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Report created based on data in MusicBrainz as of 01/09/2017

Found 86068 artists, we show 1000 artists per page.

The report is not continually updated so may not reflect the current data within MusicBrainz and or Discogs databases.

These are Discogs artists not currently linked to a MusicBrainz artist, and we have been unable to find a potential link for either.

Many of these artists probably are in MusicBrainz in some form but they are not currently linked, the list is ordered so that Discogs artists with the most number of single artists releases are listed first on the basis that these artists would be of more interest.

Some problems will just be due to deficiencies in the Discogs to Musicbrainz artist matching algorithm employed by Albunack.

There are also timing issues as this report is not updated immediately so will not reflect recent modifications and additions to MusicBrainz and Discogs.

One issue in Discogs is they handle artist credits differently so a Discogs name consisting of multiple people is probably represented on MusicBrainz as two individuals, but we try to filter these out of this report

We have also omitted artists that are not unique in both MusicBrainz and Discogs because these artists are probably not missing just more difficult to match up.

Another issue is that some Discogs artists have multiple ids with one id just redirecting to the other, this is the case with Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, do we add both links to MusicBrainz ?

Limited report to artists with at least two single artist releases for now.

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SearchAdd255Cylinder Smithsonian Michael D'AmatoMail collaborative project of Mike D'Amato and Matt Bonk focusing on pure noise in trilogy titled albums that use material to its fullest. Now a solo project of Mike D'Amato.
SearchAdd173Bodycocktail Zan HoffmanSince 1993 this has been the band for Zan Hoffman's "bent-out-of-shape proto new wave" song series. As of 2012 Bodycocktail has 177 releases and has played solo live shows in Belgium, Denmark, England, France, Italy, Norway, Spain, Sweden and USA. Over recent years live set lists have included songs sung in Spanish, French, Galego, Danish and Swedish.
SearchAdd161user48736353001 Richard D. James
SearchAdd152DJ Culturevibe Daniel SchumacherDJ resident at Tarot, the big rave organisation founded by mas Ricardo in 1992.
SearchAdd141hr1 Radio channel 1 of German public broadcaster [l=Hessischer Rundfunk].
SearchAdd141Kayjee Frits HennesenBorn in Tilburg, Netherlands where he was organizing parties and working as executive producer of EVA (joint venture of EMI, Virgin and MBS/Ariola) he came to Switzerland 1993. He became a resident at the Tarot rave organization and played at all their clubs (oxa, grodoonia, sensor) and soon he got bookings all over switzerland and also in Germani and Austria.
SearchAdd128DJ Jumpin' Jack Patrick OertleSwiss Techno/Acid/Trance and Progressive DJ and producer. DJ resident at TAROT Rave Organisation. He passed away on November 01, 2014.
SearchAdd121Egg, Eggs
SearchAdd1134 Da People Mikie WildeTechno/House DJ and producer from US, now based in Lisbon, Portugal. He is the founder of [l=Grey City Records].
SearchAdd100Jadis Mercado [i]VJ, Producer, Musician, Director, Designer, Artist, Activist.[/i] Born and raised in Coney Island, Brooklyn NYC. Publicly active since 1995. Currently residing between California, Florida, & Texas [USA]/Tamaulipas [Mexico]. [i]Currently contracting as an Audio & Visual Producer, Creative Consultant, and Touring VJ / Live Video & Motion Graphics Projectionist.[/I] Creator and performer of the [l=Experimental Noise Cast] podcast series. Founding member of [a=The Lepracy] and [a=Black Republican Caucus]. Founder and former Executive-Producer of [l=noPROFITjustPROGRESSrecords], [l=Obsolete Audio Formats], [l159229], and [l=Obsolete Video Formats]. Two-time (2x) [I]World Noise Champion[/I], recognized by the [i] Internationale Électronique Grand Prix[/i] governing body.
SearchAdd93Der Marebrechst Petr VálekCzech wide range experimental project
SearchAdd90Koobaatoo Asparagus Michael ScottNoise artist from San Diego California born September 29th, 1974.
SearchAdd84Šaban Šaulić Šaban ŠaulićBosnian folk singer (born on 6 May 1951 in Šabac, Serbia), throned as " King of Yugoslav Folkmusic" in his early career.
SearchAdd83The International Studio Orchestra
SearchAdd83Spheric Lounge German live music project from Munich focused on improvised ambient music mixed with dancers and visual arts, between 2004 to 2008.
SearchAdd82The O'Brien Project Kylie Damnyou
SearchAdd82П/Н P/N (П/Н) was an Ukrainian experimental / outsider music / Lo-fi / Noise music / psychedelic punk band, formed by artist Ihor Tvoronovych. Started on 2008-07-12. The band has lyrics on Ukrainian, Russian, German, English and Romanian languages. The project was closed in 2012.
SearchAdd79Buddhist On Fire Robert LaBargeNoise, Ambient and Experimental music project from Massachusetts with Buddhist thematics.
SearchAdd78Mitch Henson
SearchAdd77Contraktor Power Electronics/Harsh Noise/Drone project from Kansas City, Missouri.
SearchAdd75Victor Silvester and His Silver Strings
SearchAdd74Noise Nazi Matthew BonkProject created by Matthew Adam Bonk in roughly 2001. Death Industrial, Power Electronics, Noise & Harsh Noise, Electronic, Dark Ambient, Grindcore and various sound art. Noise Nazi was first recognized in 2007 by labels such as TrashFuck Records, Love Torture Records, SP Records and later Murderabilia Records & Medical Malfunctions Records. Many releases are still not listed here, and there are quite a few of unofficial releases, remixes, etc out there. There are people who have stolen material by Noise Nazi and published it as themselves and or a collaborative effort with NN, which are not official or recognized. Side projects include - Syphilic Genital Worm : (Goregrind/Cybergrind from 2002) Grand Cyclops : (KKK Themed Industrial / Harsh Noise) Schnur : (Industrial Using Only Machinery Sounds As The Main Source) Glotzer : (Industrial/Noise Project That Collaborates With New Artists For Each Release While The Main Mind Behind It Remains Noise Nazi Himself, All Releases Are Then Mixed And Developed By Matthew Bonk).
SearchAdd70Ulf Tiehm
SearchAdd68Peppino Di Capri E I Suoi Rockers
SearchAdd68Peter Hunningale Peter Hunnigale
SearchAdd67Frank Fill Franco FilipponeFranco Filippone started his carreer 1990, when he was playing with Mas Ricardo in the club "Ochsenbar" in Zürich, Switzerland. At this time he played House, Funk and Hip Hop. 1991 when the Tarot rave organization was founded he was part of it. After working hard for Tarot he got back to DJ-ing in 1993 in the famous Grodoonia club in Rümlang, Zürich and he became a resident at Tarot clubs (Oxa, Grodoonia, Sensor). This was the start of a big DJ carreer, he was booked in famous clubs all over Switzerland and even played at Amnesia (Ibiza) his style changed to Techno, Trance and Progressive. 1999 he began to set up his own studio and started producing.
SearchAdd64Орэра Орэра (Orera) was a band formed in 1958, which became a Soviet sensation on the scale of Beatlemania.
SearchAdd64Don Kosaken Chor Serge Jaroff
SearchAdd63Enoch Light And His Orchestra
SearchAdd62Scorpion Sound Source
SearchAdd61DJ Tony I. Co-owner and resident DJ of the Swiss club "Planetarium".
SearchAdd60Lepa Lukić Lepava MušovićSerbian folk singer. Lepa's music career started in 1965.
SearchAdd60Charles H. Welch
SearchAdd60Atlante Group ATLANTE GROUPComposed by few humans (a graphic designer, thinkers, dj's). Atlante Group perform work from Belgium and Africa. The Atlante label is powered by Axim Forces, itself composed of two people, also kept secret. We're not musicians.
SearchAdd59Mists Of Poveglia Dark Ambient/Neo-Classical (including Drone/Experimental) project. Believed to be the first 'Winter Ambient' act. Part of the Winter Forest Industries artists.
SearchAdd59Stefano Patarnello Stefano PatarnelloItalian DJ and producer. He is the founder of [l=Toffler Music Entertainment].
SearchAdd59Никонов Дмитрий Альбертович Дмитрий Альбертович НиконовDmitriy Albertovich Nikonov is one of the most outstanding artists of Russian non-commercial underground music. His works are being performed in genres of Industrial, Noise/Grindcore, Ambient and Post-Rock. Project's conception is machinery music.
SearchAdd59Murray Leinster William Fitzgerald JenkinsAmerican science-fiction writer. Born 16 June 1896 in Norfolk, Virginia, United States, died 8 June 1975.
SearchAdd57Dr. A. Graham Maxwell Professor at Loma Linda University. Born: 18 July 1921 in Watford, England Died: 28 November 2010
SearchAdd57senselessness Experimental / Ambient / Noise / Drone / Acousmatic music project from Saint-Petersburg (Russia).
SearchAdd56Mark Ankh Marko NadižarDJ and producer from Slovenia. He is the founder of [l=Sound Evolution].
SearchAdd56Paranoid Demon Dmitry ZyatikovHardcore Project from H.P.G. Detonator (St. Petersburg, Russia).
SearchAdd56H. Beam Piper Henry Beam PiperAmerican science fiction author. Born 23 March 1904, in Altoona, Blair County, Pennsylvania, United States. Died 6 November 1964.
SearchAdd56Jepy Jey Italian DJ and producer based in Rome. He is the founder of [l=JJ Records (3)].
SearchAdd55LeRoy Holmes Orchestra
SearchAdd55Hugo Winterhalter Orchestra
SearchAdd55Masters Of The Ungentlemanly Art Since 1985 Masters of the Ungentlemanly Art has been an international collaboration group orchestrated by [a=Zan Hoffman]. All releases are available on the [l=ZH27] label.
SearchAdd54ASDFGFA Acronym for "A Strange Device for Gathering Fungal Agaricomycotina".
SearchAdd54Physical Dreams Vicente Lopez AbellanHouse/Trance DJ and producer from Valencia, Spain. Founder of the label [l=Miami Mafia Sounds Records]
SearchAdd52Helmut Zacharias Und Seine Verzauberten Geigen
SearchAdd52Amper Clap Sergio ChecaDJ and Music Producer from Jaén, Spain.
SearchAdd52Die Teufelskicker
SearchAdd52Minóy\Zannóy Collaborative project in the 1980's and early 1990's conducted by post between [a=Zan Hoffman] and [a=Minoy]. Together and with other home taping friends over 50 releases were created in this time, but not all under the Minóy\Zannóy banner. All releases available on the [l=ZH27] label.
SearchAdd51C3NTUR10N C3NTUR10N (born 12 June 1981 in Poland) is music programmer. He began music programming in the second half of the nineties. His tracks are superposition of acid and 'fatality' fusion style. He's the founder of ACID-TRAXX REC. (Creative Commons Netlabel).
SearchAdd51Murda Ron Rapper and Producer from Berlin, Germany. Born on October 18th, 1980. Founder and Leader of [l170633] and [l169067].
SearchAdd49General T.K. Trevor Keith WilliamsJamaican dancehall DJ.
SearchAdd49Kermit Schafer
SearchAdd49Bob Azzam Et Son Orchestre
SearchAdd48Cune Gojković Предраг Гојковић (Predrag Gojković)Cune Gojković (Цуне Гојковић; born 6 November 1932, Brzan, Kingdom of Yugoslavia – died 21 July 2017, Belgrade, Serbia) was a Serbian folk singer with a career spanning over six decades.
SearchAdd48Doug E. Fresh And The Get Fresh Crew Doug E. Fresh was born Doug E. Davis in Barbados, and his first appearance came in 1983 on a single on Top Flight Records called "Pass the Boo-Dah" (based on "Pass the Dutchy"), with Spoonie Gee and DJ Spivey. His first solo release came in 1984, with "Just Having Fun," on Soundmakers/Enjoy Records, and "Original Human Beatbox" on Vintertainment. By 1985, Fresh was one of the biggest names in rap music, and his first single for Reality, "The Show/La Di Da Di" became a hip hop classic. It was recorded with the Get Fresh Crew, which included MC Ricky D (only later to gain fame as Slick Rick), along with Barry Bee and Chill Will. His first LP, 1986's "Oh, My God!", featured most of his showpieces, like "Play This Only at Night" and "All the Way to Heaven". His second album, 1988's "The World's Greatest Entertainer", broke into the Billboard charts thanks to another hot single, "Keep Risin' To The Top". He did reunite on a Slick Rick LP, and recorded again in 1995 for Gee Street.
SearchAdd47Lietuva State song and dance ensemble “Lietuva” is a professional Lithuanian company uniting dancers, folk instrument orchestra and choir.
SearchAdd47Wardian Spanish Breaks producer based in Málaga.
SearchAdd46Asterroid Incubator Dmitry ZyatikovTerror/Speedcore Project by Gee Fire from H.P.G. Detonator (St. Petersburg, Russia).
SearchAdd46Richard Pogge Richard W. PoggeProfessor of Astronomy at The Ohio State University, Department of Astronomy. Born 02-Feb-1961 in Omaha, Nebraska, USA.
SearchAdd46Bob Enyart Pastor of [url=]Denver Bible Church[/url] and host of the long running talk show [url=]Bob Enyart Live[/url]. Based out of Arvada, CO.
SearchAdd45The Freek Macheen Michael WiesenfarthGerman producer devoted to Electro. He is one of the founders of [l=Eisblock Records].
SearchAdd45Renegade Alien
SearchAdd45Lidless Eye
SearchAdd45Kvintet A-B-C Kvintet A-B-CMembers: Bogdan Dimitrijević-Tenor Saksofon, Flauta, Orgulje Angelo Vlatković-El. Gitara, Vibrafon, Klarinet Miroslav Cvijanović-Klavir, Vibrafon Ladislav Rebrek-Kontrabas, Violina Branimir Mijatović-Bubnjevi, Gitara
SearchAdd44Steam Flow Drone / Experimental / Ambient / Downtempo music project from Saint-Petersburg (Russia).
SearchAdd43Silk Fountain
SearchAdd43Hexonxonx Ian BarrettMaking Experimental Electronic Music since 1996. And After the Ehécatl Experience. Influenced by: Einstürzende Neubauten, Skinny Puppy, Leaether Strip, Wumpscut, In Slaughter Natives, Among Other Projects. The Work has Evolutioned into a Landscape of Contrasts between the Fisical & the Mental Reings that cannot find the equilibrium to clear the Shapes in our own caotic perspective of the world we live in.
SearchAdd43Cherry Aka Breakntune
SearchAdd43Ki Nartosabdho Ki Nartosabdo (1925 - 1985) is an Indonesian music artist and puppeteer.
SearchAdd42Your Life Has Been ... For You Since 1986 "Your Life Has Been...For You" has been an international artist collaboration arranged by [a=Zan Hoffman]. Where the "..." exists in the title, the name changes with a word that rhymes. The current list through 2007 includes: Your Life Has Been Mastered For You Your Life Has Been Pressured For You Your Life Has Been Sectored For You Your Life Has Been Sequestered For You Your Life Has Been Savored For You Your Life Has Been Measured For You Your Life Has Been Pampered For You Your Life Has Been Pleasured For You Your Life Has Been Smothered For You Your Life Has Been Ordered For You Your Life Has Been Doctored For You Your Life Has Been Offered For You Your Life Has Been Deferred For You Your Life Has Been Fostered For You Your Life Has Been Prepared For You Your Life Has Been Buffered For You Your Life Has Been Procured For You Your Life Has Been Pilfered For You Your Life Has Been Answered For You Your Life Has Been Transfered For You Your Life Has Been Inferred For You Your Life Has Been Tampered For You Your Life Has Been Disturbed For You Your Life Has Been Punctured For You Your Life Has Been Fractured For You Your Life Has Been Reserved for You Your Life Has Been Preserved For You Your Life Has Been Conserved For You Your Life Has Been Observed For You Your Life Has Been Deserved For You All releases are available on the [l=ZH27] label.
SearchAdd42Terry Snyder And The All Stars
SearchAdd41Al Russ Orchestra
SearchAdd41Zoran Kalezić Famous Montenegrin singer. Born in Kosovo Lug near Danilovgrad (Montenegro).
SearchAdd41Suske en Wiske Belgian comic book series and principal characters created by [a=Willy Vandersteen] somewhat in the vein of Tintin. They first appeared in December 1945. In foreign territories they're known under different names such as Spike and Suzy (British), Willy and Wanda (American), Bob et Bobette (French), Finn & Fiffi (Norwegian), Bob y Bobette (Swedish) or Lucek i Luśka (Polish).
SearchAdd41Following Light Кирилл Гук (Kirill Guk)Electronic music producer from Odessa, Ukraine. General manager of [l=Inmost Records], [l=Aeriform Records], [l=Absurd State] & [l=Lincor]. A&R manager at [l=Unfeigned Records]. Born: 04-07-1984
SearchAdd40Duško Jakšić Dušan JakšićSerbian schlager singer and theatre actor, active in music since 1948.
SearchAdd40Ricky Kurth Pastor at [url=]Faith Bible Church[/url] in Steger, IL.
SearchAdd40Coro Della S.A.T. Il Coro Della SAT (Società Alpinisti Tridentini) is the most famous of the Italian male choirs.
SearchAdd39Tozovac Dragan ŽivkovićFamous Serbian folk singer and composer, accordion player and TV host
SearchAdd39Consistency Nature Experimental / Electronic music artist from California (USA).
SearchAdd39Renato Carosone E Il Suo Sestetto
SearchAdd39Industrial Steve
SearchAdd39Cliff Carpenter Und Sein Orchester The German Studio-Orchestra played mostly instrumental cover versions of popular hits. It was founded in 1968 by [a=Dieter Zimmermann] at Metronome and moved with him to Ariola in 1972. After the death of Zimmermann in 1978 the leadership of the orchestra was taken over by [a=Alexander Gordan] and producer [a=Michael Kudritzki]. Its final album was released in 1987.
SearchAdd39Paco Bandeira Portuguese singer, born 2 May 1945 in Elvas.
SearchAdd39Susperia-Electrica Nick Williams
SearchAdd39Ворождень Ukrainian dark rock band
SearchAdd39Michael Lambart Michael LambartMichael Lambart was born in Bremen, North Germany. As a technoactivist he was involved with electronic music since 1992. He started with the production of mainly acid and hardtrance under the pseudonyms M!Ultra and Acid Ground. His first tracks from these projects were released in 1997 on the sampler-compilation “Voodoobeats”, followed by a number of releases on various internet sites (, etc.). Since 2003 he has been a co-producer of several projects with Olaf Apholz (Apwood Recordings) and Axel Lüers (Voodoomania Record). More information can be found under Currently, Michael produces mainly hard techno and detroit. Since beginning of 2005, Michael Lambart is the Head of the hardtechnolabel "Northbeatz Audio" (
SearchAdd39Creamy Porn Stars
SearchAdd39Here Be Monsters Since 1988 this multi-track international collaborative project of [a=Zan Hoffman] has been putting out releases on the [l=ZH27] label.
SearchAdd39Time Burgalar
SearchAdd38Boris Bizetić Boris BizetićSerbian musician, composer, arranger, singer and TV showman. He is best known as leader of pop-folk parody band "Rokeri S Moravu".
SearchAdd38Out Of Orion Electronic music artist based in Virginia, United States. Also known as Ox3 (O times 3).
SearchAdd38Scion Success George Narcisse
SearchAdd38Decap Organ Antwerp This artist holds the releases containing performances by one of the many automated (dance) organs created by Gebroeders Decap from Antwerp. It was founded in 1902 by father Aloïs Decap and son Livien, who were later accompanied by his other sons Camille, Frans and Léon. They are still located at their original address: Essenstraat 22-24 in 2060 Antwerp.
SearchAdd38Вероника Долина Вероника Аркадьевна ДолинаВероника Долина (in English: Veronika or Veronica Dolina) is a Russian poet, bard, and writer of more than 500 songs. She was born in Moscow and began writing and performing in 1971.
SearchAdd38An Innocent Young Throat-Cutter Harsh noise walls project that began in 1994 by Richard Ramirez.
SearchAdd38Струп Maxim MamkinNoise / Industrial / Experimental project from Belarus.
SearchAdd374 Позиции Бруно 4 Позиции Бруно - музыкальная электронная группа, организована в 2002 году Александром Ситниковым и Антоном Клевцовым.
SearchAdd37Sermonizer Bologna (Italy) based Sermonizer started experimenting with primitive (field-) recordings and tape manipulations in late '79. From 1984 he recorded numerous avant-garde, industrial and ambient works on to a 4-track recorder. His massive output consists of numerous private tape albums, both studio and live recordings. Sermonizer is still active. His themes, inspiration and phylosophy have remained the same for the last 30 years. In 2011 a split LP with early tracks got released on [l244780].
SearchAdd37Vera Matović
SearchAdd37Narcotic303 Alexander Senge
SearchAdd37Lloyd Price And His Orchestra
SearchAdd36The Armada Orchestra 1970s UK disco orchestra. The Armada Orchestra was a collection of 37 members of the London Symphony Orchestra who backed [a=Ultrafunk] and other groups. They recorded exclusively for [a=John Abbey]'s [l=Contempo] label.
SearchAdd36user18081971 Richard D. JamesBorn: 18-08-1971.
SearchAdd36You, Me, Us & Them Begun in 1987 You, Me, Us & Them is an international collaborative project of [a=Zan Hoffman]. As of 2007 there are 22 thirty minute releases by You, Me, Us & Them. All releases are available on the [l=ZH27] label. Artists involved in this project 1987-2007 include: [a=Agog] (ca) Amy Edelyn (ky) Arable Farmland (il) Man's Hate (uk) Asa Nisi Masa (ky) [a=Big City Orchestra] (ca) [a=Bret Hart] (nc) [a=Adam Bohman] (uk) Cheap Machines (uk) Cornucopia (pr) [a=Croiners] (ny) Das Frohliche Wohnzimmer (at) Das Synthetische Mischgewebe (fr) [a=Der Akteur] (de) [a=Djet] (ru) [a=ECDM] (es) Evergreen (ky) [a=Dave Fuglewicz] (ga) [a=Tom Furgas] (oh) [a=Gelsomina] (fi) Golden Dead (nl) [a=Mark Hanley] (oh) [a=Het Zweet] (nl) id m theft able (me) [a=Infant Cycle] (.ca) Michael Jackson (tn) Joke Project (jp) Katharsis (ca) Layer (be) Matt Davis (ky) Doh Matsuura (nl) [a=Hal McGee] (fl) Mangeneraged (nl) [a=Maurizio Bianchi] (it) [a=Minoy] (ca) Mike Stevens(ia) [a=Mystery Hearsay] (tn) [a=Napalmed] (cz) Nova-Sak (co) Kazuhiro Ohtsuka (jp) Pain Receptor (de) Paisley Hued Ecalyptus Pavillion (ca) Papas Fritas (cl) [a=PBK] (ca) Pollock Brothers (is) [a=Rik Rue] (au) [a=Shmuzorft] (nl) Single Jingle (de) [a=Stabat Mors] (de) [a=Staplerfahrer](nl) [a=Swinebolt 45] (tn) [a=Tuf (2)] (jp) [a=Zan Hoffman](ky) [a=Jeffrey Surak] (dc)
SearchAdd360Hamwich0 Michael D'Amato0Hamwich0 (Just pronounced Hamwich, the two zero's representing bread.) is the bizarre harsh noise project of Mike D'Amato, consisting of sound sources and gear created of the most absurd material since 2012.
SearchAdd36The Clarke/Duke Project
SearchAdd36Franco Trincale Franco Trincale (Militello in Val di Catania, 1935) is an Italian singer and storyteller.
