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Search Add 191 Decap Organ Antwerp This artist holds the releases containing performances by one of the many automated (dance) organs created by Gebroeders Decap from Antwerp. It was founded in 1902 by father Aloïs Decap and son Livien, who were later accompanied by his other sons Camille, Frans and Léon. They are still located at their original address: Essenstraat 22-24 in 2060 Antwerp.
Search Add 176 hr1 Radio channel 1 of German public broadcaster [l=Hessischer Rundfunk].
Search Add 110 Mortierorgel This artist holds the releases containing performances by one of the many automated organs created by Mortier in Antwerp. The founder of that company was Theophile Mortier (born 1855 - died 1944), who was the owner of a large dance hall in Antwerp city. During its existence the company created more than 600 different dance organs and orchestrions, while having its peak moment between 1919 and 1928. The company went bankrupt in 1952, once the public interest for their organs had hit an absolute low.
Search Add 71 Suske en Wiske Belgian comic book series and principal characters created by [a=Willy Vandersteen] somewhat in the vein of Tintin. They first appeared in December 1945. In foreign territories they're known under different names such as Spike and Suzy (British), Willy and Wanda (American), Bob et Bobette (French), Finn & Fiffi (Norwegian), Bob y Bobette (Swedish) or Lucek i Luśka (Polish).
Search Add 60 "Godspell" Original Cast Godspell Original Cast 1971 Off-Broadway Cast, the original cast of the Cherry Lane Theatre production of "Godspell". Also may be referred to as the American Cast. The original cast defined the personalities of each character as the show was developed. Most of the characters' names are simply the first name of the actor, so the characters are more easily identified by the song they sing. The actor cast as John the Baptist doubles later in the show as Judas Iscariot.
Search Add 60 Die Teufelskicker
Search Add 56 Wetton/Downes
Search Add 49 Marcel Merkes - Paulette Merval
Search Add 49 Åge Aleksandersen Og Sambandet Norwegian rock group. Members: Skjalg Raaen: Guitar Steinar Krokstad: Drums Gunnar Pedersen: Guitar Terje Tranaas: Keyboards Bjørn Røstad: Saxophone Morty Black: Bass Former members: Gunnar Anders Berg: Guitar Tor Evensen: Bass Lasse Hafreager: Keyboards Per Christian Lindstad: Guitar Lars Kim Moe: Bass Geir Myklebust: Guitar Alf E. Skille: Keyboards Christian Schreiner: Bass Kaare Skevik Jr.: Drums Knut Stensholm: Drums Bård Svendsen: Keyboards
Search Add 46 Orchester Kay Webb In-house orchestra of the German [l=Maritim]-label / [l=Gruner + Jahr GmbH & Co.]
Search Add 46 Grammophon-Orchester Please only use this page if the city the orchestra was based in is not given. For the Berlin based orchestra please use [a=Grammophon-Orchester, Berlin] For the Vienna based orchestra please use [a=Wiener Grammophon-Orchester] For the Munich based orchestra please use [a=Grammophon-Orchester München]
Search Add 42 Джаз-Оркестр Иосифа Вайнштейна
Search Add 38 Ленинградский Диксиленд One of the oldest Dixieland on the Eurasian continent. It was created in 1958
Search Add 38 Romanas Marijošius Lithuanian vocalist (baritone). 1914–1980.
Search Add 38 Nestor Gabrić
Search Add 38 Orquesta Maravella Spanish orchestra, founded in 1951 at Caldes de Malavella (Gerona) by [a2366147] as vocal and brass orchestra. Still active. Also know as "Orquesta Internacional Maravella"
Search Add 38 Reality 23
Search Add 38 Mundo Earwood Raymond Earwood US country singer, also known as Mundo Ray.
Search Add 38 Paolo Salvatore Paolo Meli Pastorella Born on 1949, Italia - Died July 3, 2007 in Santiago, Chile.
Search Add 38 Miguel Gila
Search Add 38 Native Americans In Тhe United States This artist does not refer to a specific group of named individuals (such as a band or musical group) but rather defines the collective term for [b]culturally related groups of Native Americans in the United States[/b]. Without any information related to one particular group or for several unidentified groups recorded in the same area, the following subsets can be created based on the linguistic classification of Alfred Kroeber: # Native Americans of the Arctic # Native Americans of the Great Basin # Native Americans of the eastern woodlands # Native Americans of the Subarctic # Native Americans of the Southwest # Native Americans of the Southeast # Native Americans of the Plateau # Native Americans of the Plains # Native Americans of the Northwest Coast Please use this "artist" name (or any language variation thereof, via an ANV) for [b]Native Americans, American Indians, Amerindians, Amerinds, Aboriginal, American Indigenous, Original Americans, First Americans, Red Indians, Red Men - without any more information[/b]. See also [a5530343].
Search Add 38 Kovács Erzsi Kovács Erzsébet [b]Erzsi Kovács[/b] was a Hungarian pop singer and performer. Born: 2 June, 1928 in Budapest, Hungary. Died: 6 April, 2014 in Budapest, Hungary.
Search Add 38 Loser Life American hardcore / punk band from Bakersfield, California.
Search Add 38 Ray Taver Raymond Detaevernier French singer from Halluin. Born: April 27, 1923 in Halluin Deceased: January 27, 2004 in Lille
Search Add 38 Gilberto Monroig Gilberto Monroig Puerto Rican singer and guitarist (Bolero and Latin Jazz). Born: July 2, 1930 in Santurce, Puerto Rico. Died: May 3, 1996 in Santurce, Puerto Rico. Father of [a935012] and Gilberto Jr.
Search Add 38 Hermanos Miño Naranjo
Search Add 38 Ελευθερία Χριστοπούλου Greek singer born in 1953 (or 1952) at Dorio village located in Messinia, Peloponnese. Her discography started in 1975 until 1980. She came back in 1990, with her last album (LP) [r6709929] and then she retired permanently.
Search Add 37 Urbanjedi Mike Watson Producer from Newcastle, UK.
Search Add 37 Lento Violento Luigino Celestino Di Agostino
Search Add 37 DJ Турист Рассказов Эдуард Викторович Date Of Birth: 10 September 1981 Location: St. Petersburg, Russia DJ, Musician, Remixer And Producer From Russia. The Basic Style - Hard House, Besides Playing Electro House, Hard Dance.
Search Add 37 Sergio Fachelli Sergio Jesus Fachelli Trias Uruguayan singer and composer (b. Montevideo, 1952), also actor. He has composed along with [a=Camilo Sesto].
Search Add 37 Der Schräge Otto Fritz Schulz-Reichel
Search Add 37 Jose A. Fajardo José A. Fajardo Cuban flutist and one of the most influential bandleaders in Latin music and uncle of [a48246]. Born in 1919 in Pinar del Rio, Cuba - Died on December 11th 2001 in Jersey City aged 82. Fajardo left Cuba to New York in 1959 or 1960.
Search Add 37 Javi R
Search Add 37 Little Marcy Little Marcy is a puppet created by [a1525023].
Search Add 37 Dr. Cyanide José Chacón Dr Cyanide aka Jose Chacon, born in Madrid on April 26, 1979. He started in the world of electronic music in 1995, he took his first contact with some dishes in a pub located in his area, driven by a friend who worked in it. Firstly, he showed progressive and house sounds, but not take long to opt for more underground trends, influenced by large techno producers such as James Ruskin, Richard Polson, Portion reform,Regis or Surgeon among others. In 1996 and is interested in how to produce electronic music using software and hardware, creating his first beats with a Roland TR 606 and the software for rhythms "Hammer" In 1998 he was selected from over 600 applicants to represent Madrid in the first national championship of amateur djs organized by the magazine Deejay, held at the legendary venue Disco 8 Barcelona, obtaining a fifth appreciated. From that year until 2000, he works as a DJ in various clubs around the city and also gaining experience as a producer. That same year put into operation with another partner, the only franchise from the famous brand Phrenetic Society, owned by acclaimed dj/producer Cristian Varela, where he taught in school and teacher in production Dj midi / audio, adding to these activities, the sale of music and clothes. This is when he decided to create with his partner, his own record label, called Hardtools, giving life vinyl two references to the brand. (Evidence and Unkonwn Ep.) Totally immersed in the world of musical creation collaborates with a softer sound, the fourth reference published Cristian Varela in his signet Donkeyhead recordings "big along the genre, such as Gayle San and Cristian own, that's when it's invited and interviewed the famous radio program led by Luis Varela, Phrenetic Power Music, issued at night on the station known Tango and Cash. During the two-year duration of the open franchise (it is closed for reasons beyond his control in 2002) was invited to several festivals of great significance, as the first casting Phrenetic held in the Villalba´s cathedral techno , the great Van-Vas, adding to this many raves organized in the community of Madrid where Birmingham is reflected as his labeling style. In 2005 lost contact with the technics, leaving only time to assimilate knowledge as a producer. Currently it has returned to give life to his label Hardtools, this time digitally, also adding the creation of two other brands for the same function, Basic Form and UK Executes. His works also have been edited on labels such as: Blackstars corporation, Subsequent records, Zimmer records, Audiotex, Pentax, Go tech! , Oxytech, Mutok, Mental records,Infektus e Induxtriall records.
Search Add 37 Narcotic303 Alexander Senge
Search Add 37 Los Tres De Castilla
Search Add 37 Everardo Ordaz
Search Add 37 Nilo Ossani Giuseppe Dal Pane Nilo Ossani, pseudonym of Giuseppe Dal Pane (Faenza, November 7, 1912 - † Torino, January 13, 1997) was an Italian singer.
Search Add 37 Jean-Pierre Posit Claudio Gizzi
Search Add 37 Duet Selimova - Želčeski
Search Add 37 Sirotek Sirotek is a one man post-industrial project by Vitaly Malygin, based in Yaroslavl, Russia. Sirotek was born in October 2008 as a side project of Vitaly active then as a experimental rock musican. Inspired by philosophy, psychoanalisys, outsider artists Vitaly reflects his lifelong dialogue with mentally diseased people around him, his own neuroses, and Irrational itself. Contact: sirotek@mail.ru
Search Add 37 พงษ์เทพ กระโดนชำนาญ Pongtep Kradonchamnan is a Thai artist
Search Add 37 Mr Breaks
Search Add 37 Βαγγέλης Κονιτόπουλος
Search Add 37 Biskvit Дмитрий Бондарь (Dmitry Bondar') DJ & House / Techno producer from Novosibirsk, Russia. Born: 8-11-1993
Search Add 37 Sermonizer Bologna (Italy) based Sermonizer started experimenting with primitive (field-) recordings and tape manipulations in late '79. From 1984 he recorded numerous avant-garde, industrial and ambient works on to a 4-track recorder. His massive output consists of numerous private tape albums, both studio and live recordings. Sermonizer is still active. His themes, inspiration and phylosophy have remained the same for the last 30 years. In 2011 a split LP with early tracks got released on [l244780].
Search Add 37 Qing Shan Taiwanese Singer
Search Add 37 Δημήτρης Ζάχος
Search Add 37 Stjepan "Jimmy" Stanić
Search Add 37 Борис Гмиря Борис Романович Гмиря (Boris Romanovich Gmyrya) Soviet Ukrainian basso cantante singer July 23 (August 5) 1903, Lebedyn — August 1, 1969, Kiev
Search Add 37 Σοφία Κολητήρη Greek folk singer born in Veleniko, Fokida.
Search Add 37 Victoria Eleison
Search Add 37 Industrial Frequency David DeWulff Industrial hardcore producer from Belgium. Is a member of the KweetnieWATT Soundsystem and the man behind the organisation called The Underground District.
Search Add 37 André Minninger André Minninger Producer and author born 19.6.1965 in Hamburg/Germany.
Search Add 37 Natalis
Search Add 37 Joseph Loibant José Antonio López Ibáñez Founder of At-Mooss Records in 1998.
Search Add 37 Luciano Sangiorgi Born in Bologna (Italy) in 1922 - Dead in 1992
Search Add 37 Albert Artemyev Альберт Артемьев
Search Add 37 The Hatcliffe House Tapes The Hatcliffe House Tapes is a project masterminded by [a=John Lee Richardson] doing a Series of Recording Sessions captured at Lat: 53.618679 - Long: -0.215650 between the years 2001-2012 AD.
Search Add 36 KryoYmir Experimental electronica artist from Wichita, Kansas.
Search Add 36 BBJr Bob Bucko Jr. American experimental musician and proprietor of [l=Personal Archives].
Search Add 36 Király Ernő Hungarian tenor vocalist. Born April 26, 1884: died 2 September 1954. He was an actor, director, theater director and was one of the most popular tenor vocalists of Budapest.
Search Add 36 TCLB
Search Add 36 ElonSkee Producer, rapper / songwriter & audio engineer from Montreal, Quebec.
Search Add 36 Abzolution
Search Add 36 Tereza Tarouca Tereza de Jesus Pinto Coelho Telles da Silva Portuguese Fado singer, born 4 January 1942 in Lisbon, Portugal.
Search Add 36 Katja Institute The Katja Institute is an obscure organisation located in California.
Search Add 36 Witold Malcuzynsky Witold Małcuzynski Polish pianist born in 1914 in Warsaw, where he studied in the local Conservatory under Joseph Turczynki until 1936. Later worked with Paderewski. His repertoire included Liszt, Franck and, mostly, Chopin, whose complete works he played in concert for sometimes. Died in 1977 in Palma de Maiorca, Spain.
Search Add 36 The Frankie Capp Percussion Group
Search Add 36 Gari Romalis Gari Romalis DJ and producer based in Detroit, US.
Search Add 36 Patti Boulaye Patti Boulaye Singer, actress from UK.
Search Add 36 Ильгам Шакиров Илһам Гыйльметдин улы Шакиров Ilgam Shakirov (b. 1935) - tatar singer
Search Add 36 Lunar Shift Ian Radcliffe & Dan Hicks Lunar Shift are Producer Ian Radcliffe and DJ Dan Hicks. After 10 years of classical training Ian began his dance music career in the mid 90's making Hardcore under various aliases including DJ Morph & Synergy. Dan spent his early days Dj’ing in the House scene. They met in 1999 and it was then that they decided Breakbeat was the way forward. It took some time but in 2006, they set up 192K Recordings, where they had reasonable success with tracks and remixes from themselves, Precision Cuts, Transformerman, Myagi and DJ Mutiny, amongst others. Unfortunately 192K was put on hold in 2008 due to the sad decline in vinyl. From 2009 Lunar Shift returned to the scene with output on Bass Reflections, Big Square Records, Definition:breaks, Flextone Recordings, Ego Shot Recordings, Electrofly Records, Flextone Recordings, Scarcity Recordings & Supatronix Records.
Search Add 36 Teatro Infantil Samaniego
Search Add 36 Imugem Orihasam Imugem Orihasam Recording project based in north Japan
Search Add 36 Gilles Sala
Search Add 36 Robert Rheims
Search Add 36 Ηλίας Παπαγεωργίου
Search Add 36 December Nightskies Kendall Keeler www.decembernightskies.bandcamp.com December Nightskies is a dark ambient/space/drone/electronic band from Kendall Keeler of Oklahoma USA. He started creating music in 2008 under the name Black Winds then later changed his band name to December Nightskies. [url=https://www.discogs.com/artist/4337166-Shadows-On-The-Snow]Shadows On The Snow[/url] is his collaboration band with Sean Monaghan (from New Zealand) of [url=https://www.discogs.com/artist/1090993-Venus-Vulture]Venus Vulture[/url]. Something Like Squids is his collaboration band with Charlie Naked (from Texas).
Search Add 36 Kapel Van De Koninklijke Luchtmacht Officially established shortly after the WW2 in 1945 it got its final name through a merger of the 'Muziekkorps Commando Luchtvaarttroepen' and 'Muziekkorps van het Regiment Stoottroepen' in 1951. It is now one of the three remaining professional military orchestras of the Netherlands. The orchestra is mainly known for its popular theatre shows and repertoire. Conductors: 1946 - 1951: J.H. Mensing 1951 - 1976: [a2966605] 1976 - 1981: [url=https://www.discogs.com/artist/3037549]Bep (Hubertus Willem Abraham Christiaan) Warnas[/url] 1981 - 1991: [a5452610] 1991 - 1994: [a2955045] 1994 - 2015: [a5110232] 2015 - now: [a1953975]
Search Add 36 Teknatronik
Search Add 36 BreakZhead Вячеслав Коган (Vyacheslav Cohen) Vyacheslav Cohen also know as [b]"BreakZhead"[/b] one of the outstanding artists of the electronic music born in Prymorye, Russia and then moved to St. Petersburg! Producer, DJ, Designer and Head Honcho of Subtribe Records. Producing Breakbeat / Dubstep / Drum and bass music He already has releases on such labels as [b]Play Me, Scarcity, Morphosis, Egoshot, Ravearts, DSUK, IBWTmusic, Standard Audio, Dusted Breaks[/b] and of course [b]Subtribe[/b]. BreakZhead shared the stage with such artists as General Midi, Rennie Pilgrem, Specimen A, Lady Waks, Firefarm, Slyde, Davip and others. Hard work on the music and Record Label which takes high positions at the Breaks music charts, strengthen his positions in music industry. Each new release is experiment. Without fear BreakZhead always moves forward.
Search Add 36 technomind Project creating sounds for expanding consciousness, heightening awareness, creating positive results using brainwave technology.
Search Add 36 Alvarez Guedes Guillermo Álvarez Guedes Cuban comedian, actor, writer & businessman. He and his brother [url=http://www.discogs.com/artist/2705075-Rafael-Guedes]Rafael Álvarez Guedes[/url] together with composer and band leader [a=Ernesto Duarte Brito] helped found [l=Gema Records]. [b]Born[/b] June 8, 1927 in Unión de Reyes, Matanzas, Cuba [b]Died[/b] July 30, 2013 in Kendall, Florida, USA
Search Add 36 Dog Lady Mike Collino
Search Add 36 Winston Hewitt
Search Add 36 黒ムーン Composer / singer-songwriter from Chile. Name Variations: 黒Moon / KuroMoon.
Search Add 36 Flying Point Евгений Волков (Evgeniy Volkov) Producer from Kiev, Ukraine. Born: 11-08-1987
Search Add 36 Roderick Falconer Roderick Littleton Taylor
Search Add 36 Little David Wilkins David Ray Wilkins Little David Wilkins (born May 18, 1945) is an American country music singer and pianist. Between 1969 and 1977, he recorded for MCA Records and released his greatest number of chart hits. Wilkins worked at a nightclub in Parsons in the 1960s and made his debut as the co-writer of Brenda Lee's 1966 single "Coming On Strong". Other artists who recorded his songs include Charley Pride, Billy "Crash" Craddock, Jack Greene, Leroy Van Dyke and Stonewall Jackson. He was also the inspiration behind Elvis Presley's 1975 single "T-R-O-U-B-L-E". One of Wilkins' songs, "Georgia Keeps Pulling on My Ring", was later covered by Conway Twitty.
Search Add 36 Luisa Linares Con Los Galindos Spanish group [a5007105] leaded by [a2622748] composer and female lead vocal Luisa Pérez Cabrera (Arrecife, Canary Islands, b.1930s) alias "Luisa Linares". Famous songs: "A lo loco", "De tu novio qué, "Hay quien dice de Jaén", "Me gusta mi novio", "Dinero al bote"
Search Add 36 Abdelhadi Belkhayat
Search Add 35 Planet Of The Fakes
Search Add 35 محمد خيري محمد خيري (Mohamed Khayri) Mohamed Khayri (1935 - 1981) was a Syrian singer from Aleppo.
Search Add 35 Les Frères Ennemis
Search Add 35 De Vrolijke Mijnwerkers
Search Add 35 Wajahat Attre
Search Add 35 Eoghan Johnson
Search Add 35 Leo Louis Leo Louis "Leo Louis" is a music composer, whom has been recording, and working on instrumental pieces, for years. He also makes soundtracks, while composing in "real-time". Leo plays keyboards and some other instruments. Leo has also been signed by publisher ''Sugo Music Group''. Leo Louis works closely for his music to be forwarded to be used within; Film, TV, anime, and video games, while recording production music. Affiliated song writer at BMI (IPI: 800373674).
Search Add 35 Flat Affect Shaun Phelps "A kind of anomaly in itself...not of either the artsy electronic style of drone, dark ambience, or concrete organic approach but reminding me much more a dusty old record, a sepia-toned audio document of yesteryear. " -Blood Ties Webzine flat.affect.noise[at]gmail[dot]com
Search Add 35 Rob E. G. Robert George Porter Rob E. G., also known as [a417104] (born 4 July, 1942) is an Australian country/pop-rock guitarist (particularly the steel guitar and lap steel guitar), singer, songwriter, producer, record label owner, band manager and promoter, and actor. His musical career began in the late 1950s, having chart success in Australia in the early 1960s. He moved to the UK in 1964, where his career stalled. In 1967, he moved to the US and appeared in several television series and a film. He moved back to Australia in 1970 and purchased a controlling share in the record label [l193783]. He produced three of [a721567]'s LPs including their debut [r=2904473]. In 1973, Porter established a new label [l131853] in partnership with [a2173619]. Some of the artists that he signed to Wizard included [a=Marcia Hines], [a=Rick Springfield], [a=Hush (7)], and [a=Mighty Kong].
Search Add 35 عبد الله الرويشد عبد الله عبد الرحمن محمد الرويشد (᾽Abd Allah ʾAbd al-Raḥman Muḥammed al-Ruwayshed) Abdullah al-Ruwayshed (born 1961) is a Kuwaiti singer. For his studio use [l=استوديو مركز عبد الله الرويشد للإنتاج الفني] (Abdallah al-Ruwaishid Center for Art Production Studio).
Search Add 35 The Kai Winding Trombones
Search Add 35 Claudio Gasparini Claudio Gasparini Italian producer from Turin
Search Add 35 Paul Delicato American singer, guitarist and bassist
Search Add 35 Joyce "Fenderella" Irby Joyce Darlene Irby Soul singer - songwriter - producer
Search Add 35 Noel Soto Manuel Eduardo Soto Palomino
Search Add 35 Synus0006 Bny Lslw Born: December, 1980 (Dunaújváros, Hungary) He was born into a family without any music affiliation. He self-educated the ways of producing electronic music and his goal was to create tracks that he can endlessly listen to. Producer for over 15 years, also a DJ. He founded the techno label [l=Panel Trax] in 2009 with his friend Czene Dániel aka [a=Maks]. In 2011, he started [l=B4ck6roundno1se]. He produces in the range between techno, expermiental, minimal, glitch, dub and acid music regardless of the tempo. His tracks are 100% live recorded tunes. The name "Synus0006" was picked in 2001.
Search Add 35 Алексей Толстой Алексей Николаевич Толстой Aleksey Nikolayevich Tolstoy (1882-1945) was a Russian and Soviet writer who wrote in many genres but specialized in science fiction and historical novels. Don't confuse with [a1400120]
Search Add 35 Marinko Rokvić Marinko Rokvić Serbian folk singer. Father of [a=Nikola Rokvić].
Search Add 35 Анатолий Могилевский Анатолий Исаакович Могилевский МОГИЛЕВСКИЙ АНАТОЛИЙ ИСААКОВИЧ (р. 1943 г.) - автор и исполнитель в жанре эстрадного шансона.
