades
Bars of Gold SHELTERS
Bars of Gold Wheels
Barsextet Tonny Eyk feat. Frans Poptie Cocktail Music In Stereo
Barshasketh / Void Ritual Barshasketh / Void Ritual
Barsoom Under the Moons of Mars
Barstool Astronaut We're All In Space
Barstool Mountain I (closing time)
Bart Bart zingt ze wéér beter: Oké, met het Goede Doel
Bart Esperanto of Cool
Bart Holomew
Bart Bascone Makapuu
Bart Brady Ciampa Another Smooth Operator
Bart Brady Ciampa Caution!! May Cause Drowsiness!
Bart Brady Ciampa Twilight Interlude
Bart Budwig Another Burn on the AstroTurf
Bart Budwig Jalapeño Business
Bart Budwig Paint by Number Jesus
Bart Budwig Whisky Girl
Bart Davenport Episodes
Bart Davenport Searching for Bart Davenport
Bart Dijkman Vampire: the Masquerade - A Beast I Am
Bart Graft A Sign of Life
Bart Graft Americana Vol. 2
Bart Graft Americana Vol. 3
Bart Graft Blue.
Bart Graft Cavallino
Bart Graft Crystalline
Bart Graft Empyrean
Bart Graft For the Record...
Bart Graft Go for Broke!
Bart Graft In Dreams
Bart Graft Japan
Bart Graft Kola
Bart Graft Light and Space
Bart Graft Miami
Bart Graft Monetary Gain
Bart Graft Pink Monochrome
Bart Graft Pink!
Bart Graft Self-Portrait I
Bart Graft Self-Portrait II
Bart Graft Synaesthesia
Bart Graft The Mall Scene
Bart Graft The Quiet Earth
Bart Graft Worldly Pleasures
Bart Graft / Bubble Keiki Emerald
Bart Hawkins 21 Pulse Eclipse
Bart Hawkins Bell's Theorem
Bart Hawkins Last Ride in Leonardo Da Vinci's Helicopter
Bart Hawkins Vision of Eden
Bart Herman Aquarius
Bart Herman Bartje zoekt het geluk
Bart Herman Bartstocht
Bart Herman De Weg
Bart Herman De slag van mijn hart
Bart Herman Drie akkoorden en de waarheid
Bart Herman Gele rozen
Bart Herman Hacienda
Bart Herman In mijn element
Bart Herman Schatterhand
Bart Herman Tuimelkruid
Bart Herman Tussen ons gezegd en gezongen
Bart Herman Uit de mist
Bart Herman Ver Gezicht
Bart Herman Vlinders, passie, stille tranen
Bart Herman Volwassen en gestreken
Bart Kaëll 30
Bart Kaëll Dag & nacht
Bart Kaëll Dicht bij jou
Bart Kaëll Hallo, Hier ben ik
Bart Kaëll In ’t nieuw
Bart Kaëll Noord & zuid
Bart Mendoza Paris Yesterday: Demos 1996-2007
Bart Moeyaert Broere
Bart Peeters Bart Peeters & Pop-Up Koor olv Hans Primusz
Bart Peeters De kat zat op de krant
Bart Pullens Merry Christmas
Bart Pullens and his Sea-Side Band Bart Pullens and his Sea-Side Band
Bart Quartier / Bart Van Caenegem Profiles
Bart Quartier Quintet Thank You
Bart Ramsey & Neti Vaan Little Red Wagon
Bart Schwertmann Theater of Grief
Bart Theunissen Wees altijd hoopvol!
Bart Trotter It's About Time
Bart Tunney Table for One
Bart Van den Bossche Bouillon de charme
Bart Van den Bossche De zotte avond
Bart Van den Bossche Het houdt nooit op
Bart Van den Bossche Kermis in de hel
Bart Van den Bossche Wakker!
Bart Veerman Some O' Mine and Some I Like
Bart Verbeke Paradoxymoron
Bart Willoughby Pathways
Bart Wirtz Prologue
Bart de Paepe Rhode
Bart de Paepe Solitary Moon
Bart de Paepe Stekene
Bart de Win Easy to See
Bart de Win Little World
Bart de Win The Simple Life
Bart's Bones Feat. Silvia Droste Invitation
Bartees Strange Farm to Table
Bartees Strange Live Forever
Bartek Knospe
Bartek Knäul
Bartek Grzanek Duch
Bartek Królik Pan od muzyki
Bartender 100% Recicled Music
Barter Aparent firesc
Barter TROCK
Barth Cuchillo Revisited
Barth Essence of Giraffe
Barthafan Nusantara Nasionalisme!