SearchAdd36Bora Spužić Kvaka Velibor Spužić
SearchAdd36Разные Люди
SearchAdd36Joseph Loibant José Antonio López IbáñezFounder of At-Mooss Records in 1998.
SearchAdd36Albert Artemyev Альберт Артемьев
SearchAdd36Genetic Dysfunction Acid House techno dub Live improvisation Genetic Dysfunction is born when St.Paul and Sick Spud met. Some compare their installation to a rocket cockpit, other speak about a mad project and the reality is not far beyond! Judge by yourself: 3 computers, 15 analogue machines, 8 controllers, 6 mix tables and hundreds of midi cables... This is freedom price! But who is hiding behind those aliases? St. Paul: His musical background is impressive. He begun mixing and producing electronic music more than two decades ago and travelled around the world to promote that sound. His taste for challenges considered as impossible and his disregard for concessions make him a unique artist who walks where others do not dare to go. Sick Spud: He began his career in the middle of 90's, playing all over Switzerland. As a dancefloor true lover, he pursued his musical road by creating a techno live act. By mixing these two figures you get experience and freshness, technics and creativity. Genetic Dysfunction: True fusion between computers, analogue and digital instruments, Genetic Dysfunction proposes an amazing improvised show mixing downtempo, house, techno, acid or even psytrance sounds which delivers a real live experience. This organic and novel music will lead you to a travel into the best of the electronic music universe. Two years of researches allow St. Paul and Sick Spud to reach an assumed improvisation, a totally spontaneous creation as well as immediacy built in art. The two artists agreed to fully expose themselves to inspire dancefloor according to the alchemy born from their meeting with the audience. Here you will not find dj arms lifted up or a simple press on the "play" button but a true jam-session in communion with the public.
SearchAdd36Ana Venus Ana Venus was a short lived Hungarian harsh noise project.
SearchAdd35M.A.Z.7 Артур Миннахметов (Arthur Minnahmetov)Electronic music DJ & producer from Kazan, Russia Born: 04-12-1982
SearchAdd35teeth made of glass
SearchAdd35Alan Starck Alan Starck
SearchAdd35Disleksick Canadian grindcore / noise punk band. Based in London, Ontario and formed December 2007.
SearchAdd35Soulmate From Space Alias used by Kylie Damnyou for experimental dance and hardcore techno.
SearchAdd35Biskvit Дмитрий Бондарь (Dmitry Bondar')DJ & House / Techno producer from Novosibirsk, Russia. Born: 8-11-1993
SearchAdd35Merrill Womach American undertaker, organist and gospel singer, born 7 February 1927 in Spokane, Washington and died 28 December 2014 in Spokane, Washington.
SearchAdd35Antonio Aguilar Barraza José Pascual Antonio Aguilar BarrazaMexican film actor, singer, producer and screenwriter, May 17, 1919 – June 19, 2007, most commonly known as Antonio Aguilar, nicknamed "El Charro de México".
SearchAdd35Penny Irie
SearchAdd35Unatoba Zan HoffmanVarious cassette releases from the 1980's on the [l=ZH27] label are released under the group name "Unatoba" which is a corruption of the phrase "untitled and to be announced". Releases may or may not have the name "Unatoba" on them, but they appear in print catalogs together under this name.
SearchAdd35Wichayut Kittikornkowit Wichayut KittikornkowitHis name is Wichayut Kittikornkowit, He's an independent musician in Thailand
SearchAdd34Coverdale Page
SearchAdd34Trino Mora Trino MoraVenezuelan Singer and Composer. He is been in hundreds of performances in the last 44 years
SearchAdd34Flat Affect Shaun Phelps"A kind of anomaly in itself...not of either the artsy electronic style of drone, dark ambience, or concrete organic approach but reminding me much more a dusty old record, a sepia-toned audio document of yesteryear. " -Blood Ties Webzine flat.affect.noise[at]gmail[dot]com
SearchAdd34Lunar Shift Ian Radcliffe & Dan HicksLunar Shift are Producer Ian Radcliffe and DJ Dan Hicks. After 10 years of classical training Ian began his dance music career in the mid 90's making Hardcore under various aliases including DJ Morph & Synergy. Dan spent his early days Dj’ing in the House scene. They met in 1999 and it was then that they decided Breakbeat was the way forward. It took some time but in 2006, they set up 192K Recordings, where they had reasonable success with tracks and remixes from themselves, Precision Cuts, Transformerman, Myagi and DJ Mutiny, amongst others. Unfortunately 192K was put on hold in 2008 due to the sad decline in vinyl. From 2009 Lunar Shift returned to the scene with output on Bass Reflections, Big Square Records, Definition:breaks, Flextone Recordings, Ego Shot Recordings, Electrofly Records, Flextone Recordings, Scarcity Recordings & Supatronix Records.
SearchAdd33DJ Taga Alekandar DevedcicHouse, Techno & Drum n bass producer. Born in Kragujevac, Serbia, 1993.
SearchAdd33Baptist Skin Communiti Experimental/Noise group from Houston, Texas that existed from 1992-2008.
SearchAdd33DJ Guido
SearchAdd33Thong John Silver
SearchAdd33BreakZhead Вячеслав Коган (Vyacheslav Cohen)Vyacheslav Cohen also know as [b]"BreakZhead"[/b] one of the outstanding artists of the electronic music born in Prymorye, Russia and then moved to St. Petersburg! Producer, DJ, Designer and Head Honcho of Subtribe Records. Producing Breakbeat / Dubstep / Drum and bass music He already has releases on such labels as [b]Play Me, Scarcity, Morphosis, Egoshot, Ravearts, DSUK, IBWTmusic, Standard Audio, Dusted Breaks[/b] and of course [b]Subtribe[/b]. BreakZhead shared the stage with such artists as General Midi, Rennie Pilgrem, Specimen A, Lady Waks, Firefarm, Slyde, Davip and others. Hard work on the music and Record Label which takes high positions at the Breaks music charts, strengthen his positions in music industry. Each new release is experiment. Without fear BreakZhead always moves forward.
SearchAdd33Georges Jouvin, Sa Trompette D'Or Et Son Orchestre
SearchAdd33Engedahl & Stordahl
SearchAdd33Alex 42
SearchAdd33Vera Ivković Vera IvkovićSerbian folk singer.
SearchAdd33Andre Norton Andre Alice Norton, née Alice Mary NortonAmerican science fiction and fantasy author. Born 17 February 1912 in Cleveland, Ohio, United States, died 17 March 2005.
SearchAdd33Terrortank Stephane Kerandel
SearchAdd33Wolfgang Raspe Wolfgang Raspe
SearchAdd33Хуй Забей Russian punk group formed in 1989 in Vidnoe, USSR.
SearchAdd33Silvana Armenulić Zilha Bajraktarević-Armenulić(18.V.1939 - 10.X.1976) Bosnian folk singer, one of the most prominent folk, as well as traditional sevdalinka, singers in former Yugoslavia. In 1976, both Silvana and her sister [a=Mirjana Bajraktarević] died in a car accident.
SearchAdd33Petra Schmidt-Decker German author, director and producer Born in 1943
SearchAdd32De Marinierskapel der Koninklijke Marine De Marinierskapel der Koninklijke Marine (Marine Band of the Royal Netherlands Navy), based in Rotterdam, was founded in 1945 and is in fact the continuation of the pre-war Regimental Band of the Royal Netherlands Navy, founded by King Willem III in 1864. Conductors: 1945 - 1957 : [a2605173] 1957 - 1964 : [a2080751] 1964 - 1975 : [a3067371] 1975 - 1986 : [a2783176] 1986 - 1995 : [a992350] 1995 - 2000 : [a4767235] 2000 - 2001 : [a5802529] 2001 - 2008 : [a2171775] 2008 - 2009 : [a5802529] 2009 - 2013: [a2080794] 2013 - now: [a4469246]
SearchAdd32Curtie And The Boombox
SearchAdd32Half Eye
SearchAdd32Djanny Projekt Yann FarinonSwiss hardstyle producer, born 1979 in Lausanne. The tracks released under this project name are typically produced by [a=Daniel Thaler] and [a=Massimo Briganti].
SearchAdd32Dan Pound
SearchAdd32Blue Ridge Rangers
SearchAdd32Joe Raphael Und Die Party-Singers
SearchAdd32Europ Europ Europ EuropFounded 1996 Current line-up: Mr. Europ : vocals, noise, cello, tapes // Ms. Europ : harp, violin // Mr. Europ : organ, beats, sampler
SearchAdd32Mikhail Lezin Михаил ЛёзинAvant-garde graphic and sound artist and poet from Togliatti (Russia). Born on 19th October, 1974. Active since 1990. Founder of [l=Kubotrop] and co-founder of [l=Конденсат] and [l=Kruchenykh Records].
SearchAdd32Mr.gabber Marek PospíšilHardcore / Techno / Experimental music creator from the Czech Republic
SearchAdd32Tech Star Paul WillocksPaul Willocks (Tech Star) is an English born electronic music producer and DJ.
SearchAdd32Rex Allen Jr. Rex Elvie Allen Jr.American country singer / songwriter and actor, born August 23, 1947 in Chicago, Illinois. He is the son of [a602849] and was married to [a2183598] untill 1990.
SearchAdd32Nino Tempo & 5th Ave. Sax American studio project by saxophonist [a=Nino Tempo].
SearchAdd32Roberto Firpo Y Su Orquesta Típica
SearchAdd32Javi R
SearchAdd32The Exquisite Delight Of Being
SearchAdd32The Cricketone Chorus & Orchestra
SearchAdd31Syncopate Soul Mike TamburiniItalian DJ and producer, born in Italy May 22nd 1973. He is the founder of Track Planet Recordings.
SearchAdd31Avs_Silvester Андрей Валерьевич Скоробогатов [Andrey Valeryevich Skorobogatov]Solo studio project of Andrey Skorobogatov focused on Avant-Garde, Experimental Metal, Psychedelic Rock, Ambient and Fusion genres. Most of the works are available as free download MP3's, frequently encoded into low bitrates. Formed in 2010. Avs_Silvester is believed to establish "yozh-metal" (hedgehog metal) genre.
SearchAdd31DJ S.I. One Simon Wernli
SearchAdd31Kenny Ground Giuseppe LombardoDJ and producer from Switzerland. He is one of the founders of [l=Southpark Records] , [l=Glory Touch Records] and [l=Marionnettes Records] Single founder of [l=Old School Department].
SearchAdd31One-Two-Three A concept group created by Bobby Orlando.
SearchAdd31Peripheral Visionary Nick Melton
SearchAdd31Diametral C. Loik
SearchAdd31Dragan Kojić Keba Dragan KojićSerbian folk singer. Father of [a=Nataša Kojić Taša]. Father-in-law of [a=Severina].
SearchAdd31Die Reitenden Leichen "Found and existing"
SearchAdd31Sticky Stockholm
SearchAdd31Praga Khan Featuring Jade 4U Maurice Engelen & Nikkie van Lierop
SearchAdd31Fisso & Spark
SearchAdd31L. Mounts
SearchAdd31Mossenek Mossenek is a duo consisting of Mick Barr (Orthrelm, Crom-Tech, Ocrilim, Krallice) and Chuck Bettis (Trance and the Arcade, The Meta-Matics). The music consists of Mick's violent guitar shredding accompanied by Chuck's electronics, effects and various howls, screams, grunts and moans. Mick and Chuck met in the mid-90's and performed together in the short-lived band Mobo-Stix (also featuring Malcolm McDuffie of Crom-Tech and Brian Degraw of Gang Gang Dance) in 1996 who never played live nor released anything. They have performed live as a duo sporadically since 2000 but it wasn't until 2012 they made their first proper studio recording "Sublingual Glossectum" and settled on the name Mossenek for their project (before that they were just Mick Barr & Chuck Bettis). They had appeared on record together a few times before. In 2000 when Bettis under his moniker Trance and the Arcade released the album "Survival in Infinity" Mick played on the track "Singalism (Mick's Version)" and involuntarily on "Shot Blasting". In 2005 Bettis released an album of collaborations called "Community of Commotion" where they collaborated on the track "Atheist Revolt" (also featuring Jerry Lim). In January 2010 Chuck Bettis released their first live show on and has since 2012 continued to release more recent shows by Mossenek through Free Music Archive.
SearchAdd31Armonika Lithuanian folk music ensemble formed in 1969 by this leader [a=Vytautas Juozapaitis] (directed 1969-1978).
SearchAdd30Gordana Stojićević Gordana StojićevićSerbian folk singer.
SearchAdd30Peppelino Péter ForásiHungarian Techno DJ and producer born in 1985.
SearchAdd30Šerif Konjević
SearchAdd30AlienDuch ThierryThierry Alienduch aka Mental Experience, né le 12 Avril 1974, est un dj français originaire du Creusot (71). Passionné de musique électronique qu'il à découvert à l'âge de 8 ans notamment grâce aux Pink Floyd, Autechre, Jean Michel Jarre, Tangerine Dream et Kraftwerk, mais aussi grace à une émission de radio nommée “vizion“ dans les années 90 (provenant de radio cactus dans le Brionnais, dpt 42), au moment de l’explosion de l’acid music et de la trance allemande / acid trance, c'est en 1997 qu'il intégrera le milieu Underground lors du festival ( Off du printemps de Bourges ) avec en autre, Heretik sound system. Rapidement, il est repéré pour ses nombreuses qualités artistiques, incluant la musicalité variée de ses prestations ainsi que sa capacité d'adaptation sur scène auprès de tout public. Qualités Artistiques qui l'amèneront par la suite, à se produire en collaboration avec divers sounds system et associations à travers toute l'Europe pendant près de 20 ans, dans plus de 300 parties. Alienduch aka Mental Experience devient alors une figure emblématique de la scène électronique française; son amour inconditionnel pour la musique, le conduit aujourd'hui à se produire régulièrement dans diverses soirées tant festivalières que salles de concerts ainsi que les clubs. Actuellement, il joue divers styles tels que techno, uk Acid techno, old school trance & acid trance allemande/belge/hollandaise, transcore, progressive house/techno/trance et liquid (atmospheric) drum'n bass. Après sa première association crée dans les années 2000, il fonde en 2015, avec son co-équipier de longue date, Acid Concept Production, dont le principal objectif est de faire revivre en Bourgogne puis transmettre à la jeune génération la culture des musiques électronique des années 90 à nos jours sous ses principaux courants (cité plus haut) grâce à des artistes dj / liveurs locaux, régionaux mais aussi internationaux, sans oublier les artistes Vj, par le biais d’événements légaux de petites et moyennes envergures. Fin 2015, il signe son premier morceau techno « LV 426 » sur la compilation Artist in Action vol 5, au profit des réfugiés.
SearchAdd30DJ A.P. Allen Joseph PizzaEast Coast DJ, born in Hackensack, New Jersey. DJ A.P. made a prominent name for himself at an early age in the music industry with his relentless efforts and unmatched drive. In the early 90’s he established a large following by producing mix-tapes and spinning at New Jersey roller skating rinks. In 1993 he co-founded founded the Negative Reflection Crew, a coalition of New Jersey based DJs and artists with his then partner DJ Just, now known as Just Blaze. During the golden era of New York City nightlife DJ A.P. performed regularly at legendary venues such as The Tunnel, Limelight, Exit and many others. DJ A.P.’s first commercial label release was in 1996, titled “The Many Stylez EP”, co-produced by DJ Sizzahandz (founder of Crooklyn Clan) on AV8 Records. Later branching out on his own, DJ A.P. produced a number of club hits such as “Keep the Party Live”, “Run This” and “Wessyde Vibe“. In 1999 DJ A.P. developed the Sudden Impact mixtape series featuring original material from many musical icons, including Wyclef Jean, Ray J, Ice-T, Naughty By Nature and countless others. Sudden Impact 5 was rated Number 1 in The Source Magazine’s “Tales of the Tape”. Following the success of the Sudden Impact series, DJ A.P. successfully produced hundreds of remixes that has kept him on the top of DJ’s playlists. His creativity along with the support from the world’s top disc jockeys, such as the legendary DJ AM, led him to become one of the most in-demand re-mixers and early innovators of the mash-up movement. Holding strong for two decades, DJ A.P. has transitioned into an artist without boundaries. His multiple music and business-related talents have given him opportunities to travel and perform at major venues in the United States, Europe & Asia. Calling Atlantic City home since 2009, DJ A.P. has held residence and headlined many of the best nightclubs the city has to offer all while regularly traveling the country to perform.
SearchAdd30Snežana Đurišić Snežana ĐurišićSerbian folk singer.
SearchAdd30Grozny 93 Noise maker from Poland
SearchAdd30Muharem Serbezovski Muharem SerbezovskiFamous Macedonian Romani folk singer. His brother is [a=Ajnur Serbezovski].
SearchAdd30Dobrivoje Topalović Dobrivoje TopalovićSerbian folk singer.
SearchAdd30Elektronikum Ltd. Arjen Schat, Dirk TroostA collaboration between [a=Dirk Troost] and [a=Arjen Schat]. The concept covers a broad spectrum of genres but is most related to noise and darkambient. All recordings are based on improvisation.
SearchAdd30DJ DBC Dimitri Bruev CiancaBumping music producer born in the city of Moscow, currently resides in the province of Vizcaya, specifically in the town of Bilbao, Spain. He has been resident in The Image X-Trem Dance Club (old Columbus). And he has played as monthly resident in [a297747], [a839549], Anaconda... He runs his own label named [l156177].
SearchAdd30Spejbl & Hurvínek Czech marionettes, created in the 1920s and first spoken by [a=Josef Skupa]. After Skupa’s death in 1957 they were spoken and developed further by [a=Miloš Kirschner]. Since 1996 they are spoken by [a=Martin Klásek], who was already alternating with Kirschner since 1974. See also: [l=Divadlo Spejbla A Hurvínka] (Spejbl & Hurvínek Theatre) [i]Note: on many releases, the characters names “Spejbl & Hurvínek” are actually uncredited in this form as main artists.[/i]
SearchAdd30Hugo Blanco Y Su Conjunto Hugo César Blanco ManzoBorn in Caracas; September 25, 1940 is a musician, composer, performer, producer and arranger Venezuelan author of several compositions global career. Blanco died on June 14, 2015 at 74 years old in his hometown
SearchAdd29Brian Ruryk Vancouver, Canada-based guitarist trash multitasker
SearchAdd29Syd Lawrence And His Orchestra Syd Lawrence OrchestraA British big band with a particular specialism in playing the music of Glenn Miller.
SearchAdd29Vesna Zmijanac Vesna ZmijanacSerbian folk singer very popular in late 80s and early 90s. Mother of [a=Nikolija Jovanović].
SearchAdd29Delbert Barker Delbert BarkerDelbert Barker was born in Kentucky on 3rd December 1932.
SearchAdd29DJ Clowny
SearchAdd29Posset Joe Murray
SearchAdd29HEROin Addikt HEROin Addikt (also known as HERO) is CH and CC. CH has been doing the project for a few years, CC has just joined mid-2013. I will release music I deem fit to be listened to, which often includes dark ambient, drone, noise, field recordings, etc.
SearchAdd29Mr Breaks
SearchAdd29Grammophon-Orchester Please only use this page if the city the orchestra was based in is not given. For the Berlin based orchestra please use [a=Grammophon-Orchester, Berlin] For the Vienna based orchestra please use [a=Wiener Grammophon-Orchester] For the Munich based orchestra please use [a=Grammophon-Orchester München]
SearchAdd29Orchester Béla Sanders
SearchAdd29Sandler & Young Tony Sandler, Ralph Young
SearchAdd29I Combos
SearchAdd29Los 3 Paraguayos Traditional Paraguayan folk group performing and recording in Europe during the sixties and seventies, consisting of Daniel Cardozo, Pedro Álvarez Redes, and Felipe Leiva and later increasingly throwing the word "fabulous" into their name. Do not confuse with [a2102030].
SearchAdd29Mitch Miller And His Orchestra And Chorus
SearchAdd29Conjunto Latinos
SearchAdd29Tokyo Heroes
SearchAdd29Облачный Край
SearchAdd29Van De Loow Martin Feigel
SearchAdd29Phantoms Of The S.S. Phantoms Of The SS was formed by 1 Phantom & 1 Other to create avant-garde and surrealistic sound structures and experiment with tones, various mixing techniques, drones and other oddities. The two forming member welcomed Oni Sakti into the group as a "silent" member. Now more active in the creation of the sound structures. Oni Sakti's female counterpart Zoe Sakti joined Phantoms on the Ventorum album and Sexual Surrealists 7" and is also now a permanent member of Phantoms Of The SS.
SearchAdd29General Lafayette Creation of composer, arranger and producer [a=Roberto Danova].
SearchAdd29Last Rape Richard Ramirez, Sean Matzuswall noise project of Sean E. Matzus and Richard Ramirez. Now based in Pennsylvania. The name of the project comes from the horror/thrillers of the female revenge films. Started in 1994 and continues today.
SearchAdd29Tony McKenzie
SearchAdd29Morgasm French DJ and producer.
SearchAdd29Mortierorgel This artist holds the releases containing performances by one of the many automated organs created by Mortier in Antwerp. The founder of that company was Theophile Mortier (born 1855 - died 1944), who was the owner of a large dance hall in Antwerp city. During its existence the company created more than 600 different dance organs and orchestrions, while having its peak moment between 1919 and 1928. The company went bankrupt in 1952, once the public interest for their organs had hit an absolute low.
SearchAdd29Dr Beats Juan Manuel
SearchAdd28Astral Vomit Italian Harsh Noise / Industrial project.
SearchAdd28KyonPalm Experimental electronic musician from Florida. Founder of [url=]Channel Q[/url].
SearchAdd28The Neighbours Project
SearchAdd28Esente Polish hip-hop artist, mainly performing in the Nerdcore sub-genre, but also in "traditional" hip-hop style.
SearchAdd28Kick-OH! Cristian LongoItalian DJ, producer, remixer and owner of Woot Records and OH-Audio.
SearchAdd28André Walter & Chris Hope Techno producer duo.
SearchAdd28Beba Selimović Izeta SelimovićFamous folk and sevdalinka singer. Born 1939. in Trebinje, Bosnia and Herzegovina
SearchAdd28Cephalonya Italian DJ and producer project, based in Perugia. They are the founders of [l=Load Recordings (2)].
SearchAdd28Jeramy Roberts Jeramy Roberts is the founder of the Electronic Musicians Guild. The E.M.G. started in early 2002 as an underground, members only, warehouse club in Seattle. Jeramy had been playing raves and clubs since 1999 and observed that a lot of the venues and promoters were gravitating towards a more commercial dynamic, thus giving way to the idea of E.M.G. Drawing a lot of influence from the early Detroit Techno sound it has evolved into what it is today. Jeramy sold records in 27 countries in 2013 and his music production work has earned him several top 100 Sales spots at record stores such as “Hard To Find Records” in London, “satellite EDM” in New York and AMAZON MP3 USA. He is currently Executive Director of Promotions at both Skylar Records and Asnazzy Productions. He is also the Owner and Manager of E.M.G. Recordings.
SearchAdd28Forfy Forfy is an Experimental musician from New Zealand. As well as making copious amounts of music, they also run the [l=Pimpmelon] and [l=Infinite Drone] labels.