Search Add 35 Manolo "El Malagueño" Manuel Pendón Rodríguez Spanish Flamenco "cantaor" born in Málaga, 1912, and died in Sevilla, 1975.
Search Add 35 Perforated Bowel Syndrome With Oozing Faeces
Search Add 35 Kojima Mayumi
Search Add 35 Hot Mix Productions As of January 1, 1990, ABC Radio Networks contracted with Hot Mix Productions to market, distribute, and sell Hot Mix in the United States. The first mix was called “Mix of the Decade 1989-90” and was distributed on vinyl disc to all radio stations signed up to play the program. By 1989 there were 35 stations in the U.S. In July 1990, ABC began producing programs on cd which made Hot Mix the first and only show of its kind world-wide to distributed weekly on Compact Disc. In 1991, Hot Mix was being syndicated by ABC Radio Network and was being heard on over 175 stations weekly worldwide. That year it was also nominated and lost a second Billboard Radio Award in the Syndicated show Top 40/Crossover music category.
Search Add 35 Dušan Dančuo Dušan Dančuo Singer of evergreens ("starogradske pesme") and romances. Born in Karlovac, 1922, died in Beograd, 2009. Father of [a=Žarko Dančuo].
Search Add 35 Alan Starck Alan Starck
Search Add 35 Monty Kelly's Orchestra
Search Add 35 Connie Hall
Search Add 35 Kobayashi Akira (2) Tough guy Japanese actor and singer. Born in Tokyo on November 3, 1938. Made his film debut in 1956 in "Ueru tamashii" (Nikkatsu). Released his debut single on Nippon Columbia in 1958. Kobayashi was briefly married to enka superstar [a=Hibari Misora] in the early '60s.
Search Add 35 Baptist Skin Communiti Experimental/Noise group from Houston, Texas that existed from 1992-2008.
Search Add 35 Los Cubancitos
Search Add 35 Milira Milira Jones
Search Add 35 Malin Joneid Ellefsen
Search Add 35 Merima Njegomir Merima Kurtiš Njegomir Serbian/Yugoslavian folk singer with high soprano voice.
Search Add 35 Vida Pavlović
Search Add 35 ВИА-75
Search Add 34 Wop Bop Torledo
Search Add 34 Sansetatcivil Records Sansetatcivil Rec ( S/R )
Search Add 34 AudioStomperz
Search Add 34 Der Bendersche Kinderchor
Search Add 34 Corrado Ei 93
Search Add 34 La Conspiracion
Search Add 34 The Exquisite Delight Of Being
Search Add 34 Bolshoi Theatre Orchestra Симфонический оркестр Большого театра Simphony Orchestra of The State Academic Bolshoi Theatre of Russia It was formed in 1776 during the foundation of the Bolshoi Theater and the formation of his troupe. [b]Notes for Discogs submitters:[/b] For strings group of the orchestra please use: [a3984652]. For vocal soloists please use [a1569767]. For soloist ensemble of the orchestra please use [a4140909]. For chamber orchestra of Bolshoi Theatre please use [a4141005]. For percussion group of the orchestra please use [a4500841]. For the Chorus, please credit separately and use [a1569768].
Search Add 34 Mariachi Miguel Diaz
Search Add 34 Buddy Cagle
Search Add 34 Los Huayanay
Search Add 34 Les Maniboulas Gérard Thifault, Jacques Fortin, Louis Lanthier & Claude Hébert.
Search Add 34 Ion Luca Caragiale Romanian playwright, short story writer, poet, theater manager, political commentator and journalist, born 13th February 1852 in Haimanale, today I. L. Caragiale, died 9th June 1912 in Berlin.
Search Add 34 Нечётный Воин
Search Add 34 Pedro Barroso Antonio Pedro da Silva Choro Barroso Barroso was born in Lisbon on 28 November 1950.
Search Add 34 Fun Guys From Yuggoth
Search Add 34 Nukey Pikes Hardcore band from Chiba, Japan
Search Add 34 Durr Lucas J. Margulies Side project of Lucas Margulies. Formed in 2015 after shifting directions from his Thong John Silver project.
Search Add 34 Beba Selimović Izeta Selimović Famous folk and sevdalinka singer. Born 1939. in Trebinje, Bosnia and Herzegovina
Search Add 34 The Satanic Togas
Search Add 34 Aztec Death Aztec Death is a post-punk band from Dallas, Texas (USA).
Search Add 34 Elise Nærø
Search Add 34 Los Madrugadores Del Valle
Search Add 34 Soul Puncherz DJ and producer duo based in California, US, formed by Cire B and Keri Lee.
Search Add 34 Askin Dedeoglu Askin Dedeoglu Askin Dedeoglu was born in Bulgaria. He has been living in Turkey. In 1990 became interested in electronic music. Electronic music impressed him very much and music began to fill every moment of his life. In 1994 started to work as a DJ at night clubs. Until today has played and participated in different nigth clubs, parties, special organisations and festivals. In 2005 has started to create of his own remixes and tracks. He also studied on Microsoft Systems Engineering and Computer Programming, and works at global companies in IT industry as a Microsoft Systems Engineer. His musical style is Deep House, Tech House, Techno and Progressive Music. Music will never leave his life. Music will be with him as long as he lives.
Search Add 34 Maria De Rossi French singer born January 22, 1950 in Marseille.
Search Add 34 DJ Bocha Алексей Оболевич Date Of Birth: 9 December 1977 Location: St. Petersburg, Russia
Search Add 34 Пост-Материалисты Russian weird-psych-noise band formed in 2008 in Moscow.
Search Add 34 Onda Choc
Search Add 34 Sergey Oblomov Сергей Обломов (Sergey Oblomov) Electronic dance music DJ and producer from Samara, Russia. Owner of the labels [l=Moveton], [l=Sambit], [l=Borsh] and [l=Rubin Records (4)].
Search Add 34 Alfoa Алексей Логинов (Alexey Loginov) Progressive house, breaks producer from Nizhny Tagil, Russia.
Search Add 34 Usnija Redžepova Usnija Redžepova Usnija Redžepova (Macedonian: Уснија Реџепова Macedonian) /4 February 1946 – 1 October 2015/ was a Macedonian singer of Romani and Turkish origin. She was born in Skopje but mostly live in Belgrade. She played in the National Theatre in Belgrade for 25 years.[ She received a national award from the Serbian government on 29 December 2011. Redžepova died on 1 October 2015 in Belgrade after a lengthy battle with lung cancer.
Search Add 34 Hayri Şahin
Search Add 34 JONBANNER Jonathan Banner Hip hop producer / rapper & audio engineer based in Trinidad & Tobago.
Search Add 34 Kapelle Sándor Józsi
Search Add 34 Jaudas' Society Orchestra
Search Add 34 Pintura Fresca Argentinian rock band founded at the late 60s by Pelayo Andrés "Bocho" Díaz Mórtola (vocals), Rodolfo Tecera (guitar), Juan Manuel Corradi (vocals, guitar, bass), Alberto Antonucci (keyboards, later replaced by Aquiles Roggero), Carlos Maurizio (guitar, later replaced by Luis Alberto Posse) and Andrés Guayta (drums), previously on bands as 'The Bestias Peludas' and 'The Killings'. They specialized in covers from other bands, as 'Tiritando' from Donald, 'El extraño del pelo largo' from La Joven Guardia (translated as 'The Extranger with Long Long Hair'). They split after a car crash were three of them died in September 1973. In 1999 Aquiles, Carlos Maurizio and Bocho rejoined the band.
Search Add 34 Šeki Turković Šućro Turković Folk singer from Serbia.
Search Add 34 Roman Butina Roman Butina Born on the 5th of August 1937 in Zagreb Died on the 26th of May 2004 in Zagreb Croatian composer, piano player and arranger. Founder and leader of 'Zagreb' and 'Plave Zvijezde'.
Search Add 34 Unatoba Zan Hoffman Various cassette releases from the 1980's on the [l=ZH27] label are released under the group name "Unatoba" which is a corruption of the phrase "untitled and to be announced". Releases may or may not have the name "Unatoba" on them, but they appear in print catalogs together under this name.
Search Add 33 Gaby Lang Gaby Lang
Search Add 33 The Sunshine Boys Quartet The Sunshine Boys Quartet were an American band formed in the late 1930s in Macon, Georgia. Their repertoire began as country and western, but over the years this transformed into swing, pop and eventually gospel songs. They also performed under several names, including: [a6104454], and the Travelers Quartet. Original personnel of the group included John "Tennessee" Smith (tenor), his brother A. L. "Smitty" Smith (lead), [url=https://www.discogs.com/artist/4150809-Ace-Richman]Milton "Ace" Richman[/url] (bass), and [a5680648] (baritone). Each of the members played a variety of instruments. In 1942, Pat Patterson was replaced by [a4150812]. It was at this time that the group expanded their repertoire to include gospel music in addition to Western, swing, and pop numbers. In 1949, the two Smith brothers left the group and continued to perform country music as The Smith Brothers in their home state of Georgia. For a short time The Sunshine Boys Quartet performed as the Travelers Quartet until they were joined by Floridians, [a4031312] (tenor) and [a2582945] (bass). Horace didn't stay with the group long, and they then hired [a4047143] from Covington, Georgia to sing tenor. In 1954, J. D. Sumner left to join [a2501906] and was replaced by Johnny Atkinson. In 1956, [a3833285] replaced Atkinson. In 1964, Strevel was replaced by [a3547378], and about a year later Fred Daniel left the group. The Sunshine Boys Quartet continued to perform on the Nevada club circuit until they retired as a full time group in 1968, although they did perform on a limited basis over the next two decades.
Search Add 33 Roberto Muller José Ribamar da Silva Better known as Roberto Müller (Piracuruca-PI, 17 February 1937) is a Brazilian singer. Has a loyal following that the named "O Romântico Pingo de Ouro do Brasil". In 1955, began his artistic career in Rádio Timbira de São Luís-MA. Has 50 LPs and CDs recorded 15 and six gold albums. Genre or Style: Brega
Search Add 33 Bonechurch
Search Add 33 Cousin Rachel
Search Add 33 The Hilo Hawaiians The Hilo Hawaiians was a German Schlager band that was active in the late 1950s and 1960s. [b]Do not confound with [a=Hilo Hawaiian Orchestra], and band from the 1920's and 1930's.[/b]
Search Add 33 Melody Beecher
Search Add 33 Novica Negovanović
Search Add 33 Chumei Watanabe 渡辺宙明 (Watanabe Michiaki) Japanese composer and arranger. Born in Aichi on August 19, 1925. Best known as a composer for TV and film, particularly anime.
Search Add 33 Gordana Stojićević Gordana Stojićević Serbian folk singer.
Search Add 33 Nashad Shaukat Ali Nashad (11 July 1923 – 14 January 1981) was a film composer and music director of Indian and Pakistani film industry. He composed music for Hindi films in 1940s and 1950s, credited under the names Nashad or Shaukat Haideri and then migrated to Pakistan in 1964.
Search Add 33 The River Boat Five
Search Add 33 Narada Artists This is not really an artist, but was used by [l=Narada] and their sublabels for some of their samplers and compilations.
Search Add 33 Alfred J. Kwak Alfred Jodocus Kwak The character of Alfred J. Kwak is the brainchild of [a=Herman van Veen]. He came up with him in 1976. It became very populair throughout the years and worldwide. TV, CDs, Video, Theatre, Plays and an enormous amount of merchandising keeps this character very much alive.
Search Add 33 Henri Ratsimbazafy Dito Ratsimbasafy Henri RATSIMBAZAFY was born on 29 March 1933 in Ankadifotsy, Antananarivo, Madagascar. He began his musical career in the 1950s. It was not until ten years later that he made his first appearances on stage in 1960. Composer-songwriter, Henri RATSIMBAZAFY is also an interpreter. He is the Malagasy artist with the greatest discography with at least two hundred works, mostly published in records.
Search Add 33 Van De Loow Martin Feigel
Search Add 33 DJ Taga Alekandar Devedcic House, Techno & Drum n bass producer. Born in Kragujevac, Serbia, 1993.
Search Add 33 Gigi Botto
Search Add 33 Wolfgang Raspe Wolfgang Raspe
Search Add 33 Carlini's World Of Strings
Search Add 33 Smith's Sacred Singers Smith's Sacred Singers were an amateur "shape-note" singing group led by J. Frank Smith, a Methodist teacher based in Braselton, GA. Relatively little is known about this group, which endured many personnel changes in its decade-long recording career, with Smith serving as the main constant. At their first recording session in Atlanta on April 23, 1926, Smith's Sacred Singers recorded a coupling issued on Columbia 15090-D, "Picture from Life's Other Side" combined with "Where We'll Never Grow Old." This became the biggest-selling gospel item in the Columbia 15000-D series, and was the first record to touch off an interest in recording rural gospel music on the part of the major record labels. Smith's Sacred Singers continued with Columbia through 1929, and then moved to Bluebird for another round of records in 1934 and 1935. Altogether, Smith's Sacred Singers made a little over a hundred sides, many of which sold well and introduced to the catalog sacred material that would be recorded again and again by subsequent generations of Southern gospel singers.
Search Add 33 Manuel Canela
Search Add 33 L Tortuga Project from [a=Chuck Daar]
Search Add 33 (móa) Móeiður Júníusdóttir
Search Add 33 Cândida Branca Flor Cândida Maria Coelho Soares Cândida Branca Flor (November 12, 1949 – July 11, 2001) was a famous Portuguese entertainer and became one of the most recognized Portuguese singers. First she was a member of Banda do Casaco in the 1970s. She took her artistic name from a song by this group, called "Romance de Branca Flor". She was an idol to Portuguese children in the 1970s and 1980s as the conductor, with Júlio Isidro, and the singer of the soundtrack, of the TV program "Fungagá da Bicharada". She participated three times in the Portuguese selection for the Eurovision Song Contest: in 1979 with the song "A Nossa Serenata", in 1982 with the song "Trocas Baldrocas" and in 1983 with the song "Vinho do Porto (Vinho de Portugal)", a duet with Carlos Paião. Between 1978 and 1993 she released eight albums and took part in several Portuguese folk music projects and events for Portuguese emigrants.
Search Add 33 Ruben Naess Norwegian producer
Search Add 33 Opatijski Suveniri
Search Add 33 Disperto Certain
Search Add 33 Andre Norton Andre Alice Norton, née Alice Mary Norton American science fiction and fantasy author. Born 17 February 1912 in Cleveland, Ohio, United States, died 17 March 2005.
Search Add 33 Skullfuck3r Adam Cobbsky
Search Add 33 Jindřich Bauer Brass Band Czech brass band, conducted by [a=Jindřich Bauer].
Search Add 33 Die Fidelen Limburger
Search Add 33 Валентин Баглаенко
Search Add 33 Сектор Газовой Атаки
Search Add 33 Persuasive Jazz
Search Add 33 Conjunto Latinos
Search Add 33 Джан Ку Дмитрий Иванов, Ксения Ермакова, Лев Савранский, Сергей Жилкин Formed 1991, St. Petersburg, Russia
Search Add 33 Dj Lamborghini Turbofire Serart Muñiz Serart Muñiz (aka DJ Lamborghini Turbofire, Kaidiel Turbofire, Serarth or DJ Kaidiel) is a amateur DJ and producer of Techno and Trance music from Guadalajara Mexico, Start in 2006, using old samples on her computer, for 2009 started using the most common software to produce... He was interested in the techno-rave of the 90s, now producing a long list of generes like techno, trance, dance, house, drum and bass, hardcore, speedcore, extratone and ambient...
Search Add 33 Germ Attak Canadian punk band.
Search Add 33 Uli.S
Search Add 33 Shadowpiercer Dakota Snaketail Currently lives in Texas.
Search Add 33 M. Savant Stifleson Jme Gugginø "M. Savant Stifleson delivers a journey through truly new musical microcosms, a lush cascade of micro-cyberpop gems and fragmented glitch-funk pieces where Dada-meets-Joyce musical structures and post-language poetry are flowing intertwined." ~ Invidation [Fr] Current project of Jme Gugginø, based in Placerville, California, USA. Blending experimental Art Rock with Electronic & Synth-Pop elements, as well as Free Improvisation, Jme continues to produce wildly varied releases in a hyper-stylized manner into the 21st century. Starting in October of 2015, the name has been modified to 'Stiflesun'. -Jme
Search Add 33 Pat Shange South African artist
Search Add 33 Nashville Country Singers
Search Add 33 Oddvar Nygaards Kvartett
Search Add 33 Orchestre Sinza
Search Add 33 Ganelin / Tarasov / Chekasin
Search Add 33 Norbert Clarke
Search Add 32 Joseph Strength Audio Filthy breakcore power electronics 2014 - 2016
Search Add 32 อัสนี-วสันต์ อัสนี-วสันต์ (อังกฤษ: Asanee-Wasan) เป็นชื่อวงดนตรีร็อคไทยซึ่งประกอบด้วยพี่น้อง อัสนี โชติกุล และ วสันต์ โชติกุล พ.ศ. 2517 อัสนี โชติกุล และน้องชาย วสันต์ โชติกุล จากอำเภอเมือง จังหวัดเลย เข้าประกวดดนตรีโฟล์กซองในกรุงเทพฯ และได้รางวัลชนะเลิศ อาจารย์วิมล จงวิไล ซึ่งเป็นหนึ่งในกรรมการพาไปอัดเสียง เป็นจุดกำเนิดของวง อีสซึ่น (Isn't) หลังจากนั้นอัสนี แยกตัวออกจากวงอิสซึ่นมาทำงานเบื้องหลัง ในปี พ.ศ. 2529 อัสนีและวสันต์ตัดสินใจทำผลงานเพลงของตนเองออกมา ออกอัลบั้มชุดแรกคือ บ้าหอบฟาง สังกัดค่ายไนท์สปอตโปรดักชั่น ในสังกัด WEA แต่ไม่ประสบความสำเร็จเท่าที่ควร ต่อมาในปี พ.ศ. 2530 อัสนีและวสันต์ย้ายมาสังกัดแกรมมี่ เอนเตอร์เทนเมนต์ และมีผลงานชุดที่ 2 ผักชีโรยหน้า ซึ่งประสบความสำเร็จอย่างสูง หลังจากนั้นทั้งคู่มีผลงานเพลงออกมาต่อเนื่องอีกหลายชุด จนปี 2538 พวกเขาทั้งคู่ตั้งค่ายเพลง มอร์ มิวสิก ในเครือแกรมมี่ เอนเตอร์เทนเมนต์ หรือ จีเอ็มเอ็ม แกรมมี่ และ เมื่อปี 2554 ก่อตั้ง บริษัท สหภาพดนตรี จำกัด ร่วมกับ นิติพงษ์ ห่อนาค ชาตรี คงสุวรรณ และ วุฒินันต์ ภิรมย์ภักดี มาจนถึงปัจจุบัน
Search Add 32 Angular Producer from Coffs Harbour, Australia. Active under the Angular name from 2010 to present. As of October 2016, has released 8 albums, 2 EPs and 2 mini-albums, spanning styles from jungle, UK garage and 2-step to donk, deep house, ambient, IDM and trip-hop.
Search Add 32 White Blacula
Search Add 32 Trío Los Nativos Sometimes referred to as Trío Massobrio-Caldarella. The trio, created by [a1296751] and [a4361527], was completed by such tango musicians as José Percuocco (violin), Osvaldo Schelotto (piano), [a1168563] (violin), [a997529] (accordion), or other musicians and singers.
Search Add 32 Yndio Members of YNDIO: Ildefonso Lara (cantante), René Sotelo (requinto), Audomaro Pérez (bajo), Genaro Solís (batería), Ernesto Pablos (piano), Luis Díaz González (Ingeniero en audio)
Search Add 32 Tank Genocide Adrien MArtin The man behind Tank Genocide is also known in France as White TerroriSSte.
Search Add 32 Lundstrom Singers
Search Add 32 Galcats
Search Add 32 DJ Fillmore
Search Add 32 Los Iberos Spanish pop band founded in the middle 60s by Enrique Lozano. They started doing Beatles and other band's covers but later they wrote their own songs. They were the first Spanish band recording an album in London ("Los Íberos", 1969).
Search Add 32 The Philarmonics [b]Disco band[/b] Hail originally from Europe (Belgium?). Produced by [a=Jean Kluger]. They released two mid-70's albums with disco renditions of classical music songs.
Search Add 32 Grausamkeit Obscure black metal act from Saarland, Germany. Is active from 1995
Search Add 32 Stanley Maxfield Orchestra
Search Add 32 Aca Matić Aleksandar Matić Serbian folk singer.
Search Add 32 André Penazzi
Search Add 32 Đogani Dance Pop duo from Belgrade.
Search Add 32 Bitter Old Wizard Project from Midland City, Alabama (US).
Search Add 32 Melissa Mariana Griffiths Parra Del Riego
Search Add 32 Lawanda Lindsey
Search Add 32 Михаил Гулько Родился в Харькове 23 июля 1931 года. Его отец был известным в городе человеком — бухгалтером книготорга, а мать — актрисой, пианисткой и певицей, поэтому в доме всегда царила музыкальная атмосфера. С детства учился музыке, пел на вечерах художественной самодеятельности под мамин аккомпанемент, позже — начал играть на аккордеоне и часто выступал на танцах и школьных вечерах с музыкальным сопровождением. После школы окончил горный факультет Московского политехнического института, самым активным образом сочетая занятия в институте с выступлениями в ресторанах, на эстраде, танцах и частными концертами. После окончания ВУЗа работал горным инженером в проектном институте и шахтах Донбасса, а затем ему предложили работу в Петропавловске-Камчатском. На Камчатке работал руководителем вокально-инструментального ансамбля, там же окончил музыкальное училище. К этому времени его стиль восприятия жизни и её изображения в песне уже сложился. Он стал одним из первых в жанре современного городского романса. Тогда же сложился устойчивый миф о лагерном прошлом Михаила Гулько. Понятно, что причиной этих слухов стал сам жанр певца, тематика его песен и невероятная артистичность. Тем не менее в тюрьмах он не сидел, но выступлений в этих местах у него было множество. Однажды попав с концертом в лагерь, он приезжал с тех пор в лагеря и тюрьмы десятки раз и всегда бесплатно. В 1980 году уехал в США, в Нью-Йорке продолжал работать музыкантом и певцом, с 1993 г. гастролировал в России. Его первый альбом «Синее небо России», в который вошли популярные песни «Поручик Голицын», «Белая береза», «Эшелон», «Колыма», вышел в 1981 году. Затем, в 1984, был второй альбом — «Сожженные мосты» (песни «Господа офицеры», «Прощание с Родиной», «Окурочек», «Березы на зоне»). В 1985 году, к 40-летию победы в Великой Отечественной войне он выпустил диск «Песни военных лет», а в 1996 — диск «Заграница», несколько песен которого были написаны в соавторстве с Михаилом Таничем. Заглавная песня из альбома звучит в исполнении Гулько в комедии А.Эйрамджана "Примадонна Мэри". В 1999 году его песни выходят в серии «Легенды русского шансона», а в 2002 году — в серии Grand Collection. В 2006 году на Украине вышел ДВД-диск с фильмом-концертом Михаила Гулько "Судьба иммигранта". В 2007 году в издательстве "Деком", в серии "Русские шансонье" вышла автобиография Михаила Гулько "Судьба эмигранта" (автор-составитель М.Кравчинский) с музыкальным аудио-приложением лучших песен. Каждый год Михаил Гулько приезжает в Россию с концертами.