Barthelmes, Lenz Trane's Tree
Barthez Wrong Turn
Barthold Kuijken, Sigiswald Kuijken, Wieland Kuijken & Robert Kohnen Musicalisches Opfer / Musical Offering BWV 1079
Bartholomeus Night Theosophia Pneumatica
Barthélémy, Lazro, Marguet, Tchamitchian Monsieur Claude
Bartman Original Bartman
Bartman & Biyotob Einfach & Herzhaft
Bartmes Bartmes
Bartmes Flowmotion
Bartmes Me We
Barto'cut12 Rookie
Bartok, Prokofiev; Claude Helffer, Monte‐Carlo National Orchestra, Bruno Maderna Piano Concertos n° 3
Bartok; Pierre Boulez, Tatiana Troyanos, Siegmund Nimsgern, BBC Symphony Orchestra Bluebeard's Castle
Bartok; The Guilet String Quartet, Daniel Guilet, Herbert Tichman, Ruth Budnevich String Quartet No. 4 (1928) / Contrasts (1938)
Bartolomeo Campagnoli 41 Caprices pour alto soule de Bartolommeo Campganoli
Bartolomeo Campagnoli, Carl Albert Tottmann; Marco Misciagna, Marco Ciannella 41 Caprices for Viola, op. 22, arranged for Viola & Piano by Carl Albert Tottmann
BartolomeyBittmann Meridian
BartolomeyBittmann Zehn
Barton Hartshorn I Died of Boredom and Came Back as Me
Barton Hartshorn Manchester Sun
Barton Hartshorn Not What I Expected To Hope For
Bartone Cador
Bartosz Chajdecki Czas Honoru
Bartosz Dziadosz & Tomasz Mreńca Black Lake
Bartosz Dziadosz & Tomasz Mreńca Black Lake
Bartosz Kajdasz Find Land
Bartosz Kruczyński Baltic Beat
Bartosz Kruczyński Baltic Beat II
Bartosz Kruczyński Selected Media 2016 - 2018
Bartosz Kruczyński & Poly Chain Pulses
Bartosz Ogrodowicz Forsaken
Bartosz Ogrodowicz The Soul of Hope
Bartosz Ługowski Pogoda
Bartosz Ługowski Pstryk
Bartouille Prière pour être seul à 40 ans
Bartouille Une gueule marrante
Bartouille Volontaire pour la révolution
Bartozzi Quartet Bartozzi Quartet
Bartron Tyler Group Bartron Tyler Group
Bartók Bartók Recordings from Private Collections
Bartók The Finest Way to Offend You
Bartók / Berg / Stravinsky; Camerata Academica Salzburg, Sándor Végh Bartok: Divertimento / Berg: Lyric Suite / Stravinsky: Apollon Musagète
Bartók / Rózsa Divertimento / Romanian Folk Dances / Concerto for String Orchestra (Virtuosi di Kuhmo feat. conductor: Petér Csaba)
Bartók Béla; József Réti, András Faragó, Budapesti Kórus, Budapest Symphony Orchestra, Hungarian State Orchestra, János Ferencsik Cantata Profana ★ Concerto
Bartók Eszter Indigó
Bartók Eszter Mosolyméretek
Bartók, Berg, Stravinsky, Amy; Alain Damiens, Maryvonne le Dizes, Pierre‐Laurent Aimard Bartók: Contrasts / Berg: Adagio / Stravinsky: L'Histoire du soldat / Amy: En trio
Bartók, Bernstein; Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra, Leonard Bernstein Leonard Bernstein in Budapest
Bartók, Brahms, Dvořák, Strauß II, Kreisler, Lehár, R. Strauss, Mahler, Goldmark, Janáček; Thomas Albertus Irnberger, Jörg Demus Salon de Vienne
Bartók, Brahms; Amsterdam Sinfonietta, Candida Thompson Bartok: Divertimento / Brahms: String Quintet in G
Bartók, Debussy, Prokofjew, Schubert; Ulrike-Anima Mathé, Bruno Canino Bartók / Debussy / Prokofjew / Schubert
Bartók, Janáček, Kodály; Andrew Rangell A Folk Song Runs Through It
Bartók, Janáček; Chicago Symphony Orchestra, Seiji Ozawa Bartok: Concerto for Orchestra / Janacek: Sinfonietta
Bartók, Janáček; Norwegian Chamber Orchestra, Iona Brown Bartók: Divertimento / Janáček: Idyll / Suite for String Orchestra
Bartók, Kodály, Ligeti; Gulbenkian Orchestra, Lawrence Foster Bartók: First Rhapsodie / Deux portraits / Kodály: Dances from Galánta / Háry János Suite / Ligeti: Romanian Concerto
Bartók, Kodály; Béla Bartók, Mária Basilides, Vilma Medgyaszay, Ferenc Székelyhidy Hungarian Folk Music
Bartók, Korngold; Goldner String Quartet, Piers Lane Piano Quintets
Bartók, Kurtág, Ligeti; Armida Quartet Bartók / Kurtág / Ligeti
Bartók, Ligeti, Dutilleux; Quatuor Hanson Not all cats are grey