SearchAdd28Nancy Ramos Nancy del Valle Ramos PadrónVenezuelan Singer in the traditional and popular genre. Born in Caracas. September 8, 1948
SearchAdd28Scott Hallam Scott Hallam started DJing late '89 in and around clubs in Manchester. Heavily influenced by the acid house scene along with the emerging styles from Belgium, Detroit, and Germany. It wasn't until 1993 that he started his production with a fairly basic setup: Ensoniq Mirage sampler, Boss DR-55 MK II drum machine and in December 1993 tracked down a much sought after Roland TB-303 all sync'd up to an Amiga A500 running Music X 2. 3 years of delving deeper into the production world and a lot more kit, he released an EP on his own label '[l=Axia Records]' under the name [a=Grey Matter] in October 1996 which was well received by Dave Mothersole who reviewed it in Muzik magazine February 1997. [r45429] EP (Axia) New boy Scott Hallam with an ambitious five-tracker which veers from 150bpm acid techno and slo-mo hip hop breaks, right through to old school, bottom heavy warehouse grooves and Depeche Mode-meets-Juan Atkins purism. The real surprise, here, though, is how thoroughly listenable the whole thing is. Innovative, imaginative, and pretty bloody good. Branching out into electronica and dowmtempo chill out grooves he later released 3 albums between 2002 and 2003 (Sonic Textures, Thirty & Lost In Thoughts) After a break from production whilst DJing again with a residency at the Music Box in Manchester between 2005 and 2008 playing Hacienda Classics (as much acid house as possible) it wasn't until 2009 that he started up Axia as a digital output via Juno Download and to date has released 23 EPs and 4 Albums covering acid, techno, house, dub, electro, & chill out. Having had two of his remixes of Sterling Void & Paris Brightledge 'Let Loose The Light' released on Epoque Music it wasn't long before he was back in the studio to finish the latest album 'Viva Acid House' 10 tracks of 303 squelches as his passion for the silver box continues to shine.
SearchAdd28Samuel Goldwyn Schmuel (or Szmuel) GelbfiszSamuel Goldwyn (born August 17, 1879, Warsaw, Kingdom of Poland, Russian Empire – died January 31, 1974, Los Angeles, California, USA) was a Polish-born American film producer and entertainment entrepreneur. He was the founding contributor and executive of several motion picture studios in Hollywood and his name became synonymous with [l247112].
SearchAdd28Orchestra Spettacolo Raoul Casadei
SearchAdd28Disaster Beats
SearchAdd28Dog Lady Mike Collino
SearchAdd27LJ Reynolds Larry James ReynoldsBorn: Saginaw, Michigan, Jan 27 1952. Previous groups: The Relations, [a=Chocolate Syrup] (aka Larry Reynolds and Chocolate Syrup). Current activity: Joined The Dramatics in 1973, left in 1981 and rejoined in 1986. Released six solo albums between 1981 and 2000. Sometimes credited as Larry "Chubby" Reynolds and Larry Reynolds. His sister, [a=Jeannie Reynolds], was a recording artist in the 1970s.
SearchAdd27Hot Mix Productions As of January 1, 1990, ABC Radio Networks contracted with Hot Mix Productions to market, distribute, and sell Hot Mix in the United States. The first mix was called “Mix of the Decade 1989-90” and was distributed on vinyl disc to all radio stations signed up to play the program. By 1989 there were 35 stations in the U.S. In July 1990, ABC began producing programs on cd which made Hot Mix the first and only show of its kind world-wide to distributed weekly on Compact Disc. In 1991, Hot Mix was being syndicated by ABC Radio Network and was being heard on over 175 stations weekly worldwide. That year it was also nominated and lost a second Billboard Radio Award in the Syndicated show Top 40/Crossover music category.
SearchAdd27Barak Maor Daniel CimpianMinimal techno producer and DJ from Romania. Owner of [l=Gaap] Records.
SearchAdd27Pigeon Cadaver Pigeon Cadaver is a one-man-project from Germany producing music in different styles: industrial, noise, 8-bit, power electronics & speedcore
SearchAdd27Susie Allanson Susie Allanson (born March 17, 1952 in Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA) is an American country music singer and actress.
SearchAdd27Kemal Malovčić Kemal MalovčićBosnian Turbo-Folk singer, born 1951 in Sanski Most (Bosnia & Hercegovina).
SearchAdd27Ljuba Aličić
SearchAdd27Children Accompanied By Eira Davies
SearchAdd27Imugem Orihasam Imugem OrihasamRecording project based in north Japan
SearchAdd27Alexander Rocciasana Alessandro RonconiItalian musician, born in Pietrasanta on 11 November 1989.
SearchAdd27Nelman Gabor CsernelNelman is a hungarian semi-underground dj/producer who started his musical career as a mid of the 90's. In the first time he played mainly techno and hard trance in the clubs week to week. In 1996 he completed the first records and since then made an abundance of them. He wonted to show the new tracks to his club-audiences to get feedbacks about. His intense focus has led to a massive library of quality material accross numerous labels with his tracks receiving DJ support from the likes of Dave Clarke, Spark Taberner and Dave The Drummer. His diverse style is genre defying and skips from trance to techno to progressive effortlessly but the commong factor is always a strong thumping beat.
SearchAdd27Džo Maračić
SearchAdd27Zorica Marković Zorica MarkovićSerbian folk singer.
SearchAdd27Knuckles O'Toole This pseudonym was used by various artist. The First "Knuckles O'Toole" recordings, done in Honky Tonk style, were performed by Billy Rowland. Due to its popularity, many others were made, some of them by Dick Hyman.
SearchAdd27Thickly Painted Walls
SearchAdd27Shay dT Shay DotanShay dT is a DJ/Producer from Israel. His unique style allows him to create electronic music aiming strictly for the dacefloors. Dirty, tribal, Elektro & acid - are the main influences on his work.
SearchAdd27Roman S. Roman ShelepanovHouse/Tech-House DJ & producer based in New York City, USA. Currently Head of A&R at [l=King Street Sounds]/[l=Nite Grooves]. Also know as [b]Manuel B. Buendia[/b]. Born: Saint Petersburg, Russia (formerly Leningrad, ex-USSR)
SearchAdd27Fishcat Mike FishcatFrench Artist from Britanny (west of France). Mike starts his electronic musical career in the early '90s on raves and free parties walls of sound. DJ Fishcat likes and plays all genres of musics like IDM, Breakcore, Hardcore, Electronica, Hardtekno, Tribe, Techno, Drum'n'bass, Ragga-jungle, Experimental, Noise, Metal, Grime, Abstract Hip Hop, Ambient, Industrial, Weird and ill Music... He's producer of Manackel label with only two releases in 1999 and he's working on a new project under "Denots Teg" alias.
SearchAdd27Griz+zlor Harsh Noise Wall artist based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
SearchAdd27Orchester Udo Reichel
SearchAdd27СИстема БЕзопасности
SearchAdd27Boys Group
SearchAdd27Johnny Long and his orchestra
SearchAdd26Dr. Becket
SearchAdd26Industrial Frequency David DeWulffIndustrial hardcore producer from Belgium. Is a member of the KweetnieWATT Soundsystem and the man behind the organisation called The Underground District.
SearchAdd26Piano Junkies DJ Ben Fisher
SearchAdd26B.B. King Orchestra
SearchAdd26dnasnow/mouseup Rinus van Alebeek, Zan Hoffman
SearchAdd26Tony Kairom Antonino D'albaItalian DJ and producer based in Palermo. He is the founder of [l=Fruit Records (5)] and [l=Fruit Records Two].
SearchAdd26Jack E Makossa
SearchAdd26Pequeña Compañía Spanish vocal band founded by composer/producer Alvaro Nieto and [a=Julio Seijas] (who previously have been in a similar band called [a=La Compañia]), with Araceli García, María del Carmen "Mamen" Martínez, Alberto Villa and Carlos Villa. Carlos Villa was replaced later by Pepe Egea and this one by Santiago Aguirre. Active from the middle 70s until late 80s.
SearchAdd26Flying Point Евгений Волков (Evgeniy Volkov)Producer from Kiev, Ukraine. Born: 11-08-1987
SearchAdd26Gary Burton / Chick Corea "With truly spontaneous and advanced improvisational fluency and flawlessly precise ensemble playing (two rare qualities on their own rarely seen with this kind of abundance in equal measure) their duo instantly became one of the best bands in the world, and has continued as such for 35 years now." -Pat Metheny, 2008
SearchAdd26Emilio "El Moro" Emilio Jiménez GallegoSpanish singer, guitarist and comedian. Born 02/11/1923 in Melilla, Spain Died 10/07/1987 in Alcoy (Alicante), Spain
SearchAdd26The King's Heralds
SearchAdd26Alive Stone Александр Емелин (Alexander Emelin)Trance/House/Progressive DJ & Producer from L'viv, Ukraine. The founder of a label [l=Stoneflow Records] UA
SearchAdd26Francisco Canaro Y Su Orquesta Típica
SearchAdd26Taras Bazeev Taras BazeevGenres: Chillout, Minimal Techno, Trance Location: Дніпропетровськ / Dnipropetrovsk, Дніпропетровська область / Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, Україна / Ukraine
SearchAdd26V.S.B. [The Vampire State Building] NIck OlaärProject of Surrealistic Sounds, Obscure Ambiences and Dissonant Noise. From 1999 to Nowadays is one of the Most Recornised projects of Industrialisis. Formed as a Single-man Project has Develope a Constant Work Carrer. Influenced by Projects as: Atrax Morgue, Brighter Death Now, Gnaw Their Tongues, Archon Satani, Deutch Nepal, Endura, Frozen Faces. Inspired by Apocaliptic Images, Dreams, Visions Transformed in Involment Frequencies to Transport to another Reality.
SearchAdd26Diagram: A Dan Greenwood
SearchAdd26Alley Catss Máté Janky
SearchAdd26Darkslider Mark SheddanAustralian Electronic project, founded 1999 by [a1854774] (synthesizer, electronics, voice), located in Sydney, New South Wales. Styles: Experimental, Ambient, Glitch, Minimal, Noise, Soundscape, Drone.
SearchAdd26Ansambl Aleksandra Subote
SearchAdd26Anton Chasm Restless from the underground of Philadelphia's thriving dance music community came exceptional DJ / producer, Anton Chasm. A veteran of the rave scene since to the early '90s, Chasm began in 1994 as one of the original 'Pure Children' DJs. Chasm quickly flourished, initially playing incredible Breaks and Drum & Bass sets at massives throughout the U.S. in the late 90s. Anton Chasm began evolving in 2001 with his first 12" EP release 'SA001' on Sound Alliance Recordings. Today, his sound is eclectic, with his signature style. Look for all that is musical, with passion wrapped in pure talent and you will find Anton Chasm. SOUND ALLIANCE RECORDINGS LLC is a Philadelphia based dance label with an 8 year history of successful releases. The label encompasses an eclectic variety of genres, bringing some of the finest upcoming artists to the forefront of the electronic music scene. Some artists featured on the label include Anton Chasm, Nick Narouz, SkyHi, Passable Plastic, Someone Else, Max Dietrich and more. Sound Alliance Recordings is licensed and distributed worldwide. Label Manager: John Lang email: A&R: Christopher Ford email: Promotions: Devon Hans email: Bookings: Paul Williams email:
SearchAdd26The Prostitution Of... Since 1985 this recording project of [a=Zan Hoffman] has featured an international roster of home-recording artists with releases on the [l=ZH27] label. The title shifts the 4th word every time to something that rhymes with the original "Abusurdity"
SearchAdd26DJ Macho & Bestial Kick Massimiliano Cremaschi, Francesco GiovanniniProducer duo from Mantova, Italy of Massimiliano Cremaschi (DJ Macho) and Francesco Giovannini (Bestial Kick).
SearchAdd26The Telecast Orchestra Studio orchestra who recorded for Chappell, primarily under the direction of [a969001], [a2246742] and [a280929].
SearchAdd26RezQ Sound Антон Береснёв и Антон Штанько (Anton Beresnyov & Anton Shtanko)Electronic music duo from Donetsk, Ukraine.
SearchAdd26Eighty One
SearchAdd26Rene & Rene René y René was a Latin pop duo from Laredo, Texas. Composed of René Ornelas (born August 26, 1936) and René Herrera (born October 2, 1935; died December 20, 2005), the group scored two hit singles in the U.S. in the 1960s. 1964's "Angelito" ("Little Angel") peaked at #43 on the U.S. Billboard Hot 100 chart, and 1969's "Lo Mucho que Te Quiero (The More I Love You)" hit #2 on the Adult Contemporary chart and #14 on the Hot 100 chart. Rene y Rene were among the first Chicano artists to appear on American Bandstand (August 8, 1964). They were inducted into the Tejano Music Hall of Fame in 1990 and the Tejano ROOTS Hall of Fame in 2001. René Ornelas was still performing (under the name "René René") as of 2010.
SearchAdd25Зара Долуханова Заруи Агасьевна МакарянЗара Александровна Долуханова aka Заруи Агасьевна Макарьян, Зара Александровна Долуханян Soviet, Russian and Armenian singer (coloratura mezzo-soprano). People's Artist of USSR (1990). Laureate of Lenin (1966) and the Stalin Prize of the second degree (1951) Born: March 15, 1918, Moscow, RSFSR Died: December 4, 2007, Moscow, Russia
SearchAdd25Parallax Breakz Александр Жихарев (Alexander Zhikharev)Parallax Breakz - is music project of Alex Zhikharev. Since the late nineties, he devoted a part of his life and creativity to electronic music and club scene. Since the beginning of the new millennium he released his first tracks and remixes, playing his sets in clubs and stages of differents cities and places of Ukraine, Russia, Belarus. He is experienced percussionist, who plays different ethnic drums. For fifteen years of his artistic career he has written a lot of music in the styles of breaks, drum'n'bass, chill out, techno, ambient. And for this moment he has more than three hundred tracks released on a plenty of labels, such as VIM (Greece), Ego Shot & Morphosis (Hungary), Bass Reflections (USA), DSUK (UK), Scarcity (Romania), Camino Blue (Germany), Golden Orb (Australia), RUNE (Ukraine), Mind Inside (Ukraine). First full CD album "Parallax Breakz - Game Over" was released at summer 2016 on V.I.M. RECORDS and it was the interesting mixture of breakbeat, broken beat electronica and ethno drums. Parallax Breakz' live sets - it is exciting and impressive mix of dj-set from Parallax Breakz tunes and live-playing the percussion. He is one of the authors and participants of projects Para-Dise, Infuzoria, IBS Faction. Parallax Breakz is the founder of SUNSOUND promo group. He is professional graphic and polygraphic designer. Parallax Breakz teaches playing an ethnic drums, and is engaged in various other kinds of creativity and self-knowledge - the graphics and drawing, design, poetry and prose, numerology, astrology, human design.
SearchAdd25Jean Rigaux French chansonnier and actor, born 10 February 1909 in Paris, France, died 10 December 1991 in Champcueil, France.
SearchAdd25Τάσος Μπουγάς
SearchAdd25Orly Sad Orlando SannaItalian DJ, producer, and original funkster... CEO of the private italian label ORIGINALFUNKSTER INC. DJ/producer of the italian rap duo Orly Sad & Jay Rah
SearchAdd25DJ Poseidon Emilio Bongarzone
SearchAdd25David + David David & David (stylized as David + David) were an American rock duo.
SearchAdd25Sirotek Sirotek is a one man post-industrial project by Vitaly Malygin, based in Yaroslavl, Russia. Sirotek was born in October 2008 as a side project of Vitaly active then as a experimental rock musican. Inspired by philosophy, psychoanalisys, outsider artists Vitaly reflects his lifelong dialogue with mentally diseased people around him, his own neuroses, and Irrational itself. Contact:
SearchAdd25DJ Oguretz Сергей Мезенцев
SearchAdd25Tim Stoakes Tim StoakesDJ and producer based in UK. He is one of the founders of [l=Star-Fi Recordings].
SearchAdd25Grace Kennedy British disco singer - TV presenter Born on March 2 1958 in Jamaica. She released four albums at the cusp of the decades 70's - 80's.
SearchAdd25English Evenings English Evenings were a British new wave duo.
SearchAdd25Bora Drljača Borislav DrljačaBorislav (Born:29 August 1941) is a Serbian folk singer. He was born in Bosnia & Herzegovina, and he now lives in Belgrade.
SearchAdd25Melcheor Russian artist that plays "Raw Drone Noise, Black Metal, Non-Music, Low Temp Electro-Ambient, Abstract Minimalism."
SearchAdd25Aca Matić Aleksandar MatićSerbian folk singer.
SearchAdd25UFO Project
SearchAdd25Forced Orgasm Noise unit originally from Kobe, Japan transplanted to the United States in the mid 90s.
SearchAdd25Dave Daffodil
SearchAdd25Roy Alton
SearchAdd25Raw Dada The work of Raw Dada can be separated into two categories. Raw Dada can either use data sounds for ferocious walls of noise or take those data sounds and mix them into beats and melodies.
SearchAdd25Champion Breaks
SearchAdd25Domestic Technology Игорь Буцхрикидзе (Igor Butskhrikidze)
SearchAdd25Βαγγέλης Κονιτόπουλος
SearchAdd25Reststrom Claudius GlöcknerFounder of Tonprojektion, german next generation music company. Artist with mind, body and soul. Born in Frankfurt Main, Germany in 1986, checked out doing music with his Commodore Amiga first. He loves that minimal style, less than more... "I want to show my thoughts and feelings. My songs are the result of my visions." He lives higher.
SearchAdd25Grímsvötn Raw UKBM act of Lord Forneus. Also includes heavy DSBM, Doom, Bestial Death Metal, influence along with Dark/Winter Ambient. Formed in 2008 but not named until 2011. Part of the Winter Forest Industries artists. Logo by Matt Tekell-Rogers
SearchAdd25DJ KoT DJ and producer.
SearchAdd24Digital Mass AnonymousAn anonymous ambient act from the depths of your own imagination. Many years of experience led to the formation of “Digital Mass”, though none or very few know of the artists involved. Expect dark ambient, ambient and drone from this band.
SearchAdd24Alex Bassjunkie & Riche
SearchAdd24Messiah project Andrew MoldonМосква
SearchAdd24Art Of Hot Chris DemetrasMusician, composer and producer based in Portland, US.
SearchAdd24Nelly Sand Script writer for the [l=Bibi und Tina] and other [l=Kiosk] / [l=Kiddinx] radioplay series.
SearchAdd24Realsortis Geza DekanyHungarian DJ and producer, born 1 July 1983, now based in UK. He is the founder of [l=Resort Records (3)] and [l=Resorted Recordings].
SearchAdd24Dowster & Vagabond
SearchAdd24Gerry Mulligan And His Sextet Gerry Mulligan, Peck Morrison, Dave Bailey, Zoot Sims, Bob Brookmeyer, Jon Eardley
SearchAdd24Kingsley Flowz Kingsley NdamBorn in Vienna, Austria; now lives in New York City. Formed the label DSEV Music in 2003.
SearchAdd24Sybel Calmon Sybel CalmonBrazilian DJ, Profesional Musician and Composer. He is Manager and A&R of labels [l=Urbanized] and [l=Guilhotina] together with his [a=Bitch Bros] partner, [a=Marcelo Andres Domancich].
SearchAdd24Vestigial Limb
SearchAdd24Ansambl "Dalmacija"
SearchAdd24The Highway QC's American gospel group, formed in 1945.
SearchAdd24Gvozden Radičević Gvozden RadičevićSerbian folk singer.
SearchAdd24Slicing Grandpa Seattle-based experimental duo which was started in Elmira, NY in 1993. The band claims to practice once a year.
SearchAdd24Aimé Duval Aimé Duval, born June 30, 1918, the Val-d'Ajol, Vosges (France) and died 30 April 1984 in Metz, Moselle (France), was a French Jesuit priest, singer-songwriter and guitarist, who was much success in the 1950s and 1960s. S.J. sometimes used after his name stands for 'Societas Jesu'; Jesuit.
SearchAdd24E.T Webster Errol T. WebsterErrol T. ("E.T.") Webster was born in St. Elizabeth, Jamaica
SearchAdd24Randy Barlow Randy Barlow (March 29, 1943 in Detroit, Michigan, USA) is an American country singer and songwriter. For the [a=Miami Sound Machine] member, see [b][a=Randall Barlow][/b].
SearchAdd24DJ Litespeid
SearchAdd24Labo 14 Julien Tirard & Nello Fraboni
SearchAdd24Tanner Garza Experimental musician from Houston, Texas. Founder and former operator of [url=] Bookend Recordings [/url].
SearchAdd24Malevolent Alien Being
SearchAdd24Joachim von Ulmann Joachim von UlmannGerman actor, voice actor and dubbing speaker. * 2. June 1940; † 1992.
SearchAdd24Novica Negovanović
SearchAdd24Martin Böttcher & Sein Orchester German composer, conductor and arranger, most famous for composing the soundtracks of Karl May movies, born 17 June 1927 in Berlin, Germany.
SearchAdd24DJ Wope Dj Wope Aka Venezuela Drums Dj And Producer From Venezuela...
SearchAdd24Effed Alexandre BoudreauArtist from Richelieu, Québec.
SearchAdd24MNINS Experimental sound project from UK.
SearchAdd24Kinetic Pressure Ilya Bychkov
SearchAdd24Germ Attak Canadian punk band.
SearchAdd24Nada Obrić Nada ObrićBosnian folk singer active in 80s in former Yugoslavia.
SearchAdd24Sober System & Igor Zaharov Electronic music producer collaboration between Игорь Захаров (Igor Zaharov) and Ринат Суфиянов (Rinat Sufiyanov) [aka [a=Sober System]] from Russia.
SearchAdd24Clyde McCoy And His Orchestra
SearchAdd24Marco Wellisch Marco WellischMarco's DJ career started in the early nineties where his interest for Electronic Music. He was resident in different local Clubs around Frankfurt am Main-Germany where he started up with Tech-House and progressive influenced Club Music. In the last 10 Years he's performed a lot National as well International. But ever since, he was an active supporter of the local Techno scene in Germany. Marco has to offer the variety of many styles - they change with his name.
SearchAdd24White Blacula
SearchAdd24Vida Pavlović
SearchAdd24Joyce "Fenderella" Irby Joyce Darlene IrbySoul singer - songwriter - producer
SearchAdd24Synus0006 Bny LslwBorn: December, 1980 (Dunaújváros, Hungary) He was born into a family without any music affiliation. He self-educated the ways of producing electronic music and his goal was to create tracks that he can endlessly listen to. Producer for over 15 years, also a DJ. He founded the techno label [l=Panel Trax] in 2009 with his friend Czene Dániel aka [a=Maks]. In 2011, he started [l=B4ck6roundno1se]. He produces in the range between techno, expermiental, minimal, glitch, dub and acid music regardless of the tempo. His tracks are 100% live recorded tunes. The name "Synus0006" was picked in 2001.
SearchAdd24The Roper Dance Orchestra
SearchAdd24Wing And A Prayer Fife And Drum Corps.
SearchAdd24Alfoa Алексей Логинов (Alexey Loginov)Progressive house, breaks producer from Nizhny Tagil, Russia.
SearchAdd24D.J. Master Scratch
SearchAdd24Pintura Fresca Argentinian rock band founded at the late 60s by Pelayo Andrés "Bocho" Díaz Mórtola (vocals), Rodolfo Tecera (guitar), Juan Manuel Corradi (vocals, guitar, bass), Alberto Antonucci (keyboards, later replaced by Aquiles Roggero), Carlos Maurizio (guitar, later replaced by Luis Alberto Posse) and Andrés Guayta (drums), previously on bands as 'The Bestias Peludas' and 'The Killings'. They specialized in covers from other bands, as 'Tiritando' from Donald, 'El extraño del pelo largo' from La Joven Guardia (translated as 'The Extranger with Long Long Hair'). They split after a car crash were three of them died in September 1973. In 1999 Aquiles, Carlos Maurizio and Bocho rejoined the band.