Search Add 32 Inget Namn Tanner Olson
Search Add 32 GaGaGa SP
Search Add 32 Green Andy
Search Add 32 Kapelle Heirassa Swiss folk music (Volksmusik) ensemble from Lucerne, founded 1959 by [a2156136], [a2047696] and [a1939329].
Search Add 32 ایرج حسین خواجه‌امیری (Hossein Khaje Amiri) Iraj (born 1933) is an Iranian singer.
Search Add 32 Κώστας Μοναχός
Search Add 32 Greg Gorlen
Search Add 32 Minacelentano Mina - Celentano Exceptionally formed collaborative recording team project made by Italian artist [a319972] and [a36543]
Search Add 32 Orchester Carl Woitschach
Search Add 32 Hybrid Boy Jenny Former photographer & model, into music since 2010. Living in Montréal. Born in 1985 (Québec, Canada).
Search Add 32 Ginette Acevedo Ginette Acevedo Chilean pop, ballad & folklore artist, singer and musician.
Search Add 32 Orquesta Hermanos Flores Also see [a=Los Hermanos Flores].
Search Add 32 Eric "Bubbles" George
Search Add 32 La Renovación
Search Add 32 Djanny Projekt Yann Farinon Swiss hardstyle producer, born 1979 in Lausanne. The tracks released under this project name are typically produced by [a=Daniel Thaler] and [a=Massimo Briganti].
Search Add 32 Papa Beeto E. L. Anderson
Search Add 32 Guerouabi El Hachemi Born: 6th January 1938 El Madania, Algeria Died: 17th July 2006 Leading exponent of chaabi music.
Search Add 32 Mürüvvet Kekilli
Search Add 32 Sláva Kunst Orchestra Sláva Kunst se svým orchestrem Czech combo led by [a=Sláva Kunst]. Founded in 1956, disbanded in 1972. [a=Rudolf Cortés]’s backing band 1956–1959, Paravan Theatre house band 1962–1965. Members: Sláva Kunst (piano, accordion), Jaroslav Hustoles (tenor saxophone), Ladislav Tůma (guitar), Jiří Šrajer (bass guitar), Ladislav Belatka or [a=Karel Turnovský] (drums).
Search Add 32 Big Dance Disco polo band from Poland, formed in 1989.
Search Add 32 Hankook
Search Add 32 Lothar Löffler Swiss pianist, composer and arranger, born in 1918.
Search Add 32 Jack Mad A Catalan band from Torelló (Osona, Barcelona) formed in 2009 as The Rollers. Few time later they re-named the band as Jack Mad. Info contact: jackmadgrup@gmail.com
Search Add 32 Victoria Karlskås Andersen
Search Add 32 Kick-OH! Cristian Longo Italian DJ, producer, remixer and owner of Woot Records and OH-Audio.
Search Add 32 Анна Седокова Анна Владимировна Седокова (Anna Vladimirovna Sedokova) The Ukrainian singer and the TV presenter. Born December 16th 1982 in Kiev , Ukraine . Was part of ВИА Гра from 2002 until 2004. In 2006 has begun solo career.
Search Add 32 Piero Parodi Piero Parodi (Genova, June 29, 1935) is a Italian composer, musician and singer of folk music in Genovese language.
Search Add 32 Dwight Fiske b.: 1892 (Providence, Rhode Island, U.S.) d.: 1959 American nightclub entertainer and pianist noted for his saucy stories and risque recordings.
Search Add 32 Os Carbonos
Search Add 32 The Sapir-Whorf Hypothesis
Search Add 32 Облачный Край
Search Add 32 The Jackys Swiss boogie-woogie and rock’n’roll group, formed in 1965 by [a=Ueli Schmutz] alias “Jacky”. Still actively performing as of 2011.
Search Add 31 All Out Project All Out stand at the forefront of well-crafted heavy music: Folding cinematic sound design and towering bass around aggressive beats informed by breakbeat and dark Drum n Bass. Layered distorted leads and filtered reeses are immaculately placed between flurries of staggering rhythms, evoking auditory hallucinations and manifesting a deeply detailed sonic landscape. Their incredibly tight flow carries each weighty piece upon a platter of perfectly syncopated beats through beautifully decaying breakdowns with an underlying sense of dark nostalgia. Seamlessly shifting between tempos, they draw from the bleak sonic aesthetics of the Industrial landscape to deliver astonishing heaviness that’s as razor sharp at clubs and festivals as it is in the vast, dilapidated warehouses of the underground.
Search Add 31 Andrew Dance Andres Rojas DJ and producer based in Sabana De Uchire, Venezuela. Founder of [l=Konni Studio].
Search Add 31 Afrika Pseudobruitismus
Search Add 31 Los Ahijados
Search Add 31 Шан-Хай
Search Add 31 Eric Senn Eryk Sendecki Uplifting Trance DJ and Producer from Poland.
Search Add 31 Jeneral Kai
Search Add 31 Vycthor Z Ruben-Victor Zoyo Escriva Spanish DJ & producer Born on the 1th of October 1982. Vycthor Z is an alias created by Dj Peska to separate his role as more sugarcane for example hardstyle softer styles like trance and progressive. Dj & Producer of various hard-styles but above all "reverse bass", a sub-genre of hardstyle.
Search Add 31 Maria De Lourdes Resende Maria de Lourdes Dias Resende Portuguese singer, born in 1927.
Search Add 31 Dečji Hor RTB "Kolibri" Children’s Choir “Kolibri” was established back in 1963. The Choir was founded by Milica Manojlović, who conducted this youngest ensemble within the Serbian Broadcasting Corporation for four decades. “Kolibri” is an unique children’s choir with their own distinct style of singing, inimitable and pleasant performance, and a highly professional attitude towards music nurtured with love towards music, with an active interpretation of music which it delivers to audience with great pleasure. Posture while singing, breathing, interpretation, understanding of poetic text, whether in Serbian or not, is placed in the context of musical expression, because Milica Manojlović knew how to find the right word to put children’s imagination running and rise highly over expected capabilities of the children. During almost forty years of their activities in music, the Kolibri choir has given hundreds of concerts at home and abroad, took part in radio dramas, and made regular appearances on television and films. They recorded seven audiotapes, 19 single and 42 LP records, three CDs and three video tapes, all published by the Music Production of Serbian Radio and TV (PGP RTS). Exceptional artistic achievements brought the choir and their conductor a series of awards, among which the Diploma of Radio Belgrade for the contribution to the development of children’s and youth music, the Golden Ring of the Serbian Cultural and Educational Union, Diploma of the Serbian Composer’s Union for the contribution to the development of musical creativity, the UNICEF Letter of Thanks, Golden Syrian of the Radio-television of Belgrade (RTB) for the biggest yearly achievement of RTB, The Silver laureate wreath for work, the medal of Days of Mokranjac, Days of Mokranjac Award and Zmaj Award. Present conductor of Kolibri choir is Nevena Ivanović.
Search Add 31 Kipras Petrauskas Lithuanian tenor (1885-1968)
Search Add 31 DJ Oguretz Сергей Мезенцев
Search Add 31 Peripheral Visionary Nick Melton
Search Add 31 Avs_Silvester Андрей Валерьевич Скоробогатов [Andrey Valeryevich Skorobogatov] Solo studio project of Andrey Skorobogatov focused on Avant-Garde, Experimental Metal, Psychedelic Rock, Ambient and Fusion genres. Most of the works are available as free download MP3's, frequently encoded into low bitrates. Formed in 2010. Avs_Silvester is believed to establish "yozh-metal" (hedgehog metal) genre.
Search Add 31 Fred Bergin
Search Add 31 ليلى نظمي ليلى مرسي محمود نظمي (Layla Mursi Maḥmūd Naẓmi) Layla Nazmi (born in Alexandria 1945) is an Egyptian actress and singer.
Search Add 31 Таїсія Повалій Таїсія Миколаївна Повалій (Гірявец) Taisiya Povaliy (born 10 December 1964) - Ukrainian singer, performing songs in Ukrainian and Russian languages. People's Artist of Ukraine (1997). People's Artist of Ingushetia (2012). People's deputy of Ukraine (2012-2014). Married to [a1315729]
Search Add 31 The Fable Singers
Search Add 31 Samy El Maghribi Salomon Amzallag Jewish-Moroccan musician. He lived in Paris and Montreal. Originally from Safi, his family moved to Rabat in 1926. Born in 1922. Died on March 9th, 2008.
Search Add 31 Diagram: A Dan Greenwood
Search Add 31 Cengiz Coşkuner Cengiz Coşkuner Turkish guitar player.
Search Add 31 V'Moto Rock Ferenc Demjén, Sándor Herpai, István Lerch, János Menyhárt
Search Add 31 Midnight Movers Unlimited US funk band active since the late 1960s, led by trumpeter and vocalist [a815484]. They are best known as [a83396]'s backing band for over 20 years, their name inspired by his song "I'm A Midnight Mover." They also backed, produced and arranged for many other funk and soul artists over the decades. "Wilson Pickett and the Midnight Movers" performed live until 1997, when the Movers struck out on their own. They were still performing as of 2017 and are currently based in Manassas, Virginia.
Search Add 31 Anatoly Khvostishko Experimental Sound Designer located in Rostov-on-Don, Russia.
Search Add 31 DJ Crates
Search Add 31 Borgie Boris Boras Techinician, DJ & Producer from Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina. A&R of [l=Adriatiko Recordings] and [l=Psihometron].
Search Add 31 Lowxy Daniil (Daniel) Shepel Russian producer and DJ since 2009. [b]LowXY[/b] is the correct stylized name.
Search Add 31 Bill Rayner Four
Search Add 31 John Hore Grenell John Denver Grenell NZ country singer from Ranfurly, hugely popular in the 1960s and 1970s selling hundreds of thousands of records in NZ. Originally performing as John Hore he changed his name to John Hore Grenell and then just John Grenell. His first two names were famously taken by the US singer John Denver.
Search Add 31 Hoshino Michiru
Search Add 31 Мария Мордасова Мария Николаевна Мордасова Mordasova Maria Nikolayevna - Russian singer. Born 1915, died 1997. People's Artist of the USSR (1981), Hero of Socialist Labor (1987).
Search Add 31 Feel Blackside Артём Лялич (Artem Lyalich) DJ/producer from Moscow, Russia.
Search Add 31 Lena Silva Portuguese pimba singer who, along with her husband [a=José Crispim], formed the duo [a=Ele e Ela]. Her son is singer [a=Mário (3)].
Search Add 31 Lo-Key? Lance "LA" Alexander, André "Dré" Shepard, Tyrone "T-Bone" Yarbrough, Darron "D" Story, Tony "Prof. T" Tolbert Lo-Key? is an American funk/R&B band that formed in Kansas City, Missouri and Minneapolis, Minnesota. Their single, "I Got A Thang 4 Ya!" (1993), reached No. 1 on the Billboard Hot R&B Singles chart, and No. 27 on the Hot 100. Lo-Key? formed in Kansas City, Missouri and Minneapolis, Minnesota, consisting of singer/trumpeter Darron "D" Story, singer/multi-instrumentalist Andre "Dre" Shepard, bassist Tyrone "T-Bone" Yarbrough, producer/keyboardist Lance Alexander, and rapper/singer Tony "Prof-T" Tolbert. The group honed their skills around the Minneapolis club circuit, where Alexander and Tolbert became in-house producers for Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis' Flyte Tyme Productions. The group signed to Jam & Lewis' record label, Perspective Records, and released their debut album, Where Dey At?, on October 6, 1992. They had a hit with the single "I Got A Thang 4 Ya!" in 1992, which spent a week at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot R&B Singles chart, and reached No. 27 on the Hot 100. Arthur Jafa, director of photography for the independent film Daughters of the Dust (1991), directed the video for the single. Alexander and Tolbert also were hitmaking songwriters and producers in their own right. Among the hit songs they've produced for other artists were "Butta Love" by the group Next, "Love Makes No Sense" for Alexander O'Neal, "I Wish" for Shanice and "Strawberries" for Smooth. Tolbert continued to work with Jimmy Jam & Terry Lewis, appearing as a songwriter and background vocalist on albums by Earth, Wind & Fire, Janet Jackson and Usher.
Search Add 31 Mario Barimar Mario Barigazzi
Search Add 31 Joachim von Ulmann Joachim von Ulmann German actor, voice actor and dubbing speaker, born 2 June 1940; died in 1992.
Search Add 31 Scott Hallam Scott Hallam started DJing late '89 in and around clubs in Manchester. Heavily influenced by the acid house scene along with the emerging styles from Belgium, Detroit, and Germany. It wasn't until 1993 that he started his production with a fairly basic setup: Ensoniq Mirage sampler, Boss DR-55 MK II drum machine and in December 1993 tracked down a much sought after Roland TB-303 all sync'd up to an Amiga A500 running Music X 2. 3 years of delving deeper into the production world and a lot more kit, he released an EP on his own label '[l=Axia Records]' under the name [a=Grey Matter] in October 1996 which was well received by Dave Mothersole who reviewed it in Muzik magazine February 1997. [r45429] EP (Axia) New boy Scott Hallam with an ambitious five-tracker which veers from 150bpm acid techno and slo-mo hip hop breaks, right through to old school, bottom heavy warehouse grooves and Depeche Mode-meets-Juan Atkins purism. The real surprise, here, though, is how thoroughly listenable the whole thing is. Innovative, imaginative, and pretty bloody good. Branching out into electronica and dowmtempo chill out grooves he later released 3 albums between 2002 and 2003 (Sonic Textures, Thirty & Lost In Thoughts) After a break from production whilst DJing again with a residency at the Music Box in Manchester between 2005 and 2008 playing Hacienda Classics (as much acid house as possible) it wasn't until 2009 that he started up Axia as a digital output via Juno Download and to date has released 23 EPs and 4 Albums covering acid, techno, house, dub, electro, & chill out. Having had two of his remixes of Sterling Void & Paris Brightledge 'Let Loose The Light' released on Epoque Music it wasn't long before he was back in the studio to finish the latest album 'Viva Acid House' 10 tracks of 303 squelches as his passion for the silver box continues to shine.
Search Add 31 Roman S. Roman Shelepanov House/Tech-House DJ & producer based in New York City, USA. Currently Head of A&R at [l=King Street Sounds]/[l=Nite Grooves]. Also know as [b]Manuel B. Buendia[/b]. Born: Saint Petersburg, Russia (formerly Leningrad, ex-USSR). Died early December 2017.
Search Add 31 Funeral Demon One-man depressive black metal band from Holon, Israel.
Search Add 31 Németh Lehel Lehel Németh Hungarian singer. He was the first "star" in Hungary. Born 7 June, 1932 in Sepsiszentkirály (Sâncraiu), Romania. Died 5 January, 2005 in Budapest, Hungary. Actively sang from 1957 until 1965. In 1965, he and his wife defected from the country. Only in 1990 he returned to Hungary. Németh Lehel has sung two concerts. Then he retired forever.
Search Add 31 Forced Orgasm Noise unit originally from Kobe, Japan transplanted to the United States in the mid 90s.
Search Add 31 Золотое Кольцо Russian folk music group founded in 1988 by [a=Надежда Кадышева] and [a=Александр Костюк].
Search Add 31 Milena Plavšić
Search Add 31 Taras Bazeev Taras Bazeev Genres: Chillout, Minimal Techno, Trance Location: Дніпропетровськ / Dnipropetrovsk, Дніпропетровська область / Dnipropetrovsk Oblast, Україна / Ukraine
Search Add 31 Ромэн Moscow gypsy trio (later duo). Do not confuse the trio Romen and Romen Theatre. [b]Notes for Discogs submitters:[/b] For unidentified artists' group of the theatre please use [a4631082].
Search Add 31 Elke Sommer Elke Baronesse von Schletz German actress, singer, director and painter. She was born 5 November 1940 in Berlin, Germany.
Search Add 31 Billy Maxted's Manhattan Jazz Band
Search Add 31 K. K.'s No. 2 Band Formed in 1967 or 1969 by [a=A. K. Yeboah] in Ghana.
Search Add 31 Chór Chłopięcy I Męski Państwowej Filharmonii W Poznaniu Amateur boys' and men's choir of the Poznań Philharmonic, also known as [b]Poznańskie Słowiki[/b] (Poznań Nightingales) or [b]Chór Stuligrosza[/b] (Stuligrosz Choir).
Search Add 31 Eric Randolph
Search Add 31 Franco Scarica Franco Scarica (Parma, 1930 - 2017) was an Italian accordionist
Search Add 31 El Gran Trio
Search Add 31 Anne Bertucci Singer - keyboardist - producer Born and raised in Northern California. Toured with [a=The Babys] in the late 70s. [a=Bobby Hart] introduced her to Marbal Productions and she started her recording career. She released three albums in the early '80s.
Search Add 31 Gvozden Radičević Gvozden Radičević Serbian folk singer.
Search Add 31 Bob-A-Rela One-album disco studio assemblage of musicians of the canadian dance scene of the late 70's, led by producers [a=George Lagios] and [a=Pat Deserio].
Search Add 31 Κλειώ Δενάρδου
Search Add 31 Edo Ljubić Edo Ljubić Edo Lubic was born in Donji Vakuf, Austria-Hungary (now Bosnia and Herzegovina) on May 7, 1912, son of Nikola and Klara Lubich. As is generally the case with gifted individuals, in music or any other field, Edo became a tamburas at the tender age of five when his dad acquired a bisernica (made of cardboard and plywood) and so began a musical career which was to span two continents and cover a period of 70 years.
Search Add 31 KoAk
Search Add 31 Grozny 93 Noise maker from Poland
Search Add 31 Ματθαίος Γιαννούλης
Search Add 31 黃清元 Huang Qing Yuan is a Singaporean singer.
Search Add 31 Kony Donales
Search Add 31 Bündner Ländlerkapelle Calanda
Search Add 31 Cruudeuces Nathaniel Brennan
Search Add 30 M0n0b0y
Search Add 30 Диэло Ensemble Dielo established in Tbilisi in 1962.
Search Add 30 Robben Cepeda Ruben Cepeda Tirado Melodic Techno/Neo Trance producer and DJ from Madrid, Spain. Born 4th October 1983.
Search Add 30 Gerard Deslauriers
Search Add 30 Leny Eversong Hilda Campos Soares da Silva b.: September 01, 1920 (Santos, Brazil) d.: April 29, 1984 (São Paulo, Brazil) Brazilian singer. She sang in French and English.
Search Add 30 Ed The Spread Edwin Nankivell Producer from Brecon, Wales, UK
Search Add 30 Astral Vomit Italian Harsh Noise / Industrial project.
Search Add 30 Straight Panic
Search Add 30 Paul Cardinal Paul Jacques Gooskens Belgian astrologist who released records about horoscopes Born: October 10, 1932 in Sint-Pieters-Woluwe
Search Add 30 Midwich Rob Hayler
Search Add 30 AlienDuch Thierry Thierry Alienduch aka Mental Experience, né le 12 Avril 1974, est un dj français originaire du Creusot (71). Passionné de musique électronique qu'il à découvert à l'âge de 8 ans notamment grâce aux Pink Floyd, Autechre, Jean Michel Jarre, Tangerine Dream et Kraftwerk, mais aussi grace à une émission de radio nommée “vizion“ dans les années 90 (provenant de radio cactus dans le Brionnais, dpt 42), au moment de l’explosion de l’acid music et de la trance allemande / acid trance, c'est en 1997 qu'il intégrera le milieu Underground lors du festival ( Off du printemps de Bourges ) avec en autre, Heretik sound system. Rapidement, il est repéré pour ses nombreuses qualités artistiques, incluant la musicalité variée de ses prestations ainsi que sa capacité d'adaptation sur scène auprès de tout public. Qualités Artistiques qui l'amèneront par la suite, à se produire en collaboration avec divers sounds system et associations à travers toute l'Europe pendant près de 20 ans, dans plus de 300 parties. Alienduch aka Mental Experience devient alors une figure emblématique de la scène électronique française; son amour inconditionnel pour la musique, le conduit aujourd'hui à se produire régulièrement dans diverses soirées tant festivalières que salles de concerts ainsi que les clubs. Actuellement, il joue divers styles tels que techno, uk Acid techno, old school trance & acid trance allemande/belge/hollandaise, transcore, progressive house/techno/trance et liquid (atmospheric) drum'n bass. Après sa première association crée dans les années 2000, il fonde en 2015, avec son co-équipier de longue date, Acid Concept Production, dont le principal objectif est de faire revivre en Bourgogne puis transmettre à la jeune génération la culture des musiques électronique des années 90 à nos jours sous ses principaux courants (cité plus haut) grâce à des artistes dj / liveurs locaux, régionaux mais aussi internationaux, sans oublier les artistes Vj, par le biais d’événements légaux de petites et moyennes envergures. Fin 2015, il signe son premier morceau techno « LV 426 » sur la compilation Artist in Action vol 5, au profit des réfugiés. https://artistsinaction.bandcamp.com/track/alien-dutch-lv-426
Search Add 30 Little Eden Norwegian rock band fronted by singer-songwriter [a=Henning Kvitnes]. Taking inspiration from American mainstream rock - notably [a=Bruce Springsteen] - the band released three albums in the period 1987-89, including [m=246201] that became solid success in Norway, selling around 40.000 copies. After a few years of silence, during which Kvitnes released a couple of solo albums, the band reformed to release a final album in 1993.
Search Add 30 Sideation Experimental noise project. Started in early 2003.
Search Add 30 Magyar Állami Népi Együttes Ének- És Zenekara Hungarian State Folk Ensemble (Orchestra & Chorus)
Search Add 30 Steven Bergman
Search Add 30 Cut A. Kaos Alexander Friedlhuemer Swiss DJ-producer and founder of [l=Bacteria Records].
Search Add 30 Xie Lei Taiwanese Singer
Search Add 30 De Zingende Zusjes Marry en Thea Verhey
Search Add 30 Τάκης Καρναβάς
Search Add 30 Gus Hardin
Search Add 30 Los 4 Hermanos Silva Los 4 Hermanos Silva was a Chilean band in the 1950s/1960s
Search Add 30 Кобза Formed in 1971 in Kyiv, Ukraine from an earlier group of student bandura musicians from Kyiv Conservatorium.
Search Add 30 Dr. Murray Banks [b]Dr. Murray Banks[/b] (?? - 2008) was an American psychologist and lecturer who was heard widely throughout the world during the 1950s thru the 1980s. He is best known for a series of comedy LPs that he released, beginning in the 1950's.
Search Add 30 Sleepyeyes Jake Donahue Los Angeles producer.
Search Add 30 Lars Eastholm
Search Add 30 Frank Traynor's Jazz Preachers
Search Add 30 Jansen / Barbieri Steve Jansen & Richard Barbieri
Search Add 30 Ivo Pavko Ivan Pavko Music producer from Lučenec, Slovakia born 14. November 1994. Ivo started his music career when he was 15 years old and specialises mainly in Trance and Progressive House.
Search Add 30 The Manhattan Pops Orchestra According to Time records album cover information, the Manhattan Pops Orchestra at the time had as much as 110 musicians. Artist Biography by Ted Mills The Manhattan Pops Orchestra was another entry in the easy listening orchestra genre, conducted and arranged by Richard Hayman, who was the Boston Pops' arranger for many years. Formed in 1963, the Manhattan Pops recorded 14 albums for Time Records (several reissued on Bainbridge), toured extensively through the '60s and into the '70s, and gradually morphed into Richard Hayman & His Orchestra working with the Naxos label.