Bartók, Ligeti; Ensemble intercontemporain, Matthias Pintscher Bartók / Ligeti
Bartók, Lutosławski; The Cleveland Orchestra, Christoph von Dohnányi Concertos for Orchestra
Bartók, Mendelssohn; Augustin Hadelich, Miguel Harth-Bedoya, Norwegian Radio Orchestra Bartók: Violin Concerto no. 2 / Mendelssohn: Violin Concerto
Bartók, Mitropoulos, Saygun, Enescu; Can Çakmur Without Borders
Bartók, Penderecki, Benjamin, Carter, Kurtág; Tamsin Waley-Cohen Soli
Bartók, Rosenberg; Freskkvartetten Bartók/Rosenberg
Bartók, Schostakowitsch; Deutsches Musikschulorchester, Hanns‐Martin Schneidt 25 Jahre Deutsches Musikschulorchester (DMO)
Bartók, Schulhoff, Janáček; Quatuor Voce Lettres intimes
Bartók, Scriabin; Pierre Boulez Bartók: The wooden prince / Music for Strings, Percussion and Celesta / Dance Suite / Scriabin: Le Poeme De L’Extase
Bartók, Shostakovich; Zagreb Soloists Bártok: Rumanian Folk Dances / Divertimento / Shostakovich: Scherzo / Chamber Symphony
Bartók, Stravinsky, Shostakovich; Raphael Hillyer, Reinbert de Leeuw Bartók / Stravinsky / Shostakovich
Bartók, Šivic, Prokofiev; Simfonični orkester RTV Slovenija, Samo Hubad, Tomaž Lorenz Violin Concertos
Bartók; BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, Thomas Dausgaard Orchestral Works, Volume 1: Concerto for Orchestra / Suite no. 1
Bartók; BBC Scottish Symphony Orchestra, Thomas Dausgaard Orchestral Works, Volume 2: The Miraculous Mandarin / Suite no. 2 / Hungarian Peasant Songs
Bartók; BBC Symphony Orchestra, Gergely Madaras, Calidore Quartet, Alexander Gadjiev BBC Music, Volume 28, Number 12: Bartok: Out of Doors, Two Pictures, String Quartet No. 5
Bartók; Chilingirian Quartet String Quartets 1 & 2
Bartók; Chilingirian Quartet, Steven De Groote String Quartet no. 6 / Piano Quintet
Bartók; Christian Tetzlaff, London Philharmonic Orchestra, Michael Gielen Violin Concerto no. 2 / Solo Sonata
Bartók; David Oistrakh Concerto no. 1 for Violin and Orchestra / Concerto for Orchestra
Bartók; Edward Gardner, Melbourne Symphony Orchestra Four Orchestral Pieces / Music for Strings, Percussion and Celesta / Suite from The Miraculous Mandarin
Bartók; Franziska Pietsch, Maki Hayashida The Quiet Revolutionary
Bartók; Fülöp Ránki Rhapsody / Variations for Children / Études
Bartók; György Sándor Piano Versions: Concerto for Orchestra / Dance suite / Petite suite
Bartók; Helga Váradi Bartók & Baroque
Bartók; Hungarian National Philharmonic Orchestra, Tibor Ferenc Concerto for Orchestra / The Miraculous Mandarin Suite / Kossuth
Bartók; Isaac Stern, New York Philharmonic, Leonard Bernstein Violin Concerto No. 2 / Rhapsodies Nos. 1-2
Bartók; Isaac Stern, Yefim Bronfman Sonatas Nos. 1 and 2 for Violin and Piano
Bartók; James Ehnes, Bergen Philharmonic Orchestra, Edward Gardner Concerto for Orchestra / Dance Suite / Rhapsodies nos. 1 and 2
Bartók; Javier Perianes, Münchner Philharmoniker, Pablo Heras‐Casado Concerto for Orchestra / Piano Concerto no. 3
Bartók; Klára Würtz Piano Works
Bartók; Meta4 String Quartets No. 1 & 5
Bartók; New Budapest Quartet String Quartets
Bartók; Orchestre de la Suisse Romande, Ernest Ansermet Music for Strings, Percussion and Celesta
Bartók; Perlman, London Symphony Orchestra, Previn Violin Concerto No. 2
Bartók; Tedi Papavrami, Orchestre philharmonique du Luxembourg, Emmanuel Krivine Violin Concerto no. 2 / Concerto for Orchestra
Bartók; Thomas Zehetmair, Iván Fischer, Budapest Festival Orchestra Violin Concertos
Bartók; Česká filharmonie, Karel Ančerl Violin Concerto No. 2 / Viola Concerto
Bartô Galeno A Chuva Traz Recordações
Bartłomiej Oleś, Marcin Oleś, Mikołaj Trzaska, Jean-Luc Cappozzo Suite For Trio +
Baruch Levine Touched by a Niggun
Barulhista Desfiado
Barun Kumar Pal & Enayet Hossain Strings Of The Soul Vol. 1
Barun Kumar Pal & Enayet Hossain Strings Of The Soul Vol. 2