SearchAdd24NX-Trance Anissimov VitaliyGerman / Russian electronic music producer from Petropavlovsk, Russia, born 5 December 1990. Living in Herzlake, Germany since 2007. Owner of electronic music labels, [l=Uplifting Tunes Recordings] and XCite Sounds. Styles: Dubstep Uplifting Trance Tech Trance Ambient Techno Chill Out Ambient
SearchAdd24Phil Woods And His European Rhythm Machine
SearchAdd24Eddie Drennon & The B.B.S. Unlimited Disco band
SearchAdd24J K Walker John StembridgeJohn began his musical interests at the age 11 after hearing the song "Unfinished Sympathy" by Massive Attack, also around the same time as the KLF. At the age of thirteen he began creating music with an old amiga 500 using a crude tracker program. Eventually he and studio partner Mark "Marcos" Dearden began accumulating hardware and a friend (Steve Knight) was so impressed that he passed the tracks onto his record company (Alpha Magic) who then proceeded to enlist John and Mark onto their Artist rosta. Over the next three years they built up a large collection of remix and original productions and with them a solid fan base. As time passed John has been asked to play all over the UK and abroad including recently a successful tour of Australia. JK Walker has often been described as "The UK's answer to the might Scot Project" and has received accolade from the scene's leading artists and producers. Formerly known as Jay Walker. He apparently changed his artist name at the end of 2003.
SearchAdd23A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada
SearchAdd23Golden Orchestra And Chorus
SearchAdd23The Answer To All Your Questions Experimental power electronics dedicated to exploring the fear of death and mental health issues.
SearchAdd23Siegfried Walendy
SearchAdd23Nishin Verdiano Damian KotwicaElectronic music producer, born in Sandomierz and grew up in Annopol, Poland. Damian got his first keyboard at the age of 7 and he tried to play some of the tunes he heard on the radio. As his interest in music grew, he began spending most of his pocket money on CDs and he discovered that he particularly liked Techno. Damian's parents then decided to leave Poland to live permanently in Belgium. This unsettled him, as it meant leaving everything he had ever known behind. But it was not long before Damian met up with Marek, another Polish musician living in Belgium with a passion for electronic music. They started producing music together, but Marek soon left the project and Damian continued on his own. Damian tried numerous styles including Hardstyle. Later he gave away some Hip-Hop and R&B tracks he produced and later even made some money from them that he spent on some professional recording equipment. Damian now plays Club and Trance styles, but he says "I don't assign my music to one genre, because I make my music for it to sound right and not to fit in." One thing he can say about his career; it has just begun.
SearchAdd23Вася Пряников
SearchAdd23Roman Zawodny Roman ZawodnyRoman Zawodny is a Techno DJ & producer from USA, specializing in new school jacking techno. His label is Urban Kickz Recordings otherwise known as UKR.
SearchAdd23Jo Basile, Accordion And Orchestra
SearchAdd23Bunny Maloney Gilford Reid
SearchAdd23Kamiel Sergant
SearchAdd23Sturmtrupp German Oi!/RAC band formed in 1987.
SearchAdd23Javi Tracker Javier Torras RodriguezDJ and producer based in Barcelona, Spain.
SearchAdd23Günter Noris Und Die Big Band Der Bundeswehr German Army Big Band selected and formed by conductor/pianist [a=Günter Noris] as an initiative of then-Minister of Defence, [a=Helmut Schmidt] and officially introduced in June 1971. After several years of success, Mr. Noris retired as leader of the ensemble in 1983, and Heinz Schiffer assumed his role.
SearchAdd23أنور العسكري Anwar al-Askari was an Egyptian mawwal singer.
SearchAdd23Κώστας Καρουσάκης
SearchAdd23Xyphosenphia Experimental/Noise project of Jme Gugginø
SearchAdd23Lauren Benavente Lauren BenaventeLauren Benavente was born in the summer of 83. At 14 years old, The electronic music age, specifically the rhythm like; Break, Beat, Drum & Bass, Jungle, Hip Hop, awakened in him an interest in these styles. At 16 years old, he began his career in the electronic scene. After two years of hard work and practice, got his first performances in several rooms in Granada, Spain until an opportunity to be the DJ resident in a disco with your suitcase "Nu school break" brightening Saturday nights. At 21 years old became interested in music production, made a great effort to know more leading production techniques. After dedication and additional preparation through in sound and music production courses, this "unquiet" artist begins to shape his first professional jobs with various labels After two years of publishing with these records, decided to create his own record music with Luis Oliveros and Berny Medina
SearchAdd23The Power Of Hot Iron Rods
SearchAdd23Nukey Pikes Hardcore band from Chiba, Japan
SearchAdd23Ozgur Ozkan Ozgur OzkanHouse/Progressive-House/Electro DJ & producer from Istanbul, Turkey. Born: 1976
SearchAdd23DJ Crates
SearchAdd23Eduardo Bianco Y Su Orquesta
SearchAdd23David Prescott David PrescottWorking mostly out of Boston in the 1980s David Prescott created old-school electronic music and was part of the home-taping movement. His label [l=Generations Unlimited] had an international roster of artists with LP and cassette releases. He collaborated with other home-taping artists including [a=Minoy] and [a=Zan Hoffman] among others.
SearchAdd23Contemporary Vision
SearchAdd23Cracked Dome Cracked Dome is one half of the sonic noise duo known as The Sunken out of Kelso, Washington in the USA's Pacific Northwest.
SearchAdd23Dfender Roc VargasDfender (Roc Vargas) (born in Guadalajara, Jalisco, México.) is an Mexican producer and DJ who has worked across various genres. In 1998 he began to produce his first tracks, his sound was focused in downtempo, hip hop and trip hop, involving with local bands and individual projects, he got invited to collaborate with various musicians friends. In 2003 he started as a dj of Drum and Bass, which was very active for 10 years in the underground Electronic Music circle of México, playing in numerous clubs and music festivals all around the country. 2010 begins soulridaz label with his friend "Blok One" and since then he has been finding his own sound producing and experimenting with various styles of music such as Drum and Bass, Bass, Downtempo, Hip Hop, Dub, Techno, House, IDM, Ambient, Funk and Soul.
SearchAdd23Bilro & Barbosa Bilro & Barbosa are longtime friends André Martins and Filipe Barbosa, both born & raised in Portugal, who began producing around 2000.
SearchAdd23Ploof Daniel WymarkExperimental / Electronic artist from California (USA).
SearchAdd23Kevin Shegog Born in Lower Turner Marsh, near Launceston, Tasmania on 20th August 1933. When he was 8 (1941) his sister handed him down a four string tenor guitar, then in 1942 he got a full-sized guitar and was performing at dances in 1943 (aged 10). Kevin lived on the family dairy farm until aged 14 (1947) when he left to seek musical stardom, performing at many venues around the district including the National Theatre in Launceston, where he performed material by Tex Morton, Buddy Williams and Hank Snow, among others. He soon started writing his own material, but it wasn’t until he saw a play about Ned Kelly that he wrote probably his most famous song, “The Little Kangaroo”, followed by “One Small Photograph” and “Wayward Rambler”. Kevin then married and moved to Melbourne and later to Shepparton, where he worked at various jobs around the district while still performing at local dances and on Radio 3SR Shepparton's show “Harmony Trail” with a group called “The Goldtoppers”. Meanwhile, a recording executive from W&G records heard that Claude King was soon to be releasing the song “Wolverton Mountain”, so he quickly arranged for Kevin Shegog to record this song and had it in radio stations and in the shops before Claude’s version was released locally, and Kevin's version became a hit. Kevin Shegog was honoured in the Australian Country Music Hall of Fame's 'Hands Of Fame' display in 1983. He died of a stroke on 9 November 2000, at the age of 67.
SearchAdd23Mauro Nakimi Jesus GomezElectronic Music Composer, Spain.
SearchAdd23Molesta Ewenement Polish rap group from Warsaw.
SearchAdd22Alma Faye Alma Faye BrooksDisco singer and back vocalist, born in Texas, U.S. but raised and based in Canada. Her first hit was a cover of "Stop, I Don't Need No Sympathy", a song that [a719559] had sung in 1973. Her biggest hits were "It's Over" and "Don't Fall In Love", both from her 1979's solo album. She was twice a nominee for the Canadian Juno Awards in the category "Most Promising Female Vocalist" in 1978 and 1980. She lost the award from the winners [a279640] and [a67928], respectively.
SearchAdd22Martin Gold And His Orchestra
SearchAdd22Fanatic Emotions
SearchAdd22Nada Topčagić Senada TopčagićSerbian folk singer born in Modriča, BiH.
SearchAdd22Willowbrook Kenneth ParkerHarsh noise wall, ambient noise wall, and power electronics project formed in the summer of 2011.
SearchAdd22DJ Oragami
SearchAdd22Greg Gorlen
SearchAdd22M. Savant Stifleson Jme Gugginø"M. Savant Stifleson delivers a journey through truly new musical microcosms, a lush cascade of micro-cyberpop gems and fragmented glitch-funk pieces where Dada-meets-Joyce musical structures and post-language poetry are flowing intertwined." ~ Invidation [Fr] Current project of Jme Gugginø, based in Placerville, California, USA. Blending experimental Art Rock with Electronic & Synth-Pop elements, as well as Free Improvisation, Jme continues to produce wildly varied releases in a hyper-stylized manner into the 21st century. Starting in October of 2015, the name has been modified to 'Stiflesun'. -Jme
SearchAdd22Flesh Coffin
SearchAdd22Lorenzo D'Ianni Lorenzo D'IanniItalian DJ and producer, born 22 March 1991 in Rome.
SearchAdd22عبد الباسط عبد الصمد عبد الباسط محمد عبد الصمد سليم داود (ʾAbd al-Bāsiṭ ʾAbd al-Ṣamad Muḥammad Dawūd)Abdel Baset Abdel Samad (1927, Armant, Southern Egypt - 1988, Cairo) was a renowned Egyptian Qur'an reciter.
SearchAdd22Pepe Wismeer
SearchAdd22Johnny & Jonie Mosby
SearchAdd22Sol & Sample British Minimal Techno/Tech House duo based in Brighton, formed by Hannah Sample and Simon Green.
SearchAdd22Aaron Yabrov
SearchAdd22Ed Watson And The Brass Circle
SearchAdd22Maysa Matarazzo Maysa Figueira MonjardimMaysa is a Brazilian MPB singer. Born in São Paulo, Brazil on June 6, 1936 and died in Niterói, Rio de Janeiro, on January 22, 1977 in a car crash.
SearchAdd22African Magic Combo
SearchAdd22Freddie Hart And The Heartbeats
SearchAdd22Skullfuck3r Adam Cobbsky
SearchAdd22Doc Severinsen And His Orchestra
SearchAdd22Afrika Pseudobruitismus
SearchAdd22Li'l Wally And The Harmony Boys
SearchAdd22U.R.T.A & DJ Navarro Javier Navarro Pastor, Sergio Urtasun Iriarte
SearchAdd22Franck Valat DJ and producer from France.
SearchAdd22The Original Trinidad Steel Band
SearchAdd22Анатолий Могилевский Анатолий Исаакович МогилевскийМОГИЛЕВСКИЙ АНАТОЛИЙ ИСААКОВИЧ (р. 1943 г.) - автор и исполнитель в жанре эстрадного шансона.
SearchAdd22LaJosi Logan SherrillElectronic music producer from North Carolina.
SearchAdd22Cyril Alexy Cyril Alexy was born on November 6 in Nancy, France Fascinated by French songs since his childhood, he recorded his first 7inch in November 1982, as well as 3 LPs in the 80's under the name Cyril. After a break of many years, he started again recording wuth a new composer, Lino Buttice, who allowed him to produce several singles since 1996 under Cyril Alexy's pen name. In 2010 he contacted Art Sullivan, a successful singer of the 70's whom he admired since his childhood and started working with him. The singer, still very popular in Belgium and Portugal, gave Cyril the opportunity to record a new album in 2012 : L'homme que l'on devient (The man we become). In the mean time Cyril Alexy also works with other people from the internet and has recorded several singles of pop electro music while keeping his vocal signature : androgynous and sensitive.
SearchAdd22Usnija Redžepova Usnija RedžepovaUsnija Redžepova (Macedonian: Уснија Реџепова Macedonian) /4 February 1946 – 1 October 2015/ was a Macedonian singer of Romani and Turkish origin. She was born in Skopje but mostly live in Belgrade. She played in the National Theatre in Belgrade for 25 years.[ She received a national award from the Serbian government on 29 December 2011. Redžepova died on 1 October 2015 in Belgrade after a lengthy battle with lung cancer.
SearchAdd22Τα Παιδιά Από Την Πάτρα Laiko band from Greece formed in 1981. Members: -Λάμπρος Καρελάς -Χρήστος Παπαδόπουλος -Αργύρης Παπαγεωργίου -Βαγγέλης Δεληκούρας -Παναγιώτης Μανωλάκος Former members: -Ρούλα Μπεκάκου
SearchAdd22Volker Dornhagen Volker Dornhagen
SearchAdd22Lila Morillo Lila Rosa Morillo BozoVenezuelan singer and actress, born in Maracaibo on August 14, 1940.
SearchAdd22Where is This Mark WardWhere is This was the noise project of Mark Ward, active from 2007 - 2014
SearchAdd22Loser Life American hardcore / punk band from Bakersfield, California.
SearchAdd22Tiago César Hardtechno producer from Brazil.
SearchAdd22Jack Di'Che Евгений Дичев (Eugene Dichev)Techno producer from Donetsk, Ukraine.
SearchAdd22Peter Kreuder Mit Seinen Solisten Before WWII: Kreuder's combo is based in Berlin and records lots of records as well lots of soundtracks After 1945: Kreuder's combo is based in Vienna and consists mainly of Austrian musicians.
SearchAdd22Pollutive Static Hal Hutchinson
SearchAdd22The Royal Grand Orchestra Japanese session orchestra for Toshiba Records.
SearchAdd22Squaresoundz Andreas Tatzel, Jean-Marc MöckelGerman Hardcore Techno (mostly Mainstyle) duo consisting of Andreas Tatzel ([a=Emute]/[a=Ray Beas]) and Jean-Marc Möckel. HSK was originally the 2nd member beside Andreas Tatzel, but left it in 2010. After that, Squareoundz was an alias of Tatzel until another member came to Squareoundz in February 2012 making it a duo again.
SearchAdd21Eddie Bitz Илья Карманов (Ilya Karmanov)Progressive/House producer from Samara, Russia.
SearchAdd21The Peter Pan Orchestra
SearchAdd21Edoardo Lucchina Edoardo Lucchina (Velate Milanese, April 14, 1925, passed away June 2015 in Roppolo, Biella) is an Italian accordionist.
SearchAdd21Lars Eastholm
SearchAdd21Tentun London / Essex based Hard-Dance music producer and D.J. Owner of the Rikka Jam label. Was also a DJ on London's Eruption 101.3 FM Station. Can now be found playing underground sounds from 88-Present time on
SearchAdd21Nigger Mikey Michael George Grant
SearchAdd21Bruno Renno Bruno Renno is a house music producer and DJ based in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.
SearchAdd21Cruudeuces Nathaniel Brennan
SearchAdd21Buck Owens' Buckaroos
SearchAdd21Les Gramacks
SearchAdd21Rabbi Shlomo Carlebach Born 14 Jan. 1925 Berlin, died 20.10.1994 (Kanada).
SearchAdd21Los Matecoco
SearchAdd21William Arden Dennis LyndsAmerican writer, born 15 January 1924 in St. Louis, Missouri, USA, died 19 August 2005 in San Francisco, California, USA. He was married to Gayle Lynds (pseudonym: [a=G.H. Stone]).
SearchAdd21Wop Bop Torledo
SearchAdd21Waqs source: //note: some of this information is now out of date Waqs is the melodic breakcore/classic IDM side project for the mysterious and elusive minicore producer "DJ Sailor Moon". Having already self released dozens of albums and EPs for Waqs elsewhere. It was lucky for us to receive a release of this melodic breakcore/classic IDM material. "4" is a melodic and usually more restrained breakbeat affair than DJSM. Looping soft toned melodies, pads, orchestral stabs, chiptune melodies and acid synths with rolled out, lightly glitched and sometimes frenetic jungle breaks, off-time downbeats and few samples - make it a more organic sounding electronic album. Similar to early braindance and Worm Interface compilations like the "Alternative Frequencies" series and also moments of Squarepusher, Baraki, Himuro and early 90s Aphex Twin. A more "classical" flowing approach to IDM, then say the excessively produced and over effected methods most IDM artists use today. At times a nod to old school techno and acid juxtaposed by over amplified amens and imperfect IDM style beatmixing. More light hearted and traditional in techno than DJSM. The production is tight and the playful creativity is infectious. I've no doubt "4" will become a favourite release quickly here at ENDE [records label] credits released March 25, 2015 All tracks by Waqs. copyright 2015.
SearchAdd21Future Loves Past Future Loves PastFuture Loves Past is a six-piece sci-fi/soul/pop band from Tempe, AZ.
SearchAdd21Ivo Pavko Ivan PavkoMusic producer from Lučenec, Slovakia born 14. November 1994. Ivo started his music career when he was 15 years old and specialises mainly in Trance and Progressive House.
SearchAdd21Modulo303 Edson Tavares
SearchAdd21Духовой Оркестр Министерства Обороны СССР
SearchAdd21DJ Purple Image Alexander GrayProducer from Los Angeles, US. Runs the [l601033] label. Contact:
SearchAdd21Vargrwulf Joseph Gates
SearchAdd21Lo-Key? Lance "LA" Alexander, André "Dré" Shepard, Tyrone "T-Bone" Yarbrough, Darron "D" Story, Tony "Prof. T" Tolbert Lo-Key? is an American funk/R&B band that formed in Kansas City, Missouri and Minneapolis, Minnesota. Their single, "I Got A Thang 4 Ya!" (1993), reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot R&B Singles chart, and No. 27 on the Hot 100. Lo-Key? formed in Kansas City, Missouri and Minneapolis, Minnesota, consisting of singer/trumpeter Darron "D" Story, singer/multi-instrumentalist Andre "Dre" Shepard, bassist Tyrone "T-Bone" Yarbrough, producer/keyboardist Lance Alexander, and rapper/singer Tony "Prof-T" Tolbert. The group honed their skills around the Minneapolis club circuit, where Alexander and Tolbert became in-house producers for Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis' Flyte Tyme Productions. The group signed to Jam & Lewis' record label, Perspective Records, and released their debut album, Where Dey At?, on October 6, 1992. They had a hit with the single "I Got A Thang 4 Ya!" in 1992, which spent a week at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot R&B Singles chart, and reached No. 27 on the Hot 100. Arthur Jafa, director of photography for the independent film Daughters of the Dust (1991), directed the video for the single. Alexander and Tolbert also were hitmaking songwriters and producers in their own right. Among the hit songs they've produced for other artists were "Butta Love" by the group Next, "Love Makes No Sense" for Alexander O'Neal, "I Wish" for Shanice and "Strawberries" for Smooth. Tolbert continued to work with Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, appearing as a songwriter and background vocalist on albums by Earth, Wind & Fire, Janet Jackson and Usher.
SearchAdd21Alberto Semprini Alberto Semprini (Bath, March 27, 1908 - † Brixham, January 19, 1990) was an English pianist and conductor, to Italian parents, naturalized Italian. Graduated in piano and composition at the Conservatorio Giuseppe Verdi in MIlan, began his career in pop music in 1934, with some jazz concerts. Shortly after, with his colleague Bormioli creates a piano duo specializing in modern rhythms, and holds a long series of shows in Italian and foreign theaters. In 1938 is taken at the Radio as director of a rhythm-symphony orchestra; and inaugurates the series of famous "Concerts Cora". Has participated four times in the Sanremo Festival: in the years 1954, 1955, 1957 and 1958
SearchAdd21Nutty T James BrierleyNutty T has rapidly become a success in 2006 on the underground hardtrance/style circuit, going from strength to strength with over 30 releases. He has already gained the respect as a DJ as well as a producer from some of the best djs and producers in the business, resulting in getting numorous plays on BBC Radio 1, playing on Q-Dance Radio and being labelled as the demon of hardstyle. He has releases on various labels including Blutonium, Xsif/Excessive, Hindsight and is responsible for the leading hardstyle label in the UK The Nutty Trance Collective (Sub labels Xtraxx Recs. M3ntal Recs.) getting numorous Top 10 places on Trackitdown and Juno. He has a unique and fresh dark sound which he thrives on. He has headlined numorous events and played alongside, Tidy DJ's, BK, Cally & Juice, Organ Donors, Alex Kidd, Ed Real and many more.
SearchAdd21DJ Bartdon Fernando Bardón RuizBreaks producer from Málaga (Spain).
SearchAdd21شريفة فاضل وفيدة أحمد نداSharifa Fadel (born 1928) is an Egyptian singer and actress.
SearchAdd21Good Parts Tim StoakesDJ and producer based in UK. He is one of the founders of [l=Star-Fi Recordings].
SearchAdd21Владимир Асмолов
SearchAdd21Baron Massilia Baron Massilia
SearchAdd21Jack Van Impe Jack Leo Van ImpeTelevangelist. Married to [a2513685].
SearchAdd21Soulvation* [b]Soulvation*[/b] is a musical collective created by Ronald Molendijk and Jeroen Rietbergen. Soulvation* brings dancemusic live on stage, combining bass, guitar, keyboards, vocalists, computer and turntables. [b]Current line-up:[/b] Caroline Dest: vocals. Emanuel Platino: bass. Jeroen Rietbergen: keyboards. Marloes Nova: vocals. Ronald Molendijk: beats (drum-programming). Willem Philipsen: Guitar [b]Former members:[/b] Leendert Haaksma: guitar. Jan van Duikeren: trumpet. [a=Michel van Schie] worked on Soulvation* releases as producer & bass player.
SearchAdd21Stéphane Steeman Belgian Humorist, actor, impersonator, TV and radio personality. Born on January 15, 1933, died January 2015.
SearchAdd21Hideous Piglet Wild-a-Beast Hideous Piglet Wild-a-Beast began rocking the world in 1990 when [a1371318] and [a1372528] joined together and recorded their debut album which was released on the now defunct [l141594]. H.P.W. went on to record upwards of 20 releases with supporting tours world-wide. They disbanded shortly after [a1373585] joined and embarked on their now famous "Levels of Reality" tour. H.P.W. lives in the hearts of us all.
SearchAdd21Zorana Pavić Zorana PavićSerbian pop singer.
SearchAdd21Distorted Robocops Данила Рубцов (Danila Rubtsov)Russian electronic dance music DJ / producer from Novosibirsk Styles: Hard House Hard Dance
SearchAdd21Cave Bears Birthed by Nick Williams and Caroline Bren in 2005 as a Hadley, Massachusetts, punk-house "collective exercise in excess," Cave Bears are less warped trad-rock insurgents than Situational melee given gooseflesh, amplification, and a counterfeit license to ill: a mind-fuck cocktail of Culturcide anti-demagoguery, Box the Bunny-era Bunnybrains schizophrenia, and Vieuphoria-interlude Frogs bile. To get the full effect, it's essential to catch their live act, where the band feeds off the audience's collective vibe. -Village Voice cave bears 54 franklin st. allston, ma 02134 USA
SearchAdd21Grand Kalle And African Jazz Grand Kalle et l'African Jazz (often referred to simply as African Jazz) was perhaps the first full-time, professional band in what was then called Belgian Congo, now the Democratic Republic of the Congo. It was founded in 1953 by Joseph Kabasele Tshamala, popularly know as Grand Kalle. The band has split in 1963. Members are : [a=Joseph Kabasele] (leader & vocals) [a=Dr. Nico] (guitar, 1953-63) [a=Dechaud] Mwamba (guitar, 1953-63) [a=Emmanuel Baloji Tino Baroza] (guitar) Albert Taumani (bass) Joseph Mwena (bass, 1953-63) Baskis (percussion) [a=Antoine "Depuissant" Kaya] (percussion, 1953-63) Isaac Musekiwa (saxophone, 1954-?) [a=Roger Izeidi] (vocals, maracas, ?-1963) [a=Menga André] (saxophone) Dominique [a=Willy Kuntima] (trumpet) [a=Tabu Ley Rochereau] (vocals, 1959-63)] [a=Vicky Longomba] (vocals, 1960) [a=Brazzos] (bass, 1960) Pierre "Petit Pierre" Yantula (congas, 1960) Charles Hénault (drums, 1960-?) [a=Manu Dibango] (saxophone, piano, 1961) Joseph [a=Mujos] Mulamba (vocals, ?-1963) [a=Papa Noel] (guitar, 1963) Jean [a=Bombenga] (vocals, 1963) Mathieu Kouka (vocals, 1963) [a=André "Damoiseau" Kambite] (guitar, 1963) [a=Casimir "Casino" Mutshipule] (guitar, 1963)
SearchAdd21Borgie Boris BorasTechinician, DJ & Producer from Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina. Founder of [l=Adriatiko Recordings].