Search Add 30 Beneški Fantje
Search Add 30 The Sky Calls to Us The Sky Calls to Us is the solo project of Dartmouth, Nova Scotia based multi-instrumentalist Ryan T. McKinnon.
Search Add 30 Brno Radio Pops Orchestra Orchestr Studio Brno Orchestra of the Czechoslovak Radio Brno. Founded in 1951 as “[a=Brněnský estrádní rozhlasový orchestr]” (BERO). In 1965 split to “Orchestr Studio Brno” (OSB) conducted by [a=Erik Knirsch] and “[a=Velký smyčcový orchestr] Československého rozhlasu” (VSOČR – Large String Orchestra of the Czechoslovak Radio) conducted by [a=Miloš Machek] or [a=Jiří Hudec (2)], reunited as OSB in 1970.
Search Add 30 Cold Crypt British one-man ambient / black metal band from Guildford, England.
Search Add 30 Era Ojdanić Andrija Ojdanić Serbian folk singer.
Search Add 30 Coleman Hawkins All Star Band
Search Add 30 Domestic Technology Игорь Буцхрикидзе (Igor Butckhrikidze) Electronic music producer from Pskov, Russia.
Search Add 30 Ashley Tappen Edward M. Layton Ashley Tappen (born October 10, 1925, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA - died December 26, 2004, Forest Hills, New York, USA) was a pseudonym used by [a1243534], an American organist and composer. After the Second World War he wrote music for television soap operas and recorded 27 albums of organ music. He also played the organ at old Yankee Stadium for nearly 40 years, earning him membership in the New York Sports Hall of Fame. He was the only organist to play for 3 New York sports teams: the New York Yankees (baseball, Yankee Stadium), the New York Knicks (basketball, Madison Square Garden) and the New York Rangers (ice hockey, Madison Square Garden).
Search Add 30 DJ Coutz
Search Add 30 Nordenglander One-man black metal act from United Kingdom.
Search Add 30 Anoman Brouh Felix
Search Add 30 30XX
Search Add 30 Stanislav Procházka Stanislav Procházka ml. Czech vocalist. Born Ocober 8, 1954 in Prague (former Czechoslovakia), died August 29, 2003 in Prague (Czech Republic). Son Of [a2453311]
Search Add 30 Disc Driv Disc Driv is an electronic music producer from Black Rock, Connecticut. Work began under the Disc Driv name in 1997. In the early days, Disc Driv used the vintage freeware mod tracker ProTracker running on an Amiga computer emulator. Eventually, the producer's work was ported over to the Modplug Tracker. That program has since become open source, and has been dubbed OpenMPT. All of Disc Driv's recent solo output was built using OpenMPT. The bulk of the producer's output has been composed entirely in the Mod format using original and archival samples. However, in 2007, Disc Driv released several works written in a modern DAW using hardware synthesizers and drum machines. In 2013, Disc Driv began working with the producer Dish Lid on the Kuser/Hofer project.
Search Add 30 Willie Morganfield Preacher, gospel singer and choirmaster at the Bell Grove Missionary Baptist Church in Clarksdale, Mississippi. First cousin of blues great [a=McKinley Morganfield], better known as [a=Muddy Waters].
Search Add 30 Tokyo Heroes
Search Add 30 The New World Theatre Orchestra
Search Add 30 Jonny Teardrop Jonathan Zion Katsav Paris-based producer and musician.
Search Add 30 Miša Marković Serbian singer/composer based in Belgrade. Miša has composed songs for many folk singers including Toma Zdravković, Vesna Zmijanac, Vera Ivković, Lepa Lukić, Goca Lazarević and Lepa Brena amongs others.
Search Add 30 Orly Sad Orlando Sanna Italian DJ, producer, and original funkster... CEO of the private italian label ORIGINALFUNKSTER INC. DJ/producer of the italian rap duo Orly Sad & Jay Rah
Search Add 30 Ivon Curi Ivo José Curi
Search Add 30 Yıldıray Çınar Yildiray Çınar (1940, Samsun - May 29, 2007, Atakum, Samsun) was a famous Turkish folk music artist active in the 1960s-1980s.
Search Add 30 DJ Purple Image Alexander Gray Producer from Los Angeles, US. Runs the [l601033] label. Contact: listentocolour@gmail.com
Search Add 30 AXLSD
Search Add 30 Fourteen Karat Soul
Search Add 30 GhostDrive Andeh Pinkard neo retro-cyberpunk. raised on the 80s synthwave and fed 90s industrial and cyberpunk.
Search Add 30 Shades Of Lace
Search Add 30 Quelentaro Quelentaro Chilean folk band founded in 1960 by brothers Eduardo and Gastón Guzmán Muñoz. First line-up also included Felipe Méndez ("Tatayaya"), Valericio Leppe, Eladio López and Arinaldo Álvarez, but members have changed along time. Eduardo exiled after Pinochet's coup d'état and his brother Gastón leaded the band until Eduardo (who died 2012) returned in 2003. Originally known as "Conjunto Quelentaro" too. Members: - Gastón Guzmán: lead vocals, guitar (1960 – 2012). - Eduardo Guzmán (†): lead vocals, guitarra (1960 – 2012). - Valericio Leppe: vocals, guitar (1960 – 1968). - Eladio López: vocals, guitar (1960 – 1968). - Arinaldo Álvarez: vocals, guitar (1960 – 1968).
Search Add 30 Death Noir
Search Add 30 Elektronikum Ltd. Arjen Schat, Dirk Troost A collaboration between [a=Dirk Troost] and [a=Arjen Schat]. The concept covers a broad spectrum of genres but is most related to noise and darkambient. All recordings are based on improvisation.
Search Add 30 Jacques Desrosiers Born in Montréal, Québec, July 8, 1938. Died in Montréal, Québec, June 11, 1996. Desrosiers was a Québécois singer and actor best known for playing the clown [a=Patof] in the Canadian television series Patofville.
Search Add 30 UFO Project
Search Add 30 Streichmusik Alder Urnäsch
Search Add 30 The Back Porch Majority
Search Add 30 Στυλιανός Μπέλλος
Search Add 30 Modenine Babatunde Olusegun Nigerian Hip-hop MC, born June 14th, 1975 in London, UK. Mode 9 moved back to Lagos, Nigeria in the mid-nineties, where he studied Building Technology. While in school (Bida Polytechnic) he met Ayo Animashaun, a publisher who eventually introduced him to [a=Solo Dee] and his [l=Payback Tyme Records] imprint. Through Solo Dee he meet fellow MC's and hiphop activists [a=El Dee], [a=Mr. Baron], [a=Six Foot Plus], De Weez and El-Cream and together they formed the crew [b]SWATROOT[/b], releasing up to 18 tracks come 1999. After producing "The IX Files", an album which never really saw the light of day in 2002, Modenine released his acclaimed debut "Malcolm IX - The Lost Sessions" on Payback Tyme Records in 2004, followed closely by his "Pentium IX - The Mixtape". His next effort, "Paradigm Shift", appeared on his own [l=Redeye Muzik] imprint in 2008.
Search Add 29 Der Smogwürger
Search Add 29 Loshmi Milos Djordjevic Serbian DJ and producer. This alias is used for Disco and Funk edits.
Search Add 29 Sam Castendet Samuel Sabinus Castendet Samuel Sabinus Castendet was born on December 30, 1906 in Sainte-Marie, Martinique. He learned alone to play the clarinet and came to Paris in 1924 to work as a mechanic in aviation. His destiny changed in October 1931 when it was proposed to replace [a1379220] during the last three weeks of "L'Exposition Coloniale" (Colonial Exhibition). From then on, his life will be guided by music. Sam Castendet plays in the Caribbean cabarets of Paris and then leaves early 1932 for a long tour in the south of France and Switzerland. In 1935, he conducted the dance orchestra "Le Mikado" in Paris and played at " Grand Hôtel Normandy " at "Le Touquet" in 1936. He was taken prisoner by the Germans in 1940 and escaped to Paris where he resumed his musical activity , Notably at " La Brasserie de La Cigale ". After the war, Sam Castendet animated from 1946 to 1951 the cabaret "La Canne à Sucre" in Montparnasse with [a905780] on the trombone and [a1384678] on the clarinet. From 1950, he recorded exclusively for the Columbia label. In 1952, for a year he directed his own cabaret "Le Fort-de-France", rue Molière in Paris. In 1954, it was a triumphant tour of Africa. In 1956 he played for King Farouk of Egypt. In 1959, 1960 and 1961, Sam Castendet animated with [a1603113] the carnival of Fort-de-France. He retired from music in 1965 to become a chauffeur in a ministry. Beginning in 1980, Sam Castendet spent a discreet retirement in La Rochelle. He died on January 18, 1993 in Martinique, a few months after a stroke during a stay in his native island. Sam Castendet marked the fifties by recording popular successes immortal in 78" records.
Search Add 29 Döraid Metal Punk band from Tokyo, Japan since 2000.
Search Add 29 DJ Bartdon Fernando Bardón Ruiz Breaks producer from Málaga (Spain).
Search Add 29 HEROin Addikt HEROin Addikt (also known as HERO) is a project including dark ambient, drone, noise, field recordings, etc. Founder member CH was joined by CC in mid-2013.
Search Add 29 Нейро Дюбель Neuro Dübel is a Belarusian rock / punk band founded in Minsk in 1989.
Search Add 29 Chin Xaou Ti Won Ambient/Synth-Pop duo from Houston, Tx.
Search Add 29 Kjell Og Odd Christian Duo performing in Norway in the 50's and 60's
Search Add 29 Jimmy Logsdon James Lloyd Logsdon Jimmy Logsdon (born James Lloyd Logsdon on April 1, 1922 in Panther, Kentucky) was a country and rockabilly artist whose records were released on the Decca, Dot, King, and Starday labels. Using the name [url=http://www.discogs.com/artist/Jimmy+Lloyd+%282%29]Jimmy Lloyd[/url], he also had records released on the Roulette record label. He co-wrote and recorded the rockabilly classic "I Got a Rocket in My Pocket," released on Roulette in 1958. He died on October 7, 2001 at age 79 in Louisville, Kentucky.
Search Add 29 Magnetic Sounds,The The Magnetic Sounds
Search Add 29 Mel-Low Melvin Moore Mel-Low is a gangsta rapper from Compton, California. Orlando "Baby Lane" Anderson, the person believe to have killed Tupac, makes a cameo during the video of Mel-Low's song, "Blaze It Up".
Search Add 29 Mack Simmons Malcolm Simmons Little Mack Simmons (January 25, 1933 — October 24, 2000) was an African-American Chicago blues harmonica player, singer and songwriter. Malcolm Simmons was born in Twist, Arkansas. In his youth he befriended [a=James Cotton], and they grew up learning to play the harmonica. Simmons relocated to St. Louis, Missouri, at the age of 18 and worked on the railroad. At this time Simmons made his stage debut with [a=Robert Nighthawk]. In 1954 he moved again to Chicago, put together his own backing band, and had a five year residency at Cadillac Baby's. He commenced recording in 1959, issuing records on a number of labels including Chess. In the late 1950s and early 1960s Simmons recorded several more obscure singles, often simply billed as Little Mack (or Mac). Simmons went on to provide the opportunity for others talents to be seen. He owned and managed Chicago's Zodiac Lounge from the mid to late 1960s. In addition, he owned a recording studio and recorded on his own labels, [l=PM Records (4)] and [l=Simmons Records (2)]. Simmons left the music industry at that time for the ministry, and was rarely heard in 30 years, notwithstanding an album he recorded in 1975 in Paris, France. His return to blues music arrived with High & Lonesome (1995), which was an early success for St. George Records, an independent record label. Simmons' energetic style, accompanied by Studebaker John, belied his years. Come Back to Me Baby (1996), with featured sidemen John Primer, Willie Kent and Jake Dawson (guitarist) was also well received. Simmons died in October 2000, of colon cancer, in his adopted hometown of Chicago, at the age of 67.
Search Add 29 The Ethiopian Leonard Winston Dillon
Search Add 29 Xenophobic Ejaculation Anonymous Finnish power electronics project with a lyrical focus on hatred, racism, white supremacy and xenophobia.
Search Add 29 Хор Русской Народной Песни Всесоюзного Радио Academic Russian Song Choir of Central TV and All-Union Radio [b]Notes for Discogs submitters:[/b] For women's group of the choir please use: [a4169545] For men's group of the choir please use: [a4169558]
Search Add 29 Playero D.J. Pedro Gerardo Torruelas Pedro Gerardo Torruelas (born November 2, 1964), better known as DJ Playero, was a key figure in the dissemination of reggaeton during its formative period in the 1990s in San Juan, Puerto Rico.[1][2] Beginning in the early '90s, he produced a series of mixtapes that synthesized hip-hop and reggae rhythms with Spanish-language freestyling. These tapes circulated around the barrios of San Juan and were highly influential upon the generation that would go on to define reggaeton in the coming decade. For instance, Daddy Yankee got his start with DJ Playero, debuting on Playero 34 which was recorded in a small studio in one of Puerto Rico's caseríos and was originally released in 1990. DJ Playero was an aspiring producer at the time, with credits including work on the seminal compilation Dancehall Reggaespañol (1991, Columbia Records), in addition to production work with 3-2 Get Funky (3-2 Get Funky, 1993; Return of the Funky Ones, 1994), Ranking Stone (Different Styles, 1995), Wiso G (Estoy Aqui, 1996), and Wendellman (Wendellman, 1996). During the late '90s, as the proto-reggaeton style began to grow popular thanks to 'The Noise', a club-based collective that issued a long-running series of CDs, DJ Playero began reissuing his old mixtapes from the early to mid-'90s. He also recorded new ones, issuing them via BM Records as well. Playero en DVD: Su Trayectoria (2003) was the culmination of this activity, aiming to cement his legacy as one of the key reggaeton pioneers.
Search Add 29 Oneyroid Oneyroid is the alternative rock band from Poltava, Ukraine. Formed in 1992.
Search Add 29 Alex Silvanni
Search Add 29 Γιώργος Μπίλης
Search Add 29 JessMattic
Search Add 29 Namco Sounds
Search Add 29 Art Of Hot Chris Demetras Musician, composer and producer based in Portland, US.
Search Add 29 Clameres Александр Девятьяров (Alexander Devyatyarov) Electronic music producer & DJ from Moscow, Russia.
Search Add 29 Phantoms Of The S.S. Phantoms Of The SS was formed by 1 Phantom & 1 Other to create avant-garde and surrealistic sound structures and experiment with tones, various mixing techniques, drones and other oddities. The two forming member welcomed Oni Sakti into the group as a "silent" member. Now more active in the creation of the sound structures. Oni Sakti's female counterpart Zoe Sakti joined Phantoms on the Ventorum album and Sexual Surrealists 7" and is also now a permanent member of Phantoms Of The SS.
Search Add 29 Džordana Džordana Butkutė
Search Add 29 Sanja Đorđević Serbian folk singer.
Search Add 29 Martian Man Damon Yates
Search Add 29 Mike Warnke Michael Alfred Warnke Born: November 19, 1946, Evansville, Indiana, USA A Christian evangelist and comedian. With the success of his books and recordings, Warnke became one of evangelical Christianity's best-known experts on the subject of Satanism before his claims of having been a Satanist high priest were debunked in 1991 by the Christian magazine, Cornerstone.
Search Add 29 Norman Wade Norman Robert Stevenson American country singer and songwriter.
Search Add 29 Risk It!
Search Add 29 DJ Poseidon Emilio Bongarzone
Search Add 29 I Dragoni
Search Add 29 VIDEO HEAD CLEANER Australian plunderphonics / vaporwave artist Nearing the end of 2015, [a=Harkan] started to experiment with vaporwave and audio editing to create weird soundscapes and experiences.
Search Add 29 Let's Pretend
Search Add 29 Francisco Heredero
Search Add 29 GZL Lennonka Rock and Roll GIS engineer
Search Add 29 n-Somnia Jared Rowbotham n-Somnia is a solo project by New Zealand musician, Jared Rowbotham. The project began in 2002 and saw some success until its retirement in 2006. However, the retirement would only last 5 years before n-Somnia would make a comeback with the first album, "The Awakening", and n-Somnia has been recording ever since.
Search Add 29 AYE-AMS
Search Add 29 The Nouve
Search Add 29 Vjeko Jutt
Search Add 29 Катя Огонёк Кристина Евгеньевна Пенхасова 1977-2007.
Search Add 29 C&D Project Nick Dacosta Hard Dance producer based in York, UK.
Search Add 29 Conjunto Bernal Founded in 1954 in Kingsville, Texas, by brothers Eloy and Paulino Bernal, Conjunto Bernal became one of the most innovative and influential conjunto bands in twentieth-century Mexican-American music.
Search Add 29 Jim Mundy James White American country singer / songwriter, born February 8, 1934 in Muldrow, Oklahoma.
Search Add 29 Loudon Kleer Paulo Pereira Electro/Techno/Experimental DJ & producer from Portugal.
Search Add 29 Djebali Mehdi Djebali House DJ & producer from Paris, France.
Search Add 29 Vava Vol Vava Vol is a self-produced electronic music composer, musician and songwriter with a passion for electronic ambient, experimental, avant-garde music and has been writing music since 1978. She creates and records soundscapes and voice using various recording devices, mono/poly analog and digital synths, vocoders, tape loops, transistor and short wave radio waves, field recordings, ethnic and handmade instruments. Music is her “raison d’être” as she continues to explore and push the boundaries of experimental electronica by creating her unique music whether in studio or out in the field. Throughout the 1980s and early 1990s she performed in Montreal, New York and Berlin. She is also a long-standing member of SOCAN and SODRAC.
Search Add 29 AN:TI Electronic dance music project from Murmansk, Russia Styles include: Techno House Disco Minimal Techno
Search Add 29 Theodore Life Theodore Life Jr. American producer, songwriter, musician from Philadelphia, PA. Often named as T. Life
Search Add 29 Mauro Nakimi Jesus Gomez Electronic Music Composer, Spain.
Search Add 29 The Invaders Steelband Band from Zaandam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands. Not to be confused with [a875240] from the ABC Islands, [a6167999] from St. Croix, Virgin Islands, or [a6145616] from Trinidad.
Search Add 29 Dominique Paturel Dominique Paturel French actor. He was born 3 April 1931 in Le Havre, France.
Search Add 29 Stephane Badey Trance producer from Montchanin, France.
Search Add 29 Lush Strings
Search Add 29 Hoten Toten
Search Add 29 Das Große Wiener Rundfunkorchester This orchestra has had several name changes. Please use only the appropriate profile. a rough timeline: From 1945 to 19??: [a=Das Wiener Funkorchester] From 19?? to 1958: [a=Das Große Wiener Rundfunkorchester] From 1958 to 1969: [a=Großes Orchester des Österreichischen Rundfunks] From 1969 to 1996: [a=ORF Symphonieorchester] From 1996 to 2009 : [a=RSO Wien] Since 2009: [a=ORF Radio-Symphonieorchester Wien]
Search Add 29 NGC 4414 Ambient side-project of Matthew Plunkett, prominently known for his work in the brutal death metal band, [a2432499].
Search Add 29 Raw Dada The work of Raw Dada can be separated into two categories. Raw Dada can either use data sounds for ferocious walls of noise or take those data sounds and mix them into beats and melodies.
Search Add 29 KillBeat
Search Add 29 محمد طه محمد طه مصطفى أبو دوح (Muḥammad Ṭāha Muṣṭafa Abu Dūḥ) Mohamed Taha (1922 - 1996) was a Southern Egyptian folkloric singer and songwriter. He owned his own record company [l=Ebn El Balad].
Search Add 29 Dirty Disco Stars Serbian producer
Search Add 28 Lietuvos Radijo Ir Televizijos Kaimo Kapela
Search Add 28 Archie Shepp - Horace Parlan Duo
Search Add 28 S-H-M
Search Add 28 The Hilversum Radio Orchestra Dutch session orchestra who recorded for [l73340].
Search Add 28 Weapon God
Search Add 28 Markus Dittrich
Search Add 28 The Dark Side Of The Moog
Search Add 28 Tita Bărbulescu Romanian folk singer (b. 1936 in Topoloveni)
Search Add 28 Anarchestra Anarchestra is an orchestra consisting of over 200 musical instruments uniquely built by [a=Alex Ferris].
Search Add 28 Suffocating Respirator HNW
Search Add 28 Kapelle Alpengruss Frutigen
Search Add 28 Maskmada Alessio Mereu Italian DJ, producer and remixer, born 19 January 1985. He is the founder of [l=Out Of Body Recordings]. Not to be confused with minimal/techno artist [a=Alessio Mereu] based in Sardinia.
Search Add 28 Лада
Search Add 28 Sex O'Clock U.S.A.
Search Add 28 Debosciati Brothers Band Italian band from Bologna founded in 1982, inspired by Skiantos and Squallor. Now played a mixture of genres (Rock, Punk, Electronic, New wawe, Blues & Melodic) with demential lyrics.
Search Add 28 Ferdinand Havlík Orchestra Orchestr Ferdinanda Havlíka Czech pop-jazz orchestra, led by [a=Ferdinand Havlík]. Regular backing band at the [url=http://www.discogs.com/lists/Semafor-Theatre/1417]Semafor Theatre[/url] Prague in the 1960s and 1970s. Not to be confused with his later jazz combo [a=Swing Band Ferdinanda Havlíka].
Search Add 28 xqm Noise/Drone-duo from Cologne/Koblenz, Germany.
Search Add 28 Mirtha Perez Mirtha Magaly Pérez Rojas Venezuelan singer and actress, born in Caracas on July 7, 1945.
Search Add 28 Božena Němcová Božena Němcová née Barbora Novotná Czech writer. Born probably February 4, 1820 in Vienna, died January 21 in 1862 in Prague (former Austrian Empire).
Search Add 28 Λένα Παπαδοπούλου Greek singer born at 19th of July,1973 in Thessaloniki, Greece. She is also the niece of the singer [a=Πίτσα Παπαδοπούλου].
Search Add 28 Piccadilly Six
Search Add 28 Rana El Grupo Grupo Rana is a salsa group founded in Guatemala. Rana began in 1974 with 6 members who regularly worked playing music for restaurants and events. In 1984 they decided to record their own music with what initiates their career as Grupo Rana. Due to the success of its founders they decided to increase the number of members and formed a band of 13 musicians, which gave them the freedom of more elaborate and complex compositions In the mid 1980s, the group was consolidated and became one of the most iconic bands at national level. In 1985, the group secured a contract with Central Records (DIDECA) and recorded their first full-length album titled Aquí, Rana El Grupo. That same year they achieved great success with more hits such as Colombia Rock, No Sonríes, El Mangú and Patacón Pisao, allowing it to be considered one of the best groups from Central America and Guatemala. In 1986 they released their third full-length: De La Cabeza a Los Pies, containing hits such as Esa Chica, Oye Muchacha and Sentimiento Nacional.
Search Add 28 Shay dT Shay Dotan Shay dT is a DJ/Producer from Israel. His unique style allows him to create electronic music aiming strictly for the dacefloors. Dirty, tribal, Elektro & acid - are the main influences on his work.
