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Some problems will just be due to deficiencies in the Discogs to Musicbrainz artist matching algorithm employed by Albunack.

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We have also omitted artists that are not unique in both MusicBrainz and Discogs because these artists are probably not missing just more difficult to match up.

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Limited report to artists with at least two single artist releases for now.

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Search Add 4322 Geovanni Geovanni Simpson Mastering and vinyl cutting engineer at [l313229] in Kingston, Jamaica.
Search Add 1605 Ariola-Studios German design studio. Use only for [i]Design, Art Direction[/i] and similar [b]credits[/b]. Before 1986 please use (if noted) as [a3997092] and use [i]ANV[/i] to add correct printed name. The [b]sound studio[/b] is known as "[l337799]". For [b]Designed At[/b] credit please use ([i]the[b] label[/b] not the artist[/i]) [l705338] or [l419147] or [l425667]
Search Add 1030 Mohanmurali Graphic designer from India.
Search Add 687 Mattia Travaglini Mattia Travaglini Italian Designer - Digital Painter. Founder and Co-Owner of [l=Viral Conspiracy Records].
Search Add 612 Jagger-Richards Also known as [a=The Glimmer Twins], this is the partnership of [a=Mick Jagger] and [a=Keith Richards] of [a=The Rolling Stones], most commonly used for joint writing credits.
Search Add 555 FPM Factor Product München Multidisciplinary design studio based in Munich, Germany. [b]Contact:[/b] factor product GmbH Comeniusstr. 1 RGB D-81667 München Germany Phone: +49 89 489 278 10 Email: contact@factor-product.com
Search Add 490 Elian Grafische Vormgeving Dutch design studio, also referenced as Elian Graphic Design. Initially located in Soest, The Netherlands, and later in Emst, The Netherlands. Company profile [l=Elian Grafische Vormgeving].
Search Add 489 Howard Craft Mastering engineer at [l=Mastercraft] Studios, Memphis, Tennessee.
Search Add 478 Phunky Phat Graph-X US-American design company. For company section, please use: [l=Phunky Phat Graph-X]
Search Add 471 Frankie McIntosh Soca Keyboardist - Arranger
Search Add 465 Mr Krum Darrell Krum Visual artist from Brighton, United Kingdom
Search Add 437 Ivan Ćulum Ivan Ćulum (1939 - 13. 09. 2008) Designer and layouter for sleeves for PGP RTB/RTS.
Search Add 433 Ruslan Troknyuk Ruslan Troknyuk
Search Add 406 Aleš Striegl Aleš Striegl Czech graphic designer. Born March 2, 1946 in Prague (former Czechoslovakia).
Search Add 399 Dave Bhang Designer and Illustrator since 1964, he has worked in various capacities as graphic designer, art director, illustrator educator and consultant in such diverse areas as [i]Playboy[/i] magazine, the [i]Herald Examiner[/i], [i]New West[/i] magazine, and design director of Home magazine of the [i]Los Angeles Sunday Times[/i]. He also worked for Warner Bros. Records as an in-house designer until opening his office in 1970, Dave Bhang Design. He has designed album covers for many of the L.A. based record companies. His most notable work in that area was providing the design and artwork for the [a94066] logo for their first two albums.
Search Add 394 Terence Butler Terence Michael Joseph Butler Real name profile of British rock bassist [a=Geezer Butler], used mainly for writing credits. [b]Note:[/b] Credits that either are the real surname alone (or misspellings thereof) or include the real forename (or its initial) belong to this real name profile.
Search Add 391 Curtis McNair Art Director at [l=Motown] - Designer
Search Add 385 Max Lussi Swiss sound engineer and label owner. Died in 2000. Owner of [l=Tonstudio Max Lussi, Basel] and [l=Tonstudio Max Lussi & Co.]
Search Add 378 Marty Sheller Trumpet player, arranger, composer, conductor and occasional producer. Best known for his work with [a=Mongo Santamaria]. Born on March 15, 1940, in Newark, New Jersey, USA.
Search Add 377 Ivo Umek Slovenian keyboardist, producer, editor and publisher born in Celje. From 1972 worked at [l=RTV Ljubljana]/[l=ZKP RTVL] as a producer, executive and director of [l=ZKP RTVS] (1994-2007).
Search Add 373 Création Publicis French design company. See also [l1063749].
Search Add 362 Hills Archer Studios Graphic Design Studio.
Search Add 360 John Hoernle John Hoernle Designer & artist. Art director at Capitol in the 70s.
Search Add 356 Marco Storti
Search Add 350 Lloyd "Pickout" Dennis Reggae producer, owner of the labels [l=Pickout] and [l=Legal Light], see also [l=Legal Light Sounds], [l=Legal Light Music], [l=Legal Light Rec. Co.] and [l50931].
Search Add 347 Wim J.E. Zuijdervelt
Search Add 347 Thomas Mathie Thomas Mathie is running the UK based [url=https://www.discogs.com/label/432422-We-Are-All-Ghosts]We Are All Ghosts[/url] netlabel.
Search Add 346 Grafik Atelier Baumeister Design company Haller Str. 113 33334 Gütersloh Tel: 05241/96070 Fax: 05241/960760
Search Add 345 Siniša Škarica Croatian music producer and publisher, born February 22, 1946 in Šibenik, Croatia. Also a guitar/bass player in 'Magneti' and 'Mi'. Founder and owner of sublabels [l=Perfekt Music] & [l=Master Music (4)]. One of key A&R master editors in the history of [l=Jugoton] (1974/1991) a.k.a. [l=Croatia Records] company (1991/1997). Also a CEO of [l=HRT Orfej] (1997/1999). As a multiple winner of award in the fields of compilations and historical reissue projects, in 2001 he was prized with national Porin Music Award for a special achievement in croatian discograprahic industry. He is known as a pioneer in producing, distributing and promoting discographic catalogues on croatian and regional markets.
Search Add 343 *caption Graphic design, communication agency specialized in artists promotion owned by [a=Laurent Sadeg] and located in Grenoble, France Contact info: e-mail: laurent@followthecaption.com
Search Add 341 Herb Burnette Art director & photographer.
Search Add 334 NOFI Production, Hamburg Credited for artwork
Search Add 327 Mortierorgel This artist holds the releases containing performances by one of the many automated organs created by Mortier in Antwerp. The founder of that company was Theophile Mortier (born 1855 - died 1944), who was the owner of a large dance hall in Antwerp city. During its existence the company created more than 600 different dance organs and orchestrions, while having its peak moment between 1919 and 1928. The company went bankrupt in 1952, once the public interest for their organs had hit an absolute low.
Search Add 316 Dragan Aleksandrić Dragan Aleksandrić Serbian folk producer, composer, arranger and accordion player, born on 7 June 1949 in Belgrade, Serbia.
Search Add 315 The Creative Department If referred to as a location, like [i]"Designed at"[/i], please us [l809609].
Search Add 313 DJ Mormile James Mormile Former senior VP of A&R at [l=Interscope Records] until he left the label in 2014, shortly after [a=Jimmy Iovine] left.
Search Add 313 Stanko Terzić Stanko Terzić Stanko Terzić (Ivangrad, 09. 09. 1934 - Beograd, 10. 07. 2010) credited as producer, production manager, editor, editor-in-chief and director at PGP RTB, PGP RTS and in the late '90ies at City Records (2).
Search Add 306 Jo Slee Worked as a production manager for Rough Trade, personal assistant for [a=Morrissey] and designed covers for The Smiths. / Morrissey.
Search Add 301 Hard.D.Sign Design division of [l=H.P.G. Detonator] (St. Petersburg, Russia). This is new name of [a=De'Core Works] since 2012.
Search Add 299 Kochlowski German graphic design company. Please use [l852226], if used as a company credit. Please note, that many credits consists of the structure "Kochlowski / Artist" and represent the concrete artist, who did the work for this company.
Search Add 296 Heinz Stieger Swiss designer & illustrator (1917-)
Search Add 295 Dark. Descent. Media.
Search Add 282 Gerd Semder Designer for the GDR labels [l47734] and [l6621].
Search Add 274 Ashley "Grub" Cooper Asley Cooper
Search Add 270 Edward J. Repka American graphic artist.
Search Add 269 Sönke Bahns Mastering engineer at [l266542] from 1985 to 1988. His signature was "[url=http://s.pixogs.com/image/A-3362330-1372957236-4155.jpeg]BN[/url]" in the runout.
Search Add 267 Dragan Stojković Dragan Stojković Bosanac Born 2.12.1962 Konjic / Bosna i Hercegovina
Search Add 267 Tennant / Lowe Over the years, Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe ([a=Pet Shop Boys]) had their writing credits noted in many ways. Usually, they credits themselves under the traditional "Tennant / Lowe" mention, but under certain circumstances (such as for instrumental tracks), they use the "Lowe / Tennant" variation.
Search Add 266 Milenko Miletić Milenko Miletić Designer and Photographer from Belgrade
Search Add 266 Zvonko Petrinec
Search Add 265 Cecil Bustamente Campbell Cecil Eustace Bustamante Campbell Cecil Bustamante Campbell, OD (born May 24, 1938, Kingston, Jamaica – died September 8, 2016, Miami, Florida, USA) perhaps better known by his stage name [a38770], was a Jamaican singer-songwriter and producer. He was regarded as one of the most important figures in the history of ska and rocksteady music.
Search Add 263 Dino Malito Dino Malito [b]Dino Malito[/b] is a music producer and recording artist. As Vice President of [l79990], he has worked extensively in developing the record label's roster including work with Japanese composer [a76122]. Also known as the founding member of [a6426622] and for establishing the American independent label [l773201].
Search Add 255 Павел Шегерян Павел Владимирович Шегерян Cover designer for label [l15486] Born: November 27, 1950
Search Add 254 Orkest O.l.v. Jack Bulterman
Search Add 254 Ivek Krpač Ivan Krpač Slovenian vocalist, choir director and record executive born 1935, died in 2007. Former director of [l=ZKP RTVS] in Ljubljana (1990-1994). Brother of [a=Ciril Krpač].
Search Add 252 Michael Kowalkowski Michael Kowalkowski German designer at [l=Bureau Orange], Hamburg.
Search Add 251 Morning Breath Inc. Artwork & Design team located in Brooklyn, NY
Search Add 250 Dennis "Star" Hayles Responsible for the [l=Dennis Star International] label.
Search Add 248 Mozoart
Search Add 248 The Artifex Studio Art & design studio.
Search Add 247 Jack Kipp German graphic designer and photographer, based in Cologne, Germany.
Search Add 246 Zacron Richard Drew English artist who designed the [m=4199] album cover. (1943 - January 2012).
Search Add 244 John Barham John Barham is an English classical pianist, composer, arranger, producer and educator, best known for his orchestration of [a243955] albums such as [r516882] (1970) and for his association with Indian sitar maestro [a299241]. Most often in the role of orchestral or choral arranger, Barham also contributed to albums such as the Beatles' [m24212], John Lennon's [m72879] and Gary Wright's Footprint in the early 1970s. His projects as a music producer during the same period included three albums by progressive rock band [a267835], and he has worked on film or TV soundtracks for directors Otto Preminger, Alejandro Jodorowsky and Jonathan Miller. Other artists with whom Barham has worked include Elton John, André Previn, Phil Spector, Roger Daltrey, Yoko Ono and Jackie Lomax
Search Add 244 Chic Laganella Anthony Laganella Visual artist known for his association with [l=Somerset]. Birth: 1931 Death: 1985
Search Add 243 Studio Krogmann
Search Add 238 Miguel Plopschi
Search Add 237 Johnny Gayden Johnny B. Gayden American blues, funk and rock bassist. Recorded with Albert Collins, Johnny Copeland, Robert Cray, Johnny Winter, Gary Moore, John Primer, Son Seals, A.C. Reed, Junior Wells, Koko Taylor and many others. Born : 1953 in Chicago, Illinois.
Search Add 234 Gianfranco Lombardi Gianfranco Lombardi d'Aquino Napoli 25.6.1941 San Lorenzello (BN) 1.10.2020
Search Add 232 Capitol Photo Studio Photo Studio for Capitol Records, Inc.
Search Add 232 Marina Gerardi
Search Add 231 Nkrumah Thomas Nkrumah Manley Thomas
Search Add 230 Marc Kreiner Head of [l=MK Productions].
Search Add 227 Studio Moletti
Search Add 226 Želimir Babogredac Croatian music producer and publisher, born 1953 in Vinkovci, Croatia. In 1979 founded [l=Studio Rockoko, Bošnjaci] in Slavonia, Croatia, as a very first residential professional music studio in Yugoslavia. Zagreb-based since 1990 where the studio was transferred ([l=Studio Rockoko, Zagreb]), producing more than 200 albums and some of the most popular songs from the region. Awarded a prestige audio engineering prize Ampex Golden Reel Award (1989, Crvena Jabuka; 1990, Tajči) and the national Porin Music Award for life achievement in 2007. Long term board of directors president of [l=Hrvatska Diskografska Udruga] (Croatian Phonographic Association). CEO of [l20285] since 2006. Owner of [l=Rockoko Studio Production]. Founder of [a=The Milky Way (6)]. Father of [a=Antun Babogredac].
Search Add 226 Hommage Multimedia GmbH
Search Add 226 Beau Huggins Executive Producer; co-owner of Orpheus and Hush management/production companies with his brother [a=Charles Huggins]
Search Add 220 Борис Столяров Graphic artist, photographer
Search Add 216 Krzysztof Walczak
Search Add 215 Augusto Visco
Search Add 215 Manfred Kempfer German designer
Search Add 214 Miguel Angel Varona Miguel Ángel Varona Ausejo Spanish composer and arranger Miguel Ángel Varona Ausejo (b. 1943), also multi-instrument player.
Search Add 213 Banibrata Indian designer.
Search Add 212 Dragan ŠuhART
Search Add 211 Bertram "Ranchie" McLean Reggae guitarist and bassist.
Search Add 211 David Thekwane David Thekwane is a South African saxophone player who was equally working as a producer. He became most successful with his productions for The Movers, mainly destined for the African Soul market and based on the music of American idols like Percy Sledge, Wilson Pickett and Booker T & The MG’s. David Thekwane also produced numerous other South African artists working in the same field with less success but nevertheless, good music came out of these collaborations . The most famous names include the Flaming Souls, The Mabone Boys and the Soul Throbs to name a few. Not exactly household names but these days their work has been rediscovered by UK based labels like Strut.
Search Add 210 Ansambl Dragana Aleksandrića
Search Add 210 Burningbox.it Italian graphic design studio owned by [a=Elia Murgia] in Magenta, Italy. Previously known as [a=EliaDezign.com] (until October 2006) Via V. Magna, 40 - 20013 Magenta (MI) - Italy Tel. +39 393.9082993 E-mail: info@burningbox.it Obsolete: Via G. Berchet, 51 - 20025 Legnano (MI) - Italy
Search Add 209 Amalesh Dev Indian graphic designer, Associate Professor at the College of Art, Delhi.
Search Add 208 Stanisław Żakowski Polish graphic designer, active in Poland from 1960. Not to be confused with [a=Stanislaw Zagorski], active in New York 1964-1992.
Search Add 208 Popy Oil Originally from Tokunoshima in the Amami Islands. Currently resides in Fukuoka, Japan. Illustrator, Designer of [l45883]. Presentation of the designs comes in vast forms including CD and record covers, logos, posters, music videos, and web design.
Search Add 207 Kamal Shedge Indian typographic designer whom carrier started from the early 60's when he worked for the "Maharashtra Times". Around this time he got an opportunity to work for Late Shri [a2168983]. Shri Wagh started a drama production house called, ‘Chandralekha, which staged many Marathi dramas. Since the first drama of ‘Chandralekha’, Shedge has been designing titles for these dramas.
Search Add 207 DPR Mastering Mastering Service of MFSound Media with focus on electronic music
Search Add 206 Государственный Эстрадный Оркестр РСФСР Famous Leonid Utesov's jazz orchestra based in 1929 Conductors: 1929-1947 [a=Леонид Утесов] (Leonid Utesov) 1948-1958 [a=Вадим Людвиковский] (Vadim Lyudvikovsky) 1974-19?? [a=Константин Певзнер] (Konstantin Pevzner) 1985-1989 [a=Дмитрий Атовмян] (Dmitry Atovmyan)
Search Add 206 Garfield Francis Mastering and vinyl cutting engineer at [l313229]. in Kingston, Jamaica. Another Garfield sound engineer is [a491512]
Search Add 205 Khwaja Pervaiz 1932–2011, prominent Pakistani composer and lyricist. He wrote nearly 10,000 songs for Urdu and Punjabi films. His illustrious film career spanned over 45 years.
Search Add 204 Norman "Bull Pus" Bryan Among others run Labels [l1221991] and [l215486] together with [a2880492]
Search Add 202 Microfoam, s.l. Graphic design company in Barcelona, Spain.
Search Add 201 Gian Carlo Greguoli Italian photographer and designer from Milan
Search Add 201 Moskof-Morrison Inc.
Search Add 200 جورج يوسف Georges Youssef is a Lebanese designer.
Search Add 199 Jacques Delemarre
Search Add 199 Pérez De León Spanish photographer, actor and founder of the School of Actors in Spain. May appear credited as "Fotocolor Pérez de León"
Search Add 198 Howard Sackler Howard Oliver Sackler American screenwriter and playwright, born December 19, 1929 in New York City, New York, USA, died October 12, 1982 in Ibiza, Spain. He also directed over 200 recordings for [l56491].
Search Add 198 Worry Rock
Search Add 197 Alain DeRoque Alain Lalancette Canadian artist, musician, and engineer based in Montréal, Quebec. Born in Montréal in 1948, he started his career as a cutting engineer for [l264089] in 1967 and worked there in in that capacity until 1971. In 1971 he moved to [l305702] as a recording engineer and producer until 1977 when he joined [l355111] as a mastering and cutting engineer. In 1988 he stopped cutting and focused on mastering at SNB. He was Manager of SNB from 2000 to 2004. In 2005 he joined [a1337216]'s [l417854] in St-Calixte, Quebec as Manager, where he remained until it closed in 2013, Retired from the music business since, he is now a painter although still occasionally helps out at [l333273]. His "Aℓ" etch in runouts can be misinterpreted as "SL" or "sl"
Search Add 196 John A. Rivers John A. Rivers U.K. Producer/Engineer/Musician Owner of [l=Woodbine Studios] also known as [l=WSRS] Woodbine St. Recording Studio - 27 Woodbine St, Leamington Spa.
Search Add 196 Toshiba Recording Orchestra
Search Add 195 Pepe Nieto Ángel José Nieto González‏ Spanish musician, songwriter, soundtrack composer and TV series and producer Ángel José Nieto González‏ (Madrid, 1942). Also credited as [b]José Nieto[/b] specially when he became film composer. Se started as drummer in 1958 on [a607018], then since 1962 beguine as arranger and producer on Julio Iglesias, Massiel, Nino Bravo, Vainica Doble, Marisol records and later in 1969 he started to compose film scores with his work in "La Lola, dicen que no duerme sola" until nowadays. He has won several "Goya" awards (similar to Oscar in Spanish films). Also music composer for theatre and ballet. Nowadays more credited as José Nieto.
Search Add 194 Works Associates Art / Design company in Dublin responsible for designing a great deal of U2's released material. They are now known as Four5One.
Search Add 193 Michael D'Amato Experimental film maker, cartoonist, voice actor, and noise artist born April 21st, 1992 from Auburn, WA. Now relocated in Federal Way, WA. Owner of the [l=Droid-Tunes] records.
Search Add 191 The Raven Design Group The Raven Design Group was a London based artwork and design business, known for cover design mostly on Charly Records Group and See For Miles Records Ltd. releases between 1982 and 1990. Any releases (with this name or similar names) outside this time-frame are likely to be other companies. There is also a Danish Raven Design Group and many US companies with the same name. Another designer [a=Adam Yeldham] also did design work for Charly. In 1996 he established the similarly named [a=Raven Design], chiefly active again 2002+ with Proper Music releases.