SearchAdd21Gaby Lang Gaby Lang
SearchAdd21Jah Walton Silbert Walton
SearchAdd21Len Berzerk Eye PoundRecording since 1991, Len Berzerk got his first real industry break in 1996.
SearchAdd21Dušan Dančuo Dušan DančuoSinger of evergreens ("starogradske pesme") and romances. Born in Karlovac, 1922, died in Beograd, 2009. Father of [a=Žarko Dančuo].
SearchAdd21Brent Sadowick Brent SadowickTechno & Hard Dance music producer from Hope, British Columbia, Canada. Also known as DJ Brent S, The Phrenetic Project and Phrenetic. Contact: Born: June 27, 1987
SearchAdd21Edna W. Ballard
SearchAdd21Pyrrhic Thanatology Monger Jim Haras
SearchAdd21Patti Boulaye Patti BoulayeSinger, actress from UK.
SearchAdd21Modern Action
SearchAdd21The Twists And Turns Of The Loved And Hated...
SearchAdd21Digital Department Арсений Сомотов (Arseniy Somotov)Electronic music DJ & producer from Chelyabinsk, Russia. Born: 04-08-1987
SearchAdd21David Lindley And El Rayo-X
SearchAdd21Meat Shop Rapist Harsh Noise Project that was formerly known as MEAT SHOP. Meat Shop Rapist and Meat Shop Terrorist were aliases given to the performers initially in the project.
SearchAdd21The Percy Faith Strings
SearchAdd21Jo Ment's Happy Sound
SearchAdd21Chris Punk
SearchAdd21Superstrobe Superstrobe is a berlin based DJ, live act, producer and label owner of IU2U Records.
SearchAdd20Schermate Stefano Greppi & Alessandro LariceThe group was founded in early 2009 after Stefano Greppi & Laric (Alessandro Larice) met in record stores where Stefano worked.
SearchAdd20Jacqueline Dulac
SearchAdd20Lidija Percan Lidija PercanCroatian pop singer known as "Golden voice of Istria". Born March 16, 1938 in the town of Rakalj.
SearchAdd20Merima Njegomir Merima Kurtiš NjegomirOne of greatest folk singers in former Jugoslavija. High soprano voice.
SearchAdd20Carlos Puebla Y Los Tradicionales Cuban folk band founded by Carlos Puebla in the 50s, comprising also Santiago Martínez (vocals, guitar), Nerón Guada (vocals, maracas, replaced later by Pedro Sosa) and Rafael Lorenzo (marimbula).
SearchAdd20André Verchuren Et Son Ensemble
SearchAdd20Qing Shan Taiwanese Singer
SearchAdd20Клад Яда «Клад Яда» - совместный проект группы «Дя» (Тольятти) и российского драматурга Юрия Клавдиева. Проект начался с идеи совместной записи Юрия Клавдиева и Михаила Лёзина. Надо сказать, что подобный проект был задуман Юрием и Михаилом ещё в 1990-м году, но идея осуществилась только через 21 год. В марте 2011-го года в студии UCHBOT records был записан альбом «На Краю Промышленной Зоны». В марте же 2011-го года был записан второй альбом «Алгебра, Геометрия», выпущенный уже под маркой группы «Дя». В апреле был записан и выпущен третий альбом «Самая Главная Опасность» уже под маркой «Клад Яда» (обыгрывается фамилия "КЛАвДиев" и название "дЯ"). В июне 2011-го записан и выпущен альбом «Углеводороды» и состоялось первое живое выступление «Клада Яда» на фестивале «Белые Ночи в Перми». Все альбомы свободно распространяются через интернет.
SearchAdd20Roman Butina Roman ButinaBorn on the 5th of August 1937 in Zagreb Died on the 26th of May 2004 in Zagreb Croatian composer, piano player and arranger. Founder and leader of 'Zagreb' and 'Plave Zvijezde'.
SearchAdd20Matt Endahl
SearchAdd20Braća Bajić
SearchAdd20BluEye Pavel MolinekTrance music producer from Ostrava, Czech Republic.
SearchAdd20Alex O'S'N
SearchAdd20Cut A. Kaos Alexander FriedlhuemerSwiss DJ-producer and founder of [l=Bacteria Records].
SearchAdd20Marinko Rokvić Marinko RokvićSerbian folk singer. Father of [a=Nikola Rokvić].
SearchAdd20Ottaven Giovanni Donadini
SearchAdd20Reptilian Sexual Predator Reptilian Sexual Predator is an American Power Electronics group.
SearchAdd20Teknikal Sinner Geoffrey Catchpole
SearchAdd20Cat As Furry Theremin Noise music project from Devon (UK). Founder of [l=Catsfur].
SearchAdd20We Are Noize
SearchAdd20Snežana Savić
SearchAdd20Djebali Mehdi DjebaliHouse DJ & producer from Paris, France.
SearchAdd20Romanas Marijošius Lithuanian vocalist (baritone). 1914–1980.
SearchAdd20Frank Dana Francesco Scorza
SearchAdd20Rudy Marquez Rodolfo Márquez Van StenisVenezuelan singer (b. December, 1942), first on "Los Dangers" and then on "Los Impala".
SearchAdd20 Anonymous collective of ambient musicians and human rights activists. The motto of the collective is "The square is a canvas for the sound, the sound is a canvas for the story". The collective produces only radio programs and podcasts since 2013.
SearchAdd20Rene Kita
SearchAdd20Tsubaki Yeah!
SearchAdd20The O-Larn Project
SearchAdd20Xie Lei Taiwanese Singer
SearchAdd20Shades Of Lace
SearchAdd20Liran' Roll Mexican rock and roll band formed in the early 90' by [a3588185]. Previously known as Blues Boys.
SearchAdd20Miguel Amaral Miguel AmaralDJ Miguel Amaral began his music career at the age of 12 studying the guitar, bass guitar and drums. He went on to play in two rock bands and started DJ'ing at parties, continuing though mostly as a musician. In October 2006 after receiving invitations to DJ professionally he decides to switch his focus and dedicate his time to DJ'ing again, becoming a resident DJ of Casa do Cerro (Algarve - Portugal) and Choc Café (Albufeira – Portugal) alongside his work as a freelance DJ and a Music Producer. In the same year he wins a coveted DJ contest organized by the Portuguese Institute of Youth. His nights in Casa do Cerro soon start to become noticed and commented upon by the “Party People” which leads to his first chance to DJ at Capitulo V Club (Algarve - Portugal) – considered by the Portuguese People and Press to be the “Best Club” in Portugal. His first shot at DJ’ing in Capitulo V in-front of a very demanding audience receives fantastic feedback and leads to him winning the place of Capitulo V’s Resident DJ. In May 2009 because of his continued high standard and consistently good work he is nominated by Portuguese Nightlife Press as the Best House Revelation DJ ( By November 2009 his profile as an International DJ was confirmed when he was invited to perform at the Copenhagen Club in Moscow - Russia, as expected the night was a success and led to further invites and Miguel returning in February 2010 (& again in February 2011). His work as a music producer has also been recognized with the release of his EP “City Colors” - by LAD records followed up in January 2010 with a re- release by a Project called Algarve Music Movement. In January of 2010 his work is again recognized when he makes the Front Page and earns a cover spread within the magazine Portugalnight. 2010 brought further International recognition. In February he was formally invited to participate in the promotional tour through Spain and Portugal for the WHITE SENSATION Events, culminating in June 2010 with him DJ’ing in the VIP Deluxe area of Lisbon’s White Sensation Night. In May he DJ’d at Dreamers Club in Marbella – Spain, again after a great night and good work he received return invite. In October 2010 he was invited by the Aurora Racing Team to DJ at their ADE Event in Barcelona which received very positive reviews. In December 2010 his work as a music producer is recognized again when his original EP ''I can see it'' makes 2th and 3th place in the music label ''New breed'' chart'' 3 days after the release and and keeps it for one month. In May 2011 his work as music producer is again recognized with his EP ''First day'' makes 1st place in Portuguese chart and the rights wore sold also to German label ''Kontor'' In Jully 2011 his remix of the song ''The fireworks of skyscrapers'' for the Russian producer Alexandr Nox reaches 2th places on ''Triori records'' - Moscow chart. 2014 Miguel Amaral has a huge international recognition being invited to dj worldwide, Moscow again(Garage club), Samara - Russia (A&F club), Prague..... 
With a very unique DJ’ing and in music production style of in house music that ranges from deep house, vocal house right through to tech house within his sets and original songs, he is considered as one of the Best Portuguese DJ's and producer.
SearchAdd20Odessa Soundfreaks Techno duo from Odessa, Ukraine created in summer 2006 by DJ/producer [a1087609] aka [a964359] who made a few tracks and was subsequently contacted by known DJ/producer [a1159937] (Andrey Smoroda).
SearchAdd20Nestor Gabrić
SearchAdd20Markus Mertens
SearchAdd20S.K.A.T.I. Christian SkatulniakTechno DJ & producer from Heiligenzimmern, Germany. Launched his own digital label [l=Now We Do... Recordings] in May 2008, and its sublabel [l=Proove Music] in January 2011. Contact: S.K.A.T.I. started his way thru the world of electronic music in the early mid 90..s. His taste in music was mostly influenced by Stuttgarts Club OZ. He started out spinning in 1997.
SearchAdd20Tribe Of Astronauts The inscrutable Tribe of Astronauts is a collective of varying number. Little can be known about the Tribe of Astronauts because they hide behind digital masks.
SearchAdd20Los Iberos Spanish pop band founded in the middle 60s by Enrique Lozano. They started doing Beatles and other band's covers but later they wrote their own songs. They were the first Spanish band recording an album in London ("Los Íberos", 1969).
SearchAdd20Корней Чуковский Николай Васильевич КорнейчуковSoviet poet Корней Иванович Чуковский – псевдоним поэта Николая Васильевича Корнейчукова. Он появился на свет (19) 31 марта 1882 года в Санкт-Петербурге. Отцом его был Эммануил Левенсон, в доме которого служила полтавская крестьянка Екатерина Корнейчукова – мать будущего Корнея Чуковского. Своё детство Николай Корнейчуков провел в Одессе. В гимназии он подружился с Борисом Житковым, который также стал знаменитым детским писателем. В 1903 году Корней Иванович отправился в Петербург с намерением заняться литературной деятельностью. С огромным трудом, после долгих поисков он нашел-таки себе подходящую работу – стал корреспондентом газеты «Одесские новости». После революции псевдоним «Корней Иванович Чуковский» стал настоящим именем поэта. Его дети носили фамилию Чуковских и отчество Корнеевич/Корнеевна. Весь 1916 год Корней Чуковский проводит в Великобритании, Франции, Бельгии, работая военным корреспондентом газеты «Речь». В 1917 году, вернувшись в Петроград, Чуковский по предложению М. Горького становится руководителем детского отдела издательства «Парус». Интересные, не совсем обычные образы, четкий ритм делали его стихи быстро запоминающимися. Он пишет все новые и новые произведения: «Мойдодыр» (1923), «Тараканище» (1923), «Муха-Цокотуха» (1924 под названием «Мухина свадьба»), «Бармалей» (1925), «Федорино горе» (1926), «Телефон» (1926) «Айболит» (с 1929 под названием «Приключения Айболита»). В 1962 году он стал почетным доктором литературы Оксфордского университета. 28 октября 1969 года писателя не стало. Но его произведения для детей и сегодня любимы и детворой, и взрослыми.
SearchAdd20The Fortieth Day Isidro Reyes & Mark SolotroffA duo formed by Isidro Reyes and Mark Solotroff (both of [a=BLOODYMINDED]), The Fortieth Day was born out of ongoing recording sessions initiated in mid 2005, which were originally intended for an aborted, more-psychedelic, rock-oriented project (in part as Solotroff went on to join the band [a=Animal Law]). Another band, [a=A Vague Disquiet], also utilizes elements of these weekly recording sessions. The project's uniquely dense and murky music is created though an improvisational approach using guitar, bass, synth, and drum machine. Recording sessions go through heavy editing and analog processing, prior to their release. In late 2006 The Fortieth Day performed live for the first time on WLUW 88.7 FM Chicago, collaborating with [a=Sshe Retina Stimulants]. In early 2007 they began performing live publicly, collaborating with video artist Lisa Slodki (AKA Noise Crush) to provide a striking visual element to the performances.
SearchAdd20Shelly Manne & His Friends
SearchAdd20The Philarmonics [b]Disco band[/b] Hail originally from Europe (Belgium?). Produced by [a=Jean Kluger]. They released two mid-70's albums with disco renditions of classical music songs.
SearchAdd20Сектор Газовой Атаки
SearchAdd20John Christopher And His Orchestra
SearchAdd20Bill Rayner Four
SearchAdd20Process and the Doo Rags Soul - retro doo-wop vocal group Led by [a=Rick James]
SearchAdd20Пост-Материалисты Russian weird-psych-noise band formed in 2008 in Moscow.
SearchAdd20Matt Ether Mateusz SzlachetkaElectronic music producer from Nysa, Poland. A&R manager at [l=Ethersomia Records].
SearchAdd20Kashya Ambient project from Melbourne, Australia.
SearchAdd20Osmik Hardtek / Tribecore / Hardfloor & Frenchcore producer and DJ from Paris, France
SearchAdd20Subotic Milenko Subotic
SearchAdd20Franzis-D Francisco Manuel Díaz EstevezFrancisco Manuel Díaz Estevez was born in the year 1981 in Madrid (Spain). As a big lover of the electronic dance music since it's beginnings he started his career as a dj back in the year 1999, focusing his work firstly in the genre considered as Techno, evolving with the years and with the development of music to the Progressive house, genre which defines nowadays his productions and the different sets he carefully elaborates for different web pages and forums such as:,, his residency in which consists of a set monthly, and the usual requests he receives from friends managing radio shows from all around the world as a special guest. In the year 2008 his interests flew towards the production world with the guidance of important producers he already knew by then, always trying to maintain that dark sound that marked him, but using often more relaxing or deep sounds in order to not enclose himself in a determined brand. In the year 2009 looking for new ways as always Francisco uses a new library of sounds which he defines as more "electronic and unconventional" to produce his new tracks leading to a work that could fit into an "Experimental progressive". In the other hand his sets and his image as a dj has improved strongly using more specific music based in a deep, melodic and atmospheric feeling. Through 2009 he also gets a new residency thanks to his classy work in the radio station, where host a radio show called Auditory Sense and is scheduled every 2nd Thursday of the month at 19:00 GMT+2. He continues with the same way to mix in year 2010, however the Franzis-D name used for his productions is best known in the industry thanks to the improvement of the quality of his project and remixes. Signing with the American Polytechnic Recordings label, his first album includes 12 original tracks for the next year and he collaborates with other important labels like Liquid Groove, Green Snake Records, 7 Seas Records, Area Sur Records, Distant Records, Elliptical Sun Recordings, Mistique Digital and Deepsessions Digital.
SearchAdd20Bodyscrub Roberto BonettiItalian DJ and producer, born in Naples in 1982.
SearchAdd20Mamado & She
SearchAdd20Agonizing Excess Bowel Acid Dissolving The Intestines Causing Massive Organ Trauma
SearchAdd20Exhumed Corpse Sam WagnerExhumed Corpse is the Lo-Fi dark ambient side project.
SearchAdd20Cadra Casper van der SteltDutch-based producer of various electronic styles, predominantly techno, who releases exclusively in the international netlabel scene. Note: "cadra" is not capitalized.
SearchAdd20Wilfrid Brambell And Harry H. Corbett
SearchAdd20Thorwald Dethlefsen Thorwald DethlefsenBorn 11 December 1946 in Herrsching am Ammersee, Upper Bavaria, Germany; died 1 December 2010 in Vienna, Austria. German psychologist, psychotherapist, reincarnation therapist and astrologist, author of books.
SearchAdd20Kakawaka Noise artist based in Berlin, Germany.
SearchAdd20AM/FM Alexander
SearchAdd20Sadie Nine
SearchAdd20Raul Soto & Miguel Serna
SearchAdd20Theodore Life Theodore Life Jr.American producer, songwriter, musician from Philadelphia, PA. Often named as T. Life
SearchAdd20Κώστας Καφάσης Γεννήθηκε το 1940 στην Ιτέα Καρδίτσας. Σε μικρή ηλικία μετακόμισε στην Αθήνα για να εργαστεί. Έγινε ευρύτερα γνωστός με το τραγούδι «Γέλα κυρία μου» καθώς και από τη συμμετοχή του στην τηλεοπτική σειρά Η γειτονιά μας στο ρόλο του «Ιωνάθαν». Απεβίωσε από καρκίνο στις 13 Οκτωβρίου 2010 σε ηλικία 70 χρονών. Απόσπασμα από συνέντευξη που έχει δώσει παλαιότερα. " Το όνειρό μου ήταν να γίνω θεατρίνοs. Από πιτσιρίκι, αυτό ήταν η μανία μου, το πάθος μου, η αρρώστια μου. Γεννήθηκα και μεγάλωσα στην Ιτέα (Κουτσαρί) της Καρδίτσαs και πάντα τα καλοκαίρια μας επισκέπτονταν τα λεγόμενα μπουλούκια της εποχής, οι περίφημοι περιοδεύοντεs θίασοι, οπότε βλέποντάs τους ήθελα να γίνω και εγώ ένας απ΄αυτούs. Με αυτό το σκεπτικό μεγάλωσα, τελείωσα το γυμνάσιο στην Καρδίτσα, ήρθα Αθήνα, τελείωσα τη δραματική σχολή και μπήκα στο θέατρο. Δούλεψα έξι χρόνια στο θέατρο και έκανα πάνω από δεκαπέντε ταινίες. Η μεγαλύτερη τύχη ήρθε το 1971, όταν με φωνάξανε να παίξω σε ένα σήριαλ την ξακουστή για τότε "Η Γειτονιά μας". Την ίδια εποχή ξεκίνησα να δουλεύω και σε μπουάτ ως τραγουδιστής , στο μαγαζί "ΚΑΤΑΚΟΜΒΗ''. Η δεκαετία του 70 ήταν αυτή που με σημάδεψε.Τέλη του 74 δούλεψα σε ένα μαγαζί και εντελώς συμπτωματικά με άκουσε ο Κώστας Ψυχογιός και μου έδωσε το "Γέλα Κυρία μου"
SearchAdd20Sticky Tape Thomas Ooms
SearchAdd20Bitch Bros EDM duo started in 2003, from [a=Marcelo Andres Domancich] & [a=Sybel Calmon], running [l=Guilhotina Label Management] and owners of [l=Guilhotina], [l=Boobs & Loops] and [l=Urbanized]. +Info / Bookings: / +54(9)341 375 0337
SearchAdd20Fabrizio Lapiana Fabrizio LapianaItalian DJ and producer. He is the founder of [l=Attic Music].
SearchAdd20Artur Gonçalves
SearchAdd20Caterina Und Silvio
SearchAdd19Midnight Movers Unlimited
SearchAdd19Plu-Ton Александр Ширяев (Aleksandr Shiryaev)
SearchAdd19Lis Chandler
SearchAdd19Stradivari Strings
SearchAdd19Victor Yturbe "Pirulí" Born: May 8, 1936 in Mexico City Death: November 28, 1987 in Atizapan de Zaragoza Víctor Yturbe (born Víctor Manuel De Anda Iturbe) was a Mexican singer, nicknamed "El Pirulí". Yturbe was born in Mexico City. In the 1960s, he made his first contact with the artistic world, working as an aquatic clown in a water skiing show in Acapulco. After a spinal injury, he stayed in the Hotel Posada Vallarta in March 1964 where he started to sing professionally in the hotel's bar. Out of this experience came his first compositions, and in no time at all he recorded his first album, entitled "Noches en el Posada Vallarta", which included the popular track "Puerto Vallarta". Throughout his extensive career he recorded numerous albums, always with the collaboration of Chamin Correa, better known as the Primer Requinto de América, that have proven very successful in the 18 years since his death. Yturbe left behind as his legacy numerous recordings, which years later, and digitally remastered, would be used by well-known musicians of Latin romantic music on a tribute CD with participants such as Cristian Castro (on the track Mil besos); Luis Fonsi (on the track Historia de un Amor) and Pandora (on the track Verdad Amarga), among many others. Yturbe was murdered on November 28, 1987 in Atizapan de Zaragoza.[1] He was shot after he opened the door to his house. The cause was never established and no one has ever been charged with his killing.
SearchAdd19Country Beat Jiřího Brabce Czech country-pop group, led by [a=Jiří Brabec]. Formed in January 1966 in Prague as the first Czechoslovak ensemble focusing on modern country. Backing band for various vocalists like [a=Jiří Grossmann], [a=Naďa Urbánková], [a=Ladislav Vodička], [a=Eva Olmerová], and others. One of the [url=]Semafor Theatre[/url] house bands 1967–1969. In the 1970s and early 1980s one of the best selling [l=Supraphon] and [url=]PZO Artia[/url] acts.
SearchAdd19Guesss Deron "Cheesy" Irons, Darryl "D.G." Gerdine
SearchAdd19Cryptic Scenery cryptic scenery is the main music outlet of the German musician Christian H. Sötemann. It has existed in a group line-up from 1994 to 2003, and has been continued in the so-called "solo line-up" between 2003 and 2009, and from mid-2009 to mid-2012, the line-up consisted of Christian H. Sötemann and Thomas Pertzel. Since then, the solo line-up has been reactivated. The music varies in style, but could roughly be characterized as oscillating between mostly dark(er), atmospheric Art-Rock/Pop, Ambient, formalist minimalism and Drone. cryptic scenery has released a number of CDs, CD-Rs, Tapes, Vinyl and digital releases since mid-1995.
SearchAdd19Marcelo Paladini Marcelo PaladiniElectronic music DJ & producer from Mar del Plata, Argentina
SearchAdd19Mille & Mr. Hirsch Rolf Hans Michael Fischer & Peter W. Hirsch
SearchAdd19Tennant / Lowe Over the years, Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe ([a=Pet Shop Boys]) had their writing credits noted in many ways. Usually, they credits themselves under the traditional "Tennant / Lowe" mention, but under certain circumstances (such as for instrumental tracks), they use the "Lowe / Tennant" variation.
SearchAdd19Duet Selimova - Želčeski
SearchAdd19Государственный Украинский Народный Хор
SearchAdd19Stjepan "Jimmy" Stanić
SearchAdd19Swallowing Bile American Power Electronics and Harsh Noise project active from 2011 until 2016.
SearchAdd19Angelo Ferreri Angelo FerreriItalian DJ and producer, born in Modica (Sicily) in 1984.
SearchAdd19DJ Curious? George YbarraBorn and raised in Los Angeles, DJ Curious? started his DJ career in 1989 playing at underground "techno" parties. His musical palette ranges from Hip-Hop, Reggae, Soul, and all aspects of Drum N' Bass and Jungle music. As founder of Tonz of Drumz Recordings, Mictlan Recording artist, and Ruffneck Apparel representative, DJ Curious? has distinguished himself as one the hardest working Junglists in the US. With residencies at Insomniac, Wreck-Ignition, Midnite Bombers, and Non-Stop events, he's become one of LA's favorite and most respected DJ's.