Barusta Evolution
Bary Center Almost Heaven
Bary Center Dystopia Is for Lovers
Bary Center Sounds of a Dying Home
Bary Center Wild & Wonderful
Bary Center / Yorihisa Taura / Nicholas Langley / Chemiefaserwerk Puzzle Time
BaryTénBas Jusqu'à l'ivresse
Baryonyx Black Out
Baryonyx Fuori il Blizzard
Barz Noble S.C.O.A.P (Soul Chapters of a Poetic)
Barzin Voyeurs in the Dark
Bará Bolo Saba
Barão Vermelho VIVA
Barón Rojo Desde Barón A Bilbao
Barús Drowned
Barış Ergün Impaired Singularity
Barış Manço 20. Sanat Yılı Disko Manço
Barış Manço Barış Manço Golden Rollers
Barış Manço Nick The Chopper
Barış Manço Senfonik
Barış Manço Taş Yüzük
Barış Manço The Blues Alone
Bar‐Kays Banging the Wall
Bas Bulteel Trio Coming Home
Bas Rotten Surge
Bas in glas Časovni ustroj
Bas van Huizen Dogmawaas
Bas van Huizen Etherkreet
Bas van Huizen Hemeltergershel
Bas van Huizen Maanzaaier
Bas van Huizen Ontgalman
Bas van Huizen Plooibaars
Bas van Huizen Twijfelrijk in Verstorven Vragen
Bas van Huizen Waanzintraan
Bas van Huizen Wegwerpwee
BasDaPoet Knowledge Over Money
Basaki Basaki
Basaki Egunero Hasten Da
Basaki Esperantzaren Zain
Basalt Basalt
Basalt Silêncio Como Respiração
Basalt Fingers Basalt Fingers
Basalt Shrine From Fiery Tongues
Basalte Vertige
Basalte Vestige
Basarab Pride of Older Times
Basarabian Hills A Breath of the Wide Valley
Basarabian Hills Eerie Light of Fireflies
Basarabian Hills Enveloped in the Velvet Cloak of Midnight
Basarabian Hills Groping in a Misty Spread
Basarabian Hills In the Stillness of the Codrii
Basarabian Hills The Path of Hope
Basbaritenori Hometown Records
Basboi Adulting For Dummies
Basca Hijos de...
Basca Resucita
Basca Siniestro
Basca Tierras nefastas
Bascha Tale of Bilalayl
Basco Big Basco
Basco High Involvement
Basco Interesting Times
Basco The Crow in the Walnut Tree
Basco The Remarkable Return of Old Man Basco
Basco feat. Jullie Hjetland Ræk mig faklen
Bascom Hill Bascom Hill
Bascom Hill Maybe
Base Alpha The Contorted Conspiracy
Base Ball Bear C2
Base Ball Bear C3
Base Ball Bear 光源
Base Ball Bear 夕方ジェネレーション
Base Camp Summit
Base Excess Rettung, Drugs & Rock'n'Roll
Base Jam Base Jam Reunion 21 Tahun
Base Jam Dari Hati
Base Jam Dua Sisi
Baseado em Blues Madrugada Blues
Baseball Annie Married
Baseball Gregg Calendar
Baseball Gregg Gifts
Baseball Gregg Pastimes
Baseball Gregg Sleep
Baseball Gregg Vacation
Baseck Erisfall
Baseck & Pilo In Fragments
Based Frequency Black Toothbrush
Based on a Lie My Daily Dose Of Hope
BasedNas Where’s Nas?
Basel Zayed Ayn Trio
Basem Darwisch & Matthias Frey Oud Lounge: Cairo Steps
Basem Darwisch & Matthias Frey Silk Road
Baseman Trap Revien
Basement Everything Gets Distorted
Basement Alchemy Covers From the Basement I
Basement Band Basement Band
Basement Big Band Basement Big Band
Basement Dweller Cipher
Basement Dweller I.T.
Basement Freaks Freedom
Basement Freaks Funk From the Trunk
Basement Freaks Time Machine
Basement Funk Orchestra Pulverfass
Basement Grits Basement Grits
Basement Love 2 Be Loved
Basement Revolver Embody
Basement Skylights Basement Skylights
Basement Torture Killings A Night of Brutal Torture
Basement Torture Killings Lessons in Murder
Basement Torture Killings There's Something About Beryl
Basement What? Basement What?
Basement's Glare Circus of the Fallen
Bash 'n the Code Bash 'n the Code
Bash 'n the Code Holiday
Bash Your Brains In Unilateral Reasoning
Bash the Trash Think Big
Bashed Nursling Every Sunday Morning Kills Us
Basher Doubles
Bashford Here's Your Dose
Bashford Live Demo
BashfortheWorld Life on the Rocks
Bashful Brother Oswald Don't Say Aloha
Bashful Brother Oswald & Charlie Collins That's Country
Bashi Bazooka Bashi Bazooka
Bashir Abdel 'Aal Modern Bellydance From Arabia
Bashir Abdel 'Aal The Art of the Arabian Flute
Basia Bulat Are You in Love?