Search Add 191 Adelmo Musso
Search Add 191 Franco Cassano Francesco Cassano Franco Cassano was an Italian pianist, composer, arranger, conductor and record producer. Born May 29, 1922 in San Severo, Foggia and died 29 December, 2016 in Milan.
Search Add 190 Pete Helffrich Peter J. Helffrich Cutting mastering engineer. (1930-1999) Helffrich was the owner and operator of [l=Helffrich Recording Labs] in Allentown, Pennsylvania. The company offered a full range of record production: recording, mastering, lacquer cutting, pressing, etc. "Pete Helffrich" script appears in the runouts of Everest, VOX, Nonesuch, and many other releases. He was a member of the Independent Business Association and the Porsche Club of America.
Search Add 190 Domizia Gandolfi Italian graphic designer.
Search Add 190 Studio Gerrard Design studio. As a company, see [l=Studio Gerrard].
Search Add 190 Branimir Đokić Branimir Đokić Serbian composer, born 5.2.1950 arranger and accordion player. Artistic editor in chief of the 'Narodni Ansambl RTS'.
Search Add 189 19 Management Ltd. UK Management company run by [a=Simon Fuller (2)], best known for the [a=Spice Girls] and is named after [m41769]. Related companies for recording and publishing include: [l=19 Music], [l=19 Music Ltd.] [l=19 Recordings] [l=19 Entertainment Ltd.]
Search Add 188 Feref UK design company, founded 1968, based at 17 - 18 Great Pulteney Street, Soho, London W1F 9NE
Search Add 188 Silvano Bulešić Cutting engineer at [l=Jugoton] from 1981 to 1990. Born December 08, 1951 in Pula, Croatia. Lives in Zagreb, Croatia.
Search Add 188 Frédérick Caracas Bass player and arranger from the french West Indies.
Search Add 186 Svein Sundby Norwegian jazz musician and sound engineer. Started his jazz career in 1950 playing piano in West End Dixies, before switching to clarinet around the same time he also co-founded [a842758] (1952). In 1957 he left them and played with Sixpence Jazzband until 1960 when he semi-retired as a musician in order to focus more on his "real" job as a sound engineer. In 1970 however he started playing with a band again, this time the [a3626550]. He also sporadically played with [a2078642] as a guest. While Sundby was undertaking the education to become a sound engineer in the 1950s, he assembled a small recording studio in his basement, complete with lathe for cutting lacquer discs. Many Norwegian dixiejazz musicians, as well as some modern jazz musicians, recorded in Sundby's make-shift basement studio and had their recordings cut on lacquer disc. These remain a unique historical record of the "dixie scene" in Norway at the time, seeing as the more established record companies and studios had little interest in recording Norwegian jazz in the 1950s. As an engineer he worked for several notable Norwegian studios, including [l265174] and [l264550]. His work can be identified by his initials SS being etched in the runout of a record, often (but not always) with a circle around and often (but again not always) with the initials of the studio. For example "SS-RAL" for "Svein Sundby - Roger Arnhoff Lydstudio".
Search Add 186 David Ya David Saulnier Born the 31th of December, 1970 @ Le Mans / France. Founder of the label Entropy Records.
Search Add 186 Farina/Crivellente/Fadinger Mauro Farina / Guiliano Crivellente / Florian Fadinger [b]Producer, Arranger, Remixer - Trio[/b] The production of hits for the Japanese market was conducted by the newly created company "F.C.F." (Farina - Crivellente - Fadinger). Florian Fadinger, known as producer of "Electric Salsa" by OFF, whom Mauro back in 1986 made friends with, was in charge of the commercial part of the F.C.F. project. The F.C.F. was printed o­n Japanese umbrellas, beer bottles and purses, as the eurobeat team was popular with the Japanese people.
Search Add 184 Hidetomo Yoneda
Search Add 184 Felix B. Mangione Félix Buget Mangione Head of [l=Blanco Y Negro Music, S.A.]
Search Add 184 Trude Rittman
Search Add 183 Lincoln Minott
Search Add 182 O'Neil Nanco Designer and photographer.
Search Add 181 Spanky DeBrest Jimmy DeBrest American jazz bassist, born April 24, 1937 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, U.S.A.., died March 2, 1973 in the same city. DeBrest worked with Lee Morgan, Art Blakey's Jazz Messengers (1958), Ray Draper's Quintet (1957), Jackie McLean, Mal Waldron, Ben Dixon, John Coltrane, Clifford Jordan, J. J. Johnson and others.
Search Add 181 Miroljub Aranđelović Miroljub Aranđelović Accordion player and folk composer from Serbia. Married to [a=Zorica Brunclik]. Ex wife - [a=Vesna Zmijanac].
Search Add 180 Bernt Möhrle Bernt Moehrle
Search Add 179 hr1 Radio channel 1 of German public broadcaster [l=Hessischer Rundfunk].
Search Add 179 Abie Sussman Art Director & Designer Worked for Levy, Sussman & Levine, Inc.
Search Add 178 Drago Fernandez Dagoberto Fernandez Graphic Designer of LP Covers - [l530994]
Search Add 178 عيضة المنهالي عيضة بن طناف المنهالي Eida al-Mihali (born 1978) is an Emirati singer, composer and poet.
Search Add 177 Freddy "Freshplate" UK mastering/lacquer cutting engineer at [l=JTS Studios], London. Ran [l=Freddies Studio] where [a=MJ Cole] engineered his early UK Garage releases. Can be identified by [i]FRESHPLATE[/i] or [i]FRESH[/i] in the run-out grooves. Credit as Lacquer Cut By.
Search Add 176 De'Core Works Design division of [l=H.P.G. Detonator] (St. Petersburg, Russia). In 2012 renamed to [a=Hard.D.Sign].
Search Add 176 Ferro Piludu Ferruccio Piludu Italian photographer & designer, said [i]Ferro[/i] (Milano, 1930, ✝ Aug. 21, 2011, crashed falling with his glider in Ortona dei Marsi, near the [i]National Park of Abruzzo[/i]). He had three great passions: gliding (he won many world records), graphics (was considered an innovator) and anarchy. No coincidence that his works were presented at the [i]Museum of Modern Art [/i],New York; [i]Triennale[/i] Milan; [i]Internationalen Design Zentrum[/i], Berlin. He also won the [i]World Gold Cover[/i] for the covers of almost all records of [a=Sergio Endrigo].
Search Add 175 Madame Tussauds Madame Tussauds London Madame Tussauds is a wax museum in London with smaller museums in a number of other major cities. It used to be known as ‘Madame Tussaud's’, but the apostrophe is no longer used. The museum was founded by wax sculptor Marie Tussaud. With her sons, Madame Tussaud established a base in London at ‘The Baker Street Bazaar’ in 1835. But in 1884, Marie’s grandsons moved the attraction to its current site on Marylebone Road. Madame Tussauds is a major tourist attraction in London, displaying the waxworks of famous and historic people and also many film characters. Contact Info: Madame Tussauds Marylebone Road London NW15LR United Kingdom
Search Add 175 Ink Studios A Düsseldorf-based design studio.
Search Add 174 Ansambl Ace Stepića
Search Add 174 P. Oluoch Kanindo Phares Oluoch Kanindo Born 29 November 1942 and died 24 May 2014, Phares Oluoch Kanindo was a veteran politician and an important music producer in Kenya.
Search Add 173 Ansambl Budimira Jovanovića
Search Add 173 Ansambl Dušana Radetića
Search Add 172 Give Up Art London-based graphic design studio.
Search Add 172 Justin Chodzko Illustrator and graphic artist. Has designed for labels including Beard Science, Tulipa Recordings, Narrow Gauge, Faxem, Talahachi and the London Housing Trust.
Search Add 172 The Robert Stigwood Organisation In December 1967 [a272144] formed company called [a887322]. It was involved in promotion, management and production in all entertainment field.
Search Add 170 Farben+Formen Farben+Formen Werbeagentur GmbH was founded in 1992 by Christoph Witte.
Search Add 170 Jean-Marie Sohie
Search Add 170 Irwin Rosenhouse Irwin Jacob Rosenhouse American illustrator and designer (1924-2002)
Search Add 169 Suite 303 French advertising agency founded in September 1997 by graphic designer & art director Fabrice Traverse until February 2001.
Search Add 168 Musicmastering.nl
Search Add 167 Aleksandar Radulović - Futa Aleksandar Radulović Serbian pop/folk composer and producer. Plays guitar. Used to be member of 'Zana' and 'Zamba'. Married to [a=Marina Tucaković]. Father of [a=Milan Radulović].
Search Add 166 Vieroslav Matušík Věroslav Matušík Czechoslovak musician (bassoon), composer and conductor. Born on August 28, 1927, in Ostrava (former Czechoslovakia), died on January 17, 1995, in Bratislava, Slovakia. Member of the Slovak Philharmonic Orchestra (Slovenská filharmónia), founding member of the Czechoslovak Radio Strings Dance Orchestra Bratislava (Sláčikový tanečný orchester Čs. rozhlasu Bratislava), 1970-1991 conductor of the Czechoslovak Radio Dance Orchestra Bratislava (Tanečný orchester Čs. rozhlasu v Bratislave).
Search Add 165 E. Maximilian P. Pfisterer E. Maximilian P. Pfisterer Graduate engineer of communication design, based in Stuttgart, Germany. EMPP Graphics Silberburgstraße 45 70176 Stuttgart Germany +49 (0) 173 941 26 40 +49 (0) 711 31 966 179
Search Add 165 Pye Records Studios [b]Use only for visual credits (i.e. Sleeve Design, Artwork and Art Direction).[/b] Art & Design departement studio of Pye Records.
Search Add 164 Honeya Thompson
Search Add 164 Clara Zoni Clara Zoni Italian artwork designer.
Search Add 164 Re:Peat Artwork studio, part of [l=N.E.W.S.]
Search Add 163 Trade Platemaking Services Plate Maker situated in Camberwell, South-East London, supplying printing plates to printing companies such as Garrod & Lofthouse , EJ Day and MacNeill press, who produced most of the sleeves printed in the UK.
Search Add 163 Manfred Schoedsack Manfred-Joachim Schoedsack Graphic design company based in Hamburg, Germany.
Search Add 163 www.KBundB.de
Search Add 163 Mike van Summeren
Search Add 163 Josep Casas i Augé Josep Casas i Augé Josep Casas i Augé (Barcelona, ​​June 6, 1913 - 7 November 1988), musician, composer of music for film and dance and orchestra conductor. Co-founder with José Ortiz Almansa (ex-torero) of [l289405] in 1961. Brother of [a1799134]
Search Add 163 Amy Bennick Designer for [url=http://www.discogs.com/label/Select+Records]Select Records[/url] and others affiliated labels.
Search Add 162 Janette Brown
Search Add 162 Marco NFT
Search Add 162 Andy Kulberg American bassist and flautist, born 30 April 1944 in Buffalo, New York, USA, died 28 January 2002 in Marin County, California, USA.
Search Add 161 Cook-Greenaway Songwriting partnership who also performed as David & Jonathan.
Search Add 160 Monika Prust Designer for the GDR labels Amiga and Eterna.
Search Add 160 Dougal Trineer Dougal Trineer Canadian singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist (bass, banjo, steel guitar, piano, fiddle) and record executive born January 19, 1940 in Calumet, Quebec. In May 1968 he was hired as Director of A&R for [l290744] just before their move to Toronto. Son of fiddler [a4943064].
Search Add 160 Václav Hybš Václav Hybš Czech band leader, conductor, arranger, trumpet player. Born June 3, 1935 in Police nad Metují (Náchod district, former Czechoslovakia). Member of [a=Zdeněk Barták Se Svým Orchestrem] 1954, [a=Ladislav Bezubka] Orchestra 1955, [a=Kamil Hála Se Svým Orchestrem] 1958–1959, [a=Czechoslovak Radio Dance Orchestra] / [a=Czechoslovak Radio Jazz Orchestra] 1960–1969. Leader of the [a=Václav Hybš Orchestra] since 1964.
Search Add 160 Petr Foltera Petr Foltera Czech graphic designer.
Search Add 159 محمد طهار الفرڤاني محمد طهار الفرڤاني (Muḥammad Ṭahār al-Firgāni) محمد طهار الفرڤاني (Mohamed Tahar Fergani; born 9 May 1928, Constantine, Algeria - 7 December 2016, Paris, France) was an Algerian singer, violinist and composer, nicknamed the "Nightingale of Constantine". Master of the Malouf music of Constantine.
Search Add 158 Dr. Ebbetts Dr. Ebbets was a needledropper (a person who rips near mint/mint condition or unplayed vinyl records) who was famous in the bootleg/audiophile communities for his Beatles releases, which are regarded by some as being the best sounding versions of those albums. He retired in 2009 due to the upcoming release of [m=180645], but returned in 2010 to release four new titles to his most dedicated customers. NOTE: Both of the sites below are run by fans
Search Add 158 Dan Quest Art Studio Design studio of [A=Dan Quest] and [A=Dan Quest & Associates], located in Nashville, U.S.A. Use this entry when directly credited. For company purposes use: [L=Dan Quest Art Studio].
Search Add 157 Hubert Pirschner Songwriter and producer
Search Add 156 Columbia Records Photo Studio
Search Add 155 C. B. Matiwane
Search Add 155 محمد الموجي محمد أمين محمد الموجي (Mohamed Amin Mohamed El-Mougi) Mohamed El-Mougi (1923 - 1995) was an Egyptian composer. His name can also be transliterates as Mohamed Al Mogi, Mohamed El Mougi, Mohamed El Mougy, Mohammad Al Moogy or Mohammed Al Mouji
Search Add 155 Weijmans Media Groep
Search Add 154 Autrement Le Design* French design agency, created by [a1853868]. Autrement le design* 77, rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis 75010 Paris - France
Search Add 154 Thomas B. Allen Thomas B. Allen (1928 – November 8, 2004) was an American painter and illustrator known for a moody and expressionist style that pushed the boundaries of commercial art in the 1950s and 60s. He was born in Nashville, Tennessee, where he was educated at Vanderbilt University, and later at the Art Institute of Chicago.
Search Add 154 Ivan Piko Stančić Ivan Stančić Croatian artist, music producer, arranger and drummer. Ivan Stančić is the Son of [a=Miljenko Stančić] and [a=Melita Abramović].
Search Add 154 Τάκης Αθηναίος
Search Add 154 Bill Dees William Marvin Dees American musician and songwriter, born 24 January 1939 in Borger, Texas, died 24 October 2012 in Mountain Home, Arkansas. He enjoyed a successful career in the Nashville music scene as a singer, songwriter and entertainer, traveling the world performing. Bill's music included the No. 1 hits "Oh, Pretty Woman" and "It's Over" recorded by [a=Roy Orbison], and his songs were also recorded by artists as diverse as Loretta Lynn, Dinah Shore, Johnny Cash, The Germs, The Newbeats, Glen Campbell, Al Green and Van Halen.
Search Add 153 Timi Grabber Timi Holm Hansen Timi Grabber (Born: 28 October 1958 – Died: 4 November 2019) was a Danish bassist. He was the original bassist for [a=Mercyful Fate] and [a=King Diamond]. Initially he called himself "Timi Grabber" but used his real name [a421887] on later recordings.
Search Add 153 Burt Portnoy American graphic designer & illustrator
Search Add 153 Bruce Greenspan Bruce Greenspan
Search Add 153 Ren Grevatt aka "Rentoul Grevatt" Music Journalist and Publicist. Affiliated with Music Business Magazine
Search Add 152 Barrel Wight Side project of [a2315811]
Search Add 152 Yngve Solberg Swedish graphic designer
Search Add 151 Bob Feiden A&R executive.
Search Add 151 Jonny Antibiotic Benjamin Joseph (3) Member of numerous bands and projects.
Search Add 151 Ladislav Rada Ladislav Rada Czech graphic designer and painter. Born March 20, 1929 in Vojovice (former Czechoslovakia).
Search Add 150 Gregg Bielski Audio / Visual Artist... Experimental Music Composer... Improvisational Guitarist... Musician... Percussionist... Photographer... Pattern Programmer... Sound Collage Artist... Vocalist. Small Independent Label Owner: - RORER 714 Recordings Label - LEMMON 714 Recordings Label - P.A.I.N. (Pennsylvania Ambient - Industrial - Noise) Label.
Search Add 150 Сергей Щураков Сергей Михайлович Щураков Sergei Mikhailovich Schurakov (February 23, 1960, Leningrad – August 7, 2007, St. Petersburg) – Soviet and Russian rock musician, accordion player.
Search Add 150 Morgan Rivalin
Search Add 149 CCJ CCJ is: Colin Jones Synthesizer, Guitar and Effects. CCJ's musical style is mostly Ambient, Krautrock, Soundscape or Chill-out music, but there are a few other styles mixed in, think music that plays during a movie's end credits, or during non-verbal scenes in movies.From Portland, Oregon.
Search Add 149 Robert M. Jones American graphic designer & printmaker (1913-1993). He worked as art director for [l=Columbia] from 1945-53, then for [l=RCA Victor] and affiliated labels. Not to be confused with illustrator [a=Bob Jones (29)].
Search Add 148 Ira Tucker, Jr. Vocalist, long time publicist for [a18956] and son of [a341938] and one time member of [a301099]
Search Add 148 Sam McLaughlin
Search Add 147 The Wally Stott Chorale Choir led by Wally Stott, which is also credited as the Wally Stott Chorus, Wally Stott And His Chorus, and the usual variations.
Search Add 146 Phillip Linton [l=Arrows Records] CEO Phillip Linton was shot dead at his recording studio on March 4, 2004. He was 51 years old.
Search Add 146 Retrograph.de For company and design studio credits regarding the production of the artwork for the release consider using [Designed At] - [l861465]
Search Add 145 aeriola::behaviour
Search Add 145 Benno Schurr German voice actor, director and writer of radioplays and songwriter, born 17 December 1919 in Böttingen, Germany, died 30 May 2002 in Baden-Baden, Germany.
Search Add 145 Enes Mavrić Endži Enes Mavrić Accordion player, composer, arranger, producer and sound engineer. Owner of [l=Studio Endži, Beograd].
Search Add 145 E-cone e-cone Gfx French Techno Designer since 2008. Not a composer or an organizer, just a graphist implicated in the techno european scene who realise your flyers,stickers, vinyl templates & covers, etc
Search Add 145 Z-Art Designer or agency, based in Köln (Cologne), Germany.
Search Add 144 Здравствуй, Песня ВИА ''Здравствуй, песня'' Soviet vocal-instrumental ensemble formed in 1977.
Search Add 144 R23 Design
Search Add 144 Roberto Danova Giacinto Bettoni Producer
Search Add 144 Dave Moyssiadis US Mastering engineer. Has worked at [l=Frankford/Wayne Recording Labs], Philadelphia, PA and later at [l165472], NJ.
Search Add 143 Seven Productions Design and communication agency from Belgium.
Search Add 143 Bob Defrin Design
Search Add 143 The Design League
Search Add 143 Ariola-Eurodisc/Studios This is a company, so please use [l419147]
Search Add 143 Het Telstar Orkest O.l.v. Jean Kraft Dutch entertainment orchestra directed by [a508245]
Search Add 143 Grafica Industria Grafica Industria is a company of [a1069010] and others. Predecessor of [a512290]
Search Add 142 Elia SGD Elia Murgia Italian designer. He worked for [l=Self Distribuzione] (from 2000 to 2002).
Search Add 142 Michinari Yamada
Search Add 142 Perica Simonović Petar Simonović Serbian accordion player, composer and arranger born in 1963 in Belgrade. He was considered a wunderkind and became famous as a teenager, winning on various accordion competitions in the 1970's. One time he lived in Sarajevo, even during war in Bosnia & Herzegovina. After the war he moved back to Belgrade, where he lives to this day.
Search Add 142 Bill Landis
Search Add 141 Peter Whorf Graphics Graphic design studio run by photographer [a874138]. For the Individual please credit [a874138]
Search Add 141 Roger Dopson Music researcher, historian and writer of a great many sleeve/liner notes. Uses a number of "tongue in cheek" pseudonyms.