SearchAdd19Sonora Santanera
SearchAdd19Conjunto Maria Albertina
SearchAdd19Ronnie Sessions Ronnie Lee SessionsAmerican country and rockabilly singer and songwriter, born December 7, 1948 in Henryetta, Oklahoma.
SearchAdd19Cocoa Otoko Cocoa Otoko (ココア男。, Chocolate Men) is a Japanese rock group based in Japan since 2010. The band consists of the five actors Kenta Kamakari (lead vocals), Kei Hosogai (bass), Kousuke Yonehara (drums), Shogo Suzuki (guitar), and Takuya Ide (keyboard and rap).
SearchAdd19Sebastian Mauro Sebastiano MauroProducer - Dj - Sound Engineer Label Manager @ Music Divers Records Sebastian Mauro is a polyhedral dj, able to cross from Lounge to House Music, On several occasions he has been the music designer for events, Fashion Week(s), and exclusive parties. He’s modeled for fashion photo shootings featured in GQ and Maxim issues.
SearchAdd19Astral Sounds Keyboard- and synthesizer-based session group who recorded music for [l58458], [l73340] and [l84215].
SearchAdd19Branko Perović
SearchAdd19Warren Covington And His Orchestra
SearchAdd19Migil Five The Migil Five (sometimes styled The Migil 5) were a British pop, rhythm and blues and (originally) jazz group in the early to mid-1960s, whose biggest hit was a bluebeat version of "Mockin' Bird Hill" The group's origins were in North London in 1960, as a backing group for club singer Lennie Peters. Its members at that time included pianist Gil Lucas and bass player Lenny Blanche. Various people - including, on occasions, Peters' nephew Charlie Watts, later of the Rolling Stones - stood in as drummer, until the position was filled more permanently by Mike Felix. After Peters left for a solo career - going on to chart success in the 1970s as one half of Peters and Lee - Felix became the lead singer, and the group recruited guitarist Stan "Red" Lambert. They named themselves The Migil Four, drawing on the names of Mike Felix and Gilbert Lucas.[1] The group played a mixture of pop, R&B and jazz music on the cabaret circuit until they were seen by trad jazz bandleader Kenny Ball. He performed onstage with them, and recommended them to his record label, Pye Records. Their first single, "Maybe", was released in 1963. They then added tenor saxophonist Alan "Earl" Watson, formerly a member of Georgie Fame's Blue Flames, so becoming The Migil 5, and won a residency at the Tottenham Royal dance hall, replacing the Dave Clark Five. Expanding their repertoire to cater for a younger audience, they recorded their second single, "Mockin' Bird Hill" - a country song which had been a US hit for Les Paul and Mary Ford - in a style then known as "bluebeat" and later as ska. It was released the same week as Millie Small's ska hit "My Boy Lollipop", and entered the UK Singles Chart in March 1964, rising to #10.[2] It also reached number one in Ireland.[1] According to Bruce Eder at Allmusic: "The Migil Five were an improbable outfit on the early-'60s London rock music scene. Five guys who were already in their late '20s and skilled in jazz, R&B, blues, folk, and pop, Lambert was balding and sported a beard and the others looked more like veterans of the '50s trad jazz scene. Watson brought a harder R&B sound that made them more appealing to teenagers, but they all looked more like music teachers than rock & rollers." Their follow-up single, "Near You", reached #31 on the UK chart,[2] and the band released an album in 1964, Mockin' Bird Hill. They appeared on television, and in two movie features, Swinging U.K. and U.K. Swings Again, later put together as Go Go Big Beat. Subsequent singles and an EP, Meet the Migil Five, failed to make the British charts, although the group remained popular in Ireland. By 1965 they had become the house band on the BBC radio show Easy Beat. They continued to record singles, with little success, and Felix left the group to go solo in 1966, with Watson taking over as singer.[1] Watson in turn left in 1969, being replaced by Norman Langford, and the group finally broke up in 1971.[3] Mike Felix later worked as a comedian, after dinner speaker and actor, appearing in the TV series Widows and The Bill.[4] Lucas moved into pub management and continued to play in local London bands until his death in the 1990s. Watson and Blanche also moved into the pub and restaurant business.[3] A CD compilation of The Migil Five was issued on Sequel Records in 1998.[1]
SearchAdd19The Ron Grainer Orchestra
SearchAdd19Martin Libsen Marcin LiberkowskiDJ & producer from Trzemeszno and living in Rogowo, Bydgoszcz, Poland. Born: 2 July 1989 Styles: Trance Experimental Electronic
SearchAdd19Hare Krishna Brass Band
SearchAdd19Qamili I Vogël Qamil MuhaxhiriQamili i Vogël (1923 - 1991) was a famous Kosovo Albanian singer, composer, and the founder of the cultural-artistic society Ymer Riza.
SearchAdd19Invaders Steelband
SearchAdd19Paul "Lymie" Murray
SearchAdd19Chav Stabber Harsh Noise artist from Glasgow (Scotland, UK).
SearchAdd19Lydhode A constantly growing group of strange musicians wanting to make beautiful or maybe not so beautiful sounds. Started as a duo with Jan-M. Iversen and Roar Borge in 2007, and in early 2008 Terje Paulsen became a member. During Lydhode's first concert (at Spasibar in Oslo, 25.June.2008) Kjetil Hanssen became a member as well, as did Willy Kopperud, and when they played at the Bjerga/Iversen-festival in on December 7th, 2008, Arnfinn Killingtveit also joined in. Lydhode means Sound Head in english.
SearchAdd19Vl@d Владислав Вадимович СкакалинVladislav Vadimovich Skakalin, better known as Vl@d, is an amateur singer-songwriter from Russia. According to the information on his website, he was born in 1989, was treated in a mental hospital several times and is a certified programmer and a member of LDPR political party. He claims to have started producing music in 1999. As for 2013, his albums were available for free download from his website. Styles of Vl@d's recordings are mostly associated with punk, vocal electronic music and sometimes acoustic rock with minimalistic production, frequently plundered instrumentals and obscene lyrics.
SearchAdd19Pan To Scratch Tony Ennis
SearchAdd19Monastère Bénédictin Chevetogne Benedictine monastery founded in Chevetogne, Belgium, in 1925 by Dom Lambert Beauduin.
SearchAdd19Terri Gonzalez [b]Soul - disco - boogie singer - songwriter[/b] Born and raised in New York.
SearchAdd19Arkett Spyndl Adian JonesStyle: Hard Trance / Reverse Bass / Hardstyle Producer from Cape Town
SearchAdd19Mario Trevi Agostino CapozziMario Trevi, stage name of Agostino Capozzi (born November 2, 1941, in Melito di Napoli) is an Italian singer, film actor, and theater actor.
SearchAdd19Myriam Matoussi
SearchAdd19Krummstoff Ashot BabayanDeep/Tech-house producer, based in Germany
SearchAdd19BumiPutra Rockers
SearchAdd19Namco Sounds
SearchAdd19Ethyl Snowman Harsh Noise Wall project based in Russia. Since 2014.
SearchAdd19Julia van der Piller
SearchAdd19Reverse Mouth Improvised duo from Athens, Greece.
SearchAdd19Verica Pandilovska Верица Пандилоска ГичеваVerica Pandilovska is an educated music artist with a vast experience in live performances and music festivals. She was born on 13th of May, 1973, in Tetovo, Macedonia. Began singing and performing during her high school years and continued to do so until today. At first it was a childhood dream and a hobby, but soon it became a profession and serious life commitment. Verica’s first public appearance was at the movie premiere “Arizona Dream” were she performed the traditional “Kales Bre Ango”. Soon after, at 1994 she had her first debut at the music festivals with the song “Vratete go bogovi” which was the beginning of the professional career with author’smaterial, then followed many appearances at music festivals in Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Albania etc., received numerous national and international awards and recognitions, as well as concerts, live gigs and TV shows. Finally, year 2007was the high point of the career with promotion of her first professional album “Belo zname” which contained the national hits such as “Kuckin Sin”, “Bez zdiv”, “Kapka pot” and many others. Most of the songs were accompanied with music videos which were shown at all TV stations around the Balkan. In the following years, many singles were issued and became TV and radio hits. Today, Verica is preparing the new album and music materials, and is expected to be presented to the public and wide audience until the end of 2015……………
SearchAdd19Atrio Serenade
SearchAdd19Vincent Capretta Vincent Capretta, also known as Father Anthony Capretta, is best known for his Hi-NRG/Euro beat dance tracks & videos during the late 80's and early 90's; his #1 Playboy channel [i]Hot Rocks[/i] music video "Puerto Rican Sex" (1994) and his homoerotic "Stormy Weather" (1996). Openly gay and appearing in drag, Vincent covered two Gloria Gaynor disco classics, "I Will Survive" and "I Am What I Am" for a 2008 release. He currently serves as pastor of the Community of Charity Reform Catholic Church in Columbus, OH.
SearchAdd19Robert Feedmann Roberto GonzálezDeejay and producer from Albacete, Spain.
SearchAdd19Orchestre Les Kamale Orchestre Kamale was formed in 1975 by singer [a=Nyboma Mwan'dido] with members of [a=Orchestre Lipua-Lipua], where he was a singer from 1973 to 1975 and where he had his first hit [r=6298177]. Orchestre Kamale didn't last very long and split up in 1978 when Assosa and [a=Mulembu] left to create Fuka Fuka. Nyboma continued for a while with Les Kamale but he (like Dally Kimoko) was soon asked by Dizzy Mandjeku in 1979 to join his African All Stars in Togo, as conditions became more and more difficult for musicians in Zaire. Two years later, in 1981, Nyboma recorded one of his biggest hits « Double Double » with a band that once again was named Les Kamale. ... Nyboma recorded another three albums under the name of Les Kamales in 1983-84.
SearchAdd19Old Cellar Jason Campbell
SearchAdd19The Gaggers
SearchAdd19Singing Francine Francine Edwards
SearchAdd19Benjamin Woodman
SearchAdd19Alvino Rey Orchestra
SearchAdd19Swift & Zinc Ben Pettit & T. BurnsOldskool jungle tag team of Trevor Burns and Ben Pettit that put out 8 releases for Bizzy B's Brain Progression label. Also had their own shows on Impact FM. Resident DJ's at Desire.
SearchAdd19Đogani Đorđe Đogani, Vesna Trivić-ĐoganiDance Pop duo from Belgrade.
SearchAdd19Clarck C
SearchAdd19LuHa MsM Luca Francini
SearchAdd19Jasna Kočijašević
SearchAdd19حفني أحمد حسن Hifni Ahmed Hassan was a South-Egyptian singer. He was famous in the 1960s.
SearchAdd19Guau Raul BautistaBreaks DJ and producer from Trebujena (Cadiz-Spain), who started spinning at private parties in 2000. In 2003 he started producing, getting into nu-skool / retro breaks in 2004.
SearchAdd19Orange N Blue Simon Day
SearchAdd19Mark Salies Владимир Стукалов (Vladimir Stukalov)Electronic music DJ/producer from Moscow, Russia. Born: 12-12-1987.
SearchAdd19Lumina Sector
SearchAdd19Sparkle Girl
SearchAdd19DJ Antar
SearchAdd19Covolux Lo-bit Drone / Ambient project.
SearchAdd19BYentl Marjorie LammertsDutch singer, born in Paramaribo, Surinam. Sang background vocals for artists such as family relation [a=Ruth Jacott], and [a=Total Touch], [a=Golden Earring] and others. Embarked on a solo career under the name of [a=BYentl] in 2008.
SearchAdd19Randy & The Gypsys One-album synth soul group Led by [a=Randy Jackson]
SearchAdd19Hardclan Sergent Neymar, General Bowl
SearchAdd19Brizbomb Matt BrislawnAmbient/noise/experimental musician from Vancouver WA USA
SearchAdd19Watcher's Woods Watcher's Woods is a band from Milwaukee, Wisconsin (USA). Their music could be categorized as Post-Punk, Deathrock, New-Wave, Darkwave and Goth.
SearchAdd19Swamps Up Nostrils Arnfinn Killingtveit
SearchAdd19GabeeN Gábor BacsárdiHungarian Techno DJ and producer based in Szekesfehervar.
SearchAdd19Nodolby Michele ScariotManager of the italian noise label [l=DOKURO]
SearchAdd19Zieltogend One-man Minimal Dark / Drone Ambient remix project from the Netherlands. Active from November 2008 to 2009. Notable for releasing extremely minimal remixes of non-commercial Drone / Dark Ambient artists named according to Roman numerals.
SearchAdd19Marchetto & Scheurer Jarno Marchetto, Curzio Scheurer
SearchAdd19A Newborn Riot Of Dreams
SearchAdd18DJ Debonaire Claudio BarrellaItalian DJ and producer, based in Miami (US) since the 80s and devoted to Electro and Miami Bass. He is the founder of [l=Debonaire Records].
SearchAdd18Black Rock & Ron Black, Rock & Ron- An American Hip-Hop crew from Hollis Queens, New York. They only released one album Stop the World (1989) and was mostly self-produced along with Paul C handling some of the engineering and was released on RCA. Lord Black (David Cootryer), The Ruler Master Rock (Gregg Walsh), Ron Scratch (Ron Walsh) never recieved any mainstream success but had recieved mild exposure with a couple videos in rotation on YO!MTV Raps. In the liner notes of their album, they dedicate the record to Paul C.
SearchAdd18Михаил Гулько Родился в Харькове 23 июля 1931 года. Его отец был известным в городе человеком — бухгалтером книготорга, а мать — актрисой, пианисткой и певицей, поэтому в доме всегда царила музыкальная атмосфера. С детства учился музыке, пел на вечерах художественной самодеятельности под мамин аккомпанемент, позже — начал играть на аккордеоне и часто выступал на танцах и школьных вечерах с музыкальным сопровождением. После школы окончил горный факультет Московского политехнического института, самым активным образом сочетая занятия в институте с выступлениями в ресторанах, на эстраде, танцах и частными концертами. После окончания ВУЗа работал горным инженером в проектном институте и шахтах Донбасса, а затем ему предложили работу в Петропавловске-Камчатском. На Камчатке работал руководителем вокально-инструментального ансамбля, там же окончил музыкальное училище. К этому времени его стиль восприятия жизни и её изображения в песне уже сложился. Он стал одним из первых в жанре современного городского романса. Тогда же сложился устойчивый миф о лагерном прошлом Михаила Гулько. Понятно, что причиной этих слухов стал сам жанр певца, тематика его песен и невероятная артистичность. Тем не менее в тюрьмах он не сидел, но выступлений в этих местах у него было множество. Однажды попав с концертом в лагерь, он приезжал с тех пор в лагеря и тюрьмы десятки раз и всегда бесплатно. В 1980 году уехал в США, в Нью-Йорке продолжал работать музыкантом и певцом, с 1993 г. гастролировал в России. Его первый альбом «Синее небо России», в который вошли популярные песни «Поручик Голицын», «Белая береза», «Эшелон», «Колыма», вышел в 1981 году. Затем, в 1984, был второй альбом — «Сожженные мосты» (песни «Господа офицеры», «Прощание с Родиной», «Окурочек», «Березы на зоне»). В 1985 году, к 40-летию победы в Великой Отечественной войне он выпустил диск «Песни военных лет», а в 1996 — диск «Заграница», несколько песен которого были написаны в соавторстве с Михаилом Таничем. Заглавная песня из альбома звучит в исполнении Гулько в комедии А.Эйрамджана "Примадонна Мэри". В 1999 году его песни выходят в серии «Легенды русского шансона», а в 2002 году — в серии Grand Collection. В 2006 году на Украине вышел ДВД-диск с фильмом-концертом Михаила Гулько "Судьба иммигранта". В 2007 году в издательстве "Деком", в серии "Русские шансонье" вышла автобиография Михаила Гулько "Судьба эмигранта" (автор-составитель М.Кравчинский) с музыкальным аудио-приложением лучших песен. Каждый год Михаил Гулько приезжает в Россию с концертами.
SearchAdd18Sandra Feva
SearchAdd18Edoardo Lucchina E La Sua Orchestra
SearchAdd18Milira Milira Jones
SearchAdd18Clyde McCoy American jazz trumpeter, bandleader, and co-founder of Down Beat magazine. b. December 29, 1903 (Ashland, KY, USA) d. June 11, 1990 (Memphis, TN, USA)
SearchAdd18Phat 'N' Phunky
SearchAdd18Kirill Junolainen Kirill JunolainenRussian producer born in 1977, now based in Turku (Finland) and Saint Petersburg (Russia). He is the founder of [l=Datarocket Records], [l=Lasergum Records] and [l=Intraflex Records].
SearchAdd18Jose M & TacoMan Tech, House, Deep, Funk DJ & producer duo from Medellín, Colombia.
SearchAdd18Groovefella DJ and producer based in Portugal.
SearchAdd18DJ B.A. Danny AckermannGerman Hardcore Techno producer and also DJ since 1991. Born on May 5th, 1973 in Schlema (Aue).
SearchAdd18Paul Delicato American singer, guitarist and bassist
SearchAdd18Lari Nanos
SearchAdd18Funky Destination Vladimir SivcMusic producer from Osijek (Eastern Croatia). Composes funk with house and tribal elements. Born on 19/09/1979.
SearchAdd18Mustafa Ezić
SearchAdd18Charity Brown
SearchAdd18Lawson-Haggart Jazz Band
SearchAdd18Tereza Tarouca Tereza de Jesus Pinto Coelho Telles da SilvaPortuguese Fado singer, born 4 January 1942 in Lisbon, Portugal.
SearchAdd18Srđan Marjanović Srđan MarjanovićSerbian pop-rock singer/composer.
SearchAdd18Manida Damian KowerskiUplifting trance producer from Leszno, województwo wielkopolskie, Poland. His 'Manida' alias is an anagram of his first name.
SearchAdd18Loran Valdek DJ/Producer hailing from Eastern France.
SearchAdd18Vytautas Babravičius Nickname: Simas
SearchAdd18Tracey Trance
SearchAdd18Pittsburgh Track Authority
SearchAdd18Gordon Jenkins and his Orchestra and Chorus
SearchAdd18Space Walk
SearchAdd18Sonja Berlin-Jones
SearchAdd18Sunarto Ciptosuwarso
SearchAdd18Mike Nichols & Elaine May American improvisational comedy duo that formed in 1957 and stopped formally performing together in 1962. They occasionally performed together throughout their career until roughly 1996. They won a Grammy Award for their second LP ([m=402020]) and were nominated for a Grammy for their third and final LP [m=238886].
SearchAdd18Trio Los Paraguayos [b]"Los Paraguayos", Chapter 1 (1953-1956)[/b] Folk (guarania) trio assembled to introduce Paraguayan music to Europe. On November 24, 1953 President Chaves and Finance Minister Velloso signed Executive Decree No. 1736 which promised each artist the sum of 3200 dollars to spread Paraguayan music in Europe. Although harpist [a=Digno Garcia] and singer/guitarists [a=Agustín Barboza] and [a=Luis Alberto del Parana] were well-known on their native continent and had, in fact, already performed in this combination before (under the same/similar name, no less), they were unknown in the old world. Travelling on diplomatic passports, the "Trio Los Paraguayos" arrived via the Italian port of Genoa in May 1954, with one of their first performances being the song "India" on Vatican Radio. They eventually found their way to Antwerp, Belgium where they were signed to [l=Philips], outputting a number of recordings for the label and achieving a gold record a year later for sales in Europe. Once the "Official Cultural Mission" was over in 1956, the trio split up but remained in Europe: Agustín went on to do various loose projects, Digno signed to [l=Palette] and made a string of records, and Luis continued the legacy with his new group, [a=Luis Alberto del Parana y Los Paraguayos].
SearchAdd18Raggedy @ndy Andy van HerckRaggedy @ndy was born as Andy Van Herck in a small village called Arendonk in the province of Antwerp, Belgium. Always being interested in music and going out to parties to find his taste in tunes he decided at the age of 19 to see if he could mix some vinyl like his heroes in the Hard-techno scene at that time did. Getting away with that relatively quick he soon discovered the digital world as well in mixing as in producing, being a creative mind and the urge for more raw stuff and tempo made him evolve into the Industrial dj/producer he is today.
SearchAdd18Ju_k_ pastajukuJP tape noise idm
SearchAdd18Dragoslav Mihajlović - Kanarinac
SearchAdd18Fonseca Et Ses Anges Noirs
SearchAdd18DJ Newtype
SearchAdd18Martine Chevrier
SearchAdd18Marcellous Lovelace Marcellous Lamont LovelaceBorn October 26, in Chicago, Marcellous Lamont Lovelace: Broadcasting the most interesting Hip Hop Music you've ever heard in your life. Teaching and informing African people (and others) about Self Esteem, Awareness, Determination, Fighting Against Tricknology, Freedom Fighting, Nationalism, Skills, Making New music on a constant basis to allow for better free thought // over 150 albums recorded. Marcellous is also a well accomplished visual artist.
SearchAdd18Yoikol Juan Antonio LorenteSpanish DJ and producer based in Toledo.
SearchAdd18Bobby Blowcoder
SearchAdd18Fischerle Mateusz WysockiPolish sound artist.
SearchAdd18Arne Jansen & Les Cigales
SearchAdd18Regosphere Andrew QuitterAnxiety-Electronics since 2007.
SearchAdd18Miss Lee Morse And Her Blue Grass Boys Members: [a=Lee Morse], [a=Benny Goodman], [a=Tommy Dorsey], [a=Jimmy Dorsey], [a=Eddie Lang], [a=Manny Klein], [a=Rube Bloom], [a=John Cali], [a=Frank Signorelli], [a=Irving Brodsky], [a=Adrian Rollini], [a=Carl Kress], [a=Stan King]
SearchAdd18X1 Project
SearchAdd18White Blackmail Alexandre Boudreau
SearchAdd18Анатолій Солов'яненко Анатолій Борисович Солов'яненкоAnatoliy Solovianenko (September 25, 1932 – 29 July 1999) was a Ukrainian operatic tenor, People's Artist of the USSR, People's Artist of Ukraine, and State Taras Shevchenko prize-winner. He was soloist at the Taras Shevchenko National Opera and Ballet Theatre in Kyiv, and performed at Expo 67 in Montreal. During the 1977–1978 season, Solovianenko performed as a soloist at the New York Metropolitan Opera. He recorded 18 LPs of arias, romances and songs.
SearchAdd18Воронежский Академический Русский Народный Хор Now [b]Государственный академический Воронежский русский народный хор имени К.И. Массалитинова[/b] (Voronezh State Academic Russian Folk Choir named after K.I. Massalitinov) Fomed in 1942-43 by [url=]Konstantin Massalitinov[/url]. Since 1985 Acadimic. [b]Notes for Discogs submitters:[/b] For women's group of the choir please use: [a4202794]. For unidentified female singers group of the choir please use: [a2533270]. For folk instruments orchestra of the choir please use: [a3343189]. Leaders and conductors: 1942-1963 [a1719777] (Konstantin Massalitinov) Since 1964 Вячеслав Помельников (Vyacheslav Pomelnikov)
SearchAdd18Dusko Janevski
SearchAdd18Snežana Babić Sneki Snežana BabićSerbian folk singer, born in Pančevo 1967.
SearchAdd18The Crawlin' Hex The Crawlin' Hex are a rock and roll group from the Fylde coast on the north west of England
SearchAdd18Stojche Stojche Cvetanovski
SearchAdd18Oliver Martini Oliver Martini
SearchAdd18Magnetic Sounds,The The Magnetic Sounds
SearchAdd18360 Sound Shawn Kerby, Brian Noring
SearchAdd18Floriano Fusato Floriano FusatoItalian electronic music producer.