Basia Bulat The Garden
Basiani Georgian Folk Song and Chant
Basic Assumption Basic Assumption
Basic Bastard The Album
Basic Boy NUDE(S)
Basic Boy SUPERNORMAL, Vol. 1
Basic Boy Superworld
Basic Boy Ничто, Никогда
Basic Broadcast How Long Is Now
Basic Elements Electronic Landscapes
Basic Food Group Three Squares
Basic House Ambrosias Vol. 1
Basic House Caim in Bird Form
Basic House I'm Not a Heaven Man
Basic House Oats
Basic House & Wanda Group No Sympathy
Basic Necromancy Necessities
Basic Needs As It Is
Basic Plumbing Keeping Up Appearances
Basic Printer Abstract Trust
Basic Printer Celeste
Basic Printer Good Weird
Basic Printer Goodbyenary Code
Basic Printer Haha Yeah
Basic Printer Laconic
Basic Printer Moon Gear
Basic Printer Poor Ian
Basic Rhythm Electronic Labyrinth
Basic Rhythm Raw Trax
Basic Soul Unit Under the Same Sky
Basic Train Basic Train
Basic Unit Timeline
Basic Vocab A Better Way
Basically Nancy s/t
Basick Nice
Basick Vol. 3 Foundation
Basick Vol. 4 Foundation
Basick whatiwant
Basicnoise Coronal Loops
Basicnoise Signals
Basicnoise Synergy 1-5
Basil Coetzee B
Basil Kirchin Basil Kirchin Is My Friend
Basil O'Glue Depth Of Field
Basil O'Glue Source Memory
Basil Panagop LaLaLand
Basil Rathbone & Richard Davis Treasure Island
Basil Valdez Ala‐Ala
Basil Valdez Basil
Basil Valdez & The San Miguel Philharmonic Orchestra The Filipino Classics
Basil's Kite Celestial Shitshow
Basil-X Eternal Transmission
Basile Brémaud Violon
Basile Brémaud & Hervé Capel Duo artense
Basile Rahola Quartet Moments
Basile di Manski Transworld
Basileus Rex Neon Dreams
Basilic Instinct Sur la presqu’île
Basilica Basilica
Basilica Sins of the Flesh
Basilikum Stereo 360 Sound
Basilisk ... Between Light and Shadow
Basilisk Dark Seasons
Basilisk End of Catastrophe
Basilisk Traumland
Basillica A Love We Destroyed Under the Red Sun / Taksim Square
Basillica Black Delights
Basillica Green
Basillica Kingdom of Status
Basillica Oblivion Herbalist
Basillica Rotting Desert Queen and Black Isolator Radar Strip
Basillica Tea Head
Basillica The Correct Ritual
Basillica To Suffer the Sun
Basillica Wanda
Basillica White
Basillica Winged Life Destroy
Basillica / Posset Casual Curses / Ear Sungs of Unfit Eyes
Basilysk Emergence
Basim Befri Dig Selv
Basin Fisherman
Basin Brothers Stayin' Cajun
Basix Believe
Basixx Basixx
Basixx Tell Me
Bask C-30
Bask Cask
Bask III
Bask Ramble Beyond
Bask Task
Baska Matured
Baska Nafuti Nafuti
Baskerville Plays Your Jazz Fusion Favourites
Basket of Death Reverse Bukkake
Basket of Death / Princess Army Wedding Combat Basket of Death / Princess Army Wedding Combat
Basketball Divorce Court rebound
Basketcase You People Are Sick
Baskito big mood
Basko Believes Idiot's Hill
Basler Madrigalisten & Ensemble Galliarda Basel Christe, qui lux es et dies
Baslida Keep On Dancing
Basma Jabr & Orwa Saleh The Songs We Still Remember
Basmala A, Good Night, Good Luck
Basmala Basmala
Basmala Blaqods
Basmala Clockwork
Basmala Felah City Shafis Revival
Basmala Future Of The Field
Basmala Qadari
Basmala Sa'Bil
Basmala Secret of Secrets
Basmala The Pilot
Basmala Tura & The Beatsmith
Basmala Woodbridge /83
Baso Diggedydamn
Basorelief Ploaie În Macondo
Bass Addiction Chemical Dependency
Bass Alchemist Scraps
Bass Alliance Subsonic
Bass Apocalypse Bass Apocalypse, Vol. 2: The Final Battle
Bass Apocalypse Bass Apocolypse, Vol. 1: World Bass War
Bass Battle PLAY 2.0
Bass Boy Licensed To Bass
Bass Bumpers Advance
Bass Bumpers Advance
Bass Bumpers Recouped Advance