Search Add 141 Marcel Übersax Marcel Übersax
Search Add 140 Baby Records (2) Use this for production credits (presumably in-house staff) appearing on Italian label [l=Baby Records (2)].
Search Add 140 Jordi Magaña Credited for artwork/design. He runs the company [l=E+D].
Search Add 140 Charlie Kendall Charlie Kendall is a well known American disc jockey whos voice talents were used in many nationally syndicated radio programs for Westwood One Radio Networks, among others. Kendall began his love of radio at age 14. He was a Boy Scout at the time, and while on a tour of a local radio station, he visited the on-air studio. The instant the studio door opened, he knew this was the job for him. Kendall would go on to work at such legendary stations as New York's WNEW, Philly's WMMR, Miami's WSHE, Boston’s WBCN, L.A.'s KWST, Dallas' KZEW, Cleveland's WMMS, Boston's WVBF, Indianapolis' WNAP, and that station he walked into as a 14 year old, WROX-AM (which he later went back and bought). His nationally syndicated radio program "Metal Shop" was heard on over 250 stations for over 11 years and his voice has been on hundreds of radio specials, promos and commercials for radio and TV stations worldwide. Kendall lent his voice to national and international voiceovers and created many ground breaking programs including MetalShop, Rock Today, and Country Today, as well as numerous NBC, Westwood One, HBO and ABC Radio special programs. His musical writer/producer credits include production and sound effects packages for ABC and SW Networks. A list of Kendall's work, from his own website: Voice-overs on radio stations in the US, plus England, Japan and the Philippines. Promo voice for the PBS series NOVA, The Ultimate Fighting Championships, Extreme Championship Wrestling, The Billboard Music Awards, The NBA on TNT, several HBO music specials. V/O's for Avis, KFC, Levi's, among others. Creator and host of Metalshop for MJI Broadcasting for it's 11 year run. Creator of Rock Today and Country Today for MJI Broadcasting. Creator and Executive Producer of Ticket To Ride for MJI Broadcasting. Host of Super Stars in Concert, The Who live at Radio City Music Hall, and Live Aid for Westwood One. Host and producer of Rock Star Guest DJ for Rolling Stone Magazine. Host of The Legends of Rock for NBC Radio. Host of the First Rolling Stones Farewell Special for ABC Radio Networks (1989).
Search Add 139 Colin "Fatta" Walters The man behind [l=Colin Fat Records].
Search Add 139 Art69Brut
Search Add 139 Sergio Cossa Italian pioneer dj, author, producer (Milan, May 11, 1946). In first 70s began his career in Sweden, then moved in renowned clubs for VIP and holidaymakers. In Rome worked at radio RAI, then flew to New York where in 1978 founded [l=Emergency Records] with [a=Freddy Naggiar], [l=Baby Records (2)]' owner (who leaved soon after). The early success with [a=La Bionda], [a=Pino Presti], [a=I.C. Bell], [a=Kano] and with nascent genre Italo-Disco. For many US producers was considered the only one could license their own songs in Europe. The most striking example was:[i]Let The Music Play[/i] by [a=Shannon], a worlwide success in the 1984. for details please refer to [l=GIpsy Music]
Search Add 138 Toshikazu Ohtaka 大鷹俊一 (Ōtaka Shun'ichi) Japanese music critic. Born in 1951 in Otaru, Hokkaido. Worked at "Music Magazine" until 1983. Since then he has written books on British rock, prog rock, record collecting, etc.
Search Add 138 Vince Wald
Search Add 138 Edward Godfrey Khuzwayo Zambian producer, promoter and musical director. Born 3rd March 1936 and died in 2009. Founded and managed the record company [l1744828] and the label [l228025]
Search Add 138 Josef Cincibus Czech actor and radio play director (*March 16, 1906 in Prague, Cechy, Austria-Hungary /now Czech Republik. Died September 30, 1980 in Prague, Czechoslovakia)
Search Add 137 Dudley "Manzie" Swaby Jamaican producer, runs the labels [l=Manzie], [l=Ja-Man Records] and [l=Top Studio (3)]. Brother of Augustus Pablo.
Search Add 137 George Lewis' Ragtime Band
Search Add 137 Graphyk Credited for design. When used as a location, please use [l294074].
Search Add 136 Skrilla Design Sam Skrilla is a freelance graphic designer with over 9 years experience in various areas of the industry.
Search Add 136 Pat Aulton Irish-born, Australia-based producer/engineer and songwriter. In-house producer within [l=Festival Studios] in Pyrmont (Sydney). (c. 1938 - 13 February, 2009)
Search Add 136 Tomica Miljić Tomislav Miljić Serbian accordion player and composer.
Search Add 136 Hella Soyka Helene Schiefer Austrian illustrator, born 20 September 1924 in Wimpassing, known for designing and drawing numerous childrens' characters including Benjamin Blümchen. She died 30 November 2005 in Vienna.
Search Add 135 Zvonimir Skerl Zvonimir Skerl (1934-2009) Serbian composer, arranger and conductor.
Search Add 135 Henry Van Kleeff Dutch designer, also artwork. Use [a=Studio van Kleeff] for the studio.
Search Add 135 Milton Sincoff American executive, directing production & packaging logistics for the labels on which he worked. Theoretically, his role could be titled, on some releases, as a "Creative Director" or "Art Director" - although his capacity was one of 'art-employer' & print-purchaser, rather than 'employee'. Sincoff was originally a production supervisor at Kapp Records/MCA & became Director of Production & Packaging at Commonwealth United Records Inc., (CUR). In 1969 he joined Buddah Records, where he became Director of Creative Packaging & Graphics in 1973. By 1997 he was then made Vice President of Marketing & Merchandising at Sony Music Entertainment.
Search Add 135 Giancarlo Sorio
Search Add 135 Albert Svoboda Austrian mastering engineer, responsible for vinyl cutting at [l=Phonodisc GesmbH] (until 1979) and at legal successors [l=PRS Ges.mbH] and [l=Viennola] before leaving the company for a new occupation at the Agfa company. Mastering signature: [b]AS[/b] (mostly stamped)
Search Add 135 Juli Jah Juliana Žamoit Visual artist, originally coming from Lithuania.
Search Add 135 Koor o.l.v. Jack Bulterman Vocal ensemble led by [a=Jack Bulterman]. Also credited as Chor Jack Bulterman, Choir Directed By Jack Bulterman, and the usual variations.
Search Add 134 Peter Dino
Search Add 134 Diogenic Attempts Ltd. Credited for design.
Search Add 134 Corey Purvis American Designer / Illustrator from the Midwest born in 1991. Co-founder of record label [l749165].
Search Add 134 Eric Delisser American reggae producer based in West Palm Beach. Owner of [l=Big Jeans Records].
Search Add 134 Clyde Bazile, Jr. A graphic artist / designer from Houston (TX), the owner of Blackat Productions. He died on January 17, 2020 by having lost his battle Congestive Heart Failure.
Search Add 133 Aleksandar Kobac Aleksandar Milanović Serbian composer, arranger and producer. Long time collaborator with [a=Marko J. Kon].
Search Add 133 Gustav Šeďa Gustav Šeďa Czech graphic designer and illustrator.
Search Add 133 Jerry Colin Gerardo Colin Harsh Noise And Experimental Music Producer From Monterrey, NL, Mexico. Owner & Founder of OTCRAH Records
Search Add 133 Robin C. Kruse Engineer. Known to have worked at [l122360] and [l342117].
Search Add 133 Novica Nikolić Patalo
Search Add 133 Ed Grundy
Search Add 132 Louis "Flabba" Malcolm
Search Add 132 Conjunto de Guitarras de Raul Nery
Search Add 132 Studio Beevash Indian graphic studio credited for cover design starting in the 50's.
Search Add 131 Fernando Aroso Portuguese Photographer and Designer. Born in 16/09/1921 - 01/10/2018. Important reference as author of more than 2000 Portuguese releases artwork. [url=https://www.discogs.com/artist/2603396-Fernando-Aroso#images/23819623]Aroso Signature[/url]
Search Add 131 Larry Nunes Music industry businessman and [a=Barry White]'s spiritual advisor
Search Add 131 Jonathan Mangelinckx Jonathan Mangelinckx Bruxelles based graphic designer.
Search Add 131 Studio Convertino
Search Add 131 Lord Forneus Guitarist, co-founder of [l=Winter Forest Industries]. Produces a vast range of music in many genres, mostly Black Metal, Dark Ambient, Trip Hop and Noise. The projects/genres represent differant aspects of the personality & inner ghouls
Search Add 131 zwozwo German design agency, based in Gütersloh, Germany.
Search Add 131 Barejo Graphic designer
Search Add 130 Kelley/Mouse Studios
Search Add 130 Jme Gugginø Jamie Guggino
Search Add 130 schultzschultz.com Schultzschultz (full legal name Schultzschultz GmbH) is a design studio based in Frankfurt am Main. It was founded in 2007 by Marc Schütz and [A=Ole Schulte]. Schultzschultz predominantly works for clients from the fashion and music industry, art and culture.
Search Add 130 Grzegorz "Forin" Piwnicki Grzegorz Piwnicki Polish artist, graphic designer. Born in 1981.07.21 at Warsaw. He' s the most famous creator of covers of polish hip-hop performers.
Search Add 129 Dario Köstinger Former mastering and cutting engineer at [l431098]. As mastering engineer he signs with DK combined into one sign. Currently working as a freelancing mastering and FOH - engineer in Graz, Austria.
Search Add 129 A. V. Mittelstedt In the meantime producer and engineer who worked at [l=Nashville Sound, Houston, Texas]. Approximately 1976 he acquired the studio and renamed it to [l=Sound Masters, Houston, Texas]
Search Add 129 Gli Enigmisti The band of "Enigmisti" consisted of some professionals in the music industry and recording that depending on the commitment assumed different names. The line-up wasn't always the same, but varied according to the availability of various soloists. Enzo Amadori, singer, record voice and great professional, has participated in many recordings. During his career he has recorded over three thousand songs and countless commercials.
Search Add 128 Edgar White Jamaican dancehall producer and owner of [l=Parish] label. Later on he formed [l=Hartrock] and [l=The Don Son Records] labels.
Search Add 128 Antonio Larrea Antonio Larrea Mangiola Chilean designer, he designed and photographed most sleeves from "Jota Jota"/"Dicap" labels along with his brother [a2453287].
Search Add 128 Howard Gable NZ record producer. Married to [a=Allison Durbin].
Search Add 128 Juan Gatti Juan Oreste Gatti Argentinian photographer and art designer, he settled in Spain in 1981. He founded his own art studios, [a585424], in 1984. He has designed records sleeves and also most of [a708344]'s film posters and even title credits: "Mujeres al borde de un ataque de nervios" (1988), "Tacones lejanos" (1991), "Hable con ella" (2001), "La mala educación (2004), "Volver" (2006)...
Search Add 128 Willy Michael Willmann Composer, producer and arranger, Born 19 June 1959 in Freiburg, Germany. For the [l=Europa] staff arranger, please use [a=Carl Maria Willmann] and ANV.
Search Add 127 Iceman Bob Solo project of [a=Bob Peck (6)] Multi-instrumentalist,from USA now based in the Philippines.
Search Add 127 Bunny Gemini Anthony Dehaney
Search Add 126 Toyo Nakamura 中村東洋 Japanese music critic, music producer, and former president of "Music Magazine". Born July 17, 1932. Died July 21, 2011. Wrote widely on jazz, rock, folk, and world music.
Search Add 126 Olaf Krautwurst Olaf Krautwurst Olaf Krautwurst startet in 1992 as Ultrasonic and renamed the project to Inside Agitator in 1994. He activates some side-projects, such as Dark Ghost Dream, Abnormal Dysfunction and The Ghost Killer and puts out more than 40 cd-r and mp3 releases until today! At the moment, Olaf releases his work as Blinky Blinky Computerband on his own label BBCom Music.
Search Add 126 Earl Hayles
Search Add 125 Div Diver Will
Search Add 125 Henry Hadaway Founder and CEO of [l272378]
Search Add 125 Jann Haworth Jann Karen Haworth [b]Pop Artist / Creative Director at the Leonardo Museum[/b]. Jann Haworth, born on March 15, 1942, is an American Pop artist. A pioneer of soft sculpture, she is one of the founders of Pop Art in the 1960s and is well-known as the co-creator, with [a1336027] (married until 1979, then divorced), of [a82730]‘ Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band album cover. She was 24 years old when she began working on “Sgt. Pepper,” a project that would earn her a Grammy in 1967.
Search Add 125 Rajmond Ruić Rajmond Ruić His first group was Romby (Pula, Istria). Founder member and bass player in [a=Delfini] from 1963 to 1967. Then he became a member of [a=Roboti] in their second line-up named "Five up". They disbanded in 1969. Later composer, arranger and conductor. The composer of [a=Darko Domijan]'s great hit Ulica Jorgovana.
Search Add 125 M4 Design M4 Design Company Ltd. Graphic designer studio in the UK. Registration number: 2581201 VAT Nr.: 642469525 address: Pound Court, Pound Street Newbury, Berkshire, RG14 6AA UK Tel: +44 (0)1635 524055 E-mail: info@m4design.co.uk
Search Add 125 Joe Reisman Chorus
Search Add 125 Daniele Usellini
Search Add 124 FUEGO/Friedel Muders Design company Friedel Muders Friesenstr. 106 D-28203 Bremen Germany Tel.: 0-421-75111 Email: info@fuego.de
Search Add 124 Andre 'Rookie' Tyrell Nicknames: Rookie, Deady Ranks.
Search Add 124 Boris Otterdam "Boris Otterdam is a West Australian born drummer, bass player, keyboard player, vocalist and electronic music producer, label manager, promoter and former radio show host. Beginning as a teenager in 1994 in Perth grindcore/noise band "Mindless Shit" as a terrible drummer/vocalist and industrial noise/grindcore wannabe. Then more seriously in 1998 as a promoter for the Perth punk rock scene. It was at this time Boris began experimenting with analogue noise and soundscapes as a member of Perth noise band "Analogue Sea Otter" a noise band he formed with Ben Louthean who he met in art school. Analogue Sea Otter existed for two years and disbanded after their first and only live show in June 2000." After Analogue Sea Otter disbanded he released a limited homemade cassette as "Boris Otterdam" in 1999, before co-founding Perth's first breakcore/experimental label 8-Bit Recordings with The Last Ninja and Deadcode in late 2000. 8-Bit Recordings was the first label of it's kind in Western Australia and was responsible for organizing the first ever breakcore shows there. Boris started Noistruct initially as a solo noise project in 1998 but was briefly a two piece act featuring Peteor Polteargami and DJ Sensi. By 2002 it was back to being a solo electronic project. Boris has lived and toured around Australia and played in, played for, DJed, collaborated with, remixed for and managed bands and producers, self published zines, written for and assisted in designing local music websites, blogs and various publications, released cassette compilations, organized and promoted punk rock, noise, breakcore, hardcore, goth, industrial, grindcore and indie shows in Perth, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane as well as hosted and co-hosted the final incarnation of System Corrupt Radio Show on 2serfm Sydney, Illegal Frequencies on 2serfm Sydney, Illegal Frequencies on RRRfm Melbourne and Fuck You and Yours and Brass Knuckles from 2004-2013. Since 2014 Boris has run the label ENDE Records Australia. He returned to Western Australia in 2020 where he continues to produce, promote and release music. As well as Noistruct, Boris produces various other styles of music, writes, draws cartoons and plays in the band "The Day The Music Died" with members of Hits and Raygun Mortlock.
Search Add 123 Orchestra Tony De Vita
Search Add 123 Arthur Luce Klein
Search Add 123 Cesare Baroni Italian graphic designer and artistic director with vast experience in the production of scientific collections of the main Italian publishing houses and in the field of visual communications.
Search Add 123 Yutaka Sakurai Japanese music journalist. Born July 25, 1941; died June 11, 2013. Sakurai was best known as Japan's premier champion of soul and R&B.
Search Add 123 Jörg Frank Jörg Frank German graphic designer.
Search Add 122 Hy Fujita Art Director & Designer.
Search Add 122 Slim Williamson Bradley L. Williamson Born 11/21/1927 in Arcade, GA, Slim Williamson began his career as a musician before becoming a disc jockey who later created and owned the Peach, Chart, Yonah, and Scorpion Record labels.
Search Add 122 Hoyt Sullivan American producer and record company executive from Greenwood, SC. Founded and managed: • record company [l=HSE Records, Inc.] (aka [l=Hoyt Sullivan Enterprises] / [l=Hoyt Sullivan Enterprise]) • labels [l=HSE Records], [l=HSE of America Inc.], [l=JSJ Records], [l=Ken-Tone Records], [l=Sav-All] and [l=Su-Ann] • publisher [l=Su-Ann Publishing] / [l=Su-Ann Pub.] / [l=Su-Ann Publishing Co.]
Search Add 122 Gisela Kossatz German designer
Search Add 122 Jan Mara French cartoonist (1913-1992)
Search Add 121 Roger St. Pierre Author and journalist, born 8-11-1941. As well as music, has also written extensively about travel and cycling.
Search Add 121 Murray-Callander Famous British songwriter duo.
Search Add 121 Eddie Quarless Edison Quarless Calypso / soca saxophone player
Search Add 121 Dragan S. Stefanović Dragan Stefanović Designer, Photographer
Search Add 121 Curtis Porter Curtis Porter American jazz tenor and alto saxophonist born on 21 September 1929 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
Search Add 121 Mohan Wagh Indian photograph who died in March of 2010 aged 81. He worked with typographer [a2086896]. He might be better remembered as the founder of Marathi theatre production company Chandralekha. Its journey to fame began with Garambicha Bapu, which was staged in Mumbai in November 1967. On a personal level Wagh won the Vishnudas Bhave award for his contribution to theater.
Search Add 120 Los João
Search Add 120 Kentaro Furusawa
Search Add 120 Orchester Charles Nowa
Search Add 120 www.aardenwerk.nl Aardenwerk Graphic design studio based in Schiedam, the Netherlands. Founded by Michel Aarden & Richard de Rijke. Aardenwerk Reclame & Marketing B.V. Groenelaan 36 3114 CH Schiemdam The Netherlands Post address: Aardenwerk Reclame & Marketing B.V. Postbus 319 3100 AH Schiedam The Netherlands Tel.: +31 (0)10 – 427 96 96 Email: info@aardenwerk.nl
Search Add 120 Mariachi De América De Jesús Rodriguez De Hijar
Search Add 120 Curt John Witt Art director & graphic designer (1925-2015)
Search Add 120 Rajko Dujmić Rajko Dujmić (Zagreb, 7 Aug 1954 - Rijeka, 4 Aug 2020) Croatian keyboardist, composer, songwriter, arranger and producer.
Search Add 120 Gigi Botto Mario Battaini (Milan October 6 1931 - April 26 2000) Italian keyboardist and accordionist, but also multi-instrumentalist, present on the music scene since the fifties. He was also arranger and conductor. His records were released under the SAAR Records or Joker label, the second sub-label of the former, of which he had been artistic director for many years.
Search Add 120 Bert Olke Bert Olke Mastering engineer (at [l298936]), musician & sound designer from Berlin. Email: mastering@gl-audio.de
Search Add 120 Ariola-Eurodisc Atelier German [b]design company[/b]. This entry should only be used as [i]Credits[/i] for [a1054971] until 1986 and use [i]ANV[/i] to add correct printed name. Or please use (if noted) as [a=Ariola Eurodisc Studios]. Since 1986 known as [a1054971]. But as [i]Designed At[/i] credits for [a1054971] until 1986 please use ([i]the[b] label[/b] not the artist[/i]) [l705338].
Search Add 120 Dr.Winter Max Winter Austrian visual artist. Born 1979.
Search Add 119 Radivoj Bogičević (1940-2019)
Search Add 119 Beno Otręba Benedykt Jan Otręba Benedykt Jan "Beno" Otręba (born June 27, 1951 in Katowice. Polish bass player, songwriter, musician [a=Dżem]. Brother of [a=Adam Otręba].
Search Add 119 M C Productions [a1995933]'s production company.
Search Add 119 Robert Planet Designer.