SearchAdd18Patsy Ann Noble Patricia Ann Ruth NoblePatsy Ann "Trisha" Noble (born 3 February 1944, Marrickville, New South Wales, Australia) is an Australian singer and actress. Initially performing as Patsy Ann Noble, she was a teenage pop singer in the early 1960's, with regular appearances on the Australian television music and variety show [i]Bandstand[/i]. In 1962, she relocated to the UK and continued her singing career by releasing singles there. In 1965, Noble started her television acting career, and by 1967, she was using Trisha Noble as her stage name. In the 1970's she moved to the United States and continued her acting career. Noble returned to Australia in 1983. Daughter of comedian and singer [a2944199].
SearchAdd18A.D.L.122 Neo-fascist skinhead oi band from Milan, Italy, founded in 1993.
SearchAdd18Brumak Dubstep producer from Stockholm, Sweden.
SearchAdd18Noise Nomads Jeff Hartford
SearchAdd18Joy Marquez Jorge Arturo MárquezElectro/House DJ & producer from Mexico City, Mexico.
SearchAdd18Nicholas Van Orton Ariel GandolfoComing from Buenos Aires, Argentina, Ariel first got involved with music at the age of 16. Ten years later, after recording three studio albums with the band "il phantasmo" (Smokinghome Records, 1999, 2001 and 2003), he decided to work as a solo artist producing dance tracks under the alias Nicholas Van Orton. His tunes had a great welcome at the house music scene, and are supported by many international and local DJs such as Hernan Cattaneo, 16bit Lolitas, Steve Lawler or Andy Moor to name a few. Ariel has firmly established also as a DJ, touring around America and Europe, performing both DJ gigs and live acts, where he includes his latest works and remixes. Since 2009, Nicholas Van Orton also runs Balkan Connection South America record label, in collaboration with his friend Ogi Gee Cash, for Proton Music, getting massive support from mainstream DJs. Nicholas Van Orton is Michael Douglas' character in the 1997 thriller "The Game".
SearchAdd18Frozen Corpse Eva Van Deuren, Carlo Steegen
SearchAdd18Crash At Every Speed Richard RamirezHigh signal feedback. HNW.
SearchAdd18Ganez & Marco Woods Collaboration between French Techno DJ's & producers [a=Ganez The Terrible] & [a=Marco Woods].
SearchAdd18Helixir Kevin MartinDJ/producer and co-founder of [l=Sens Inverse Records], based in Strasbourg, France. Not to confuse with [a=Kevin Martin] aka [a=Bug]!
SearchAdd18Plaisir Des Dieux
SearchAdd18Vjeko Jutt
SearchAdd18Big Jerks
SearchAdd18Marcel De Van Marcel de Van is a Composer, Arranger, Producer He have been producing synthpop for more than 19 years. At the beginning it was only hobby, playing keyboard and drums for family and friends. Over the course of time more and more clubs were enquiring about him - it was time to make the jump. Following interviews on the radio, TV and in the newspaper. His first song was introduced to the local hit list. In 4 weeks Marcel's music reached second position. Since then synth dance music has become increasingly popular and is not just enjoyed by people at home as in the past. Marcel produces music in dance, classic synth- and spacepop or dreams style.
SearchAdd18Offensive Orange Matthew Boughner, David PayneExperimental/Noise band based in Ontario, Canada. They formed in 2004.
SearchAdd18Pope John XXIII Angelo Giuseppe RoncalliKnown as "Good Pope John" and "the most loved Pope in history" to many people, Pope John XXIII was born Angelo Giuseppe Roncalli in November 25, 1881, and was elected as the 261st Pope of the Catholic Church and sovereign of Vatican City on October 28, 1958. He was preceded by Pope Pius XII and was, in turn, succeeded by Pope Paul VI. Considered a reformer of the church, Pope John XXIII called the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965) but did not live to see it to completion, dying on June 3, 1963. He was beatified on September 3, 2000, by [a=His Holiness Pope John Paul II], whereupon his very well-preserved body was moved from its original burial place in the grottoes below St Peter's Basilica to the altar of St. Jerome for veneration. It was then reburied in a new vault beneath the basilica; where John Paul II would also be interred five years later.
SearchAdd18Richard Sander Richárd Sándor HegedűsTrance producer & remixer residing in Salzburg, Austria. He was born on 16 February 1989 in Debrecen, Ungarn, Hungary.
SearchAdd18E.G. Fullalove Ehryck F. GilmoreHypnotherapist, Life Coach and Author who created his big track “Didn't I Know: (Divas To The Dance Floor Please)" to satisfy a lifelong ambition.
SearchAdd18Mel-Low Melvin MooreMel-Low is a gangsta rapper from Compton, California. Orlando "Baby Lane" Anderson, the person believe to have killed Tupac, makes a cameo during the video of Mel-Low's song, "Blaze It Up".
SearchAdd18King Richard's Fluegel Knights
SearchAdd18Biljana Jevtić
SearchAdd18Alex Rampol Alessandro RamellaItalian DJ and producer.
SearchAdd18Grausamkeit Obscure black metal act from Saarland, Germany. Was active from 1995 to 2001.
SearchAdd18X-Rhythm Davide PilatoSwiss house DJ
SearchAdd18Tex-Rec Almir MemicElectro/Techno/Minimal producer based in Lukavac, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Lived in Berlin, Germany from 1991 to 1997. Co-owner of digital label Code- (Code Minus). Born: 1983 in Tuzla (Bosnia and Herzegovina)
SearchAdd18The Rose Brothers Mid 80's soul group Consisted of four brothers Led by [a=Rich Cason], they released three albums at [l=Muscle Shoals Sound Records]
SearchAdd18Fabien Kamb Garry MkrtchyanDeep/Tech-House producer currently based in Yerevan, Armenia
SearchAdd1854 + 46
SearchAdd17Kenem Emanation
SearchAdd17Manuel Canela
SearchAdd17Valek Kambala Kuznetsov Valentine OlegovichRussian DJ and producer based in Tula.
SearchAdd17The Royale Dance Orchestra
SearchAdd17Weak Sisters
SearchAdd17Nightmare Castle Clint Coker
SearchAdd17Subliminal Stimuli Rainstorm JacksonSubliminal Stimuli is an American experimental music group formed by Rainstorm Jackson. There have been many short term members that have joined and subsequently left, Rainstorm being the only member to not abandon the project.
SearchAdd17Paris Opéra-Comique Orchestra [b]DO NOT USE.[/b]
SearchAdd17Love And Music
SearchAdd17Let's Pretend
SearchAdd17Narcotic Noise
SearchAdd17DJ Gio MC-505 Giosuè ImpellizzeriThe man behind DJ Gio MC-505 is Giosuè Impellizzeri, italian music journalist, DJ, producer, writer of books about the electronic music and label owner. He begins the music career in 1992 with Techno and Acid House but the first step as producer started in 1998 when he created the first tracks with Groovebox Roland Mc-505 (the inspirator of his alias). He is music journalist since the mid of 90s, he programmed a videogame's soundtrack (in 2005) and has compiled radio shows (from 2002 to 2006). After a collaboration with Francesco Passantino and Francesco Zappalà for Tractorecords and Laboraudio, in 2010 he has founded his own label called [l=Sauroid].
SearchAdd17Music Minus One Generic main artist representing the in-house band or orchestra on records on the [l=Music Minus One] label.
SearchAdd17Los De La Trocha
SearchAdd17Zen Robots Duo devoted to Electro.
SearchAdd17Oscar TG James ElliottBreakbeat, drum & bass house, techno and dubstep remixer and producer from the UK. Label owner of [l=Red Robot Records] and [l=Oh That's Good Music!]. Former semi-professional DJ with over 10 years' experience.
SearchAdd17Lenguas Largas Garage/Soul/Psych band from Tucson, Arizona.
SearchAdd17Azemina Grbić
SearchAdd17A View From Nihil Andrew McQuaidHNW since 2007. From Northern Ireland.
SearchAdd17Ritual Stance
SearchAdd17Dance Planet X
SearchAdd17Concrete Threat Swedish harsh noise duo formed in 2006.
SearchAdd17Livio Sandro DJ and producer from Berlin, Germany.
SearchAdd17Lietuvos Televizijos Ir Radijo Lengvosios Muzikos Orkestras Lithuanian Television and Radio Variety Music Orchestra formed in 1958 (as Radio Orchestra at the beginning). Disbanded in 2008.
SearchAdd17Bjøro Håland Bjøro HålandNorwegian country singer, born in 1943.
SearchAdd17Giorgio Prezioso vs. Libex Italian producers duo.
SearchAdd17Alaga Gagić Alaga GagićAlaga Gagić (1940, Derventa - 2015, Zagreb) was a Croatian pop singer, with an exceptional carreer in former Yugoslavia. He started singing at the age of 15 by taking part at the music festival "Mikrofon je vaš" in Slavonski Brod. He also worked together with other famous Croatian musicians of the time like Ana Štefok, Vice Vukov and Đorđe Novković. Alaga Gagić recorded around 100 records of different kind, which were sold in 5 million copies.
SearchAdd17Mack Simmons Malcolm SimmonsLittle Mack Simmons (January 25, 1933 — October 24, 2000) was an African-American Chicago blues harmonica player, singer and songwriter. Malcolm Simmons was born in Twist, Arkansas. In his youth he befriended [a=James Cotton], and they grew up learning to play the harmonica. Simmons relocated to St. Louis, Missouri, at the age of 18 and worked on the railroad. At this time Simmons made his stage debut with [a=Robert Nighthawk]. In 1954 he moved again to Chicago, put together his own backing band, and had a five year residency at Cadillac Baby's. He commenced recording in 1959, issuing records on a number of labels including Chess. In the late 1950s and early 1960s Simmons recorded several more obscure singles, often simply billed as Little Mack (or Mac). Simmons went on to provide the opportunity for others talents to be seen. He owned and managed Chicago's Zodiac Lounge from the mid to late 1960s. In addition, he owned a recording studio and recorded on his own labels, [l=PM Records (4)] and [l=Simmons Records (2)]. Simmons left the music industry at that time for the ministry, and was rarely heard in 30 years, notwithstanding an album he recorded in 1975 in Paris, France. His return to blues music arrived with High & Lonesome (1995), which was an early success for St. George Records, an independent record label. Simmons' energetic style, accompanied by Studebaker John, belied his years. Come Back to Me Baby (1996), with featured sidemen John Primer, Willie Kent and Jake Dawson (guitarist) was also well received. Simmons died in October 2000, of colon cancer, in his adopted hometown of Chicago, at the age of 67.
SearchAdd17Nervozni Poštar Authentic Balkan folk’n’roll band from Sarajevo, Bosnia formed in the mid-80's in former Yugoslavia. ***Current line-up: Rustem Nezirović Rule - vocals (founding member) Faruk Kadić - guitar Mustafa Sokolović - bass guitar Fadil Šabović - rhythm guitar (founding member) Adis Kahvić - keyboards, accordion Šukrija Arslanagić - drums (founding member) ***Ex members: Nusret Doličanin - vocals Dragan Đuđelija - bass guitar (founding member) Nikola Mitrović - guitar (founding member) Narcis Lalić - vocals Miroslav Jurić - drums Aleksandar Aćimović - bass guitar Dino Granulo - guitar
SearchAdd17Sanja Đorđević Serbian folk singer.
SearchAdd17Golgotha Communications LTD.
SearchAdd17Κώστας Μοναχός
SearchAdd17Robin Hall And Jimmie MacGregor Scottish folk duo. They got together in 1959 and split in 1981.
SearchAdd17Bx Bangaz
SearchAdd17Mickey Simpson
SearchAdd17Miteigi Nemoto Karpenko NicholasBorn: May 15, 1981 // Shahuniya, Russia Live: Moscow, Russia. Miteigi Nemoto is also founder and owner of [l=Qulture Production].
SearchAdd17Tanner Olson Tanner Gaius OlsonAmerican guitarist.
SearchAdd17Tony Bram's, Son Orchestre Et Ses Chanteurs
SearchAdd17Государственный Уральский Русский Народный Хор
SearchAdd17D.L. Savings T.X John OlsonIn the fall of 1994 on the eve of daylight savings time, John Olson lurked in a basement and put the first water-logged sounds on tape - which became The D.L Savings T.X.. Books of artwork accompanied the debut releases centered around minium wage drones and opera turntable stutter action. After releasing a handfull of cassettes, The D.L Savings T.X. expanded it's non-macho arsenal to include hand made instruments. Ordinary acoustic & electrical non-musical objects were hideously miswired and improperly charged to weeze beyond the edge of extinction. In the summer of 1998, the name was changed to The GI & The Spykes. The focus of this project is to layer and compse sound - giving birth to a multi-faceted style of intertwined dump: cleaking, and jittering with a glowing underwater soul. This vision blossoms to fruition through a up-sized combo of tape collage, broken recording equipment, and Egyptian sour analogue fidelity.
SearchAdd17Dalton & Dubarri Country Rock - Soft rock duo They were formed in 1973 after the demise of country rockers [a=Boones Farm]. They released four albums in the 70's. In their last album they flirted with disco.
SearchAdd17Dan Dyson Dan HallUK Hard Dance Producer & DJ.
SearchAdd17Bob-A-Rela One-album disco studio assemblage of musicians of the canadian dance scene of the late 70's, led by producers [a=George Lagios] and [a=Pat Deserio].
SearchAdd17Father Ohmicron Kálmán NémethMinimalist producer and dj. Alias: F.O.R., Krakpot
SearchAdd17Agrande Simon DinselElectronic music DJ and producer from Berlin, Germany.
SearchAdd17Society Of Seven
SearchAdd17The Cavendish Orchestra
SearchAdd17Les Milou
SearchAdd17Bruna Giraldi
SearchAdd17Guillotine Masturbation
SearchAdd17Диэло Ensemble Dielo established in Tbilisi in 1962.
SearchAdd17Fangmacher Electronic music project that began as a fake leak for One Direction's album "Midnight Memories", and then blossomed into an ever-expanding discography of FL Studio bliss.
SearchAdd17Franklyn MacCormack Franklyn MacCormackFranklyn MacCormack, born March 8, 1906, in Waterloo, Iowa, one of five children, Franklyn forsook a college education for the theater. His association with Wayne King, one of the great band leaders of the early days of radio, lasted for twelve years. During this time he recorded his famous "Melody of Love" with the Waltz King, which has sold over two million copies to date. Mr. MacCormack was a member of the WBBM radio staff in Chicago from 1932 until 1939. He free-lanced until his return to WBBM-TV in 1954 and then on WGN. Was an all-night deejay in Chicago in the 1950s and 1960s. He was best known for reading poetry over schmaltzy instrumentals at 4 in the morning. Was "your host and companion" of the "All Night Showcase" on WBBM and WGN (720 AM) radio in Chicago from 1959 until his death on (on the air) June 12, 1971. It was sponsored by Meister Brau and aired from 11:05pm to 5:30am six nights a week. The show was also known as the Meisterbrau Showcase and included the Torch Hour. It was a great late night show. He interspersed moody, contemplative music with poetry that he read. I often listened to him late at night when I lived in Illinois growing up. (His name is often misspelled as Franklin McCormack or Franklin Mac Cormack or Franklin McCormick.)
SearchAdd17Siniša Vuco Son of [a=Luka Vuco]. Owner of [l=Esve] record label.
SearchAdd17All Out Project All Out stand at the forefront of well-crafted heavy music: Folding cinematic sound design and towering bass around aggressive beats informed by breakbeat and dark Drum n Bass. Layered distorted leads and filtered reeses are immaculately placed between flurries of staggering rhythms, evoking auditory hallucinations and manifesting a deeply detailed sonic landscape. Their incredibly tight flow carries each weighty piece upon a platter of perfectly syncopated beats through beautifully decaying breakdowns with an underlying sense of dark nostalgia. Seamlessly shifting between tempos, they draw from the bleak sonic aesthetics of the Industrial landscape to deliver astonishing heaviness that’s as razor sharp at clubs and festivals as it is in the vast, dilapidated warehouses of the underground.
SearchAdd17Cannibal Ritual Started to record in december 2006, released first tape in January 2007. With the third release (THIRST FOR REVENGE) the project established the HNW style it's known for in the meanwhile. 2010 the project went on hiatus for a few years and is now back again.
SearchAdd17I Dragoni
SearchAdd17Dr. Murray Banks [b]Dr. Murray Banks[/b] (?? - 2008) was an American psychologist and lecturer who was heard widely throughout the world during the 1950s thru the 1980s. He is best known for a series of comedy LPs that he released, beginning in the 1950's.
SearchAdd17Noise Helviti
SearchAdd17Teatro Infantil Samaniego
SearchAdd17Tycho Magnetic Anomaly One
SearchAdd17Threshold Of Sleep Richard Ramirez , Scott Houston , Dwayne CatheyExperimental/Noise group formed in 1992. Officially split in 1994. Reformed briefly in 2012 for a couple of live performances and a new album. The project has ended once again.
SearchAdd17Mirjana Bajraktarević Mirsada BajraktarevićBosnian folk singer. Sister of [a=Silvana Armenulić]. Died 1976 in same car accident, together with Silvana.
SearchAdd17Kiwi & Tess 2 sisters (Susanne Wiik Kalvåg, Anette Wiik Vesterager) from Denmark. had a few hits in the late 80's. nowadays, they sing gospel.
SearchAdd17Being Bluefunked
SearchAdd17Inner Science Masumi Nishimura
SearchAdd17Lil' Wally Walter E. JagielloChicago polka musician and owner of [l132631]
SearchAdd17Lerio Corrado Valerio CorradoItalian DJ and producer based in Naples, born 8 February 1984.
SearchAdd17Living In Texas
SearchAdd17Ashes Hill
SearchAdd17Soul Puncherz DJ and producer duo based in California, US, formed by Cire B and Keri Lee.
SearchAdd17Janne Önnerud & Gänget
SearchAdd17Fisk På Disc Roar Borge, Willy Kopperud, Martin Powell
SearchAdd17Matteo Gagliardi
SearchAdd17Jacques Desrosiers Born in Montréal, Québec, July 8, 1938. Died in Montréal, Québec, June 11, 1996. Desrosiers was a Québécois singer and actor best known for playing the clown [a=Patof] in the Canadian television series Patofville.
SearchAdd17Embassy Singers & Players
SearchAdd17Pulserz Nicolas DelemontezPulserz (Nicolas Delemontez) is a French Producer/DJ born on the 27/02/1992.
SearchAdd17Åge Aleksandersen Og Sambandet Norwegian rock group. Members: Skjalg Raaen: Guitar Steinar Krokstad: Drums Gunnar Pedersen: Guitar Terje Tranaas: Keyboards Bjørn Røstad: Saxophone Morty Black: Bass Former members: Gunnar Anders Berg: Guitar Tor Evensen: Bass Lasse Hafreager: Keyboards Per Christian Lindstad: Guitar Lars Kim Moe: Bass Geir Myklebust: Guitar Alf E. Skille: Keyboards Christian Schreiner: Bass Kaare Skevik Jr.: Drums Knut Stensholm: Drums Bård Svendsen: Keyboards
SearchAdd17Mandi Dextrous
SearchAdd17Dark Isle Experimental Trip Hop Ambient project created by ACid in 2003.Was not named Dark Isle until 2007,only mp3's & demos were given to close friends & contacts until 2011.The project was on hiatus from 2008-2011.The project was re-vived after ACid re-formed Winter Forest Industries & helped develop it. Part of the Winter Forest Industries artists.
SearchAdd17Remy Stroomer Remy StroomerBorn: 9 October 1979 in Haarlem, The Netherlands
SearchAdd17Carlo Boselli Carlo BoselliItalian producer and audio engineer.
SearchAdd17Hiroko Ogi 乗松博美Japanese enka singer and actress. Born February 14, 1945 in Hiroshima. She lost her father in the atomic bomb attack on the city in August that year. She was brought under contract by Nippon Columbia in 1963, releasing her debut single the following year.
SearchAdd17Willie Alexander & The Boom Boom Band Willie Alexander & The Boom Boom Band was an American punk rock band, founded c. 1977. Line-up: Willie "Loco" Alexander - vocals Billy Loosigian (aka Mercer) - guitar Severin Grossman - bass David McClean - drums
SearchAdd17Ooki Nobuo
SearchAdd17Harry Davidson And His Orchestra
SearchAdd17S4TVR4TI0N No fun. No music. Fuck the underground.
SearchAdd17Kittitas American rock band from Seattle, Washington.
SearchAdd17Le Scrambled Debutante The "band" consists of Allan Zane (aka Sir Bear Trapper), Sid Redlin, and a host of others that come and go. Now a little history... Conceived in the late 1980's amidst adolescence and inebriation, Le Scrambled Debutante is the "intellectual bastard child" of Allan Zane (WYRM/Solumenata, etc.). From those early beginnings, there were only 2 bedroom recordings sessions that exist on chrome cassettes that never saw the light of day--until recently (see: 'Vintage Deb (1988-1990)'). Now, 20+ years later, Le Scrambled Debutante returns!!!
SearchAdd17Dona Klein
SearchAdd17Laso One-off Latin Soul disco studio project Led by [a=Joe Bataan]
SearchAdd17Ленинградский Диксиленд One of the oldest Dixieland on the Eurasian continent. It was created in 1958
SearchAdd17(móa) Móeiður Júníusdóttir
SearchAdd17Traqueurs De Combes Marc JoliboisTraqueur De Combes is the solo project of Marc Jolibois, co-founder of the netlabel Nowaki, and various formation (Libertarian, Pimp, sWeenDL, Light Blue Is A Trap). Landscapes, sometimes music, analog and digital, electronic and acoustic, improvisation, ambient-core by hand, post-folk noisy, massive minimalism.
SearchAdd17Kogyo Mike MihaylovKogyo (Mike Mihaylov) is a deep and ambient related music producer, living in Austria. He had his first contacts with music as a child. Mike attended years of private lessons and learned to play several analog and electronic instruments. After a long artistic break, he began 2010 with his passion to make music, inspired from deep techno, ambient and dubtechno. Kogyo loves to experiment with synthesizers, filters and sounds, presenting new moods and soundscapes by combining various elements in his works. Music is his passion.
SearchAdd17Mersa Miljković
SearchAdd17Legion Of The Lost Rob Verhoeven
SearchAdd17Brigitte Johanna Henkel-Waidhofer Brigitte-Johanna Henkel-WaidhoferAustrian writer and journalist, born in 1958 in Vienna, Austria.
SearchAdd17Ćazim Čolaković
SearchAdd17The Eddie Davis-Johnny Griffin Quintet
SearchAdd17Joseph Higginz Ivan Louchkin (Иван Лучкин)Russian Electronic/hip-hop Producer and Musician from Krasnoyarsk City. Founder of [l132576]
SearchAdd17Hayri Şahin
SearchAdd17Blue Moderne One off studio collaboration of producer-songwriter [a=Ish Ledesma] and singer [a=Sandy B], though the first single "Through The Night" featured vocals by [a=Audrey Wheeler].
SearchAdd17Hooved Gaetano VinciItalian DJ and producer based in Milan.
SearchAdd17Analog People
SearchAdd17Mundo Earwood Raymond EarwoodUS country singer, also known as Mundo Ray.
SearchAdd17José Alberto 'El Canario' José Alberto JustinianoDominican salsa singer. Born December 22, 1958 in Villa Consuelo district, Santo Domingo, the Dominican Republic. He relocated to New York in the early 1970s and sang with several orchestras. He received international attention as the Singer of [a=Tipica 73] in October 1977. He started his own band in 1983.
SearchAdd17Antonio Nuñez "El Chocolate" Antonio de La Santísima Trinidad Núñez MontoyaBorn May 4, 1930, Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz), Spain. Died July 20, 2005, Sevilla, Spain. Spanish Flamenco singer (cantaor).