Bass Bumpers The Music's Got Me
Bass City Rollers Let the Bass Times Roll
Bass City Rollers Trip Hop Explosion
Bass Clef 111 angelic MIDI cascade
Bass Clef Hard Lessons Hardly Learned / Holy Days Wholly Dazed
Bass Clef Orezero
Bass Communion / Freiband VL Tones
Bass Connection Driven Bass
Bass Creations Bass Creations Volume 2
Bass Creations Bass Creations Volume 5
Bass Creations Volume 1
Bass Creations Volume 4
Bass Cult The Dark Side
Bass Dates Bass Dates
Bass Drum of Death Say I Won't
Bass Extremes Cookbook
Bass Foundation Straight Outta Bass Town
Bass Junkie Comply
Bass Launch Launch The Bass
Bass Lions ... Is Diamonds
Bass Lions More Than Islands
Bass Master Funk In the Funk Box
Bass Mekanik Bass Ballin': The Crunk Collection
Bass Mekanik Bass Trap
Bass Mekanik Grab'em by the Bass
Bass Mekanik Jazz
Bass Mekanik King of Bass
Bass Mekanik Power
Bass Mekanik Tone Pak
Bass Metropolis Metro Bass
Bass Mountain Boys 18 Wheels
Bass Mountain Boys All Together Now
Bass Mountain Boys Bass Mountain Style
Bass Mountain Boys Carolina Calling Me
Bass Mountain Boys I’ll Sing for My Lord
Bass Mountain Boys Love of a Woman
Bass Mountain Boys My God Made It All
Bass Mountain Boys Rollin’
Bass Mountain Boys Wood and Stone
Bass Nation Techno Fever
Bass Patrol Trunk-A-Funk
Bass Physics Lose Your Mind
Bass Poets with special guest: Mr. Mixx Bass-Boom-Booty
Bass Quake Bass After Shock
Bass Quake Bass Quake
Bass Santana ps… it burned in the rain
Bass Scapes Bass Scapes
Bass Scapes Bass Scapes 2
Bass Science Psychedelic American Boyhood
Bass Shock Bass Torture
Bass Sultan Hengzt Bester Mann
Bass Sultan Hengzt Ketten raus Kragen hoch
Bass Sultan Hengzt Macho
Bass Sultan Hengzt Musik wegen Weibaz
Bass Syndicate Slow Low Techno
Bass Syndicate Slow Sci-Fi Bass
Bass Zeppelin Stairway to Bass Heaven
Bass and Trouble Deep
Bass and Trouble Selector’s Item
Bass'n Helen Futu
Bass'n Helen Kauas täältä
Bass'n Helen Minulleko?
Bass'n Helen Mitä jää?
Bass'n Helen Onnellinen
Bass'n Helen Salattu
BassDrumBone Cooked to Perfection
BassDrumBone The Line Up
BassDrumBone The Long Road
BassDrumBone Wooferlo
BassTurk Yana Yana
Bassa Tempo:Pasíon!
Bassagong 777
Bassagong TANG-A
Bassapadana Il millennio
Bassbin Twins Call The Cops
Bassdrum Cranes And Bones
Bassekou Kouyaté miri
Bassem Hawar, Albrecht Maurer Crossover Bagdad Köln
Bassena Social Club Iba de gaunz oamen Leit
Basser's Wind BOX!!
Basser's Wind Ripper
Basses Besognes Basses Besognes
Basset Hound Duster
Bassett, Larsen, Lennon; Alejandro Saladin Cote Silhouettes: New American Music for Guitar
Bassguerilla Bassguerilla
Bassholes Archive Series, Vol. 7: ...And Without a Name
Bassholes Long Way Blues/1996-1998
Bassholes When My Blue Moon Turns Red Again
Bassi Kouyaté Mali: Chants de griot Bambara
Bassi Kouyaté & Vincent Zanetti Djinn djow
Bassi Maestro Guarda in cielo
Bassi Maestro Mia maestà
Bassic Biochrome
Bassic Sleepwalker
Bassie & Adriaan 12 ambachten, 13 liedjes
Bassie & Adriaan 60 liedjes uit grootmoeders tijd
Bassie & Adriaan 60 liedjes uit grootmoeders tijd, deel 2
Bassie & Adriaan 60 liedjes uit grootmoederstijd 1
Bassie & Adriaan 60 liedjes uit grootmoederstijd 2
Bassie & Adriaan Alle sinterklaasliedjes met Bassie & Adriaan
Bassie & Adriaan Als geheime agenten
Bassie & Adriaan Circus
Bassie & Adriaan De leukste liedjes 2
Bassie & Adriaan De leukste liedjes van Bassie en Adriaan
Bassie & Adriaan De leukste liedjes, deel 1
Bassie & Adriaan Feest met Bassie & Adriaan
Bassie & Adriaan Karaoke Feest
Bassie & Adriaan Live!