Search Add 118 Union Design Norwegian design company.
Search Add 118 Dhiraj Chawda Indian photographer, he worked for The Times Of India, and passed away on 06.11.2012.
Search Add 118 Conjunto De Guitarras De Jorge Fontes
Search Add 118 Orkestar Miodraga Todorovića Krnjevca
Search Add 117 Eric Fimmers Eric Fimmers Belgian Designer. Is owner of [a=MacDesign].
Search Add 117 Dougie Wardrop Douglas Wardrop Reggae artist and label/studio owner of [l=Conscious Sounds] & [l=Conscious Sounds Studio]
Search Add 117 Monastère Bénédictin Chevetogne Benedictine monastery founded in Chevetogne, Belgium, in 1925 by Dom Lambert Beauduin.
Search Add 117 Count Shelly Ephraim Barrett Jamaican producer
Search Add 117 Gustavo A. Santiago Mexican musician and arranger
Search Add 116 Pierre Okley Pierre Gilardeau French illustrator, born in Nantes on November 29, 1929 and died in Guérande on October 26, 2007, is a French poster designer, specializing in pin-up drawing. The most famous of his posters were produced for the Moulin-Rouge, the Lido, the Châtelet, Mogador and the Folies Bergère, as well as Holiday on Ice from 1965 to 1986. He sometimes represented his own wife in his poster projects. He was also at the origin of covers for Barclay, Philips and Vogue records, books covers for Albin Michelin Editions and had to his credit numerous movie posters.
Search Add 116 Maurer Productions Graphic Design Studio
Search Add 116 Maurice Apelbaum Photographer
Search Add 116 Dom Rayner The man behind Brain Surge Entertainment and all of its releases.
Search Add 116 Hoa-Qui Photographer
Search Add 116 Werner Rodmann
Search Add 115 Ľudová Hudba Eugena Farkaša Slovak volksmusic ensemble with leader [a=Eugen Farkaš].
Search Add 115 Ansambl Radoja Mitrovića
Search Add 115 Mr.Tibbz Matty Tibble Freelance Design for various Hip-Hop labels including Britcore Rawmance Records and B-Line Recordings
Search Add 115 Ray Horricks Raymond Horricks Raymond Horricks is a biographer, writer, and independent record producer. Born: 1933 Died: 2005
Search Add 115 Paul Kyser Paul L. Kyser US arranger, producer, songwriter and label owner. He had his first success in 1966 with the song "I Still Love You" by [a=The Superlatives (4)]. He has worked with the likes of [a=Rhyze], [a=Stevie Wonder], [a=The Three Degrees] and [a=The Chi-Lites] among many others. He was the master mind behind the one-album disco project [a=The Super Disco Band] which he released on his own labe [l=Pi Kappa Records].
Search Add 115 Orkestar Radojke I Tineta Živkovića
Search Add 114 ABA Dublin address: Columbia Mills, 14-15 Sir John Rogerson's Quay, [b]Dublin[/b] 2
Search Add 114 Elvio Favilla
Search Add 114 G. Justh Georges Neczpal Georges Justh aka Xavier Saint-Justh
Search Add 114 Hess/Borgers Johannes Borgers Designers, located in Idstein, Germany. Actual Adress: Digital Design Borgers KG Burgstraße 23 65510 Hünstetten-Wallrabenstein The 2nd URL shows the Cover made by Hess/Borgers for ZYX
Search Add 114 Atelier Gemmecke
Search Add 114 Vigilio Piubeni Vigilio Piubeni Italian conductor and music arranger ☆ December 24, 1912, Redondesco, Mantova, Italy ✞ December 28, 1999, Mantova, Italy
Search Add 114 Ewald Guyski
Search Add 114 Atelier Belle Lurette
Search Add 114 Ismail Samie
Search Add 113 Alexandru Das Alexandru Daș
Search Add 113 Dominic Owen Dominic Owen Dominic Owen is a producer, writer, DJ and owner of Smokersblend Records. He released his first record in 1988 under the alias Dj Quick & Fizal EFF, and started Sing-A-Song Records an early UK Hip Hop Record Label in 1989. An early convert to hip hop, Dominic spent a decade in the 1990s in New York. Initially with Hitman Howie Tee at his home studio in Flatbush, where he produced three songs on Little Shawn’s debut album ‘The Man In The Mirror’, alongside production for Special Ed, Chubb Rock, Lady Kazan and E.S.P. In 1993 his musical home became High Class Productions in Brownsville, Brooklyn. At this infamous studio Dominic produced ‘Things Done Changed‘ on Notorious B.I.G’s ground breaking classic Ready To Die. During this time he produced and wrote songs for Rakim, PMD, Lil Kim, Anthony Hamilton, Damage, Nonchalant as well as other local and international artists. In 1998 he produced the Bugs Bunny theme song from the Space Jam soundtrack at the legendary Hit Factory Studios with Billy West and Jay-Z. The album has sold over 9 million copies worldwide, making it the third highest selling soundtrack in history. On his return to England he recorded albums with Black Grape offshoot Manmade vocalist; Jeffrey Darnell for Talkin Loud and Inspiral Carpets singer Tom Hingley. His music has featured on various compilation’s with support from Nightmares On Wax, Nihal, Giles Peterson and Tim Westwood. Dominic has produced several television adverts, including an award winning British Telecom advert, as well as several documentaries, his music appears regularly on The History Channel and National Geographic. He currently records under his own name on the Smokersblend Label, as well as “The Love Theme” who’s debut album “How Rude” is out now on Permanent Damage Records.
Search Add 113 Atsushi "Seki" Sekimoto
Search Add 113 Dan Sandshaw
Search Add 113 Ansambl Koče Petrovskog
Search Add 113 Bruno Munari Italian artist and designer, born 24 October 1907 in Milan, Italy and died 30 September 1998 in Milan, Italy.
Search Add 112 Ahmad Nawab Ahmad Nawab (born 6 April 1933 in Penang, Malaysia) or officially Dato' Dr. Ahmad Khan Nawab Khan is a Malaysian composer. He has written over 2000 songs and has worked with artists including [a=P. Ramlee], [a=Saloma], Sudirman Arshad, Salamiah Hassan, Andre Goh and M.Sani.[1] He became involved in the industry in the 1950s and then joined forces with the Orkestra RTM for 17 years and received numerous awards. Among the most notable awards is the Merak Kayangan Award [Best Song], the Bintang Malam (1980). The highest appreciation given by the Malaysian music industry to the senior composer is the Seniman Negara Award of 2006, on 20 November 2006. The award was granted by the Yang di-Pertuan Agong Tuanku Syed Sirajuddin Syed Putra Jamalullail during the Anugerah Seni Negara event in 2006, organised by the Ministry of Culture, Arts and Tourism Malaysia or KeKKWa (acronym in Malay language). He also received a RM60,000 cash prize and was appointed to become the official delegate of KeKKWa in national and international forums and seminars. Dato' Ahmad Nawab is generally known for his signature sunglasses and white suit and usually he will perform a saxophone solo.
Search Add 112 Hamilton Nzimande Hamilton (Vala) Nzimande. Born 1936 Died 2002. Legendary South African music producer who contributed greatly to the advancement of Black music. Started his musical career in the 1950s as part of a Black vocal quartet called 'The Blackstone Brothers' and was later part of a mbaqanga music group called 'The Big Four' whose single 'Woza Friday' was a big hit in the 1960s. He was associated with Philips, EMI, Gramophone Record Co. (A Gallo Africa Subsidiary) and Isibaya Esikhulu Music.
Search Add 112 Ted Astley Edwin Astley British composer, born 12 April 1922 in Warrington, Cheshire, UK and died 19 May 1998 in Goring-on-Thames, Oxfordshire, UK. He was the father of [a=Jon Astley] and [a=Virginia Astley].
Search Add 112 Julie Hazelwood
Search Add 112 Perica Zdravković Perica Zdravković Serbian folk composer/producer/arranger. Best known as accordion player in 'Južni Vetar'.
Search Add 112 Jeronimo Groovy Jeronimo Groovy Historical Greek radio station, specializing in Euro Dance and House music in its heyday. The station existed in various forms (including pirate/unofficial broadcasts) since 1966, and gradually evolved into its mainstream 80s and 90s form. The station is best known for its 80s and 90s activity, where it helped define an Electronica and Eurodance/house music culture in Greece. The station was based in Athens, but broadcasted through radio relaying to the entire Greece, although often with licensing and reception problems. The station's producers and DJs oversaw the production of many compilations, mixes, and the creation of other media such as the Groovymania magazine and the short-lived Jeronimo Groovy TV, also plagued by licensing problems. Many of its DJs and producers created competing radio stations or pursued independent DJing and music careers later on. The station continued operating until about 2005.
Search Add 111 Anna Nin
Search Add 111 Anzel Jennings Anzel U. Jennings American Hip-Hop producer.
Search Add 111 Artchie
Search Add 111 Maurice Pinkster Maurice Pinkster 1990 - 1994: Maurice's roots are in the begin 90's. When he was ten years old he got some tapes from his cousin. These tapes were from the houstemple "Parkzicht". He likes them very much. When the "Houseparty" mixes came out he was the first one to buy them. When he discovered the shop "Midtown" in his hometown the beginning of buying records was a fact. The first e.p. he bought was "Reanimator - Bigger and Bolder" on the K.N.O.R. label. 1994 - 1998: After many records he got more interested in producing. He got an 8 bit monotracker from a guy at school. After some tracks he met some guys who want to do a live act with him. In the same group he teamed up with someone who produced with midi, a total new experience for him. He uses his studio and came up with some tracks. In 1998 he had some tracks finished and went to 80 Aum records who had also a shop in his hometown. 80 Aum like the tracks and a new label was born "Unknown Species Records". Dark Earth - Wisdom of the Grave was the first releases. Unfornately the hardcore market collapsed and there has never been a follow up. 1998 - 2005: In the same time 80 Aum became AMP International. A company which license tracks to other companies. Maurice produces all kind of styles and ended up with companies such as Essential Dance Music and Combined Forces. In 2001 Maurice started up the FIX label together with Phuture Rave. The first release was "Zanthrax - My Project" (FIX 14). 2005: After many releases on FIX; Paul Mols contact him and asked if he wanted to release on his label Underground Society. Maurice liked the offer so he can produce other styles like FIX. Underground Society released a serie of two records "Mind Battle 1 and 2". Mind Battle 1 is already released and contains the track "Children Of Hell" which ended up at compilations like: Thunderdome, Hardcore Emotions and Partyraiser's One man, Half machine. 2006: After many warnings Maurice noticed that AMP International (Pinokkio) didn't do what they had promised. After not having been paid for his hard work for several years, Maurice decided to end the cooperation and continued with productions for other labels. In may maurice started a radioshow the "Ben Harder Show" at Drechtstad FM together with Ben Harder, Stalker and Xytec. This is a monthly show with the best hardcore and artists. Maurice sent a demo to the SYMP.TOM label. They liked the tracks and Maurice ended up with two tracks on SYMP.TOM 5. After a lot of contact with Mental Wreckage they discovered that their ideas are similair and started a co-operation with the name: Dual Mechanism. With this new project they mainly focus on raw, mechanical sounding tracks. Maurice also did a track together with Xtrecist. This track, Melody Remedy, was licensed to the compilation "Thunderdome 2006". 2007: Zanthrax's track "Dark By Nature" has finally been released on Zero Tolerance records. This populair track was already released on a limited white label on Dark. Descent. At the end of may the first solo e.p. of the Relic will be released on Symp.tom. Also the tracks produced under Dual Mechanism were released this year on symp.tom nr.7. Maurice also did a remix for Neophyte - Recession, which was released on the ROT 100 and ROT CD 50. A anniversary edition on Rotterdam Records. This remix was many played by Partyraiser and ended up on two of his compilations. 2008: This year many releases came out on symp.tom. Maurice did a versus with Moleculez which was released on Moleculez' release: symp.tom 8. A new Relic e.p. had seen the light on symp.tom 9. The Relic - Angel's Share. Including the very dark track: White Darkness. At the end of this year Maurice released a 2CD mix compilation on Symp.toms 4 together with Mental Wreckage. The Ben Harder Show still exist and is becoming more and more populair !
Search Add 111 Thomas Krohn
Search Add 110 Gerry Gersten Gerry Gersten (b. New York City 1927 - d. 2017) was a prolific, and renowned political caricaturist. He grew up in the Bronx, born to Polish Jewish immigrant parents who didn't believe in his calling. “I remember once picking up a copy of Life magazine and saying to them, ‘A page in this magazine would cost an advertiser $50,000, of course you can make a living in this field,’” he recalls. “But I couldn’t convince them. They wanted me to be an accountant.” Gersten studied at the Cooper Union Art School, and Cooper School of Design, before establishing his career as a caricaturist. He drew hundreds of illustrations for publications such as The New York Times, New York Magazine, Sports Illustrated, Time, Newsweek, Harpers, Rolling Stone, Esquire, Harper's and Playboy. His work also adorned many record covers for RCA. On March 29, 1973 his work adorned the cover of Rolling Stone, with a lively depiction of Dr. Hook & the Medicine Show. In 1986, he began work for MAD Magazine, drawing political caricatures of public figures, for MAD's brand of satire.
Search Add 110 Francisco Ontañón Francisco Ontañón Núñez Professional photographer (Barcelona, 1930 - Madrid, 2008). Worked for [a5226911], as well as for [l111596], the Ministry of Tourism (Spain), and the newspaper El País, amongst many others.
Search Add 110 Elias Fikru Elias Melka
Search Add 110 Art Snider Canadian musician, producer, record company owner, conductor and record studio owner, (August 24, 1926 - May 26, 1987) He was a co-founder of the short lived [l=Red Leaf] label in 1965. Founder of [l=Sound Canada Recording Centre] recording studio and the [l=Op.Art] label in 1966. Founded the labels [l=Sound Canada] and [l=hi-lite] in 1969. In 1973 founded [l=Periwinkle Records]. [l=Troika Music] was his publishing company. He was inducted into the Canadian Country Music Hall of Fame in 2002
Search Add 110 Ill-Studio Art direction and sleeve design.
Search Add 110 John Carlis John Carlis, Jr. American illustrator, designer & sculptor (1917-2003)
Search Add 110 Arjan Rietvink Productions Arjan Rietvink Productions Online/Vinyl/CD mastering arm of [l=Arjan Rietvink Productions], the company founded by Dutch sound engineer [a=Arjan Rietvink] in 1996. Since then they worked for many well known artists, labels, Producers and DJ's. Among them are: Armin van Buuren, Yellow Claw Brennan Heart and many more. Since a number of years they have an online mastering service as well. In the studio's they use the finest selection of hardware and software from brands like Shadow Hills, Maselec, Manley, dbx and SPL. The studios have optimized acoustics and custom built mastering grade loudspeakers. Often credited under the full form of the website URL's i.e. www.digitalmastering.nl or www.arjanrietvinkproductions.nl
Search Add 110 C-More-Tone Studios Design studio run by and also alias used by [a=Chris Morton (2)]. This is the artist credit role for the studios, for company credit please use [l=C-More-Tone Studios].
Search Add 110 Debbie Sandridge Manager
Search Add 110 Gerald Fifer Art Director & Designer
Search Add 110 Franco Chiaravalle Francesco Chiaravalle Italian composer and arranger, born on the island of Procida (Naples) on January 23, 1936. Has written over eight hundred songs, many of which have made the history of Italian pop music. Sometimes also known as by his real name Francesco, as for the cinema, where he often accompanied by [a=Nino D'Angelo] for the songs and the music of the film in which he starred and directed.
Search Add 110 Rodrigo Escobar Tamayo Rodrigo De Jesús Escobar Tamayo Panamanian music, composer, singer, producer and founder of the label [l=Tamayo].
Search Add 109 B-H-Y Ron Baker, Norman Harris, Earl Young One-off disco-funk group by [a=Ron Baker] (B), [a=Norman Harris] (H) and [a=Earl Young] (Y). [b][i]Note: For credits please link to each artist separately.[/i][/b]
Search Add 109 Utile Creative UTILE
Search Add 109 Impact Sound Production company led by Andrew Loog Oldham & Eric Easton. Do not use as artist [a508271] (Producer) please use [l632359] as Produced For.
Search Add 109 Malti Kidia
Search Add 109 Blake Franklin Blake Franklin Graphic designer at [l=Street Level Graphics]
Search Add 109 Алексей Глухов
Search Add 109 Studio Dzyan
Search Add 108 Bill Hicks Design Artwork, Jacket design
Search Add 108 Jim Flora James Royer Flora Illustrator, painter, commercial artist. *25 January 1914 in Bellefontaine, Ohio, USA †9 July 1998 in Rowayton, Connecticut, USA
Search Add 108 Gianni Polidori Gianni Polidori (Rome, November 7, 1923 - Rome, 19 August 1992) was an Italian set designer, costume designer and painter.
Search Add 108 Leonard "Santic" Chin Leonard Anthony Chin Jamaican reggae producer, born 1953. Owner of [l=Santic Records]. Most prominently worked with [a=Augustus Pablo] and [a=Horace Andy] in the first half of the 70's. In 1975, Leonard Chin moved to London and became a prominent lovers rock producer.
Search Add 107 Annie Horwood English graphic designerin.
Search Add 107 Nedim Bačvić
Search Add 107 Harry Farmlett Harry George Farmlett American graphic designer & painter (1932-2016)
Search Add 107 design4music.com Graphic design company based in Soho, London, England. Founded in 1993. Their services include: graphic design, art direction, brand and identity, packaging, exhibitions, brochures, annual reports, web design & development, e-commerce, hosting & domain registration, online marketing. Also appears as [a1896856]. (As label, see [l1544871] and [l395546])
Search Add 107 George Rylands British literary scholar and theatre director (1902-1999), commonly known as Dadie Rylands
Search Add 107 Clemens Höslinger
Search Add 107 Koraz Wallpapers
Search Add 107 Eric Wondergem
Search Add 107 Ramey Communications Design company.
Search Add 107 The Design Clinic For company credits see [l328108].
Search Add 107 Upsidedown Design Graphic agency run by Dutch designer and producer [a=Patrick Moerland]. Also appears as "Upsidedown".
Search Add 107 Pete Weston [l=Micron Music Limited] owner; see also [l=P.W. Inc.].
Search Add 106 Jerome Robbins American theater producer, director, and choreographer (October 11, 1918 – July 29, 1998).
Search Add 106 Rooftop Amsterdam Graphic design company from Amsterdam, Netherlands. Contact Rooftop Amsterdam Kerkstraat 247 1017GW Amsterdam E-mail: nanna@rooftopamsterdam.nl Mobile: +31619640174
Search Add 106 Hans Nouse Mastering and lacquer cutting engineer at [l279948]. Signed his work with an etched "HN" (combined), that often looks like "I‒N" or TZ (sideways), and is always appearing after the matrix number, e.g. 30471-3-X HN. Note: //HH, //HM, //HL, etc. do [b]not[/b] denote a cut by Nouse.
Search Add 106 David Kirschner David M. Kirschner American film/television producer and screenwriter, born May 29, 1955 in Los Angeles, California. Started as a designer and art director for [a=Neil Diamond].
Search Add 106 Jørgen Kleinert Danish music publisher, A&R and mid 60's to mid 70's pop producer and label-owner. First label was [l=Oktav (2)] focusing on folk and childrens music, followed in the early 70's by the schlager orinted labels [l=Play Records (7)], [l=KMF] (Kleinerts Musik Forlag) and [l563647]. All labels had [a=John Mogensen] as a major act.
Search Add 106 Daniel Jani Daniel Jani Graphic art designer from Budapest, Hungary. Owner of [l=Studio Jetski] (ex-[l=hEY-RES!] and [l=Studio Hopt]) and Art-Director & Co-Founder of [l=Dalmata Daniel] label.
Search Add 106 Mikhail Gusenkov
Search Add 106 Eddie De Gucht Eddie De Gucht
Search Add 106 Orkest o.l.v. Bert Paige Dutch orchestra conducted by [a=Bert Paige]. For the choir see [a6197266].