SearchAdd16Dj Lamborghini Turbofire Kaidiel Serart Nidih ShadikKaidiel Shadik (aka DJ Lamborghini Turbofire) is a experimental dj, mixer and producer, he begin since 2006 with some sample-songs, now he produce techno-rave styles of electronic music, he use a independient discography label, this is SR*Auditive records, he lives in Guadalajara Mexico...
SearchAdd16Sten Wahlström Sten Wahlström is known for his numerous recordings of birds. Between 1963-1993 + 1994-2005 those recordings were broadcasted by SR (Swedish National Radio) channel P2.
SearchAdd16Orlando Y Su Combo
SearchAdd16Анна Седокова Анна Владимировна Седокова (Anna Vladimirovna Sedokova)The Ukrainian singer and the TV presenter. Born December 16th 1982 in Kiev , Ukraine . Was part of ВИА Гра from 2002 until 2004. In 2006 has begun solo career.
SearchAdd16Kospel Zeithorn
SearchAdd16Sir Edgar Carpenter
SearchAdd16Loftgroover Tony CollinsUK Hardcore Techno / Speedcore pioneer and owner of [l=Redhead Records]. Born in Stamford Brook, London on 5th July 1965. Loftgroover is a name which is synonymous with the UK Hardcore Techno movement since its inception. Lofty (as his friends and fans call him) career started out in the late 80s playing at a small London club run by Danny Rampling, and recalls probably his first Techno gig at the infamous ‘UFO Club’ in Berlin at this time. Tony's first vinyl releases were in 1992 on legendary Oldskool Hardcore label ‘Basement Records’ as Techno Bros (with Jack Smooth aka Ron Wells). Around this time when Breakbeats and Jungle was making an Impact in London clubs, Tony as well as playing this style (his way), found himself drawn to the European Techno sound from Belgium, Italy and Holland. Tony was working in London- based shop 'Dancefloor Records' and had access to a wealth of exciting fresh music. He soon found himself making trips to mainland Europe to buy records for the shop direct (and himself) from the big distribution companies and record labels of the time like R&S, Big Time, Music Man, Hithouse and MidTown. On these trips he made friends and contacts with many of the biggest players in the industry. Loftgroover has always has had a unique and creative tune selection and mixing style, with an arsenal of exiting new harder music at his fingertips. Lofty's style evolved as did the scene and he quickly found himself not through intention one of the hardest Djs on the circuit. As Hardcore and Techno grew in popularity Loftgroover sets stood out from his peers earning him a massive following in the UK with regular appearances at every major event. In 1995 Tony started and released (with Vince Watson) on his own record label 'Redhead Records'. In 1997 Loftgroover found himself the unwilling focus of a Daily Star front page "scoop" about "Nazi gabber hell" menacing Britain. The Star printed a badly informed article falsely linking Gabber / Hardcore Techno music with neo nazism and white supremacy. Something which in fact there has never been a link in the UK. Loftgroover's names was mentioned automatically being one of the most popular Djs about. The article writer obviously did not bother to do his research and failed to notice Loftgroover was in fact black. In the late 90s Loftgroover's BPM's were getting faster and beats more furious. Lofty had started to incorporate screaming guitars and dropping full on Death Metal tracks by bands such as ‘Morbid Angel’ in to Dj sets at raves. Loftgroover style was being called 'Speedcore' and in terms of Djing he was one of the leaders in the genre. In 1998 Lofty was asked to compile and mix a double CD UK compilation, one of the first and only major releases of this kind of music in the UK. The CD titled 'Speedcore' featured key Gabber, Hardcore Techno and Speedcore tracks from 1993 til then.
SearchAdd16Orchestre African Fiesta L'Orchestre African Fiesta was created in 1963 by [a=Tabu Ley Rochereau] and [a=Dr. Nico] Kassanda : they decided to launch their own label named [l=Vita] . The tension between Rochereau and Nico led to a split in 1965, with Rochereau, renaming the band "Orchestre African Fiesta 1966", then a few months later, " L'Orchestre African Fiesta National Le Peuple " then [a=Orchestre Afrisa L'International], and making a new label named [l=Ed. Flash] (complete name is Éditions Flash - Rochereau Chante). Meanwhile, Dr. Nico decided to plays under the moniker [a=L'Orchestre African Fiesta Sukisa] through his own [l=Sukisa] label. This update is to dissociate [a=Orchestre African Fiesta] (1963-1965) and their following names after 1965.
SearchAdd16Fujimoto Fumikichi 藤本婦美Japanese singer and former geisha. Born November 23, 1897 in Asakusa, Tokyo. Died October 29, 1976. Started her recording career in 1924.
SearchAdd16La Mama
SearchAdd16Luca Torre Luca TorreItalian DJ and producer, now based in Berlin, Germany.
SearchAdd16Liebba Massimo LievoreItalian DJ and producer born in Asiago.
SearchAdd16J.D. Hall
SearchAdd16Dominique Paturel Dominique PaturelFrench actor. He was born 3 April 1931 in Le Havre, France.
SearchAdd16Genetic Trance Electronic / Lo-bit music project. Active since 2005. Correct artist name variation for [r=2889851] would be [b]Genetic Trance[/b] (sic).
SearchAdd16Dragoslava Genčić Dragoslava Genčić (Mitrović)Romanian singer born in former Yugoslavia Republic
SearchAdd16Thomas & Taylor
SearchAdd16Cousin Rachel
SearchAdd16Gird 09
SearchAdd16Hughie Crawford UK R&B / Soul singer.
SearchAdd16Chantal Condor Chantal ChamandyChantal Condor, born [a=Chantal Chamandy], was born in Alexandria, Egypt, and raised in Montreal. She was part of [a=Voggue] in the 1980s. When the duo split, she had an unfruitful solo career as 'Chantal Condor' and later just 'Chantal'. In the 1990s, she joined the trio [a=Collage (7)], but the experience lasted only a few years. She is now known under her real name, [a=Chantal Chamandy].
SearchAdd16Charanga 76
SearchAdd16Norbert Clarke
SearchAdd16Ramón Márquez & His Orchestra
SearchAdd16AN:TI Electronic dance music project from Murmansk, Russia Styles include: Techno House Disco Minimal Techno
SearchAdd16Miss Chain & The Broken Heels Italian 60's garage rock'n'roll band from Vicenza / Bergamo, initially started as a solo project of the singer/guitarist Astrid Dante (aka Miss Chain).
SearchAdd16Albert Hennebel Dutch accordionist
SearchAdd16Lee Shot Williams Henry Lee WilliamsBorn: May 21, 1938, Lexington, Mississippi, USA
SearchAdd16Seance Armories & Cast Mind John Olson
SearchAdd16Vito Raisi Vito RaisiItalian DJ, producer and remixer, born in 1989 in Catania.
SearchAdd16DJ Roli Fingaz
SearchAdd16Pharmacy Of Sound Polish project from Kraków, devoted to Breakbeat, Electro and Tech House.
SearchAdd16Mike Vapour Mike CarrHarcore DJ and producer from Worthing, UK. His first gig was a September 2002 event called ‘Gravity’ in Glasgow, and he has subsequently played at other events like Pressure Point (Brighton), HTID vs. Raverbaby, Hardcore Breakdown and many others across the country including some stints in Toronto and Pittsburgh.
SearchAdd16Dozy, Beaky, Mick & Tich
SearchAdd16MX Nihil Matthias Mützlitz
SearchAdd16Indira Radić Indira RadićSerbian folk singer born in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
SearchAdd16Rade Vučković Radoslav VučkovićRadoslav Rade Vučković (1949) is a famous Serbian pop/folk composer, lyricist, arranger and singer from Kuršumlija, now living in Belgrade.
SearchAdd16Artsever Артур Насыров (Arthur Nasyrov)Electronic music producer from Surgut, Khanty-Mansi AO, Russia. Born: 16-01-1989
SearchAdd16Oud!n13 Nicolas GaugainFrench DJ and producer based in Bordeaux. He is the brother of [A=David Gaugain].
SearchAdd16Jonny Teardrop
SearchAdd16Bearns & Dexter Robert Bearns, Ron DexterRobert James Bearns and Ron Dexter were one of the pioneers of New Age music. They created meditative and spiritual music that drew on Bearns' book of poetry and verse, [i]The Awakening Electromagnetic Spectrum[/i].
SearchAdd16Dawnchaser Dave AnderssonBorn in the forests of California, and raised in the mountains of Washington, Dawnchaser is an Adventurer, Producer, Explorer, and DJ. Since 2005, he's been on a mission to bring the world the Spirit Of Adventure, and take mankind on an epic journey. Producing since 2004, the music he makes spans everything from his hard & epic Adventure Trance, to breakbeats, and ambient, and has more recently begun forays into the trippy world of Psytrance as Amiranu, his Full On & Progressive alter ego. Since 2007, he's released a steady stream of singles and EPs between Ocean Drive Records and Multitude Music (now numbering over a dozen), spanning 3 aliases, all culminating in his first studio album, Fly Toward The Sun on Multitude Music. His releases have been played, podcasted, and featured on radio shows all across the world, and in addition to his own years working as a radio DJ in California and Washington, he has been a featured guest on The Dawnchaser live act is a blistering tempest of sound, where everything from Epic & Hard Trance, to Tech Trance, Breaks, Drum n Bass, Techno, Electro, Progressive, and Hard Dance is fair game. Refusing to be neatly pigeon-holed, while dropping monster tune after monster tune (and mixing tracks using random body parts), has earned him a place among the Pacific Northwest's top Trance DJs. When Dawnchaser hits the decks, there's no telling where the journey will take you. All you can do is be ready for the ride.
SearchAdd16Viktimized Karcass Chris Phinney, Mike Jackson, Richard Martin, Roger Moneymaker
SearchAdd16Poppy Factory Poppy Factory were a band from Bradford, England, signed to Chrysalis Records. Per the insert on the "Stars" single, a debut album, "Good Time," was planned, and perhaps recorded, but it never materialized. The artwork was made however.
SearchAdd16Gale Talk Spanish musician and producer based in Madrid.
SearchAdd16Suicidal Tendons Suicidal Tendons is one half of the sonic noise duo known as The Sunken out of Kelso, Washington in the USA's Pacific Northwest.
SearchAdd16Il Taglia Luca TagliabueLuca Tagliabue is a 31 architect from milan exploring fingerpicking on acoustic guitar in instrumental folk, ambient, noise and psychedelic music towards tracks with vocals
SearchAdd16Brox-Bit David FernándezDeejay and Producer of Jerez de la Frontera (Cádiz). From an early age, and begins with the music and at age 14 he had his first turntable. At 16, and click on your first party and starts playing throughout his Province: Fairs, Festivals, Clubs, Pub `s, Private Parties, etc...At 17 years and starts with the production, remixing, Break issues with your own base marked characteristic touch and good pace, people start to listen, comment on forums, websites's, .. the best known (BreakBeat Zone).And there begin to call all sites Andalucia, getting pierced with the best DJs from all Andalucia, and also international. As of today continues with music production, advancing, progressing and innovating new sounds, but without losing their American touch, dance hall and its roll Basssline always liked that.
SearchAdd16Commitment Crew
SearchAdd16Marco Cecere Marco CecereItalian DJ and producer.
SearchAdd16Nuslux Roope Eronen
SearchAdd16Evening Gown
SearchAdd16Latrine Psychology Guild John Olson
SearchAdd16Lietuvos Radijo Ir Televizijos Kaimo Kapela
SearchAdd16أحمد عدوية أحمد محمد مرسي العدوي (Ahmed Muhammed Mursi al-Adawi)Ahmed Adawiya (born 1945) is a famous Egyptian shaabi-singer. He was the first Egyptian shaabi-singer to break through into the mainstream in the early 1970ies. Although his songs were criticized for being vulgar by the cultural elite they are now considered classics.
SearchAdd16Sinan Sakić Romani Turbo-Folk singer from Serbia, born 1956 in Loznica (Serbia).
SearchAdd16Tissa Mawartyassari Monica Isabel SanchezHarsh noise/HNW project from Texas.
SearchAdd16Clifford D. Simak American science fiction writer, August 3, 1904 - April 25, 1988.
SearchAdd16Tomas Balaz
SearchAdd16Orgullo Sur An oi! band from Puerto Montt, Chile, formed in 2006. The name translates as 'Southern Pride', referring to their city's location in the south of Chile, as well as South America. Line-up (as of 2011): Willy: Guitar and vocals Patty: Vocals Carlos: Bass Ricky: Drums
SearchAdd16Monologic Paul Norman, Lee ChameleonPaul Norman and Derek Lee Ervin joined forces in 2005, as Monologic was evolving from a collaborative DJ project into a powerful duo. They are known for their ability to create a transcendental electronica experience by fusing a variety of dance genres into “one vibe.” Embraced by dance floors, they deliver elements of indie-rock peppered within smart, relentlessly creative synth-driven beats. Since then, they've entertained audiences at various national electronic events and festivals, house fests and specialty events. They have performed at Cut and Paste Fest, made numerous appearances at West Fest, the popular DEMF and DEMF Afterparties, Winter Music Conference, Chicago's Metro, Smart Bar, Vision, The House of Blues with Disco Biscuits, The Vic, Congress Theater, Looptopia, House Fest Chicago and many more. While serving the electronic music scene, Monologic released numerous tracks and EPs. In addition to performing alongside Radio Slave of ReKids fame and techno giant Ben Sims, they've created tracks and remixes for numerous artists in the underground electronic scene and for labels internationally. As a DJ, Paul has performed alongside acts including Derrick May, Dieselboy, Derrick Carter, Colette and many more. He built his reputation in the 1990's Chicago rave scene, performing at clubs and earning respect as a DJ able to master and create hybrid performances in a wide range of styles as part of groups including Disco Biscuits, Environmental Sound Therapist and the Conjugate Project. Derek Ervin (aka Lee Chameleon) is a consummate multi-instrumentalist who sings with indie-rock dream pop outfit Lee & Willbee and has drummed with acclaimed band La Makita Soma, adding to Monologic's foundation. Ready to dive into their own music more deeply, they've arrived with their first full-length EP and created a more relaxing experience. They enlisted the assistance of mixing engineers, Mathew Shultz of Austin's Satellite Studios and Matt Opal of Chicago's Gravity Studios. The extra attention provided to the sounds and the music make “The Things Themselves” a testament to the brightest frontier of accessible electronic music. To create tracks this hooky, melodic and meticulous, Monologic composes in their own project studio, Studio Metric, working with vintage pre-amps, analog pedals, Pro Tools, Logic, and instruments ranging from Moog synths to guitars. Building on this sound, they've enlisted drummer Marcus Johnson of pop/electronic outfit The Vertigo Whales and Monologic is incorporating live drums into "live band" shows with Aesthetic Engineer to bring fashion, visual art and photography together. Moving forward, this duo will still be performing their live dance pa's with new remixes from their new full length album "The Things Themselves" and continues to be a performance and composition force on the electronic music scene in the Midwest and globally.
SearchAdd16Makem & Clancy
SearchAdd16Totoproto Salvo RotondoItalian DJ and producer born 23 October 1985 in Palermo, Sicily. He is A&R of [l=Sebian Recordings].
SearchAdd16SFV acid
SearchAdd16Pink Desert drone band from pennsylvania
SearchAdd16Lektronikumuz Miron Remus Marian- Born on 15th of June 1982, in Brasov (Kronstadt), the centre part of Transilvania, Romania. He studied in university of survying engineering, which is now his profession. - In 2001 he started to organize a series parties, with his friend, Dariotto, called Freaks Reunion Sessions. - In 2003 he decided to create his own team for making promotional techno events under the name The DJs Techno Conference (DTC), which was basically driven by his best friend, DJ Bela. - In 2005, he signed to the label Skills Records where already are the best five members, djs and producers, from the techno scene of Romania Horace Dan D, Minimus, Filipash, Mihai Popoviciu and Darius. - In 2006 start new concept of events, called "Fire In The Hole!" after "ElectrOPEN Funk" series started in 2003, events where he invite important djs/producers like DJ Rush (USA), Mark Williams (UK) or Bryan Cox (USA). - In 2007 start hig biggest movement, "maraton" by 3 days and 3 nights, where the musica, arts, extreme sports and nature, called "Romanian Electronic Festival", where played artists like Cristian Varela, Luke Slater, Dave Angel, Octave One, Danilo Vigorito, Trevor Rockcliffe, Space Djz, Paul Mac, Lucca, Dj Zinc, Spor, The Rogue Element, Bando, Paul Langley, and others. - In 2008, after he sign few tunes at label Skills Records, now he comes with other concept, this time at labels from USA, Italy or Austria, labels like *Cutz, Total Wipes, Petrol Dolar, and others. - His influences are based on his favourite djs, of techno, start from early of '80s, with much detroit techno and chicago funk, a lot of ghetto and tribal rhythyms up to hardgroove. "Very groovy principles of dance, techno is his way to reflect his mind,"
SearchAdd16Isidro Baptista
SearchAdd16Enrique Lynch Y Su Orquesta
SearchAdd16Miloš Bojanić Miloš BojanićSerbian folk singer born in Bijeljina, BiH. Father of [a=Bane Bojanić] and [a=Mikica Bojanić].
SearchAdd16Memphis Slim And The House Rockers
SearchAdd16Roderick Falconer Roderick Littleton Taylor
SearchAdd16Henry Busse And His Orchestra
SearchAdd16First Mike Miquel Xurigué PratsFirst Mike was born in Barcelona 4th December 1987. Since 13 he caught interest in electronic music and began producing with enthusiasm all kind of music styles until he established his prefference into House music and all it's variants. Up to date, First Mike has remixed many spanish artists such as Robert Morr, Alex Guerrero, Albert Neve, Carlos Gallardo, Javi Reina, Aitor Galan, G-Martin & Alex Barroso, Submission DJs, Nacho Chapado, Ivan Gomez, Mr. Danny... He has also remixed many international artists such as Freza & DJ Flash, Roberto Bedross, Stefano Secchi and Juan Boero. He was also remixed by many producers like Allan Ramirez & Bubu, Gabriel Robella, Juan Boero, Javi Reina, Carlos Gallardo, Albert Neve, Slamm, Submission DJs, D-Kristo, Matt Sanchezz, Rik-Art, Julio Leal & Javi Always... In 2006, First Mike won an amateur production contest organized by Technics. The price was a vinyl edition of his two winning tracks: "Blue Guitar" and "Turn Me Out". In 2007, First Mike begins to form part of the 'Batuque Records' producer's crew, releasing his first tracks on this label: "Valkyrie", "Outside", "Give You" and "Parallel". In summer 2007, First Mike joins Underground Spain Records, a label established in Madrid, with a remix of Ivan Gomez & Mark Sanchez track "I'm Ready". Later on, he releases two of his productions on the same label: "Something Else" and "Cross The Line". At the end of 2008, First Mike joins Coito Records as an artist of the label after releasing "Te Necesito" with Submission DJs. Contact:
SearchAdd16Zaim Imamović Zaim ImamovićBosnian folk (sevdalinke) singer. Born Aug. 26, 1920 in Mrkonjić Grad. Died Feb. 2, 1994 in Sarajevo.
SearchAdd16Volodin Andre
SearchAdd16Kurt Vethake Kurt VethakeGerman director and producer of radioplays, born 5 August 1919, died 12 April 1990 in Berlin, Germany. Besides his real name he used the aliases Patrick Hampton, Teddy Parker, Axel Busch and Peter Ott for the radioplays he made from 1959 to 1980.
SearchAdd16Robin Hirte Robin HirteGerman Techno DJ and producer, born 11 October 1972 in Stuttgart.
SearchAdd16Fontanna And His Orchestra
SearchAdd16Milena Plavšić
SearchAdd16Dan Efex Daniel ThorkidsenAmerican trance DJ/producer.
SearchAdd16Priest In Shit Sean Matzus, Richard Ramirez, Tanner GarzaHouston-based experimental/junk metal noise group
SearchAdd16Luis Arcaraz Y Su Orquesta Luis Arcaráz was the premier Mexican orchestra leader of the postwar era, appealing to an enormous fan base on both sides of the border with a repertoire that boasted American and Latin pop favorites. After studying music and engineering in Spain, he returned to Mexico City to accept a radio job with station XEW, singing and playing piano to the tune of 36 cents an hour. But the exposure nevertheless made Arcaráz a household name, and when his first big band debuted at Tampico's Teatro Palma in 1928, ticket sales were overwhelming. While the orchestra was famed for its vast American pop songbook, Arcaráz was a prolific composer in his own right, penning some 200 songs during his career (including his theme, "Sombra Verde"); most were written for the Mexican film industry, with dozens of motion pictures featuring Arcaráz scores. By the early '50s, the band claimed a large fan base in the southwestern U.S. and toured regularly throughout the decade.
SearchAdd16Twilight Memories Of The Three Suns All Twilight Memories records are pressed in limited editions between 100 and 300 copies. Master plates are also never recovered, so repressing is not likely.
SearchAdd16Silk Tymes Leather Members Vicki Jordan, Dyonna Lewis, Jocelyn Rabon Silk Tymes Leather was a hip-hop/rap trio from Atlanta, Georgia that consisted of Vicki "Silk" Jordan, Dyonna "Diamond X" Lewis and Jocelyn "Leather" Rabon.
SearchAdd16Brevil Dale StephenDJ and producer from Australia. He is the founder of [l=Electric Larry Records].
SearchAdd16Kipras Petrauskas Lithuanian tenor (1885-1968)
SearchAdd16qichan Robert LaBargeInspired by such acts as [a=Seism], qichan began releasing his back catalogue via the [url=]Internet Archive[/url], through his label Eileen Chang Records, and through various other willing hosts. qichan (蚔禪) promotes ideas of gender transcendence, feminism, anarchism, Buddhism, space exploration, subversive art, linguistics, and philosophy.
SearchAdd16Cousin Ice
SearchAdd16Black Buster Black Buster
SearchAdd16Uneven Universe
SearchAdd16Eddy. T Remo TedescoItalian DJ and producer born 8 January 1983 in Cassino. He is the founder of [l=BimboMix Records].
SearchAdd16Perfect Kombo Claudio Fernandez MedelBorn in Beas (Huelva), Spain, on 31 July 1986
SearchAdd16Intensitive Producer born in Madrid,Spain 1977.He started as a dj in 1994, working for various clubs in Madrid and produced in 1997.After a lot of hard work and many themes, mostly tech house, he joins Quality Madrid Records, releasing 2 maxisingles under Parking Records(1999/2000).During 2000 and 2001, he rejects some offers from different labels, such as BPM.He’s composed over 400 tracks between 1997 and 2010 (full info and records available) in many different styles.Nowadays he’s mainly devoted to producing minimal / techno tracks.
SearchAdd16With Prison Cell Was Embraced
SearchAdd16Joseph Strength Audio Filthy breakcore power electronics 2014 - 2016
SearchAdd16The Torero Band Britisch group of studio musicians, imitating the style of [a275002]. The band was leaded by [a96043]
SearchAdd16Tank Genocide Adrien MArtinThe man behind Tank Genocide is also known in France as White TerroriSSte.
SearchAdd16The Claus Ogerman Orchestra
SearchAdd16National Intercollegiate Band
SearchAdd16Jjoth Experimental and Electronic music artist from Ukraine. Founder of [l=8 Ravens]. Most often appears as [i]jjoth[/i] aka Alice Lues
SearchAdd16Abandoned Soul Jani Salonen
SearchAdd16Duke Slammer
SearchAdd16Danovak & Co.
SearchAdd16Cristian Manolo Cristian Biagio MagalettiItalian DJ and producer based in Taranto.
SearchAdd16Rolldabeetz Soundman Pako & Fabo px
SearchAdd16Fabio Scalabroni