Bassie & Adriaan Op reis met Bassie & Adriaan door Europa
Bassie & Adriaan Radio station nr. 2 vanuit Griekenland
Bassie & Adriaan Radiostation 1
Bassie & Adriaan Radiostation Bassie & Adriaan
Bassie en Adriaan Avonturen met Bassie en Adriaan
Bassie en Adriaan Bassie en Adriaan
Bassie en Adriaan Olé
Bassinstinct Illusionista
Bassjackers The Biggest
Bassline Drift Proximity
Bassline Generation Jungle Explorers
Bassman Minimal Distraction
Bassmaniac & D.J.Salva 808 The Electro Bass Invasion
Bassmatti & Vidaur Melodías concertantes
Bassnectar All Colors
Basso Profondo Basso Profondo
Basso, Sellani Two for the Cities
Bassookah Drum'n'bass Grindcore Commando
Bassookah Music for the Basses
Bassookah Never Trust a Piggy Face
Bassookah Nobody Gets Out Alive
Bassotronics Bass Trap Zone
Basstard & DJ Korx Verdammt
Basstard & DJ Korx präsentieren Horrorkore Zeitzeugen
Bassti Lost & Found
Bassti she says it's too much
Basstion Lwy ognia
Basswerk Art Of Bass
Basswood Dollies United States of Hate
Bast Nanoångström
Bast Zemì vlkù (The Land of Wolves)
Basta Radieux-Sceptique
Basta wir sind wie wir sind
Basta Basta Tämä väri
Basta! Elemento antropico
Basta! Oggetto di studio
Bastad! Rats! Millbrook
Bastard Back To The Nature
Bastard Dementia and Filth
Bastard Tearing Nights
Bastard Bearded Irishmen A Very Bastard Christmas
Bastard Bearded Irishmen Bastard Bearded Irishmen
Bastard Bearded Irishmen Rebastard
Bastard Clan The Arrogant Dream
Bastard Disco China Shipping
Bastard Disco Warsaw Wasted Youth
Bastard Feast Fear in a Handful of Dust
Bastard Feast Fear in a Handful of Dust
Bastard Featuring Karin Sherret Random Mindmachine
Bastard Grave Diorama of Human Suffering
Bastard Grave Vortex of Disgust
Bastard Noise Galactic Sanitarium
Bastard Noise Our Earth's Blood Part V
Bastard Noise RRRevenge
Bastard Noise Skull Wave
Bastard Noise & Guilty Connector Noise Plague
Bastard Noise & Merzbow Retribution by All Other Creatures
Bastard Noise & Sickness Death’s Door
Bastard Noise + Lockweld 6 A.M.
Bastard Noise / Actuary Skeletal Uncertainty
Bastard Noise / Amps for Christ The Crossroads of Agony / Cliff Parade
Bastard Noise / Government Alpha The Relic
Bastard Noise / Guilty Connector / MSBR Guilty Connector / Bastard Noise / MSBR
Bastard Noise / Hospital Hospital / Bastard Noise
Bastard Noise / Lack of Interest The Hoak Sessions / Lack Of Interest
Bastard Noise / Spastic Colon Bastard Noise / Spastic Colon
Bastard Noise / The Slasher Film Festival Strategy Split CD
Bastard Noise And Guilty Connector Decimation Cycle
Bastard Noise, Senza Testa / Geronimo Inertia
Bastard Peels Wer das Schlechte nicht ehrt
Bastard Sons of Dioniso Cambogia
Bastard Sons of a Judas Goat Bitterroot
Bastard Sons of a Judas Goat Hexahedron
Bastard Sword Bastard Sword I
Bastard of Majesty Sin Bastard of Majesty Sin
Bastard of the Skies Ichor! Ichor!
Bastarda Ars moriendi
Bastarda & Chór Uniwersytetu SWPS Kołowrót
Bastarda & João de Sousa Fado
Bastardane Is This Rage?
Bastardator Identify The Dead
Bastardhammer / Violation Wound Bastardhammer / Violation Wound
Bastardix Herederos de Nadie
Bastardo Razorblade Tightrope
Bastards An End In and of Itself
Bastards Demo 82
Bastards Järjetön maailma
Bastards Studio 27.11. - 2.12.82
Bastards Of Fine Arts A Good Sign
Bastards Trained by Bastards Bastards Trained By Bastards
Bastards Trained by Bastards Natural?
Bastards United Lose Control
Bastards and the Buzzards Bastards and the Buzzards
Bastards of Melody Break Up
Bastards of Melody Fun Machine
Bastards on Parade Cara a liberdade
Bastards on Parade Street Punx
Bastardz Jungle Outlawz
Bastardös Bastardös
Bastarized Bastarized
Bastarized We Bring You War
Bastarth Злато Солнце, Уходящее На Закат Пленящий
Bastarth Смрад Сплетения Кровей
Bastarður Satan's Loss of Son
Basterds A Place to Call Hell
Bastet Bastet
Bastian Not in This Game
Bastian Self Titled
Bastian There's No Such Place
Bastian Baker Bastian Baker
Bastian Baker Stories of the XXI
Bastian Bandt Alle Monde
Bastian Bandt Nach Osten
Bastian Bandt Stroh aus Gold
Bastian Basse, der Liederpfarrer Hoffnung kommt von Hüpfen
Bastian Fiebig Saxophon Landschaft
Bastian Jütte Inside
Bastian Jütte Quartet Happiness Is Overrated
Bastian Jütte Quartet The Cure
Bastian Per Epic Journey
Bastian Per Way Back Home
Bastian Stein's Gravity Point Grounded
Bastian Void ADAPTER
Bastian Void Acreage
Bastian Void Fluorescent Bells
Bastian Void No Dreams
Bastian Void Phonics
Bastian Void Ported
Bastian Weinhold Cityscape
Bastido travels:london
Bastido & Mr.Mahous Dusty Sea
Bastien Baumet Art of the Euphonium
Bastien Keb Dinking in the Shadows of Zizou
Bastien Keb Organ Recital
Bastien Keb The Killing of Eugene Peeps
Bastien Lallemant Danser Les Filles
Bastien Lanza Bleu
Bastille Electric Animation
Bastille Give Me the Future
Bastions Hospital Corners
Bastions Majestic Desolation
Baston La Martyre
Baston Primates
Bastone Don't Go Away
Bastoon et Babouschka Dix vaches a sons
Bastos Second Favourite Person
Bastrap Czwartek
Bastukvintetten Eldar i drömmen
Bastyon The End of Reason
Bastärd Bastärd
Bastärd Black Steel Attack
Bastärd From The Dark Ages
Bastärd Midnight of Medievil
Bastärd / Black Goat Descend from Blackened Skies to Spread the Words of Satan
Bastärds Speed Fuck n' Roll
Basura Dando ostias sin parar
Basura ¡¡Sois algo repelente!!