Search Add 28 Verica Pandilovska Верица Пандилоска Гичева Verica Pandilovska is an educated music artist with a vast experience in live performances and music festivals. She was born on 13th of May, 1973, in Tetovo, Macedonia. Began singing and performing during her high school years and continued to do so until today. At first it was a childhood dream and a hobby, but soon it became a profession and serious life commitment. Verica’s first public appearance was at the movie premiere “Arizona Dream” were she performed the traditional “Kales Bre Ango”. Soon after, at 1994 she had her first debut at the music festivals with the song “Vratete go bogovi” which was the beginning of the professional career with author’smaterial, then followed many appearances at music festivals in Macedonia, Serbia, Bulgaria, Albania etc., received numerous national and international awards and recognitions, as well as concerts, live gigs and TV shows. Finally, year 2007was the high point of the career with promotion of her first professional album “Belo zname” which contained the national hits such as “Kuckin Sin”, “Bez zdiv”, “Kapka pot” and many others. Most of the songs were accompanied with music videos which were shown at all TV stations around the Balkan. In the following years, many singles were issued and became TV and radio hits. Today, Verica is preparing the new album and music materials, and is expected to be presented to the public and wide audience until the end of 2015……………
Search Add 28 Svend Asmussen's Quintet
Search Add 28 Duo Benitez Valencia
Search Add 28 Lietuvos Televizijos Ir Radijo Lengvosios Muzikos Orkestras Lithuanian Television and Radio Variety Music Orchestra formed in 1958 (as Radio Orchestra at the beginning). Disbanded in 2008.
Search Add 28 Jocco Abendroth Jürgen Peter Abendroth German singer, guitarist and composer. * August 28, 1953, in Bad Camberg, Germany † June 15, 2007 in Frankfurt (Main), Germany
Search Add 28 MC Анюта
Search Add 28 Uneven Universe
Search Add 28 Yo Speed
Search Add 28 TT Quick American heavy metal band from New Jersey formed in 1983.
Search Add 28 The Cloudfags Union John Wilks
Search Add 28 Romantic Jazz Trio
Search Add 28 Toni El Gitano Antonio Barrull Jiménez Escudero. Madrid 1944. Rumba hero of the 70s.
Search Add 28 Forfy Forfy is an Experimental musician from New Zealand. As well as making copious amounts of music, they also run the [l=Pimpmelon] and [l=Infinite Drone] labels.
Search Add 28 DJ Wislov
Search Add 28 Les Milou
Search Add 28 Orchestra De Granados
Search Add 28 Angela Cicorella Italian actress and dubber.
Search Add 28 Pepe Wismeer
Search Add 28 Jhonny Vergel Trance DJ from Colombia.
Search Add 28 Μπουζούκια Του Ζαμπέτα
Search Add 28 Cephalonya Italian DJ and producer project, based in Perugia. They are the founders of [l=Load Recordings (2)].
Search Add 28 Валерий Агафонов Валерий Борисович Агафонов Born 10.03.1941 - died 1984
Search Add 28 Tennant / Lowe Over the years, Neil Tennant and Chris Lowe ([a=Pet Shop Boys]) had their writing credits noted in many ways. Usually, they credits themselves under the traditional "Tennant / Lowe" mention, but under certain circumstances (such as for instrumental tracks), they use the "Lowe / Tennant" variation.
Search Add 28 Jørgen Brønlund Quartet formed in 2014.
Search Add 28 Государственный Эстрадный Оркестр РСФСР Famous Leonid Utesov's jazz orchestra based in 1929 Conductors: 1929-1947 [a=Леонид Утесов] (Leonid Utesov) 1948-1958 [a=Вадим Людвиковский] (Vadim Lyudvikovsky) 1974-19?? [a=Константин Певзнер] (Konstantin Pevzner) 1985-1989 [a=Дмитрий Атовмян] (Dmitry Atovmyan)
Search Add 28 The Neighbours Project
Search Add 28 Amos 'N Andy
Search Add 28 Dechová Hudba Supraphon Czech brass band, conducted by [a=Jindřich Bauer].
Search Add 28 Disco Rock Machine Musicians: Trevor Rabin: guitars, keyboards, René Veldsman: vocals, Kevin Kruger: drums South-african disco assemblage Masterminded by [a=Trevor Rabin] Active in the late 70's. They covered Stevie Wonder's "Living For The City" and [a=Kinks]' "You Really Got Me".
Search Add 28 Die Picos
Search Add 28 Reuben 'Bingie General' Dixon Reuben Dixon
Search Add 28 Petra Pascal b. 21/12/1934 in Frankfurt am Main, Germany
Search Add 28 Nils-Börge Gårdh Singer Born 1946-02-20 in Falun. His biggest hit as a solo artist is 'Jag Längtar Bort', which was the 2'nd and 3'rd in the Swedish charts for 10 weeks 1982.
Search Add 28 Louis Rain Producer from Vancouver, Canada.
Search Add 28 Miss ADK Rocío Bossio [ES] Nacida un 19 de febrero de 1988, Rocío creció escuchando bandas como Queen, Pink Floyd y Led Zeppelín de la mano de su padre. Años mas tarde, decidió aprender a tocar la batería, estudio bajo también, conociendo varios estilos musicales desde el bossa nova hasta el punk rock. De a poquito fue explorando los limites de la música y llego a la música electrónica escuchando varios estilos. Su gusto por el groove y por los sonidos mínimos y retorcidos, hizo que se topara con la corriente minimal vigente en el año 2006. Con el correr del tiempo los sonidos se volvieron asperos y muy oscuros, lo que provocó un aumento en los BPM para terminar aterrizando en el techno. Tocó en lugares como Hotel Bauen, Bahrein, Bed Baires/Vox, Sudeste, La cigale, Complejo Apsara (Zárate), Pin up (Mar del Plata), Kosmoss Sounds (Colonia, Uy), Concepto Underground (Córdoba), entre otros, además de fiestas privadas y de amigos. Compartiendo cabina con artistas como Dee Jason aka Sr. Replicante, Juan Pryor, Diego Cid, Cristobal Paz, Sergio Athos, Pandy, Brian Gros, Buzby (UK) & Eron (IS), Dany Nijenshon, Simbad, Qzen (USA), Martín Gioia, Mariana Monjeau (Altocamet), Cosmikat (FR), entre otros. Ha editado sus producciones en diferentes sellos como NGRecords(NewGeneration), Toxic Recordings, BlackDrop Records, Oxytech Records, Finder Records, Expo Techno, BlackVogue Records, Techno Legends Records, Teksessions Records, NTH 2015 Records, Techdics House Audio, Black Bore Records, 4M Recordings, Fat Sounds Lab, Underground Beat Code. [EN] Born on February 19th, 1988, Rocío grew up listening to rock bands such as Queen, Pink Floyd and Led Zeppelin thanks to her father’s influence. As she got older and more involved with music, she began playing drums and studied some bass as well. Appreciating varied music styles, ranging from bossa nova to punk rock, made her realize the influence music can have on human beings. With that in mind, she started exploring the limits of music and got acquainted with electronic music, something that changed her way of listening to sound. Listening to a varied range of electronic styles made her improve her own. Her particular taste on groove and twisted sounds got her acquainted with ‘minimal techno’ style, a new movement that was growing at the time. As time went by, her music evolved into a darker/rougher edge causing an increase in BPM, making her end up on techno. She’s played at several places like: Bauen, Bahrein, Bed Baires/Vox, Sudeste, La cigale, Complejo Apsara (Zárate), Pin up (Mar del Plata), Kosmoss Sounds (Colonia, Uy), Concepto Underground (Córdoba), among others with artists like: Dee Jason aka Sr. Replicante, Juan Pryor, Diego Cid, Cristobal Paz, Sergio Athos, Pandy, Brian Gros, Buzby (UK) & Eron (IS), Dany Nijenshon, Simbad, Qzen (USA), Martin GIoia, Mariana Monjeau (Altocament/Isla de los Estados), Cosmikat (FR), and many more. She has released much of her work on labels such as: NGRecords(NewGeneration), Toxic Recordings, BlackDrop Records, Oxytech Records, Finder Records, Expo Techno, BlackVogue Records, Techno Legends Records, Teksessions Records, NTH 2015 Records, Techdics House Audio, Black Bore Records, 4M Recordings, Fat Sounds Lab, Underground Beat Code.
Search Add 28 Orchestre Georges Cantournet
Search Add 28 Zeno Vancea Zeno Octavian Vancea, born on 10 October 1900 in Bocsa , † 15 January 1990 in Bucharest, was a Romanian composer and musicologist. Zeno Octavian Vancea had Lugoj lessons with Ion Vidu and Josef Willer. He studied in Cluj at Gheorghe Dima and Augustin Bena and from 1921 to 1926 and 1931-32 at the New Vienna Conservatory, where he was the music of the Second Viennese School ( Arnold Schoenberg, Alban Berg, Anton Webern met). Until 1945 he was professor of music at the Conservatory Timişoara, then head of the Municipal Conservatory of Targu Mures. From 1952 to 1968 he was a professor at the Conservatory Ciprian Porumbescu in Bucharest and also editor of the music magazine Revistei Muzica. From 1949 to 1953 he was secretary, then to 1977, Vice President of the Romanian Composers. In addition to a ballet-pantomime, he composed including two sinfoniettas, an orchestral suite, a symphonic ode, a symphonic triptych, five pieces for string orchestra, five string quartets, a psalm, a Requiem, two Byzantine trade fairs, a cantata, Banat images for choir and songs. He also wrote several works on the history of Romanian music.
Search Add 28 Schermate Stefano Greppi & Alessandro Larice The group was founded in early 2009 after Stefano Greppi & Laric (Alessandro Larice) met in record stores where Stefano worked.
Search Add 28 El Ingenuo Implosivo
Search Add 28 Five Minute Hoedown
Search Add 28 Thickly Painted Walls
Search Add 28 The Sons Of Negus
Search Add 28 Joy Marquez Jorge Arturo Márquez Electro/House DJ & producer from Mexico City, Mexico.
Search Add 28 Francie Conway
Search Add 28 Sten Wahlström Sten Wahlström is known for his numerous recordings of birds. Between 1963-1993 + 1994-2005 those recordings were broadcasted by SR (Swedish National Radio) channel P2.
Search Add 28 Ginamaría Hidalgo
Search Add 28 Mariachi De Roman Palomar
Search Add 28 DJ Siens
Search Add 28 Olav Werner Norwegian Vocalist Born 29.July 1913, Died 10.March 1992
Search Add 28 Rose Sobchak Александр Ческидов Harsh Noise artist from Moscow, Russia
Search Add 28 The Downings The Southern Gospel group, the Downings, were a mixed quartet founded by the husband and wife team of Paul Downing and Ann Downing. Other founding members were Greg Gordon, Sue Dodge (Sue Chenault), and pianist Dickie Mathews. The group went through several personnel changes throughout the early to mid 1970s, and eventually disbanded in 1977. The group released 18 albums in 8 years. Ann and Paul were voted favorite female singer and favorite bass singer respectively in 1973 in the Singing News Fan Awards. Paul and Ann were in the process of trying to reform the Downings when Paul passed away in 1992. Group Members Soprano Sue Dodge (Sue Chenault) (1969-1970) Joy Gardner (Joy Dyson) (1970-1977) Alto Ann Downing (1969-1977) Tenor/Lead Greg Gordon (1969) Wayne Hilliard (1970-1972) Bass Paul Downing (1969-1977) Pianist Dickie Mathews (1969-1970) Linda Robinson (1970) Dony McGuire (1970-1977) Bass Guitar Nathan McGee Peters (1971-1974)
Search Add 28 Cherry Vangelder-Smith
Search Add 28 Ozgur Ozkan Ozgur Ozkan House/Progressive-House/Electro DJ & producer from Istanbul, Turkey. Born: 1976
Search Add 28 The Nazi Dogs Punk Rock band from Aachen, Germany.
Search Add 28 Jeramy Roberts Jeramy Roberts is the founder of the Electronic Musicians Guild. The E.M.G. started in early 2002 as an underground, members only, warehouse club in Seattle. Jeramy had been playing raves and clubs since 1999 and observed that a lot of the venues and promoters were gravitating towards a more commercial dynamic, thus giving way to the idea of E.M.G. Drawing a lot of influence from the early Detroit Techno sound it has evolved into what it is today. Jeramy sold records in 27 countries in 2013 and his music production work has earned him several top 100 Sales spots at record stores such as “Hard To Find Records” in London, “satellite EDM” in New York and AMAZON MP3 USA. He is currently Executive Director of Promotions at both Skylar Records and Asnazzy Productions. He is also the Owner and Manager of E.M.G. Recordings.
Search Add 28 Otto Kermbach Orchester
Search Add 28 Los 2 Españoles
Search Add 28 Esente Polish hip-hop artist, mainly performing in the Nerdcore sub-genre, but also in "traditional" hip-hop style.
Search Add 28 Ildrealex AlexzZ Zzovich Assistant / Chief Manager / Compouser of SUB LABEL - Eternal Sun Industrial [ESI] AlexzZ Zzovich (Extazzzers,Ildrealex)
Search Add 28 Уральские Пельмени Russian comedian show.
Search Add 28 Se-ries
Search Add 28 Monks Of The Monastery Of Gyuto, Tibet
Search Add 28 Orchestra Durium
Search Add 28 Bukkake Moms American experimental / no wave / post-punk band from Denton, Texas.
Search Add 27 Terri Gonzalez [b]Soul - disco - boogie singer - songwriter[/b] Born and raised in New York.
Search Add 27 Duško Kuliš
Search Add 27 Max Devereaux American artist, musician, and filmmaker born in Milwaukee, WI in 1994.
Search Add 27 Vatrogasci The first "fireman" tune, "Vatrogasac Mirko", was recorded in late 1991. Tiho (Tihomir Borošak) and Deki (Dean Parmak), companions in terms of studio work, recorded it during the one-hour break while waiting for the next client. Since they needed someone to sing on it, they called Bubi (Vladimir Pavelić), at time colleague from the Jasna Zlokić support band. "Vatrogasac Mirko" soon became most shared and copied song among the musicians. After it, the Vatrogasci were named. Soon followed "Ritam Iza Denser", "Više-Manje, Manje-Više" and "Ženićute". Once those for tunes made a miracle, record label "Euroton" offered to publish them, and in June 1992. released first album titled "Vatrogasna Zabava Vol.1". This is the first and last album on which the Vatrogasci acted as a trio. Dean Parmak leaves the band because of private reasons, leaving only Tiho and Bubi. They recorded three more albums, Tiho writing the songs and arrangements and Bubi singing. After the fourth album, "Vatrogasna Zabava Vol.4", Bubi got bored and signed a five-year contract with Novi Fosili as a drummer and vocalist. Tiho found new singer in Mladen Martinovic-Dugi, and they continued to make albums. Together they recorded and released 8 albums. In early 2007. Dugi left the band because of private commitments and Gugi (Goran Borošak) continues as a new (third) vocal. The band is best known for their interpretations of songs by other authors and their parody, turning them into a folk/pop music. Beside various covers, the band also made many great original compositions. So far, they recorded 12 studio albums and one compilation.
Search Add 27 مهستی خدیجه دده بالا (Khadijeh Dadehbala) Mahasti (born 16 November 1946) was an Iranian singer. She was the younger sister of [a=هایده] (Hayedeh). Mahasti married Kouros Nazemiyan and gave birth to her only child, Sahar. Mahasti and her family lived in Abadan for several years, finally moving back to Tehran. Her marriage with Nazemiyan ultimately ended in divorce. Nazemiyan was executed by the Revolutionary Court of the new Islamic Republic shortly after the revolution. Several years later she remarried, to Bahram Sanandaji, owner of a shoe factory, however, their marriage was also dissolved. She died on June 25, 2007, in Santa Rosa.
Search Add 27 2Toxic Vicente Ortega & Alvaro Escudero "2Toxic" is an electronic music band, of gender #nuskoolbreaks #techbreaks #bassline y #breaks among others, they are from southern Spain and come to battle with a good sound. Bass thick and deep, harmonized vocals and sound effects, all accompanied by a strong pace. "2Toxic" es un grupo de música eléctronica de género #techbreaks #nuskoolbreaks #bassline #breaks entre otros, ellos son procedentes del sur de España y vienen a presentar batalla con un buen sonido. Graves gruesos y profundos, armonizados con voces y efectos de sonido, todo ello acompañado de un ritmo contundente.
Search Add 27 أحمد عدوية أحمد محمد مرسي العدوي (Ahmed Muhammed Mursi al-Adawi) Ahmed Adawiya (born 1945) is a famous Egyptian shaabi-singer. He was the first Egyptian shaabi-singer to break through into the mainstream in the early 1970ies. Although his songs were criticized for being vulgar by the cultural elite they are now considered classics.
Search Add 27 Appleton MacDowell Male Chorus Founded in 1934, the Appleton MacDowell Male Chorus is an amateur singing group Located in Appleton, Wisconsin. The group's name was inspired by American composer, Edward MacDowell.
Search Add 27 Tedy Leon
Search Add 27 Renzo Arbore L'Orchestra Italiana
Search Add 27 White Blackmail Alexandre Boudreau
Search Add 27 August Dahl
Search Add 27 Peter Keune
Search Add 27 Noise Nomads Jeff Hartford
Search Add 27 Joyfull Family Cristian Carpentieri, Guido Nemola, Chico Perulli
Search Add 27 Jacques Duby Jacques Charles Stanislas Duby French actor. Born: 7 May 1922, Toulouse, France. Died: 15 February 2012, Paris, France.
Search Add 27 Jack Van Impe Jack Leo Van Impe Televangelist. Married to [a2513685].
Search Add 27 Freudiana The Alan Parsons Project
Search Add 27 Antanas Šabaniauskas Lithuanian singer. Born 1903 in Jurbarkas, died 1987. Professional singer career started in 1927.
Search Add 27 Benny Vreden
Search Add 27 Franklyn MacCormack Franklyn MacCormack Franklyn MacCormack, born March 8, 1906, in Waterloo, Iowa, one of five children, Franklyn forsook a college education for the theater. His association with Wayne King, one of the great band leaders of the early days of radio, lasted for twelve years. During this time he recorded his famous "Melody of Love" with the Waltz King, which has sold over two million copies to date. Mr. MacCormack was a member of the WBBM radio staff in Chicago from 1932 until 1939. He free-lanced until his return to WBBM-TV in 1954 and then on WGN. Was an all-night deejay in Chicago in the 1950s and 1960s. He was best known for reading poetry over schmaltzy instrumentals at 4 in the morning. Was "your host and companion" of the "All Night Showcase" on WBBM and WGN (720 AM) radio in Chicago from 1959 until his death on (on the air) June 12, 1971. It was sponsored by Meister Brau and aired from 11:05pm to 5:30am six nights a week. The show was also known as the Meisterbrau Showcase and included the Torch Hour. It was a great late night show. He interspersed moody, contemplative music with poetry that he read. I often listened to him late at night when I lived in Illinois growing up. (His name is often misspelled as Franklin McCormack or Franklin Mac Cormack or Franklin McCormick.)
Search Add 27 Nu Elementz Drum & Bass DJ/Producer from Kent, UK. With a number of big releases under his belt and tracks on established labels, he has seen support from some of the biggest DJs, quickly becoming a household name in the Drum & Bass scene with his trademark sounds and crisp productions. Current DJ support for Nu Elementz' music includes DJ Hype, Rockwell, Mistajam, Crissy Criss, Toddla T, Roni Size, TC, Majistrate and Hazard to name a few, receiving airplay on Radio 1, 1xtra and Kiss FM, becoming regulars on DJ playlists worldwide. Early releases on Higher Stakes, G13 and own imprint Murda Sounds Recordings have proved to be valuable stepping stones to getting to the position that he is currently in as an established artist. with releases on Playaz, Sweet Tooth Recordings, iconic label V Recordings and sister label Chronic. January 2015 saw the Exclusive Signing to Sweet Tooth Recs, with his Trauma EP hitting number 1 in the Juno Download Chart. In the clubs he has performed at some of the biggest UK and European stages including gigs for Laundry Day, Skankers, Confuzion, BPM, Rampage, Hysteria, Antwerp City Flow and the popular Elements and Summer festivals.His high energy sets are a crowd favourite and with high profile DJs now supporting his music, the tracks are fast becoming anthems that many DJs want to play. Now working with Urban Agency exclusively for all of his bookings proves that the hard work is paying off, Nu Elementz is the one to watch!
Search Add 27 Kingrow Jared Rowbotham & Forbes King Kingrow were a duo based in Christchurch, New Zealand, and were active from 2004 to 2012.
Search Add 27 Regent Dance Orchestra Alias used by the Edison labels for American artists released in the UK.
Search Add 27 CCCLXV Dutch Harsh Noise Wall artist.
Search Add 27 Gastone Parigi Ed Il Suo Quintetto
Search Add 27 Алкоголь После Спорта
Search Add 27 V.S.B. [The Vampire State Building] NIck Olaär Project of Surrealistic Sounds, Obscure Ambiences and Dissonant Noise. From 1999 to Nowadays is one of the Most Recornised projects of Industrialisis. Formed as a Single-man Project has Develope a Constant Work Carrer. Influenced by Projects as: Atrax Morgue, Brighter Death Now, Gnaw Their Tongues, Archon Satani, Deutch Nepal, Endura, Frozen Faces. Inspired by Apocaliptic Images, Dreams, Visions Transformed in Involment Frequencies to Transport to another Reality.
Search Add 27 Marcellous Lovelace Marcellous Lamont Lovelace Born October 26, in Chicago, Marcellous Lamont Lovelace: Broadcasting the most interesting Hip Hop Music you've ever heard in your life. Teaching and informing African people (and others) about Self Esteem, Awareness, Determination, Fighting Against Tricknology, Freedom Fighting, Nationalism, Skills, Making New music on a constant basis to allow for better free thought // over 150 albums recorded. Marcellous is also a well accomplished visual artist.
Search Add 27 DJ Kaito Simon Bohnsack
Search Add 27 Francis Magalona Francis Durango Magalona (4 October 1964 - 6 March 2009), also known as FrancisM, Master Rapper, The Mouth and The Man From Manila, was a Filipino rapper, entrepreneur, songwriter, producer, actor, director, and photographer. Born in Mandaluyong City, he was the first Filipino rapper in the Philippines to cross over into the mainstream. He was credited for having pioneered the merging of rap with Pinoy rock, becoming a significant influence to artists in that genre as well. He was also a television host on MTV Asia and Channel V Philippines and on noontime variety television show Eat Bulaga! Magalona died seven months after being diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukemia.[2] Magalona was later awarded a posthumous Presidential Medal of Merit. The award's citation noted that it had been given “for his musical and artistic brilliance, his deep faith in the Filipino and his sense of national pride that continue to inspire us.”
Search Add 27 Audio-Camera Collection [l=CINEMASONOR] et [l=AUDIO-CAMERA].
Search Add 27 Piccadilly Revels Band
Search Add 27 Jay Lee Webb Willie Lee Webb Jay Lee (born Willie Lee Webb; February 12, 1937 – July 31, 1996) was an American country music singer. He is most-known for his answer song "I Come Home A Drinkin'" to his older sister Loretta Lynn's #1 hit Don't Come Home A Drinkin' in 1969.
Search Add 27 Srđan Marjanović Srđan Marjanović Serbian pop-rock singer/composer.