Search Add 106 Robert Velde Robert J. Velde Art director at Columbia Records in the 1950s, went on to do sports illustrations for publications such as [i]Sports Illustrated[/i].
Search Add 106 Endeleas
Search Add 106 DH Studio Credited for art direction.
Search Add 106 Allstars Leon
Search Add 106 Cesar G. Villela César G. Villela César G. Villela (Rio de Janeiro, 1930) is a Brazilian designer and painter, whose iconic cover design for [l=Elenco] helped define Bossa Nova graphic identity.
Search Add 106 Cesare Monti Cesare Montalbetti Italian photographer, born in Milan in 1946. In the late 60's he worked in London. Returned back to Italy in 1971 and began his career in the recording world where he did concept-creative photographing for various projects on different Italian labels. In 1979 he moved to New York, where he collaborated with the "Rolling Stones Records". He returned to Italy in 1981.
Search Add 106 Popular UK Popular UK British art direction and design agency run by [a=Peter Chadwick].
Search Add 106 Yokoland Yokoland is a Oslo-based designerstudio established by Aslak Gurholt Rønsen and Espen Friberg sometime between 2000 and 2005. The studio has done designs for the Metronomicon Audio label and for the publisher Flamme Forlag. They have also done work for The New York Times Magazine, Domino Recording Company, The Notwist, Human Empire, [l=Henie-Onstad Kunstsenter] og Carl’s Cars. In 2006 a book, "Yokoland – As we go up, we go down", was released on Die Gestalten Verlag in Germany. current address: Yokoland Olaf Schous vei 20 0572 Oslo Norway previous address: Yokoland Toftesgate 69 c/o Grünerløkka Lufthavn 0552 Oslo Norway Tlf: 21 66 39 80 Tlf: 90 16 55 66 info@yokoland.com
Search Add 105 George Maas Graphic designer & art director at Mercury Records in the 1950s & 60s
Search Add 105 Jean-Claude Dequéant Jean-Claude Dequéant French musician (keyboards, flute), songwriter arranger and composer. He has worked with artists such as Anne Mason, [a=Renaud], [a=Alain Souchon], [a=Violette Vial], [a=Yves Simon], [a=Jean-Roger Caussimon], [a=Joan Pau Verdier], [a=Nicole Croisille], [a=Corinne Catherine] and [a=Mylène Farmer].
Search Add 105 Elena Fiumi Italian designer.
Search Add 105 Eloise Leigh
Search Add 104 Dave Patchett UK based painter best known for drawing most of [a=Cathedral]'s cover art although this is by no means the extent of his work.
Search Add 104 Alexander Alymov digital dj since 2004 producer since 2006 composer since 2008 web promoter since 2009 vinyl records collector since 2009/2010 label owner & manager since 2009/2010 distributor since 2010 reviewer since 2010 grindcore vocalist since 2010 turntablism (scratching) since 2010 web radioshow host since 2010 (temporarily quit in 2011) turntable dj since mid 2011
Search Add 104 شاهر وهبة Shaher Wahbe is an Egyptian designer of album covers.
Search Add 104 Tape Echo
Search Add 104 View From The Coffin Raoul Mazzero Visual credit related to label credit [l=View From The Coffin].
Search Add 104 Maxime Taccardi French visual artist and musician. Born December 12th, 1982. Owner of Giin Productions
Search Add 104 Joaquín Docampo Joaquín Rodríguez Docampo ElectroDance Designer
Search Add 103 Mario Mortier
Search Add 103 Bertis Downs IV Did management and backing vocals for [a74500]. Was sometimes (e.g. on 'Out Of Time') credited as additional member of [a74500].
Search Add 103 Irv Stimler
Search Add 103 Corrado Rizza Corrado Rizza Italian dj and producer, born 4 August 1961 Founder of Lemon and Evidence Records
Search Add 103 Lev Pavluch Lev Pavluch Czech photographer, earlier also [l=Supraphon] staff member and editor (supervisor).
Search Add 103 Czechoslovak Radio Dance Orchestra Bratislava Tanečný orchester Československého rozhlasu v Bratislave Slovak big band of the Czechoslovak Radio Bratislava. [i]Note: Not to be confused with the [a=Czechoslovak Radio Dance Orchestra] in Prague, which was a different subject, albeit with the same main employer. [/i]
Search Add 103 Fabor Robinson Fabor Robison Veteran country music producer and promoter. Owner of the [l159336], [l129042] as well as [l768768] labels. At one time manager of country artists [a364545] and [a325715].
Search Add 103 Errol F. Richardson Art & Graphic Design from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada. Art Direction for [l30886].
Search Add 102 Ralph Tee UK based DJ, performer, writer, promoter, broadcaster and record label executive. When he was 20 years old he launched the soul magazine Groove Weekly & later became assistant editor at Blues & Soul magazine. Tee also runs & co-owns the long established [l=Expansion] Records. He has been a club DJ and also presented his own show on Jazz FM.
Search Add 102 Brendan Gormley
Search Add 102 Manny Kellem Bass player, bandleader, songwriter, record producer. Brother of [a=Milton Kellem].
Search Add 102 Giacomo Simonelli Neapolitan composer, arranger, singer. With [i]I Dinamici[/i] beat group recorded his first singles; than forms [i]I Tatakò[/i] realizing in 1967 a protest song [i]1000 Voci a Buchenwald[/i]. Log at RCA arranging [i]Sirio 2222[/i], debut lp by [i]Il Balletto di Bronzo[/i]. Began working with Emilio Iarrusso wraiting dozens of songs for artists as The Rokes, [a=Gepy & Gepy], [a=Mino Reitano], [a=Mario Musella], [a=Ivana Monti]. In 1970 collaborates for the 3rd album by [a=Gabriella Ferri]. In 1977 his song [i]Monica [/i] by [a=Santo California] gets 3rd place at the Sanremo Festival. Collaborate for the rock opera [i]Heroes Temporis[/i] with [i]Magni Animi Viri[/i]in the 2007. He arranged the orchestral parts and directs the [a=Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra].
Search Add 102 Ray Knehnetsky Raymond Taras Knehnetsky US keyboardist, conductor, arranger. He moved to Paris, France in the early 1970’s where he enjoyed success writing, arranging, performing, and recording. Still active today (piano teacher in California).
Search Add 102 FPD3 Hip-Hop graphic designer from Houston, Texas.
Search Add 102 LaManchaNegra Wilco Klen van Bennekom Graphic designer.
Search Add 102 Ansambl Branimira Đokića
Search Add 102 Крыж Konstantin Nebesnyh The journalist, the musical publisher. The founder of cult Russian magazine about hip-hop of [b]Rappress[/b]. One of organizers [l38681] (In the Past) Later it bases the label [l189140].
Search Add 102 Anita Camarata American music executive, coordinator and manager born and based in Los Angeles. Former GM/VP of [l=Gold Mountain Entertainment] (1984-1992), president and co-founder of [l=Jersey Records] (1997-2000) and executive VP of music for [l=MGM Studios] (2000-2005). Founded [a=Eclipse Management] in 1992. Related to [a=Tutti Camarata].
Search Add 101 Fabien Le Gourrierec
Search Add 101 Φαίδωνας Λιονουδάκης
Search Add 101 Miguel Pinheiro Marques Miguel Pinheiro Marques Mastering engineer @ Arda Recorders
Search Add 101 SOLOMACELLO Italian freelancer graphics artist.
Search Add 101 Gyasi Addae Run [l67443] and [l472283] Labels
Search Add 101 hnw system structures
Search Add 100 Amedeo Mantica Graphic editor.
Search Add 100 Franck Curier Frank Curier
Search Add 100 Mario Lozić
Search Add 100 Peara Saheb Peara Saheb
Search Add 100 Dejan Abadić Dejan Abadić Serbian producer, arranger, keyboards player and recording/mixing engineer. Owner of [l=Studio XXL, Beograd].
Search Add 100 Jared Carrigan
Search Add 100 Miša Mijatović Miloš Mijatović Accordion player and composer from Serbia.
Search Add 100 V.S. Avsenik Brothers Avsenik, Vilko and Slavko are Slovenian composers/musicians, leaders of '[a=Ansambel Bratov Avsenik]'.
Search Add 100 Lucas J. Margulies
Search Add 99 فيلمون وهبي فيلمون بن سعيد وهبي (Fīlimūn Bin Saʾīd Wahbi) Philemon Wehbe (1918 - 1985) was a Lebanese singer and composer.
Search Add 99 Karel Lodr Karel Lodr Czech graphic designer and architect.
Search Add 99 Karen Katz Art Director & Designer
Search Add 99 P&P Micioni Paolo & Pietro Micioni
Search Add 98 Trawinski Photography agency from Cologne, often cooperating with [l917] and its labels in the 1960's and 70's. It was run by F. and S. Trawinski, who also contributed images. [b]If credited with 'Trawinski' only, please use this profile[/b]. If credited on release with S. Trawinski or Sophie Trawinski, please use [a3212696]. If in doubt, please use this profile, unless the credit clearly points to another profile.
Search Add 98 Kapshul Виталий Капшуль (Vitaly Kapshul) DJ/Producer from Novopolotsk, Belarus. Founder of [l=Bullfinch] music label. Born: 09-11-1989.
Search Add 98 Dimitry Uziel
Search Add 98 Joseph Weinberger Executive-Producer, owner, founder, music mogul, entrepreneur and lawyer of [l471981], [l123559], [l471982] and [l1425945].
Search Add 98 Nana Ampadu Nana Kwame Ampadu I Ghanaian highlife guitarist, band leader of [a352298] and composer of over 800 songs. He was born born March 31, 1945 in Obo Kwahu, Ghana.
Search Add 98 Studio Meter Dutch graphic design studio, owned and founded by [a=Wim Meter] Located in Hilversum, Holland.
Search Add 98 Ni-ya
Search Add 98 Turkka G. Rantanen Finnish visual artist, now located in southern France.
Search Add 97 Massimiliano Di Carlo Italian multi-instrumentalist musician living in Rome. Composer, arranger, also director.
Search Add 97 Don Cravens Photographer
Search Add 97 Roby Manini Roby Manini is an italian Creative Video-Graphic Designer, webmaster, VJ & producer. From 2004 he collaborates with Steve Sylvester and Death SS as webmaster, graphic and video designer. From 2011 is the graphic designer of italian independent label Deadly Sin Records From 2012 he collaborates with Radio R101 (italian radio) and the "Gialappa's Band" (comic trio) as admin of facebook and social network of the radio. From 2013 he is the Live-VJ of Death SS during the "Resurrection Tour"
Search Add 97 Ferdo Pomykalo Ferdo Pomykalo Born in Banja Luka, BiH, 23.11.1915. he was a famous Croatian composer. Between 1949.-1951. he conducted the Radio-Zagreb Orchestra. He was also famous for the numerous motion-picture music he composed. Pomykalo died in Zagreb on the 16th of September 1973. Brother of [a=Josip Pomykalo] & [a=Zvonimir Pomykalo].
Search Add 97 Mario Bua Mario Raymond Bua
Search Add 97 Ray Muylle Raymond Muylle
Search Add 97 Bob Hook
Search Add 97 Сергей Нелюбин Graphic artist
Search Add 97 Hi-Times Band Reggae studio band founded by [a=Earl "Chinna" Smith], related to label [l=High Times (3)]
Search Add 96 Stig Söderqvist Swedish designer and jazz trumpet player.
Search Add 96 Michel Petré
Search Add 96 Fabien Baron Fabien Baron French graphic designer, art director and magazine editor, born 5 July 1959 in Antony, Hauts-de-Seine, France. Owner & CCO at [l=Baron & Baron Advertising]. 435 Hudson Street, Fl. 5 New York, NY 10014 T. 212 397 8000 NewBusiness@baron-baron.com
Search Add 96 Orchester Teddy Todd
Search Add 96 Gianni Chiampan Italian classical cellist.
Search Add 96 Eric Amsterdam Erik Amsterdam
Search Add 96 Les Ladd Leslie Ladd Recording engineer who worked at [l=RCA Studios, Nashville].
Search Add 96 Peter Tsakiris Graphic designer, runs [l881067] in New York, USA.
Search Add 96 Ilija Genić Famous ex-Yugoslav conductor and arranger, then composer and musician.
Search Add 96 Cesare Vaia
Search Add 96 Richard Batchens Richard Batchens was a top Australian producer in the 70s, renowned for his work on Festival's progressive Infinity label. He worked on many of the pre-1976 releases by both Sherbet and Richard Clapton.
Search Add 96 Kassim Masdor Kassim Masdor (1938 - 2014) was a Singaporian composer.
Search Add 95 Manuel Cep Concepcion
Search Add 95 Wim Meter Wim Meter Dutch designer, art director, founder and owner of [a=Studio Meter]
Search Add 95 Zoran Tutunović Zoran Tutunović Serbian folk arranger, composer and producer. Married to [a=Eleonora Barudžija].
Search Add 95 Satoru Homma
Search Add 95 Luc Dubois
Search Add 95 Vittorio Antinori Credited for cover design (copertina) of "[l348552]"-releases
Search Add 94 Eidologic Graphic designer Sagués, 50 08021 Barcelona Spain Phone:+34 932 000 967
Search Add 94 Mioara Panaite
Search Add 94 JM Designs Run by [a948174] & [a3631887].
Search Add 94 Frédéric Aberson
Search Add 94 Harry Webber Designer
Search Add 94 pixeldealer-design.com Design studio based in Münster, Germany
Search Add 94 Jaim Design
Search Add 94 Yasutaka Kajihara Japanese metal/grind bassist.
Search Add 94 Marcellous Lovelace Marcellous Lamont Lovelace Born October 26, in Chicago, Marcellous Lamont Lovelace: Broadcasting the most interesting Hip Hop Music you've ever heard in your life. Teaching and informing African people (and others) about Self Esteem, Awareness, Determination, Fighting Against Tricknology, Freedom Fighting, Nationalism, Skills, Making New music on a constant basis to allow for better free thought // over 150 albums recorded. Marcellous is also a well accomplished visual artist.
Search Add 94 Count Ian Blair
Search Add 94 Dick Lochte
Search Add 93 Renzo Clerici Graphic Artist
Search Add 93 Dana Smart Specialties: Project management, marketing, copywriting, music journalism, audio recording media and preservation, graphic pre-press, Jamaican music and classic soul music.
Search Add 93 Jerry McCabe Jerry McCabe Producer of a.o. Viola Wills' "Gonna Get Along Without You Now" and "If You Could Read My Mind". Jerry passed away in 2009.
Search Add 93 Complesso Castellina-Pasi Italian Folk ensemble, see also orchestra [a1366364].
Search Add 93 Tenaki Alessandro Franchi
Search Add 93 Extraordinary Deaths for Ordinary Men
Search Add 93 Donald Beekman Studio Graphic Design studio based in Amsterdam, Netherlands
Search Add 93 Γιάννης Ιωάννου
Search Add 93 Mortum Exabyss Gyorgy Turoczy Mortum Exabyss is a Hungarian Dark Ambient project since 1997. The Person behind the project operates a Record Label in NYC dealing with underground heavy musics such as Death Industrial and Dark Ambient. Mortum, besides that, leads the Hungarian Death-Industrial Project, Stone Wired and contributes vocals and other assistances to groups such as Voidmorf, Odour Sonor, Von Cogwell, First Aid 4 Souls, Willful Deception, oMx and Nadragea.
Search Add 93 Greg Hambleton Gregory Hambleton Canadian producer, engineer, songwriter, artist and record company executive. Owner of [l1514702], [l224278], [l1558830], [l645960], and [l457088]. Founded label Hoo-Ha in 1969 with Arny Solnicki. Founded [l=September Productions Ltd.] in 1971 with Marty McGinnis. Founded [l=Axe Records (2)] in 1972. Brother of [a=Fergus Hambleton].
Search Add 93 Stock/Aitken Mike Stock & Matt Aitken Post [a=Stock, Aitken & Waterman] songwriting-production team consisting of prior members Mick Stock and Matt Aitken.
Search Add 93 Frank Hulbert Disc Mastering Engineer at [l=Astor Records Pty. Ltd.] One of Australia's most prolific mastering engineers, look for small initials scribing 'fh' or just 'f' and occasionally FH in capitals.
Search Add 93 DJ T.Rexx
Search Add 93 Gianni Zilioli
Search Add 92 K&F Creations Belgian graphic design agency.
Search Add 92 Κώστας Χατζηδουλής Ο Κώστας Χατζηδουλής είναι ένα από τα ιστορικά πρόσωπα του Ελληνικού τραγουδιού.Βαθύς γνώστης και λάτρης του λαικου και ρεμπέτικου , αφιέρωσε όλη του την ζωή στην έρευνα και στην δημιουργία εξαιρετικών δίσκων και βιβλίων.Ως Κώστας Ερνάνης έχει γράψει στίχους πολλών τραγουδιών. Ηταν γέννημα θρέμα Πειραιώτης με οικογενειακές ρίζες από την Μάνη και την Ελληνική Μικρά Ασία και φανατικός οπαδός της ποδοσφαιρικής ομάδας του Απόλλωνα Αθηνών.Σε εποχές δύσκολες ήταν αυτός που (ξανά) σύστησε στο ευρύ κοινό μεγάλες προσωπικότητες του ρεμπέτικου που η δισκογραφία και τα μέσα ενημέρωσης τους είχαν γυρισεί την πλάτη αγοώντας την μεγάλη τους προσφορά στο Ελληνικό τραγούδι.Μόνος του και κόντρα σε ημιμαθείς και κακόβουλους ''εταιρειάρχες'' και παραγοντές των δισκογραφικών ετειρειών κυκλοφόρησε δεκάδες δίσκους υψηλής αισθητικής και ποιότητας.Διέσωσε ανέκδοτα τραγούδια σπουδαίων δημιουργών.Η συνολική του προσφορά στο Ελληνικό τραγούδι είναι ανεκτίμητη και ο ίδιος ήταν η ζωντανή κιβωτός του.Το ψευδώνυμο Ρακοσυλλέκτης του το έδωσε ο μεγάλος συγγραφέας και δημοσιογράφος Δημήτρης Ψαθας.
Search Add 92 Jean Mainbourg Jean Mainbourg French photographer, born November 28, 1927 in Bernay and died April 19, 2016 in Paris.
Search Add 92 Юрий Стельник Soviet recording engineer
Search Add 92 Michael Schlimgen Michael Schlimgen, director
Search Add 92 Ta-Trung Pierre Becker Graphic designer from Berlin, Germany. (contact@ta-trung.com)
Search Add 92 Cliff Williamson Producer / A&R Executive for [l=Chart Records (4)] and the son of [a=Slim Williamson]. Father of [a=Cortney Tidwell] with [a=Connie Eaton]. Born: 1949
Search Add 92 Bohumil Šejda Bohumil Šejda Czech graphic designer, illustrator, animator, film director.
Search Add 92 Stephan Barbery Stéphane Maes Guitarist in many interesting Belgian band. Run the label & grafzine [l=Camera Obscura] & also [l=Digital Records (3)]. Graphic designer for [l=Play It Again Sam Records] between 1983 and 1990.
Search Add 92 Iain James Kirk
Search Add 92 John Lee Richardson Musician Artist Label Owner (Indifferent Space Recordings) Synth Creator Video Maker Dream Weaver Sonic Explorer Analog Adventurer
Search Add 92 Luke Yeoward Musician, writer, performer. Owner, operator and curator of [l1569312]. Cutting Engineer at [l178173], Melbourne Australia since August 2019.
Search Add 92 Amélie Nicolet
Search Add 91 Miriam Schottland Commercial artist, trained at Pratt Institute, Brooklyn, NY. Driving Trainer, founder and CEO of DriveLab, based in Washington, D.C., USA.
Search Add 91 Das Orchester Werner Thomson
Search Add 91 Ian McCue Ian McCue is a children's television producer who is best known for his work at HiT Entertainment and Mattel.
Search Add 91 Hal Kanner
Search Add 91 John Scott Trotter American jazz pianist, arranger, composer and bandleader. Born : June 14, 1908 in Charlotte, North Carolina. Died : October 29, 1975 in Los Angeles, California. Mr. Trotter worked with Ella Fitzgerald, Louis Armstrong, Bing Crosby, Bix Beiderbecke, Hal Kemp, among others, and in his own groups.