Basurita El gran feliz
Basya Schechter Queen's Dominion
Basya Schechter Songs of Wonder
Bat & Ryyd Ryydimaa
Bat Boy Bankie Red Rain
Bat Cave コウモリの唄
Bat Chain Puller The Anatomy of Thera Macula
Bat Country Recognize
Bat Eyes Bat Eyes
Bat Fangs Queen of My World
Bat House Bat House
Bat McGrath Whatever Happened to Jousting?
Bat McGrath & Don Potter Introducing Bat McGrath & Don Potter
Bat Nouveau Metamorphoses
Bat Signal Straight Out of Midnight
Bat Yoghurt Non-Negotiable
Bat and Ball Genuine Skin
Bat! Bat Music For Bat People
Bat-ella Birnbaum Rhythm of the Land
Bata Illic Die Welt ist voller Liebe
Bata Illic Goldene Zeiten
Bata Illic Ich hab’ noch Sand in den Schuh’n aus Hawaii
Bata Illic Immer, immer wieder du
Bata Illic Mit den Augen der Liebe
Bata Illic Mädchen, wenn du einsam bist
Bata Illic Schlager-Rendezvous mit Bata Illic
Bata Illic Schwarze Madonna
Bata Illic Slawische Träume
Bata Illic Solange ich lebe
Bata Illic Stimme der Sehnsucht
Bata Illic Träumen Kann Ich Nur In Deinen Armen
Bata Illic Träumen kann ich nur in deinen Armen
Bata Illic Wo die Sonne nie untergeht
Bataille Reverb
Bataillon 500 Am Feind...!
Bataillon 500 Sie Leben!
Bataillon 500 Vorwarts... Voran!
Bataillon 500 Vorwärts… Für Deutschland
Batalion d'Amour Synowie buntu
Batanai Marimba Mudzimu mudzimu
Batard Tronique Bazar Chronic
Batard Tronique Coke Pop
Batard Tronique Dark Dog
Batard Tronique Eastern Party
Batard Tronique Enfant Du Monde
Batard Tronique Enfant Du Monde (Volume 2)
Batard Tronique Future and Past
Batard Tronique Gangsta Paradise
Batard Tronique Hello My Name Is Breakcore
Batard Tronique Kozak Bass
Batard Tronique Love Everything
Batard Tronique Magic Folk
Batard Tronique Prava Mrtva Priroda
Batard Tronique Propagande Batarde Vol. 1
Batard Tronique Turbo Folk Is Massive
Batard Tronique Turbo Gypsycore
Batard Tronique Uzivo Balkan
Batard Tronique Vieille Catin
Batard Tronique Weird
Batatinha 50 anos de samba
Batatoon Brincar! Brincar! Brincar!
Batavia Batavia and their Friends Forever
Batavia Mythos
Batboner Batboner
Batboy Point Memo
Batch Gueye Ndiarigne
Batch Gueye Xamle
Batch ID Ni skrämmer inte mig
Batching It Homage
Batdorf & McLean Look Inside
Bateau Ivre Bateau Ivre
Bateau Ivre Periscope
Bateau Ivre Somewhere Nowhere
Bateau Ivre Terrestrian Hymns
Bateau Ivre Wormholes
Batere Beibe
Bateria S/A A Evolução
Bates Motel Anorak
Bates Motel Bottles And Bones
Bates Motel Caffatine
Bates Motel Pepper Mill
Bates Motel Telling Lies
Bates! Welcome To Bates Motel
Bates, Ueno, Fairouz; Del Sol String Quartet Scrapyard Exotica
Bates, Vaughan Williams; Richmond Symphony Orchestra, Steven Smith, Michelle Areyzaga, Kevin Deas, Richmond Symphony Chorus, Erin R. Freeman Bates: Children of Adam / Vaughan Williams: Dona nobis pacem
Bateu Matou Chegou
Bath Abbey Choir Christmas From Bath
Bath Aide A Cambrian Explosion