Search Add 27 Anton Chasm Restless from the underground of Philadelphia's thriving dance music community came exceptional DJ / producer, Anton Chasm. A veteran of the rave scene since to the early '90s, Chasm began in 1994 as one of the original 'Pure Children' DJs. Chasm quickly flourished, initially playing incredible Breaks and Drum & Bass sets at massives throughout the U.S. in the late 90s. Anton Chasm began evolving in 2001 with his first 12" EP release 'SA001' on Sound Alliance Recordings. Today, his sound is eclectic, with his signature style. Look for all that is musical, with passion wrapped in pure talent and you will find Anton Chasm. SOUND ALLIANCE RECORDINGS LLC is a Philadelphia based dance label with an 8 year history of successful releases. The label encompasses an eclectic variety of genres, bringing some of the finest upcoming artists to the forefront of the electronic music scene. Some artists featured on the label include Anton Chasm, Nick Narouz, SkyHi, Passable Plastic, Someone Else, Max Dietrich and more. Sound Alliance Recordings is licensed and distributed worldwide. Label Manager: John Lang email: john@soundalliance.com A&R: Christopher Ford email: chris@soundalliance.com Promotions: Devon Hans email: devon@soundalliance.com Bookings: Paul Williams email: paul@soundalliance.com
Search Add 27 P. Bars Hans Gerhard Franciskowsky German playwright and scriptwriter, born 14 January 1936 in Itzehoe, Germany, died 3 November 2011 in Hamburg, Germany (also Peter Bars).
Search Add 27 Taral
Search Add 27 Patrik Carrera Patrick Carrera Australian DJ and producer born in Sydney, now based in Berlin, Germany. In the past his music was progressive house/trance and he was resident DJ and artistic director of Sanctuary Nightclub in Dubai. Now his music is focused on techno. His label is [l=Paranoid Dancer].
Search Add 27 Akwaboah's Band
Search Add 27 >IOHOI<
Search Add 27 Dilldallholom
Search Add 27 Jane Fonda Lady Jayne Seymour Fonda American actress, born 21 December 1937 in New York City, New York, USA. She is the daughter of [a=Henry Fonda], sister of [a=Peter Fonda], mother of [a=Vanessa Vadim] and [a=Troy Garity] and aunt of [a=Bridget Fonda]. She was married to [a=Roger Vadim] from 1965 to 1973 and to [a=Tom Hayden (2)] from 1973 to 1990.
Search Add 27 Κώστας Καφάσης Γεννήθηκε το 1940 στην Ιτέα Καρδίτσας. Σε μικρή ηλικία μετακόμισε στην Αθήνα για να εργαστεί. Έγινε ευρύτερα γνωστός με το τραγούδι «Γέλα κυρία μου» καθώς και από τη συμμετοχή του στην τηλεοπτική σειρά Η γειτονιά μας στο ρόλο του «Ιωνάθαν». Απεβίωσε από καρκίνο στις 13 Οκτωβρίου 2010 σε ηλικία 70 χρονών. Απόσπασμα από συνέντευξη που έχει δώσει παλαιότερα. " Το όνειρό μου ήταν να γίνω θεατρίνοs. Από πιτσιρίκι, αυτό ήταν η μανία μου, το πάθος μου, η αρρώστια μου. Γεννήθηκα και μεγάλωσα στην Ιτέα (Κουτσαρί) της Καρδίτσαs και πάντα τα καλοκαίρια μας επισκέπτονταν τα λεγόμενα μπουλούκια της εποχής, οι περίφημοι περιοδεύοντεs θίασοι, οπότε βλέποντάs τους ήθελα να γίνω και εγώ ένας απ΄αυτούs. Με αυτό το σκεπτικό μεγάλωσα, τελείωσα το γυμνάσιο στην Καρδίτσα, ήρθα Αθήνα, τελείωσα τη δραματική σχολή και μπήκα στο θέατρο. Δούλεψα έξι χρόνια στο θέατρο και έκανα πάνω από δεκαπέντε ταινίες. Η μεγαλύτερη τύχη ήρθε το 1971, όταν με φωνάξανε να παίξω σε ένα σήριαλ την ξακουστή για τότε "Η Γειτονιά μας". Την ίδια εποχή ξεκίνησα να δουλεύω και σε μπουάτ ως τραγουδιστής , στο μαγαζί "ΚΑΤΑΚΟΜΒΗ''. Η δεκαετία του 70 ήταν αυτή που με σημάδεψε.Τέλη του 74 δούλεψα σε ένα μαγαζί και εντελώς συμπτωματικά με άκουσε ο Κώστας Ψυχογιός και μου έδωσε το "Γέλα Κυρία μου"
Search Add 27 Paul Desmond With Strings
Search Add 27 Dravier C. Dravier
Search Add 27 Mauricio Reis João Maurício da Costa João Maurício da Costa (Santa Rita-PB, 1942 — Bonito-PE, July 22, 2000), known artistically by Maurício Reis, was a Brazilian singer. Also known as a "Poeta do Cravo Branco" e "Poeta das Rosas" It was representative of the style known as BREGA (corny). In 29 years of career, he recorded 27 albums, between LPs and CDs. Years active: 1973 — 2000.
Search Add 27 Bass-Crime
Search Add 27 Christian Di Vito Christian Di Vito
Search Add 27 Henri Golan
Search Add 27 Κώστας Σκαφίδας
Search Add 27 Chakravarthy
Search Add 27 Ramon Bonafon
Search Add 27 Sadie Nine
Search Add 27 Jerry Blondel Dany Dehandschutter Belgian producer, songwriter, musician, singer, ... Real name: Dany Dehandschutter Writers name: Jerry Dehandschutter Artist (performing) name: Jerry Blondel Died on August 12, 2005 at 49 years of age. During a jogging course in the company of his girlfriend Martine he collapsed at the height of the Zijpstraat in Gooik together. (heart artery rupture) In 1982 he took on the Radio MAEVA song, also the Radio RAINBOW (Dessel) song was recorded by him. "Dag lente en dag zomer" & "Gina maak je haren los" where the biggest hits of the late Jerry Blondel.
Search Add 27 Slicing Grandpa Seattle-based experimental duo which was started in Elmira, NY in 1993. The band claims to practice once a year.
Search Add 27 Ben Bernie Orchestra
Search Add 27 Banzaii [b]French disco project[/b] Led by [a=L.E.B. Harmony]'s [a=Subway (13)]
Search Add 27 Grupo Bota
Search Add 27 Champion Breaks
Search Add 27 Dragan Toković Dragoljub Toković (Kruševac, 1932 - Beograd, 06/09/2002) Serbian schlager singer and composer. Father of [a=Aleksandra Toković].
Search Add 27 Two Ton Baker Dick Baker Pianist / singer / television personality Dick "Two Ton" Baker (born in Chicago on May 2, 1916,) was a giant -- literally (he was 6'2" and 350 pounds). and figuratively -- on the Chicago entertainment scene for nearly four decades, from the late 1930s until his death in 1975. He played piano quite well and sang in a pleasing, infectious baritone voice, but mainly, he entertained, in whatever medium. He had several popular radio shows on on the Chicago Tribune's flagship station, WGN, one of which went out nationwide over the Mutual network. He was on the first television broadcast on WGN-TV (April 5, 1948), and later had very popular children's programs on that and other Chicago TV stations. His best known show was "Happy Pirates" which began in 1952. "Two Ton Baker, The Music Maker" died at his home in Hazel Crest, Illinois on May 4, 1975, just two days after his 59th birthday.
Search Add 27 Genectar Austrian neoclassical / new age musician from Vienna.
Search Add 27 Fixon
Search Add 27 Anticrizisss 666 Super Star XXX Band Anticrizisss 666 Super Star XXX Band
Search Add 27 Tony Arden Italian 60's singer.
Search Add 27 DEATHKID
Search Add 27 Κωστής Χρήστου
Search Add 27 Julio Madrid
Search Add 27 DJ Emg Miguel Atance Spanish composer and producer of Makina music. Owner of [l=EMG Music].
Search Add 27 Sydne Rome American actress, born 17 March 1951 in Akron, Ohio, USA.
Search Add 27 The Atlanta Disco Band Disco studio group from Atlanta, led by producer [a160668]. Includes members of [a3452].
Search Add 27 Artur Garcia Artur Garcia da Silva
Search Add 27 Miguel Angel Castellini Miguel Angel Castellini Trance DJ & producer from Buenos Aires, Argentina. Cotact info: E-mail: mikelinthemoon@hotmail.com
Search Add 27 Κανών Κώστας Ξαρχάς Hip-Hop artist (MC/Procuder) from Athens (Ampelokipoi), Greece. Active since 1999.
Search Add 27 Guesss
Search Add 27 Dragoslav Mihajlović - Kanarinac
Search Add 27 Đorđi Peruzović
Search Add 27 Nataša Vladetić
Search Add 27 Nikola Badev Никола Бадев (1918 – 1976) Macedonian folk singer.
Search Add 27 Them Mushrooms Band Musical band from Kenya, playing mostly Chakacha, some Benga and also some reggae, originally founded in 1969.
Search Add 27 The Prostitution Of... Since 1985 this recording project of [a=Zan Hoffman] has featured an international roster of home-recording artists with releases on the [l=ZH27] label. The title shifts the 4th word every time to something that rhymes with the original "Abusurdity"
Search Add 27 Santiago Ceron
Search Add 27 ویگن ویگن دِردِریان (Vigen Derderian) (Վիգեն Դէրդէրեան in Armenian) Vigen or Viguen (1929 - 2003), known as "Sultan of Pop" and "Sultan of Persian Jazz", was an popular Iranian pop music singer and actor of Armenian origin.
Search Add 27 The Fabreeze Brothers Paul Nice & Phill Most Chill [a=Paul Nice] & [a=Phill Most Chill] as the Fabreeze Brothers.
Search Add 27 Miloš Bojanić Miloš Bojanić Serbian folk singer born in Bijeljina, BiH. Father of [a=Bane Bojanić] and [a=Mikica Bojanić].
Search Add 27 Bazer Doomcore/Hardcore Techno producer from Dortmund, Germany.
Search Add 27 Галина Карева Галина Алексеевна Карева Soviet opera singer. January 1, 1929 - February 2, 1990
Search Add 27 Los Cuatro Cuartos
Search Add 27 A-Mei A-Mei was born Kulilay Amit (she is a Taiwanese aboriginal). She is known variously as: 張惠妹 (traditional) 张惠妹 (simplified) Zhāng Huìmèi (pinyin) A-Mei Chang Hui-mei
Search Add 27 Darkslider Mark Sheddan Australian Electronic project, founded 1999 by [a1854774] (synthesizer, electronics, voice), located in Sydney, New South Wales. Styles: Experimental, Ambient, Glitch, Minimal, Noise, Soundscape, Drone.
Search Add 27 Tim Chandell
Search Add 27 Charanga De La 4
Search Add 27 Eddie Bitz Илья Карманов (Ilya Karmanov) Progressive/House producer from Samara, Russia.
Search Add 26 Tha Bomber Adam Wischhusen Adam Wischhusen AKA ThaBomber. Born 1982 UK (swindon) Started Djing back in 1996 and school and doing house party's and djing at his local youthclub. Started playing Dutch hardcore,gabba & hard trance. in 1997 he moved onto makina and speedcore. 2000 the uk hardcore since died so he went on to play hard house to 2002. He quit for 2 years and came back in 2004 when the uk hardcore since really came back. Now he is a makina and hard trance producer and signed to bounce-inc records, The Future Of Makina and Reweird Records. He is also the admin of Trancentral with mark eg, m-zone & Mc NRG BOOKINGS - tha-bomber-dj@hotmail.co.uk OR INBOX VIA FACEBOOK OR SOUNDCLOUD
Search Add 26 Joy Mack Joy McIntosh British reggae singer.
Search Add 26 David Marez
Search Add 26 Ян Табачник [b]Jan Tabachnyk[/b] is a Ukrainian composer, accordionist and politician of Jewish descent.
Search Add 26 30drop As an adolescent, the artist responsible for 30drop discovered new synthetic and electronic sounds that would later influence his work. From the year 1996, his activity as a DJ powered his link with music, focused on the Detroit Techno and Techno sounds, with the industrial references of Birmingham, moving toward an industrial, experimental, noise-based sound, particularly in the mid-2000s.  After a creative pause and as a DJ, it was not until 2012 that he decided to set up his new project, 30drop, which he eventually did at the end of 2014. [b]Bookings:[/b] booking@30drop.com
Search Add 26 Brain Barricade Ivan Sandakov HNW / DNW / ANW project from Russia, Kemerovo Contact Info: iseguru@yandex.com
Search Add 26 Γεωργία Μηττάκη Georgia Mittàki (1911, Avlona, near Athens – 28 February 1977, Avlona) was a singer of dhimotikó (= Greek folk idiom). She also recorded some Smyrnéiko and Rebetiko songs, including the first ever recording by [url=http://www.discogs.com/artist/954018-%CE%92%CE%B1%CF%83%CE%AF%CE%BB%CE%B7%CF%82-%CE%A4%CF%83%CE%B9%CF%84%CF%83%CE%AC%CE%BD%CE%B7%CF%82]Vassilis Tsitsanis[/url]. In the late 1950s / early 1960's she toured the US twice, with considerable success. Their last recordings were made in 1965.
Search Add 26 Merzlit LIT
Search Add 26 Южный Централ Ukrainian hip hop band from Gorlovka founded by [a=Чёрный Принц], [a=Белый Парень] & [a=Слэер] on the basis of the group [a=Без Имени].
Search Add 26 Heavy Larry Harry Levey Australian multi-instrumentalist and producer from Sydney, Australia.
Search Add 26 Albert Ayler Quintet
Search Add 26 Blue Moderne One off studio collaboration of producer-songwriter [a=Ish Ledesma] and singer [a=Sandy B], though the first single "Through The Night" featured vocals by [a=Audrey Wheeler].
Search Add 26 هاني شاكر Hani Shaker (born 1952) is an Egyptian pop singer.
Search Add 26 Branimir Đokić Branimir Đokić Serbian composer, arranger and accordion player. Artistic editor in chief of the 'Narodni Ansambl RTS'.
Search Add 26 Ooki Nobuo
Search Add 26 Mira Škorić Mira Škorić Serbian folk singer.
Search Add 26 Art Irony Avant-garde/noise band from Reno, Nevada formed in 2016. Self-described "anti-heroes" of the Reno music scene.
Search Add 26 Έλενα Γιαννακάκη Elena Giannakaki
Search Add 26 Bubble Couple
Search Add 26 Nervozni Poštar Authentic Balkan folk’n’roll band from Sarajevo, Bosnia formed in the mid-80's in former Yugoslavia. ***Current line-up: Rustem Nezirović Rule - vocals (founding member) Faruk Kadić - guitar Mustafa Sokolović - bass guitar Fadil Šabović - rhythm guitar (founding member) Adis Kahvić - keyboards, accordion Šukrija Arslanagić - drums (founding member) ***Ex members: Nusret Doličanin - vocals Dragan Đuđelija - bass guitar (founding member) Nikola Mitrović - guitar (founding member) Narcis Lalić - vocals Miroslav Jurić - drums Aleksandar Aćimović - bass guitar Dino Granulo - guitar
Search Add 26 Muzika Bez Kapelníka
Search Add 26 Eddie Osborn
Search Add 26 Kembara
Search Add 26 Easy Connection
Search Add 26 Friedrich Feld Friedrich Rosenfeld Friedrich Feld (pseudonym for Friedrich Rosenfeld, born December 5, 1902 in Vienna, † December 27, 1987 in Bexhill, East Sussex) was an Austrian journalist, writer and translator.
Search Add 26 Rudolf Pache
Search Add 26 Electronic Beach Sascha von Dalwig-Nolda
Search Add 26 Paul "Lymie" Murray
Search Add 26 Ian Carrera Gianni Zen Italian DJ and house / deep house producer. In 2016 he launched [l=Nu Traxx] label.
Search Add 26 Cheng Kam Cheong
Search Add 26 Alive Stone Олександр Володимирович Ємелін (Oleksandr Volodymyrovych Yemelin) Trance/House/Progressive DJ & Producer from L'viv, Ukraine. The founder of a label [l=Stoneflow Records] UA
Search Add 26 The J's With Jamie
Search Add 26 Way of the West
Search Add 26 Jack La Forge
Search Add 26 Piano Junkies DJ Ben Fisher
Search Add 26 Zoe Delle Stelle Italian musician from Gorizia who has performed in [a=Deep (28)], [a=Lizard Queen (2)], [a=Nattlig Stjerne] and more.
Search Add 26 Plaisir Des Dieux
Search Add 26 Melinoe
Search Add 26 Piel Morena Javier Labandón(El Arrebato), Enrique Núñez y Juan Blanco. Formado en Sevilla en 1985 y en activos hasta 1999. Grabaron 10 discos y se editaron varios recopilatorios y cintas económicas habituales de la época.
Search Add 26 Intolitarian “In the intersection between harsh industrial noise and blasting war metal/grindcore, Intolitarian carves a place for itself by being unique in its absolute inferno of abrasive sound. Rasping vocals over abrasive waves of noise that sound like a high-tuned bass played through a storm of distortion, spaced out with loudspeaker spoken word designed to evoke a futuristic totalitarian feeling. The Orwellian nature of this music takes the listener away from the now with a dramatic surge toward the extreme. Drumming resembles some of the more adventurous drum and bass from the late 1980s, riding a wave of gated grinding power electronic noise while the incessant vocals enunciate like a martial arts competition over the top. It is like a news report from hell, or from a future time when all pretense of humanity and morality has been cast aside. As an intensely reductive medium, this type of grinding industrial noise has almost no musical elements: it is pure rhythm, pure spoken word, and pure texture, but no harmony or melody. The spoken word portions are produced to sound like either 1940s radio or the off-world propaganda spaceships from Blade Runner, giving it an apocalyptic military urgency. Every syllable throbs with violence. If war metal were to go in this direction, it would get closer to its own ideal. All meaning is destroyed except conflict and propaganda. This isn’t music; it’s mental conditioning, from that moment during the midnight air raid when the world is shaking with explosions and the ranting of state propaganda from a nearby loudspeaker is the only comforting sound. It encourages survival, to push onward, and a confrontation with nothingness.” - Brett Stevens / www.deathmetal.org INTOLITARIAN was created and christened as “Berserkergrind Noisecore” in 2009 by Antichrist Kramer, with the sole purpose of unleashing the most devastating audial force on the planet, and to expose the music that dares to call itself “extreme”, as the pathetic, stagnant and weak filth that it is. INTOLITARIAN exists to punish, torture and murder the senses of all who perpetuate this modern world of degeneration and failure. No future, no victory and no equality for anyone or anything. No one is safe…
Search Add 26 Daddy Blue
Search Add 26 Boudjema Elankis Mohamed Boudjema El Ankis
Search Add 26 Martine Chevrier
Search Add 26 Necrostrigis Black metal band from Poland. Active since 2010.
Search Add 26 Santa Claus Orchester
Search Add 26 Far From Mind
Search Add 26 Roman Zawodny Roman Zawodny Roman Zawodny is a Techno DJ & producer from USA, specializing in new school jacking techno. His label is Urban Kickz Recordings otherwise known as UKR.
Search Add 26 DJ Antar
Search Add 26 Grenzlandchor Arnoldstein Founded in 1947 by [a=Gretl Komposch]
Search Add 26 Tony Kosinec
Search Add 26 Enzo Parise
Search Add 26 Dj Gloor
Search Add 26 Minja Subota Milan Subota Serbian pop composer and singer. Brother of [a=Aleksandar Subota].
Search Add 26 Snežana Savić Snežana Savić Serbian actress and folk singer. Born 6th March 1953. in Velika Plana, Serbia.
Search Add 26 Thelonious Coltrane
Search Add 26 Kid's Praise! Ernie Rettino, Debbie Kerner The Kids Praise Album! (aka Kids' Praise! 1 - An Explosion of Happiness) is an American 1980 Maranatha! children's Christian music album that features Psalty the Singing Songbook. It is the first album in a long-running series of Kids Praise! and other Psalty related albums. The album was written by [a=Debby Kerner] & [a=Ernie Rettino] (Mr. Rettino plays Psalty). This album has been credited to "The Maranatha! Kids" and to "The Kids' Praise Kids."
Search Add 26 Chris Punk
Search Add 26 Chespirito Roberto Gómez Bolaños Mexican screenwriter, actor, comedian, film director, television director, playwright, songwriter and author, born 21 February 1929 in Mexico City, Mexico, died 28 November 2014 in Cancún, Quintana Roo, Mexico.
Search Add 26 Frank Boggs
Search Add 26 Valeria Peter Predescu Romanian folk singer
Search Add 26 Ingeborg Nyberg Ingeborg Elisabeth Nyberg Swedish singer and actress Born October 13, 1940 in Sundsvall, Sweden
Search Add 26 Guschti Brösmeli
Search Add 26 Goodie
Search Add 26 Superstrobe German techno / house project started as producer duo in 2007. In 2012 Holger Jenning (alias Ryan Dupree) left it and Manuel Winkler led the project alone.
Search Add 26 Евгений Шварц Евге́ний Льво́вич Шварц Evgeny Lvovich Shvarts (21 October 1896, Kazan — January 15, 1958, Leningrad) Soviet writer and playwright whose cult works include twenty-five plays and screenplays for eleven films.
Search Add 26 DJ Wope Dj Wope Aka Venezuela Drums Dj And Producer From Venezuela...
Search Add 26 Nenad Knežević Knez Nenad Knežević Nenad Knežević (Serbian: Ненад Кнежевић) (born December 5, 1967 in Cetinje, Yugoslavia, now Montenegro), widely known by his nickname/stagename Knez is a popular Montenegrin singer. Knez lives in Belgrade. At six years of age, Knez sang "Bio jednom jedan lav" on the Naša Radost Festival in Titograd, (now Podgorica). He was schooled in the same city. Whilst in high school, he began his first band, Visoka frekvencija (English: High Frequency), with guitarist, Leo Đokaj. With the band, he created the songs, "Da l' si ikada mene voljela" and "Kao magija". Later, he created The Moon Band, which appeared on the Montenegrin coast. He later created the Montenegro Band with his father, Milija Knežević. In 1992, Knez began his solo career and appeared at the Belgrade Pop Festival, Mesam, with the song, "Da l' si ikada mene voljela". In that same year, Knez recorded his first album, Kao magija, with the help of former band member, guitarist Leo Đokaj and songwriters, Ljubo Jovović and Zlatko Jovović. In 1994, Knez recorded his second album, Iz dana u dan. In 1996, Knez recorded his third album, Automatic. This album was the highest-selling album. The biggest concert he had in his career was in Sava Center. In 1999, a compilation was released under the name, The Best of Knez, which included 18 old songs, 2 new songs, "Nijedna žena na svijetu" and "Ti ne znaš ko sam ja", and a remix of "Kao magija". In 2000, he competed in the Budva 2000 Festival with the song, Vjeruj, which won the first place. In 2001, Knez recorded his fourth album, Daleko, visoko. In 2003, Knez recorded his fifth album, Ti me znaš. He won the third place at the Music Festival Budva 2006. In 2005, Knez recorded his sixth album, Vanilla. Parallel to his solo career, Knez wrote and produced songs for other performers. The most popular of these would be turbofolk superstar Ceca for whom Knez wrote three songs, including big hits "Mrtvo more" and "Usnula lepotice".