Search Add 91 Gerd von Haßler Hans Leo Gerd von Haßler zu Roseneckh German author, director, producer, voice actor, composer, singer and journalist. He was born 28 August 1928 and died 7 January 1989.
Search Add 91 Ded Associates For shortened name credits, see [a1901036] Located in Sheffield, England DED Associates Ltd. 99 Mary Street, Sheffield S1 4RT Contact number: 00 44 114 273 1799
Search Add 91 Clarke-Hicks-Nash
Search Add 91 Norman Art Studio
Search Add 91 Claudio Gobbi Claudio Gobbi (Milan, 18 August 1949) is an Italian designer and art director. After graduating as a Graphic designer at the European Institute of Design in Milan (1969), he graduated from the D. Campari Institute of Communication, Milan (1973). After the first professional experiences as graphic executive, creative graphic and art director junior, in the period 1974-80 he was responsible for the office of Image and Communication at the Polygram Deutsche Grammophon. He then worked as head of the Image and Communication office in the entertainment sector of Fonit Cetra RAI. In 1996 he founded Il Laboratorio Grafico with his son [a=Dimitri gobbi].
Search Add 91 James Meese James Alfred Meese American painter and pulp novel illustrator (b.1917 - d.1971)
Search Add 91 Ellen Baier German author of numerous scripts for radio plays, both for fairy tales and adventures in the 1960/70s
Search Add 91 Vstee Designer.
Search Add 91 Sylvester Gordon [l=321 Strong] label owner.
Search Add 90 Klas Lunding
Search Add 90 EMI Italiana Creative Services Not applicable Division of Italian [l=EMI] subsidiary [l=EMI Italiana] specializing in conceptualizing and creating cover art & vinyl sleeve designs for it's releases.
Search Add 90 www.td03.com Graphic design studio founded by [a=Patrick Uhle] in Cologne, Germany. TD03.COM c/o Patrick Uhle Keplerstrasse 19-21 D-50823 Köln Germany Tel.: +49/0/221.2581377 Mob.: +49/0/178.2581377 Email: patrick@td03.com
Search Add 90 Michael McDavid
Search Add 90 Gian Mario Guarino
Search Add 90 Pete Felleman Jaap Albert Louis Sidney Pete Felleman (17 may 1921 - 16 February 2000) was an early Jazz buff. In 1947 he presented "Swing & Sweet, from Hollywood & 52nd Street" for VARA-radio, becoming the first dutch disk jockey. His great knowledge, perfectionism and deep growling "Wolfman Jack"-like voice made him unforgettable. He started working in the record business in 1953. In 1960 he was hired by [l33935] to set up their [l255264] sub-label . He acquired the rights to a host of upcoming American labels, like Chess and Motown. Starting in 1962 Artone began releasing them with the famous photo sleeves. By doing so Felleman created a legacy, and records now sought after by collectors world wide. On the LP market the great [l385508] was compiled by him. His greatest success however was the rise of Motown. By the late sixties Motown got too big for Artone and moved with Felleman and all the old stock to the Bovema division. Felleman became Motown label manager for Holland and Coordinator Motown for Europe until 1978.
Search Add 90 Edmond Brooks
Search Add 90 Joseph Low Joseph Low (b.1911, Coraopolis, Pennsylvania, USA - d.February 12, 2007, Edgartown, Massachusetts, USA) was an American artist, graphic designer and children's book illustrator.
Search Add 90 Devolution Designs Richard Lock
Search Add 90 Ron Nackman Art Director & Designer
Search Add 89 Opposite Design Graphic design studio. 314 rue St. Honoré F-75001 Paris France Phone: +33 1 40 20 09 23
Search Add 89 Winston Hewitt
Search Add 89 Manley Buchanan Augustus Manley Buchanan
Search Add 89 Pasquale Santomartino Italian record producer.
Search Add 89 Kurt Stephan German vocalist, voice actor, scriptwriter and director of radioplays. He is also frequently mentioned as writer for children/youth play, as well as for adult material. He is also credited with Curt or Curth Stephan and used to sign with Rolf Roland or Stefan Roland in the 1950s. Born 21.12.1919 in Sudetenland, + 10.10.1984 Stephan obviously started as a member of the [a=Comedien-Quartett]. Together with the [a=Comedien-Quartett] member [a=Fred Ritter] he launched "Das Conny Roland Terzett", soon became [a=Das Roland-Trio]. The group backuped many famous artist and sung with most prominent orchestras from the middle of the 1950s. In this period he performed as a singer with lots of group names. For example [a=Die Singenden Waldmusikanten] in 1954/55 on [l=Polydor] On other labels the group used different aliases like [a=Die Octavios] on the [l=Heliodor] label. In 1957 [a=Das Roland-Trio] joined with [a=Die Cyprys] to form the sextett [a=Die Teddies]. Since 1959 the trio also performed as [a=Die River-Boys], and when joined by [a=Knut Kiesewetter] they use [a=Die Tramps] At the same time he performed for [l=Philips] with [a=Die Rixdorfer Sänger], the [a=Das Roland-Trio] enhanced by [a=Karl Golgowsky]. The same lineup later performed as [a=Das Roland-Golgowsky-Quartett] on budget labels. Also in the early 1960s he very successfully performed with [a=Nana Gualdi] as [a=Monika Und Peter]. Later on he concentrate on studio productions, radioplays, reading books, arrangements and songwriting.
Search Add 89 高崎一郎 俊威 ジョニー 高崎 / Toshitake Johnny Takasaki Takasaki Ichirō. Japanese radio DJ and producer, President of パシフィック音楽出版 (Pacific Music Publishing, Later Fuji Pacific Music Publishing). often credited with sleeve notes. Born May 13, 1931 in London; died August 10, 2013. His real name is Johnny, but his parents are both Japanese and his father is a diplomat. Born in London, where his father, who worked for the Japanese Embassy, ​​was appointed. When He was raised by a British maid instead of his busy parents, He could hardly speak Japanese at an early age. When he was in third grade, the Pacific War started, and his family returned home, stepping on the land of Japan in their home country for the first time. When he was working as a lathe at the Ogikubo airplane factory where he was mobilized, he was sometimes asked to interpret a war prisoner of war. After the defeat, his father, who was accused of being a war criminal, died in prison in Sugamo Prison, and his family was separated. Bilingual he was hired by the stationed officer. He used to be a household while studying until high school. He continued to work as an interpreter on a part-time basis after entering Aoyama Gakuin University, and majored in modern American literature at the University of Southern California (USC) where he studied abroad with a scholarship. After graduating, he stayed in the United States, got a taste of Dexyland Jazz in New Orleans, touched the broadcast business in New York, and got a disc jockey style. After returning to Japan, he bought a wealth of knowledge and language skills, and he joined Nippon Broadcasting as a producer. He worked extensively in matters such as foreign affairs including the invitation of foreign talents, news translation, and program summarization, and visited many countries other than the socialist countries at the time. He started a disc jockey in the high listening rate program "Best Hit Parade", but the concept of "DJ" was not familiar to Japanese listeners, and it has run into a lot of flak from the public mainly and the professional radio announcers at that time. However, he asked his friend's NHK announcer and music critic to monitor it, and while constantly receiving criticism, he established his own narrative. Backed by sponsors and listeners, he standed at the dawn of the radio personality. He was involved in the planning of the Japanese late-night radio program "オールナイト・ニッポン" (All Night Nippon) from the planning stage, and he also served as the first personality. A tagline such as "奥様、お嬢様が泣いて喜ぶ、あ・な・た・の高崎一郎です" (It is your Ichiro Ichizaki that Madame and the girl are happy to cry.) and nonstop soul tunes in disco style were his characteristically trademark. 大滝詠一 (Eiichi Ohtaki) said "Takasaki was my idol DJ" During this time, Takasaki continued to work extensively from liner notes writing and translation, negotiations with foreign talents, interpreting, and music review. He also works as a assumed name lyricist "ジョニー・ウッドマン" (Johnny Woodman), and works with other popular composers "ハリー・ウィリアムス" (Harry Williams = Kunihiko Suzuki) and works on several popular songs. He was also involved in the establishment of パシフィック音楽出版 (Pacific Music Publishing) by ニッポン放送 (Nippon Broadcasting System, Inc.) in 1966 and ニッポン放送サービス(Nippon Broadcasting Service = now Pony Canyon). He later became president of Pacific Music Publishing. In January 1967 when American folk song singer Joan Baez came to Japan, Takasaki, who was the presiding interpreter, did not correctly translate Baez's message on Vietnam's antiwar war and comments on the atomic bombing to Hiroshima, but on stage Takasaki received booing from English-speaking audiences and Baez fans.
Search Add 89 Tony Crazeekid Graphic designer from Paris suburb, France
Search Add 89 Karl Klefisch
Search Add 89 Szymon Siech Polish visual artist.
Search Add 89 Digitaliink
Search Add 89 Jan Weskott Designer and photographer
Search Add 89 Сергей Симаков Сергей Борисович Симаков Painter, aka Sergey Simakov.
Search Add 89 Marcel Merkes - Paulette Merval
Search Add 89 Jerri Lauridsen
Search Add 89 Daniel Gargar
Search Add 89 Ulf Meyer Zu Kueingdorf Designer, author & publisher. Was also working as Creative Director.
Search Add 89 Antonio Frasconi Antonio Frasconi (28 April 1919, Buenos Aires, Argentina, – 8 January 2013, New York, USA) was an Uruguayan-American visual artist, best known for his woodcuts.
Search Add 89 Art Tripp Dr. Arthur Dyer Tripp III Born September 10th, 1944 in Athens, Ohio, USA American drummer Art Tripp grew up in Pittsburgh before becoming a percussionist for the [a=Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra] in 1962. He played and recorded with [a=Frank Zappa] and [a286086] from 1968 until the end of 1969, before joining [a816783] for four years. On the [a=Captain Beefheart] album "Spotlight Kid" he appeared on the credits under both aliases of [a=Ed Marimba] & [a=Ted Cactus]. He was once also a member of the group [a=Mallard]. Art Tripp eventually gave up music and became a chiropractor.
Search Add 88 Rutger "Rutti" Kroese
Search Add 88 Ahn Yu Jin 안유진 Lead vocalist and lead dancer of the K-pop band [a=IZ*ONE]. Born on September 1st, 2003 in Cheongju, South Korea. Stage name : Yujin (Hangeul : 유진)
Search Add 88 Aldo Luiz Designer
Search Add 88 Oyasumi Punpun
Search Add 88 Megan Schaefer Freelance art director and graphic designer in the Minneapolis-St. Paul, Minnesota area. She has previously worked for [l=Lifescapes Music], Mood Entertainment, and [l=Compass Productions].
Search Add 88 Pietro Foresti Pietro Foresti is an Italian music producer, engineer, and manager. His production and engineering credits include work in Los Angeles, California, with numerous major label artists, including Tracii Guns (L.A. Guns, Brides of Destruction, Contraband, Guns N' Roses), Scott Russo (Unwritten Law), and Marvin Etzioni (Lone Justice). His production and engineering colleagues on more than four dozen albums have included Sylvia Massy Shivy (Red Hot Chili Peppers, Tool), Michael C. Ross (Christina Aguilera, Pussycat Dolls), Joe Gastwirt (Neil Young, Grateful Dead, Michael Jackson). Foresti is also producer, engineer, and manager for his wife, Italian pop superstar Valeria Rossi, whose hit “Tre Parole” climbed to number one in both the Italian and Spanish charts and was awarded a top prize at the 2002 Italian Music Awards. As producer, Foresti was nominated for two music awards in 2010 from the Union Fonografica Independiente (UFI): “Best Rock Album” and "Best Alternative Rock Album. In 2016 he won the price of Italian "Best Rock Producer of the Year".
Search Add 88 Körmendi Együttes
Search Add 88 Leonard Posso
Search Add 88 Wade Wood Associates
Search Add 88 Adrian Dexter Adrian Dexter Visual artist.
Search Add 87 Jiří Pavlín Jiří Pavlín Czech graphic designer and illustrator.
Search Add 87 Shonentai Shonentai (少年隊, Shōnentai) is a three-member Japanese idol group under the talent agency [l997919]. They debuted on December 12, 1985.
Search Add 87 Thomas Farmer III
Search Add 87 Black Widow Graphic Design Australian company, based in Melbourne. Graphic Design services for print and web. Creative Director: [a2137563] Contact Info: Level 8 365 Queen Street (cnr A'Beckett St) Melbourne Victoria 3000 Australia Phone: (03) 9642 0296 Fax: (03) 9642 0298 Email: mail@blackwidowdesign.com.au
Search Add 87 Kelly Tribble Spencer Kelly Spencer [a=Sean Spencer]'s relative.
Search Add 87 Frank Ferrar Osvaldo Nicolás Ferraro Gutiérrez Another alias from Waldo de los Ríos.
Search Add 87 Promo Only, Inc. Promo Only Team of engineers responsible for the final mastering service for Promo Only CDs. See [L=Promo Only, Inc.]
Search Add 87 Meredythe Jones Rossi Art director on many album covers released circa 1980.
Search Add 87 Dragiša Petković
Search Add 87 J. Baiget Juan Baiget Spanish Juan Baiget graphic designer mostly associate with [l137109] & [l467670]
Search Add 87 Helmut K. Wimmer Helmut Karl Wimmer German-American designer and graphic artist who was the staff artist of the Hayden Planetarium from 1954 to 1987. Born: 8 December 1925, Munich, Germany Died: 20 March 2006 (age 80), Stuart, Florida, U. S.
Search Add 87 Roman Traczyk Credited for mastering duties on releases by Polish pirate operation [l=ELBO].
Search Add 87 Gerd Pircher
Search Add 87 Александр Саядянц
Search Add 87 Nicky Rat
Search Add 87 Captain B Greek music/radio producer & DJ. Owner of [l1830741]. Ex-husband to [a7481679].
Search Add 87 สายัณห์ สัญญา Sayan Sanya (th.:สายัณห์ สัญญา) is a Thai artist.
Search Add 87 Lucy Burgoyne Volunteer reader and coordinator of [l216438] audiobook releases.
Search Add 86 Clark Gassman
Search Add 86 Vojislav Đonović Vojislav Đonović (1921-2008) Serbian jazz guitarist, composer and arranger.
Search Add 86 Eduardo Assad
Search Add 86 Ries Brouwers Marinus Brouwers Marinus (Ries) Brouwers was born in the south of The Netherlands in the small village of St. Willebrord on May 27th, 1946. He died on January 20th January 2009. It is alleged that Brouwers was the "inventor" of the compilation album, but he is best known as producer of 'Neder-rock & roll' ("Nether-Rock 'n' Roll", i.e. Dutch Rock 'n' Roll). His best known discovery is [a=Corry Konings], also from St. Willebrord, who initially sang in [a=Milly En De Mooks]. Brouwers introduced her to [a=Pierre Kartner], who hooked her up with the band [a=De Rekels]. They continued as [a=Corry En De Rekels].
Search Add 86 Lee-Myles Associates [b]DO NOT USE.[/b] Use appropriate LCCN role: Printed By, Designed At, Made By as needed, for [l=Lee-Myles Assoc. Inc.].
Search Add 86 Guus Van Der Heyde Dutch graphic designer, who worked for World Record Club in Australia at least from 1960 to 1968.
Search Add 86 Denny Rosencrantz American executive at Mercury in the 1970's - National LP Promotion Manager, West Coast A&R Manager, Phonogram President, etc.
Search Add 86 Zorina Bâldescu Romanian illustrator, designer, Born in Bucharest, 1954. Wife of [a=Victor Bâldescu] Studies: Institute (Academy) of Fine Arts “Nicolae Grigorescu” - Bucharest 1974-1978 - Section Monumental Arts-Restoration . During the last thirty years her work has included: • illustrating books for children • illustrating manuals, didactic pictures • illustrating science books: zoology, botany, medicine, surgery • posters, prospectuses, packaging, logotypes • greeting cards, calendars, diaries, e-cards • games, jigsaw puzzles • fairy tales author
Search Add 86 Chor Der Städtischen Oper Berlin German operatic choir. Part of the [l563490], a name used for the [l1256364] between 1920 and 1934 and between 1945 and 1961.
Search Add 86 Zdenka Morina
Search Add 86 Clement Bushay UK-based reggae producer, owner of the [l=Bushays] record label. Produced [a=Tapper Zukie]'s debut album "Man Ah Warrior" in 1973. Later became one of the early lovers rock producers, producing [a=Junior English], [a=Janet Kay] and [a=Louisa Mark].
Search Add 86 Orchester Gustáva Offermanna Slovak pop orchestra, led by [a=Gustáv Offermann]. (Note: the group name was often credited inconsequently, and the variations like “Skupina”, “Combo”, “Septeto”, “Orchester”, etc. were [i]not[/i] meant to credit different groups.)
Search Add 85 Vaalee Tamil lyricist.
Search Add 85 Bob Ballard Robert H. Ballard Producer / Arranger / Songwriter. Worked with Freddy Martin, Lawrence Welk and Ray Conniff.
Search Add 85 Mick Hawksworth Bassist
Search Add 85 Christophe Lerouge
Search Add 85 Frank Goshit Francis Gauthier Founder of Gocharge Records, Levis, Québec, Canada
Search Add 85 Julia Guther Julia Guther Berlin based illustrator and graphic designer
Search Add 85 Thilo Krasmann Portuguese composer and TV producer of German origin (Bremen, 16 April 1933 - Portimão, 11 March 2004). Nasceu na Alemanha, viveu em Lisboa, refugiou-se no Carvalhal e morreu em Portimão. Thilo Krassman, talvez o alemão mais português que se conhece e provavelmente "o pai da música portuguesa nova" , como disse Raúl Solnado, ficou-se numa cama de hospital, vítima de uma saúde que há tempos se vinha deteriorando. Era o princípio de Março e deixou muitas saudades e tristeza no meio musical e televisivo de Portugal, onde se impusera e destacara naturalmente. Desde 1995 até 2003 fez parte dos corpos dirigentes da Sociedade Portuguesa de Autores: primeiro como membro suplente da Direcção para a área da música, e depois como membro do Conselho Fiscal. Apesar de já bastante doente, deu o seu nome a uma das listas que concorreu às eleições na SPA. Thilo nasceu em Bremen, na Alemanha, quase há 71 anos - fazia-os em Abril. Com um diploma como professor de música, veio para Portugal em 1957 (há 46 anos!) e por cá ficou, fazendo carreira no mundo do espectáculo e do entretenimento. Estabeleceu o seu quartel-general em Lisboa e, cansado do bulício e de uma vida desregrada e "stressante", há cerca de uma década arranjou um refúgio no Carvalhal, perto da Ericeira, com o Lizandro à vista. Gostava do nosso país e da nossa gente, mas irritava-o que os portugueses fossem tão humildes - de resto como o irritava os alemães "terem a mania que são donos do mundo", como confessou há anos à "Autores". Em Lisboa começou por dar aulas de acordeão na Casa Gouveia Machado e rapidamente se impôs no nosso meio musical, de resto bastante atrasado em relação ao que se fazia na Alemanha. Fundou o grupo "Thilo's Combo", um quinteto que ocupou um lugar de grande relevo na nossa música ligeira e gravou vários discos. Na RTP, onde participou no mítico "Zip-Zip", foi produtor de vários programas musicais, dirigindo a produção de numerosos programas televisivos de grande êxito, entre os quais se destaca a primeira telenovela portuguesa "Vila Faia". E, com Nicolau Breyner, criou a produtora Edipim, que dirigiu durante bastante tempo - até que a vendeu. Actuou com os mais importantes artistas portugueses, tanto no nosso país como no estrangeiro. Como compositor, para além de canções, assinou as partituras de muitas obras do teatro ligeiro, telenovelas e séries de televisão. E foi convidado diversas vezes para Chefe de Orquestra de canções portuguesa nos concursos "Eurovisão da Canção" e nos "Festivais da OIT". Em 1996, Mário Soares, então Presidente da República, condecorou-o. (SPA)
Search Add 85 Danka Stojiljković Slobodanka Popović Stojiljković Born 8.11.1969 Serbian singer of traditional folk songs.