Search Add 26 Tony Kairom Antonino D'alba Italian DJ and producer based in Palermo. He is the founder of [l=Fruit Records (5)] and [l=Fruit Records Two].
Search Add 26 dnasnow/mouseup Rinus van Alebeek, Zan Hoffman
Search Add 26 Roy Chubby Brown Royston Vasey Born: February 3 1945 Grangetown, Redcar, England Roy 'Chubby' Brown the self proclaimed 'crudest and rudest' comedian was born in the depressed steel-making town Grangetown. He left home when he was 14. His blue-period came to the fore after an appearance on Opportunity Knocks in the mid seventies where he came fourth to a spoon player. His manager George Forster suggested that he should go completely blue as there were so many clean comedians around struggling to make a living. At first he had difficulty with the swearing but now it is the swearing that the people come to expect. He is really poking fun at himself and male inadequacy, a third of his audience are women who can relate his act to the men in their lives. "I decided to go right over the top and be the rudest man in the country and I haven't looked back."
Search Add 26 Trombones Unlimited
Search Add 26 L↔R Lefty In The Right The band's name is pronounced, Lefty In The Right.
Search Add 26 Brat Farrar
Search Add 26 Reflections From Nowhere Ross Dabrowski American electronic project from Michigan.
Search Add 26 Moutheater Virginia-based noise-rock group formed by Andrew Aircraft and Tim Gault in 2007.
Search Add 26 Rebel Frequency Rebel Frequency is a project by Dan R - DJ and producer with 10+ years of experience. In 6 months time the tracks produced under the new Rebel Frequency alias have been signed to many well known and respected Hard House labels including Toolbox Recordings, Smalltown Records, Kung Fu Wax, Insomniacz Digital, Stereodays, Hi-Oktane, Nitrox, RE:AKT Digital, Caterpillar Trax, Fevah, Digital Cohesion, Effective Recordings and supported by the scene's top players - Andy Farley, Rodi Style, Justin Bourne, Ilogik, JP & Jukesy, Nik Denton, Valex, Jon BW, Ben Townsend, Future Resonance, Kevsey D, Konekt & Rich Resonate, Dave Curtis, Hi Freak1c, Kris O'Rourke, Costa Pantazis, Matt Pickup and many others. As the next step Club Royale Recordings was launched in 2013 with the first two releases featuring tracks and remixes from hard house heavyweights James Nardi and Defective Audio already available exclusively to Toolbox Digital Shop and many more planned for the near future. Prior to Rebel Frequency project Dan has been producing music under different production aliases for such labels as Boxed Digital, Twisted Traxx, Filth Traxx, Killertrax, Insekt Sonar, Dementia Records, Sabretooth Records, Staar Recordings, The Beat Ranch, Headcharge Recordings, Spin Hard Recordings, Alien Technology and Bass Machine. DJ wise Dan has been pioneering the sounds of UK Hard House & NRG in his hometown of Novosibirsk (Russia) as well as having regular slots with House, Garage and Techno music since 2001 when he first stepped on the stage as a DJ. Since that time Dan has been performing in different locations in the eastern part of Russia, Moscow and St. Petersburg. He appeared on the stage with DJ’s like Tomcraft (Germany), Marcus Schossow (Sweden), The Panacea (Germany), DJ Promo [Third Movement, Netherlands], Electric Indigo (Austria), Fanu (Finland), Lady Wax [InBeatWeTrust!], Mark Maitland (UK), Osmo [Scythe Squadron, PL], Fracus [Hardcore Underground], Art Of Fighters [Traxtorm], Android [Apex / Cluster] to name just a few, showcasing himself as a versatile DJ capable of working in a wide variety of styles from House and Garage to Techno and Hard Dance at the highest level. Being the first UK Hard House/NRG DJ in the eastern part of Russia he is now one of the most known among the local underground scene and around the country. Over the past years Dan had also been managing Alien Technology label collective (Alien Technology Recordings, Bass Machine Recordings, Yes It's Rave!, Alien Technology Hardstyle), running the first Hard Dance club night in the eastern part of Russia "Speedball" along with NullTag Promotions, holding the residency at the local radio-show "Locomotive" with all sorts of house music since 2003 till closing in 2009 and participating in a big number of other diverse projects. In the year 2017 he is still passionate about the music as ever!
Search Add 26 Marjan Miše
Search Add 26 Vestigial Limb
Search Add 26 Νίκος Οικονομόπουλος Greek singer from Patra (b. 30 June 1984). Winner of the second season of the music reality 'Dream Show - The Music'. In his beginning, he worked with [a=Anna Vissi] and other Greek artists, such as [a=Νίκος Μακρόπουλος] and [a=Σταμάτης Γονίδης].
Search Add 26 Thanos Calliris Αθανάσιος Καλλίρης (Athanasios Kalliris)
Search Add 26 أنور العسكري Anwar al-Askari was an Egyptian mawwal singer.
Search Add 26 Daniele Vidal
Search Add 26 Naturan
Search Add 26 สายัณห์ สัญญา Sayan Sanya (th.:สายัณห์ สัญญา) is a Thai artist.
Search Add 26 Orquesta Antonio Maria Romeu
Search Add 26 Digital Department Арсений Сомотов (Arseniy Somotov) Electronic music DJ & producer from Chelyabinsk, Russia. Born: 04-08-1987
Search Add 26 Ultraphon-Duo
Search Add 26 Mago Zurlì Felice Tortorella Italian TV host and author TV. Felice Tortorella, better known as [a=Cino Tortorella] (Ventimiglia, 27 June 1927, passed away March 23, 2017, Milano) leads his first television program [i]"Zurlì, Mago del Giovedì"[/i] in 1957 and conceived and designed the musical song contest for children [i]Zecchino d'Oro[/i] conducted by him from the first edition until the year 2008 impersonating the role of famous magician Zurlì.
Search Add 26 Cacophony '33' Cacophony '33' or '.3.3.' or Cacophony'33' is project by [a1209984] (aka [a673365]), from Lincoln, UK, started in around 1982. All experiments recorded and mixed at 'Park Holme' and mostly released by Kevin's own DIY 'Park Holme' recordings (aka [l536587]). releases not listed on discogs: PH 1...In Search Of Mercia...C46...03.1982 PH 2...A Whisker Away From The Moon...C90...03.1983 PH 3...The Dark EP...C15...1984 PH 5...The Following Sentence...C46...1987 PH 6...MinorOperationsPerfermedInTheHome Vol. I...C90...1989 PH 7...MinorOperationsPerfermedInTheHome Vol. II...C46...1989 PH 8...Bumper Booty Bag...6/7 in ltd of 33...c/w poster, book, 4 pics, rune, 7 flayers, printed cloth bag PH 9...Carboot...C90 (with drawn)...01.01.1991
Search Add 26 Osmik Hardtek / Tribecore / Hardfloor & Frenchcore producer and DJ from Paris, France
Search Add 26 Großes Odeon-Orchester
Search Add 26 Анатолій Солов'яненко Анатолій Борисович Солов'яненко Anatoliy Solovianenko (September 25, 1932 – 29 July 1999) was a Ukrainian operatic tenor, People's Artist of the USSR, People's Artist of Ukraine, and State Taras Shevchenko prize-winner. He was soloist at the Taras Shevchenko National Opera and Ballet Theatre in Kyiv, and performed at Expo 67 in Montreal. During the 1977–1978 season, Solovianenko performed as a soloist at the New York Metropolitan Opera. He recorded 18 LPs of arias, romances and songs.
Search Add 26 Melcheor Russian artist that plays "Raw Drone Noise, Black Metal, Non-Music, Low Temp Electro-Ambient, Abstract Minimalism."
Search Add 25 BluEye Pavel Molinek Trance music producer from Ostrava, Czech Republic.
Search Add 25 Jim Cameron's Scottish Dance Band
Search Add 25 루카스 New York based producer
Search Add 25 Karen Wyman American singer, born on September 13, 1952 in tthe Bronx, NY, performed in nightclubs and on concert stages throughout the USA for years and released albums and singles on MCA and Columbia Records. She had one hit on the Billboard Easy Listening charts in 1971, a cover of Carole Kings "Beautiful", which peaked at # 40.
Search Add 25 Mugge☢Fuck
Search Add 25 Graham Repulski
Search Add 25 Juan Antonio Labra Juan Antonio Labra Illanes Chilean Pop, Ballad, Soul, Funk, Merengue & New Jack Swing singer. Born on January 3, 1959 in San Miguel, Santiago, Chile. Active from the middle 80s until now.
Search Add 25 Rino Gionchetta
Search Add 25 Contemporary Vision
Search Add 25 Les Romanesques
Search Add 25 Folk Orchestra Beograd
Search Add 25 Boere Van De Leutige Ploeg
Search Add 25 Blue Star Rhythmaires
Search Add 25 Adrià Ballús Adrià Ballús Puigví
Search Add 25 Henček In Njegovi Fantje
Search Add 25 Hiroko Ogi 乗松博美 Japanese enka singer and actress. Born February 14, 1945 in Hiroshima. She lost her father in the atomic bomb attack on the city in August that year. She was brought under contract by Nippon Columbia in 1963, releasing her debut single the following year.
Search Add 25 Manida Damian Kowerski Uplifting trance producer from Leszno, województwo wielkopolskie, Poland. His 'Manida' alias is an anagram of his first name.
Search Add 25 Soulvation* [b]Soulvation*[/b] is a musical collective created by Ronald Molendijk and Jeroen Rietbergen. Soulvation* brings dancemusic live on stage, combining bass, guitar, keyboards, vocalists, computer and turntables. [b]Current line-up:[/b] Caroline Dest: vocals. Emanuel Platino: bass. Jeroen Rietbergen: keyboards. Marloes Nova: vocals. Ronald Molendijk: beats (drum-programming). Willem Philipsen: Guitar [b]Former members:[/b] Leendert Haaksma: guitar. Jan van Duikeren: trumpet. [a=Michel van Schie] worked on Soulvation* releases as producer & bass player.
Search Add 25 MC's Of Rap MC's Of Rap were one of several rap groups emerging from the Miami Bass / Bass Music scene in the mid eighties with the assistance of [a100837]. The group's releases consisted of several 12" singles (including "[m=263440]", "[m=386607]", and "[m=263439]") and albums ("[m=580600]" and "[m=558698]"). The simplistic yet very appealing scratches and sampling along with fresh rap style catapulted group to a guest appearance on the television series "Miami Vice". The episode [url=https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g8VGBFyU4zI]"Like A Hurricane"[/url] is featured in the fourth season as episode eight originally aired 11/20/1987. The group disbanded in 1990. Sadly, founding group member [a216779] aka [a256702]; passed away in 2010 of (heart arrhythmia / asthma complications); he was just 45 years old.
Search Add 25 My Silent Awakening
Search Add 25 Drake Liddell Dean Drake Liddell UK electronic dance music DJ / producer from Carlisle, England Style: Hard House Hard Dance Bounce
Search Add 25 Jo Destré
Search Add 25 Tip D'Oris Дмитрий Типко (Dmitriy Tipko) Tip D'Oris - russian musician and producer, creating music in the style of Dark Progressive, Deep House, Deep Techno, Minimal House, Minimal Techno, Tech House. He took up music very early and all his life he has felt at close connection with electronic music. Experimenting with sound he finds something new and then applies it in his works. Tip D'Oris has formed a special style and this is what distinguishes his work. His tracks stand out among other music of this genre a particular sound which is created by bright and melodic tones of the main theme song. During his creative life Tip D'Oris has issued numerous albums and releases on famous labels. His tracks and remixes permanently get into a variety of charts and radio shows around the world.
Search Add 25 Fourwaycross 1984 - Four musicians meet and start playing (Tom Dolan, Biff Sanders, Steve Gerdes and Courtney Davies). Form Fourwaycross. 1985 - They self-release the Product One cassette, limited edition 1985 - Fill The Sky LP released 1986 - Tom leaves the band, replaced by Beth Thompson 1986 - Home LP released (Beth, Biff, Steve, Courtney) 1986 - Doubting Thomas LP released (Tom solo album featuring Biff) 1987 - Shimmer EP released (Beth, Biff, Steve, Courtney) 1989 - On The Other Hand LP released (John Napier and Brad Laner featured as guitarists) 1990 - Nate Starkman & Sons re-releases the Product One cassette as an LP 1991 - The band splits up, Biff and John Napier form Ethyl Meatplow with Carla R. Bozulich 1991 - Beth joins Brad Laner in Medicine 1991 - Steve and Tom form Aether 1993 - Independent Projects Records releases Pendulum 10" and 7" vinyl. Designed by Bruce Licher 1995 - Biff forms Polar Bear with Eric Avery from Jane’s Addiction 2001 - Steve, Courtney and Beth form The Shway 2004 - Biff joins Maven with Bon Harris from Nitzer Ebb 2006 - Steve forms Dnatured with Larry Frick and Biff 2014 - Fourwaycross jams as original foursome again for the first time since 86 2015 - Fourwaycross plays a handful of gigs around LA while recording new songs 2016 - New product to be released! Details TBA!
Search Add 25 The Racket Squad The Racket Squad and the Fenways were two very popular Pittsburgh bands led by vocalist and songwriter Sonny DiNunzio. The Fenwasys released singles on several national labels including Imperial, Roulette and Chess along with cuts on Nick Cenci’s Pittsburgh based Co&Ce label. The Racket Squad released two albums and 9 singles on Jubilee Records. Both bands entertained thousands of Pittsburghers from 1964 through 1970 appearing many times on Clark Race’s Television show, Channel 11’s Come Alive show, and with appearances opening up for the Stones, the Dave Clark Five, Roy Orbison, and many other acts. They performed at area night clubs sometimes seven days a week. Their singles “Hung Up” in 1965 and “Walk” were hits on Pittsburgh radio stations KDKA, KQV, WMCK, WIXZ and more. In Billboard Magazine the Fenways were billed as “Pittsburgh’s Answer to the Beatles”. As instrumentalists they played back up to the “Vogues” on their number 4 national hit “You’re the One”. The Vogues recorded Sonny DiNunzio’s original songs “True Lovers’ that is featured on their “Best Of” and “Greatest Hits” albums.
Search Add 25 Татьяна Маркова
Search Add 25 Fumez Fumez "styled as FUM3Z untill mid 2009" is a mixer, producer & rapper from London Fumez started out creating beats using an old Apple PC in 2005, and carried on untill late 2007 using the setup. In early 2006 he recorded a re-working of Dizzee Rascal's Jezebel, basing it on people he knew around he's area using an old tape recorder, In Late 2006 he produced music which was later used in a radio programme about youth's growing up in & around london. For a majority of 2007 fumez remained pretty quiet & nothing come about untill september 2007 when he met fellow MC Tegz "Known As MC Slipy untill early 2010", knowing Tegz could rap, fumez spent he's time on mixing track's for him & arranging studio sessions & also managing the session's. At the end of 2007 Fumez & many other's formed the BTS Crew (Born To Spit), jokingly referred to by Fumez as The British Transport Service Crew. Also at the end of 2007 Fumez teamed up Weedon (Known as Stompa then & Rixmix previous to that) to form "TGT Productions", releasing 3 EP's of Instrumental's from late 2007 to autumn 2009. While managing the sessions, Fumez had minor roles in track's, often singing backing vocal's, or minor 8 bar sections in track's, as the other's wanted him involved. During one studio session, Fumez was the only one who turned up, with the time on he's hands he wrote numerous track's and recorded a couple of demo's, a few weeks later the same happened again, so Fumez used the time to record everything he had written in one solid session. Resulting in what would be the album "2009". He also recorded half of what would also be he's 2nd album "Phaze Two" In excitement Fumez rush released he's first solo album "2009" which recieved lukewarmish review's, and was also ready to release what would be Phaze Two as an EP, then titled "The Last One Standing" in reference to being the only one at the sessions. In august 2009 Fumez scrapped the EP idea & decided that more work was to be done on Phaze Two, then later decided to record a few extra track's to make a full lengh LP. In October 2010 Fumez released "Phaze Two" which gained positive reviews for the fact he had no wrighting or even freestyle experience. In 2011 Fumez remained quiet again, with no single releases since December 2010, he rush released "Unpressed Masters" which featured unreleased material which was largely still in demo form, also the two singles released in 2010. Receiving poor reviews, Fumez set out to record a new album of new material titled "Back Again" for release at the end of 2012, due to production issue's he ultimately scrapped the album altogether & shelving recorded track's In 2013 Fumez once again teamed up with Tegz, and recorded a handful of track's & re-worked old one's from the Back Again sessions, and set out to release a new double album titled "The Revival" for November that year, due to the lack of work by Fumez & Tegz the album was scrapped, later they decided the album should become a single disc release with around 14 track's (instead of the original 30 originally planned for the double disc set), they set a release date of march 2014, realising they would not make the 2nd release date due to the lack of material produced, Fumez once again scrapped the album in December of 2013 In March 2015 Fumez released the compilation titled "2006-2013" which featured un-released material from 2006, the 3 studio album's and track's from the scrapped Back Again & The Revival sessions, in August of that year Fumez recorded & released new track titled "What's My Name" inspired by people mis-pronouncing he's name (calling him either Few-Mez or even Thumbs), he decided it was time to release the other unreleased track's from the scrapped session's, also adding in a few newly recorded in 2015 to create a new full lengh 16 track (15 including ome hidden track) LP It is unclear wether this will be he's last solo release
Search Add 25 Amuzement Park [b]Funk - soul band[/b] Formed in New York City They had three hits from 1982 to 1984: "Groove Your Blues Away", "Do You Still Love Me" and "No"
Search Add 25 Sandi Cenov Aleksandar Cenov Croatian pop singer. Short period lead singer of [a=Fantomi] when [a=Robert Mareković] was in army.
Search Add 25 IODI Paraguayan band started by brothers [a=Jörn Wenger] and [a=Dirk Wenger], who were of German descent. Jörn and Dirk, born in Paraguay but of German origin, started playing in the beat / psychedelic band [a=The Rabbits (10)], who released a very rare EP in 1969. After the group split, Jörn and Dirk traveled to Germany, where they studied arts and received musical lessons from [a=Karlheinz Stockhausen]. The two brothers had built their own homemade studio in Asunción ([l=Jodi Studios, Asunción]) and they spent hours and hours recording songs and experimenting to create their own sound effects (echo, reverb, etc). They called their music "Spontaneous Pop". After their psychedelic rock period, they became a pop rock band and went on to be popular in Argentina & other parts of South America in the 1970s.
Search Add 25 Silver Media Productions Mark! Silver Mark! Silver, formerly "Silver Media Productions", is a 17 year old music producer that has been officially working in the industry since late 2012. Mark doesn't focus on a specific genre, which makes his music enjoyable for a diverse audience.
Search Add 25 แฮมเมอร์
Search Add 25 Tim Stoakes Tim Stoakes DJ and producer based in UK. He is one of the founders of [l=Star-Fi Recordings].
Search Add 25 Bodyscrub Roberto Bonetti Italian DJ and producer, born in Naples in 1982.
Search Add 25 Jean En Willy
Search Add 25 Großes Blasorchester "Die Wikinger"
Search Add 25 Cesare Vaia
Search Add 25 Braňo Hronec Sound Orchester Braňa Hronca Slovak pop/soul/jazz group led by organist [a=Braňo Hronec] 1963–1982. Among the group’s ever changing lead vocalists were [a=Marcela Laiferová] (née [a=Marcela Bujnová]), [a=Eva Máziková] or [a=Eva Kostolányiová]. Best remembered for recording several authentic vocal and instrumental funk tracks in the early 1970s. Randomly credited as Kvinteto/Sexteto Branislava Hronca, Orchester Branislava Hronca, Orchester Braňa Hronca, Braňo Hronec Sound, Branjo Sound, and other similar variations.
Search Add 25 Pater Perne Heinz Perne The singing priest from Germany, known for his religious chansons. * 08.11.1930 in Oberhausen † 17.01.2008 in Olpe, Germany
Search Add 25 MC Rotzbua "Il Moccioso" South Tyrolean mc, dj and beatmaker from Sterzing / Vipiteno in Italy. His lyrics in German dialect and Italian are often improvised and controversial.
Search Add 25 Lasica + Satinský Couple humorists from Slovakia, Europe.
Search Add 25 Orchestre Cavacha
Search Add 25 Marie-Claire Pichaud
Search Add 25 Sergio Ferraresi Sergio Ferraresi
Search Add 25 Tissa Mawartyassari Monica Isabel Sanchez Harsh noise/HNW project from Texas.
Search Add 25 IRultimate Dom Rayner IRultimate is a UK Early Hardcore and Gabber producer. On every release is a link to the Bandcamp page where you can listen to the songs. IRultimate stands for Interesting Rave Ultimate. 3 words associated with his style and production. His music is mostly unique never before heard relating to the Hardcore/Rave scene like gabber, happy hardcore and techno. He started producing in 2010 as a jumpstyle producer but rarely made anything. He then started from scratch in 2012 until 2014 releasing random junk until he went on hiatus as he revamped his profile. He reformed in 2015 starting from scratch (Again) as a full time producer releasing hardcore and experimental stuff on Bandcamp and YouTube. Nowadays he mostly releases it on Bandcamp. In August he stopped his artist so he could start his own label called Brain Surge Entertainment.
Search Add 25 Kashya Ambient project from Melbourne, Australia.
Search Add 25 Концертный Эстрадный Ансамбль Всесоюзного Радио И Центрального Телевидения Soviet jazz, pop ensemble Formed by Vadim Ludvikovsky in 1966, was disbanded in 1973. Conductor [a=Вадим Людвиковский] (Vadim Ludvikovsky) (1966-1973)
Search Add 25 Africa Negra
Search Add 25 Overloque Даниил Колотовченко (Daniil Kolotovchenko) Techno producer from Kursk, Russia.
Search Add 25 Mindskap Joao Pereira Portuguese DJ-Producer, officially comissioned to remix Madonna, Pet Shop Boys, Donna Summer, Snoop Dogg, Ultra Naté. Signed on legendary Motown Records, Virgin EMI, Interscope, Yoshitoshi Recordings, Intec Digital, Twisted America, King Street Sounds, Stereo Productions. Born 30/08/1985 Portugal
Search Add 25 Tsui Ping Tsui Ping, 1938 -, formerly known as Cui Xiulan, was born in Harbin, native of Jiangsu. In 1951, she moved to Hong Kong with her family. Tsui Ping loves to sing, and in 1956, composer Wang Fuling introduced her to the Philips record company. In 1959, she switched to EMI. Her hits include: "今宵多珍重", "Dream Love", "Nanping Evening Bell" and so on....
Search Add 25 Z'Looke New jack swing quartet Based in Pasadena.
Search Add 25 Tikitaka Tikitaka (2007- 2016) was a German Indiepop band.
Search Add 25 Les Gosses de Paris French children's choir
Search Add 25 El Kahlaoui Tounsi
Search Add 25 O.L.D.F.I.X. Вадим Головин (Vadim Golovin) Trance producer from Russia. Was born in 1984.