Search Add 85 Motorhead Sherwood Euclid James Sherwood Born: 8th May 1942, Arkansas City, Kansas, USA. Died 25th December 2011. Euclid James Sherwood was an american saxophonist & vocalist, mostly associated with the bands of [a92623]. Sherwood gained his nickname 'Motorhead' as a teenager in gigging bands on the 'car club' circuit, tinkering with cars and custom-painting them. He met [a92623] in 1956 through high-school, where he attended with Bobby Zappa in Antelope Valley, California. He became a member of The Blackouts and was later part of the retinue around 'Studio Z' which had gathered as a result of [a573052]'s PAL work. Sherwood subsequently became a roadie for Zappa bands and was blessed with the pseudonym 'Larry Fanoga' on the [m35641] album, on which he was part of the chorus in The Abnuceals Emuukha Electric Orchestra. Sherwood performed in early Zappa line-ups and on various FZ albums, including "Civilization Phaze III" - a revisit to the themes found in "Lumpy Gravy". He was also a member of [a1336323] and then worked on projects with [a214846] and [a1312260]. He was also a member of [a1663374].
Search Add 85 Luciana Nedelea Visual artist based in Romania.
Search Add 85 Marc Plainguet
Search Add 85 Frank Lerner Photographer and designer.
Search Add 85 Kannadasan
Search Add 85 Ken Gunall American illustrator & painter
Search Add 84 Plantage German visual design company based in Berlin. Contact info: Plantage Berlin Agentur für Kommunikation GmbH & Co. KG Novalisstraße 11 D-10115 Berlin Germany Phone: +49 30664040100
Search Add 84 Orchestre Jo Moutet
Search Add 84 Morel Volbură Romanian photographer.
Search Add 84 Raoul Mouillard Illustrator for child
Search Add 84 Gustav Images Gustavimages
Search Add 84 Henrik Walse Henrik Walse Swedish designer. Born 1969 in Luleå, Sweden. Founder of [a=Walse Custom Design].
Search Add 84 Feedback Media Design German design company from Stuttgart. Established in 1995. Contact: feedback media design GmbH Hermannstraße 5 70178 Stuttgart Germany Phone: +49 (0)711 22070800, E-mail: hallo@feedbackmedia.de Registered: 12th November 2004 County Court Stuttgart, HRB 24944 Manager: Hans Weidhofer, Ralf Greiner
Search Add 84 David Chasman
Search Add 84 Roberto Ferrante Roberto Ferrante Italian composer, arranger, producer (Naples, March 28th, 1965), founder of [l=Planet Records (8)] with European headquarters in Naples and American ones in Miami, Florida, releasing music from all genres, but specialized in recent years in Latin American genre. He was the young author and producer of [i]Come On Closer[/i] by [a=Pineapples] feat. [a=Douglas Roop], the Italo-Disco song distributed by [l=Best Record] in 1983, which also was played at the legendary Chicago Radio Station [i]WBMX[/i] by the legendary D.J.'s, Hot Mix 5, such a classic of early Chicago house and still today very sought after by collectors and fans who consider it one of the best and more clear example of proto-house.
Search Add 84 Don Mais Errol Mais Owner of [l=Roots Tradition].
Search Add 84 RadioSilence Electronic Ambient project from [a93891]
Search Add 84 Creighton Jenkins
Search Add 84 Whole Hog Design Creative design and communication solutions for corporate and consumer brands. Located in Auckland, New Zealand.
Search Add 84 Guy Joly Art director and designer.
Search Add 84 Complesso Mario Piovano
Search Add 84 Zlaja Timotić Zlatko Timotić Keyboards player, composer/arranger and producer of pop-folk music from Serbia.
Search Add 84 Bob Bortnick Bob Bortnick Senior Vice President and A&R for Warner/Chappell Music.
Search Add 84 Fri Reklam Swedish layout company
Search Add 84 Unbuentipo
Search Add 84 Jan Węcowski Jan Węcowski Polish composer, musicologist, writer and teacher. From 1967-1988 he was artistic director of the [l=Veriton] label.
Search Add 84 Iuliu Sînpetru Romanian visual artist working for [l=Electrecord] from the late 1960s up to 1980
Search Add 84 Grafi-Record Graphic design company based in Venezuela, also as a company in the db: [l1899644]
Search Add 83 Aucoin Management, Inc. Management firm founded in the mid 1970's and mainly consisting of William "Bill" Aucoin (born 12-29-1943, died 06-28-2010). He single-handedly created and managed three of the most internationally renowned rock acts in the entertainment business: [A=KISS], [a=Billy Idol] and [a=Billy Squier]. As well he took care of [a=Lordi] in the last stage of his career. The company was later doing business under the name [a7148822].
Search Add 83 Barni Wright
Search Add 83 Концертный Ансамбль п/у Фердинанда Криша
Search Add 83 Joseph Krush Visual artist (1918- ), appears commonly on releases of the labels [l=Somerset] and [l=Stereo-Fidelity] in the late 50s and early 60s. Along with his wife, Beth Krush, produced illustrations for many children's books.
Search Add 83 Bruno Barbone
Search Add 83 Kevin Robbens Kevin Robbens
Search Add 83 Husz Stephan Boom Mass Media Manipulator who works for [l=The Third Movement] for quite a while now.
Search Add 83 Mike M. Koshitani 越谷政義
Search Add 83 David Chackler Producer - label executive - music supervisor in the film industry
Search Add 83 Miguel Angel Machín Spanish photographer and designer related to [l73981].
Search Add 83 Ansambl Bogdana Kojovića
Search Add 83 Lorenzo Longhin
Search Add 83 Reggie Vincent Reginald Vinson American guitarist, born in Tennessee, USA and raised in Detroit, Michigan, USA.
Search Add 83 Sho Graphix Ondrej Havlicek Graphic Designer working mostly for Chambermusik.
Search Add 83 Maspons + Ubiña Spanish photographers
Search Add 83 Alexandre Jaillon
Search Add 83 Christer Manning
Search Add 82 Claudio Casalini Chairman of [l6796]. Italian pioneer club-DJ, author, producer, former publisher and music journalist. Considered [i]"The Djs' Father"[/i] for his 50 years played in the clubs and for the many roles in the music industry. Co-founder in 1974 with [a=Renzo Arbore], [a=Carlo Massarini], [A=Raffaele Cascone], [a=Kruger Agostinelli], [a=Roby Bonardi] and few others of [i]GDP, Gruppo Djs Professionisti[/i] and actively with [a=Gianni Naso] in creating [i]AID, Italian Association DJ[/i]. [l=Best Record Italy] founder in 2015, a label specialized in reissues 12" vinyl of the best tracks Disco 70's & Italo 80's. DJ still on the road with his vinyl.
Search Add 82 Dan Mumford Daniel Mumford Dan Mumford is a freelance illustrator working in central London, UK. Over the past 10 years, Dan has worked within the pop culture and music scene creating everything from album covers, branding and screenprint's to new interpretations of classic film posters and albums.
Search Add 82 Toyo Tanaka Toyo Masanori Tanaka Japanese musician, actor, producer and director for radioplays and art director at the Festival MúsicaMallorca. He was born 19 January 1959 in Tokyo, Japan and died in July 2015 in Munich, Germany.
Search Add 82 Eugene Karlin American artist and illustrator, born in Kenosha, Wisconsin on December 15, 1918. He designed many album covers for [l1866] and [l895], and did illustrations for Esquire, Fortune, Sports Illustrated and other American magazines. As an artist, his works have been shown at the San Francisco Museum, New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art and the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts. He died in Laguna Woods, California on November 20, 2003.
Search Add 82 Paolo Damanti Paolo Damanti
Search Add 82 J.H. Löffler Johannes Heinz Löffler Graphic designer.
Search Add 82 Carl Barile Designer
Search Add 82 Grammophon-Orchester Please only use this page if the city the orchestra was based in is not given. For the Berlin based orchestra please use [a=Grammophon-Orchester, Berlin] For the Vienna based orchestra please use [a=Wiener Grammophon-Orchester] For the Munich based orchestra please use [a=Grammophon-Orchester München]
Search Add 82 Elifas Andreato
Search Add 82 Albert Cuellar
Search Add 82 "Godspell" Original Cast Godspell Original Cast 1971 Off-Broadway Cast, the original cast of the Cherry Lane Theatre production of "Godspell". Also may be referred to as the American Cast. The original cast defined the personalities of each character as the show was developed. Most of the characters' names are simply the first name of the actor, so the characters are more easily identified by the song they sing. The actor cast as John the Baptist doubles later in the show as Judas Iscariot.
Search Add 82 Barry Kamen Barry Kamen Brother of session guitarist [a=Chester Kamen] & singer/songwriter [a=Nick Kamen], Barry Kamen was a model, stylist and artist. He passed away in October 2015, aged 52.
Search Add 81 Brenda McClearen Graphic designer for [l=Gusto Records (2)].
Search Add 81 MaCo Productions Maco productions B.V. Dutch artwork/design studio. Founded 1985 in Boesingheliede. Also traded under name [a=MaCo/KKP].
Search Add 81 Stefan Dornberger Founding member and partner of [l=R.A.N.D. Muzik] from 1997 until ca. 2011/12. Lacquer cutter and senior cutting engineer for R.A.N.D. until 2010. His vinyl cuts can be identified by ☮ [Peace Symbol] BY RAND. Please credit as Lacquer Cut By [Peace Symbol] - Stefan Dornberger.
Search Add 81 Bob Skoro A&R
Search Add 81 Lewis Murtagh
Search Add 81 I+T=R Richard Grant I+T=R stands from Image and Text by Richard Grant. The company name is often hidden on the artwork. On the artwork for Shinjuku Filth's 'Junk', Incident Power = Transmited + Reflected (ie. I=T+R) was an in-joke about the design companies name.
Search Add 81 Ansambl Jovice Petkovića
Search Add 81 Trevor 'Uncle T' James Responsible for the [l=Uncle T] label.
Search Add 81 Hazeen Qadri
Search Add 81 Mel Shaw Canadian songwriter, manager, producer, and publisher originally from Calgary, Alberta. Probably most famous for managing [a515862] from their inception in 1965. Was the founding President of [l919026] ([l430036]), past president of [l974268] and former executive director of [l56231] (Foundation to Assist Canadian Talent on Record). Winner of the Juno Walt Grealis Special Achievement Award in 1991. Currently CEO of Mel Shaw Music Platforms.
Search Add 81 Decca Publicity Art Department Credited for visual roles on the label [l=Decca].
Search Add 81 Suske en Wiske Principal characters from the Belgian comic book series created by [a=Willy Vandersteen]. They first appeared in newspaper "De Nieuwe Standaard" in December 1945. In foreign territories they're known under different names such as Spike and Suzy (British), Willy and Wanda (American), Bob et Bobette (French), Finn & Fiffi (Norwegian), Bob y Bobette (Swedish) or Lucek i Luśka (Polish).
Search Add 81 Jaroslav Dřevikovský Jaroslav Dřevikovský Czech composer, arranger, pianist, trumpet player, vocalist, band leader. Born April 10, 1936 in Hlinsko (former Czechoslovakia). Member of the [a=Lubomír Pánek Singers] 1964–1967, leader of the [a=Karel Vlach Orchestra] after Vlach’s death in 1986. [i](Note: his last name is often being misspelt as “Dřevíkovský”.)[/i]
Search Add 81 Mike Hrubovcak American metal vocalist and a visual artist.
Search Add 81 Mugretone Interior
Search Add 81 Carlos "Cuto" Soto Carlos J. Soto Puerto Rican musician (trumpet & trombone player), composer, arranger and producer in Salsa Music Has played with and do arrangements for numerous artists. Has produced such artists as Luis Enrique, Jerry Rivera, Hansel y Raúl, Tito Nieves, Alex D’Castro, Jiro, Domingo Quiñones, Orlando Collado. (born 4 Nov. 1955, San Juan)
Search Add 81 George Theofanous Γιώργος Θεοφάνους Cypriot songwriter, born on 9 January 1968 in Larnaca, Cyprus.
Search Add 81 Oneil Barnett Mastering and vinyl cutting engineer at [l313229]. in Kingston, Jamaica.
Search Add 81 Tommy Kearns
Search Add 81 Daniel Knowler Daniel Knowler is a guitarist, songwriter and sound artist from UK. He is a member of noise rock band The Infinite Three; has performed as a member of Cindytalk; provides vocals and lyrics for avant-rock trio Slunq; has released ambient/drone/noise music as Sweetie; was a founder member of UK rock band Leisur Hive and has released three instrumental solo albums. In 2020 he formed the collaborative band project The Shining Tongues with Sam Mclaughlin and several other musicians.
Search Add 81 Bright Tunes Productions
Search Add 80 QOQOON Japanese ambient / new age project.
Search Add 80 Joe Leahy Orchestra
Search Add 80 Giuliano Salerni
Search Add 80 Barry "Byrd" Burton Barry Burton Barry "Byrd" Burton (born September 7, 1946, Greene County, Tennessee - died March 10, 2008 in Nashville, Tennessee) was an American producer, engineer, musician and singer. He played guitar, mandolin as well as other instruments.
Search Add 80 Milica Mitrović Milica Mitrović nee Pašić Vice President of Pink International Company. Wife of [a=Željko Mitrović].
Search Add 80 Nobuo Sekiguchi Nobuo Sekiguchi = 関口修男 Japanese graphic designer. Japanese: 関口修男.
Search Add 80 Orchester Bert Landers
Search Add 80 Cathy Henszey Art Direction
Search Add 80 Paolo Ruggeri
Search Add 80 Fred Bergin
Search Add 80 Janika Balaž (23 December 1925 — 12 November 1988) Tamburitza player from Lukino Selo, Zrenjanin, Serbia.
Search Add 80 Daniel "Axeman" Thompson Jamaican bass guitar player and guitarist, prolific songwriter and producer. Started his professional career in 1979 at Joe Gibbs Recording Studio then at Channel One. Joined the “Youth Promotion Production” in the early '80s in the Black Roots Band which produced hits from Tenor Saw, Junior Reid and Little John, later becoming known as [a=Gifted Roots Band] (#1 Session Band in 1984). He went on to record with superstars such as Peter Tosh, Bunny Wailer, Dennis Brown, Black Uhuru, Rita Marley, Toots Hibbert, Augustus Pablo, Ini Kamoze, U-Roy, Yellowman and has worked with: Etana, Lutan Fyah, Gyptian, Nesbeth, Junior Kelly and many more. Please do not confuse with UK Lovers artist [a=Axeman].
Search Add 80 The Thunder Jockeys Design.
Search Add 80 Bob Haberfield Australian graphic designer who worked for the World Record Club in the 1960s.
Search Add 80 Angela Cicorella Italian actress and dubber.
Search Add 80 Grahame Berney Sleeve designer.
Search Add 80 Desmond Blake
Search Add 80 Андрей Гаврилов Андрей Юрьевич Гаврилов (born 1952) is a Russian/Soviet music journalist and publisher, who is also well-known as a voice-over translator of countless films on video. He is a founder of [l=Solyd Records]
Search Add 80 Ansambl Dušana Radančevića
Search Add 80 Παναγιώτης Φιλιππίδης Engineer at Columbia studios, Athens, Greece.
Search Add 80 В. Мальтин Cover artist/designer for [l=Мелодия].
Search Add 80 Ευάγγελος Πιτσιλαδής
Search Add 79 Hobco Arts Cover design company. Was involved with [l=Crown Records (2)].
Search Add 79 Klaus Dempel Klaus Dempel German graphic designer from Stuttgart, Germany
Search Add 79 Rudolf Levers Swiss illustrator and credited for artwork, 1915-1989. Picture shows one of his most famous Illustration works from 1960 "Tierlischau" (author: Emilie Locher-Werling)
Search Add 79 Inhos Sound artist, musician from Hungary. Mostly doing works in harder electronic genres, like Harsh Noise, Power Electronics, Industrial, and similar like these. He is mostly doing vocals, like black metal shrieks, cracking voice, grunts, screams, and sometimes just simple talking, whispering as a spoken word perfomance. Plays on keyboard and ocarina on a decent level. Runs the label [l411863]. Born February 3, 1991, Budapest, Hungary.
Search Add 79 Marjai Csaba Csaba Marjai Hungarian producer and graphic designer at [l646037].
Search Add 79 Andrew Zukerman
Search Add 79 fws Berlin German design agency, with offices in Hamburg and Berlin. For the Hamburg office, use [a=fws Hamburg]. Full legal name: fws design & repro GmbH Stralauer Allee 1. 10245 Berlin Telefon 030-293090-0 Telefax 030-293090-99 E-Mail: info[at]fws-berlin.de
Search Add 79 Le Nevralgie Costanti Mirko Rossi Le Nevralgie Costanti (aka Mirko Rossi) was born in February 1978. He's been drawing since he was short trousers and when he does draw he listen to electronic music. He's a compulsive vinyl collector and a cinephile. During a bash he started together with a friend the project "Le Nevralgie Costanti". His own creatures are scattered in parallel realities, where they hide in the dark, scream and get mad. They are the sons and daughters of bioengineering and they are in constant transformation. He exhibited in many Italian cities: Bologna, Modena, Torino, Verona, Mantova and abroad, in Berlin, Rotterdam, Bruxelles and Paris. Since 2015 he started a permanent collaboration with Blu Gallery in Bologna. He also creates sleeves, poster and t-shirts for underground music bands. info: nevre@tiscali.it
Search Add 79 Mackintóxico Mackintóxico is the alias that Tó Trips uses for his Art & Design work.
Search Add 79 Moonroot Art Vojtěch Doubek Visual artist.
Search Add 79 Marciso "Pena" Carvalho
Search Add 79 Glenn Bullard Mastering Engineer at [l301710] Nashville, TN.
Search Add 79 Jacques Vatoux Illustrator and designer for the label [l=Erato].
Search Add 79 Stephen Inglis
Search Add 79 Vladimir Ferapontoff Владимир Георгиевич Ферапонтов Russian music producer on [l172793]. Born: June 26, 1963, Moscow
Search Add 78 Ron D Core Ronald Dedmon Jr. California, USA based DJ & Producer. Ron D Core focused mainly on hardcore/gabber style production for most of his long career. Also, the owner of Dr. Freecloud's Mixing Lab (Retail Store) and Atomic Hardcore Records. (Record Label)
Search Add 78 Ludwig Beinl Austrian cellist, born 7 July 1928 in Vienna, Austria and died 3 March 2011.
Search Add 78 Maximum Petra Hanniga
Search Add 78 Cut A. Kaos Alexander Friedlhuemer Swiss DJ and producer. Founder of [l=Bacteria Records].
Search Add 78 Keith Rossiter
Search Add 78 Zoran Busic
Search Add 78 Rudolf Urbanec Rudolf Urbanec Czech composer, arranger, military and brass band conductor, [l=Supraphon] recording supervisor. Born December 3, 1907 in Dačice (former Austro-Hungarian Empire, presently Czech Republic), died December 28, 1976 in Prague (former Czechoslovakia).
Search Add 78 Ocheda Grafische Creaties Design studio owned by [a1829695]. Located at Heerhugowaard, The Netherlands.
Search Add 78 Norman Pattiz
Search Add 78 www.doppelpunkt.com German design agency based in Berlin.
Search Add 78 Alan Fitter
Search Add 78 Masroor Anwar Masroor Anwar (8 December 1944 – 1 April 1996) was a Pakistani ghazal poet, film song lyricist and a screenwriter. He was most active in the 1960s & 1970s and received a lot of recognition & awards for his work in the film industry.
Search Add 78 Peter Huurdeman Art Director.
Search Add 78 Fabio Nicoli Associates
Search Add 78 Tom Is The Bastard Visual artist and hardcore punk musician based in Berlin. Runs cassette label [l=Yehonala Tapes].
Search Add 78 Tommy Quon
Search Add 78 Ansambl Žarka Josipovića Škule
Search Add 78 Michael Posen Illustrator.
Search Add 78 Lionel Whitfield Lionel T. Whitfield
Search Add 78 Juan Solano Juan Solano Pedrero Spanish musician (pianist) and composer. Composing team Ochaíta - Valerio - Solano with [a1048748] and [a1053809] (Born on December 21, 1921 in Cáceres, Spain. He died in Málaga, Spain, on April 22, 1992.) [b]Not to be confused with [a4063458], also called Maestro Solano.[/b]
Search Add 77 Studio Vertigo Graphic design for record releases.
Search Add 77 Enzo Parise
Search Add 77 Andy Olyphant
Search Add 77 DJ30A
Search Add 77 Alex Usiel Ischenkau Oleksiy Ischenko Postmodern multimedia artist from Kiyiv (Ukraine). Acts in Avant-garde, Experimental, Neofolk, Lo-fi, Musique concrète, Electronic, etc. genres under numerous aliases. Founder of Genetic Trance label. [a=Alex Ischenko] is not the artist's name variation.
Search Add 77 Jorge Doncos
Search Add 77 Rapho Photographic cooperative founded in Paris in 1933 by Charles Rado (1899-1970)
Search Add 77 Telepath テレパシー能力者 Luke Laurila t e l e p a t h テレパシー能力者 (t e l e p a t h Telepathy nōryoku-sha; "telepath Telepathic ability") is a vaporwave artist who became a major contributor to the classic and hypnagogic categories of the subgenre. In 2016, he shortened his producer alias to t e l e p a t h and pivoted to composing original synthwave/new age pop tunes. Also known for his work as [a4439420] and as part of [a4417063].
Search Add 77 Jorge Vianna Brazilian artwork and visual designer.
Search Add 77 Bernhard Potschka German guitarist and composer, born 1 March 1952 in Würzburg, Germany.
Search Add 77 Aladár Pege Pege Aladár Hungarian double bass player, born October 8, 1939 in Budapest, Hungary, died September 23, 2006 in the same city. Studied classical music at the Bartók Béla Musical Training College, worked in dance orchestras, forming a jazz quartet in 1963. Attended Liszt Ferenc Academy of Music; after graduation 1969 he remained as a double bass teacher. Reformed his jazz group, which appeared at the Montreux Jazz Festival in 1970. Between 1975 and 1978 lived in Berlin, playing bop and free jazz, but later returned to teaching in Budapest. Recorded with Walter Norris 1978 and 1980 and played concerts with Mingus Dynasty and with Herbie Hancock's band (in 1982).
Search Add 77 Happydesign Design agency.
Search Add 77 Matt Novakowski
Search Add 77 Christopher "CJ" James Label manager for [l=CJ Records].
Search Add 77 Kapelle Jost Ribary Jun.
Search Add 77 黃清元 Huang Qing Yuan is a Singaporean singer.
Search Add 77 www.the-unknown.co.uk Website registered on 13 Oct 1999 Design company.
Search Add 77 Benedikt Laube Benedikt Laube Sleeve designer for several disco and house artists like Prins Thomas, Idjut Boys, Bear Funk, Swayzak.
Search Add 77 Flash Graphics
Search Add 76 Anthony Lui Art director and designer
Search Add 76 Edward Czerny
Search Add 76 Wendell Parker Among his production credits are several for the New Orleans label [l=Josie Records], and owned [l183341] and [l456745]
Search Add 76 Mario Rijavec Slovenian composer, pianist, conductor and arranger of popular and jazz music, born on 17th May 1921 in Zagreb, Kingdom of the Serbs, Croats and Slovenes (today Croatia), died on 17th July 2006 in Ljubljana, Slovenia. He studied musical history at the Music Academy in Ljubljana, Slovenia.
Search Add 76 Sebastiano Mauro Sebastiano Mauro
Search Add 76 Manny Guerra Manuel R. Guerra American drummer, songwriter, producer, studio owner and label owner from San Antonio, Texas. Founded the recording studio [l648710] in 1968, where he recorded many famous Tejano and funk sides, by artists such as [a365269], [a4561797], [a2200177], [a97831], [a386437], [a4728394], [a2964218], [a1062848], [a3322953], [a2493409], and many more. Founded the record labels 'GC Production', [l=Manny], [l119893], [l1259855], [l811728], and [l895214], publishing co. [l777505], as well as the production company [l656708] with his brother [a3075265]
Search Add 76 Orlando R. Ilacad
Search Add 76 Barbara Von Johnson
Search Add 76 Bob Rosenberg American singer, producer and DJ. Son of [a=Gloria Mann].
Search Add 76 The Gentle Genius Mastering engineer at [l=Dynamic Sounds Recording Co. Ltd.] ca. 1983-1984
Search Add 76 木崎義二 Yoshiji Kizaki. Japanese music critic. A pioneer who contributed greatly to the popularization of Western music in Japan. Chief editor of Japanese 60s / 70s American pop music fanzines such as Teenbeat, Popsicle, etc.
Search Add 75 Keep Adding Noah MacDonald Keep Adding is an art moniker for Noah Macdonald, founded in 2000. It specializes in multi-media art and design work. Currently working on high-end design work for electronic musicians. Use [l1471952] when crediting as a company. Contact: njmac76@gmail.com
Search Add 75 Michael R. Whelan Michael R. Whelan Michael Whelan (born 1950) is an American fantasy and science fiction painter and illustrator. Inducted to the Science Fiction Hall of Fame in 2009.
Search Add 75 Dave Larr
Search Add 75 Gottfried Stucki Swiss folk musician (accordion) and composer (* 12 May 1893 in Münsingen, Switzerland; † 19 June 1969). Gottfried Stucki was one of the most popular figures in Swiss folk music in the first half of the 20th century.
Search Add 75 Solar Creative UK based designer company.
Search Add 75 Sav X Edwin Pouncey
Search Add 75 Yasuo Arakawa Japanese jazz bassist. Born June 12, 1939 in Kobe, Japan.
Search Add 75 D.J. Janusz Nowak
Search Add 75 John Bastable John Sidney Bastable UK banjo player and guitarist born in Fulham in London in 1929, killed in a traffic accident in 1985. He joined [a941219] in 1954, took over the leadership when Colyer retired for health reasons, and led the group under [a1668549].
Search Add 75 Ernie Reid
Search Add 75 Davis Fried Krieger Inc. New York design agency from the 1970s.
Search Add 75 fws Hamburg German design agency, with offices in Hamburg and Berlin. For the Berlin office, use [a=fws Berlin]. Full legal name: [l=FWS Design & Repro GmbH] Erdmannstraße 10. 22765 Hamburg Telefon 040-480016-0 Telefax 040-480016-23 E-Mail: info[at]fws-hamburg.de
Search Add 75 Igor CC Kelčec
Search Add 74 Anaskos
Search Add 74 Ansambl Bokija Miloševića
Search Add 74 Андрей Колосов Андрей Евгеньевич Колосов Photographer, graphic artist. Worked at [l15486].
Search Add 74 Don Cope
Search Add 74 Danny Akalepse DJ, Producer, Label Owner ([l=Big Crown Records] / [l=Plane Jane] Records)
Search Add 74 Jan Vis Agency Dutch management and booking agency and events organizer. Founded on April 1, 1963.
Search Add 74 Carlton Hamil Jamaican mastering/lacquer cutting engineer who worked at Randy's (RRS) in the 1970s. He started as recording engineer at [l=Treasure Isle Recording Studio] in early 70s before to move to [l=Randy's Studio]. His name CHamil or CH can be found hand-etched in the runout grooves of the record, along with the Record Shop/Studio (RRS)
Search Add 74 Gisela Beyer Designer.
Search Add 74 Inget Namn Tanner Olson
Search Add 74 محمد طه محمد طه مصطفى أبو دوح (Muḥammad Ṭāha Muṣṭafa Abu Dūḥ) Mohamed Taha (1922 - 1996) was a Southern Egyptian folkloric singer and songwriter. He owned his own record company [l=Ebn El Balad].
Search Add 74 Bobby Maggard Goregrind / grindcore / gorenoise / noisecore / deathgrind / death metal / cybergore / HNW artist from Russellville, Arkansas, USA.
Search Add 74 Varga Tibor Balázs Tibor Balázs Varga Hungarian graphic designer.
Search Add 74 Gregg Nadel A&R and Management
Search Add 74 Paul Savory Started in the business managing acts for Record Shack Records where, under pressure, he also designed picture covers, went on to produce many albums from the early 1990s, usually uncredited, also has writing credits
Search Add 74 Gary Wallington Compilation producer, also with [a=Bill Williams (10)], aka WW Promotions.
Search Add 74 Hurşid Yenigün
Search Add 74 Lastminutepanic Charalampos Lazos Graphic designer
Search Add 74 Fernando Correia Martins Fernando Domingos Marques Correia Martins (b. 23-11-1936; d. 28-03-2009) Violin and guitar player; Composer and Orchestrator.
Search Add 74 Monica Eskedahl
Search Add 74 Scott St. James
Search Add 74 George Cucuzzella George Cucuzzella Italian-Canadian club DJ, producer, engineer and founder/owner of [l=Unidisc]. Born ca. 1951 in Sicily, moved to Montréal, Québec in 1965.
Search Add 74 Edition Petrushka
Search Add 74 José Maria Nóbrega Portuguese fado viola (acoustic guitar) player, (Alijó, Alto Douro, 19 Nov. 1926 - 9 Oct. 2018), father of [a3341917]
Search Add 74 Rod Tremblay
Search Add 74 Paco Liaño Francisco Liaño Spanish producer and recording engineer. Owner of [l306772].
Search Add 74 Anna Persiani
Search Add 74 Woody Wilson Woodrow Wilson American songwriter, producer, and laber owner, formed the Detroit-based label [l=FEE Records].
Search Add 73 Paul Gambaccini Paul Matthew Gambaccini An American/British radio and television presenter.
Search Add 73 Leon Melnick Leon Micha Melnick
Search Add 73 Barry Eads
Search Add 73 Abnak Music
Search Add 73 Gordon Frewin
Search Add 73 Jazz Summers Gordon Summers British music manager, born 15 March 1944, died 14 August 2015. Founder of [l=Big Life] record label and management company. Former manager of [a=Lisa Stansfield], [a=Wham!], [a=London Grammar] and many more. He was married to [a=Yazz] (divorced).
Search Add 73 Михаил Болотный Leader of the band "Синяя Птица" in 1974 - 1999.
Search Add 73 André Gardé Photographer.
Search Add 73 Lord Aberdare Morys George Lyndhurst Bruce The 4th Lord Aberdare to hold the title, Morys George Lyndhurst Bruce was born on 16 June 1919, succeeded is father in 1957, and died on 23 January 2005. In between, he served as an officer in the Second World War, became a champion Real Tennis player, wrote books, served as a British cabinet minister under Ted Heath, and helped establish the [l=World Record Club]. In doing so, along with Fiona Bentley and Cyril Ornadel, he established the eponymous production company [l=F.C.M. Productions] to record music for the club, as a step away from relying on the major labels for recordings.
Search Add 73 J. Dufourny
Search Add 73 Enzo Mombrini
Search Add 73 Manny Morell Art director/designer
Search Add 73 Jon Hoddinott Jon Hoddinott Canadian experimental musician. Born 1982.
Search Add 73 Walter Heyer German arranger and orchestra leader. He was active mainly for songs from Northern Germany, marches and sea shanties.
Search Add 73 Shanghai Packaging Company Artwork from [a412075] credited to the "Shanghai Packaging Company".
Search Add 73 Dan Capp Musician, designer and Illustrator based in England.
Search Add 73 Patrick Luca
Search Add 73 Curtis F. Brown Credited for Liner Notes
Search Add 73 Piotr Krassowski Photographer
Search Add 73 Bulldog Design Norwegian Design group. They also released several promo cds they sent out to customers at Christmas etc.
Search Add 73 Candace Strickland Artist mananger, c.1999/2000
Search Add 73 Αλέξανδρος Χρυσίδης
Search Add 73 Fitzroy Wizard Blake
Search Add 73 Laura Lipuma-Nash Art Director
Search Add 73 Yoarghhh Owner of [l135587] Guitarist for grindcore bands [a4340981], [a4442186]. Goregrind one-man project : [a2088224]
Search Add 72 Jury Krytiuk Canadian songwriter, musician, producer and record company executive originally from Saskatchewan. Moved to Ontario in 1969 to become National Sales Manager for [l339916] and Manager of its label [l10201]. He left in February 1971 to establish record company [l147663] and publishing companies [l516014] and [l1342862] with [a1171586] and [a1935997].
Search Add 72 Inkaptable Luc Trombini Motion & graphic designer from Montpellier, France. Contact: contact@inkaptable.com
Search Add 72 John Bittner Mastering engineer from Phoenix, Arizona, USA. He used to work at [l=Wakefield Manufacturing] and at [l=The Talking Machine]. Also known to have worked at [l167224]
Search Add 72 Stephen Haas Studio
Search Add 72 Peter Besso
Search Add 72 مرضیه اشرف‌السادات مرتضایی (Ashraf o-Sadat Mortezaie ) Marzieh (1924 – 2010) was a Tehran-born Iranian singer of Persian traditional Music.
Search Add 72 John Lappen
Search Add 72 Wandrey's Studio Graphic design studio of [a=Petrus Wandrey]. Located in Hamburg. Appears on releases simply as Wandrey's.
Search Add 72 Studio Nico Swanink Dutch graphic design studio owned by [a2363753], based in Haarlem, The Netherlands.
Search Add 72 Goliath Artists Management company founded by [a=Paul Rosenberg].
Search Add 72 Luca Theodoli Italian designer and art director.
Search Add 72 Ann Kinney
Search Add 72 Maurici Ribera
Search Add 72 Rud' Pixelz French design company.
Search Add 72 Brad Ross-MacLeod
Search Add 72 Contemporary Vision
Search Add 72 16 Flip
Search Add 72 Kenichi Kuramoto
Search Add 72 Algis Kliševičius
Search Add 72 Geoff McFetridge Geoff McFetridge Graphic designer and visual artist born in Calgary, Canada and now based in Los Angeles.
Search Add 72 Dub Disciple
Search Add 72 ,.:.,
Search Add 72 Ryan T. McKinnon
Search Add 72 Freddy Leon Freddy León Molina Venezuelan Pianist, Composer and Producer. Born December 5, 1941 in Caracas, Venezuela. Died June 18, 2019
Search Add 71 Gregory Scott Knoll Gregory Scott Knoll Digital Experience Director Burns Marketing Communications 2005 – Present (7 years) Creative Director / Designer / Developer TeamShare / Serena Software September 2002 – October 2003 (1 year 2 months) Creative Director Imperium Solutions 2000 – 2002 (2 years) Art Director Dennis Interactive November 1996 – October 2000 (4 years) Art Director TVT Records April 1994 – November 1996 (2 years 8 months) Kansas City Art Institute BFA, Communications Design 1990 – 1994 Former drummer of Dead World
Search Add 71 Vojno Kundić
Search Add 71 Crazybaby.fr French communication & graphic design agency based in Paris. Crazybaby! 13 boulevard Voltaire 75011 Paris FRANCE Tel.: +33 1 42 21 03 82
Search Add 71 Renee Ugarteche Renée Ugarteche Director at Galvanize Management, A&R manager at [l=Proton Music].
Search Add 71 Otto Kraanen Otto Kraanen Dutch DJ and owner of [l=Bordello A Parigi]
Search Add 71 Mateo San Martin Producer
Search Add 71 Marcel Hendrix Orchestra
Search Add 71 Nils Johnny Ingmar
Search Add 71 Pelle Hökengren Swedish designer and musician.
Search Add 71 Erik Mälzner
Search Add 71 Michael Narten Michael Narten (born 1964 in Hamburg) is a German graphic artist and designer.
Search Add 71 Johnny Goverde
Search Add 71 Ken Jagger Producer and engineer of classical recordings.
Search Add 71 David T. Clydesdale David Thomas Clydesdale American Christian music arranger, conductor, composer and producer, born in 1954.
Search Add 71 Bernice Chardiet
Search Add 71 Orchestra De Muzică Populară A Radioteleviziunii Orchestra of the Romanian Radio Broadcasting, founded 1949.
Search Add 71 A Service Of RCA
Search Add 71 Peter D. Hedderley Peter D. Hedderley Peter D. Hedderley is a pianist, organist, composer and electronic-music artist, living in Germany.
Search Add 71 Scott Regen Robert Bernstein Veteran Detroit disc jockey and music historian from WKNR Radio.
Search Add 71 Giorgio D'Adamo Italian bassist, passed away October 19, 2015.
Search Add 71 theposthuman
Search Add 71 Ansambl Tomice Miljića
Search Add 71 Remy Lebbos Remy Lebbos Mastering engineer, mixer, music producer and composer based in Brussels, Belgium.
Search Add 71 Chris The Rebel Chris Debol
Search Add 71 AJ Joshi AJ Joshi is credited as a pioneering entrepreneur within the UK music industry. He founded Major Fm, the first dedicated internet radio station in the UK and the first Grime radio station (before it was even named, while they were debating what to call it) giving a platform to a worldwide audience for artists well before mainstream social media existed other than myspace. Many of those artists are now recognised globally and have gone on to become superstars within their own right. He has been at the forefront with innovation before it's time conducting video interviews and podcasts with A list artists from Beyonce, Russell Simmons to UK's very own JME, Skepta, Jammer and many more several years before YouTube or podcasts were even founded. He streamed the media directly via the website using windows media player. He later founded UKRecordShop.com, an online record store and distribution company. It went on to become the largest independent online record store in the UK, they powered the BBC urban music chart and signed exclusive deals on over 100 albums. They were pinnacle to the Grime genre helping fund artists with advances without tying them into record deals ensuring they remain independent and free to pursue their art. -- This was the mission, ethos and company objective set by both AJ Joshi and DJ Adz, the founders who were motivated to help "push the scene forward" rather than lock artists into lengthy record deals, limiting their freedom and capitalising on the industry. Independence was at the forefront thus all deals were on a AdHoc basis and all artists were free to work with whoever they wanted to. They took the ethical approach and ensured all artists owned their own publishing and masters making sure all royalties went back to all artists. They worked with over 90% (estimated) of all releases within the industry at the time and were the leading distributer to all the mainstream record stores. Many artists are quoted saying if it wasn't for UKRecordShop.com believing in them, at a time when record labels shunned the genre and closed the door, the industry would not be where it is today. They are credited on over 140 albums as the exclusive store, label and/or distributer, AJ Joshi personally worked on over 100 albums, signing, marketing and distribution. AJ later went on to form Boy Better Know Mobile with Grime artist JME. AJ remains good friends with many of the artists he worked with, he is now working on various disruptive projects within the tech industry.
Search Add 71 Brenda Patrick
Search Add 71 Andy Dershin Bass player from Brooklyn, New York, USA. He also played percussion in Sweet Smoke.
Search Add 70 Walter E. Jagiello Chicago concertina, drums, bandleader owner of [l=Jay Jay Records (2)] 1930-2006
Search Add 70 Роберт Бардзимашвили რობერტ ბარძიმაშვილი Robert Bardzimashvili (born 1934 - died July 5, 2003) was a Georgian musician. He was the founder, lead vocalist, creative director, and guitarist of [a1430822] (Orera).
Search Add 70 David Mortimer-Hawkins
Search Add 70 Анна Качалина Анна Николаевна Качалина Supervisor (editor) of [l15486]. Born: February 13, 1927, Moscow Died: April 19, 2012, Moscow
Search Add 70 Daily Magic Graphic design company based in Stockholm, Sweden.
Search Add 70 Henk Bemboom
Search Add 70 Manfred Brey Graphic designer, creative director and founder of [a1828515] Arts (a design studio in Munich/Germany).
Search Add 70 Joe Garnett Illustrator
Search Add 70 Gregory Euclide
Search Add 70 Dave Marett Australian recording engineer and producer. Won a New Zealand Music Award in 1983 for his production of the single and album track "Sierra Leone" by [a=Coconut Rough].
Search Add 70 Andrez Bergen Andrew Bergen Melbourne expat DJ/producer/writer based in Tokyo (Japan) since 2001.