Search Add 25 Mickey Simpson
Search Add 25 DJ Curious? George Ybarra Born and raised in Los Angeles, DJ Curious? started his DJ career in 1989 playing at underground "techno" parties. His musical palette ranges from Hip-Hop, Reggae, Soul, and all aspects of Drum N' Bass and Jungle music. As founder of Tonz of Drumz Recordings, Mictlan Recording artist, and Ruffneck Apparel representative, DJ Curious? has distinguished himself as one the hardest working Junglists in the US. With residencies at Insomniac, Wreck-Ignition, Midnite Bombers, and Non-Stop events, he's become one of LA's favorite and most respected DJ's.
Search Add 25 Kamiel Sergant
Search Add 25 Hordes of the Apocalypse Swedish blackened thrash metal and crust/ hardcore punk mixed duo. Their influences range between different metal punk artists and cult/ horror cinema inspired lyricism.
Search Add 25 Santy Castellanos Santiago González Perales Spanish singer, composer and songwriter, b. in 1938 in Toledo.
Search Add 25 Hooved Gaetano Vinci Italian DJ and producer based in Milan.
Search Add 25 Божья Коровка Soviet, and then Russian music pop rock band, founded in 1988 by [a1632449]
Search Add 25 Ekiwojjolo Ekiwojjolo was founded in 2010 by Benil Steimer. Peter Nylund (2) joined the band in 2015 and Krister Nonnemark (2) in 2018. The music is DIY Lo-Fi recorded and is inspired by kraut, psychedelia, avantgarde, industrial and spräck. Ekiwojjolo sounds musically in two ways. Studio recordings are often oriental and in the 70's Berlin school. While live recordings are monotonous and heavy and often with a lot of audio feedbacks.
Search Add 25 Robert Jeantal
Search Add 25 Dry Eyes Chicago, Illinois
Search Add 25 Susan Shirley
Search Add 25 Awake In The Dew Diego Henrique Jurema Awake In The Dew is an experimental music project formed by Diego Henrique Jurema. The project began in 2005 when Diego started to mix some home recordings with electronic computer elements. The result was a series of albums digitally released between 2007 and 2011. The new phase of Project has beginning since 2012, with a more electronic turn through in new albums development.
Search Add 25 Lamont Cranston Band Minneapolis, Minnesota
Search Add 25 حفني أحمد حسن Hifni Ahmed Hassan was a South-Egyptian singer. He was famous in the 1960s.
Search Add 25 Slow Process Experimental noise-poetry duo formed in May 2014 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
Search Add 25 Willowbrook Kenneth Parker Harsh noise wall, ambient noise wall, and power electronics project formed in the summer of 2011.
Search Add 25 Celi Bitshou Francis Bitsoumanou
Search Add 25 Art Hickman's Orchestra
Search Add 25 DJ☆GO
Search Add 25 Fatal Injection Experimental music project from Russia, active during 2000s. Early work by [a=Frequency Alcyone].
Search Add 25 Wizard of Loneliness
Search Add 25 Вася Пряников
Search Add 25 When We Live "When We Live" founded by Kirill Makushin and Jerry Norton in march 2013. In 2015 depart Jerry Norton from "When We Live"
Search Add 25 Кооператив "Звезда"
Search Add 25 N99 Namir Hassan DJ/Producer
Search Add 25 Karura Brothers Band
Search Add 25 Claus Bachor Claus Bachor DJ (since 1976), producer and promoter, born 1959 in Muenster i.W., based in Cologne/Germany and strictly devoted to electronic music. Founder of the label [l=Psycho Thrill]. PSYCHO THRILL Cologne - founder CLAUS BACHOR is one of the German long-term House/Techno DJs and music-journos at all, however not standing still yet: The Psycho Thrill club (October 1991) and vinyl (September 1998) label run by him has just turned to a total age of 26 and Bachor is still doing bookings all over Europe, the United States and beyond. His long-term affiliations with Detroit techno music and also his journalistic involvement with the topic of Detroit Techno/ Electro/ Chicago-House as an author/editor over the years has made him a world renowned expert. This experience and vast knowledge of the techno genre has led him to appearing in many documentaries, the most noteable being 'High Tech Soul' [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X0DocslQ4lE ] which focused on the creation of Detroit techno music. Other film credits include being involved in the highly acclaimed 'We Call it Techno' [ https://www.discogs.com/Various-We-Call-It-Techno/release/1388974 // https://vimeo.com/207023599 ] documentary which focused on Germany's early techno scene and club culture. Without using the usual hype for trends, he has managed to gain a position as multi-communicator in the German Techno and House scene, in which he is always convincing as a DJ.
Search Add 25 James Fella
Search Add 25 Budvarka
Search Add 25 Snežana Babić Sneki Snežana Babić Serbian folk singer, born in Pančevo 1967.
Search Add 25 Østjydsk Musikforsyning Danish 1972 to 2009 novelty/skiffle/schlager band. prior to forming the band the members played together in the 22 piece brass band [a=Harmoniorkestret Kærne]. Originally playing a satirical twist on schlagers, in their later years they turned more to making parodies on current hits. In their latter years sometimes just named "Ø.M." The core of the members are alson in the alike big band [a3395569]. The year before their 1974 debut they released an album under the alias [a=Anders Errboe & Co.]
Search Add 25 Мать Тереза Post-punk, new wave project, based in Fryazino, Russia. Group was formed by [a=Александр Нектов] in Michurinsk, Tambov district, 1990.
Search Add 25 Eva Hurychová Czech vocalist She was born April 23, 1950 in Prague (former Czechoslovakia)
Search Add 25 Guy Denys Guy Jacques Denys
Search Add 25 Robert Valentino
Search Add 25 Hanudata 8
Search Add 25 Los Gaiteros De San Jacinto Traditional folkloric cumbia group formed in the Caribbean region of Colombia, active since 1940.
Search Add 25 Los De La Torre Los De La Torre Band formed by three brothers De La Torre, in order of age: Emilio, Carlos and [a3334821]. Previously called [a1959850] and had a fourth component was cousin of them. They recorded a few singles in catalan language and group name in that language Els De La Torre.
Search Add 25 Flesh Coffin
Search Add 25 Doubtingthomas Aurélien Rivière Booking requests: victor(at)Lessizmore.com
Search Add 25 Chav Stabber Harsh Noise artist from Glasgow (Scotland, UK).
Search Add 25 The Maines Brothers Band
Search Add 25 Nicholas Craven Hip-hop producer.
Search Add 25 Leon Spencer, Jr. American soul-jazz organist, born 1 November 1945 in Houston, Texas, USA. Died 11 March 2012.
Search Add 25 The Continental 4 Soul singers from the NJ Tri-State area. Freddie Kelly, Anthony Burt, brothers Larry & Ronnie McGregor. Their first album was under the production of Bobby Martin.
Search Add 25 Balassa Tamás Együttese
Search Add 25 Plava Trava Zaborava Croatian country/blues band from Zagreb formed in 1982. Still active. Members: Eduard Jimmy Matešić - guitar, vocals Rajka Sutlović - vocals (1982-1995) Branimir Pif Bogunović - guitar, accordion (1982-1996) Vatroslav Markušić - fiddle (1982-1984) Davor Rodik - pedal steel guitar, dobro Vladimir Georgev - bass (1982-1995) Pavle Balenović - banjo (1982-1984) Hrvoje Bibi Galeković - drums (1982-1995) Mirta Pleteršek - fiddle (1984-1986) Rista Ibrić - fiddle, mandolin (from 1986) Zlatan Živković - vocals, acoustic guitar (1987-1988), drums, vocals (2006-2015) Hrvoje Marjanović - vocals, acoustic guitar (1989) Dragutin Smokrović - vocals (1990-1995), bass, vocals (from 1995) Boris Beštak - drums (1995-1996) Srećko Antonioli - drums (1996-2006)
Search Add 25 I-Low
Search Add 25 Maria Cornescu Romanian folk singer, born November 20, 1945, Tîrgu-Jiu, Gorj County. She debuted in 1963 at the age of 18, when after a competition, was accepted "Ansamblul Nicolae Balcescu" in Tîrgu-Jiu. At 27 years joined to [a2625332]
Search Add 25 Mersa Miljković
Search Add 25 Mayaula Mayoni Freddy Mayaula Mayoni
Search Add 25 Анжелика Агурбаш Анжелика Анатольевна Ялинская / Анжаліка Анатольеўна Ялінская Анжелика Анатольевна Агурбаш / Анжаліка Анатольеўна Агурбаш Belarusian singer, the actress, model and the TV presenter. Honored Artist of the Republic of Belarus (2006). Born: May 17, 1970, Minsk, Belarusian SSR
Search Add 25 Homma Honganji DJ & producer from Japan
Search Add 25 Ginger Williams
Search Add 25 Омский Русский Народный Хор [b]Notes for Discogs submitters:[/b] For women's group of the choir please use: [a4167775].
Search Add 25 Dick Kallman
Search Add 25 Государственный Волжский Русский Народный Хор Founded in 1952 in Kuibyshev by [a2033000].
Search Add 25 Les Compagnons de la Discothèque
Search Add 25 Die Limburger accordion duo [a508245] and [a2828513]
Search Add 25 De Raymond Ramón Marganet Castillo Spanish singer, b. 29.04.1947 (or 1942 or 1943) in Hospitalet de Llobregat, Barcelona.
Search Add 25 Hreinn Pálsson Born: 06.06 1901 / Died: 28.12 1976
Search Add 25 BumiPutra Rockers
Search Add 25 Эстрадный Оркестр Под Управлением Эдди Рознера Also known as Джаз Мосэстрады
Search Add 25 The Marc Tanner Band
Search Add 25 Валентина Левко Валентина Николаевна Суркова (Born August 13, 1926) - Russian Opera singer (contralto). People's artist of the RSFSR. Professor.
Search Add 25 Jasna Kočijašević
Search Add 25 Zdenka Lorencová Zdenka Lorencová Czech vocalist, songwriter, guitarist. Born December 18, 1947 in Prague (former Czechoslovakia).
Search Add 25 Labo 14 Julien Tirard & Nello Fraboni
Search Add 25 Rotten UK American hardcore / punk band from Rochester, New York.
Search Add 25 1%er
Search Add 25 16 Flip
Search Add 25 Edna W. Ballard
Search Add 25 Tab_ularasa Luca Tanzini Video maker, art 'zine creator, co-owner of [l=Bubca Records] and destroYO Records labels from Siena, now based in Rome, IT. He plays guitar, theremin, customized vintage keyboards and analogic effects.
Search Add 24 Latin Combo
Search Add 24 Arcano Arconte Black metal one-man band from Brazil. Founded in 1997.
Search Add 24 Kitai Kaitakusen Operator-X and Stalin 9000 have been making music in almost complete anonymity since 1999 with only one credo: uncompromised dedication to the monotony and simplicity of loops and frequencies. Inspired by the obscure soundtracks of 70s-80s zombie-post-nuke flicks, early industrial and Japanese harsh noise, the duo blends minimal analogue noise-loops, distorted radio waves and tape manipulation to give shape to their endless eschatological obsessions in best DIY fashion, and with a straightforwardness that many bands have claimed, but few really abide by.
Search Add 24 Дисциплина И Порядок
Search Add 24 Caroline Bernier The Canadian singer is an early protege of Canada's famed Tony Green, known as producer of Geraldine Hunt, Freddie James and of course, France Joli. His 1977 album with Carolyne however was not nearly as successful. Caroline Bernier, her name also written on US releases as "Carolyne Bernier", is best known for "Love (I Don't Wanna Hear About It)" and her stunning 16:40 track "Secret Agent Love". Her album is also noted for being orchestrated by Denis LePage (Lime) and recorded at Markos Studios. The same studio that would bring us Carol Jiani's mega-smash "Hit And Run Lover" a few years later. Caroline co-wrote two of the tracks with Tony Green and supplied the backing vocals.
Search Add 24 Lightsabres Lightsabres is a one-man band founded by multi-instrumentalist John Strömshed in 2013. The band's sound incorporates elements of stoner rock, doom metal, grunge, shoegaze and psychedelic rock.
Search Add 24 Naoto Taguchi Naoto Taguchi Naoto Taguchi, originally from Sapporo and currently living in Tokyo, is an audiovisual artist with a strong musical background (having played the piano since his early childhood) who is also interested in programming, photography, design in general and spinning records as a DJ. Locating himself inbetween a triangle of minimalist electronica, dubmatics and quirky experimental sounds his latest release on test tube entitled 'untitled 9 fragments ordinaries sound materials' concentrates on the experimental side of his oeuvre.
Search Add 24 Diskey Jake A Started Flowerpot Recordings in 2009. DnB, House, and Hardcore/Jungle Dj
Search Add 24 Голубые Береты Russian band of veterans of the Afghan war. They sing about military life, war, patriotic songs, in styles verying from from acoustic folk songs to pop rock. The group was founded in 1985 in Afghanistan (350-й ПДП 103-й Воздушно-десантной дивизии).
Search Add 24 Wehrmacht Lombardo Wehrmacht Lombardo Noise and HNW project from Miguel Pérez based on Ciudad Juarez, México, also from [a=ZN], [a=Colectivo N], [a=The Skull Mask], [a=La Mancha Del Pecado], [a=Miguel Perez], [a=Enoc Dissonance]
Search Add 24 Ex Continent Arnau Sala Saez
Search Add 24 Last Fighter
Search Add 24 KIX-S
Search Add 24 Kingsley Flowz Kingsley Ndam Born in Vienna, Austria; now lives in New York City. Formed the label DSEV Music in 2003.
Search Add 24 Oicho
Search Add 24 Fire On Blonde Suzie Benson and Jim Vukovich. Vukovich decided to leave the duo after the 1st single "STOP & THINK" hit the charts. The producers tried to keep the magic alive with a different keyboardist but ultimately the duo broke up and lost their record deal with Atlantic.
Search Add 24 Sami Kasap
Search Add 24 Raymond Scott Quintet
Search Add 24 Thorwald Dethlefsen Thorwald Dethlefsen Born 11 December 1946 in Herrsching am Ammersee, Upper Bavaria, Germany; died 1 December 2010 in Vienna, Austria. German psychologist, psychotherapist, reincarnation therapist and astrologist, author of books.
Search Add 24 Cracked Dome Cracked Dome is one half of the sonic noise duo known as The Sunken out of Kelso, Washington in the USA's Pacific Northwest.
Search Add 24 SomeBodyParts Project from Giddings, Texas.
Search Add 24 Rene Kita
Search Add 24 حمیرا پروانه امير افشاری (Parvaneh Amir-Afshari) Homeyra (born 1945) is an Iranian singer.
Search Add 24 Jump 'N The Saddle
Search Add 24 Joe Poovey Arnold Joseph Poovey American rockabilly- and honkytonk singer and songwriter, born May 10, 1941 in Dallas, Texas. Joe died in his sleep on October 6, 1998.
Search Add 24 Latrine Psychology Guild John Olson
Search Add 24 Philip Saatchi
Search Add 24 Baron Massilia Baron Massilia
Search Add 24 Iis Sugianto Kuspuji Istiningdyah Indonesian pop singer was born in Jakarta, 17 November 1961. Very popular in late '70 -'90
Search Add 24 Jacky Moulière French artist, born April 15, 1944 in Villeneuve-le-Roi. He is actor, singer, guitarist. He moved to Quebec in early 70's.
Search Add 24 Triple S Connection [b]One-album disco group[/b] The same members with [a=Livin' Proof (3)] Their name comes from the three initial "S" of their names: Stan, Steven and Sterling. Among their heighlights, their cover on [a=Stevie Wonder]'s "My Cherie Amour". After their demise two of them formed the soul duo [a=Steven & Sterling]
Search Add 24 Ken Colyer's Skiffle Group
Search Add 24 Pete Farn Peter Schaefer
Search Add 24 Государственный Академический Северный Русский Народный Хор
Search Add 24 Koor Onze Lieve Vrouw Over De Dijle - Mechelen Belgian Choir. The Onze-Lieve-Vrouw choir was founded in 1955-1956 by Bob Peeraer in the Church of Onze Lieve Vrouw-Over-De-Dijle (nearby Mechelen), in line with the 600-year tradition of choral singing in this church. Started as a Boys Choir grew it out into a full mixed choir, Vokalis. Together with the Youth Choir, coral and the Preparatory Department, Kolor, counts the our Lady's choir over 100 singers. The main goal was and still is the weekly Sunday as a day of celebration in the own church some. The choir also has a rich concert tradition. In addition to the annual concert around profane music concerts are regularly in own church and elsewhere.
Search Add 24 Omar Blondahl (6 February 1923 – 11 December 1993) Canadian maritime folk musician better known to radio listeners as Sagebrush Sam. Guitarist, pianist, violinist, and vocalist. Born in 1923 of Icelandic parentage. A native of Wynyard, Saskatchewan, he studied voice for 3 years in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Discharged from the Canadian Armed forces in 1942 and then became a radio station announcer & began his interest in guitar & folk music. In 1951 went to Hollywood, Ca. and made TV appearances & sang with orchestras. In 1955 he moved to Newfoundland and devoted his energies towards Maritime folk music. - born Feb. 6, 1923, Died in Vancouver.
Search Add 24 Mei Dai
Search Add 24 Franzis-D Francisco Manuel Díaz Estevez Francisco Manuel Díaz Estevez was born in the year 1981 in Madrid (Spain). As a big lover of the electronic dance music since it's beginnings he started his career as a dj back in the year 1999, focusing his work firstly in the genre considered as Techno, evolving with the years and with the development of music to the Progressive house, genre which defines nowadays his productions and the different sets he carefully elaborates for different web pages and forums such as: Progressivehouse.com, E-vizio.com, his residency in Beattunes.com which consists of a set monthly, and the usual requests he receives from friends managing radio shows from all around the world as a special guest. In the year 2008 his interests flew towards the production world with the guidance of important producers he already knew by then, always trying to maintain that dark sound that marked him, but using often more relaxing or deep sounds in order to not enclose himself in a determined brand. In the year 2009 looking for new ways as always Francisco uses a new library of sounds which he defines as more "electronic and unconventional" to produce his new tracks leading to a work that could fit into an "Experimental progressive". In the other hand his sets and his image as a dj has improved strongly using more specific music based in a deep, melodic and atmospheric feeling. Through 2009 he also gets a new residency thanks to his classy work in the radio station Insomniafm.com, where host a radio show called Auditory Sense and is scheduled every 2nd Thursday of the month at 19:00 GMT+2. He continues with the same way to mix in year 2010, however the Franzis-D name used for his productions is best known in the industry thanks to the improvement of the quality of his project and remixes. Signing with the American Polytechnic Recordings label, his first album includes 12 original tracks for the next year and he collaborates with other important labels like Liquid Groove, Green Snake Records, 7 Seas Records, Area Sur Records, Distant Records, Elliptical Sun Recordings, Mistique Digital and Deepsessions Digital.
Search Add 24 Illegal Content ilLegal Content always means sonorous vocals inflammatory guitar riffs and unrestrained funk as they play to the hearts of their fans! Their performances are a winning combination of contemporary and trendy EDM, underground hits, as well as the newest hottest rhythms of breaks scene along with the exclusive signature tracks of their own music productions.
Search Add 24 Oxo 86 Ska-Punk band from Bernau (Germany), formed in 1996.
Search Add 24 Geometric Silence Mathías Tabassi Geometric Silence is the solo project of Electronic & Dark Wave music, created and composed by Mathias Tabassi. After various projects "Tripulante 2.3"(2006-08),"Plastic Project"(2008-10) & "Hyperlap"(2010) ,creates this product elegantly macabre in search of the deeper dark expression,mixed with the power,minimalism & ecstasy.
Search Add 24 A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada
Search Add 24 Carara Andre Dencker Techno DJ, producer & live performer from Aachen, Nord Rhine-Westphalia, Germany. Born: December 25, 1980 near Berlin, Germany
Search Add 24 Rade Vučković Radoslav Vučković Radoslav Rade Vučković (1949) is a famous Serbian pop/folk composer, lyricist, arranger and singer from Kuršumlija, now living in Belgrade.
Search Add 24 Белый День
Search Add 24 Pollutive Static Hal Hutchinson
Search Add 24 Ali Ercan
Search Add 24 Lee Fardon
Search Add 24 Malevolent Alien Being
Search Add 24 Bob Lexington
Search Add 24 Solti Károly
Search Add 24 D'Lloyd
Search Add 24 Emillia Contessa Nur Indah Cintra Sukma Munsyi (born 23 September 1957 in Banyuwangi, Indonesia), commonly known as Emilia Contessa is a former Indonesians female pop singer and actress. She currently works as a politician for the Regional Representative Council of the city of Banyuwangi as a member of parliament
Search Add 24 Binali Selman
Search Add 24 Алексей Мажуков Алексей Сергеевич Мажуков Soviet composer. Father of [a1539633]. Born: February 10, 1936, Shumerlya, Chuvash ASSR, USSR Died: June 28, 2011, Moscow, Russia
Search Add 24 Maureen Steele
Search Add 24 Luke The Drifter, Jr Randall Hank Williams American country musician, born 26 May 1949 in Shreveport, Louisiana, USA. Son of legendary US country singer Hank Williams and father of country singers Hank Williams III and Holly Williams.
Search Add 24 Jean Valton Jean Valton was a French singer, impersonator and comedian. Born 14th of July 1921 in Bry-sur-Marne (Val de Marne) and died in 1980.
Search Add 24 Rhead Brothers
Search Add 24 Jaan Kumani Instrumentaalansambel
Search Add 24 Oud!n13 Nicolas Gaugain French DJ and producer based in Bordeaux. He is the brother of [A=David Gaugain].
Search Add 24 The Power Of Hot Iron Rods
Search Add 24 Neapolitan Trio
Search Add 24 Trio Musette De Paris
Search Add 24 Bruna Giraldi
Search Add 24 The Nelsons 2000 A group from northern Indiana who are known for doing NOAA Weather Radio songs, EAS songs, and various things that feature NOAA Weather Radio and the Emergency Alert System. Also Known As "The Nelsons," "Nelsons," and "Nelson 2k." Members: Bobby Fort, Donald Trench, Henry Johnson, Carl Fort, and Leonard Johnson. You can find their songs on YouTube, Soundcloud, and on their website.
Search Add 24 Soul Bros. Inc. The Soul Brothers Inc. hail from Houston, Texas and were likely one of the most important funk/soul groups in the city in the late 1960s until they broke up in the mid '70s. George Brown (Vocals, Bass) Johnny Prejean (Drums). Charles Conrad Greenway (Vocals, Keyboards) Cliff Faldowski (Guitar) Henry Boatright (Sax)
Search Add 24 Церковь
Search Add 24 Kinetic Pressure Ilya Bychkov
Search Add 24 Star Printer
Search Add 24 Александра Стрельченко Алекса́ндра Ильи́нична Стре́льченко (Alexandra Ilinichna Strelchenko) Born February 2, 1937 in Chaplino (Чаплино), Dnipropetrovsk Oblast (Днепропетровская область), Ukrainian SSR (Украи́нская Сове́тская Социалисти́ческая Респу́блика), USSR. Singer (mainly Russian folk songs and romances) and actress. She was awarded the People's Artist of the RSFSR (Народная артистка РСФСР) in 1984.
Search Add 24 Human Insect
Search Add 24 Eddy Romy Eddy Lamerichs Belgian singer from Leuven. °21/06/1951 Kesseldallaan 2/503 3010 Kessel-lo Tel & fax : 016 / 35.08.94 GSM 0495 / 633.786 E-mail : eddy.lamerichs@telenet.be
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